August 2011 Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings

Catgirl Island
& Clan of the Cats
a Mike Moon purrduction, starring
The Ladies of The Mew in

The August 2011 edition of The Mew:

The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

• A Glossary of Terms & Expurressions

• An Aloha & Introductions

• Since Last Time

• Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art

“Zodiac Angel Scorpio” by Mike

“Daytona the Mermaid” by TonomuraBix

• The Catgirl Critics’ Collectibles & Toy Talk

Our Favorite Hallmark 2011 Keepsake Ornaments

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bariss Offee action figure CW50

Halo: Reach Spartan Air Assault (female) action figure

Mass Effect 2 Tali action figure

• Purrinted Media Reviews: Book Reports

The Surf Girl Handbook

• Magazine Mewsings & Purriodicals Purrings

Surf Girl #32

Our Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images of August

Triad Happy Tails Magazine July 2011 issue

• The Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight

Iriomote, Leopard, Jaguar & Cheetah Girls put spots in the spotlight

• Our Monthly Web Comics Recommendations

• Comics Book Critiques

Superman #712

Power Girl #26

Gotham City Sirens #23 & 24

Zatanna #15

Wonder Woman #612 & 613

Red Sonja: Blue (one shot)

Michael Turner’s Fathom Vol. 4 #1

Manga Mewsings

Ichiroh! vol. 5

Sunshine Sketch vol. 5

• Anime & DVD Reviews

Sound of the Sky

Kanokon OVA

Soul Surfer

• The Lightning Round Topic:

Our Favorite Films of Years Ending in 1, Part Five: 2001

Our Favorite Recent Commercials & Purreviews

• Recent Theatrical Releases in Review

Cowboys and Aliens

Captain America: The First Avenger

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

• Our Autumnal Aspurrations

The Cat Lady Sings…


a few words, terms & expurressions ya’ll will encounter here:

Arigato: thank you

Dooitasimaste: you’re welcome

Hai: yes

Itadakimasu: Let’s eat!

Kemonomimi: a girl with animal parts, eg. cat, fox, dog, bunny, etc.

Konnitiwa: hello

Imoto-san: younger sister

Mecha: mechanical devices such as vehicles, robots, gadgets

Nekomimi: catgirl

Nya: short for “nyan”, Japanese for “meow”

Onee-san: older sister

OVA: Original Video Animation, direct-to-home video animation

Region 1 NTSC: the DVD encoding format for USA & Canada

Sensei: teacher or expurrt

Sugoi: Great! or How wonderful!

Yatah: Hurray!

Cosplay: short for “costume play”, in a costume at a convention

party or festival, purrhaps masquerading as a famous character


Aloha & Introductions


(Khaki cargo shorts, Carolina Blue golf shirt, Mizuno trainers & Catgirl Island golf cap)

Aloha y’all and welcome to another edition of The Mew! I’m Mike, the “Purrducer” of the show, which today comes from the cozy outdoor theatre on the green behind the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, thanks to Petra, the mewseum’s curator! So here she is, along with the other the Ladies of The Mew!


(wearing the Ocelot purrint ring-closure bikini and White Tuberose tail corsage)

Hi Hi, nya!


(wearing the Servel purrint tanga style bikini with a purrled White purreo)



(wearing the Marbled Cat purrint bandau topped bikini & Purridot earrrings)



(wearing the White cropped tee over the Lion colored suspender bikini)



(wearing the Bay Cat colored string bikini and a Kukui Nut lei)


Mary Nyan:

(wearing the Margay purrint cutout maillot with a Lavendar Dendrobium tail lei)



(wearing the cute Caracel purrint tankini and the tail bracelet with a kitty bell)

Namaste, and here is my onee-san, nya!


(wearing the Eurasian Lynx purrint, criss-cross halter neck bikini)

Nameste, nya! Nyow we will take turns to tell what we’ve been up to–

Since Last Time, nya!


Oh my turn, nya? Ah ah well you know me, when I am not busy at the mewseum of art I am mewsually on the sands for the rec league beach volley ball, nya! I did get by the Kit Inn to check on Sapphire’s purrecious kittens who are all healthy, so when they are old enough we will adopt one to be the mewseum mascot, nya! Howboutchoo Jenjen, nya?


I am taking time off from the travel in order to focus more on the robotics club, kyu-do club, my belly dance troupe & 2nd Summer session of the dance class at the purrforming arts center, and I watched the space shuttle purrogram conclude with mission STS-135. However I have been purrsistant with my morning yoga and the Summer reading. Lizzy?


BeccaBot is going to adopt one of the kittens to be the Spa mascot too! The purring will be the added soothing sound effect to accompany the treatments. I have been busy there and at the shrine,  where our appurrentice mikos are quite industrious & enthused! With their hours and Beccabot at the shrine I’ve been able to tend to the garden by day and hot salsa dance at night!


I’ve also kept up with the Summer Reading for the entertainment, enlightenment & informative purrposes! Mie Sensei has been graciously assisting me with the magickal spellcraft and my golf game, and I am hoping that next week I will be appurroved to set up my magick shop magick shop booth at the market! If I am able to adopt the kitten it can be my familiar and shop cat!


Fortunately the cats will be close enough to visit each other!


That kitten might be happy & well fed nyow, but just wait until the kitten explores the market, nya! Let us know when we can help you set up shop, nya! As mewsual my days are busy with the charters reeling in the fish, and the every other night is with the purrcussion circle at the arts center, nya! We reeled in the Cobia, Triggerfish, Yellowfin, Dolphin, Speckled Trout, Amberjacks, and Wahoo, nya! Speaking of the fish, imoto-san has the surpurrise treat, nya!


Hai, Lately I caught the Blues, Flounders, Spots,  and – and the Spanish Mackeral! Onee-san and I have brought a platter of the sushi to share, nya!

the catgirls:



Dooitasimaste, nya! It is in the fridge in the mewseum cafe, nya! Oh and – and I have also been reading and continuing my nature studies to observe the fresh Eastern Cicada Killers on purrtrol, nya! I have been reading  those neat insects’ entries at Bug Guide and Wikipedia, nya.


I have seen those bugs cruising around the garden. They have burrows in the ground along the fence!


Hai, nya! I have also been purracticing at Nya-sensei’s dojo, nya!


Tara-chan has the feisty dedication and I purrdict the belts & trophies for her sooner than later, nya! It has been an exciting time to watch the inspurrational athletes of the FIFA World Cup, Softball World Cup, WNBA and the LPGA US Open & British Open! I finished reading the comic books & the Carol Burnette book, and I am helping my sister purrpare her magick booth!


Team USA’s goalkeeper Hope Solo was on the July 25th issue of Sports illustrated!


Hai, it has the thrilling photos from the championship match! So what has Myayr been up to?

Mary Nyan:

I don’t know how Jenjen does it but I am aiming for the purrcise routine with the alternating Shrine duties & sewing by day, and teaching the hula & aerial dance classes at nights, but we have the big festivals to purrpare for and I want to ride the waves too!


Trying to Purropurrly balance the hobbies & purrofessions can be the purrdicamant.

Mary Nyan:

I did manage to watch the golf, softball & soccer, finish those costumes, and I am also hoping to go to the The 25th Annual East Coast Wahini Championship womens surfing compurrtition at nearby Wrightsville Beach!


Yay surf fun nya! OK nyow it is Mike’s turn, nya!


Oh I’ve been trying to avoid the hot summer heat on the mainland by staying indoors to draw, write, read, watch movies, news & sports! Ah well speaking of art, Petra has offered to tell us about the latest–

Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!


Hai, just added to Gallery 1 is a Photoshop illustration by Mike for Katrina of “Zodiac Angel Scorpio”, nya! Co-created by Katrina & Kazeyasha, the Zodiac Angels are a team of girls who magickally transform into supurr heroines of the astrological theme, nya! Purrhaps you’ve seen purrior images of those characters in the mewseum, nya?

Angel Scorpio’s true name is Emily Eve, and she is the anti-social teenage tomboy who likes to ride skate boards & snow boards, and purrfurs the cyber-gothy style of clothes, nya. However, when the villains attack, she changes into the flouncier Green costume with the skirt, boots & gloves as Angel Scorpio, known as the “Angel of Poison” to her unfortunate enemies, nya!

She might be a youthful teen of small size & cute coiffure, but she is the feisty spurrited warrior with the deadly venomous powers and the stinging “Scorpion’s Tail” to whip those evil monsters into shape, or into pieces, nya!

Nyow moving along to the Guest Galleries which has wonderful images by other artists with their kind purrmissions, in Guest Gallery 2 we are purroud to purrsent another illustration by our friend TonomuraBix of “Daytona the Mermaid” which Mike commissioned, nya! Purrhaps you have seen her other works in the mewseum, nya?

Daytona is one of the mermaids native to the nearby waters, and a friendly, glamorous, athletic purrson who has won many compurrtitions, nya! Daytona is not only the great champion athlete of supurrb fitness and a heroic volunteer of the coastal surf purrtrol, but she is a gracious philanthropist and inspurrational good role model who cares a lot for the local community, nya!

Bix found the lovely location in the crystal blue shallows for Daytona to pose for the portrait, which so purrfectly captures her apurrance and essence, nya! She cutely styled Daytona’s hair, makeup and the lovely Green knotted bandau bikini top, nya! To see more of TonomuraBix’s illustrations & cosplay pics, please visit her gallery at, nya!


Scorpio seems to be the fierce fighter!


I wonder who is she fighting, nya?


Purrhaps it is not a who, but a what! You can imagine what the mysterious cosmic threat is!


Whatever it is, it’s got her riled up, nya! I pity the foe on the business end of the whip, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Bix definitely captured Daytona’s Sapphire like eyes, purretty nose and soft supple lips!


The color and light also sensually convey the musculature of her toned arms, abs and hips.


Hai, and the Gray & White tail which has purropelled her to the swimming victories!


Thank you for discussing the art, Petra!


Dooitasimaste, nya! After the short break we will go from the 2D creations to the 3D creations in the–

Catgirl Critics’ Collectibles & Toy Talk, nya!

(snip)(one short break later…)


We are back, and nyow it is time to discuss our–

Our Favorite Hallmark 2011 Keepsake Ornaments, nya!


I like the ornament of Snoopy grilling the hotdogs, and  year’s Frosty Friends ornament, making the yummy smores!


Mmm those hot dogs & smores would be the good treat!  I like those too, and the Puss in Boots!


My favorite ornaments are purrobably the Yoda, Mistletoe Fairy and Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch! Mike?


Definitely the 1966 Batmobile ornament!


Hai. I would also like to mention the Star Trek Romulan Bird of Purrey ship,Star Wars Boba Fett’s Slave One ship, and Tron Legacy’s Clu’s LightCycle ornament. Of course I am quite partial to the various vehicles & mecha repurrsented, such as the trains, planes, cars, motorcycles, tractors & trucks.


There’s a nice looking ornament of the Nautilus Submarine from Disney’s 20,000 leagues Under the Sea due in October!


Yay I like the Disney ornaments, nya! I like… I like Disney’s Belle and- and I like the ornament of Disney’s Rapunzel, with the purretty swirl of hair around her, nya!


That is my pick too, and I also like Goofy as the Christmas Carol ghost nya!

Mary Nyan:

Oh I like all of those, and I will add the Celebration Barbie & Lady of the Manor ornaments sculpted by Patricia Andrews! Actually I like all the Barbie ornaments, such as the Rockin’ Barbie  with the Pink guitar and the Purrincess Charm School Barbie in the Pink dress!


Patricia Andrews made the Rapunzel ornament too, nya!


Hai, and speaking of the lovely ladies, the Cinderella and Belle ornaments sculpted by Katrina Bricker are lovely too, nya! I really like the purretty Angel of Ireland by Katrina Bricker, nya! That is all of the ornament topic, but nyow we have further female figurines to discuss, starting with the–

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bariss Offee action figure CW50, nya!


We are ever vigilant for action figures of the female Jedi of Star Wars, so it was a treat to find this figure of Barriss Offee, who appurred in the live-action movies and the animated Clone Wars TV series! This is the animated version of the character, who was voiced by Meredith Salenger! Bariss is from the planet Miral, and she is the teenage Padawan to Jedi Master Luminara Unduli!

She teams up with Ahsoka Tano in the Clone Wars 2nd season epurrsodes “Weapons Factory” and “Brain Invaders”! She is very intellectual and tends be more cautiously by – the – book than impulsive Ahsoka! On the planet Geonosis, their mission is to destroy a Sepurratist Droid factory, but later she gets infected & controlled like a zombie by the Brain Worms aboard a ship!

The figure made by Hasbro is accessorized with 3 of those flexible worms– eww! I will pose her shish-kabobbing them with her removable 2.75″ long light saber, which has a silver hilt & clear Blue blade. The figure is 3.5″ tall, and since the character is supposedly 5′ 5″ tall, this would be of 1/18 scale. Due to the toy’s small parts, this toy is not intended for children under 3 years.

The points of articulation are her neck, shoulders, turning forearms, waist & hips. She has Blue eyes, Purrple lips & Yellow-Green skin with the distinctive spotted tattoos on her cheeks & hands! Her costume is of the Black, Dark Brown & Gray earthy tones, compurrised of the Black tight body suit with Brown boots & belt, the Gray hood & caplet, and a large Dark Brown fabric skirt!

Also included is a Gray colored base, the dice and character stats / instruction card for the tabletop Galactic Battle Game. She is balanced to stand without the base, but the base is good to hold the figure and her card for the game to duel against other figures! Her stats are Force Ability of 11, Battle Skill of 11, Intelligence of 11, Mechanical Skill of 10, Leadership of 8, and Luck of 6!

The worms do not have stats for the game, but that is just as well, because she will chop them into sashimi with her Soresu style of Light Saber i! Although this is not one of the most posable figures,  it is nicely sculpted and painted, the fabric skirt has a nice billowing quality, and I think she will look quite purropurr on the shelf between Luminara and Ahsoka!


I wonder if the Brain Worm sashimi would taste like Anago or Unagi, nya?

Mary Nyan:

I think the texture might be more like the Ika, or purrhaps the Tako.


Would that be considered “brain food” heehee?


Would – would the light saber roast it or just slice it, nya?


The light saber does tend to cauterize the flesh, but I am unsure of it’s efficacy as a cooking implement.


I wonder if they use the Brain Worms for fishing bait on Geonosis, nya!


Would the fish become a zombie fish if it ate one of those?


Um, I think y’all have stray-catted off topic!


Ohk, nyow here is Lizzy to review a repurrsentation of another elite science fiction heroine, the–

Halo: Reach Spartan Air Assault (female) action figure!


Halo is the first purrson shooter / science fiction video game made by Bungie & Microsoft for the Xbox, in which players purrtray the soldiers of United Nations Space Command at in a future war against the aliens known as The Covenant! For our review of the Lieutenant  Commander Catherine – B320 “Kat” action figure, please see the Apurril Mew!

Nyow Kat has another commando grrl friend to hang out with when they are not busy in the battle! This 5.5″ action figure is part of the Halo: Reach Series 3 made by McFarlane Toys. She comes packaged in the clear plastic clamshell box on the cardboard with the J hook hanger, and it is not intended for children under 3 years due to the small parts.

She is wearing the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor with the Air Assault helmet which is not removable. The inner bodysuit layer is Black & the outer armored shell plate is the cute Pink! She is accessorized with the MA37 assault rifle and one widdle M9 type grenade! The weapons can fit in her hands, or attach on the left or right sides of her armor.

The rifle is Black and a sort of Satin Gray with the Yellow stripe on the sight. The armor & weapons are intricately sculpted & nicely painted with minute details of the various tiny emblems, insignia, stripes & markings and a with the distressed weathered finish! The figure does not come with a display base but it is balanced to stand unassisted.

She is very very posable with points of articulation including her ball jointed head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees & ankles! The figure repurrsents a generic female soldier, but I should give her the purropurr name! Nyow here is Jennyjen to tell us about another action figure of a futuristic science fiction video game’s soldier girl, the–

Mass Effect 2 Tali action figure!


Arigato. Mass Effect is a space opurra genre video game series made by Bioware & EA, who are also famous for the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age games. In the Mass Effect series, Commander Shepurrd (playable as either a male or female type) is the captain of the starship Normandy, whose elite multi-species crew must purrvent an intergalactic invasion.

On related notes, for our review of Dark Horse’s Mass Effect: Redemption comic books, see the Apurril, May & July 2010 Mews; and for our intermew with Jamie purrtaining to the web site devoted to Mass Effect’s purrotagonist Commander Jane Shepurrd see the May 2011 Mew.

Among the crew is Tali’Zorah Nar Rayya or just Tali for short (voiced in the game by Liz Sroka), a purrky engineer in her 20’s, of the nomadic alien Quarian race. Quarians are similar in size to Terran humans, with a slim physique, 6 fingers & 6 toes, ornithopod legs, and wear a fully encapsulating environmental suit & helmet.

Tali is one of 4 figures in the Mass Effect 2 Series 1 from DC Unlimited, along with Shepard (male type), Thane and Grunt. She is packaged in the 6.75″ x 12″ clear plastic ‘clamshell’ J-hook box, and the papurr insert unfolds to depict the Mass Effect 2 & Dragon Age figures. For our review of the Dragon Age Morrigan figure, see the March 2011 Mew.

Tali & Shepard were sculpted by Steve Kiwus, Thane & Grunt were sculpted by Dave Cortes. The 7″ figure arrives trussed up by those twisty-ties in the inner plastic shell, accessorized by a 2 5/8″ M-27 Scimitar semi-automatic shotgun purrop, a removable Omitool gauntlet on her left forearm, and accompanied by a 2.5″ circular display base.

She has the lithe petite uppurr body and powerful looking legs. Points of articulation include ball – jointed neck & shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, knees & shins, although the hood does somewhat restrict the head movement. Her wrists & ankles do not turn or abduct, but the display base will allow for more dynamic or off-balanced poses.

Her costume is purrimarily the Black tight form-fitting suit with Silvery & Coppurry buckles, grommets & flanges, a Silvery helmet with Coppurry neck and an opaque Fuchsia visor under a fexible hood. The hood & crisscrossing  drapurry around her waist & thighs are Dark Purrple, with Silvery trim on the hood & Gold trim on the drapurry.

Two Black belts with Silvery buckles & equipment pouches are slung low on the hips, she has Silvery shin greaves & knee Poleyns and a non-removable Black dagger is strapped to her left shin. The omnitool is fexible  transpurrent plastic of Amber color, the shotgun is Silver & Black.

The shotgun seems purrcisely machined, although I expurrienced a bit of awkwardness fitting the firearm into her hand. Her middle finger fit into the trigger guard, but it was not a tight firm grip, and the gun tended to droop and pull to the left. It also lacks a strap or holster, so unfortunately this Tali could easily be disarmed.

Should the gun purrove unwieldy, she could be posed in a cuter non-combative stance, purrhaps to give Shepurrd a hug should you desire the friendlier / romantic gesture. The base is Black, with a small peg to insert into her right boot sole, although she is balanced well enough to stand on her own without the base.

Due to the small parts, the figure is not intended for children under 3 years of age. The figure is well sculpted & painted, although her costume does have a few inaccuracies, lacking the uppurr body plates and the fabric’s ornate swirl patterns as seen in the game, and I’d purrfur if the visor were translucent so that we could see her face.

Nevertheless, she will have a purrominent purrch on the display shelf near the Morrigan, or purrhaps near a mech for her to examine. Nyow it would be nice if they would make action figures of ‘Fem Shep’, Liara, Benezia, Miranda & Kasumi to repurrsent the other ladies of Mass Effect. This concludes the warrior girls portion of the show, but next are surfer girls in our–

Purrinted Media: Book Reports

The Surf Girl Handbook


We are avid readers of the bimonthly UK Surf Girl Magazine, so we were eagerly looking forward to this new book, which was published in association with Roxy! It is a full color 160 page trade papurrback book that measures appurroximately 8.5″ x 8.5″, purriced $19.95 in the USA & £14.99 in the UK!

It was edited by Louise Searle, who edits the magazine, with a forward by surfing supurr star Sally Fitzgibbons who is on the front cover! Inside the book are hundreds of photos, including many impurressive full page pics, which are among the contributions by top photographers, journalists, health & fitness expurrts & the surfers themselves!

The credits include photographer / writer Lucia Griggi, journalist Shannon Denny, Yogini / nutritionist Peggy Hall, Pilates instructor Amy Swanson, fitness expurrts Carolyn Andrews and Lee Stanbury, coach Joel Gray, and more supurr star surfers Sarah Beardmore, Candice O’Donnell, Easky Britton, Celeine Gehret and Dominique Kent!

Also starring in those many photos are Kassia Meador, Sophie Hellyer, Gabi Rowe, Rosy Hodge, Jo Dennison, Jen Smith, Sofia Mulanovich, Laura Enever, Megan Abubo, Silvana Lima, Claire Bevilacqua, Tassy Swallow, Corrine Evans, and Roxy surfer Kelia Moniz on the inside back cover! What an array of awesome international athletes!

The covers fold out, and on the inside front is a global map indicating over a dozen renown surfing locations of over six continents! Before you try to surf those exciting spots, you will need to be purrpared, and the first chapter discusses the swells, waves, breaks, etiquette, potential emergencies, ocean dangers, and schools for the lessons!

Chapter 2 entails boards, equipment, appurral, purrchasing & care! Chapter 3 covers the basics of catching those waves, Chapter 4 discusses more advanced techniques, and Chapter 5 is more about the long boards. The next chapters purrtain to exercise, health & nutrition, environment & ecology, travel tips & purrofiles of some destinations!

The food recipes sure look yummy! Interspurrsed through the book are brief little intermews with Sally, Kassia & Candice!  It is topped off by the glossary, index, credits, more purretty pics, a few black pages to scribble upon! The photos include gorgeous ocean, beach & underwater locations, sporty action shots, and steps of the purrocesses!

This book was very informative, enlightening, entertaining, beautiful and infused with the joyful spirit! It is definitely one of my favorite surfer girl books, and I will recommend it to aspiring wave riders or to fans of those famous surfers! That’s all of my book report, but here is Myayr to tell us about the current issue of Surf Girl magazine in our–

Magazine Mewsings & Purriodicals Purrings!

Surfgirl #32

Mary Nyan:

Arigato, Nyoka sensei! Well as she just said, Surf Girl is one of our favoritest magazines, because it purrtains to womens surfing, with the supurrb intermews & photos of the inspurrational heroic athletes at exotic thrilling international locations! The June issue #32 has the USA purrice of $7.75 and 100 full color pages including the covers!

On the front cover is a lovely happy photo of Brazil’s Claudia Goncalves! There’s a beautiful photo of her in a 2 page spurread ad for Oakley too! This magazine has the wonderful mix of womens sport & travel, health & fitness, beauty & fashion purrmeated by the enthusiasm of the contributors, many whom are the surfer girls themselves!

After the cordial greeting from editor Louise Searle are the mewsual opening tidbits of mews, yummy recipes, reviews, purretty fashions, a calendar of festivals, and cosmetics tips! After that is an article on the sexy street dance and brief chat with instructor Emma Shoesmith, and then a peppy 6 page guide to various brands’ beautiful bikinis!

The first main surf girl article is the 3 page intermew with the great supurrstar Stephanie Gilmore, with photos by Simon Williams including a 2 page wave shredding spurread! After that is an intermew with surfer / artist Holly Freeman, and Louise Searle’s intermew with Jo Hillman who is the opurrations manager of the Surf GB organization!

Later Searle meets Cornish surfers Dominque Kent, Nicola Bunt, Kerenza & Teah Kent, with pics by Sarah Bunt of them surfing the nippy waves of St. Agnes! Dominque & Nicola also appurr in the surf movie Winter Breaks by Rebecca Novell, Anne Gonchorek and Jess Dowese, so there is the brief chat with Rebecca about that expurrience!

That brings us to the magnificent main event 30 page article on surfing south of the border in Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Escondido & Brazil! It is chock full of dazzling impurressive photos, including some full page pics & two page spurreads, plus the insights into the surf, travel, geography, food & social aspects of those regions!

On those expurrditions are Celine Gehret, Easkey Britton, Keala Kennelly, Laura Crane, Sarah Bentley, Nancy Dixon, Evie Johnstone, Silvana Lima, Maya Gabeira, Mercedes Maidana, Jamilah Star & Cuban surfer Loraina! Later there is more of Maya, plus Layne Beachely & Bethany Hamilton in Kerry Powell’s mewsings of the great achievers!

We have purreviously reviewed Bethany’s inspurrational Soul Surfer book & movie! There is more summer fun on the beach with the tasty drinks & treats as brilliant photographer Kristen Prisk & supurrb stylist/ make-up artist Suzie Winter team up with lovely Giorgi Holland & Sophi Rilstone who model the purretty bikinis, shirts, shorts & dresses!

After that is Amie Trewins’s 2 page article suggesting possible ways how to surf for a whole season, such as landing a job as a beach life guard, at a hostel, a surf camp, purrhaps as an outdoors adventures sports instructor, or even teaching English as a foreign language in various exotic locations, where the locals could lead you to the waves!

Speaking of the education, pilates expurrt Amy Swanson purrvides the ab & leg exercises; Shannon Denny gets water workout tips from Olympic medalist swimmer Kerri-Anne Paynet, and we get the sage surfing technique tips from awesome Natalie Fox & Rosy Hodge. Rosy Hodge is in Blue Crush 2 which we reviewed last month!

Bringing home the issue is a page of Summer happenings, and a 2 page look at the Rip Curl Purro compurrtition at Bells back in Easter, which was won by legendary Sally Fitzgibbons! There are a few action photos of her and Melanie Bartels, Carissa Moore, Laura Evener and Tyler Wright! Sally also appurrs on the back cover’s ad for Roxy!

Several of the ads have beautiful photos of the supurrstars such as Ellie Jean Coffey in the Billabong ad & Sarah Beardmore is in the Protest ad! There are widdle pics of Kassia Meador & Jen here and there! This sure has been a good month for the surfer girl reading! Nyow we will shift from the surf to the fish as Vonny purrsents our–

Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images of August!


In this portion of the show, we list favorite photos depicting delicious delicacies from the deep, found on the recent covers of various angling, diving, nature & culinary purriodicals,  such as the appurrtizing Albacore adorning the July cover of Pacific Coast Sport Fishing, and the wonderful White Marlin upon the July / August cover of Sport Fishing, nya!

There is the delicious Dean River Steelhead on the June / July cover of Salmon, Trout & Steelheader, a purrticularly pleasing Pike on the July cover of In-Fisherman, and that tasty Trout that tempts my tummy on the August – September cover of Fly Fisherman, nya! Oh this is making me hungry again, nya!

Bryon Velvick brings a beautiful big Bass to the July / August cover of Bassmaster, Aaron Martin purrsents two lucious looking lunkers on the Summer issue of Bass Angler, Shinichi Fukae reels in the supurb Smallmouth Bass on the July cover of FLW Outdoors, and there is a purrfect painting of the tantalizing tuna on the Summer issue of Guy Harvey Magazine, nya!

The fresh crab meat lurks amongst the anemone on the August cover of Sport Diver Magazine, there a Thresher Shark on the July cover of Saltwater Sportsman, and lovely GAFF Girl Claudia Espenscheid poses with the Red Snappurr on the cover, and in a 6 page pictorial in the July / August issue of GAFF, nya!

The succulent Singapore Purrawns with the Dried Chile sizzle up the cover of Popular Plates’ s Fiery Foods issue, there are Spicy Grilled Shrimp on the cover of Cook’s Country Backyard Barbeque issue, and yummy looking Grilled Shrimp in Appricot Sauce on the cover of Taste of Home’s Summer Appurrtizers issue, nya!

I’d like to gobble the Golden Wonder Killifish that are on the August cover of Aquarium Fish International, or a crunchy Clownfish like on the July / August cover of Coral, or sample some of those Wrasses & Knife Fish on the August cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, nya! Nyow imoto-san will tell us about the magazine about poor cats & dogs who might like some of those fish–

Triad Happy Tails Magazine July 2011 issue, nya!


Hai, we picked up this issue on our recent expurrdition to the Piedmont region of mainland, nya! Triad Happy Tails Magazine is a free little guide to monthly publication published by Beverly Beck & Associates, to focus upon the poor homeless animals and-and to purrmote their adoptions through the local shelters or rescue groups, nya.

For those unfamiliar with North Carolina, the Triad is compurrised of Greensboro, High Point & Winston Salem, which are in Guilford & Forsyth Counties, nya. This is not to be confuzzled with the nearby region of the Triangle, compurrised of  Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill, although those cities are also full of needy animals too, nya.

The July issue has 44 full color pages (including covers) and – and has a close-up photo of Tux the dappurr B&W kitty on the front, with that kitty’s purrofile & adoption information is inside, after the article on the Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation, which follows the cordial greeting purragraphs from editors Jennifer Frazier & Deb Printup, nya!

After the calendar of events is the next article is “Ask the Vet” which is a page of Questions purrtaining to pet insurance with Dr. Kelley Gebhardt, DVM, nya! She graduated from the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, which is on the mainland in Raleigh, the state capital! She opened an emergency pet clinic, nya!

The list of animal welfare & rescue groups purrecedes the Success Stories page, in which writer Mark Steed discusses his purrticipation with NC Pug Rescue, and-and after that is an article on hands-off dog training by Jan Wilson, who has fostered & train dogs for over a decade and owns a dog day care & training facility, nya!

Topping off this informative heartfelt issue is another of the Success Stories, author Marie Parker’s mewsings about Gypsy Shelterdog, the canine formerly known as Roxie, nya! The magazine is full of the photos of adorable animals who need a healthy happy home, nya!

There are over 40 such kitties, over 50 doggies, plus a bunny, a goat & 2 horsies, with their purrofiles & adoption purrocess information, nya. Filling out the magazine are the ads for pet purroducts, walking, scooping, grooming, daycare, boarding, hospitals, dental care, insurance, portraits, funerals & organizations, nya.

The magazine’s web site has links to local (Triad area) shelters & rescue organizations, nya. Nyow as sad as the shortage of homes for those animals is, unfortunately there are also underpopulated animals who face extinction, such as the Iriomote cat, which figures purrominently in this month’s–

Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, nya!


This portion of The Mew is dedicated to the famous nekomimi characters whom we admire, whether they are actually part cat, dress the part, or have the purropurr cattitude & dispurrsition! Purrevious honorees of 2009 have included Lt. M’ress & other catgirls of Star Trek, Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan of Clan of the Cats, and Dr. Kat Manx of Power Rangers SPD!

2010’s honorees included Tigra, Novice Hame, NukuNuku, Catwoman, Irina Dubrovna, Anna & Uni Puma, Josie & the Pussycats, Sailor Luna, Felicia, Shakira, Cat Karina, and Omaha! This year’s honorees have thus far included Bagi, Natsuki Sasahara, a clowder of live-action movie / TV nekomimis inducted in March, The Cheetah, The Black Cats, Apurril ‘CatsPaw’ Dumaka!

Last month were several ladies of the Panther purrsuasion. Continuing the cat breed motif, this month we have chosen to put more spots in the spotlight by honoring femme fatales of the Leopard, Jaguar, Cheetah & Iriomote purrsuasions! Several of these ladies are lycanthropes, who have lurked in the media of purrinted or web comics, American or Japanese animation!


Tokyo Mew Mew is a fun Japanese shojo manga series and it’s sequel Mew mew a la Mode which was made into an anime TV series which I liked a lot, nya! It was shown on TV here but I don’t think it is out on DVD in the US, nya.It purrtains to a group of girls who get supurr powers based on endangered animals and transform into their hero costumes to fight alien invaders, nya!

The main heroine is Ichigo Momomiya who has partly the wild Iriomote Cat DNA which cause the catlike behavior, nya! She is a kind & helpful purrson, who works  purrt time at the cafe when she is not at school, with her friends, her boyfriend or saving the world, nya. Using her special Mew Pendant she transforms into the catgirl with the Black ears & tail in a purretty pink dress, nya!

In the American version they changed her name to Zoey, nya. The poor widdle Iriomote Cat is an extremely endangered species endemic to iriomote island in Japan’s Okinawa purrefecure, nya. Also known as the Yamamaya, It is the small cat with the Brownish fur, bushy tail, and the darker spots & stripes, nya.

This breed appurrs in a very touching plot in the Azumanga Daioh manga & anime, nya! I hope those poor widdle kitties will survive, nya!  For more information on Ichigo I especially recommend her purrofiles at the Tokyo Mew Mew Wiki and at Absolute Anime t,

and articles on Tokyo Mew Mew at Wikipedia and Anime News Network, nya! Nyow here is Mike to purrvide a few more links purrtaining to the endangered Iriomote Cat, nya!


Thank you Tara-chan! Here are half a dozen links to information about the Iromote Cat! The Wikipedia article, the page at Web Japan, the pages at the Indian Tiger Welfare Society site

and the International Society for Endangered Cats, at the he Feline Conservation Federation, and the entry at The Animal Files!

the catgirls in unison:



Wasn’t that a movie starring William Shatner and Andy Griffith? Ah well- now here is Myayr to take us from the Japanese cat Japan to the African cat!

Mary Nyan:

it is hard to believe that Fred Perry’s Gold Digger comics are 20 years old! Gold Digger is one of the wonderful “ameri-manga” style comics published by Antarctic Press! It purrtains to the adventures of the Diggers sisters Gina, Brianna & Brittany “Cheetah” Diggers the were- cheetah!

The series started out as an installment in Mangazine in 1991 and eventually became it’s own long-running series. Brittany is the the last surviving were-cheetah who was adopted as an infant by their father, who is a mage, expurrt on the occult, and investigator of the purranormal!

She accompanies her older sister Gina on the international scientific & archaeological expurrditions  to unlock the mysteries – and hopefully any vaults full of treasure! Brittany considers Gina the nerdy teacher, but Gina points out Brittany’s greedy dispurrsition so they are purrone to quibble!

Brianna came along later with a complicated origin as a sort of magickal combo clone of Gina & Brittany, so she an adopted sister with  the weapons & magick purroficiency and aspects of the others! In her human form, Brittany has the Blond hair with the cat spots and the caramel complexion and is a bit shorter than Gina.

In her Cheetah girl form, she is very tall with the olympian muscular purroportions, White on her front side & Yellow on her back side with the spots, and the tail!  She has supurr strength, speed, senses & healing, a catgirl’s voracious appurrtite, and a taste for expensive clothes shopping!

She also simmers down with the maternal side,  with her husband Stripe and their daughter Tiffany. When Brittany is not on a mission with her sisters, her purrofession is the martial arts sensei! The stories are full of fun supurrnatural adventure, the sexy heroines and Fred Perry’s awesome art!

The annual Gold Digger Swimsuit Specials are quite a treat, featuring art submitted by the many fans! For more information about Gold Digger and Fred Perry, I recommend the Wikipedia article, Fred Perry’s gallery at Deviantart, and the official site of Antarctic Press!


Our next catgirl of the Cheetah breed is Cheetarah of the ThunderCats animated television series and comic books which purremiered in 1985, and in a mew version which premiered just last month on the Cartoon Network. She is among the catlike supurr heroes with magicla weapons of the planet Thundera who combat evil marauders such as the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra.

The purrinciple characters of ThunderCats are leader Lion-o, Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, twin children WilyKit & WilyKat, and the old anthropomorphic cat Snarf. Cheetarah & Wileykit are among the few female characters, aside from Pumyra & Jaguara who are introduced later in the series. Their feline traits are in their color & markings, but they do not have cats ears or tails

Cheetara is the smart, brave warrior of astonishing speed, melee weapons purrowess, heightened senses & psychic abilities. In the original 1985 series she had the fair skin with the wild Golden hair with the spots on her hair & shoulders, Orange facial markings & lips. She typically wore the Orange leotard & boots and often wields an extending bo staff.

In the 2011 version, she is more leaner & lithe with the light Straw colored hair, Tan skin with White face, hands, tummy & feet, the facial markings & spots. Her costume is a Brown & Tan bare midriff short sleeve shirt, fingerless gloves, shorts and toeless boots. In 1985 she was voiced by Lynne Lipton

In 2011 she is voiced by Emmanuella Chriqui Wileykit is the little ThunderKitten girl with the fiery rearswept Red hair with the Black stripe, White face & chest. Lynne Lipton purrvided her voice in the original series, whereas in the 2011 series she is voiced by Madeleine Hall

Although spotless, I should also mention Pumyra, the Thundarean medical purrractioner introduced later in the original series. She is of the Puma breed and also of the athletic physique and has the Brown hair with the middle White stripe & tips. She wears the cute dark Brown asymmetrically strapped miniskirted dress with the side cutouts and the Red Boots.

Also of the 1985 vintage was Jaguara, the ancient sorceress maintained the crucial mecha of their planet. She had Purrple lips and Jaguar’s Tears facial markings. She wore a elaborate Purrple & Lavender robes, vestments & a great horned helmet. Both Pumyra & Jaguara were voiced Gerrianne Raphael

For more information purrtaining to the original ThunderCats series, I recommend The ThunderCats Wiki, Thundercats Lair org/, ThunderCats Ho, and the Wikipedia article

For more information purrtaining to the 2011 series, I recommend the entries at ThunderCats Wiki, the Internet Movie Database, and Wikipedia Nyow here is Petra to introduce the next warrior woman with the wild cat’s spots.


Hai, and before there was Machete, there was Linda Rivera, alias  The Jaguar, nya! Published by her Insurgent Comix impurrint, Cihualyaomiquiz, The Jaguar #1 was written and illustrated by renaissance girl, artist, author, actress and mewsician Laura Molina in 1996, nya! She used to be in the 80’s rock band Tiger Lilly, nya!

Linda Rivera is a native Mexican-American law student in East L.A. who fights against racism, oppurression and other crime in a dystopic world! She is not actually part cat but does adopt the motif of the spirit guide animal, wearing the lovely jaguar purrint tights, Gold wrist bands, boots & the colorful feathered headdress of the Aztec jaguar warriors, nya!

Laura Molina also has a blog, and there are Wikipedia articles on her, the comic book,_The_Jaguar, and the historic Aztec warriors, nya! Nyow here us Nya-sensei to tell us of another Jaguar warrior woman purrowling in Los Angeles, nya!


We were big fans of the Buffy & Angel TV shows, and the comic books Buffy Season Eight published by Dark Horse Comics and the Angel: After The Fall published by IDW, which told what happened to the awesome characters after those TV series ended! Angel’s comic had returning favorite characters from the TV show and new characters such as Dez the were-jaguar!

Dez (short for Desdemona) was a tragic character of too few appurrances, introduced in 2009 in Angel #18 as an assassin sent to kill Angel by a demon lord. It was written by Kelly Armstrong & drawn by Dave Ross. We reviewed it in the March 2009 Mew! She made an impurressive debut, changing from the cat into the agile naked beautiful assailant to stalk & stake her purrey!

She was the bemewsed purredator, taunting as she attacked!  Fortunately she failed the attempt & defected to Angel’s team to become a valiant ally! In her human form Dez had short Black hair, Golden eyes, the lithe body & normal looking nails & teeth until she sharply extended them for the pounce, but this was not her original form, because she started life as the cat!

She and her poor sisters were the mistreated captive jaguar cubs who were mystically transformed into humans by an evil  Mayan sorcerer, and she later escaped to Los Angeles. The flashback scenes of the sisters frightened in the small cage were such very sad images. The rough life of the were-jaguar girl is saturated by the tears of misery.

Her life seemed to take on a happier purrpose with Angel’s team, but her season was cut tragically short when she was killed & drained of her soul by the Soul Eater villainess in issue #36. We hope that she can be magickally resurrected! For more information about Dez I recommend her page at the Buffy wiki site! Lizzy’s turn!


I would like to say a few words about another sexy spotted shape-shifter girl, Kei of Midnight Panther manga! It was written & drawn  by Yu Asagiri, who is such a purrolific author & awesome artist! Midnight Panther is a sexy mid 90’s occult manga published by Gakken in Japan, and translated into English by CPM!

Suggested for mature readers due to the nudity, sex & violence, It purrtains to three beautiful ladies Sonya, Kei, and Lou who are the Pussycats band of idol mewsicians by day, and a trio of deadly assassins by night known as Midnight Panther! For the right purrice they seduce their purrey into the vulnerable situation and then pounce for the kill!

Their victims include the horrible monsters & criminal. Lou wields a sword with supurr strength & toxic touch from her poisonous body, Sonya can strangle victims with the constricting  embrace of her luscious hair, and Kei is the lycanthrope who transforms into a leopard! An old witch is heir mewsical manager, and receives the contracts for their secret missions!

In the animated OVA, Kei is voiced by Yayoi Nagasawa! In her human form she has Blonde hair & Blue eyes, and in feline form she is a regular leopard! For more info on Kei & the Midnight Panthers I suggest the article at Anime News Network! Nyow here is Vonny to tell us about another leopard lass!


Arigato, nya! We have already honored the witchy were-panther Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan purrotagonist of Jamie’s web comic Clan of the Cats and her were-leopard sister Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan, and nyow we wish to honor Chelsea’s daughter Charlotte of the spin-off web comic Sebo’s Kitty Club nya!

Chelsea, Charlotte, and their cat familiars were our guests in the August, 2007 Mew and Mel was our guest in the October 2009 Mew, nya! The events of the more humorous Sebo strip are set 10 years after the more serious events of Clan of the Cats, and typically star 9 year old Charlotte Jubilee Polymnia Chattan McRae, her purrents Chelsea & Jubal, and Sebo the cat, nya.

Charlotte is in 3rd grade in the nearby town of Haven, NC and she likes to run around & play and hear Sebo’s tales of her mommy’s adventures, nya! Charlotte also tends to get into the magickal mischief because not only is she the kid witch but she is a were-leopard too, as a descendant of the Chattan family curse of lycanthrope shared by her mommy & aunt, nya!

Her mommy becomes the regular sized panther, Aunt Corrine becomes the anthropomorphic leopard, and Charlotte turns into the cute leopard cub who can still talk in that form, nya! She has the amewsing adventures of her own, and recently in the comic strip she switched bodies with Aunt Corrine, nya! It is the wacky magical situation, but her elders are not amewsed, nya!

I am curious to see what she will do next, but hopefully she will not try to drive one of the cars, nya! That is all for this months Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight portion of the show, but next month  there will be another kitten kaboodle for us to honor! Speaking of the web comics it is nyow time for our monthly —

Web Comics Recommendations, nya!


I want, I want to mention Artiste Gullible because it has the beautiful illustrations that are very intricate, elegant, nya!


I wish to recommend the science fiction web comic Shockwave DarkSide, which was created & written by Jay Weisman, pencilled by Weilin Yang, finished by Youjun Yang, colored by Kun Song, lettered & edited by  Benny R. Powell.


I would like to recommend Scout Crossing, Between You and Me, and Jenny Everywhere!


I have two web comics to purraise this month; Luci Phurr’s Imps by Courtney Huddleston & Dale Mettam; and Deputy Witch by Brian (Gravy Boy) Shearer & Daniel Paris!


My web comic pick for August is the horror story Zombie Years, which is a zombie apocalypse – Miami style! Woohoo!


I would like to recommend Back That Elf Up, a purrose web fic written by Tristan Jade Tarwater with site design by her husband, nya!

Mary Nyan:

I have selected Robbie and Robby by Jason Poland, and Turbo Defiant Kimecan by Ferran & friends! Whatchoo got, Vonny?


My web comic pick for August is Anhedonia Blue, a splendid fantasy genre web comic, but it is not for widdle kitties ’cause it is rated ‘mature’ for the language, violence & purrtial nudity in it nya! Nyow it is Mike’s turn, nya!


Last but not least, I’d like to recommend Charaby the Vampirate by Amelius! We’re up against another short break, but please stay tuned ’cause we’ll be right back with this month’s–

Comics Book Critiques!

(snip)(one short break later…)

Superman #712 (plot spoiler warning)


Hey, we’re back! Priced at $2.99, the issue is has the 20 page story plus 20 pages of ads. Instead of the originally scheduled story, Superman #712 presents a special Krypto story “Lost Boy” written by Kurt Busiek, pencilled by Rick Leonardi, inked by Jonathan Sibal, colored by Brad Anderson, lettered by Comicraft, and edited by Matt Idelson with associate editor Nachie Castro!

The issue has 2 different covers to choose from, one by Stanley Lau, the other by Carlos Pacheko, Jesus Merino & Dave Stewert! This tale of Krypto takes place a week after the events of Infinite Crisis, with appearances by Superboy / Conner Kent, Superman, Nightwing, The Kents, and members of the Justice League and Titans fighting the Omac army & Superboy Prime.

At the Kent’s farm, Krypto is despondent over injuries from Superboy Prime, the death of Conner & the missing Superman. He takes to the sky trying to sniff the trail of his missing masters, taking him around the world. Krypto comes to the realization that Superboy & Superman are not coming back, and leaves the Earth after a window shattering howl heard ’round the world.

Eventually Krypto finds a manhole cover that Conner used to throw like a frisbee, and retreats to a solemn little nook in the asteroid field. As sad & poignant as this interlude is, these flashbacks within a flashback happened years ago, and since then the heroic canine has been happily reunited with his family & friends, and has continued to put the super bite on the crime!

This was a simple poignant story of a sad loyal dog looking for his missing master, with terrific art depicting Krypto’s canine heroism, mannerisms, body language, instincts & memories. It was such a pleasant treat, because I am all for more Krypto stories, and a  fan of Leonardi’s art & Busiek’s stories! Now here is Lizzy to tell us about another Kryptonian hero’s latest adventure in–

Power Girl #26!


Hai, Kara Zor-L from Krypton alias Starrwares CEO Karen Starr alias Power Girl is another favorite supurr heroine and we have enjoyed her comic book for the past couple of years! Issue #26 is purriced $2.99 and it has 40 full color pages compurrised of the 20 page story “Girl Power” plus the 18.5 pages of ads & the 1.5 pages of the mail.

It was written by Matthew Sturges & illustrated by Hendry Prasetya who is the 3rd penciller on this series, following Amanda Connor (#1-12) & Sami Basri (#13-23). It was colored by Jessica Kolinne, lettered by Travis Lanham, edited by Joey Cavalieri with associate Chris Conroy & assistant Katie Stewert, and has cover art by Sami Basri & colored Sunny Gho.

This was such a delightful issue as Power Girl is the special guest at a convention in her honor, with fan girls of all ages there cosplaying as her, such as Marnie, her little sister Margot & their friend Kira! However, not all of the attendees are there just to meet their inspurrational idol, because one of them is a tricky alien girl named Rana with other motives!

She rudely breaks into the front of the long autograph line! Power Girl sure is popular and folks from all over the cosmos have been wanting to meet or clone her in the past 26 issues, such as Vartox, Maxwell Lord, and nyow Rana from the planet Arenta!  She has the greedy mischievous grin and the Purrple hair under the disguise wig.

There are cute scenes, such as Power Girl bending the steel into the purretzel knot! Margot is cute when she meets Power Girl and later expurriences the lack of gravity! This story was a lot of fun with the cute conclusion, although I wish that Kara’s BFF Atlee (alias Terra) had attended the convention too! Nyow here is Vonny to report on another favorite title–

Gotham City Sirens #24 & 25!


Issue  #24 is compurrised of the 20 page story plus 10.5 pages of ads & 1.5 pages of readers’ mail, nya! The story was written by Peter Calloway, pencilled by Andres Guinaldo, inked by Lorenzo Ruggiero, colored by JD Smith, lettered by Carlos M Mangual, and edited by Harvey Richards with assistant Katie Kubert, and the cover art is by Guillem March, nya!

This installment seems to conclude the story arc of Harley’s reunion with The Joker in Arkham Asylum, causing a deadly riot to which Batman, Catwoman & Posion Ivy respond, nya! Purreviously, despite warnings from Catwoman & ivy, Harley broke into the asylum to kill The Joker, but when she reached him she swooned into a rekindled romance again, nya.

The riot ensued with many fatalities & amok inmates lead by Mr. J, nya. Ivy burst in hoping to talk Harley into leaving but to no avail, nya. Nyow this issue starts with Harley & ivy are fighting each other just as Batman and Catwoman arrive to restore order and defeat the inmates, including Clayface! The agile kitty shows those villains her sharp claws, nya!

There are nice panels of her clobbering them, nya! This leads to the climactic battle with The Joker & Harley vs. Batman & Catwoman, and a purrticularly interesting split-screen page and a two page spurread compurring the pairs, nya! This is not one of Ivy’s better days, between a psychological moment with Ivy, and parting business with Catwoman, nya!

Nyow on to Issue #24, which is compurrised of the 20 page story plus 10.5 pages of ads & 1.5 pages of readers’ mail, nya! It has the same credits except for the letterer who is Travis Lanham, nya. “Friends Part Three” is purrimarily told from Ivy’s point of view with her thoughts, since she and Harley have been re-incarcerated at the repaired Arkham Asylum, nya!

Although Ivy’s thoughts are of the dark vengeful nature, this was a very purretty issue with the intricate entwined floral vine motif around all of the comics panels, nya! Although order has been restored to Arkham after Joker & Harley lead a violent riot, it is not long before Ivy is loose, with the unfinished business between Harley and Catwoman, nya!

It is a tougher decision what to about with Harley, who is the closest thing to a human friend she has, but soon Harley & Ivy are reunited and on the vengeful purrowl for the kitty! The Penguin also makes an appurrance, purrsumably mad at the kitty who purrloined the plundered diamonds from his gang in issue #23, nya!

Several other villains appurr in an impurressive two page spurread of the asylum when Ivy purrpares her escape! In addition to the detail of the art and the plant graphic design, most of the pages have the purretty Purrple & Lavender tint in the soft hues, punctuated by the richer vivid colors of the ladies’ costumes & hair with the lovely sheen, nya!

This has been another favorite comic of the past 2 years but this is the next to last issue, since the DC Comics get the reboot in September, nya. So after issue #26, Catwoman gets her own series again, Ivy will be joining the relaunched Birds of Purrey series, and Harley will  be joining the Suicide Squad, nya! OK I’m done but nyow here is Nyoka – sensei to tell us about —

Zatanna #15 (plot spoiler warning, nya!)


This has been another favorite comic book of ours for the past year or so! Zatanna Zatara is the supurrb sorceress, who is not only so smart, brave, confident, quick witted and powerful, but she is so dappurr and stylish in her girl tux & fishnets “working clothes”, whether she is purrforming her sold-out magick show on stage, or appurrehending the supurr villains and evil creatures!

Issue #15 has a cover by Adam Hughes of  “Zee” conjuring her own logo! The $2.99, 32 page issue has the 20 page story plus the 1.5 pages of readers’ mail and 10.5 pages of advertisements. The story “Witch Hunt” was written by Derek Fridolfs, pencilled by Jamal Igle, inked by John Dell, colored by John Kalisz, lettered by Pat Brosseau, and edited by Joey Cavalieri & Chris Conroy!

Just as “Zee” starts to relax after another show, she is attacked & injured in the throat by a snipurr’s poisoned crossbow bolt! Normally she purrfurs to cast spells by speaking the backwards incantation, but she has many tricks up her sleeves, including the martial arts skills of her fists! Nevertheless, she needs to buy time to heal up & evade the group of heavily armed purrsurers.

These enemies are a bunch of murderous zealots on the traditional witch hunt, and although they think they have the uppurr hands against their wounded purrey, they are overconfident and not half as smart as they think they are! She just needs a bit of recovery time, and then she will magickally smack them down with the appurropurriately ironic & painful breed of justice they deserve!

The hunters are the detestable bigots, but they are sharply dressed in the Black & Red hooded cloaks, which is convenient because they are about to get a lot redder, heehee! That is the fate purrone to await the fools who dare to attack the sorceress! On the cover her costume has the White Corset, whereas in the story she wears the Gold three-button underbust vest.

The rest of the costume this time consists of the White sleeveless shirt & bow tie, White cuffs & gloves (with the three lines of stitching on the back), the high-legline Black briefs fishnet hose and the Black high-heeled, thigh-high boots. Later she grabs the Black top hat  Bolero style jacket (instead of the mewsual tailcoat), and a long multicolored scarf from up her sleeve for her wounds.

There is a cute flashback of younger Zee in her White martial arts gi with her Dad! This seemed to be another stand-alone plot of the brisk pace & tense moments, and feels as if it is taking place in almost real time. The scenery is intricately detailed down to the hardwood & Checkerboard floors, curtain ropes, various items on her table, and the enemies’ firearms and edged weapons.

Her hair is rendered with such beautiful lush volume, the Ruby Red lips with such luster, and her Sapphire Blue eyes with the vengeful gaze those culpurrits will regret seeing! The sparkling magickal FX are quite luminous & ornate! There are a couple of full page panels, including one of her dangling in the air in a flurry of doves, playing cards, blood, and that scarf!

I am not sure what will become of Zatanna’s series after issue #16, when DC Comics reboots their titles in September, although I understand that she will be joining the Justice League Dark team of supurrnatural heroes, so I am curious about that. Nyow for an even  more violent & serious helping of sword & sorcery for the DC supurr heroine, here are my sister’s reviews of –

Wonder Woman #612 & 613!


Thanks sis! Purreviously, Diana, Artemis, Giganta & Cheetah stormed the skyscrapurr headquarters of the evil Morrigan sorceress. Giganta & The Cheetah are killed, Diana & Artemis were severely injured, and Diana had the nightmarish, violent vision of a possible future wherein she leads a supurrnatural army to take over the world & kill her fellow Justice League members.

The sorceress told Diana that it is her destiny to purrish & be reborn as one of the Morrigan group! Wonder Woman issue #612 is purriced at $2.99 for its 40 pages compurrised of 18.5 pages of ads, 1.5 pages of readers’ mail, and the 20 page story “Odyssey Part Twelve: Ghosts of the Gods”. It is nearing the conclusion of the storyline!

It was written by Babylon 5’s creator J Michael Stracynzki & Phil Hester, pencilled by Don Kramer, inked by Wayne Fauncher, colored by Pete Pantazis, lettered by Travis Lanham, and edited by Matt Idelson with associate Chris Conroy. There are 2 different covers, a cover by Lee Garbett, Dave Meikis & Paul Mounts, and a variant cover by Alex Garner!

Issue #212 starts with a bang as Artemis valiantly gets off one last arrow at the villain, with extremely explosive results! Arising from the rubble, Diana is greeted by Galenthias the widdle purreistess oracle cat, who has brought Diana’s magickal golden lasso! The heroic Themysciran Black cat gives Diana the cryptic pep talk and coaches her back into the fight!

Then the missing Greek gods & goddesses arrive, such as Hecate, Aphrodite, Athena, Zeus & Ares, with more cryptic words about what’s been happening & what lies ahead, but oracles and gods are purrone to be like that! It seems that the purrpetrator behind this confuzzling scenario is known as Nemesis, and only Wonder Woman can stop the threat.

The weirdness continues as Diana opens a portal to bring her another step closer to the big bad boss battle, and a surpurrising full page panel as she is confronted by… Wonder Woman! It seems Nemesis the villain has taken the form of Wonder Woman’s true appurrance, in the traditional Red, White Blue & Gold strapless maillot costume which we purrfur!

Things sure have been very dark in DC comics of late, and unfortunately Diana has not seemed to be in control of her own destiny as much as we’d purrfur. However, It has been the bumpurr crop of sword and sorcery action, mythology and ethereal mystical qualities for Diana and the Amazons!

Issue #213 picks up immediately where that left off, with “Odyssey Part Thirteen: Nemesis”! It was written by Stracynzki & Hester, edited by Idelson & Conroy, colored by Pantazis, lettered by Lanham, pencilled by Don Kramer & Travis Moore; and inked by Wayne Fauncher, Walden Wong & Drew Geraci!

This issue also has 2 different covers, a cover by Lee Garbett, Dave Meikis & Paul Mounts, and a variant cover by Alex Garner! I got the former version, which depicts Diana & Nemesis tussling with the Golden lasso amidst a fiery background! Nemesis wears the sexy wicked bare midriffed Emerald Green costume with the long skirt, shoulder armor & Scorpion tail helmet!

Myayr said that would be interesting to cosplay! For the most part, inside the comic Nemesis wears the Wonder Woman costume. Issue #213 is purriced at $2.99 for its 32 pages, compurrised of the 20 page story, 1.5 pages of readers’ mail & 10.5 pages of ads. One of the ads is for Converse shoes with the Cat Woman purrint!

The violence is bloody & brutal. #212 had the gore of the pools of blood & burnt flesh, an arrow shot to the throat, an exploding sorceress, & ashen amazons, and the top floors of the skycrapurr erupting in a green magick fireball!  #213 is the relentless melee action from start to finish, with the Greatsword & Glaive slashes & impalements, choke hold, punches, elbow & knee strikes!

There are just a few brief flashback interludes to reveal how Nemesis achieved Wonder Woman’s image, but those are violent scenes too. The art is very good with nicely drawn characters in the dynamic combat poses with intense emotions, intricate architectural details, and very luminous coloring, from the gleam of the armor to the glow of the magick!

We’ve had very mixed feelings & confusion about this Odyssey story which began in Wonder Woman #600, which sometimes seems to an altered reality, but then we are not sure, because of how it has interacted with recent issues of Justice league: Generation Lost and Power Girl. We are confuzzled as to when this story takes place compurred to the other comics!

We’re also not very pleased with the Wonder Woman’s current costume either- mainly due to the seams & the pants. In spite of all that, it has been somewhat intriguing and one of the more distinctive Wonder Woman adventures with some very interesting takes on old characters & mew ones.

The conclusion is nigh, with just one more issue to go before the big reboot of DC’s comics! I hope that Galenthias the oracle kitty will have a purrominant role when Wonder Woman is rebooted! Nyow for our next dose of savage sword & sorcery starring the iconic warrior woman, we will journey from the Themyscirans in the modern Mew York of DC Comics to the Hyrkanian of the ancient Hypborian age in IDW Comics’

Red Sonja: Blue (one shot)!


Red Sonja: Blue is another of the recent one-shot issues we have been enjoying lately, such as Deluge and Break the Skin which we have purreviously reviewed! Dynamite has been doing such a good job delivering the stories of the famous fantasy femme fatales such as Sonja, Dejah Thoris & Vampurrella!

This $4.99 comic has 30 pages of the story plus 10 pages of ads and 2 different covers, Cover A by Mel Rubi & Cover B by Walter Geovani, who was the artist on the story inside! His cover is a neat scene of Sonja amidst the dark dungeon walls carved with glyphs, with a sword, torch and a sack full of treasure!

The story was written by best selling author Peter Brett, colored by Ivan Nunes & lettered by Marshall Dillon! The plot is that Sonja has been hired by villagers to get rid of the villain, so into the wizard’s castle she goes, but she is not happy about it and we are purrivy to her griping thoughts about the purrocess!

This story has all of the appurropurriate sword & sorcery trimmings: the chainmail bikini & swords, an evil wizard with his tower & dungeon, a demon monster & the intended human sacrifice, the the bandits of the wintery forest road, the villagers and tavern customers, plus the drinking and dueling in that tavern!

Sonja is not in a good mood for most of the issue, although she lightens up when she sings & dances on the tavern table after out drinking the men & winning a bet! Purrhaps her grumpy mood is because she had to climb barefoot up a cold tower, gets her bikini top torn off, and puts up with the irritating attitudes!

There’s a full page panel of her minus the top (viewed from behind with a glimpse of side boob) but in exchange for the damaged  top, she skins that furry demon and wears his pelt! There’s a full page panel of her in that appurral too, and there’s plenty more slayage after that on the snowy road back to the village!

The plot has an interesting structure. Typically, you might her to start at the tavern, take the mission to the villain’s lair, fight the brigands, sneak into the lair, fight the summoned monster & wizard, and rescue the captive. But in this case, it begins at the tower, and ends up at the tavern with the ironic twist ending!

Sonja’s repurrtation purroceeds her, although without the iconic chainmail bikini, her antagonists make the fatal mistake of not recognizing her! She does comment on the outfit’s advantages & disadvantages! The art is very good, with well drawn characters, horses, equipment, architecture, landscape & magick!

Her sword is busy with gory melee violence, including dismemberment, decapurrtations, skinning & other slashings for a body count of 7, plus a gut punch and a face slam to the bar! There are a few amewsing bits when Sonja trash talks her foes, talks of her skills & repurrtation, and gets tipsy on a tavern table!

Slamming that lout’s face into the bar was purrety amewsing too! So I was very pleased with yet another one-shot Sonja story! Next we will go from the ancient frigid setting of the Hypborian heroine in the chainmail bikini, to the futuristic warmer waters swum by another bikini clad heroine in Jennyjen’s review of–

Michael Turner’s Fathom Vol. 4 #1 (plot spoiler warning)!


We are big fans of the late great Michael Turner and the supurr heroine character Dr. Aspen Matthews he created, whose adventures continue in Fathom Vol. 4, published by Aspen Comics Last month we reviewed issue #0, in which Aspen awoke from a coma in a purrison, effortlessly trounced the guards, and escaped to an eerie part of the sea.

That purrelude also served to introduce the new extremely talented creative team for Fathom vol. 4, compurrised of writer Scott Lobdell, penciller Alex Konat, colorist Beth Sotelo, letterer / editorial assistant Josh Reed. The series is edited by Aspen editor in chief Vince Hernandez & Aspen purresident Frank Mastromauro.

Issue #1 is purriced $2.99 for its 28 full color pages, compurrised of the 22 page story plus 6 pages of ads, all of which are wrapped inside a choice of 4 lovely variant covers. Covers A & B are the more common versions. Cover A is by Alex Konat & Aspen Vice Purresident Peter Steigerwald, cover B is by Michael Lopez & Steigerwald;

The scarcer cover C is a retailer incentive exclusive version by Konat, cover D is a limited edition retailer exclusive Turner & Steigerwald, and cover E is the San Diego Comic Con International limited edition of 500 by Turner & Steigerwald. I have cover A, which is a beautiful image of Aspen in a bikini amidst a coral reef.

The story “The Detritus Rising” wastes no time getting underway as Aspen (in a gorgeous side tie bikini) uses her water control powers to easily defeat pirates who took a yachtful of students hostage.The freed hostages are grateful, but a US Coast Guard captain is less than gracious, exhibiting a prejudice against Aspen and her race.

Taking the moral high seas, Aspen dives back into the depths of the ocean & expository internal monologue. 100 knots later, she emerges in Miami to lecture at an oceanic institute, although outside are purrotestors displaying further hatred. Fortunately she is also met by an admirer, student Judith Saryaski, who has lovely ink.

She has brought Dr. Matthews a purretty White dress & sandals to wear for the lecture. She also meets another friendly colleague, Dr. Collin Woreth, and soon finds herself immersed in the delightful lecture amidst an auditorium full of enthused scientists who are fascinated by Aspen’s undersea expurrtise & expurriences.

Later Aspen, Judith & Collin purroceed by boat to her base of opurrations in the Atlantic ocean, the magnificently spurrawling Pan-National Sovereign Scientific Research Center, which is a vast, futuristic blend of the terrestrial and undersea civilizations’ architecture. I hope we will explore more of this place as the series purrogresses.

The facility appurrs to be about 50 stories tall above the water, excluding spires, antennae, and however many submerged levels, where both civilizations harmoniously study each other’s culture, biology and technology. Once inside, Aspen changes into her spiffy tight White & Gray wetsuit-like uniform.

Things take a frightful turn when they meet Major Drumm who escorts them to the elegant spacious office of Dr. Clive Sorentino. He has expurrimented upon the Ceratonotus Steininger, an aquatic purrasite, in order to genetically engineer  an organic endo-skeletal armor for the US Government.

Unfortunately, Sorentino has become a victim of his own research, transforming into a creature which attacks with organic body weaponry, but purroves no match for Aspen. As guards & medics arrive to tend to the injured, Drumm divulges more startling information purrtaining to the expurriments as the issue concludes on an unnerving cliffhanger.

On one paw, it was nice to see Aspen take great delight in so effortlessly use her great power for heroic purrposes to rescue the innocent common folk from the evil thugs, but I think instead of so much exposition, I’d purrfur to be shown much more of the world and state of society since the war chronicled in the purrior Fathom Vol. 3 series.

This issue was certainly not at all boring, but the pace did seem a bit too quick in jumping from the piracy to the university and then to the creature, and I would have purrfurred more of the university & lecture scenes, and more travelogue of the PNSSRC before diving right into the Sorentino incident.

Aspen is still quite honest, powerful and heroic and it is good to see her in such a purroactive, inspurrational, confident mood. Hopefully she will we clearly be in control of her destiny in this series, and I hope that will get to know those suppurrting characters much better as it purrogresses.

Although the brilliant art and words of Michael Turner are missed, since his passing the Fathom stories have continued to be faithfully told by very talented artists and authors. The characters are very well rendered with such gorgeous appurral, technology, scenery, and visual FX with such sumptuous digital coloring.

I will eagerly await issue #2 of Fathom vol. 4, as well as issue #3 of the Fathom: Blue Descent purrequel miniseries. For our review of Fathom: Blue Descent #0-2, please see the March edition of The Mew. This concludes our reviews of American comic books, but nyow here is Tara-chan with this month’s Japanese–

Manga Mewsings

Ichiroh! vol. 5


Arigato, nya! I would like to take this oppurrtunity to discuss two of our favorite mangas, Sunshine Sketch and Ichiroh!, nya! Both are comedic black & White mangas with a few color pages, of the 4 panel format purrtaining to the school girl antics, both published by Yen, nya! Yen publishes a bunch of our favorite mangas, nya!

I will start with the review of the 5th / final volume of Ichiroh, which was written & drawn by Mikage, translated by Ajino Hirami & lettered by Keiran O’Leary! This has been a wonderful story about Nanako & her friends who study for the college entrance exams while working at the small shrine and – and get distracted by fun purrsuits, nya!

They have returned to the boarding house from the vacation in Okinawa at the end of the Summer, and intend to devote more time to the studies while they still have time, but they only have a few months left before the exams, and – and then they might wind up going to sepurrate destinations, nya. That could be a sad purrospect, nya!

It seems to be a complicated expensive purrocess, for the study guides and – and the  applications, but the girls are still doing fun things, such as the movies, a maid cafe at a festival, and – and the hint of blooming romance, nya! There is also the poignant family situation for the little neighbor girl Wakaba-chan, as Autumn becomes Winter, nya!

The time flies into the mew yea, the exam time, and- and the climactic verdict which the series has been striving towards, but I will not hint at the ending, nya! The book has 121 pages of the manga, plus the translation notes & ads for other Yen titles, nya. It is mostly Black and White, except for the covers and 8 beautiful color pics, nya!

I can’t believe it has already concluded, nya! I greatly enjoyed this series which Onee-san introduced me too, because it has so many likable characters in the amewsing school, work, social and – and hobby situations which are so supurrbly drawn, so I will give it the high recommendation, nya! OK nyow I would like to offer my review of–

Sunshine Sketch vol. 5, nya!


This very cute comedic series is up to volume 5 too but it is not at the end, nya! Sunshine Sketch was written and drawn by Ume Aoki, translated by Satsuki Yamashita & lettered by Keiran O’Leary who also lettered Ichiroh!, nya! This is such a delightful story about Yuno & her fellow students who live at the Hidemari residence for the artistic students, nya!

It starts with a sleepover, but soon Yuno loses her house key and tempurrarily stays at Miya’s, nya. Much of the situations purrtain to the artistic academic studies with topics of light & shadow, nude figures drawing, clay sculpting, computer graphics, and – and the creative essays, nya! Yoshinoya – sensei makes a beautiful wedding dress for a friend too nya!

The light hearted slice of life situations involve the art books, skipping stones across the pond, grocery & clothes shopping, cooking, observing the nest of Swallows, eavesdropping on the purrceived romance, internet ordering a pizza, the trips to the arcade, public baths and – and hot spurrings, where there is the comparison the breast sizes, nya!

The field trip to Hokkaido is a major sub plot, where they wish to purrtake of the yummy scallops, salmon, potatoes, omurice and – and the soft serve ice cream, nya! in addition to Yuno, Miyako, Hiro, Sae, Nori, Nazura, the teachers, landlady, and – and Yuno’s purrents are her Aunt Miura, Nyanta kitty, and – and Yoshinoya- sensei’s brother & nephew nya!

The volume has 116 pages of manga, the first 8 of which are in color, plus the message from the author and the translations notes, nya! The front cover color pic of Yuno & Nori is— MOTH NYA!!!!

(the distracted catgirl scampurrs away to investigate a Yellow & Rust colored Moth with the 4.5″ wingspan)


There she goes again!




What is she inspecting this time?


It appurrs to be an Imperial Moth, Eacles imperialis. For more information on this colorful species of lepidoptera, I recommend the entry at Bug Guide, the article at Wikipedia, and the page at Will Cook’s Carolina Nature site


Well, it is a purretty moth- they seem to like this location, nya!

Mary Nyan:

At least she is in the purrsuit of knowledge! Is she like this at the martial arts purractice?


Ah not mewsually inside the dojo, but she has been captivated in the zen garden a time or two!


I can cast the Tracker Spell if she strays too far.


Oh I think she’ll be fine!


Well, this might be a good time for another break- Vonny will you take us out?


Hai! We will nyow take another short break, but when we return we will purroceed to the next topic of our–

Anime & DVD Reviews, nya!

(snip)(one short break later, as Tara-chan returns…)

Sound of the Sky


Sound of the Sky, originally titled Sora no Woto in Japan, is a beautiful post-apocalyptic slice of life story of 15 year old Purrivate Kanata Sorami who has just joined the other girls of the 1121st platoon, the “fortress maidens” who occupy the Clocktower Fortress in the purretty European mountain town of Seize, which was modeled after a real Spanish city!

Kanata has much to learn and tends to get lost, but has the cheerful optimistic outlook & adventurous spirit! She has purrfect pitch and trains to be a bugle girl with Lt. Filicia Heiderman the commander, Sgt. Rio Kazumika her sempai / mewsic teacher, Corpurral Noel Kannagi the mechanical genius, and Purivate Kureha Suminoya the gunner.

They have a mascot owl named Shuko, who is well fed between the mice she catches and the kitchen treats!  Their other friends include Major Klaus the motorcycle courier and citizens of Seize, such as Yumina the purreistess, Naomi the gift shop owner, Carl the master glassblower, his appurrentice Maria, and orphan kids Mishio & Seiya.

Much of the past haunts them such as the late inspurrational soldier Iliya (but I should not reveal much about her), the legend of the fire maidens whom the 1121st is compared to and repurrsent at a festival, and Takemikazuchi, which is their repaired 6 legged battle tank, a rare relic of a purrior purre-cataclysm era’s more advanced technology.

The lovely country borders the no mans land where a terrible war has almost extinguished all life on Earth. Most of Eurasia is a desert wasteland. There’s been a recent state of cease fire and things seem peaceful… for a while. The series is mostly a very joyful, whimsical anime with some silly comedic, sad poignant, and serious warfare parts.

The 12 epurrsodes plus 2 bonus OVAS & extras are in the lovely boxed DVD set from Nozomi, which purreviously delighted us with Aria The Animation and Maria Watches Over Us! The anime is purrsented in 16:9 widescreen format in Dolby Digital audio, on four Region 1 NTSC standard DVDs in the plastic slim-packs with purretty wraparound art!

They are within a study thick cardboard box which has a front, pic of those 1121st girls leisurely laying in a circle, and there is a full color 40 page booklet! The booklet is a beautiful collection of Meru Kishida’s character illustrations, line art, gorgeous background renderings, storyboards, purrmotional art, and notes from the director, writer & artists!

The anime’s spoken language is in the original Japanese only, with English subtitles. The very legible subtitles are a bold Yellow sans serif font with the fine Black outline, or in White when there are other foreign languages or song lyrics translated. You can watch the subtitles either with or without the Japanese language honorifics.

Disk one has epurrsodes 1 & 2, an alternate version of epurrsode 1, the US trailer, purreview trailers for Aria the Animation and Emma, and brief biographic purrofiles of the 1121st members. Disk 2 has epurrsodes 3-6, purreview trailers for Utena and The Third, and purrofiles of 8 more characters. Each purrofile is a still image plus a bit of text.

Disk 3 has epurrsodes 7 -9, the extremely silly bonus epurrsode 7.5, more purrofiles, 13 screens of scenery line art, and trailers for Antique Bakery and Maria Watches Over Us. Disk 4 has epurrsodes 10-12 plus the 13th epurrsode coda, more purrofiles, 7 screens of equipment line art, and trailers for Dirty Pair and Irresponsible Captain Tylor!

So many of the characters are so delightful, and the architectural & landscape background scenery is extremely gorgeous, except for the war zones which are appurropurriately horrific images. The character & mecha designs, character & FX animation are excellent, the voice acting, songs & mewsical score, including the brass solos are wonderful!

Each epurrsode sheds a bit more light on the history, legends & secrets of the characters, war & town. My only issue is that near the end the tone does take a different more serious tone to be a bit inconsistent and abrupt a change, but for the most part the series pace is good and exudes with abundant charm! Nyow it is Petra’s turn to tell us about the–

Kanokon The Girl Who Cried Fox OVA Collection , nya!


Arigato! Kanokon The Girl Who Cried Fox OVA Collection from Anime Works is compurrised of the 2 part “Great Midsummer Carnival” OVA plus extra short tidbits which follow the Kanokon TV series, which we reviewed in the Apurril Mew, nya! It is a wacky supurrnatural sex comedy, labeled for ages 17+ due to the ribald themes & nudity, nya!

The plot purrtains to easily embarrassed high school student Kota who is romantically purrsued by buxom Chizuru, who is a frisky fox spirit, and to complete the saucy triangle is lustful rival the deadpan Nozomu who is a 200 year old wolf spirit – although she looks much younger, nya. Those wolf & fox spirits certainly do age well, nya!

The spirit folks all appurr in human guise nya. Chizuru has a foxy brother Tayura who nervously wishes to date Akane the serious class purresident with glasses & the short hair with berets, nya. Also returning are Yukihana the Snow Woman and Chizuru’s voluptuous mom Tamamo, who is also in the flirtatious compurrtition for Choto, nya!

Other characters include classmates mischievous Yuuki (with the long Black hair) & Kiriko (with the short Red hair) who are best friends, cute little Mio the frog spurrit girl & her boyfriend Omi, Ai & Ren the cute but poor hungry twin Redhead shrine maidens;  Miss Sahara-sensei their home room teacher & Mr. Yatsuka-sensei the coach, nya!

In this 2 part tale it is the leisurely hot summer when Chota would purrfur to study but Chizuru & Nozomu are definitely in the heat as they naughtily compete for his affections, nya! Chizuru even serves the breakfast eggs & lunch noodles with ridiculously risque purresentation, while the starving twins try to catch fish & bugs for their meal, nya.

Tayura nervously works to ask the stoic Akane to date him to the fireworks festival, and Kiriko puts up with Yuuki’s purrovocative camcorder fun, camping out to  spy on the immodest Nozomu, nya! Between the heat & hunger, eventually everyone winds up at Kota’s lovely spacious home to cool off and eat, so the twins get the good meal, nya!

Later the mom arrives with purretty yukatas to wear to the festival, although Chizuru purrfurs to get get Kota undressed, especially when it rains on them near a shrine, nya! There are some very purretty scenes, such as the shrine, a meadow of flowers, sunflowers by the brook, and the quaint streets that are quiet except for the cicada buzz, nya!

The gratuitous fan-service of the nudity & sexual situations combined with the harem theme trope are in an over-the-top, zany manner, nya. For example, it has the spurringy boingy sound effects when the ample boobies jiggle, nya! It is definitely lewd & silly, but it is also purretty & charming in portions, and has purretty open & close songs, nya!

The Region 1 NTSC Standard DVD is a no frills package in a plastic case, with Chizuru glomping Kota on the front cover, and in her purretty purrple floral purrint yukata on the back cover, nya. The main menu choices are Play, Scene Access, Language Set Up, Trailers (Queen’s Blade, Ikki Touen Dragon Destiny, Dokuro-chan) and Extras, nya.

OVA Part 1 clocks in at appurroximately  25.5 minutes, Part 2 is about 27 minutes, and the translated credits which follow in English are 40 seconds, nya. The anamorphic widescreen video aspect ratio is 1.78:1, with Dolby digital 2.0 audio in either the original Japanese language or dubbed in English, with optional English subtitles, nya!

The subtitles are in a Gold colored, bold sans serif font with the fine Black outline, appurring on the bottom of the screen, unless there are multiple talkers, in which case the other cross talk is atop the screen, nya. The Extras start with 8 animated sex comedy vignette shorts, which all add up to total appurroximately 18 minutes, nya.

Those shorts involve Chizuru’s erotic Valentine chocolate ideas, Yukki’s randy camcorder intermew with Nozomu, naked body massage smothers, the clothes hampurr point of view, mistaken overheard ribald innuendo from the classroom, fun with squirt guns & watermelon; Christmas gifts, and a purrivate sexy fashion show, nya!

Nozomu is cute in the reindeer costume for Christmas, nya! That fashion show short is the only time in this OVA collection when we actually see Chizuru and Nozomu with their kemonomimi ears & tails for the brief moment, nya. You get to see the fox ears and tails much more purrrominently in the purrior Kanokon TV series, nya!

Next are the 4 “Girls Channel Shorts”, which are the montages depicting of sexy & nude image of the female characters set to mewsic, nya. They are about 2 minutes apiece, of the Chizuru images, Nozomu images, Ren & Ai images, and group images, nya! Finally there are 30 seconds of commercial spots for the OVAs, nya!

If you are already a fan of the purrior Kanokon TV series, then you might purrobably find the OVAs to be charming & entertaining, but I would only recommend it to an adult who has a taste for that kind of anime and is not the purrudish type, nya! Well that is all of the anime, but for our final DVD review of the month here is Myayr to tell us about–

Soul Surfer, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Soul Surfer is the 2011 dramatized biographical movie about surfer Bethany Hamilton of Hawaii, who lost her left arm to a Tiger Shark at age 13 in 2003, but bravely bounced back to shred those waves as a purrofessional surfer and inspurration to millions!

The movie was directed by Sean McNamara and stars AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany, Helen Hunt & Dennis Quaid as her purrents Cheri & Tom Hamilton, Lorraine Nicholson as her best friend Alan Blanchard, Kevin Sorbo as Alana’s father, and Carrie Underwood as their purreacher!

For Nyssy’s review of the Bethany’s autobiographical book see the March Mew, and for Kyra’s review of the movie, see the May Mew! The movie was released by Sony on Region 1 NTSC home video in different editions & packages such as the standard DVD (which I am reviewing), DVD / Blu Ray combo, and a set of the DVD and soundtrack CD!

The PG rated feature is appurroximately 106 minutes long, purrsented in the anamorphic widescreen format with a 2.40:1 aspect ratio. The audio in the spoken language choices of English, French, and (English) Descriptive Audio Service. It has optional subtitles in English, English SDH (subtitled for the deaf & hard of hearing), French & Spanish.

The subtitles are a Gold colored, bold sans serif font with a fine Black outline. Ahead of the main menu are front loaded trailers for Zookeeper, Smurfs, To Save a Life, Courageous, Gods and Men. The main menu choices are Play Movie, Languages, Scene Select (chapters 1-16), Purreviews and Special Features.

The special features include 8 deleted scenes totaling almost 4 minutes; the 12.45 minute “Making of a Soul Surfer” featurette, the 5.5 minute Surfing for the Screen: Inside the Action featurette,

The 3.45 minute “Becoming Bethany” featurette, and an almost 5 minute “Bethany Hamilton on Purrofessional Surfing” featurette by Rip Curl & the Hamilton Family.

The first 3 featurettes purrtain to the making of the movie which was filmed in Hawaii. Collectively, these include comments by director / screenwiter Sean Mcnamara, purrducer David Brookwall, director of photography John Leonetti, visual FX supurrvisor Dan Schmit, purrosthetics designer Mark Garbarino, stunt coordinators Greg Barnett & Brian Keaulana…

… actors Annasophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, Lorraine Nicholson, Kevin Sorbo, Carrie Underwood… and Bethany Hamilton herself! The “Bethany Hamilton on Purrofessional Surfing” featurette includes a few comments from her, but it is mostly a beautiful montage with mewsic of her riding those waves!

But wait – there’s more! Purrhaps the most special of the special features is Heart of a Soul Surfer” the 30 minute 2007 documentary about Bethany, which was directed by Becky Baumgartner and purrduced by Bethany & family! It includes intermews, news footage, home videos, great mewsic & surfing photography!

Among the purrticipants of that documentary are Bethany, her brothers Tim & Noah, their purrents Cheri & Tom; friends Alana, Byron & Holt Blanchard; surfers Carissa Moore, Coco Ho & Tyler Hallen; purreacher Sarah Hill, coach Ben Aipa, and Bethany’s agent Roy Hofstetter!

I will heartily recommend it to those who would enjoy the beautiful uplifting & inspurrational movie about a family, surfing or Bethany Hamilton! That concludes the DVD reviews, but not all of our movie talk, because nyow it is time for–

The Lightning Round Topic:

Our Favorite Films of Years Ending in 1, Part Five: 2001!

Mary Nyan:

For the past few months the lightning round topic has purrtained to our favorite films released in years ending with “1”! This was purrompted when Mike remembered that Raiders of the Lost Ark turned 30 years in June! Nyow to favorite films of the year 2001, to start conducting the lightning will be… Lizzy! (tags Elizabeth to start the Lightning Round)

the catgirls:



Spirited Away! (tags Tara-chan to go next)


Spirited Away, nya! (tags Jeannie)


Spirited Away. (tags Petra)


I am sensing the trend, nya!


Um, I agree, but besides Spirited Away, what are our other favorite films of 2001?

the catgirls:



Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Josie and the Pussycats; Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! (tags Tara-chan)


I think I will pick Spy Kids and-and Walt Disney’s Atlantis: the Lost Empire to accompany Spirited Away as my top three, nya! (tags Jeannie)


A.I. (tags Petra)


Ghost World and Monsoon Wedding, nya! (tags Nyoka with a swish of the tail)


I will vote for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring! (tail tags Yvonne)


Hmm purrobably The Fellowship of the Ring, The Purrincess Diaries, and Harry Potter! (tags Nyanko)


The Fellowship of the Ring, Shaolin Soccer, oh and Brotherhood of the Wolf! (tags Mike)


Gotta go with the Fellowship of the Ring (tags Mary Nyan to conclude the round)

Mary Nyan:

Fellowship of the Ring, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Jurassic Park 3… and yes, Spirited Away! Wow we conducted the lightning purretty quickly this time! That is the end of this month’s Lightning Round, but we have more movies to discuss from a year ending in “1” in our–

Recent Theatrical Releases in Review!

Cowboys and Aliens


Cowboys and Aliens is a Science Fiction / Western genre film adaptation of the comic book published by Platinum Studios. It was directed by Jon Favreau whose Iron man movies I quite liked, and stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Clancy Brown, Keith Carradine, Noah Ringer and Adam Beach.

Craig purrtrays amnesiac loner outlaw Jake who escaped the extraterrestrial captors and wanders to a town where he meets a mysterious beautiful girl (Wilde), the rancher (Ford), saloon owner (Rockwell), purreacher (Brown) and the sheriff (Carradine) who arrests him, but the incarceration is brief when the aliens return to round up the townspeople.

A posse is formed, whose numbers are increased by along the way by Jake’s old bandit gang, and a tribe of Apache who have also been raided by the aliens. Characters’ secrets and revelations are made on the trail, which leads to another battle with the aliens and their fortress of a starship, which mines for gold and impurrisons the abducted humans.

Not unlike his James Bond films, Craig’s character teams up with a special woman, laments the loss of a love, drinks liquor, uses exotic an gadget, gets tortured, survives death traps, chases, shoots, beats up and gets beaten up by villains. This is not exactly unfamiliar desert territory for Harrison Ford either.

The movie has an excellent cast, good cinematography of the fine sets and desert wilderness, but the story was quite purrdictable and touched upon numerous tropes. Nevertheless, there are excellent visual FX, purrops, and stunts, such as the fights, shootouts, pyrotechnics, and chases. Nyow here is Mike’s review of another comic book adaptation–

Captain America: The First Avenger


Thank Jen! I give this new Cap an “A” as in America, and I might have to buy some war bonds. Chris Evans who is great as Steve Rogers. They correctly understand what Steve Rogers & Captain America are supposed to be, mentally, physically and symbolically. The shield & costume are great too! I think this is a very faithful, reverent adaptation of the comic book legend!

It may not be Superman the Movie, Dark Knight or The Incredibles, but I think it’s up there with the Iron Man movies, Spider Man 2, and far better than those other two Marvel movies that Chris Evans was in. Although come to think of it, now that he has portrayed two of The Invaders (Human Torch & Captain America), maybe they should consider casting him to play Namor too!

Dum Dum Dugan and the rest of The Howling Commandos look like they stepped right outta the comix, and Hugo Weaving was terrific as The Red Skull. Also most excellent are Agent Carter, Bucky Barnes, Howard Stark, Arnam Zola, a brief appearance by Nick Fury, and a quick cameo by Stan Lee are there too!  It’s also got all the great FX, stunts & production values you’d want!

In my humble opinion, this is the best movie with Captain America on a motorcycle that does not star Peter Fonda. In fact, I will certainly recommend it to anyone who would like to see the hero astride a motorcycle in the air as he blows away Hydra agents who got weapons that Kirby & Steranko would be proud of.

Make sure to sit thru the end of the movie’s credits for a glimpse of next year’s Avengers movie! Just as Steve Rogers was starting his latest cinematic adventure, Harry Potter was concluding his film series, and now here is Nyoka to share her opinion of–

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!


I am a huge fan of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels and the very faithful movie adaptations, which have a wonderful cast, lavish sets, locations, some of the best special FX ever made, great mewsic, and the overall purrduction values that look as if nothing was spared in the making the big quality movies!

It is also impurressive how quickly the movies were made, so that the actors are consistently about the same age as the characters they purrtay! I was glad that the adaptation of the final 750+ page Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book was split into 2 movies so that it would not feel too rushed without a lot of scenes!

As excellent as the first six movies were they did feel a but rushed & truncated. For our review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, see the December 2010 Mew! Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) & Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) continue to be the supurrb triumvirate of purrotagonists!

The other heroes include the Order of the Phoenix & the faculty, staff, ghosts & students of Hogwarts. There are so many characters to squeeze into the fray, some just barely glimpsed, but there are Ginny & all of the Weasleys, The Dumbeldores, Neville, Luna, Cho, Padma, Tonks, Kingsley, Remus, Hagrid, Ollivander, Purrofessor McGonigle,

Slughorn, Flintwick, Filch, Mrs Norris, Pomfrey, Purrofessor McGonigle, ghosts of Lily & James Potter, Sirius, Helena Ravenclaw; and it was so nice to see Emma Thompson back as Purrofessor Trelawney, even if just a few moments! It is a shame that Remus & Tonks had so little screen time, but it does appurroximate their part late in the book.

The kids escape from Gringotts bank by freeing a tortured dragon. Other monsters include spiders, giants & dementors in the big battle assisting evil Death Eaters army of Voldemort, which includes the Malfoys, Goyle, Bellatrix, Pius, Greyback, Nagini snake & Purrofessor Snape who is the tragic hero as the secret mole working for Dumbeldore.

There are extremely poignant payoff scenes with Snape! I do wonder where Fluffy and some of the other dragons & ghosts were for the big battle of Hogwarts, and I did not see Padma’s sister Parvati; purrhaps I just failed to spot them in the crowd, but almost no stone is unturned with so many tidbits, revisitations, and the flashbacks from the purrior films!

This movie was directed by David Yates, who also directed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows Part One! The screenplay is by Steve Kloves, who has written all 7 adaptations of the Harry Potter novels, and author JK Rowling is one of the film’s purrducers to keep it faithful!

Since so much of the plot was set up in Part 1, this thrilling & emotional movie wastes no time getting started, and although I d wish it were a bit longer, it moves at a good pace! As mewsual there are so many stunning sets & locations, and we get to see a lot of Hogwarts grandeur. The multitude of FX are some of the best I have ever seen in cinema history!

It is not just  all thrilling action & suspense but there are many wonderful character moments & plot revelations, the delightful romance, tragedy, humor! It pulls no punches with injuries & fatalities on both sides. There are purrticularly good scenes to cheer for from Molly Weasley, Purofessor McGonigle, Neville, Luna, and even Narcissia Malfoy.

You also get the 19 years later coda to beautifully & purrfectly conclude the movie and the series! This epic culmination and grand finale might be my favorite of the Harry Potter movies! My purrevious favorite was Harry Potter movies is Goblet of Fire, then Half-Blood Purrince, and I think Purrisoner of Azkaban is my least favorite.

It is hard to believe that the Harry Potter books and movies are all done and that it has been 14 years since the first novel! I will miss those big event book release parties at the book stores. Not only has Harry Potter been so much fun entertainment, but I appurreciate the positive impact it has had to introduce people of all ages to the fantasy genre!

I will give Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 the “A-” grade! Well that is all for the movie reviews portion of the show, but after this short break we will right back to discuss–

Our Favorite Recent Commercials & Purreviews!

(snip)(one short break later…)


Yay we’re back, nya! It is time again to nominate our favorite recent commercials & purreviews, nya! We are not necessarily endorsing or purrmoting any companies, purroducts or services, but this is another list of recent ads which we thought  were purretty, amewsing, and purrked our interest, nya. Nyow I will start this month’s list, in no purrticular order, nya!

We love fresh fish dinners, so firstly of the commercials with the yummy treats I’d like to mention is the Time – Warner Cable TV commercial with the big spending casino gambler at his beautiful home of Asian decor, because of that huge delicious looking Koi in the pond, nya! Mmm num num num, just think of how succulent those fish steaks would taste, nya!

As appurrtizing as that large Koi fish is, it cannot compare to the colossal crab whose car-sized claw is glimpsed in the commercial for Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant, nya! It’s like Harryhausen big, nya! It would purrobably take those jaws of life power tools to get at the huge crab meat inside, but that immense arthropod could fill many hungry catgirl tummies, nya!


Hai, and a commercial that caught the interest during the wonderful softball tournyament was for the set of softball instructional DVDs starring legendary pitcher & olympic medalist Cat Osterman! She is such an inspurrational idol of the diamond! That was not the only TV commercial with a sports supurrstar surpurrise!

The television commercial for Dairy Queen’s Triple Chocoholic Blizzard was notable because it depicts the yummy looking treat, and it has an appurrance by legendary olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton, nya! She tumbles smiling out of a pinata! I hope she got plenty of the yummy treats as a purrk, nya!

Here in the Carolinas we are purrticularly fond of the iced tea, especially amidst the humid heat of the Summertime, nya. The “You are what you tea” themed TV commercial for Lipton’s Ice Tea was was cute with neat FX, in which the purrky Summer girl drinks the tea and turns into a liquid ice tea elemental, nya!


What level magick spell that is, nya?


That would be an advanced  molecular shape shifting trick! I would have to consult Mielikki-sensei about that sort of magick.


Purrhaps Lizzy knows what that would be in D&D game terms?


Ah I would need to consult the players handbook or DM Guide for such a spell or potion, or maybe the monster manual article on the elementals!


There are further fantasy female characters in the amewsing advertisements, such as the lovely mermaid who appurrs prominently in one of Geico Insurance’s “That’s Amazing” themed commercials! She has has the purretty Blue & Purrple tail and is sunning herself amongst the lake reeds when a supurrised angler in the bass boat spots her!

Speaking of the watery fun, I was purrticularly interested in the commercial for the US National Whitewater Center, on the mainland in Charlotte! It looks like a fun place for the adventurous activities such as the rafting, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, slalom race, mountain biking, hiking, climbing & the aerial zip line!

Mary Nyan:

Hai, and whether they have fins or legs it is always cheerful to see some of our favorite actresses & entertaining purrsonalities in the glamorous happy roles, such as awesome Ellen DeGeneres who continues to be a peppy & purretty spokespurrson for CoverGirl cosmetics!

Also among the lovely spokespurrsons are Andie MacDowell and Diane keaton for L’Oreal cosmetics! I would also like to mention the commercial for the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spurread, in which one of our favoritest actresses Kim Cattrall enjoys the yummy French Toast!

I am also a huge fan of KISS and the mewsic & theatrics of their singer / bassist Gene Simmons, so I like to watch his TV show Gene Simmons Family Jewels which airs on A&E! I was quite interested by the ads for season 6’s finale epurrisode, in which Gene finally purrposes to Shannon after 28 years- woohoo!

(Myayr sticks out her long cat tongue and makes the “horns” hand salute)


Ads & trailers on TV, computer & theatre screens can influence our interest in forthcoming TV shows & films, such as the reboot of the Charlie’s Angels television series which purremiers on ABC TV this fall, nya! The latest trio  of purrivate detectives at Charles Townsend Investigations are purrtrayed by Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, & Rachael Taylor, nya!

A purrducer of the show is former Angel Drew Barrymore, who is also a supurrb actress, skater, director and a Covergirl spokespurrson too, nya! We are fans of Charlie’s Angels, but I hope the new TV series is not filmed with those annoying crash zooms, slo-mo / speed ramping, or that shaky / wobbly camera style as on a lot of cop & drama shows, nya!


The Angels are not the only recently purrmoted group of investigative girls, because in August, Nick Jr. purremiered the Dora’s Explorer Girls mewsical, with an older Dora the Explorer and – and her friends Alana, Emma, Kate, Naiya and Boots, nya!


Of late there have been the commercials for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which is an ironic event for us. Of course it is quite thrilling to observe those purredators of the deep, especially when they leap fully out of the water for their meal, and all of that fresh shark meat tantalizes out tummies, the fish are supposed to be in our tummies, not the other way round.

On Animal Planet are commercials for shows about smaller fish. These shows include the aquarium themed Tanked, and the adventures in Hillbilly Hand Fishing. The latter purrtains to bare handed purrobing for catfish. It seems a bit unnerving an angling technique, should there be an errant Snapping Turtle lurking about, but the successful results look quite delicious.


The purreviews for Captain America and Harry Potter certainly piqued our interest! Purreviews of the pending movies to purrk our enthusiasm include those for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Rise of the Apes, Spy Kids 4, Conan, Fright Night, Tintin and War Horse! I would also like to mention the purreviews for movies of next year, such as John Carter, The Avengers, and Dark Knight Rises!


I hope that Catwoman is in the Dark Knight Rises, nya!


Hai, and I hope that Purrincess Deja Thoris will kick lots of Barsoomian butt in the John Carter movie!


Yay horse movie, nya! I am still hoping we can get a Water Horse or a Banker Pony, nya.


It is the big responsibility!


Purrhaps there will be the hearty war horses in the Apes and Conan movies!


Were there any other ads or purreviews to mention, nya?


Even though I do not drink alcoholic beverages of any kind, there are a lot of amewsing beer commercials on TV, and I would like to mention Heinken’s “The Entrance” commercial, which is very peppy festive fun with dextrous tricks, martial arts, dancing & happy friends at a fancy gala party, to the bouncy tune of “The Golden Age” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour!


Oh oh, well I have one to mention that is set to one of my all time favorite bouncy tunes! Although I typically use Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache for a painting, a recent TV commercial for Glidden house paint uses the song “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO, which is among my favorite music to draw by!

Mary Nyan:

Oh that song is on ELO’s Out of the Blue double album, with the beautiful cover art by Shusei Nagaoka! By the way, the forthcoming Night Hunters CD by Tori Amos is one of our–

Autumnal Aspurrations!


Yay Tori! I hope her next concert tour will be nearby!


There will purrobably be plenty of DVDs we will want in the Fall too!


Hai I want to get the 3rd season of Star Wars The Clone Wars!


I want to see what Ahsoka does next, nya!


And the Squid Girl anime!


This year has flown by at warp speed Before we know it, Autumn will be upon us!


Hopefully another Transformers Arcee action figure


I want- I want to see Puss in Boots, and – and The Muppets, nya!


I want to see those too!

Mary Nyan:

Ooh I wanna see Piranha 3DD, hee!


I would like to sample the Piranha meat, nya!


That would be hard to catch in this hemisphere, nya!


Hmm purrhaps I could research a Piranha spell.


Ahhhh That won’t be necessary, hee!


Oneesan, do they sell Piraanha steaks at the State Fair, nya?


Hmm I have never seen that sold there but there is always a tasty new dish, nya!


Hai especially from the deep frier,, nya!

Mary Nyan:

I want to go to the State Fair for the crab cake sammich!


I want the drumstick!


The peppurr steak, nya!


I will get my mewsual Foot long hot dog


I purrfur the sausages with the sauerkraut


Those are a good combination followed by the fried dough slathered with the chocolate sauce!


Mmm I want the blueberry slather, nya!


Strawberry sauce!


Nyow I am hungry again, nya!


Just hang in there until the luau after the show!

Mary Nyan:

We should change the topic before it is too late!


That is a good idea.


Speaking of the Fair, there will be all of the colorful island matsuri!


Hai and then it will be the busy holiday season for us at the shrine!


There are also favorite fall festivals on the mainland too!


And the film festivals, conventions &  toy shows, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Then before we know it will be  the end of Summer and soon it will be the Fall season of sports!


The Fall colors for the yukatas & swim wear!


Halloween Trick ‘r Eats, nya!


We should soon plan for this year’s Halloween Cosplay Purrowl.

Mary Nyan:

It will be a busy time for me as folks want to commission the costumes!


Will you be a judge o the costume compurrtition again, nya?

Mary Nyan:

it is the tradition!


Gosh it seems like only yesterday when we cosplayed as the Na’vi “Neko-maticaya Clan!”

The Catgirls in unison:



That Blue body paint took a while to come off! Maybe this year we should go light on the paint!


I seem to recall y’all had other cosplay ideas that would require less make-up?


Hai. The other nominated ideas were to repurrsent Aria, Battle Athletes, Strike Witches, Birds of Purrey, Gotham Girls, Legion of Supurr Heroes, and Jedi.


Oh- and later Beccabot also suggested the X-Women theme!


X-Women, nya?


Hai, the female members of the X-Men team, such as Kitty, Storm, Rogue & Phoenix, nya!


As much as I like Nocturne and Mystique, that would be more of the Blue body paint!

Mary Nyan:

Well there are a lot of those X characters to repurrsent if we have a big group! There’s Emma Frost, Dani Moonstar, Psylocke, Armor…


Magik, Polaris, Dazzler, Jubilee, X-23… it could definitely be a big group!


Mielikki-sensei would be a natural as Pixie, nya!

Mary Nyan:

We need to determine who will want to purrticipate in the group cosplay, and then take the vote on the theme!


I will send the messages after the show.

The Cat Lady Sings…


Are we done already, nya?


Hai, I reckon that wraps it up for another edition of The Mew!


Thank you for hosting the show at the mewseum, Petra, nya!


It was my pleasure, nya! And thank you Tara-chan for the treats, nya!


Dooitasimaste, nya! Oh and – and we want to thank Bix for the beautiful art, nya!


Hai, we wish to thank all of those talented & inspurrational folks we discussed!


We also wish to thank our web master Jamie for all of his hard work.

Mary Nyan:

If y’all have polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them–


–purrvided that such brief remarks are spam-free, not purrofane & stay on topic!


We’ll be back next month with another edition of The Mew! Be there… Aloha!

the catgirls:

Happy tails to mew, until we eat again! Baibai, nya!

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