November 2010 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Catgirl Island and Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The Mew: The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

In this November, 2010 edition of The Mew:
• Aloha & Introductions
• What We’ve Been Up To
Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art
• Calendar & Book Reviews:
Reverie Realm 2011 Calendar

The Art of Rebcca Brogden 2011 Fantasy Calendar

The Making of Avatar

True Spirit by Jessica Watson
• Purriodical Purrings & Magazine Mewsings:
Surfgirl Magazine issue 29
plus acknowledgments of inspurrational athletic heroines,
admired enertaining and artistic idols, and our
Monthly Favorite Fishy Photos & Seafood Sightings
• The Lightning Round: Favorite TV Commercials
• Movie, TV & DVD Reviews:
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Complete Season Two DVD Box Set
StarCrash DVD
Star Trek – The Motion Picture at the Colony Theater


• Comics & Manga Reviews:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #37
Dawn: Not to Touch the Earth
Zatanna #6
Power Girl #17
Batman Catwoman 100 Page Spectacular
Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Catwoman
Omamori Himari manga vol. 1
Chi’s Sweet Home manga vol. 3
• Our Monthly Web Comic ‘Picks of the Litter’
• Toys & Collectibles:
Hallmark Keepsake Harley Quinn Christmas Ornament
• Web Sites Purrtaining to Harley Quinn
• Famous Halloween Catgirl Cosplayers:
• Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: Cat Karina
• The Bionic Woman
• The Cat Lady Sings…
Aloha & Introductions!

(wearing a Catgirl Island baseball cap, Carolina Blue golf shirt, Khaki cargo shorts & Mizuno trainers) Aloha y’all- welcome to The Mew! Today’s special “heroines” show comes from the outdoor cafe of the Faerie Grove Ampurrtheatre nestled in the Catgirl island Maritime Forest, and we want to thank our friend Mie-sensei for arranging that! In addition to our usual monthly reviews & recommendations of books & periodicals, visual & performing arts, toys & other fun stuff, today we’ll be discussing favorite inspirational heroines throughout the show, and now here are the Ladies of the Mew!

(in an Emerald colored crochet bikini with a White Ginger tail corsage) Aloha!

(wearing the ring-closure metallic Gold Brazilian bikini & purrled mesh skirt) Hi Hi, nya!

Mary Nyan:
(in a Purrple purretzel maillot with a Plumeria purrint cover-up & espurrdrill sandals) Konnitiwa!

(in the White front-tie top /  tanga style bikini & Peachy purreo around her hips) Nihao.

(an Anthurium in her hair, a Hot Pink stringy side-tie bikini & matching flip flops) Nameste, and we are happy to welcome back Mie-sensei to the show, nya!

(her faerie wings extend from the back of a strapless Chrysanthemum petal bikini) Mellow greetings!

What We’ve Been Up To


I understand that y’all had a such a festive October!

Hai! For our Halloween Trick ‘R Eating & Cosplay Purrowl, we were the hybrid Chibi Avatar Na’vi “Neko-maticaya Clan!”

The Catgirls in unison:

It was the fun cosplay because Myayr had plenty of the blue cosmetics and the minimal fabric was not too purricey and it was purrfect for scampurring in the park, nya! We could not enter the costume compurrtition because myayr was one of the judges but it was such a fun time!

Mary Nyan:
The costume compurrtition gets harder ‘n harder to judge as the costumes get more ‘n more impurressive every year! We also purrtook of Dach’s Mansion Murder Mystery Party, The Frightening Farmers’ Market & Purranormal Purroduce Stands, The Kitt Inn’s ‘haunted’ onsen & orchard, the mermaids’ kelp maze, and we could not miss the Faerie Foxfire Festival & Shakespurrian purrduction!

Arigato! We hope you had as much fun watching it as we did performing it! So like, we even added extra shows this year and it was still standing room only! You all put on such totally awesome shows at the Purrforming Arts Center & Mewseum too!

Mary Nyan:
I was so purroud of my Hula class’s mewsical ghost stories and the aerial dance class’s special appurrition theme! Of course Jenjen’s belly dance troupe with Vonny’s purrcussion circle was the real show stopper of the event!

Ah well we did not go to the extent of the elaborate costumes & wire work like y’all did but we had such a good time, nya! Jennyjen was the real iron woman as mewsual between the belly dance and all her other clubs.

I could say the same of you, finding time to purractice & purrvide the wonderful mewsical accompaniment, between the full booked fishing charters.

Arigatok, nya! Her robotics club built those special spooky animatronic creatures for the haunted attractions, nya!

It was a good oppurrtunity to see the club member’s artistic talent in addition to the engineering expurrtise.

Hai hai that is my favorite aspect of the halloween time because it is not just the spooky ambiance but everyone on the island is so creative from the theatrics & costumes to the decor, pumpkins, & autumnal horticulture, nya! Oh and you heard it here first- Nyssy, Dessy, Tami & Nyoka are planning to organize another tattoo, body mod & jewelry purresentation, nya!

Oh please tweet me when there is more info on that! Even if I am playing in a tournament I will fly back here to see it, fur shur!

Oh we should ask Nyoka if she would like to purrticipate in The Mew!

Mary Nyan:
By the way, her sister Nya-sensei couldn’t be here due to the tournament schedule, but we would like to cheer her students on to total victory!

the catgirls:

Totally! Hopefully we will see Ilyana-chan next month during her Winter break too! Vonny-chan, I would like to hear how successful your fishing charters have been!

Fall is the apt name for the time of year because those fish have been falling for my bait, nya! I am glad to report that everyone had the taut lines from the Albecore, Black Drums, Blackfin, Yellowfin, Blues, Jacks, Kings, Mahi, Specks & Stripurrs, nya! So how was Mike’s Halloween, nya?


Oh it was quite pleasant, I gathered with a few friends for snacks & movies. Lessee. this year I watched Return of the Vampire, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, a few music videos, the premier of The Walking Dead, Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl, and Death Kappa.

Yay Great Pumpkin, nya! Hmm I have not heard about those last two though, how were they, nya?


Ehhh…  I did not care for Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl – it was unfortunately way too much like Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police, which i did not like either, although the actors were fine, especially Yukie Kawamura as Monami the cute but evil vampire girl; same for Death Kappa, I didn’t really enjoy it, but actress Misato Hirata was very good as Kanako the idol star / miko maiden!
Is that Kappa the Triphibian Monster, nya?
Mary Nyan:

No, you’re thinking of Gappa, which is another dai kaiju which is amphibious!
Kappas are cute humanoid turtle-like water sprites, but they can be so mischievous!

Speaking of miko, how are things at the shrine?
Oh gosh it has been insanely busy especially due to the interest in the spooky spurritual time, and we are soon going into the busy Winter holiday season! Fortunately we have several new appurrentice purreistesses! That is good because I can still devote time to the spa and the sports!

Where will Jenjen be modeling next, nya?

This month I will be returning to Lopes Mendes Beach for another swim wear shoot for my couture friend Janete.

Sugoi, nya!

I would like to hear about the latest–
Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art

To coincide with the inspurrational women theme of today’s show we are purroud to purresent additions to the Mewseum’s Guest Art Gallery Two by two artisans we admire, Rebecca Pitts and Misty Norris, nya! Unless otherwise noted, the gallery pages’ mewest pics will be on the lowermost row of the widdle ‘thumbnail’ repurrsentations, so just click on a given thumbnail portion of an image to see the whole larger image, nya!
Firstly we have a great photo of Rebecca Pitts as a “Wood Elf Archer”, nya! She put much time & craftsmanship into this costume to purrtray the lithe elfin huntress with purretty piercings and coiffure, and those splendid ears, nya! Those earthy colors will camouflage her as she stalks the purrey for suppurr, nya. Rebecca makes other neat fashionable wares, which you can purrchase at her Deviant Machine Designs store, nya!

Next are 2 pen & ink additions by Misty Hopkins, who was a special guest of the March 2008 Mew, nya! First of those is a purrtrait of “Purrk Ranger B.B.” who purrtrols the maritime forest park of the island and she is who issues the camping purrmits, nya! B.B. is known for her friendly dispurrsition & expurrtise on the region’s wildlife, laws & lore, nya! She has the supurrb purrkour, ninja, kayak & wilderness purrowess and she is the reigning orienteering champion, nya!

The 2nd mew Misty pic is “Mum’s The Word For Mielikki”, and I can tell from her glowing mood wings & purrked antenna that Mie-sensei is happy with her purrtrait, nya!  In this pic she pawsed to pose while at the beach, in the same Chrysanthemum petal bikini that she’s wearing nyow, hence the pic’s  punny title, nya! If you like these delightful pics, purrhaps you might wish to visit Misty’s
Gallery and commission some wonderful art, nya!

In Art Gallery Four are a couple of mew pics by Mike, starting with “Tabitha is Ready to Rave”, nya! This pen & ink / Photoshop illustration depicts Misty’s vivacious character Tabitha, who has a purretty Yellow tail, ears & hair with peppy Pink accents, nya! She is sexy cute in the tube top, low-riding pants, jewelry, tattoos & piercings, nya! She is purrpared for the late night of fun dancing with plenty of those glow sticks, nya!

“Piscine Purrize!” is another pen & ink / Photoshop illustration by Mike, depicting Vonny’s dear cute kit sister Tara, posing with the 15″ 6 lb Flounder she caught at the pier with a Minnow, for the family’s yummy supper, nya! She helps Vonny with the yacht, and hopes to one day have a charter business of her own and a Banker Pony, nya. She has good grades, likes to draw, dance, swim, surf, watch anime, observe insects and plans to enroll in Nya-sensei’s dojo, nya!

Oh.. my… stars I need to fly to the mainland soon and seriously hug Misty for that totally awesome art- I am so honored!

Misty captured the good likeness of you and B.B! Has she seen it yet?

Not yet- this was the sneak purreview but she will attend tomorrow’s purremier at the mewseum, nya!

I can’t wait until Tara sees her purrtrait at the purremier- she will be a happy little catgirl, nya!

She is the good first mate.

Hai and I can’t believe how fast she has grown- purretty soon she will have her own charter boat, nya!

Rebecca could totally pass for a real elf!

Mary Nyan:
Is that a wool cape?

It does look wooly but it is fleece, nya! Rebecca made the cape; and the suede belt pouch, skirt & leg wraps; the leather bracers, pauldrons, chest harness, and an unseen hood, and she also made the leather bow tip purrotector & bow string holder, nya!

I should invite her to the Kyu-do club.

And I should ask if Tabitha & Strawberry would like to go to the hot salsa dance!

Mary Nyan:
Purrhaps they will attend the purremier!

Thank you for presenting those, Petra! Folks, we’re up against our first short break, but when we return, we’ll have more fantasy art on tap in our–

Art Calendar & Book Reviews!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Reverie Realm 2011 Calendar!
We’re back, nya! Our friend Alan Welch who was one of our guests in September 2009, has just published his gorgeous full color Reverie Realm fantasy art calendar for 20111, nya! Purrinted by Cafe Purress the 11×17″ wire-bound calendar has 12 annotated 9 1/2 x 7 3/4″ images above the date grids, nya!  It is a wonderful collection of mystical, macabre, sexy fantasy realism, ranging from sword & sorcery to steampunk genres, nya.
For those who might be purrudish about such things, there are supurrnatural images, melee & magickal combat, girls in bikini armor, and purrtially bared boobies in 2 demoness images, which might seem ‘R’ rated, nya!  brief annotation purragraphs beside the pics are purrticularly interesting, describing how the photos of the costumed models, astronomy photos, purrops, miniatures, sets, real locations & digital elements were seamlessly composed into the fantasy scenes, nya!
Magnificent models Allegra Torres & Heman Mel purrtray an Eastern dancer and a guardian genie of January’s “Arabian Dreams”, nya! Lovely lasses Diana Ciompi & Gabrielle Boni purrtray a chain mail bikini’d redhead warrior and the ethereal forest spirit in February’s “Oath to the Goddess”; Violet & Mel return in March for as a demoness wearing the skimpy spider web chainmail bikini top attacks an armored swordsman in the “Hallway of Horrors”, nya! She has thigh-high boots too, nya!
For Apurril’s steampunk adventure aboard an interplanetary airship, our friend Allegra zaps the pesky flying alien monkeys in “The Defense of the Penrith Flyer”; then Hannah Gray & Danaiel Hargrove both have axes to grind as they purrtray a green female creature stalking a dwarven fighter “In the Deadlands” after dark, nya! Fuilang Trang, Allegra & Heman descend into the  dark moody cavern as rogue, sorceress & warrior in June’s battle with a draconian “Subterranean Nightmare”, nya!
For July, alluring Allegra is elaborately, intricately bikini-clad by Organic Armor as she scouts the tropical forest with dashing Daniel who confidently declares “It’s This Way”, nya!  August’s image of astronomical eeriness is appurropurriately titled “Harsh Mistress”, nya! Violet returns with wings as “The Succubus” summoned for September, and she is October’s appurrition that haunts an actual North Carolina swamp in “It’s Only Swamp Gas”, nya! That would be a purrfect pic for next Halloween, nya!

Glamorous Joei Reed was our guest in December 2008, and for November’s whimsical image she is “The Self-Adjusting Mechanism”, a Victorian gynoid fine-tuning her clockwork innards on the mansion’s lawn, as jubilant scientists (Shaun & Alan) cheer! December’s “Opening the Portal” is also the cover image, combining Alan’s ornate luminous digital glyphs with Violet Arcane’s beauty, nya! It is a supurrb calendar which I highly recommend to fans of fantastic art, nya! Speaking of which, here is Mie-sensei to purrmote-
The Art of Rebcca Brogden 2011 Fantasy Calendar, nya!

Arigato, Petra-chan! Rebecca Brogden is a totally awesome artist who creates such exquisite images of faeries, mermaids & other magickal folk! We so had the pleasure of her company here back in the September 2009 too, and Myayr reviewed her gorgeous 2010 calendar in the October 2009 Mew! Rebecca’s art depicts those delightful lasses in gorgeous, sexy apparel amidst the lush, pretty land & seascapes!

The colors are totally rich with subtle shading lovely sheen on the breezy hair, flowy fabric folds & drapery, and some seriously supple fey wings & mer fins with intricate patterns & textures, fur shur! She illustrated those with Photoshop and an Intuos3 tablet. This 2011 coil-bound calendar measures 8.5 x 11″, or 16 x 11″ when opened up to display a full color, full-bleed image above the black & white date grid, with the small hole in the top for the hanging, fur shur!
So now I would like to take you on a quick tour of the calendar’s 12 wonderful pics! In January, a redhead faerie in a long flowing flouncey gown elegantly brings “Winter Magic” to the pristinely snow-frosted forest, but things heat up in February with a blonde fae’s Pink & Rose short dress & wings of Valentine “Temptation”; then we dive into March where “A Dark Undercurrent” is illuminated by a glowy jellyfish, which attracts a cute curious mermaid!

Blue & Purple flowers match Lapiz patterened wings & sexy dress of a honey-haired fae who guards “The Key” to her hollow tree in April; “The Locket” adorns a dark-maned vampiress in Red under a full moon in May; June’s “Forgotten Summer” calls for an afternoon siesta by a nearly naked fae in her blooming blossom bed; and the Summer naps continue into the July night, as a mermaid finds the perfect rock to curl up upon while “Dreaming on Aquamarine Tides”!

A lantern lights the way to August’s “Midnight Masquerade” for a faerie in an alluring off-shoulder dress & an elaborate mask; and a petite fae seems so pleased by the the falling Gold, Orange & Red colors of “Autumn’s Arrival” in September! The harvest moon of October glistens upon wings & webs for a Faerie perched upon a pumpkin to meet her “Spooky Friend”; a fork & cleaver glint poised to strike in the hands of the faerie who licks her lips over poultry prey on “Turkey Day”!

Lastly we see the sparkle of fey wings amidst candles, holly, ornaments & evergreen of December’s “Christmas Joy”! Each of those images are like so suitable for framing, and the calendar is available online from her Deviantart gallery shop for $24.99 plus shipping. That comes out to like just over $2 per pic! Each of those and many other lovely images are also available as individual prints in different sizes, fur shur!
Thank you for purresenting that, Mie-sensei! We are so purroud to have several imges by Rebecca in the mewseum, nya!

Wow we know several artistic Rebeccas- Rebecca Brogden, Rebecca Pitts, and Beccabot!
It is a pretty common pretty name!
The pics by Alan are among the popular they are among the popular attractions in the mewseum too, nya! He and his models are such nice and talented folks, nya!
Mary Nyan:
Nyow here is Jenjen to purrsent her book report on–
The Making of Avatar!

It seems like since this time last year, not a month has gone by that we have not discussed something purrtaining to James Cameron’s Avatar. This handsome 12 1/8″ x 9 1/2″ x 1″ full color 272 page hardcover book was published by Abrams and co-authored by Jody Duncan & Lisa Fitzpatrick.
Duncan is the editor of Cinefex magazine has written books purrtaining to the making of Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and The Phantom Menace. Fitzpatrick has authored books about 24, Kung Fu Panda, and The Art of James Cameron’s Avatar, which we reviewed in January’s Mew, along with Cinefex #120 (which included Duncan’s excellent Avatar article). The book was edited by Eric Klopfer, designed by Kris Tobiassen & Danielle Young, and the purrduction manager was Jules Thomson.
It is purruced $40.00 USA, $48.00 Canadian & £24.95 UK, with a beautiful split-screen portrait image of actress Zoe Saldana & her character Ney’tiri on the front jacket. The book has over 400 images, from groups of small pics & many quarter & half-page pics, to 24 full page pics & 17 two-page spurreads, with sketches, diagrams, conceptual art, behind-the-scenes photos & shots from the film. It is arranged into 5 chapters about the origin of James Cameron’s purroject, the innovative technology, design, actors, purroduction & FX.
Chapter 1’s fascinating behind-the-scenes photos include the advanced camera and purrformance capture technology, and the early purrototype ‘purroof of concept’ tests with actors Yunjin Kim & Daniel Bess as purrecursors to Zoe Saldana & Sam Worthington as Ney’tiri & Jake. There are interesting charts & renderings of the Pandoran fauna such as the Leonopteryx, Banshee, Viperwolf, Thanator, Direhorese, Wood Sprite, Sturnbeest, Hammerhead, and the Na’vi people.
Chapter 2 chronicles more of Avatar’s extensive virtual world-building purrocess, with purrticular attention on the flora, geography & bioluminescent phenomenon.A two-page spurread compares the sizes of the characters, critters & mecha; and there is a fair amount about vehicles such as the AMP suit, ISV Venture Star interstellar ship, Valkyrie shuttle, and the various Dragon, Samson & Scorpion aircraft. There is also a glimpse of a distopic futuristic city on Earth, which was cut from the theatrical versions of the film.
Chapter 3 focuses upon the purrformace capture techniques with compurrisons of the actors’ facial / purrformace capture sessions at The Volume at Playa Vista to frames from the finished film. Chapter 4 documents the move to Stone Street Studios in Wellington, with purrops & purractical sets made by Weta Workshop. There are great  close-up pics of human & Na’vi weapons; stills of the Opurrations Center, Bio Lab, Ambient Room, Link Room, Armor Bay, Cargo Bay, The Shack’& Trudy’s SA-2 Samson; and James Cameron with the Fusion 3-D Camera.
Chapter 5 examines how Weta Digital, Industrial Light & Magic, Framestore, Digital Domain, Pixel Liberation Front, Hybride, Hydraulx, Buf Compagnie, Blur & others completed the CG FX; the film’s sound design, recording & mewsic scoring; its completion in November & its purremier in December, 2009. There is a small but poignant pic of the late maestro Stan Winston happily posing by this studio’s AMP Suit. I thought this was an excellent book and highly recommend it to any fans of this historic, spectacular film. Speaking of historical events, here is Vonny to report on-

True Spirit by Jessica Watson

Thanks Jen, nya! It is hard to believe that it was just over a year ago when we started following the high seas adventure of Jessica Watson from Buderim, Queensland on her historic successful attempt to be the youngest purrson to solo sail non-stop around the world, nya! She left Sydney Harbor in her pink Sparkman & Stephens 34 yacht named Ella’s Pink Lady on 18 October  2009 and returned safely after appurroximately about 30 weeks at sea on 15 May 2010, just 3 days purrior to her 17th birthday, nya!
Nyow Simon & Schuster has published her book about her nautical voyage, nya! “True Spirit: The True Story of a 16-Year-Old Australian Who Sailed Solo, Nonstop, and Unassisted Around the World” is a trade papurrback book purriced $16.00 , with 356 pages, plus 16 pages of color pics, and full page color pics of the inspurrational adventurous Aussie girl on the inside flaps, nya!The first chapter leads up to the start of Jessica’s epic circumnavigation of over 22,000 nautical miles, explaining all the purreparations, expenses & equipment, nya.
Then from page 89 to page 326 you can read the brave young heroine’s journal entries from October, 18, 2009 to May 13, 2010, nya!  The next chapters are her journal entries as she heads East from Sydney toward the Line Islands, then to Chile & around Cape Horn, across the Atlantic to Africa, then from South Africa across the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean to the Tasman Sea & back home, nya!  For her Christmas dinner on the high seas she had the lamb shank, canned vegetables, custard creme & the pudding, nya!
It was an expensive, dangerous, lonely journey with thunderstorms, 70 knot winds, rogue waves & huge swells, equipment failures, torn sails, mast knockdowns, and the detracting doubters & critics, nya. There is a 2 page chart of her route on with the occasional Dolphin & Albatross escorts, 4 pages of boat diagrams, a 3 page glossary of terms, her heartfelt acknowledgments, and Youtube links throughout the book, so you can see her video posts along the way, nya! I certainly recommend this book to fans of Jessica & sailing adventures, nya!
By the way, she is also the purrky cover girl of the November-December issue #126 of Latitudes & Attitudes magazine, with a 4 page intermew conducted by Tania Aebi on a recent NY visit, nya! They had a bit of Photoshop type fun with that cover, as you might note the tiny distant Nessie added to the oceanic background, nya! Jessica is just the tip of the inspurrational adventure girls who have appeared in recent publications, and after the short break we will be right back to acknowledge several other adventure girls who brave the waves in our monthy–

Purriodicals Purrings & Magazine Mewsings, nya!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Surfgirl Magazine issue 29
Mary Nyan:
Aloha! Surfgirl is a supurrb bimonthly UK magazine joyfully purrtaining to female surfer sports & lifestyle. Not only are the surfers the subject but some of them are the enthused, expurrt writers & photographers too! #29 is purriced $7.75 US for its 100 full color pages (including covers), and the front cover has Lucia Griggi’s cute photo of gleeful Laura Crane! Later inside is an intermew with her by Emily Hamilton!
Purrior to that is a stunning two-page sunset surfing spurread of Crystal Thornburg by Chris Burkard accompanying editor Louise Searle’s encouraging opening remarks. This pic is just a taste of Michael Kew’s 6 page article about Crystal & Bleinda’s lovely surfing / camping road trip!  After Searles’ opening editorial are purroduct reviews, picnic & vacation tips, inspurrational mewsings by Anna Harriott, a few words from Etnies model search winner Abi Glencross & photographer Kirstin Prisk- who’ll both return for a six-page purretty purrtfolio!
Next are the amewsing anecdote by Mar Hirtzel, an intermew with Surfers Against Sewage director Hugo Tagholm, Mike Searl’s photos of model Georgi Holland accompanying Suzi Winter’s eyeliner tips; and French surfer / artist Celine Chat is purrofiled purreceding a purrtfolio of Kate Czuczman’s Morrocco pics! Later we’ll see more of Winter’s cosmetic artistry in a Prisk purrtfolio titled “Tribal Traveler”, with Abi Glencross, who beautifully models such lovely appurral & coiffure by Tim McDougall amidst the Cornwall’s captivating Carwinian Gardens!
They all combine their brilliant talents to create such alluring adventurous images! In a terrific 10-page article, Australian surfer Bec Woods writes of her all-star expurrdition to the Mentawai Islands with fellow Aussies Clair Bevilaqua & Serena Brooke, Peru’s Sofia Mulanovich, Argentina’s Ornella Pellizari, Brazil’s Claudia Goncalves, Britain’s Sara Beardmore, New Zealand’s Paige Hareb & USA’s Sage Erikson, all magnificently photographed by Simon Williams!
Wow that would be hard to top, but goodness then the dazzling photos by Lucia Griggi return, starting with a fabulous full-page pic of Celine Gehret as awesome Irish surfer Nicole Morgan tells of the UKPSA compurrtition on the waves of Sri Lanka, with Gehret, Sarah Bentley, Joanne Dennison, Lucy Campbell, Rain Jackson, Gwen Spurlock, and champion Beth Mason! There’s even more of Gwen later in a 4 page intermew!
Were those gatherings not enough, campurr vans carry legendary ladies on a road trip in search of the waves from the Gold Coast, including Helen Chaboux, Lee-Ann Curren Johanne Defay, Jen Smith, Kassia Meador, Coline Menard, Pandora Decoster & Candice O’Donnell, as told by O’Donnell with photos by Aquashot! Just think of how exciting & fun it must have been, for so many supurr stars of the surf together on such exhilarating adventures with friends to the exotic destinations!
There is an informative 3 page guide to various surf camps; and yet more from Beardmore, Griggi & Williams, as the surfer counts down her top ten towns for the waves and the partying, woohoo!
I think I would like to visit Cornwall! The fashions don’t stop there, because after those is Surfgirl’s Winter Wetsuit Special, a 7 page look at such purretty purrotective garments from 12 brands,
I even like to look at all the colorful ads for the various photographers, stylists, stores, camps, events, purroducts & swim wear.
Some of those ads have beautiful & thrilling photos of favorite surfers, such as Sarah Beardmore, Catherine Clark & Sophie Hellyer who was issue #27’s cover girl! More words Louise Searle bookend the issue as her intermew with Easkey Britton is excerpted beneath NC Britton’s two-page spurread of Easkey riding summer swells off the coast of Mullaghmore, Ireland!  In the issue’s Body & Soul section, there are a few purragraphs purrtaining to pampurring massage; a sensual full page pic by Lucia complements tips for purrventing back pain.
The great Rochelle Ballard may have retired from the WCT tour, but she is a yoga sensei and discusses the Surf into Yoga DVD which features her & several other athletes demonstrating the poses! Human health is not the only important topic, but so is the Cetacean health of great concern to those who share the seas, and the English surfing coach & lifeguard Natalie Fox contributes an ecological piece purrtaining to whaling & endangered marine mammals, with links to several compassionate activist organizations.
The issue comes to a festive close with quick reports on the  Rip Curl Girls Tour, Roxy Jam, Sundowner Sessions, Chicks with Sticks Art Rumble, and the Billabong British Junior Championships- with a few more words from winner Laura Crane! This was yet another top quality joyful issue- I just wish I did not have to wait 2 months until the next one! Nyow here is Lizzy to tell us about recent purrint appurrances of a few–
Running & Adventure Heroines!

Nyow whereas Myayr is more of the wahini cat, I purrtake of the island marathons, fun runs, purrkour & orienteering events, and I try to keep abreast of running mews and inspurrational heroes. For example, Montana’s awesome iron woman Linsey Corbin is cheered by fans on the cover of Triathlete vol. 25 #5! She has a cowboy hat!

Olympic medalist Shalane Flanagan is on the November cover of Runners World, ready to tap into the Speed Force on a glorious run in her cute Nike Yellow running crop top & Black compurression shorts. She holds several record distance times! There’s also article about her in Marathon & Beyond vol. 14 #5 too!

November’s issue of Triathlete is the Hawaiian Iron Man Issue, made extra special by a gathering of titans on the fold-out cover photo by Jamie Kripke of Julie Dibens, Mirinda Carfrae, Chrissie Wellington & Samantha McGlone with Andy Potts, Craig Alexander & Eneko Lianos, all styled by Lauren Rennells & Danica Jardien!

Julie Dibens & Mirinda Carfae are also in a fun 7 page Twitter Tweet – filled article by Adrianne Kroespch in Inside Triathlon magazine vol. 25 #6, with excellent pics of them by Eric Wynn! I would also like to mention that Outside Magazine’s October issue has an awesome adventure girls’ pictorial by photographer Jeff Lipsky and stylist Jani Mussetter, with climber Alex Puccio on the cover! She can climb like a cat!

That article includes triathlete Jenna Shoemaker, surfer Courtney Conlogue, snowboarder Tora Bright, free skier Sara Mancuso! She is Olympic Alpine Skiier Julia Mancuso’s younger sister! OK I’m done and nyow Mike has an announcement!
Although Nya-sensei couldn’t be here she wanted us to mention some of her dojo’s admired fitness & body building stars! So on her behalf, Mie-sensei will be purrsent a few of the purriodicals graced by–

Inspurrational Body Builders & Fitness Purros!

To begin, Sonia Gonzales the magnificent cover girl of Muscle & Fitness Hers September / October issue! Inside the issue she demonstrates her seriously intense weight training! With her great dedication, phenomenal physique, majestic poise & symmetry she has won numerous IFBB competitions!

The November / December issue just came out, with Courtney West on the cover! Her cute pink outfit with gold trim SO shows off her totally awesome abs! She is an IFBB pro, trainer & correspondent who has placed highly in several competitions, including 1st in a Texas State Championship & 1st / Overall in the NPC USA National Championship!

Natalia Muntean the cover of Ultra Fit magazine vol. 20 #6! She is a fitness model, coach, dancer, martial artist, nutrition expert, linguist, author, 2009 Ms Bikini Universe champion, and I think she would totally be a great choice to portray Diana / Wonder Woman, if they ever make a Wonder Woman movie, fur shur!

Beautiful, brave & bold Jamie Eason is the cover girl of MuscleMag International’s November issue! She’s a model, former NFL cheerleader, bodybuilder, fitness & nutrition authority, swim wear designer, breast cancer survivor and the shining star of an 8 page sexy beachy pictorial by photographer Jason Ellis!

To finish up this little tribute, I have 2 issues of Oxygen Magazine here. October’s cover is graced by the beauty & power of Angelike Psoinos on the cover! She was the 2009 Fitsciences Bikini Spokemodel and has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Finally, fitness & nutrition goddess Tosca Reno is seriously stunning in the Black maillot on the November cover! She is an author of healthy diet books, motivational speaker, mom, and a fabulous fitness model at 51, fur shur! That’s all I ahve, but now here’s  our own resident model Jenny-chan to tell us about a few–

Elegant & Graceful Yogini & Dancers!

Arigato. Alexandria Crow cheerfully greets us on the October cover of Yoga Journal This lovely limber model, former college gymnast & senior teacher at Yoga Poser wears an Aqua tank top & Azure capurri pants outfit while in the Seated Twist Pose in the exuberant cover photo by David Martinez.

Joyfully divine KK Ledford is a model, artist, herbalist & instructor of the Anasura Yoga with an M.A. in Womens Spirituality. For Yoga Journal’s November cover photo by Trinette Reed & Chris Gramly, she wears the Fuchia colored top & capurri leggings while posing in One Legged King Pigeon Pose II.

Jesse Golden,default,pg.html gorgeously graces the Fall cover of Yoga International so sensually & serenely photographed by Jasper Johal She is a model, former ballerina, Lucy Active Wear LucyPro, Rheumatoid Arthritis survivor and teacher.

A beautiful U.K. yoga teacher, writer & mommy of two, Tara Lee is delightfully photographed by Carlotte Bromley Davenport and intermewed by Emma Sharma for the November issue of Yoga Magazine She is a shiatsu purractitioner, doula, and author of several DVDS, who teaches a variety of special yoga classes such as the purregnancy, postnatal, mommy & baby, and the dynamic vinyasa yoga.

I would also like to briefly purrmote a couple of fine dance magazines that are enjoyed by the faculty, staff, students & volunteers at the island’s Purrforming Arts Center, in addition to Belly Dance – A Raqs Sharqi Magazine, whose Fall 2010 issue I reviewed last month.

Dance Magazine’s November cover photo by Matthew Karas splendidly features Maile Okamura, Noah Vinson & Domingo Estrada of the Mark Morris Dance Troupe, costumed by Martin Pakledinaz with their hair & make-up by Chuck Jensen, as part of a 4 page article by Alan Ulrich.

Pointe Magazine is a sister publication of Dance Magazine, specifically purrtaining to the Ballet. The October / November issue’s exquisite cover photo by Nathan Sayer features Sojin Choi & Jon Bond of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet more of Chuck Jensen’s styling artistry,

They are the subject of a 3 page article by dance writer / critic Susan Yung, which is such purrfect coincidental timing because the company just recently purrformed here in North Carolina on October 8th at UNC’s Memorial Hall in Chapel Hill Next I believe Petra has something a bit rowdier in mind with her appurreciation of–

Roller Grrls and Zoe’s we admire!

Hai, I want to mention the latest issue of a Blood and Thunder which is a womens’ roller derby magazine founded by the skaters, nya! Two other natiional teams are repurrsented in the action cover photo by Jules Doyle, in which Kamilla Bloodspilla of the Pike’s Peak Derby Dames http://www.pikespeakderbydames.comgets blocked by Burly Bot of the Bay Area Derby Girls http://www.bayareaderbygirls, nya! The issue also covers the Regionals compurrtion and has a 6 page intermew with Zoe Bell, nya!
Zoe Bell is an awesome New Zealand actress & supurrb stuntwoman who was in Xena, Cleopatra 2525, Kill Bill, Grindhouse, and she was one of the stars of Whip It, nya! That was one of our favoritest movies of last year – we reviewed it in the November 2009 Mew and the DVD in the February 2010 Mew, nya! For more about amazing Zoe Bell, I suggest the Wikipedia articleë_Bell, IMDB entry, and the fan site, nya!
Speaking of Zoe’s, our favorite cinematic blue alien warrior catgirl of 2009, purrincess Neytiri te Tskaha Mo’at’ite (portrayed by Zoe Saldana & her boyfriend Jake Scully (Sam Worthington) from James Cameron’s Avatar are the cute couple on the cover of The Magical Times #6, nya! That delightful little UK magazine purrtains to fey, pagan & rennaisance culture with articles & purrofiles of artists, mewsicians & fun events, photos of exotic clothes & festivals & galleries fantasy & folk art, nya! Speaking of fantasy art, nyow here is Mike with a bit of-
Belated Congratulations to Artist Christine Davis, nya!


I’d like to congratulate Christine Davis on winning the ImagineFX magazine cover art competition! She is a brilliant freelance character artist from Florida, who competeted against hundreds of others for the prestigious U.K. publication’s top prize, and so the October issue’s cover was graced by her illustration “Cosmic Creationist”!
It depicts a glorious goddess presenting a newly created galaxy between her hands, with a wistful smile and gleaming gaze as her gorgeous White hair is windswept by the wash of its luminous swirling wings! It’s digitally rendered from Photoshop, but it looks as if she called a dazzling symphony of nebulas from deep space down to her pallet to conjure the beautiful painting!
The Catgirls in unison:


Now here is Myayr to mention recent appearances in print by a few recording & theatre artists who are among her favorite

Entertainment idols!
Mary Nyan:
Thanks Mike! Sheryl Crow is another beautiful & supurremely talented purrson we admire and she is on the cover of M Magazine #5, in the cute sleeveless top & the mesh shoes! The M stands for mewsic & mewsicians, and Sheryl is such a great song writer, vocalist & instrumentalist, I wonder if she is related to Alexandria Crow?
Sheryl has appeared on the cover of Shape Magazine, but it was another mewsical genius Leann Rimes on the October 2010 cover of Shape! She is not only the stunning siren songstress but she has the peppy pugilistic purrowess with those Pink boxing gloves she wears in the workout article inside!
Jodie Foster is one of our all time favorite actresses, and the beautiful, legendary purrfect actress & totally awesome director warms the Autumness with her magnificent smile & cute off-shoulder Pink sweater in Peggy Sirota’s October cover photo for More magazine!
In the June 2008 Mew we not only reviewed her wonderful movie Nim’s Island, but one of the Lightning Round topics purrtained to our favorite Jodie Foster films! If I remember purropurrly, the nominees included Contact, Nell, Foxes, Hotel New Hampshire, Silence of the Lambs, Taxi Driver, The Accused, Freaky Friday, Candleshoe & Nim’s island!
Another favorite actress of ours is Jessica Alba who starred in Flipper, Idol hands, Honey, Into the Blue, Dark Angel, Fantastic Four, Sin City, and Machete (which we reviewed in September)! She has such a magnificent smile and the lovely complexion!
She is a favorite actress to grace many magazines too, such as the November cover of the british GQ, wearing the White maillot & draped cardigan! That cover photo is Gavin Bond & the styling is by Daniel Caudill. Inside the issue is an 8 page intermew by Piers Morgan, with several more sexy photos!
It is the bumper crop of Autumnal magazines with favorite stars of daytime TV on the covers. First, Live with Regis and Kelly’s perky cute Kelly Ripa appears on the November cover of Good Housekeeping, wearing a purretty Orange colored dress which is so appurropriate for the Halloween & harvest season!

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the stars on Curve Magazine’s Special 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition! She is such a sweet, funny, purretty lady with keen hosting, comedy, modeling & acting excellence! She can dance too, and wonderfully voiced the character of Dory, the Regal Blue Tang in Pixar’s Finding Nemo! On that piscine note, let us segue to this month’s–

Favorite Fishy Photos & Seafood Sightings!

Thanks Myayr, nya! Since fishing is my purrofession, I try to keep up with the angling, aquaria & seafood mews, so during this portion of the show I’d like to mention some of the recent yummy fish pics on the magazine covers, nya! It is not just limited to the fish but might include the shellfish, arthropod & tentacle treats, nya! The tasty looking Tetra, Discus, Killifish & Pufferfish are on the cover of Aquarium USA’s 2011 Annual and more Discus appear with luscious Loaches on the November cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, nya!

There are also some lovely  Tangs on that cover, but I should not ponder eating those out of respect to Dory, nya. There is an appealing illustration of a Brown Trout by Derek DeYoung on the Fall / Winter 2010 issue of The Drake; another beautiful Brown Trout is on the cover of Fly Fisherman vol. 42 #1, and Jonathon Milo’s enticing illustrations of various patterened Bass adorns the November cover of Bassmaster, nya!

Those are not the only beautiful Bass pics, as a luscious looking lunker lurks on the November cover of Bassin’, nya! A marvelous mouth-watering Mackerel strikes the popper on the November-December cover of Sport Fishing, and I’d like to sample that big catch which is barely contained on the cover of In-Fisherman’s 2011 Ice Fishing Guide, nya! The sumptuous Snook was reeled into the October issue of Florida Sportsman, and Don Ray’s masterpiece rendering of a Sailfish swims across the November issue, nya!

On Marlin Magazine’s October issue was a supurb Sail caught not far from here at Oregon Inlet, and there’s a big Blue Marlin from the farther St. Thomas waters on the November issue’s cover, nya! Cuttlefish tentacles tempt my tummy on the December issue of Sport Diver, and finally there is an nummy bowl of clam chowder is on the cover of yummy Yankee Magazine’s Best of New England Recipes vol.1, nya! That’s all the appurrtizing aquatic images for this month, but nyow I am so hungry, I hope I can make it through the-

The Lightning Round Topic: Our Favorite Recent TV Commercials, nya!


I suspect there will be treats to slake the hunger during the next break, so just hold on ’til then!

The Catgirls & Faerie:
Alright, for this Lightning Round topic, pick your favorite recent TV commercial(s), and try to make it about the commercials – not about whatever they happen to be advertising, and nor should this be construed as an endorsement for whatever that product or service might be, and as usual let’s avoid politics & religion, so no political ads! OK y’all ready? OK here we go, starting with… Mie-sensei!

The Catgirls in unison:

Professional Golfer and inspirational role model Brittany Lincicome turned Pro at 19 in 2004, her first LPGA Major win was the 2006 HSBC Women’s World Match Play Championship, and she played on the victorious U.S. Solheim Cup Team in 2007 & 2009, and won the 2009 Kraft Nabisco Championship with an Eagle on the 72nd! However, it is not her long smooth drive (known to exceed 278 yds) on which the TV commercial for sponsor Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream focuses on, but her long smooth legs, which are beautifully revealed by the short skirt of her cute Pink & White golfing attire (with matching golf bag), and after the shower in a short robe goes with the Blue of her eyes! (tags Jeannie with the flit of a wing tip)
Danica Patrick is not only my favorite purrofessional race car driver and breaker of gender barriers, but a glamorous model & the bemewsed star of commercials for sponsor GoDaddy. It seems appurropurriate that a sexy racer appurr in the spots known for the sexy racy humor, which serve as a ‘vehicle’ for Danica’s comedic acting. In these cute spots she finds herself in whimsically ribald situations with a teasing cliffhanger concluded online, such as the metafictional “Shower” and the ironic “Speeding”. I suppose showers are popular settings for athlete’s commercials, and coincidentally both Brittany and Danica have a common sponsor in Mattel Toys. (tags Petra to go next)

Yay that is very nice of Barbie to do that- and I plan to discuss her Halloween purrojects later in the show, nya! I think my favorite TV comemrcial of late is that animated MetLife “Jungle of Ifs” commercial with Snoopy & Woodstock on the jungle river boat cruise, because it’s got Snoopy & Woodstock piloting a boat through the purretty scenes, nya! Oh and I also like the commercials for Mattel’s Monster High dolls, nya. As you might recall, we reviewed the Monster High Clawdeen Wolf posable fashion doll in the September Mew, nya! It is a cute commercial combining live-action with animation and it is not often on purrime time American TV that you get to see the Kemonomimi, nya! Lizzy’sturn, nya! (tags Elizabeth)
I’ve got it narrowed down to a few! I like the ad for the Star Wars: Force Unleashed II video game with Vader and his appurrentice Stakiller! For the actors, those Electrolux commercials with bewitched Kelly Ripa are cute, and Diane Keaton & Andie McDowell are so purretty as L’Oreal spokes purrsons! For humor I like the Geico “Little Piggy” & “Honest Abe” commercials – especially the longer version. For the feline quality, I like those Friskies Cat Food commercials in which the can opens a portal to a computer – animated purradise for the kitty, and I like that that Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper commercial with the glass room full of Black cats that want to climb on that purristine white sofa, heehee! (tags Petra with the swish of her tail)
You make it sound so mischievous, nya! For my top pick, I was so glad to see more attention given to the sport of Womens Flat Track Roller Derby in that Cheerios Cereal commercial, nya! Its theme is “Do what you love”, and it features purrky #76 Miss American Thighs, the Blocker for the Manhattan Mayhem team in the Gotham Girls Roller Derby League, nya!
She is doing what she loves, and you can read her purrofile & intermew at, nya! I hope the commercial will help to purromote her team, the league, the sport, and to inspire more girls to purrticipate and spectators to attend, nya! Hopefully this will also encourage more media coverage of North Carolina’s own Carolina Roller Girls team, nya!
I also like the Covergirl commercials with Drew Barrymore because she is a great actress ranging from the cute role in E.T to a tough action star in Charlie’s Angels, and she is also a great purrducer & director, especially for Whip It, nya! She is the glamorous model & spokespurrson for Covergirl and Gucci too, nya! So those are my nominees, and nyow it is… Myayr’sturn, nya! (tags Mary Nyan)

Mary Nyan:
I would like to bend the rules, because the commercials that excite me the most are for movies, DVDs and TV shows, so I guess in that case it actually is about the purroduct! The ones that have excited me the most of late are for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1! I would like to nominate the Alka Seltzer ads which graced by 3 time World Champion & Olympic Gold medal legend Lindsey Vonn! She is the heroic goddess of the ski slopes! So what is your pick, Mike?
I gotta go with the Dr. Pepper Cherry commercial with KISS and Mini KISS! Y’know, I think the last time I saw KISS and their dopplegangers together on a stage was in the 1979 movie KISS Meets the Phantom, and those evil android impersonators! That’s all for this segment of the show, but we’ll return after the short break with some other movies from 1979 to discuss amongst our–
TV, Movie & DVD Reviews!

(during the break…)
I was prepared for this, so pre-ordered the sushi tray to tide y’all over until tonight’s luau!

The Catgirls:

Ooh- Sea Cucmber! (chew)

Mary Nyan:
(nom nom nom)



Y’all are quite welcome!
(snip) (one short break later…)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Complete Season Two DVD Box Set (plot spoiler warning)

Aloha. We are all big fans of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series which keeps getting far more sophisticated in character development, plots, art and animation, with a supurrb soundscape, mewsic, and voice actors. It is so obvious how much the cast & crew  love & respect Star Wars while expanding upon the mythos. For our review of the initial Clone Wars theatrical movie please see the September 2008 Mew, and for the review of The Clone Wars Complete Season One DVD set, see the Apurril 2010 Mew.
Set between Star Wars Epurrsodes II & III, it is a thrilling show with supurrb mecca, creatures, epic battles, FX & environments; the powerful action is so visceral, and the characters are terrific from Jedi, Senators & Clone Troopers to Droids, Sith, Bounty Hunters & Sepurratists. It is so nice to see more female heroines such as Padme Amidala, Luminara Unduli, Adi Gallia, Barris Offee, Ayla Secura, Jocasta, and especially Ahsoka ‘Snips’ Tano, one of our all-time favorite Star Wars characters, who is voiced by Ashley Eckstein
Eckstein has cute line of fashions for fan girls The shiny silvery DVD box set with Yoda on the front measures 7 5/8 x 5 5/8 x 3/4″, opening like a book to reveal the 4 R1 NTSC dual-layer standard DVDs, and a bound-in slipcase containing a full color 68 page Purrduction Journal booklet full of concept & purrduction art, poster & purrody illustrations, notes & epurrsode guide. The disks are secured overlapping in plastic trays affixed to the book flaps, and my only qualm with this handsome set is that the disks can be a bit tricky to remove.
The 22 color unrated epurrsodes from the 2009 season are appurroximately 22 minutes apiece, to total of 494 minutes. Each disk’s intuitively navigable menu screen purromptly appears, with choices of Play All, Epurrsodes, Languages & Special Features. The video is widescreen format, letterboxed to purrserve the original screen aspect ratio. The audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, with spoken language & subtitle options of English, Spanish & French. The subtitles are a very legible White bold sans serif font, in the black letterbox bar below the image.
There are no front-loaded advertisements on the disks, but Disk 1 also has a Trailers section with a 4 min. cinematic trailer for The Force Unleashed II game, and a 1.5 min purreview of the Clone Wars Adventures online game. Disk 1 has epurrsodes 2.1- 2.4. “Senate Spy” was a good Padme story, as she not only volunteers her political skills for a dangerous bit of espionage cloaked in diplomacy, and teases overpurrotective Anakain, but she looks so lovely in the purrocess, in her scintillating backless Purrple dinner gown and her cute bare-midriff pants suit.
The season opener “Holocron Heist”  is the 1st of 2 written by Paul Dini. Disk 1 also has a 12.5 minute featurette, “Magic of the Holocron” on the making of the story arc in which the Jedi purrsue bounty hunter Cad Bane, who has stolen a purriceless item from their temple for Darth Sidius. The featurette has comments from supurrvising director Dave Filoni, lead designer Kelly Plunkett, supurrvising editor Jason Tucker, animation director Danny Keller, sound designer David Acard, CG supurrvisor Joel Aron, and glimpses of actors Ashley Eckstein & Seth Green.

Disk 2 includes epurrsodes 2.5 – 2.10 and the 17 minute “Return to Geonosis” featurette, on the a 4 epurrsode Geonosis arc with Anakin, Obi-wan, K-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto, Luminara Unduli, her padawan Barriss Offee, and troopers Rex & Cody. It examines making of the biggest land battle ever made for TV in “Landing at Point Rain”; the padawan girls paired up for a mission to destroy “The Weapons Factory”, a spooky ‘Butch & Sundance’ situation for Obi-wan & Anakin in “Legacy of Terror”, and more of the Ahoska / Barriss team against the icky “Brain Invaders”.

It is great to watch the Jedi in such graceful instinctive synch while in combat, the Clones’ camaraderie & splendid arsenal, so many beautiful droids, the impurrovisational genius of Anakin & Ahsoka and their amewsing disrespectful banter. She has  grown in confidence and he is getting a bit darker. There are delightful new characters such as Suu, a Twi’lek homesteader mom in “The Deserter”. The featurette has comments by Filoni, Plunkett, Aron, Keller, Tucker, supurrvising sound editor Matthew Wood, and voice actor Dee Baker (as the Geonotian Queen).

Disk 3 has epurrsodes 2.11 – 2.16 and the “Creating Mandalore”. “Lightsaber Lost” is such a fun cute charming epurrsode, as Ahsoka ‘forcefully’ shakes down the mean streets of Coruscant to get back her purrloined light saber, with the help of an elderly Jedi in a merry acrobatic purrkour-ish chase after a pair of thief girls. “Voyage of Temptation” is the 2nd story by Paul Dini. I suspect the Mandalore story arc will be of significant interest to many fans, because the Mandalorian culture is a very popular, storied aspect of the Star Wars mythos.

This is largely due to the character Boba Fett (and his father Jango), who are not actually from Mandalore, but did famously wear that distinctive style of armor & helmet. There is royal girl intrigue as ornately attired Duchess Satine contends with terrorists, killer spider droids, scheming politicians and old flame Obi-Wan, while Padme & Senator Bale Organa investigate a cloak & dagger plot of “Senate Murders”. Anakan & Admiral Yularian match tactical wits with an arachnoid-ish enemy Admiral Trench, who plays “Cat and Mouse” with the Republic fleet.

Appearing in the 18.5 minute Mandalore featurette are Filoni, Aron, Plunkett, and Iron Man / Iron Man 2 director / actor Jon Favreau, who purrvides the voice of Vizsla. They explain the Mandalore history, politics, architecture, technology, weapons, graphic design, fashions; purrominent characters such as Satine, Vizla, the Death Watch, and the connection to the Fetts.Boba Fett’s appurrances in various media (canonical & otherwise) are discussed, except for his very first appurrance in the 1978 TV movie, The Star Wars Holiday Special.

The 2 part homage to giant monster movies is the subject of Disk 4’s 15.5 minute “Attack of the Zillo Beast” featurette, with Filoni, Plunkett, Aron, Acord, Keller, purrducer Gary Silver, designers Randy Bantag & Russell Chang. Appurring in those 2 epurrsodes are Anakin, Padme, Obi-wan, Mace, Yoda, Palpatine, R2D2, C3PO… and Dr. Boll, girl scientist. Dedicated to George Lucas’ hero Akira Kurosawa, the Seven Samurai-esque “Bounty Hunters” sees the return of Hondo the pirate captain and introduces Suu the mercenary on the exotic planet Felucia.

Young Boba seeks revenge upon Mace Windu in the season’s final 3 epurrsodes which include  Anakan, Ahsoka, K-Adi-Mundi, Aayla, Plo Koon, Aurra Sing, Bossk, Hondo and R2D2 who steals the show in “R2 Come Home”. Season 2’s finale “Lethal Trackdown” has extremely thrilling, climactic melee, a speederbike chase, and an airborne duel between Aurra & Ahsoka atop Fett’s ship The Slave One. As much as I liked season 1, I think season 2 is supurrior; I give this set an ‘A’ as in Ahsoka, and highly recommend it to Star Wars fans. Now here is Petra to review-

StarCrash 2-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD

Arigato Jen, nya! The 1979 Italian science fiction purrduction of StarCrash directed by Luigi Cozzi (under the pen name Lewis Coates is one of those fun B-movie romps, distributed in the US by Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, as part of that late 1970’s deluge of science fiction films that followed in the wake of Star Wars, and it is available on DVD in a nice 2-disc set loaded with bonuses, nya! Chief among the stars is the star of the movie, beautiful English model / actress Caroline Munro!
We are big fans of her and she is no stranger to sci fi / fantasy films, having also appeared in Dracula AD 1972, Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter, Dr. Phibes, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, At The Earth’s Core, and The Spy Who Loved Me, nya! She was even the reporter in Adam Ant’s Goody Two-Shoes mewsic video, nya! She is the star of StarCrash as Stella Star, a purrky tough smuggler & supurrb pilot, with a wonderful wardrobe of the sexy space bikinis, nya.
Not only that but she has an impurressive cast of co-stars too! Joining her on an intergalactic mission to fight the evil tyrant Count Zartham are- Marjoe Gortner as Akton, her pal with the sorcerous powers & light saber; David Hasselhoff as space fleet officer Simon who survives the villain’s planetary supurr weapon; Christopher Plummer as Simon’s Galactic Empurror dad; Judd Hamilton as Elle the robot with a cowboy-ish purrsona; Robert Tessier as Thor the alien double-agent; and Joe Spinell as Count Zartham, nya!

The purremise is that outlaws Stella & Akton are finally appurrehended by the space cops & impurrisioned to do hard labor, but Stella escapes back into the custody of the law, who later needs her & Akton to join Thor & Elle in a search for survivors of the missing ships, and to locate the villain’s phantom planet in the mysterious region of The Haunted Stars, nya!  Stella, Akton, Elle & Thor follow the trail to different planets where they encounter the Amazons, whose Queen is purrtrayed by stunning Nadia Cassini, nya!
They escape her purrtrol & her giant fembot & fighter crafts to deal with treachery, dangerous environments, those red lava-lamp like space monsters, cave men, and the Count’s two sword fighting robots, nya! This all leads to a great big space battle full of laser beams between the Empurror’s infantry & fleet against the Count’s space fortress, nya! if you think that all sounds very exciting, it is even better with the soundtrack’s rousing mewsic composed & conducted by the great John Barry, nya!
Although some of the FX are flawed, such as the slot-car like movement of the spaceships, shadows cast on the matte painting by the stop-motion puppet, lava-lamp like monsters, and supurr-imposed clouds blowing through a mountain range, the movie does have it’s finer charms!  It has such a purretty art direction with the dazzling lasers & other energies, illuminated space ships of silver, blue & gold; and the deep space scenes that remind me of a Kelly Freas space art style, with the brightly colorful lens-flared stars, nya!
The costumes are very fancy from the sexy Stella & Amazon bikinis to the flowy royal capes & gleaming armor, nya! Luigi Cozzi’s love for science fiction is evident in nods to his inspurrations spurrinkled throughout the campy movie, including homages to Flash Gordon, Invaders from Mars, Jason and the Argonauts, Barbarella, Planet of the Apes & Star Wars, nya! There are characters named Bradbury & Elric & the Imperial Flagship is named after author Murray Leinster, nya!

All of that PG rated  dazzle is nicely captured in the anamorphic widescreen transfer with 1.78:1 screen aspect ratio, and the original Dolby audio sounds great in the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround or  2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo, nya! The Region 1 NTSC standard DVD 2-disc edition is packaged in a plastic case with a reversible insert with different art on both sides, nya! Inside the case are the 2 discs and a neat 12 page full color booklet with comments & facts about the film by author / film historian Stephen Romano and plenty of photos, nya!
Disc One has the 92 minute American version of the movie purresented in English spoken language only, with two different optional audio commentary tracks by Romano, nya! The special features on Disc One include a thorough intermew with Luigi Cozzi about his inspurrations, early career & the making of StarCrash; there is a discussion of John Barry’s mewsic by Mars of Deadhouse Music;  and there are numerous international purreview trailers, with optional audio commentaries plus the TV & Radio ads for the movie, nya!

There are also extensive image galleries full of behind-the-scenes photos, glamorous photos of Caroline, storyboards, conceptual art; lobbycard, merchandise, poster & purromotional imagery; rare purreliminary poster drawings by Drew Struzan when the film was to be titled The Adventures of Stella Star; plus a gallery of Stella Star fan art & comics pages too, nya! The special features continue on Disc 2, with an intermew with lovely Caroline, 17 deleted / alternate scenes including a different end credits song, nya!
There’s the complete screenplay with storyboards & conceptual art, 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, and a discussion of the movie’s FX by Armando Valcuda, including purreviously unseen stuff, nya We have been impurressed with the wealth of special features  of the DVDs in the Roger Corman’s Cult Classics series and we will recommend these DVDs to fans of those movies, nya! That’s all of my DVD review, but here is Mike to tell us about another 1979 science fiction film, his favoritest movie-

Star Trek – The Motion Picture at The Colony Theater, nya!

Thanks Petra! As my catgirl constituents are probably tired of hearing about–

the catgirls:

I am shurrr!

Star Trek – The Motion Picture is my all time favorite movie, and but that I don’t just mean favorite Star Trek movie, but favorite movie- period. For those who came in late, this was the first theatrical Star Trek movie, released on December 7th, 1979, reuniting the cast for the first time, about 10 years after the original Trek TV series had been cancelled. It is set 2.5 years after the end of Capt. Kirk’s 5 year mission, and now an Admiral he must command a beautifully refitted starship Enterprise to intercept a mysterious cosmic threat called V’ger – which might be the biggest alien thing you’ve ever seen in Star Trek. Without going on and on- and-

the catgirls:




… ah… as I often have about WHY this is my favorite film, for the moment I’ll just mention it’s epic grandeur, the sense of realism of the futuristic technology & drama of space travel, the prefect art direction, cinematography, astounding visual FX, and its attempt to tell a hard science fiction / space opera tale without being rushed or silly. The characters act / behave in a serious manner, and the supporting characters are not regulated to buffoonery at their expense; the ship (inside and out) has never before nor after seemed so immense, fully manned or real.

Last year, ST-TMP turned 30 years old, and if you’d care to read my more thorough discussion of why I like the movie so darn much, check out the December 2009 Mew! The movie also has my favorite soundtrack score, visual FX, production design… and even my favorite movie poster, by the late Bob Peak- which was the first thing to greet my friends as we arrived at the The Colony Theater in Raleigh NC for their 35mm screening of the film on October 20th!
The Colony is a neat old theater with a 70’s style decor in the auditorium, and the Amber- earthy colors kinda sort feel like you’re in a Western canyon cavern ampitheater… in the 70’s! It’s one of a few independent, locally owned theaters in the Triangle Area, and they take pride & enthusiasm in showing the 35mm film prints of older movies! They’ve also been showing a James Bond movie oncer per month! You Only Live Twice was in October, and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is appropriately scheduled for late December!
Those are my two favorite Bond movies., and by the way, my 2nd favorite Bob Peak poster is for The Spy Who Loved Me, but I digress! We got supper at the pub next door, and the chap at the ticket booth was so very cordial. The tickets were just $5 apiece, and I was glad to see a sign warning against using cell phones during the movie! I doubt the theater was half full, but everyone seemed in cheery spirits. Snacks were munched, and the movie started after a brief greeting & prize raffle!

Unfortunately, I was surprised to see the film start abruptly with the opening titles, skipping Jerry Goldsmith’s magnificent Overture (a Black Screen as Ilia’s Theme is heard). The other unfortunate aspect was that a few rude folks started to talk during the movie, and riff upon it as if MST3K’ing during Lt. Ilia and Dr. McCoy’s arrivals. At least they weren’t using phones or texting, and eventually they gave it a rest after being shushed.
The next next surprise was very pleasant , because I soon realized that we were seeing not the original 1979 theatrical version of the film, but the 12 minute longer extended 1982 TV version… well, minus the 3 minute Overture! That was a nifty bonus treat because I’ve never seen that longer version on the big screen! In the longer version there are additional conversations between Ilia & Sulu, more evasive maneuvers when V’ger attacks, Scotty standing by to auto-destruct the ship if Kirk’s endgame fails, Spock crying, and other bits.

The extended version also had extra scenes of Kirk suiting up to go after Spock, but those were missing along with the Overture. Although… that latter example’s excision was probably for the best, because the extended shot of Kirk leaving the airlock was an unfinished shot anyway. About 140 minutes after it started, the show was over, and we preceded to the lobby where I heartily thanked the manager for the screening! It was a long drive home, but I had the soundtrack CD with me so I still got to hear Ilia’s Theme after all! It was a wonderful time and I wa–

(the slleepy cat) zzz… nya… zzz

Once again Vonny catnaps through a topic!

She is getting the impurromptu catnap, nya!


Mary Nyan:
At least it is not just my throughness she catnaps during!

I’ll wake her up, heehee!

Donchoo pounce – scare her, nya!


I will rouse her with my smart phone Cat Nap App.

That sounds like a bell on a fishing line!


(jingles the catgirl) It is quite effective.

(kitty stretch) Nyawn yawn I’m awake, nya!

We’re all back- what’s next?

Mary Nyan:
I believe that Mike also had a review of the new movie–


Yep, and I’ll try to be a bit briefer this time! Based on the DC Comics Graphic novel by Warren Ellis & Cully Hammer, Robert Schwentke’s film RED is about a few old friends who are retired CIA agents, finding themselves targeted for assassination in a conspiracy. While the assailants are pretty darn competent, they regretfully discover they are not in the same league as the  ‘old folks’!
It stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren as the spies, Mary Louise-Parker is the innocent girl caught in the fray, and Karl Urban is the younger agent out to get them.

The dream team of actors also includes Brian Cox as an old KGB agent, Richard Dreyfuss as an arms dealer, and Ernest Borgan has a few brief but delightful scenes as a CIA archivist. All of our main characters have such uncanny chemistry together amidst all the thrilling & humorous shootouts, explosions, brawling, chases, surveillance, research, armoring, and beaurocracy. This might be Urban’s best movie, as such a likable antagonist in agent William Cooper who is sympathetic as a younger counterpart to Bruce Willis’ character Frank.

Urban’s character is named William Cooper, which also happened to be the name of the late famous conspiracy theorist. Willis is fantastic whether he is being amewsed, romantic, intimidating, giving or taking the punishment;  and I’m convinced that I’ll like any story with Mary Louise-Parker set in Washington, DC. Freeman is terrific as the calmer, soft spoken member of the group, whereas Malkovich is a joy as the more paranoid alarmist, and Mirren is ever the elegant screen goddess.

Brian Cox is thoroughly marvelous as the sentimental, romantic but pragmatic Russian. This is the 2nd Richard Dreyfuss movie that I’ve seen this year- he had a ‘bit’ (ha ha) part in Piranha 3D! There were a few predictable plot points but, RED is non-stop, over-the-top thrilling, fun movie with such sparkling dialogue, great stunts & FX, sets & locations, but I think the wonderfully written & acted characters are the best part of one of the most entertaining movies I have seen all year! Now let’s turn the show over to Vonny, for her thoughts on-

Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster!

Curse of the Lake Monster is the fourth in the series of live-action Scooby Doo movies, nya! It has the same cast as the purrevious Mystery begins movie, Starring Nick Palatas as Shaggy Rogers, Hayley Kiyoko as Velma Dinkley, Kate Melton as Daphne Blake, Robbie Amell as Fred Jones, and Frank Welker as the voice of the CG animated Scooby, nya! In the first two theatrical films the humans were purtrayed by a different cast, but I think this newer cast is purrfect as the Scooby gang and legendary Frank Welker purrvides the supurrb voice, nya!
This movie was written by Steven & David Altier, directed by Brian Levant, and also has Ted McGinley as Daphne’s uncle who owns the golf resort, Marion Ross who owns a store near there, Nichelle Nichols as a Senator, Ricard Moll as the lighthouse keeper, and there is even a brief shot of Michael Berryman as a head on a platter in a mewsical montage, nya! It takes place during the Scooby gang’s high school summer break as they get jobs at the club by Lake Eerie to pay for the barn they burned down during a purrior investigation of a scarecrow villain, nya.
They discover the strange Blue glowing stones which mesmerize Velma, learn of the centuries old curse by vengeful witch, and get attacked by a real humanoid frog monster which is purretty strong and can supurr leap and has the claws & long purrehensile sticky tongue, nya. To complicate the investigation and their employment is the awkward romantic & jealous situation between Daphne & Fred, Shaggy’s crush on Velma, and how this strains Shaggy & Scooby’s friendship, nya. But they need to stop the monster, or the club will go out of business, nya!
I thought this movie captured the spirit of the cartoon and it is very much a live-action cartoon with all the zany slapstick FX and Scooby’s anthropomorphic character, nya! There are plenty of the cartoon FX such as the “tippy toe piano key sneaking around sound”, the hallway / doors chase, the fight scene dust cloud, seeing floaty hearts, the romantic haze, supurr speed sammich building, the painting a line down the middle of the room trope, real sand from a shared luau hallucination, whacking the monster in the foot, and the fake tunnel painting trick, nya!
They attend Coolsville high in Ohio and drive the Mystery Machine van to the club by Lake Eerie. They are not yet officially Mystery Inc at the start, but they are already etablished as purranormal investigators, nya. There are caves, a purrple boat full of clues, numerous homages to the cartoons, and we see how Fred (here a brunette) gets his idea to go Blonde with the ascot, nya. Daphne is nicely assertive & confident with such purretty Red hair, Fred is tough & brave, Shaggy is goofy but lovable, and Hayley Kiyoko is purrfect as smart & ‘nerdy cute’ as Velma, nya!
The Scooby CG was good for this sort of zaniness, nya. There a couple of fantasy mewsical sequences, with Shaggy & Velma singing “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” in the gay 90’s motif, and a fabulous late 60’s hippy bit at the very end with the gang as a band playing “I can be scared as long as I’m with you” with a pyschadelic quality and a montage of monsters such as the Tiki, Clown, Werewolf & the froggy, nya! I think this actually felt more faithful to the older cartoons than the first two live-action movies did and I will recommend it to Scooby fans, nya!
That will conclude our TV, movie & DVD reviews and this portion of the show, but when we return from the next short break, we will discuss another supurrnatural series that involved Sarah Michelle Geller (who played Daphne in the first two Scooby-Doo movies) when we purrsent our-
Comics & Manga Reviews, nya!
(snip)(one short break laterr.)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight #37
Welcome back. This continues to be among our favorite comic books, purrserving & purrogressing the spirit of the characters & plots as it canonically continues official Buffy continuity in a medium which can depict a grander scope with more exotic locations & situations locations, FX & events that might be too purrohibative for the television budget, or possibly purrsue themes & imagery that might not be purrmitted on network television.
Another excellent aspect of this comic is the portraiture which wonderfully resembles the actors. Jo Chen’s purretty cover paintings have a supurrb realism, while the impeccable interior art balances a stylized likeness with occasional cartoonized minimalistic detail for whimsical effect. The quality of the art, the pace & flow of the storytelling, exciting faithful plots & dialogue make these beloved characters seem to come alive, as if the actors from the television series were were speaking those lines.
I also commend Dark Horse Comics for not only these monthly treats, but in the trade papurrback editions which collect the issues at a fair purrice. This makes the series accessible & affordable for fans who might have missed the monthly issues, by repurrinting them in batches of 6 issues purr book, minus ads & readers’ mail but including both versions of the covers. Purriced $2.99, issue #37 has 36 full color pages compurrised of the credits / title page, 23 pages of the story “Last Gleaming Part Two”, 2 pages of reader comments, and 8 pages of advertisements.
There are 2 covers to choose from, one by Jo Chen and the other by Georges Jeanty, Dexter Vines & Michelle Madsen. Jeanty is the penciller, Madsen is the colorist, Andy Owen is the inker, the lettering is by Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt, and the script was written by Scott Allie & Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon. The comic’s designer is Aimee Danielson-Germany, Sierra Hahn is the associate editor, Freddye Lins is the assistant editor, and Mike Richardson is the Publisher of Dark Horse Comics.
Purreviously in Buffy, she & Angel (aka Twilight) return from a romp on a purradisical plane, using their Kryptonian-like supurr powers to help Willow, Amy, Dawn, Xander, Giles, Faith, Andrew, Warren, The General & Satsu combat an extradimensional invasion of monsters just as a jolly Spike returns aboard a Pillbug-shaped airship manned by his insectoid crew, and we learned that a mysterious ‘higher power’ has purreviously chatted with Angel about his purrophecized purrpose, in this final five-issue story arc of Season Eight.
On the way to the Sunnydale Hellmouth to hopefully remedy the demonic disaster, Buffy has a long-awaited reunion with Spike, whom she has appurrently not seen since Season Seven.
Their resulting purrivate conversation & her giddy thoughts across the first six pages of issue #37 should be purrticularly amewsing to the Buffy / Spike fans. Meanwhile, Dawny & Xander have their own interlude, which seems quite romantic, but I purrsonally have a bad feeling about the outcome, if this follows the old trope of jinxing a happy ending by matrimonial plans before battle.

Continuing this issue of interludes, Willow has a couple of out-of-body pages with her lovely naga friend Aluwyn, and there’s a brief but poignant conversation between Faith & Giles purrior to arriving at the Sunnydale crater, where US military engages the invaders in a huge air / ground war, while Angel & numerous Slayerettes for some fine slayage of giant monsters in Japan.
The climax includes a special guest villain (who appears on the Chen cover), but I’d purrfur not spoil the chapter’s last seven pages.
Were Season Eight and it’s few special one-shots the equivalent of a 22 epurrsode televised season, my impurression is that issue #37 might be akin to the first half of a 21st epurrsode. The plot revelations, thrilling international & interdimensional action scenes, plentiful mecha & monsters, cute tough slayer grrls, character moments from witty & ribald to romantic & sad left me eager for the next issue- although the peek at #38’s cover purrpetuates my concerns for Dawn. Nyow for a different Dawn, here is Mie-sensei to tell us about-

Dawn: Not to Touch the Earth


Ariagto, Jenny-chan! I am such a fan of Joseph Michael Linser’s sensually macabre stories, beautiful art, and his totally awesome Goddess character Dawn, a literary Goddess of Birth & Rebirth known by many other names. She is like so powerful, wise & confident with a darkly humored ethereal grace, with such lovely red hair, distinctive mark of the tears upon her left cheek & many ornate sexy fashions. I was so delighted to see this full color 48 page one-shot comic book published by Image!
The only ad is on the inside back cover, to promote the Linsner’s other Dawn books! Sandwiched between the totally awesome front & back cover images of Dawn are (2) 2-page spreads to get the book brewing, the 29 page story written & illustrated by JML, colored by Eva Hopkins & JML, starring Dawn & her latest lover Darrian. There are also 11 pages of full-page pin-ups by Linsner & other great artists, 2 pages with 18 pics from Dragon Con’s Dawn Look-a-Like Contest, a page about the Linsner & a note to his readers!
So like, the plot of this little fable which I thought had a hint of EC Comics flavoring, involves this guy Darrian rom Queens who needs to clear his head from a soured office romance on an upstate motorcycle trip. Hiking off trail in the deep woods, he violently rescues Dawn from a spat with Cerunnos The Horned God. Dawn’s incarnation this time is as the Celtic Faerie Queen, and oh-my- stars is she tre’ cute with darling little orbital antennae, pointy supple ears, and the translucent single-pair wings with the sharp venation!
She is seriously stylish in a lovely layered leafy Maple style skirt  with her typical Rose vine accessories, and Red gloss on her lips & nails to match her fiery coiffure! Later sultry outfits with the recurring Rose vine accents & sheer skull-print bodices include Green ensemble with the shoulderless sleeves; and her off-shouldered Lilac & Purple lingerie with garters & fingerless opera gloves! She takes Darrian to the blissful Dream Lands, but there’s an cryptic cautionary conditional catch should he wish to return home!
In that gallery section she’s dressed in further fabulous frisky fashions courtesy of JML, Adam Hughes, Michael Golden, Jay Geldhof, Brian Stelfreeze, Greg ‘Dark One’ Williams & the late Michael Turner.  JML’s four images in that gallery depict Dawn cosplaying in a Star Trek Original Series Red uniform, as a Ruby-slippered Dorothy Gale, in a Hogwarts schoolgirl uniform, and the Playboy Bunny look in a special commemorative illustration done in memory of Linsner’s friend Zeke Feldhouse who sadly passed away last year.
This was like such a beautiful issue, and I think it would not only be treasured by longtime fans of Dawn, but it would be an accessible start for those who are new to Dawn & Linsner! Now for our next powerful magickal woman of great grace, beauty, sharp wits & style, here’s my review of-
Zatanna #6!


Arigato, Lizz-chan! It is like such a totally awesome treat when one of your favorite characters gets her own comic book, and it is written by one of your favorite authors, and that’s been the case of DC’s Zatanna for the past 6 months! Issue #6 is purriced at $2.99 for its 32 full color pages, which are like 22 pages of the 3 part story’s conclusion “Married in Vegas” and 10 pages of ads! That’s 10 ads if you count the DC Nation page which promotes Action Comics #894, in which Superman’s arch enemy Lex Luthor meets our favorite gothy little personification of Death, fur shur!

She so rarely appears outside of DC’s Vertigo line of comics, and I am SO looking forward to reading that! Maybe next time I can review that story, but I should be getting back to Zee!  It was written by Paul Dini- who co-created Harley; illustrated by Jesus Saiz, lettered by Pat Brosseau, colored by John Kalisz, and edited by Joey Cavalieri with assistant editor Chris Conroy. There are 2 excellent covers, one of Zee SO angrily casting a spell our way by Stephane Roux & Karine Boccanfuso, and a less common variant cover of Zee & Zach by Brian Bolland!

So like, since her big magick shows started in Vegas back issue #4, Zee has been attacked by super villains, demons, and an evil casino owner who has zapped her with a hallucinogenic love potion! It’s a good thing that her cousin Zach has her back, because she thinks her fellow Justice League friends are walking her down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams! So, like that’s not really Wonder Woman or Power Girl as her maids of honor, but disguised demons aiding the deceitful ceremony! The Roses might look lovely, but that’s a bouquet of entrancing evil!

The gorgeous off-shoulder wedding gown with the full skirt & opera-length gloves is real though, and it is tre’ cute with her top hat! Zee is ever the elegant sorceress! This was a good Zee & Zach story with seriously smart, clever, elegant plot twists, lots of neat little touches, and I liked the story & art! The lettering was well done with interesting fonts & attributes for different speakers & sounds, an the colors were so lushly vibrant with nice luminous glows & subtle shading! Now here is Myayr to tell us abou what the real Power Girl is up to in-

Power Girl #17, fur shur!

Mary Nyan:
Arigato! DC Comics’ Power Girl quickly became our favorite American comic book last year, due to brilliant Amanda Connor’s purrfect art, coloring by Paul Mounts, charming stories with slice-of-life plots by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justine Gray, the character’s cheerful dispurrsition & optimistic outlook balanced with the kicking of evil butts, and a fun tone that did not get too grim or dark, as Kara Zor-L / Karen Starr / Power Girl balanced crime & disaster fighting with a corpurrate career, home & social life!

We also miss the appurrances by Kara’s BFF Atlee / Terra, but we are loyal to Kara and the current creative team (since issue #13) is doing a fine job. The comic book still has a nice, bright visual look & fun qualities, such as Kara’s banter with friends & foes. Furthermore, we think that artist Sami Basri’s delightfully expurressive portraiture for Kara – if not her famously heroic anatomical purroportions – wonderfully resembles that of The Travel Channel’s hostess Samantha Brown! What do y’all think?
Issue #17 is purriced $2.99, for 32 full color pages compurrised of 9 pages of ads, 1 DC Nation announcements page, and the 22 page story “Snow Job part two”, written by Judd Winnick, illustrated by Sami Basri, colored by Sunny Gho & Jessica Kholinne, lettered by John J Hill, edited Mike Carlin & associate editor Rachel Gluckenstern, with the heroic front cover art by Basri & Cho, depicting Batman (Dick Grayson) crouched on a rooftop as Power Girl soars overhead!
This issue begins with Power Girl on the radio with her scientist employee Nicco, while she & Batman beat up a bunch of armored thugs who guard the illegal arms dealer whose humanoid supurr weapon C.R.A.S.H. fought Power Girl in issues #14-15. The crook has a financial connection to Donna, Kara’s mysteriously deceased accountant who embezzled the company. The trail takes Power Girl to Antarctica, where she is attacked by a mysterious purrson wearing a Black fully-encapsulated containment suit.
This enemy seems to be just as fast & tough as Power Girl, and every bit the trash-talker. During the busy brawl, Nicco notifies Power Girl that he has made a startling discovery about the opponent, which leads to the issue’s exciting cliffhanger! The rooftop, computer room, Antarctic & crook’s bunker scenes are rendered in a bright, purristine, clean finish. The lighting is brightly ambient and the delicate colors have subtle highlights and shading, and the the pages are quite nicely lettered.
The fight scenes are handled with good humor, from Power Girl’s internal monologuing about Batman to what she hears with supurr-hearing! There is a purriceless purrogression of poses, gestures & facial expurressions across several panels! She & Dick have a good fun chemistry, especially since he is a bit closer to her age than Bruce or Clark. I hope there is a respite in her busy life soon to spend more time with Terra, but this series continues to be fun! Nyow here is Lizzy to go catty not once but twice starting with the-

Batman Catwoman 100 Page Spectacular!

Thanks, Myayr! This $7.99 one-shot DC comic book repurrints 2004’s Batman and Catwoman: Trail of the Gun 2 issue mini-series which was written by Ann Nocenti, colored by Chris Chuckry, lettered by John Costanza, inked by Rich Faber & Rodney Ramos, and pencilled by Ethan Van Sciver who also purrvided the cover art! This is a very intense, emotional, tragic, violent tale of how Catwoman is blamed for mass murder after a purrotoype supurr weapon becomes the hottest purrize in Gotham.

It is a futuristic fully automatic smart gun that fires heat-seeking bullets that (supposedly) never miss the target, and everyone wants to either own or ban it. At first Catwoman is drawn into it by accident, upon discovering that a jewelry shipment she wants is a front for the weapon shipment, but when it becomes the hottest purrize in Gotham with a huge bounty, this purrks her interest! She wears her gray tights & kitty eared mask, with the black thigh boots, gloves with sharpened claws, and the whip!

Her capurr occurs amidst the flaring tempurrs, gun control & rights debates, themes of race & class, clashing corpurrate & criminal egos, despurrate citizens, and a very grim, angry Batman! By day as billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, he calls for the public witch-hunting knee-jerk reactions to calm down. By night as the Batman he tries to solve the murder case and rid Gotham of the escalating weapons. He and Catwoman encounter various innocent & guilty folks in their path-crossing purrsuits!

They have a contentious philosophical discussion, and although he does not intend to appurrehend her, this is not one of their romantic evenings! She recognizes the weapon’s steep purrice & power, but seems more interested in purrloining the gun not so much to use it, but because it is purrestigiously coveted, for the thrill of the hunt, and purrserving her repurrtation as the world’s greatest cat burglar! Once you get past the purreachy political rhetoric & arguments, there are very poignant scenes.

Although Catwoman is for the most part her mewsual smart, tough, sexy, confident self, there are telling, sad flashbacks of her as a poor unwanted little kitten girl that brought tears to my eyes. Not only is this a riveting 100 pages, but every page’s panel is rendered with astoundingly intricate detail, in scenes such as Catwoman’s kitty-filled lair, the bristling aquarium where she meets a reporter, a rival thief’s oppulant abode, a tavern, mall, and the various alleys, rooftops & slums of Gotham City!

Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Catwoman!

Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Catwoman is a 32 page $2.99 one-shot comic book, which tied into a story across several titles of Bruce Wayne’s return from the past since his appurrant death. It has the 22 page story “Lifting the Vale” plus 9 pages of ads & the 1 DC Nation page. It was written by Derek Rudolfs, pencilled by Peter Nguyen, inked by Ryan Winn, colored by John Kaliisz, lettered by Dave Sharp, edited by Mike Marts with assistant editor Janelle Siegel, with a gorgeous cover art of the smiling acrobatic feline femme fatale by Shane Davis & Barbara Ciardo!

The title is aptly named as Selina Kyle / Catwoman is crossing the path of reporter Vicki Vale, who has been snooping into heroes & villains’ secrets! The investigation brings her to Club V’s underground formal auction attended by criminals, including Selina & Poison Pamela Ivy! Selina wants to bid on a very rare diamond studded kitty statue! The Penguin is also in the audience in one panel, I’m not sure but that might be The Mad Hatter in the Stetson, and there’s an appurrance by Commissioner Gordon & Bruce / Batman tangling with Catwoman in a 4 page flashback.

It is a dignified purroceeding, until an irate Harley crashes the event  to retrieve her 2 pet Hyenas from the auction block. They were last seen in Gotham City Sirens #11. It is a riot in more ways than one when Harley makes her surpurrise entrance, and quite pleasing to see her set those poor caged critters free upon the crowd of criminals. The auction is a bust, but Harley is reunited with her dangerous pets who are happy to see her too! Later, a curious Catwoman snoops into Vicki’s place, and then has an interesting reunion of her on the rooftops!

Selina, Pamela & Vicki look glamorous; Selina is glamorous a strapless Black dress with purrls and a Purrple wrap; Pamela wears Green with a Gold floral brocade with cute rosette clasps, and Vicki is puretty in Pink. Harley is costumed in her mewsual Black & red working clothes. There are cutely drawn expurressions & body language, such as Harley’s sly glance as she grabs a sword; Pamela’s sigh over an evening ruined; Vicki kicking off her heels at home; Selina’s reclined pose & mischievous grin on the roof, and her sad dreamy gaze whilst thinking of Bruce.

A limited color pallet is used for the flashback sequence, and different fonts & colors for different characters’ distinctive internal dialogue. Selina’s thoughts are in a Purrple box, Vicki’s are a B&W typewriter style, and Bruce’s look like handwriting on notebook paper. I’m not sure when this occurs compared to the current Gotham City Sirens story with Zatanna, but it was a fun issue, and it felt like an issue of Gotham City Sirens which took October off!! We’ll have more about Harley later in the show, but nyow here’s Vonny to tell us about another female feline purrotagonist in-

Omamori Himari manga vol. 1 (plot spoiler warning)!

This is a nekomimi manga that we have been eagerly waiting for, nya! This Omamori Himari manga by Milan Matra was originally published in Japan by Fujimishobo in 2007, and Volume 1 was published here in the USA in October by one of our favorite manga publishers, Yen, nya! Some of our other recent favorite Yen titles are Spice and Wolf, Sunshine Sketch, GA, Suzunari, Ichiroh, and Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro, nya!
The 164 page papurrback was translated by Amy Forsyth & lettered by Hope Donovan, nya! It is compurrised of 6 chapters which are Black & White, except for the first 4 full color pages & cute cover art of Himari the katana wielding catgirl on the front & back, nya! It is purriced $10.99 USA / $12.50 Canada, with a purrental advisory rating of M for Mature due to LNSV (language, nudity, sexuality, violence) content, although the artistic nudity was no worse than in most comic books, nya!
Nyow on to the plot, nya! An orphan named Yuuto lives with his friend Rinko, her purrents & her cat Ranmaru whom he is allergic too, nya. Little does he realize how handy the Omamori amulet he wears will come in handy on his 16th birthday, nya! It is a purrotective mystic amulet passed down from his grandpurrents of a special heritage he is unaware of, which makes things both confuzzling & deadly when evil spurrits attack him at school, but fortunately, he has a purrotector in Himari, nya!
Known to the spurrit world as the legendary Crimson Blade of the Noihara, she arrives in the nick of time to dispatch the enemy, nya! She is a beautiful voluptuous warrior catgirl with purretty Violet eyes, silky soft long Black hair down past the hips, and the sword, but she is an ancestral guardian cat spurrit from the mountains, in human guise & pledged to purrotect Yuuto, nya!  Her lovely White kitty ears & tail will manifest at uninhibited moods, and at times she appurrs as a Black cat!
You might think it would be the purrfurred relationship, but not only is he allergic to cats, but her aroused amorous affections are purroving to be an awkward situation for Yuuto and a jealous Rinko, nya! Himari tells him that he is descended of demon hunters, but his latent powers are yet to manifest, nya. I can see how this would be a lot for him to purrocess, nya! This leaves him vulnerable to many vengeful demons, so Himari will be staying close to him for quite some time, where ever he goes, nya!
In addition to the dangerous situations requiring her sword, there are romantic & comedic moments, nya. Rinko challenges Himari to a tennis match, and later they go shopping, so that Himari will have more to wear than her kimono or school uniform, which she is quite willing to shed, nya! The purrchases include a cute dress & bikinis for a trip to the beach with other students, nya! Rinko has the cute ring closure striped bikini, whereas Himari has the sexy string bikini with the side ribbon ties, nya!
The beach trip would seem like the purrfect spot for a bikini-clad catgirl, but Himari is the nervous cat in the ocean, nya! Worse yet, this vulnerable situation is an oppurrtunity seized by Shizuka, a water demon with a grudge, nya!  There is an an interesting revelation & amewsing plot twist involving the adversaries, but I should leave that as a surpurrise, nya! I was extremely pleased with this manga, which was very humorous & sexy with the fun sword & sorcery, shopping, dating, domestic & academic scenes, nya!
The characters are so exquisitely drawn with excellent line & tone art, and very nice fashions, landscape & architectural detail of the home, school, store, forests, beach & caves, nya! I would like to thank the author & those folks at Yen Purress for Omamori Himari, which I will give a top grade, and a high recommendation to anyone who appurreciate a sexy swordscatgirl manga, nya! Nyow we will go from the catgirl manga to the girl cat manga as Petra tells us about–

Chi’s Sweet Home manga vol. 3, nya!

Hai, Chi’s Sweet Home by Konami Kanata is another recent favorite, nya! It was originally published in Japan as Chizu Suito Houmu, which has been translated into English by Ed Chavez with purrduction by Hiroko Mizuno & published by Vertical, nya! The front covershows a purrplexed Chi, a White & Gray stripe American Shorthaired kitten,  who is the cute main character, nya!

Volume 3 is a papurrback purriced at $13.95 US / $16.95 Canada, with the 144 full color pages of chapters 39 – 56 plus a 3 page purrview of vol. 4, 4 pages of ads & the copyright page, reading from left- to- right, like an American book, nya! In volume 1 she got lost from her Momma & siblings, but was rescued by a kind human family. nya. They try to keep Chi a secret, because pets are not allowed in their building, nya!

In Volume 2, Chi became more accustomed to her human family, and befriended a large roaming savvy Black cat named Blackie, who has been giving Chi some pointers, nya!  This time, Chi learns purredatory skills from Blackie and they get into mischief around the apartment complex and a box of chicken, nya! Chi survivies a visit from their rowdy niece, who is used to more rugged play with animals on a farm, and there are some close calls as the apartment manager gets closer to catching the cats, nya!

What will happen if the secret is discovered, nya? Each amewsing chapter purrtains to Chi’s life expurriences & discoveries, and the reader is purrivy to her childlike thoughts, nya! She is so adorably drawn with such amewsing expurressions & poses with cute sound FX, nya! This was another wonderful volume, and I heartily recommend this manga series to anyone who would like a cute kitty tale, nya! That’s all for our review of purrint comics today, but here are-

Our Monthly Web Comic ‘Picks of the Litter’, nya!

– and of course that is a good kind of litter, as in a litter of purrecious widdle kitties, and not the debris type of litter, nya! My web comic recommendations are Justine Shaw’s Nowhere Girl, and RC Monroe’s Out There, nya!

Mary Nyan:
This month I am recommending two mermaid theme web comics, Jen Vaughn’s Mermaid Hostel, and Jeffrey Anderson’s Namaka Hamou & other art & comics!

My picks for this month are The Tower by Saki Miyamoto & Brendon Bennett, and Astonishing Tales of Girly Suspense by Laura Ellyn and A. Piffer– woohoo!

Yay my turn, nya! I want to nominate Masque of the Red Death (which has the mature content) by Elfquest’s Wendy Pini, and Mistress by Andrea M. Bell, nya!

Maq#041 by Kimberly “Maqqy96″ Samson & Craig “Gyrick” Olsen; and Samurai Princess by Richard “Mr Fwibbles” Davies, Kailin “SleepyKiks” Scott, and Alexander “Chron” Ciccarelli.

Oh I will like so recommend the totally awesome The Elf Home by Katie Militello and excellent Elf Only inn by Josh Sortelli, fur shur! Mike?
Lastly but not leastly, one of my all time favoritest web comics is the gone but not forgotten, delightful as delightful can be Alice! by Michael McKay-Fleming! That’ll do it for this month’s picks of the litter and for this segment of the show, but we’ll be right back after the break to talk about–
Toys & Collectibles!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Hallmark Keepsake Harley Quinn Christmas Ornament

Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a Psychologist, until she fell in love with The Joker and became his Harlequin – costumed, acrobatic accomplice Harley Quinn! She first appeared in the 90’s Batman Animated Adventures. Arleen Sorkin purrvided her voice for the animated series, as well as the online Gotham Girls cartoons and the recent Arkham Asylum video game!

Gotham Girls is included with the DVD set of the live-action Birds of Prey TV series, in which Harley was purrtrayed by Mia Sara in an epurrsode. Harley has starred in her own DC comic book series and numerous other appurrances; I purrticularly recommend the award winning Batman: Mad Love graphic novel by her creators artist Bruce Timm & writer Paul Dini! Her best friend is Poison Ivy, and I also recommend the Batman: Harley and Ivy mini-series. Harley’s been spending healthy time apart from Mr. J of late, residing with Ivy & Catwoman.
Lately Harley has almost seemed more mischievous than criminal, more at odds with villains who are worse than her, purrhaps due to Catwoman’s purrofound influence. Now on to the ornament! This was the first ornament of 2010 that I purrchased. It is a more limited edition ornament than some others, purriced $14.95 USA / $19.99 Canada, and packaged in a 5″ x 3″ x 2.5″ white cardboard box with a photo of the ornament on the front. The ornament has such a lovely paint job, with Harley in her typical Red, White & Black costume!

She leans mockingly forward in a wide stance with a pleased sly expurression, right hand on her hip while in her left hand is a large mallet by her side. In this pose, the figure is appurroximately 3 3/4″ tall, but were she standing up straight she’d be about 4″ tall. Since the character is supposedly 5’7″, I purrsume the ornament would be of1/16.75 scale, if my math is right! She was excellently sculpted by Hallmark artist Anita Marra Rogers, with very slender purroportions which seem quite faithful to the character’s 115 lbs of lithe gymnastic trouble!

Not only is that oversized mallet of her purrfured weapons, but it cleverly supports the excellently balanced figure, so she can stand unassisted on a shelf or table! Since it is an ornament to be dangled from a tree, there is a small discreet hanger eyelet on her upper back!  I think this is an excellent ornament which would be a nice addition to a Harely Quinn fan’s collection! Harley might not always be nice or reasonable- but she sure is such a fun character! Should you like to get to know her a bit better, here are a few–

Web Sites Purrtaining to Harley Quinn!
A fan named Elise has an impurressive fan site purrtaining to Harely, Harley’s Haven, and her site devoted to Harely’s mad romance with Mr. J, Joker X Harley, nya! There’s also  Harley’s Homepage and Collecting Harley, nya!

Online encyclopedias & wiki sites dedicated to DC comics & animation with pages about Harley Quinn include the DC wiki, DC Universe Guide, Batman Wiki, and DC Animated Universe Wiki You can also search for information on her comic boook appurrances at Comic Book Database and the Grand Comics Database
Of course there is her fun page at the Official DC Comics site, and her page at the
Animated Batman-Superman Adventures site, and there is a page about her at the big web site about comic books, Comic Vine, nya!

So like the Internet Movie Database is a serious site to find out movie information, and there’ll you’ll find the entries on Harley and Arleen Sorkin, and Wikipedia has good articles on Harley, Gotham Girls, and Arleen, fur shur!

Mary Nyan:
There’s a Harley Quinn section at the wonderful site purrtaining to the cosplay of Batman & related Gotham City characters is Gotham Public Works
and you can see the many Harley Quinn cosplayers from around the world at big cosplay sites such as, CosplayLab, and American Cosplay Paradise! Oh gosh Lizzy, you should tell them about Crissy!
Hai! One of our guests in March 2008 was our artist / cosplayer friend Crissy, whom you see as Harley Quinn in her site’s costume gallery! She is also cosplays as Zatanna, Sailor Mars, Umi, Chun Li, Tifa, and in her Star Trek uniform, Miko costumes, kimonos & frilly EGL dresses, which are just the tip of her 50+ costumes! That’s all for this Harley segment, but on that cosplay note, Vonny wishes to tell us of two–
Famous Halloween Catgirl Cosplayers!

Hai, and firstly for this catty-gory, I would like to applaud Mattel’s multi-talented fashion doll icon Barbie Millicent Roberts her Halloween catgirl cosplay, nya! Barbie shows her Tiger stripes as she, her little sister Kelly and their kitty Whiskers purrpare for a party in the Hooray for Halloween storybook, nya!  This cute color 24 page trade papurrback was published by Random House and written by Diane Wright Landolf & illustrated by Karen Wolcott, with a lovely front cover photo of a doll with the neko mask.
Kelly cosplays as a faerie as the festive purrocess includes the invitations, balloons, streamers, cookies, apples & a Jack O’ Lantern, nya! Barbie is a very versatile veteran as the fashion doll and virtual actress, and we purraised her purrformance as a mermaid in our June Mew’s review of her DVD Barbie in A Mermaid’s Tale, but we purrticularly like her as the feline femme fatale, nya! She has also purrtrayed a faerie too so I hope she might eventually star in a catgirl DVD, nya!

Meanwhile, the ever educational & entertaining multi-lingual Dora the Explorer her Black kitty suit with the tail, Black & Pink ears & cosmetic whiskers for Dora the Explorer: We Love Halloween, nya! It is a cute little papurr back coloring / activity / story book with a sheet of glow stickers, nya! She was purreviously the cat in the Dora’s Halloween DVD and the books Dora’s Spooky Halloween, Dora the Explorer: Trick or Treat.
In fact both We Love Halloween and Trick or Treat have similar pages, including material purreviously published in the Monster Bash book, nya! This Black & White 22 page from Golden was based upon a teleplay by Eric Weiner, with interior art by Susan Hall & a lovely cover of Dora as the catgirl & Boots the monkey illustrated by Jason Fructer, nya!  By the way it can be tricky, but Dora the Explorer: Trick or Treat and Trick or Treat, Dora are different books, nya!

There is also the board book which shouldn’t be confuzzled with the Dora: The Halloween Cat in which she returns a lost poor Black Cat to it’s witchy home, although I recommend that one too because it is purretty and she saves the kitty, nya! She is dressed as a Green dinosaur in The Halloween Cat book by artist Zina Saunders & author Christine Ricci, nya. So for their catgirl cosplay, Barbie & Dora are the tempurrary nekomimi we wish to honor, nya! For our next nekomimi tribute, here is Myayr to purrsent this month’s–


Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: Cat Karina (major plot spoiler warning)!

Mary Nyan:
Thanks Vonny! Since October of 2009, we have dedicated this part of the show to famous catgirls who we admire! We are very broadly inclusive in our qualifications, and consider nekomimi nominees who are genetically, technologically or magickally part cat / part girl, those who dress the part, or have a purrticularly feline dispurrsition & cattitude!

Purrior honorees have included Lt. M’ress & other Trek catgirls, Mel of Jamie’s Clan of the Cats webcomic, Power Rangers’ Dr. Kat Manx, Marvel Comics’ Tigra, Doctor Who’s Novice Hame, Nuku Nuku, Catwoman, Irina Dubrovna, Anna & Uni Puma, Josie & the Pussycats, Sailor Luna, Darkstalkers’ Felicia & DC Comics’ Shakira! This month the spotlight shines on Karina!

Cat Karina is a purrose science fiction novel by the late, award-wining purrolific author Michael G. Coney, published by Ace Books in 1982. Part of his Song of Earth series, it is set in South America(?), tens of thousands of years in the future, where there are the evolved descendants of aliens & genetic expurriments, called “Specialists”! So there are breeds of people such as the crocadiian Cai-Men, the bat like Vampiros, the alien Shrugleggers, monkey men, and the Felina/ Jaguar-grrls!

The titlular purrotagonist Karina and her sisters Runa, Tessa & Saba are Felinas. They also have a scheming Daddy named El Tigre, but their Mommy Serena was murdered years ago. It is a savage wilderness, with tribal struggles and dangerous mutant creatures including huge hissy Black Widows! For the most part, it is a very Luddite technology, where things are made out of plant or rock as metallurgy is mostly forbidden by the alien Kikihuahua religious dogma, but they do have wooden sail trains to get around!

Hunting and fishing are also generally banned by opurressive hypocritic overlords who try to corner the market on reprilianTortuga meat, claiming it is purroduce. This does not sit well with the poor oppurressed, mistrusted Felinas, although there are some mysterious psychics who seem purrticularly interested in Karina’s destiny!  Felina is an extra special Specialist. Physically she is very svelte, lithe and beautiful, with slanted amber eyes on her oval shaped face framed by her rare fiery red hair.

This matches her feisty scrappy spirit, and she is a very agile, tough, and independent minded, although she does try to stick with her group of darker-haired sisters! There is a lovely illustration of them on the cover of that Ace edtion papurrback, as they pose in their short jungle tunics with weapons in front of one of those sail trains. It is a great pic and I wish I knew who painted it but unfortunately the artist’s name is not mentioned in the book! Hopefully our art mewseum expurrt Petra can find out!

There are other Felinas, such as Iolande and fastima, but back to Karina. She is the descendant of a Tiger girrl intergalactic space explorer named Capt. Spring. Karina is 18 years old as the tale begins; a claustrophobic, rebellious teen cat grrl and a light sleeper who likes to wrestle with her sisters, with a bit of a tempurr & vengeful side.  When we first meet her, she is stuck on a train track with a broken leg! Mewsually that sort of purrdicament comes at the end of the cliffhanger scenes!

Fortunately she gets a helping healing hand out of that situation from mysterious lady Dedo, and thanks to the healthy microscopic “Little Friends” in her DNA, she’s ready for further troubles! She expurriences one purril after another with sail car crashes, Croc Men in purrsuit, cat fights, spider bites, lustful admirers, religious zealots, purrejudiced purrsons, frustrating purrophecies, talk of alternate timelines (called ‘Happentracks’), and a tummy hungry for some meaty fresh fish. That’s just for the first half of the 294 page book!

Years pass in the 2nd half of the book, which starts with a festival and the big sail car race. Karina eventually gets Gray streaks in her hair, makes a startling zoological discovery about purrized livestock, catches a great big fish, loses Saba in a disaster, purrticipates in a revolution, and almost gets purrboiled by an alien laser gun! It is not all bad for Karina. She compurrehends the ‘big picture’, gives up a vendetta and falls in love with a ‘true’ human named Raoul!

They move into a palace and are appointed as co-rulers, as symbols of peaceful inter-species coexistence. This amewses her El Tigre, who becomes a Grandfather when Katrina’s son John is born! The book goes into a lot of travelogue-like detail about the different cultures & races, the environment & technology, and certain future historical events over many centuries & millennia. There is some harsh language, savage scenes of vicious violence & a few sexual tidbits, but no worse than most romance novels.

In the end, blacksmithing, flame broiling and fishing are legalized, and the ecology & society becomes more purrogressive, balanced, freer, happier & healthier thanks to that extra special cat grrl, Katrina! I don’t know if she appears in other books in the Song of Earth series, but I think Cat Karina would be a good manga or a movie! For fur-ther information purrtaining to Karina’s creator Michael Coney, I recommend these sites:

the site dedicated to author, an intermew conducted in 2006 by C. June Wolf at Strange Horizons the Wikipedia article, and his page at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database! That’s it for this month’s spotlight, but it will shine again in December on yet another famous catgirl!


The Cat Lady Sings…

Anyone else? No? Well that wraps it up for another edition of The Mew!

It was good that Mie-sensei was able to join us again.

Thank you for inviting me back!
We wish to thank Rebecca & Misty for those images, and our web master Jamie too for all of his hard work, nya!

Hai, and we also wish to all of those talented folks who made the nice things which we reviewed, nya!


Fur shur!

Mary Nyan:
If y’all have polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them, purrvided that such brief remarks are spam-free & stay on-topic!

Thanks for watching, y’all! We’ll be back with more next month! Be there… Aloha!

The Catgirls:
Happy tails to mew, until we eat again! Baibai, nya!

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