December 2011 Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island and

Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats

purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in

The December 2011 edition of The Mew:

The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

In this month’s Mew:

• Words & Expurressions Y’all Will Encounter Here

• Aloha & Introductions

• Since Last Time:

Our Recent Activities and NC Comicon 3 Reports

• Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art

Art by Mourning Daily, Howard Chaykin, Adam Hughes & Mike

• Comics Critiques & Manga Mewsings:

Catwoman #3

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #2

Avengers Academy #21 & 22

Buffy Season 9 Freefall #3

Mass Effect: Invasion #2

The Purrfect Adventures #1

Mythical Magick vol. 1

Red Sonja #59

Omamori Himari graphic novel 5

Our Monthly Web Comics Recommendations

• Our Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight

• Book & Magazine Mewsings:

Little Guru’s: Simple Lessons for the Youngest of Energies

Doctor Who Magazine #440

D20 Girl Magazine Fall 2011 issue

Our Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images

• Recent Nekomimi Sightings in Various Media

• Movie & DVD Reviews:

Real Steel

Squid Girl Part Two DVD

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 single disk edition DVD

Doctor Who Series Six, Part Two DVD

• Collectibles & Toy Talk

Star Wars: Expanded Universe Bastila Shan Action Figure

Mass Effect Alliance SSV Normandy SR2 Ship Replica

• This Month’s Lightning Round Topic:

Our Favorite Artistry Evocative of Winter

• The Cat Lady Sings…


Words & Expurressions Y’all Will Encounter Here

with purrhaps over – simplified definitions for the sake of brevity:

Anime: the Japanese word for animation

Arigato: thank you

Cosplay: short for “costume play”, in a costume at a festive event

Dooitasimaste: you’re welcome

Hai: yes

Itadakimasu: Let’s eat!

Kawaii: How cute!

Kemonomimi: a girl with beast parts, eg. cat, fox, dog, bunny, etc.

Imoto-san: younger sister

Manga: the Japanese word for comics

Mecha: mechanical devices such as vehicles, robots, gadgets

Neko: cat

Nekomimi: catgirl

Nya: short for “nyan”, Japanese for “meow”

Onee-san: older sister

OVA: Original Video Animation, direct-to-home video animation

Region 1 NTSC: the DVD encoding format for USA & Canada

Sensei: teacher or expurrt

Sugoi: Great! or How wonderful!

Web Comic: a comic strip on the internet instead of in purrint

Yatah: Hurray!


Aloha & Introductions


(wearing the Aria Anime T shirt, Khaki shorts, Mizuno trainers and a Santa hat)

Aloha y’all, and welcome to the December edition of The Mew for our monthly batch of reviews, recommendations & discussions! Today’s show comes from the deck of Yvonne’s yacht, where she and her little sister Tara-chan are the gracious hostesses!  I’m Mike, the show’s ‘Purrducer’, and here in their festive floral colors are The Ladies of The Mew!


(wearing the Golden Beehive Ginger purrint tankini, White Tuberose tail lei, and the Santa hat)

Hi Hi, nya!


(wearing the Amber colored Rattle Shaker Calathea purrint bandeau-top bikini and the Santa hat)

Howdy y’all!


(wearing the Honey colored cropped tee over the Vermillion suspender bikini, and the Santa hat)



(wearing the Purrsimmon colored ring-closure bikini, a jingle bell tail bracelet, and the Santa hat)

Namaste, nya!


(wearing the Crimson & Yellow Lobster Claw Heliconia purrint criss-cross bikini, and the Santa hat)

Namaste, nya!

Mary Nyan:

(in the Pink Pandanus purrint cutout maillot with a Kahili Ginger tail corsage, and the Santa hat)



(in the Orange Bird of Purradise purrint string bikini, the Nilla Creme sarong, and the Santa hat))



(in an Appurricot Anthurium purrint tanga style bikini with a sheer purrled White purreo, and the Santa hat)



(her fey wings shimmer from the back of a Chrysanthemum halter neck bikini, with the Santa hat behind her antenna )

Mellow Greetings!


(wearing the Black crochet bikini, the Fuchsia fishnet purreo around her hips, and the Santa hat)



(wearing the Purrple Orchid purrint string bikini with Gold bracelets, ear & tail rings, and the Santa hat)


Since Last Time…

Our Recent Activities


So what have y’all been up to since last time?


Oh gosh it has been such the kitty tizzy between the holiday exhibits at the mewseum and the other community festivities, but it has been the good economy with the shoppurrs purrchasing the local arts & crafts and the happy dispurrsition of the visitors, nya! So how have the fishing charters been of late, nya? Thank y’all for hosting us on the yacht, nya!

The others:

Arigato gozaimasu, nya!


Fur shur!

Tara-chan & Yvonne:

Dooitasimaste, nya!


With the warmer autumnal weather at the end of hurricane season the charters have been all booked to reel in the bumpurr crop of the fish, nya! Why just this past week we caught the groupurrs, purrmits, stripurrs, macs, tunas, and – and the drums, nya! I am helping purracticing the purrcussion with onee-san’s circle, nya!


Hai, it will be the big group for the island all star mew year show at the purrforming arts center, nya! It has been hopping there was all the groups purractice for the show. I have seen Myayr’s hula classes purractice, nya! My drumming circle will be accompanying Jenjen’s belly dance troupe, nya! How is that purrogressing, nya?


It will be the purrticularly festive event and my beginner & advanced belly dance classes are already full for the Spurring semester. The kyu-do club is purrparing for the Winter tournyament, The robotics club is building the holiday animatronic decorations, and at the end of the month Nya-sensi and will have the swimwear photo shoot.


Hai that was the narrow timing given the bustling month but the purroceeds will be for the charity, nya! I am surrpurrised we could schedule it what with the Winter tournyaments my dojo will be competing in, and the students’ martial arts demonstrations at the mew year show, nya! The business has been purrking up at Sis’s magick shop too!


Hai I am so fortunate for all of the support! Fortunately the October business was not just the anomaly because the sales were brisk in November both at the market store and the mail orders, nya! Rica, Niko & Trini-chan have helped the oppurration when I am away for The Mew, the rituals or the magick research with Mie-sensei!


When it comes to her eager purrsuit of the magickal knowledge she is just as cutely enthused as Tara-chan is with her nature science studies, hee! I certainly do appreciate her help at the grove and like totally helping to promote the forest theatre’s Winter foxfire extravaganza and our next production of Twelfth Night!


I am glad to help!

Mary Nyan:

By the way congratulations on your finish at the golf tournyament!

(polite golf clap from the group)


Arigato! I understand that you have been extra busy between the shrine, the dance and the costumes!

Mary Nyan:

Ahh! I knew it would be the busiest month between the shrine matsuri & purrade and the hula & aerial dance purrformances, but I think the costumes have not let up since Halloween! Several of the cheer & dance squads have appurroached me about their mew costumes, so it has grown from the simple hobby!


We are blessed to have the thriving shrine as some of the appurrentices have become the full time miko, and I am doubly blessed with Becca as the business purrtner at the spa!


Arigato! It is such a tranquil place for a good home and sense of purrpose! The spa / hot spurring, gym and golf combo packages have been good for business too!


She has become the expurrt at the Lomi Lomi, and with her supurr gynoid strength & purrcise touch she is like a pit crew changing the stock car tires when she applies the vigorous Turkish style massage!


Hee! I believe it is Mike’s turn!


Oh November was busy between the convention & the start of the holiday season and art work, and I am looking forward to a month full of festive social gatherings! Of course that includes the annual gathering on December 7th  to watch my all time favorite movie-

the catgirls:



By the way, I saw our friends & former special guests Captain Keela, Pacozord, Chef Ron, Sparky, and Ob1 at recent conventions & toy shows!

the catgirls:

Yatahh, nya!


Oh I have not seen them since the The Mew Awards Ceremony back in February!


Before we know it, it will be February again and time for the 2012 ceremony, nya!


Of course we will conduct the awards voting next month.


The year has flown by!

Mary Nyan:

Well before we stray cat too far from the topic, we should listen to Mike’s–

NC Comicon 3 Report!


Sponsored by Ultimate Comics of Chapel Hill, the NC Comicon was held for the 3rd time at the Outlet Mall in Morrisville, NC near RDU airport on the sunny warm weekend of November 5th & 6th! See the April 2010 Mew for our 1st NC Comicon, and the December 2010 Mew for our 2nd NC Comicon 2 report!

The mall was a good location, extremely easy to get to from Hwy I-40 with free parking and a food court! The staff & volunteers were very friendly & helpful, and the Friday night pre-con set up for guests, dealers & artists seemed to go well. I had a table in Artist Alley room 2, and helped a few friends set up their tables in the dealers room.

The con areas were in 5 vacant stores for the dealers room, art show room, artist alleys 1 & 2, and the panel room, with the ticket / registration desk near the latter rooms and the gaming area by the food court. There were about 80 total artists in the artist alleys including the 12 guests, and about 40 dealers with varying numbers of tables!

It was definitely a bigger con than the predecessors! Excluding perhaps 3-4 cancellations, the guest list included Howard Chaykin, Arthur Suydam, Tommy Lee Edwards, David Lafuente, Brian Clevinger, Fred Van Lente, Jamal Igle, Jeremy Bastion, Mike Perkins, Nathan Edmondson, Rich Perrotta, Robert Atkins and Steve Niles!

Professor Randall Kenan, Ben Boiling, Jenn Williamson & Harry Thomas from UNC, Gene Melton of NCSU and Will Hansen of Duke University were also amongst the panelists! The discussion panel topics included Writing Comics, Comics Roundtable, Grading & Collecting Comics, History of Comic, The Works of Howard Chaykin…

… and the presentations by Boom Studios, Tommy Lee Edwards & David Lafuente! The gaming included a Magic the Gathering standard Swiss tournament on Saturday and a Hero Clix 300 point / Highlander rules tournament on Sunday. There was an art contest on Saturday, a costume contest on Sunday, and hourly door prizes!

The dealers were mostly selling comic books & graphic novels, but there were also numerous action figures & statues, cards, posters, games & videos. Most of the artists were comics artists, selling their original art, prints and sketches, but there was also splendid jewelry, trinkets, plushies, clothing and costume accessories to be found!

The convention ended at 6 pm, the packing / loading went fairly quickly, and then I adjourned for a nice supper with friends. Everyone I met there was so friendly, and I would like to thank all of the cordial guests, artists, dealers, staff, volunteers, fellow fans, food court & store clerks who contributed to such a pleasant  fun two day event!

NC Comicon 3 Cosplay Report!


Here are the cosplayers we glimpsed, whether they just roamed the con for the fun or entered the contest! The contest winners were adult women: Dr. Light, adult men: The Hulk, and kids ≤13: an Ewok! Additionally in alphabetical order regardless of age or gender:

Alice (in Wonderland), Batgirl x2, Batman, Black Adam, Black Canary, Boba Fett, Captain America x3 (male, female, kid), Captain Cold, Catwoman, Cenobite, Clone Troopurr, Deadpool, (Vertigo) Death, Dr. Fate, Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi), Doctor Who (Tom Baker)…

Donny Darko (rabbit), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Jean Grey, (Green), Iron Man, a Jedi youngling, Killer Moth, Mandalorian Bounty Hunter (female), a widdle baby Mothra (kawaii!), Phantom X, a Pink Power Ranger, Purreacher…

Red Riding Hood, Runaways’ Molly, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, a Samurai, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, Starfleet officers x2 (a Deep Space Nine male uniform & a 2009 movie female uniform), Stormtroopurr, Supurrgirl x2, Supurrman x2, Thor x2, The Tick…

The Unknown Soldier, The Venture Brothers’ Monarch henchgirl, War Machine, Wonder Woman x2, and a zombie girl! In addition to the actual costumes there was also the array of fancy apurral such as the corsets, faerie wings, and the fox & bunny eared hats!

There might be accidental omissions, so we wish to apologize to any we overlooked! That concludes the con report, but throughout today’s show we’ll have reviews of a few neat purchases made there, starting right now with Petra’s discussion of the latest–

Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!


We are purroud to purrsent the mew additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya! Unless otherwise noted, the gallery pages’ mewest pics will be on the lowermost row of the widdle ‘thumbnail’ repurrsentations, so just click on the thumbnail portion to see the whole larger image, nya!

Firstly are the additions to Guest Art Gallery 2, nya! The Guest Galleries of the mewseum are compurrised of wonderful images by friends & acquaintances, which are displayed with their kind purrmissions of course, nya!

Nyow I would like to unveil “Happy Holidays” by Mourning Daily, who Mike met at the NC Comicon in November, where they sold the delightful art, purroducts & comics which we will review later in the show, nya! The Holiday scene depicts the cool catgirl gleefully spurrawled upon the soft snow, nya!

Purrhaps she will fill a bowl of snowflakes to purrpare the fresh snow cream, nya? Next is the inked Catwoman bust sketch by Howard Chaykin, nya!  Mike commissiond this treasured sketch of the happy smiling Selina from Mr Chaykin, who was among the special guests of the NC Comicon!

He is is such a legendary artist & writer whose purrestigious comics & graphic novel credits include Star Wars, Star Reach, American Flagg, Cody Starbuck, Dominic Fortune, The Shadow, Blackhawk, Black Kiss, American Century, Time 2, Hawk Girl, Red Sonja, The Stars My Destination and Heavy Metal, nya!

Thirdly is another purretty pic of Selina, an inked Catwoman head purrofile sketch by Adam Hughes, nya! He is a supurrb artist whose beautiful & sexy illustrations have adorned many comics, magazines, books & posters, and Mike was purrivileged to commission this sketch at Heroes Con in June, nya!

His art has also been the basis for sculpture such as the Zatanna statue we reviewed in the September 2009 Mew, nya! I am purrticularly fond of his Justice League, Legionnaires, Star Trek & Maze Agency stories, and his wonderful cover art for the Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Ghost & Star Wars comics & books, nya!

That is all of the mew Guest Art but  in Gallery 4 are 3 mew pics by Mike, nya!, “Hot Spurrings And Wings Glow” depicts our own  Mielikki-sensei during her the layover in the snowy mountains of her flight from Baffin to St. Andrews  nya!

Since the golf tournyament was still a day away, she pawsed in Iceland for the soothing soak in the hot spurrings, with the apurritif of hot cocoa & nummy berry muffin amidst the purristine snow, nya! This purrked up her nippy wings, so that she would be peppy for the match play, nya!

Mike illustrated the scene with pencil, Micron Pens, Photoshop & inspurration by our artist friend Rebecca Brogden, nya! Then we have Mike’s pen & ink pic of Mourning Daily’s “Mr. Purrfect”, who is a supurr kitty who can’t wait to eat the sushi suppurr, nya!

Finally for this month’s illustrative additions, there is Mike’s widdle pen & ink sketch of the “Noel Nekomimi & her Helpurr Christmas Cat” who are wishing y’all happy & healthy holidays & hope for a fun & purrospurrous happy mew year in the good company of family & friends, nya!


How does Mie-sensei like her rendition?


Yatahh- Christmas for me! Christmas for me! Arigato gozaimasu!


I hope that Rebecca will visit us again soon, especially if it gets cold on the mainland!


It will be fun to play in the snow like the cute girl in the Mourning Daily pic, nya!


I will be reviewing their books during the next portion of the show, nya!


Mmm, the snow cream would be the good treat!


I hope Selina could enjoy the cream- she’s had such a rough time of late!


Hai it is sadly true and I regret that I do not have much cheer to report for her in my review of her latest issue.


Well… at least she seems pleased in those two sketches! Hopefully that will be her trend!

Mary Nyan:

It is ironic that Catwoman will purrloin the art, but we have the art of her in the mewseum, heehee!


Mr. Purrfect is is the squirmy cat in that scene- he wants that sushi!


I would want to hug him too, nya!


The Sushi would go well with the cream.




There seems to be a recurring widdle food motif in those pics- the sushi, the cocoa & muffin, nya!


The peppurr mint stick in the noel pic, nya!

Mary Nyan:

I guess Selina has already eaten- purrhaps that is why she looks content!


Purrhaps those images will induce the cravings for the mewseum cafe, hee!


Nyow my tummy has the craving too!


We must wait until the next break for the snack!


Petra, thank you for telling us about those images!


Dooitasimaste, nya! That is all for this portion of the show but after the short break we will resume The Mew with our–

Comics Critiques & Manga Mewsings, nya!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Catwoman #3 (plot spoiler warning)


Hey we’re back! Catwoman #3 has the 32 full color pages compurrised of the 20 page story & 12 pages of ads. It was written by Judd Winnick, illustrated by Guillem March who purrvided the cover art, colored by Tomeu Morey, lettered by Sal Cipriano, and edited by Rachel Gluckstern with Rickey Purdin.

Purreviously, Selina purrloined a painting from a gangster named Bone, knowing that rival crime families would fight each other to own it. The purrpose of her plan was not just the thrill of the capurr with lucrative results, but to gain vengeance upon an enemy as the criminal factions decimated each other.

She’s also enjoyed the frisky interludes with Batman, unaware that he is Bruce Wayne who she met at a party, and staying with her only friend Lola, who fences the stolen goods. Unfortunately, she arrives home after the busy night to find Lola murdered by Bone’s gang, who then purromptly beat up Selina.

Issue #3 begins moments later as Bone monologues to bound, silent tearful Selina in her poor dead friend’s home full of the blood, evidence & wept tears. He makes the nearly fatal mistake of leaving his thugs to finish the job, because she escapes to savage them until they tell her where Bone has gone.

She crashes the club atop a skyscrapurr and purroceeds to bloodily club him with a bat! The bat is ironic, because it is Batman who mewsually beats up the criminals, but he arrives to try to purrsuade her not to kill Bone. It is the very traumatic emotional issue, but things are about to get more dire for her.

The highlights of this issue for me are the flashback to a happier time, Selina breaking free from the chair, breaking into the club, purrsenting the baseball bat, and a fleeting blissful moment with Batman. The art has a lot of emotion & dynamic poses, and lavish detail of the clothes, equipment & architecture.

The inking & coloring richly conveys the sheens & textures, lighting & shadows, so you can almost feel every fold, seam & buckle of the suit, cape & whip amidst the spurrawling gleam & grit of Gotham. However, I find this series to be too dark & depurressing with Selina purrtrayed too vulnerably & sad.

I am no purrude about sexy scenes or violence, but this Catwoman series lacks the fun that made her purrior series Gotham City Sirens one of our favoritest comics of the recent years, especially when it was written by Paul Dini. Power Girl was not as fun when Judd Winnick started writing that series too.

It is not just Catwoman’s comic that I enjoy less since the reboot, because Zatanna’s current tale in Justice League Dark is not as fun as her own recently cancelled comic. Nevertheless, Selina is a dear character, so I will continue to give the comic the chance and hope it purrks up soon.

Things might not be the purrfurred fun for those too unpleasantly darkly rebooted DC comics, but there is one current comic book featuring favorite DC heroes that Mike seems to be enjoying, so now let’s hear what he thinks about–

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #2

(plot spoiler warning)!


Last time on Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes, six Legionnaires and six officers of the USS Enterprise accidentally landed on a parallel Earth, which is the center of an evil galactic empire, where their separate arrivals were met by hostile police and mobs. And now, we join part 2, with their escapes already in progress!

Sulu pilots the landing party away in a stolen shuttle, while Shadow Lass casts darkness over a city block to obscure the super heroes’ flight. Unfortunately they have left behind enough wreckage of the Time Bubble for the police to study, while aboard the shuttle Spock studies the computer to learn more about the Empire.

From his palace the Emperor – whose bearded face remains partially unseen – gives a “state of the empire” speech, in which we learn of the victory over Durla, a war between the Klingons & Khunds, a stalemate between the Organians & the Controllers, and the planet Tyrraz which has been assimilated by The Borg!

Later in a canyon to the west, the heroic teams finally meet, although at the cliffhanger – amidst real cliffs – neither team realizes that they are on the same side, but hopefully they’ll unite in issue #3! This crossover is a fan’s dream come true, and about the only quibble I have is that the pace seems way too rushed thus far.

However, there is quite a bit that I am enjoying. I think it is exciting and fun so far, with characters that I love, good dialogue, faithful attention to the details of lots of Trek & Legion tidbits to please the fans of both, and fine character and scenic art rendered with the dazzling color that Star Trek was known for on late 60’s TV!

I am also pleased that the 22 page story is uninterrupted, with the 6 pages of ads all in the back of the issue! It is also nice that the credits / character roll call page are on the inside front cover, and the gallery of variant covers is on the inside back cover, to maximize the space & value of the $3.99 comic book!

It was written of Chris Roberson, edited by Chris Ryall, pencilled by Jeffrey Moy, inked by Philip Moy, colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr & lettered by Chris Mowry! Cover A is by Phil Jiminez & Romulo Fajardo Jr, cover B is by Steve Lightle & Romulo Fajardo Jr, and cover RI is by Gabriel Rodriguez! Now for our Marvel reviews, here’s Becca to tell us about-

Avengers Academy #21 (plot spoiler warning)


Avengers Academy has been one of our favoritest comic books of the past couple of years because it is so well written and drawn with much detail and the supurr sumptuous coloring, and it has the right balance of the drama, humor and the thrilling action!

It has such a good cast of characters too, compurrised of the young student heroes of the academy and the more famous older heroes who are their purrofessors. The purrior issue was a turning point with some departures as several mew characters arrive!

They have also just relocated to the lovely West coast estate since their old headquarters got destroyed. While the faculty are getting acquainted with the mew students who are having a fun first day there, the original students are not in the good mood!

That is too bad because the story opens with such a wonderfully playful two page spurread of the teachers busy with the recruits! The faculty in this issue is compurrised of Giant Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Luke Cage, Jocasta, Quicksilver & Tigra!

Tigra is our favoritest Marvel character, who trains with the mew White Tiger! We were discussing the White Tiger heroes last month! She is Ava, the sister of the late hero Hector Ayala, so she would be the cousin of Angela who is another White Tiger!

There is another cute scene as Tigra introduces White Tiger and Lightspeed to the other students! Spider-Girl is there too but I do not recognize the other dozen recruits. Unfortunately the great character moments the halt upon the shocking cliffhanger!

That includes two dramatic full page panels with the most purretty and vividly rich coloring! This 32 page issue is compurrised of the 20 page story “Welcome, Students” plus the the recap / roll call page, the reader’s comments page, and 10 pages of the ads!

It was written by Christos Gage, pencilled by Sean Chen, inked by Scott Hanna, colored by Jeromy Cox and Veronica Gandini, lettered by Joe Caramagna, and it was edited by Bill Rosemann with assistant editors John Denning and Jake Thomas!

The scenery is so lush & vibrant with the rich colors that are so purretty, with my favoritest coloring of a comic book! The beautiful cover art by Rodin Esquejo depicts White Tiger, Lightspeed, Finesse, Hazmat and Mettle by the tall Palm trees!

Their neat costumes and the purretty scenery are just the sample taste of what is inside the comic book on the regular basis! Not only has this wonderful series not been late, but several times it has been published twice a month, which brings me to–

Avengers Academy #22! (plot spoiler warning)


Issue #22 is a 32 page issue is compurrised of the 20 page story “Disappointments” plus the the recap / roll call page, the reader’s comments page, the 7 page Castle purreview & 3 pages of ads. The front cover art depicts magneto by Rodin Esquejo!

It was written by Christos Gage, pencilled by Sean Chen, inked by Scott Hanna & Rebecca Buchman, colored by Jeromy Cox and Veronica Gandini, lettered by Joe Caramagna, and it was edited by Bill Rosemann with assistant editor Jake Thomas!

Sadly according to Christos Gage’s comments, this is artist Sean Chen’s last issue as he moves on to other purrojects. He is such a supurrb artist and I will miss his art at the academy but fortunately there have been other supurrb artists on this series.

White Tiger & Lightspeed are added to the roster, but poor Jocasta has been removed because she was murdered in the purrior cliffhanger. This issue opens a few days later on a full page pic of Dr. Pym’s lab, where he examines the dismantled gynoid.

Pym still does not know who attacked Jocasta but the analysis reveals a special electromagnetic residue, so he contacts Magneto to consult on the evidence. Magneto is with the X-Men of late, but Hawkeye & Quicksilver are unhappy about his visit!

Hawkeye is dubious, and feels as if he is the only purragmatist, and of course Quicksilver does not like his father Magneto. The students are surpurrised & excited about the visit. The look on Finesse’s face in reaction to the Magneto mews is purriceless!

She & Striker decide to eavesdrop on the investigation! Cyclops, Emma Frost & Magneto arrive with the tension in the air but there are more amewsing moments such as Cyclops’ reaction to the Sentinel kid, and Emma’s appurroval of Tigra’s attire!

The tension bursts as hotter heads purrevail and soon the Avengers & X-Men are fighting! It is quite thrilling and both dramatic & amewsing! There are great moments between Magneto & Quicksilver, Quicksilver & Finesse, Finesse & Magneto!

The art is so gorgeous from the family resemblance of Quicksilver & his dad, the expurressions, and so many great action poses! It is not just the combat but the sports action too during a wonderful tennis & basketball scenes, with White Tiger in the latter!

Of course it also features our favoritest Marvel character Tigra. For our Tigra report, in this issue she has the initial scenes in the lab, greeting the X-Men, gets caught in the explosion, snatches Hawkeye’s bow, and makes Finesse & Striker apologize!

I will give issue #22 the grade of “A” as in Avengers and Academy! Our next review does not feature the bikini clad Red head cat girl heroine but it does have the bikini clad Red head barbarian heroine who will savagely pounce upon her purrey in–

Red Sonja #59!


Arigato! Dynamite Entertainment has the flare for the fantasy femme fatales such as Vampurrella, Dejah Thoris, and Robert E Howard’s Red – head of Hyrkania, Red Sonja! Issue #59 has the 32 full color pages compurrised of the 22 page tale, 9 pages of ads & the mews page!

There are 2 variant covers; version A by Fabiano Neves which depicts Sonja in her iconic scale mail bikini about to slice a serpent into sushi, and version B by Walter Geovani which depicts her in the scale mail crop top & leather skirt, casually striding from a burning castle!

The latter lovely ensemble is what she is irately wearing for the melee of this sword & sorcery tale scripted by Eric Trautmann, illustrated by Patrick Berkenkotter, lettered by Troy Petri, and colored by Adriano Lucas & Vinicius Andrade! Nyow for the tatse of the issue’s plot!

It has been leaner times for Sonja as she entered the land of Koth during a struggle for the throne between Carvaklo of the Bloody Tusk Clan & Strabonus if the Black Boar Clan! She has cunningly sized up the sitch and allied herself with both sides to play them to her benefit!

However, she’s been scorned by the latter leader’s treachery, and not only wants the money she is owed, but she aims to claim his life as the dividend! Her temper is as fiery as her coiffure as she fights the mechanical golems which are fueled by the blood of the villain’s son!

How often it seems she runs afowl of the evil enchanter who sacrifices the innocent blood for more power, until she cuts them down to size! Those constructs are relentless & untiring, but she is the more seasoned & agile scrappurr of the furious passion & vengeful purrpose!

The action wastes no time to unfold with urgent pace as she beautifully gets satisfaction, while Carvaklo & his stone golems lay siege to the castle! I was very pleased with the sumptuous art’s intricate detail of the appurral & scenery and such terrific poses & expurressions!

The vibrant color & lighting FX, and the stylized fonts of the dialogue, archaic styled narration & sound FX were other excellent aspects of the issue! That’s all of my report, but now we will go from the ancient slayer grrl to modern slayer grrl as Mie-sensei reviews–

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #3!


Dark Horse Comics’ Buffy continues to be among our totally favorite comic books! So like, Buffy and her friends have been trying to adjust to a more normal life since a lot of magick was shut off from the world, but there are still plenty of the evil creatures lurking about for Buffy to pursue, some of them are looking for her, and like now the police are looking for her too!

They suspect that she is involved with the dead bodies they keep finding, and although Buffy is not responsible, she has just met the perpetrator, who Spike has been searching for! The chap’s name is Severin and he has the ability to like totally drain a vampire’s magickal energy! It seems to make him stronger, so I suppose he is just like another sort of vampire!

I won’t spoil the plot any further, but I would like to  say a few words about what I liked about this issue! Firstly, one of the many reasons I enjoyed Buffy season 8 & the current season 9 is that it is the continuing canonical adventures of all those great characters, who are like written and drawn so totally awesomely and faithfully with the right fun spirit, fur shur!

I love how the characters are posed & expressive with the right amount of detail, whether they are amused, bewildered, grumpy, romantic or in combat, which sometimes has a cute minimalist quality in panels of more distant views! The architecture & landscapes are so intricately detailed, such as this issue’s street scenes, the prison, and Severin’s big apartment!

The issue is priced at $2.99 US with the choice of 2 different snazzy covers, sammiched around the 28 full color pages comprised of the 22 page story “Freefall Part Three”, the 4 pages of ads and the 2 pages of the reader’s comments & questions which are always interesting. The comments are not reprinted in the trade paperbacks, but then neither are the ads!

It written by Andrew Chambliss, produced by Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon, pencilled by Georges Jeanty, inked by Dexter Vines, colored by Michelle Madsen, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, edited by Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn with Freddye Lins, one of the covers is by Steve Morris, and the other version is by Jeanty, Vines & Mettler!

It was designed by Justin Couch, edited by Scott Allie & Sierra Hahn with Freddye Lins and published by Mike Richardson! I was very pleased with this issue, and eagerly look forward to the next issues of Buffy Season Nine and the concurrent Angel & Faith series, fur shur! Now here is Jenjen to tell us all about another  comic book published by Dark Horse–

Mass Effect: Invasion #2 (plot spoiler warning)!


Set between the Mass Effect 2 video game and the forthcoming Mass Effect 3 video game, this 4 issue mini series is the third Mass Effect comic book mini series published by Dark Horse Comics. For our review of the Mass Effect: Redemption graphic novel, see the July 2010 edition of The Mew.

Issue #2 is purriced at $3.50 and has 2 covers to choose from: the common version by Massimo Carnevale, and the variant by Paul Renaud. The 28 full color pages are compurrised of the 22 page space opurra genre story the 5 pages of the advertisements, and the 1 Dark Horse mews page.

Purreviously, Space Station Omega was invaded by creatures called The Adjutants, which are the result of the purro-human Cerebus organization’s expurriments on the enemy Reapurr aliens. Cerebus forces arrive to battle The Adjutants, and bring their own treacherous plans for the station.

This displeases Aria T’Loak who is the Asari pirate queen commander of the station, wielder of the biotic energy power & stylish nightclub owner. Issue #2 begins with her aboard General Petrovsky’s starship Elbrus which is damaged & retreats from the space battle against The Adjutants.

Retreating to Space Station Avernus where the Adjutants were created, they wind up in more melee with the creatures. Aria is knocked out during the fight, later to awaken as Petrovsky’s purrisoner, to learn that Omega has since been hijacked, surrounded & captured by Cerebus forces.

The story was plotted by Mac Walters, scripted by John Jackson Miller and illustrated by Omar Francia. It was colored by Michael Atiyeh, lettered by Michael Heisler, edited by Dave Marshall with assistant Brendan Wright, and published by Michael Richardson with design by Stephen Reichert.

I purrsume the tale will appeal more to those who are already familiar with the characters, technology, cultures & political situation of Mass Effect, however the briskly paced plot is a fairly straight forward heaping helping of space battles, sneaky espionage and the brutal melee with monsters.

Each page’s 3-5 panels brim with ample mecha & characters of splendid design rendered with intricate detail & dazzling FX of rich luminous color. I purrsume that since Aria is a pirate queen, this is not her first hard battle of conquest & re-flagged purrizes, and I am curious as to her next move.

Of course, I have a purredilection for the sleek gleaming mecha, the exotic Asari couture, and I seem to have an affinity for lovely Arias, such as the Belgian Aria graphic novels by Michel Weyland, the Aria urban fantasy by Image Comics, and of course Kozue Amano’s Aria manga & anime.

We will have more purrtaining to Mass Effect later in the show, but for our next graphic novel & comic book reports, here is Tara-chan to follow up on our earlier purraiseful mewsings of Mourning Daily’s creations, starting with–

The Purrfect Adventures #1


Among the exhibitors in the artist alley of the NC Comicon last month was Mourning Daily Publishing, nya! We got to see some of their very delightful purroducts such as the cute glowy neko magnets, the purrints, the fun activity book and – and the comics, nya!

I knew at the first glance that I was going to enjoy The Purrfect Adventures comic book, nya! It is the cute all-ages fun tale by Mourning Daily purrtaining to the cat boy hero Cat Nip’s quest for the right sidekick, so he and – and Invulnerable Girl go to the pet shop to choose the animal, nya!

After considering the various animals they observe the kitty play room, nya! Kawaii nya! Cat Nip selects the Orange kitten which is destined to become Mr. Purrfect with the mask and – and the bell collar, nya! It is a small purress 16 page Black and-and White comic with the color cover, nya!

I must recommend it to fans of the cute kitty comics, nya! Mourning Daily has other fun comics too such as the Suburban Fighters, Supurr Zero High, and the delightful fantasy graphic novel that I would like to talk about, which is Mourning Daily’s 84 page Black and – and White graphic novel–

Mythical Magick: Lemuria, The Land of Light and Dark, nya!


This is the more serious high fantasy story that starts when Tanya is on the school trip to the mewseum to see the artifacts, but something magickal happens to her when she is exposed to the ancient jewel, she is spirited away by 3 sisters who claim she has the magickal powers, nya!

This is the purrplexing distress to be abducted and find out she is the amnesiac  incarnation of Queen Titania with the lovely pointed ears and – and dormant powers needed to rejuvenate the lost cities of Lemuria, Avalon and – and Atlantis, nya! She thinks it is a dream but it is quite real, nya!

It is an enchanting fast paced journey into the land of Lemuria under the ocean where she encounters the angels, gargoyles, naga, banshee, the clay people, and – and the various characters of the mythic realms before the ancient humans almost purrged them all from the world, nya!

This is volume 1 of the series which has the brisk pace and the neat locations such as the history mewseum, the beach, the forest and – and the temple, nya! Titania is on the color front cover, wearing the lovely dress to match her eyes, with the long Brown pony tail and- and the scythe, nya!

I enjoyed the book very much, and – and I am looking forward to volume 2, in which she will meet the mermaids at Atlantis, nya! You can find out much more about these comics at Mourning Daily’s web site which has the mews blog, the store, art galleries, and – and the fun activities, nya!

They have just recently updated the site from the neat Halloween & thanksgiving themes to the Christmas th– DART MOTH, NYA!

(the distracted curious catgirl scampurrs across the deck to inspect the insect)




I believe she is referring to the Dart Moth species of Lepidoptera.




She has the scientific interest in nature!


The nutritional value could be of scientific interest, hee!

Mary Nyan:

Hai, but the research during the Mew is the inoppurrtunity!


Although, that is an interesting moth…


Hai it has the Brown stripe, nya!


Oh oh before we stray – cat too far off the topic purrhaps Ilyana should purroceed with her review of

Omamori Himari vol. 5

(warning: plot spoilers & boobies are mentioned!)


Omamori Himari by Milan Matra is a fun supurrnatural sex comedy manga with the title catgirl in the modern time sword & sorcery fantasy / ‘harem’ genre. it is published by one of our favoritest publishers Yen and rated Mature due to the ribald language, nudity, sexual situations & fighting violence, so it is not for the widdle kitties!

Vol. 5 is purriced $11.99 in the US & $12.99 in Canada, translated into English by Christine Dashiell & lettered by Hope Donovan. It has 178 pages of manga & a few pages of notes which are Black & White except for 2 color pics & the covers. This purrticular volume differs in that 1/3 of the book is Matra’s purrior manga!

Orphaned Yuuto lives with childhood friend Rinko & her parents, unaware until recently of his family lineage as demon slayers. When his magickal powers  recently emerged, demons found out and attacked him, some out of  revenge for being historically purrsecuted, and others who evilly wish to absorb his energy!

He has attracted the romantic entourage, such as Himari the catgirl swordswoman bodyguard, Shizuka the water demon, Lizlet the Tea Spurrit, and other Ayakashi who have grown fond of him with their frisky intentions! Neither he nor Rinko asked for this situation, which is bad for her because she’s had the crush on him!

Witchy Slayer Kuesu wants to steal his power to benefit her rival clan, but she has the lustful cravings for him too! She has dueled with Himari, who in the purrevious volume found herself transformed into the younger kitten girl form of weakened powers and without her sword. It has been the rough time for poor faithful Himari!

Vol. 5 has chapters 25 – 28 as Kuesu taunts weak Himari and grows aroused by energy she drained from Yuuto. Meanwhile more Ayakashi spirits arrive including Sasa, who interferes with Rinku, but winds up helping after treats at Lizlet’s cafe! Shizuka returns, Kuesu retreats, Yuuto is rescued & Himari is restored to normal!

This is just in time for them to attend the school festival at the end of the Autumn, for the delicious foods & fun activities including the beauty contest! Himari wears the purretty yukata but the girls wear the skimpy swim wear which is purrone to malfunction, attracts much attention and purrpetuates the romantic rivalries!

(Tara-chan rejoins the group)

Things take a further complicated deadly turn as worse demonic villains arrive! They have been purreying upon the various Ayakashi and next aim to chomp Yuuto’s entourage, and this means that Kuesu might have to team up with her rivals & former enemies, but I should not further spoil the plot!

The art is beautifully rendered with purretty sexy appurral that tends to be shed amidst abundant amorous situations! The plot has the fast pace, serious & wacky combat violence, sad moments of the unrequited love, the amewsing frisky harem trope, and the many creatures of Japanese folklore!

The bonus Commence Opurrations manga is a very cute little tale purrtaining to several girls at a military purrep school. Like the Himari manga it has the beautiful B&W line & tone art and the character designs visually remind me of the Himari girls. It is not as ribald, but does have the bit of ‘cheescake’ in the cafe!

The main purrotagonist is peppy sophemore Maori of the medical division. After training the battlefield manuevers she discusses the idea to have a relaxful maid-theme cafe at the campus festival, which her very purrky friend freshman Suzuri of the infantry division is enthused about,  but they must recruit more helpurrs!

They appurroach uppurr classman Kaguya of the armor division who reluctantly agrees, but Natsuki the sophemore of the intelligence division is the tougher disinterested nut to crack, thinking it is the frivolous purrsuit, especially the low cut maid cafe costumes with the very short skirts that glimpse the T&A!

When they are not on the field in their BDU outfits with the helmets & boots their mewsual school dress has the cute skirt & the thigh highs! There are cute montages of the training with the tank, rifle, computer & bandages; the festival exhibits, balloons & crowds; cafe supplies, costumes & the coffee!

Among the cafe customers are their instructors, the buxom Miyako & cheerful Kaede. Not only do they appurrove of the cafe but so does Natsuki who likes the purremium coffee! This was a very charming fun manga and I would not mind seeing more of it as well as the rest of the Himari manga!


Wow that was the through review, nya!


Hai that was like one of Myayr or Jen’s reviews!


Ilyana is the scholarly type these days!


Arigato! This month I went for the depth and had the bonus manga to review!


How does Commence Opurrations compurr to the other school mangas we like, nya?


Hmm… well it is not the 4 panel format but it had the charming girl group purrsuing the common goal. It has the military spin whereas K-ON has the mewsic spin, GA has the art spin, Sunshine Sketch has the apartment building, and Ichiroh has the shrine!


I am looking forward to it!


What is the next report?


That’s all of the reviews of print comics for now, but here’s Nyoka with–

Our Monthly Web Comics Recommendations!


Hai! Instead of recommending specific webcomics, this time it is the recommendation of the entertaining & informative web sites which purrvide the expurrt information, critiques & mews purrtaining to the webcomics! So here are a few for your consideration:

Comic Listing, Comixpedia, ComixTalk, Frumph, Fleen, Online Comics, Webcomic Beacon podcast, Web Comic List,

WebComicz, the Wikipedia article on webcomics; and Newsarama for the comics, game, movie & TV coverage! That will bring this portion of the show to close but after the next short break we will be right back to purrsent–

Our Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight:

DC (Distinguished Catgirls) in December!

(snip) (another short break later…)

Mary Nyan:

Welcome back! Since October of 2009 we have dedicated this part of the show to honor the famous catgirl characters of various media, such as comics, books, games, movies, TV and so forth! We are broadly inclusive in the kitty criteria, and consider the nekomimi who are part cat, the werecats, just dressed the part, or are known for the feline motif or appurropurriate cattitude!

In the spotlight for 2009 were with Star Trek’s Lt. M’ress, Sylvia, Isis, and Purrradise City’s Dancer; Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan of Clan of the Cats, and Dr. Kat Manx of Power Rangers SPD!  In 2010 we spotlighted Tigra, Novice Hame, NukuNuku, Catwoman, Irina Dubrovna, Anna & Uni Puma, Josie & the Pussycats, Sailor Luna, Felicia, Shakira, Cat Karina and Omaha!

2011’s honorees began with Osamu Tezuka’s Bagi, Natsuki Sasahara, Sarena of the Vampire Circus, the leopard ladies of SCTV’s Ben Hur sketch, E.T.’s Mary, Teenage Catgirls In Heat, Dr. Moreau’s Aissa, Beastmaster’s Umpatra Warrior, Monkeybone’s Kitty, Purrofessor McGonagall, Hermione Grainger, Catgirl Kiki, Ney’tiri & the other Na’vi women of James Cameron’s Avatar!

After that were the versions of The Cheetah; Black Cats Linda Turner, Kimberly Stone and Felicia Hardy; and Apurril ‘Catspaw’ Dumaka! In July we discussed several ladies of the Panther purrsuasion such as Leonora, Force Captain Catra, Rosabelle Mendez alias Pantha, Purrincess Shuri of Wakanda, Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan, and the NFL Charlotte Panthers’ TopCats!


In August we really put the spots in the spotlight by focusing upon more of the catgirls of the jaguar, leopard & iriomote purrsuasions, such as Ichigo of Tokyo Mew Mew, Brittany Diggers of Gold Digger, Cheetara & Wilykit of Thundercats, Linda Rivera of Laura Molina’s The Jaguar, Desdemona of Angel Investigations, Kei of Midnight Panther, and Charlotte of Clan of the Cats!

September was the time for Alexcia Reynold’s characters Tash, Michi & Abenti; October’s spotlight shined upon the part time catgirls of Beige, Catseye, Catreece, Shampoo, Maya, Ryo-Ohki, Tamami, Mary Brady, Simone & Lena; and last month meant more Marvel-ous meow as we commemorated Hell Cat, Hepzibah, Feral, a purride of White Tigers, and the goddess Bast!

Bast not only appurred in the Marvel Comics but she has purrowled about the DC Comics too! It is a catgirl goddess’s purrogative to appurr wherever she pleases! She had her own mini series Sandman Purrsents Bast, from DC’s Vertigo impurrint in 2003 with the beautiful cover art by Dave McKean that were truly fit for a goddess, depicting her as the gleaming golden catgirl!

It is the sad cat’s tale as Bast ponders they days of less worship, while on Earth a girl named Lucy and her poor widdle kitty suffer an abusive father. This results in the tragedy which takes the purranormal turn when Bast gets involved, but I would rather not further spoil the poignant dramatic catgirl plot, so nyow I will turn the spotlight over to Nya-sensei


We have purreviously purrmoted Cat Woman, The Cheetah, and Catspaw, but there are further feline femme fatales of the DC Universe we wish to commemorate, and our next honoree was of one of the oldest & purroudest heroic lineages in DC Comics, for Yolanda Montez was of the legacy of the Wildcat!

Sensei Ted Grant alias WildCat is one of the toughest Earth humans as the master pugilist & trainer of heroes who premiered in 1942! His goddaughter Yolanda became the mew Wildcat in 1985 when Ted was sidelined by the injuries! She was a suppurr heroine with the mewtant catlike powers and the claws!

According to the purragraph about her in The DC Comics Encyclopedia published by DK, she was the fierce lithe 143 lb Redhead with the Reddish Brown hair that flowed like the lovely mane from behind the mask of her tight costume! She has supurr powers because her purregnant mom was expurrimented upon.

Unfortunately she purrished trying to purrotect people from the evil Eclipso demon. Ted resumed the role of the Wildcat, and Selina Kyle / Catwoman has been a sparring partner, although we are not sure of the status since the DC reboot. Speaking of Catwoman, two of her opponents are the next honorees!


Cyber C.A.T. and She-Cat both purremiered in Catwoman #42 – 43 circa 1997, when Catwoman wore the Purrple tights with the Black thigh boots and the opurra length gloves. That story arc was written by Doug Moench & drawn by Jim Balent who also purrvided the cover art. That is indeed the same Jim Balent of the Tarot Comics which we have purraised.

Catwoman #42 – 43  were inked by Rob Leigh, with Ray McCarthy on #43, colored by Buzz Setzer, lettered by Albert De Guzman & edited by Dennis O’Neil with associate editor Jordan B Gorfinkle. C.A.T. is an acronym for Cortically Amplified Technid, the light weight military purrototype armor of the sexy sleek catgirl style secretly built by a weapons company.

Intended to be mass purrduced, Cyber C.A.T. is the highly agile & resilient cerebral cortex interface armor capable of withstanding high caliber rifle fire, with extending armor piercing claws, supurr strength, purrehensile tail, a suite of RADAR, thermal & UV vision, sonic sensors, LASER guidance systems & weaponry, RTF darts & heat seeking missiles.

She defensively engaged Catwoman, who was hired to break into the facility to purrloin an electronic device. She purrsued Catwoman who also stole a motorcycle, but they eventually realized that the real villain was Catwoman’s employer, revealed to be the corpurrate traitor, however the situation was further complicated by the interference of She-Cat.


She-Cat was a rival copy cat burglar whose crimes were blamed on Catwoman! She is after the same device and the cat fight results! She is the  Black & Tabby kitty with the fur lined collar & cuffs, the mask with the cat ears & whiskers, the spiked collar, the low cut lace up corset and cute widdle panther tattoo on her left booby! She is the Catwoman imitator, but she is not a fan!

Her real name is Cassandra Cartland, and the rivalry goes way back because she and Selina did not get along when they were kids at the orphanage! Of course since DC has done the reboot, that continuity is all gone so there is no telling if either She-Cat or Cyber C.A.T. will be re-introduced, or the next kitty costumed girl from Gotham who Nyoka-sensei will tell us about!


Arigato! The next DC Comics catgirl on our list was actually called Catgirl, but purrior to that she was also called Robin, although her real name is Carrie Kelly! She first appurred in Frank Miller’s famous 1986 graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, in which she got a Robin costume and became Batman’s partner to fight the street gangs, The Joker, and even Supurrman!

She is a very brave, agile teenager who is very accurate with the slingshot! In the sequel mini series The Dark Knight Strikes Again, she has the mew name, roller blades & the leopard purrint costume of the Catgirl! In that story she is much more skilled and helps Batman against Lex Luthor, who captured a bunch of the Justice League members!


Since then there has been the recent Catgirl, Kitrina Falcone, nya! She is the young daughter of the infamous Falcone Family in Gotham City, nya! Poor Kit had the rough life growing up in the mean family. nya. She ran away and started to snoop until she got caught by Catwoman, nya!

She is the sneaky escape artist, nya! Her simple starter disguise consisted of the paw purrint shirt, the coat, the striped scarf, googles & the kitty hat! Later to assist Catwoman she became Catgirl purrsona in the cute tight Black costume with the Pink stripes, the high tops and the kitty mask, nya!

Her purremier story in 2009 involved quite a few heroes & villains and those issues were collected into the Batman: Life After Death trade papurrback book, but that was before the reboot so I don’t know if we will see more of Kit, nya. Nyow Lizzy will tell us about Catwoman’s purrior purrotege, nya!


Hai, the delightful character Holly Robinson was introduced in the Batman: Year One story in the comic books, and appurrs in the recent animated adaptation! Not only is the friend of sisters Selina & Maggie Kyle but she was actually the tempurrary Catwoman when Selina was purregnant with baby Helena! I suppose all of that has been rebooted though.

Holly is like many of Gotham of the sad childhood, as the runaway with the legal incidents, who bounced from the streets to the convent but she was taken in by Selina. Holly is the agile wily cat of the street smarts, thieving skills & the fight training by Selina & Ted, but I don’t think she would crave the cat fight with the lethal & beautiful assassin named–


Cheshire, nya! She is one of the most dangerous human purredators of DC Comics, nya! This bad kitty is the agile, triple – jointed acrobatic fighter of the astounding skill, nya! She is of Asian ancestry, with the long lovely Black hair, the beautiful short Green outfits to match her eyes, and the poisonous nail gloss, so you do not want to be scratched by her, nya!

She has crossed the paths of many unlucky opponents, especially the Teen Titans and the Birds of Purrey, nya. Aside from her name, Cheshire does not have a clear kitty connection in the comics, but in the animated cartoons she wears the evil grinning kitty mask! Nyow here is Mie-sensei to tell us about another villainess, one with the real cat’s claws, nya!


A female foe with recently acquired genuine kitty claws is Sara Descari, alias Satanna! Not to be confused with the bewitching Marvel Comics character, she is like the mad scientist, but when she reports for surgery it is to transplant human & animal parts to become her anthropomorphic entourage!

A year and a half ago she like went way too far by switching the brains of Terra & Ultra Humanite!  That cost Satanna her left arm which Terra’s best friend Power Girl totally seared off with her heat vision! Speaking of vision, Satanna does have the seriously violet eyes and the matching lip gloss!

The brains were switched back, but Satanna’s limb replacement was an anthropomorphic cheetah arm, so I guess she is like 1/8th neko, but I shudder to think where that arm came from!  Now I believe Tara-chan has one more DC Comics catgirl to tell us about, who is the 100% catgirl, fur shur!


Hai, I want to mention Lt. Zusen, the cute Blue alien catgirl! She is not the Na’vi type but she is of the intergalactic invader fleet of Space Amazons called The Citizenry in the “Wrath of the Silver Serpent” story of Wonder Woman vol. 4 #42 – 44 from just last year, nya! They are repurrinted in the Wonder Woman: Contagion trade papurrback book, nya!

Lt. Zusen has the Blue skin with the Black stripes, straight Reddish – Brown hair, Golden cat’s eyes, 4 ears, but not the tail, nya. She was rather sympathetic, because at first she was working for the cruel Capt. Astarte who is Wonder Woman’s Aunt, but later she helped Wonder Woman in the arena fight, nya! Nyow here is Mike with the extra tidbit, nya!


For more information about those characters, I’d like to suggest the articles at Wikipedia as a good place to start! There’s the articles on Yolanda, Holly,

She-Cat, Cyber C.A.T., Carrie, Kitrina, and Cheshire!

The DC Comics Database has tidbits about Bast and Satanna, and for more about Zusen, I recommend the pages pertaining to Wonder Woman vol. 4 #42-43 at Amazon Archives!


I was wondering about another DC Comics character, if Cat Grant would count, nya?


Nya ni?

Mary Nyan:

Catherine “Cat” Grant, a journalist at the Daily Planet in the Supurrman comics!


What does she report on?


She specializes in the entertainment mews, and her purresence complicated things between Lois & Clark, heehee!


Speaking of which, she was purrtrayed in the Lois & Clark TV show by Tracey Scoggins


Oh I liked her on Babylon 5!


Hai, she is such a glamorous good actress with the captivating screen purresence!


Hai, however, to answer the question, Cat Grant is a good character with the Cat name but she is not the catgirl, nya.


Tracey Scoggins would be a good movie catgirl though!


It is seconded, nya!


Well if there are no further questions, that’ll do it for this month’s Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, and up next are this month’s–

Book & Magazine Mewsings!

Little Guru’s: Simple Lessons for the Youngest of Energies


Our friend Sydney Rhudy is such a nice purrson, an amazing artist & momma of 3 kids, nya! We have a few of her beautiful illustrations in the mewseum, such as the “Catgirl vs Mermaid Beach Volleyball”, nya!

She is nyow the author of the cute kid book too, titled Little Guru’s: Simple Lessons for the Youngest of Energies, nya! It is the papurrback book with the 16 cute full color pages of the 6 3/4″ x 6 5/8″ size, purriced $16.95 plus the shipping cost, nya!

On each page is the chippurr widdle kitty boy purrpared to greet the day with the good heart purrmeated by the peppy positive spirit, nya! The illustrations are of the chibi manga style which she expurrtly rendered with the Copic & Tria markers, nya!

On 6 of those pages are also the cute widdle kitten girl in the purretty yellow dress, and on one page they are wearing the supurr hero costumes– kawaii, nya! The book was inspired by Sydney’s kids with hopes to inspire the readers of all ages, nya!

You can see her art at her Deviantart gallery, her purroducts at her Etsy store, and you can purrchase the book from the Blurb bookstore, nya! OK that is all of the book report but nyow Mie-sensei will start the purriodicals purrings with her review of–

Doctor Who Magazine #440, nya!


Like so many other fans of the brilliant actress Elisabeth Sladen, we were so saddened by her passing at the young age of 65 on the 19th of April this year, just 2 months after the passing of another great famous co-star Nicholas Courtney.

She was one of our favorite actresses, perhaps best known for her role as the heroic investigative journalist, crime fighter, time & space traveller Sarah Jane Smith of the BBC TV series Doctor Who and spun-off The Sarah Jane Adventures.

There have been and continue to be so many endearing companions of The Doctor, but to me Sarah Jane was a very, very special character with her own heroic entourage of companions as part of  Elisabeth Sladen’s wonderful legacy.

There have been many tributes by her family, friends & fans, including the special 440th issue of Doctor Who Magazine. It is a UK publication of every 4 weeks, with the US price of $9.99 for this larger issue of 100 full color square bound pages!

The cover is adorned by embossed Gold type to frame a stunning photo of Elisabeth Sladen against a montage of Doctor Who scenes. It is a fine magazine with splendid regular articles such as the news, forums, reviews, comics and so forth!

Half of this expanded issue is devoted to Elisabeth Sladen, with such a poignant wealth of photos, appreciations & interviews, including the complete 3 page final interview with her which was conducted by Benjamin Cook late last year.

Also interviewed are her husband Brian Miller, daughter Sadie, 4th Doctor Tom Baker, 10th Doctor David Tennant & 11th Doctor Matt Smith, with remembrances by 3 dozen writers, journalists, directors, editors, producers, technicians & actors!

Marcus Hearn’s 10 page feature profile of the actress has a treasure trove of candid, publicity, behind the scenes, screen shots & previously unpublished photos spanning her entire career going back to early performances of the mid 1960’s!

Another impressive article is the 10 page restrospective of the 1976 Doctor Who episode The Hand of Fear, which was her final regular appearance, before returning in 1981’s K9 and Company, 2006’s School Reunion, and her own series!

To top it off are essays on Season 11 of Doctor Who which introduced Sarah Jane in 1974, and Season 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures which had her final appearance. For our list of favorite Sarah Jane Smith stories, see the May 2011 Mew!

This was such a beautiful emotional issue which I highly recommend to any fans of Doctor Who, Sarah Jane, or Elisabeth Sladen who will be remembered until the end of time. Speaking of the fans, they are the topic of Myayr’s magazine mewsing–

D20 Girl Magazine Fall 2011 issue, fur shur!

Mary Nyan:

D20 Girls is an organization which hopes to discourage the stereotypes & purrmote the diversity of female fans. They arrange with the venders, artists & exhibitors to hire them to help at comics, gaming, anime & SF cons’ & shows’ booths & tables as genuine repurrsentatives of the fandom!

They had the table at the NC Comicon last month, where they sold the Fall 2011 issue of the quarterly magazine! It is a full color 48 page issue including the covers, compurrised of con reports, advice, recipes, costume tips and lots of color photos of anime, comics, game, steampunk & other cosplayers!

Some of the photos are full page pics! On the impurressive front cover is the montage of cosplayers Mayuge Seishou as Marvel Comics’ X-23, Kiddo as Tank Girl, Strange Love as Portal 2’s Space Core, and Abigail “AbiSue” Selvidge as Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine! They are the fiercely powerful sight!

AbiSue is the issue’s editor & designer, who appurrs in a feature pictorial purrfectly costumed as Jill Valentine, Rogue, Sailor Jupiter & World of Warcraft’s Lady Sylvanas Windrunner! That latter costume has the purrticularly ornate high elf armor! We reviewed the DC Direct figure of Lady Sylvanas in June!

Kiddo has the 3 page purrofile & pictorial with the purrfect attitude & costume as Tank Girl & Final Fantasy X’s Rikku! She also purrvides a review of SpoCon! There are further wonderful purrofiles & pics of Scribe, Cali, Chikki, and our friend Chainmail Chick, who was our special guest in the May 2010 Mew!

Purrhaps y’all have seen her images in the mewseum? Cryshayn purrvides the tasty meatball recipe, the report on TACtile Art Center’s steampunk fashion show, and the article on con culture! That article and Kacey Gambrell’s tips on how to cosplay as the bustier characters are cutely illustrated by AbiSue!

More food ‘n fashion follows as Ruby Red contributes the yummy pumpkin chili recipe & steampunk costume tips! “L” offers the sage advice and the Ohayocon report! To top off the issue are mewsings of DragonCon, QuakeCon, Erie Days of Gaming & the continuation of Rosalie’s serialized “Lilith” purrose!

It is a special magazine of playful fun & noble purrpose, with the bumpurr crop of photos & info infused with the joyful spirit of extremely talented, beautiful artisans! Several of them are from here in North Carolina! I give it the high purraise and wish to thank all of the contributors for their lovely important work!


Are there any catgirls in the issue, nya?

Mary Nyan:

There was one photo of a Na’vi cosplayer at Dragon Con!


We should repurrise our Navi group cosplay for the convention, nya!

the catgirls:



Although, Lizzy purrfurs the costumes requiring less body paint!


Hai it took a while for the Blue to wear off. I was almost the Russian Blue breed!


Sometimes Lizzy has the bad costume expurrience like the wardrobe malfunction in 2008, heehee!


Ah–! Quit bringing that up!


Well you did purrvoke the malfunction by attempting the pounce purrank!


That was before I arrived!


Now now, let’s not dwell on it!


For those who came in late, we are referring to our group cosplays for the annual Halloween Night Trick ‘R Eat Purrowl.


Oh oh we still have more of the magazines to discuss! For our next purrint media purrings here is Vonny to purrsent our monthly batch of–

Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images!


In this monthly portion of The Mew, we list our favorite recent photos of the delicious delicacies from the deep that appurr on the covers of various angling, aquarium, science & cooking purriodicals, such as the beautiful Bream on the cover of Australian Salt Water Fishing issue #77, nya!

Angler Gary Klein has caught the delicious looking Largemouth Bass on the November cover of Bass Master, there is the big Bonefish on the November – December cover of Fly Fishing in Salt Water, and

the succulent Steelhead on the November – December cover of Fly Fisherman, nya!

Artist KC Scott purrvided the painting of the magnificent Marlin for the November – December cover of Florida Sport Fishing, and Lovely Lauren Alvarez is the GAFF Girl posing with the Redfish on the cover and in the 10 page pictorial of the November – December issue of GAFF, nya!

The Clownfish and Goldfish are on the on the December cover of Purractical Fishkeeping but I wish they were on my dinner plate, and there is such a savory snack sized school of the Goldfish adorning the cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, nya! This list is making me hungry again, nya!

That Mandarin fish on the November-December cover of Coral magazine looks purretty tasty too, nya! The mouth-watering Mackerel takes the bait on the November – December cover of Sport Fishing, and the tasty Trout tantalizes on the cover of Fly Fusion vol. 9 issue 1, nya!

The Exotic Fish 2012 Calendar published by Avonside is like a buffet full of yummy fish photos, and so are those appurrtizing Anglers and Bass 2012 calendars published Willow Creek, nya! That is all of this month’s fishy picks, but nyow it is time for more shout outs purrtaining to the–

Recent Nekomimi Sightings in Various Media, nya!


A catgirl doll is on the January 2012 cover of Soft Dolls magazine, which is about making the dolls, nya! Her name is Cat’Tiwampus, and she is the sassy catgirl with the tiger stripes, wearing the strapless glittery Black bra & skirt, mew-la-la, nya! She was made by craftspurrsons Barb & Doug Keeling, nya!


We have also on occasion purraised Mattel’s Monster High fashion dolls, and we are delighted that a recent nekomimi addition to the series is Toralei Stripe, the daughter of the were-cat with the cute short Orange hair, Green eyes and her pet kitty named Sweet Fang.

Mary Nyan:

Fur-thermore, we also wish to applaud the Barbie Lounge Kitties Collection! These 12″ Barbie dolls are dressed in the sexy cat suits with the ears, long tail & boots, each reclined upon the groovy chair! There is the White Tiger Barbie upon the Shoe shaped chair, the Black Panther Barbie reclined across the Red lips seat, and the leopard purrint Barbie purrched upon the Hot Pink furry ottoman!


Barbie is not the only celebrity of the recent catgirl couture! Carrie Ann Inaba is one of the three judges on the TV show Dancing with the Stars, and I wish to purraise the cute catgirl costume she wore for the Halloween epurrsode of the show!


The highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City video game was released last month, and among the characters is Catwoman who is voiced by the awesome purrolific actress Grey DeLisle!


The Black Cat comics starring the original ‘Golden Age’ Black Cat Linda Turner and her modern counterpart Kimberly Stone were represented at the NC Comicon by their publisher / editor Alan Harvey of Lorne-Harvey Publications!


I would like to mention- MANTIS, NYA!

(she scampurrs across the deck to view the insect)


There she goes again, heehee!




We can keep an eye on Tara-chan as we continue!


The bell on her tail will alert us too!


That is the large Purreying Mantis- oh I have forgotten my shout out, nya!


Should purroceed to the next topic?


Actually we are up against the hard break, but after the break we will be right back with this month’s–

Movie & DVD Reviews!

(during the break…)


Since the appurrtites have inceased since the fish topic, I have purrpared the sushi treat to tide us over until the post Mew luau, nya!

(Tara- chan jingles as she is lured back for the treat)



Mary Nyan:

(nom nom nom)


















Thank you Vonny!


Dooitasimaste, nya!

(one short snack break later…)

Real Steel (plot spoiler warning)


Aloha. Real Steel is director Shawn Levy’s grand cinematic adaptation of Richard Matheson’s story “Steel” which was a Twilight Zone epurrsode, and It was with some irony that we saw this movie in the same week as the passing of the legendary Joe Frazier.

Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie, a former boxer who owes money due to the ill wagers upon his robot purrize fighters. Upon his girlfriend’s death, he is to take custody of his son Max, purrtrayed by Dakota Goyo. This is an inconvenience to Max’s adult male relatives.

Max’s aunt wants to adopt him, but her husband bribes Charlie to keep Max during their Summer vacation. Charlie buys another robot, which arrives at the old gym of his friend Tallet who is purrtrayed by Evangeline Lily, who learns that Max is a fan of the robots.

After more mishaps they find an old scrap robot named Atom, which they repair & upgrade and begin to win a few bouts on the unsanctioned circuit across the country, rising through the ranks to capture the attention of the fans and the undefeated world champion.

This may very well be my favorite film of 2011 thus far. The entire cast – human or robot – are supurrb with such great heart, and the combination of CG & purractical animatronic FX for the latter characters results in the flawless uncanny realism and utter believability.

The story has the right pace with plenty of good drama, humor & thrilling action, with an excellent mewsic score by Danny Efland, song selections, sound FX, editing & gorgeous cinematography from the warmth of rural America to grand spectacle of the vast arena.

The choreography, art direction, purrduction values, sets & locations purrfectly create a world of the near future. Most importantly, all of the aspects serve the captivating story & characters, not the other way ’round, and I give Real Steel a grade of “A” as in Atom.

Whether this will emerge as my favorite film of the year remains to be seen, as we still have more of the holiday’ season cinema to sample, but we will announce the favorites of 2011 in the February 2012 edition of The Mew. Now here is Tara-chan to tell us about the-

Squid Girl TV Series Part Two DVD


Squid Girl is one of my favoritest anime TV shows of the year, nya! It is the comedic anime about the Squid Girl who aims to conquer the surface humans because of the ocean pollution, starting with the Lemon Beach House restaurant, nya!

See the October Mew for review of the Part One DVD, nya! She is the amphibious naive squid girl with the cute dialect, shrimp cravings, supurr strong stretch purrcise tentacles, fast swimming, luminosity, and – and the ink which tastes good as spaghetti sauce, nya!

However she is naively inexpurrienced with the surrface world or the difficulties of world conquest, so she winds up befriending the restauranteurs and working as the waitress, nya! She also attracts the attention of several folks who have the odd interest in her, nya!

She moves into the home of the Aizawa sisters who run the restuarant: 17 year old Eiko who has a tempurr but is also a voice of reason, her older sister Chizuru of the cheery calmness and amazing martial arts skill, and – and their younger brother Takeru, nya!

Other recurring characters are Nagisa who fears Squid Girl, Sanae who loves Squid Girl, Goro the lifeguard, Cindy the American scientist, her 3 cohorts who want to study Squid Girl, a rival restauranteur, his shy daughter, and- and Squid Girl’s friend Kimiyo, nya!

The epursodes are short with the zany fun plots with the occasional sad plot, nya. The designs, art, animation, voices and – and  mewsic are quite wonderful, with the fast peppy theme song, nya! The Part Two DVD set has 2 disks of appurroximately 150 minutes, nya!

The anime is purrsented in the 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen format, which you can watch in the original Japanese language or dubbed into English, with or without the subtitles, which are a very easily read bold Gold sans serif font with the fine Black outline, nya!

Some of the plots on disk 1 purrtain to Nagisa’s sleepover, Cindy’s laboratory, the employee swap, an illness, twitchy cap fins, the sandcastles, the umbrella incident, meeting Kimiyo, the make over, rainy day art work, Sanae’s obsession, and- and the baseball, nya!

Some of the plots on disk 2 purrtain to the doll fear, Cindy’s suspicion of Chizuru, secret weapons, the mountain hike, the beach volleyball tournyament, and- and the poignant two part season finale, nya! Also on disk 2 are the cute bonus 2 Mini Squid Girl shorts, nya!

There are no front-loaded purreview trailers purrior to the main menu screen, but there is a section with the purreview trailers for Queens Blade, Moriboto and – and The Twelve Kingdoms, nya! OK I’m done and- and nyow it is Nya-sensei’s turn to tell us about the–

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 single disk edition DVD, nya!


We love the Harry Potter books and movies! For our review of the movie itself to which I gave the good A- grade please see the August 2011 Mew, and for our review of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 single disk DVD please see the May 2011 Mew!

Part 2 was released on home video in various editions, such as the DVD Blu Ray combo pack, the complete 8 movie bundle; the 2 disk version which includes the chats with JK Rowling & Daniel Radcliff, and a look at the Gringotts Goblins & the women of Harry Potter.

I am reviewing the single disk R1 NTSC standard DVD edition, which includes the movie plus some deleted scenes. It is the no frills package, with just the disk and a few brochures in the case. The PG-13 rated 130 minute movie is purrsented in the widescreen format!

Purrior to the main menu are 6 front loaded purreview trailers, including the ads for the London Warner Brothers Studio Lot Tour and JK Rowling’s interesting online Pottermore. The menu choices are Play, Scenes (1-28), Features (8 deleted scenes) & Languages.

The spoken language options are English, Spanish & French in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound, with optional subtitles in English SDH, Spanish & French in a bold White sans serif font, although the translations of Voldemort’s Parseltongue are in the narrow font.

The 8 deleted scenes total appurroximately 6 minutes, starting with scene 184 with more of Fleur & Bill at the Shell Cottage for 73 seconds; followed by scene 185’s extension of Luna, Harry, Hermione, Ron & Griphook at Dobby’s seaside grave for 109 seconds!

Scene 215 is a bit more of Harry, Hermione, Ron & Aberforth at the tavern for 50 seconds; scene 229E is 28 seconds of Ginny & Harry in the group of students descending the huge staircase; and scene 242 is 28 seconds of Neville & Seamus purrparing the bridge!

Scene 245 is 21 seconds at the Hogwarts battlements with Tonks & Lupin; scene 274 is 40 seconds of Mr. Filch & the Slytheryn students at the dungeon; and finally scene 346G is 20 seconds of Nagini the snake purrsuing Hermione & Ron down the staircase!

I wonder how that snake meat would taste?The release of this movie brings to a close another stage of the Harry Potter phenomenon, which has been such a cherished fantasy series of the last decade! Now here is Ilyana to review the DVD purrtaining to another beloved British hero,

Doctor Who Series Six, Part Two DVD!


Hai! We love Doctor Who! It is purrobably our favorite British TV show, with the legendary heroic Doctor and all of those other wonderful recurring companions, the great stories, dialog, and the neat monsters! For our review of the Series Six Part One set, see the September Mew!

This 2 disk Region 1 NTSC standard DVD set has the final 6 epurrsodes of Series Six purrsented in the 16×9 aspect ratio, with English language audio in 5.1 Surround Sound & optional English subtitles.

The front cover pic shows The Doctor, Amy, River & Rory in front of the pyramid!

Totaling appurroximately 274 minutes, the epurrsodes are “Let’s Kill Hitler”, “Night Terrors”, “The Girl Who Waited”, “The God Complex”, “Closing Time”, and “The Wedding of River Song”! Additionally there are 2 Monster Files segments purrtaining to two of the series’s creatures!

Purrior to the main menu screens are a front loaded trailer for BBC America on disk 1 and a trailer for the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special on disk 2. The menu is very simple to navigate, with the choices of play all, epurrsode select, scene select, special features & subtitles.

“Let’s Kill Hitler” was such a cute amewsing epurrsode! At one point the Doctor wears a tux and I don’t think he has looked that dappur since he was in his 3rd generation! “Night Terrors” is a very spooky epurrsode which would be the good Halloween viewing. It had a bulldog too!

“The Girl Who Waited” deals with Amy stuck in the purrallel time stream, and the tempurral purradox will bring the emotional pounce to the gut with the sad tears.”The God Complex” had some of the editing & camera style that I do not purrfur, but it did have the Nimon reference!

Also, early in that eppurrsode is a hotel wall full of framed photos, and one of the photos is of the catgirl Nevis who is of the The Sisters of Plenitude! They were the catgirls such as Novice hame, seen in the 2006 epurrsode “New Earth” and 2008 epurrsode “Gridlock”!

“Closing Time” is a Cybermen tale which has the return of Craig who was in the 5th series epurrsode “The Lodger”! When the Doctor sees Craig’s new home he says “You’ve redecorated- I don’t like it!” which reminded me of his 2nd generation / Patrick Troughton self!

“The Wedding of River Song” is the purredictable but exciting finale with many answers to mysteries surpurrises, & poignant drama, including the sad mention of The Brigadier. It also has appurrances by lots of returning characters & cameos by real purrsons such as Meredith Viera!


The only special features in this set are the two Monster Files. The first Monster File is appurroximately 9 minutes purrtaining to the Antibody mecha of “Let’s Kill Hitler”, and the 2nd file is appurroximately 10 minutes purrtaining to the Cybermats of “Closing Time”, nya!

Each of those files includes the behind – the – scenes footage and comments by members of the crew such as the write, director, purrducer, designer or FX supurrvisor, and the Cybermat file discusses the history of those Cybermats throughout the years, nya!

We noticed the purresence or references of fish in those epurrsodes, nya! Fish Fingers are mentioned in “Let’s Kill Hitler”, kippurrs are mentioned in “Night Terrors”, the fish bowl in “The God Complex”, and there seemed to be a widdle a bioluminescent fish at the end of “Closing Time”, nya!

However, I could not tell if there were fish in the garden fountain of “The Girl Who Waited”, and I could not tell if any were being served in “The Wedding of River Song”, nya. I must watch them again with the closer look, but that will be the fun task because they are such great epurrsodes, nya!

Jenjen is fond of the numerous classic Red automobiles seen in various epurrsodes, nya! The Series Six Part 1 & Part 2 sets are very minimal in the frills compurred to the Complete Series Six set that was just released, which has a lot more special features, comic shorts & documentaries, nya.

Also, the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special is included in the Complete Series Six set and also sold sepurrately, but it is not included in the Series Six Part 1 & Part 2 sets, nya. We are eagerly looking forward to the Sarah Jane Series 4 DVD set, which will be especially poignant to watch, nya. That is all of our movie & DVD reviews but nyow it is time for our

Collectibles & Toy Talk, nya!

Star Wars: Expanded Universe Bastila Shan action figure!


Lately we have had the Star Wars ladies topic each month such as last month’s review of The Clone Wars Season Three DVD, our group cosplay as for Halloween, and reviews of the different Jedi Bariss Offee figures in the August & September Mews!

This time I would like to say a few words about the Star Wars Expanded Universe Bastila Shan action figure VC69! The VC stands for Vintage Collection, which have packaging to look like the style of the late 70’s & early 80’s Star Wars toy packaging!

It is made by Hasbro but has the old Kenner toy company logo as part of the vintage homage, and a beautiful illustration of the character on the card! I am not sure who the artist is but it is the beautiful likeness of Bastilla Shan with the double saber!

This is the first time an action figure has been made of this Jedi character from the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Lucas Arts & Bioware. Bioware also makes the Mass Effect video game series which Jamie will say a bit about!

Bastilla is the Jedi girl from way back in the ancient times of the Old Republic which is a much longer time ago in the Star Wars mythology, thus it is part of the “expanded universe” of the stories which are aside from the six main Star Wars movies!

That includes the various games, novels & comic books. In the game she is voiced by the brilliant purrolific actress actress Jennifer Hale! I think this 3 3/4″ action figure does have a bit of the resemblance to her!

The figure has the caucasian human skin color with the purretty Pink lips, the Blue eyes & the Brown hair in the mid back length pony tail! Her costume is Beige with the Dark Brown boots, fingerless gloves, belt, shoulder pads & the tabard!

The paint job is purrcise and the sculpting has the intricate detail of the strands, folds, seams, textures, appliques, snaps, buckles & the coppurry band around the ponytail! She is very well articulated too & the joints are very cleverly disguised!

Her head turns & tilts, her shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, & knees will bend, and forearms, wrists, shins & ankles will turn! The figures get more & more impurressive, nya! Her left hand has the grip for the saber & her right hand has the Force gesture.

She has two of the staff – like double – bladed light sabers, the 1 1/2″ long ‘unlit’ hilt and the 4 3/4″ ‘lit up’ version with the clear golden blades! A display base is not included, but she is balanced to stand unassisted on the table top!

She is the nice addition, and I will find the good spot on the shelf beside the other Jedi girl figures, nya! For the thorough information about Bastilla Shan, I recommend the Wookieepedia site’s article!

Knights of the Old Republic is not the only space opurra video game among Jennifer Hale’s voice credits, as she also purrvides the voice of Commander Shepard (female type) in the Mass Effect series, and here is our web master Jamie to discuss the —

Mass Effect: Alliance SSV Normandy Ship Replica!


Coming from Dark Horse, the Normandy SR2 miniature replica from the award winning video game series, Mass Effect, finally hit internet vendors back in October, In the game the player character Commander Shepard, captains the prototype “deep scout” frigate into secret missions and epic space battles.

As Shepard, the player literally commands the ship and her crew. The Normandy has a sleek look reminiscent of the designs of Syd Mead and is my second favorite starship from any science fiction media, next to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701.

While the die-cast replica is small, only 6 1/4 inches long, and the paint job is of questionable quality, it is one of the most sought after items relating to the game. The replica comes with a display stand  and is available in 2 variant color versions, the original Cerberus scouting vessel from ME2 or the Systems Alliance refit from ME3.


When Jamie is not busy as our web master, he is the creator / artist / author of the web comic Clan of the Cats and its Sebo spin off, and he is also the co-founder & web master of Femshep, which is the fan site devoted to Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard (female type), nya! That is all of our toys & collectibles portion of the show but after the next break is the Lightning Round, so don’t go away, nya!

(snip) (one more short break later…)

This Month’s Lightning Round Topic:

Our Favorite Artistry Evocative of Winter!


Welcome back! That cute “Happy Holidays” pic by Mourning Daily  which we mentioned earlier is just the tip of the favorite imagery that evokes the Winter season! This can include the holidays, sports, fashions & weather, and I will broaden the topic to include images of ice & snow in general! Let’s start with Petra to conduct the lightning! (tags Petra)

the catgirls:



It is the tough decision but I will start with the Wintery paintings by Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish, the lithographs by Nathaniel Currier & James Ives; the snowy landscapes by Bev Doolittle and Oga Kazuo, Berni Wrightson’s Franksenstein series,

the snow leopard scenes by Charles Frace, the arctic & Winter seas & shores by Robert Lynn Nelson and Robert Wyland, Thomas Kinkade’s Victorian Christmas series, and the delightful Winter courses of Supurr Swing Golf, nya! (tags Yvonne to go next)


I will nominate some of our friend Rebecca Brogden’s beautiful art such as “Winter Solstice”, “Winter Magic”, “Winter Harp”, “Winter Spirit”, “Winter Woods”, “Winter Cardinal”, “Christmas Cheer”, “Christmas Joy” and “Christmas Faerie”, nya! Lizzy’sturn, nya! (tags Elizabeth)


Yay Rebecca! I hope she can visit us again soon! I also have the gorgeous fantasy art to nominate, so for your consideration are Nene Thomas’s “A Chance Encounter”, “Counterpoint”, “Knight of Winter”, “Domino”, “Fortitude”, “Interlude”, “Solitaire”, “Queen of Owls”, “Peace”, and “Hope”!  (tags Ilyana)


I will nominate Frank Frazetta’s “Snow Giants” & “Silver Warrior”, Rowena Morrill’s “Power Play”, “Queen’s Blade” & “Sword of Winter”; Boris Vallejo’s “Ice Cave”, “King’s Daughter”, “Ice Schooner”, “The Ring of Ikribu”; Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s “Birch Dryad” and “Seasons: Winter”; and Alan Welch’s “Winter”, “Winter Wolves” and “Witch Queen”! (tags Mary Nyan)

Mary Nyan:

Oh by the way, who were the beautiful models in Alan’s amazing images?


Kaylee was the spirit of “Winter”, Caroline appurred with the “Winter Wolves”, and Toni was “Witch Queen”!

Mary Nyan:

Arigato! I would like to mention the album cover art for the Winter & Christmas records by Mannheim Steamroller, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Tori Amos, Enya, Vince Guaraldi and George Winston! I would also like to mention David Jackson’s album cover art for Jethro Tull’s Stormwatch, and Roger Dean’s album cover art for Badger, Yesshows and Yes Drama! (tags Nyoka)


I am purrticularly fond of Bridget Wilde’s “Fuyuko” & “Yuki”, Lela Dowling’s “Dragons II”, Emathyst’s “Winter’s On its Way”, Sakky’s “Sailor Arctic”, Lora Gaddis’s “Yule”, Yaya Han’s “Broken Dream”, Tonomurabix’s “Winter Winds”, and the poignant “Try Not to be Alone for the Holidays” pic at Sarah Terry & Reena Smith’s Sublunary webcomic! (tags Becca)


I wish to nominate Ruth Thompson’s “Winter’s Sorrow”, “Dead of Winter”, “Winter Fairy”, “Rites of Winter”, “A Winter’ Eden”; Amy Brown’s “Winter Solstice”, “Epona”, “Snow Queen I” and “Snow Queen II”; Keith Parkinson’s “North Watch” and “Ice Dragon”; and David A. Trampier’s “The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl”! (tags Mielikki)


I must mention Wendy Pini’s gorgeous tearful Leetah portrait for the front cover of Elquest #16, her scene of Khavi & Ekuar for the back cover issue #17, and her Elric illustrations, especially “The White Wolf” painting are like totally awesome!

I SO love the Winter fashions of Deedlit of Record of the Lodoss War, Emereldas of Galaxy Express, and her sister Maetel! A few beautiful fae & goddesses came to mind such as Jessica Galbreath’s “Winter Fantasia Fairy” & “Winter Wood Fairy”,

Barry Windsor-Smith’s “Withering”, Janet Chui’s “Winter Light” & “Whispers of Winter”; Thomas Fleming’s “Winter”, Selena Fenech’s “Nouveau Fairy Winter”, and Jim Fitzpatrick’s “Winter at Cruachan”, fur shur! (tags Nyanko with the flit of the wing)


Caroline Young’s “Winter Serenade”, Karl Bang’s “Winter’s Majesty”, April Lee’s “Foxes and Red Velvet”, Jonathan Earl Bowser’s “Earth Autumn Winter”, Linda Ravenscroft’s “A Touch of Frost”, Joseph Michael Linsner’s “The Three Graces”,

Sarah Clemens’s “Flavia”, Joe Jusko’s “Vampi Beckoning”, Alexcia Reynolds’s cute Tash & Michi Christmas & Mew Year pics, and our web master Jamie’s “Snow Witch” & Sebo Christmas purrints! (tags Tara-chan with a brush of the tail)


I will nominate A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch, the scene of “Those Nightshine Chimes” from Kozue Amano’s Aria, Paul Dini’s Jingle Belle, Mark Crilly’s Mikki Falls vol. 4: Winter, our friend Andrew Pepoy’s fun Simone & Ajax Christmas capurrs;

the cute widdle Winter scenes from the Hello Kitty, Choco Cat, and – and the Angel Cat Sugar calendars, nya! I would also like to mention the manga with the Winter season chapters Aria, K-ON, G.A., Ichiroh, Azumanga Daioh and Sunshine Sketch,

and – and the Christmas epurrsodes of Aria, Maria Watches Over Us, Ghost Sweepurr Mikami, Maison Ikkoku, Nuku Nuku, Pokemon, Ranma 1/2, and – and Urusei Yatsura, especially with the poor cold Ghost Cat, nya. It is Jen’s turn nya! (tags Jeannie)


The outer planets and their moons appurr to be serenely nippy in the magnificent astronomical art by Pamela Lee, Ron Miller, William K. Hartmann, Chesley Bonestell, Robert McCall, Adolf Schaller, Ludek Pesek, Don Davis, Don Dixon, Kazuaki Iwasaki, Rick Sternbach and David Hardy, to name a few.

I would like to mention the lovely Fae of the Winter signs in the Zodiac series by Linda Ravenscroft, the beautiful belly dancers of the Winter signs in the Zodiac series by Lacy Chenault, and “The Snow Queen on a Polar Bear” by Kelly Hawes, an artist & belly dancer in nearby Wilmington. Back to you Mike.


OK I will top off the Lightning Round with Syd Mead’s painting of the “Four Legged Gyro Balanced Walking Cargo Vehicle”, Ralph McQuarrie’s array of Hoth concepts for The Empire Strikes Back, Roger Kastel’s Style A poster for The Empire Strikes Back,

Bob Peak’s Star Trek III The Search for Spock poster and his Winter Olympics stamps, Lou Feck’s chilling illustrations for volumes 4 & 6 of James Blish’s Star Trek adaptations, Robert McGinnis & Frank McCarthy’s art for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,

Dru Blair’s images of “Christmas in the Ardennes” and “Rising Force”, and I would like to mention that Space Battleship Yamato’s Mori Yuki’s name means “Snow” in Japanese! Well that was a big round, so unless there are any amendments…?


Actually, I would like to mention a few of comic book stories such as The Black Widow in “Merry Christmas Black Widow – From the Astrologer!” and Spider-Man in “Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas!”


Oh oh that reminds me of the tales of the barbarians with the cold steel in the snow such as Conan the Barbarian and “The Frost Giant’s Daughter” and Red Sonja in “Blue”, nya!


There have been the good DC Comics Christmas tales too such as “The Silent Night of the Batman”, the Legion of Supurr Heroes story “Star Bright, Star Light…” oh and that whole 2009 DC Holiday Special!


Michael Turner’s Fathom vol. 1 issues #12-14!


That was a good arctic adventure, nya!


Are there any more amendments?


I’m done, nya!


Me too!

The Cat Lady Sings…


Well then I reckon that wraps it up for another edition of The Mew!


Thank y’all for hosting the show aboard your yacht!


It was our honor, nya!


Hai we were so glad to have the big group, nya!


We wish to thank Mourning Daily, Adam Hughes, Howard Chayken–


— and all of the other talented, industrious inspurrational folks whose creations & work we discussed, nya!


That certainly includes our web master Jamie too!


And our audience – domo arigato!


Fur shur!

Mary Nyan:

If y’all have polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them–


–purrvided that such brief remarks are spam-free, not purrofane & stay on topic.


We’ll be back next month with our “Happy Mew Year “edition of The Mew. Be there… Aloha!

the catgirls:

Happy tails to mew, until we eat again! Baibai, nya!

One thought on “December 2011 Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings

  1. Alan Welch

    Thanks all for the nice plug. I am sure my models appreciate it as well. You will no doubt be happy to hear I am working on a new piece which will contain a cat image. Happy holidays all!


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