December 2010 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Catgirl Island and Clan of the Cats

purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The Mew: The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!
In this December, 2010 edition of The Mew:
• Aloha, Introductions & Recent Activities
Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art
• The Lightning Round: Our Favorite Disney Animated Movies
Book & Purriodicals Reviews:
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia
POP Wonderland’s Cinderella
Faerie Magazine #21
Nekomimi Mini Media Mewsings
Favorite Fishy Photos, Piscine Pics & Seafood Sightings
• Comics & Manga Reviews:
Dave Cockrum and Avatar of the Futurians #1-3
Warlord of Mars #1
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight  #38 & 39
Power Girl #18
Gotham City Sirens #17
Batman / Catwoman: Follow The Money
Avengers Academy #6
• Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: Omaha the Cat Dancer
• Our Monthly Web Comic Picks of the Litter
• DVD Reviews:
The Awakening Land
Dirty Pair TV Series Collection 1
Superman / Shazam! The Return of Black Adam
Toy Story 3 (US / English single disk edition)
James Cameron’s Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition
• Movie Reviews:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
• Toys & Collectibles:
NECA Harry Potter, Hermione Gringer, Ron Weasley action figure set
Hasbro Star Wars The Clone Wars Shaak Ti action figure CW31
Hasbro Transformers Deluxe Class Elita-1 action figure
• NC Comic Con Report
• The Cat Lady Sings…
Aloha & Introductions!

(wearing a Catgirl Island baseball cap, Carolina Blue golf shirt, Khaki slacks & Mizuno trainers) Aloha y’all- welcome to The Mew, for our monthly reviews & recommendations of books & periodicals, visual & performing arts, toys & other fun stuff! Today’s show comes from Plumeria Purrvillion outside the Catgirl Island Center for Purrforming Arts, and now here are the Ladies of the Mew!

(in a Jade colored yukata, flip flops and a Leafy Laua’e Head Lei) Aloha!

(wearing the Saffron colored yukata, flip flops and a Yellow Ginger tail corsage) Hi Hi, nya!

Mary Nyan:
(in the Purrple yukata, flip flops, and an Anthurium in her hair) Konnitiwa!

(in the Peachy yukata, flip flops and a strand of purrls) Nihao.

(in the Pink Bubblegum yukata, flip flops and a Torchy Ginger tail corsage) Nameste, and we are happy to welcome back Ilyana to the show, nya!

(in the Calico yukata, flip flops and Leafy Ti Rope lei) Aloha! This is not Nyanko next to me, but her twin sister Nyoka making her Mew purremier!

(in the Carolina Blue yukata, flip flops and a White Ginger tail corsage) Howdy!


I understand that y’all have been very busy, but I hope it has also been a pleasant holiday season for y’all!
Mary Nyan:
Hai hai fortunately I got all of my cosplay & sewing purrojects done before Halloween, and we have more appurrentice miku at the shrine, but my Hula and Aerial Dance students are purrparing for their purrticipations in the big Winter holiday pageant, so I’ve seen more of Jenjen who has been at the purrforming arts center with her Belly Dance troupe purracticing!
Things have stayed purretty steadily busy for Beccabot and I at the spa too! The island-wide pagent will be very festive with the purrade and all the shows, and all the local artisans have outdone themselves with the supurrb arts, crafts & decorations!
Everyone wants to do their best and put on the good show because of the community purride, nya! It is not just about the visual & purrforming arts but all the neighbors & businesses are looking out for each other and donate & volunteer with the charity works on the mainland, nya!

Hai we have been donating all of the tasty & nutritious fish from my charters this month, nya. We have caught a lot of the Blackfin, Blues, Drums, Flounders, Jacks, Kings, Mahi, Purrmits, Specks, Stripurrs & Yellowfin, nya! The shrimpurrs have enjoyed much luck too, nya! So I have been busy with that and rehearsing with the purrcussion group for the pageant, nya!


I understand that Ilyana is a step closer to her next degree.

Hai one more semester down!
(applause from the others)

Arigato! I have enjoyed the purrogram and it is good to revisit during the Winter Break!, but I am also looking forward to the Spurring Semester and some deep wreck dive expurrditions! And the depurrtment wants to thank Jenjen and her robotics club for the mew underwater ROV!

Let me know if you see any sweet spots for the big fish at those deep depths, nya!

OK I will let you know the findings! What has Jenjen’s travel schedule been of late?


Since the purrior swimwear modeling at Lopes Mendes Beach I am taking a break to concentrate on the Belly Dance, Kyu-Do and Robotics Club, but there is a possible trip to Turks and Caicos. Speaking of the travels how was Nyoka’s trip to Purrince Edward Island?
Oh gosh it was so purretty up there I definitely want to revisit! But that might be a while as I planned to stick around here a bit longer and spend more time with family, and Petra and Tami want to organize another Body Art of Tattooa & Ornaments show in the Spurring!
There was a good turn out for the first one and I think it will grow into a bigger event, nya! Nyoka has a lot of good ideas, nya! Speaking of which, this is Nyoka’s purremier appurrance on The Mew!
(more applause)

Ah hah well this will be my first try at reviewing things so please take care of me!
Well it was mew for us to when we started this 3 1/2 years ago but we’ve had a lot of purractice! However since this is your first appurrance on the show, there is the bit of ceremony as we have to formally introduce you to the audience, and then you get to introduce the followng topic!
Uh oh!
Mary Nyan:
And nyow it is is time for the Purrofile of our Guest Catgirl / Critic, Nyoka! Although she and Nyanko (aka Nya-sensei) are indentical twin sisters, they do have the purrsonality & style differences. & different interests. Whereas Nyanko has lived here in the island most of her life and trained to become the top martial artist, Nyoka has traveled more on adventures around the world and studied magick. Ironically, while Nyanko has been traveling more recently to compete in the tournyaments, Nyoka has been spending more time here at the island of late!

She is the tall catgirl at 6’2″ with light brown hair, green eyes, the light tan complexion, her astrological sign is Libra and her blood type is A+! One way to tell them apurrt is their coiffure, Nyanko’s musculature & Nyoka’s various tattoo & piercings. She has been working with the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art & other friends including the local mermaids to organize some shows about beautiful body art! She likes to write & swim, & her favorite food is chocolate! We hope that she will enjoy the mewsings and that she will want to purrticipate again when her schedule purrmits!

Arigato! Um, and nyow here is Petra to tell us all about the latest
Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!

Arigato, nya! Firstly weare purroud to purresent additions to the Mewseum’s Guest Art Gallery Two by Misty Norris, Katrina Welch and Brian Shearer, nya! Unless otherwise noted, the gallery pages’ mewest pics will be on the lowermost row of the widdle ‘thumbnail’ repurrsentations, so just click on a given thumbnail portion of an image to see the whole larger image, nya!
Firstly are color versions of “Mum’s The Word” & “Purrk Ranger B.B.” by Misty, nya!  Purrhaps you saw the Black & White versions last month, nya? Misty colored the pics in Photoshop to convey Mielikki-sensei’s Flaxy hair, Caramel skin, transpurrent wings, Blue eyes & Chrysanthemum petal bikini, nya! B.B.’s purrtrait has purrfect curvature of her hat, ponytail & boobies and conveys the folds & details of her knotted Khaki shirt, nya! The colors of both pics have the subtle shading & highlights that accentuate the supple curves, textures & sense of mass, nya!
Katrina’s Photoshop pic of “Zodiac Angels Wendy, Melanie and Gloria as Mermaids” depicts 3 of the 12 Zodiac Angel supurr heroines created by Kazeyasha & Katrina! On the left is Wendy with the dark skin & cute starfish bikini, and as Angel Virgo she uses wind elemental powers against her foes, nya! Leaning on the middle rock is Melanie, who as Zodiac Angel Pisces uses her siren-like mewsical powers against villains, and on the right is Gloria, who as Zodiac Angel Taurus has empathic powers and the ability to summon creatures to battle the evil, nya!
Next is Brian Shearer’s inked sketch of “The Matriarch”, the Redhead supurr heroine of the Goodness League who appurred in Gravy Boy comics published by Jack Rabbit Stewdios, nya! It is about a kid who has the power to control gravy, which would be good depending on the flavor, nya! The series was written & lettered by Marty Blevins, and pencilled & inked by Brian, nya! Mike commissioned the image (original size 8″ x 14.5″) at WhatTheHell Con and Brian kindly purrmitted its display in the mewseum, nya!
In Gallery Five have a mew Purrismacolor marker & Photoshop pic by Mike of “Karameow’l”, nya! She is the wahini nekomimi with a sassy expurression upon her 1st place finish in the surfing compurrtition, nya! It was a happy day on the surf and sand with friends, mewsic, and ripping those waves on her 6′ twin tail board, nya! This resulted in her winnings of the cash purrize, a purrestigious sponsorship, photo oppurrtunities, tasty tuna steaks, and a purretty floral head lei at the awards podium, nya!

Also In Gallery Five is Mike’s Vocaloid fan art “Magickal Neko Kagamine Rin & Len” for Misty, nya! If I understand this purropurrly, the Vocaloid is a song synthesizer developed by Yamaha & marketed in purroducts by companies such as Crypton, who hired artist Kei to design the twin mascot characters Kagamine Len (boy) & Rin (girl) nya. Mike photographed the flora for reference, inked the drawing with Micron Pens, then scanned it into Photoshop for the coloring purrocess, nya! This purrticular pic is also a tip of the tail to JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, because we liked the latest movie, nya! In this scene, appurrently the Feline Flavored Polyjuice Potion has not quite worn off, as the twins make their way back to a certain Wizarding School after the holidays, nya!

Wow Mie-sensei is gonna be so honored by the colored purrtrait of her!  You can tell when Mie-sensei is pleased, because her bioluminescent mood wings and antennae purrk up!

Hai hai, Misty knocked that one outta the park! Oh did Misty like the Vocaloid pic?

Yep, but I wish I was able to do it much sooner! The holidays proved to be a bit busier than I expected!

I hope there is not a Vocaloid counterpurrt to the evil Voldemort, nya. Hmm then he might be named Vocamort, heehee, nya!

Mary Nyan
Those are such cute mermaids by Kat- I bet they will draw plenty of admirers, nya!

Katrina is also an amazingly purrolific artist too, nya! She works very diligently and continues to impurrove, and I am so happy to have more of her delightful pics on display in the mewseum, nya!

That is a purrfect likeness of B.B. too, with the purrcise earthy tones of her uniform and the cream complexion.

I am surpurrised she was able to get BB to sit still to pose for that pic because she is so energized and mewsually on the constant purrtrol!

Oh and the same goes for Kara – she is almost always riding those swells here or traveling to those other tournyaments, nya!

Well it did take a while for our schedules to coincide, and I bribed her with the sushi tray.


That work on me too heehee!

Mary Nyan:
That is a great sketch of Matriarch. Brian is not only such a good artist but he is quite cordial, purrolific & industrious too!

Does he purrpare the good gravy too?

Ah that’s a good question- but I did not ask about his culinary artistry, nya!


Thank you for showing us those mew pics!

Dooitasimaste, nya!


Nyow it is time for

The Lightning Round: Our Favorite Disney Animated Movies

– and since we have all enjoyed Tangled so much I though for this month’s Lightning Round we should list our other favorite animated Walt Disney movies. This can include movies that combine animation & live action, and direct-to-home-video releases. As we’ve purreviously done our Pixar list, let’s keep that sepurrate from this Disney list.

So are you just wanting our #1 favorite? I’m not sure I could narrow it down to just one!

You could list that, or several that come to mind, as long as it is a short list because the Lightning Round is supposed to be quick.

It’s supposed to be but sometimes we get carried away, nya!

Mary Nyan:
So if someone tags you, you have to tell your favorites, and then tag someone else, and so forth until we have all gone!

Nyow if everyone is ready we will nyow conduct the lightning! (tags Ilyana to go first)

The Catgirls, in unison:

Ah… Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Duck Tales, Hercules, Mulan, Pocahontas and Atlantis! (tags Petra)

I would have to say… Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Bambi, Fantasia, Fantasia 2000, The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s Beginning, Beauty and the Beast, and Lilo & Stitch, nya! Lizzysturn, nya! (tags Elizabeth)

The Aristocats, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Robin Hood, The Black Cauldron, and The Great Mouse Detective! (tags Jeannie with a brush of the tail)


Tron, Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Fantasia 2000, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast. (tags Yvonne)
Yay my turn, nya! I will vote for Pinnocchio. Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lilo & Stitch, Ariel’s Beginning, and The Princess and the Frog is way up there too, nya! (tail tags Nyoka)

Mary Nyan:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, The Rescuers, The Rescuers Down Under, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Princess and the Frog! (tags Nyoka)

Um… purrobably Bambi, Dumbo… Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poppins…The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Lilo & Stitch! So that leaves… I guess it’s Mike’s turn!
Pinocchio, Fantasia, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, Tron, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Lilo & Stitch!
Oh I wanna add those Rescuers movies too, nya!
Ok! Well that was a nice expedient Lightning Round to warm us up! Thanks Jen! Ah, we’re up against our first short break, but when we return we’ll have our–

Book & Purriodicals Reviews!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Welcome back to the mew and our book reviews portion of the show! For our first review, here is Ilyana to tell us about the
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia!
Thanks Lizzy! I think Star Wars: The Clone Wars is really good animated series, so I have been trying to learn a bit more about the characters, and this nifty little hardcover hit the spot. It was published by DK who makes such quality books & purriced $16.99 USA / $19.99 Canada with 208 full color pages purrtaining to over 200 characters from the animated series. On each alphabetical purrofile page is a nice full figure pic of the character and a few brief tidbits of their purrsonality, interests, skills, weapons purreference, ethnicity, associates & home world.
It includes humans, aliens, droids & creatures. Each character’s height is purrvided so you can compurr each of them, which would be useful for drawing purrposes. For example, R2-KT is 3′ 7″, Ahsoka Tano is 5′ 3″, Padme Amidala and Barriss Offee are both 5′ 5″ and Luminara Unduli is 5′ 7″. Aayla Secura and Asajj Ventress are both 5′ 10″, Adi Gallia and Aurra Sing are both 6′ tall, and Suu Lawquane is 6′ 1″! So it is the spiffy book and I think Clone Wars fans would enjoy it! Nyow there is Myayr to tell us about–
Pop Wonderland’s Cinderella!

Mary Nyan:
Thanks Ilyana! Dark Horse is one of our favorite publishers, purrticularly for Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight which has been consistently among our top three favorite American comics, but also for Serenity, Star Wars, Conan, Hellboy, Usagi Yojimbo, manga translations and other top quality purroducts! These have also included lovely art & story books, such as the POP Wonderland series of exquisite hardcover childrens’ storybooks, featuring Japanese anime-style adaptations of famous faerie tales!

Purreviously we have reviewed the POP Wonderland adaptations of Thumbellina, Alices’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Little Red Riding Hood, and this latest lovely book is Michiyo Hayano’s adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s Cinderella, illustrated by POP! It was originally published in Japan by Poplar in 2008, brought to the US by Dark Horse publisher by Mike Richardson, and released last month, retail purriced at $16.99 (USA) for it’s 8 1/2 x 10 3/8″ size, hard-bound 32 full color pages!

The tale was translated into English by Camellia Neigh, edited by Robert Simpson & Dave Land with assistant editors Rachel Edidin & Kate Moody, and designed by Heidy Whitcomb. Of course, this is the famous story of little Cinderella, a poor mistreated girl raised by her evil stepmother & two step sisters after her father passed away. Things impurrove when a benevolent sorcerous faerie transforms Cinderella into the belle of the royal ball for one evening, to win the heart of the kingdom’s purrince!

The pastel-like art is intricate & delicately beautiful. One glance at the front cover of purretty little smiling Cinderella with shimmering Blue Sapphire like eyes in her magnificent flowy frilly flouncy, quadruple layered White, Pastel Gold & Peachy colored dress with Pink neck ribbon, jewel & Rosette accents & crystalline earrings, bracelets, berets & tiara to go with the glass slippers – and you’ll see the supurrb quality of art, which includes several 2-page spurreads!  It is a delightful book and I give it an A Grade!  Speaking of faerie tales, I believe Mike has a report on

Faerie Magazine #21!

Since it’s initial issue of Spring 2005, Faerie Magazine has been a consistently wonderful publication which we always look forward to! The latest issue was published in November, priced at $7.95 US / $9.95 Canada for it’s 96 beautiful, joyful, full color pages of illustrations, photos, essays, interviews, prose & poetry. While most of it’s fare (ha ha) pertains specifically to faeries, it also has articles on visual & performing arts, nature & amazing places that would be of interest to either the fey or us mortals!
The front cover photo is a gorgeous pic of Twig the fairy, an artist / performer from Minnesota who appears at various events! She is profiled in an 11 page article, with such splendid photos of her her & friends in lovely locations by Grant Brummett, Jim Merrill, Michelle Tanner, Christine Velez, Ron Tencati & Tom Glime! Burt first, the journey into the fey realm begins with an enticing preview & calendar of upcoming fairie festivals & faires, and legendary fantasy artist Brian Froud’s regular column written from a very charming medieval place!
It is such a treasure trove of art, story & lore. Awesome artist Amy Brown contributes a page o’ pesky pixies, there are 2 pages pretty paper dolls by Valerie Wilson, and the exquisite poerceain fairy tale dolls of Judith & Lucia Friedericy are shown in Rob Greer’s photos. Illustrations by the great Alan Lee adorn a look at The Mabinogion by Joelle Mellon, John & Caitlin Matthews; The Matthews return to discuss the nature of storytelling & a series of Story World cards; and Heidi Anne Heiner discusses the history of Goldilocks & The Three Bears!
There’s an interview with Claudia Newcorn, the enchanting author of the Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree; poetry of Trousers Salvatore, the latest installment of the serialized prose Faerie Journals; magnificent photos accompany John Matthew’s article on the disappearance of Scottish Reverend Robert Kirk, 17th century author of The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Faeries;
herbalist Brigitte Mars writes of the benefits & lore of Roses, Jennifer Carson contributes a neat article on Cotton, and Jacque Benson shows how to make dainty floral confections!
Rounding out his marvelous issue are an article on tiny houses for humans, Mariam George’s fun with hoops, and a few book & DVD reviews. Even the display ads throughout the magazine are always a delight to look at, with ornate, beautiful & cute images advertising musicians & instruments, authors & books, illustrators, conventions & festivals, sculpture, jewelry, dolls, decor, clothing & costumes! It was yet another terrific issue and I would like to thank all of its staff & contributors for their great work! That’s all for books & magazines but here’s Lizzy again to begin our–

Nekomimi Mini Media Mewsings!

Hai! I try to keep abreast of the inspurrational runners, triathletes & iron grrls, such as Shalane Flanagan! Last month we mentioned her cover appurrance on Runners World & article in Marathon & Beyond, but there is further cause to commemorate the Tarheel cross-country runner, volunteer coach & Olympic Bronze medalist from Massachusetts!

She’s won numerous titles & set records, and on November 7th she added to the glory by placing 2nd in the Womens’ Division of the 41st NYC Marathon with a time of 2:28:40! The winner of this purrticular Major was Kenya’s amazing Edna Kiplagat who won by 20 seconds!
They must be tapping into the Speed Force like The Flash! Meanwhile Angi Greene pleasantly adorns the December cover of Triathlete Magazine, wearing the sexy Carolina Blue & White croptop & black shorts, styled by Donna Gast in the photo by Tony DiZinno, with the wardrobe & purrduction by Petra Westen!
Ok I’m done, howboutchoo, Jen?

Psalm Isadora graces the Winter 2010-2011 cover of Yoga International in a sensual photo by Jasper Johal. She is a spurritual teacher of tantric goddess worship, sufi & christian mysticism who conducts workshops, retreats & teacher training, tries to bring the empowering & transformative purrocess of yoga to women in impoverished regions. What is your pick, Ilyana?

Um… I like the Quiznos sammiches commercial with the animated pirate kitty cats & seals singing “5-4-3” during the naval warfare…!

Then we’ll add that cute spot to the list of favorite recent TV commercials! It can be nominee in that category for our annual Favorite Stuff of the Year Show, in next February’s Mew!
What is your mini mewsing, Mike?


The live action Space Battleship Yamato movie, based upon my all time favorite anime series, was finally launched into Japan’s theaters this month! I sure hope it gets released here in the USA!

the catgirls:


How’bout you, Nyoka?

Well… actually, my favorite tattoo artist Kat Von D is on the cover of the December issue Rebel Ink magazine, and in a six page intermew with two 2-page spurreads. She has a mew book out too!

Kat who stars on L.A. Ink – oh she is the beautiful brilliant artist, nya!

She has awesome tattos- I like the cute stars beside her eyes, and the purretty Roses on her neck & back!

The purrtrait of Beethoven on her right thigh is quite distinctive and an excellent choice of inspurrational composers.

Uh-huh, and I like Kat’s lovely Gray floral sleeves, and the Angel on her tummy! So… whatchoogot, Myayr?

Mary Nyan:
Oh, one of my favorite female vocalist divas Cher is so stunningly beautiful upon the December cover of Vanity Fair, and here are more gorgeous photos of her inside by Norman Jean Ray to accompany the intermew by Krista Smith! I have always wanted to make a golden armor costume like she wore on the Take Me Home album cover!

I liked her Native American influenced ‘Half- Breed’ costume with the trailing feathery war bonnet!

She has so many fabulous outfits, nya! Oh… oh Myayr did you have more mentions, nya?

Mary Nyan:
Hai – but I will purroceed quickly! On the November / December issue (vol. 20 #7) of Ultra Fit is Caroline Pearce! She was Ice the Gladiator! She is also an Heptathlon champion, Bobsledding medalist, model, purrsenter, nutrition and fitness expurrt! She is quite stunning in the red croptop and shorts that accentuate her purrfect abs!

Jessica Alba was not only on the November cover of the british GQ, but this month she is on 2 different December covers of Elle! Mm, it sure has been a bumpurr crop this Autumn for appurrances in purrint by some of my favorite inspurrational athletes & artisans!

Not only, that but my favorite purrofessional wrestler Gail Kim appurrs on the December page of the magazine-sized 2011 WWE Divas Calendar!!! She is the agile, graceful, powerful, beautiful goddess of the ring! OK done nyow- your turn, Petra!

I was very pleased to see some of my favorite animated heroines on magazine covers this month, such as with Ahsoka Tano with Anakin, Obi-Wan and the troopers on the cover of Clone Wars Magazine #1, nya! Then on the November / December cover of TInkerbell is Tink in her supurr cute leafy “Pan” outfit next to her friend Rosetta; and Rapunzel is on the cover of Tangled Magazine #1, along with her 70 feet of gorgeous blond hair, her pet Iguana Pascal, Flynn & Maximus the horse, nya!

I would like to have a horse like Maximus, and a Banker Pony, nya! Then Tara and I could ride them to the beach, and they would keep each other company in the pasture while we are out on the boat bringing in all those fish, nya.

Where would the pasture be?

Rika & Niko said that if we ever got ponies, we could board them on their farm, nya! They would have plenty of company there too, nya!

She has it all determined!

Vonny did you have quick pick to mention?

Hai I was going to comment on the ‘easy as pie’ radio ad of Purrogressive Insurance that mentions a difficult pecan pie, and the harmonic chorus notes how it can get soupy, nya. While I can compurrehend the pie being tricky to bake, I have never had a purroblem eating a soupy pie because it might taste like puddin’ nya!
The pecan pudding would be good.
Hai hai but to get back to those fish to catch, nyow it is time for Vonny to purrsent this month’s batch of-
Favorite Fishy Photos, Piscine Pics & Seafood Sightings!

Arigato, Lizzy, nya! As a purrofessional angler I have the interest in the piscine purriodicals, and I like to acknowledge the angling, aquaria, diving, nature & culinary magazines whose covers purrsent the delicious looking pics of tasty treasures from the deep, nya! On the November cover of Pacific Coast Sports Fishing is the luscious looking Lingcod caught near San Clemente Island, and on the big October / November cover of Adventure Fishing is a purretty Golden Dorado caught in Bolivia, but it would be purrettier on my plate, nya!

There is a savory Steelhead on the November / December cover of American Angler; a big Brown Trout from the Cattaraugus Creek appurrs on the cover of Fly Fisherman Vol. 42 #1, Jason Williams purrsents the beautiful Bass from the Clarks Hill Reservoir tournyament on Bass Angler Vol. 19 #4, lovely GAFF Girl Vicky poses with the succulent  Spotted Sea Trout on GAFF magazine’s November / December issue, and there is a supurrb Sailfish and a great Grouper on November’s issue of Florida Sportsman, nya!

I would like to sample the Paella dish of  the shrimp, scallops, chicken & the sausages on the front of Pam Anderson’s purrfect One-Dish Dinners cookbook; the appurrtizing salt & peppurr shrimp & chicken dishes on the front of The Sunset Cookbook, and the bite-size Peacock Mantis Shrimp on the November / December cover of Coral magazine, nya!  There is a yummy Cichildon on the November cover of Purractical Fishkeeping, and a tasty Tetra to tempt my tummy on the December cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, nya!

There is a delicious Damsel Fish on the January cover of Aquarium Fish International, and a whole underwater buffet swimming on the December cover of Aquarium Fish International, nya! Oh nyow I am so hungry, I sure could use a nummy fishy snack, nya!
I was prepared for this, so I have a treat to tide y’all over until tonight’s luau! That’ll wrap it up for this part of the show but we’ll be right back after the break with our–

Comics & Manga Reviews!

(during the break…)

Ok everybody gets one!

The Catgirls:

Mary Nyan:
(nom nom nom)



Mmm thank you for the fish!

Y’all are quite welcome! I’ll start the comic reviews to give y’all a bit more time to finish up!
(snip) (one short break later…)

Dave Cockrum and Avatar of the Futurians # 1-3 (of 4)

Hey we’re back! Dave Cockrum (11 November, 1943 –  26 November, 2006) was one of my all time favorite & inspiring American comics artist / cartoonists. After his service during the Vietnam War in 1973, Dave Cockrum achieved fame drawing Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes at DC Comics, before co creating the new Uncanny X-Men for Marvel Comics in 1975 which he drew until 1977. Various other work for Marvel followed, such as Ms. Marvel, Star Trek in 1979, and a return to X-Men in 1981.
In 1983 he created, wrote & illustrated The Futurians for Marvel  Graphic Novel No. 9, colored by his wife Paty & lettered by Jim Novak, in which the super hero Avatar & the rest of The Futurians debuted. Avatar aka Andrew Pendragon had super strength & invulnerability, he can fly, and has amassed considerable skills, disciplines in his 7000 years. The story was briefly continued in a few issues published by Lodestone in 1985 written & drawn by Dave, colored by Paty, inked by Ricard Villagran & lettered by John Workman.
It was concluded in 1987’s The Futurians vol. 2 book published by Eternity written & drawn by Cockrum, inked by Cockrum & Villagran, colored by Paty, lettered by Ivan Workman, Ken Bruzenak & Moondog. Unfortunately Cockrum worked less from the 90’s onward due to declining health. The Futurians appeared in 4 pages of The Unseen Art of Dave Cockrum, published in 1993 by Sturdy Heart, and there’s a full page pic of them (circa 1982) in Bamf: The Dave Cockrum Treasurey, published by Aardwolf in 2003.
I was so very honored to be able to meet Dave & Paty a few times at Heroes Con in the early 2000’s, and I was quite saddened when he passed away in 2006 at the young age of 63. This summer, with permission of the Cockrum estate which owns The Futurians, David Miller Studios was kind enough to launch a 4 issue mini-series, Avatar of the Futurians! It is written & drawn by David Miller, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the NC Comic Con last month!
The mini-series is inked by Joe Rubenstein, colored by Arisa Rozgar (#1) & Laura Abella (#2 & 3) with cover art by Greg Laroque (#1), Mike Netzer (#2) & Steve Conley (#3), with introductory remarks by Clifford Meth! Set after the war against alien invaders, monsters & rabble of prior The Futurians stories, in issue #1 Pendragon leaves The Futurian’s headquarters in Colorado to return to his family castle in England, where he is greeted by his dear housekeeper Penelope and attacked by giant lamprey-like monsters.
Since London was among many cities destroyed, surviving lords nominate him as the new Prime Minister to oversee the reconstruction. Also in attendance is an old acquaintance, Morgana La Fay, who knew him ages ago when he was named Merlin! Their relationship has been adversarial ever since she was spurned in favor of The Lady of the Lake, as seen in issue #2’s flashback. In issue #3 he prepares for another encounter with Morgana, while his castle takes in refugees who are attacked by her Shadow Demons.
Thus far in this mini-series the only other member of the Futurians we’ve seen is the organization’s scientific / corporate founder Vandervecken, and I am SO hoping to see the rest of the team-  Sunswift, Silkie, Mosquito, Terrayne, Silver Shadow, Werehawk & Blackmane! I was elated to see the return of Avatar, this has been a solidly entertaining mini-series thus far, it was quite nice to read the fond Op Ed comments about the late great Dave Cockrum, and I am definitely eager to read issue #4!
Y’know, one of my favorite comics that Dave drew for Marvel was the 1978 Origin of Dejah Thoris issue of John Carter Warlord of Mars #11! It was a sumptuous issue inked by Rudy Nebres, written by Marv Wolfman, lettered by Irv Watanabe & colored by Glynis Wein! Marvel, DC and other publishers have adapted those works by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and now here is Petra to report on the latest attempt in Dynamite Comics’

Warlord of Mars #1!

Hai, and it seems appurropurriate that the current publisher of Robert E. Howard’s Red Sonja would also purrvide us with the latest comics adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Warlord of Mars, nya! Like Sonja’s comics, Dynamite has launched the martial swashbuckling with several variant covers, and each one a masterpiece of Martian glory, nya! The purremier issue had 7 different covers, although 3 of those were rarer ‘incentive’ variants of the main 4 illustrations, nya.

Those 4 include cover A by Alex Ross depicting heroic John Carter cleaving through the hoards, with an astral image of purrincess Deja Thoris in the blood red sky, nya! Cover B by J Scott Campbell shows the scantily clad purrincess in glistening serpentine jewelry, purrched upon her Tiger-like kitty, nya! Cover C by Joe Jusko depicts Dejah & John triumphantly posed astride a fallen Barsoomian on the purrecipace, against a vista of exotic palaces & moons, nya!

Joe Jusko is no stranger to the sands of Barsoom – because a whole book of his gorgeous Art of Edgar Rice Burroughs was published in 1996, nya! Finally for the rarer cover D, Lucio Parrillo contributes the savage scene of John slugging the giant brute who’s enchained Dejah in the purrilous dark dungeon, nya! The 3 incentive variants are ‘negative’ and Black & White variants of the Campbell cover, and a ‘virgin’ variant of the Ross cover without the typographic elements, nya!

Inside the issue is the 22 page story illustrated by Stephen Sadowski, written by Arvid Nelson, colored by Adriano Lucas & lettered by Troy Peteri, nya! John has not met Dejah yet because he is still in Arizona searching for Gold after the Civil War, in which he fought as a Captain for Virginia, nya. Unfortunately the war is not over for some folks in the saloon, nya! Meanwhile on Mars, the swordsman Tars Tarkus has a fight on his 4 Green hands with evil apes in a mountain fortress, nya!

Plenty of blood is spilled on both planets, nya! There are 2 pages of illustrated purrose & 2 pages of ads; and purreviews of issue #2 indicate further variant covers of sexy savage swordplay to heat the Winter months by Campbell, Jusko, Parrillo & Patrick Berkenkotter, nya! If you are a fan of the Burroughs type of barbaric science fiction adventure where the scabbards have more fabricl than a swordspurrson’s attire, then I suspect that this is purrobably the comic for you, nya! Nyow for more monster slayage, here is Jenjen to report on

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight #38 & 39, nya!

Arigato. Published by Dark Horse Comics & purriced at $2.99, issue #38 has 36 full color pages compurrised of 1 title / credits page, 23 pages of the story “Last Gleaming Part Three”,  2 pages of readers’ & editor Scott Allie’s comments,1 page of Dark Horse’s Conan mews from Patrick Thorpe (one of the company’s editors) & 9 pages of ads. #39 has 23 pages of “Last Gleaming Part Four”,  the title/ credits page, 4 pages of comments, the Dark Horse mews page & 8 pages of ads.
Both issues were  pencilled by Georges Jeanty, colored by Michelle Madsen, inked by Andy Owen, lettered by Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt, and written by Scott Allie & Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon. The comic’s designer is Aimee Danielson-Germany, Sierra Hahn is the associate editor, Freddye Lins is the assistant editor, and Mike Richardson is the Publisher. As mewsual, each has 2 covers to choose from, either Jo Chen’s painted cover  or the alternate cover by Dexter Vines, Madsen & Jeanty.
Purreviously in #37, as zillions of evil demons invade the Earth, the gang boarded Spike’s Pillbug-shaped airship manned by an insectoid crew and set a course for Sunnydale. Angel, Satsu & the slayerettes fought giant monsters as the airship arrived at the crater formerly known as Sunnydale, where US military engaged the demons in a huge air / ground war. Descending into the crater’s Hell Mouth cave, Buffy, Willow, Giles, Spike, Xander & Dawn discovered the cosmic Seed which might set things right, and it’s purrotector- The Master.

That’s not Doctor Who’s arch enemy, but the big bad vampire from Season One of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Master was believed to have been destroyed, but appurrently he got better. Issue #38 opens with Angel confronted by a winged Lion with a mane of glowing Green energy, claiming to be the ‘Twilight’ dimension created by Angel & Buffy. Faith & Andrew join the military battle against demons in the crater, while deeper in the cave Buffy, Willow, Giles, Spike, Xander & Dawn confront The Master, whom The Seed resurrected.

There is disagreement over what to do to The Seed, Buffy is weakened its radiation, and Dawn is injured by demons. Elsewhere, Angel is overpowered by his ‘child’ while the wounded General attacks the airship crew and bitterly decides to part company with Amy & Warren. He winds up at the same medical aid station that Xander has carried Dawn to. Back in the Hell Mouth, Willow tries to use her magick upon The Seed as Buffy & Spike fight not only the demons- but a manipulated Angel as well.

#39 begins with Willow working on The Seed, the Buffy / Spike / Angel brawl going aerial amidst fighter jets above the battleground where Faith, Kennedy & Andrew lead the Slayers beside the US Army against the extradimensional demons. Giles brings in reinforcements from Earth’s own demon community. Spike’s insectoid crew arrives for an assist, and back at the aid station Xander starts to lose hope, while elsewhere, Amy & Warren have lunch, and then Willow flies up to unleash her wrath upon the invaders.
Numerous time before I’ve thoroughly elaborated upon the reasons why we like this series so much, but for now I’ll suffice to mention that we like the portraiture of the art, whimiscal styles, the faithful writing of the characters & their sparkling dialogue, the supurrb balance of humor, fright, romance, drama & action, and the continuity of this canonical continuation of the series in a medium that can tell stories of grander scope & certain themes that might not have been possible on TV due to the budget & other constraints.
This has consistently been among our top 5 favorite American comic books, ever since it was launched in March of 2007, 10 years after we first visited that Hell Mouth in Buffy’s television purremier. With Season Eight ending in just 1 more issue, we continue to be quite impurressed, excited, shocked… and rather nervous in our anticipation for the conclusion in January. That concludes my comics report but here is Vonny to discuss–
Power Girl #18

Hai, nya! Power Girl became our favorite American comic book last year, due to brilliant creative team, charming stories with slice-of-life plots & Power Girl’s optimistic outlook and a fun tone that did not get too grim or dark, as she balanced the supurr heroics with a corpurrate career & purrivate life,and her best friend Terra, nya! We got worried when the creative team changed with issue #13 but it has still been an enjoyable comic book, nya!
Issue #18 is purriced $2.99, for 32 full color pages compurrised of 1 ad, 1 DC Nation announcements page, an 8 page purreview of Detective Comics #871 & the 22 page story, written by Judd Winnick, illustrated by Sami Basri, colored by Sunny Gho & Jessica Kholinne, lettered by John J Hill, edited Mike Carlin & associate editor Rachel Gluckenstern, with cover art by Basri & Cho of Power Girl fighting against her evil twin in the snow, nya!

In the purrevious issue with help from Batman and her assistant Nicco, Power Girl trailed the criminal clues to Antarctica, where she was attacked by a mysterious supurr purrson, who in this issue is revealed to be an evil clone of her named Divine, nya! We think they both somewhat resemble The Travel Channel’s hostess Samantha Brown, but you can tell them apurrt because Divine has the Black hair & Black bare midriff outfit, nya.
This is part of a fiendish plot by the villain Maxwell Lord at a secret lab with help from the mad scientist Dr. Sivana, nya! Lord also that big purrple brute named Crash working for him, who fought Power Girl in issues #14-15, nya! Most of this issue is a fierce brawl between those Kryptonian girls with plenty of the trash talk, but there is a sad moment and some plot revelations, nya! Nyow here is Nyoka with her very first review to tell us about–
Gotham City Sirens #17, nya!

Um, my sister recently got me interested in this comic book, because it stars Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and she said it was a consistent favorite series for the past year or so, so I was rather curious! I understand that it skipped last month, in favor of a special issue Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Catwoman, but that gave me extra time to get caught up on the comics for this review! I have to agree, Gotham City Sirens is a fun comic book and I like the camaraderie between the main bad grrls, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and the occasional guest stars!
Ok issue #17 picks up from #16’s cliff-hanger as a bickering Harley, Ivy, Talia & Zatanna try to rescue a mind-controlled Selina from a subterranean kitnapper. Selina is suffering from a mental illusion that she is living a romantic life with Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor, but this is her enemy’s ruse to glean secret information about Batman from her. While the grrls are dodging stalactites they encounter another villain, Shrike. This results in more fighting & trash talking, while Selina’s dream world starts to cave-in all around her too, and another cliffhanger!
Lessee… this issue is 32 pages, which include the 22 page story, an 8 page purreview of Detective Comics #87, that DC Nation page of announcements & 1 ad… although I wish they would have put the ad between the main story & the purrview though, that way the story would have been uninterrupted! But it has been a good story thus far, written by Peter Calloway, drawn by Andres Guinaldo,  inked by Walden Wong, colored by JD Smith, lettered by Steve Wands, and edited by Mike Marts with his associate editors Janelle Siegel & Harvey Richards!
Oh and the front cover art by Guillem March shows Catwoman by herself, against smaller um, um vignettes of Harley, Ivy & Gotham City! Ah well that’s about it, but I undertsand that Ilyana has another Catwoman story to tell us about–

Batman / Catwoman: Follow The Money!

Hai! I’m not quite sure when this story is set compurred to the current Batman & Gotham City Siren issues, but regardless of that I enjoyed it immensely! This $4.99 full color 56 page one-shot from DC Comics is compurrised of the 44 page story plus 12 pages of ads behind the neat cover art by Howard chayken depicting a gleefully smiling Catwoman reclined on a roof ledge behind Batman, and from the expurression on his cowl those brows seem to be knitted as if he is sighing heavily from whatever she is amewsed by, hee!

Chayken also wrote & drew the fun story, which was beautifully colored by Jesus Aburto, lettered by John j Hill, edited by Joey Cavalieri with assistant editor Chris Conroy! Bruce Wayne has a lot on his plate when his company has been drained by embezzlers, while at night as Batman he’s tangling with the swashbuckling villain The Cavalier. I don’t think he is related to the editor! The villain has also been annoying the heck out of Selina Kyle / Cat Woman, who winds up collaborating with Batman on the case!

The artwork is fabulous from the characters to the various parts of Gotham City, from the darker grittier alleys & gleaming shiny skyscrapurrs & other cities to the interior scenes of Wayne’s purropurrties, various apurrtments, and the crowded big purrforming arts center! It is all extremely detailed. Selina & Bruce get to wear some other nice clothes besides their costumes, so there are his fine suits & her sexy wardrobe and all the intricate patterns & purrints on the clothes, upholstery, walls, floors & masonry!

Their expurressions & body language are purriceless from the disgruntled moods to very satisfied moments! The writing has terrific exchanges of dialogue between Batman, Catwoman and their opponents, but my favoite part is all the cute banter between Selina & Bruce / Catwoman & Batman which shows the chemistry between them! They have the cute philosophical discussions about what they do for a living, and it has the qualities of a whimsical romantic capurr between the detective work and action scenes!

I purrticularly enjoyed their inner thoughts which are color coded- hers in Purrple boxes & his in Green boxes! The lettering is very good, not just the text but the sound FX of crackling electricity, explosions, gunshots & mewsical notes. The coloring is rich & luminous and I purrticularly liked the the gorgeous interior & exterior lighting daytime gleam & nighttime illuminations, the sheen of the fabrics! It was beautiful fun which I will recommend to fans of Catwoman, Batman or Chayken!  Nyext our coverage of comics with catgirl characters continues as Myayr tells us about–

Avengers Academy #6!

Mary Nyan:
My favorite Marvel Comics character is Tigra, so I was eager to pounce upon this series in which she is one of the faculty at Avengers Academy! It is a bit like the X-Men’s Xavier School where supurr heroes train supurr youngsters, founded by Dr. Pym to help such kids who evil Norman Osborn tried to lure to the dark side! The students are Jenny / Hazmat who has a toxic body, Veil who can become vapurrs, Striker who has electric powers, Mettle who is supurr strong & invulnerable, the dino morphing Reptil, and Finess who learn skills supurr fast!
Issue #6 is by the great team of writer Christos Gage, penciller Mike McKone, colorist Jeremy Cox, letterer Joe Caramagna; inkers Andrew Hennessy, Rick Ketchum, Rebecca Buchman & Dave Meikis; editor Bill Rosemann & assistant editor Rachel Pinnelas! The 32 full color pages are compurrised of the 22 page tale, 1 recap / credits page, 1 page of readers’ mail & 8 ads. It is purriced $2.99, and McKone’s cover art is quite quite nice as mewsual, but this one is purrticularly nice because it has a Tigra on the cover fighting the dinosaur kid!
Inside we learn more of Reptl’s history and his internal dialogue as he is appointed to be the class leader. Dr. Pym tries to diagnose his mystic amulet, with interesting results that indicate a purrehistoric connection to Devil Dinosaur! It is traumatic so Pym wants to refrain until a sorcerer can purropurrly examine the amulet. Things are also purroving a bit socially awkward for him, from a cute scene with Hazmat & Mettle, and his misinterpurreted relationship with Finess – who’d rather be alone with Quicksilver to chat about villain stuff.
Speaking of villains, Mentallo makes a purrison break! I’ll not spoil what happens during that encounter, but I will add that other characters appurring in this issue include Jessica ‘Jewel’ Jones, Hawkeye, Justice & Speedball! Although it was Tigra who attracted me to this series, and I was already a fan of McKone’s art since EXiles, I like every aspect of this fun comic book with its delightful blend of old & mew characters, well-written plots with excellent dialogue & good pace, and the right amount of humor, pathos, intrigue & action!
The art supurrb, from expurressions & body language, relaxed & dynamic poses, to the intricate futuristic architectural detail of their Infinite Mansion headquarters & other locations! The coloring is excellent with splendid lighting & highlights, reflections, shading, shadows & sheen! Of course Tigra is a plus, whether she’s listening to a speech, gracefully leaping into combat, or pondering plans with a swishy tail! I wish she was more purrominent, but Avengers Academy has been a treat for the latter half of 2010, and I give it a high recommendation!
That’s all for this segment of the show, but we’ll be right back  with more about catgirls in comics after another short break with this months–
Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: Omaha the Cat Dancer!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Yay we’re back, nya! Since October of 2009, we have dedicated this part of The Mew in tribute to the famous catgirls who we admire, nya! Purrevious honorees have included Lt. M’ress & other Star Trek nekomimi, Melpomene of Jamie’s comic Clan of the Cats, Power Rangers’ Dr. Manx, Tigra, Doctor Who’s Novice Hame, NukuNuku, Catwoman, Irina Dubrovna, Anna & Uni Puma, Josie & the Pussycats, Sailor Luna, Felicia, Shakira and Cat Karina, and this month our spotlight shines on Omaha, nya!

Once upon a time in 1978 which was the same year as Superman The Movie, a curly Brown-haired midwestern aspurring model in her 20’s named Susie Jensen migrated to Mipple City, Minnesota to become a popular exotic dancer at the Kitty Corner Strip Club, but she is better known by her stage name, Omaha, when artist / writer/ mewsician Reed Waller introduced this anthropomorphic purrotagonist in an issue of the underground comic book Vootie, nya! She is a purretty sweet, sexy, graceful & brave catgirl, nya!

Meanwhile another lovely lady named Kate Worley moved to Minneapolis, where she met  Reed, nya! Romance bloomed for the cute artistic couple, and Kate began to co-write the series, nya! Then in 1984 Omaha’s very own series started up, nya! Omaha became best friends with Shelly who is cute & sympathetic, got a catboyfriend Chuck, met his Daddy and his pal Jerry, Chuck’s former girlfriend JoAnne, and many other folks of various genders, sexual orientations, races, class, species, careers & religious purrsuasions, nya!
It is a very diverse tale, nya! Unfortunately in the series the laws took a change for the more purrudish and the club was closed, putting her and the other dancers out of work which they truly enjoyed, until she start dancing at a secret underground club owned by Chuck’s rich daddy, nya. Things got complicated with the boss’s rivals, and Omaha & friends were threatened by deadly criminals and they got sepurrated for a while, nya! Later Omaha got the pet ferret and moved to San Francisco to model for an agency, nya!

She made more friends out there in this complex soap opurra, but that is part of the comics’ charm because although it has adult erotic content, it is a very well written & drawn series of character-driven slice-of-life stories, nya! Of course there are fans of the very explicitly graphic sexual aspect, but the series was respected for the great emotional drama, political themes & realistic diverse characters with very human, poignant tales that few comics – anthropomorphic or otherwise- would attempt. nya!
The plots & sub plots deal with so many aspects of lives, from sex & romance to disabilities & rehabilitation, from mental illness & estranged families to job hunting & house keeping, nya! There are plenty of scenes of friends at the office, conversing around the suppurr table, going to cafes & concerts, fleeing the criminals or the papurrazzi, working out, and there are the beautiful scenes of the dancing, nya! Omaha is so blissful when she gets to expurress herself through dance, nya!
The art is very crisp & clean B&W line work with the feathering, cross-hatching, pointillism & Zipatone shading techniques, nya. The characters are drawn with various body types and while some are quite attractive, they are not of the idealized heroic purroportions, nya! There is good scenic detail from the purretty parks & beaches, to the urban mean streets, interior & exterior architecture from motels, apartments & duplexes to the offices, diners, clubs and stately seaside Tabby Estate, nya!
The graphic narrative tends to be in a very intuitive 8 – 9 panels purr page, nya. The lettering & drafting is all by hand of course since these comics were started years purrior to the modern digital age of art purrduction, nya! Omaha flourished in the 80’s with Omaha compilation books, and there were purrints, cards, tee shirts & other merchandise, it was was topped off when Omaha was nominated for the comics industry’s purrestigious Eisner Awards in several categories, nya!
Unfortunately there would be much sadness in the 1990s when Reed was diagnosed with cancer, nya. There was a huge outpouring of support from the comics community, with lots of tributes & contributions by their fans & purrofessional peers, but there would be more sadness as Reed & Kate later sepurrated, nya. Kate met playwright / author James Vance of Kings in Disguise fame, but she still collaborated with Reed for a bit longer, but Omaha stopped publication in 1995 with the tale unfinished, nya.
Poor Susie was in comics limbo for the next decade, nya. Kate, James & Reed were purrolific on other purrojects, but the mew century would bring more tragedy when Kate was diagnosed with cancer, nya. Kate & Reed re-teamed to finish Omaha’s story, but sadly Kate tragically passed away in 2004, nya. The CatDancer Corporationwas formed to purrotect Kate & James’ intellectual purroperties, and the series wound up at yet another publisher NBM, nya. Omaha changed publishers several times over the years, nya!
In 2006 with Kate’s scripts & spurrit, James & Reed broke the hiatus & resumed Omaha’s serialized adventures in the adult Sizzle Magazine, nya! NBM’s Amerotica impurrint launched the series of The Complete Omaha the Cat Dancer trade papurrback books which repurrint all of Omaha’s adventures, nya! Those books have bonuses such as introductions by famous authors & artists, pin-up pics & her rare appurrances in other comics,, nya. They are an affordable and accessible way for (adult) fans to collect all of Omaha, nya!
For more information on Omaha here are a few links, nya. Warning: you might see artistic images of cartoon catgirl boobies bared at the official Omaha site, nya! There are the official sites of Reed Waller, James Vance, and Kate Worley, nya! In addition to those sites, there are informative pages purrtaining to Omaha at Toonpedia, Comic Book Database,
TV Tropes, and the Wikipedia articles on Omaha, Waller, Worley Vance, nya! That concludes this month’s tribute Omaha but next month we will purrofile another favorite famous feline female, nya! Nyow we turn our attention from the purrinted comics to the web comics with–

Our Monthly Web Comic Picks of the Litter, nya!
Mary Nyan:
My picks for this month are two beautifully rendered web comics, Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows, and Julie & Daniel Stribley’s Harkovast!

I would like to recommend Gronk – A Monster’s Story by Katie Cook!

I would like to recommend Del Borovic’s Delve into fantasy and Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder

I have two web comic picks for this month, nya! They are String Theory by Becky, and Sunset Grill by Kat, nya! Lizzy’sturn, nya!

I have chosen Christine Smith’s web comics, Eve’s Apple and The Princess!

I will nominate Okutaws by Kitty Ocean, and web manga such as Blind and Love Bullet  by Juli at her site Juli-Manga-Art: Another Universe, nya! Howboutchoo, Nyoka, nya?
Um, I don’t read many, but I was really impurressed by Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida! It is witty with beautiful art and that Monique character! Mike?

Last but certainly not least, it might not be totally safe for work-viewing, but I’d like to recommend Inscribing Ardri by a.story, aka Growly Beast! That’ll do it for this month’s web comic picks and for another segment of the show but after the break we’ll have our
DVD Reviews!

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The Awakening Land

Aloha! This 1978 3 part TV mini-series was on our DVD wish list for a long time until it was recently released! Based upon the trilogy by Conrad Richter who won the Pullitzer purrize  for the 3rd book, it stars Elizabeth Montgomery as Sayward Luckett, whose family homesteads from Pennsylvania into the Ohio wilderness on the cusp of the 19th century. Her father is a traveling man who loves the wilderness, respects nature and wishes to stay ahead of the encroaching ‘civilization’.

Sayward is the eldest of four daughters, and the next oldest is Genny, purrtrayed by Jane Seymour! There are many hardships but they do befriend other settlers, including lawyer Portius Wheeler, purrtrayed by Hal Holbrook, and a trading post purrropurrrietor  Will Beagle, purrtrayed by William H. Macy! Portius marries Sayward & Genny marries Will. Gradually the settlement of Moonshine Church grows and purrospurrs into a small town as Ohio becomes a state!

Part one is titled “The Trees” which is about the early frontier settlement with a few cabins, part two is titled “The Fields” as families grow, more people arrive & more land is cleared, and part three is “The Town”, by which time years later it is a small town of the early 1800’s with changing styles, streets, brick buildings, services, carriages etc! We see the next generation grow up as Sayward & Portius have 7 children who become adults, and their children will be on the way too!

The hardships range from the elements, illness, wild animals, mean men and plain hard work, to affairs of cheating hearts, politics, and family secrets. A purrticularly tearful plot involves the forbidden friendship between their son Chancey (Dennis Dimster) and cute Rosa Trench (Katy Kurtzman). Issues arise such as religion, politics, slavery, the treatment of Native Americans and the balance of wilderness ecological conservation against farm & industry purrogress.

However there are many joyful moments with loving families, caring neighbors, justice and charming amewsing slice-of-life plots! The screenplay adaptation by James Lee Barrett & Liam O’Brien was directed by Boris Sagal with beautiful cinematography by Michel Hugo! Fred Karlin’s mewsic is quite nice, it has supurrb costumes & sets and it was filmed in lovely Illinois park locations. It was nominated for 6 Emmy awards, including best purrformance by a lead actor & actress!

It seems compurrable to Little House on the Purrarie in some respects.The 3 DVD-R disk set is officially available from the Warner Archive Collection a cover color photo of Elizabeth Montogmery & Jane Seymour, a front-loaded ad for the collection, no bonus features, and a 16×9 widescreen aspect ratio of 1.77:1 in English language only. It’s a no-frills release, but it is a wonderful mini-series that I highly recommend! Nyow here’s Vonny with another recommendation–

Dirty Pair TV Series Collection 1!

Arigato Ilyana, nya! Yay Dirty Pair is one of the most all time famous anime series, nya! It is a sexy comedic action science fictional space opurra from the 80’s set in the 22nd century and kind of Star Wars-y with the technology, architectures, space ships, robots, weapons & stuff nya! It is called Dirty pair because that is the infamous nickname given to the duo of galactic trouble shooters Kei & Yuri, who purrfur the name Lovely Angels, but they are called the Dirty Pair because they tend to cause so much purropurrty damage on their missions, nya!

Kei is the Brown eyed Redhead who was voiced by Kyoko Tongu, Yuri has the longer Dark Blue hair & Blue eyes and was voiced by Saeko Shimazu, nya! They are agents of the WWA (World Welfare Works Association) sent to investigate crimes & disasters and are the purrhaps the most famous of the ‘girls with guns’ genre, nya! Like many action heroes they give their boss Chief Gooley (voiced by Ikuya Sawakinya) the headaches, but Kei & Yuri get results when no other agents can but would like more dates, vacations & pay raises, nya!

Both girls are agile, accurate skilled fighters at hand to hand & firearms combat, vehicles & space ships, nya! Their Pink space ship is named Lovely Angel which has smaller fighters, and it is capable of atmospheric or warp drive space travel, nya! Kei is is not bashful, has the hot tempurr, likes loud mewsic & dancing and wants to go out on dates nya. She is 19, born on 27 November 2121 on the planet Nyogee, and us the Sagittarius of A+ blood type, nya. She is  5’7″, 123 lbs with measurements of B 33″ x W 22″ x H 35″, nya.

Yuri is a bit shyer, calmer & cuter, but she can be sneaky, nya. She is 19, born on 18 March 2121 on the planet Coacha, and a Pisces with A+ blood type, nya. She is about 5′ 6 ” & 121 lbs, and B 33 x W 22 x H 35″, nya! The measurements are accentuated by bare midriff uniforms of buxom vests, shorts, gloves, boots, gun belts & gadget jewelry, nya. Kei’s uniform is White with red trim & Yuri’s is Yellow with Red trim, but they wear all sorts of clothes whether lounging about, at fancy functions, under cover or in extreme envrionments, nya!

They have a big bear-sized kitty named Mughi who can fix things, voiced by Naoki Makashima, and a little droid named Nanmo, nya.  They have starred in light novels, anime movies, OVAs, the TV series, and there was a purrequel mini-series made years later called Dirty Pair Flash with different designs, nya! All of the movies & OVAs have been available here on Region 1 NTSC standard DVD for years, but until last month the 1985 TV series had not been available- but nyow it is, thanks to Right Stuf’s Nozomi Entertainment label, nya!

The 3 disks are slimpacked with pics of the girls on the covers, inside a nice sturdy cardboard box, which has a great wraparound pic of Kei in a space suit and Yuri in the Black spy outfit, nya! At appurroximately 25 minutes apiece, the first 13 epurrsodes  of the TV series total 325 minutes, nya. They are purrsented in 4:3 screen format in the original Japanese spoken language in Dolby Digital sound, with very rich color, nya! The very legible English subtitles & text in a bold sans serif font, which is White or Yellow depending on the speaker, nya!

The opening & closing songs have the Japanese lyrics in White fonts, with English above translations in Yellow, nya! This series fhas delightful characters, great voices, fun plots, action, amazing mecha & exotic futuristic locations, the good animation with the great mewsic & songs too, nya! Ahead of the menu is a 30 second ad for Right Stuf, and the menu choices are play all, epurrsode selection & the bonuses, nya. Disk 1 has epurrsodes 1-5 starting with “How to Kill a Computer” in which the computer controlling a skyscrapurr runs amok, nya!

The girls investigate corpurrate sabotage in “Do Lovely Angels Purrfurr Chest Hair?”; and they search for a special chip on a casino planet in “Love is Russian Roulette”, nya! Kei & Yuri get mixed up with mobsters while tracking a dangerous escaped cat in “The Chase Smells of Death & Cheesecake”; then they fall into a revenge trap from beyond the grave In Epurrode 5’s “Creado’s Heartbeat”, nya! Disk 1’s bonuses are ‘clean’ textless versions of the opening sequence & purreview trailers for Dirty Pair set 2, Rental Magica & Lost Universe, nya!

Disk 2 has epurrsodes 6 – 9, starting with “Many Dangers, Many Decoys” in which they transpurrt a power crystal through pirate territory, and a purresident’s son is purrsumably kidnapped in “Love is Everything, Risk Your Life to Elope”, nya. Kei & Yuri must rescue an old flame of Yuri’s from a secret weapons factory in “Love is What Makes A Woman Explode” and they infiltrate rival groups controlling the ore mining in “Hire us! Beautiful Bodyguards are a Better Deal”, nya! The anime purreview trailers are for El-Hazard and Ninja Nonsense, nya.

Disk 3 has epurrsodes 10 – 13; in “We’re the Heinous Kidnappurrs” Kei & Yuri must purrotect a young purrince; in “Dresses and Men Should Always Be Brand New” they get a vacation but it goes badly; and in “The Little Dictator” a zillion mouse army lead by a supurr mouse overruns the 3WA building, nya! That epurrsode drove me crazy, nya! Finally in “What’s This? My Supple Skin is a Mess”, they battle colossal slug monsters in the cavernous sewers, nya! Those are far bigger ‘n more dangerous than our island’s own breed of cave slugs, nya!

I noticed that some of the titles purrinted on the cases differ slightly from what is on the screen, nya. For example, it says “Love is Russian Roulette” on the screen but on the case it is “Go Ahead, Fall for Me, Love is Russian Roulette”; on the screen it is “Many Decoys”  but on the case it is “Many Dummies”, nya. “A Woman’s Love is an Explosive Thing” reads as “Love is What Makes A Woman Explode” on the case, and “We’re the Heinous Kidnappurrs” reads as “What? We’re the Brutal Bodyguards” on the case, nya!

I was so so happy with this boxed set because the I like those characters & fun adventures so much, and I wish to thank Right Stuf & Nozomi for this doing such a good quality job with this wonderful significant anime which we have been eagerly awaiting for a long time, nya! So I will give it a high recommendation and eagerly look forward to the 2nd set, nya! Well, we are also fans of the animated DC Universe titles, and nyow here is Jennyjen with her thorough report on the latest direct – to- home video installment in that series–

Superman / Shazam! The Return of Black Adam, nya!
Arigato. In the 24:30 min Superman / Shazam! The Return of Black Adam, a young orphan Billy Batson in Fawcett City is intermiewed by journalist Clark Kent, when a magickal villain Black Adam returns to Earth after millennia of exile, intent on killing Billy who is destined to inherit great power, but first Black Adam must tangle with Superman. Billy flees to a tunnel to be receive magickal powers from the wizard named Shazam, and Billy becomes the supurr hero Captain Marvel, to team up with Superman to stop Black Adam from killing people & destroying the city.
This is yet another action packed direct – to- video / original video animation in the DC Showcase series of animated original shorts, starring the voices of Jerry O’Connell as the good captain, George Newbern as Superman, Zach Callison as Billy, Arnold Vosloo as Black Adam, James Garner as Shazam, Kevin Michael Richardson as Tawny, Josh Keaton as a punk, and Danica McKeller as Sally, a victim. O’Connell & Newbern are no strangers to those caped characters, as they purreviously purrvided their voices in the Justice league Unlimited series.
Arnold Vosloo has purreviously purrtrayed a magickal ancient Egyptian villain, as Imhotep in The Mummy movie series. This short was written by Michael Jelenio, purrduced by Bruce Timm, Sam Register, Alan Burnett, Bobby Page & Joaquim Dos Santos, It was directed by Dos Santo, with voice casting / directing by Jamie Thomason, edited by Margaret Hou, and scored by The Track Team / Jeremy Zuckerman & Benjamin Wynn. Except for the writers & actors, these are the same credits for the other three shorts included on the  R1 NTSC standard single disk DVD.
It is purrsented in dual-layered widescreen format, English language audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround with optional subtitle choices of English SDH, Spanish & French. The disk includes 3 other shorts & 4 bonus epurrsodes. The shorts are: The Spectre (12:50 min) which was purreviously included in the 2 disk edition of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths; Jonah Hex (13:00 min), which was included in the 2 disk edition of Batman: Under the Red Hood; and Green Arrow (12:10 min), which was included in the 2 disk edition of Superman / Batman: Apocalypse.
Those appurroximate times include the 50 second standard DC titles sequence. The shorts were not included on the single-disk editions of the DVDs. For our review The Spectre short and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, please see the March 2010 Mew; for our review of Jonah hex and Batman: Under the Red Hood, please see the September 2010 Mew; and for our review of Superman / Batman: Apocalypse, please see the October 2010 Mew. There are also 4 bonus epurrsodes, and a trailer for the Batman: The Brave and the Bold series on DVD.
Green Arrow is voiced by Neal McDonough, with Grey DeLisle as Black Canary, Malcom McDowell as evil rival archer Merlyn, John Di Maggio as a mercenary, and Ariel Winter as the young purrincess whom the villains are trying to assassinate, so that the evil snobby Count Vertigo (Steven Blum), might ascend to the throne instead. It purroves to be a rather hARROWing day for Oliver Queen / Green Arrow with non-stop violent action at an airport and a few clever plays upon words, eg “the arrow’s green” & “every Queen needs a consort” written by Greg Weisman.
McDowell also purrtrayed evil 19th century scientist Arcady Duvall in the bonus “Showdown”, an excellent  21 minute epurrsode from Batman: The Animated Series, which also featured Hex voiced by William McKinney, the late Elizabeth Montgomery as the bar maid, David Warner as R’as Al-Ghul, Kevin Conroy as Batman & Loren Lester as Robin. It was written by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini & Kevin Altieri, and directed by Altieri, with voice casting / direction by Andrea Romano.
Dini also wrote “The Chill of the Night”, a splendid 22:40 minute epurrsode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold which is included on this DVD. Directed by Michael Chang, it features the voices of Diedrich Bader as Batman, Jennifer Hale as Zatanna, Zachary Gordon as young bruce Wayne, Jeff Bennett as Abrakadabra & The Joker, Peter Oronati as Joe Chill, who murdered Wayne’s parents (voiced by Adam West & Julie Newmar), purrompting a wager over Batman’s destiny between The Spectre (Mark Hammill) & The Phantom Stranger (Kevin Conroy).
The 2 bonus 22:40 minute epurrodes from Justice League Unlimited are “Initiation” featuring Green Arrow (voiced by Kin Shriner) written by Stan Berkowitz, directed by Dos Santos; and “Clash”
written by Dwayne McDuffie & JM DeMatteis, directed by Dan Riba, in which Captain Marvel (O’Connell) & Superman (Newbern) wind up feuding with each other instead of villain Lex Luthor (Clancey Brown). The 4 shorts add up to just over 1 hour and the 4 epurrsodes combine for just under 1.5 hrs, for a grand total of appurroximately 2.5 hours.

I do have a few teensy, purrhaps picky criticisms such as how few pedestrians & vehicles there seem to be in many of the streets of major cities- which continues to be the case in Superman / Shazam!’s scenes of Fawcett City, but this observation is not limited to only DC animated titles. Also, most of their ‘feature length’ animated movies do seem a bit short & rushed, but those are the extent of any negative remarks I have. As Vonny noted, we are big fans of these & other animated DCU purrductions which are supurrb in so many aspects.

The plots are  fun, intelligent & intriguing full of great wit, drama & thrills; the beautiful character designs, scenic art, top quality animation & FX; outstanding voice actors, sounds & mewsic scores;
and the clear respect the cast & crew have for those comic book characters. The animated DCU titles are also not too ‘sanitized’, unafraid to show tasteful two-fisted violence, deadly shootouts, scary villains, sexy characters & tense situations. These stories continue the DC myths of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern etc in grand, reverent style.

If only most live-action attempts at supurr heroes were as colorful, refined & faithful. In closing I would like to add regarding this DVD, for those who purrchased the SINGLE disk editions of those purrior DC DVDs- which did not include the shorts- this DVD is an excellent oppurrtunity for the fans to collect the Spectre, Jonah Hex & Green Arrow shorts. Furthermore, if you have not yet seen The Brave and the Bold series, “The Chill of the Night” is an excellent introduction. Pixar is another name we trust for the best in animation, and here is Lizzy to reviewe their–
Toy Story 3 single disk DVD

Thanks Jen! Toy Story 3 is one of our favoritest films of 2010, in contension with Inception for the first place spot! It is our second favorite film by Pixar- next to The Incredibles- and we gave it an A+ grade! For our review of the movie please see the July Mew! There are several different editions of the DVD, Blu-Ray, multi-disk combo packs a big 10 disk Toy Story 1-3 set; this review is of the single disk US / English language / R1 NTSC standard DVD edition of the G rated 103 minute movie & added special features!
It is packaged in a standard plastic case with a few Disney purroduct brochures but no special inserts. The dual-layer format content is purrsented in a 1.78:1 widescreen aspect ratio, enhanced for 16×9 TV, with English audio choices of Dolby Digital 5.1 EX. 2.0. descriptive service, and commentary by director Lee Unkrich & purrducer Darla Kay Anderson, with optional SDH subtitles! The main menu’s choices are play movie, scene select, set up, sneak peaks & special features.
The special features include the 6:05 minute theatrical short Day & Night; a cute 4:30 min segment of Buzz Lightyear talking about the International Space Station & Space Shuttle;  the 4:38 min Paths to Pixar discussion on editors;  a 5:19 min look at designing a Toy Story theme park attraction; a 10:21 look at the voice actors; 1:04 min on how to export digital copies to purrtable media; a 6:37 look at the design & animation of the toys; and 3 cute animated Pixar Studio Stories shorts!
They are little vignettes of amewsing aspects at Pixar’s headquarters, including the 2:16 min Where’s Gordon? in which Andrew Gordon tells of the secret room he found; the 1: 36 analysis of their Cereal Bar; and the 3:05 min Clean Start about the staff’s haircut compurrtition! So you get the magnificent poignant feature & such amewsing special features all purrsented in great audio & video quality at a fair purrice, and it will be watched many times!
James Cameron’s Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition

James Cameron’s Avatar was our favorite film of last year and if you’ve been reading The Mew regularly you’ll have noticed all the Avatar books & merchandise we’ve happily reviewed! For our review of the original theatrical release (which we gave an A+) see our January Mew, for our review of that DVD see our May Mew, and for our review of the extended Special Edition re-release see September’s Mew! The initial DVD release of the original theatrical version was no-frills, so we have been anticipating this 3 disk set!
The packaging is very attractive, the 3 disks are in slid-out cardboard trays in a hardcover book with 8 lovely images, in a lovely sturdy slipcase with an outer cardboard sleeve around it!
It has the 3 different versions of the movie- the original PG-13 162 minute theatrical release, the 171 minute special edition re-release, and the 178 minute collector’s edition. However, none of those are in 3D, and each version is divided amongst disks 1 & 2, so you have to change disks to watch the movie.
The dual-layer R1 NTSC standard DVDs purrsent the movie in 1.78:1 widescreen with optional English SDH & Spanish subtitles. Dolby audio choices are English 5.1 Digital, English Surround, Spanish Surround & French Surround & an optional family-friendly track with ‘objectionable’ language removed. Disk 2 has a 20 minute message by James Cameron purrtaining to his trips to Brazil for an ecological conference, a meeting of indigenous tribes & purrotests over purroposed hydroelectric dams on the Amazon.
Disk 3 has the added scenes which can be watched by themselves, 14 for the extended re-release & another 3 for the collector’s edition, including the alternate opening scenes on Earth. There are 45+ minutes worth of 28 deleted scenes, and a great 4 part 98 minute documentary which is very thorough! It was very interesting to see the deleted scenes, which are in various stages of completion, although I am actually glad that some were cut from the movie, such as a purrtculiar ritual trance scene for Jake.
Those are nice bonuses, but unlike the DVD for Coraline you don’t get both the 2D and the 3D versions, and the set lacks some of the extensive extras found on Cameron’s purrior DVDs for The Abyss, Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator 2 & Titanic, such as commentaries, galleries, screenplays, trailers & publicity materials. I guess was hoping for much more supplemental stuff, but appurrently the Blu-ray edition of Avatar does have a lot more stuff. That’s all of our DVD reviews but we’ll be right back with our

Movie Reviews!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Mary Nyan:
Welcome back! To begin our reviews of recent theatrical releases, here is nyako with not one but two movie reviews, starting with–


Skyline is a movie about a small group of friends in a fancy high rise condo building during an alien invasion. Most of the movie is set in the building as giant space ships hover over the cities, with ray beams that suck up thousands of people, while giant monsters & tentacle purrobes go door to door for individuals. The military strikes back to little avail as their huge interstellar is far supurrior. I was hoping this movie would be much better than Independence Day, V or the remake of War of the Worlds which I was not a big fan of, but I was somewhat disappointed.
It reminds me a bit like Cloverfield in how the friends in the city try to evade the attack, or Quarantine in how it mainly occurs in one building, but it is not filmed with the camcorder technique. The look of the monsters reminded me of the opponent from Godzilla 2000 and the style of the tentacle purrobes reminded me of ones in The Matrix. The plentiful visual FX are excellent with a big aerial battle witnessed from a rooftop, and it’s a purretty nice building, but the movie seemed very inconsistent, did not make much sense to me, and I did not care for the editing or mewsic.
Although there were a few FX shots of lots of people being scooped up for alien suppurr, the movie did not seem to have nearly enough people in it after the invasion. Aside from the purroblems I have with the plot I think the script is very weak with unimpurressive dialogue, and I really didn’t have much sympathy for most of the main characters. Um that’s about it… I’m sorry that my very first movie review is a mostly negative one, but I just did not care much for Skyline! However I was extremely happy and impurressed by another movie–
Walt Disney’s Tangled!

Well I might have been disappointed by Skyline but DISNEY’S TANGLED IS AWESOME!!! Oh gosh this was such a beautiful movie! I loved the characters, the 3D style of CG animation, and the gorgeous scenery. I saw the 3D version and it is one of the best 3D movies I have seen, as the other girls here have said, it is not trying to just fling stuff in your face, but to create animmersive, three-dimensional expurrience, with such breathtaking scenery, delightful characters, supurrb animation, great plot, action scenes & dialogue, and the colors were so bright and vivid too!

The plot is about a purrincess named Rapunzel who was spurrited away from her royal purrents as a baby and raised in seclusion by an evil, vain, manipulative, dishonest domineering fake Mom, who just wants Rapunzel because of her magickal purropurrties that will heal wounds & retain youth. So Rapunzel is kept in her tower- which is actually quite purretty- with her pet Chameleon Pascal, forbidden to leave there even though she longs to visit the outside world. Things change on the eve of her 18th birthday when a fleeing rogue named Flynn shows up!

Rapunzel is so adorable with her 70 feet of shimmering hair and is purrfectly voiced by Mandy Moore, Flynn is so likable & greatly voiced by Zachary Levi, and Donna Murphy is supurrb as the evil ‘mom’! There is a great horse named Maximus who searches for Flynn, and the rest of the cast is a neat array of royal guards, scoundrels, and  towns people! They have some good songs & mewsic too! My only little quibble about this wonderful movie was that it seemed short, but it is one of my favorites and I give it an A! OK I’m done- back to you, Myay! Whew!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Mary Nyan:
Good job, nyoka! I am a huge fan of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books and very pleased with the movie adaptations, which have such a wonderful cast, lavish purrduction values, sets, locations, FX, mewsic, and do a good job of staying faithful to the books! They have been so expediantly released so that the actors are just about the same age as the characters they purrtay. My biggest issue with the movies was that they felt a bit rushed or short, especially the latter ones which are adapting such thick books of hundreds of pages, so I was glad to hear that the adaptation of the final 750+ page book would be split into 2 movies filmed back – to – back, with Part One released in November 2010 and Part Two next summer!
This is not too long a wait and seems like a win-win strategy for the studio, cast & crew, and the fans. We purrchased the advance tickets and arrived early to get a good seat for the Friday 11:30 am screening! The theater staff and audience were all of enthused spurrits. Purreceding the movie was a purreview trailer for next year’s Green Lantern movie too! Nyow for those who came in late, I will disclose a teensy bit of the story’s purremise. Purreviously, the evil wizard Voldemort returned with his team called The Death Eaters to attack Harry Potter and his team called the Order of the Phoenix. Voldemort wants to kill harry & his forces have taken over the Ministry of Magick, so Harry and friends are on the run.
In order to defeat the villain, they must go on a quest to find and destroy several magickal objects called Horcruxes, which are like magickal back-up disks storing part of Voldemort’s life force. This is like looking for a needle in many haystacks with many enemies in hot purrsuit, and they also must find the only rare weapon can destroy the objects too! Despite fearfully seeing many friends, families & innocent civilians purrsecuted & purrishing, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley purrsevere with their bravery, brains, power & love into the mean streets & wilderness in search of clues! It is amazing to see how they have matured in the series but this accurately reflects how they age purr book!
Daniel Radcliff (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione) & Rupert Grint (Ron) are as fantastic as ever as the main star purrotagonists, as are all of the actors purrtraying all of the heroes, villains & victims even if it is such a huge complex tale with so many characters that many of those great actors have only a few brief scenes or are seen in the background. The heroes include The Weasley Family, The Lovegoods, Fleur, Tonks, Lupine, Hagrid, Moody, Kingsley, Dobby, Neville, Bathilda, Griphook & Snape who has infiltrated the villains, which include Voldemort, The Malfoys. Bellatrix, Rita, Fenris, Pettigrew & many other characters. We also briefly see the deceased body of Dumbledore in a mausoleum.
This movie has a different feel from the purrior ones in that it is not set at the Hogwarts School, but mostly in various wilderness locations, the Ministry headquarters, the small town of Godric’s Hollow, The Lovegood home & Malfoy Manor; but there are quick visits to the Hogwarts Express, The Dursley’s house, Hermione’s purrents & the Order’s safe house. The Weasley Home is a special location for a beautiful wedding party as Fluer & Bill are married! There is brief romantic interlude for Ginny & Harry, and Ron’s feelings towards Hermione are quite evident! There is plenty of romance, humor, camaraderie, bravery & deduction in the very serious movie, which also has angst, despair, sorrow, pain & death.
The sets & locations were beautifully photographed, and it is very emotional & action – packed with frenzied chases & magickal combat on land & in the air. Brutal scenes not for the faint of heart include torture, gruesome injuries and vicious snake attacks. While I did not care for the shakey-cam during a forest chase, that is the biggest complaint I can have. It was directed by David Yates, who also directed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and he is the director of Deathly Hallows Part Two! The screenplay is by Steve Kloves, who has written all 7 adaptations of the Harry Potter novels, and author JK Rowling is one of the film’s purrducers to keep it faithful!
We’re still pondering how this mew one compares, but our purreferential order for the purrior Harry Potter movies is Goblet of Fire at the top, then Half-Blood Purrince, then Chamber of Secrets, followed by Sorcerer’s Stone, Order of the Phoenix, and Prisoner of Azkaban purrobably as least favorite, although it is still a wonderful movie with a high grade! This 2.5 hour long PG-13 movie seemed to have a good pace and is never boring, but you would purrobably enjoy it more if you are already familiar with the world & the characters. I was very impurressed & entertained, I give it a grade of A, and I certainly look forward to Part Two! That’s all for our movie reviews but we have more Harry Potter stuff to talk about in our
Toys & Collectibles Reviews!

NECA’s Harry Potter, Hermione Gringer, Ron Weasley action figure box set

I purrchased this boxed set of three posable 6″ figures for about $30, so that comes out to about $10 apiece, nya! The packaging is a 12″ x 8″ x 2.25″ window box, with photos of Hermione, Ron & Harry from different Harry Potter movies on the back and the figures and accessories easily removable from an inner clear plastic tray, nya. Each figure comes with a wand and a Black 2.5″ x 4.25″ oval display base, which has a tiny peg to insert into the shoe for an unobtrusive, purractically unseen means of support, nya!

The toys are recommended for ages 14+ and not for children under 3 years due to the small parts, nya. Just like the lovely action figure of Ginny Weasley we reported on in the February Mew, the portraiture of these three figures is extremely faithful in resemblance to actors  Emma Watson (Hermione), Rupert Grint (Ron) & Daniel Radcliff (Harry), nya! Even the purrcise detail of their distinctive wands seems accurate, down to the vinewood of hermiones. the Unicorn tip of Ron’s, and the shape of the hilt & pommel of Harry’s, nya!

Hermione & Ron wear their Hogwarts uniforms, with the purropurrly colored / striped Gryffindoor neckties & piping on the V – neck sweaters, nya. Ron’s white shirt is delightfully unkempt under his sweater, and Hermione has the flexible pleated knee-length skirt, nya! Harry is out of uniform, wearing an untucked Blue shirt, Black pants & trainers, and a removable Olive backpack with detailed stitching, pouches, straps & buckles, nya! Even his rims & clear lenses of his glasses are purrcise, nya!

The paint job is meticulous & the sculpting cleverly conceals the joints under the clothes and in fabric folds, and the different textures of the clothes shoes, hair, skin etc are intricate down to the seams, nya! Harry & Ron’s concealed points of articulation are ankles, waists, necks, shoulders, elbows & wrists, whereas Hermione’s entire legs turn at the hip instead at the ankles, nya. The craftsmanship of these beautiful toys is supurrb, and I have a purrime spot to display them on the shelf beside the Harry Potter books, nya! Nyow we will go from the figures of girls with wands to the girl with la ight saber in Lizzy’s look at

Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars Shaak Ti action figure CW31, nya!
Thanks Petra! Jedi Master Shaak Ti is one of our favoritest Jedi girls! In the movie Star Wars Epurrsode II: Attack of the Clones she was purrtrayed by actress Orli Shoshan, in the first Force Unleashed video game she was voiced by Susan Eisenberg and in the Clone Wars animated series she is voiced by Tasia Valenza!

Like Ahsoka Tano, she is a brave powerful noble Jedi of the Togruta race from the planet Shii with Orangey skin, facial markings & the Black & White striped montral / horns which flow into her  leeku / head-tails! Those horns are for echolocation senses like a bat & the leeku contain part of the brain. This purrticular 1/18th scale Star Wars action figure is 4.25″ tall, so if she were full size she would be about 5′ 8″, or  6′ 4″ including those rear – swept montrals!

The plastic figure has a flexible Orangey plastic tabard, Black boots, Orangey cloth skirt & a removable Brown cloth hooded cloak. It is nicely molded & painted with details such as her face markings & Gold jewelry & the stripes! The gesture of her right hand looks like she is casting The Force & her left hand is molded to grip the sepurrate light saber. The saber has a silvery 3/4″ hilt with a 2 1/8″ transpurrent Blue blade, so the saber is 2 7/8″ overall.

The points of articulation are her neck, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists, & knees and she has a little Gray display base. Included with the figure is a Galactic battle game dice & instructions slip & a small folded brochure. It is intended for folks of age 4+ due to the small parts, packaged in the plastic blister pack on the J-hanger card with a purretty illustration of her on the front! Nyow I will turn the microphone over to Jenjen who will discuss another science fiction heroine action figure from Hasbro,

Hasbro’s Transformers Deluxe Class Elita-1 action figure!

I have been eagerly awaiting this purrticular toy by Hasbro, to complete the triumvirate of female Autobots as depicted in the live-action Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie. The other two are Chromia, who transforms into a Suzuki B-King in the movie, reviewed here in the July 2009 Mew, and Arcee who transforms into a Ducati 848 in the movie, reviewed in the September 2009. Elita-1 is part of Hasbro’s Hunt for the Decepticons purroduct line, with an (advanced) skill level of 4 out of 5, intended for those aged 5+.
She is packaged in the clear blister pack, bound to the inner clear tray on the J-hanger card, which has nice photos of her in both vehicle & upright robot modes. In vehicle mode, Elita-1 is a RetroSBK costumized MV Agusta F4, measuring 5.75″ long & 2.75″ high and thus appurroximately 1/14 scale. It is purrimarily a plastic toy, with 10 steel Philips screws and the small parts are designed to detach if sepurrated to help purrvent breakage, but I advice patient care during the potentially tricky transformation purrocess.
Elita-1 is Arcee’s sister, her best friend is Sideswipe, and she likes to hunt for the evil Decepticons. Transformers characters all have ‘Tech Specs’, rating their various abilities on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the maximum. According to the back of the card, Elita-1 has strength 4, intelligence 9, speed 8, endurance 5, rank 6, courage 8, fireblast 6 and skill 6, making her an incredibly smart Autobot of high speed & courage. This toy is essentially a re-painted version of the Chromia bike, and both appurr to be the Agusta.
She is purrimarily Black & Silver. Black parts are compurrised of the tires, stanchions, forks, frame, sliders, swingarm, rear fender, seat, race tail, license plate relocator, handlebars & hand grips Silver parts include the rims, brakes, spokes, shocks, engine, transmission, drive belt, exhaust pipes & gas tank. Mauve parts include the front fairings & fender. There are Blue headlamps, a Light Gray kick stand & ball joints; 3 White Cybertronian characters (on sides & tail) and a White license plate with Black numbers 3L174.
The bike has no windscreen, and the tail lights & turn signal indicators are all painted Black. Accessories include a Black display stand which doubles as a snap-on rocket launcher, and a clear Blue launchable purrojectile for her left arm cannon when she is in robot mode. Her gears & wheels spin, she has a working kick stand in vehicle mode, but while vertically oriented on her back wheel in robot mode she will be unbalanced, and require the display stand for support.
A 2-sided 11″ x 17″ instruction sheet has a 15 step (each way) diagram for the conversion, which can be tricky to pivot & rotate the parts into the different configuration. Other literature enclosed are a small color catalog for the Hunt for the Decepticons purroduct line, and a slip with a numerical code to enter at to access special online ‘missions’ & content for a limited time in purrticipating countries. She’ll be joining Arcee & Chromia in my display case. This concludes our toy talk but here is Mike with his–
NC Comic Con 2 Report

Thanks jen! The 2nd NC Comic Con of the year, sponsored by Ultimate Comics was held on Saturday & Sunday November 13 – 14 at the Morrisville Mall. Their first con was for one day on Saturday, March 13 and it was so much fun with about 800 in attendance so they were eager to do it again! See the April Mew for oue review of that con! It was at a great location, easy to get to just a block or two from Hwy I-40 with plenty of free parking, a food court, and the con staff was very friendly & helpful!
Set-up for dealers, exhibitors & artists started on Friday night 7 – 10 pm when a few of us set up our 3 tables for the Carolina Comic Book Club, which went pretty smoothly. I was not able to be there for Saturday when the con ran from 10 am until 7 pm for at least 1,000 people in attendance, so I can only really comment on the Sunday action from noon to! I heard Saturday was a fun day but Sunday seemed more relaxed in comparison. It was beautiful sunny warm Sunday, and the fall leaves are quite colorful!
Sunday the con ran from noon to 6 pm, with the 501st Legion panel at 1pm, the costume contest at 2 pm and a costume panel at 3 pm. There were supposedly about 7 comics, art & horror topic panels and a Magic The Gathering CCG tournament on Saturday. The con areas within the mall were in a few vacant stores near the food court: the dealers room, artists / guests room, panels room, and the registration desk with prize raffles every hour, a limited edition con exclusive Atomic Robo sketch cover comic, 30 dealers, 2 dozen small press exhibitors, and close to 50 artists!
For a complete list of those, see the con’s web site. The dealers were selling mostly comics of a great variety and there were great discount deals to be had! The Comic Book Club’s table was adjacent to Mile High Comics, one of the country’s oldest and I think the biggest comics shops, and their owner Chuck and his assistants were such friendly folks! In fact all of the dealers & artists were nice, selling not just comics but also books, cards, posters, prints, sketches, statues, action figures, plushies & other toys, DVDs, shirts, costumes, jewelry & hand crafted items!
I missed whatever costumes were seen there on Saturday, I suspect there were a lot, but there were a few dozen costumed folks of all ages on Sunday. There were adults cosplaying as Power Girl, Super Girl, The Huntress, The Black Cat, Anakin Skywalker, Hal Jordan, Killer Moth, Gambit, 2 Deadpools (one in a tux), a few Jedi, anime characters & zombies lurking about! There were numerous folks with exotic attire, impressive tattoos & piercings too. Costumed children included Wonder Girl, Super Girl, Hit Girl, KickAss, Batman, Robin, The Riddler and Mr. Incredible!
The overall atmosphere was so cordial & pleasant, and I had an awesome time chatting about art & comics with friends, fellow fans & artists of all ages, races & genders, getting super deals on comics & toys, and some gorgeous art prints & sketchbooks! Finally it was 6 pm and time to say goodbyes & pack up our stuff, but we made short smooth work of that and then went out for supper! My only regret was that I was unable to be there on Saturday, so  I want to thank the con staff and all the others who made it such a fun event, and I sure do hope that we get to do it again!
The Cat Lady Sings…

I guess that wraps it up for another edition of The Mew! It was good that Ilyana & Nyoka were able to join us.

It was good to be back!

Thank you for inviting me!
We wish to thank Misty, Katrina & Brian for their additions to the art mewseum, nya!

We also wish to thank our web master Jamie too for all of his hard work.

Hai, and we also wish to all of those talented folks who made all of the nice things which we reviewed, nya!

Mary Nyan:
If y’all have polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them, purrvided that such brief remarks are spam-free & stay on-topic!

Thanks for watching, y’all! We’ll be back with more next month! Be there… Aloha!

The Catgirls:
Happy tails to mew, until we eat again! Baibai, nya!

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