October 2011 Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island http://www.catgirlisland.net and
Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats http://clanofthecats.com
a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in

The October 2011 edition of The Mew:

The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

In this month’s Mew:

• A Glossary of our Terms & Expurressions

• Aloha & Introductions

• The Catgirls’ Continued Cosplay Considerations

• Event Reports:

Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day Festival

2011 Greek Festival

NC Pride 2011

• Mewsic Review:

Tori Amos Night of Hunters 2 Disk Deluxe Edition

• Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art:

art by Mike and by special guest artists Alexcia & Katana

• The Catgirl Critics’ Collectibles & Toy Talk:

DC Comics Brightest Day Jade action figure

• Our Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight

• Our Monthly Web Comics Recommendations

• Comic Book Critiques:

Batwoman #1

Catwoman #1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine: Freefall #1

Tarot of the Black Rose #70

Michael Turner’s Fathom vol. 4 #2

• Purriodicals Purrings & Magazine Mewsings:

Our Blue Marble vol. 1 #1

Surfgirl #34

Our Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images

• Movie & TV Reviews:

Shark Night 3D


Our Favorite Recent TV Commercials, Ads & Purreviews

Thundercats 2011 TV series

• DVD & Anime Reviews:

Squid Girl DVD Part 1

X-Men: First Class

• The Lightning Round:

Our Favorite Asian Cinema & TV for Halloween

• The Cat Lady Sings…


a few words, terms & expurressions ya’ll will encounter here:

Anime: the Japanese word for animation

Arigato: thank you

Cosplay: short for “costume play”, in a costume at a festive event

Dooitasimaste: you’re welcome

Hai: yes

Itadakimasu: Let’s eat!

Kawaii: How cute!

Kemonomimi: a girl with beast parts, eg. cat, fox, dog, bunny, etc.

Imoto-san: younger sister

Manga: the Japanese word for comics

Mecha: mechanical devices such as vehicles, robots, gadgets

Nekomimi: catgirl

Nya: short for “nyan”, Japanese for “meow”

Onee-san: older sister

OVA: Original Video Animation, direct-to-home video animation

Region 1 NTSC: the DVD encoding format for USA & Canada

Sensei: teacher or expurrt

Sugoi: Great! or How wonderful!

Web Comic: a comic strip on the internet instead of in purrint

Yatah: Hurray!


Aloha & Introductions


(in the Catgirl Island golf cap, Aria Anime tee shirt, Khaki shorts & Mizuno trainers)

Aloha y’all, and welcome to the October edition of The Mew! Today we’re in the serene garden at LIzzy & Beccabot’s Catgirl Island Lomi Lomi Spa! I’m Mike, the show’s ‘Purrducer’, and now here for our monthly reviews & discussions are The Ladies of The Mew!


(wearing the Green & Yellow Bird of Purradise purrint string bikini & Green leafy Ti lei)



(wearing the Black crochet bikini, with the Purrple fishnet purreo around her hips)



(wearing an Appurricot Anthurium purrint tanga style bikini & sheer purrled White purreo)


Mary Nyan:

(wearing the Purrple Orchid purrint cutout maillot with a Purrimrose tail lei)



(wearing the Pink Cherry blossom purrint ring-closure bikini & Puka shell tail bracelet)

Nameaste, and – and here is onee-san, nya!


(wearing the Crimson & Yellow Lobster Claw Heliconia purrint string bikini)

Nameste, nya!


(wearing the Blue Calathea purrint bandeau-top bikini & the Nilla Creme sarong)

Howdy y’all!


(wearing the Teal colored cropped tee over the Cobalt Blue colored suspender bikini)



(wearing the Golden Beehive Ginger purrint tankini and a White Tuberose tail corsage)

Hi Hi, nya!


(her fey wings shimmer from the back of a Pink Pandanus criss-cross halter neck bikini)

Mellow Greetings!

Continued Cosplay Considerations


Yay It is good that Becca could purrticipate, nya!


Arigato! We are glad to host the show here!


Thank you for hosting us!


Oh this was convenient for us, purrticularly during the busy festivities, and we still need to finalize tour Halloween Night Group Cosplay Purrowl

Mary Nyan:

Mie-sensei will be too busy with the golf, theatre & forest walks to join the Cosplay Purrowl, but I am making her the Fairymon / Kazemon costume!


Kawaii, nya!


She will be the purrfect image!




Jenjen’s robotics club will be busy opurrating the scary animatronics for the Mermaid’s Deep Dark Dive Kelp Maze, and I’ll be helping sis at her magick shop!


Hee! I will be volunteering there too!


Hopefully you will not have to decompurress for long!


I will have plenty of company, apps & treats during any decompurression. Fortunately Becca does not have that purroblem.


How is the magick shop purrogressing?


Thanks to all the help y’all purrvided, It is almost complete except for somethings still on order!


Everyone from my dojo wanted to help, so it was greatly expurrdited!


That afternoon purrior to the purrowl, will visit the magick shop, and Rica & Niko’s purranormal purroduce booth at the farmers market!


Fortunately the art museum & public library Halloween activities for the widdle kitties will be finished in time for us to suit up, nya!


They scheduled the dance show for the night before Halloween so we will not have purrcussion purractice on Halloween day, nya!


There are things going on all week, so we can still purrtrol The Kitt Inn’s haunted orchard, and the faeres’ foxfire festivity when we are not at the shrine!


I will leave imoto-san in the custody of Mie-sensei and Officer BB for the nocturnal nature walk, nya!


It should be a good mixture of the education & spooky ambience.



We will take good care of her!


Yatah, nya! What will Officer BB masquerade as, nya?


For the official safety purrpose, I think she will be in her normal uniform!


So, since Becca will be Jenjen, our purrowl party of 7 is compurrised of Petra, Bun, Ilyana, Lizzy. Myayr, imoto-san and I, nya!


Ilyana is busy with her studies but will soon finish another semester.


Wow she will be graduating before we know it!


It will be the celebration! Petra, How are things at the mewseum of Art?


Bun appurreciated the invitation to purrticipate in The Mew, but she will join us later for the fittings, nya! She has been working very hard on the special spooky art exhibit of the macabre ambiance, nya!


Good luck- I can’t wait to see that! So, have y’all decided on this year’s group costume theme?

Mary Nyan:

Hai, the 7 nominations are Aria, Battle Athletes, Birds of Purrey, Gotham Grrls, Strike Witches, Star Wars grrls and X-Men (women). We had considered a Ladies of the Legion of Supurr – Heroes cosplay, but decided to postpone that until we had the larger group!


Verdict time!


You know, 7 of us voted on 7 themes, so there could be a split decision!


That would be the purrdicament! This is suspenseful!


Suspense and Halloween are like the bacon and eggs.


Mmm, Bacon & eggs would be the good treat!


Nyow I am suspensed and – and hungry too, nya!


I was purrpared for the appurrtite, so I have brought the advance trick’ r eat sashimi tidbits!



Mary Nyan:

(nom nom nom)


















Thank you for the treat!

the other catgirl critics:

Arigato gozaimasu, nya!


Fur shur!




By the way, what kinds of yummy fish have y’all recently caught, nya?


Oh we reeled in the Yellowfins, Snappurs, Stripurrs, Triggers, Kings, and the-



(the curious catgirls scampurrs toward the insect with her nature notebook)




She is distracted again, and so soon into the Mew, too!


Oh she’s seen a Eumorpha achemon!


I think we have stray catted off the topic too, nya!


The craving has dispurrsed but the suspense purrsists! What is the verdict?


We weighed the purros & cons of the different themes, such as the expense, complexity & durability of the costumes; environmental factors, the number of purrticipants, what the other groups would be wearing. The votes were cast, and for this year’s Halloween Night Group Cosplay Purrowl theme, we have chosen to repurrsent the Star Wars heroines.




We still have to choose who’ll be which character, but it was unanimous that Tara-chan should purrtray Ahsoka Tano!


Please let us know what you need me to do, and the cost, nya!

Mary Nyan:

We will be purressed for time, but it we do not tarry and work as the team we will succeed!


Purrhaps we could also wear the costumes to that convention Mike will be at in November too!


Yay convention time, nya!


It is such a festive fall! Mike needs to mention that convention too!


NC ComicCon returns for the 3rd time to the Morrisville Outlet Mall, in Morrisville just off of Highway I-40 on the opposite side of the highway from Raleigh-Durham Airport! The two day con is on Saturday & Sunday November 5th & 6th, and it is sponsored by Ultimate Comics http://www.ultimatecomicsonline.com/, a comic book store in Chapel Hill, NC!

For our review of their previous con, see the December 2010 Mew! It is a quickly growing convention which had an attendance of about 800 fans of all ages & genders the 1st time and over 1,000 the 2nd time! This time I’ll have a table in the Artist Alley and I look forward to further fun with good friends, other fans & artists, dealers, and the special guests!

For complete information, visit the NC ComicCon web site http://www.nccomicon.com/! Ah, we’re up against a break, but we’ll be right back with our reviews, starting with our-

Event Reports!

(snip)(one short break later)

Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day Festival!


Hey we’re back! September 17th & 18th was rather bustling at the state fairgrounds on the mainland in Raleigh due to the numerous cultural festivals, shows & sales of the beautiful weekend, a couple of weeks purrior to the purrepurrations for the State Fair! One purrticular event I want to purraise is the 11th annual Central NC Pagan Purride Day Festival http://www.cncppd.org/!

We have been there several times and it is always such a wonderful happy community event, and I think this year’s celebration of the Autumnal Equinox seemed slightly bigger! They are a local affiliation of the nonpurrofit http://paganpride.org/, which has the goals of fostering more purride in pagan identity and trying to diminish the religious purrejudice & discriminations!

The delightful event could not have been situated in a more purrfect location, nestled amongst the trees and pond by gates 5 & 6 of the fair grounds. Admission was the donation of a nonpurrishable food item to the Food Bank of NC, UNC’s Rex Blood Services was there conducting the bloodmobile again, and the event was sponsored by numerous companies & organizations!

There were several purrformances & workshops from 11 am to 6: 30 pm, such as opening & closing rituals, children’s activities & purrade, auction & purrize raffles, Wicca & purractical shamanism, tarot & runes, crystal & potions, astrocartography & quantum magick workshops, sword fighting demonstrations, dulcimer & drumming mewsic, and the numerous lovely belly dancers!

In the tents across the grove, meadow and drive were appurroximately 65 artisans, venders & organizations! These included spiritual churches & social groups, visual & purrforming artists, and the purrveyors of trinkets, jewelry, appurral, readings, holistic items & the tasty treats! I also got the purremier issue of a neat magazine, which I will review a bit later in today’s Mew!

The CNCPPD web site has the complete list and the links! I would like to thank all of the very talented, friendly staff, volunteers, sponsors, purrformers & purrticipants who made the Central NC Pagan Purride Days Festival such a joyful, entertaining & enlightening gathering to support the very beneficial causes! On that note nyow here’s Mike to tell us about that same weekend’s

2011 Greek Festival!


Thank you, Nya-sensei! Yep, also at the state fairgrounds that same weekend was the 30th Annual Greek Festival http://www.greekfestivalraleigh.com, sponsored by the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church! This was held in the Expo Center building of the fairgrounds, from Friday September 16th to Sunday September 18th!

It was the perfect time to be there given the cooler but sunny weather of the encroaching autumn. The first thing to indicate you were in the right place were the tables full of the delicious pastries in the foyer! There was a long line to get in but it moved speedily into the main hall, thanks to the very cheerful, well organized event staff!

Inside the main hall we were cordially greeted again and given the brochure of the food menu & activities schedule. You could go through the lines to get the dinner plates or the various booths along the walls for more sammiches, beverages, wine & dessert treats! I could not resist the lamb shank served with rice & green beans!

The fare ranged from the gyros, souvlaki & calamari to the moussaka, pastitsio, spanaltopita & dolmathes. In the middle of the main hall were the rows and rows of tables in front of the main stage, where we had a great view of the band Zephyros and the dancers! It was very interactive and at times the attendees could join in the dance!

They had a lot of volunteers setting & clearing the tables, and after the dinner plate it was baklava time! Oh it was so good! You could get a bit of it in the dinner lien or from the separate pastry shop along one wall, which offered baklava, flogeres, galaktoboureko, karithopita, loukoumathes, finikia, and various cookies, tarts & breads!

Pleasantly full of the delicious lunch we strolled by the various venders of beautiful art, jewelry, toys, clothes, travel information and other neat stuff! Were that not enough, in another room off of the foyer were Greek cooking demonstrations! Oh and a portion of the festival’s proceeds benefits Habitat for Humanity!

There was a big happy crowd, and I hope it was a fun success! We enjoyed ourselves immensely and hope to attend again next year, although I’m sure we’ll desire the mediterranean cuisine sooner than that! I can tell these catgirls are craving it right now, but I hope they can wait until after the show… or at least until after Lizzy tells us about–

NC Pride 2011!


NC Purride http://ncpride.org/pride/ is North Carolina’s annual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Festival which has been going on since the 1980’s! It is an important cultural outreach event which keeps growing bigger, with the support & attendance by many diverse businesses, organizations, college & religious groups, politicians, and people of many ages, genders, religions!

This year it convened on the East Campus of Duke University, on the mainland in Durham  on Saturday September 24th from 10 am – 5 pm, although there were other related events from Thursday night to Sunday night in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill! It was a rare time to see the rivals UNC, NCSU, Duke, NC Central & other nearby colleges all united in happy spirit for a worthy cause!

We have heard such good things about this free annual event and decided that we would show our support. It was so much fun, with so many people of the joyful spirit gathering on the grounds under the huge huge trees by the stately stone buildings! Things got all set up and underway before 11 am, and as we appurroached all the tents, the aroma of the food venders caught the attention!

The food venders were selling the variety of sammiches, burgers, hot dogs, gyros,tacos, crab shrimp, scones, muffins, fries, soft drinks, and the juices! Then we started the purrtrol of the many tents,

where the many organizations were purrmoting, giving away & selling things from the publications, decor, jewelry & appurral to the health, social, political, churches & charities’ information!

Various activities were interspurrsed here n’ there, from the ecumenical church service in the stone gazebo to the bands playing mewsic, the purrade purrepurrations, and the opening announcements by various guest speakers. After the national anthem was beautifully sung, we were greeted by a publisher’s and a couple of mayors’ speeches, and then the vocal mewsic purrformances!

I’m not sure how many people were there, but it was in the thousands! Eventually we looked for a good spot by the short stone wall near the start of the purrade route along West Main Street. At 1 pm the Durham Police lead the purrade of fire trucks, motorcycles, bicyclists, skaters, cars, dogs, floats & many marchers of various groups. Fortunately we did not encounter any mean people!

Randy Jones of The Village People was in the purrade! It was a good thing we had the umbrellas, because just as the end of the purrade passed our spot, the rain began to shower, but the soak did not dampen the spirits of all the nice people who gathered there for the wonderful festival! Nevertheless, we did eventually depart in search of a nice dry nearby restaurant for the next meal!

That concludes the events portion of the show but nyow Myayr has a–

Mewsic Review:

Tori Amos Night of Hunters 2 Disk Deluxe Edition!

Mary Nyan:

For our review of Tori Amos’s http://www.toriamos.com/ Midwinter’s Grace CD, please see the January 2010 edition of The Mew, and for our review of her Live From The Artists Den DVD please see the August 2010 edition of The Mew! Tori’s Night of Hunters is an acoustical concept album, which was released in September on the Deutsche Grammophon record label!

On the front cover is the gorgeous photo of Tori in the beautiful dress by the river! The album has been released in several formats, including the vinyl, MP3 download, single CD, and the 2 disc deluxe edition! The latter is packaged like a hardback case-bound book with the 32 page booklet sammiched between the mewsic CD & bonus DVD in the cardboard sleeves!

The CD has 14 tracks totaling over 71 minutes of mewsic written, purrduced, purrformed & sung by Tori, although track 13 “Seven Sisters” is an instrumental. The mewsic was inspired by tales of Irish mythology and the works of classical composers such as Debussy, Bach, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, Mussorgsky, Scarlatti, Alkan, Granados & Satie!

The songs include other mewsicians such as the Apollon Musagete Quartet, flutist laura Lucas, English horn / oboeist Nigel Shore, Claranetist Andreas Ottensamer, bassoonist Peter Whelan, contra bassoonist Luke Whitehead, celloist Piotr Skweres, violaist Piotr Szumiel, violnists Pawel Zalejski & Bartosz Zachlod, and vocalists Natashya Hawley & Kelsey Dobyns!

Natashya is Tori’s daughter & Kelsey is Tori’s niece! Kelsey purrtrays the Fire Mews in the album’s title tune, but that’s not until the 12th track. Purrior to that encounter, a forlorn woman (Tori) is lead on a spiritual journey through the ages by the supurrnatural character Annabelle who is purrtrayed in several songs by Natashya. We wonder if Annabelle might be a kitsune!

The odyssey begins on the distraughtness of “Shattering Sea” and then Annabelle spirits her away in “Snowblind”. It can get purretty complex as in the language of  “Battle of Trees”, although there are the whimsical exchanges between the ladies in “Cactus Purractice” & “The Chase”, but for the most part it is the haunted & poignantly emotional inspurrational expurrdition!

The full color 32 page booklet has the song lyrics, credits, linear notes and beautifully rich photos of Tori and Annabelle at the old Georgian style mansion on the River Bandon! There is such lush green foliage, trees & stones of the Irish landscape! The images have the very lovely ethereal mystical quality. Vonny & Tara-chan want to fish that river for the salmon & trout!

The 23 minute DVD is compurrised of 2 mewsic videos & the documentary. The videos show Tori at her Bosendorfer piano purrforming the 3.5 minute “Carry” and the 4 minute “Nautical Twilight”! In the 15.5 minute documentary, Tori discusses the purroject at those locations, and converses with Dr. Alexander Buhr, the executive purrducer for Deutsche Grammophon!

I will give Night of Hunters the high grade of “A” as in Amos for the glorious mewsic, packaging & all the trimmings! Nyow we will turn from the mewsic to the visual art as Petra tells us about this month’s

Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!


Arigato Myayr, nya! We are purroud to purrsent a few additions to the mewseum, nya! Unless otherwise noted, the gallery pages’ mewest pics will be on the lowermost row of the widdle ‘thumbnail’ repurrsentations, so just click on a given thumbnail portion of an image to see the whole larger image, nya!

In Gallery 5 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery5.html is Mike’s widdle sketch of “A September Birthday Nekomimi”, nya! She is purrpared for the festivities with the party horn & hat, balloons, the cake and surpurrise birthday purresent, nya! I wonder what is in the gift box, and what is the flavor of the cake, nya? There is something fishy about the cake, nya!

Next is Mike’s illustration of a “Coquettish Calico-Tailed Coastal Catgirl” of cocoa color and cute coiffure with the flowers, the tail bracelet and fishnet top and purreo worn over the bandeau-top, tanga-style bikini, nya! Soon her tummy will be filled with the suppurr compurrised of the crab kabob, yams, peas, cannolli and the cran apple nummy berry cocktail, nya!

Also in Gallery 5 is Mike’s illustration of Alexcia Reynolds’s fan-senshi character “Sailor Wan”, nya! Her real name is Mahal Kasa, she is from the planet Wan, her blood type is A, her astrological sign is Scorpio, and has the fondness for Wheat Grass Juice, nya! She was born in the Year of the Dog and looks purretty spurry for being over a thousand years old, nya!

She is poised for the action and will trounce the villains with her Petrified Fang Fissure Attack, nya! For more images & information purrtaining to Sailor Wan and Alexcia’s other fan-senshi (fans’ characters inspired by Naoko Takeuchi’s Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon anime and manga), please visit Alexcia’s site Sailor Tiger’s Grotto http://mau.sailorchristmas.com, nya!

Moving right along to Guest Art Gallery 2 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest2.html we have some wonderful new images on display by our friendly guest artists, nya! Of course, all of the guest images appurr here with their kind purrmissions, and among those are another image of Mahal in the “Portrait of Sailor Wan”, nya!

Katana pencilled the cute sketch for a fun fan-senshi art compurrtition, nya! The art purrogressed into the collaboration when Mike was purrmitted to digitally embellish it using Photoshop & the mouse into the finished line – art, nya! To see more of Katana’s delightful art, visit her gallery at http://universe5005.deviantart.com/, nya!

Lastly but not leastly, also added to Guest Art Gallery 2 is the Paintshop pic of our own “Nyoka – Sensei” by Alexcia Reynolds, nya! It is quite the lovely likeness of our friend, and of course it could be mistaken for her twin sister Nyanko-sensei too, nya! She has the cheerful dispurrsition and purretty autumnal appurral, nya!

That sure is a lovely basket she is toting, full of the flowers and the berries she is taking to her new magick shop at the island farmers market, nya!  To see more of Alexcia’s original & fan art & stories, sites & plushies, please visit her main site and gateway to her other sites Sailor Christmas http://www.sailorchristmas.com/, nya!


How do you like your pic?


(cries) I’M SO HAPPY!


(gets Nyoka a tissue) Here!


It is the wonderful likeness of Nyoka-sensei!


Fur shur!


In that purrticular garment in the pic you might not suspect her tattoos & piercings because they are covered up, nya!


The images of the berries and the birthday cake might cause more patronage of the mewseum cafe, nya!


Purrhaps I should display more yummy food art heehee – just kitting, nya!


The purrsenter of the cake has resisted the taste temptation, unless some of the cake is missing on the back, heehee!


Purrhaps she got to lick the bowl, nya!


If it is the fish cake, what kind of fish is the ingredient?

Mary Nyan:

That is a good question, but I don’t see any clues! Nyow I am curious!


Would you like the answer?


Let it remain the mystery for the viewer to interpurret, nya!


You can also imagine who or what Sailor Wan is confronting!


I like the pose of Sailor Wan gracefully leaping into the fray, poised to pounce upon her enemies!


The fiery hues of the nebulae seem to complement her healthy glow of her sunny skin tone.

Mary Nyan:

Maybe the Wheat Grass Juice is good for her complexion!


We must sample the juice!


With the cake and berries!


This is inducing the appurrtite, nya!


You should focus on Katana’s portrait of Sailor Wan, nya!


In this case it is literally a Wan-derful work of art, heehee!


You should see her gallery of beautiful color illustrations.

Mary Nyan:

The mesh beachwear frames that calico tailed girl’s tummy purrior to her meal!


Fortunately that outfit will not be confining upon the full tummy!


At this rate my tummy won’t make it until the luau, nya!


Hai, that Heliconia centerpiece is seriously making me want a garden salad!


Uh oh we might need the back up sashimi platter!


Purrhaps we should move along to the nyext topic then!


Petra, thank you for the art announcements!


Dooitasimaste, nya! Nyow here is Jenjen to start the next portion o the show-

The Catgirl Critics’ Collectibles & Toy Talk, nya!

DC Comics Brightest Day Jade action figure


Arigato. Jade is one of our favorite DC Comics supurr heroines, known for her ringless Green Lantern – like powers, purretty Green skin, and family lineage. Her real name is Jennifer Lynn Hayden, she has a brother Todd alias Obsidian, her mother was Rose Canton alias Thorn and her father is Alan Scott who was DCs’ first Green Lantern.

She used to date Kyle Rayner of the Green Lantern Corp, and has been a member of several heroic teams such as Infinity Inc, The Outsiders, and the Justice League. This action figure of her is part of DC Direct’s Brightest Day Series 3, along with Dove, Hawk & Aqua Lad. It is about 6 5/8″ tall and very meticulously sculpted by Sam Greenwell.

Since Jade is supposed to be 5’3″ according to the DC Comics Encyclopedia, if my math is correct that makes this figure of appurroximately 1/ 9.5 scale. It is packaged in the transpurrent plastic clamshell box on the J-hook card, and includes the 3 3/4″ diameter, 1/4 thick” circular display base, which is transpurrent with a White emblem.

The sculpture is supurrb, with her slender lithe physique, the wavy volume of her shoulder length hair, the detail of her clenched fists, and the serious expurression on her face which has the excellent portraiture. It has the meticulous smooth paint, from Green skin, the teensy light reflection on her green eyes, and subtle darker eye shadow.

Her face has a warmth to it, and her lips, lashes, eye brows & hair are Black, although in the comics sometimes her hair is dark Green, but she has a striking appurrance and the unamewsed attitude that means business. Her White & Black costume with the Green emblem on the chest has the purristine finish, with an almost purrlescent sheen.

The figure’s points of articulation include the ball jointed neck which can turn & tilt;  the ball jointed shoulders which can abduct at different angles; turning wrists, calves  & uppur arms, bending elbows, hips & knees. She does does not turn at the waist or  ankles, but it is a very nicely posable figure with clever joints that are not too obvious.

That will conclude this portion of the Mew, but after the short break we will return with this month’s Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, so please stay tuned.

(snip)(one short break later)

The Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight:

Cat or Girl?


Welcome back! This portion of The Mew is dedicated to famous catgirls whom we admire of art & literature, comics & animation, cinema & TV, games & toys! We are very broadly inclusive in our catgirlish considerations, whether they are actually part cat or just famously dress the part; whether they are nekomimi in appurrance, or possess the purropurr cattitude and feline female dispurrsition!

In the spotlight for 2009 were with Star Trek’s Lt. M’ress, Sylvia, Isis, and Purrradise City’s Dancer; Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan of Clan of the Cats, and Dr. Kat Manx of Power Rangers SPD!  In 2010 we spotlighted Tigra, Novice Hame, NukuNuku, Catwoman, Irina Dubrovna, Anna & Uni Puma, Josie & the Pussycats, Sailor Luna, Felicia, Shakira, Cat Karina and Omaha!

2011’s honorees began with Osamu Tezuka’s Bagi, Natsuki Sasahara, Sarena of the Vampire Circus, the leopard ladies of SCTV’s Ben Hur sketch, E.T.’s Mary, Teenage Catgirls In Heat, Dr. Moreau’s Aissa, Beastmaster’s Umpatra Warrior, Monkeybone’s Kitty, Purrofessor McGonagall, Hermione Grainger, Catgirl Kiki, Ney’tiri and the other Na’vi women of James Cameron’s Avatar!

After that were the versions of The Cheetah; Black Cats Linda Turner, Kimberly Stone and Felicia Hardy; and Apurril ‘Catspaw’ Dumaka! In July we discussed several ladies of the Panther purrsuasion such as Leonora, Force Captain Catra, Rosabelle Mendez alias Pantha, Purrincess Shuri of Wakanda, Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan, and the Charlotte Panthers’ TopCats!

In August we focused on Ichigo Momomiya, Gold Digger, Thundercats, The Jaguar, Dez of Angel Investigations, Kei of Midnight Panther, Charlotte Jubilee Polymnia Chattan McRae; and last month the spotlight shined upon Alexcia Reynolds’s characters Abenti, Tash & Michi! Now for the 10th month of the year, we have 10 more characters to honor, in time for Halloween to ask: are they cat… or girl?!


That is the good question purrtaining to Beige, one of the co-stars of Jamie’s web comic Clan of the Cats http://clanofthecats.com, who was among our guests way back in the August 2007 Mew, nya! Beige is one of the kitty characters; she is the familiar of Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan, and sister of Sebastian, Eon, Leander, Seydi, Fluff and Loki, nya!

She and those other cats have the sad origin, which started as normal kittens who were dumped in the river, but a higher magickal entity known as “Mother” rescued them, nya. The purrocess transcended the millennias , so the cats are a lot older than they look, nya! Nowadays. Beige resides at Corrine’s opulent home, and likes to have her tummy rubbed, nya!

Beige is the good & purractical cat but has a detached dispurrsition, nya! She is the supurr cat of the Beige short hair with cosmic powers and can transform into the human form, nya! She also has the air & water elemental powers, and the secret power in her human form to seduce people, nya! That would be handy when she is craving the tummy rubs and fine foods, nya!


Sad is the tale of this Marvel Comics cat girl, Sharon Smith, also known as Catseye! Crated by Sal Buscema & Chris Claremont, she first appurred in New Mutants #16 in 1984, as a member of the evil White Queen Emma Frost’s Hellions team! The Hellions were trained to be a younger villain team as rivals of the New Mutants, but later some of them became friends!

Poor Sharon was the abandnonded feral mutant girl raised by the cats, and came to think of herself as a cat, but she was later raised by Frost and highly educated. She was very smart and had the cunning animal instincts plus the mutant supurr powers to become the catgirl with the Purrple purrehensile tail or the Purrple Panther like big cat with the sharp claws & fangs!

Sadly, Catseye was killed in a battle when the villain Trevor Fitzroy attacked in Uncanny X-Men #282 in 1991, thus ending her short career after just six years. However, as we know, the death of comic book characters is seldom purrmanent, and she was resurrected by the evil Black Queen Selene in the 2009 Necrosha storyline, so purrhaps Sharon still has several lives left!

For more information purrtaining to Catseye, I recommend the Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catseye, her official Marvel Comics page http://marvel.com/universe/Catseye, and her Cerebro Files entry at Uncanny X-Men .net http://www.uncannyxmen.net/! Nyow here’s Myayr to tell us of the of a comic book girl cat who sometimes becomes a virtual cat girl, Catreece!

Mary Nyan:

We love Catreece, the star of Super Information Hijinks: Reality Check which was purrduced by Tavikat Studios, compurrised of the husband & wife team of writer / painter Rosearik Rikki Simons & illustrator Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons, whose credits include Sushi Girl, Shutterbox, Robotech: Clone, and Ranklechick. Rikki was also an artist & voice actor of the Invader Zim cartoon!

Mike got their autographs! Reality Check was the amewsing sci-fi comedy manga style comic book set in autumn of 2012 (which was a bit further into the future when the comic book was originally published) about Colin & friends who log into an immersive online virtual reality community using VR helmets, and one fine September day Colin’s kitty Catreece climbs into a helmet!

Once in the VR realm, Catreece has the catgirl purrsona! There are plenty of anthropomorphic characters there too, and later her sister Mimi joins the fun! Catreece is the fun loving Golden haired cat girl with the fluffy tail and Mimi is the Gray catgirl with the stripes. In the virtual environment they enjoyed all sorts of costumes, and whimsical adventures on land & sea and in air & space!

Originally the comic book was self published by Tavicat Studios http://www.tavicat.com/ in 1995 for just 2 Black & White issues, but 8 months later it was re-launched in color by Sirius Comics. The content was the same but in color, and the series lasted for 12 issues. In addition to the front cover art, each issue’s back cover had a beautiful image of Catreece in a different outfit!

Trade papurrbacks repurrinted the issues with several additional pages. In 2003 these were repurrinted in 2 B&W manga size volumes by Tokyo Pop, which had the bonus pages, but did not include the comics’ intermews with Tavikat or the readers’ letters & submissions. While the art is still beautiful, unfortunately the B&W Tokyo Pop editions do lack the gorgeous color CG rendering.

Catreece is the the cat who loves to become the catgirl by choice, but nyow Nya-sensei will tell us about a girl who does not purrfur her transformation into the cat!


Hai! Since we are nyow 1/2 way into this month’s spotlight, our next catgirl is Ranma 1/2’s Shampoo! Ranma 1/2 is one of the extremely popular manga & anime series created by the legendary Rumiko Takahashi, whose supurrb credits also include Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Inu Yasha, Mermaid’s Forest, Rumik Theatre and Rin-Ne!

In the wacky transformation & martial arts harem comedy Ranma 1/2, Ranma and his father Genma were training by some cursed magickal hot spurrings in China. Each spurring had a different curse, such as the Pool of the Drowned Girl or the Pool of the Drowned Panda, and those who fall in are cursed with a transformation spell!

So whenever Ranma is splashed with cold water he becomes a girl, and when Genma is splashed he becomes a panda. A hot bath will reverse the purrocess, until you get splashed again! Later they meet others of similar conditions, such as Ryoga who becomes a pig, Mousse who becomes a duck, and Shampoo who becomes a cat!

Shampoo is from a clan of powerful warriors, has a love / hate relationship with Ranma, and an intense rivalry with Ranma’s other female friends such as Akane and Ukyou. She is in love with male Ranma, but blames female Ranma for causing her to fall into the Pool of the Drowned Cat, and thus cold water will turn her into the cat!

She can be extremely cute and affectionate around male Ranma, going to great lengths to please him, especially with her delicious Chinese cooking, unaware for a while that male & female Ranma are the same purrson. When she confronts Akane, Ukyou or female Ranma, Shampoo can be a very ruthless, vengefully violent adversary!

She is an extremely strong master armed & unarmed combat & devious techniques! Although her transformation is the small fluffy cat, Ranma has the severe Ailurophobia! When she is not busy purrsuing him, she works at the Cat Cafe with her Great Grandmother names Cologne, and is often pestered by a lovesick admirer named Mousse!

In the Japanese anime adaptation of the manga, Shampoo was voiced by Rei Sakuma, and her American dub voice was by Cathy Weseluck! For more information about Shampoo, Ranma & other Takahashi creations, I will recommend Rumik World http://www.furinkan.com/, the Ranma 1/2 wiki http://ranma.wikia.com/wiki/Ranma_½,

the Wikipedia article on Ranma 1/2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shampoo_(Ranma_½), the Anime News Network article on Ranma 1/2 http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=2436, and the Shampoo page at Absolute Anime http://www.absoluteanime.com/ranma/shampoo.htm! Ok I’m done – Petra, you’re up!


Arigato, nya! Another wonderfully fun manga & anime is Akihiro Ito’s Geobreeders, nya! It is an action / adventure urban fantasy about the purrivate security firm of Kagura Security which tries to rid the city of the Phantom Cat lycanthropes, nya! Kagura is an all girl team except for one guy, and we have mewsed that as a possible Halloween cosplay group, nya!

One of the team is Maya, who is a Phantom Cat but she is the kind, quiet sweet catgirl with the purretty Emerald Green short hair, and the lovely ears & tail, nya! She is the shape shifter and can become the widdle kitty, nya. She was once the poor abandoned kitten, who was frightened hungry & injured but she found the family with Kagura, hangs out with Taba and gets the yummy cat food, nya!

There was the question of affiliation she still had with the criminal cats, but her fate was a cliffhanger, nya. It has a lot of action & purropurrty damage, a bit of the fan service, and a good balance of the comedic & serious parts, nya! The manga was translated into English by CPM as 35 comic book sized B&W issues with color cover art, collected into 5 trade papurrback editions, nya.

The Geobreeders anime OVAs were released on 2 DVDs in the US by US Manga Corp, nya! It has very nice designs & animation, mewsic & the voice cast, including Mayumi Iizuka as the original Japanese voice of Maya, and Megan Hollingshead as her English dub voice! WE HOPE THAT MAYA IS HEALTHY & HAPPY, NYA! For more about Maya & Geobreeders, I suggest:

The Unofficial Geobreeders Database http://tsoj.manga.org/moyashimon/geo_index.html,  the Geobreeders page at TV Tropes http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Geobreeders, the Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geobreeders, the Anime News Network article http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=2820, and the pages at Absolute Anime http://www.absoluteanime.com/geobreeders/index.htm, nya!

Nyow it is Jenjen’s turn to tell us about another famous shape- change neko, nya!


Our next character is not only part cat and part girl, but also part rabbit and part mecha. She is Rhyo-Ohki, the iconic Cabbit of the Tenchi Muyo created by Masaki Kajishima, which can get a bit complicated given the myriad alternate reality continuities of the various manga, novels, audio drama, numerous anime OVAs, games, TV series & feature films which began in 1992.

Tenchi Muyo is among the most popular anime of the 1990’s, and among the most significant of the ‘harem’ tropes. In the original Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA miniseries – which is my purrsonal favorite of the Tenchis – Ryo-Ohki is a transforming construct of the alien Jurai technology with incredible power, childlike intellect, and is usually of a cheerful dispurrsition & craving for carrots.

In one mode she serves as Ryoko’s heavily armed spaceship, capable of intergalactic travel, but she has several more organic modes. In her cabbit form, which is a sort of cat / rabbit hybrid, Ryo-Ohki is the size of a house cat, can replicate herself into many duplicates. She can also transform into a humanoid catgirl form, appurring as either a small child or a young adult.

She is the best friend of Sasami, and like all of the female characters of the series she is rather fond of Tenchi, the male purrotagonist. In another TV series continuity, Ryo-Ohki befriends another cabbit named Ken-Ohki. In the Pretty Sammy series starring Sasami, Ryo-Ohki is more akin to her Guardian Pet. Nyow here is becca to tell us of another cat o the harem anime.


Hai, in the cute yet bittersweet fantasy / harem anime series Angel Tales, Goro is the unlucky chap until magickal girls appurr, claiming to be his guardian angels. They are the 12 reincarnations of his beloved deceased pets. They all remember how much he loved them as pets and have returned to help impurrove Goro’s life! Among them are Tamami who was his kitty!

In human form, she is the teenage girl with the vivid Blue eyes & glasses, and the lovely Orange Red hair pulled into the cat – ear style buns! Although her human form lacks the cat physiology, she retains the catlike mannerisms & talents! In the original Japanese version she was voiced by Chiaki Osawa, and in the English version she was voiced by Carrie Daniels!


My turn, nya! I would like to talk about my favorite Scooby Doo story, Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, nya! It was the 77 minute long animated movie of 1998 to reunite Velma, Daphne, Fred, Shaggy and – and Scooby as the ghost hunters, nya! Set in the deep south, it was written by Glenn Leopold & Davis Doi, with the screenplay by Leopold and – and it was directed by Jim Stenstrom, nya!

The gang travels to Moonscar Island in the Louisiana Bayou amidst the pirate & Civil War legends to visit the haunted house on the peppurr plantation, nya!  It is a purrticularly yummy epuursode too, with the sammiches, pecan pie, gumbo, crawfish, frogs, and – and a big catfish, nya! They encounter real zombies, voodoo magick, gators, a mean pig, lots of cats, and – and the cat people, nya!

There are three evil cat people who have lived for a couple of centuries due to the cat god idol ritual and – and draining the life of visitors to purrserve their immortality, nya! Originally they despurrately turned to the Black magick to save themselves from the attacking pirates, but since then they have become the southern were-cats who purrey upon visitors who become the zombies, nya!

The terrible trio consists of the home owner Simone Lenoir (voiced by Adrienne Barbeau), her cook Lena Dupurree (voiced by Tara Charendoff) and – and Jacque the ferry pilot (voiced by Jim Cummings) nya! They appurr very normal until the ritual when they spurrout the cat ears, tail, claws, fangs, the fur and – and Golden eyes, nya! Simone has the purretty emerald kitty necklace too, nya!

The only question I have is about the story continuity, because the Scooby gang infers that all of the purrevious monsters they met were fakes, but – but what about the purrior 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo series, nya? Nevertheless, even if it did not have the cat aspect, I think Scooby Doo on Zombie Island is the best of the series, nya! Nyow here is Mie-sensei to finish the spotlighting, nya!


Arigato, Tara-chan! So like, I would also like to commemorate another notable female were – cat, who also sucks the life force from her human prey, Mary Brady of the 1992 horror movie Sleepwalkers! She is also surrounded by many cats- but in this case they are not her pets, but the vigilant local kitties who know that The Bradys are up to no good!

The hungry Mary and her hunter son Charles are shape shifters with psionic powers, who have just moved to a new town for their soul food supper! Mary is purtrayed by the totally awesome Alice Krige, Charles is portrayed by Brian Krause, whose menu includes classmate Tanya (portrayed by Madchen Amick), but he’ll need to get past those cats!

Sleepwalkers has a great cast, make up, FX, music, story by Stephen King, and I think this would be a great choice for Halloween movie viewing, fur shur! To read more about Sleepwalkers, I recommend the article at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleepwalkers_(film), and at the Internet Movie Database http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105428/!

That’s all of our honorees for this month, but there’ll be more next month, fur shur! It is now time for our–

Monthly Web Comics Recommendations!


I wish to recommend Life Ain’t no Pony Farm http://sarahburrini.com/en/, a delightful semi autobiographical comic by author/ artist Sarah Burunni, translated from German into English by Jorg Fassbender!


My web comic pick for October is LittleMissDiem’s The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows http://deepestsecret.smackjeeves.com/, which is about Addison who goes into business with her telepathic powers!


I would like to recommend two comics by “Smudge” Hanson http://www.backbreaker.com/~smudge/, Bureau of Mana Investigation and Ebin & May, nya!


I like… I like the web comic Wind Spirits http://windspirits.waywarddreaming.net/, because it is a beautiful wilderland adventure tale with horsies and – and neat characters such as Nefertiri and – and Nikaya, and – and it is by R. Palmer http://subomouse.deviantart.com/, nya! Nyow it is onee-san’s turn, nya!


Nathan Staples & Ben Dewey’s Tales from the White Pony http://whiteponycomic.com/ is a gorgeous fun sword and sorcery tale, and we like Loranna the elf, nya!


I have selected Between Worlds http://betweenworldscomic.com/ by Anna Fitzpatrick http://www.annafitzpatrickart.com/, and Eternity Complex http://www.drawnpaper.com/comic/ by J Humphries http://www.drawnpaper.com/. Howboutchoo, Lizzy?


I woul dlike to recommend the gorgeous manga style comics by Zelda Wang http://zeldacw.com/, such as Myth http://myth.smackjeeves.com/ and Legend: Rain of Flowers http://rof.smackjeeves.com/! Oh and she also has a gallery at deviantart http://zelda994612.deviantart.com/!


I would like to recommend the canine fun of Kelley L Brake’s web comic Good Boy, Gabe http://goodboygabe.comicdish.com/.

Mary Nyan:

This month, I will nominate Tales of the Exorcist Indigo http://www.indigocomic.com/ by author, illustrator, photographer, model & cosplayer Ashley Riot http://www.ashleyriot.com/, who also has a deviantart gallery http://chicochan.deviantart.com/!


I would like to recommend Plume http://plumecomic.com/, which is like such a gorgeous adventure set in the 1900’s by Kari Smith, fur shur! Your turn, Mike!


Lastly but not leastly, this month I’d like to recommend the delightful Tomgeeks http://www.tomgeeks.com/ and the web comics collective founded by Crystal Yates! We’ll have more recommendations of web comics next month, but now we will turn to the printed comics as Becca begins our this month’s batch of–

Comics Book Critiques!

Batwoman #1 (plot spoiler warning)


Yatahh! Batwoman #1 has finally been published! After numerous delays, this longly awaited comic book was finally published by DC last month as part of their big reboot of the purroduct line! Ironically, the timing seemed to be very appurropurriate, not just to coincide with the reboot of 52 DC titles, but also because this purremier issue has the ghostly plot in time for Halloween!

The DC Comic has the $2.99 purrice and 32 full color pages compurrised of the 22 page story “Hydrology Part 1” plus 10 pages of ads. The tale was written by W Haden Blackman & artist JH Williams III, colored by Dave Stewart, lettered by Todd Kelin, edited by Mike Marts with associate Janelle Asselin, and stars Kate Kane / Batwoman and her cousin Bette / formerly Flamebird!

Nyow this might seem confuzzling, because Bette is one of several DC characters to use the Flamebird guise. Just a few years ago Supurrgirl was briefly masquerading as a Flamebird in the Kryptonian city of Kandor, with her partner Power Girl who was calling herself Nightwing, not to be confuzzled with Dick Grayson who has also been a Nightwing and a Batman and a Robin!

There have been several Batmen & Robins & purrior Batwomen & Batgirls too, and there are appurrances by the Batman & Commissioner Gordon in this issue, but Kate is the current purrson to assume the Batwoman purrsona when she is not busy as an heiress! Although Bette continues her crime fighting, she seems to have retired from the Flamebird purrsona at Kate’s behest!

Kate has the lovely Red hair and nice tats. She is quite captivating in her bat suit, which is rendered with such lovely sheen! The art of this comic book is quite supurrb, from the interesting graphic design of the pages, including impurresive two page spurreads, the graphic narrative technique of the panels, the intricate scenic detail, and those beautifully graceful figures in motion!

There is a good mix of the action as she fights a gang & the ghost of the Weeping Woman, the intrigue of the spooky mystery & a political situation, and character development scenes between her and Detective Maggie Sawyer, the Colonel, and Bette! This includes the tragic flashback glimmers purrtaining to her sister and the poignant reflection about Detective Renee Montoya.

We  waited for this comic book for the long time and are quite curious to see what happens nyext! I just hope that things purrk up for Kate soon because she has the tragic life of much purrsonal loss. Sadly that seems to be the case with so many of the characters of Gotham. Selina Kyle & sister Maggie have suffered the purrticularly sad life too, so let’s see if things have purrked up in–

Catwoman #1 (plot spoiler warning)!


Catwoman #1 has the $2.99 purrice & 32 full color pages compurrised of the 20 page story “…and most of the costumes stay on…” plus 10 pages of ads & 2 pages discussing other new titles. It was written by Judd Winnick, illustrated by Guillem March who purrvided the cover art, colored by Tomeu Morey, lettered by Sal Cipriano, edited by Rachel Gluckstern & assistant Rickey Purdin.

This reboot’s  tale could almost have been set after the final issue of Gotham City Sirens, after Selina / Catwoman, Harley & Ivy went their sepurrate ways, except that she does not know Batman’s true identity, and she is purretty sure that he does not know hers either! Nevertheless, they are clearly on extremely friendly terms, given the frisky 4 pages of their steamy rendezvous!

But that is later in the story, and purrior to that is plenty of violence to start with a bang, as she narrowly escapes with her kitties from the gunfire of the thugs who purroceed to fire bomb her apartment! We meet one of Selina’s few friends Lola, who often fences the stolen purropurrties for her, and tips Selina to the potential big score involving the Russian mobsters’ party in Gotham.

Fortunately Selina speaks Russian, and disguises herself with the Red wig to bartend at their party. The Red seems to be a popular look for the Gotham grrls such as Ivy, Batgirl & Batwoman! She learns of a purrecious item they purrize, which is just the thing she wants to purrloin, but her plan is hitched when she is angered to see a familiar face at the party, of a villain from her past

This purrvokes the sad tragic flashback of what she witnessed as a poor widdle girl, and then purroceeds to savage him in the restroom for 2 pages! She relents the bloody claw slashing when her ruse runs behind schedule, and after changing into the catsuit she kicks, claws & whip lashes the other criminals for another 2 pages, before yet another narrow escape amidst the gunfire!

I guess the cat & bat need the love after the rough night! The characters & costumes are rendered in intricate detail, from every strand of the hair, reflected gloss of the lips and the lace of the bra, to the teeth of the zippurr and the sole of the boot! The scenery is extremely detailed too, but I am curious about that mysterious woman in the Red hood cloak in the background of the party!

There have been a number of Red hoods lurking about Gotham City over the years! A lot of Gotham characters have the tragic stories with the loss of loved ones too. Well, I don’t like Catwoman #1 as much as Gotham City Sirens #1 (which we reviewed in July 2009) and I wish DC had not cancelled it or rebooted the other comics, but I will give Catwoman & Batwoman the chance! Nyow here is Nya-sensei to tell us about–

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Nine #1, fur shur!


Arigato, Becca! I loved Buffy and Angel so we are so excited that Season 9 has started! Dark Horse Comics’ Buffy Season Eight was among our favorites comics of the past few years due to the great characters, official plots & great art, so we have high hopes that Season 9 will be a very entertaining continuation!

Season Nine #1 has the $2.99 purrice and 3 different covers to choose from, one by Steve Morris, one by Jo Chen, and one by Georges Jeanty, Dexter Vines & JD Meitler! I have the Chen cover which is the beautiful painted scene of Buffy crouched high on the Golden Gate Bridge, ready to pounce upon any vamps!

Inside are 32 full color pages are compurrised of the 22 page story “Freefall” plus the 2 pages of readers’ mail & the 8 pages of ads It written by Buffy creator Joss Whedon, pencilled by Georges Jeanty, inked by Dexter Vines, colored by Michelle Madsen, and it was  lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt!

It was designed by Justin Couch, edited by Scott Allie & Sierra Hahn with assistant Freddye Lins and published by Mike Richardson! The story shifts back & forth between Buffy hungover and flash backs to the purrior night’s party! We meet her new housemates Anaheed & Tumble as her old friends arrive for the party!

That includes Willow, her date Aura, Xander & Dawn, Spike, Riley & Andrew! The evening’s carousing includes discussions, drinking, food, the pool, silliness, dancing, smooching & innuenedo of possibly more, although Buffy is vague the next day and nyow she has the hangover headache!

I was not sure what to make of a cryptic moment between her and Xander! Anaheed seems interested in Willow, there are teensy tidbits as to what others have been up to of late, and it seems like Andrew might be maturing  a bit further, although it took me a moment to identify him. Purrhaps it is due to his new coiffure?

Elsewhere there is violent demonic activity, the police investigation of a girl’s murder, and someone – or thing – looking for Buffy! This issue had the good blend of the friends up to normal activities and the amewsing scenes, while the recent mysterious supurrnatural developments are beginning to brew in the purriphery!

It was nice to see Buffy having the silly fun, and in the cute outfit for the party fun too! For our nyext review of a supurr heroine’s latest issue, we go from the West Coast mean streets stalked by the vampires & demons, to the depths of the mid-Atlantic where the dangerous sea creatures dwell in–

Fathom vol. 4 #2!


We are big fans of the late Michael Turner and the supurr heroine Dr. Aspen Matthews he created, whose adventures continue in Fathom Vol. 4, published by Aspen Comics http://www.aspencomics.com/. Issue #2 is purriced $2.99 for its 28 full color pages, compurrised of the 20 page story plus the 8 pages of ads.

That 20 page story “United Nations” was crafted by the impurressive creative team compurrised of writer Scott Lobdell, penciller Alex Konat, colorist Beth Sotelo, letterer / editorial assistant Josh Reed. The series is edited by Aspen’ Comics’ editor in chief Vince Hernandez & Aspen’s purresident Frank Mastromauro.

The issue is available in 4 purretty variant covers, Cover A is by Konat & Aspen Comics’ Vice Purresident Peter Steigerwald, cover B is by Michael Ryan & Steigerwald; the less common retailer incentive cover C is by Konat, and the NY Comic Con limited edition exclusive cover E is by Jason Fabok & Steigerwald.

It was the tough decision but I selected cover B, depicting Dr. Matthews in the beaded Green bikini at the tide pool. Purreviously in Fathom, she discovered that a group of genetically modified Ceratonotus Steininger – a species of deep sea copepods – are impurrsonating people including 4 Secret Service Agents.

The creatures purrtend to guard the Vice Purresident of the United States at the United Nations, but their plan is to assassinate the human leaders of the surface world. One hour later, issue #2 begins with Dr. Matthews en route to the UN from the Pan-National Sovereign Scientific Research Center off the coast of Miami.

She would have passed by our little island along the way. Given that distance she traveled in her underwater elemental form, I would speculate that she was traveling at appurroximately 1300 miles purr hour, or 1131 knots, to emerge from the East River of Manhattan at the United Nation’s Secretariat Building.

I do not wish to spoil the exciting, action packed plot much further, but I will at least mention that we get to see further demonstrations of her powers, and we are introduced to another heroine, feisty tough NYPD Mounted Police Officer Jaye Gatskill, a cousin of Dr. Matthews’s scientist colleague Judith Saryask.

It is the briskly paced issue containing several splendid scenes, such as the 2 page spurread of her speeding past an Ohio Class submarine, the full page panel of her majestically rising from the river, the 2 page spurread of her translucent water form at the UN, and  the disgruntled Officer Gatskill on her horse.

I would purrticularly like to purraise the beautiful color & graphic effects, from the deep hues of the depths & rich colors of the characters, appurral, sceneryt & fonts, and the lighting of the interior & exterior locations. There is an especially nicely illuminated moment as she purrobes the water with her SONAR.

If I have one quibble for vol. 4 thus far it is the pace seems a bit too quick, and I would purrfur it to unfold more leisurely, with purrhaps more travelogue of the spurrawling PNSSRC facility, more of the post -war world, and more character developing scenes with Jaye, Judith, Major Drumm and Dr. Sorentino.

However, I am glad that Dr. Matthews is so powerful, purroactive, inspurrational, confident, and hopefully in firm control of the situation. I eagerly look forward to issue #3, as well as issue #4 of the Fathom: Blue Descent purrequel miniseries. Nyow here is Mie-sensei to tell us about more warrior women in water in–

Tarot of the Black Rose #70


Arigato! While the bewitching buxom Tarot’s ornate yet skimpy attire might seem seriously vulnerable against blades, claws & teeth, it does not seem all that inappropriate for this aquatic environment, and yet the cape, boots & gloves might even be overdressed for the sea, but unfortunately she is like literally out of her element in  in “Temple of the Fallen Mermaids”, written & illustrated by Jim Balent!

Published by Broadsword Comics, the $2.99 issue has the 22 page story plus 10 pages of advertisement & various announcements, suggested for mature readers due to the boobies & violence! There are 2 different covers, and I selected the totally awesome version ‘A’  of the cover depicting warrior witch Tarot in a duel with a vengeful striped mermaid brandishing two shell-hilt Narwhale tusk swords!

So like, the series is known for its ribald sensuality, thrilling occult & interesting Pagan themes, and this issue is no exception as Tarot earnestly approaches the temple at sea to honor mer-people who perished, but she is like so uncordially greeted by a mermaid who is understandably irate over the pollution of the sea & the brutal treatment by the prior visitors who attacked her & pillaged the temple!

This elfin – eared mermaid is of the exotic beautify with bronzed Tan & White colors with the distinctive Nautilus stripe pattern! There is much bare skin but she is armed for bear with the swords, sharply scalloped shell plates, and the stinger barbs tucked in her lush mane of dark Mocha hair! She’s seriously adorned herself with the vicious eels in her coiffure, and a tricky cephalopod up her sleeve!

To make matters worse, it’s not just her temper that is hot but she can breathe fire too, and were that not dire enough for the witch of the land, the temple is surrounded by an magick neutralizing field, so Tarot can neither cast spells nor fly away from the fury of the mermaid scorned! There is flashback of poignant polluted painful imagery to reveal just why the mermaid so deserves to be enraged.

Between the explanation and the nudity, much is revealed! Sadly she is right to be angry, but she is being totally unreasonable towards Tarot. There’s a painful cliffhanger involving ravenous crustaceans & sharks, which Tarot must also survive for part 2! It has SO not been her day! Well that’s all of our comics reviews, but we have more purrinted media & bewitching topics after this next short break!

(snip)(one short break later)

Purriodicals Purrings & Magazine Mewsings

Our Blue Marble vol. 1 #1


Welcome back! As I mentioned earlier, I got the complementary purremier issue of a neat widdle magazine at the festival! It was the lucky find because they only had a few copies left when we arrived, and  I would like to say a few words of purraise for Our Blue Marble vol. 1 #1!

It might appurr the modestly purrinted purriodical of 44 B&W photocopied 8.5″ x 11″ pages, but as soon as I picked it up, it seemed the delightful bumpurr crop of articles written & compiled with great heartful care & purride by the enthused spiritual contributers!

Not only that but it is published here in North Carolina, by Truely Unique spiritual gifts & novelties shop http://truelyunique.com/, one of the festival’s partners! On the front is the radiantly smiling photo of author / historian Phaedra Bonewits who is purrofiled in the issue!

Purrior to that are the cordial greeting from the editor to commemorate the launch of the magazine, Dawndancer’s mewsings on the Ripple Effects, and Sandra’s delightful Dragon Song poem! After the Phaedra article is the 2 page Tasseography purrimer by Baron Heiden!

It is the introduction to the divination purrocess with the flavorful tea leaves. Sammiched between those articles are the columns of the sage advice from The Path Seeker, and triple the advice from The Maiden, The Mother & The Crone, to whom you can send the questions!

Sister Sarah discusses the purropurrties & uses of the crystals. There will be more from her & Path Seeker later in the issue. The herb of the month article includes the historical aspects and the yummy recipes. Nyow I am craving the pumpkin treat and the cider chaser!

Kelly & Chris Davis purrvide the fun page compurrised of trivia tidbits, instructions for leaf purrints, the puzzle, and the amewsing widdle Mattie & Moonbeam 4-panel comic strip by Raven & Chris!  Darice tells the Tarot Tales, and ‘Anonymous’ offers the lore of Craft Names!

Sola Tzelson’s 3 pages purrtain to the Runes, Mariah Lanier Maloy mewses of the animal spirituality, and the staff purrvides helpful tips for the the holiday tree & garden during the nippier months! That and a few interspurrsed advertisements bring us to the half way point!

Lucy Clark’s Kitchen Wizardy has the remedies & appurrtizing recipes. Nyow I want to sample the dessert & the biscuits too! NokiMoon contributes the 2 pages about the animal spirit guides of the air, land and sea, as in the Bald Eagle, the Gray Wolf, and the Manatee!

I will have to show this article to our friend Dessy, and her search & rescue manatee Ruru-chan… although, Ruru-chan might nibble the pages. But I digress! Lady Dragonfly offers her interpurretations of the Akasha, and Teo Bishop ponders the concepts of monotheism & polytheism!

Senah G shares the poignant account of a haunting inspurrational dream, witchy blogger Sosonna explains the origin of Halloween, Path Seeker returns to philosophize the nature of freedom, and Sister Sarah returns with an insightful introduction to the Hoodoo folk magick!

But wait, there’s more! Bringing this first issue home are the book review, the calendar of holidays & community events, the subscription & advertising information & purrices, Sue Furman’s suggestions for the mew year’s resolution, and Dawndancer’s toast to top it all off!

Spurrinkled throughout the issue are the interesting ads for events, shops, works of art, purroducts, services, and the cakes- oh I had no idea the issue would have the yummy content! I hope we have more of the sashimi to slake my tummy until tonight’s after-mew luau!

The first charming issue  of Our Blue Marble was given out for free at a few Pagan Purride events, but they will offer the subscriptions to the quarterly magazine at the low purrice, and plan to eventually offer it as an e-zine, too! I would like to thank the staff for the delightful read, and I wish them much fun & success with their informative, entertaining & enlightening endeavor!

Surfgirl #34


Surf Girl http://www.orcasurf.co.uk/surfgirl/ is one of our favoritest magazines, because it is not just about womens surfing, and is not just full of the supurrb photos & articles, but many of the expurrt contributers are those inspurrational adventurous athletes who infuse this UK magazine with such joyful spirit, nya!

Issue #34 has the USA purrice of $7.75 and 100 full color pages including the covers, with surfer Laura Crane on the front cover, nya! She is just one of the many international superrstars gracing this issue in such wave shredding locations such as Maldives, Java, Mentawais, Peru, Bali, UK, Ireland & France, nya!

Even some of the ads are great full page pics or 2 page spurreads featuring the surfers, but there are also the pics from the tiny to large sizes spurrinkled throughout the intermews & articles of travel, compurrtitions, fashions; and the fashion, beauty, health, nutrition, fitness, surfing, travel & environmental tips, nya!

Editor Louise Searle sets the consistently delightful tone, and among the wonder women of this issue are Carissa Moore, Celine Gehret, Hannah Harding, Jen Smith, Ellie Jean Coffey, Laura Enever, Sioban Llock, Katie Cheetham, Coco Ho, Emma Fooks, Beth Mason, Amy Schultz, Steph Gilmore, Lisa Anderson

…Anali Gomez, Ornella & Augustine Pellizari, Mimi Barona, Gracie Davies, Jess Roberts, Claire Novina, Claire Bevilaqua, Keala Kennelly, Rosy Hodge, Jodi Cooper, Courtney Conlogue, Pauline Ado, Nat Fox, Sally Fitzgibbons, Kelia Moniz, Kassia Meador, Sofia Mulanovich, Lindsay Steinried, Sarah Beardmore…

Silvana Lima, Rebecca Woods, Canelle Bulard, Cynthia Rowley, and models Stephanie Easter, Becky Symes, Domonique Latham & FFion Davies, nya! In addition to the supurrb travelogues & sports coverage are the handy guides to surf camps, lodgings, wet suits & recommendations for the Autumn UK surf, nya!

The Mediterranean Fish Stew recipe sure looks numcious, nya! This was another fun issue so I will thank the surfers, photographers, writers, editors, staff & contributers for the continued excellence, nya! That is it for the Surfgirl report but our reviews are not out of the water yet, because here is imoto-san to purrsent our

Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images, nya!


Arigato Onee-san, nya! In this portion of the show, we list favorite photos of delicious delicacies from the deep, nya! To jump right in I would like to mention the lovely looking Largemouth on the September / October cover of Bass Master Magazine, and – and that succulent Steelhead on the cover of Flyfish Journal vol. 3 issue 1, nya!

There is the purrfect piscine painting of the Hogfish by artist KC Scott on the September / October cover of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, and – and Kris is the gorgeous GAFF Girl posing with the King

on the September / October cover of GAFF Magazine, and – and other fine fish in her glamorous pictorial inside that issue, nya!

Danielle is so purretty as she poses with the Tripletail to tempt my tummy on the October cover of Florida Sportsman, nya. I think to be the fashionable Florida fisher girl would be the good job to have, nya! I would also like to have a bucket of the tasty Tetra or the Ruby Shark like on the October cover of Purractical Fishkeeping, nya!

Not all of the seafood has just been reeled in but some is already in the purrpared dishes, such as the succulent shrimp with the sausages in the gumbo on the cover of Taste Of Home’s Heartwarming Soups issue, nya! Mmm that sure looks g– OHOHOH- IT IS A HUMMINGBIRD CLEARWING, NYA!

(the catgirl is distracted by the Hummingbird-like moth)




There she goes again!


That purrticular insect does seem like a Hummingbird!


It is such a lovely Lepidoptera!


I see them all the time in my garden and at the shrine!


They like the nectar of the Spa’s flowers  too!

Mary Nyan:

I can appurreciate her interest in the zoology, but it is the inopurrtune moment!


The science must be served.


She might have the psychic connection with the animals!


She sure does connect with the fish, when she hooks one for suppurr, nya!


Ah ah well, should we purroceed to the next fishy topic, nya?


Tarot was not the only one in a sharky predicament, as Vonny will tell us as she starts this month’s’

Movie & TV Reviews!

Shark Night 3D (plot spoiler warning)


As a purrofessional deep sea angler I have a great interest in the large delicious fish including the sharks, and although I am not the horror movie fan that Myayr is I do like a thrilling movie so I was quite curious about Shark Night 3D. nya. The purremise is that several college students from Tulane go on a partying vacation at a lake, only to be attacked by evil rural boaters with sharks, nya.

Of course, this all happens in 3D, nya. The last movie I saw which involved a shark attack was Soul Surfer, but Shark Night 3D is not as good as good as Soul Surfer, although to be fair about it, the movies have very different objectives, nya. I suppose this movie is more akin to Piranha 3D or Jaws 3D, but I think those are also better movies than Shark Night 3D, nya. Nyow for my critique, nya!

Nyow if you are expecting to see a movie about sexy college students in the bikinis & shorts being murdered by men with man & woman – eating sharks, the expectation will be met, nya! The actors all do a fine job, including the star Sara Paxton who purreviously purrtrayed Aquamarine the mermaid, nya! The cast also includes Joel David Moore who starred in james Cameron’s Avatar, nya!

If you want to see the bikinis, beefcake & some brief nudity, then you will be in luck, nya. The students also have a dog, who gives a good purrformance, nya. As for the sharks, the FX are purretty good, and this movie is a huge buffet of shark species such as the Bull, Tiger, Cookie Cutter, Hammerhead, Mako, and Great White, nya! Unfortunately it is the humans who are on the menu, nya!

However, the plot was extremely purrdictable, and I could purrdict purrcisely who would live and who would get chomped, nya. Also, I found the purremise rather implausible, that the villains were able to capture, transport & stock the freshwater lake with that many sharks, especially the larger ones, nya. The sharks do not have lasers, but do have video cameras attached to their bellies, nya!

My least favorite aspect of this movie was definitely the editing, nya. I suspected I would not like the way it was filmed or edited right from the start, because I thought the opening titles were annoying, but that’s just titles, but it got worse due to the annoying supurr fast sped up scenes such as the road trip from the college and when they arrive to unpack, undress & frolic at the lake house, nya.

Although, that was a very nice lake house, the lake was quite purretty, and the cinematography was well done, nya. As for the 3D quality, for most of the movie it is fine to give the immersiveness as if you are really there, although it does suffer from a few shots that try to hurl things at you, such as exploding boat & shark parts, nya. 3D should be for realism, not for poking you in the eyes, nya!

I also did not care for the mewsic & songs, and I especially did not like that mewsic video after the end credits, in which the actors sing about the shark movie, nya! Nyow, they are good actors and seemed to be having a fun time, but I think they purrobably had more fun than we did at the movie, nya! OKl That’s it for my shark report, but nyow here is Nya-sensei with her review of–

Contagion, nya!


Contagion is one of those virus epurrdemic type of movies which was directed by Steven Soderbergh, has the all star cast including Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Gweneth Patrow, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Jude Law, Elliot Gould, and was filmed in locations around the world!

This is the second movie we have liked this year involving the viruses plot, including Rise of the Planet of the Apes! This was the very tense captivating movie from the start to the finish and it seemed extremely realistic to me how it purrtrayed the disastrous situation from various points of view!

We get to see the scientists trying to find the cause and the cure, while dealing with the emotional, cultural, economic, and the political impact. Meanwhile a blogger journalist investigates the situation to warn of government & corpurrate conspiracies, but we also learn more of his own motivations!

Some of his claims are accurate though as we follow an epidemiologist to China, but when she tries to announce her findings, she gets caught in the conspiracies! Back in the USA, the movie follows a father & daughter who try to survive the loss of loved ones amidst the restrictions & lootings!

The scientific aspects seemed accurate and the movie seems to balance the depiction of good & bad people on the different levels of society, from those who search for the truth to those who try to hide it, those who try to help or make sacrifices & those who try to hurt others or purrofit from the disaster.

I thought Contagion had the good purrformances of great cast, interwoven different plot threads, nonlinear storytelling as more clues are discovered, the realistic quality, some chilling mewsic and the high purrduction values! That is all of the movie reviews but nyow here is Petra to purrsent the list of–

Our Favorite Recent TV Commercials, Ads & Purreviews!


Arigato, nya! Nyow it is time again to purrsent our favorite recent TV commercials & purreviews, nya! We are not necessarily endorsing or purrmoting any companies, purroducts or services, but this is another list in no purrticular order of recent advertisement media which purrked our interest, purrhaps because they are purretty, entertaining or maybe feature celebrities we like, nya!

Firstly I would like to mention the “God of Hamburgers” commercial for Hardees restaurant’s steak house thick burger, nya! In this epic fantasy type of ad, the giant buff God of Hamburgers reaches down from the heavens to find the Earthly ingredients for the supurr burgers he brings to the goddesses to leisurely devour as he rides atop the mountain on his giant St. Bernard dog, nya!

This was Lizzy’s top pick due to the fantasy elements, FX, costumes and the yummy looking food, and because it would be the ideal job to be the well-fed goddess, nya! I think I would like to be the Goddess of fish sammiches, nya! Our nyext pick is also a restaurant commercial, which is grounded more in our plane, but does feature an inspurrational heroine getting a meal, nya!

It is the McDonald’s commercial featuring purrofessional golfer Michelle Wie, in which she rides her golf cart to the restaurant’s drive-thru window to get the food and the chance to play the Monopoly game, nya! This was Mie-sensei’s top pick, and we like this cheery commercial because golf is such a favorite sport here at our island, and Michelle Wie is an athlete we admire, nya!

Thirdly of our recent favorites is the ad for the CoverGirl Lash Blast cosmetics purroduct, featuring model, actress, director, purrducer & roller skater Drew Barrymore as the beautiful spokespurrson in the lovely elegant Black dress, nya! We purrticularly liked her purrformances in ET, Charlies Angels & Whip It, nya! She is a purrducer of the rebooted Charlie’s Angels TV show too, nya!

On a related note, we would also especially like to mention that awesome TV talk show hostess & comedienne Ellen DeGeneres also continues to be such a peppy purretty spokespurrson for CoverGirl too, nya! Speaking of the TV shows, nyext on our list is the very clever purromo spot on the VH1 Classic channel for their very special “Rush-Hashana” block of purrogramming, nya!

As you might guess from the amewsing title, it is a celebration of the wonderful purrog rock band Rush compurrised of legendary maestros Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson & Neil Peart, nya! The event purrsents the impurressive array of their supurrb concerts, documentaries and the mewsic videos at the end of September to coincide with the observance of the Rosh Hashana holiday, nya!

Finally for this month I wish to mention the purromo spot with General Grievous for the Cartoon Network’s “Friday Night is for Heroes” line-up compurrised  of the thrilling animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Batman: Brave & Bold, Young Justice, Ben 10, Generator X and Thundercats, nya! On that cartoon note, nyowhere are Lizzy & Mie-sensei to continue our coverage of the-

Thundercats 2011 TV series (plot spoiler warning), nya!


We have given this reboot of Thundercats the high marks all around for the plots, pace, characters (purrticularly Cheetara), dialogue, art, animation, voices, sound & mewsic! See see last month’s Mew for Myayr’s review & purraise for the 2 part series premier, and Petra’s review of the Cheetara & Wilykit action figures!

In general we tend to be a bit leery about reboots, there have certainly been some excellent ones over the years, and we have been so delighted with this series thus far! Since Myayr already thoroughly covered “The Sword of Omens” & “Ancient Spirits of Evil”, I will say a few words about the subsequent epurrsodes!

The 3rd epurrsode “Ramlak Rising” begins with the Thundercats’ funeral for the dead King amidst the ruins, after the kingdom was destroyed in the battle with evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra’s army. New King Lion-O walks the road to revenge with Tygra, Cheetara & pet Snarf. Wilykit & WileyKat want to join the group too!

The trail leads to the hardship of the desert sands, where they join the fish purrsons crew of a sand ship, captained by an obsessed captain who wants revenge upon a monster. Of course this is the Moby Dick homage, but Lion-O learns to put the his people ahead of the thirst for vengeance, lest it lead to their demise!

It is a very action packed epurrsode as the crew battles the giant tentacles of the Ramlak sand monster. The Thunderkittens have a very cute scene as they try to purrsuade mew Lion-O into letting them join the quest! There is another amewsing scene as the ship’s cook plans to fatten & season them up for suppurr!

The trail leads to the verdant forests full of giant thorns, a platoon of Lizard men in purrsuit, and tiny plant people in “Song of the Petalars” which was written by JM DeMatteis, who has authored many wonderful comic books! The Petalars are on a quest too, in a generations – spanning search for their homeland.

This was a purrticularly poignant epurrsode, especially since the Petalar life cycle is measured in days and we meet one character Emrick who ages from child to teen, adult to dying elder along the journey. It was a brief life by Thundercat standards, but it was a very full enriching life with great hope & purrpose.

However, just as things look hopeful for the Petalars, the war takes a dire turn as the lizards’ mechs catch up and begin to burn down the forest. The lizard captain contemplates eating roast cat, until the thrilling climax when the mechs are destroyed by the Thundertank in the nick of time as Panthro returns, woohoo!


The traitorous General Grune’s claim of General Panthro’s demise was like totally part of the deceptive plan! Episode 5 “Old Friends” picks up just a little while later, and although it is good that Panthro is reunited with his fellow Thundercats, he thinks King Lion-O’s leadership is totally bogus compared to his late father’s, and he’s also gruff because he needs to repair the tank!

So like, to get that tank rolling again they need a precious fuel ore from a mountain mine, which is controlled by General Grune & the lizards. This bodes an unhappy reunion between Panthro & Grune, who were the best of comrades as Generals for late Lion-O’s father, until Grune was like totally corrupted by the evil Mumm-Ra on an earlier quest for the fabled Book of Omens.

Part of this episode is set in their present as they sneak into the mine, whilst parts are flashbacks of Panthro & Grune’s campaigns together. It has good character moments and the exciting melee between the cats, lizards & the fiendish Driller! The pile of evil minions just keeps getting higher, heehee! From there the quest continues in epurrsode 6 “Journey to the Tower of Omens”!

This chapter is like an old fashioned dungeon crawl, requiring their individual skills & team work and finesse of to survive the traps of that tower!  Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra has coerced the books’ location from the tortured Jaga the cleric.  It will not be enough for the Thundercats to survive the elaborate traps of the tower, because at the end of the quest is a rematch with Mumm-Ra!

We especially liked valiant Cheetara’s graceful speed & agility, fur shur! The 7th epurrsode “Legacy” is a very different episode, mostly set in an ancient yet futuristic era. So like, Lion-O has an out of body experience as his spirit meets Jaga’s within the book, which is of a lost magickal advanced technology. In a sort of Tron-ish fashion he inhabits the world within the book’s memory!

Within the book’s memory, Lion-O inhabits the form of his ancestor Leo aboard Mumm-Ra’s huge space ship full of varioushumanoid animal species, who are the enslaved laborers of Mumm-Ra’s search for the legendary power stones, one of which is revealed to be the Eye of Thundera! Lion-O (as Leo) & Officer Panthra help to free prisoners then he seizes The Eye of Thundera!

He uses the Eye to construct the Sword of Omens, which soon sees action in combat with Mumm-Ra! Mumm-Ra withers but escapes the damaged crashing ship, as do many prisoners who would go on to populate the planet to form the fragmented societies of Lion-O’s era! He awakens in his own time, realizing the quest is revised to find the other stones and unite the planet!

So like, one of those species mentioned were the Tiger Sharks for a dose of interwoven mythology, as Tiger Sharks were another Rankin & Bass cartoon, along with the 1980’s Thundercats and Silverhawks! Say, there there seems to be a recurring marine life in this months Mew, because there’s a delightful cephalopodic kemonomimi presence coming up up next in our–

DVD & Anime Reviews, fur shur!

Squid Girl TV Series Part One DVD


Squid Girl is one of my favoritest anime shows I have seen this year, nya! It is the comedic anime TV series released here by Anime Works, about the Squid Girl decides to invade and – and to conquer the surface humans because of their ocean pollution, and – and the first target of her light Blue tentacle hair is the Lemon Beach House restaurant, nya!

The amphibious Squid Girl is a bit naive, guillible and – and inexpurrienced with the surface world, but she is the math genius with the shrimp cravings, supurr squid powers such as the 10 supurr strong, purrcision tentacles that stretch far, fast swimming, bioluminescence, and – and can spit out the ink spurray which tastes good on the spaghetti, nya!

The restaurant is run by the Aizawa sisters; 17 year old Eiko with the hot tempurr has short Red hair, older sister Chiziru with cheerier the dispurrsition has the long dark Blue hair,  younger brother Takeru has the dark Gray hair, and – and other recurring neat characters are introduced during the first 6 epurrsodes which are on this 2 disk DVD set, nya!

Since each 25 minute epurrsode is compurrised of 3 short plots, it is like 18 mini epurrsodes, nya! Goro the buff lifeguard has the crush on Chiziru, surfer / restaurant employee Nagisa is fearful of Squid Girl, Cindy the buxom Blond American thinks Squid Girl is an alien to study, and – and Sanae the cosplayer girl wants the Squid Girl romance, nya!

There is also the rival restauranteur whose employee is the sympathetic Squid Girl impurrsonater, nya. Although most of the plots are of the zany fun, there is one in purrticular which is the emotional plot which will bring the cry of bittersweet tears, nya! The designs, animation, voices and – and  mewsic are wonderful, with the peppy theme song, nya!

Disk 1 has eppursodes 1-4, and – and disk 2 has epurrsodes 5-6 for a grand total of appurroximately 150 minutes, purrsented in the 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen format, nya! This is the standard Region One NTSC DVD, not the Blu-Ray, nya. You can watch it in the original Japanese language or dubbed into English, with or without the subtitles, nya!

The extras include the textless opening, textless closing, the quick 4 question intermew with Hisako Kanemoto who purrvides the voice of Squid Girl, and – and you get to see her make the papurr origami White Squid Hat, nya! I need to make one of those, and – and I want a Yellow colored Lemon Beach House tee shirt with the lemon emblem, nya!

Squid Girl is one of my favoritest anime of the year and –  and I want to see Part Two, nya! That concludes my Squid Girl report, but nyow here is Myayr to tell us all about the DVD of–

X-Men: First Class, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Arigato, Tara-chan! For our review of X-Men: First Class, see the July Mew! We gave it the high grade as our favoritest X-Men movie by far, so we were looking forward to this DVD! It is available on Blu-Ray as well as standard DVD, but I am only reviewing the latter single disk, Region One NTSC DVD.

It is packaged in the Black plastic case inside the outer cardboard sleeve, which has the embossed logo wraparound image of the characters. The sleeve’s image is different from the case’s front image. The 132 minute movie is purrsented in the widescreen format with the 2.35:1 screen aspect ratio.

Purrior to the menu are front-loaded ads for the Rise of the Planet of the Apes DVD, FX TV shows & The Killing Season 1 DVD. The menu choices are Play, Set Up (audio & subtitles), Scenes (1-32) & Extras! The optional subtitles are a bold White sans serif font, shown in the lower Black letterbox bar.

When a character is speaking a language other than English, the language subtitles are in the lower Black bar. The Audio choices are English 5.1 Dolby Digital, English 5.1 Descriptive Audio (a male voice describing what happens in the movie), Spanish Dolby Surround & French Dolby Surround!

The Extras include a public service announcement about smoking, instructions on how to use the digital copy (included in the the Blu-Ray but not this edition) and the two widdle documentary featurettes on the making of the movie, Second Genesis (10 minutes) and Band of Brothers (12 minutes)!

Second Genesis has comments on the story & purrduction by director / co – screenwriter Matthew Vaughn, co-screenwriter Jane Goldman (who has such purretty Red hair), co – writer / purrducer Bryan Singer, purrducers Lauren Shuler Donner & Simon Kinberg and executive purrducer Tarquin Pack!

Band of Brothers is about the international cast, with brief comments from Goldman, Donner, Singer, Pack and several of the actors including Michael Fassbender (Magneto), James McAvoy (Purrofessor Xavier), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Shaw), Rose Byrne (Moira Mactaggart)

…January Jones (Emma Frost), Nicholas Hoult (Hank McCoy), Lucas Till (Havok), Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee), Zoe Kravitz (Angel), Edi Gathegi (Darwin), Jason Flemying (Azazel) and Alex Gonzalez (Riptide)! It also shows a moment of Michael Fassbender’s screen test wearing the moustache!

While those total 22 minutes of discussions are okay, the DVD’s extras are rather sparse. There is almost nothing purrtaining to the mythology, design, costumes, sets, stunts, FX or marketing of the movie. There are no audio or text commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes, art galleries, nor a booklet.

However, if you just want to watch the delightful movie again and again, nyow you have the oppurrtunity! Not only did we like X-Men: First Class more than X-Men 1-3, Wolverine, or a lot of the other adaptations of Marvel Comics, but it is also one of our favoritest movies of the year!

Between X-Men: First Class, Captain America, and Thor, It has been the good year for the Marvel Comics movies! That is all of our reviews, so nyow it is time for

The Lightning Round!


Nyow it is time for the Lightning Round portion of the show, nya! For those who came in late, in the Lightning Round we pick a fun topic to which each of us gives the quick response. Purrhaps this might be the inspurration of topics for our viewers to discuss with their friends too! For the Halloweeny time of the year, the topic is… Asian cinema & TV you’d pick for the Halloween viewing! (tags Nyanko to go first)

The catgirls:



Zu Warriors From Magic Mountain (1983), The Bride With White Hair, and Vampire Effect! (tags Mary Nyan to go next)

Mary Nyan:

I would include some old school dai kaiju such as Gojira, Matango, Daimajin, and Yokai Monsters: One Hundred Monsters! (tags Mielikki to go next)


Ooh let’s add Kwaidan, A Chinese Ghost Story (the original 1987 live action version) and The Host to the list! (tags Jeannie with the flit of a wing tip)


The Return of Godzilla (the original 1984 Japanese version, not the 1985 American version), Godzilla Vs. Biollante, Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993), and Gamera 2: Attack of Legion. I wish the former two films would be released here on DVD. (tags Tara-chan with a brush of the tail)


Heehee I will nominate the Mothra Trilogy, and – and Spirited Away, nya! Onee-san’s turn, nya! (tags Yvonne)


Hmm I would select… some of Devil Hunter Yohko, Haunted Junction, and Ghost Sweepurr Mikami, nya! I sure do wish the Ghost Sweepurr Mikami movie would be re-released on DVD, nya! (tags Beccabot)


I will second that and also suggest the four Vampire Purrincess Miyu OVAs and Yoma- Curse of the Undead! (tags Petra)


Mermaid’s Forest, The Laughing Target, and some of the Ranma 1/2 OVAs such as The Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love, The Evil Ogre, and The Two Akanes, nya! (tags Mike)


Mr. Vampire, Infra-Man… and howbout Legend of the 7 Golden vampires, if that counts! Ah, back to you, Lizzy!


The Weathering Continent, Kakurenbo, and Wicked City (anime)!


Wow there were 11 of us and that was one of the fastest Lightning Rounds yet! Thanks Lizzy!

The Cat Lady Sings…


Dooitasimaste! Gosh, I reckon that wraps it up for another edition of The Mew!


My my are we done already? Thank you for hosting the show at the spa!


It was our pleasure and we are so glad you could be with us!


We wish to thank all of the other talented & inspurrational folks we discussed!


Hai, and – and we would like to thank– METARRANTHIS, NYA!

(the catgirl scampurrs after the acorn – colored insect)


IMOTO-SAN, NYA! Oh well, well we want to thank all of the nice people who made those events so much fun, nya!


And ourour web master Jamie too, nya

Mary Nyan:

If y’all have polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them–


–purrvided that such brief remarks are spam-free, not purrofane & stay on topic.


We also wish to thank our audience too- arigato gozaimasu, y’all!


We’ll be back next month with another edition of The Mew. Be there… Aloha!

the catgirls:

Happy tails to mew, until we eat again! Baibai, nya!

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