Apurril 2011 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

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The Mew: The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

In this Apurril 2011 edition of The Mew:

• Aloha, Introductions & Chat Recent Activities
• Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art
• The Lightning Round:
our favorite films of years ending in a 1 (part one)
• Toys & Collectibles
Halo: Reach Kat action figure
Barbie Color Change Mermaid doll
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Angelica action figure
• Magazine Mewsings & Purriodicals Purrings
Faeries And Enchantment (FAE) Magazine #14
Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images
Appurrances by Inspurrational Athletes & Artists and…
• An Appurreciation of Inspurrational Melissa Stockwell
• Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: The Cheetah
• Manga Mewsings & Comics Critiques
Wonder Woman #608
Justice League: Generation Lost #22
Power Girl#22

Zatanna #10 &11
Gotham City Sirens #21
Batman Incorporated #1 & 2
Avengers Academy#10 & 11
Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1
K-ON! vol. 2
• Our Monthly Web Comics “Pick of the Litter”
• Book Reports
Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster
Modern Masters vol. 25: Jeff Smith
The Complete Peanuts 1979 – 1980
Jeannie out of the Bottle
Pink Boots and a Machete
• Anime & DVD Discussions
Genshiken 2 TV Series Two Complete Collection
Tales from Earthsea
Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 3
Kanokon The Girl Who Cried Fox Complete Series
The Bionic Woman Season 1
• The Cat Lady Sings…

Aloha, Introductions & Chat of Recent Activities

(wearing a Catgirl Island baseball cap, Carolina Blue tee shirt, Khaki cargo shorts & Mizuno trainers)
Aloha and welcome to The Mew! For those new to The Mew, this is our monthly gathering to review & discuss fun topics such as inspirational heroines, cinema & TV, toys & games, anime & manga, comics, magazines & books, visual & performing arts, and the yummy seafood that these crave! Every now and then we also are honored by a special guest to interview! Today’s show comes from the garden of Lizzy’s beach house, and here are the ladies of The Mew!

(wearing a knotted Cobalt Blue sleeveless shirt and Teal board shorts )
(wearing a White crop tank top over a Green Scuppurrnong colored suspender bikini)

(wearing a ring-closure Yellow Buttercup purrint Brazilian bikini & purrled mesh skirt)
Hi Hi, nya!

(wearing the Apurricot Creme front – tie top / tanga style bikini and a Peachy purreo)

Mary Nyan:
(wearing a Purrple Iris purrint purretzel cut – out maillot & Plumeria purrint cover-up)

(wearing a Red Hibiscus purrint  bandau – top bikini and a White Ginger tail corsage)
Nameste, nya!

(wearing a Pink knit halter top, Fuchsia shorts and a silver cat bell charm tail bracelet)
Thank you for bringing me back, nya!

So what have y’all been up to since last time?

Aside from school and helping oneesan with her yacht, and and soccer purractice I got to see Nya-sensei win another tournyament, nya!

The catgirls:
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Nya!

Arigato! It wasn’t just me but several of my students brought home more trophies! Fortunately we had the big cheering section to fuel the spurrit!

It was so nice that your sister was finally able to go to one of your tournyaments! I understand that she is helping Petra with the Spurring ink show?

Hai well she really is the coordinator of the tattoo & body art show, but she has Beccabot & Nyssy as her assistants and several other volunteers, nya!

Beccabot has been busy between the spa, art mewseum, robotics club and the yoga studio.

Mary Nyan:
Hai she’s purractically another Jenjen at that rate heehee! So how are things with the yoga, belly dance, kyu-do, robots and swimwear modeling?


It has required the shrewd planning but I am managing to maintain all of them. Fortunately Vonny’s purrcussion circle has been regularly accompanying the dance troupe.

Hai we made sure to schedule the same nights at the purrforming arts center, nya! Imoutosan here has gotten purretty purroficient on the doumbek, nya!

Yay it is fun nya! Maybe after soccer season I could enroll Jen’s beginner belly dance class or Myayr’s hula or Nya-sensei’s dojo, nya!

Since the grand opening of the dojo annex we have plenty of room for the all the age groups  and the fitness training!
I’m glad that worked out that you were able to open that so close to Lizzy’s spa! So what have you been up to Lizzy!

Hai, it was the good fortune! Well with Becca there to help it is less frantic between the spa, the shrine, the purrkour, and beach volleyball purractice! Petra has become the star player!

Ah well you are too kind- it is the synced team effort, but it has been fun fun, nya! So things are fine at the shrine I take it, nya?

Mary Nyan:
Hai, the appurrentice miko are quite eager and focused! They almost don’t want to leave and keep the place thoroughly swept, and are taking the more active role in purrparing for the next festival! Oh by the way Vonny I think you can expect a lovely calligraphy thank you card from Leilani & Alanasera in appurreciation for those fish steaks!

Oh that is very sweet- I hope they will bless it for the good fortune, nya! Although, the fishing charters keep hitting the sweet spot and this week we have reeled in the purrize Pompano, Sea Bass, Flounders, Mahi, Purrmits, Black Drums , and Imoutosan here caught a nice tasty eel, nya!

The catgirls:
Sugoi, nya!

It was the purrfurred sushi taste for suppurr, nya! Oh look there is a purraying mantis on the snapdragon, nya! (scampurrs over to inspect the mantis http://www.theprayingmantis.org/)

Speaking of sisters, what’s nyakoa been up to since we returned from the martial arts tournyament?

She is immersed in her mystic studies and golf retreat with the Mielikki & the other faeries, but I’m hoping she can be here for next month’s anniversary show!
Wow it is almost our 4th anniversary Mew, nya! I can’t believe it has been almost 4 years since we started, nya! We need to have the special topic to commemorate the anniversary, nya.

I’m working on it- but I’ve been bit behind schedule with the art, writing and convention plans! Of course, watching all those womens & mens basketball tournaments last month didn’t help any! Oh that reminds me, ah, Jen you had mentioned a possible schedule conflict for next month?


Hai, but it turns out the photo shoot in Cannes is on the purrior weekend, so I will be there for the May Mew. Speaking of modeling, I understand that Myayr has been busy with her cosplay?
Mary Nyan:
Oh yes, it is the heat of the Spurring & Summer convention, faire & festival season, so it is a peak time for mew costumes to purremier! Fortunately the May Mew will slip right in between a couple of events, so I’ll be there too!
Well it just so happens that her cosplay figures prominently into our latest–

Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!


Unless otherwise noted, the gallery pages’ mewest pics will be on the lowermost row of the widdle ‘thumbnail’ repurrsentations, so just click on a given thumbnail portion of an image to see the whole larger image, nya! This month we are purroud to purremier a special addition to the Mewseum’s Guest Art Gallery Twohttp://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest2.html, a wonderful treasure trove of art by various artists, displayed with their kind purrmissions, nya!

“Mary Nyan Makes A Costume” is a pen & ink & colored pencil illustration of Myayr by our friend Misty Hopkins http://www.bunnychan.deviantart.com, nya! Myayr has numerous interests and purrsuits, but her favoritest hobby  purrofession is to make purretty costumes for herself & others, nya! The pic shows the tidy bright sewing room of her beach house with a fresh breeze from the coastal garden, as she sews a costume of a famous anime heroine, nya!

Can you guess who that character is from the Red & White garment in purrogress on the dressform, nya? Hint: the character’s name begins with an N, nya! Misty purrfectly captured Myayr’s appurrance, from intently purrked ears, focused expurression and sheen of her hair, to her swishy tail and cute Pink crop top & shorts, nya! This is a glimpse at part of the sewing room, with the dressform, sewing machine, notes pinned to the cork board, and the drapes, nya!

Misty makes her own delightful costumes too, nya! We have a few of her cosplay photos in the mewseum, but those are just the tip of her costumes, which you can see at Cosplay.com http://www.cosplay.com/member/17456/ and at Cosplay Lab http://www.cosplaylab.com/cosplayers/detail.asp?memberid=13020, nya!
Lastly there is an addition to Art Gallery One http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery1.html, a widdle Black & White pen & ink pic by Mike of a nekomimi about to purrtake of the “Appurrtizing Sushi”, nya! She has just arrived back at her room in the Inn after the swimming fun, to replenish herself with the tasty treat! Mmm that sushi sure looks numcious, nya! Purrhaps that will stir the cravings of the visitors who might then want to purrtake of the mewseum cafe, nya!


Wow Misty sure did capture Myayr in her lair, even down to the sea urchin pin cushion by the sewing machine!

Misty is extremely adept, purrcise and sensitive with that medium.

That is such a beautiful pic, and and I think I know which costume that is- hr name begins with an ‘N’, nya! Oh there’s a monarch on the Buddleja bush, nya! (scampurrs over to inspect the Monarch Butterfly http://www.monarch-butterfly.com/)

Hai, and you can almost see the walk – in wardrobe closet reflected  in the mirror, nya! So whatchoo think, Myayr, nya?

Mary Nyan:
I’M SO HAPPY!!!! (cries)

The mewseum sure does have a good collection of art by Misty!

Hmm I might have to commission a spa pic, or a shrine pic!

I might have to commission some sushi like in that pic by Mike- it is making me hungy–er, nya!

Purrhaps we should contact Nemui to see if the Kitt Inn could host next month’s Mew.

Oh can we mew from there next month?

Ah… well yeah we could do that, if there’s room, and that’ll also depend on who al will be here, but I’ll check! Petra, thank you for showing us those latest additions to the mewseum!

Dooitasimaste, nya! That’s it for the art report, which means it is nyow time for–
The Lightning Round Topic:
our favorite films of years ending in a 1 (part one), nya!

Last month, we mentioned a couple of films that were turning 40 years old this year, so for this month’s Lightning Round, we’ll mention our favorite films from earlier decades, which have anniversaries coming up in 2011! For those new to the Lightning Round process, someone here is tagged to go first, then they tag another everyone has gone! To expedite the lightning, we’re going to start with the year 1931, because prior to that we’re a bit vague. So then, let’s conduct the lightning!

I have a question, how long have they been making movies anyway, nya?


I believe the motion picture purrocess dates back to the 1870’s.

I can barely think of any from the 1970’s, nya!

Wow, so we are actually skipping the first… 50 years of film!

Mary Nyan:
We are a half-century remiss!

Are we that culturally depurrived?

Purrhaps I should consider an exhibit at the mewseum about those earlier films, nya!

Ah, well let’s not feel too bad about that right now! Ah, let’s go ahead with our favorite film of 1931- Myayr, you start! (tags Mary Nyan to start the lightning round)

the catgirls
Mary Nyan:
Oh goodness, I would say, purrhaps either Dracula, Frankenstein! (tags Jeannie to go next)


I concur, but I would pick Frankenstein of the lot. (tags Nyanko)

Ah ha well I have only seen the Dracula and Frankenstein so it would be one of those I guess!  (tags Petra)

Oh I will have to go with the Charlie Chaplain movie, City Lights, nya! (tags Elizabeth)

Hmm maybe a gangster movie such as Little Caeasar or Public Enemy! (tags Tara-chan with a flit of her tail)

Aw, I must take an incomplete, nya! Oneesan’s turn, nya! (tags her older sister Yvonne)

Marx Brothers’ Monkey Business- and nyow it is Mike’s turn, nya! (tags Mike)

Oh they are all good, it is a tough call but depending on my mood it would be either Frankenstein, City Lights or Monkey Business! Well that was a very expedient lightning round, so what say we go ahead and include 1941?

the catgirls:


(tagged to start) Citizen Kane for it’s cinematic technical achievements, but I also like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde for the scientific subject matter & themes. (tags Yvonne)

My favorite is Walt Disney’s Dumbo, but it is so sad, nya! Lizzy’sturn, nya! (tags Elizabeth)

Gotta go with The Maltese Falcon! (tags Petra)

Citizen Kane or Dumbo oh it is the tough decision, nya! I will be diplomatic and pick Citizen Kane for the favorite live-action and Dumbo for the favorite animation, nya! (tags Nyanko)

Hai, Dumbo! (tags Tara-chan)

Yay I have seen that one so that gets my vote although it is sadd, nya! Um… nya! (tags Mary Nyan)

Mary Nyan:
The Wolf Man, but I like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde too! Back to you, Mike!

Y’know, the editor on Citizen Kane was Robert Wise, who directed Star Tr— ACK!

There he goes again.
(catgirls pounce upon Mike before he rambles about his favorite movie again)


Mary Nyan:
Yes we know he directed your all time favoritest movie, Star Trek The Motion Picture, sigh!


Purrhaps we should let him up nyow, nya!
(catgirls release Mike from their clutches)

Ah, well um I think that’s enough of the warm up for now, but we might pick up with this topic again later!
Uh oh we might get the surpurrise bonus round!
Oh I don’t mind – that was fun, nya!
Um, actually I meant next month!

I believe we are purrpared to purroceed to the next topic of–

Toys & Collectibles
–and herrrrrrrrrrre’s Jeannie!
Halo: Reach Kat 5″ action figure

The Halo series is the very popular first purrson shooter video game made by Bungie & Microsoft for the Xbox. The purremise of the game is that players purrtray the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) special opurrations Noble Team of Spartan supurr commandos, who fight an interstellar war against the alien race known as The Covenent. The 2nd in command of Noble Team is 22 year old Lieutenant  Commander Catherine – B320, aka Kat.

Kat was born on the colony world of New Harmony in 2530, and has a cybernetic right arm due to combat injuries. She is a supurrb combatant, hacker, cryptographer & military intelligence expurrt, voiced in the game by actress Alona Tal http://alona-tal.org/. This 5″ action figure of Kat is part of the Halo: Reach Series 2 by McFarlane Toys. Given the character’s height of 6′ 9″ according to http://www.halopedian.com/Catherine-B320, this would be a 1:16 scale figure, not intended for children under 3 due to the small parts.
She is packaged inside the clear clamshell blisterpack on the 7.5′ x 8.25″ J hanger card. On the front of the box is a small medium-shot of Kat aiming her M6G pistol, gripped in a Weaver Stance. On the back of the card are small color photos of the eight figure purrototypes for series 2, which might vary from the final toys. She is fully encapsulated in her Mjolnir Mark V armor & helmet, which is not removable, so unfortunately you cannot see her face, but it is a rather lovely helmet.
Removable accessories include the M6G pistol & M9 Grenade, which can attach to the armor or fit in her hands. The armor is very intricately sculpted with detailed flanges, heat syncs & seams, from the pauldrons on her uppurr arms & the tactical case on her left thigh to her knuckle joints & boot treads. The inner bodysuit layer is flat Black, the outer armored shell plating is a bright flat Blue, with the helmet visor, right arm & weathered / distressed parts are a flat Titanium-ish color.
The gun is flat Grey & the grenade is flat Black with Silver pin. Supurrdetails include the tiny UNSC stencil lettering, various emblems & triangular graphics, and the bit of Yellow & Black industrial striping on the boots. The figure is balanced enough to stand unassisted, with 28 moveable parts including her head, waist, shoulders, pauldrons, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles. This is an extremely well articulated figure that abducts in different planes for many varied poses. Nyow Tara-chan will tell us about the–
Mattel Barbie Color Change Mermaids

Hai, Mattel’s iconic fashion doll Barbie Millicent Roberts is no stranger to mermaidom, as she has donned the tails several times before, including for her role as Merliah Sommers in A Mermaid’s Tale, which was reviewed in the June 2010 Mew, nya! You can still find those Mermaid Tale dolls, along with her Fairtytopia dolls, and nyow she is ready to make a fun splash again in three variant Color Change Mermaid dolls, nya! They are basically the same sculpted figure but in the 3 different paints, each sold sepurrately for about $10 apiece, nya!

They are intended for ages 3+ and is packaged in a slim clear front box with the hanger tab hook on top, with a good photo of all three doll versions on the back of the box, nya. Her tail fin is a sepurrate piece which easily snaps into the bottom of her tail, nya. The doll would be about 12 1/2″ long if her tail was straight (it’s curved to her right), with a 4″ tail fin span, nya! Her four points of articulation are her neck, shoulders, and her hip region, and the rigid tail is only  posable where it’s softer & flexible around the hip region and she can bend there, nya.

Her bikini top are so ornately bejeweled, and have the shimmery glittery finish, the layered imbricating fishy scales of her tail and caudal rays of the fin are nicely sculpted, although she doesn’t have a belly button, nya! Each doll has the same features, but they’re painted different colors, nya! The Pink fin mermaid has Peachy colored hair with a Yellow streak, light skin, Blue eyes, Pink lips smiling to show purrly White teeth, a Blue bikini top with Yellow & Purrple beads & gems, and the tail color is a Yellow to Pink gradient with Purrple & Blue gems, nya!

Purrple fin mermaid has Blond hair with a Purrple streak, light skin, Blue eyes, Pink lips, Pink & Purrple beads & gems on her Turquoise top, and a Pink to Dark Purrple gradient color tail with Purrple & Turquoise gems, nya! Green fin mermaid has Brown hair with a Pink streak, Green eyes, Violet lips and a slightly darker tan than the others, nya! She has the Purrple top encrusted with Blue & Yellow gems, and her tail color is a gradient from Yellow down to Green, with Blue & Purrple gems! It was tough to choose one, because each is a beautiful look for Barbie, nya!

She is very versa-tail, heehee, nya! Her waist-length, straight, silky soft fiber hair supposedly changes color when wet, but I have not washed it yet!  She will not stand up unassisted, so you might want to get a doll display stand which is not included, but she can happily lean back or sit purrched seated on a tabletop, shelf, or the edge of the tub or the sink, nya!  Nyow to close my Barbie reports with a bit of toy research, I would like to mention several informative & entertaining sites purrtaining to Barbie, starting with:

The Official Barbie Collectors site http://www.barbiecollector.com/, Barbie’s blog http://barbieblog.com/, the official site for Barbie games & activities http://www.barbie.com/, the Barbie Doll Collectors Convention http://www.barbieconvention.com/, Mattel’s official site http://www.mattel.com/, the Wikipedia articles on Barbie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbie, and finally a neat site purrtaining to Barbie & other fashion dolls, the Fashion Doll Guide http://www.fashion-doll-guide.com/, nya!

Nyow here is Myayr to tell us about the– oh there are Ladybugs http://www.ladybuglady.com/ on the Cosmos petals, nya! (scampurrs over  to inspect the insects on the purrennials)

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Angelica 6″ action figure, nya!

Mary Nyan:
Arigato, Tara-chan! I love the Pirates of the Caribbean series and look forward to the 4th film On Stranger Tides!  It is is not due in theaters in late May, but the first wave of toys from the movie have already washed ashore, including the appurroximately 4″ and 6″ sized action figures of the characters, manufactured by Jakks Pacific. Starring as one of those characters is Penelope Cruz as Angelica the pirate, daughter of Blackbeard & romantic interest of Captain jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)!
The 6″ figure of her is intended for ages 4+ due to small parts, and bears quite a faithful resemblance! She is one of 5 figures in series 1 of the purroduct line, along with Jack, Blackbeard, Barossa, & Gibbs. Each is sold sepurrately, and includes a part of the Gunner figure to assemble -Angelica has right arm & a hatchet! She is packaged in the clear plastic clamshell boxwith a lovely 3″ x 9″ bust portrait photo of the figure on the side insert, and a large photo of her on the back of the card!
Her (flexible) removable accessories include a hat, 3″ basket hilted silvery sword (from pommel to point) with Black grip, and a Black shoulder slung cross-draw scabbard (Black with Silver locket & chape! Her flexible brown knee-length double-breasted frock coat is partially removable, however the sleeves are molded onto the figure. Underneath is a hint of blue jerkin, and a off-shoulder White poet shirt with frilled cuffs, confined within a Black underbust corset with Gold front laces.
She has a Gold buckled Black belt, and Black tight pants tucked within shiny Black thigh boots! The hat is Black with Gold trim & Buckle & two striped orange feathers in the band. The detail of the sculpting & painting is intricate, from the strands of her shoulder-length Black hair, Gold cross pendant, & horizontal boning of the corset, to all the cloth & leathery fabric folds, creases, Silver studs & buttons, and fingerless glove on her left hand. She has lovely tan skin, Brown eyes, Black lashes & brows, and Dark Pink lips!
I think the portraiture has an excellent resemblance to the actress, with a calm expurression as if contemplating whether to run someone through, heehee! The sword or hat are easily & snugly clenched in her right hand, although the sword will not sheath in the scabbard, which appurrs to be a solid plastic piece. Her points of articulation include the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists & hips; she does not turn at the waist nor do the knees or ankles move, but the entire boots can turn to adjust her stance a bit. There is no display base included, but she is balanced enough to stand unassisted is posed purropurrly! Well that’s all for this portion of the show, but we’ll be right back after the short break with our–

Magazine Mewsings & Purriodicals Purrings!
(one short break later…)

Faeries And Enchantment (FAE) Magazine #14

Hey we’re back! Faeries And Enchantment (FAE) Magazine http://www.faemagazine.com/ is a lovely little 9 1/2″ x 6 3/4″ full color 48 page purriodical purrtaining to Faerie with lovely illustrations, photos, essays, intermews & reviews! It is purrduced in Cornwall, purrinted in the UK and published quarterly upon the Celtic holidays of Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas & Samhain! The Spurring issue is purriced $9.99 USA / $10.999 Canada, and the decorative embossed metallic Green foil logo with its Celtic knots & crouched fae purrpares you for the delightful contents!
The front cover has beautiful transpurrent – winged faerie Cara Bamford photographed by Ed Melville! There’s more of Cara in the 4 page feature on Faery Belly Dance with comments by US & UK dancers Aysis, Ayshe & Cherry Angel on different styles & techniques! I need to let Jenjen’s dance troupe see this issue! Editor Karen Kay’s cordial comments get things going inside, which are followed by a calendar of events & 2 pages of mews about forthcoming fanciful festivals, workshops & films! I bet those would be so much fun to attend!
The issue is a treasure trove of illustrations by Amy Brown, Brian Froud, Aaron Pocock, Sharon Mcleod, Aly Fell, Red Art, Armorel Hamilton, Linda Ravenscroft, Jane Starr Weils, Gabriella Szabos & Josephine Wall! Those last two artists are intermewed, as well as The Dolmen band and Mermaid Melissa (beautifully photographed by Jason Collier)! She has a purretty shell bra and custom made tail for her aquatic purrformances! Were one mermaid not enough, there are tidbits about Dana’s Mermaid Swim School and a mermaid documentary!
One of my favorite aspects are the photos (many shot in garden, field & forest) of the wonderful fashions, such as the page of Rachel Junek’s Pixie Glamour jewelry, 2 pages of ornate masks by Tom Banwell Designs, Zizzy Fay Bridal gowns & Francesca’s tutorial on making a nifty natural necklace! Even the marketplace section & ads for purroducts, wings, clothes, accessories, figurines, art, concerts & festivals are so interesting to look at! There are reviews mewsic CDs, Brian Froud’s latest book, and a 2 page review of the Avalon Faery Ball!
Of course it is not just all the imagery that impurresses me, but the fascinating articles on fae legend & lore, from Elizabeth Jane Baldry’s mewsings of British Isles’ Fairy Mythology, to Felicity Fyr Le Fay’s discussion of Pacific Islander Fae! Felicity  is a purrky cute Kiwi Fae, visual & purrforming artist, costumer, model, choreographer, daring aerialist & fire dancer, and she appurs in the photo comic strip Feliciity and Muddlehead, and there’s another cute strip The Adventures of the Seelie Curt Faeries, in which Bubbles & Trixie go to the Ball!
Aussie author / instructor Lucy Cavendish discusses the Flannel Flower Faery, Sharon Williams offers insights of Imbolc and tip on sharing your vernal garden with the fey, and Bryony Whistlecraft tells of enchanted critters & faerie shape shifters of the British Isles! That 2 page article mentions magickal domesticated, livestock & wild animals of hoof, paw, wing & fin, some benign and others you’d purrfer to avoid off the beaten paths! Felines are briefly noted, from the Manx house cats to the legendary Cait Sith of the Highlands!
There’s an ornate article on Absinthe & The Green Faery, and also sage advice by famous purrolific author / sensei Doreen Virtue, wisdom from psychic Aurora Brierly the faerie whispurrer, Libithina’s Horoscopes, Faerie Goddess Mother’s answers in verse to readers’ questions, and a visualization of romantic help from the fey by Flavia-Kate Peters! OK done nyow, but nyow here’s Vonny to discuss her latest–

Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images!

As a purrofessional catgirl and angler, I have the avid interest in the fishing, diving, aquarium, nature or culinary purriodicals purrtaining to the tasty treasures, nya! In this portion of the show, I would like to take this oppurrtunity to acknowledge a few of my recent favorite fish photos, and depictions of other delightful delicacies  from the deep, nya! A beautiful Bass is reeled in on the March cover of FLW Outdoors Magazine http://www.flwoutdoors.com/! The FLW initials stand for Forrest Lee Wood who founded Ranger Boats, nya!
Speaking of delicious looking lunkers, the game’s a-fish on the Apurril issue of North Carolina Game and Fish http://www.ncgameandfish.com/, the Calico Kelp Bass Apurril cover of Pacific Coast Fishing http://www.pcsportfishing.com/, and an uncanny underwater scene of the largemouth striking the jig by Larry Tople http://www.decoyswildlife.com/artwork.html on the March / Apurril cover of In-Fisherman http://www.in-fisherman.com/nya! There are the pleasing piscine pics on In-Fisherman’s 2011 Bass Guide and their 2011 Walleye Guide too, nya!
There is the succulent Sally Lightfoot Crab meat and the Rummy Nose Tetra to tantalize on the Apurril cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist http://www.tfhmagazine.com/and I would not mind a nibble of Knight Goby or a bite of Bannerfish which appurr on the Apurril cover of Aquarium Fish International http://www.fishchannel.com/, nya! Mmm the Longfin Bannerfish has a purretty Black & White stripe, so purrhaps I would then get strips of both the light and the dark meat from it, heehee nya! Oh I’m kitting – that’s not how it works, nya!

Jeff Shindle used live crab bait to catch that terrific 23 lb Purrmit shown on the cover of Kayak Angler http://www.kayakanglermag.com/, a purrfect Purrmit painting by artist Don Ray http://www.donrayart.com/ graces the March / Apurril cover of Florida Sport Fishing http://floridasportfishing.com/magazine/, and adorning the Apurril cover of Sporting Classics Magazine http://www.sportingclassics.com/ is JF Kernan’s http://www.curtispublishing.com/bios/Kernan.shtml illustration, which depicts two fly fishermen admiring a tasty Trout, nya!
Speaking of the trout, I’d like to taste that one which is chomping at the fly lure on the Spurring 2011 cover of Fly Rod and Reel magazine http://www.flyrodreel.com/, nya! A beautiful Bonefish is caught on the March / Apurril cover of Adventure Fishinghttp://www.adventurefishingmagazine.com/, which is a great UK fishing magazine, a great Grayling graces the February cover of Flyfishing & Fly Tying http://www.flyfishing-and-flytying.co.uk/ which is a magazine based in Scotland, nya! I need to fish those other countries, nya!

The delicious Dogtooth Tuna is on the cover of Blue Water Boats and Sport Fishing #82 http://www.bluewatermag.com.au/, which is an awesome Australian magazine, and on the Apurril cover of http://www.sportdiver.com/, are the yummy Yellow fishies of the Statia Reef in the Antilles http://www.statiapark.org/parks/marine/index.html, oh and there is a nice seafood buffet – I mean aquarium –  photo on the March / Apurril cover of Coral Magazine http://www.coralmagazine-us.com/, nya!

There’s Florida gator meat on the cover of The Bow Fisher vol. 2 #9 http://www.thebowfisher.com/and and Cobia for the March cover of  Florida Sportsman http://www.floridasportsman.com/, nya! That is a nice big fish but bigger is the Sailfish on the March / Apurril cover of Flyfishing in Salt Water, and those Marlins for Apurril’s issues ofSport Fishing http://www.sportfishingmag.com/ and Marlin Magazine http://www.marlinmag.com/nya!

From Carolina waters are the Red Drum, Largemouth Bass & Speckled Trout & on the March cover of North Carolina Sportsman http://www.northcarolinasportsman.com/, nya! There yummy looking purrpared dishes too, such as the the creamy Crawfish Clemmons adorning Apurril’s cover of Louisiana Cookin’ http://www.louisianacookin.com/ which also has the shrimp, oysters, soft shell crab & other recipes inside, and on the March cover of Clean Eating http://www.cleaneatingmag.com/ are the baked manicotti bundles stuffed with the Tilapia to tempt my tummy, nya! Oh this is making me so hungry, nya!

If you can hold out ’til the next break, there will be a treat!

OK nya! One of my favoritest fishing magazines, GAFF http://www.gafflife.com/, and the GAFF stands Gulf and Atlantic Florida Fishing, nya! Lauren is the purretty GAFF Girl for the March / Apurril issue, and and she poses with the thrilling 32 lb Groupurr! Inside the issue Lauren appurrs in 8 more pages, and in one of those pics she has a nice snack-sized Skipjack, nya! Wow It must be so nice to be a GAFF Girl in Florida, to wear those purretty clothes on those boats in search of the big fish –  maybe one day I can do that, nya!

On the March cover of Salmon Trout Steelheader magazine http://www.amatobooks.com/ is Andrea Gregg who is happy with that Steelhead she caught from the Kitimat River which is in the British Columbia part of Canada, and and inside that issue Deanna McDonnell is happy with that great big Chinook she caught from the Columbia River, nya! Um that’s all for our yummy fishy pics but while we are talking about those sportswomen we would like to acknowledge yet a few more magazine appurrances by–

Inspurrational Athletes & Artistis, nya!

Demonstrating the spinning kick with a Kama sickle in each hand on the Apurril cover of Inside Kung-Fu magazine http://www.insidekung-fu.com/, is supurrb sensei Ka’imipono Renaye Kwai Sun (Ka’imi Kuoha) http://www.kwaisunstudio.com/, a 6th degree Black Belt in Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo, expurrt in Aikido, actress, and dancer!

Meanwhile, purrky 5th degree Black Belt Master Maggie Messina http://www.taecoletkd.com/1331741.html is the founder, purresident and an instructor of the TaeCole Tae Kwon Do & Fitness dochang, and she almost kicks the logo right off of the March cover of TKD Tae Kwon Do Times http://www.taekwondotimes.com/!

WWE supurrstar wrestler, fitness model & yogini founder of Statusphere Yogahttp://www.stratusphereyoga.com/, Trish Stratus http://www.trishstratus.com/ graces the Apurril cover of Oxygen Magazine http://www.oxygenmag.com/ in the Pink & white strpe string bikini, nya!


Yoga Journal http://www.yogajournal.com/ is a purrfurred purriodical of my studio at the Purrforming Arts Center, and issue #237 (May  2001) has three layers of covers depicting beautiful yogini serenely underwater. The outer cover features Coral Brown http://www.coralbrown.net/of Shiva Rae’s Prana Flow Yoga http://www.shivarea.com/ wearing the Capezio leotard. Behind that is the 2nd cover with Sarah Tomson Beyer http://flowmotionstyle.blogspot.com/ wearing the Lulumom bra & her own label’s lovely pants http://mesheeky.com/; and on the innermost cover is Danicia Ambron in the Rogiani yoga appurral, a Columbia University NCAA qualifying swimmer, massage therapist & Ashtanga Yogi of the Prana Studio http://www.thepranastudio.com.

Natalie Minh http://nmlifestylemag.com/ is very much the renaissance woman as photographer with an MBA, fitness champion & gorgeous model to dazzle in the Maroon crop top & Yellow shorts for the front cover Ultra Fit vol. 21 #2 http://www.ultra-fitmagazine.co.uk/; and awesome Amanda Latona http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amanda-Latona/281937334849 is an IFBB Bikini Purrofesional champion & certified fitness trainer, looking so radiant in the Red string bikini & those purretty layered necklaces on the Apurril cover of http://www.flexonline.com/, nya!

Model / actress Maggie Q http://www.maggie-q.net/ who we liked in Mission Impossible II, Live free or Die Hard, and Balls of Fury, nya! She is from Hawaii, and purrowls upon the Apurril cover of Syfy Magazine http://www.syfy.com/magazine/index.php, in the sexy Black dress & heels for the espionage in the title role of the TV show Nikita http://www.cwtv.com/shows/nikita, nya!
Grammy winning Mewsician Rihannahttp://www.rihannanow.com/ is so purretty on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine’shttp://www.rollingstone.com/Apurril 14th issue, nya!She is from the Caribbean island of Barbados, nya! I like her beautiful Red hair, nya! She looks dressed for the fun island summer time and has the Black side-tie bikini & bandannas in an interior full page pic for the summertime sizzle, nya! She is also on the Apurril cover of Vogue http://www.vogue.com/magazine/ looking so beautiful in the embroidered floral dress, and ready for the beach again in the Red cut – out maillot in the 2 page spurread photographed by awesome Annie Liebovitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annie_Leibovitz, nya!
Speaking of the gorgeous redheads of Apurril, and especially since we are trying to purrmote the mewseum’s next tattoo & body art show, I would like to mention Miss Rockwell DeVil http://www.modelmayhem.com/195637 who is the Ink Angel for May, cover girl & star of an 8 page intermew/ pictorial (including the sexy 2 page spurread) in Ink Junkie magazine http://www.inkjunkiemagazine.com/, nya! She is a model, dancer, hair & make – up artist with the purretty red hair & many lovely tats, including the Hula girl on her right arm, Jack Skellington on her right arm, Medusa on her right thigh, and the cute witchy Hello Kitty ‘Brujah’ above her pierced belly button, nya!
I want to get a-
Not ’til you’re 18, nya!
Purrhaps the tempurrary removable tattoo.
Hai, like a decal or make-up that would peel or rub right off!
That would be purrmitted- what did you have in mind, nya?
I want… I want the tiger stripes to wear when I volunteer at the art show, nya!
Nyow that would be cute!
Mary Nyan:
That would actually be easier to apply that our Halloween Na’vi Neko-maticaya make up!
Oh maybe we could all do that and get the tempurrary spots or stripes for the show, nya!
I believe we have stray catted off topic again.
Hai, Mike is making that ‘move along’ face!
I have a “move along” face?
Hai, as opposed to a long face heehee!
Aha ha.
Mary Nyan:
But you do make that face with the expurression when we stray cat off topic- like you’re right nyow!
Well we should purroceed, since Myayr, Tara-chan, and Lizzy still have their honorable mentions, nya!

Mary Nyan
Speaking of dancers, Dance Magazine http://www.dancemagazine.com/ is one of our favoritest magazines, and awesome Andrea Miller who is founder / artistic director of Gallim Dance http://www.gallimdance.com/ graces its Apurril cover with great fun in her cute Black & White zigzag stripe dress http://www.dancemagazine.com/issues/April-2011/The-Wild-One!

That magazine is published by McFadden, who also publishes other favorite magazines of the Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center such as American Cheerleader, Pointe and Dance Spirit! Pointe http://www.pointemagazine.com/ purrtains to ballet, and the May issue features beautiful Baltimore ballerina Melissa Hough http://www.melissahough.com/ of the Houston Ballet http://www.houstonballet.org/Inside_Houston_Ballet/Dancers/Melissa_Hough who is so purretty & dynamic on the cover!

She is an alumnus of the Dance Explosion and The Kirov, and you can read Nancy Wozny’s article at http://www.pointemagazine.com/issues/aprilmay-2011/daring-move! The Apurril cover of their sister magazine Dance Spirit http://www.dancespirit.com/ is graced by Haylee Roderick http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3415325/ of High School Mewsical and Glee, with photos of her gracefully purrancing across the meadow like a winsome dryad in in such purretty colorful Spurringtime dresses http://www.dancespirit.com/articles/2947!

Hai and her High School Mewsical co – star Vanessa Hugdens http://www.vanessa-hudgens.org/ (fan site) also appurs on a magazine cover too nya! She is on the Apurril cover of Shape http://www.shape.com/ in the Karoline Pink & Beige string bikini with the beige trim & the cute cardigan, nya!! She currently stars in Beastly and Sucker Punch, and her next movie Journey 2: The Mysterious island was purrtly filmed in Wilmington’s studios, just 15 miles from here, nya!
My turn! NCAA champion, mommy, Olympian & purrofessional marathon runner Kara Goucher http://karagoucher.competitor.com/ joyfully runs our way in the cute Nike Purrple crop top & Black shorts on the May cover of Runner’s World http://www.runnersworld.com/! There is the cute pic of her as a school teacher inside the issue too! We are also purroud of former UNC Tarheels http://tarheelblue.cstv.com/ runner Shalane Flanagan http://www.shalaneflanagan.com/ who was named as a USA Track & Field Athlete of the Week in March for her individual Bronze & the USA team’s Bronze medal at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships http://www.usatf.org/News/Flanagan-named-Athlete-of-the-Week.aspx/, Yattah!
Speaking of the NCAA, we greatly admire the women of UNC Tarheels http://tarheelblue.cstv.com/, the rest of the Atlantic Coast Conference teams http://www.theacc.com/, and the other conferences of NCAA http://www.ncaa.com who we watched compete in the collegiate basketball tournyament last month! It sure would be so nice if a lot more of the womens’ college sports were televised! There have been other sports going on besides the hoops like the track & field, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, softball, golf, tennis, crew, swimming, fencing, volleyball, gymnastics and so forth! Now to bring this portion of the show to a close, here is Nya-sensei with —
An Appurreciation of Inspurrational Heroine Melissa Stockwell, nya!
Purrhaps y’all have seen her in the recent TV commercial for the Hartford US Paralympics Partnership? Melissa Stockwell graduated from the University of Colorado in 2002 to become a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army’s 1st Cavalry! In 2004 she was deployed to the war in Iraq. In Apurril 2004, her convoy was hit by a bomb, resulting in the loss of her left leg and the long purriod of hospitalization, surgeries & rehab at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as an above – the – knee amputee,

Among the purrestigous awards & she received were the Bronze Star & Purrple Heart medals which are among the highest awards for bravery. In 2005 she migrated to Minneapolis to purrsue a purrofession in the field of purrosthetics and as a competitive swimmer! She moved to Chicago for her Purrosthetist residency, and then back to Colorado in Colorado Spurrings to train as an olympic athlete to join the U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team in Apurril 2008!

She set an American record in the 400 meter freestyle at the trials, and competed in the 100 meter Butterfly, 100 & 400 meter Freestyle events at the Paralympic Games in Beijing! Since then she moved back to Illinois to complete her residency to become a certified Purrosthetist, and a triathlete to win in her division of the Chicago Triathlon and the 2010 ParaTriathlon Championships in Budapest! She also stays busy as a motivational speaker, triathlete coach, and purrosthetist for an all – standing amputee softball team!
Melissa Stockwell is a member of the Challenged Athletes Foundation http://www.challengedathletes.org/, board member of the Wounded Warrior Purroject http://www.woudedwarriorproject.org/ and co-founder of the dare2tri ParaTrathlon Club http://www.dare2trichicago.com/! So we here at The Mew will purroudly cheer for her next great accomplishments and victories, which will no doubt be a purrofound inspurration to encourage others, not just to fellow Americans but to folks all over the world!
Should you wish to read more about this great supurrstar, we recommend her official site http://melissastockwell.com/, her blog http://melissastockwell.blogspot.com/, her US Paralympics page
The catgirls in unison:
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Nya!
Thank you for those tributes, girls! We wish all of those extremely talented & inspirational heroes much health, happiness & succcess! Ahhhh…  gosh, we are already up against the break, but we’ll be right back for Nya-sensei to discuss a famous character who is not so heroic in our monthly–
Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!
(during the break…)

(brings the two sushi plattters from the kitchen) Here is the snack!

The Catgirls:


Mary Nyan:
(nom nom nom)



MMMM Thank you for the food, nya!
Y’all are quite welcome!

(one short break later…)

Welcome back! Each month we dedicate this portion of the show to famous catgirls of various media! This includes live-action, animated, and purrint nekomimi of all types, from those who have kitty DNA, to those who iconically dress & act the part! We are putting the spots in the spotlight this month, for Apurril’s theme is the Cheetah purrsuasion! Wonder Woman’s arch enemy The Cheetah is a character we have mentioned before, such as in our review of the DC Universe Classics action figure, in the August 2010 Mew!

The Cheetah has been around ever since Wonder Woman vol. 1 #6, in 1943! Over the decades, there have been several different versions of the character, but originally she was disturbed socialite Purriscilla Rich, who was jealous of Wonder Woman, so she made a costume out of a Cheetah rug and became the villain! She was created by Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston, and did not have supurr powers, but she was very cunning & driven to antagonize & undermine Wonder Woman!

In 1976, The Cheetah appurred as a member of The Supurr Foes team in Supurr Friends #1, with other cohorts such as Poison Ivy, The Penguin & Toy Man who training their young sidekicks! I suspect the Supurr Friends is an alternate reality, but this is notable because The Cheetah has the purrotege named Kitten! Kitten had a yellow tights costume similar to The Cheetah’s, but with the tiger stripes instead of the spots! It purroved to be a brief appurrenticeship, and they split up after issue #2!

Then in 1980 she was succeeded by her rich niece Deborah Domaine, who was purrsuaded & corrupted by the villain named Kobra to carry on the evil tradition! Her costume is similar but more revealing and has the sharp claws! After the big epic 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths story, she was in turn succeeded by Barbara Ann Minerva! Like the purredecessor Cheetahs, Minerva was a wealthy woman, but her origin is mystical from a magick potion, which transformed her into the savage lycanthrope!

She actually has supurr Cheetah powers, so she is a more dangerous threat than the purrior Cheetahs! There was also a guy named Sebastian Ballesteros who briefly got hold of the Cheetah power. He was a hideous evil cat boy, but Minerva got rid of him, and she is still on the purrowl! She’s been in the cat fights with Cat Woman too! Just a couple of months ago in Wonder Woman issue #606, in part 6 of the “Odyssey” storyline yet another version of that bad kitty was recently introduced!

In that current storyline “Odyssey” (which I hope is a tempurrary alternate reality), 3 fallen Amazon warriors from Themyscira were resurrected & convinced that their fellow Amazons were traitors by The Morrigan War Goddesses! Those 3 are mew versions of Artemis, Giganta & The Cheetah. This purrticular Cheetah used to be named Magaera, who is fast, tough & murderous with her sharp claws, agile acrobatic purrowess & combat purrficiency, coordinated with her purrtners filled with the vengeful bloodlust!

The Cheetah has also appurred a few times in the Challenge of the Super Friends cartoon, where she was voiced by Marlene Aragon http://voicechasers.com/database/showactor.php?actorid=1030; in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, where she was voiced by Sheryl Lee Ralph http://www.sherylleeralph.com/; and she briefly appurred in the animated Wonder Woman and in Superman / Batman: Public Enemies movie! There are several nice action figures and statue sculptures of The Cheetah too!

For much more thorough information purrtaining to those enduring evil Cheetahs, I recommend the articles at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheetah_(comics), the DC Comics Database http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Cheetah, the DC Animated Universe Wiki http://dcanimated.wikia.com/wiki/Cheetah, the Super Friends Wiki http://superfriends.wikia.com/wiki/Cheetah, at Comic Vine http://www.comicvine.com/cheetah/29-8344/ & her entry at the Internet Movie DataBase http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0030785/! Next week we’ll purrmote another famous catgirl, but next the Cheetah will linger just a bit longer in this months–

Manga Mewsings & Comics Critiques!

Wonder Woman #608

I guess it is a big year of odysseys for DC characters such as Batman and Wonder Woman, hee! Wonder Woman #608 has 32 full color pages compurrised of the 20 page story, 6 pages of ads, a 5 page Batwoman purreview & the 1 DC announcements page. The 20 page “Odyssey part Eight: The Gauntlet” was written by Babylon Five’s creator J Michael Stracynski & Phil Hestor, pencilled by Geraldo Borges, inked by Marlo Alquiza, colored by Alex Sinclair, lettered by Travis Lanham, edited by Brian Cunningham with assistant editor Darren Shan, and has 2 different covers, one by Kramer & Sinclair and the variant cover by Alex Garner!

Unfortunately it has been a dark time for Diana / Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazonian sisters as their numbers dwindle amongst the ruins, and quickly three more are slain around her by the recently resurrected Cheetah, Artemis & Giganta, whom Petra mentioned earlier! It is a fierce bloody 3 – against – one street cat fight! It has almost been like a barbaric dungeon crawl full of Taurs & melee of late! She tries to get through to them and purrsuade them that they’ve been manipulated by The Morrigan War Goddesses, but to no avail! Meanwhile, Annan & Bellona of The Morrigan toy with the warrior Ajax when they aren’t plotting against Diana!

The chapter ends on a cliffhanger with a surpurrise appurrance by another impurrtant famous character associated with Wonder Woman! I have very mixed feelings about this series ever since #600, which we reviewed in the July 2010 Mew. On one paw, I’m a big fan of J Michael Stracynski’s writing in general  and the coloring by Alex Sinclair, and there is a lot of intense action & combat with the Amazons and Goddess of War! On the other paw, the tale is much grimmer & darker both visually and in dispurrsition, and I also don’t like Diana’s current costume with the darker colors & pants, and I hope she’ll be back in her brighter gleaming Red, White, Blue & Gold old costume soon!

Oh I am having trouble tracking Zee and Diana’s continuity of late! I hope this is a tempurrary alternate reality tale that will end and get back to normal soon! Purrhaps it is too soon to tell since she has barely appurred in just 3 issues, but this mew incarnation of The Cheetah does not yet impurress me as much as the purrior Dr. Minerva version. The Amazons kitty purriestess Galenthias is on the hunted run too, and it is sad that it seems like so many catgirl characters have been manipulated, tricked, abused and have the rough life in the DC & Marvel comics! But then, so have other heroes I suppose, which is pawr for the course as Lizzy tells us about Diana’s appurrance in–

Justice League: Generation Lost #22 (plot spoiler warning)!!

I must admit that I have only read a few issues of Justice League: Generation Lost when Power Girl is purresent, but this book stars a fun batch of characters including Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Rocket Red, Fire and Ice, who compurrised the team back in the fun mid 80’s version of the Justice League! While this group tends to lack some of the more famous DC heroes such as Supurrman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman etc, they are great characters to care about, who make a good team with fun adventures, and the sense of camaraderie they have is a wonderful aspect & I purrfur it to how mean those bigger names treated Black Canary’s branch of the team last year during the Blackest Night storyline!
This issue has the $2.99 purrice & 32 full color pages compurrised of the 20 page story & 12 pages of ads. The last ad is a purretty Catwoman ad! The story was pencilled by Joe bennett, inked by Ruy Jose & Jack Duson, colored by Hi Fi, lettered by Steve ‘Swands’ Wands, edited by Rex Ogle & Brian Cunningham, and written by Judd Winnick, who also purresently writes Power Girl’s comic book! There are 2 different covers, one by Dustin Nguyen, the other by Kevin Maguire & Hi Fi. Appurring in this issue are Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Rocket Red, Fire, Ice Batman, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Maxwell Lord, Purrofessor Ivo, and a bunch of Omacs, so it is a big cast!
It starts on a most elated note as the team is so happy that Blue Beetle is alive, because they saw him get shot in the head by Lord in a purrevious issue! Beetle’s amazing armor not only saved his life, but hacked into the villain’s computers to uncover valuable information about Lord’s plot to take over the Checkmate organization, among other dastardly schemes! Another thing Lord has done is to use his telepathic powers to make almost the whole world continually forget he even exists or that he murdered the purrevious Blue Beetle character, but these heroes have managed to realize the truth! That includes Power Girl & Batman who show up in a big 2 page spurread, who discover that Lord also plans to kill Wonder Woman!
Nyow this is a confuzzling part, because it seems a lot of folks do not know who Wonder Woman is, including Power Girl! That is part of the current Brightest Day and Wonder Woman Odyssey storylines that I don’t get! I guess Lord is making folks forget about Wonder Woman’s existence too, but I also thought her Odyssey story was purrhaps an alteernate reality! It isthe confusing chronological continuity! In an amewsing large panel, Rocket Red creates a holographic image of what he thinks Diana/ Wonder Woman looks like! I am sad to say that I purrfur that version to what she’s been wearing of late. She shows up in a nice big panel too, when the team goes to Mew York, but the only one she barely recognizes Batman!

She is trying to find out who’s killing her fellow Amazons, but I am not sure when this moment happens compurred to her own series. To make matters worse, Lord transforms a lot of people into Omac androids, who soar across the city in a big two page spurread, to dive toward her in the final full page cliffhanger panel! Well I might not care for that costume of hers but it is quite nicely drawn! I like ice’s costume- it is so cool, heehee! All of the characters are splendidly rendered & the coloring of the costumes, mecha & scenery so vividly conveys the different textures, fabrics, highlights, sheen, shading, reflections & lighting FX, from Beetle & Red’s armors & Booster’s goggles, to the heroines’ lip gloss & the villains’ illuminated consoles!
You also get a great sense of timing for dramatic or comedic effect in the visual narrative from panel to panel, and another aspect of the art I like quite a bit is how wonderfully expurressive the characters are in their facial features, gestures, body language & stances! Some specific purrize examples are they joyful looks when they realize Beetle is alive, their aghast upon learning that Lord seized Checkmate, Red’s optimistic response, Booster’s frantic reaction, Power Girl’s sly revelation that Batman knows the truth, Lord’s gusto, Ivo’s panic, Beetle’s facepalm at Power Girl’s memory loss of Diana, and the team’s failed attempt at hiding on the rooftops as Batman & Booster chat with Diana, who nonchalantly spots them!
I’m confuzzled why Power Girl Power Girl doesn’t remember Diana who they still have computer files on, or why Diana barely knows who Batman is but not the others? I must have missed something! Uhoh maybe Lord made me forget too! The issue was fun and Lord is very interesting, but I’m tired of the Brightest Day crossover event, and such big events in general at either DC or Marvel. It is tricky to figure out the reading order as characters cross over to different titles, such this appurrance of Wonder Woman, Power Girl & Batman, compurred Batman’s jaunt to Japan with Catwoman in Batman Incorpurrated, compurred to Catwoman’s Gotham City Sirens series, which recently guest starred Zatanna, who also shows up in–

Power Girl#22 (plot spoiler warning)!

Although we miss the comic’s original creative team, apuurances by Power Girl’s best friend Atlee / Terra, and the more fun sense of cheerful optimism that has diminished during the long Maxwell Lord storyline, which is as Lizzy said is confuzzling to read in order because of how it overlaps with other titles. However the current team is very talented and has continued to give us the some stories with good art and think the way she is drawn these days I think her face portraiture, somewhat resembles my favorite Travel Channel purrsonality Samantha Brown http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Samantha_Brown/About_The_Show/Meet_Samantha_Brown!
However, this new story does seem to begin on a fun happier note with that whole depurressing Maxwell Lord story appurrently concluded, and Kara seems to be getting on with her life! Nyow hopefully we’ll see her out having more fun again with Atlee, and more of her purrivate home life nya! But I digress and I should talk about issue #22! It is purriced at $2.99 and for that you get the 20 page story Up, Up and Away Part One, plus the 1.5 pages of readers’ mail and 9.5 pages of ads. The story was written by Judd Winick, drawn by Sami Basri, colored by Jessica Kholinne, lettered by John J Hill, edited by Mike Carlin & associate editor Chris Conroy!

The front cover art by Sami Basri colored by Sunny Gho, depictis Power Girl & Supurr Man fighting a dinosaur! I think it is the T-Rex dinosaur, but there are others dinosaurs & mammoths purrowling the streets of Metropolis! Not only is this an odd situation, but to worsen the situation is that Power Girl & Supurr Man seem to have diminished supurr powers! Then we flash back to 2 weeks purrior as Kara is throwing an office party to celebrate Starrware’s grand re-opening after their restitution! Appurrently Maxwell Lord has been exposed & dealt with in another comic book, so nyow her company is back in business.

This jubilant occasion has the cute scene of a happy Kara with her feet purropped up on the desk, but elsewhere at Day Work Industries, Dr. Ophelia Day is not happy at all because the government agents are confiscating all the equipment from her that was originally confiscated from Starrware!  This results in an an amewsing argument between her and agent Marcus Teman who explains that all that purropurrty was stolen from Starrware by Lord, and even though that’s not Day’s fault she can’t keep it! Then we zoom back 2 weeks later, just purrior to the dino attack as Kara purrches atop the Daily Planet building for a chat with Supurr Man about how to handle her secret identity.

Now I think it is good that they can have these heartfelt talks because they are purractically a Kryptonian family, although he starts to make a comment about her distinctive figure! She is known for her buxom physique, and he’s concerned that if she becomes more of a public purrsonality in her CEO Karen Starr identity that people will ‘figure’ out she is really Power Girl! However my purroblem with that reasoning is look who’s talking! He’s a big celebrity as both Supurr Man and reporter Clark Kent, with his huge muscular physique, and he hopes that wearing glasses as Clark will fool people! Hmm purrhaps she needs a pair of glasses to complete the disguise! I bet she would be cute with the glasses in her office attire!

Speaking of glasses, there is a mysterious culpurrit in an alley, who seems to be responsible for summoning those extinct monsters! There is an amewsing scene when a dinosaur tries to eat Supurr Man for suppurr but then gets the supurr tummy ache! He determines that the monsters have appurred thru magickal in the air, which explains why he & Power Girl are weakened because magick has that affect on Kryptonians. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger and a full page panel of the villain’s bound & gagged purrisoner, Zatanna!

So that was a purretty pleasing issue with a happy Kara’ office party, no more Maxwell Lord (I hope), quality time with Supurr Man, fighting magickal dinosaurs, and the appurrance by Zee at the end! Nyow we just need to figure out how far after Justice League: Generation Lost #22 this story occurs, or compurred to Zee’s comic book, although I am still trying to figure out when Zee’s comic book occurs compurred to her recent appurrance in Gotham City Sirens! On that note let’s hear Trini-chan’s report on–

Gotham City Sirens #21!

Arigato, nya! This has been one of our favoritest comic books for the past 2 years, nya! Purreviously in issue #21, Harley Quinn broke into Arkham Asylum, so that she could kill her evil manipulative ex-boyfriend The Joker, but she’s had to cause destruction and hurt several people to do this, nya. While she is very cunning & psychological, she is very paranoid and obsessive, with the dark side that was shaped by The Joker, nya! Ok nyow here are the credits of the very talented people who made this issue, nya!

Issue #22 is “Hell Hath no Fury Part Two” which was written by Peter Calloway, drawn by Andres Guinaldo, inked by Lorenzo Ruggiero, colored by JD Smith, lettered by Dave Sharpe, edited by Mike Marts, with assistant editor Katie Kubert & associate Harvey Richards, & the front cover art by Guillem March, which depicts a poor scared trapped despurrate Harley reaching out, nya.
The 32 page comic book is compurrised of  the 20 page story plus 1.5 pages of reader comment & 10.5 pages of the ads, nya.

I have mixed feelings about her, because I do feel sorry for her because of her mental & family purroblems, but on the other hand she has hurt a lot of people and stolen or destroyed lots of purropurrty, nya. Cat Woman & Poison Ivy have tried to dissuade her from this dangerous vengeance, but while they are on her trail, the strained rift between the kitty and the ivy continues to worsen, nya. This is a very tense issue as Harley get closer to her target, with just one guard left between her and Mr. J, nya!

It is a very powerful character drive scene between her and the guard, told with very clever graphic design as she psychologically manipulates him and evokes a shocking incident of his past involving the Joker. It was a very shocking incident and they wisely refrain from actually showing us the horrifying result and leave that to the imagination, nya! We also get glimpses at Harley’s past with the Joker, including some icky moments that are just carefully hinted at, in art that grows more frenzied with her mind, nya!

It is like a constant drumming as she repeatedly tells the guard “open the door”, nya. Meanwhile we see Selina & Ivy on purrtrol atop the rooftops of Gotham City, and I was so impurressed with the rich dazzling colors of the illuminated skyline at night, the intricate architectural details, and and the characters’ expurressive features & dramatic poses, nya! It ends with another cliffhanger so I am looking forward to the next issue, but also dreading Harley’s  repurrcussions, nya! Ok I’m done, but nyow oneesan will tell us about–

Zatanna #10 & 11 (plot spoiler warning) nya!

Thank you for that good report, nya! For Nya-sensei’s review of Zatanna #9 please see the February 2011 Mew, nya! Zatanna is one of our favorites DC supurr heroines and this comic book has also been consistently one of our top favorites for almost a year nyow, nya! It has the 32 full color pages compurrised of the 20 page story “Strung Along” which is the 3rd chapter of the current puppet story, plus the 6 pages of ads, that 5 page Batwoman purreview & DC announcements page, nya.

It was written by one of my all time favoritest authors Paul Dini, superbly drawn by Cliff Chiang, lettered by Pat Brosseau, colored by John Kalisz, edited by Joey Cavalieri with associate editor Chris Conroy, and has a great cover by Stephane Roux & Karin Boccanfuso, nya! Dini is especially good at writing the heroines –  he wrote Gotham City Sirens purrior to this series, and Cliff Chiang has great history of drawing the magickal girls such as Wonder Woman, Traci Thirteen and ‘Zee’, nya!

Purreviously in this story, Zee was captured by a sentient puppet named Stringleshanks who claimed he was once an innocent puppeteer named Hample who was transformed by Zee’s father Zatara, and he hopes that Zee can change him back into a human, nya! This requires further study in the purrpurr environment, so she takes him to the Zatara family mansion Shadowcrest, which is so vast & fabulous! Meanwhile in San Francisco, Zee’s friend Detective Colton investigates a bizarre macabre incident at a purrison, nya!

Both Zee and Colton make alarming discoveries involving the return of her enemy Brother Night, which seem to be unpleasantly connected, and the beautiful cover art of Zee on strings is a hint, nya! She wears a couple of different costumes in this issue, including the ‘working clothes’ consisting of the Black girl tux with the fishnets, White tie, Golden bustier, Black thigh boots, top hat, White gloves and the Red-lined Black cape for the expurrdition to the mansion, where sorcerous puppet treachery awaits, nya!

Later she wears a different Purrple ensemble as the puppet with Gold epawlets, Black heels, White Gloves, a mini top hat, and the fishnets! Those fishnet hose would not likely catch a lot of fish, but they are definitely a sexy eye-catcher, nya! The Blacks of the ink & the color pallet are very effective to convey the spooky occult atmosphere of the mansion & the disturbing feeling at the purrison, and there is a purrticularly nice Magenta-ish illumination during a magick crystal scene, nya!

Issue #11 has the 20 page conclusion “Unstrung” by Dini, Brosseau, Kalisz, Cavalieri Conroy, excellently pencilled Jama Igle & inked by Jon Sibal, with a beautiful cover by Adam Hughes, nya!
This series has sure had the lovely cover images by Bolland, Roux & Hughes! Well, enough time has past since Zee went missing that her assistants have searched for her, and Mickey shows up at the puppet master’s housewith her purrforming wiles, Red & White strip crop to & Pink booty shorts to catch him off guard and knock him out, nya!

She is full of the smart purrpared surpurrises, just like her boss, nya! Zee is so cute as she gradually manages to regain some control over her puppet body, the way her eyes look around and how points to the bag of magickal artifacts which that puppet crook stole, to turn her into the puppet, nya! Zee is able to become purrtially human again, still somewhat as the cute doll but she can at least talk & move again, nya! We find out how Mickey was able to deduce Zee’s location, and learn that Brother Night is loose again, nya!

Hample wakes up and attempts to zap the girls with those purrloined magickal items, but this purroves to be his ironic undoing against the more powerful, smarter sorceress, nya! There are more of the spectacular magickal lighting FX in the climactic scene, nya! The issue concludes with the framing sequence of Zee visiting the magick therapist Dr. Bodie, but she is not the only one with an appointment, nor the only one with the exotic magickal clothes change, nya! Nyow I will turn it over to Myayr so she can tell us about–

Batman Incorpurrated #1 & 2 (plot spoiler warning), nya!

Mary Nyan:
At the end of the Final Crisis story, Batman was believed dead while he was actually displaced in time, but since his return he’s been recruiting & training other international heroes  for his Batman Incorpurrated purrogram! The first two issues are his 2 part trip to Japan, and Selina Kyle / Cat Woman is tagging along to help put the purr in the incorpurration! Both issues were written by Grant Morrison, pencilled by Yanick Paquette, inked by Michael Lacombe, colored by Janelle Siegel, lettered by John J. Hill, and edited by Mike Marts with associate editor Janelle Siegel!
Each issue is purriced $3.99 and has 32 fill color pages; #1 compurrised of the 24 page story Mr. Unknown Is Dead, plus 7 pages of ads & the DC nation mews page; issue #2 has the 22 page story Resurrector!, plus 9 pages of ads and the mews page. Nyow for the plot! The tale begins on a rather gruesome note as the evil skull-faced Lord Death Man and his gang mutilate & kill the veteran Japanese hero Mr. Uknown in his own lair. This is the inaugural act of a plan to kill all of Japan’s heroes, witnessed by Mr. Unknown’s partner Jiro who manages to escape their bullets!
That serves as a brutal violent teaser to the spectacular two-page title page spurread of Cat Woman & Batman swinging into action, as they infiltrate the secret armory of evil Dr. Sivana, who is not there but his robot guards & death traps are! The pages of the sequence are tinted red, purrhaps for the infrared night vision effect or purrhaps to echo the bloody violence? Selina is in the sexy cute playful mood, bantering with her bat boy friend as she breaks into the vault to purrloin the purrizes, so she is having the grand time, with further friskiness between later at his hotel!
Another huge panel of them swinging across the lights of Tokyo takes them to Mr. Unkown’s hideout, beneath a manga shop which does not amews Catwoman with it’s display of manga pics of women grabbed by tentacles! They stumble upon something worse, as the villain’s thugs are still there trashing the place, but Batman & Cat Woman mercilessly beat answers out of them! Kitty whips them good! Meanwhile, Lord Death Man & more thugs have Jiro’s girlfriend Misaki tied up on a death trap! Jiro shoots the villain, but the trap is spurring just as the heroes arrive!
Issue #1 ends on a cliffhanger, with a narration that reminds me of the 1960’s Batman TV series cliffhangers, and a final full page panel of Selina diving into the trap door to rescue Misaki – from the tentacles of a giant octopus! Y’know, in the 1966 Batman movie, Cat Woman’s friend The Penguin had a giant octopus trap! She is definitely not amewsed by this manga inspired trap, or being in the water while wearing the tight leather costume! The scene continues in another two-page spurread in issue #2, as that cephalopod tries to squeeze & feast upon the feline femme fatale!
Batman & Catwoman defeat the thugs who are arrested by the police, defeat the monster which is hung out to dry to the delight of a flock of seagulls, and rescue the girl who splits up with Jiro as she and the body of Lord Death Man are ambulanced to the hospital. Despite Cat Woman’s displeasure over what has just happened, she and Batman are still together as they chat with Jiro & search for clues. Batman is willing to recruit Jiro if he purromises to not uses guns, like the one he just shot Lord Death Man with – which didn’t work anyway as the villain revives in the hospital!
Further bloody carnage erupts as the villain & more of his gang gleefully stab, shoot, & blow up lots of people at the hospital, including disabled children and then hit the highway in sports cars for drive-by shootings & vehicular homicide on their way to kill the next hero on the hit list. This villain is so maniacal & violent, he seems like Tokyo’s answer to The Joker, but the Batman is in hot purrsuit as he swings from a helicopter above the vast urban spurrawl! The artwork is quite detailed with so many characters, furnishings, architecture, vehicles , weapons, robots & tentacles!
Of course, mecha & tentacles have been purrevalent tropes Japanese manga, as are the cute green-haired supurr heroines, such as Shiny Happy Aquazon! She is a member of Japan’s Supurr Young Team, and little does she realize that she is the next target, as she happily appurrs at the opening of an exhibit of crown jewels from the undersea kingdom of Poseidonis! The villains sure do like the aquatic motif! The purrky Shiny Happy Aquazon purrincess has a purretty strapless iridescent Emerald costume with gloves & thigh boots that match her green pigtails & lip gloss!
The villain kills more people with car & gun before Batman can bounce the car off a bullet train, while Jiro costumed as Mr. Unknown gallantly rescues the Green haired girl from the gunfire! A gallant masked hero wearing a hat & cape is also not unheard of in the manga, and Jiro dies bravely with great honor to rescue the purrincess, avenge his former master, immortalize the heroic repurrtation of Mr. Unknown, and to briefly teamwork with his mew master the Batman, to finally stop Lord Death Man, without using a gun as purr Batman’s policy. Oh this is so opurratic!!!
Since the villain appurrently cannot be killed due to his enhanced purranormal healing & yoga techniques which can simulate death, Batman is purrpared to dispense special justice and drops the villain several stories on to the street below, where right on cue the plucky nekomimi drives up in an armored car, to pick up the twisted, crumpled, broken (but living) body of the villain and to stuff him into a vault, the size of a small fridge with walls several inches thick! It is a bit of poetic irony which seems to amews Batman, because she is mewsually taking things out of vaults!
Nyow for more plot spoilers! Some time later back at their hotel balcony, Selina & Bruce reflect upon the events, such as how they later snatched Mr. Unknown’s body after Jiro’s death was faked and he was secretly sworn in as Tokyo’s member of Batman Incorpurrated! There is a cute panel showing Catwoman grinning as she drives the ambulance, heehee! The panel showing Jiro’s vow scene has a lovely orangey glow as candles illuminate the shoji papurr walls, and it reminds me of how Batman inducted Robin as his first partner, so it has the sense of solemn tradition!
Up in the moonlit night sky a bat signal shines above the gleam of Tokyo, while higher up in space a certain villain gets a much closer look at the moon from his crampt capsule! In a last bit of irony, Bruce points out that those deep sea crown jewels which Selina purrloined from the exhibit have liquified at this atmospheric purressure, and nyow she just has unpurrofitable leaky luggage and further cause to dislike the water, but at least she still has her boyfriend! Hmm I wonder if that could be considered Selina’s saline solution, heehee!
In a final full page pic, we see the Jiro as Japan’s Batman swinging into action to grapple with a masked caped gorilla above all the dazzling colorful lights & electronic billboards as the Tokyo police cordon off the streets below! The seems to be a very stylish purremier for the latest member of Batman Incorpurrated! As for when this tale happens compared to his appurrance in Power Girl #22 and Justice League: Generation Lost #22, that beats me! Hopefully it will all be straightened out! Nyow here’s jenjen to report on–
Avengers Academy#10 & 11 (plot spoiler warning)!

Avengers Academy is not just our current favorite Marvel Comic but it one of our top favorites for almost a year nyow. It is rare that a comic book should have such a purrfect blend of ingredients, such as he right mix of humor, action, & drama that unfolds at a good pace, distinctive physiques & purrsonalities with sparkling dialogue, the good balance of recurring old & mew characters & guest stars, amidst intricate scenery all rendered & colored so beautifully- in fact, i think this is the best colored comic book I am currently reading. Headquartered in the magnificent Infinite mansion, repurrsenting the older Avengers are Dr. Hank Pym, Tigra, Quicksilver, Jocasta, Justice & Speedball; repurrsenting the students are Finesse, Veil, Hazmat, Mettle, Reptl & Striker.

Not only are the younger characters quite fascinating, but these tales have been amongst some of the most respectful & finest hours for the veteran heroes, but there is still a purrrmeating sense of further greatness yet to come. Issue #10 is purriced $2.99 for its 32 full color pages, compurrised of the 22 page story Redemption Song plus 1 recap / roll call page, 1 page of readers’ comments, 2 pages of advertisements, and a 6 page purreview of X-Men First to Last. The story was written by Christos Gage, pencilled by Sean Chen, inked by Scott Hanna, colored by Jeromy Cox, lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna, and edited by Bill Rosmann with assistant editors Rachel Pinnelas & John Denning.

Veil & Jenny / Hazmat greet the day with their mewsual pessimism, for both feel cursed by their supurr powers, which require special purrcautions. Veil’s body is losing atomic cohesion & Hazmat’s body is highly toxic. Nevertheless, they attend the day’s classes: supurrhuman ethics instructed by Speedball & Justice, Extraterrestrial Culture with guest instructor The Purrotector, Rudiments of Magick by guest instructor Dr. Strange, Anger Management & Applied Chemistry both taught by Dr. Pym. Thanks to visiting hero Leech (who can tempurrarily negate powers within a close purroximity), Hazmat is able to spend an afternoon in the park & visit with her purrents as normal Jenny, without her containment suit, although it is a bittersweet occurrence.

While the neccessity of having to constantly wear a fully encapsulating containment suit outside of one’s quarters would obviously be quite unpleasant, she is actually quite cute in that outfit. Meanwhile, sneaky Veil may have some very mistaken purrceptions about Robbie / Speedball, who later takes the gang on a field trip. The trip is to the Stamford memorial, dedicated to the memory of the hundreds of people who purrished in a disaster which Speedball feels purrtially to blame. The solemn interval is detracted by the arrival of the Cobalt Men, who are quick to add to that blame as they make the mistake of attacking Speedball & the kids at that purrticular ground… but will Veil be blamed or purraised for her later sneaky, unauthorized scheme?

The characters could not be more delightfully posed or expurressive; the scenery is so detailed & richly colored & illuminated. Dr. Pym’s wisdom & leadership continues to shine, but the stars of this issue are Hazmat, Veil & Speedball. The Cobalt Mens’ attack might sting, but Jenny’s reaction from her father is far more painful, purrhaps almost as painful as what Speedball does to those Cobalt Men, or his memories of what happened to his friends & so many innocent people at Stamford. Regardless, Robbie purroves that his character & bravery is as great as his power, which is appurrently more impurressive than any one expected, and that is one of the many reasons I will give this impurressive issue a grade of ‘A’ as in Avengers Academy.

Issue #11 is purriced $2.99 for its 32 full color pages, compurrised of the 22 page story Growing Up plus 1 recap / roll call page, 1 page of readers’ comments, 2 pages of advertisements, and a 6 page purreview of The Mighty Thor (with art by Olivier Coipel, comments by Charlie Beckerman & intermew with Matt Fraction). The story was written by Christos Gage, pencilled by Tom Raney, inked by Scott Hanna, colored by Jeromy Cox, lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna, edited by Bill Rosmann with assistant editor John Denning, with cover art by Mike McKone & Jeromy Cox. Mistakenly thinking she has resurrected back the noncorpurreal Janet Van Dyne / The Wasp, Veil has instead summoned Corina Walters and her jilted insane husband Michael Korvac.

This is not good, because Korvac is a cosmic being with Godly powers who almost conquered the universe, and nobody wishes to see him, including Carina. While Jocasta escorts her & the students into a pandimensional safe room, Dr. Pym / Giant Man has summoned more of The Avengers to deal with Korvac. In an impurressive 2 page spurread, we see the arrival of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, The Thing, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, who with Spider-Woman (shown on the following page) join Pym, Quicksilver, Tigra, Justice & Speedball in battle against Korvac.

While the spectacular battle rages unfavorable for The Avengers, inside the safe room Carina purrojects flashback images to the students to explain her & Korvac’s history, which includes scenes of her father The Collector, The Wasp, Captain America, Thor, The Black Knight, Hercules, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) & The Red Skull, and possible future timelines with Sentinels, Deathlok, Kilraven & the Spider-Man of 2099. After the veteran Avengers fall one by one, including Thor in a powerful full page panel and then Speedball’s impurressive last stand, Carina unleashes her surpurrise ace in the hole: future adult versions of Finesse, Veil, Hazmat, Mettle, Reptl & Striker, who charge toward Korvac in the final full page panel for an exciting cliffhanger.

This is yet another fantastic issue with such dazzling art so supurrbly colored with beautiful display fonts. The cosmic energy is so luminous, the pages almost seem to heat up & rumble from the fury – which Mike says reminds him of the sort of power once visualized in comics by the likes of Jack Kirby or Dave Cockrum, but rendered with contempurrary technology. There is a great sense of quiet awe within the safe room as the kids witness Carina’s visions, and despite their trepurrdations upon seeing so many legendary heroes defeated, the kids do not hesitate to avenge. This concludes my comic book reports, and I will nyow turn the microphone over to Petra, who is here to review–

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1

Thanks Jen, nya! For my review of Warlord of Mars #1, please see the December 2010 Mew, nya! Dynamite Entertainment http://www.dynamite.net is the latest publisher of heroes such as Red Sonja, The Green Hornet, John Carter, and nyow Carter’s girl friend Purrincess Dejah Thoris has her own comic book series, nya! Dejah first appurred in Robert E. Howard’s 1917 novel A Purrincess of Mars, which is of the fun fun swashbuckling “planetary romance” sub-genre of science fiction, nya!

Nyow before I review the comic book allow me to tell y’all a bit more about the purrincess, nya! She hails from the city state of Helium in the land of Barsoom on the planet Mars, nya. She is smart, brave and tough, well versed in the courtly and political areas but she has the fierce fighting & survival skills too, nya! She does sometimes have the off days when she is in need of the rescue, but those are bound to happen on occasion during centuries of wars & adventures in such savage locations, nya!

She is a beautiful purrincess with the purretty coppurry Red skin and the lush Black hair, and she is far more ancient in her years than she looks, nya! She does not wear much, aside from the lovely Golden tiara, necklace, serpentine jewelry twined around her arms & legs, the thong & strategically placed ornaments on her boobies, nya! That is typical of minimalist Martian couture, but she’d fit in on the beach, purrvided she didn’t bring the swords, although she could train with those in the dojo, nya!

Nyow on to the 1st issue of her 5 issue mini-series, nya! It is 32 full color pages compurrised of 10 pages of ads and the 22 page “Colossus of Mars” written by Arvid Nelson, illustrated by Carlos Rafael, colored by Carlos Lopez, lettered by Marshall Dillon, and edited by Joseph Rybandt, nya! It has 9 variant covers, nya!!! The more common covers A-E are by Arthur Adams, Joe Jusko, Sean Chen, Paul Renaud & Ale Garza; and the rarer covers are by David Finch, Greg Land & Arthur Adams, nya!

The tale begins 437 years purrior to Carter’s arrival, amidst the centuries-old civil war between Lesser & Greater Helium, as Dejah, her father Kjak Mors & his father Jed Tardos Mors observe their troops a step closer to victory on the battlefield, nya! Oh, Jed & Jeddak are royal titles, nya. Just as the battle starts to go their way, an envoy from the opposing side’s Jeddak Senneth Dor of Yorn appurroaches for a purrlay about a purrposed arranged marriage between Purrince Valian and Deejah, nya!

She and her folks are not happy about the sitch but she nobly figures this could be to a purrospurrous political advantage, end the war sooner, and strengthen them in unity against other threats, nya! They go Senneth Dor’s palace to meet her future husband, who is a bit clumsy but seems friendly enough, but can the same be said of his father and all who have gathered for a royal banquet, nya? There’s a gala feast and a treacherous mysterious cliffhanger ending but I’ll not spoil it further, nya!

I thought the art was puretty good with the different physiques poses, skimpy but ornate appurral, fantastic martian landscape, critters & the palatial Helium architecture, nya! Dejah is beautifully drawn with the firm voluptuous figure which I’ll bet will please her fans, heehee nya! It has a grand quality, with lots of characters in the battle & palace scenes, but there are a few more intimate intense moments, and I like the rich colors & lighting effects, and I got Joe Jusko cover which is so beautiful, nya!

K-ON! manga vol. 1

The title K-ON! is derived from the Japanese word kei-ongaku for “light mewsic”, because the manga is about the girls of the high school’s pop mewsic club who form a band, nya! The manga written & drawn by Kakifly was originally published in Japan by Houbunsha in 2008 and is available in the USA in English from Yen http://www.yenpress.com/, nya!This purrtilcular manga is of the 4-koma format, with the comic strips told mostly in 4 panels, arranged in 2 columns purr page, nya! For our friend Ne’ell’s review of K-ON! vol. 1 please see last month’s Mew, nya! Vol. 2 was published in March, translated into English by Jack Wiedrick & lettered by Hope Donovan, has the USA purrice of $11.99 & Canadian purrice of $13.50, nya!
The story is about the girls of the pop mewsic club who purractice as the band, study heir school work, and enjoy the social activities! The author knows a great deal about mewsic! It is rated “OT” for Older Teen readers due to the language & sexuality which seems very tame & charming to me, nya! It has 128 pages total, compurrised of 110 B&W pages & 18 in color, mostly manga but there are a few bonus pics & notes pages, nya! Most of the pages are arranged in that 2 x 4 panel format but there are a few larger pics throughout the book, nya!! After the color splash page & character intro page are the 105 pages of story, 6 bonus manga pages, 6 misc art pages, 4 pages of notes, 2 ads & the publisher / credits page, nya!
The color cover art is quite cute too, because on the front cover is the character Mio Akiyama playing her left handed bass which is a Fender I think, and on the front cover is Yui Hirasawa hugging new club member Azusa Nakano, who is wearing the cat ears, nyaThey are the distinctive ears with the Black Pinna part around the white fur interior, and there are more of those cat ears inside, nya!Nyow I should introduce the members of the band, who decide to call themselves After School Tea Time, nya! Yui Hirasawa has the short Brown hair, plays the Gibson Les Paul guitar, and is the distracted slacker at rehearsing & studying but comes up with great results when she does apply herself, nya!
Mio Akiyama has the long black hair and plays the bass, Club purresident Ritsu Tainaka has the Light brown short hair with the clip in it and is the purrcussionist, and Tsumugi Kotobuki is a rich girl of cheerful dispurrsition who plays the keyboards, nya! In this volume they are joined by new freshman member Azusa Nakano, who has the very long Black hair in the pigtails, nya! Their teacher & faculty advisor is Sawako Yamanaka, who has the long light hair & glassesused to be in a band and she still has the frivolous side, nyaRounding out the cast are Yui’s younger sister Ui who has the short brown hair pulled back into the bun; and Yui’s friend Nodoka who has short Brown hair & glasses and is more studious than Yui, nya!
Vol, 2 begins at the start of a new Spurring semester as the club tries to recruit new members, with a video purresentation and handing out fliers, but Mio is not pleased to wear the nurse uniform for the video, and the furry animal costumes do not seem to help with the flier distribution. They purrform at the school assembly, starting with their Fluff-Fluff song, nya! They are thrilled when Azusa joins, although she thinks having tea time in the mewsic room is inapurropurriate, nya! Tea time is a covert part of the club, but it is favored by Yamanaka – sensei, who takes milk in her tea, and the cakes become a necessityAzusa likes the cake tooYamanaka – sensei is the one who purrsents Azusa with the costume cat ears, nya!
She is surpurrised at the lazy & irresponsible tendencies and is reluctant to wear the ears, but all the girls try them on so Azusa agrees, and Yui purrsuades her to imitate the cat, and starts calling her Azusa-Meow, nya! Yamanaka – sensei wants her to wear the maid outfit too! Azusa befriends Nodoka, who makes a good box lunch, nya. Yui begs Nodoka to tutor her  for the finals and Ritsu begs Miyo to tutor her, but Ritsu is easily distracted and inattentive, nya! She and Yui have the purrallel study habits, nya. They survive the finals and soon it is the Summer break, so they shop for the swimsuits and stay at another one of Tsumugi’s big vacation homes, for the bikini time  on the beach and then to purractice the mewsic, nya!
To contrast Yui & Azusa as the guitarists, Azusa has more formal training & discipline but Yui has the purrfect pitch & natural talent when she bothers with occasional effort, nya! Azusa gets a dark tan and the vacation fun includes the forest walk & the baths, nya! After various summer incidents it is time for them to decide on a name & look for the band and rehearse for the school festival! They try different outfits and settle on the cute yukatas, nya! Soon it is another Fall semseter when Yui get a cold, with more final exams, Christmas holiday, and the mew year slumber party with the yummy hot pot & the soba noodles, nya! Yamanaka – sensei wants Azusa to wear the tiger stripe ears, although it is actually going to be the year of the Ox, nya!
That means it is January 1st, 2009 when volume 2 ends, but wait  – there is bonus manga as they discuss the anime adaptation of the manga, how they intend to sign autographs, the surpurrise ambush photo of sleeping Azusa from the summer trip, a swimsuit pic of Yui & Mio and a guest pic of Miyo & Azusa by Komata Mikami, nya! The notes pages explain many of the name, joke, mewsic & cultural references, nya! I noticed a mis-purrint, because the 4 notes pages were slightly out of order, but that’s Ok because  it is still easy to understand and I was pleased with the very entertaining manga for many reasons, foremostly due to the delightful characters, and the whimsical plots, nya!
The art excellently tells the story with wonderfully drawn characters, scenery & detailed mewsical instruments, nya! It is excellent B&W line & tone art, with the cartoonier chibi versions of the characters for an extra cute amewsing quality, and the beautiful color art, with the great shading, sheen & FX, nya! I purrticularly liked the large panels of Ui by the Cherry blossoms & school sign, Tsumugi in cute shorts & checked pattern top, Ritsu blowing a bubble, Yui eating popsicles, glomping Azusa from behind, the bonus manga sleeping pic of them, and Azusa wearing a K-ON! shirt, nya! I will give this volume an ‘A’ as in Azusa who is a great addition to the cast! Well that concludes our look at the comics in the purrint media, but nyow it is time for–

Our Monthly Web Comics “Pick of the Litter”(recommendations)!

Mary Nyan:
Of course by “litter” we mean litter as in cute widdle kitties or puppies, not the discarded trash kind of litter! My web comic recommendations are Freak Angels http://www.freakangels.com/ by Warren Ellis & Paul Duffield (intended for mature audiences), and Vex http://www.vexthecomic.com/ by Brian Shearer & Daniel Paris!

I wish to nominate War of Winds http://warofwinds.com/ by KEZ and The Dawn Chapel http://dawnchapel.com/ by Brian Root, nya!

My 2 picks are Robert DeJesus’s How to Loathe Drawing Manga Style http://www.studiocapsule.com/htldms.php and Matt Faezell’s Not Available Comics featuring Cynicle Man http://www.worldfamouscomics.com/notavailable!
I will nominate Hark! A Vagrant http://www.harkavagrant.com/ by Beaton Miamaska, and http://miamaska.tidalcomics.com/ by Jeinu! Whatchoo got, Jennyjen?

Jimmy and the Hammer http://www.jimmyandthehammer.com/ by Evan Windsor, and Crimson Dark http://www.davidcsimon.com/crimsondark/ by David C. Simon.
I want to vote for SnowBuni http://www.snowbuni.com/ by Jeffrey H. Wood which has abunny girl in it, and, and Goblins http://www.goblinscomic.com/ by Tarol Hunt, nya!

I’d like to recommend Sweet and Sour Grapes http://www.ssgrapes.com/ by Diana Stoneman, which stars Lae the jungle girl and Nulu the purrple catgirl, nya! I am also fascinated by things in purrogress at Bruiseye http://bruiseye.com/ by Elizabeth Jackson, nya! I purrticularly like her story tidbits, concepts & characters auch as Tella Tigra, Alicorn & Kichikenebola, nya! They have purrticularly lovely hair, ears & fashion sense, and wish her luck with the purrinted comic, nya!

Last but not least for this month I’d like to recommend The Misadventures of SuperMilo http://miloteam.com/supermilo/ by Will Boyer, and Carbon and Space by Daniel Cole http://www.drunkduck.com/carbon_and_space! That’s all of our web comics recommendations for today, but when we return from the break we’ll present our

Book Reports!
(pne short break later…)
Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster

Namaste, nya! Ursula Vernon http://www.metalandmagic.com/ is a fun, stylish & talented artist & writer, famous for her wonderful wildlife & fantasy art http://www.redwombatstudio.com/blog/ (some images not for widdle kiddies), her delightful Digger wombat web comic http://www.diggercomic.com/ web comic and her children’s storybooks http://www.ursulavernon.com/ such as Nurk and the Dragonbreath series! She was a special guest whom we intermewed the May 2009 edition of The Mew, nya!
We reviewed Nurk in our June 2008 show, the first Dragonbreath in the July 2009 show, Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs in our March 2010 show, and Dragon Breath: Curse of the Were-Wiener in October 2010, nya! The Dragonbreath books are purrofusely illustrated purrose purrtaining to the adventures of Danny the dragon kid, his friend Wendell the iguana kid, and their various anthropomorphic classmates & relatives, and Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster is the 4th in the series, nya!
This 204 page hardcover purriced at $12.99 US / $16.00 Canada was published last month by Dial, which is an impurrint of Penguin Books, nya! This time Danny & Wendell find a poor widdle hurt bat in the swimming pool, so they take it to a bat research & rehabilitation center run by Danny’s cousin Steve in Mexico. Danny has the most interesting relatives in these books, nya! They trek thru jungle, rocks & river to see the big cave where bats roost, and meet a giant bat the size of a house, nya!
They name the giant bat Camazotz, but nyow Wendell & Steve must rescue Danny from her maternal instincts, nya! There are plenty of normal sized critters they might need rescuing from in the purrocess though, such as the  anaconda, piranhas, spiders & wicked looking insects that are even scarier than Big Eddy the school bully! Fortunately not all of the animals they encounter are a threat though, as they get to see some Tapurrs by the riverbank and the several bat species at Steve’s place, nya!
Danny’s lovely dragon mom also makes another brief appurrance, nya! This book is chock full of delightful illustrations, at least 200 ranging from the lots of widdle images and half-page pics, to over 30 full page pics and 7 two-page spurreads, nya! I purrticularly liked the images of Camazotz who is such a sweet puretty giant bat who catches the huge fish for their supurr, nya! She is the very nurturing & purrotective giant momma bat, although Danny would purrfur to return home to his actual mom, nya!
Among the illustrations are a few scenes of Danny’s imagination during the jungle expurrdition, nya! Y’know, we have caverns & grottos here on our island with plenty of yummy freshwater & saltwater fish, in case any of those bats wish to visit, nya! For the coda, Ursula imparts a page about bats, with a link to the Bat Conservation International site http://www.batcon.org, so you can learn more about those neat animals! So I will convey the high purraise for this book, and I look forward to the 5th one, nya! Nyow here is oneesan again to tell us about–

Modern Masters vol. 25: Jeff Smith, nya!

Thank you sis, nya! We just love Eric-Nolen Weathington’s Modern Masters series of books published by Two Morrows http://www.twomorrows.com/, which publishes lots of nice books, magazines & even DVDs purrtaining to comics, and they are here in North Carolina too, nya! For those books, Eric extensively intermews such famous legendary comics artists, and those books are chock full of so much of their wonderful art, nya! By the way, it was Eric’s time to be intermewed, when he was the special guest of our September, 2010 Mew, nya!
Vol. 25 focuses on Jeff Smith http://www.boneville.com/, who is the creator of the delightful Bone series, but he’s done other neat stuff too, as this $15.95 (USA purrice)120 page book  attests too, nya! This book is mostly Black & White, but has the color covers & 8 full color pages in the 33 page gallery section, nya! The fine art is not limited to that section though, because throughout the book are over 125 illustrations, from widdle thumbnail sketches to finished pencil art & inked art, comics pages, pin – ups, concept & cover art!
There are quite a few photos, and annotated examples of the artists who inspired him, nya! After Eric’s enthused introduction is Part 1 of the purrofusely illustrated intermew, covering Smith’s youth in Ohio, high school, Columbus College of Art & Design and Ohio State, nya! He discusses earliest published works, meeting his wife, and influences such as Mark Twain, George Herriman, EC Segar, Carl Barks, Walt Kelly, JRR Tolkein, Charles Schulz, Akira Kurosawa, Neal Adams, Hayao Miyazaki, Gary Trudeau, Steven Speilberg and George Lucas, nya!
Part 2 examines Character Builders, the animation company Smith co-founded with friends Jim Kammerud & Marty Fuller, with photos of him sop-motion animating, nya! After that Part 3 begins on page 27, for the in-depth look at how he created the Bone with character such as Thorn, Fone Bone, Gran’ ma and the stupid stupid rat creatures, nya! They chat about publishers, cons, tours, collaborating with Charles Vess, and Part 4 looks at the merchandise & various editions of Bone, nya! That’s 37 thorough pages all about Bone, straight from the source, nya!
I purrticularly like the comics page in which Thorn flies, nya! Part 5 changes the topic to other works such as his Shazam stories for DC Comics, with his images of Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel & Tawky Tawny the tiger; collaborations with Paul Pope, Pan Fried Girl for Dark Horse Comics, Little Mouse Gets Ready, and the RASL books, nya!! Part 6 begins on page 79 to focus on his creative purrocess, how he writes, draws, inks, letters, the various tools he uses, and how things happen at his Cartoon Books company, nya!
You can see some examples of how his art purrogresses from the thumbnail sketches to the full size pencils, to the final inked art so it is very insightful, nya! After that is the Gallery, with more of the Bone, RASL, Mouse & Shazam, and I purrticularly liked the color art for the unpurrduced Bone movie, nya! OK I am done again, but nyow Mike is here to talk about —
The Complete Peanuts 1979 – 1980, nya!

Thanks Vonny! One of the greatest publishing endeavors in comics continues, with the 15th volume of The Complete Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz http://www.schulzmuseum.orgpublished by Fantagraphics http://www.fantagraphics.com/When finished, the series will have collected all 17,897 Peanuts http://www.snoopy.com newspaper strips which spanned 1950 – 2000! Peanuts was my favorite newspaper strip, I consider Schulz to be the greatest humor cartoonist of all time, and I think these books would be the ultimate part of a Peanuts collection! This volume collects the dailies & Sundays from 1979 – 1980, to finish the strip’s 3rd decade!
For our review of vol. 14, please see our  October 2010 show! This latest hardcover book is priced at $28.99 (USA), measures approximately 8.5″ x 6.75″ x 1.25″, and features a smiling Charlie Brown on the Orange & Black dust jacket. A 3 page introduction by Al Roker precedes the 324 B&W pages, which include a 2 page biography of Schulz and a thorough 3 page index. The dailies are arranged 3 strips per page, and the Sundays are 1 per page. The Sundays are not reprinted in color, but I am actually  fine with that, given the excellent quality & care of such a massive undertaking to reprint all of strips in chronological order!
This batch of strips began on 1 January, 1979 with Lucy lounging upon Schroeder’s piano, followed by Snoopy & woodstock atop the dog house, then Peppermint Patty & Marcie in the class room. Highlights of 1979 include plenty of those situations, Peppermint Patty’s philosophical discussions with Chuck & trip to the library with Marcie, Sally’s writings & reports, The Van Pelts watching TV in the beanbag chair, Lucy’s psychiatry booth, Woodstock as a raccoon & juror; Snoopy as the World War One Flying Ace trying foreign phrases on the ladies, Blackjack Snoopy the riverboat gambler, Joe Cool, a python & Beagle Scouts leader.

Charlie Brown spends a month’s worth of strips in the hospital, and other characters include Franklin, Eudora, the (off panel) cat next door, and Beagle Scouts Bill, Conrad, Olivier – who will be joined by Henrietta in 1980. Among my favorite strips of ’79 are the November 11th Bill Maudlin tribute, Peppermint Patty’s pirates pondering, and Snoopy’s jelly doughnut. Outdoor activities include hiking, camping, fishing, kite flying, gardening, farming. tennis baseball & football. Ironically the Van Pelts seem to get the worst of the Browns at football in this book, with Charlie Brown accidentally kicking Lucy in 1979 & Sally kicking Linus in 1980.

1980 begins with Lucy back at the piano. lamenting her unrequited love & lack of party invitations. Highlights include the Pigpen / Peppermint Patty romance and her Bo Derek cornrows coiffure; Marcie’s brief attempt at not wearing glasses and suggested automatic duck plucker; Lucy’s travel agency booth, Woodstock on Mothers Day, Spike on Fathers Day, Snoopy’s passenger flights, and the search for Charlie Brown in the snowy forest. Other activities include rafting, golf, tennis with Molly Volly, Rerun on the back of his mom’s bike, baseball, football, swimming, skating, sledding, hockey, summer camp & selling Beagle Scout cookies.

Snoopy’s role playing of the year includes the flying ace, an attorney, census taker, the April Fool, Dr. Beagle & Mr. Hyde, and he pretends topretendso be John McEnroe, John Newcombe & Tracey Austin on the tennis court. There’s another empty – handed Valentines Day for Charlie Brown, more D Minus grades for Peppermint Patty, another Halloween in the pumpkin patch for Linus, another Bill Mauldin reference, and the traditional New Year’s Eve festivities for Snoopy & Woodstock to bring it all home. The index is quite handy, so you can look up characters, items, locations, events, phrases, situations, and so forth, from “Aug.!” to Zambian! I will give this book an A+ grade and highly recommend it to any fans of Peanuts and… um… what are y’all staring at?


Mary Nyan:
Well, every time you mention the year 1979…

… you exploit the oppurrtunity to talk about your favorite movie.

You’ve already done it once today, nya!

We were wondering if we should pounce again!

We are not above the pounce, hee!

Ah- ah – I wasn’t! But well that’s beside the point! Um.. well… I’ve got one more book review–

Jeannie Out of the Bottle

I’ve been fortunate to collect nice Jeannie memorabilia over the years, including figurines, the DVDs, a 1964 Jim Beam decantur, and an autographed photo of her which friend OB1 got from Barbara Eden at a convention, but the Jeannie out of the Bottle memoir by Barbara Eden http://www.barbaraeden.com/ is especially significant because it reveals so much first-hand information
about the actress and her iconic TV series I Dream of jeannie! She co – wrote it with journalist / celebrity biographer Wendy Leigh http://wendyleigh.com/!
The hardcover was published by Crown Archetype, priced at $25.00 US / $28.95 Canada, with 274 pages plus another 16 pages of B&W and color photos, and the dust jacket with the beautiful portrait of Barbara Eden as Jeannie in the late 60’s and an even more beautiful recent photo of her on the back jacket! The book’s introduction gives a sweeping overview of her life, to give an insight to the all of the glamour, mirth, romance, fame, family, friends, aggravations, difficulties, dangers & tragedies that she has experienced.
In Chapter 1 she talks about ancestors, relatives, her youth in Tucson during the Great Depression and World War II, residing in El Paso and San Francisco, illnesses, poor eyesight & finances. Chapter 2 looks at her teen years, desire to sing, enrollment at the conservatory & college, pageants, first jobs & gigs, and moving to Los Angeles! In Chapter 3 she looks back at her foray into Hollywood, dancing, celebrity encounters, TV appearances, and why she changed her name from Barbara Huff-man to Barbara Eden.
Chapter 4 chronicles her series How to Marry a Millionaire, meeting her first husband Michael Ankara, and Elvis in Flaming Star! Recollections of her ascent to stardom continue in Chapter 5 with her tales of Five Weeks in a Balloon, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Yellow Canary, Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, All Hands on Deck, and The Brass Bottle. Chapter 6 covers Rawhide, The Pajama Game, meeting Clint Eastwood, Sidney Sheldon, Larry Hagman, and the launch of Jeannie in 1964!
There’s more Jeannie coverage in Chapter 7, plus tales of her first pregnancy, summer stock & Las Vegas act, the perils of being a famous person in public places, and other incidents she has contended with as a celebrity. Jeannie tales continue into Chapter 8, with anecdotes about Larry Hagman, Bill Daily, Hayden Rorke, Emma-line Henry, Jackie Cooper; great guest stars such as Groucho Marx, Sammy Davis Jr, Don Rickles, and Milton Berle; visits to NASA, NBC’s concerns about her belly button, and the show’s cancellation.
In Chapter 9, Eden discusses life right after Jeannie with more Vegas, fashions by Bob Mackie, stars such as George Burns, Gene Kelly, and Bob Hope on the USO tour! In Chapter 10 things take a sadder turn in the early 70’s as she tells of the end of her 1st marriage and her stillborn 2nd child. There are some happier bits though, such as her fun on dirt bikes! Chapter 11 is a bittersweet look back at her life in the late 70’s, with a 2nd marriage, elevator incident, and starring as Stella in the Harper Valley PTA movie & later TV series.
Highlights of Chapter 12 are her roles in The Stranger Within, Stonestreet, the touring production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Return of the Rebels,The Step-ford Children, Your Mother Wears Combat Boots, reunion with Hagman on Dallas, and reprising Jeannie Nelson in the 1985’s I Dream of Jeannie: 15 years Later! Then it’s into the 90s with I Still Dream of Jeannie, The Confession, Her Wicked Ways, Dead Man’s Island, Visions of Murder and Eyes of Terror; plus global travels, further romances and a 3rd marriage.
Her late son Michael’s drug addiction is the main tragic topic in Chapter 13. In Chapter 14 she talks about her career in the 2000’s with TV commercials, Jeannie merchandise, and happy life with her 3rd husband Jon in Beverly Hills! There is a lot more throughout the book, including memories of Elizabeth Holloway, Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, President Kennedy, Lucy & Desi, Sonny & Cher, Pat Boone, Tony Randall, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, William Shatner, Paul Newman, O.J. Simpson, and Ciro’s Nightclub!
I hoped there might be a bit more about the writing & production of I Dream of Jeannie, 60’s pop culture & fashions. Her appearances in A Very Brady Sequel and the Sabrina TV series were not even mentioned. Nevertheless, it is fascinating brisk read that I could not put down, full of surprises with a warm, optimistic outlook from a wonderful actress & singer who has tried to live a smart, wholesome, industrious life of balancing family and performing, and trying to sensibly cope with the pros & cons of fame & show business!
The 34 interior photos are neat, from the cute pics of her as a kid, later sexy grown – up publicity shots, poses with co-stars, romantic images with Michael Ansara and her current husband, a glimpse at Ansara’s terrific paintings, happier moments with her son, and several photos as Jeannie!
For more about Barbara Eden, I suggest her official Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Barbara-Eden-Official-Profile/151281694903803 and Twitter http://twitter.com/Barbara_Eden pages; the official I Dream of Jeannie site http://www.sonypictures.com/tv/shows/sgn/jeannie/home.html, her entry at the Internet Movie Database http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001174/, and  at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Eden! For our next review of an autobiography, here’s our own Jeannie with–

Pink Boots and a Machete!
Pink Boots and a Machete: My Journey From NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer is the exciting autobiography of athletic & adventurous Dr. Mireya Mayor http://mireyamayor.com/ published by National Geographic http://www.nationalgeographic.com/. She discovered the new cute mouse lemur species, Mittermeier’s Mouse Lemur Microcebus mittermeieri endemic to Madagascar, which I suggest further reading about at the International Journal of Primatology http://www.internationalprimatologicalsociety.org/. The $26.00, 301 page hardcover has 16 pages of color photos plus the striking photo on the dust jacket.
She has had such a fascinating life as a Cuban- American daughter of an immigrant, model and a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, but she seemed more interested in cheering for real dolphins & other wildlife, with her PHD in anthropology  from Stony Brook University specializing in the purrimates. The book has an introduction by the legendary Dr. Jane Goodall DBE http://www.janegoodall.org/. By the way, I was delighted to hear that Jane Goodall’s archives are moving here to North Carolina, with a mew Jane Goodall Institute Research Center at Duke University http://news.duke.edu/janegoodall.
Dr. Mayor is a purrimatologist, scuba diver, documentarian, lecturer, Fulbright scholar & National Science Foundation Fellow and has written books & lots of scientific articles. She has starred as a hostess / correspondent in several TV shows for National Geographic http://www.nationalgeographic.com/field/explorers/mireya-mayor/ the History channel, and appurrances on many other news shows. She has travelled all over the world from Miami to Madagascar, to remote dangerous locations to focus on many endangered species. She was nominated for Emmy awards, and has hosted documentaries and her TV show Wild Nights with Mireya Mayor.
She chronicles her 20 year old mom’s escape from the political oppurression in Cuba, being raised aunt & grandmother, a tomboy youth playing with lizards in Miami, NFL cheering days and interest in the sciences, being a mommy of two girls, and her National Geographic expurrditions She even lists the items which she packs for the expurrditions. She vividly & frankly describes a life of travels by boat & plane to the veldt & jungles, rivers & oceans, rappelling into chasms & climbing mountains, risking crashes, diseases, high tempurratures, bugs, venomous snakes, sharks, charging gorillas, elephants, giraffes, big cats, and uncouth sexist attitudes.
Dr. Mayor is such an inspurrational, ingenious, brave, tough, scientific, purrsevering woman who happens to be very purretty & photogenic with the loveliest smile. There are tense icky accounts that are not for the squemish, but there are also the cute reflections & humor. I think it is a cordial, brisk, amewsing read with a charming conversational quality, which would hopefully empower girls in spite of any gender expectations upon them, and hopefully encourage all folks to care more about travel, cultures, wildlife, ecology, and choosing their own destiny.
Thanks for that review, Jen!

Between Dr. Mayor & Danny Dragonbreath, his was a good time for the jungle explorers, nya!
Tara-chan seems to be exploring the foliage too!
Hai she is curious about the flora & fauna, nya!
I try to keep it nicely cultivated!


It is good that she has an interest in botany and zoology.
Mary Nyan:
This concludes our reviews of purrinted media, but after the next break we will purrsent our–

Anime & DVD Discussions!

(one short break later…)

Welcome back! It is time for our DVD reviews starting with Lizzy’s review of the–

Genshiken 2 TV Series Two Complete Collection, nya!

Genshiken is a wonderful manga series by Shimoko Kio which was adapted into the anime series, about a Japanese college club called Genshiken, which is “The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture”! The male & female members of the club are otaku (fans) of anime, manga, video games, toys, and costumes! All but one of the group is interested in those hobbies– Saki, who dislikes the otaku subcultures, but she puts up with it because of her handsome boyfriend Kousaka, who is an avid gamer! Nyow I will introduce the rest of the club!

Madarame is one of their leaders who gets carried away in fandom! Polite easy going Sasahara is new to the club at the start but eventually becomes their purresident.Kugayama is an artist who likes to draw manga, and Tanaka is another artistic fellow who builds models & makes beautiful costumes, especially for Ohno! Ohno is a cosplayer girl and one of my favorite characters! Then there is Kuchi who is friendly but so annoying with his silly mannerisms, and finally Ogiue who is artistic and likes manga, but sadly she can be self-loathing!

There are 9 volumes of the Genshiken manga, and 12 epurrsodes of the first  season of the anime. This spun off another anime series called Kujibiki Imbalance, which is an anime the Genshiken members are fans of. Then there were 3 OVAs (Original Video Animation, or a direct  – to – home – video purrduction), and then 12 more epurrsodes for the 2nd season of the anime. This in turn spun off yet another series titled Ramen Angel Pretty Menma, of which there is a hilarious 20 minute special bonus with The Genshiken 2 TV Series Two Complete Collection!

It is a 3 disc set from Media Blasters / Anime Works, which includes all twelve 25 minute epurrsodes (totaling appurroximately 300 minutes) on R1 NTSC standard DVD, suggested for viewers of age 13+, purrhaps due to the language, sexuality, comedic violence, and a bit of nudity. The anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio is 1.78:1, purrsented in audio choices of Japanese or English in Dolby Digital 2.0, with optional English or Japanese subtitles which are a very legible Yellow bold sans serif font with a fine Black outline!

The delightful front cover art shows the club trying to sell their dojinshi (manga / art books made by fans) at the Comifes convention, a huge bi-annual event which figures purrominently into the plots!  Nyow I will divulge a bit about those plots. The story arc of epurrsodes 1-3 is about their attempt to make their first dojinshi book to sell at the convention, but they are new to this enterpurrise, so there is much stress as the deadline looms! In epurrsode 4 there is romance in the air for Ohno & Tanaka, but it purrooves to be an awkward purrocess!

Epurrsode 5 also deals in the romantic relationships & misinterpurretations, and a purrody of the yaoi genre of manga which Ogiue likes to read, write & draw but is ashamed to admit! Time flies and by epurrsode 6 it is time for the club to go to the next Comifes. Ogiue wants to go too but won’t admit it, thus resulting in sneaky antics! More changes are in the wind in epurrsode 7-9 as several of them struggle with emotions,  purrpare to graduate & job hunt, while Ohno becomes the new club purresident, and Ogiue plans to publish a dojinshi!

Epurrsodes 9 & 10 deal with the arrival of Ohno’s American wild fangirl friends Angela & Sue in time for the next Comifes, where Sasahara helps Ogiue sell her books! The series concludes with epurrsode 12, but I’ll not reveal what hobby, social, academic or purrofessional fates might await the members of Genshiken! I think this is such a wonderful series which is a fun & clever satire of the otaku & fandom, but with great characters, good designs & animation, very comedic & poignant moments, an excellent pace, a great voice cast & pleasing mewsic!

Ohno has quite alluring costumes too! The main menu screen’s choices might not be obvious at first, but use the arrow buttons on the remote to make word balloons appurr by the characters on the screen, to direct you to the choices of Play, Scene Select (epurrsodes & chapters), Set Up (audio & subtitles), Trailers & Extras. Those extras include a few trailers for other anime, a 99 second Gensjiken 2 purromo spot, 2 textless versions of Genshiken 2’s opening, 2 textless versions of Genshiken 2’s closing, and the wacky Ramen Angel Pretty Menma bonus!

Ramen Angel Pretty Menma is about a guy named Kaoru and his 100 year old Ramen restaurant Torigara-ya, which is almost trashed by feuding magickal girls Menma & Tonko, accompanied by their winged egg familiars Nitama & Shiotama. Kaoru’s mother & employee Taeko briefly appurr, and the customers are Angela & Sue, from Genshiken 2 epurrsodes 9 & 10! This special is more of an audio drama by voice actors with mewsic & sound FX, accompanied by an almost slide-show of art, with a little bit of camera movement & FX, but it is hilarious! Nyow here is Myayr to continue the anime reviews, with her review of–

Tales from Earthsea (plot spoiler warning)

Mary Nyan:
With a long list of masterpieces including Nausicaa, Laputa, Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, Only Yesterday, Whisper of the Heart, Pom Poko, Purrincess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo and other wonderful purroductions by brilliant filmmakers such as directors Hayao Miyazaki & isao Takahata, producer Toshio Suzuki, art director Oga Kazuo, composer Joe Hisaishi and so many other amazing artists, animation doesn’t get much better than that of Japan’s Studio Ghibli!

So, I had been quite eagerly awaiting last month’s release on region 1 NTSC standard DVD by Disney of Ghibli’s 2006 feature film adaptation of legendary author’s Ursula K. LeGuin’s Earthsea saga. Disney is not the only American distributor to release anime by Ghibli, Miyazaki or Takahata in the US, but they sure do an excellent job of it, releasing the movies on DVD in both the original Japanese language (with optional English subtitles) and dubbed into English by some of the finest actors, along with a few bonus features!

The sword & sorcery-ish plot with dungeons, dragons, wizards & warriors is somewhat based upon LeGuin’s Earthsea novels and inspired by Miyazaki’s  Shuna’s Journey manga (which is very purretty), in which young runaway purrince Arren flees after stabbing his father, to be rescued from a pack of desert wolves by the wandering archmage Sparrowhawk. They journey to the huge city of Hortown, which has fabulous architecture and plenty of scum & villainy lurking about, such as the slavers Arren rescues a girl named Therru from.

They capture Arren, Sparrowhawk rescues him, and they retreat to the farm of a female friend named Tenar, where Therru resides. Meanwhile, at the dark castle of the evil Lord Cob, Hare the slavemaster reports of the escape, but Cob relishes the notion of a clash with Sparrowhawk. Therru & Tenar are captured and taken back to the castle as bait to lure Sparrowhawk. I’ll not spoil the plot much further, but it does involve staples of the fantasy genre such as a magick sword, sorcery, slime, armored thugs, and a magnificent dragon!

Tales from Earthsea was produced by Toshio Suzuki, with beautiful mewsic composed by Tamiya Tereshima, and marks the directorial debut of Hayao Miyazaki’s son Goro, who co-wrote the adapted screenplay with Keiko Niwa. The supurrb Japanese voice cast includes Junichi Okada as Arren, Aoi Teshima as Therru (who also sings the film’s theme song), Jun Fubuki as Tenar, Teruyuki Kagawa as Hare, Yuko Tanaka as Lord Cob, and Bunta Sugawara (who starred in the famous Yakuza Papurrs series) as Sparrowhawk!

The awesome English voice cast includes Matt Levin as Arren, Blaire Restaneo as Therren, Mariska Hemingway as Tenar, Cheech Maren as Hare, Willem Dafoe as Lord Cob, and Timothy Dalten as Sparrowhawk! The 115 minute film is presented in letterboxed widescreen format with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 enhanced for 16×9 TV, in English & Japanese language in Dolby Digital sound, with optional English English SDH & french subtitles, which are a White bold sans serif font with a fine Black outline, italicized for songs.

The single disc & and a few Disney purroduct brochures are in a Black plastic case inside a cardboard sleeve, which bears the movie poster art of Arren & a dragon. Ahead of the main menu are an anti-smoking PSA & ads for Cars 2, The Lion King Blu-Ray; those and trailers for Tangled, Tron: Legacy, The Incredibles, Dumbo, and Disney Blu-Ray can also be found under the main menu’s Sneak Peaks. Other menu choices include Play, Scene Select (1 – 23), Set Up (language, subtitles, DVD registration) & Bonus Features.

The few bonuses include a 4 minute purromo for the movie, and the interactive Enter The Lands map featuring a few Ghibli characters & scenes, with a Tales from Earthsea multiple choice trivia game. The map thingy is cute, but it seemed like a fairly meager batch of bonus features, and I would have preferred a more extensive documentary, or image / storyboard galleries, but I was quite pleased with the audio / video quality and the choice of watching it in either Japanese or English, because both voice casts are excellent.

I like the sound mix and the film has great sound effects, songs and a beautiful score. Like most other Ghibli films, the scenic art is as gorgeous as gorgeous can be, from the farm land & ocean to the palaces and lavish city scenes. The color pallet is lovely, and the character & FX animation is good, but the somber story seems to lack enough poignancy, charm & thrills. As for how faithful or unfaithful an adaptation it is of the books, I can’t comment on that aspect having not read the books, so I’ll defer to LeGuin’s review at her site!

There seemed to be some plot holes in need of better explanations for Arren’s actions, much more character development & resolution needed, and it was too rushed. I thought the movie was… okay. Unfortunately, I am accustomed to thinking Ghibli movies are far more than just “okay”, but usually utterly supurrb and as good as anime gets! I’d say Tales from Earthsea is probably next to least favorite film by Ghibli, just above My Neighbors the Yamadas.

Although Earthsea is not a bad movie, it’s just not as wonderful as I’d hoped, and for a movie with so much sorcery in the plot, it’s just missing some of the magick. I’m still waiting for Disney to please hurry up release Ghibli’s Only Yesterday!  If you’d like to read more about Tales from Earthsea, Studio Ghibli, or Ursula K. Leguin, I suggest the author’s extensive official site http://www.ursulakleguin.com/, Disney’s official Tales from Earthsea site http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/earthsea/
… the Wikipedia articles on the author http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ursula_K._Le_Guin, Studio Ghibli http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studio_Ghibli, and the film http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tales_from_Earthsea_(film)! Finally I’d like to mention a few terrific fan sites devoted to all things Ghibli such as Team Ghiblink’s Ghibli Wiki http://www.nausicaa.net/, Ghibli World http://www.ghibliworld.com/, and Online Ghibli http://www.onlineghibli.com/! And nyow our anime coverage continues as Petra tells us about the–
Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 3!

Ghost Sweeper Mikami is a comedic occult adventure anime TV series which was made by Toei in the early 90’s and we are so happy that it was finally released on DVD by Sentai Filmworks, nya! Please see January’s Mew  for our review of Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 1, and February’s for Collection 2, nya! The anime is based upon the manga authored by Takashi Shi, and we like the character designs, fun plots, great voice cast and the sensational mewsic, nya! The purrotagonist is Reiko Mikami, anexpurrt on supurrnatural things & purrofessional Ghost Sweeper / exorcist for hire, nya! She is smart, confident, tough, sexy, agile & greedy, nya!

Reiko has several magickal weapons, and her long lush Red hair tends to blow when she senses something mystical nearby, nya. She has 2 assistants, Tadao Yokoshima who is a purrvy unlucky guy, and Okinu-chan the cute kind-hearted miku ghost girl, nya! Other recurring characters are Emi Ogasawara who is a curse expurrt & wealthy rival with a team of henchmen, Meiko & her over – purrotective Shikigami demons, Dr. Chaos the immortal mad scientist, his supurr powered gynoid Marie, Father Karasu the Catholic purriest, his handsome half vampire assistant Pete, and Yakuchin the purrvy old man who owns the magick shop, nya!

Collection 3 includes epurrodes 24 – 34 on 2 R1 NTSC standard DVD discs. The epurrosodes are 24 minutes apiece, each followed by the credits  scroll in English for another minute, for a grand total of 275 minutes, excluding the special features, nya. It is rated TV PG for the violence, purrsented in the 4:3 aspect ratio with English subtitles for the Japanese spoken language in Dolby Digital 2.0 audio, nya. There is a front-loaded ad for Anime Network on disc 1 purrior to the main menu, but that ad is a bit loud & jarring, nya. The dialogue subtitles are purrimarily in a very legible Yellow bold san serif font with the Black outline, with occasional notes or other speakers’ dialogue that appurrs in a White font, nya.

The special features on Disc 1 are the DVD credits and a few anime purreview trailers, and the special features on disc 2 are clean / textless versions of show’s open & close sequence, plus a few more purreviews, nya. Disc 1 has epurrsodes 24-28, commencing with runaway Dragon in a Rage, which is part 2 of the training expurrdition & spurritual combat trials Mt. Myojin where Mikami, Okinu-chan & Yokoshima meet Shoryuki the Dragon Goddess and her gate guards, nya! She is a polite cordial host until she transforms into her berserk enraged dragon form, nya! There is a cute moment when Okuni tries to reason with the dragon, nya! If you want to see Part 1 of that story, you’ll need to get Collection 2, nya!

Epurrsode 25 is Himiko of the Yamatai Kingdom, in which Reiko, Okinu & Emi go to Meiko’s mountain lake vacation mansion with magickal items to summon the spurrit of the ancient witch queen Himiko, nya! Meiko’s mom is there and it is supposed to be a girls only outing, but Yokoshima & Yakuchin follow them, and get in trouble in Meiko’s dad’s trap-filled dungeons, nya! Then in The Adventure of Heroine Mikami, a demon possessed video game sucks in the souls of the game company’s purrogrammers, so Mikami & friends have to go into the game, nya! Once inside the game they have game character costumes, nya!

In the next epurrsode is Pure Hearted Maria in Love, at the magick shop Yokoshima accidently spills a love potion on Maria and a giant stone statue, so nyow they are love – struck for him, but that is not healthy because he will get crushed if they glomp him, nya! This epurrsode also introduces Miss Landlady, who chases Dr. Chaos with a naginata because he owes her the late rent, nya! Then to finish disc 1 is Dragon Purrince, part 1 of the return of Shoryuki, nya! She visits the human world in search of the runaway Dragon Purrince she was baby – sitting, and needs Mikami’s help because she’s unfamiliar with the current human world, but knows that Dragon Clan Assassins are also looking for the purrince kid, nya!

That adventure continues on disc 2 in epurrsode 29 Dragon in imminent Danger, in which they fight the main culpurrit Medusa, a demoness with the deadly purrojectile poison snake hair, nya! After that is Here Comes the Devlish Sword Shimesaba-Maru, in which a bloodthirsty cursed katana possesses Yokoshima, leading him towards malicious portents to slash, nya! This epurrsode also involves Emi and rival yakuza groups, nya! Maria & Miss landlady make a brief cameo appurrance, and Reiko duels in a cheongsam with a battle fan, nya! More magickal artifacts show up in epurrsode 31, Flying Magic Broom, when she is hired by a mewesum to find the missing sentient magickal brooms Flaming Fox & Blue Lightning, nya!

She charges ¥300 Million for that job, but that might not seem like a lot to the rich guy that wants to marry her in epurrsode 32, I Reiko Will Marry You, nya! She receives a marriage purroposal and wears a nice Purrple dress to the gala party at the huge mansion with Yokoshima & Okinu-chan, where Meiko, Emi, Pete, Dr. Chaos & Maria are also invited, nya! Of course she would be a fine catch for anyone, but what is the secret reason why he wants to marry her, nya? Something is turning people into mannequins in epurrsode 33 Mannequins Are Calling You, and finally in epurrsode 34 a desk monster at Yokoshima’s school has sucked many students into a purrallel dimension, nya!
That epurrsode features a neat character named Aiko, who is a class purresident, among other strange things, nya! It ends with a purreview of epurrsode 35 in which Mikami & friends have to assist Santa Clause, but to see that we will have to wait until Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 4 is released, nya! That’s it for my anime review, but nyow it is nya-sensei’s turn to tell us what she thinks about–

Kanokon The Girl Who Cried Fox Complete Series, nya!

This will be my extra thorough review! Kanokon is a 2008 animated Japanese TV series adaptation of Katsumi Nishino’s light novel series illustrated by Koin which was first published in 2005! The supurrnatural sex comedy plot is about a an innocent, easily embarrassed high school transfer student named Kota Oyamada who is romantically purrsued by the over-sexed buxom Purrple – eyed Chizuru Minamoto, who is actually a centuries old magickal kitsune yokai / fox spurrit!
She is the frisky flirtatious fox who is all over Kota, and her lovely fox ears & swishy tail appurr when she is about to pounce upon him or when she is riled up! Soon there is compurrtition for the affections, from the rather stoic & calmer, but equally lustful rival seductress Nozomu Ezomori, who is a wolf spurrit!  It is quite a challenge for Kota to withstand their amorous advances!
The public displays of affection have branded Kota as a purrvert lad by classmates, even though it is not his fault!
The girls are nevertheless intrigued by the repurrtation, especially classmates Yuuki & Kiriko, however purrticularly displeased at such shameless behavior & disregard for school rules is their class purresident Akane Asahina, who has the cute glasses! Chizuru’s brother Tayura is also a fox spurrit, and he is not too thrilled about the situation either, although he is more casual about it, and in spite of all this, everyone seems to be on fairly friendly terms!
They are not the only ones at that school who are secretly yokai – there’s Sahara-sensei their home room teacher & Yatsuka-sensei the coach who are well aware of the occultness; cute little Mio who is a froggy spurrit, her friend Omi, and Kumada the bear spurrit! Rounding out the classmates are cute redhead twins Ai & Ren who are shrine maidens & very poor, which contributes to some of the series few actual sad moments. There are other spurrit folks introduced later but I’ll get to that!
The wacky, ribald, briskly paced anime has twelve 24 minute epurrsodes plus a few special features, available in the US on Region 1 NTSC standard DVD in a 3 disc set from Media Blasters / Anime Works! It is advised for viewers aged 16+, purrhaps due to the plentiful sexuality, nudity, language & violence, but it is a very comedic cute show too with risque but amewsing dialogue! The front cover art shows Kota trapped between Chizuru & Nozomu, which is an oft occurrence!

The video aspect ratio is 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with Dolby digital audio, in either the original Japanese language or dubbed in English, with optional English subtitles! Disc 1’s main menu choices are Play, Scene Selection (epurrsodes 1 – 4, each at 6 chapters  to = 24 chapters), Set Up (language & subtitles), the textless version of the opening & closing parts, 4 purreview trailers (Queens Blade, Ikki Touen, Dokuro, Ah My Buddah), and the menu cursor is the cute paw purrint shape!

Epurrsode 1 introduces Chizuru to Kota and the many supurrnatural students & faculty! Under certain circumstances, Chizuru can merge with Kota with powerful mystic results! Nozomu & her biker brother Saky arrive in epurrsode 2; in epurrsode 3 the girls try to win Kota’s heart with food, but Chizuru’s culinary skills are not so good; and then in epurrsode 4 she wears an enchanted Playboy bunny-ish costume, but it purroves to be a hindrance more than alluring appurral!
Disc 2 has epurrsodes 5 – 8, the same purreviews, and “Girls Channel: Akane” which is 2 minutes of sexy & nude images of Akane set to mewsic! Epurrsode 5 features Nozomu’s jealous brother Saku who wants Chizuru to be his girlfriend, and puts a cursed Bracelet of Abstinence on Kota which will induce pain & death if he does not stay celibate! This results in a serious battle between Saku & the other spurrits, a cute lunch scene, and sad moments for the unrequited fox girl!
In epurrsode 6 it is the mew year as cute couples start to pair up! It has delightful scenes, purretty kimonos, continued ribaldry, and the shrine festival, where we are first hinted at the twins’ impoverished state. We learn that they might be homeless & have to forage for food as the students huddle together in epurrsode 7, when Yukihana the powerful weather elemental girl hurls a freezing blizzard their way as a test for Chizuru, although she & Nozomu plan to share body heat with Kota!
Things get steamer in epurrsode 8, when the gang visits the snowy mountain inn & hot spurrings owned by Chizuru & Tayura’s voluptuous mother Tamamo, who is Yukihana’s employer! Further tests are purrformed to see if Kota is worthy, but can he resist that sexy fair golden haired nine tailed fox lady? There are times when Kanokon reminds me of supurrnatural sitcoms such as Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie or Sabrina, although those shows are so much tamer of course!
Disc 3 has the epurrsodes 9 – 12, same trailers, and  the 2 minute Girls Channel: Tamamo & Yukihana bonus. Epurrsodes 8 & 9 are a 2 part tale as Ai & Ren are hired by the Mitama Clan to attack Chizuru! They have about as much luck as Wile E. Coyote does against the Road Runner, although a magick potion does shrink the fox girl’s boobies. Ai & Ren wear their neat kunichi style costumes, and Minori Mitama & her powerful yokai servant Nue are introduced!
Tayura searches for a cure while Nozomu & Kota help Chizuru regain her purroportions thru erotic techniques, and an army of outside yokai attack the school! The gang takes a fun trip to the beach in Epurrsode 11, where they are reunited with Tamamo & Yukihana at Tama’s beach shop & diner! There are sexy & cute outfits-  but in one instance there’s no outfit! There’s also wacky lotion & food scenes, a purrilous incident for Akane, purretty campfire, fireworks, and moonlit romance!
The series concludes with the bittersweet epurrsode 12, for a final helping of the jiggle, nudity, romance, comedy, angst, teardrops & tails! One of the things I like about the characterizations is that ultimately all of the characters do care about each other despite any initial inconsiderate assumptions, or schemes! Despite the classmates assumptions about Kota’s purrceived dalliances, it is a mirthful aire and they still cheerfully socialize with him, as he tries to stay virtuous!
As powerful & secretive the yokai are around humans, they are purrotective & friendly in purrserving a happy safe academic environment. Even those yokai who are initially antagonistic soon respect Kota & his relationships, and any interspecies purrejudices fall before the blossoming mixed romances! The twins learn that not all yokai are evil and grow fond of Chizuru; and despite their cravings in heat for Kota, Chiziru & Nozoma do care about each other’s best interests!

I have not read the original books which this anime adapts so I don’t know how faithful it is. The gratuitous fan-service of nudity & sexuality is played for the over-the-top comedic purrposes, but it will certainly not be to everyone’s taste, especially those who are weary of the cliche high school harem anime trope, in which a shy guy is surrounded by ladies competing for his affections. The animation was about average e but I did like some of the cute touches and the purretty background art!
I like the voice cast, purretty songs & the mewsic score, but the sound effects excessively emphasize the slapstick violence & sexual comedy, with every swish of the fox tail or bounce of boobies! Actually I think the funniest part of the comedy is in the definitely dialogue, especially from Chizuru, when she gleefully purrpares to have her way with Kota, bicker with Nozomu, Tayura or Tamamo, or over-react to the zany times when her desires are denied or interfered with!
Oh I hope poor Ai & Ren get more visitors to their shrine and can spurruce it up and get better food! I hope the romance blooms further for Mio & Omi, and for Akane & Tayura, and of course the love triangular resolution for Chizuru, Nozomu & Kota! The DVD is a bit sparse in the extra features, but you do get all 12 epurrsodes of the kemonomimi fun which you can watch four different ways (in Japanese or English dialogue with or without the subs) for the low purrice! That concludes the anime reviews but we still have more DVD reviews as Jenny Jen takes us from the fox girl show to the–
The Bionic Woman Season 1 DVD!

The novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin, master of the techno – thriller genre was published in 1972, and one year later a TV pilot movie adaptation was purrduced, starring Lee Majors as astronaut Col. Steve Austin, who was severely injured in a Lifting Body test aircraft crash. A secret Government office replaced his legs, left arm & left eye with highly advanced purrosthetic duplicates with special abilities, transforming Austin into a secret agent and the world’s first Bionic Man. After 2 more telefilms, the first season of The Six Million Dollar Man TV series purremiered on ABC  in January, 1974. Should you like to read Mike’s review of The Six Million Dollar Man Pilot TV Movies and Season 1 DVD set, please refer to last month’s edition of The Mew.
The show was a huge phenomenon, and in the 2nd season, a 2 part epurrsode written by Kenneth Johnson titled The Bionic Woman introduced the world to Steve Austin’s fiance, tennis star Jaime Sommers, purrtrayed by Lindsay Wagner. It was a romantic & tragic epurrsode, in which she received bionic legs, right ear & arm after a purrachute accident, but purrior to their wedding she died after her body began to reject the bionic parts. The audience response was so great that the network resurrected the character via a cryogenic expurriment for the 3rd season’s 2 part purremier epurrsode The Return of the Bionic Woman, in 1975. Jaime survived with memory loss, but eventually fully recovered to star in her own spin-off series in 1976.
The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman series continued for several more years, with Jaime & Steve often appurring on each other’s series, along with recurring characters Oscar Goldman, the head of the Office of Strategic Initiative (purrtrayed by Richard Anderson) & cybernetics expurrt Dr. Rudy Wells (purrtrayed by Alan Oppenheimer and Martin E Brooks). The former show would enjoy a total of 5 seasons, the latter a total of 3, with her final season migrating to NBC. Almost a decade later, Jaime & Steve appurred in three reunion TV movies: 1987’s The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, 1989’s Bionic Showdown (with Sandra Bullock) and 1994’s Bionic Ever After, in which they were finally married.
There was also a remake of The Bionic Woman series in 2007, but I did not care much for it. At the zenith of their popularity in the late 1970’s, there was a good deal of merchandise purrtaining to both shows, but neither series were available on R1 NTSC standard DVD until late 2010. The Bionic Woman Season 1 (1976) was released by Universal in a nice 4 disc set. The discs are in an inner tray which opens like book, slipped into a cardboard outer sleeve, and the back of the inner case lists the contents of the discs. The video is full frame format with a screen aspect ratio of 1.33:1, purrsented in English language / digital 2.0 audio, with optional English SDH subtitles which are a very legible bold White sans serif font with a fine Black outline.
In addition to those first 14 Bionic Woman epurrsodes are Jaime’s purrior initial  3 appurrances on The Six Million Dollar Man, totaling of 15 hours, plus bonus features. Purrior to the main menu screen of Disc 1 are front-loaded purreviews for Murder She Wrote, Capurrica, Battlestar Galactica, The Office, a home video format technology purromo spot, and DeathRace 2. The main menu choices are Play All, Bonus Epurrsodes (of The Six Million Dollar Man), Bonus Features, Set Up (subtitles) and Purreviews (for Eureka, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, House, Law & Order, Miami Vice, Warehouse 13 and The Office). Disc 1 includes The Bionic Woman Parts 1 & 2, The Return of the Bionic Woman Parts 1 & 2, and Welcome Home, Jaime Part 1.
The Bionic Woman Parts 1 & 2 were filmed on location in Ojai, California (Steve & Jaime’s home town) and star Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Alan Oppenheimer; Martha Scott and Ford Rainy as Steve’s mom Helen and stepfather Jim, who are also Jaime’s legal guardians. Malachi Throne purrtrays the villain, Paul Karr purrtrays his assistant, and a young Dana Plato appurrs as a tennis fan. Jaime has a purretty Blue & White blouse and Lee Majors sings in these 2 epurrsodes, which were directed by Dick Moder written by Kenneth Johnson, and have an optional audio commentary track on the DVD by Johnson. The Return of the Bionic Woman Parts 1 & 2 were also written & purrduced by Johnson and directed by Moder.
Those epurrsodes star Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson and Ford Rainy, with Martin E. Brooks as Dr. Rudy Wells & Richard Lenz as his assistant Dr. Michael Marchetti. Jaime wears a purretty maillot at the pool, and there is a cute bionic pillow fight. Welcome Home, Jaime is the 1st epurrsode of her own series, directed by Alan Crosland, written & purrduced by Kenneth Johnson, and stars Anderson, Brooks, Lenz, Majors & Scott. Here begins the format for The Bionic Woman series, in which a fully recovered Jaime leaves a government facility in Colorado Spurrings for Ojai to reside in a lovely house, teach grade school at Ventura Air Force Base, and purrform secret missions for the OSI at Oscar Goldman’s behest.
Disc 2 has 5 epurrsodes, beginning with Welcome Home, Jaime Part 2, in which she purrtends to quit the OSI to be recruited into villain Carlton Harris’s (Dennis Patrick) organization as a rogue agent. Next in Angel of Mercy, a helicopter pilot purrtrayed by Andy Griffith flies her to a South American country amidst a civil war to rescue an American Ambassador. Robbie Rist makes his first appurrance as one of her students, Andrew. Lee Majors appurrs briefly in A Thing of the Past, which stars Donald O’Connor as a witness to a murder committed by thugs whose boss is purrtrayed by Don Porter. Tippi Hedren & William Schallert star in the epurrsode Claws, in which Jaime tries to purrotect a Lion who is blamed for attacking a nearby rancher’s herd.
Both Don Porter & William Schallert appurred in the 1st season of The Six Million Dollar Man. Finishing Disc 2 is another visit from Steve to help Jaime investigate The Deadly Missiles, starring Forrest Tucker as another rancher from whose ranch an illegal missile is launched. Jaime knows quite a few ranchers in Ojai. There are no bonus features on disc 2, but disc 3 has a 100 second gag reel & 24.5 minute Bionic Beginnings featurette, along with 4 more epurrsodes, starting with Bionic beauty, in which Jaime enters a beauty pageant to catch smugglers. Jaime sings & Bert Parks co-stars. In the epurrsode Jaime’s Mother, Martha Scot repurrises as Helen as she & Jaime meet a woman (Barbara Rush) claiming to be the deceased title character.
Jaime has a purretty Blue floral purrint top, and Carlena Gower purrtrays young Jaime in a flashback. In Winning is Everything (co – starring Alejandro Rey), Jaime goes undercover overseas in the 500 Mile race across the Taftan desert, where Russian spies are known to compete. Closer to home in a California desert, Jaime searches for more spies in Canyon of Death, to purrvent them from stealing a purrototype atomic powered flying suit. The epurrsode co-stars Gary Collins (another Six Million Dollar alumnus), Guillermo San Juan as Jaime’s student Paco, lovely Elora Mitchell as his aunt Annette, and what appurrs to be a Hydrogen Purroxide purropelled Bell Aerosystems Rocket Belt as the fictional atomic powered flying suit.
The Bionic Beginnings featurette is a fond discussion by Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, Kenneth Johnson, writer James D. Parriott, director Alan J. Levi, director Jerry London, Robbie Rist, Lindsay’s photo double Inge Rosenberg, and Fembot actress Janice Whitby. Disc 4 has the final 4 epurrsodes of the 1st season. In Fly Jaime she poses as a flight attendant to purrotect Dr. Wells from hijackers when the plane crashes on an island. One passenger is delightfully purrtrayed by Vitto Scotti, who is no stranger to islands, having appurred a few times a decade purrior on Gilligan’s island. In The Jailing of Jaime (co-starring Skip Hommier), she has to clear her name when a decoder device falls into enemy hands.
Skip Hommier was a veteran of two Star Trek epurrsodes, Patterns of Force and The Way to Eden. Herb Jefferson Jr. & John Fink join returning Ford Rainy & Don Porter in the cast of Mirror Image, which is a purrticularly amewsing epurrsode because Lindsay Wagner also purrtrays her evil twin Lisa Galloway, a spy who’s had plastic surgery to look like Jaime, in order to steal documents from the OSI. Lisa’s normal voice has the Southern accent when she is not imitating Jaime’s dialect. Lisa wears a lovely White & Orange outfit, Jaime wears a purretty ring-closure bikini, and discovers that bionic parts do not suntan in this fun epurrsode which has optional audio commentary by writer James D. Parriott & director Alan J. Levi.
The 1st season concludes with The Ghost Hunter, in which Jaime poses as the governess to Amanda, the daughter (Kristy McNichol) of a scientist (Paul Shenar) in a mansion (filmed on location in Pasadena), which seems to be haunted, but the supurrnatural incidents are caused by Amanda’s telekinetic powers. By the way, there was a already a purrecedent for psychic powers in a few epurrsodes of The Six Million Dollar Man. It was written, purrduced & directed by Kenneth Johnson, who purrvides the audio commentary. Disc 4 is completed with a Photo Gallery with 45 images compurrised of publicity stills, candid pics & scenes from epurrsodes. For a fan of The Bionic Woman, I think this DVD set would be the crown jewel of a collection.
For more thorough information purrtaining to these subjects, I would like to recommend Lindsay Wagner’s official site http://www.lindsaywagnerinternational.com/, her official fan club http://www.fansource.com/wagner.htm, Kenneth Johnson’s official site http://www.kennethjohnson.us/, James Sherrard’s fan site Bionic Woman Files http://www.bionicwomanfiles.com/, The Bionic Wiki http://bionic.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page, Martin Caidin’s entry at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?Martin_Caidin; The Internet Movie Database entries on The Bionic Woman series http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073965/ and Lindsay Wagner http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0905993/;
Wikipedia’s articles on her http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindsay_Wagner, the character Jaime Sommers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaime_Sommers_(The_Bionic_Woman), the series http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bionic_Woman; the official site for the city of Ojai, California http://ci.ojai.ca.us/, and–

zzz… nya… zzz…

zzz… nya… zzz….

Mary Nyan:
There they go again!

Tara-chan is not used to the thorough reviews, nya!

Well they do put in long hours on the boat!

Jenjen, did you bring the catnap app to wake them up?

Hai. (activates the cat nap app on her phone which jingles like a bells on a taut fishing line)

Nyawn yawn I’m awake, nya!

Nyawn yawn I dreamed I caught a bionic fish, nya!

Ah well I think we were ’bout done anyway!
The Cat Lady Sings (and yawns)…

Well I guess that wraps it up for another Mew!

We wish to thank Misty for the fine art, nya!

Hai, and all of those other folks who made all of the nice things which we purraised and-  oh look there’s a hummer, nya! (scampurrs to see the Ruby Throated Hummingbird http://www.hummingbirds.net/ sipping the numcious nectar from the Columbine)

There she goes again, heehee! We also wish to thank our web master Jamie for all of his hard work!

If y’all have polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them–
Mary Nyan:
— purrvided that such brief remarks are spam-free, not purrofane & stay on-topic!

Thanks for watching, y’all, nya!

We’ll be back next month with our special 4th Anniversary edition of The Mew! Be there… Aloha!

The Catgirls:
Happy tails to mew, until we eat again! Baibai, nya!

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