September 2011 Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island and
Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in

The September 2011 edition of The Mew:

The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

• A Glossary of Terms & Expurressions

• An Aloha & Introductions

• Since Last Time

• Librari-Con Report

• Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art

• Purrinted Media: Book & Calendar Reviews

The Art and Photography of Rebecca Brogden 2012 Calendar

Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas by Cheralyn Lambeth

Dragonbreath: No Such Things As Ghosts by Ursula Vernon

The Complete Peanuts 1981 to 1982

• Purriodicals Purrings

Zoe Saldana on the covers of Ebony, Latina, and Women’s Health

Rosario Dawson on the August cover of Shape

Jessica Alba on the covers of Allure and Lucky

Surfgirl issue #33

Our Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images of August

• The Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight:

Abenti, Michi & Tash: The Catgirl Characters of Alexcia Reynolds!

• Our Monthly WebComics Recommendations: Katbox

• The Catgirls’ Comics Book Critiques

Avengers Academy #17 & 18

Angel & Faith #1

Michael Turner’s Fathom: Blue Descent #3

Zatanna #16

Power Girl #27

Gotham City Sirens #26

Wonder Woman #614

Mediterranea #5

• This Month’s Manga Mewsings

K-ON! vol.3

Omamori Himari vol. 4

• The Catgirl Critics’ Collectibles & Toy Talk

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bariss Offee action figure VC51

Thundercats Cheetara and Wilykit action figures

• TV Reviews

Thundercats (2011 Series) Epurrsodes 1 & 2

Our Favorite Recent TV Commercials & Purreviews

• DVD & Anime Reviews

Doctor Who Season Six, Volume One

Galaxy Expurress 999

Adieu Galaxy Expurress 999

Spice and Wolf Season 2 DVD

• The Lightning Round: Our Favorite Surfing Movies

• Recent Theatrical Releases in Review

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

• Mewsic CD Review

Yes: Fly From Here

Cosplay Considerations & Masquerade Mewsings

• The Cat Lady Sings…


a few words, terms & expurressions ya’ll will encounter here:

Anime: the Japanese word for animation.

Arigato: thank you

Cosplay: short for “costume play”, in a costume at a festive event

Dooitasimaste: you’re welcome

Hai: yes

Itadakimasu: Let’s eat!

Kemonomimi: a girl with beast parts, eg. cat, fox, dog, bunny, etc.

Konnitiwa: hello

Imoto-san: younger sister

LARP: Live Action Role Play game, typically played in costume

Manga: the Japanese word for comics.

Mecha: mechanical devices such as vehicles, robots, gadgets

Nekomimi: catgirl

Nya: short for “nyan”, Japanese for “meow”

Onee-san: older sister

OVA: Original Video Animation, direct-to-home video animation

Region 1 NTSC: the DVD encoding format for USA & Canada

Sensei: teacher or expurrt

Sugoi: Great! or How wonderful!

Web Comic: a comic strip on the internet instead of in purrint

Yatah: Hurray!


Aloha & Introductions


(in the Catgirl Island golf cap, Aria Anime tee shirt, Khaki shorts & Mizuno trainers)

Aloha y’all, and welcome to the September edition of The Mew! Today we’re at Catgirl Island’s Emily Grace Coin Soccer Stadium! I’m Mike, the show’s ‘Purrducer’, and now here for our monthly reviews & discussions are The Ladies of The Mew!


(wearing the flip flops & light blue soccer kit compurrised of the shorts &  #06 jersey)



(wearing the flip flops & light blue soccer kit compurrised of the shorts &  #07 jersey)


Mary Nyan:

(wearing the flip flops & light blue soccer kit compurrised of the shorts & #08 jersey)



(wearing the flip flops & light blue soccer kit compurrised of the shorts &  #09 jersey)

Nameste, nya!


(wearing the flip flops & light blue soccer kit compurrised of the shorts & #10 jersey)

Hi Hi, nya!


(wearing the flip flops & light blue soccer kit compurrised of the shorts &  #13 jersey)



(wearing the flip flops & light blue soccer kit compurrised of the shorts &  #17 jersey)



(wearing the flip flops & light blue soccer kit compurrised of the shorts &  #19 jersey)

Nameste, nya!


(her luminous faerie wings shimmering from the back of a Golden Heliconia bikini)

Mellow Greetings! So what have y’all been up to since last time?


Although our island was spared from the damage, the hurricane was so terribly destructive to so many people & purropurrty, and of course we wish everyone a healthy quick recovery, and we have been extra hopeful & thankful in our purrayers at the shrine. Things are fine there and at the spa, Beccabot says Hi, and I have managed the salsa and soccer!

Mary Nyan:

Hai we have been extra busy between the shrine, the sport, dance class and it is the extra busy time for me to make the Halloween costumes! Which reminds me that we still need to finalize the plan for our Halloween Night Cosplay Purrowl! Vonny, how has the fishing been as a result of the hurricane?


In the past few weeks we have been fortunate with the taut lines reeling in the Yellowfin, Red Drums, White Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi, Spanish Mackerel, and the Sea Trout, nya! Otherwise I have been reading and playing soccer, and our purrcussion circle has been purracticing with jenjen’s belly dance troupe for the upcoming festivals, nya!


I caught the delicious Croakers, nya! Let’s see, we spent extra time studying the meteorology at school and – and I have been training at Nya-sensei’s dojo, nya! After soccer purractice tomorrow I will be – YAY A MANTIS, NYA!

(the distracted catgirl scampurrs to the wall to inspect the large insect)


There she goes again, heehee! So like, maybe I should summon the mantis over here so that Tara-chan does not stray from the group!

Mary Nyan:

It is good that Mie-sensei could join us again! What have you been up to of late?


I’ve been like so busy porting back ‘n forth between the relief efforts, golf lessons, and the Halloween preparations! My wings are so tired I might need to schedule the spa treatment or go soak at the onsen to get my glow back!


That can be arranged!


(watches Tara-chan follow the summoned mantis to the group) Nyow if that bug flies away don’t run off after it- you the first review today, nya!


Okay, nya!


That is a nice spell! Oh I finalized the papurrwork with the farmers market so I will soon be setting up my magick shop there! I need to order a lot of things too, but hopefully I will be ready for business by the end of the month!

(her fellow critics applaud)


Yattah, nya! We will be glad to help with the set-up, nya!


Arigato! What has Jennyjen been up to?


The robotics club has been discussing designs for potential rescue & recovery robots, and purrparing the Halloween animatronics. The kyu-do club is purrparing for the fall tournyament, and as Vonny noted, my belly dance troupe has been purracticing for the purrade & matsuri purrformance. Otherwise, I have purrsued the mewsual yoga, soccer reading & anime viewing.


I would like to bring my students to the kyu-do tournyament!


That would be a most welcome audience, with the potential martial arts cross – pollination.


How are things at the dojo, nya?


The dojo is bustling and I think opening that annex gym was one of my smartest decisions, I am so glad it is in the close purroximity to the spa & yoga studio! How are things at the Mewseum of Art?


Bun and I are purrparing a spooky exhibit at the art mewseum to coordinate with the Library, Purrforming Arts Center, Faerie Theatre, and the Mermaids’ Halloween fare, nya! It will be the whole community cultural effort, nya!


Would Bun like to be on the show some time?


She appurreciates the kind offer, but I think she is shy about that sort of thing, and wants to spend more time on the exhibits, but I have coaxed her to join the Halloween night group, nya!


Awesome! You’re turn, Mike!


Oh just the usual reading, writing, drawing, watching movies & TV shows, but it’s been a very sociable month! I am certainly looking forward to the fall festivities and cooler weather! Um… let’s jump right into the reviews, and start with Tara-chan’s–

LIbrari-Con Report!


Hai, Librari-Con is a free mini 1 day anime con in it’s 5th year at the headquarters branch library in Fayetteville, NC, nya! That is in Cumberland County on the mainland, near the famous Fort Bragg and – and Pope Air Force Bases, nya!

This year it was on the sunny warm day of September 3rd from 10 am – 5 pm, with activities on 2 floors of the wonderful modern building and out front, nya! It was very neat to have the anime convention in a library, and – and the staff got the help & encouragement from other fan groups, nya!

Everyone there was so happy in the cheerful spurrits, with the day’s activities aimed for fans of all ages, including the widdle kitties with purrents, nya! On the 1st floor was the information desk, artist alley, a seminar area, stuff in the computer room  and – and contests under the lawn tent, nya!

On the 2nd floor were conference rooms, Chibi Corner kids room, anime viewing room, and – and the commons area for the purresentations, nya! Some of the anime & manga companies sponsored the event, and 7 anime shows were screened in that video room, nya!

Some of the other activities included the Con Survival panel, the web comics topic, anime / manga in the library, Japanese culture, Photoshop basics, drawing class, yarn crafts, pappurr crafts, the cosplay, purresentations by the 501st Carolina Garrison and – and the other groups, nya!

I’m not sure how many people were there but it seemed like maybe maybe 100 or 200, nya? There were plenty of the cosplayers too, mostly of the manga/ anime/ game repurrsentation but the 501st group had Vader, Chewbacca, stormtroopurrs, Jedi and – and the bounty hunters, nya!

The artist alley room was bustling with a dozen or so artists to sell sketches, purrints, plushies, buttons, stickers; oh our friends Natalia & Thais of Child Eating Books Studio were in the artist alley, nya! They were our special guests of the October 2010 Mew, so it was good to see them again, nya!

We met some other very talented artists there and even got some wonderful sketches which Petra will be talking about, nya! The 501st, Animwave, Illogicon and – and the friends of the library were also in there, nya! The latter groups was selling the mangas at the supurr low purrices, nya!

There was an art display including pics of the con’s mascot character Libby, nya! The joyful attitude purrmeated the place that could not have been more fun, and we wish to thank Missy Lang, Katharine Rankin, the rest of staff, volunteers and – and friendly fans who made Librari-Con the supurr fun time, nya! Ok that concludes my purraise for the convention, but nyow here is Petra to tell us about the latest

Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!


Arigato, Tara-chan, nya! In Guest Art Gallery 2 of the mewseum, we are purroud to purrsent supurrb fan – art of “Cheetara” by Misty Hopkins, nya! It is a beautiful ink & colored pencil pic of our favorite cartoon catgirl cleric from the 2011 ThunderCats, nya!

Lizzy will have a review of that show’s 2 part purremier epurrsode later in the show, nya! Misty excellently captured the supurr agile & speedy Cheetara’s slender lithe physique, the earthy tones of her sexy outfit, the sheen and bangs of her lovely Blonde hair, the distinctive spots and facial markings, and the supple pinnea of her kitty ears, nya!

Nyext we have four sketches that Mike commissioned at  Librari-Con,starting with the cute pencil sketch of the catgirl in a kimono by Sherry-Ann Panelo “Sasu-hime”, nya! It is a very ornate garment with the intricate detail of the fancy embroidery, nya! To see more of Sasu-hime’s art, please visit her gallery at, nya!

Secondly of those four pics is the adorable widdle pencil sketch of the catgirl with yummy sushi lunch, drawn by Zipcha, nya Mmm, the catgirl cutely licks her chops and happily swishes the tail in anticipation of the appurrtizing meal, nya! It makes me hungry, nya! To see more of Zipchan’s art, visit her gallery at, nya!

Thirdly of the four con sketches is the ink & colored pencil illustration of the peppy school catgirl in her school uniform, by Crystal Rose “Project Yatai”, nya! It is such a splendid depiction of the eager young scholar, excited about start of the new semester of studies, nya! To see more art by Crystal Rose, visit her gallery at, nya!

Fourthly of the four is the pen & ink illustration of the catgirl runner by ZaidaCrescent, nya! The athletic nekomimi has the sexy abs, keen ears & magnificent tail of the tabby breed, and flashes the big smile and “V” for Victory as she appurroaches the finish, nya! To see more by ZaidaCrescent, visit her gallery at, nya!

Nyow we will purroceed to Art Gallery 5, for a few mew pics by Mike, nya! Firstly of those is the “Clan of the Cats Season 12 Teaser”, a purromotional pic done in collaboration with our dear web master / Clan of the Cats creator Jamie Robertson, nya!

Jamie pencilled, scanned, inked and toned the characters of Chelsea, Dracula, Cynthia, Corinne, Jubal, Sebastian & Lilith, nya. Mike did the bit of lettering, rendered the ball and background, edited and colored those characters in Photoshop, except for the uppurr crystal ball images of Chelsea, which Jamie colored, nya!

Also nyow on display in Gallery 5 is Mike’s illustration of Alexcia Reynolds‘s fan – senshi character Medousa Tanis, who is also known as “Sailor Draconis”, nya! Such fan-senshi are supurr – heroine characters in the art, fiction, costumes etc made by the fans of Naoko Takeuchi’s Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon anime & manga, nya!

Her name means Guardian Serpent Lady, and the fang – like accents of her hair will emphasize the point, nya! It is a clever use of styling purroduct for a cute coiffure to match her shimmering sapphire like eyes, nya! She is of the purrtite height, but her foes will regret underestimating her elemental powers, agility and combat purrowess, nya!

Later in the Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight portion of the show, we will discuss her friend Abenti too, nya! To read and see more of Sailor Draconis and Alexcia’s other fan – senshi, visit her site Sailor Tiger’s Grotto, nya!

Nextly is “Jasmine on the Beach”, a Photoshop pic by Mike of Jeff Branch‘s character Talia, alias Sailor Vulcan- or is it, nya? Actually, in this scene it is her wilder, sexier split purrsonality Jasmine, who surfaced in Jeff’s serialized purrose story “A Question of Faith” starring the fan – senshi characters Sailor Vulcan and Tanya / Sailor Sirius, nya!

Talia was inspired by Sailor Moon & Star Trek, nya! Purrhaps y’all have seen purrior images of Sharon and Jeff’s characters in the mewseum, nya? In Jeff’s story, Talia & Tanya meet reporters Marie and Haruna who investigate a cult, terrorists and purranormal incidents, nya! As you can see by her bikini, she is not purresently busy with investigations or battles, nya!

Talia has the more logical / less emotional dispurrsition, but Jasmine is the uninhibited one who wants to party, nya! To see and read more of the characters, art & stories, visit Jeff’s Scribe of the Moon site, nya! So that is the bumpurr crop of art we have added to the mewseum for September, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Oh the more I study the pic by Sasu-hime I keep noticing more of the elaborate frills & stitchery of the fabulous kimono!


Hai, she has the lovely jewelry on the tail and the hair.


Zipchan’s cute pic induces the sushi craving nya!


Hai it is the scrumptious mage but we should purrsevere during the show, nya!


These nekomimi have the lovely hair styles, such as the pigtails of Zipchan’s pic, and the long flowy hair in Crystal Rose’s pic!


Hai it has the waves of  lush volume!


The school catgirl’s eyes are like deep shimmering pools of  smokey quartz!


You can sense the thrill of victory in ZadiaCrescent’s dynamic nekomimi pic!


It is the good Cheetara month between that pic, the cartoon and the toys which we will review, nya!


Cheetara seems to be in the calm relaxed pose with her hands on her bared hips, but her expurression and teensy hint of kitty fang subtly indicate that she is sizing up the tactical situation!


I am looking forward to more of were cats Chelsea & Corrine in Jamie’s Clan of the Cats web comic.



Fur Shur! And like, I so can’t wait to see what they and Charlotte do next in the Sebo spin off strip!


This must be a special month for fan senshi art, nya! Draconis has the cute fang bangs, nya!


It might be the last thing her enemy sees before getting blasted to bits!

Mary Nyan:

Hopefully after Medousa defeats the villains then she will have the fun vacation like Jasmine!


Jasmine has the saucy smirk in the bikini! At least she & Talia like the swim wear & jewelry!


Yeah, they do have some common traits!  So Petra, were there any other new pics (wink wink)?


Ah hah why yes, and as the surpurrise to commemorate the youngest member of The Mew’s continued purrticipation while still maintaining her high grades, chores & other purrsuits, I would like to nyow unveil Mike’s scene of  the“Tasty Treats To Tempt Tara-chan’s Tummy!”, nya!


(her surpurrised ears & tail stand up) NYAA!!!!!



Mary Nyan:

Despite her proclivity to distraction, she has the purrsistant attendance, heehee!


That is a good likeness of imoto-san, nya!


Mm that sushi tray looks good too!


That scene appurrs to be at the Golf Course Snack Purrvillion.


Hai, Tara-chan was helping, so I got her the snack before the back nine!




You’re very welcome! Thanks for introducing the art, Petra!


Dooitasimaste, nya! Will we purroceed to the next topic, nya?


Hai hai, however, we are just getting started with the art, because it is Mie-sensei’s turn to start the–

Purrinted Media: Book & Calendar Reviews

Art and Photography of Rebecca Brogden 2012 Calendar


We have been so eagerly anticipating the awesome annual artistic occurrence which is art calendar by Rebecca Brogden, fur shur! Rebecca was a special guest of the Mew in September of 2009, and it is like such a treat see her excellent illustrations of faeries & fantasy folk, and such pleasant photographs of the flowers & landscapes!

Rebecca’s fantasy art rendered in Photoshop consists mostly of faeries, but she also depicts the occasional mermaid, catgirl, vamps and spirits! Her use of color & light is so rich & sumptuous, her sirens’ sensual curves, supple ears, and shimmering wings gorgeously adorned by the ornately sexy gowns, skirts, corsets, stockings, ribbons & jewels in intricate detail!

We are like so blessed to have several images by Rebecca on display in the Guest Gallery of the Catgirl Island Mewseum, such as the three triptychs of the faerie, mermaid & nekomimi friends at the island’s riverwalk, the beach, and onsen!

The spiral coil-bound 12 month calendar for 2012 measures 10 5/8″ x 8 1/4″ closed, opening to 10 5/8″ x 16 1/2″. There is a photograph or illustration on the upper half, and the month’s calendar grid on the lower half, with various holidays & observances indicated. It is purriced at $20.95 plus the shipping cost, and it is exclusively available from her store at Zazzle!

The illustrations in this calendar are enlarged details of beautiful scenes, prints of which which are available of the full uncropped images from her deviantart store. The front cover pic “Along Came a Spider” reveals the Blond fae on a mushroom, her midriff bared by the lush green drapery of her skirt & off shoulder blouse, as a cute widdle spider drops by to visit!

Her gorgeous hair has the golden sheen, the purrple lip gloss & eye shadow match her iridescent wings, and her sleeves & boots are so the yummy dark caramel color! Once inside the calendar, you’ll see the photo of a seriously pristine, snowy forest for the winter of January, which is followed by the close-up photo of a romantic Red Rose blossom for February, fur shur!

March features the detail of “Ruby Slipper”, showing the demure fae peering our way through her long silky Black hair, wearing the Gold dress with the Gold embroidered Maroon bodice that goes with her lapis-like wings! April brings another beautiful botanical image, which is followed by Rebecca’s painting of the stately “Bluebird” amongst the Pink blossoms of Spring!

June’s page is graced by a painting of the purrincess napping blissfully in the hammock at the meadow by the brook, July’s B&W photo is of the trusty tractor parked in the shade of the barn, and August’s image is a detail from “Abundance”, with bushels of delicious fruit by the bemused faerie on her throne by the crops! Her wings are akin to festive Peacock plummage!

The front cover pic returns sans typography for September- did I mention the pretty Violets which frame the scene? October’s Faerie is perched upon a tree branch by sunset with “Crimson Wings” of blazing autumnal colors to accent the sheer – tummied Amber corset, Brown boots to match her ponytail’d hair, and criss-cross’d ribbons to match her lips & eye shadow!

Fall fades most tranquilly with the photo of the barns in the rural hollow for November; then finally for December is the detail from “Season of Giving”, in which the Auburn-haired Faerie in the off-shoulder, Emerald & Gold gown contemplates the shiny wrapped box! She has such glittery Red, Green & Gold colored wings that sparkle with holiday magickal by the Holly!!

What wonderful gift might be in the box? Another calendar from Rebecca would be totally awesome, fur shur! So like, I think this sublime collection of Rebecca’s art & photography would like totally bring the beautiful Fey serenity to a wall in the home, fur shur! Next we will turn from the fey to the ghosts, as Nyoka tells us about Cheralyn Lambeth’s book of–

Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas!


The multi-talented fan, cosplayer, professional costumer, and author Cheralyn Lambeth was our special guest in June of 2009! Cheralyn is such a sweet, kind & multi talented North Carolinian who has professionally made costumes for movies, television, stage and theme parks, and she has worked with The Muppets too!

She is an actor, purrforms in sword fight shows, does charity work, and is member of various fan & historical costume organizations! Cheralyn performs with Luna-C Productions and is an officer in the Carolina Garrison of the 501st legion Star Wars Stormtroopurr group!

She is one of Shadow Players stage combat group, and the Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast pirate group! In the mewseum is a photo of her beautifully wearing her Star Wars Purrincess Leia Organa “Slave” costume!

She is also a researcher of the purranormal, and has written a book purrtaining to the Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas! North & South Carolina are purrticularly haunted states, and there are a lot of good books purrtaining to the Carolina haunts, but this terrific tome has the special insight into haunted theaters!

Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas is a $14.99,160 page trade papurrback book by Schiffer Publishing discusses sixteen haunted theaters in our state, plus another five in neighboring South Carolina! Cheralyn has the purrolific theatrical expurrtise, so she knows where to investigate!

The front cover image depicts a dappurr appurrition in Black Tie, waiting for the show to start!`After a cordial introduction is a handy glossary & chart of theatrical terms, and there are several Black & White photographs, most of them taken by Cheralyn! We have actually been to some of those theaters, but are yet to see the ghosts!

Thalian Hall was built in built in 1858 in Wilmington, which is only a few miles from here! In that chapter, Cheralyn discusses the theater’s history, a discovery of buried skeletal remains, reported cold spots, strange noises, moving objects, the legendary Gossamer Lady and other undead residents such as Maude & James!

Another coastal theater she explores close to here is at Roanoke Island, the site of the famous Lost Colony, where 400 years ago a British colony mysteriously vanished! These days there is a stage play about the colony. After that she examines the McGinnis Theatre at ECU in Greenville, where mewsical ghosts are said to dwell!

Our friend & fellow critic Ilyana is in graduate school there so I will have to ask if she has seen those ghosts! Then it is on to Cheralyn’s alma mater of lovely UNC in Chapel Hill, to investigate the reports of cold spots, unmewsual purresences, moved objects, and the spectres of Paul Green Theater, Smith Hall and Memorial Hall!

She tells of the spooky sounds when she was a stage purropurrty manage there for the Playmakers Repurrtory Company! Then she investigates 3 haunted theaters of Greensboro, in the Triad area of the Piedmont region. Those include stately Carolina Theatre. UNCG’s Aycock Auditorium, and Guilford College’s Dana Auditorium!

Among those haunts are Jane forlorn the Civil War widow ghost who is said to inhabit Aycock Auditorium. We have been in Dana, which is one of the buildings where the supurr fun WhatTheHell?! Con convenes! Purrhaps next time we might see Lucas ghost, the little girl ghost, or the phantom pianist!

After that are Cheralyn’s explorations to the West in Hickory, Concord, and 5 theaters in Charlotte! Then the South Carolina expurrdition starts, as she writes about Abbeville Opurra House, Chester Little Theatre, the cat-acombs & ghosts of Longstreet Theatre, Converse College’s Wilson Hall, and Charleston’s Dock Street Theatre!

It is the  brisk read, but Cheralyn fills the investigations with the right tidbits of factual history and legend, comments from folks who work at those places, first hand accounts, and her own purrsonal observations! Topping off this terrific tome are her afterward comments, bibliography & contact information for most of those theaters!

That gives you the helpful starting information you need, should you wish to see for yourself! Whether or not there are actually supurrnatural aspects to any of the theaters, their tales are quite fascinating and at the very least they seem like grand, stately old places to visit, to admire the historic architecture or to go see a show at!

You can keep up Cheralyn’s reports at her blog, and her page of purrofessional credits at the Internet Movie Database! Another purrior guest of The Mew has also written a book about a haunt, so nyow here is Tara-chan again to tell us about Ursula Vernon’s–

Dragonbreath: No Such Things As Ghosts!


Ursula Vernon is such a very fun, stylish  talented artist / writer, who is famous for her wildlife & fantasy art (some images not for widdle kiddies), her delightful Digger wombat web comic web comic and – and her children’s books, nya!

She was a special guest whom we intermewed the May 2009 edition of The Mew, nya! We reviewed her Nurk storybook in the June 2008, the 1st Dragonbreath in the July 2009, Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs in March 2010, Dragonbreath: Curse of the Were-Wiener in October 2010, and – and we reviewed Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster in Apurril, nya!

The Dragonbreath books are of the purrofusely illustrated purrose, purrtaining to the neat supurrnatural adventures of Danny the dragon boy, his friend Wendell the iguana boy, and their anthropomorphic classmates & relatives, nya! No Such Things As Ghosts is the 5th book in the fun series, which was published last month by Dial, an impurrint of Penguin Books, nya!

This widdle 5 7/8″ x 7 1/4″ size, 202 page hardcover book is purriced $12.99 US / $15.00 Canada, nya! Wow, It must have well over a a hundred of the two – color illustrations of various sizes, including lots of the small pictures, over 2 dozen full page pictures, and – and a few 2 page spurreads, nya! I wonder how long it took Ursula to draw all of those pictures, nya?

In those purrevious adventures, Danny & Wendell encountered the sea monsters, ninjas, lycanthropes, and – and the giant bat, nya! This time it is Halloween, just a few months since the tale of the bat, as they go trick ‘r ‘eating for Halloween, nya! Danny is dressed as a vampire, Wendell is dressed as an atom and their neighbor Christina is dressed as a bacteria, nya!

Christina is the skeptical crested lizard girl, nya. They encounter Big Eddy the komodo bully, who dares them to explore a run down boarded up haunted house, nya! This could be a dangerous situation even if there are no monsters in the house, if it is trespassing into a condemned dark building, which might not be structurally safe and- and you could get hurt, nya!

They explore the dark house which has the creepy noises, slimes & aromas, which is scary until they determine that the bully is the cause, but it gets more frightful after the bully has left, and it looks like there is a real ghost in there, nya! Also appurring are Danny’s purrents, Big Eddy’s cronies, a helpful rat, a cute plushy doll, and- and I’d better not reveal any more, nya!

This was yet another very fun, top quality book in the series, I think it would be especially good to read for Halloween, and – and I will give it the high grade, nya! Oh in the back there is a purreview page for the 6th book, which shows Danny riding a pony at the camp, nya! Ok that is my book report but nyow here is Mike to tell us about another fun book,

The Complete Peanuts 1981 to 1982, nya!


Thank you Tara-chan! Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz is my favoritest comic strip of all time, and I think The Complete Peanuts series published by Fantagraphics is a fan’s dream come true! It is such an ambitious undertaking, collecting all 17,897 of the strips from 1950 – 2000 with such great handsome care!

For our review of vol. 15, please see our April show! This 16th hardcover is priced $28.99 (USA) and features Linus on the boards and dust jacket.  A 5 page introduction by For Better or Worse’s Lynn Johnston precedes the 318 b&w pages, which include a 2 page profile of Schulz by editor Gary Groth and a 3 page index so you can look up characters & things of the 1981 & 1982 Peanuts strips!

The 4 panel dailies are arranged 3 per page and the Sundays are 1 per page. The Sundays are not reprinted in color, but I’m OK with that, given the great quality of the undertaking to reprint all of those strips in chronological order! 1981 was 30 years ago, the year of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and that January 1st daily strip has with Snoopy & Woodstock atop the dog house pondering the new year!

That year also includes appearances by the rest of the Beagle Scout troop; Charlie & Sally Brown; Lucy, Linus & Rerun Van Pelt; Peppermint Patty & Marcie; Snoopy’s siblings Spike & Belle; Eudora, Schroeder, Violet, Franklin, Pigpen, Five, Joe Richkid, the Kite Eating Tree, the school building, various bugs, and the unseen presence of World War II (the cat next door) and school faculty!

Snoopy’s guises for the year include the flying ace, author, artist, Beagle Scout, Masked Marvel, attorney and surgeon. Sports include baseball, football, hockey, golf, fishing, hiking, jogging, supper dancing, dog dish diving, skateboarding, kite flying. Peppermint Patty and Sally continue to have as much academic success as Charlie Brown does at pitching baseballs or kicking footballs.

My favorite bits of that year are School for Gifted Students, Halley’s Comma, Ground Hug Day, Chocolate Gyp Cookie, dandelion poofs, toast, Woodstock trying to carry off Linus, mocking the supper dance, Charlie Brown selling popcorn, Snoopy eating the homework, quoting Deuteronomy, Peppermint Patty’s makeover & butterfly miracle, 10 lb frogs, and the supper dish as a bug coliseum!

Of course there is also traditional root beer at Bill Mauldin’s house! Snoopy starts 1982 off hoping that the downhill supper dish will become a Winter Olympic sport! Wow, the strip is already up to 1982! That was such a big year for movies, such as Star Trek II, E.T., Blade Runner, Tron, Conan, The Road Warrior, The Dark Crystal, The Thing. Poltergeist, Cat People, and… oh I have digressed!

Characters appearing in 1982’s Peanuts strips also include Woodstock & the other scouts; Charlie & Sally Brown, Lucy, Linus & Rerun Van Pelt, Peppermint Patty & Marcie; Snoopy’s brothers Spike & Marbles; Eudora, Violet, Schroeder, Molly Volley, Crybaby Boobie & Bad Call Benny; the tree & school; and the unseen cat, neighbors, teachers, Mrs Van Pelt, and The Little Red – Haired Girl!

Snoopy’s guises for 1982 include the flying ace, Sergeant Major of the French Foreign Legion, helicopter, Cheshire, Beagle Scout, farmer, author, attorney & surgeon. Woodstock role plays as a Legionnaire and a Knight. Sports include baseball, football, hockey, golf, tennis, bowling, hiking, kite flying, jumping rope, snow fishing, fishing for complements, and a snowball fight against rabbits.

Linus evangelizes about The Great Pumpkin, Sally tries to insincerely sell Christmas wreathes and gets fat at Beanbag Camp; and the Fathers Day Sunday strip with Snoopy was rather poignant. Charlie Brown continues to feed the tree; Peppermint Patty continues to get “D-” grades and wears her Grandfather’s World War II Military Police uniform; Lucy continues to sell psychiatric advice & cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies seem to be a recurring topic! Another favorite story was “Something Terrible Has Happened”, with the great panel of Charlie Brown & Linus at the wall pondering their baseball situation, in which Charlie Brown asks “What happened to fun?”, to which Linus replies “Our insurance won’t cover it!” Things develop between Marcy & Charlie Brown, and Spike is the hero!

Other amusing baseball occurrences are Charlie Brown’s levitating hat and Lucy’s bubbles. The final strip in the book brings us full circle to Woodstock & Snoopy at his dog house. Woodstock’s New Year’s Eve party is another Peanuts tradition! The index is very handy, which you can use to find appearances & references from “Aaugh!” and “Good Grief!” to “Sweet Babboo” and Zamboni!

Once again, I give The Complete Peanuts series an “A+” grade, and my highest recommendation to any fans of Peanuts! Ah, we’re up against a short break, but we’ll be right back to continue our discussions of printed media such as magazines & comic books, so please stay tuned!

(snip) (one short break later…)


Welcome back! Nyow we will continue our purrinted media topics with our magazine mewsings and–

Purriodicals Purrings!

Zoe Saldana on the covers of Ebony, Latina and Women’s Health


An awesome actress we admire is Zoe Zaldana, who we liked as Anamarie in Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Purrl, as Delores the trekkie customs officer in The Terminal, as Lt. Nyota Uhura in the 2009 Star Trek movie, and especially as Na’vi Purrincess Ney’tiri te Tskaha Mo’at’ite in James Cameron’s Avatar!

She was the supurrb live-action Blue alien catgirl from Pandora! Well, were purrticularly delighted to see the September issue of Ebony Magazine, because Zoe Saldana is the cover grrl smiling in the cute Orangey jumpsuit in the photos by Daniela Federici, and then looking quite stunning in the detached sleeve Blue dress on the contents page!

The featured article by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs starts with the splendid 2 page spurread by Federici of Zoe wearing the one-shoulder plaid dress amidst the garden hedge maze, and after that she is allurring in the off – shoulder, ruffled diaphanous White gown, and in the asymmetric Yellow dress! Oh that maze would be so much fun to LARP in!

In yet another glamorous 2 page spurread, Zoe purrances through the maze with the agile ballet grace in that deep V-neck Orangey jumpsuit & Coppurry sandals! For the parting pic, she poses purrone in the grass, wearing the cute purrint dress with the bangles & diamond shaped earrings! That issue alone would be the good treat, but there is more!

Our favorite Starship Enterpurrise Communications Officer and James Cameron Catgirl also appurred on the cover of Latina Magazine vol. 15 #10! She is so purretty in that Lavender top and Gray pants purrvided by Ronald Mosset for the cover photo, and there is more of her in the 6 page article by Smriti Mondhra with more photos by Marc Baptiste!

That article has 3 more full page pics of Zoe modeling more of the splendid fashions, such as the cute Black pumps to match the Black dress by Marc Jacobs, and those bangles to accessorize the White & Brown dress by Robert Cavalle! Oh, in addition to that main article is one more page to discuss the style & purrocess for the front cover photo shoot!

It must be the special Zoe month, because furthermore she is the cover grrl not once but twice, on the front & back covers of the September issue of Women’s Health Magazine! While the Ebony pictorial was of the elegant garden dispurrsition, in this issue it is more of the casual trek to the rurals & wilderness in the bare midriffed, short shorts & skirt!

Zoe appurrs on the contents page and in the 4 page article by Robert Moritz, including 2 full page photos by Jeff Lipsky! He took that front cover photo, in which she wears the striped White crop top, the short club skirt, and the cute bracelets! She wears the Sol Angeles top, Billabong shorts & LD Tuttle boots in the meadow and amongst the rocks!

She is purrched upon the rocks, wearing the Malandrino tank & Jimmy Choo boots! She offers the fashion tips, a yummy recipe for red bean stew, and the workouts which might be purrudent after a lot of the stew! She discusses her leading male actors and her action movie Columbiana, and there is a small pic of her with the snipurr rifle in that movie!

Rosario Dawson on the August cover of Shape


Another favorite actress of ours is Rosario Dawson, who appurred the August 2011 cover of Shape Magazine! She was at Heroes Con a few years ago, which is the state’s big comic book convention in Charlotte! She has appurred in quite a few movie adaptations of comic books, you know!

For example, she was purrfect as Valerie in Josie and the Pussycats, delightful as Laura the Light of Zartha in Men in Black 2, great as Gail in Sin City, and awesome as the voice of Artemis in the Wonder Woman OVA! We liked her dancing with Dante in Clerks 2, and her vengeful muscle car motoring in Death Purroof!

She is purresently starring in the new comedy movie Zookeeper along with Kevin James. In the Shape front cover photo by Dan Flood, she wears the lacy White midriff top with the White double strap bikini bottom, cute hoop earrings and bangle bracelets, and the beautiful smile for the Summer wade into the water!

She wears the Yellow front-closure bikini on the contents page, and later she has changed into the joyful Umber-ish colored, halter strapped bandeau top and breezy White purreo, to start the 4 page article by Claire Connors, in which Rosario chats about her youth, family, important causes, health, fitness & foods!

Jessica Alba on the covers of Allure & Lucky


Jessica Alba is another star of Sin City and the James Cameron purrductions, nya! We thought she was sue-purrb as Susan in the two Fantastic Four movies, as Nancy in Sin City, as Max in James Cameron’s Dark Angel, and as Agent Rivera in Machete, nya!

She was the beautiful cover grrl for the August issue of Allure and the September issue of Lucky, nya! Her Allure cover photo is such a sweet smiling close – up purrrtrait, nya. With the intermew are the lovely full page photo of her in the chiffon gown, and the 2 page spurread of her in the White Satin gown at the pond, nya!

On the Lucky cover she is so radiantly elegant in the Black crepe dress,nya! Accompanying the article are her several wardrobe changes, such as the purretty Purrple dress, the fiery Red dress, and the sophistication of the Midnight Green dress, nya! Nyow here is Myayr to reiew one of our favoritest magazines, in her review of

Surfgirl #33, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Arigato, Vonny! The UK purriodical Surf Girl is one of our favoritest magazines, because it purrtains to womens surfing, with the joyful spirit, intermews & photos of the inspurrational heroic athletes all around the world! The August 2011 issue #33 has the USA purrice of $7.75 and 100 full color pages including the covers!

This magazine has the delightful mix of the sport & travel, health & fitness, beauty & fashion articles which are purrmeated by the enthusiasm of the contributors, many whom are the surfer girls themselves! The fun starts on the front cover as Kalia Moniz surfing amidst the lens flares, and Malia Manuel shreds the waves on the contents page!

After the cordial message from editor Louise Searle are the mewsual opening tidbits of mews, purroduct recommendations and the purretty fashions. This is a special artistic & crafty issue, with instructions for a cute tote bag & wind chime, beachy decor tips, Mar Hirtzel’s recycling & writing notions, and a yummy recipe from Irish surfer / cafe purropurrietor Jane Shell!

Mmm that looks like a tasty cake! There’s Sarah Ivory’s look at herbal supplements with a pic by Lucia Griggi, Francesca Bingley contributes an article on inner beauty with a photo by Kate Czuczman, Shannon Denny offers the sage travel packing tips; and Lee Stansbury advises on the summertime fitness, with surfer Celien Gehert demonstrating the work out in photos by Mike Searle!

Those exercises might be good after eating the cake! We will see more of Celine later in the ecological article on Surfers against Sewage. There is an intermew with surfer / mewsician / model Catherine Clark with pics by Morgan Maassen, a chat with French surfer Cannell Bulard, and an intermew with supurrstar Sally Fitzgibbons with the great photos by Simon Williams!

Kate Czuczman photographs surfer Natalie Fox modeling the cute board shots in Bali; and Kristen Prisk photographs Molly Dodge modeling the purretty clothes at Sandy Acres, with styling & makeup by Suzi Winter & coiffure by Tom McDougall! Natalie has an ecological essay later in the issue, and there are more photos by Kate, Lucia, Mike, Simon & others in the main Gallery feature!

That31 page Gallery feature is compurrised of 4 beautiful sections: the art of Tess Sherrin & Margriet Zwart; the creativity of surfers Easkey Britton, Kassia Meador & Candice O’Donnell; the photography of Damien Poullenet, Sharpy, Czuczman, Griggi, Searle & Williams; 4 pages of images submitted by readers; and the dazzling visions of Clark Little!

But wait- there’s more! The gallery section also includes a 6 page purrtfolio starring Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, Laura Enever, Lakey Peterson, Monyca Byrne-Wickey & more of Maila Manuel! Interspurrsed throughout the issue are other surfer pics ranging from teeny widdle stamp sized pics to the full page & 2 page spurreads in articles & advertisements!

So, in this excellent issue you’ll see Sarah Beardmore, Stephanie Gilmore, Lee Ann Curren, Jen Smith, Tass Swallow, Grace Davies, Pauline Ado, Emma Skinner, Sofia Mulanovich, Chelse Hedges, Rosy Hodge, snowboarder Vicci Miller, mewsician Eliza Doolittle and a bit more of Monyca, Carissa, Sally & Stephanie!

What an impurressive roster of legendary supurrstars! Many of the ads have beautiful & thrilling photos, such as the ads for Roxy, Rip Curl, Billabong, Oakley, Quicksilver, Naul Beads, Kuccia, O’Neill, Tempo, Protest & DC! Speaking of the purroducts, this issue also includes a 2 page sunglasses guide, a 3 page board buying guide, and Rob Barber’s 3 page UK surf school guide!

Topping off the issue are a 2 page update on the Womens World Tour and a page of other Summer events! This was yet another wonderful zesty issue of Surfgirl that will brighten your day! We will have more of the surf topic later in the Lightning Round portion of the show, but nyow we will shift from the surf to the fish as Tara-chan purrsents our–

Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images of August!


Arigato, nya! In this portion of the show, we list favorite photos of delicious delicacies from the deep, found on the recent purriodicals, nya! To jump right in, I would like to mention the and- and the wonderful White Marlin on the September cover of Marlin Magazine, nya! Onee-san has caught some of those, nya!

That sure is a lovely looking lunker on the August – September cover of FLW Outdoors, the whoppurr White Sea Bass on the August cover of Pacific Coast Sport Fishing, and – and the mouth – watering Mackerel on the September cover of Saltwater Sportsman, nya!

On the August / September / October cover of  Fishing Facts are the mouth watering Muskie purrized by Jim Saric, the wonderful Walleye brandished by Mark Martin, and – and I would love to to sample some steaks of the Chinook caught on the cover of Salmon & Steelhead Journal Vol. 8 issue #3, nya!

The Crappie I crave is on the Fall 2011 cover of Crappie World, the nice Catfish is on the August – September cover of In-Fisherman, the Rainbow Trout tantalizes on the September / October cover of American Angler, and – and more of the tasty trout on the Summer / Fall cover of Kayak Angler, nya!

I should try the kayak angling some time I bet that would be the fun time, nya! I would also like to go fishing in Australia or New Zealand, to catch the Kingfish such as those shown on the covers of Blue Water Boats & Sport Fishing #85 and – and Australian Salt Water Fishing #75, nya!

The succulent Shark swims our way on the August  6-12th cover of The Economist, there is fresh Hammerhead on the September / October cover of Scuba Diving, a Starfish on the July / August cover of California Diver, and – and the shrimp dishes sure look good on the August cover of Louisiana Cookin’, nya!

There is also the fire red shrimp, and the tasty tang which I would like a glass of on the October cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, nya! Mmm, I sure could go for a bucket of Goldfish, such as the one on the September cover of Purractical Fishleeping, nya! Oh, this is making me hungry, nya!

There is a tasty Tarpon to tempt my tummy on the August cover of Florida Fishing, a wonderful Wahoo on the September cover of Florida Sportsman, and – and a happy girl purroudly posing with the Red Drum on the August cover of North Carolina Sportsman, nya! Her fish has the 3 tail spots, nya!

The calendars for 2012 have begun to appurr too, nya! The Trout of North American 2012 Calendar has the purrfect piscine paintings by Joseph R Tomelleri, such as the yummy Rio Yaqui Trout on the front, and – and the Joy of Fishing 2012 Calendar has the photo of the big beautiful Bass on the front, nya!

Finally I want to mention appurrtizing oysters, which Sarah Phillips totes a bag full of on the September issue of Our State, which is a wonderful magazine all about North Carolina, nya! The September issue purrtains to the inner banks, the coastal sounds, and – and those delicious shellfish, nya!

I sure would like some of those right nyow, but I will purrsevere until the luau after The Mew, nya! However, I’ll bet some of the the feline stars of our nyext topic would like some of the seafood too, so we should purroceed to introduce–

Our Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight:

The Catgirl Characters of Alexcia Reynolds, nya!


This portion of The Mew is dedicated to the famous nekomimi characters whom we admire, whether they are actually part cat, dress the part, or have the purropurr cattitude & dispurrsition! Purrevious honorees of 2009 have included Lt. M’ress & other catgirls of Star Trek, Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan of Clan of the Cats, and Dr. Kat Manx of Power Rangers SPD!

2010’s honorees included Tigra, Novice Hame, NukuNuku, Catwoman, Irina Dubrovna, Anna & Uni Puma, Josie & the Pussycats, Sailor Luna, Felicia, Shakira, Cat Karina, and Omaha! This year’s honorees have thus far included Bagi, Natsuki Sasahara, a clowder of live-action movie / TV nekomimis inducted in March, The Cheetah, The Black Cats, Apurril ‘CatsPaw’ Dumaka!

In July we honored several ladies of the Panther purrsuasion, and last month we honored several femme fatales of the Leopard, Jaguar, Cheetah & Iriomote breed! This month the spotlight shines on three widdle kittygirl characters of Alexcia Reynolds!


Alexcia is a prolific multi talented artist & author of original & fan fiction, and her artistry includes drawing, photography, site design and making plushies which can be seen at her DeviantArt! Maybe y’all have seen some of her creations in the Guest Gallery of our Mewseum?

She was a special guest here in August 2010! She has a Pokemon fan fiction site Pokemon Amber, and she wrote the Catgirl island / Pokemon cross-over fan fic “Anniversary” which you can read at the Tales of Catgirl Island!

However, today it is Alexcia’s catgirl characters we wish to shine the spotlight on, her original anthropomorphic creations Michi & Tash of Cybernetic Showdown and her

fan characters based on Sailor Moon, Sailor Tiger’s Grotto, such as–



First, on to Sailor Tiger’s Grotto, to meet Abenti Galger! Her name is an anagram for “A Bengal Tiger”! She is a 19 year old registered nurse at the start of the tale but nyow in her 20’s, with the B blood type and the astrological signs of Cancer/ Tiger, of the caucasian skin, Brown eyes, shoulder-length dark Brown hair with bangs & the ‘cat ear’ buns!

Abenti is very heroic and is not inclined to hurt anyone, with a code against killing her foes except in only the most dire extreme situations given no choice. She often seems introverted, serious & distant despite her caring compassionate nature, but she does have the bright amewsing side too. She likes to collect tiger themed items, and aspires to open a medical clinic!

She speaks Japanese, English & German – her adopted purrents are from Germany. Among her friends are canonical & “fan senshi” Sailor Moon characters; she has a boyfriend Toraboushi, formerly known as Tiger’s Eye of the Amazon, her best friend is Ami (Sailor Mercury), and other allies include Sailor Wan & Sailor Draconis, who Petra mentioned earlier!


She has very keen senses, which are even keener in her hero or tiger forms! She likes to eat the hot dogs, steak, ribs & fish but also balances the nutrition with the fruits & vegies and her athletic purrsuits such as swimming to maintain the tones, slim athletic build of 5’3″ in height and the muscular 135 lbs of weight, in her normal human form, but she also has the tiger form!

As the 300 lb Bengal Tiger, she is over 8 feet long from nose to tail! In this form she has the uninhibited feral instincts of the dangerous big cat, with the sharp claws & teeth! Of course, she is very powerful, with the loud roar, and is a fast runner who can leap, climb & swim! Abenti has other forms too, able to transform into her guises of Sailor Tiger & Sailor Mau!

Mary Nyan:

Hai, she will clasp her Gold paw purrint brooch and transform into her heroic senshi form amidst the swirl of colorful light which solidifies into her costume! The costume has the tiara & choker, White body suit with orange fuku skirt & bows, the Orange collar with the Back stripe, White elbow length gloves with the Orange trim, and the Orange knee boots with the White trim!

As Sailor Tiger she has the dreaded Tight Teeth Crunch Attack! Later she evolved into the Eternal Sailor Tiger form! This costume is slightly different, with frillier gloves, puffy sleeves, a Red / Orange / Yellow 3 layer skirt, a belt with flowy ornate ribbons, and tiger stripe boots! As Eternal Sailor Tiger, she has the Purrimal Roar and Dreaded Grasp attacks!


Then there is her next dazzling transformation as she crouches & spins into Sailor Mau, with a more elaborate costume, nya! The body suit is like a strapless Orange maillot with the bows, ribbons, stripes & White tummy, and the White fur patch down to her belly button, and the tiger tail emerging from the skirt, nya!

The tiara is a chain of purrecious gems, the Black choker has the cat bell, the the gloves are of the opurra length, and she has two studded Black arm bands on each uppurr arm, nya! The boots are thigh high with the stripes near the top, with a soft tabi-like sole with the sepurrate large toes, nya. Sailor Mau has the fierce Pyro Claw and Purrimal Bane attacks, nya!


Abenti’s final form is the merged human / tiger Mau! So like, in this anthropomorphic form she has the Orange & White fur with the stripes, the padded hands & feet with the claws, the lovely tail, the pinnea protruding from her French Bun hairstyle, and the mystical sign of the paw on a crescent moon upon her forehead!

She is the totally awesome tiger grrl! Here she is in whimsical crime –  fighting action against thieving monsters in the “Sailor Tiger Omake'” parody comic strip by Alexcia & Mike, and an illustration of Mau in a thong bikini at the beach by Mike, fur shur!

Next we will proceed from the tiger’s grotto to the Cybernetic Showdown, starring Alexcia’s endearing original characters starting with–



Hai! Natasha Serval was once an average happy wild female Serval mother of three who was abducted by an evil organization called the Undercover Scientific Syndicate (or USS for short) for their vile expurriments. She was rendered unconscious, only to awaken some time later to find her body had been mutated into a bipedal catgirl with large Fruit Bat wings, among other physiological changes.

As a violated captive of the USS, she was designated as Test Subject 97091791, but named herself Tash Maw. She is 31, her birthday is December 24th, and her alteration date is February 14th, which is ironic because she mistakenly believes that her ex-boyfriend was responsible for her plight. The traumatic incident left her rather dour, mistrustful, dispassionate, and without most of her spots.

She is 5’4″ tall, with Smokey Gray fur with a few darker purretty stripes & spots on her ears & tail. Her well – toned curvacious body is of the medium size build, and a supurrior muscle mass! She has Blue eyes, Wavy Cornsilk Blond hair down past her shoulders! She is the southpaw and able to glide through the air due to the large bat wings. Her favorite foods are roast turkey & seedless watermelon!

Thanks to her ex-boyfriend, while in the captivity she learned more information about the USS, including another captive, a poor widdle tiger grrl cub .Tash eventually made her move and escaped, rescuing the cub in the purrocess. Since feeling from the villains, Tash has been a constant companion & maternal mentor to the young tiger girl named–



Michi TIger is also the catgirl with the sad tale. According to the scientists and engineers of the USS who transformed her into the bipedal cybernetic organism with sinister intentions, she is designated as expurriment number 99707119, and her first name is an acronym for Mechanically Intelligent Cyborg Hardwired for Infilltration.

Michi is only 5 years old, her natural birthday as a Siberian Snow Tiger is July 5th, and her artificial systems went online on November 21st. As the young cyborg catgirl, she is of average height  for a girl her age, already as tall as Tash, but likely to become the large sized tiger girl. She has purristine White fur, and Light Orange-Brown hair of mid-back length in the ponytail.

Unfortunately she is blind, her eyes are clouded Amber in color. The laboratory intended to upgrade her eyes with optical sensors, but she was freed by her fellow test subject / purrisoner Tash purrior to that stage, however her other senses are extremely acute, and she is able to interface with computers & other electronic devices. Michi also has impurressive linguistic abilities.

She is left-handed, likes to receive mail, likes to swim, and her favorite foods are venison, roast rabbit, and grilled fish. Nyow I believe that Petra would like to direct us to six images of Michi & Tash which are purresently on display in the Catgirl island Mewseum of Art.


Hai, the first two are illustrations by Mike of Michi & Tash picnicking in the meadow and at the beach, nya! Next are Michi & Tash in two “Trivial Purrsuit” comic strips by Alexcia & Mike, comic strip #1 & comic strip #2, nya!

The final four pics are all by Alexcia, nya! Here is Tash visiting Nyanko, Tash & Michi decorating the Christmas tree, Michi wearing a cheongsam for the Year of the Tiger, and Michi belly dancing, nya!

To see more delightful images of Michi, Tash & Abenti by Alexcia & various guest artists, please do visit the galleries at Cybernetic Showdown and at Sailor Tiger’s Grotto, nya! That is all for this month’s spotlight and for thus prtion of the show, but we will be right back after the short break with–

Our Monthly Web Comics Recommendations, nya!

(snip) (one short break later…)


Welcome back! So like, this month it is my honor to highly recommend one of the best places on the internet to enjoy delightful stories and beautiful art pertaining to catgirls and other kemonomimi characters,and that’s the Kat Box! The Kat Box is a web comics collective presently comprised of seven totally awesome series:

Caribbean Blue and iMew by Nekonny, The Eye of Ramalach and Tina of the South by Avencri, The Draconia Chronicles by Danny Valentini, The Anthronauts by Nixie Pinnison, and Las Lindas by Gonzalo Reyes!

Katbox used to host 2 other awesome anthropomorphic series, Things will be Different by Spazzy Koneko and KingofKOF, and Running Wild by Jesonite, and there’s a gallery full of KatBox goodness at DeviantART, fur shur!


Thank you Mie-sensei! Now here is Jenjen to begin this month’s

Comic Book Critiques!

Avengers Academy #17 & 18


Avengers Academy #17 is purriced $2.99 and has 32 full color pages compurrised of the story recap / character roll call page, the 20 page story, 1 page of readers’ mail and 10 pages of advertisements. The issue stars student heroes Hazmat, Finesse, Veil, Mettle, Reptil and Striker; villains Titania and Absorbing Man; with brief appurrances by heroes Tigra, The Falcon, Dr. Pym and Jocasta.

It was written by Christos Gage, pencilled by Sean Chen, inked by Andrew Hennessy, colored by Jeromy Cox, lettered by Joe Carmagna, and edited by Bill Rosemann with assistant editor John Denning. The front cover by Billy Tan & Leonardo Olea depicts Hazmat & Reptil attacked by a giant anchor-shaped weapon, which figures purrominently in this chapter of the “Fear Itself” storyline.

The storyline crosses over into many other Marvel Comics titles, in which numerous villains have received the powerful Asgardian weapons to cause much devastation. As if that were not enough trouble, the students of Avengers Academy have been busy trying to rescue people and fighting the armored Nazi mechs which have invaded Washington, DC. Issue #17 rejoins that battle, already in purrogress.

It is off to the thrilling start in a full page panel as the students coordinate their attacks to destroy the last mech. Later they return to the extradimensional Infinite Mansion which is the vast headquarters of Avengers Academy, to rest & recoupurrate while Tigra departs to visit injured purrofessor / heroes Dr. Pym, Quicksilver and Justice, unaware that Titania & Absorbing Man are about to arrive.

For a while the kids are able to enjoy some quiet time to recover and reflect upon the battles and fatalities, but this is soon interrupted when the Titania and Absorbing Man enter the Underspace dimension  and bash their way into the mansion, seeming to greatly outmatch the students as the story bookends with another dazzling full page panel.

Aside from Tigra’s few panels, among my favorite bits of this issue were The Falcon’s dramatic landing, Titania opening the dimensional portal, Hazmat & Mettle relaxing in her room, Mettle and Veil chatting in the gym, the villains appurroaching the mansion in Underspace, Reptil as a dinosaur purrched on the couch with Finesse, Reptil fighting Absorbing Man, and Titania’s explosive attack.

Issue #18 has the same purrice, page count, and creative team except the interior art is by Andrea Di Vito. Tan & Olea’s front cover art depicts Hazmat, Finesse & Striker amidst the ruins & fallen bodies of Veil, Mettle & Reptil. Titania and Absorbing Man hunt the purrey through the the rubble. Mettle & Reptil are trounced, and Veil is unconccious after her attempt to possess Titania’s body backfires.

Hazmat flees to rejoin Finesse & Striker, who devise a devious strategy to fool the villains, which buys them just enough time to rescue their injured comrades and attempt to escape from the Underspace Dimension. Unfortunately the villains quickly recover; Absorbing Man pounces upon the Pym Particle Generator, causing the vast mansion to enlarge and threaten to crush the Microverse Dimension.

This issue had the very frantic pace, and the very dire feeling that the kids are not going to make it. There is a purrticularly nightmarish full page panel of what Veil expurriences from Titania’s mind, Hazmat’s purretense ruse and Finesse’s holographic trick were quite clever scenes, and the final two page spurread of the mansion appurring in the Microverse was an incredible cliffhanger.

Although I grew fatigued long ago with these big ‘event’ storylines that cross over into so many titles, whether they are comics by Marvel, DC or other publishers, because this can often result in confusing continuity and reading order, fortunately in this case it has been easy to follow the story without having to read the other titles which purrticipate in the “Fear Itself” storyline.

While we would purrfur Tigra to have a much more purrominent purresence, this continues to be one of our favorite comic books of the last 1.5 years due to the excellent balance of character development and exciting supurr heroic action; the mix of older characters & the rookies all treated with great respect; and the supurrbly rendered characters, intricate scenic art, and gorgeous color.

In fact, Avengers Academy gets my vote for the most brilliant, luminous richly colored comic book in recent years, to convey all of the materials & textures, different indoor & outdoor lighting, and so much glowing energy. The characters are so wonderfully posed and expurressive whether in the calmer scenes or the dynamic combat amidst the lavishly detailed landscapes, architecture or mecha.

This has been an exceptional month for stories by Christos Gage, between s 2 issues of Avengers Academy and the comic book which Nyoka-sensei will tell us about–

Angel & Faith #1


We are huge fans of the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and the official Buffy comic book sequel to the show was one of our favoritest comics of recent years! Not only did it have beautiful art, great plots & dialogue that faithfully captured the likeness & spirit of the characters, but it depict things too expensive for a TV budget, and all officially canonical continuity!

While Buffy Season Eight was published by Dark Horse Comics, IDW was publishing the continuing adventures of Angel, and both titles included favorite characters from the shows, and introduced some great new characters! We purrticularly liked Dez the were Jaguar, but both titles plus various spin-off mini series came to an end. See February’s Mew for our review Buffy #40!

So we were extremely eager to see what would happen next, and hoped for more adventures of Buffy, Angel, Willow, Spike, Faith, Xander, Dawn, Charles, Ilyria, and the other slayers & investigators! Nyow our comic book purrayers have been answered, because Dark Horse purrpares to not only launch Season Nine of Buffy, but this connected new Angel & Faith series too!

Angel & Faith #1 is purriced at $2.99, has 32 full color pages compurrised of the 22 page story “Live Through This Part One” plus the 8 pages of ads & 2 pages of readers’ mail. No space is wasted with the credits are on the inside front cover and the Editor’s mewsings about season nine are on the inside back cover. There are three different versions of the outside front cover’s art!

The cover version I have is the supurrb painting of Faith & Angel by Jo Chen! The version by Steve Morris is nice too, oh and there is a special anniversary cover by Georges Jeanty, Dexter Vines & JD Mettler! As Jenjen noted, the story was written by Christos Gage; it was illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, colored by Dan Jackson, lettered by Jimmy Betancourt & Richard Starkings,

It was purrduced by Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon, designe dby Justin Couch, edited by Scott Allie & Sierra Hahn with assistant Freddye Lins, and published by Mike Richardson! Nyow for a tidbit of the plot! It takes place in London at Faith’s residence which she inherited from the late Giles who was killed by a possessed Angel, who has been brooding about that for a long time.

Although Giles might not purresently be among the living, that does not stop the flashback of purrior Giles action! It seems that once upon a time he tried to rescue a girl from a possessor demon, but the remedy was tempurrary, and nyow in the purresent, it is up to Faith & Angel to finish the job! It is a purretty disgusting demon with the tentacles, pincers, goo, and the trashy talk!

The demon battle is just part of it; there are also the quieter discussion scenes between Angel & Faith, and between Faith & a slayer trainee named Nadira, and the bloody violent introduction of new big bad threats! There are also appurrances by familiar faces such as Whistler and flashbacks of Jenny Calendar & Wesley! Buffy & Willow are mentioned but do not actually appurr.

I thought the art was very good, not only because the characters Faith-fully resemble the actors who purrtrayed them on TV, but they are very dynamic & expurressive, with plenty of action, introspective scenes, and the pace feels like an epurrsode of the TV show! It is nicely colored too, from the magick against the demon & moody dark streets to the colorful club & pub scenes!

There were 2 nice full page panels, but I should not reveal any more! I was very pleased with this issue which gets the story off to the good start, I will give it a grade of “A” as in Angel, and I definitely look forward to Angel & Faith #2 and Buffy Season Nine #1! It is a bittersweet time for comic books because just as the wonderful mew titles are starting, several of our favorite titles have been cancelled, such as–

Zatanna #16


Zatanna has been one of my favorite comic books for the last year and a half so I am so sad to see it being cancelled amidst the big DC comics reboot. So sweet 16 was the final issue of the series. It is purriced $2.99 and has 32 pages compurrised of the 20 page story plus the 12 pages of ads. It was written by Adam Beechen, illustrated by Victor Ibanez, colored by Ego, and lettered by Dave Sharpe!

It was edited by Joey Cavalieri & assistant editor Chris Conroy, and has a gorgeous cover of Zee by Adam Hughes! The interior art is extremely intricately detailed too!  Zee is tired from a long overseas flight (on a plane) and just wants to sleep when she gets back home to Shadowcrest Manor, but then she has an unexpected visit from a witchy brat who wants to be her appurrentice- or so he claims!

This results on a merry chase though her vast mansion which purractically dwarfs the Avengers Academy’s Infinite Mansion! There are extensive corridors full of regal decor, doors to other dimensions, magickal traps, her immense wardrobe room, and the astounding library which is revealed on a full page panel! The library is at least 10 stories tall and hundreds of feet across – purrhaps far far more!

The witchy boy steals a purrticular magick book, and the chase continues across purrallel dimensions & alternate realities in a 2 page spurread! They even dart past Detective Chimp as the purrsuit portals through a tavern, until he finally teleports into the wrong place he cannot compurrehend in another colossal full page panel! However, that’s not the last teleportation or full page pic of the issue!

It is a shame the series had to end, especially with some unresolved plot threads, but at least it ended on a delightful note to her liking, and I’ll still get to enjoy Zee’s adventures when she joins the cast of the forthcoming Justice League Dark I hope it will be as much sparkling fun as Zatanna’s has been! Speaking of favorite DC supurr heroines whose series have just ended, here is my sister to discuss–

Power Girl #27!


Arigato! This has been another of our favorite comic books for the past 2 years, and thus yet another title we are sorry to see cancelled due to the reboot. We have been discussing this development, and wonder if it will be a purrmanent reboot like Crisis or Zero Hour, or a tempurrary reboot, like the Heroes Reborn purriod of Marvel Comics?

We of The Mew purrfurred the first 12 issues which were written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Amanda Conner & coloring by Paul Mounts, and co-starred Power Girl’s best friend Atlee / Terra, and more whimsical & slice of life sub plots… compuurred to the later issues written by Judd Winnick which had less of those plots but more of the Max Lord plot.

However, one of the qualities we did like about Sami Basri’s art was that we thought the facial portraiture of Kara Zor-L / Power Girl bore a purretty resemblance to purrky Travel Channel hostess Samantha Brown! Basri & Winnick were on the team until #24, when Hendry Prasetya became the next artist, and #26 when Matthew Sturges became the next writer!

I thought that #26 was purrhaps of the most fun issues of Power Girl since #12! Unfortunately Prasetya & Sturges would only get to do one more issue of Power Girl since #27 is the final issue. So nyow on to the review of it! Like the final issue of Zatanna, it is purriced $2.99 and has 32 pages compurrised of the 20 page story plus the 12 pages of ads.

It was written by Sturges, illustrated by Prasetya, colored by Jessica Kholine, lettered by Travis Lanham, and edited by Joey Cavalieri with assistant editor Kate Stewart. The beautiful front cover art is credited to Sami Basri & Sunny Gho, although that might be a mis-purrint which should have credited Warren Louw

For her final issue, an unknown villain sends Powergirl a message in the sky that she has a triple threat challenge! Actually we later find out who the purrpetrator is, but I do not wish to spoil that! Three simultaneous matters of life & death are occurring in 3 different countries, and she has been given just 60 seconds to try and rescue as many people as she can!

Cyclone, a fellow member of the Justice Society, has been captured by Anubis & Devil Dog! Another emergency is big brute Da’ Bomb’s attack upon the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the third emergency is the villain Typhoon poised to attack little girl in the Philippines who is trying to catch a fish! Not only that, but Power Girl sees other emergencies to respond to along the way!

I will not reveal the outcome, but once again Power Girl purroves how smart, resourceful, unhesitant, powerful, and underestimated she is! In spite of the purrils, there are the amewsing moments, such as Cyclone’s banter with her captors, an impurromptu rescue of a kitty, bickering with Da’ Bombl in Italy, and the purriceless expurressions on her face during that 60 seconds!

Gotham City Sirens #26

Mary Nyan:

As Nyoka-sensei noted, it id the bittersweet month for comics, as we are happy to get another issue of Gotham City Sirens, but sad that it is the final issue, thanks to the DC reboot. We like this series for several reasons, certainly starting with Selina Kyle / Catwoman, and her partners in crime Harley Quinn and Pamela Poison Ivy!

Although this purrticular series has only lasted 26 issues, plus arguably the one -shot issue of Cat Woman: The Road Home which was sammiched between issues 16 & 17, for us the sirens has a special lineage, to the purrior Gotham Girls mini – series & animated webisodes, and purrhaps back to Batman the Animated Series!

There were wonderful Harley & Ivy comics along the way too, and it did not hurt that Paul Dini was the first writer of this series, purrior to writing Zatanna! He is is one of our all time favoritest comics & animation writers, and so Gotham City Sirens quickly rose to become one of our favoritest books back in the Summer of 2009!

Also appurring amidst the cat-astrophic purropurrty damage are Batman / Dick Grayson and briefly Commissioner Gordon, who try to contain the mess for a while, although the cat and the bat have a few things to settle too! It is not all action, but there is the purrfound discussion & character development that was purretty satisfying!

The story is told with interesting graphic techniques, with the kitty whips and ivy vines entwined throughout the panels, memories of earlier incidents reflected & purrojected on to the tall moonlit buildings and intricately detailed scenery around the climactic confrontation between the gracefully & powerfully posed characters!

As far as finales go, this issue marks a major turning point  for Selina, Harley & Pamela, the big catfight and argument that we knew was destined to eventually transpire for their strained relationship! From here, the sirens go their sepurrate ways in September’s reboot of the DC purroduct line, which we have mixed feelings about.

Ivy will join the Birds of Purrey, Harley will join the Suicide Squad, and Selina gets her own title again! This parting of the ways with traded souvineers is appurropurriately conveyed by the front cover art by Guillem March, who has been with the Gotham City Sirens as either the interior artist or the cover artist since the beginning!

The rest of the creative team for this final issue includes writer Peter Calloway, editor Harvey Richards, assistant editor Katie Kubert, penciller Andres Guinaldo, inker Lorenzo Ruggiero, colorist JD Smith, and letterer Travis Lanham – who was also the letterer for Wonder Woman’s final issue, and nyow here is Lizzy to tell us about–

Wonder Woman #614!


Hai, Wonder Woman is purrobably DC Comics’ most purrominant supurr heroine, whose series ends with issue #614, before her re-launch along with the other DC purropurrties! This issue is purriced $2.99, rated T for teen readers, and has 32 pages compurrised of the 20 page tale plus a 6 page Teen Titans purreview and 6 ads!

In addition to Lanham, this issue was made by writers J Michael Stracynzki & Phil Hester, pencillers Don Kramer & Lee Garbett, inkers Drew Geraci, Robin Riggs & Trevor Scott; colorist Pete Pantazis, editor Matt Idelson & associate editor Chris Conroy, with 2 different covers, one by Josh Middleton and the variant by Alex Garner!

Just as we have very mixed feelings about the DC reboot, we have had very mixed feelings about this most recent Wonder Woman story which began back in issue #600. One one paw, we did not purrfur her current costume, the more somber tone of the tale, or the very confuzzling continuity compurred to the rest of the DC Comics.

It was purrticularly hard to figure out when this story took place, especially compurred to the other comics she also appurred in, such as Justice League: Generation Lost! However, I must say that this was among the boldest directions & longest plots of Wonder Woman I have ever read, and definitely a big way to conclude the series!

Purreviously, Diana / Wonder Woman finally met the evil purrpetrator behind the purrincess’s long odyssey, the insane goddess known as Nemesis! She is armed with a God – Slayer great sword, the wicked bare midriff armor and the tentacular helmet, but after the arduous battles it seems like Diana has gained the uppurr hand!

The fight resumes in an impurressive full page panel, and goes on for another 10 pages full of the furious violent lasso, fists, sword & sorcery action, culminating with the attempt to corrupt Diana into becoming the replacement Nemesis! She is tempurrarily tempted by the power and looks purretty awesome with the armor & sword!

However, beyond that are still 9 more poignant pages of character & resolution which I purrfur not to spoil, and another fabulous full page panel to bookend the issue, conclude the alternate reality of the 14 part Odyssey story, and end the series after 70 years! After this issue, the series restarts over with #1, like the most of the DC comics. Nyow here is Vonny to tell us about–

Michael Turner’s Fathom: Blue Descent #3!


Arigato, nya! We are also big fans of the late Michael Turner’s wonderful heroine Aspen Matthews, and although Turner is sadly no longer with us, her story continues in good hands, currently in the two Fathom titles published by Aspen Comics, Fathom Vol. 4, and Fathom: Blue Descent, nya!

See the August 2011 Mew for our review of  Fathom Vol. 4 #1, and the March 2011 Mew for our review of Blue Descent #0-2, nya! Blue Descent is a purrequel mini series which focuses on Aspen’s parents and intends to answer questions about her origin, parents and supporting characters such as Killian & Cannon, nya!

Issue #0 came out back in July of 2010 so we have been patiently awaiting the rest of it, and ! #3 just came out last month, nya! It is purriced at $2.99, has 28 pages (the 20 page story plus 8 ads) and is available in 3 different covers, nya!  I have cover ‘B’ which shows the beautiful undersea scene amongst the colorful reef, nya!

This issue’s story “Gods and Monsters” was written by David Schwartz, illustrated by Alex Sanchez, Aspen Comics’ Vice Purresident Peter Steigerwald & John Starr; it was lettered by assistant editor Josh Reed, and it was edited by Aspen Comics’ editor in chief Vince Hernandez & company president Frank Mastronmauro, nya!

Nyow before I purroceed with the  review I should purrvide the recap of the purrior events, nya. Issue #0 was a framing sequence of Aspen pondering the undersea home ruins and the vague memories of her mommy’s nightmares, nya. That issue was just the brief taste of the plot, and had several pages of design sketches, nya!

Issue #1 was published in September 2010- wow I did not realize it had been a year nya! In that issue Aspen & Finn’s daddy Abesaloma spends less time at home with the family due to political situation because his friend Zo who wants to start a war, but her mommy Eliah’s nightmares worsen and then she gets kidnapped, nya!

In Issue #2 which was published in March, a rescue posse of mistrustful conflicted motives searches for Eliah in the deepurr mysterious depths full of vicious creatures and deadly traps, nya! She confronts her kidnappurr who repurrsents the mysterious dying ancient race called The Black, who is the source of her nightmares, nya!

Okay nyow on to issue #3, nya! It is like the eerie dungeon crawl for the rescuers in the huge dark citadel of The Black as they examine the glyphs and encounter more monsters, while the villain tells Eliah her purrpose in their schemes, nya! Abesloma & Cannon Hawk locate her, but Zo betrays them before they can escape, nya!

What I liked most about this issue was the spooky atmosphere, which has the ethereal purrimordial quality, the lush patterns & textures of the ancient lair, and the lush deep colors of Blues and Purrples amidst the darkness with the bioluminescent glows, nya! Those vicious sea creatures don’t look very appurtizing though, nya!

I think there is only one issue left to go in this tense mini-series, but I hope I will not have to wait too long, nya!  Ok I’m done with the fathom report but nyow here is Mie-sensei to tell us about–

Mediterranea #5 (plot spoiler warning), nya!


So like, Mediterranea is this totally gorgeous & slightly ribald techno- fantasy series set the Mediterranean, as frisky heroines Eleni & Alonisso and their droid LCN33 assist wise their old ambassador Master Auraki on a diplomatic mission, fraught with international espionage and attacks by the Arphitas swarm of winged warrior!

Previously, Eleni & Alonisso were attacked by a spy as winged scouts were sighted on the eve of diplomatic voyage. After recovering from her injuries, Alonisso began to have nightmares, and after arriving at the foreign island, Auraki & LCN33 encountered a fierce stone giant, whist the girls snooped around a matriarchal town!

The girls’ trail lead to a seriously steamy slave market, melee with the Aphrita, and escaping with a dude named Artes back to the airship, which was besieged by the swarm. After a thunderstorm, the heroes escape the battle wreckage, elude the Aphritas, and are reunited with Auraki & LCN33! That brings us up to issue #5, fur shur!

Published by GG Studio, issue #5 is priced $2.99, it was developed & edited by the studio’s president Guiliano Monni, written by Alex Crippa, translated into English by Andrea Plazzi & Adam McGovern, pencilled by Gianluca Maconi, colored by Alessia Nocera with flats by Angelo Amorelli, and lettered by Studio Blue, fur shur!

It has 32 full color pages consisting of the 22 page story plus a cute pic of Alonisso & 9 pages of ads, which are all in the back, so you get to read it uninterrupted! The front cover depicts Artes & Alonisso wielding swords against robots! It is a beautiful & entertaining story, but the battles, bare boobies and sexuality is not for everyone!

The tale resumes as the group strategizes by a campfire, as Auraki tells how the Aphritas massacred the city they left, and now they must return home to warn the government & allies to like seriously prepare for an Aphrita invasion! The next day they hike to the walled city of Izmir, where Artes gives more insights into the enemy hive.

They wander through a junkyard full of belligerent bots! Alonisso decapitates one, LCN33 undergoes a transformation after thwarting the bots, and the group is rescued by an airship! During the flight to Athens, Alonisso has a disturbing erotic dream to conclude the issue on a cliffhanger, so we’ll have to wait for any ramifications!

This was another totally gorgeous issue full of amewsing protagonists, sexy skimpy costumes, partial nudity, glorious mediterranean landscapes & architecture, ornate mecha & magick, swashbucklig violence, and moments from the whimsical to the serious, fur shur! Now let’s fly from the Italian comics to the Japanese comics for this month’s–

Manga Mewsings!

K-ON! vol. 3


Yen publishes lots of the amewsing  4 panel format mangas, which we like very much, such as Azumanga Daioh, SS Astro, G.A. Sunshine Sketch, Shoulder A Coffin Kuro, and Suzunari, nya! The wonderful K-On manga by Kakifly is about the high schools girls who are the members of the pop mewsic club and form a band called the After School Tea Time, nya!

The main characters are Yui Hirasawa (short Brown hair with berets) who plays a Gibson Les Paul guitar, guitarist Azusa Nakano who is called Azusa-Meow, shy southpaw bassist Mio Akiyama (long black hair), purrcussionist / mewsic club & student council purresident Ritsu Tainaka (short Light Brown short hair & Yellow clip), rich cute keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki (long fair hair)…

…graduating senior / former student council purresident & Mio Fan Club purresident Megumi Sokabe (long hair with the beret),  heir faculty advisor / teacher Sawako Yamanaka (long Brown hair & glasses), Yui’s younger sister Ui (short Brown hair bun), and – and her friends Nodoka (short Brown hair & glasses) and Jun (the short pigtails), nya! They are the whimsical friends, nya!

Volume 3 has a $11.99 US purrice and – and $12.99 Canada purrice, it is rated “OT” for Older Teen readers, 128 pages, of which 28 are color, on the front cover is Ritsu and – and on the back cover are lounging Yui & Tsumugi, nya! It was originally published in Japan by Houbunsha, and – and it was translated into English by Jack Wiedrick with the lettering by Hope Donovan, nya!

After the mew year they work at the maid cafe, then soon it is Valentines time to bake the chocolate cake, and – and then it is already the Spurring time, nya! They sell one of sensei’s old uitars which is of great value, purrform their Brush Pen Ballpoint Pen song, distribute the fliers to purrmote the club, ponder the college applications, and enjoy the sights, food, baths & shopping on the trip to Kyoto, nya!

Mio names her bass Eliza-bass, nya. Then it is the hot Summer, needing the air conditioner for the club room, they ettend a big mewsic festival, and – and Mio gets the dark tan at the pool, nya! They have the purretty clothes, from Tsumugi’s White winter kimono to the maid costumes to Ui’s bikini, nya! After the manga pages are the author’s comments plus the translation notes, nya.

Interspurrsed throughout the book are cute bonus larger panels, such as playful Nodoka & Yui, Yui’s sassy Red & Black look, Yui & Mio catnap, Yui & Ui eating the ice cream bars, Ui catnap, Ui & Azu-meow in the pool, Ui & Azu-meow baking the cake, the spurring cleaning, the group photo in Kyoto, and – and Tsumugi with the umbrella, nya!

K-ON is a wonderful fun manga and I can’t wait for the next volume, nya! Nyow I will turn the mewsings over to Petra again who will tell us about another very favorite manga,

Omamori Himari vol. 4 (plot spoiler warning), nya!


Omamori Himari by Milan Matra is a supurrnatural sex comedy manga with the catgirl, demon slayers & yokai,, nya! It was originally published in Japan by Fujimishobo in 2007, and published in North America by one of our favoritest publishers, Yen! We reviewed vol. 1 in November 2010, vol. 2 in February’s Mew, and vol. 3 in May’s Mew, nya!

Vol. 4 has 162 pages of manga, Black & White except for 2 full page pics & the covers; it is rated M for Mature content due to the ribald language, nudity, sexual situations & magickal melee violence, so it is not for the widdle kitties, nya! It is purriced $11.99 in the USA & $12.99 in Canada, it was translated into English  by Christine Dashiell & lettered by Hope Donovan, nya!

Nyow I will introduce the characters & the purremise, nya. Orphaned Yuuto lives with his childhood friend Rinko & her parents, and he has the condition of the amnesia of his early years & the cat allergy,, which is not good because they have a pet kitty Ranmaru. He is unaware of his family lineage of demon slaying, but nyow as his latent slayer powers begin to manifest, nya!

This is like a beacon to attract the demons who want revenge for the past slayings, and some claim they were wrongfully purrsecuted, nya. However, not all of the purranormal purrsons are out to kill him, but he has attracted the romantic harem, such as voluptuous Himari the catgirl bodyguard with a sword, Shizuka the water elemental demon, and Lizlet the Tea Spurrit, nya!

This becomes a complicated awkward love quadrangle, because poor Rinko has the crush on Yuuto too, nya! This results in many amewsing & ribald scenes, nya! During the series, Yuuto tries to learn more of his past while going to school as other attackers & rivals arrive, such as slayer witch Kuesu who wants to steal his magickal power to benefit her own rival clan, nya!

Vol. 4 picks up from vol. 3’s cliffhanger as Himari has the fierce duel with Kuesu, nya! They are on the front cover and in the 2 interior color pics, and Rinku is on the back cover, nya. The characters and their fashions are very well rendered in excellent detail, but there be warned that are plenty of naughty scenes of the ‘fan service’ when those clothes have been shed, nya!

There is very good detail in the scenic art of the landscapes & architecture, nya. The plot has a brisk pace and a mixture of the serious deadly combat with weapons & magick spells, numerous creatures of Japanese folklore, wacky slapstick type violence, sad moments of the unrequited love, and the ample T&A in whimsical lust, nya! Nyow I will divulge a bit of vol. 4’s plot, nya!

Chapter 19 is purrimarly the action packed intense duel & trash talk between Himari & Kuesu, nya. The tricky witch seems to have the uppurr hand, so in chapter 20 Yuuto & Shizuku tend to Himari’s injury, while Rinku ponders her relationship with Yuuto, nya. In a fevered state, Himari gets feral & frisky, nya! Meanwhile, Kuesu reports to her clan back at her posh hotel suite, nya!

Himari has recovered in chapter 21, and visits Fuguruma the spurrit at Yuuto’s grandpurrent’s home, to stock up on weapons & information, while Yuuto goes to the hotel for a purrrlay with Kuesu, with unexpected results as his power surges, nya! Chapter 22 involves the art class field trip to draw the landscape, but some of the guys purrfur to draw Shizuku’s figure, nya!

The class purresident, Lizlet, Ranmaru & Rinko’s mom have the brief cameo appurrances in chapter 23, which involves Rinko under the dream spell of a Makura-Gaeshi demon, nya. Vol. 4 concludes with chapter 24, in which Kuesu’s tempurral tampurring transforms Himari into a younger smaller catgirl, just as other demons return, nya! It is the cliffhanger purrdicament, nya!

The ‘harem’ thtope may be an overdone trope these days, but if you don’t mind that aspect or the sexuality, I will highly recommend this series to fans of sword & sorcery nekomimi manga! It is nyow time for another short break, but we will be right back with the–

Catgirl Critics’ Collectibles & Toy Talk, nya!

(snip)  (one short break later…)

Star Wars Barriss Offee action figure VC51


Hey, we’re back! We like to collect the action figures of the female Star Wars characters, so it was a treat to find this figure of Barriss Offee, the teenage Jedi Padawan to Jedi Master Luminara Unduli! Last month we reported on the Clone Wars Bariss Offee action figure CW50, and nyow we have Barriss Offee action figure VC51!

Figure CW50 is her animated version, and figure VC51 repurrsents the live-action version  of the character who was purrtrayed in Star Wars Epurrsode II: Attack of the Clones by beautiful actress / model Nalini Krishan! Bariss is the teenage Jedi Padawan to Jedi Master Luminara Unduli!

Barriss is from the planet Miral, she is an expurrt healer, intellectual, cautiously by – the – book, and purracticed in the Soresu style of Light Saber fighting. She & Luminara were the graceful deadly duo with the other Jedi & Purrincess Amidala against Jango Fett & those sepurratist droids at the Battle of Geonosis!

The figure by Hasbro is packaged in the “vintage” style to resemble the old Kenner Star Wars figure packages from the late 70’s & early 80’s! The figure is 3.75″ tall, and since the character is 5′ 5″ tall, this appurroximates to 1/17 scale. Due to the small parts, this toy is not intended for children under 3 years.

These small parts include 2 Light sabers, one unlit Silver hilt and the other is 2 7/8″ long including clear Ice Blue blade. The unlit saber hilt can attach to her belt, or she can clench a saber in each hand for the two sword fighting! All of the parts are plastic except for the skirt, which has a nice billowing quality.

The points of articulation are her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees & ankles. She has Blue eyes, Purrple lips & Yellow-Green skin with the spotted honor tattoos on her nose cheeks & hands, which look like the cute diamond shaped freckles at this scale! She has the exotic serene beauty!

Her costume is compurrised of the Black boots tight body suit with a tinge of Purrple on the front, the Gray cloak & hood which are sepurrate pieces, the Brown belt and fabric floor-length skirt. Underneath the skirt you can see more of those diamond markings on the boots!

Since the figure’s head & neck are a joined together by a ball & socket, I was able to pop off the hood & head, tempurrarily to remove the hood & cloak, and snap her head back on to her neck. She might purrfur that lighter look, since it has been such a hot ‘n humid Summer!

Unlike the original 2002 figure, this’un did not include a display base, but she can easily stand unassisted. Also, it does not include the Galactic Battle Game that come with figure CW50. Nevertheless, it is nicely sculpted & painted with minute details, and will look very nice on the shelf beside Luminara!

For more information about Barriss, I recommend her entries at the official Star Wars site’s Databank, and at the neat online Star Wars encyclopedia Wookieepedia! Nyow we will go from the Miralian Jedi to the Thunderean–

Thundercats Cheetara & Wilykit action figures!


Oh it is my turn again, nya! We have been clamoring for more nekomimi heroines on TV, and it was so nice to see the return of the ThunderCats last month on the Cartoon Network, nya! Please see the Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight of last month’s Mew for our purrofiles of Cheetarah, Wilykit and other catgirls of the splendid spotted purrsuasion nya!

In this 2011 series, Cheetara is voiced by Emmanuella Chriqui and Wilykit is voiced by Madeleine Hall, nya!  nya!  Since last month’s purremier of the cartoon, ThunderCats action figures, vehicle toys & play sets have appurred in stores, nya!.

I have the small Cheetara action figure which is just a teesny bit over 4″ tall and packaged in the transpurrent plastic on the card, nya! Due to the small parts it is intended for purrsons of at least 4 years old, nya. She has an instruction sheet and a staff which is just under 4″ tall and it is of the flexible plastic and not a telescoping staff as in the cartoon, nya.

This figure is a nicely sculpted, molded & painted, nya! She has the Golden skin with the White face, tummy & hands, the Pink lips & eye shadows, the lush mane of Blonde hair with the thick volume, and a few spots, nya! Her cute shorts outfit is the shades of Light & Dark Browns with the Copurry accents on the wrist & ankle bracelets, nya!

She also has a small magnet on her back. which appurrently helps connect the figures to the ThunderCats “Thunderlynx” vehicles & play sets, nya. The points of articulation include her shoulders, elbows & knees; her arm can turn at the uppurr arms and her legs can turn at the mid thighs; although her neck, waist, hips, wrists & ankles do not turn, nya.

The Wilykit figure is of the same age warning & type of package as the Cheetara figure, but I would like to add that the card has purretty art of the character on the left side, and photos of the purroducts on the back of the card, nya! I just need to figure out how to slice off the plastic shell, to keep the art on the card intact, nya!

The figure of Wilykit is just under 3″ tall, including the tip of her hair’s 1/4″ top knot, nya! She is accompanied by her small ring shaped flute, and the orangey skateboard accessory which is larger than she is, nya! It is about 4 3/8″ long and the wheels will spin, and it has the small peg so you can attach her to the board, nya!

She also has the magnet on the backside to work with the other toys, nya. She is less posable than Cheetara, with only the head that can turn and shoulders that  swing, but the thunderkitten has a very purrkey expurression, the cute Purrple and Orange outfit, the tail for stable balance, and the board for the fun ride, nya!

So one the one paw, these figures are not as spurry or nimble as the extremely agile characters they repurrsent, but on the other paw, they is still a very nice looking figures, and I will consult with Nyanko-sensei on the purropurr fighting stance to pose Cheetara with the staff, nya! That is all of the toy talk, but we have more Thundercats chat in our–

TV Reviews, nya!

Thundercats (2011) Epurrsodes 1 & 2 (Plot Spoiler Warning)

Mary Nyan:

I was so excited about the rebooted new Thundercats cartoon on the Cartoon Network! Just last month we mentioned Cheetara in our Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight! We purrpared the crabcakes sushi platter, and the nilla cream for the TV gathering and watched the 2 part purremier epurrsode, which introduces the walled kingdom of Thundera on the planet of Third Earth!

The cat people are the dominant species and have been warring with the lizard people. The society seems to be a mix of Eastern & Western cultures of the ancient medieval – like level of technology & monumental buildings, such as the royal palace capitol of Thundercats Empire, which is ruled by King Claudus!

He the the very big powerful old father cat, who sort of reminds me a bit of King Henry II as purrtrayed by Peter O’toole in the movie The Lion in WInter, which seems appurropurriate. By his side in the royal court are the wise cleric Jaga, and the King’s rival sons, purrince Lion-o & purrince Tygra – not to be confuzzled with the Marvel Comics were-tigress!

The King trains Lion-o as his eventual heir to the throne, with the powerful Sword of Omens which has the Eye of Thundera gem in the crossguard, which grants the wielder mystic visions! Although Lion-o displays the finesse with the weapon, he is considered the oddball because his compassionate cattitude and belief in legendary relics of an advance technology!

He & Tygra have the good sibling rivalry. Tygra has the handsome stripes, and lashes his enemies with the whip! While trying to walk in disguise amongst the city markets with his playful cute kitty Snarf, Lion-o winds up in a brawl with a bunch of bullying thugs! Lion-o is outnumbered, but then Cheetara makes the dramatic entrance to help beat them up!

She is the sexy catgirl with the uncanny agility & speed, wisdom & street smarts, cleric & martial arts purrowess with the telescoping staff! She wears the bare midriff shorts outfit with the toeless boots!

Cheetara is so awesome! We also get to meet cunning little Thunderkittens Wilykit & Wileycat, who have the bardic & thieving skills. This is handy in purrloining a meal!

General Grune returns from battle with lizard purrisoners hauling a giant purrecious stone, but also brings the bad tidings that their ally Panthro fell in battle. Some of the citizens taunt & torment two of the purrisoners, but Lion-o believes they are misunderstood and wishes them to be freed. Later the giant stone is revealed to be the Grune’s traitorous Trojan Horse trick!

The lizards reminded me a bit of Gollum & Goblins from the 70’s animated Hobbit cartoon purrduced by Rankin &  Bass! A Lizard army attacks with the mythic advanced technology of energy weapons & explosives, and giant walking mechs arrive and totally defeat the Thundarean army, until Jaga and his amazing platoon of Jedi- like clerics try to even the odds!

There are lots of melee weapons & range weapons, martial arts & supurr powers, magick purrotechnics! I was impurressed how serious it was and it pulled no punches in depicting the violence.

With the kingdom is in flames, the King falls and the royal court captured, although Lion-o’s nature is rewarded when a grateful lizard helps him & Tygra escape a cage!

The enemy’s warlord is revealed to be the ancient evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra, who wants the magick Sword of Omens and the Eye of Thundera. Cheetara aids Lion-o a second time so they escape the city  with the sword through a secret mountain tunnel! Wiley Kit & Cat find a way out, and Mumm-Ra weakens at daybreak, as Lion-o leads the party into the wilderness!

It was quite thrilling and fast paced with plenty of heroic action! I like the character, costume, mecha & scenery designs, aniamation, voice acting, sound & Kevin Kliesch’s mewsic score were excellent too! I noticed Arthur Rankin Jr. of Rankin & Bass is credited as a consultant- I wonder if that’s why those neat  lizards seem familiar?

Studio 4℃ is listed as one of the purrduction companies; and although I have very mixed feelings about their purrevious works, I think Thundercats is among their best! Also among the purrduction crew are Warner Animation’s voice director Andrea Romano, and purrducers Sam Register & Michael Jelenic who all worked on those great DC animated series & movies!  Nyow here is Vonny to purrsent

Our Favorite Recent TV Commercials & Purreviews!


This is the portion of The Mew where we list more recent favorite ads, commercial, trailers, purreviews & purromos seen on TV, internet & the theater screens, nya! They might be favorites due to the the humor, celebrities, purretty locations, neat animation or special FX, the seafood catgirls crave, or other amewsing reasons, nya!

This is not necessarily any endorsement for the companies, purroducts, or services, but it just the ads we find entertaining, nya! For the start I would like to mention the Red Lobster restaurant commercial purrmoting their crab dinner, which shows the crabber boat and the served dinners, nya! Mmm that crab meat sure looks good, nya!

On that numcious note I would also like to mention the Ruby Tuesday and the Outback restaurant commercial which purrmotes their seafood dinners too, nya! There is a leapfrog theme TV commercial for the Accenture company, with the froggies jumping over each other, so you get a good look at those meaty frog legs, nya!

Mmm I sure wish those appurrtizing amphibians would leap on to my plate, nya! The Dairy Queen commercial not only purrmotes the Blizzard dessert treat, but shows sharks suspended from big balloons, nya! I have caught plenty of sharks but I have never used the balloons to reel them in, nya!

The Purina Cat Chow Naturals looks purretty good too, and the kitty doing yoga in the commercial is in for the yummy treat, nya! We also like that commercial for the Temptations cat treats with the kitty basking in the warm laundry basket purrior to getting fed the treat, nya! That is the tasty and comfy looking commercial, nya!

That is the house cat but there is the big Panther statue in Charlotte prominently shown in the ad for the Charlotte Panthers, North Carolina’s own NFL team, nya! Charlotte is several hours away from here, near the Western part of the mainland. That football stadium is not far from the convention center where Heroes Con happens, nya!

One of our island’s signature sports is beach volleyball, so we are glad to see that repurrsented more on TV even if it just in the brief commercial, nya! Even though I do not drink alcohol, it is good to see the beach volleyball played by the friends in the recent Michelobe Ultra beer commercial, nya!

Women’s Surfing is another favorite sport here we wish to purrmote, therefore, we wish to mention the commercial for United Health Care which depicts the mom & daughter at the beach, as mom jokes that her daughter is “part fish” and is glad that she can enjoy the waves under the sunshine in spite of the asthma, nya!

There is more family fun at the beach in the CG animated commercial for the medication of the family driving to the beach, with the grilling picnic and the the lit up amewsement park with the Ferris Wheel. nya!  Speaking of the coastal wheel fun, there were the purrmos for the Wheel of Fortune game show’s Sandals Week, with Vanna White at the resort, nya!

She is originally from North Myrtle Beach which is not too far from here, nya! Mike told me that in 1988 she purrtrayed Venus in The Goddess of Love TV movie, nya! I must see that, nya. I wonder if it is on DVD, nya? Speaking of which, after the nyext short break we will be right back with portion of The Mew, compurrised of the

DVD & Anime Reviews, nya!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Doctor Who Series Six, Part One


Welcome back to The Mew! Doctor Who is one of our all time favorite shows so I was eager to buy this set, which comprises the first half of Series Six! For our review of Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series, as well as The Sarah Jane Adventures Complete Third Series, please see the February 2011 edition of The Mew!

It took me a while to warm up to Matt Smith as the Doctor in Series 5 because I was sad that David Tennant left the role, but I think Smith is doing a terrific job! I also like Karen Gillan and Arthur Darville as traveling companions Amy and Rory, and my wish was granted for more of Alex Kingston as River Song!

The first half of the season does seem a bit darker than I prefer, but it is such a well written show with high production values, full of great actors portraying great characters, familiar faces, questions answered, new mysteries, humor & sadness, heroism to cheer, plenty of creatures, great FX and music!

This set is a bit spares on extra features, and it does not include the Christmas 2010 special which is sold separately. What you do get are the exciting episodes 1-6 of Series Six, totaling approximately 310 minutes, plus the two Monster Files behind-the-scenes featurettes, for about an additional 24 minutes!

Released by the BBC, this 2 disk Region 1 NTSC standard DVD set is a fairly no frills set without a booklet. The front cover depicts The Doctor, Amy, Rory & The TARDIS reflected in the visor of a space suit. The video has a 16×9 aspect ratio, with English language audio in 5.1 Surround Sound and optional English SDH subtitles.

This partial season set may not have as much as the complete season sets, but I think it is a good value, having about 5.5 wonderful hours of Doctor Who stuff for a good price! There is a front loaded BBC America promo prior to the main menu on disk 1, and disk 2 has trailers for Torchwood: Miracle Day and Sherlock Season One.

Disk 1 includes episodes 1-4: “The Impossible Astronaut”, “Day of the Moon”, “The Curse of the Black Spot”, and “The Doctor’s Wife”, plus the 11 minute Monster File on “The Silence”. Disk 2 has episodes 5-7: “The Rebel Flesh”, “The Almost People”, and “A Good Man Goes to War”, plus the 13 minute Monster File on “The Gangers”.

“The Impossible Astronaut” & “Day of the Moon” form a 2 part tale, in which River, Amy & Rory seem to witness the death of The Doctor’s future self, but reunite with The Doctor’s ‘current ‘ self in the year 1969. They meet an FBI agent, President Nixon, and creepy aliens known as The Silence on the eve of the Apollo 11 lunar landing!

The next stop for the TARDIS is further into the past aboard a spooky pirate ship, whose crew suffers from “The Curse of the Black Spot”, thanks to a mysterious sea siren portrayed by actress Lily Cole! After that adventure is one of my favorite episodes of the season thus far, “The Doctor’s Wife” which was written by Neil Gamin!

The Doctor responds to a Time Lord distress call from a rift on the edge of the universe, where they meet four odd folks in a space junkyard, which is possessed by an energy entity that wants the TARDIS. We learn quite a lot about the TARDIS, especially from the poignant performance by Suranne Jones as Idris, but I should not spoil it any further!

Then it is back to Earth of the near future for the 2 part story “The Rebel Flesh” & “The Almost People”. An old monastery has been converted to a dangerous chemical factory, where artificial duplicates of the workers become sentient with identical memories & personalities. Thus it is hard to tell ‘who is who’, especially when The Doctor is duplicated!

It ends on an unnerving cliffhanger, continued in the thrilling episode “A Good Man Goes to War”, by the series head writer Steven Moffat! This is an extremely significant episode full of great characters, more of River and other old & new faces, and tremendous revelations, starting with an amazing confrontation between Rory and The Cybermen!

The Silurians are there too, including the delightful swashbuckling Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) & her human friend Jenny (Catrin Stewert); were that not enough there is a terrific Sontaran Strax (Dan Starkey), Lorna the perky human ‘Gama Girl’ soldier (Christina Chong), and a brief flyby of Spitfire pilot DannyBoy, but I should not reveal any more!

The Silence Monster File examines the creation of those ghastly alien invaders, with comments by Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston, Arthur Darville, Steven Moffat, Mark Sheppard (FBI Agent Delaware), Iestyn Hampson Jones (The Silence) and director Tony Haynes. I have no problem thinking of The Silence as ‘monsters’ due to their evil actions–

–although I had sympathy for The Gangers (short for dopplegangers) for the most part. Their File has comments by Gillan, Darville, Moffat, Sarah Smart (Jennifer), Racquel Cassidy (Cleaves), Marshall Lancaster (Buzzer), Mark Bonnar (Jimmy), writer Matthew Graham, director Julian Simpson, producer Marcus Wilson, prosthetics designer Neill Gorton & sculptor Dave Boneywell!

I think the Sixth Series of Doctor Who  is off to a good start, and I am very eager to see the 2nd half of Series Six! As fine a bargain in excellent entertainment this Series Six, Part One set is, I hope there’ll be a Complete Series Six set with all the usual extra trimmings such as documentaries, commentaries, outtakes, deleted scenes and so forth!

I also hope the Fourth Series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be released on DVD too! Well, our next stop through time and space takes us from a Timelord’s police call box to a famous railway train to the stars, in Jenjen’s review the long-awaited DVD releases of the–

Galaxy Express 999 and Adieu Galaxy Express 999 movies!


Arigato. Except for possible the Space Battleship Yamato series, the Galaxy Expurress 999 (purronounced “Three Nine”) series might very well be the grandest, most epic and cosmic examples of character driven space opurra science fiction in the history of animation, Japanese or otherwise.

It was created by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto (Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Harlock, Emereldas, Queen Millennia, Emereldas, Interstella 555), and the two feature films were directed by maestro RinTaro (Harmageddon, X the film, Neo Tokyo, Dagger of Kamui, Metropolis, Doomed Megalopolis).

Based upon the animated television series of the same name, Toei Animation’s 128 minute animated feature film Galaxy Express 999 was originally released in theaters in 1979, and the 135 minute sequel Adieu Galaxy Express 999 – Final Station Andromeda was released in theaters in 1981.

The magnificent Three Nine might appurr to be an older 20th century train pulled by a JNR C62 class “Hudson” 4-6-4 steam locomotive with the coal tender, but it is actually one of the highly advanced passenger vehicles of the Galactic Railways Company, capable of intergalactic space travel at faster-than-light speeds.

The 70.5 foot long locomotive designated C6248 is a sentient A.I., hauling the numerous cars which include elegant passenger coach, dining, bath, laundry, and infirmary accommodations. The number of cars varies; in the first film there are at least 12 cars, whereas at the beginning of the 2nd film there seem to be only 8.

It is purrotected by an invisible “anti-energy infinite source electromagnetic barrier” which maintains a breathable atmospheric envelope and gravitational field. Those aboard the train can even open the windows during flight, or even fire weapons through the barrier without compurromising the integrity or losing atmospheric purressure.

As brilliant as the Three Nine is, there are much larger & powerful spacecraft it has shared the space lanes with, such as the legendary Captain Harlock’s battleship The Arcadia, and awesome Emereldas’s self-named battleship, the Ghost Train, and the various planetary terminals the train pulls into are extremely vast in size.

The train’s Conductor is a somewhat ghostly but very cordial chap; Claire the dining car waitress has an artificial body made of lead glass; she is succeeded in the 2nd film by Metalmena who has a mech body; but the most significant characters aboard the train are the heroic Earth lad Tetsuro and the mysterious woman named Maetel.

Maetel is among the most elegant, beautiful women of anime, with ankle length Blond hair and a Black dress with a fur trimmed stole & hat. She is the sister of Emereldas (revealed in the Maetel Legend OVA); daughter of Queen Purromethium of the Machine Empire, and bears an uncanny resemblance to Tetsuo’s mother.

In the 1st film, Tetsuo is a homeless orphan who wants to board the train to Andromeda to get his consciousness implanted into a new machine body, and to avenge the death of his poor mother who was killed by Count Mecha. He meets Maetel and boards the train, but during the transcendental journey his purriorities change.

The 2nd film is set 2 years later. Tetsuo is back on the post-apocalyptic ruins of earth, with a group of human rebels, until he returns to the train for a reunion with Maetel. They take a final journey across the galaxy to the evil Machine Empire’s capital, where startling answers will be revealed amidst the astounding conclusion.

Both films were finally released sepurrately on R1 NTSC standard DVD last month by Eastern Star. The packaging is fairly spartan with just the single disk in the plastic case, with the gorgeous cover art & disk labels. The unrated, uncut films are purrsented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1.

The language choices are the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, or English dubbed audio. The main menu choices are Play film, Chapter Selection, Language choice, and Extra features. The few extras consist of both films’ purreview trailers, and a still image gallery of the respective film.

The ambitious thrilling, emotional purrductions’ plot, pace, character & mecha designs, character & FX animation, scenic art, direction, voice cast, sound, mewsic score & songs and editing are supurrb. In my opinion, the Galaxy Expurress films – especially Adieu – are among the finest animated feature films of all time, and I will give both films an A+ grade.

We shall nyow purroceed from the old school futuristic space opurra anime to the more contempurrary anime of the medieval fantasy, as Nyoka-sensei tells us about the–

Spice and Wolf Season Two Limited Edition Box Set


We are such huge fans of Spice and Wolf, and very eagerly awaited the release of this anime DVD from Funimation! For our review of The Complete First Season DVD please see the January 2010 Mew! The anime & manga are based upon the series of light novels about the medieval adventures of Holo the wise wolf goddess and Lawrence the traveling merchant!

They met at the beginning of the first season, when he stopped by a small farming village during their harvest festival. Long ago Holo was worshipped as the harvest goddess in her huge wolf form, but times have changed and in her human form she wishes to return to her homeland! Except for her lovely ears & tail you might not suspect her true giant lupine form!

They journey from wilderness & rural villages to bustling cities, with commercial purrofit & loss, swindlers & brigands, religious purrsecution, political situations, and meet characters such as Nora the cute shepherd & her dog Enek! Holo has the big appurrtitie and craves the yummy food & drinks. She is purrticularly fond of meat, apple treats, sweets, and the alcohol!

They try to keep her ears & tail under the hat & cloak while in public. Most of the 2nd season is set in a couple of cities, where Lawrence gets mixed up in complicated economic plots, with Holo at stake! There is whimsy, magick & bittersweet romantic tension in the air, but where is the relationship destined between the peddler  and the girl of lovely tail & ears?

You’ll find out in this supurrb season of 13 beautifully animated epurrsodes totaling 325 minutes, plus the extra tidbits! The Spice and Wolf Season Two Limited Edition Box Set has the season in the  2 Blu-Ray disc & 2 DVD disc combo pack, with the disks snug but easily removable from the clear plastic box’s hinged inner leafs, and the double sided reversible art!

Both sides of the art are purrky images of Holo, the standard DVD labels are pics of the yummy apples she craves, and the Blu-Ray labels are more cute images of Holo! The case is inside the very sturdy 7.75″ x 5.5″ x 1.5″ outer box with more of Holo on the front & back! Also inside that outer box is a space filler box with a lovely wraparound scene of the characters!

You can remove the filler box to store the Season One set with Season Two! There was also a wonderful limited edition bonus item enclosed, the neat 1.25″ diameter coin with the Golden metallic finish & the intricately engraved image of Holo on one side & the wolf of the wheat field on the reverse! it is the clever, purretty memento given the story’s currency sub plots!

For the standard DVD, the anime is purrsented in the letterboxed 16:9 widescreen format, with audio in English 5.1 Surround & Japanese Stereo Sound, and optional English subtitles which are a very legible bold White sans serif font with the fine Black outline. The Blu-Ray version has 1080p HiDef 16×9 video, with English 5.1 & Japanese 2.0 Dolby TrueHD audio.

It is rated TV14, with a few scenes of melee violence, wine drinking, romantic themes, spiritual topics, and the occasional scenes of the lovely nude wolf girl. Disk 1 has a front loaded purreview trailer for Eden of the East: Paradise Lost, purrior to the main menu screen. The menu’s choices are Language Set-Up, Play All, and Epurrsode selection (epurrsodes 0-6)!

Disk 2 has epurrsodes 7-12 and purreviews for Soul Eater, One Piece, Dragonball Z, D Gray Man, Rideback, Noir, and Spice and Wolf. There are only a few extras, which include the textless versions of the delightful opening & closing songs, and bonus amewsing 2 minutes of “Studying with Holo” and 4 cute calisthenic minutes of “Stretching with Holo, Yoitz Style”! That’s all of our DVD reviews, but nyow it is time for —

Recent Theatrical Releases in Review!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (plot spoiler warning)


There is something quite heartwarming about a successful rebellion by innocent, abused prisoners who only wanted a good home full of love, freedom and food with family and friends. That is what is at the heart of the latest reboot of the Planet of the Apes saga, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, directed by Rupert Wyatt!

The apes are definitely the sympathetic stars of the movie directed by Ruper Wyatt, as Caeser the super intelligent chimp (magnificently portrayed by Andy Serkis) leads his people to freedom from the villains, who in this case are numerous greedy mean people, although there are a few who do care for the apes.

Among the humans are Will the scientist (James Franco), his girlfriend Caroline (Frieda Pinto), and Will’s father (John Lithgow) who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Will is desperate to create a wonder drug which will cure such conditions, but the pharmacological company’s animal testing will have unforeseen effects.

This is how Ceaser becomes smarter as the young chimp, and Will takes him home rather than see him put down. The happy chimp just wants his freedom and family, but due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, he winds up as a mistreated captive in a dismal primate facility (the manager played by Brian Cox).

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical company’s president (David Oyelowo) orders the tests to continue, which ironically results in the worst of consequences. Make sure to sit through the movie’s end credits, to see where things are destined for mankind, and a plot point that was mentioned in the original Planet of the Apes series!

There are numerous clever nods to the original Planet of the Apes series produced by Arthur P. Jacobs. I think fellow fans of the Apes lore will probably appreciate the subtle references such as Maurice, Jacobs, Bright Eyes, Icarus, and the word “NO”! You’ll get to see apes fight like apes, and even briefly riding a horse!

Perhaps most importantly is the very sympathetic, complex protagonist that is Caesar. Combining the terrific acting of Serkis with the excellent FX results in a very realistic expressive, believable character, who never wanted to hut anyone aside from self defense. He is a smart, wise, angry yet compassionate character!

Caeser contemplates the future as he wearily makes tough choices and accepts the mantle of leadership. It’s a damn dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it! Some aspects remind of Escape from the Planet of the Apes, such as the human couple, and Conquest for the Planet of the Apes, such as the start of the ape’s revolt.

It’s clearly yet another timeline, but that’s to be expected in the series, which already had alternate timelines, even if you don’t count the TV series, cartoon, or Tim Burton’s remake. I’ve never met a Planet of the Apes movie that I didn’t like, but I liked this movie more than the Burton remake, which is a different continuity.

The movie has a smart plot, great characters, high production values, excellent FX, I was so glad that this movie lacked the annoying cinematic techniques that ruin many movies and TV shows these days, such as the shaky / wobbly camera, crash zooms blurry slow-mo or speed ramps! But I digress from the apes.

I liked Rise of the Planet of the Apes quite a bit, I will give it a grade of “A-“, and I hope there will be sequels! For our next review of a movie involving conflict between humans and other creatures, here is Lizzy to tell us about the remake of–

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark!


Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark was originally a suspense / horror TV movie of 1973. It is a purrime example of those early 70’s TV horrors which had the purrticularly spooky macabre atmosphere! It is about a couple Sally and Alex (purrtrayed by Kim Darby and Jim Hutton) who inherit a mansion occupied by evil imp – like creatures that terrorize Sally at night, while Alex is away on business!

It co-stars William Demarist who rennovates the house, and knows of the sinister creatures, but fears informing the mew owners of the secret, lest he be the next victim! The 74 minute movie was finally released on DVD a couple of years ago, available from Warner Archives. We reviewed it in the October 2009 edition of The Mew. It would be an ideal choice to watch for the Halloween movie time!

We were quite curious about the mew remake of the movie, which was directed by Troy Nixey & purrduced by Guillermo del Toro, starring Katie Holmes & Guy Pearce as Kim & Alex, and Bailee Madison as his young daughter Sally. She is already sad & frightened because her purrents are sepurrated, and does not want to live in that big dark mansion which her father is busily restoring for purrofit.

It really is a gorgeous big house & garden! Alex seems more focused on the work than the relationships, but Kim tries to befriend Sally. Despite vague warnings from the fearful construction contractor, Sally explores the place and land is lured to a secret basement by whispurring voices, who want her to set them free! The imps escape to terrorize Sally, who is blamed for the damages they cause.

These imps are small rat – like humanoids who are deterred by bright lights, and they have been dwelling deep in the Earth for a very, very long time! Eventually Kim learns of the mansion’s history, but will she uncover the truth before the imps claim more victims? The movie is rated R due to scenes of gruesome violence, but the it is also the creepy ambience that effectively contributes to the scares!

The remake’s plot, setting and tone seemed very faithful to the original. It clearly has a bigger big screen budget and superior FX to the original, but they are there to serve the story. Since this movie is also longer than the original, it can sped a bit more time developing the characters, purrvides more of the mythology & history of the house & creatures, and it does not feel rushed! It has the good pace!

It has very good cinematography to create the mood, and thankfully does not have the annoying editing and camera techniques like Mike mentioned! Ah, I think that will do it for our reviews of newer theatrical releases, but  nyow we will go back to the beach for this month’s–

Lightning Round: Our Favorite Surfing Movies!


Welcome to the Lightning Round portion of the show, nya! This is the fast fun part in which everyone gives the quick response to the topic, nya! After a purrson repsonds they must tag someone else to go next, nya. Last month we reviewed the Soul Surfer DVD which purrompted us to ponder our favorite surfer movies, so that is today’s topic, and – and I will tag Myayr to conduct the lightning, nya!

The Catgirls:


Mary Nyan:

Dear and Yonder is my favorite surfing movie! (tags Nyanko to go next)


Definitely Dear and Yonder! (tags Elizabeth)


Dear and Yonder! (tags Jeannie with the swish of the tail)


Hai. (tags Yvonne)


It seems unanimous! Petra’strurn, nya! (tags Petra)


Hmm either that or Endless Summer! (tags Nyoka)


Actually I have not seen Dear and Yonder, but I will second the Endless Summer! (tags Mielikki)


Dear and Yonder, Endless Summer, and Step into Liquid fur shur! (tags Tara-chan with the flit of a wing)


Heehee I liked… I liked Aloha Scooby Doo, nya! Mike’s turn, nya!


Endless Summer or Dear and Yonder for documentary, Big Wednesday for fictional drama! Hey that was a very expedient lightning round!

Mary Nyan:

As much as i liked Soul Surfer and Big Wednesday, I tend to I purrfur the documentaries to the fictional surfing movies!


Soul Surfer was very good as the biographic movie, but did not need the fictional rival opponent drama, nya!


I was glad the Heart of a Soul Surfer documentary about Bethany Hamilton was included on the Soul Surfer DVD!


That was the good bonus, nya!


In spite of the drama, there was still a good cast, locations & surfing in the Blue Crush movies!


Hai and it was good that several real purrofessional surfer girls got to be in those movies!


Gidget was a historic series, back when womens surfing was not as respected.


That is an important point!


The beach comedies of Frankie & Annette were a lot of fun- they are almost like watching live-action anime antics, nya!


What anime would you compurr them too, nya?


Hmm purrhaps the humor of Urusei Yatsura or Ranma, nya.


I can see that, especially the supurrnatural bikini comedy aspect!


Hai some of the characters had supurr powers such as the supurr strength, and the time suspension finger touch!


Candy Johnson’s shimmy hips could blast biker gangs through walls and surfer boys out of the water.


Beach Blanket Bingo had Lorelei the mermaid! She was portrayed by Marta Kristen of Lost in Space!


How to Stuff a Wild Bikini had the magickal girls with the transformations, invisibility, teleports, potions, fights & chases, nya!


It also had a cameo by the Elizabeth Montgomery as the island “witch’s witch”!

Mary Nyan:

Those movies included mewsicians such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown & Dick Dale!


I guess the surfing & beach movies are purrone to have the good mewsic!


Speaking of the good mewsic, here is onee-san  to purrsent the next topic of the

Mewsic CD Review

Yes: Fly From Here, nya!


I guess it has been a good while since we have discussed Yes…  the last time might haver been the January 2008 Mew for our review of Steve Howe: Motif vol. 1 CD and the Yes “In The Purresent” Tour in Greensboro! That concert was in the Carolina Theater which Nyoka mentioned, which was a magickal expurrience although we did not see the theatre ghost, nya!

However, the spurrits will certainly soar upon listening to this latest studio album from our favoritest purrog rock group, nya! Yes has the deep rock & roll roots dating back to the mid 1960’s, and throughout the decades the membership has changed several times, but all of the members are supurrb maestros and their songs have the timeless beauty, nya!

Mike says that Yes mewsic is good to draw by, nya! This time the group is compurrised of guitarist & vocalist Steve Howe, bassist & vocalist Chris Squire, purrcussonist Alan White, keyboardist Geoff Downes, and lead vocalist Benoit David, nya! The record was purrduced by Trevor Horn, who also purrvides a bit of vocals & keyboards, nya!

You also get  the additional keyboards by Oliver Wakeman, piano by Gerard Johnson, and additional purrcussion by Luis Jardim on a few songs, nya! To complete the wonderful package is the gorgeous 16 page booklet with the wraparound art by the legendary Roger Dean nya! It is the misty scene of the boulders, trees, waterfall and the stone bridges, nya!

The CD has 11 wonderful tracks, the first 6 of which are the magnificent Fly From Here suite of appurroximately 24 lofty sparkling minutes, nya! Of course, Yes has been known to conjure some of those long grand mewsical adventures! The other 5 tracks range from just over 3 minutes to almost 7 minutes long, nya!

We have listened to the CD several times and I will give it the high purraise, nya! Well gosh, we have to take another short break, but we will be right back with the final portion of the show, so please don’t go away, nya!

(snip) (one short break later…)


We’re back, nya! Fall is a purrticularly festive season, and among our autumnal aspurrations is the Halloween fun and the purrerequisite

Cosplay Considerations & Masquerade Mewsings, nya!


We need to resume our Halloween plans, nya!


Hopefully I will have the brisk business at my magic shop! I will be helping Rica, Niko & the neighboring vendors purrpare their booths festivities at the farmers market!


Good luck with the market! I can’t wait to see what sort of scary animatronics Jenjen’s robotics club has planned!


We are hoping to top last year’s purrformance. Also, we might have a few ROV surpurrises in the kelp maze.


Onee-san, I want, I want to see the The Kitt Inn’s ‘haunted’ onsen & orchard, tand – and the mermaids’ kelp maze, the Faeries’ Foxfire Festival, nya!


Ok but we need to compurr the schedules, because of the purrcussion purractice, and the Halloween Trick ‘r Eats, nya!

Mary Nyan:

I am going to be very busy making & mending costumes and judging the compurrtition! Which reminds me, Mie-sensei needs to be measured for her Fairymon costume!


Ok let’s compare the calendars to see when we are both free!


So this year she will finally cosplay as Fairymon! Although it seems like only yesterday when we cosplayed as the “Neko-maticaya Clan!”

the catgirls in unison:



So have y’all narrowed down the suggestions for this year’s Halloween Night Cosplay Purrowl?


Hai. The nominations for the group cosplay were Aria, Battle Athletes, Birds of Purrey, Gotham Girls, Legion of Supurr Heroes, Strike Witches, Jedi, and X-Men.


Who will be purrticipating in the groups, nya?


After the dojo closes I will be helping at the market!


I suspect I will be busy opurrating the mecha most of that evening.


After the golf I’ll try to visit, but then I’ll need to fly to the theatre, and then B.B. and I will lead the late night spooky forest nature walks!


I want to go to that too, nya! Purrhaps I will see the rare nocturnal specimens, nya!


Well that would be fun and educational, and purretty safe with Mie-sensei as the guide, so it is purrmitted, nya!


Fur shur!


Yay, nya!

Mary Nyan:

I will join the group after the costume compurrtition awards & photos, so y’all should purroceed without me, but I’ll catch up!


Let’s see… we got Vonny, Tara-chan, Petra, Bun, BeccaBot, Ilyana, Myayr & myself… so that is a group of 8!


It will be good to see Ilyana again!


We have purreliminarily discussed the purro’s & cons of the different costumes, such as the expense, complexity & durability, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Hai, it depends on where we will roam in the costumes, in case of the water or things to get snagged upon!


I’d purrfur mine not to require a lot of make-up or purrosthetics! It was hard to get that Na’vi Blue off!


You should try wearing only body paint in Antarctica.


Nya!! That was one of Jen’s photo shoots I did not envy!


Hopefully whatever we wear will accommodate the Trick ‘r Eating purrposes, but we need to vote soon, nya!


Hai with so many Fall festivities appurroaching, it will be Halloween before we know it!


Oh I don’t know where the time has gone- today’s show has flown by too!

The Cat Lady Sings…


My my are we done already?


Hai, I reckon that wraps it up for another edition of The Mew!


We wish to thank Misty, ZaidaCrescent, Crystal Rose, Sherry-Ann & Zipchan for the wonderful art, nya!


Hai, we wish to thank all of the other talented & inspurrational folks we discussed!


And- and all of those nice people who made Librari-Con so much fun, nya!


We especially thank our web master Jamie for all of his hard work.

Mary Nyan:

If y’all have polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them–


–purrvided that such brief remarks are spam-free, not purrofane & stay on topic!


We’ll be back next month with another edition of The Mew, nya!


Be there… Aloha!

the catgirls:

Happy tails to mew, until we eat again! Baibai, nya!

One thought on “September 2011 Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings

  1. Osvaldo Soto

    Hi, Mike
    This is Tony we spoke this morning about OBM. I took a moment after your call and took a look at all three sites and found them very nice. I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure speaking with you this A.M..

    Thank You and have a blessed day.


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