The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings for February, 2008!

Aloha and Happy Mew Year! Catgirl Island & Clan of the Cats purr-sent a Mike Moon purr-duction of
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings for February, 2008!

Mike (the catgirls’ producer):
Hello everyone! This time we’re gathered here in the main hall of Catgirl Island’s scenic Kitt Inn ryokan & rotemburo! Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the first segment of this month’s Mew, in which we present our picks for favorite stuff of 2007! These four catgirls voted in each category, and in the event of a split deision, I cast the tie-breaking vote. Our first purr-senter is Mary Nyan, looking rather stunning in a rich dark purple & black qipao, to present the nominees in the first cat-egory in
The New Mew Review: The Cats’ Meows of 2007!

Mary Nyan:
Hello everyone! In the cat-egory of our favorite live-action television series of 2007, by unanimous decision the award goes to Doctor Who! Also by unanimous decision, our pick for favorite live-action direct-to-video release of 2007 is Babylon 5- The Lost Years! In the cat-egory of our favorite live-action theatrical feature film of 2007, the nominees are: Spider-Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phonenix, Stardust and The Golden Compass …and the Catgirl Critics’ award goes to: Stardust! Next, purr-senting the animation cat-egories of is Vonny, wearing her sexy new red & gold bare tummied sari!

Nihao, nya! Our pick for favorite American animated TV series of 2007 is: Legion of Super-Heroes and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya wins for our favorite foreign animated series, nya! Our favorite American animated feature film of 2007 is Ratatouille, and favorite foreign animated feature is Paprika, nya! Lastly, our unanimous pick for favorite direct-to-video / OVA of 2007 is Hellboy: Blood & Iron, nya! Lastly for this cat-egory, our favorite movie of the year, be it foreign or domestic, animated or live-action, theatrical, televised or direct to video is… Ratatouille! Here’s Lizzy in her delightful little black cocktail dress, to purr-sent the nominees in the cat-egories of digital recorded media, nya!

Thanks Lizzy! Hi Hi! Our cat-egories of digital recorded media include mewsic, electronic games, and movie & TV DVD. At a ceremony earlier this week, we picked “The Grand Design” by Edenbridge as our favorite mewsic CD of 2007 Kate Bush’s song “Lyra” from the motion picture The Golden Compass as our favorite song of 2007. Our favorite mewsic DVD is KISSology! Super Swing Golf for the Wii was voted our favorite electronic game of the year, and The four disk collector’s edition of Blade Runner was voted our favorite DVD of 2007! Up next to purr-sent the nominees in the cat-egories of purr-inted media is Jeannie, looking ever so lovely in her elegant apricot-theme kimono!

Aloha Y’all! The nominees for our favorite comic book / graphic novel series of ’07 are: Buffy Season 8, Angel- After the Fall, and Astonishing X-Men… and the winner is: Buffy Season 8! The nominees for our favorite comic book / graphic novel mini-series of ’07 are: Miki Falls, Clubbing, and Gear School …and the winner is: Miki Falls! Nominees for our favorite foreign comic book / graphic novel of the year are: Aqua and Hyper Police …and the winner is: Aqua! And now, here to purr-sent the special award for our favorite toy & collectible of the year is Mike. He’s wearing a tux, hee!
It was a splendid field of competition this year with so many meticulously sculpted, assembled, painted and posable toys; from reproductions of vintage Star Trek and GI Joe heroes, to the fun of Hot Wheels and Transformers vehicles, from America’s ever glamorous Barbie and Japan’s sexy Bome girls to meticulously sculpted collectibles by the likes of Faerie Glen, Noble Collection, and Bowen Designs … but ultimately the catgirls all agreed that their favorite toy or collectible of 2007 was from Star Wars: a little pink & white Artoo Unit named R2-KT… and here’s why:
For those who came in late, according to the text on the back of the toy’s card, R2-KT was created to honor the late Katie Johnson who passed away from cancer at age 7 in 2005. Her father Albin Johnson, is the founder of the 501st Legion, an amazing Star Wars fan club that does lots of charity work. Katie’s sister Allie had come up with the idea of an R2 to watch over Katie in the hospital, and the R2 Builders Club created a special droid replica for her. Later, the 501st contacted Hasbro to make a toy version of R2-KT, and thus Hasbro and Lucasfilm have made big donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Katie’s memory.
Well… gosh. And so, that concludes this segement of The Mew, but we’ll be right back with our next topic after this short break!
Mary Nyan:
We now review
the DVD
of Triffids from
the BBC
a Resident
Evil trilogy,
Harry Potter
and Pirates Three
Heavy Gear was
lots of fun, and
Stardust came out
on region one
Latitude Zero
and four disk set
of Blade Runner
oh, you bet!

With so many things to tempt my purrse, I could not buy just every DVD I wanted, so it is fortunate that I could choose between the various editions of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. These are available in single disk, two disk, and fancier exclusive editions, depending on where you buy it. So I opted for the less expensive, single disk widescreen editions of those two movies. For our review of those two movies, please refer to our Mewsings from July, 2007! The widescreen single disk edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a no-frills release, with just the movie and a few language options, and the only extra bit on the widescreen single disk edition of Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End includes a tad over five minutes worth of bloopers. I am yet to find any ‘easter eggs’ on either of those DVDs. (tags Mary nyan) Ok Myayr, it’s your turn!
Mary Nyan:
My first review is of the 1981 BBC production of Day of the Triffids! This DVD includes all six episodes of the excellent totaling 157 minutes, and a 12 page color booklet. The plot: a new species of plant is developed in hopes that it can become an alternative fuel source, but unfortunately the towering plants are intelligent and deadly. While recovering from a Triffid attack in the hospital, Bill Masen is one who is not blinded by a peculiar comet that nears the Earth. As a sighted person in the land of the blind, survivors beg for his aid while the fragments of the government want to use him to help rebuild society. Torn between helping others survive and searching for his missing friend, Masen finds that there are more and more Triffids to evade in this post-apocalyptic mini-series.
Based upon the novel by John Wyndham, this version’s terrific screenplay was written by Douglas Livingstone, directed by Ken Hannam, and produced by Blake’s 7’s David Maloney Christopher Gunning’s mewsic is quite effective and chilling, and the special effects are very good- those Triffids look good enough to eat! The cast are all brilliant, starring John Duttine as Masen, Emma Relph as Josella, and Maurice Colbourne as Coker, and it is filmed in various lovely British locations. This was a long awaited DVD release for me, along with the BBC production of Count Dracula which was also recently released on R1 DVD, both of which I most heartily recommend!
My next review is of the four disk collector’s edition of Blade Runner! There are several DVD editions, including the previously available single disk Director’s Cut, a new two disk edition and the big five disk edition. Like JenJen, I was quite tempted by the more expensive five disk set, but I opted for the less expensive four disk set, and I was not disappointed. Disk one is the 2007 Final Cut of the film, which at 117 minutes is director Ridley Scott’s preferred version. There are three different audio commentary tracks accompanying this; the first by Scott, the second by the writers and producers, and the third by several of the film’s designers and effects supervisors, including Syd Mead!
Disk two is an extensive documentary on the making of the film, “Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner”, which is just over three and a half hours long. Disk three gives you the previous three versions of the film, including the original 1982 U.S and international cuts, and the 1992 Director’s cut. This does not include the ‘work print’ version, which is exclusively available in the five disk set. Finally, Disk Four is the ‘Enhancement Archive’, consisting of various documentary featurettes and interviews on the film and author Philip K. Dick, alternate and deleted scenes, TV ads and trailers, and various critics’ and fans’ remarks, running about two hours and fourteen minutes. Our favorite DVD of 2007, this would be a superb addition to your collection, if you’re a fan of Blade Runner!

Those were brief reviews for you, Myayr, nya! My DVD review for this month is of Stardust, nya! We reviewed the movie in our September 2007’s Mewsings, nya, and I was eager for this DVD ’cause it is one of my favorite movies of the year, nya! Anyway, in addition to the wonderful movie in widescreen format, you get about 5 minutes of bloopers, about 5 minutes of 5 deleted / variant scenes, and a 30 minute featurette on the making of the film, nya. Although he’s not in it much, you get to briefly see one of our favorite artists Charles Vess at his drawing board, who drew the graphic novel that the movie is based upon, nya! (tags Elizabeth) Lizzy’s next, nya!
If you are a fan of Milla Jovovich like me, then the 2 disk Resident Evil: Resurrected Edition in which she stars is a real treat! This double feature set includes the first two Resident Evil films on disk one and special features purr-taining to the second film on disk two. 2002’s 101 minute long Resident Evil is in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, 2004’s sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse is in 2.40:1 anamorphic widescreen. Based upon the Capcom zombie fighting video games, both films are rated R and can be viewed in either English or French.
In the first Resident Evil film, Milla’s character highly-skilled Alice is introduced; she and a team of soldiers investigate a biological disaster at a secret underground laboratory, where bio-warfare research has mutated the workers and test subjects into zombies and worse. Initially Alice has amnesia, but as her memory recovers she remembers her true mission to expose the illegal experiments. To make matters worse, the lab’s computer called the Red Queen is also trying to kill the team, to ensure the virus does not escape.
In the sequel, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the virus has escaped; now the entire city is affected and thus it is quarantined and barricaded. Alice, who has mutated into a super-human, meets Jill Valentine, portrayed by Sienna Guillary, a cop who is also trapped inside the city with the hoards of creatures. With a few other survivors, they search for a scientist’s missing daughter in exchange for safe passage out of the city before it is nuked, but corporate treachery and the new, more powerful Nemesis type monsters are in their way.
Disk two’s special features include the 5 minute “The Evolution of Resident Evil: Bridge to Extinction”, the 28 minute “Diary of an Apocalypse” featurette on the making of the 2nd film, the 12 minute “Undead Boot Camp” in which actors are trained to be zombies, “Zombie Dog POV test”, and a 6 minute “Stuntman Set Tour”. There are also 5 image galleries, a quiz game, and some movie previews.
Next is the recent DVD release of the third in that series, Resident Evil: Extinction, in which the entire planet is pretty much devastated by the virus, and the zombies have gotten even tougher for Alice who meets a convoy of survivors lead by Claire Redfield (Ali Later) on a Nevada Highway. Risking a supply run into the ruins of Las Vegas, not only do they contend with more zombies, but the corporation that wants to control Alice and the zombies.
This single disk package includes the 94 minute long, R rated 2007 film in 2.40:1 anamorphic widescreen, which can be viewed in English, French, Spanish, or with an audio commentary by director Russell Mulcahy, writer / producer Paul WS Anderson, and producer Jeremy Bolt. Special features also include the documentary on the making of the film, “Beyond Raccoon City: teh Unearthing of Resident Evil: Extinction” which consists of the 7 minute “Alice Vision” short on the film’s pre-production phase, the 14 minute “Big Bang” on the production phase, the 6 minute “Bigger Faster Stronger” on how the undead have evolved, and an almost 5 minute segment on the visual effects. There are 11 deleted scenes, and a 1 minute trailer for the computer animated film Resident Evil: Degeneration. JennyJen, whatcha got?
I’d like to say a few kind words about Heavy Gear: Dragons Shadow! Based upon Dreampod Nine’s video game, this disk includes the first 5 episodes of the exciting 2002 computer animated mecha show. The 5 episodes are in 1.18:1 widescreen, combined in a movie format total 99 minutes long, with audio in English or Spanish, 2 different commentary tracks, and subtitles in either English, Spanish or French. Some of the producers, writers and actors previously created the Starship Troopers Roughnecks cartoon, and the animation is by Vancouver’s Mainframe studios. These early episodes chronicle a young aspiring pilot named marcus who dreams of joining the Shadow Dragon Team of mech gladiators as they fight their rival team, Vanguard.
The stories are fast paced and so much fun, with intricate mecha designs, excellent animation, a very talented voice cast, and breathtaking scenery. You see the mechy teams compete in exotic locations such as huge sports arenas, ancient temple ruins, and canyons. Among the vocal talents are Sarah Douglas, Clancy Brown, and Michael Chiklis! There are 8 concept art galleries with many images of the weapons, characters, vehicles, and scenery. The audio commentary tracks were a delight to hear and you can tell the great enthusiasm the producers, actors, writers, designers and animators had in making this series.
In the Technical Commentary Track, you get to hear producer Audu Paden, CG animation producer Steven Wendland, associate producer Kevin Gamble, CG directors William Lau and Sean Frewer
discuss how this series was animated. In the Filmmakers’ Commentary Track, Audu is joined by executive producer Richard Raynis, story editors Mark Hoffmeier & Mark Seldenberg, and later there’s also actors David DeLouise & Greg Ellis, character designer Fil Barlow and background supervisor Vincent Toriyama. They mainly discuss how the show was produced, written and developed, with some amewsing anecdotes of how the characters were to life.
So what’s this DVD you got called CATitude Zero, nya?
That’s Latitude Zero, Vonny! This 1969 sci-fi tokusatsu film from Toho was released on R1 DVD by Media Blasters Tokyo Shock label. Latitude Zero is the name & geographic location of the vast underwater city in the movie, a utopian society that secretly works to benefit all mankind. From there, Captain Mckenzie commands the futuristic submarine Alpha, and is purr-sued by the deadly Black Shark sub of his arch enemy Malic, who wishes to rule the world from Blood Rock, his monster and trap-filled island. Mckenzie rescues a reporter and 2 scientists whose bathysphere is wrecked by an undersea volcano and takes them back to LZ. Later they journey to Malic’s lair to rescue a kidnapped scientist and his daughter. You get an undersea city full of gold and diamonds, submarine battles, eruptions, death traps, monsters, a mad scientist, cool costumes, gadgets, FX galore, and a few story elements that remind me a bit of The Wizard of Oz- although I’d rather spoil any more of the plot.
The film was directed by the Ishiro Honda, with FX by the Eiji Tsuburaya, and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka. The cast includes Jospeh Cotten, Cesar Romero, Masumi Okada, Patricia Medina, Richard Jaecjel, Mari Nakayama, Linda Haynes, Akihiko Hirata, Tetsu Nakamura and Kin Ohmae. This 2 disk set contains the 89 minute Japanese version with english subtitles, the 105 minute US version in English dialog, both unrated in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen. The special features include deleted scenes this & other films, and a poster art & lobbycard image gallery. There is a 23 minute segment wherein assistant directors Seiji Tani & Teruyoshi Nakano, and FX cinematographers Motoyoshi Tomioka & Koichi Kawakita discuss what it was like to make this film, particularly the differences between the Japanese and American methods.
So what’s different between the 89 minute Japanese version and the 105 minute US version, nya?
The longer US version seemed to have more travelog of the architecture and landscape of the undersea city, an extended dining room scene, and a few other insert shots and slightly extended scenes. Oh this DVD also came with a Tokyo Shock trailers preview disk, previewing various Japanese horror, sci fi, action, martial arts, exploitation & comedy releases. Ah, thassabout it…!

They should make a CATitude Zero, nya!
Those were good reviews, girls!
(All four catgirls in polite cute unison)

Oh all right… how about a shrimp cocktail?

(All four catgirls in unison)

(five shrimp cocktails later…)
(All four catgirls in unison, tails swishing happily)

You’re welcome- so what is next on tap?

The next segment
of monthly Mew
is Catgirl Critics’
movie review!
Warning: potential plot spoilage ahead for Cloverfield
Wow, between I Am Legend and Cloverfield, New York has been taking a beating of late! Cloverfield is a giant monster movie, scene thru the lens of a civilian’s camcorder, similar in cinematic technique to The Blair Witch Project. Usually we dislike the out-of-place ‘shakey-cam’ in most movies, but when the entire movie is from such a consistent point of view, it seems very effective and
I was quite captivated by the drama and action. The trailers for this film showed none or little of the monster, which I think was a wise choice, to let our imaginations carry us into the movie knowing
as little or much as the characters do, but in the film you do get a pay off, and I was quite satisfied with how much we saw of the creature(s) as the tale unfolded. I give Cloverfield an ‘A’!

I liked every aspect of this film- it is well written. photographed, directed, edited and acted, with high production values and superb effects. The pacing is good and I was captivated from beginning to end! So in short, I got everything I hoped to from this film, which exceeded any expectations I had, very much the opposite of, oh, that 1998 American film titled Godzilla. There is a sense of horror and realism that transcends most giant monster movies in Cloverfield, which seems to evoke the nightmare we saw on TV on September 11th, 2001. This is not a silly sci-fi disaster film such as the likes of Independence Day, The Day After, or the 1998 Godzilla as Lizzy mentioned, and I thought it was much better than the 2005 version of War of the Worlds. I really liked it and would also grade it an ‘A’!

Mary Nyan:
Obviously Cloverfield is a big budget, FX-laiden Hollywood disaster film compared to The Blair Witch Project, a small independent film. Whereas I admired the attempt that former made at creating it’s own mythology, what The Blair Witch Project failed to do for me was make me care for the characters who were quite annoying. Mind you, I am referring to the characters- not the cast that portrayed them, who did a fine job. But in Cloverfield, I have interest and sympathy for the characters of Lily, Beth, Marlena, Robert, Hud, and Jason- before or after the monster attacks the city. Like TBWP, there
is no mewsic score until the end credits, and Cloverfield’s rousing “Roar!” overture is well worth staying for. In fact, the entire movie’s soundscape is superb, that could stand alone as an audio drama.
The only people that I might not recommend Cloverfield to are those who might get too dizzy or sick from the watching whole hand held camcorder style, nya. Otherwise I would suggest to friends to see this movie, nya! I just hope the creature is not a fully grown Water Horse, because I would like to have my own Water Horse, nya. We never discover the origin of the creature, although there might be a clue, as we quickly see something that looks like a meteor hit the ocean during an Coney beach scene, which is set prior to the attack but occurs late in the film, but if you blink you’ll miss it, nya! And if you arrive too late you might miss the preview trailers- the ones we saw were for Jumper, Iron man, and the teaser for the next Star Trek film, nya! What did you think of the Star Trek teaser, Mike, nya?

I have very mixed feelings about the new Star Trek movie; on one hand I expect it will have a fine cast, great FX and look quite expensive, but I am worried about the plot, how the characters will be written, and to what extent it is a non-canonical retcon, reboot, or re-imagining it will be as a prequel- which is not what I want. But I digress- you actually just asked what I thought of the teaser itself, and as teasers go it was fine. It did serve to pique my interest, and we did get to see one very brief shot of the re-designed Enterprise, so it was okay, I guess! Oh- and I really liked Cloverfield too!
Then it is unanimous.

Mary Nyan:
By the way, I don’t think that monster was a Water Horse, Vonny!

Yay! What’s our next topic, Lizzy, nya?
The four catgirls
all make some noise
purr-taining to
some recent toys!
Mary Nyan:
I got a cute Walt Disney’s The Gremlins PVC figurine set! Distributed by dark horse deluxe, these characters are based on the ‘lost’ 1943 Disney production of Roald Dahl’s story of little gremlins during world war two, the storybook of which was released last year by Dark Horse. This ‘Jamface’ box has 3 figurines on bases, approximately 4 inches tall. Judging from the photos on the side of the box, it seems like there are at least 9 different little gremlin figurines available. The 3 that I have are figurines 1, 3 & 6. Gremlin #1 wears a purple jumpsuit with a red helmet as he scores a line in the base with a nail. Gremlin #3 has a red suit with a green helmet, swinging a pick at his base. Gremlin #5 wears a tan suit & helmet whilst drilling into his base with a brace & bit. There are even little curled filings sculpted on to the base!
Kawaii- I want a Gremlin, nya!

Mary Nyan:
I don’t think you’d like to have a real gremlin around, Vonny- they like to tear up machines! They’d chew up your bike, then your skates, and your golf clubs too!

Nyaaa- I don’t want one then!

I’d like to report on this lovely Monsieur Bome Collection figure 26: Akira from “Sukapon-do” ! This is the latest in the Bome sculpt line of quality figures at a low price, distributed by Kaiyodo, based upon the character created by Takumi Yano, who Mr. Bome met at a dojin event. Akira looks quite sexy and pretty in her purple and lavender oufit! She is in a sitting position, with a bright blue figure eight shaped base, and were she standing she’d measure about 10 inches tall. She has pretty pink hair with bangs and a pony tail, and her purple, off-shoulder low cut little purple dress shows a lot of cleavage. It has exquisite detail in the lavender ribbons, frills and accents; there are tiny hairpins in her hair, cute tassles on her opera gloves, side lacings on the bodice, and dainty god rings with rubies on both middle fingers, and pretty light blue high heeled shoes!
Mary Nyan:
Ooh I should try to cosplay as that!
You would definitely receive a lot of attention in that apparel!

I would like to thank our dear friend Pacozord who we interviewed in the October 2007 Mew, for giving me this wonderful Power Rangers Jungle Force Cheetah Ranger action figure! Made by Bandai, Jungle Fury is the latest Power Rangers TV series, and each of the rangers has an animal theme, such as a tiger, shark, bat, elephant, jaguar, and this yellow female Cheetah Ranger. She’s about 6 inches tall and comes with a sectional battle staff and a little orange robot that can morph into a weapon. She is nicely articulated at the wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, hips, knees and ankles.
She is quite graceful and determined looking, with the sporty black spot and stripe markings on her yellow uniform. Thank you, Pacozord!
That is a most distinctive sentai figure.
Hai! I So what do you have, Vonny?
I got a new figure of Belldandy, from the manga ‘n anime Ah My Goddess, nya! Based upon one of my favoritest anime characters created by Kosuke Fujishima, this pretty 1/8 scale figure of Belldandy was sculpted by Hiroshi Inagaki for Kotobukiya, nya. In this image of her she seems to be levitating above the round white base in her lovely flowing blue and white Goddess robes with yellow trim, nya! I think that’s how I would dress up if I were a goddess too- ‘cept I would want… lots of roast beef sammiches with it, nya!

Mary Nyan:
Tonight after The Mew we should get some and eat ’em at the beach! And… and extra special baked yams and apple nummy cherry berry drinks too!

I will second that.


(sigh) Here it comes… yes?
Will you drive us to the restaurant and then take us to the beach?

Oh all right, but first y’all need to get back to the mewsings. Uh, since y’all seem to be done with the toy talk and preoccupied with food, let’s take another break! We’ll be right back, folks!
(five more shrimp cocktails later…)
(All four catgirls in unison, tails swishing happily)
You’re welcome! Now then, on to the book reports?
Mary Nyan:
Vonny will start the segment… she has been purr-acticing.
We four catgirls
will now discuss
what we purr-took
of recent books
With Buffy in
her season eight
Angel’s sixth we
Mark Schultz book
Aria manga
are titles that
we just read, nya!
Warning: potential plot spoilage ahead for Buffy Season Eight #10, Angel Season Six #3, Aria manga volume 1, plus appreciative tidbits about Clamp’s Chobits Art Book “For Your Eyes Ony” and Modern Masters Volume 15: Mark Schultz!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight is among my favorite comics of late, and issue #10’s “Anywhere but Here” was fun to read as usual! It was written by Joss Whedon, pencilled by Cliff Richards, inked by Andy Owens, colored by Dave Stewart, with lettering by Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy, and edited by Scott Allie. There are two covers available, one by Jo Chen, and an alternate by Georges Jeantry. In this dandy issue, Willow flies herself and Buffy to a cottage where they will encounter a huge demon.
Amewsing moments include the girls’ discussing their fantasies, such as Buffy sunning herself on a beach with Daniel Craig or in a mansion with Christian Bale, Willow snowbound in an alpine ski lodge with Tina Fey, and later another Willowy fantasy of her naked in the amorous coils of a snaky woman… hee! Meanwhile, Xander has a special treat for Dawnie, who is still giant size: he purr-sents her with a giant-sized trunk full of clothes, and purr-ceeds to stumble into her lacy camisole. Poor Xander! There are also several poignant letters from readers, commenting on the comic the impact Buffy had on their lives.
Angel: After the Fall issue #3 is plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch, the former also scripting the story, which was edited by Chris Ryall. The interior art is illustrated by Franco Urru, colored by Jason Jenson, lettered by Robbie Robbins. This issue has six different covers! The one I got has a scary image of Ilyria holding a big axe, painted by Andrew Robinson. This issue continues the sixth season of Angel, in which Los Angeles is a warzone, with different parts of the city (Burbank, Compton, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, etc) ruled by demon lords, Spike being one of them. This issue opens with Angel fighting Ilyria (yay) at Spike’s recently acquired Beverly Hills mansion, both armed with a set of steak knives in a time warp- at one point Angel reverts to his muppet version.
Spike watches Angel’s pet dragon fight Ilyia, calling her ‘Fred Sonja’- hee! Although it appears that Spike has just been enjoying a playboy lifestyle, Connor reveals that he’s actually been providing safe haven to people at the mansion. Wesley (yay) now a ghost, warns Angel that the demon lords are plotting to kill him. Some of these demons will be familiar to Angel fans! The issue ends with Angel challenging the demons for control of the entire city, and the revelation that he’s no longer a vampire! This issue includes 2 pages of insightful fan letters, and a 2 page preview of Lock & Key, a forthcoming comic book by Joe Hill.
I recently purr-chased the new Chobits Art Book, “For Your Eyes Only”! This full color 120 page book is full of exquisite images by Clamp of their character Chi from the anime series Chobits, much of it in the elegant gothic style of fashion, wit lots of laces, ruffles, frills flounces and ornamentation. The last 8 pages are a descriptive key to the more than 50 illustrations, most of which are full page 7×10″, and several are 2 page spreads. This pretty book was published in English by Tokyo Pop in 2007, suggested for ages 13 and up, as there is a bit of cheesecake to Chi’s gorgeous apparel. It has a US SRP of $17.99, so I would say this has good value!

Next I’d like to comment on Aria manga volume 1! Previously published by ADV it is now by Tokyo Pop with a revised English translation. One of the most beautiful manga I’ve ever seen, it’s the sequel to Aqua, also published by Tokyo Pop, both written & drawn by Kozue Amano! This book is 180 pages excluding advertisements, black & white except for the color covers and pages 1&2. The story is set 150 years in the future, when Mars has beenemnamed Aqua, terraformed, and 90% covered in water. The cities & islands are based on old earth locations; one such is Neo Venusia, modeled after Venice, Italy, where the main character Akari Mizunashi trains for her career as a gondolier for the Aria Company. The stories are lavishly illustrated, charming, relaxed slice-of-life tales.
Volume 1 has 5 chapters. in “Neo Venusia” Akari, sempai Alicia and mascot cat Aria help an elderly gentleman look for his daughter and husband; at first he’s grumpy, but as they tour the canals he gets more tranquil & fond of the place. In chapter 2 “Gondola hauling” it’s cleaning day for Akari & friend Aika, who works for another company, Hibeya. This means barnacles to scrape off & coats of wax on the boats! In “Bridge of Sighs” Akari happens upon Atsuki, who’d been her first customer, as both await friends on a famous bridge. In “Sun Shower” Akari & Alicia tour an island styled after Japan, with tori gates & fox shrines. “Vogare Longa” is the autumn gondola race. Also included is “Ennui Club”, a 2 page cartoon greeting from Amano! Aria is a wonderful manga that makes me happy!

Well as I always say, a happy catgirl is a good thing! So, what is your book report, Myayr?

Mary Nyan:
Modern Masters Volume 15 : Mark Schultz is a glorious book I have been eagerly awaiting for a long time, and it does not disappoint. Dedicated to one of the greatest comics illustrators / writers and nicest gentlemen, purr-haps most famous for creating the lavish Xenozoic Tales, also known as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. This book is a must for Schultz fans, especially at the value SRP of $14.95. It was written and edited for Two Morrows Publishing by our friends Fred Perry (no relation to Gold Digger’s creator) and Eric Nolen-Weathington (veteran of many Two Morrows books).
After a superb front cover drawn by Schultz and colored by Art Edel, an introduction by sculptor Clayburn Moore kicks off a 92 page interview. The interview is in these 6 chapters: his early career and influences, Xenozoic Tales, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs related projects, other major works, Conan and Prince Valiant projects, and future plans. As if the approximately 132 sumptuous illustrations adorning the interview were not enough, following that is a gallery containing 29 more magnificent images on 2 pages, 8 of which are in color. Some of the book’s illustrations are full page pics! I give this book my heartiest recommendation, and congratulation those who worked on this awesome book!
(The other three catgirls in unison)

Would Coelacanth taste good, like a good fish should? More mewsings on Mark Schultz!
My favorite picture in there is on page 44, of Hannah catching a fish, nya!
Mary Nyan:
There are actually a three more fish pics in the book. Hmm I wonder what a coelacanth would taste like?
We should try to catch one. I think he draws dinosaurs and other prehistoric critters better than anyone!

It would be difficult to pick my favorite Mark Schultz art, but it probably depict Hannah Dundee somewhere in it, LOL! There’s a very nice drawing of Saturn Girl in there too.

Xenozoic Tales is among my all time favorite comic books, and his Predator, Alien, REH and ERB art is as good as it gets! His Star Wars and Superman stories were excellent too.
Mary Nyan:
Sub-Human, the mini series he wrote, with art by Michael Ryan was very good too.

We should be moving along though- Vonny has yet to mention what she’s been reading lately!

Jeannie has loaned me some of her soccer books, nya! As soon as I finish reading my surf books, I plan to start reading Mia Hamm’s “Go for the Goal”, nya. She was a Tarheel, nya!
(All four catgirls in unison)
… and after that I might read Brandi Chastain’s book, “It’s not about the Bra!”, nya!
Just let me know when you’re ready for the next book!
Arigatoo gozaimasu, nya!
Mmm I think it is time for the sammiches…
Almost, but not quite; there’s still the–
The Monthly 13 Lucky Kitty Web Comic Picks of the Litter
-in no purr-ticular order? Jenjen, would you care to start?
I’ve selected Sarah Ellerton’s Inverloch
Barb Jacobs & Stephen P. Jones’ Talismen
and Denise Jones’ Eversummer Eve
(tags Yvonne)
My turn, nya! My picks are Lady Yates’ Earthsong Saga
Scott Christian Sava’s The Dreamland Chronicles
and Kelly Hamilton’s Roza and the Horse Prince
nya! (tags Elizabeth)

My three picks are Farah’s Eternity
Clay & Niko’s Fantasy Realms
and Juno Blair’s Starcross’d Destiny
(tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
For this month I’ve chosen Britt’s Undertow
and Jamie Jennings & Brandon England’s Emerald Winter
– and Mike gets the final pick!
Last but not least, I’d like to recommend Carson Fire’s Elf Life
The Cat Lady Sings…

Mary Nyan:
I reckon that’ll do it for this month, but next month will be our cosplay special, with special guests Bixy, Bunny, Hezachan and Crissy, whom we’ll interview!!
If you have polite & sincere responses to our discussion- feel free to post them, purr-vided that your brief remarks are spam-free, not argumentative, and stay on-topic!

Everybody out there remember to turn off your cell phone and not to talk, text message, or light it up during a movie in a theater, nya!

Thanks for visiting- aloha and happy holidays everybody! OK let’s get the roast beef sammiches and hit the beach!
(all four catgirls in unison):

3 Responses to “The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings for February, 2008!”

  1. The Catgirl Critics Says:

    Aloha Alistair,

    Thank you for visiting and for your comment, nya!
    It is good to know that we have a cordial audience, nya.
    Purrhaps we can soon visit your own site, nya!


    on behalf of the Catgirl Critics

  2. Farah Says:

    Hi, you guys have quite original style in presenting your content. Well done. :D

    To Elizabeth, thanks for selecting my manga as your monthly pick. ^_^

  3. The Catgirl Critics Says:

    It was our pleasure and thank you for creating such entertaining webcomics!


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