The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings for February, 2010

Catgirl Island and
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings
for February, 2010, nya!
it is the Year of the Tiger, and in this edition of ‘The Mew’:
• Aloha & Introductions
• Since Last Time
• What’s Mew in the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art
• Cons, Shows & Festivals
• Monthly Lucky Kitty Web Comics Picks of the Litter
• Comic Books, Manga & Graphic Novel Reviews:
Justice League of America #41
Blackest Night #6
Power Girl #8
Gotham City Sirens #8
Ninja Girls Vol. 2
Psylocke #3
Spider-Woman #5
Queen Sonja #3
Athena #4
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight #31
The Rocketeer: The Complete Collection
• Purrferred Piscine Purriodicals’ Pics
• Purriodicals Reviews:
Faerie Magazine #19
Our State February 2010 issue
American Cinematographer January 2010 issue
Surfgirl #25
• Book Reviews:
Surfer Girl A Guide to the Surfing Life by Sanoe Lake with Steven Jarrett
Know-It-Alls Kittens Book & Audio CD
• DVD Reviews:
Jennifer’s Body
Whip It
• Recent Cinema & TV in review:
Doctor Who “The End of Time”
• Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: Doctor Who’s Novice Hame
• Toy Talk:
Mattel Hot Wheels Batman 1966 TV Series Batcycle & Sidecar
Art Asylum’s Star Trek The Motion Picture Phaser
Palisades Toys’ Transformers Arcee Mini Polystone Statue
DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Attack From Thanagar action figures set
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Purrince Ginny Weasley action figure
H2O: Just Add Water Cleo, Emma & Rikki dolls
James Cameron’s Avatar Dr. Grace Augustine 4″ action figure
James Cameron’s Avatar Ney’tiri 6.5″ action figure
• Lightning Round: Sites Purrtaining to James Cameron’s Avatar
• Missed Movies: The Ones that Got Away in 2009
• The Mew’s February Feature Purresentation:
Our Favorite Stuff of 2009, in the Categories of
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• Another Lightning Round: Cinema & TV Anticipations for 2010
• A Surpurrise Parting Bonus Lightning Round and…
• The Cat Lady Sings…

Bold red warningsindicate imminent plot spoiling information,
locations of hidden Easter Eggs or certain graphic descriptions

Aloha! I’m Mike, the show’s ‘Purrducer’ and welcome to The Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings, or just The Mew for short, for another bunch of banter, reviews and seafood, too! Today’s show comes from the outdoor Plumeria Purrvilion of the Catgirl Island Center for Purrforming Arts, and now, here are the Ladies of The Mew!
Mary Nyan:
(wearing the Eggplant colored purretzel maillot & espadrilles)
(Hot Pink bandau top tanga bikini, flip fops & Hibiscus tail corsage)
Nameste, nya!

(White string side-tie bikini, Peachy colored sarong & Tuberose lei)

(Tiger Stripe Brazil-cut bikini & Yellow Plumeria purrint purreo)
Hi Hi, nya!

(Teal bandeau bikini, Magnolia purrint sarong & thong sandals)
(White cropped tee over Purrussian Blue suspender maillot, flip flops)
(her Fey wings shimmer out of a criss-cross crochet Lilac bikini)
Mellow Greetings! And Meryl s here too!

(wearing a tied White blouse, Red shorts & Teva athletic sandals)

(Bird of Paradise Aloha shirt, khaki cargo shorts & Air Jordans)
Thank y’all for convening yet again! Now that we’ve reconvened-
what have y’all been up to since last time?

Yay it is a big crowd this time nya! Mie-sensei & Nya-sensei do not have tournyaments and Meryl hs the vacation, nya!

Mary Nyan:
It is good that Meryl was able to join us again! It is the rare treat!

Arigato! I had planned to spend the days off riding my bike on the Blue Ridge Parkway but that recent snow took care of that trip!

Ooh I zipped over there to fly in the moonlit snowfall it was like so scintillating! But I was so glad to soak in the onsen here afterwards, fur shur!
I understand that Jenjen just few back from her modeling in Miami, nya!

Hai. Although I do not fly the old fashioned way like Mie-sensei does.


I prefer soloing, but I suppose one advantage of being in the airplane is they serve cocktails. So what has Lizzy been up to?

More of the same- the mewsual beach volleyball purractice! when i am nt booked with the Loomi Loomi appointments at the spa, when I am not Miko-ing with Myayr at the shrine! So how are things at the dojo?
Oh fine ‘n busy! Those kids are very dedicated and want to go to my next compurrttiion, so we are trying to arrange the bus charter with the all parents!
Speaking of charters, what have you reeled in this week, Vonny?

We landed the Red Drums, Flounders, Stripers, Spots, Blues, Kings, Hammerhead, and those pesky Sheepshead, nya! They tried to steal the bait, but now they are the ones being nibbled instead, nya! Howboutchoo, Myar, nya?

Mary Nyan:
January was a more relaxed month than December and I have taken a little break from the costumes.! When i have not been at the shrine or teaching Hula & Aerial Dance class it has been the morning kitty yoga, surfing & the reviews! And guess who is joining me tomorrow?

I’m looking forward to it! And later tomorrow the members of Jen’s mech club are coming over to see my bikes!

They are purrticularly interested in the Indian, Guzzi and Triumph.

Mary Nyan:
I like Triumph too- they are a favorite Canadian purrog rock band!

They fight the good fight.
We fought the good fight in our last beach volleyball match too, nya! I have been attending every purractice and watching some of the other matches when I am not busy at the mewseum, nya! The mermaids like to come watch too, nya!
Their club is ranked #1 in their division of the water polo and are the defending intercoastal conference champs in the mermaid aquatic orienteering!

Hopefully they’ll have time again to participate in an upcoming Mew! Maybe Ilyana can drop by on her next Spurring Break too!
That would be great, we just have to schedule a show when they are free, and can reserve a location at the riverwalk or the beach. I did not wish to make a habit of asking to do it at Sheila May’s!

Mmm Sheila May’s! We need to go eat there again soon!

If we can’t reserve a good spot then we can do another show from my yacht too nya!

I was going to suggest the faerie grove theater, but that would not be good for the mermaids.
Those are good ideas, however we should purrobably save that discussion for after the show.
Mary Nyan:
Hai. Besides, I was curious to ask Petra —

What’s Mew in the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!

We have several new images on display this month in the mewseum, nya! They will be on the bottom row of that gallery, and just click on the little ‘thumbnail’ image to see the whole pic, nya!

Firstly we have a wonderful mew addition to the Guest Gallery, depicting a most stunningly beautiful “Catgirl Faerie”, by our amazingly talented friend Rebecca Brogden N, nya! You can read the intermew with Rebecca in the September, 2009 edition of The Mew, nya!
Nextin the Guest Gallery is a gorgeous inked sketch of “Ravenwing” by Clint Hollingsworth! Mike commissioned that pic of Ravenwing, the sexy tough star of Clint’s wonderful adventure web comic The Wandering Ones, nya! You can read the intermew with Clint in the October, 2009 edition of The Mew, nya!
We’ve also added 2 mew illustrations by Mike to the Mewseum’s Gallery Three, nya! “Nekomimi Miko” depicts the shrine maiden purrsuing the mischievous cat, and then we see a purrky catgirl in a cute Spurring dress enjoying a bag of “Nummy Fishy Snax”, nya! So, those four images are what’s mew in the mewseum this month, nya!

Rebecca creates meticulously ornate renderings of the fey, with such exquisite use of color and light.

Yay that is such an alluring Amber bikini and a purretty Pumpkin Pie purreo to match her shiny golden coiffure, nya!
She has such lovely Lapis-like wings that like totally accent her white-tipped gray tail & kitty ears!
Mary Nyan:
That pic has such good solid sense of mass about the sexy figure purrched upon that splendidly gnarled arbor… you can almost detect her feet swinging back ‘n forth!

That is an amewsing Miko pic of that kitty making off with the fish! Does that ever happen to y’all at our local shrine?

That would bring the bad luck so we are very vigilant about purrotecting the offerings… but there have been close calls by the tempted mousers!

Well the pic of that bag of Nummy Fishy Snax is definitely tempting my tummy! I could eat a whole bag of those!

With your high catabolism and busy police work schedule, you could purrobably eat a whole bag of the treats and still keep your firm tummy, nya!

Speaking of which, that bare midriff dress of the Nummy Pic’s Nekomimi kind of reminds me of Lizzy’s hot salsa dress!

Ah well mine have the slit skirt, and I wear the higher heels, but yes it has a similar cut!

Mike, what medium did you use for those two pics?
Ah, they both started out as pencil drawings that I inked with Micron pens, then I scanned them into Photoshop for the digital color, tone, touch-up & lettering!

What was Rebecca technique to make that faerie pic?
She sketched it on paper and then scanned the drawing into Photoshop CS2 and digitally painted it with a Wacom Intuos3 tablet, nya!

She is so good! I still use a mouse…but maybe one of these days I’ll get a graphics tablet!

Jenjen has all kinds of advanced equipment in her work shop, nya!

Hai. However, we should not stray cat off topic.

Jen’s right! That’s about it for the mewseum topic, so purrhaps we could purroceed with the next topic, nya!

Mary Nyan
Thanks for that report, Petra-san! Our next topic purrtains to a few upcoming —
Cons, Shows & Festivals!

Our first event of the year was the fun Raleigh Toy Show, sponsored by Inside Pitch Promotions January 9-10 at the NC State Fairgrounds’ Kerr Scott Bldg. I’d estimate there were around 150 tables, with action figures, dolls, accessories, model kits, cars, trucks, sports collectibles, cards, comics, and various toys from many decades!
I’m really honored to be one of the returning artist guests this month at What-The-Hell-Con?!, at lovely little Guilford College in Greensboro, NC from February 5th-7th, 2010! It is such a delightfully fun & free event, sponsored & staffed by the friendly & industrious folks there of the Guilford College Yachting Club!
Our pal & web master Jamie Robertson is also amongst the returning guests, and we hope to premier the 3rd anthology book of the North Carolina Web Comics Coffee Clatch there. You read our report last year’s con in the March 2009 edition of The Mew!
Later this month is the Nevermore Film Festival, February 19-21 at the grand old Carolina Theater in downtown Durham, NC! This is an annual festival of old and new horror features & shorts, and always a wonderful time with a good crowd!
Next month we’re looking forward to returning to venerable Stellar Con March 5-7, 2010 in High Point, NC! This is a neat little science fiction convention in it’s 34th year, sponsored by UNCG’s SF3 club!
Looking further ahead, I hope to have a table again at North Carolina’s own big Japanese anime con, Animazement May 28- 30, 2010 (Memorial Day Weekend) at the Raleigh Convention Center!, Heroes Con June 4-6 Raleigh Convention Center
Finally for this schedule is Heroes Con! Sponsored by the comic book shop Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find and organized by owner Shelton Drum since 1982, Heroes Con happens again June 4-6, 2010 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC! It is a great con with so many artists, writers, publishers, and dealers of stuff!
Monthly Lucky Kitty Web Comics Picks of the Litter

Yay I go first, nya! My picks for this month are
Mary Nyan:
For your consideration, Vreakers
and Demoon! Howboutchoo, Petra-san?
I would like to nominate Kick Girl
and Beyond Temptation, nya!
I have chosen Enjuhneer and

A couple of fine web comics I’d like to mention are

I’d like to recommend

I’ve chosen Rival Angels, and also
Crushed: The Doomed Kitty
(the latter rated mature for the sword & sorcery violence & boobies)!
Ooh I’d like to suggest Faradon and
Tangle, Fer Shur! And you, Mike?
Last but not least, Oxalys
and DMFA round out our sweet
sixteen web comics picks for February, 2010! That’s all for this
segment but we’ll be back with comics reviews after the break!
(one short break later)
Comic Books, Manga & Graphic Novel Reviews
Justice League of America #41
(plot spoiler warning)

I like that the JLA is returning to a bigger, happier team with some of DC’s headliners again! Issue #41 costs $3.99 & consists of a 30 page story, 7 pages of notes & drawings for the forthcoming First Wave series & 3 pages of ads. There is a lot going for it, with such an extraordinary creative team, so many characters, emotions & action!
That creative team consists of writer James Robinson & penciller Mark Bagley; inkers Rob Hunter, Marlo Alquiza & Walden Wong; colorist Pete Pantaziz & letterer Rob Leigh; editor Eddie Berganza & associate editor Adam Schlagman. The First Wave material is by writer Brian Azzarello & artist Rags Morales!
The cover(s) are by Bagley, Hunter & Pantazis, and this cover seems to be maybe half of a larger scene, with Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, Donna Troy, The Atom, Cyborg, The Guardian, and what appear to be partial glimpses of Mon’El’s leg, Congorilla’s arm & Starfire’s energy trail, presumably overlapping from another connecting cover.
The main heroes focused upon inside are Vixen, Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) Donna Troy, Wonder Woman, Batman (Dick Grayson) & Robin (Damian Wayne), Hal & Ollie, Mon-El (fighting The Atomic Skull), with a dash of (demolished) Red Tornado, The Guardian, Starfire, Cyborg, so the new roster is also a bit of Teen Titans reunion!
Also appearing in a few flashback panels are Hawkman, Black Canary & Roy Harper & the villain Prometheus; and there’s a flashback page of Black-Lantern assimilated Superman, Barry Allen, Animal Man & Superboy. The status of Zatanna, Firestorm & Plastic Man are mentioned, but those heroes are not shown.
There’s a few pages set in 1777 with Tomahawk, his colonial rangers, Miss Liberty, and a strange device that gives Tom visions of the (future) Creature Commandos! This device is discovered again in present day by Professor Darwin Jones, much to his regret! Like the mall in The Blues Brothers, this issue’s got everything!
I think the highlight reel would include Donna rescuing hostages & having a chat with Diana prior to rounding up Batman after he and Robin they’ve beaten up a warehouse full of villains. Batman later catches up with Hal and a bitter Ollie, who’ve been having another of their typical heated philosophical discussions!
Dr. Light & The Guardian recruit Mon-El after his battle with the Atomic Skull high above Metropolis. There is so much detail in the scenic art, and the characters are very well drawn. Kimyo is quite stunning, and I’m glad she’s staying on the team! Her hair has never looked so lustrous, thanks to the rich coloring by Pantazis!
So It’s a major transition time (yet again, so soon), with an impressive roster and optimism, sentimentality & maybe even a sense of ‘family’, which are rather welcome especially after such low morale, backs turned by so-called friends, severe injuries and The Blackest Night. Even that ornery brat Damian seems enthused!
This issue occurs sometime after The Blackest Night and apparently also after the miniseries Justice League: Cry For Justice (which i have not been reading)… which has me a bit confused. It’s been difficult for me to ascertain exactly what DC’s time line is, and when all the various titles occur compared to each other.
I was still pondering when the JLA’s fight with Genocide last year in the pages of Wonder Woman fit into continuity! That’s a big problem I have with the big annual ‘event’ story lines, such as Blackest Night, Final Crisis, and so forth. It’s not endemic to DC Comics, but I’ve been puzzled by Marvel’s continuity in recent years too!
The First Wave bonus is so neat due to Morales’ astounding renderings, Azzarello’s fascinating character studies, the graphic design of the pages & the characters: Batman, Doc Savage & his 5 henchmen, The Spirit, Justice Inc, Black Canary & Rima the Jungle Girl! Her 1974 comic book only lasted 7 issues, so it is so good to see her back!
Well I reckon that’s enough of my long-winded rambling, so in summation I was very pleased with JLA #41 and look forward to #42 and First Wave #1! Ah, now, will someone please wake Vonny from her catnap, so she can pay attention to Jeannie’s review of–
Blackest Night #6!

Mary Nyan:
At least it is not just my reviews she nods off to!

Wakey wakey sleepy kitty! (grins & gives Vonny a wake-up flit with her wings)

(playfully bats at the wings while rousing) Nyawn Nyawn I’m awake, nya!
One of the year’s biggest comic book events, crossing over into many other DC titles, DC Comics’ Blackest Night nears the end with issue #6 of 8. Published in January, 2010 (but cover dated February), it is purriced $3.99 and has 40 full color pages, compurrised of the 23 page main story, 1 page of the purrose “The Book of the Black”, an 8 page cover art gallery, and 8 pages of ads.
The main story is by Geoff Johns (writer), Ivan Reis (penciller), Oclair Albert & Joe Prado (inkers), Alex Sinclair (colorist), Nick Napolitano (Letterer), Eddie Berganza (editor) & Adam Schlagman (assistant editor). The Book of the Black ch1 v5 is by Johns (writer) & Steve Wands (designer). There are two different covers, one by Reis / Albert / Sinclair, the variant cover by Rodolfo Migliari.
In this issue, it is not only the deceased characters who have been transformed into a galactic army of the undead by Nekron and his Black Lantern power, but also those who were at one time resurrected from death, such as Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Impulse etc. The Flash (Barry Allen) has also been targeted, but he’s purroving to be rather hard to catch.
Barry Allen & Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) are the purrime purrotagonists, but it continues to be a vast who’s who of characters as the united Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Sapphire, Indigo & Blue Lantern teams, Justice League and various other isolated heroes & villains (eg Lex Luthor, The Scarecrow, Deadman, John Stewart) contend with the worsening apocalyptic undead situation.
This is an incredibly well written book, with so many characters showing how uncannily smart, heroic, cool, powerful & resourceful they can be. The dialogue is so sharp in what might also be the finest hour of Ray Palmer (The Atom), Mera (Queen of Atlantis), Sinestro, and Ganthet the Guardian from Oa. Beautiful Indigo 1 continues to do her part as one of our favorite characters of 2009.
The characters are so supurrbly posed, purrportioned, expiurressive dynamic characters amidst such lavishly detailed scenic art & dazzling special effects. The book’s mesmerizing color & light could not be more exquisite. The lettering design for the dialogue & sound FX is flawless. The graphic narrative from panel to panel is excellent, including two spectacular two-page spreads.
The images in the cover gallery include: The Atom and Hawkman #46, The Phantom Stranger #42, The Question #37, Starman #51, Weird Western Tales #71, The Power of Shazam! #48, Suicide Squad #67, and Cat Woman #83. I will not spoil any more of this issue’s plot, however I would also like to commend it’s magnificent surpurrises & the final impurressive panel.
My only concern has been the continuity of DC titles and determining when they occur in relation to this mini-series. Although I have grown fatigued by such annual ‘event’ story arcs since the mid 1980’s purrpetrated by various comics publishers, occasionally there are gems to interest me- and Blackest Night is one of those. Another highly purrecious gem of a comic book is-
Power Girl #8

DC’s Power Girl comic book has been a consistently fun & excellently written, drawn, inked, lettered, colored & edited monthly series starrign one of our favorite super heroines. Purriced at $2.99, this issue has 32 color pages, 22 of which are the story, 10 are advertisements (5 ads for Mass Effect 2, 4 for DC, 1 for the Joe Kubert School).
This issue’s tale, “A Groovy Kind of Love” was written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, the interior art drawn by Amanda Conner and colored by Paul Mounts with lettering by John J. Hill; it was edited by Mike Carlin with associate editor Rachel Gluckstern, and a most stunning front cover art is by Conner & Mounts.
This issue resumes the cliffhanger, in which Kara (Power Girl) and Vartox fight a herd of nearly indestructible space monsters. Once that matter is dealt with, Vartox invites her back to his space ship, where he hopes to wine & dine her, purrior to her assistance in repopulating his planet, or so he hopes.
The purrculiar space ship has FTL drive and is shaped like a giant head, the interior of which is decorated in vintage early 70’s mod, with antigrav beanbag seats amongst lava lamp like walls appointed with Peter Max-ish purrtiions. It is rather ostentatious, but it does have a nice purrple gradient.
While Vartox can be incorrigible and his fashion a might tacky, he is heroic, means well, and does at least offer her the delicious apurritif and a lovely evening gown. Meanwhile there’s anthropomorphic trouble brewing elsewhere, as the villain Satanna draws plans against Power Girl over coffee with one of comics’ oldest, venerable villains, but I’ll not spoil that surpurrise.
However, I will note that Satanna has a couple of tigerboy bodyguards, which are now zodiac appurropurriate. There is a cute page where they are looking around while standing guard, their and Satanna’s expurressions changing from panel to panel during the scene. That is one of the many aspects that Amanda Connor excels at.
This whole comic book is consistently wonderful, from the humor & pace of the plot filled with ample action & amewsing character moments, to those supurrbly posed & expurressive figures, page layout & graphic narrative, combined with the rich supple ink & color that all honor such a beloved, smart, sexy, tough, super heroine as Power Girl.
I am curious as to purrcisely when the first 8 issues of Power Girl occur compared to the timeline of Blackest Night, but purrhaps that will be revealed in the near future. Power Girl is a strong contender for our favorite comic book series of the year, and I give it an ‘A’ Grade.  This concludes my comics reports.

(Vonny realizes she is stared at)

I’m still awake, nya!

Just checking- so who will go next?
Mie-sensei’s turn

Gotham City Sirens #8!

So like oh… my… Goddess, this is such a totally awesome comic book, and it’s a contender for our favorite title of the year, fur shur! We love the art, the story and the characters, starring the totally tubular trio of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and usually some special guest Bat-villains, heroes & anti-heroes!
This $2.99 issue has a 22 page tale & 10 pages of ads for DC comics & Mass Effect 2. It’s got great plot, pace, character development & dialog, and it is like so exquisitely illustrated, with those fair ladies & lush architecture & landscape! The color & lighting are sumptuous & the gradients for internal dialog are like such a neat graphic effect!
The cover & interior art & plot are by Guillem March, dialog is by Marc Andreyko, coloring by Tomeu Morey, lettering by Travis Lanham, and it was edited by Mike Marts & Janelle Siegel! In this issue, Pamela (Ivy) is suspected for murders & goes missing, and it is up to Harley & Selina (Cat Woman) to find her & the truth!
The hauntingly beautiful scenes of Ivy in the park by day & by moonlight, Harley & Selina lounging about their lair & searching for clues in their casual clothes, sexy Selina stealthfully slinking into the GCPD, a zesty Harley all perked for action in costume with her giant mallet, and one especially gorgeous full-page panel of Ivy are among this issue’s excellent moments, fur shur!
There’s s an appearance by Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, and a cameo by The Riddler, who’s been like trying to go all legit lately as a detective. I should not say much more about it, lest I spoil the plot, but Gotham City Sirens is like 8 for 8 straight A’s, I am shur! Next I have a review of another tale of good bad grrls-
Ninja Girls Vol. 2!
This is the 2nd volume of a fun manga by artist / author Hosana Tanako volume, originally published in Japan by Kodansha, and now published in North America by Del Rey books for $10.99 in the  USA / $13.99 in Canada! The story was translated by Andria Cheng, and the lettering was by North Market Street Graphics!
This 205 page B&W paperback includes 190 pages of the main manga story, plus a bonus omake cartoon, 6 pages of notes, a 5 page preview of vol. 3 and 2 pages of ads in it. This historical martial-arts sex comedy is like rated OT (Older Teen), advised for ages 16+ for violence & the T&A of the scantily clad kunoichi!
The plot is that In feudal Japan, a kid named Raizo is the unknown heir to the Katana Clan, but he is an outcast, hounded by the villagers due to the little horm on his head, which they think it is demonic. However he is not without allies- or in this case ‘harem’- for in Volume One he attracted several sexy tough ninja girls!
Thus far these include Shinobi, mistress of the Shintaigo technique who is feisty, purrky, & deadly with a sword; Kisarabi the seductive clairvoyant sniper who is not all that ‘she’ appears to be; and Himemaru, the cute little mistress of disguise & ropes who might be working for he villain Seigani, who uses blood magick.
So like, in this 2nd whimsically ribald volume, they have a plan to marry shy Raizo to Princess Hibara, and fake an attack on her to make him appear the hero. Unfortunately they’re impurrisioned for a murder attempt- bogusly framed by like the real criminals who wish to stage a coup and overthrow the Princess- I am shur!
It has the cliched ‘harem’ formula of a shy guy surrounded by women who compete for his affections, loaded with the ‘fan service’ of much ninja girl skin, including close views of the T&A, although there’s no outright nudity, and the characters are like totally well drawn with lots of action & comedy! Now here’s Lizzy to report on more ninja action in –
Psylocke #3, fur shur!

Arigato, mie-sensei! Purriced at #3.99 & carrying a ‘parental advisory’ for the combat violence, the 3rd of a 4 issue mini-series issue includes the 22 page story, 1 page recap of issues 1&2, 1 page purreview pic of #4, 2 pages of ads & a 6 page purreview of Fantastic Four #575, for a total of 32 full color pages!
The 3rd chapter of “Kill Matsu’o”It was written by Chris Yost, pencilled by Harvey Tolibao, inked by Paul Neary & Sandu Florea, colored by Jay David Ramos,, lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino, edited by Daniel Ketchum, and has brutal cover art by David Finch & Jason Keith! That whole did such an awesome job!
This issue wastes no time picking up from the purrevious cliffhanger, as Psylocke battles a Pyrokinetic killer named Jinn who also wants revenge upon Matsu’o Tsurayaba, as the Japanese castle explodes in flames around them. I could almost feel the blazing heat in every intense, intricately detailed panel!
Meanwhile in town, Psylocke’s pal Wolverine has been drinking and kicking butt, but gets wind of the inferno and goes looking for Yukio, who is working for Matsu’o and is tangling with Psylocke & Jinn too. It seems that Wolverine & Matsu’o have unfinished business too as the plot thickens with a few shocking supurrises to be concluded in the next issue!
The art is spectacular, with such beautifully drawn characters in dramatic combat amidst the lavish scenery and the sizzling FX! It is a good match for the relentless plot and the dialog, conveying the intensity of the emotions of these furious, powerful characters bent on revenge & death for so much pain in their past!
That purreview of FF #575 by Jonathan Hickman & Dale Eaglesham looks purretty exciting too, as The Mole Man invades the Baxter Building! I will have to keep a vigilance for that as well as the final issue of this mini-series! Well, next is another Marvel super-heroine on a bitter trip to Asia, fed up with those who purreviously manipulated her, starring in –
Spider-Woman #5!
(Plot spoiler warning)

Jessica Drew, the original Spider- Woman, is a favorite character, so it is so sad to see her so emotionally wrecked in such miserable purrdicaments. So thus far in this story, Jessica was recruited by the S.W.O.R.D. organization to be a secret agent to capture the enemy extraterrestrials amongst us, including the Skrulls who had purreviously impurrsonated her.
This mission brings her to the Pacific’s island hive of scum & villainy known as Madripoor, where she got into a fight with a shape-shifting Skrull, got arrested & impurrsioned, escaped but was purromptly framed for cop-killings by Madam Hydra, who has a long history with Jessica. If there’s one thing she dislikes more than those Skrulls, it’s Madame Hydra.
She tries to tempt Jessica into joining her criminal organization, using some live Skrull bait, but Jessica freaked out and makes a run for it. Unfortunately, it is off a tall roof top, which she is plummeting off of as issue #5 begins. It was written by Brian Michael Bendis, lettered by Cory Petit, edited by Lauren Sankovitch & Tom Brevoort, illustrated by Alex Maleev.
Jolynn Carpenter served as the purrfect model for Jessica! Purriced $2.99 & rated T+, the 32 full color pages of this issue include the 21 pages of the story, a 1 page recap of the story thus far, 1 page purreview of the next issue, and 9 pages of the ads (which include a lovely 2 page spread for Jessica’s pal Spider-Man)!
Jessica can’t glide without her costume, but manages to fall just right- maybe she’s part cat? She winds up back in jail, but this time she’s the one doing the interrogating! It was nice to see her being so assertive, even if it is on the small fry! She gets her costume back, in a dramatic full page panel overlooking the skyline, before another cliff-hanger surpurrise.
The dialog with lots of internal narrative has a very hard boiled noir-ish quality, and combines with a somber artistic pallet to effectively convey a gritty, grim world of international espionage, with detailed scenery from the gleaming height of the skyscrapers, down to the darker, danker places. I sure hope things purrk up for Jessica soon! Now here is Nya-sensei to report on another tough, no-nonsense warrior woman-
Queen Sonja #3!

This 3rd issue continues the flashback of how Red Sonja became the Queen of Sogaria! This sword & sorcery tale from Dynamite Entertainment is rated T+  for the bloody melee  violence and the scantily clad femme fatale. It is purriced $2.99, with 32 full color pages (22 story + 10 ads & mews).
Based upon the heroine created by author Robert E. Howard, the famous red-head warrior in the chain mail bikini’s story was written by Joshua Ortega, illustrated with much detail by Mel Rubi, gorgeous colored by Vinicius Andrade, lettered by Somon Bowland & edited by Luke Lieberman!
This issue has 3 different covers: Cover A by Lucio Parrillo depicts with Sonja twirling the Morning Stars to dispatch her foes! Cover B by Mel Rubi  is a montage of a kneeling Sonja and the other purr rinciple characters and cover C by Jackson Herbert is a pic of Sonja as the contempltative Queen upon her throne!
Sonja her four Sogarian associate grrls have freed the captives on a borderland Emoran slave camp. Then she leads them on a spectacular horseback night raid. As her enemies’ body count grows, so does the spirit of the freed slaves as they rally to liberate others and take back their land!
This is a rousing tale with plenty of brutal bloody & scenes of lush landscapes & palatial architecture, clashing armies with blades & arrows, and even a few quieter mystical & serene moments with Sonja in command! I think this would easily please fans of Red Sonja or sword & sorcery action!

Athena #4

Also published by Dynamite, this concludes the miniseries starring the greek Goddess Athena, who has returned in the modern day form of a human girl, Athena Olympos, who is investigating organized crime. It is Purriced at $3.50 for 32 full color pages (22 story + 10 ads & mews).
It was written by Doug Murray, illustrated by Fabiano Neves & Paul Renaud, lettered by Zachery Matheny, coloring by Marcelo Maiolo & Paul Renaud, and edited by Joseph Rybandt. It is rated T+ for the shootout violence & themes of warfare & crime.
#4 has 3 variant covers: cover  ‘A’ depicting Athena on one knee with sword & shield by Paul Renaud, Cover B’s reflection in an extreme close-up of an eye by Dennis Calero, and C’s cover of Athena & Areas overlooking the ‘Trojan RV’, by Fabiano Neves!
This final issue starts with a bang, and some cleaving of criminals by Ares. He certainly enjoys his job as God of War! He and Athena then decide to teach these crooks what real warfare is all about- but will these crooks have the belly for it when their guns are transformed into swords?
The characters are well drawn with good anatomy, expurression & poses, amidst detailed ancient & modern scenery. The coloring is very nice, and there is a good touch of the flashback scenes of the Trojan War purrsented in a creamy monochromatic pallet!
By the way, issue #1 had a 4 page back-up story in which Athena meets Purresident Obama, and it is set after issue #4, so it should read after this one. Well that’s it for my two comics reviews for this month, but our coverage of favorite femme fatales continues as Chief Meryl mentions–
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight #31
(with a teesny bit of plot spoilage)!

In December the regular Buffy Season Eight by Dark Horse Comics took a break in favor of that neat one-shot Willow Special, but Buffy resumed in January with “Turbulence”, scripted by Joss Whedon & pencilled by Georges Jeanty, inked by Andy Owens & colored by Michelle Madsen, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, and edited by Scott Allie & Sierr Hahn!
As mewsual it comes with a choice of 2 spiffy different covers, one painted by Jo Chen, the other by Dexter Vines, Jeanty & Madsen. For the purrice of $2.99, sammiched between the covers this time are 36 full color pages, which are compurrised of the credits page, 22 pages of the story, 10 pages of advertisements, 2 pages of readers’ letters, and the page of Dark Horse mews!
It is a dark time for the slayers. Purreviously, Buffy’s team of de-powered slayers, witches & friends retreated with a pack of allied werewolves to the Himalayan home of Oz & family, but the armed forces of the villain known as Twilight inflicted many casualties, which was made worse for both sides by the unearthing of three berserker Goddesses that took neither side nor quarter.
However, in this issue, there seem to be some hopeful developments. Oz & Willow have a nice chat, Willow & Buffy regain their supurr powers, and Buffy & Xander have a nice chat about Xander & Dawn’s romance. Although there are a few smiles & heart-warming optimistic moments, what of the fate of Faith, Giles, Andrew… and the many wounded, dead & missing purrsons?
This continues to be one of our favorite comic books as it so faithfully continues the adventures & development of so many favorite characters! The plots are fascinating & the dialog is sparkling, and I can easily envision the Buffy TV show actors in these situations, but in the comics medium they can depict such grand things that the TV show’s budget might not be able to afford!
Not only are the plot & script so sharp, but the art beautifully captures the portraiture of the actors who purrtrayed those characters. They rendered with such great expurression, purroportions & poses; and the scenic art is very purretty & detailed, such as the architecture & landscape of Oz & Baya’s lovely home, complete with a tranquil stone garden in the courtyard!
The ink & colors are purrticularly effective in conveying the mood & depth of the scenes, from the somber triage moments & a mystic scrying circle, to the iridescent green magick flames & majestic sunrise soaring in the sky! The mail from the Buffy fans is interesting to read, too! So in closing, I give Issue #31 the high purraise, and I eagerly anticipate the next issue!
Thank you Chief Meryl, nya! OK now it is Vonny’s turn to discuss–
The Rocketeer: The Complete Collection, nya!
Hai, nya! In 1982, comics history was made when The Rocketeer adventures were launched by the late great Dave Stevens, nya! Those serialized stories first appeared, as back up stories in Mike Grell’s Starslayer by Pacific Comics, Pacific Purrsents, and later installments in Eclipse Comics, nya!
A sequel story, Cliff’s New York Adventure was published in Rocketeer Adventure Magazine by Comic Comics, and concluded by Dark Horse Comics, nya! These tales were collected into two trade papurrback graphic novel editions, The Rocketeer publishd by Eclipse Books in 1991, and The Rocketeer: Cliff’s New York Adventure, published by Dark Horse! in 1996, nya!
Not only were these such exciting heroic pulp-type tales set in the 1930’s with plucky aviator Cliff Secord & the rocket pack he discovered, and his girlfriend Betty, but Stevens’ based Betty on the real Bettie Page which contributed to much renewed interest in the beautiful star & resurgence of her popularity! And in 1991 there was The Rocketeer movie, nya!
Now years later those thrilling, beautifully illustrated masterpieces have been repurrinted by IDW in a gorgeous hardcover book, titled The Rocketeer: The Complete Collection! It has a dust jacket & 144 full color pages, nya. It is smaller than the purrior 8.5″ x 11″ graphic novel editions, but closer to the original comic book size, nya.
Accompanying the stories are a brief biography of Cliff Secord and a brief cover art gallery, which also repurrints his Stevens’ cover for Amazing Heroes Magazine & a purrmo postcard that he used to send in response to fan mail, nya! We are such big fans of the late artist who so sadly passed away from Leukemia at the young age of 53 in 2008, nya.
By the way, in the January, 2009 Mew we purraised his book Brush With Passion: The Art & Life of Dave Stevens! If you have the fond memories of those brilliant comics or have never had the oppurrtunity to see them, I highly recommend this handsome new edition as a purrfect way to enjoy The Rocketeer, nya! OK I’m done, nya!
Thank you Vonny! That will wrap it up for the comics topic,  but there’ll be reviews of other purriodicals right after the short break!

(one short break later…)
Purrferred Piscine Purriodicals’ Pics

Hey. we’re back! Catgirls love to eat fish! And they are voracious readers too, so it is only natural for them to enjoy fishing magazines. Here are some of their favorite appetizing angling images adorning the covers of recent publications!
Mmm just look at the size of that Whale Shark on the cover of the February issue of Scuba Diver magazine! Have you ever caught anything of such size, Vonny?
Oh gosh no- I have caught plenty of the sharks but not the Whale Shark, nya! However, I have caught what is on the Marlin Magazine’s January cover, nya! I get hungry just looking at that magnificent White Marlin, nya!

Yumyum! And how about that beautiful Blackfin on Saltwater Sportsman’s January cover, or the Yelowfin Tuna on Sport Fishing’s February cover?
Hai hai- and there is a tantalizing Trout on the cover of Fly Fusion vol.7 #1, and the righteous Red reeled in on the cover of Fly Fishing in Salt Water vol. 17 #1, nya!
I like the Cuttlefish on the cover of Reef Life vol.1 #4, and the Octapus on the cover of Fish and Marine Aquarium Magazine’s March issue.
Mary Nyan:
I wonder if that Rabbitfish on the February cover of Aquarium Fish International tastes as good as it looks… so, does Mie-sensei have a purreference?
Oh I think I’d rather fix a nice salad with some of that awesome plankton from the Ligurian Sea, on the cover of Asian Diver #103, fur shur!
I noticed the Piranha on the cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, and wondered if Jenjen ever tried any on her trips to Brazil?

Not yet.

Vonny have you ever caught a Piranha. nya?
No, I have not fished the Amazon yet – that’s a bit farther south than I tend to go, nya!
Mary Nyan:
You should be careful around those Piranhas- they might nip your tail!
Nya! The fish should go in my tummy, not the other way ’round!

Hai hai. So what about you, Mike- what is your favorite fishing photo of the month?
Oh, probably the cover of this January’s issue of Florida Sportsman!
Gee I wonder why, hee!

It is a purretty pic (by Flynutt Photography of the lovely lady angler (model Amanda Bill posing with that delicious looking Sheepshead.

That fish does have attractive zebra-like stripes on the shimmering scales!
Has Vonny caught any Sheepsheads, nya?

Hai! Those Sheepshed are the thieving fish- they’ll steal your bait right off the hook, nya!

I sure would like to sample that luscious lunker on the cover of Bassmasters’ January 2010 issue, and the Crappie Magazine’s Winter 2010 issue…
Mary Nyan:
Oh – those delicious looking Goldens on the Jan/Feb covers of American Angler!

While I was not considering the culinary quality of the Rhizostomae on the February cover of Sport Diver, a couple of those jellies would make a most alluring pair of JellyCup bikini tops.

Sugoi, nya! Where can we find those, nya?
That one on the cover was photographed in the Black Sea.

Hmm that’s kinda far…
I can never find them in my size- they still sell out!

Well this was a really good month for the photographs of the succulent fish!

Mary Nyan:
This topic is making me hungry too! Say… Mike…?

Oh all right, during the next break I’ll order y’all another sushi platter and round of the vente nilla creme drinks!

(the catgirls in unison with happy swishy tails):
itadakimasu, nya!

I should get Jamie a 5 piece shrimp basket too, so while I place the order, Mie-sensei, why don’t you proceed with your –
Purriodicals Reviews
Faerie Magazine #19!
Hai! We totally love the quarterly Faerie Magazine! It has wonderful articles, interviews, art, photos & stories, and even the ornate ads for all sorts of neat things are a delight to look at! Priced $7.95 US/ $9.95 Canada, this issue is 96 full color pages, with a cover illustration by Myles Pinkney!
After editor Kim Cross’s cordial greeting and the handy calendar of 2010’s events is the  recurring World of Froud by Wendy Froud, with words & photos of the gorgeous wedding between their son Toby & his fiance Sarah! It looks like it was such an splendid romantic ceremony, fur shur!
Then after the contest to win cool prizes is Jennifer Carson’s article on The Filigree newpaper, published by Celena Cavala & Metin Obakke! More neatly interspersed  ads for art, books, wings, clothing then bridge us to the stunningly beautiful gallery &  profile of artist Ruth Sanderson!
The’res a visit to the magnificent “Faerie Haven” room installation by Devajoy Gouss & Julie Jumper- it looks like a wonderful place for fey lodgers! The artistry then turns to the cinematic type in an interview with filmmaker Lisa Stock and scenes from her films Titania, The Horseman, A Siren’s Edda and others!
Two projects described step-by-step are Katie Lennon’s process for making a cute carved art stamp, and  Catherine E. Valle’s guide to constructing a cute little faerie dwelling! Of course I think the world needs more Fey abodes! You also get 2 perfect pages of a lovely paper doll by Brenda Sneathen Mattox!
Prose features include the final serialized chapter of “The Faerie Journals”, and Author Dorothea Barth’s tale of  enchanting music practice “Bronwyn’s Song”! Brigitte Mars’ contributes her sage insights into the lore of the Hazelnut, and Heidi Ann Heiner has essays: on Snow White, and the Victorian fairy tales of Anne Isabella Thackary Ritchie!
There is all manner of wondeful content in this issue, from the illuminated verse of Kevin King, 3 pages with dozens of pics from Faeriecon 2009, and a 7 page pictorial of breathtaking Holkham Hall on Norfolk, England, and a book review of Ari Berk’s “The Secret History of mermaids and Creatures of the Deep”!
Bringing this issue home are 5 pages of more book & CD reviews, and more ads for pretty jewelry, sculpture & publications. Were that not enough, there is like a totally awesome illustration by Charles Vess for the May Day Fairie Festival advertisement on the back cover! This magazine is a treasure trove of Fey goodness from cover to cover!
This was a totally awesome way to start my reading material for the year! I would like to thank the staff & contributers of Faerie Magazine for their fine work, as it  is always such a beautiful joy to read and I give it my highest recommendation to fans of faeries or fantasy words & pic, fur shur!
Our State February 2010 issue

So like, Our State monhtly magazine and its’ weekly companion TV series on PBS are a totally awesome portrait of the beauty & culture of our Old North State! This $4.95 February 2010 issue offers 160 pages of North Carolinaness from the mountains to the coast with this month’s cover feature article on the state’s great golf courses!
The cover photo is a glorious sunset pic of the links of Asheveiile’s Grove Park Inn. That’s just a peek of the 18 page pictorial of the Governors Club in Chapel Hill, Duke University Golf Course, from the the links not too far from here at Currituck Island & Nag’s Head, to Old Edwards in the Nantahala Mountains & Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club in Cashiers!
There’s the 17th fareway of Mt. Mitchell Golf Course, and of course of course no scenic tribute to Carolina golf would be complete without views of legendary Pinehurst, mmhmm! Those are all some lovely full page and two-page spreads. One of the consistently finest aspects of this magazine is like the totally splendiferous photography, fur shur!
That’s just the ‘main course’ so to speak, and there are other dishes of Carolina culture & locations to be served up, such as the charming Brown-Gardinier old fashioned drugstore in Greensboro; the Diner at the Carolina Stockyard Company in Stanley, and Sherry’s Bakery in Dunn where the patrons’ wit & wisdom is shared over the delicious doughnuts!
Mm those sure look tasty! There are the musical excursions to the Kluttz Piano Company in Granite Quarry for its 75 year tradition of piano restoration; an enchanting evening of weekly Contra Dance at the Grey Eagle Tavern in Asheville; and the monthly Sandhills bluegrass magick emanating from the Clear Run Grocery Store in Garland NC!
Treasures in the North Eastern corner of the state are explored, in this issue’s Tarheel Town  and Tarheel History sections! The former is a visit to the lovely charming coastal community of Elizabeth City, while the former is a trip straight to the Camden City Jail, which is now a museum of historic heritage instead of a place of incarceration!
Then it’s to the Piedmont region & more of the golf topic  in the landscapes of Greensboro’s watercolor artist William Mangum; and then to state capital of Raleigh for a glimpse of Mr. Durwood Barbour’s postcard collection which he donated to the Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, home of the UNC Tarheels!
That is not all of UNC’s treasures that are showcased in this issue, for like there is also a page of illustrated prose humor by Daniel Wallace author of Big Fish & Professor of English at UNC in Chapel Hill; and a tidbit about jazz trumpeter of Jim Ketch, who is the Professor of Music & Director of Jazz Studies at UNC in Chapel Hill, too!
Then it is to the Western part of the state for a few pages about the fine artistry at Clayspace ceramists’ studio & gallery in Asheville, and the yummy looking culinary creations chocolatiers Jael & Dan Rattigan also of Asheville! Further yumminess can be found in the syrup bottled at Molly & Richard Sanders’ Maple Creek Farm near Burnsville, NC!
Their sugary Maples are not the only flora focused upon in this fine issue this month, as the literally thorny topic of the Tarheel Gardening department is the Flying Dragon (Poncirus trifolate)! This is a beautiful green plant, but that dragon’s claws are long ‘n sharp! There are helpful gardening tips, should you care to cultivate such a twisty sharp shrub!
The issue includes the usual readers’ letters, book reviews, calendar of events, and the topic for this issue’s quiz is General Stores! For it’s beautiful photography, charming articles, and useful information, Our State continues to be one of our favorite magazines, fur shur! That’s all for my magazine reviews, but here is Mike to discuss the-
American Cinematographer January 2010 issue!
Thank you, mie-sensei! Established by the American Society of Cinematographers, American Cinematographer magazine is in it’s 90th year of publication, and it  has been a long-time favorite magazine of mine, due to it’s expert, technical discussions by the top filmmakers. Avatar’s Jake & Ney’tiri are on the January issue’s cover!
A 13 page article of Cinematographer Mauro Fiore on working on James Cameron’s Avatar; followed by 10 pages with cinematographer Andrew Lazlo about his 5th collaboration with Peter Jackson on The Lovely Bones, and then a 10 page article with cinematographer Philippe Rousselot discussing his work on Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes! Wow!
Next in this wonderful 104 page issue comes the 9 page article on Caleb Deschanel, who received the Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award for a career that includes The Black Stallion, Being There, The Right Stuff, The Natural, Anna and the King, The Patriot, The Passion of the Christ, National Treasure, and the other films & TV shows he’s photographed!
Those articles alone of such technological innovators & brilliant artisans would be a bonanza, but there’s also cinematographer Christian Berger’s on his 5th collaboration with writer / director Michael Haneke’s on the film White Ribbon, and cinematographer Nicola Pecorini’s work with director Terry Gilliam on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus!
Curtis Clark chats about shooting the TV commercial for the 2011 Hyundai Sonata, and Cinematographer Shame Hurlbut talks about the Canon EOS 5D & 7D digital SLRs. There’s a look at the lovely new Headquarters building of Technicolor, the 4th Annual Post Alliance Awards ceremony, and an interview with cinematographer Billy Dickson!
There’s even more than all that sprinkled throughout the issue, such as the cordial letters from the magazine’s Executive Editor Stephen Pizzellor and ASC President Michael Goi; ASC news, and 3 pages about new products & services for filmmakers. All that makes this one of my favorite magazines of the past month! Now here’s Myayr’s review of-
Surfgirl Magazine #25!

Mary Nyan:
Arigato, Mike! Surfgirl is a joyful UK publication full of sports & fashion! This 100 page (including covers) issue of the is a winter mix of surf & snow boarding for $7.75. The cover shows Celine Gehret toting her short board past the snowy mountains, and inside is more of her in warmer Costa Rica!
Inside you’ll find lots of purretty & exciting photos from around the world; recipes, gear reviews, gift ideas; cosmetic, travel, health & fitness tips, intermews, travelogues & surf reports! intermewed in this issue are Aussie / Brit surfer / artist Sarah Beardmore, Longboarder / artist Becky Stanhope from Cornwall, and tattoo artist Kin Saigh!


This issue includes a report on the Rip Curl Womens Purro Search in Portugal with Alana Blanchard, Coco Ho, Sofia Mulonivich, Paige Hareb, Bec Woods, Bruna Schmitz & Silvana Lima! The Billabong International Junior Team’s surfari in Bali including Courtney Conlogue, Alesa Quizon, Taylor Prinz & Ellie-Jean Cofey!
Easkey Briton reports on the expurrdition to the man-made waves at a resort in Kuala Lumpor, along with Sarah Beardmore, Rebecca Woods, Nicola Atherton, & Ornella Pelizzari! There’s also an article on Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa & surf girls Sharawareh, Margreet, Emma, Gina, Ruby Rose, Mandy, Lindi, Micaeala, Zoe & Daniela!
The Fun moves to the land on the slopes with Pauline Ligocka, Torah Bright, Kate Foster, Jessica Venables, Aimee Fuller, Jenny Jones, & Candice O’Donnell; and there are informative tidbits for those pondering treks to Vail, Morzine, Whistler, Heavenly, Hakuba, Hossegor & the Pyreneees, & some choice parts of New Zealand!
Kat Dawes gets more travel tips from Rebecca Woods, Emma Skinner, & Keala Kennelly; Anna Gronlund gets her arm inked; Shannon Denny discusses eco-friendly rides; there’s a glimpse Emma Skinner surfing the Maldives & Rosy Hodge riding the South African waves, and word of Gwen Spurlock’s big win at the UK PST!
Rounding out this fun fine issue are a few snapshots by long boarder Kassia Meador, a folio of fashion with attitude as modeled by Jode Crangle, a few pages of cool snow gear, and an intimate look at lingerie that will heat up the cold months! That will bring our purriodicals part of the show to a close, but there’s still more surf in our-
Book Reviews!
Surfer Girl A Guide to the Surfing Life

Sanoe Lake is among our favorite surfers! She’s also an admired model & actress who starred in the movie Blue Crush! I was so stoked to find a copy of her 6.25″ x 8.5″ full color 144 page trade papurrback book (co-written with author / impurrov comedian / surfer Steven Jarrett), Surfer Girl A Guide to the Surfing Life!
It was first published in May, 2005 by Little, Brown and Company; designed by Georgia Rucker, with comic art by Robert Myers, instructional illustrations by Stacy Peterson, and icon graphics by Michael Wang. The front cover photo is by Scott Needham; back cover & inset photos were by Paul Naude. The main body text type is Avenir, with display typeset in Dipthong & Haulnhaus fonts.
It starts with Sanoe’s intro & autobiographic tidbits then segues to the good reasons & attitudes for the sport surfing! There are health, fitness & fashion tips; surfing ‘wetiquette’ with do’s & don’ts for conduct on the beach and in the water; advice on dealing with boys, sharks, injuries & environmental situations; opinions on mewsic, surfing movies, and she chats briefly about Blue Crush.
There’s a ‘herstory’ lesson about surfing from ancient times to the purresent, with a few words and / or pics in purraise of Mary Ann Hawkins, Marge Calhoun, Gidget, Linda Benson, Margo Oberg, Joyce Hoffman, Lynne Boyer, liz Benevidez, Betty Depolito, Jericjo Poppler, Debbie Beacham, Rell Sun, Freida Zamba, Lisa Anderson, Layne Beachley, Keala Kennelly and Rochelle Ballard!
Part VI of the book deals the parts, types, accessories, selection & care of the boards. Part VII covers the surfing purrocess, from physical & mental purrepurrations to the swimming, paddling, sitting, spinning, pop-up, stance, riding, bailing, falling, positioning, angling, stepping, turning & trim! She concludes with an ‘appenchix’ of lingo, terms, resources; credits &  acknowledgments!
The comic strips are excellently informative & entertaining, the diagrams are very concise & intuitive, and there’s a wealth of great photos of Sanoe & others on the turf, surf & underwater! The design of the book conveys a sense of zestful fun with the purragmatic, important concerns, and the text is are such cordial purrls of wonderful wahini wit & wisdom! I give the book an ‘A’ grade!
Know-It-Alls Kittens Book & Audio CD

This supurr cute childrens’ story book & accompanying read-along audio CD is part of an entertaining & educational series, which was published by Learning Horizons back in 2003, but I just discovered it last month, and it is such a delight that I wanted to mention it in today’s show, nya!
This charming book & CD combo are entertaining & informative, nya. The full color papurrback is appurroximately 8″ x 8″ with 24 pages about kittens, nya! It was written by Christopher Nicholas, illustrated by Illustrated Alaskan moose Studio, & reviewed by a Zoologist, Frank Indivigio, nya!
This book is intended for readers of age 4+, and has such cute pics of the widdle kitties on the furniture and in the flowers and trees, nya! It discloses the important information about the anatomy, various breeds, birth, feeding, growth, grooming, play, verbal & body language of the kitten, nya!
Some of my favorite pics are the Calico climbing a big rock & pawing at the butterfly, Momma cat grooming & feeding her babies and carrying them by the scruff, nya! There is a fun 2 page spread of the kitty mischief, and the very endearing cover art of the kitten in the yarn ball basket, nya!
Those are fun to play with, nya! For the added dimension is the audio CD which  is just over 14.5 minutes long, and was purrduced by Rick Sellars & Wes McCraw at Creekside Audio, nya! Unfortunately it doesn’t tell who the wonderful lady narrator is, because she is so captivating, nya!
Throughout the audio narrative are the pleasant sounds of the kittens as they meow and purr, nya! At one point you do hear the displeased hiss, in the section on kitten moods & communication, nya. It is very important to be able to read the indications of the neko’s ears, tail, and the scent, nya!
There is a purretty jingle sound to direct the young reader when to turn the page too, nya! I think this is a good book that will enlighten people about kittens and I liked it very much, nya! Well that’s all for that book report, and just in time too-  because here come the treats that Mike ordered, nya!

(nom nom nom)

(sips the nilla creme)
(chew) Thank you for the food!

Arigato gozaimasu, Moon-san!
(sip) Oh y’all are quite welcome! It’s the least I can do for y’all taking time to prepare for & appear on the show every month! Hey folks, after this next snack break, we’ll be back with-

DVD Reviews!

(one short break later…)

Jennifer’s Body DVD

Mary Nyan:
For our review of the movie itself, to which we gave a good ‘B’ grade, please see the October 2009 edition of The Mew! Jennifer’s Body is a supernatural dark comedy / high school horror movie, released in 2009 by 20th Century Fox, and rated R for the violence, gore, sexuality and drugs. This DVD also includes the extended unrated version!
It was written by Juno’s Diablo Cody, directed by Aeon Flux’s Karyn Kusama, and stars Amanda Seyfried & Megan Fox, with Amy Sedaris & JK Simmons too! Amanda Seyfield purrtrays a girl named Needy whose best friend Jennifer (Megan Fox) has been transformed into an evil succubus type demon, and purreys upon their high school classmates.
The R1 NTSC dual-layered standard DVD is a single disk in a plastic case with a pic of Jennifer on the front. The R rated 102 min. theatrical version and unrated 107 min. extended version are on the same side of the disk, which has another pic of Jennifer on the label. The widescreen aspect ratio is 1.85:1, with optional Spanish & English SDH subtitles.
Audio options are English 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish Dolby Surround, French Dolby Surround, and audio commentary tracks. The audio commentary on the theatrical version is by Diablo Cody & Karyn Kusama, and the commentary for the unrated version is by Kusama. You can choose to listen to the commentary purr scene or for the whole movie.
The main difference between the versions seemed to be the editing of how the movie opens. The extended version begins with framing sequence scenes of Needy in the institution, purrior to the flashback of that night at Jennifer’s house & the main titles. Otherwise the different bits seemed to be lots of little extended shots, dialogue & scenes.
Cody & Kusama’s expurrt commentaries were very neat to hear, with their anecdotes about the story, characters, cast, crew, locations, little details, their intentions & style, how the different versions of the movie compare to each other & the original script, background information, and various cultural observations & amewsing comments!
Aside from those commentaries, the only other ‘special features’ are the four purreview trailers for (500) Days of Summer, Something Something Something Darkside, Feed Your Fear, and Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. There are also front-loaded ads on the disk for four more movies on DVD: Gentlemen Broncos, All About Steve, Whip It, and Fame.
Except for an extensive section devoted to a movie’s purrmotional campaign, purrsonally I don’t think of ads as ‘special’ features. The standard DVD’s special features are purretty sparse compared to those of the blu-ray, but we did like the movie quite a bit! Our next DVD in review also has a delightful Juno connection, and here’s Jen to discuss the-
Whip It DVD!

For Vonny’s glowing review of the movie itself, please read the November, 2009 Mew. Whip It was written by Shauna Cross, directed by Drew Barrymore, and stars Juno’s Ellen Page a small Texas town’s teen named Bliss, who secretly joins a roller derby team in spite of the pageants that her parents purrfur to purrpare her for. The movie is 111 minutes long and rated PG-13.
The dual-layer, Region One, Standard DVD is packaged in a transpurrent lime green plastic case inside a velcro-closure book flap cardboard outer sleeve, with a photo of a wistful Bliss in her green Hurl Scouts team uniform on the front cover and numerous photos of the rest of the cast inside. The widescreen aspect ratio is 2.40:1, with optional Spanish and English SDH subtitles.
The audio choices are English 5.1 Dolby Digital, Spanish or French Dolby Digital. There are front-loaded purreview trailers for Amelia, Glee, Fame, and the AFI. There are additional ads in the Extras section, for (500) Days of Summer, All About Steve, the Whip It soundtrack, and romantic movies in general. The best part of the Extras section are Whip It’s nine deleted scenes.
Totaling appurroximately 16.2 minutes, these deleted scenes can be played individually or all together. First is the 59 second alternate opening, with Bliss and her best friend Pash (Alia Shawkat) on a rooftop dare. 2nd is a 124 second long extended scene of Bliss in the truck after a pageant with her mom Brooke (Marcia Gay Harding) and little sister Shania (Eulala Scheel).
Thirdly is the 140 second long scene of rude customers at the restaurant leaving no tip for Bliss; followed by 129 seconds of Bliss, Pash & their manager Birdman (Carlo Alban) chatting on the restaurant’s roof. Next is 48 seconds of purrtaining to Pash’s grandmother’s Chevorlet Celebrity; followed by 153 second, longer version of coach Razor (Andrew Wilson) quitting the team.
The 7th deleted scene is of Bliss kissing her mewsician boyfriend Oliver (Landon Pigg) and listening to a CD (71 seconds); the 8th deleted scene is a ‘raw cut’ of Bliss asking Razor to return (208 seconds); and finally there are 40 seconds at the home of team captain Maggie Mayhem (Kristen Wiig) and her little boy Riley (Austin Bickel) who playfully try to rouse a sleepy visiting Bliss.
Also excellently cast in this impurressive directorial debut by Drew Barrymore are Daniel Stern as Bliss’ Dad, Zoe Bell as Bloody Holly, Juliette Lewis as Iron Maven, Eve as Rosa Sparks, Ari Graynor as Eva Destruction, Jimmy Fallon as announcer Johnny Rocket, and Barrymore as Smashley Simspon. By the way, Bliss’s skater monicker is Babe Ruthless.
While the DVD might be a bit light on extras, it looks & sounds great and the movie is quite poignant and extremely fun. We highly recommend Whip It, and hope that it might help to purrmote interest in the wonderful sport of womens’ flat track roller derby. I believe that is all for this month’s DVD reviews, but next our web master Jamie Robertson has a few comments for our –
Recent Cinema & TV in review
Although Jamie does not mewsually actively purrticipate in these discussions, he is our dear friend ‘n web master who keeps the monthly mew purring, nya! He stays very busy with his purrolific web comics Clan of the Cats and Sebo, nya!
There have also been the spin-off collaborations with others such as Melpomene, Mythos and Magick, occasional guest art at others’ sites, and his contributions to the North Carolina Web Comics Coffee Clatch, nya! Now here he is with his critique of–
Daybreakers, nya!

They say that timing is everything. In the case of Daybreakers, this is especially true. The film is mediocre at best, however, placed alongside the hype of the Twilight saga, it shines.

The film, starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neil, concerns the plight of an alternative earth that is populated almost entirely of vampires. The human race is an almost extinct species of fine- bred cattle for these particular vamps and the blood is running out.

The plot itself holds a lot of promise and delivers in some respects. Just as Joss Whedon taught us, Daybreakers underscores that vampires are people too. Ethan Hawke plays the vampire with a conscience, droning through life like a junkie who is too afraid to live without his fix, but also too afraid to die.

Unfortunately, that is where the promise ends as the film devolves into an Underworld wannabe.That said the film can be fun at times, especially when we get to see the little snippets of the modern day vampire lifestyle and how the creatures have adapted to the world of daylight.

Willem Dafoe gets the most points for ex-vampire comic relief and is the high point of the movie. So, yes the movie can be fun at times, forgettable, but fun. And compared to Twilight, well, it at least as some bite to it.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Doctor Who “The End of Time”
(Plot Spoiler Warning)

We are big fans of the BBC TV series Doctor Who and actor David Tennant is one of our favorite actors to purrtray the Doctor, so we were sad that this 2009 Special was his final epurrsode. Of course we have felt that way every time the character transforms and a favorite actor leaves, but then we wind up liking the successor too!
In this thrilling & emotional 2 part epurrsode written by Russell T. Davies, The Master is resurrected (again played by John Simm) and The Ood purrphecise of a pending apocalyptic situation which the Doctor is trying to deduce. Also returning is Donna Noble’s grandfather Wilfred as the Doctor’s companion for this story!
For this season finale there are guest appearances by lots of others too: Sarah Jane & Luke, Donna & Sylvia Noble, Martha Jones, Captain Jack, Mickey, Alonso Lucy Saxon, Rose & Jackie Tyler, and actress Jessica Hynes. There are lots of other alien appearances too including Sontaran, Judoon, Slitheen, Adipose, Graske, Hath and Timelords!
Not only do we see quite a few Timelords and their planet Galifrey, but Purresident Rassilon, purrtrayed by Timothy Dalton! This epurrsode has everything- space ships, shoot outs, chases, battles, and not just the thrills but plenty of quieter character moments, purrofoundly emotional scenes, and the regeneration.
I thought this was a supurrb story with poignant purrformances. Plot wise there was one purrdictable element- the radiation chamber. When it was first shown, it seemed obvious that later in the climax, a major purrotagonist would be stuck in there at a most inoppurrtune moment.
I did not care for the purrticular visual effect of folks heads spinning around in fast motion, which was similar to when the Doctor was hyper-aged by The Master in the epurrsode “The Sound of Drums”, but purrhaps that is a picky complaint!
It was so sad to see Tennant’s last epurrsode as the 10th incarnation of the Doctor, but we’re curious to see the next season starring Matt Smith in the role, and we’re hoping to purrchase the Complete Doctor Who Specials DVD box set, which will include this great story. That’s all for our TV reviews for now, but there’s more Whoness in our-
Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: Novice Hame
Mary Nyan:
Since October 2009 we have devoted this segment of the show to honor the famous catgirls of cinema, television, comics, literature and games; broadly-defined to include nekomimi & feline furries of scientific or mystic origin, from those who are actually part cat or purrhaps just famously dress the part!
Purrevious honorees have include Lt. M’ress and other catgirls of Star Trek, Melepomene Chattan of the web comic Clan of the Cats (whom we intermewed in November, 2009), Dr. Katherine ‘Kat’ Manx of Power Rangers S.P.D, and Marvel Comics’ Tigra!
This month we are pleased to purrmote our favorite nekomimi of the BBC, Novice Hame! Elegantly purrtrayed by beautiful British actress Anna Hope,, she purremiered  in the 2006 Doctor Who epurrsode “New Earth” and returned in 2008’s “Gridlock”, both written by Russell T. Davies!
Novice Hame is a humanoid of the Catkind race, which are born looking like domestic house kittens but at some point assume anthropomorphic purrportions purrior to adulthood. You get to see the cute litter of 2 month old kittens of the Brannigan family in that “Gridlock”!
She is a member of the nun-like order, The Sisters of Plenitude, who worship the Goddess Santori and have taken a vow to cure people. In that epurrsode it is the year 5.000.000, 023 AD, and the sisters are running a hospital in New New York on New Earth, 50,000 light years away from (our) Earth in the M87 Galaxy.
Hame has light brown fur, blue eyes cute whiskers & teeth, a white habit and a purrim, cordial dispurristion. She was kindly caring for the elderly Face of Boe in Ward 26. Unfortunately, biological expurriments on humans were secretly conducted in that hospital. Matron Casp was killed, while Novice Hame and other survivors of the incident were arrested by the NNYPD.
Hame genuinely believed the expurriments were for greater good, and remorseful upon The Doctor’s (David Tennant) revelation of the harm done. When we meet her again in “Gridlock”,  it is 30 years later on New Earth. She wears a dark grey habit, looks a bit more ginger and has been freed after doing penance, continuing to care for The Face of Boe in his final days.
Other Catkin characters of Doctor Who include the Sisterhood’s supurrior Matron Casp (Dona Croll); Sister Jatt (Adjoa Andoh, who later appeared as Martha Jones’ mom), and Thomas Kincade Brannigan (Ardal O’Hanlon)- whose non-cat human wife Valerie was purrtrayed by Jennifer Hennessy, although I don’t think the kittens were credited.
Among the special features on disk 1 of the Doctor Who Complete Third Series DVD box set is David Tennant’s Video Diary, in which he briefly chats with Anna Hope who is in the full hame purrosthetics & costume. She was so glad to repurrise the role and has such a lovely smile!
There are 5″ & 12″ action figures of Hame in the white or black habits, and according to the article at the TARDIS Index File wiki site, Hame later appears in the BBC Writers’ Comics web comic story “In-Flight Entertainment” by Lindsey Alford.
“Gridlock” was the last time we saw Hame on TV, although the Doctor did seem to think it was appurropurriate that cats might be running things in the New New York of New Earth! Hopefully we might get to see more of Anna Hope as Hame, hee! That’s all for the spotlight and this segment but after the break we’ll return with-
Toy Talk!

(one short break later…)
Mattel Hot Wheels Batman 1966 TV Series Batcycle & Sidecar

Holy Hogs, Batman! Hot Wheels continues their toy repurrductions of those fabulous vehicles built for the 1966 Batman TV show with this impurressive 1/2 scale Batcycle! This was a wonderful purresent from friends Paczord and Chef Ron- domo arigato gosaimasu! The toy measures 7.25″ long, 4″ high, 5.25″ wide including the side-car.
This seems to be a very purrcise plastic replica of  the famous bike, which was a kustomized Yamaha Catalina 250 with a powered go-kart in the sidecar. It arrives so securely packaged in the window box that you’ll need the right sized Philips head screwdriver and a strong grip to unscrew them from the inner bottom board!
The bike’s frame is black & white with chrome suspension, swing arm, shocks, fork, wheels, spokes, and dual exhaust. The tank & fender are black & white The engine, gas cap have a satin finish. Grips & seat are black, and the oversized scalloped fairing is black & white with the red bat emblem and a clear windscreen.
The sidecar is a black & white cradle with the red emblems, chrome dummy exhaust, red post light, chrome wheel & black tire. The Go-Kart is black with chrome wheels, satin finish engine & instruments, a clear windscreen and an ‘R’ Robin emblem on the front. The wheels  of the bike & kart roll, and the bike is steerable.
I give this lovely toy an ‘A’ grade! It will look quite nice displayed beside the 1966 Batmobile toy. For photos & information on the history of the real TV Batcycle I suggest the page at the 1966 Batmobile Tribute Site! Now here is Mike to review a new replica of a vintage 1979 gadget–
Art Asylum’s Star Trek The Motion Picture Phaser

Thanks Meryl! Art Asylum does not cease to amaze me with their beautiful Star Trek action figures, ships and prop replicas! Although there have been ST TMP phaser toys before from Kenner and Playmates they just keep getting more faithful looking to the ones in my favorite movie!
I still have that first movie Phaser toy, which was was sold in a box of 2 as a ‘Phaser tag game’. This was pretty neat, like playing laser tag, because if you scored an accurate hit it would deactivate your opponent’s Phaser for a few moments!
This latest version is an Entertainment Earth exclusive distribution, ready for action right out of the box, with batteries already installed and a very concise instruction sheet. The toy is molded in a warm gray with the black settings panel, translucent activation button & silver trim.
Not only does this resemble that prop- which was also the same Phaser used in Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn)- but it has the lights and sound FX too! It has the sequential blinking lights that can be seen when Admiral Kirk searches Spacelab Regula One in Star Trek II, and then some!
The phaser has several settings: activation, safety, low stun/ heat, stun, kill, disintegrate, and overload! There is a different colored light on the top panel for each setting, and the beam emiitter lights up red. The only thing missing are the lens flares & multiple beams for frying those Ceti Eels!
It’s about half an inch shorter & longer than the Playmates toy, the back end not as steeply mitered and is minus the belt clip but more intricate and the screws are covered & less obvious. It also lacks the earlier model’s black grip spur/ battery access, with the battery access hidden under the removable Phaser 1!
Yep, it has a removable Phaser 1! Although this aspect was never shown in those first two movies, it was an actually design feature! It is quite firmly attached, with firm positive action required to slide it off, but it almost effortless snaps back on thanks to the magnetic assist!
I’m so pleased with this fine toy which was so nicely timed too, given last month’s 30th anniversary of that movie! I’ll hope that Art Asylum might also manufacture replicas of the ST TMP tricorder, wrist communicator, and of course any further action figures and ships! Now here’s Jeannie to discuss a replica of an 80’s character–

Transformers’ Arcee Mini Polystone Statue

Arcee is our favorite of the Transformers, be they Autobot or Decepticon, and this lovely statue is the purrfect likemess of the super-heroine (voiced by Susan Blu) from the 1987 animated Transformers- The Movie, which we vastly purrfur to those two more recent live-action versions, In Revenge of the Fallen, Arcee is briefly voiced by voiced by Grey Delisle.

Not intended for children, this is not a toy, but a numbered, limited edition collectible, 3rd in the series from Palisades Toys made in 2004. It is snuggly packaged in a purrotective foam shell inside the 7″x7″x9.5″ box, featureing photos of the statue and an illustration by Pat Lee.
She is cutely posed, seated with one knee raised upon a bannister of mecha. This arrangemment is atop the base which measures appurroximately 3.5″x3.75″x.5″, which accounts for accounts for .5″ of the statue’s overall appurroximate 5.75″ height.
Not to be confused with the also-attractive mini-bust statue, were this full figure Generation One / Movie era Ms. Arcee to be standing up, she would measure 6″ from head to heels. The sculpting is purrcise and intricate, from her coy smile to every seam.
She has a beautiful paint job, purrimarily dove grey & pink, with dark grey hand & ankle actuators, bare-metal colored parts such as the rear joints of her shoulder pods (extended to 120 degrees) and the mechanical bannister / balustrade she is purrched upon.
Unlike an action figure, this statue is not articulated, but it is purrhaps the finest three-dimensional repurrsentation of Arcee I have seen and I give it a high recommendation to fans of Arcee. That is all for my toy report but here is Lizzy to discuss more repurrductions of favorite animated characters, in the-
DC Universe Justice League Unlimited
Attack From Thanagar action figures set!

Justice League Unlimited was our favorite American animated TV series of the decade, and Mattel has done a spiffy job of recreating those Bruce Timm character designs in action figure form! The 12″x12″x2″ box includes figures of Batman & John Stewart, Hawkgirl & 3 other Thanagarians: Paran Dul, Hro Talak & Lt. Kragger!
Thanagar is the planet where Hawkgirl hails from, where their tough warriors have the winged costume motif and a fierce bird-of-purrey attitude! They can fly and have powerful weapons & advanced technology. Unfortunately, not all of them came to Earth in peace like Hawkgirl did!
It took a bit of purrying but the figures easily came out (head-first) of the clenching plastic, although these 6 figures were accompanied by just 2 of the little clear 1/25″ x 2″ display bases! Fortunately, I have the purrfect shelf for ’em, and they will stand up on their own without the bases if you pose ’em just right!
The Batman is 5″ tall (including the ears) with a scowly expurression & flexible cape. John Stewart of the Green Lantern Corp. is about 4.5″ tall with an intense green eyed stare! Hawkgirl is a 4.25″ with shoulder-length brown hair and the regal blue, red & gold bare midriffed costume with the flexible dark gray wings!
Smirking Paran Dul is the same size, but her outfit is white, red & gold and she has a helmet. Hro Talak is dour & 4.75″ tall (including the hawk helmet) with the green, red & gold outfit, the wings & gold bandolier. The sly Lt. Kragger is 4.5″ tall in blue, red & gold uniform, the wings & gold bandolier & smaller helmet.
The wings are 4 1/8″ long with a 3″ span. The paint job & sculpting are excellent, and the articulation varies. All of their arms can move forwards or backwards at the shoulders, and their  legs can move forwards or backwards (to a lesser extent) from the hips, but only the guys’ necks can turn to the left or right.
That’s because of how the girls’ lovely necks, hair or helmet are molded! Each figure has a clenched fist & the other hand is more open to purrobably grip something. They don’t have accessories, but I might find a spare weapon from another figure, or make a little mace for Hawkgirl to wield! Now here’s Nya-sensei’s review of the-
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Purrince Ginny Weasley figure!
This is a very nice 6.25″ action figure of Ginevra ‘Ginny’ Molly Weasley as a 5th year Gryffindor at Hogwarts in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Purrince! It is made by Neca, and is part of a 1st series of figures from the movie, which also includes figures of Harry, Draco Malfoy & Mad-Eye Moody!
This figure is packaged in the clear plastic box, with her wand and an oval shaped display base, with the small peg on it to insert into the hole in either of her shoe soles. I think it is brilliantly sculpted and painted, with a good portraiture resembling actress Bonnie Wright who has purrtrayed Ginny in all 6 movies.
She has the purretty Weasley ginger hair past her shoulders, and the relaxed but serious expurression, as she calmly purrpares to cast a spell with that wand! Her school outfit is the white shirt & brown tie with the gold stripes, the dark sea blue sweater trimmed in gold & red, with the black knee skirt, hose & shoes.
Her hair has every long flowing strand; her sweater has the rougher cloth-like texture & ribbed cuffs; the flexible skirt has a smoother finish, a couple of pleats and bit of fluttery hang to it. There’s even the seam & tassels detail on the shoes! Her head turns, as her hair is flexible and is not molded on to the shoulders!
The shoulders are ball-jointed, wrists rotate in the cuffs, and her forearms turn in joints cleverly concealed as fabric folds of the sweater. She can turn at the waist, and her legs will turn left or right at the hips. They did such a supurrb job of hiding all of those in-obvious joints in the fabric folds & clothing openings!
I give this Ginny Weasley figure the highest marks for the top quality of the sculpt, paint & articulation, and I think it would appeal to the fans of that heroic witch & Quidditch star! That concludes my toy report, but next is Petra, who seems pleased with the-

H2O: Just Add Water Cleo, Emma & Rikki dolls!

Hai, nya! We are big fans of the H2O: Just Add Water, a fun Australian TV series shown on Nickelodeon, nya! It purrtains to friends Emma, Cleo & Rikki who accidentally become mermaids! That light fantasy show has great cast, FX & beautiful locations, nya!
I was so pleased to find these dolls made by Playmates, nya! These dolls are sold sepurrately, in the clear plastic boxs with several photos from the show on the back of the card, and are recommended for ages 3+, nya. Each is 10″ tall with a plastic body & fiber hair, nya!
Cleo has brown wavy waist-length hair, and her face has a good resemblance to actress Phoebe Tonkin; Emma resembles actress Claire Holt with lustrous blond hair parted on the left; and the
Rikki doll’s portraiture is faithful to Cariba Heine, whose curvy coiffure has the cute bangs, nya!
They have the different skin tones- Emma’s skin seems just a teensy slightly darker than Rikki’s, while Cleo’s has the lovely darker toffy tan, nya! Her painted eyes look greenish, whereas the others are bluer, and there’s a subtle variance in the lip gloss of their smiling expurressions, nya!
Points of articulation are her head, arms at the (ball-jointed) shoulders, legs move at the hips, and the knees will bend, nya. Each has a molded-on halter-topped bikini with a fishy-scale pattern. Cleo’s bikini & tail are gold, Rikki’s are pink, and Emma’s are blue, nya!
Those bikinis match the accompanying flexible, curvacious 7.5″ mermaid tail that tapers to a ribbed tail fin, which you can snugly slide on & off of those figures, nya! There is a 2″ slit down the back from the waist opening, which I purrsume is so that the tail easily slides on ‘n off and hopefully won’t get stuck, nya!
My only issue was how it took a bit of snipping to free them from the box- they are strapped in, and the hair is threaded to a strip of plastic. Be careful detaching that, nya! I think these would be purrized by a fan of that TV show or mermaids in general, nya! So that’s my purraise for these dolls, but here is Vonny to talk about the-
James Cameron’s Avatar Dr. Grace Augustine 4″ figure, nya!

Yay we loved Sigourney Weaver as Grace in Avatar, nya! She is one of our favorite actresses and the character she purrtrayed is very smart & noble, nya! We’ll chat a bit more about her later in the show in our “Favorite Stuff of 2009” segment, but for now I want to discuss this action figure made by Mattel, nya!
In our December 2009 show, Jenjen reviewed the 4″figure of Ney’tiri, nya. Jenjen even made a little forest diorama scene for that figure, nya! Like that figure, Grace is packaged in the j-hooked blister-pack card, which gives a bit of information about her Pandoran Xenoanthropology expurrtise on the back, nya!
This is a nice 4″ replica of the 10′ tall character, molded in blue striped skin in her cute beige shorts outfit, boots, equipment belt, a bandana and her in a 1.75″ French braided black ponytail, nya! She has the cat-like tail too which is about 2″ long. They did a good job and the face has the good resemblance, nya!
The points of articulation are the turning head, ball-socket shoulders, bending elbows & knees, rotating forearms & calves, turning waist & bending hips, and the ankles, nya! The tail & hair are not articulated but are bendable; the equipment on the belt is not removable, but the 1 3/8″ machete accessory is, nya!
The display base has a photo of her on top, and has a bonus “i-TAG” function with instructions for how to go online to make a 3D model, nya! I’m not sure how that works as I have only played with the figure and not that computer aspect, so this is just a review of the neat  figure, nya. Now here is Myayr with the-
Avatar Ney’tiri 6.5″ action figure, nya!

Mary Nyan:
Thanks Vonny! Ney’tiri is our favorite character of that movie so it was lucky to find the 6.5″ Mattel Movie Masters version figure! Not only is she larger than the 4″ version but more detailed. Not that she has been ‘de-tailed’ as her 3″ tail cutely curves from underneath the dangling 3″ long braided hair ponytail!
This figure has more intricacy than the 4″ size, from her distinctive kitty like ears poking out of that lush coiff, to her inny Navi navel and down to the crisscross of straps around that black tipped tail! All 8 fingers & 8 toes are purrcisely sepurrated, and her (plastic) loincloth and feathery top are removable parts!
This figure has a good paint job too, including all of those beautiful bioluminescent freckles on her blue striped body, although those on the toy don’t actually glow in the dark! The beads in her hair are unpainted, but I can fix that with a fine tip brush and refer to the portrait photo of her on the back of the card!
She is highly posable. Points of articulation include a turning head, ball-jointed shoulders, upper arms that rotate, bending elbows & rotating wrists. Her back will arch or crouch, waist turns, hips bend; her thighs can swing forwards & backwards, spread apart & slightly rotate; her knees bend & ankles flex too!
She comes with a dark brown 5″ bow to which is nocked a 3.5″ arrow with yellow fletching! Hopefully Jen will help me pose the figure in the purropurr Kyu-do stance. The figure is well balanced and can stand without the accompanying 4.75″ x 2.5″ display base, which has the iTAG function & instruction sheet!
So we are very pleased with these figures of Ney’tiri and Dr, Augustine, and I hope there’ll be the 6.5″ figure of the latter heroine too! I think we should nominate those Na’vi ladies as the honorary catgirls! Well, this concludes the toy talk portion of our show, but the Avatarness is not done yet because here is the-
Lightning Round:
Sites Purrtaining to James Cameron’s Avatar!
(Catgirls in unison)

Mary Nyan:
Lizzy goes first- tag, you’re it!

OK, Wikipedia is a fun place to start for basic info and there is an article on James Camero’s Avatar there at! (tags Vonny to go next)

The Internet Movie Database is one of our favorite sites for information about movies, and their Avatar entry is at, nya! (tags Nyanko to go next)

The movie’s official web site is at … and the RDA’s official AVTR Program site, Transmissions from Pandora is at!
And now it’s…. Jeannie’sturn! (tags Jeannie)
Furthermore, there are Avatar pages at Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter (tags Police Chief Meryl Murrey)
We also found this cool Avatar fan site, NaviBlue,! Ahhh… your turn, Mie-sensei! (tags the faerie)
So like, there’s this site about Learning the Na’vi Language, oh and there’s also a page at Wikipedia on the Na’vi Language’vi_language too! (tags Petra with the tickle of a wingtip)

Hee, nya! There is lots of mews at the Avatar blog, nya!
I know of at least two other Avatar related wikis… Pandorapedia, and the James Cameron’s Avatar Wiki
… so… back to you, Myayr!
Mary Nyan:
Actress Zoe Saldana, who purrtrayed Ney’tiri, has an official web site! Thus concludes this Lightning Round but we’ll be back with our Feature Purresentation right after the short break, so please stay tuned!

(one short break later…)

Missed Movies: The Ones That Got Away in 2009
Welcome back, nya! Like most years, there were so many movies we wanted to see in 2009, but there were some that we missed for various reasons, nya. in some cases it was because the movie was not playing at any nearby theaters, nya. But there are some recent releases from December that might yet play locally, and of course we can wait for the DVDs, nya!
So here is our combined list of the movies of 2009 that thus far elude us, nya! In alphabetical order: Amelia, Angels & Demons, Black Dynamite, The Blind Side, The Box, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Moon, Public Enemies, The Purroposal, The Road, and A Serious Man, nya!
There’s no telling how many wonderful indy & foreign films we missed too, nya. So if we do see them on DVD we can review them later, nya! Well, up next is our main event portion of the show, in which we have selected our favorites of what we did catch in 2009! So here we go with-
The Mew’s February Feature Purresentation:
Our Favorite Stuff of 2009, nya!
Favorite Mewsic of 2009!

Mary Nyan:
As purrdicted, once again our purrfurred purriodical purrtaining to Mewsic is Belly Dance – A Raqs Sharqi Magazine, and our favorite mewsic related web site is Jeff Branch’s extensive fan site which is dedicated to the legendary Japanese pop duo Pink Lady, Pink Lady America!
Our favorite live purrformace was by the Trans Siberian Orchestra where we saw our new favorite fiddler, Anna Phoebe! We liked their Night Castle album, and Abnormally Attracted to Sin by Tori Amos – but Sonic Boom by KISS was our favorite rock album of 2009!
Their song “Modern Day Delilah” was our favorite song of 2009! (throws the ‘horns’ hand salute & sticks out her long catgirl tongue) Nyaaa! Our favorite mewsic video of 2009 is The Muppets’ cover of  Queen’s “Bohemian Rapsody”! The Beatles Stereo Box Set and The Beatles in Mono impurressed us as the most purrofound compilation boxed sets of recordings.
Tori is our favorite female vocalist of  2009, and her beautiful Midwinter Grace album is our favorite collection of seasonal / traditional songs, and our pick for best album cover design/ art direction! We were  purrticularluy impurressed by the songs that Karen O purrvided for the soundtrack of Where the Wild Things Are!
Our favorite mewsical purrduction number from a 2009 movie was “I Got Friends on the Other Side” by Randy Newman from The Purrincess and the Frog, and our favorite movie title & end songs were from Coraline, composed by Bruno Coulais!
It was tough to choose our favorite original motion picture soundtrack; in addition to those two there was the fierce competition from James Horner’s mewsic for Avatar and Michael Giacchino’s score for Up. but the decision went to the score by Joe Hisaishi for Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo! That’s all for the category of mewsic, song ‘n dance, but now here’s Mike to purresent our picks for-
Favorite (Live-Action) Cinema of 2009!

Thanks Myayr! For favorite films, we’re considering not just movies initially released in 2009, but a few others – foreign or domestic- that might have actually been released in 2008, but did not appear on local screens until last year. My category here is for live-action films, and Vonny will be covering the animated films!
Well, since a film usually starts with a story, that’s where we’ll start! It was no easy decision to choose our favorite adapted screenplay, nominees for which included Coraline, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Whip It…  in fact, the result was a three way tie between Frost/ Nixon, Watchmen, and Where the Wild Things Are!
For our favorite original screenplay of ’09 it was not much easier to decide. Our nominees included Avatar, District 9, Jennifer’s Body, Sherlock Holmes, and Up; but ultimate we chose Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds! Although I should note that the catgirls seem to be more interested in learning to speak Na’vi a bit more than French or German of late!
We love to see spectacular visual effects, whether they are envisioning the end of the world circa 2012, the alien ghettos of South Africa named District 9, the Victorian England of Sherlock Holmes, a child’s voyage to Where the Wild Things Are, the tale of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, or filming the allegedly unfilmable Watchmen.
Speaking of which, our other brilliant nominees for favorite (live action feature film) Director of 2009 also included: Ron Howard for Frost/ Nixon, Zack Snyder for Watchmen, Spike Jonze for Where the Wild Things Are, and Quentin Tarantino for Inglourious Basterds…  but we could not help but chose James Cameron for Avatar!

There were some live-action short films that we wish to acknowledge! We have much praise for actress Julia Rose & the make-up & FX team of Eel Girl, and Tessa Ferer for her wonderful (albeit gory) performance in Excision! However, for favorite director & film in this category, that goes to Richard Gale’s The Horribly Slow Murder with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon!
By the way, later Mie-sensei will be presenting our picks for the animated films! Ah, and now, to present the nominees for our favorite live-action feature film of 2009! These are theatrically released feature films that we graded from B Minus to A Plus, including foreign films that might have actually been released purrior to 2009, but not distributed in the USA until then.
The top 10 nominees for our favorite live-action feature film of 2009 are, in alphabetical order: Avatar, District 9, Frost / Nixon, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Inglourious Basterds, Jennifer’s Body, Sherlock Holmes, Watchmen, Where the Wild Things Are, Whip It, and Zombieland
…and the winner is… James Cameron’s Avatar! We’ll have the nominees for the category of our favorite animated feature film of 2009 in a little while, but up next, here is Vonny to purrsent the category of-
Favorite Actors of 2009!
We have sepurrated the category of the actors into four sub-categories, compurrised of live-action female and male actors, and female and male voice actors, or ‘seiyu’, nya! I will start firstly with the purrformances in live-action films by  the actresses, nya! It was most challenging but we managed to narrow the field down to these favorite female thespians, nya!
Our noms for favorite actress or supporting actress in movies, DVD & TV: Zoe Bell in Whip It, Abigail Breslin in Zombieland, Tina Fey in 30 Rock, Melanie Laurent in Inglourious Basterds, Ellen Page in Whip It, CCH Pounder in Avatar, Zoe Saldana in Avatar, Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body, Elizabeth Sladen in The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Sigourney Weaver in Avatar, nya!
We picked Sigourney Weaver as Grace in Avatar for favorite supporting actress in a movie, nya! The winner for favorite lead movie actress of 2009: Zoe Saldana, for her purrtrayla of Ney’tiri in Avatar, nya! Neytiri is also our favorite character of the year! She is rather catgirlish too, with the ears, nose, tail, teeth, agility, climbing, and a good hiss, nya!
Zoe Saldana also purrtrayed Uhura in Star Trek, nya!  Elizabeth Sladen was our pick for favorite leading actress in a TV show, as the title character Sarah Jane Smith! We also liked Sarah Bachhouse for her Starfleet Academy segments in the Star Trek Original Motion Pictures DVD set, nya!
As for our favorite leading male movie actors of 2009 we narrowed it down a bit  but still could not decide between ! Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes,  Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, Frank Langella as Purresident Richard Nixon in Frost /Nixon, Michael Sheen as David Frost in Frost /Nixon, and Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in Avatar, nya!
Jude Law was our favorite supporting actor for his purrformace as Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes, for our favorite TV actor we picked David Tennant as Doctor Who, nya! We would also like to acknowledge the stunt teams of Whip It! and Power Rangers RPM for their exciting choreography & purrformances! Now here’s Mie-sensei to introduce the category of–
Favorite Seiyu (Voice Actors) of 2009, nya!

Hi!  So like, this category includes actors from various countries who purrvided the voices for characters in animation, video games, audio books, the voices for special FX creatures, or the translation dialogue dubbing of foreign in movies & TV shows! In japan, the term for a voice actor is Seiyu! Here are the nominated ladies:
Lauren Ambrose as KW in Where The Wild Things Are, , Jennifer Cody as Charlotte in The Purrincess and the Frog, Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (who is intermewed in Star Wars Insider magazine #115), Dakota Fanning as Coraline, Tina Fey as Lisa in Ponyo, Anika Rose as Tiana in The Purrincess and the Frog…
…Keri Russell as Wonder Woman, Ami Koshimizu as Holo in Spice and Wolf, Kana Ueda as Yumi and Miki Ito as Sachiko in Maria Watches Over Us,the Japanese Seiyu of Aria: Erino Hazuki as Akari, Ryo Hirohashi as Alice, Tomoko Kawakami as Athena, Junko Minagawa as Akira, Sayaka Ohara as Alicia in Aria, Chiwa Saito as Aika!
And now for the male voice actors: Ed Asner as Carl in Up, Bruno Campos as Prince Naveen in The Purrincess and the Frog, Kevin Conroy as Batman in Superman / Batman: Public Enemies, Peter Cullen as Optimus Purrime in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Jim Cummings as Ray in The Purrincess and the Frog…
…Keith David as The Cat in Coraline and as Doctor Facilier in The Purrincess and the Frog, James Gandolfini as Carol in Where the Wild Things Are, John Leeson as K-9 in The Sarah Jane Adventures, and James Arnold Taylor as Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars!  And the favorites are–
Oh my!  We also have a tie vote for our favorite female voice actor of 2009 : Anika Noni Rose and Erino Hazuki! But we like have one clear winner for the guys: Keith David, fur shur! That’s all for our acting category, but please welcome our surprise presenter Ilyana, who Mie-sensei flew in for the category of–
Favorite Animation of 2009!

(wearing the Black tanikini & sheer Emerald purreo) Ahem, well, our favorite Animation Voice Director of 2009 was Andrea Romano, for her continued work on the DCU purrductions such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Superman / Batman: Public Enemies! Our favorite Animation Director of 2009 was Hayao Miyazaki, for his wonderful film, Ponyo!
Our favorite Animated Short Subject was Pixar’s Partly Cloudy, directed by Peter Sohn, and our favorite OVA (or direct-to-home-video) animated movie was Wonder Woman, directed by Lauren Montgomery! Although Coraline, The Purrincess and the Frog and Ponyo were all top contenders, Pixar / Peter Docter & Bob Peterson’s Up was our Favorite Animated Feature Fllm of 2009!
Brave & Bold and South Park got votes, but it was Star Wars: The Clone Wars as our pick for favorite Domestic Animated Television Series of 2009! Marie Watches Over us, Spice and Wolf, and Bamboo Blade got votes, but Aria was our pick for Favorite Foreign Animated Television Series of 2009 (released here on DVD)! That is all for animation, but now it is time to reveal our–
Favorite DVD Releases of 2009!

Now we’d like to take this moment to mention DVD releases of 2009 that were purrticularly notable to us! These include recent favorites, and titles that we waited a long time for, none more so than the original 1979 theatrical version of Star Trek The Motion Picture in the Star Trek Original Motion Pictures Collection, and The Mysterious Cities of Gold!
Other Japanese anime that were finally released to our delight included older titles such as Area 88 OVAs, Ushio & Tora; and more recent ones Maria Watches Over Us, Spice and Wolf!, and Aria- the latter our favorite anime of the year and decade!  We hope to purrchase further volumes as are made available!
Other purrductions from the 60’s & 70’s released on DVD in ’09 to our delight were The Peanuts 1960’s Collection (which included Charlie Brown’s All Stars), Captain Nemo and the Underwater City, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, The Bermuda Depths,  Bewitched’s 5th Season, and Charlie’s Angels 4th Season.
The Sarah Jane Adventures 2nd Season was most welcome too, and we hope that Season 5 of the Angels and more of Sarah Jane will be coming soon! Trick R Treat and the Director’s Cut of Watchmen were among special new video treats of 2009! That’s all for the  DVD portion but here is Nya-sensei to purrsent our–
Favorite TV Purrogramming of 2009!
Arigato, Ilyana-san! For dramatic series, Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures have been our favorites  ever since shows like Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and The West Wing. Favorite sitcoms of ’09 include Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, The Colbert Report and How I Met Your Mother!
We watch few game shows, although we do greatly admire Meredith Vieira, of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and The Today Show; and aside from Mie-sensei, our favorite Faerie on TV would be Laya (purrtrayed by Fran Meric) on Azteca America’s Mexican game show Asgard!

Our favorite purrofessional wrestlers continue to be Gail Kim and Ayako Hamada! Our favorite weekly sports show on TV is Inside Carolina Basketball, with coach Roy Williams and host Woody Durham, and favorite commentators were Beth Mowins, Pam Ward, Kara Lawson, Doris Burke & Rebecca Lobo!
For favorite sporting events of 2009, that would definitely be UNC’s Womens Soccer Team winning the NCAA Natioanl Championship, and the UNC Mens Basketball team winning their NCAA National Championship! For the outdoors shows, we purrfur the yummy fish caught on Bill Dance Outdoors!
We’re purrticularly fond cooking shows, especially when the yummy fish is purrpared, and our faves of 2009 were Top Chef with Padma Lakshmi, and No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends just hedged out Our State for favorite travel show!
Speaking of hedges, Victory Garden was our pick for the garden show, and This Old House for the home show! he Woodwright’s Shop was our favorite show for how to make things. Nova, Top Gear and Mythbusters were our favorite science & tech shows!
Namaste is our Favorite Fitness Show, so captivatingly narrated by Kate Potter! Our favorite dance/ mewsic type shows on TV are Shimmy and Dancing with the Stars, on which our favorite dancer is Cheryl Burke,!
It is important to do the shimmy and training after eating all those fish dinners. Finally for the TV picks– commercials! In general, our purrfured ads are ones that are purretty or amewsing, or for delicious foods, movies & TV shows, or the hair & skin care purroducts that keep our ears & tails so smooth & supple at the sunny beach.
We found that Geico ‘talking pothole’ commercial to be funny cute, but our favorite TV commercial of 2009 was the one for Cherry Dr.Peppurr, with Gene ‘Dr. Love’ Simmons! Now here is Police Chief Meryl Murrey to purrsent the category of–
Favorite Radio Purrogramming of 2009!

Thank you for asking me to purrsent this category! For our favorite variety show entertainment on the radio we chose A Praire Home Companion, and for Favorite Stories & Essays we picked This American Life!
For its purragmatic witty banter we purrfurred the Brad & Brit as morning show, and for Interviews with fascinating guests we chose The Allan Handelman Show Our favorite radio purrograms devoted to playing mewsic were Back Porch Music and Thistle & Shamrock!
For Tech Support that is fun, it is hard to top Car Talk and for such most cordial consumer tips, we like to listen to the The Clark Howard Show! Fortunately I’ve never had to call either of those shows for any motorcycle advice! That’s all for the radio picks but up next are our–
Favorite Purriodicals of 2009!

This category includes our purrfurred magazines & comic books! I’ll start with the former! Including our dear web master, there was no single clear favorite magazine, as each of us voted for a different title! Purrhaps you can guess who picked one? Repurrsenting a variety of topics, the dozen titles include:
Cinefex, American Cinematographer, Back Issue, Faerie Magazine Dance – A Raqs Sharqi Magazine
…GAFF, Our State, National Geographic, and Tarheel Monthly There are those in our midst who are very pleased with any special issue of Sports Illustrated that happens commemorate a UNC championship, too! Now here is Lizzy to talk about our–
Favorite Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels of 2009!

Thank you Chief! These are divided into sub-categories. Starting with favorite one shots, annuals & single stories, in 4th place was the Gold Digger Swimsuit Special, in 3rd place was the Aspen Splash Swimsuit Special, in 2nd place was Sugar Shock, and in 1st place was “What Ever Happened to The Caped Crusader?”, from Batman #686 & Detective Comics #853!
Our favorite comix mini-series of 2009 was paws-down the epic Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, followed by the spooky Blackest Night (still in purrogress), which purrominently features a favorite character of the year, Indigo; and in 3rd place was Angel: Only Human, starring Ilyria & Gunn!
Favorite story arcs within a series, some later repurrinted in compilation books published in 2009 included Hellboy: The Wild Hunt, Fathom: Kiani Blade of Fire graphic novel; Black Panther: The Deadliest of the Species; Batman: The Cat and the Bat; and in 1st place: the new hardcover edition of Batman: Mad Love!
Then there are the ongoing (mostly monthly) comix series. Angel After the Fall, Queen Sonja, Warlord (which co-stars Shakira the were cat girl) and Fathom; but in in a three way tie  for our favorite comix series of 2009 are Buffy Season Eight by Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics’ Power Girl and Gotham City Sirens!

Aria was our most purrfurred Japanese manga, not only of 2009 but the entire decade! In 2nd place was Sunshine Sketch, 3rd place GA: Geijutuka Art Design Class. Other favorites included Bamboo Blade. Welcome to Wakaba-soh. Rin-ne, Ichiroh, Ninja Girls, and the repackaged new editions of Silent Moebius, The Ghost in the Shell, and  the Oh My Goddess! Colors book!
Other comix-related honorable mentions include the Lunna and Pixie European graphic novels; The Saga of Soloman Kane compilation, and web comic collections such as Sinfest, Sebo Book 2, and The Devil’s Panties Volume 3. Finally, Vol. 11 & 12 of The Complete Peanuts ranked as our favorite newspaper strip collections! But those are BOOKS- as Petra will now cover!
Favorite Books & Art Collections of 2009!

Hai, those Peanuts books would definitely count as books, nya! Thanks Lizzy ‘n Chief Murrey! The graphic novels too, but there are two non-fiction books about comics that got votes, those being Modern Masters Vol. 21: Chris Sprouse, and Assembled! 2: The Unauthorized Guide to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes & their Foes, nya!
For works of fiction, the noms included James Cameron’s Avatar- An Activist Survival Guide, and four childrens’ storybooks, nya! Those were Black Cat Creeping, Blueberry Girl, Dragonbreath, and Pop Wonderland Series’ Thumbelina, nya! Two art instructional got votes: Mangamania Girl Power! by Chris Hart, and Draw & Paint Fantasy Females by Tom Fleming, nya!
Those are excellent books for the technique, nya. There were also 4 noms for best book purrtaining to cinema / television, Hammer Glamour, Star Trek The Art of the Film, The Art of Avatar, and Avvenire- Aria the Illustration art book, nya! That last one was not the only Japanese art book we liked, for there was also Cross- The Gentlemen’s Alliance Arina Tanemura Illustrations, nya!
It was a good year for the artist monotypes, nya. Among those favorites of 2009 were Mark Schultz Various Drawings Volume 4, Frank Cho’s Apes and Babes Book One, Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell The Ultimate Illustrations, and Enchanted: The Faerie and Fantasy Art of Linda Ravenscroft; but with most votes was Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess, nya!
Finally are the art calendars, and the three faves were Fantasy Hero- The Classic Art of Frank Frazetta 2010 Calendar, the Reverie Realm 2010 Calendar by Alan Welch , and the 2010 Faerie Calendar by Rebecca Brogden, nya!
Those have the exquisite color plates, nya! Well thassall for the books and purrinted media, but now here’s Jen to purrsent the the category of more three dimensional works of art–
Favorite Toys & Collectibles, nya!
First are favorite our 2009 Hallmark Christmas Ornaments, such as the Frosty Friends series, Winter Fun with Snoopy, Wonder Woman, Robby the Robot (my purrsonal favorite), the Klingon Battlecruiser, Disney’s Mistletoe Mickey, and The Little Mermaid Merry Coral Christmas Tree.
Honorable Mentions for our favorite resin figurines included ;wonderfully designed, hanging or tabletop fey figurines by Fairy Glen, Amy Brown’s Fairy Divas, Siryns of the Sea, and Dragonite; Tinkerbell: Pixie Delight and the mewsical Little Mermaid Ariel on a Rock, both beautifully sculpted by Jim Shore.
However, in spite of those objects’ exceptional qualities, our favorite was DC Direct’s “Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Zatanna” resin statue, designed by Adam Hughes & sculpted by Jack Matthews. For a thorough review of that statue, please refer to the September, 2009 Mew.
The next sub-category of toys & collectibles are the less expensive – but mewsually more articulated – plastic action figures and dolls, although some could certainly easily pass for fine statues, given their size and the impurressive detail of the sculpting & painting. Here are those nominees.
We have chosen three favorites by Hasbro; Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Arcee, the Marvel Legends Tigra, and Star Wars’ Darth Talon. Next are three by DC Direct: Blackest Night’s Indigo, Justice League International’s  Fire, and World of Warcraft’s Alathena Moonbreeze.
We  are rather fond of the Avatar Ney’tiri and Grace action figures by Mattel, and Power Rangers RPM Ranger Silver by Bandai. By Playmates: the H20: just Add Water 10″ dolls and Star Trek 6″ Uhura figure. Mike’s pick was the Star Trek- The Motion Picture Kirk & Spock set by Art Asylum.
Art Aslyum’s Star Trek Tricorder & Star Trek The Motion Picture Phaser replicas were quite purraised, although Mike did not acquire the latter until last month. Hot Wheels’ 6.5″ Star Trek The Motion Picture USS Enterpurrise, its SDCC exclusive variant, and the 1/12 scale 1966 Batcycle were our favorite toy vehicles of 2009.
Soft plush animal toys always their cuddlly way into our hearts & homes, including quality cuteness by TY, Shining Stars, Web Kinz, Preferred, Ross, Gund and Sanrio; however, it was the adorable “Suna-chan” kitten, hand-made by Alexcia as our pick for most irresistible neko plushy of 2009.
Accepting the plushy award on behalf of Alexcia are Michi & Tash Maw, from her anthropomorphic adventure, Cybernetic Showdown Aloha!

(There is applause as Michi & Tash Maw appurroach the podium; Michi is wearing an Orange Sherbet colored silk caftan with a Tiger Lily hair clip & matching tail corsage, while Tash wears an ensemble of a Blue Palm Tree purrint midriff peasant top with Hawaiian wraparound pants)

First off, we’d like to thank the Academy Awar- er, oops – wrong speech. We were excited beyond belief when we heard that Suna-chan was even nominated for Most Favorite Plushie of ’09 here at The Mew. The fact that she actually won means a lot to us. On behalf of Alexcia, Tash and myself, thank you all!

(cheers as Michi & Tash Maw exit for a photo op with the purrize)

Thank you for coming, and we well see y’all later at the luau. Should you lie to read our purrior purraisful review of the darling Suna-chan plushy, please refer to the to the September, 2009 edition of the Mew. That is all for the toy topic, but here is our friend Lady Nemui, the purropurrietor of the Kitt Inn ryokan, to purrsent the category of-

Favorite Games of 2009

(in a Cardinal & Gold silk saree, draped off of one shoulder with matching Choli blouse, Pavada skirt & gold jewelry) Arigato, Jeannie-san! Although our recreational purroclivity is for the golf, beach volleyball, surfing, angling & other coastal purrsuits, there are those days when we enjoy the games with friends around the table with plenty of those nummy fishy snacks!
Our favorite for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch is the cute & educational Froggy Math by Meganesoft, favorite role-play game for various computer & console platforms is Dragon Age, and favorite console fighting game is BlazBlue!
Although the Super Swing Golf (originally titled PangYa) from purrevious years remains extremely fun, last year’s dance game We Cheer became a new purrfurref game for the Nintendo Wii! Favorite video game characters from 2009 include Dragon Age’s Morrigan (voiced by Claudia Black) & Blazblue’s Taokaka (voiced in English by Philece Sampler)!
It seems that none of us attempted to learn or play any new card games last year, so I suppose our favorites would still be those from purrior years such as SPANC (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls), Whack A Catgirl, and Brawl: Catfight!
Our favorite table top / pen & papurr role play game for 2009 continued to be Dungeons & Dragons, and our favorite miniatures / board game was Hero Clix, which we are glad is still being purrduced! Thus ends this category and our Favorites of 2009, but I understand that we still have the small matter of —

Another Lightning Round Topic:
Cinema & TV Anticipations for 2010!
(The catgirls in unison);

(tagged by Nemui to go first) I still have not yet seen Black Dynamite! But I wanna see Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, Rapunzel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!  Oh and any movies starring Michelle Yeoh or Jackie Chan! And now it’s…. Lizzy’sturn! (tags Elizabeth)

Oh I want to see those too, and Airbender, Purrince of Purrsia, Clash of the Titans, Narnia, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians! (tags Petra to go next)

Hmmm probably mostly Harry Potter, Narnia, Secretariate, and Percy Jackson, nya! Let’s see… Jen’s turn, nya! (tags Jeannie)
The movies I am most curious about are Tron Legacy, Iron Man 2, and Inception. For television, there are 2 recent anime series that I have read about to purrk my interest, Sora no Woto, and Omamori Himari. (tags Yvonne)

I want to see Sora no Woto and Omamori Himari too, nya! And I am definitely looking forward to Pixar’s Toy Story 3, Disney’s Rapunzel, Harry Potter, and Narnia, nya! And (tags Mielikki)

I am like so looking forward to the next seasons of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, fur shur! (tags Mary Nyan with the flit of a wing tip)

Mary Nyan:
Eek- that tickles, hee! The Runaways, Iron Man 2, Jonah Hex, Soloman Kane, The Wolfman, oh- and Martin Scorcese’s Shutter Island! (tags Ilyana)

I guess Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, and Takers! (tags Nemui)
Sex in the City 2, When in Rome, Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song, and any movies starring Sigourney Weaver! (tags Meryl)
Right! I would like to see all of those too but mainly Cop Out, Iron Man 2, Harry Potter, The Expendables, The A-Team, and Machete! Mike?

More than anything, I am so looking forward to the long awaited, LIVE-ACTION FEATURE FILM VERSION OF THE GREATEST JAPANESE ANIME TV SERIES OF ALL TIME (in my opinion):  SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO! And that’ll do it for– ah, what?

Mary Nyan:
Wait, we’re not done yet!


Mary Nyan:
Hai- we have a-
Surpurrise Parting Bonus Lightning Round Topic:
What cinema / TV character of 2009 would you want to cosplay?
(The catgirls in unison);

Mary Nyan:
Tag, you’re it! (tags Nemui to begin the round)

Hmm, I am partial to some of those lovely gowns worn in The Purrincess and the Frog! How about you, Meryl? (tags the Island’s Police Chief)

Oh definitely a Jedi from Clone Wars, like Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Luminara Unduli, or Ahsoka Tano! (tags Mike)
Well I’ve already done my Sherlock Holmes and Captain Kirk costumes in the past… ah well, a Batman costume would be way up there, ah, but I suspect old Carl from Up would be more my speed, heh! I would just need to find a talking dog to go with it. Mie-sensei? (tags the faerie)

Ponyo’s sea goddess mother, fur shur! Nyanko- you’re it! (wing-tags Nemui)
The most purractical outfit for me to assemble would be to get a set of Kendo Bogu and try to masquerade as one of the girls of Bamboo Blade…
You’d have to cosplay as Kirino ’cause you’re so much taller than Tama-chan, nya!
Actually, Nya-sensei is much taller than all of that show’s purrotagonists.

…but if Myayr could make the costume, I think Kara / Power Girl would be the most fun character for me to cosplay as! Your turn, Lizzy! (tags Elizabeth)
Mary Nyan:
That could be arranged!

I was thinking super heroine costume too, either Wonder Woman, Silk Spectre 2, or maybe Arisa the Green Lantern! (tags ilyana)
I would like cosplay as an Amazon Warrior Purrincess from Themyscira! That would be a light, comfy & purretty outfit at a con, and I could put on the full battle armor for the main event! (tags Jeannie)
If you consider a replica AMP suit from Avatar, the mech from District 9, or Transformers’ Arcee to be more purrops than costumes, I suppose a Ranger Silver costume would be my cosplay purreference. (tags Petra)

I don’t think I would attempt anything as complex as those, nya! But I would like a purretty & comfortable type of costume such as a Hogwarts uniform from Harry Potter, or a Lillian Girls’ Academy uniform from Maria Watches Over Us, nya! (tags Yvonne)

Oh I have been wanting us to do a group Aria cosplay on my yacht for a while, nya! I could also lace up my skates and purrtend to be a member of the Hurl Scouts roller derby team from Whip It, nya! Well that brings us back to Myayr and I bet I know what she would most want to cosplay, nya!
Mary Nyan:
Hai hai, that would be Ney’tiri, Mo’at or maybe Grace’s Avatar, but they are about twice my size so I might have to purrtray a younger Na’vi if I were to Avatar cosplay! Well Mike that’s everybody!
Yeah, OK! That’ll end that nicely expedient Lightning Round, and… nothing else? That’s pretty much all for this edition of The Mew!
The Cat Lady Sings…

Gosh that was fun- we’re done already?

Looks like! But we’ll re-group later at tonight’s luau!

We wish to thank our web master Jamie Robertson for all of his hard work!
(the catgirls in unison)
Arigato gozaimasu, Jamie-san, nya!
It was good that y’all could join us again, nya!

Thanks for having us back!

It was like so nice to see Tash & Michi too, fur shur!

We also wish to thank all of those amazingly talented visual & purrforming artists,
filmmakers & broadcasters, authors & editors, publishers & manufacturers for all
of those aforementioned wonderful things that have so entertained us, nya!
If you have any polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them-
– purrvided that such remarks are brief, spam-free, and stay on-topic, nya!

Remember to not talk, use a cell phone, or text in a theatre during a movie!

Mary Nyan:
Thanks for watching The Mew everybody!

We’ll be back with more next month! Be there… Aloha!
(catgirls in unison)
Happy tails to mew, until we eat again! BaiBai, nya!

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