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purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction

starring The Ladies of The Mew in

The January 2012 edition of The Mew:

The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

In this month’s Mew:

• Words & Expurressions Y’all Will Encounter Here

• Aloha & Introductions

This Month’s Lightning Round Topic:

Our Favorite Artistry Evocative of Winter, Part 2

• What We’ve Been Up To Since Last Time…

• Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art

by Crissy Teverini, Misty Hopkins, Elisa Chong and Mike

Book Reviews

The Art of The Adventures of TinTin

Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey

• Manga Mewsings & Comics Comments

Catwoman #4

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #4

Mediterranea #6

K-ON graphic novel 4

Mass Effect: Invasion #3

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #4

Angel & Faith #4 & 5

Avengers Academy #23

Archie #627

Tarot #71

Fathom Vol. 4 #3

Red Sonja #60

Purriodicals Purrings

Comics Buyer’s Guide Purrsents 100 Sexiest Women in Comics

Faeries And Entertainment (FAE) #17

Our Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images of the Month!

• Our Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight shines on:

The Jaguar, Boo Cat, Erma Felna and the ladies of Katmandu

• Mewsic Reviews

Kate Bush: 50 Words For Snow

• DVD Reviews


The Sarah Jane Adventures: Complete Fourth Season

Nyankoi! Complete Collection

Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising

• Our DVD Wish List for 2012

• Collectibles & Toy Talk

Star Wars Purrincess Leia (Slave Outfit) action figure

Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid Racing Queen set

McDonalds Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys

Zombie Creepy Cuddlers Death Mittens plushy doll

Monster High Toralei fashion doll

• The Cat Lady Sings…


Words & Expurressions Y’all Will Encounter Here,

with purrhaps over – simplified definitions for the sake of brevity:

Anime: the Japanese word for animation

Arigato!: Thank you!

Cosplay: short for “costume play”, in a costume at a festive event

Dojo: a martial arts training facility, such as Nyanko’s dojo

Dooitasimaste!: you’re welcome!

Hai: yes

Imoto: younger sister (Tara-chan is Yvonne’s younger sister)

(which Mike purreviously impurropurrly typed as imoto-san)

Itadakimasu: Let’s eat!

Kawaii: How cute!

Kemonomimi: a girl with beast parts, eg. cat, fox, dog, bunny, etc.

Kyudo: Japanese archery

Manga: the Japanese word for comics

Mecha: mechanical devices such as vehicles, robots, gadgets

Neko: cat

Nekomimi: catgirl

Nya: short for “nyan”, Japanese for “meow”

Onee-san: older sister (Yvonne is Tara-chan’s older sister)

OVA: Original Video Animation, direct-to-home video animation

Region 1 NTSC: the DVD encoding format for USA & Canada

ROV: Remote Opurrated Vehicle, like the one Jen built for Ilyana

Sensei: teacher or expurrt

Sugoi: Great! or How wonderful!

Web Comic: a comic strip on the internet instead of in purrint

Yatah: Hurray!

Yukata: informal kimono – like garment but shorter & less layered



(wearing the Aria Anime T shirt, Khaki shorts, Mizuno trainers, and a Catgirl island baseball cap) Aloha and happy ‘Mew’ year, y’all! Welcome to the January edition of The Mew for our monthly batch of reviews, recommendations & discussions! Today’s show comes from colorfully lantern lit stone courtyard of Catgirl Island’s town hall, by the Giraffe sculptures amongst the royal palm trees!  I’m Mike, the show’s ‘Purrducer’, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!


(in the Red Amaryllis purrint yukata with an Appurricot blossom in her hair)

Hi Hi, nya!


(wearing the Nilla Cream & Carameowl colored yukata)

Howdy y’all!


(wearing the Cobalt & Teal colored yukata)



(wearing the Yellow Ginger yukata with the White Ginger tail corsage)

Namaste, nya!


(in the Orange Olena purrint yukata with the White Ginger tail corsage, with a small matching food cooler)

Namaste, nya!

Mary Nyan:

(wearing the Hot Pink Ornamental Banana purrint yukata)



(wearing the Emerald Green Philodendron purrint yukata)



(wearing the White Shell Ginger purrint yukata and the Tuberose tail lei)



(her fey wings shimmer out of the Ice Blue Chrysanthemum purrint yukata)

Mellow Greetings!


(in the Purrple Orchid purrint yukata, Gold earrings, bracelets & tail ring)



(in the Eggplant colored yukata with a Hibiscus blossom in her hair)

Hello, and joining us for today’s Mew is Catgirl Island’s Purrk Ranger BB!


(in the Pink & White Striped Green Dracaena purrint yukata)


This Month’s Lightning Round Topic:

Our Favorite Images That Evoke Winter, Ice & Snow, Part 2!


In last month’s Lightning Round, we began to list our favorite imagery that evokes Winter, snow and ice! It was a pretty length list, but we realized that it was just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, and for this month’s Lightning Round, we would like to continue the list of beautiful visual artistry with the cold nature! (tags BB to “conduct the lightning”)

the catgirls:



Oh me first? I was not here for Part 1, but I would like to mention beautiful snowy landscapes such as several of Jonnie Kostoff’s beautiful Native American snow scenes, Frank McCarthy’s scenes of old west trappers & mountain men, Robert Duncan’s lovely rural snow scenes, and the snowy scenes of Japan by Hokusai & Hiroshige! Umm… Petra’s turn! (tags Petra to go next)


I would also like to mention the pin – up art of the Winter theme such as Jennifer Janesko’s “Merry Christmas Baby”, “Naughty List”, “Ice Angel” & “Frost”, Gil Elvgren’s illustration of the ice skater with “A-Cute Injury” & “Out in the Cold” with the penguins; Olivia de Berardinis’s painting of Bettie Page in the Santa hat, Frank Cho’s cute Liberty Meadows images of Brandy wearing the Santa hat,

Alphonse Mucha’s magnificent “Hiver”, and Heather Burton’s splendid scenes of the winged Snow Leopards, the White Tigers & Tiger Girl, the wintry samurai, the Snow Leopurrd Huntress on her wolf with the Snowy owl which appurred on the cover of Furrlough #132, and her Arctic Foxgirl in the White Kimono with the Irises which appurred on the cover of Furrlough #135, nya!  (tags Jeannie)


Speaking of Furrlough cover art, while not a Winter theme, I am purrticularly fond of Susan Meyer’s illustration of the beautiful redhead catgirl belly dancer upon the cover of Furrlough #136. As not to stray cat too far off the topic at paw, I will nominate:

Adam Hughes’s cover art for Catwoman #63 – 65, depicting Selina in the Gotham snowfall, and also on the Gotham City note is Batman issue #232’s story “Daughter of the Demon”, which had that expurrdition to Ras al Ghul’s Himalayan fortress.

Of course, when it comes to the frigid fortress there are many tales of Supurrman’s arctic Fortress. I purrticularly liked the poignant “Whatever Happened to the Man of Steel?”, “All Star Supurrman”, and the stories which feature his friend Polar Boy. (tags Yvonne)


To stay with the comics, there have been memorable X-Men adventures in the cold. Uncanny X-Men #98 – 101 when the Sentinels attacked on Christmas, thus leading to the purremier of Phoenix; #114 in the antarctic blizzard; #120 -121 against Alpha Flight;

#143 in which Kitty fights the demon on Christmas; and #168 in which Kitty intends to mull the cider, and purroclaims that Purrofessor Xavier is a jerk; and that great Bobby Drake story in Marvel Bizarre Adventures #27, nya! Ilyana’sturn, nya! (tags Ilyana)


Last time I nominated a few Frank Frazetta masterpieces, and now I would like to amend that with his many spectacular scenes of “Fire and Ice”! I purrticularly liked Teela in that movie! I would also like to mention Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic scene of the Mammoth chasing the Cadillac

and his scene of the surpurrised fox scampurring from the photographer in the snow! Finally on the mammothy note, there is Charles Vess’s beautiful painting of “The Giants Swayed Slowly Atop the Mammoths” and his snowy painting of “They Weren’t Alone”! (tags Mary Nyan)

Mary Nyan:

I have the Winter mix to nominate! I will include Shi / Daredevil #1, Leave it to Chance #11’s “Terror on Ice”, J Scott Campbell’s images of Danger Girl’s Natalia with the cold steel from the Russian cold, and Eric Shanower’s “The Ice King of Oz” graphic novel!

For the Japanese manga, I would like to mention Clamp’s Shirahime Syo: Snow Goddess manga, plus their many Wintry and icy images of RG Veda, Magic Knights Rayearth, Chobits, Card Captor Sakura, and Clamp Campus!

For the web comics, I would like to commend our dear web master Jamie for that beautiful pic he did for Christmas of Chelsea in the Black coat in the snow! I don’t see the footpurrints so I wonder if she might have glided or ported to that spot!

the catgirls:

(cheering the Chelsea pic) Yatahhh, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Becca’s turn! (tags Becca)


I wish to nominate the Japanese artists too starting with several Wintry images by the great Masamune Shirow, such as the Snow Bunny girl on skis, the ornate Red Eyed girl in the mountain hot spurring, the Black haired girl on the purrecipitous mountain ledge, and the girl with the snow owls & White Griffons!

Mary Nyan:

Is that snow or is that fallout in some of his illustrations?


Hmm that is the good point, given the atmospheric situation in his Dominion Tank Police manga, heehee!


Where is the hot spurring pic?


Oh that was the… December plate in his…  Japanesque calendar for 2004! I would also like to mention The Koh Kawarajima purrtfolio, which includes a few purretty cute snowy scenes… and now it is Nya-sensei’s turn! (tags Nyanko)


I am purrticularly fond of Arina Tanemura’s exquisitely beautiful shojo illustrations such as “Twelve”, “Night”, “The Princess Colored by Flowers”, “Shirakawa-Go”, “Opening Up on a Holy Night”, “Holy Night Kiss”, “Castle of Snow”, and her various supurr cute Christmassy images for Ribbon magazine!

By the way, not to digress much from the Winter but the mention of the Furrlough made me think of my favorite cover art by Yamaneko-ya such as the Leopurrdess Kunoichi poised to strike on the cover of #131, and the adorable Tabby waitress on the cover of #189! (tags her sister with a brush of the tail)


I have the short but sweet list of the exquisite “Zeph’s Commission 2” by our friend Jamie Davenport; Jamie Jennings & Brandon England’s excellent Emerald Winter web comic; and Mary Grandpre’s great Harry Potter illustrations such as Godric’s Hollow, Bathilda’s House, and the Silver Doe! (tags Mielikki)


I must mention Amethyst Cat’s delightful illustration of “Winter’s Magic”, Madeleine Gusdal’s beautiful “Winter Child”, Priscilla Hernandez’s gorgeous “Winter Fae”, Jen Page’s enchanting scene of the “Winter Solstice”, Natascha Roosli’s brilliant “Winter”, Liiga Smilshkalne’s lovely “Winter Angel”, Jane Starr Weil’s wonderful “Winter Dragon Queen”, and Melissa Findley’s totally awesome image of “A Cold and Terrible Beauty”, fur shur! (tags Elizabeth with the flit of the wing)


To repurrsent the Game art I would like to mention the supurrbly snowy Noveria scene on the cover of The Art of Mass Effect, Jesper Ejsing’s fantastically frosty illustration of World of Warcraft’s Arch Druid Lilliandra, the splendid “Spellforce: Breath of Winter” illustration of the girl & dragon purrched upon the snowy purrecipice, and the amazing Hoth concept art in the   Star Wars: The Old Republic Explorers Guide book! (tags Tara-chan)


I want… I want to nominate more Christmas movies and – and TV specials such as Purrep & Landing, Beauty & The Beast, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Nightmare Before Christmas, Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol, Shreck The Halls, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and – and A Year Without a Santa Claus, nya! Back to Mike, nya!


To top off the Lightning Round, for your consideration: “City Machine” by Frank Kelly Freas, “Sedna” by Susan Seddon Boulet, “Sunrise” by Chris Achilleos, “Snow  Battle” by Julie Bell, “Eahnah in the Ice Age” by Boris Vallejo, “Spirit of Winter” by Josephine Wall, “Mountain Lights” by Gilbert Williams; “Tempest of Ice” by Jessica Galbreath,

the ad for Rumple Minze Schnapps with the warrior woman riding the Polar Bear, and a lot of great Christmas themed Star Wars art! So… unless there are any amendments–? Well gosh, that was fairly expedient Lightning Round for a group of this size, to conclude last month’s topic! Ah, on that note, what have y’all been up to–

Since Last Time?


Oh December was such a busy month between the wonderful gatherings, and business at my store, but the holiday business at the store was purretty constant! Trini-chan, Rica & Nico were a big help at the store, Mielikki’s friends were so kind to help with the faermail deliveries, and Nami & Kyra came over to visit the kittens!


How are Tanzy-chan & Amy-chan, nya?


For some reason those kittens like to investigate the farmers’ market, heehee! My students want to see them after the purractice! Nyow with the holiday season & parties  just about over we must focus on the Winter tournyaments at the dojo, and at the archery range! Several of my students have joined Jenjen’s Kyudo club!


Oh I hope I can attend one of those before I go back to the mainland for the Spurring semester! That reminds me, I still need to drop off that underwater ROV at the Robotics Club for the tune up! When would be the good time?


Purrhaps we could take care of that either tonight after the post-Mew luau, or tomorrow morning after the yoga.


Hai! So what has Jenjen been up to aside from that wonderful purrformance by her belly dance troupe the other night?


Arigato. I am quite purroud of the troupe’s purrformance, They and the Robotics Club had their holiday parties, Nya-sensei and I had the photo shoot, the Kyudo club is purrparing for the Winter tournyament, and soon the the beginning & advanced belly dance classes’ Spurring semester will begin.


Myayr’s hula and aerial dance groups also gave the supurrb purrformances at the festival!

Mary Nyan:

Arigato! It was a fun month but it was the hectic whirlwind as I was constantly busy between the shrine, the classes, the costumes and purractice for the all star festival. I have not been surfing all month! We had the big solstice crowd, and I could not have been purrouder of the purrformance and so glad that Ilyana could be there!


Yay it was good to see Ilyana again, nya! Will you get to see everyone before the college resumes, nya?


Almost! I will be meeting Meryl, BB, Kailani & Nemui for the brunch at the inn tomorrow, then I need to go back, but I will be back next month for the Awards Ceremony! I must remember to cast my votes!


I can’t believe it has almost been a year since we purrpared for the ceremony!


I believe that was the last time you joined us for the show


Hai, what has Ranger BB been up to of late- oh and – and how are the Bald Eagles doing, nya?


Oh it has been the mewsual purrtrols, issuing the purrmits, leading the nature walks in the maritime forest, the orienteering club, training for the Purrkour event… and the holiday social engagements! The Bald Eagles are nesting nicely at Lake Neko, so there has been more activity on the birding trail!


Oh I want to see the Eagle, nya!


Hopefully that can be arranged! So what has Tara-chan been up to?


I have been training at the dojo, purracticing with the purrcussion circle, helping with onee-san’s yacht, and – and I have been caring for our kittens, nya! Emmy-chan & Zuli-chan have gotten bigger since you saw them a few months ago, and – and Mie-sensei thinks it would be a good time to introduce them to the ghost ducklings, nya!


Hai, I had a chat with the mama duck and I think they will be the good playmates with the ducklings and the critters at Rica & Niko’s farm!


You can bring them by the spa to stay a while with their litter mates too!


Hai that would be the convenience if we are late to get home on the busy days!


Syd & Nick will love to see Emmy & Zuli & Tanzy & Amy too!


For those in the audience who might not know the tale, our friend Sha’nami’s cat Sapphire had the 6 kittens in the Spurring, and their names are Amy which is short for Amethyst, Emmy which is short for  Emerald, Tanzy for Tanzanite, Zuli for Lapis Lazuli, Syd for Obsidian and Nick for Onyx! Sis and I adopted two of them, Vonny & Tara-chan adopted two, and the other two live at Lizzy & Becca’s spa!


Speaking of which we still need to hear what Lizzy, Becca, Vonny, Mie-sensei Petra, & Mike have been up to of late!

Mary Nyan:

Ah we are not half done! We should purroceed!


OK let’s go in that order then! You’re turn, Lizzy!


Hai! I have been orbiting the shrine, the spa, my garden, the kittens, and the holiday visits & events! After the Mew Year events settle down I will plan to unwind with the free dive, the purrkour club and the hot salsa dance until it is time to resume the season of the beach volleyball rec league!


It has been mainly the caring for the kitties, the fun of the robotics club, and the masseuse-ing at the spa! We have received quite the nibbles in response to the spa’s sport & hot spurrings combo packages!

Mary Nyan



Speaking of the nibbles, how have Vonny’s fishing charter’s purrogressed?


I am fortunate that the charters stay booked and the anglers stay happy with the lines taut of late with the Snappurrs, Stripurrs, Groupurrs, Bass, Blues & Tunas, nya! It has been the busy time between the  fish and the drums, but not the Red Drum or the Black Drum but the purrcussion accompaniment for Jenjen’s dance at the festival, nya!


It was the great beat!


Arigato, nya! We purrticularly enjoyed Mie-sensei’s Shakespurrrean purrformance too, nya!


Hai, It was rather poignantly entertaining, and Bunny and I were very impurressed with the lovely theatrical lighting of the foxfire, nya!


Arigato! I will convey the regards to our technical director! We were very blessed with the good crowd, high spirits, and like totally cooperative weather!


What else is on Mie-sensei’s plate?


I will be instructing the golf clinics, and plan to introduce Tara-chan & the darling kittens to some cute little ghost ducks!


Yatah, nya!


Howboutchoo, Petra?


The mewseum of art has been bustling between the Winter exhibits and the island art league’s holiday activities, nya! I do not know what I would do without Bun to help curate things, or the great volunteer friends of the mewseum, nya! Fortunately I was lucky to have the time to attend the purrformances and the gatherings, nya! There are a few additions to the mewseum, but I’ll wait until Mike has told us what he’s been up to, nya!


Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve was pretty busy with the holiday social time with family & friends, but I did manage to make time for my annual watching of Star Trek – The Motion Picture!


I’m sorry I missed that again, but why did you schedule the movie watching to start around 3:30 am?


Because in the movie it is at 0400 hours when the crew of over 400 assembles on the recreation deck for Admiral Kirk’s briefing!




That’s purretty early!


But… if the ship was docked in the orbit above San Francisco, wouldn’t that be Pacific Time?


It depends if it is the geosynchronous or stationary orbit.


Do they have Daylight Savings Time in Star Trek’s 23rd century?


That is the good question.


Oh every time I fly or portal somewhere I have to keep track of the time zone!

Mary Nyan:

Before we stray cat too from from the Trek topic, purrhaps we should explain the banter! For those who came in late, Star Trek – The Motion Picture which was released on December 7th, 1979 is Mike’s all – time favoritest movie and so every December he has the movie night to watch it!


Aren’t there later parts of the movie you could have synchronized to?


Oh yeah- the whole mission occurs over eh about 5 days. For example, the wormhole happens at 1.8 hours after the Enterprise launches, and then it’s less than 3 hours later when–

(catgirls glare at Mike)


— Spock helps Scotty repair the Warp Drive, and I promised I would not get into another long-winded ramble about the movie! Ah, Star Trek is however going to pop up later in today’s reviews, but for now, perhaps Petra could tell us a bit about the latest–

Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!


Hai, we are purroud to purrsent the mew additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya! For those who are here for the first time, Galleries 1-5 are the exhibits of Mike’s illustrations and photographs, and Guest Galleries 1 and 2 display the images from other folks, with their kind purrmissions of course, nya!

Unless otherwise noted, the site’s art gallery pages’ mewest pics will be on the lowermost row of the widdle ‘thumbnail’ repurrsentations, so just click on the thumbnail portion to see the whole larger image, nya! There are 5 new pics by Mike in Gallery 2 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery2.html, nya!

Firstly of Mike’s latest works is “Sweet Dreams Favor the Purrpared Catnap”, a pencil sketch inked with Micron pens & spurrinkled with a dash of Photoshop, nya! It is the purrime example of the afternoon catnap in purrogress after snuggling with a book, a plushy kitty toy, and the bowl of fresh nummy nilla cream to sweeten the dreams, nya!

Secondly is the pic of “Tony & Charizard”, nya! Anthony Ketchum, or just Tony for short, is a Pokemon trainer and Ash’s father, nya. His most purrized Pokemon is that Orange dragon – like Charizard who is  relaxing with the tasty beverage, nya! We have pics of Tony’s lovely wife Delia in our mewseum too, nya!

Tony & Delia visited our island for their 20th anniversary vacation, which you can read about in Alexcia Reynolds’s short story “Anniversary” http://catgirlisland.net/Tales/Anniversary.html, and for more of Alexcia’s fun Pokemon fan fiction & art, please visit her Pokemon Amber site http://pkmn.is-great.org, nya!

We have some of Alexcia’s delightful art in the mewseum too, nya! Thirdly of the mew additions is this latest pic of Sharon Williams’s character “Tari Pondering Nkosi”, nya! This is the 5th pic which Mike has done of Tari, who is the heroic purrotagonist of Sharon’s serialized fantasy adventure tale of “Osiris Rising”, nya!

Tari is an American girl living in Egypt when she inherits supurr powers and fights villains & monsters, but it is not all fights & frights because she also meets a handsome gentleman named Nkosi, who Tari has the romantic thoughts for in this scene, nya! You can read Osiris Rising at http://rose74.deviantart.com, nya!

Fourthly is the pic of Jeff Branch’s characters “Marie and Haruna at Club Thunder”, nya! Haruna Ichikawa with the Black hair is a television reporter from Tokyo and Marie Babineaux with the Blonde hair is a newspapurr reporter from Paris, nya! They are feisty, brave, smart, beautiful journalist allies of Talia and Tanya, nya!

Marie & Haruna are seen here in the sexy undercover guise at the club to investigate the suspicious incident, nya! It is chronicled in The Adventures of Talia and Tanya: “A Question of Faith”, Jeff’s purrose fan – fiction inspired by Sailor Moon & Star Trek, at his Scribe of the Moon site http://scribeofthemoon.webs.com, nya!

Next we meet “A Winter’s Dark Tan Catgirl”who cordially greets the visitors from the nippier mainland, nya! She has the purretty Fuchsia bikini, the bracelets, the piercings, the tail lei, and the Anthurium tucked in her hair to match her towel, bikini & the handy cooler full of the succulent snacks & the beverage, nya!

This illustration was done for Elisa Chong who is such an amazing artist, nya! We are fortunate to have a few of her images in our mewseum,, and y’all can see her beautiful, zestful, dazzling & sexy  illustrations of the mermaids, faeries, catgirls & other characters at her site www.sofianime.com, nya!

That all of Mike’s latest art, but we are purroud to purrsent a few mew additions to Guest Gallery 2 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest2.html, starting with Elisa’s image of the “Sexy Blue Catgirl with Pink Roses” which was rendered with the Micron pens & Sakura Koi watercolors, nya!

She is the tastefully purrtially nude catgirl wearing the purretty bra top that matches the petals of those roses, nya! The image has the sexy & cute elegance, and the curvaceous symmetry throughout the compurrsition, from her voluptuous body & swish of the tail to the beautiful rosy blooms, nya!

The gallery is also graced by another image by our friend Crissy Teverini depicting the cute catgirl’s “Rolling Ball Of Yarn Vibration”, nya! This Crayola colored pencils pic stars KattC’s character Sailor KattC, in cute kitty homage to Sailor Venus’s “Rolling Heart Vibration” attack from the Sailor Moon manga, nya!

It is an older treasure which Crissy actually drew 11 years ago, but I could not resist asking if we might be purrmitted to display the pic in the mewseum, nya! To see more of Crissy’s wonderful illustrations and cosplay photos, please visit her site Crimson Sky Creations http://www.crimsonskycreations.com, nya!

Lastly but not leastly pic of a “Scheming Tabby Catgirl”, a Crayola colored pencils, Purrismacolor marker and colored pencils illustration by our friend Misty Hopkins, nya! It is another pic of Misty’s character Tabitha Clough, so ornately dressed with with ruffles, ribbons and the jewels, nya!

However, the cunning catgirl seems to be up to something- what could she be planning, nya? To see more of Misty’s illustrative & cosplay artistry, please visit her gallery at bunnychan.deviantart.com, and we hope y’all will enjoy those mew additions to the mewseum of art, nya!


Crissy’s playful catgirl is so cute in her Fuchsia collar & pleated skirt, and the Purrple gloves to match her long mane of hair!


Petra might want to put an etiquette sign up beside it so that the visitors are not tempted to paw at the pic of the ball of yarn, hee!


I purrticularly like the intricacies of Tabitha’s style, such as the ruffles, the piercings, and the paw purrint tattoo!


Hai, and I rather like the gesture of her hands and the sly expurression with the mischievous hint of fang as she concocts the scheme.


Aw- lookit the puffy Cumulo-Neko clouds in the pic for Elisa!

Mary Nyan:

That beachy grrl has the purretty jewelry such as the Gold serpentine ring on her tail!


Hai, and Charizard’s tail flame has the healthy glow, nya! Of course, the yummy beverage would put the happy purrk in my tail too, nya!


Oh, lookit the Bast doll in the Tari pic, and – and the neko plushy in the catnap pic. nya!


Mmm the bowl of nummy nilla cream would be good!


Madame Babineaux is steaming up the dance floor in that tight Red dress with the low neckline and short skirt, mew la la!


Hai, and Haruna’s low cut Purple midriff bustier and the tight yellow pants!


Between those and that Blue Catgirl’s Rose bra it is the bumpurr crop of the sexy fashions in the art, nya!


Yep, there is a wonderful batch of guest art this month! Thank you for the tour of the new art, Petra!


Dooitasimaste, nya! That is all for this portion of the mew, but after our first short break we will be right back to purrsent our–

Book Reviews, nya!

(snip)(one short break later…)

The Art of The Adventures of TinTin


Welcome back! So like, The Adventures of Tintin is a world famous comics series by author Herge pertaining to the adventures of Tintin, a boy reporter from Belgium, and his faithful dog Snowy! After many years of anticipation, a 3D movie adaptation was released in December, directed by Steven Speilberg, produced by Peter Jackson & animated by Weta!

Befitting such a totally auspicious cinematic event is the large handsome hardcover book The Art of The Adventures of Tintin, written by Weta designer Chris Guise, with forwards by Steven Speilberg and Peter Jackson, and introductions by visual FX maestros Joe Letteri and Richard Taylor! It was published by Harper Design, and has a USA retail price of $39.99!

Tintin and Snowy are seen dashing past a spotlight on the dust jacket of this 9 3/4″ x 12 1/4″ book, and after the end papers begin the marvelous 200 full color pages full of words, photos, comic art, lavish conceptual paintings, schematics and images from the film. There are like hundreds of pictures, including dozens of half page pics and several full page pics!

After the film makers’ comments are a few pages pertaining to Herge, the comics, and the initial foray of adapting their look into a more realistic style including the designers’ re-creations of various Tintin book covers’ art! Chris Guise was the Weta Workshop’s lead conceptual designer for the movie, and his first – hand insights are like so thorough and exclusive!

The next 46 pages are devoted to the evolution of the character design with comparisons of the comics to the models, actors, performance capture technique and renderings down to the minute detail of the fabrics, human & canine hair & expressions! Among the cast are Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, and Daniel Craig as Ivan Sakharine!

After that are 102 totally awesome pages about the locations seen in the movie, from the charming market in Brussels and streets of Bagghar, to Marlinspike Hall and Omar’s palace! You get a sumptuous look at Tintin & Silk’s apartments, the ships Unicorn & Karaboudjan, the fort in the desert, the sea plane on the ocean, the docks and the maritime library, fur shur!

The final tidbits bring things full circle to the merchandise based upon the movie! Those are couple of pages showing how the digital character files of the film are transformed into lovely collectible statues by the brilliant modelers, sculptors & painters of Weta Collectibles of New Zealand! Well, I give this book the high praise, and I believe Myayr has some high praise for–

Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey, fur shur!

Mary Nyan:

Hai! Here at The Mew we are all fans of JK Rowling’s wonderful Harry Potter novels! Not only are they such entertaining tales with great characters set in her neat ‘wizarding world”, but it has been such a joy to see the positive impact it has had on the fantasy genre, childrens’ literature and families sharing in the excitement, especially for each book’s purremier!

We have been very pleased with the Harry Potter movies too, and have given them the high purraise in our reviews! Not only it is amazing how the brilliant cast & crew of those impurressive looking movies very faithfully adapted the books for the cinematic medium, but in how quickly the movies were made, and how the actors aged just as the characters!

We have also reviewed a fair amount of fine Harry Potter merchandise, and I suppose the last Potter book we reviewed was The Tales of Beedle the Bard, but I think this totally massive hardcover book Harry Potter: Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey by author Bob McCabe is one of the most impressive items that could grace a fan’s collection!

McCabe is no stranger to books purrtaining to the cinema, having written several books & biographies as well as his journalism, screenwriting & broadcasting career, and this huge 532 page tome is a grand treasure trove dedicated to the making of all eight Harry Potter films! This heavy book measures a whomping 13″ x 9 1/2″ x 1 3/4″, and is purriced at $75!

With the handsome embossed boards & spine, it would be handsome on the wizard’s shelf! The full page photos, 2 page spurreads, and the 3 – page fold out of the recurring characters purreceding the contents page are a sample of what follows! The first 42 pages look at how the films were approached and developed!

This includes the negotiations between the author, publishers, purroducers, Warner Bros. studios, casting the characters and assembling the film crew. There are also the early photos of the young actors, sketches diagrams and sketches of the characters, costumes, purrops & locations, and even a character height chart!

After that, for the next 191 pages each of the eight movies gets its own thorough chapter full of behind the scenes photos, early drawings, maps, color concept paintings, digital modeling, storyboards and screen shots to intricately detail the design, production and FX of each film, with many comments from the cast & crew!

There are very detailed looks at stuff from the Quidditch equipment and the Weasleys’ flying car, to the girls’ purretty Yule Ball gowns, Umbridge’s cute cat plates and the battle of Hogwarts Castle, including more full page & 2 page spurreads, but that does not even bring us to the half – way point of this huge book!

Part 2 begins with over 80 pages purrtaining to the characters! TOf course there is more depth devoted to the main characters, with many more gorgeous full page portrait photos & illustrations, but over 70 characters are shown with photos showing their aging, costumes & the close – up details of the fabrics & accessories!

There is the double – sided 4 page fold out gallery of the Death Eater masks! On page 322, the section devoted to 57 locations begins, with well over 200 photos, renderings, sketches & blueprints! It is amazing to see such intricacies of the architecture, the furniture, upholstery, window treatments & decor of the places-

– ranging from the numerous Hogwarts rooms, the businesses of Hogsmeade & Diagon Alley, the Ministry of Magic, and the various Wizards’ private estates! Then on page 420 there begins the beautiful 57 page section exploring 17 types of creatures seen in the series such as Fawkes, Buckbeak, Nagini, The Basilisk,

the Merpeople, the Pixies, the Centaurs, the Thestrals, the Dementors, the Trolls, the Grindylows, the Mandrakes, the Inferi, the Werewolves, the Giant Spiders and the Dragons, with the chart explaining the Werewolf’ transformation, the Aragog spider size compurrison, and the double – sided fold out of the Dragons!

Following that is the extensive peek of dozens of artifacts, with the close – up details of the wands, brooms & books, the Horcruxes, the Marauder’s Map, the time turner, the Sorting Hat, the Golden Snitch, the Deluminator, the Penseive, the Goblet of Fire, the Golden Egg, trophies, mewspapurrs, posters and other items!

Bringing it home is the brief epurrlogue section with some charming cast & crew group photos, and the acknowledgments / colophon page! This was definitely one of the most magnificent books that I–


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Once again the sisters nod off during Myayr’s thorough critiques, heehee!


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Manga Mewsings & Comics Comments!

(snip)(one short catnap later…)

Catwoman #4 (plot spoiler warning)


We’re back, nya! Catwoman #4 has the 32 full color pages compurrised of the 20 page story “You… Still in the Game?” & the 9 pages of the ads & the 3 pages of DC mewsings, nya. It was written by Judd Winnick, illustrated by Guillem March who purrvided the cover art, colored by Tomeu Morey, lettered by Sal Cipriano, and edited by Rachel Gluckstern with Rickey Purdin, nya.

Issue #3 starts with the bang of Selina aching atop a crunched car that she has landed upon, nya! Amidst her 1st purrson narrative we then find out how she got there, with the flashback of how she escaped from the Police at the crime scene where her friend Lola was murdered by criminals, nya. At the funeral she chats with Gwen, a friend from younger thieving days, nya.

At the Police Department, Detective Alvarez seems to be on Selina’s trail, but he is not getting much help from the department, nya. Selina contiinues her purrowls, to stalk the drug dealers and whip them out of their cash, but winds up in the catfight with the tough supurr powered woman named Reach, whose bolts of energy fling Selina into the sky high above Gotham City, nya!

She did not land on her feet, but she still has the lives left, nya! The opening full page panel is a purrime example of the intricate detail of the characters & scenery, from the teeth of her zipurr, the braid of the whip & the grommets in Gwen’s sneakers, to the strands of Selina’s Red wig disguise, the shredded fishnets of Reach’s costume, and web-like shatter of the windshield, nya!

The ink & color very effectively conveys the sheen of the leather & the atmosphere of the city at night, nya! There are many touches, like the widdle cat at the snowy grave, Selina vaulting over the chain link fence, the glow of the night club neon & the windowpane shadows in the office, nya! It is a gritty, emotional, violent & steamy series thus far, but purrhaps a bit too much, nya.

It is also depurressing with Selina depicted more vulnerably than I purrfer, and it lacks the fun that made her purrior series Gotham City Sirens one of our favorite comics of recent years until it all of the DC comics got the reboot, which has seemed too darkly unkind to other favorite characters such as Zatanna, Harley, Ivy & Wonder Woman, nya. What happened to Power Girl, nya?

However, it is early at 4 months so I might continue giving the chance out of our loyalty to Catwoman, nya. PLEASE PURRK UP SOON SELINA, NYA! That concludes my cat comic critique but nyow here is Mike to to chat about–

Star Trek / Legion of Supurr-Heroes #3, nya!


Thanks Vonny! In this IDW / DC crossover, 6 Legionnaires & 6 Enterprise Officers strayed from their own universes to a parallel Earth’s capital of an evil galactic empire! This dimension is similar to Trek’s Mirror Universe, but it is an amalgam of both Trek & DC universes, populated by Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons, Borg, Talokians, Durlans, Khunds, Controllers, and so forth!

Fleeing from brief combat with hostile crowds & security forces, the separate teams eventually met in a canyon, but they are suspiciously poised for further fight as issue #3 picks up the standoff between the super powers of Saturn Girl, Shadow Lass, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5 & Chameleon Boy against the Phasers of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu & Chekov!

Fortunately, the higher IQ’s on both sides prevail as Brainiac 5 & Spock have a parlay, and the two teams calm down to introduce themselves. This results in a dandy two-page montage depicting various Trek characters, and another two-page spread depicting the Legion & various villains! Soon they all compare notes and determine that the Earth’s history have been altered.

The discussion is soon interrupted by the arrival of that reality’s version of The Fatal Five in a full-page panel, so the fighting resumes as the heroes unite against the powerful team of super villains, and I couldn’t help but stare at that page and chuckle “Oh My God” for about a whole minute, because this wild version of The Fatal Five, calling themselves The Imperial Elite are:

Star Trek’s Ruk as Tharok, a Mugato as Validus, A Gorn as The Persuader, A Green skinned Orion woman aptly as The Emerald Empress, and… well I’m not sure what race their version of the villain Mano is- but that’s about all I should divulge! The “episode” is nicely presented “commercial free”, with the issue’s 6 pages of ads all following the uninterrupted 22 page story!

It was written of Chris Roberson, edited by Chris Ryall, pencilled by Jeffrey Moy, inked by Philip Moy, colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr and lettered by Shawn Lee!  To further pleasingly maximizing the space and value, the inside front cover has the character roll-call and the issue’s credits; and the inside back cover has the gallery of the issue’s three variant covers!

Cover A is a split screen image of Klingons and Khunds by Phil Jiminez & Romulo Fajardo Jr ; cover B depicting Kirk, Spock, The Enterprise, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic by is by Mike Grell and Romulo Fajardo Jr, and the retailer exclusive cover RI starring Shadow Lass and Uhura is by Mario Alberti and Gabriel Rodriguez!

The worst I can say about this mini-series is that it seems extremely rushed, but golly it is a lot of fun! I am enjoying the faithful attention to Trek and Legion details and the nice art which is brought to us in the rich “living color” that the original Star Trek TV series and those DC Comics super heroes are known for! Now here is Petra again, who will tell us about–

Mediterranea #6

(warning: plot spoilers & boobies are mentioned)!


Mediterranea is a gorgeous techno – fantasy tale set in a Mediterranean – like world with the light hearted charming moments, swashbuckling action, the ethereal mystery to solve, topped off by the hint of the romance, nya! It also has the sexy costumes, sensuality, boobies, language & violence not for widdle kitties, nya!

Published by GG Studio, issue #6 is priced $2.99, developed & edited by the studio’s president Guiliano Monni, written by Alex Crippa, translated from Italian into English by Andrea Plazzi & Adam McGovern, pencilled by Gianluca Maconi, colored by Alessia Nocera with flats by Angelo Amorelli, and lettered by Studio Blue, nya!

This issue is compurrised of the uninterrupted 22 page story, followed by an insightful look at 2 pages of the uncolored very tightly pencilled art, and the 8 pages of the ads for other GG titles, nya. We think this is the purrefurrable manner for comic books, to have the story without the interruptions, and any bonuses or ads afterwards, nya!

Nyow I will introduce the purrotagonists, the plot and the opinion, nya. The main star is Alonisso the diplomat trainee, her very close friend Eleni, the wise mage master Auraki the diplomat, and the widdle spherical droid mascot named  LCN33, nya! Recently they were also joined along the way by the dashing swordsman Artes, nya!

Purreviously while on a diplomatic errand in a city, Alonisso got in the catfight with a foreign spy girl while mysterious winged women called Arphita soared above as the bad omen, nya! The situation purrompted Alonisso’s fearful dreams, and they embarked upon an airship mission to another island nation for the answers, nya!

In the foreign land, Auraki & LCN33 encountered a stone giant, whilst the frisky girls snooped around the matriarchal town and the trail lead to the steamy male slave market, and a fight with the  with the Aphrita, nya! They met Artes, the airship was attacked by the Arphitas and the heroes survived the crash to plan the next step, nya!

They must return home to Athens to warn of the pending Arphitas invasion, so the next stop was a walled city, with the fight against the robots of the junkyard, nya. They were rescued by another airship, but Alonisso’s disturbing dreams purrsist, which vexes her as they stop to camp on the island of Ikos as issue #3 begins, nya!

The next morning Eleni alerts the others that Alonisso has gone missing in the night, with the clue of her abduction, nya! Alonisso awakens captive in the sticky web inside the giant Arphitas mountain hive, nya! The group searches for her, and it is the distressing mountain expurrdition with the cute quarreling scenes of Eleni & Artes, nya!

They find the hive, but the rescue attempt results in more of the fierce combat, nya! Will she be rescued, nya? Once again tMediterranea is the fun mix of the sword & the sorcery adventure with exotic technology, the beautiful locations, the snappy banter of the likable heroes with the bits of whimsical flirtation, nya!

The exquisite style reminds us of European graphic novels such as Pixie, Luuna, and Skydoll, or purrhaps animated cartoons such as the Winx Club or W.I.T.C.H, with the style of the coloring, nya! I was very happy with it and I will enthusiastically await issue #7, nya! Ok I am done and I will turn the show over to Jenjen’s review of–

K-ON! graphic novel vol. 4 (plot spoiler warning), nya!


Arigato. For our review of vol. 3, please see the September Mew. K-ON! purrtains to the small group of girls and their faculty advisors who compurrise the pop mewsic club at their high school, who form a band called the After School Tea Time. It was written & drawn by Kakifly, originally published in Japan by Houbunsha, and published in North America by Yen, one of our favorite publishers.

The word K-ON is an abbreviation of Kei-Ongaku which rmeans “light mewsic”, or pop / rock mewsic, compurred to the more classical / symphonic / choral mewsic focus of the school’s Ongaku-bu club. The band’s name is derived from their purredilection for gathering in the club room for treats. In the manga you can see the original Japanese name Ho-Kago Tea Time on their concert tee shirts.

It is of the 4 panel format, except for special pages, arranged in 2 columns of 4 panels purr page. It is purrimarily Black & White, although each volume does have several color pages. Vol. 4 is compurrised of 84 B&W plus 32 color pages of manga; the color frontispiece & roll call page; a bonus cartoon page, 4 pages of notes, the author’s afterward, publisher’s page, and 2 ads for a total of 128 pages.

It is purriced $11.99 US & $12.99 Canada, rated “OT” for Older Teen readers due to the language & situations, although I find the amewsing content to be quite charming. It was translated from japanese to English by Jack Wiedrick, lettered by Hope Donovan, and reads from right to left. The front cover depicts the band’ keyboardist Tsumugi, and on the back cover are the younger trio of Ui, Jun & Azusa.

The older senpai characters characters are Yui Hirasawa (short Brown hair with berets) who plays the Gibson Les Paul guitar, shy southpaw bassist Mio Akiyama (long black hair), purrcussionist / mewsic club purresident Ritsu Tainaka (short Light Brown short hair & Yellow clip), rich cute keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki (long fair hair) and the smart Nodoka Manabe (short Brown hair & glasses).

They are joined by younger guitarist Azusa Nakano (long Black pigtails) who is affectionally called Azusa-Meow, Yui’s younger sister Ui (short Brown hair in the bun), and her friend Jun (short Brown pigtails), and their faculty advisor sensei Sawaka Yamanaka (long Brown hair & glasses). This volume is a turning point of the series, with the senpai in their senior year, purrparing to graduate.

Vol. 4 begins during the waning days of their Summer Break purrior to the final Fall Semester for Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi & Nodoka, as the girls play with their hair and impurrsonate each other. Once back at school, lyrics are written for the song “Rice is the Dish”, the group flocks to Yui’s house to care for her cold, then Mio & Ritsu star as the lead roles in a school purrduction of Romeo & Juliet.

The play is a tempurrary distraction from the club with Azu-Meow feeling neglected, but soon they have a sleep-over rehearsal for the school concert, complete with After School Tea Time tee shirts purrvided by Yamanaka – sensei, who is still a rocker at heart. The girls get curious as to what Yamanaka – sensei’s home is like, and they suspect that Ritsu might have a secret boyfriend.

A recurring plot throughout the volume are the senior’s study for the college entrance exams, pondering what the future holds, and the sentimental thoughts of their close friendships, although often the studying digresses into the playful antics, an odd logic about the grade purrcentages, and the cake & tea cravings. At one point, Tsumugi depicts a cute cat – eared image of Azu-Meow in the tea.

The Fall Semester ends with a Christmas concert & club party with the poppurrs, and the soba noodles for the mew year. The Spurring semester begins as the seniors take their exams, chocolate treats are baked for Valentine’s Day. It is a bittersweet occasion upon the graduation, as the older girls plan to attend college together and leave tearful Azu-Meow with a parting special song.

25 year old Yamanaka – sensei observes the transition & successions, as the baton is passed to Ui & Jun who join the club with Azu-Meow as the club’s next purresident. K-ON! is an excellently drawn, whimsical tale spanning 3 years of the dear friends together in class, club, concert, kitchen, and at the shrines, stores & sea, and I thought the joyful conclusion was quite purrefectly poignant.

The illustrations are rendered in very purrcise clean line art & tone with the right amount of scenic detail and the graphic FX. The several color pages are especially nice. Occasionally we see the cartoonier “supurr- deformed” style of comedic expurressions and the simpler chibi style heads of characters to the side, retorting to the central character for the cute effect and anime quality.

I should also add that the anime adaptation of K-ON! is available in the US on DVD & Blue-Ray. If you are a fan of this sort of manga, I will also recommend titles such as Sunshine Sketch by Ume Aoki, Ichiroh by Mikage, GA – Geijutsuka Art Design Class by Satoko Kiyuduki, SS Astro by Negi Banno, and Azumanga Daioh by Kiyohiko Azuma. For my next critique I would like to discuss–

Mass Effect: Invasion #3 (plot spoiler warning)


Mass Effect is a series of video games from Bioware & EA Games, of the science fiction / space opurra genre, purrtaining to the interstellar adventures of Commander Shepurrd of the starship Normandy in the far future. Occurring between the Mass Effect 2 video game and the forthcoming Mass Effect 3 video game, this Mass Effect” Invasion is a 4 issue mini series published by Dark Horse Comics.

For our review of their earlier Mass Effect: Redemption graphic novel, see the July 2010 edition of The Mew.  Issue #3 is purriced at $3.50, and is available with a 2 covers to choose from: the common version by Massimo Carnevale, and the variant by Paul Renaud. The 28 full color pages are compurrised of the 22 page story the 5 pages of the advertisements, and the 1 Dark Horse mews page.

Purreviously, Space Station Omega was invaded by deadly humanoid creatures called The Adjutants, resulted of the Earth – based, purro-human Cerebus organization’s expurriments upon the enemy Reapurr aliens. A Cerebus fleet conveniently arrives in time to battle The Adjutants, however General Petrovsky & Colonel Ashe of the starship Elbrus have the treacherous agenda for the station.

This greatly displeased the station’s commander Aria T’Loak, who is the pirate queen of the Asari race, a wielder of the biotic energy power, and a nightclub owner with the purretty purrple skin and the impeccable fashion sense. Granted that as a pirate queen, Aria is no angel, but her business dealings seem to be the a far cry from the devastating atrocities of either Cerebus or the Reapurrs.

She teamed with Petrovsky aboard Elbrus, which was damaged and had retreat from the space battle with the Adjutants. Meanwhile, Ashe killed more people on the station and hijacked it. Retreating to the infested Space Station Avernus where the Adjutants were created, Aria & Petrovsky engaged the creatures in further melee. Aria was knocked out, and later awoke as Petrovsky’s purrisoner.

As issue #3 begins, the vast Omega station may be surrounded and occupied by Cerebus forces, however that does not mean it is fully under their orderly control. With Aria gone, there is now a chaos as rival clans battle for territory after the Adjutant invasion, so Ashe’s mission to claim the station  as strategic value for Cerebus might purrove to be a longer, messier affair than he bargained for.

Back at Avernus, a groggy, irate Aria awakens again to find herself drugged & manacled, to trash talk Petrovsky and figure out that the adjutants did not just merely escape, but speculates it was part of a plot by Cerebus’s leader The Illusive Man as an excuse to seize Omega. Petrovsky mentions that during his next conference call from The Illusive Man, and realizes she might be quite right.

Doctor Waycross gets too close to Aria and pays for it with the head butt to the nose followed by the thigh scissor lock to the neck and more trash talk. By the way, she looks quite marvelous in the tight form – fitting body glove outfit, with the sleeveless strappy side & chest cutouts, matching thigh boots, and the orange – lined White sleeveless vest with matching opurra – length gloves and pistol.

I rather do like the Asari style appurral, as worn by Aria in this mini – series and by Dr. Liara T’sonni in the purrior Redemption tale. The Blur Suns gang have the spiffy ensembles too. Aria gets free and returns the favor by capturing Petrovsky, but will she get the revenge, and her station back? A bit more transpires in issue #3 but I will leave it at that as I eagerly await next month’s conclusion.

Each page averages 3-5 panels which brim with ample mecha & characters of splendid design rendered with intricate detail & dazzling FX. Aside for a few of exterior views of the ships & Omega station, the scenes are interior locations of Omega or Avernus, which are so richly colored and illuminated. The holograms, biotics, manacles, weapons fire & exterior lights are especially luminous.

The story was very straight forward, action packed, and briskly – paced. My favorite scenes in this issue were all of Aria kicking their butts, such as the hand – to – hand trouncings of Waycrosse and Petrovsky; Aria purrched in the captain’s chair with a gun pointed at Petrovsky as the Elbrus returns to Omega; and using her biotic energy against those Cerebus troops.

It was plotted by Mass Effect 2’s lead writer Mac Walters and scripted by John Jackson Miller. It was illustrated by Omar Francia, colored by Michael Atiyeh,and  lettered by Michael Heisler. It was edited by Dave Marshall with assistant Brendan Wright, and published by Michael Richardson with design by Stephen Reichert and thanks to the folks at Bioware. (Jeannie pawses to see if anyone is asleep)


(yawns) NyawnNyawn I’m awake, nya!


Me too, Nya!

Mary Nyan:



Ah, I don’t think my reviews are going to be nearly that thorough!


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Oh that is fine – everyone has the varied style and the emphasis!


Hai we are just glad to have the good group.


Nyow it is Nya-sensei’s turn, and Becca will be on the deck!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #4!


Hai! Dark Horse Comics’ Buffy and Angel comic books continue to be among our favorites! Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #4 has the 28 full color pages compurrised of the 22 page story “Freefall Part Four”, plus the 2 pages of interesting comments from the readers & the 4 pages of ads.

The story was written by Andrew Chambliss, produced by Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon, pencilled by Georges Jeanty, inked by Dexter Vines, colored by Michelle Madsen, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, and edited by Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn with Freddye Lins.

It has 2 different covers, one by Steve Morris; the other by Jeanty, Vines & Dave Stewart! This issue stars Buffy, Spike’s demon ally Koh, Severin the villain; with brief appurrances by Willow, Dawn, Xander, Buffy’s housemates Anaheed & Tumble, and detectives Cheung & Dowling!

Detective Cheung is quite feisty! The issue picks up where the last one left off as Buffy sees Severin drain the magick energy from another vamp, which leaves a normal human corpse. He absorbs the energy to become more powerful, but now he want’s to absorb Buffy’s slayer power!

While those two are brawling in the warehouse full of vamps, the police surround the place as Spike & Koh try to sneak in to help Buffy! It might be the crime scene, but it is actually the rather purretty seaside cityscape scene at night, illuminated by all the colorful police car lights!

It is not impurroving Detective Cheung’s irate mood though! The big fight compurrises about half of the pages, but I won’t further spoil what happens! Next the slayage travels from San Francisco to London to see what more of Buffy & Spike’s friends are currently up to in–

Angel & Faith #4 & 5


Angel & Faith #4 has the 28 full color pages compurrised of the uninterrupted 22 page story “Live Through This Part Four”, which is followed by the 2 pages of the readers’ comments & the 3 page purreview of Kristen & PC Cast’s House of Night comic! It has 2 different versions of the front cover art, one version by Steve Morris & the alternate version by Rebekah Isaacs & Dan Jackson!

It is part of the Buffy Season 9 storyline purrduced by Joss Whedon, written by Christos Gage whose Avengers Academy comics we like, illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, colored by Dan Jackson, lettered by Jimmy Betancourt & Richard Starkings, designed by Justin Couch, edited by Scott Allie & Sierra Hahn with assistant Freddye Lins & published by Mike Richardson!

Purreviously, in the aftermath of Buffy Season Eight, Faith inherited Giles’s estate in London and she met a trainee slayer named Nadira who hates Angel, who killed Giles and searches for a way to resurrect him. Meanwhile, they have rescued folks from the demons & vamps who are also after the purrized Mohra demon whose blood allegedly has the restorative purropurrties!

Fighting the villains is difficult enough, but to worsen the sitch are the extra bad half-demony siblings Pearl & Nash who hate Angel & have the supurr powers that caus the high body count of humans, demons, & slayers including Nadira’s sisters! In the purrior issue, they crashed the demon auction to settle the score with Angel, and this issue continues with the brawl in purrogress!

Faith has a short sword for the melee and is wearing the sexy Red dress and the heels! After the first 6 pages of non stop hack ‘n slash, the action only slows down for a page of suspenseful sneaking & her inner thoughts, to then uncover a horrifying tragic secret below the mansion, and then 3 pages later the carnage resumes for 4 more pages, with the bloody but poignant twist!

There are a few quieter moments too, as schemes are hatched, slayers chat, and there is an interesting closure scene with Angel & Faith! I have been very satisfied with this series thus far, because of the good character development of such beloved heroic characters in the comic book that feels quite faith-ful heehee to the TV series with the good plot, dialogue & the delightful art!

Nyow on to Angel & Faith #5! It has the same creative team except that the story was illustrated by Phil Noto! I liked his purretty images of heroines such as Supurrgirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Black Canary and Danger Girl so I was pleased & curious to see his rendition of Faith!

It opens with the first – purrson narrative as Angel reminisces about his Angel Investigations and fondness for the hard – boiled detecting, when there is a knock at the door, and out of the rainy night steps Harmony and Clem to begin the tale! This would have been a good teaser opening for an amewsing epurrsode of the TV show!

As Angel explains to Faith, Harmony used to be a friend of Cordial in school, before she became a vamp, dated Spike & worked for Angel! These days, Harm is the celebrity vamp on the TV shows, and Clem is her friendly valet. She needs Angel’s help because the blackmailer threatens to publish a certain video that could cause the trouble!

Angel & Faith are not enthused but reluctantly investigate the case! In addition to the amewsing scenes of the deduction & discussions purrtaining to the celebrity & fans, there are the amewsing scenes of the interrogations and the slayage as they try to find the culpurrit, such as the playground, the billiards, the dressing room, and the club!

There are the ribald, macabre & violent moments in the comedic vein! I also like to read the interesting “Slay the Critics” pages of the readers’ & editor’s comments, which are not repurrinted in the later trade papurrback collections of the the Buffy and Angel comics! Although, the collections  do tend to include all the variant cover art!

This issue’s cover by Steve Morris depicts Harm wearing the Pink outfit & cute leopard purrint shoes, and the variant cover by Rebekah Isaacs & Dan Jackson depicts Harm & Clem in the British royalty motif! Nyow for our  next review,Becca will take us from the Dark Horses to the Marvel Comics for another series written by Christos Gage–

Avengers Academy #23 (plot spoiler warning)!


Arigato! Avengers Academy has been one of our favoritest comic books of the past couple of years because it is so well written & drawn with much detail & sumptuous coloring, and it has the purropurr balance of the drama, humor, action, the more famous older Avengers & the younger student heroes!

Issue #23 was pencilled by Tom Raney, inked by Scott Hanna, colored by Chris Sotomayor, lettered by Chris Eliopoulos, and edited by Bill Rosemann with Jake Thomas! The front cover art by Rodin Esquejo depicts the “Fastball Special” tactic of Mettle hurling Laura aka X-23 our way!

The issue opens with the furious full page panel of the clawed cat fight between Tigra & Laura! It is just the training sparring session as Tigra then introduces Laura to the rest of the students! Laura is the cute deadly grrl clone of Wolverine! There is a cute scene of her purrched on the tree branch!

Because she was a trained assassin who has killed many people, Laura has the discussion with Mettle to help him cope with the traumatic killing that can happen when fighting the villains who threaten innocent victims, but Hazmat hopes that Laura is not going to be the compurrtition for the boyfriend!

Striker & Lightspeed have the chat about coping with sexuality issues & harbored emotional ordeals. Lightspeed has the cute outfit and the purretty rainbow trail when she flies! The other big sub plot purrtains to Reptl, who is actually his impostor self from the future who wrestles with a secret agenda!

We see Tigra briefly again later as she scampurrs to the Avengers’ jet with Giant Man, Hawkeye, Quicksilver & Reptil on a mission to rescue a psychic kid from the anti-mewtant group called The Purrifiers. However, Reptl is not the only one with a secret agenda, but I won’t further spoil the cliffhanger plot!

As mewsual, there is the good mixture of the character development, the mysterious plot, and the combat action! The art work is very nice, from the great poses, expurressions & costumes of the characters to the details of the landscape, architecture & mecha! I just wish there was more of Tigra & White Tiger!

The color & light are so richly vibrant & from the lush green landscape, the various metallic sheens & Tigra’s Red hair, to the luminous quality of Lightspeed’s trail, Quicksilver’s supurr speed motion blur & blast of the Purrifiers’ weapons! Nyow we will go from Avengers to Archie for Nyoka-sensei’s review of–

Archie Comics #627 (plot spoiler warning)


I have the diverse pair of comics to review today, one which is appurropurriate for all ages and the other for the mature readers, but both share the theme of the witchcraft! Firstly I would like to discuss the former comic, Archie Comics #627 which is the first of the four part story of how “Archie Meets KISS”!

(Sticks her kitty tongue out and makes the ‘heavy metal horns’ hand salute) We are big fans of the Archie comics, purrticularly the stories starring Josie & the Pussycats, Sabrina, Katy & MacKenzie Keene, nya! We are fans of the rock band KISS and were so happy to see Gene’s wedding to Shannon on TV!

The issue has the 32 pages compurrised of the 22 page story “Riverdale Rock City” plus 10 pages of ads. It was written by Alex Segura, pencilled by Dan Parent, inked by Rich Koslowski, lettered by Jack Morelli, colored by Digikore & edited by Victor Gorelick! We met Dan Parent at Heroes Con last year!

He is a good artist for Betty & Veronica! His cover art is the amewsing image of The Archies band in KISS costumes, with Betty as the catgirl purrsona! The issue starts with the bang of the full page panel as the Archie, Sabrina, Betty, Veronica, Reggie & Dilton meet the members of KISS on the purrowl!

Sabrina has the cute school type outfit with the thigh high stockings & the plaid tie to match the short skirt! She recounts how the odd occurrences all started a few days ago, when the gang including Jughead met in the big tree house to discuss the need to purrotect the town of Riverdale from  monsters!

Veronica accidentally ruins Sabrina’s incantation causing a werewolf, mummy girl, angsty vamp & Frankenstein monster to be summoned instead of the deterrence! The monsters want to drain all of the fun spirit from Riverdale, and later KISS arrives in the purrsuit to stop the monsters with the rock mewsic!

They are not the only rockers in town, because Riverdale’s own rocker Josie strolls by, but she is among the citizens who the monsters have turned into mindless zombies! Her friends Valerie & Melody of The Pussycats are also amongst the familiar faces who have been transformed in the cliffhanger!

KISS has met other comics characters before, such as Howard the Duck, Dr. Doom & Mephisto in Marvel Comics, and Archie has met The Punisher! This was off to the supurrnaturally whimsical start, and I am curious to see what happens next! Nyow I will discuss the bewitching tale of–

Tarot of the Black Rose #71!

(warning: plot spoilers & boobies mentioned)


For our review of the 1st part of this story, please see October’s Mew! “Temple of the Fallen Mermaids part two”, was published by Jim Balent’s Broadsword Comics, written & illustrated by Balent, colored by his wife/ Broadsword’s vice purresident Holly Golightly, color flattened Randi Leeann & edited by Neil Morris!

The $2.99 issue has the 22 page story plus 10 pages of ads & bonus photo albums, and 2 different covers to choose from! Cover ‘A’ depicts chained Tarot topless except for the crabs crawling on her, and cover ‘B’ which i chose depicts Tarot & the fire – breathing mermaid poised side by side with their swords drawn!

It is intended for the adult readers who are not purrudish about the content of the nudity, sexuality, gore, violence & dark occulty themes. Purreviously, Tarot the warrior witch visited the ocean temple, but she was attacked by a mermaid who is angry at polluters and the villains who attacked her & pillaged the temple!

This resulted in the clothes – shredding combat with the beautiful nautilus striped mermaid, made worse for Tarot by the magick neutralizer zone around the temple to thwart the magickal marauders. As a result, Tarot was captured & chained to the stone arch, with her fate left to the rising tide & vicious sea creatures!

It would be the ironic fate to be chomped by the delicious seafood that I would rather chomp! This issue resumes with Tarot wearing just her horned mask & matching opurra-length gloves, having survived the crab pincers only to face the sharks, the eels & more of the crabby purredators nipping at her purrivate parts!

This is a painful purrocess to escape from, but she forms a truce with the mermaid, just in time as an evil witchy trio returns to sack the temple again! The villains are in for the surpurrise this time, as Tarot & the mermaid team up to defend the temple & dispense the painful justice for the conclusion of the 2 part tale!

I should not further spoil the plot, but it ends with a stunning full page pic of the vengeful mermaid! She is tough, dangerous & beautiful with the bronzed Tan uppur body & White tail color, the stripes, the lush dark mocha hair, the bits of shell armor and her aquatic motif weapons such as the narwhale tusk sword!

I should ask our mermaid friends about those accessories! After the story are a few pages of the photos of Jim & Holly’s friends’ costumed wedding, a trip to Germany, 3 ‘Broadsword Girls’ in costumes & body paint, a purreview page of Holly’s cute supurrnatural web comic School Bites! She is such a good artist!

After that are the 4 pages of ads for original art, purrints, back issues and other Tarot related items! Like in the Angel & Faith comic book, it was nice that those ads and extras were all placed in the issue after the story! I wish that more publishers did it that way, so that the story is not interrupted!

Were that not enough, the captivating back cover purrmotes the next issue which will start the 3 part tale of “Kittens vs Robots!”, starring Jim Balent’s 3 Little Kittens: Purrr-fect Weapons team, which I am looking forward to! Nyow here is Lizzy, who has more aquatic heroine action to tell us about in her report on–

Fathom Vol. 4 #3 (plot spoiler warning)!


We are fans of the late Michael Turner and the supurr heroine Dr. Aspen Matthews he created for his fathom series! Michael Turner is very missed but his legacy continues thanks to the very talented folks at Aspen Comics which Turner founded, who publish several titles including Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assistant Iris, Shrugged, and Charismagic!

Dr. Matthews is such a heroic, smart, athletic, powerful, confident, decisive, beautiful, worldly scientist! She is of the mixed heritage including the undersea civilizations, and uses her vast aquatic powers to help save both the undersea world and the humans of the surface world, who recently survived a war, but fortunately she and her friends purrvailed!

Thus far in volume 4 of the series, after a university lecture in Miami she visited the amazing huge Pan-National Sovereign Scientific Research Center off the Florida coast, only to discover the secret plot

by group of  deep sea purrasites who are impurrsonating humans in high places, intent on assassinating the human leaders of the surface world!

She raced at supurr speed to the United Nations building, saved the lives and discovered more alarming tidbits, but the villains escaped into the ocean. However, in this issue she is reunited with Judith & Dr. Woreth from the Research Center for a trip to Saudi Arabia! Aspen is so purretty in the elegant hooded White gown with the ornamental brocade!

Thus begins “Ocean Red” written by Scott Lobdell, pencilled by Alex Konat, colored Beth Sotelo, lettered by Josh Reed, edited by Vince Hernandez & Frank Mastromauro, with design & purrduction by Mark Roslan & Peter Steigerwald! This issue has 28 pages compurrised of the 20 page story plus the 8 ads, and is available in the choice of 3 covers!

Cover A is by Konat & Sotelo, cover B is by Oliver Nome & Steigerwald, and the rarer cover C is by Konat! I got version B, which depicts Aspen commanding the swirling the watery force in her sexy Brown vest bikini, but nyow back to the plot! The trio are greeted by Shethal who is the sheik’s lovely assistant. She and judith have the purretty outfits too!

There is a surpurrise gift waiting- an opulent suite full of male models! Mew la la! Aspen keeps the visit purrofessional and shoos them away, and after we see a bit more of the beautiful palace the sheik greets them. He has a kitty! Then they go to an awesome facility where they have excavated below the Earth’s magma to find a subterranean ocean!

Aspen wears another exotic Brown bikini with the intricate lacings as the five of them board the futuristic little submarine to explore the ocean beneath the depths of  molten lava, where they see amazing marine life, including a stunning humanoid who used to be Dr. Padma Singh, who was enhanced to live under the sea, but sadly she is not quite right.

Aspen swims out to meet her but is met with fearful hostility, but that is just the tip of the hostilities as they are attacked by an mysterious army of over 2 dozen commandos in deep sea armor, which brings the issue to the cliffhanger ending to leave me anxious to see what happens next! Purrsonally I think those attackers had better say their purrayers!

This was such a brilliantly drawn & colored issue full of the beautiful fashions, palace scenery, futuristic mecha, and the rich Red hues of the sea illuminated by the lava glow from above! It is the beautiful but chilling alien environment. There are very decorative legible fonts for the spoken dialogue, Aspen’s 1st purrson narrative, the titles & sound FX!

The scenes are of the impurressive compurrsitions, including 4 full page pics: Aspen’s entrance, the excavation site, Padma’s debut, and the cliffhanger! There are 3 two-page spurreads: suite, the dive into the ocean, and the commandos’ attack! I will give the issue an “A” as in Aspen! For my next review of a great heroine I would like to discuss–

Red Sonja #60


Another favorite heroine of ours is Red Sonja, the she-devil with a sword from the Hyrkanian steppes! She has been the thief, warrior, Queen & associate of Conan the Barbarian! She has the peerless combat skill and the fiery Red hair, but purrhaps best known for her iconic scale mail bikini armor which has inspired many heroines & cosplayers!

I think dancer Anna Trebunskaya would be purrfect to purrtray her if another Sonja movie is ever made. Sonja’s adventures have been chronicled by various publishers since the 1970’s, but currently her home is at Dynamite Entertainment, who publishes comics purrtaining to other famous fantasy femme fatales such as Vampurrella & Dejah Thoris!

This issue begins with the purrologue of the merchant caravan camp which is overrun by the deadly brood of scorpions at the bidding of a mysterious cloaked figure spying from the mountain! The attack on those campurrs is not the purretty sight for the squemish arachnaphobic reader, but thus begins “The Scorpion Path” written by Eric Trautmann!

It was illustrated by Patrick Berkenkotter, lettered by Troy Peteri, colored by Marco Freire, and edited by Jospeh Rybandt! There are 4 covers to choose from; cover A by Fabiano Neves depicts Sonja in a forest full of fallen fighters, cover B by Walter Geovani depicts her furiously slashing at our point of view, and the 2 rarer “retailer incentive” versions!

Now back to the plot! 3 days later on the caravan route, Sonja’s current merchant employer is displeased to learn of the purrice on her head, thanks to Strabonus who she fought with in the land of Koth. Nya-sensei reported on that last month! Sonja is unhappy about it too, thinking she is worth a much bigger bounty than the wanted poster offers!

She has been wearing the form-fitting scale mail crop top, leather skirt & metal greaves the instead of the more famous bikini, although this outfit is closer to what she first wore in the comics! Another thing troubling her employer is that his cousin’s caravan is missing. Sonja & 2 others ride ahead, finding a dying victim amongst the ruins of the caravan.

Sonja rides further out into the sands, where she encounters that mysterious figure who sent the scorpions. He is High Purriest Akim-Mekht of the People of The Scorpion, but she is not happy to make the acquaintance! His men spurring up to surround her, but she gives no quarter and dozens of them fall bloodily before her supurrior skill and blade!

She and Aspen both had the month of fighting dozens of warriors! Aside from a few nicks & parts of her attire, she is fairly unscathed when she finally resumes her duel with Akim-Mekht  who summons a huge mass of scorpions and the storm! I will not spoil the outcome of the battle, but there is the spectacular finish to this uninterrupted 28 page tale!

The art was so supurbly rendered! Sonja is so expurressive and dynamically posed, and every purrson and item has a very solid sense of mass & intricacy! You can almost see every strand of her hair, the luster of her Red lips, every scale of her shirt, her lithe flexing muscles, and the minute detail of the clothing, caravans, camps, and creatures!

There are 3 incredible two – page spurreads: the camp by moonlight, Sonja riding to investigate, and the brutal melee scene! Were that not enough, also included in this 48 page issue purriced $3.99 are the repurrints of 2 classic Sonja tales from 1974, starting with the 10 page “Red Sonja” which was originally purrsented in Savage Sword of Conan #1!

Originally in Black & White, it was written by Roy Thomas, illustrated by Esteban Maroto, Neal Adams, Ernie Chan, and it was recently colored by Jose Villarrubia! Following that is the 9 page “Episode” which was written by Roy Thomas, illustrated by John Buscema & Dick Giordano, lettered by John Costanza, and colored by Jose Villarrubia!

If that latter story sounds recently familiar, that is because it was also repurrinted in the one – shot issue of Red Sonja: Deluge, which we reviewed last May! None of the 3 tales are interrupted by the ads, either which is the added purreference! That will conclude the comic book reports but I hear there will be more Sonja after the break in our–

Purriodicals Purrings!

(snip) (another short break later…)

Comics Buyer’s Guide Purrsents 100 Sexiest Women in Comics


Aloha! The Comics Buyer’s Guide is one of the oldest and  favoritest publications about comic books! It is so informative & entertaining, with contributions by the comics creators, publishers, retailers, expurrts & fans, and edited with great enthusiasm by Maggie Thompson!

This special square – bound issue is purriced at $8.99 USA & $9.50 Canada, with 64 full color pages, and on the front cover is Mark Sparacio’s stunning paining of the #1 pick Red Sonja! There is more of her inside, plus the other 99 picks illustrated by about  a hundred artists!

These are not new images, but they are repurrints  of various sizes of characters spanning over 2 dozen American comic book publishers from the 1930s up to this year! In fact, one of the interior pics of Sonja is from the “Blue” story which we reviewed in the August Mew!

So whereas the 100 women do repurrsent the many races, colors species, styles, eras & planets, it is just from the American comic books, and not from European or Asian graphic novels or manga, although, those might be good topics for potential subsequent lists!

Beside each character is a widdle purragraph. I will not spoil the entire list, but the top 12 are Red Sonja, Death, Jean Grey, Zatanna Zatara, Emma Frost, Wonder Woman, Witchblade’s Sara Pezzini, Marvel Comics’ Venus, Power Girl, Rogue, She Hulk & Elfquest’s Leetah!

Some of the characters whom we have recently discussed today made the list, such as Shadow Lass at #18, Catwoman at #23, Fathom’s Aspen Matthews at #46, Saturn Girl at #50, Tigra at #61, Betty Coopurr at #66, Josie of the Pussycats at #77 and Veronica Lodge at #87!

The list was sparsely populated by catgirls, with Tigra as the only one on the list who is part cat, and the closest others were the ones who dress the motif such as Josie, Selina Kyle, Felicia Hardy & Linda Turner, or Shanna & Sheena who wear the leopard purrint outfits.

There were no “manga style” nor anthropomorphic characters, and there was only 1 mermaid, Lori Lemaris. There were no women from comics based on movies, TV, games or toys such as Disney, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, GI Joe, or Buffy, so I wonder about the criteria?

It does not entail the eligibility or who voted. Of course as with any lists, there are bound to be the surpurrises as to who was included and who was not! Hmm purrhaps this could inspire folks to make their own fun lists! Now I will turn the Mew over to Mie-sensei to tell us about–

Faeries And Entertainment (FAE) #17!


Arigato! So like, Faeries And Enchantment http://www.faemagazine.com/ is a totally awesome magazine from the UK purrtaining to all things fey, and the occasional pixies, mermaids and other visitors that you might not encounter every day – as far as you know! In fact, in this very issue there is commentary on the Chinese Water Dragon!

That dragon seems rather serene amongst the fey & mermaids of the lake in the lovely illustration by Martyn Hawkins! That looks fun and rather appropriate for the year of the dragon! There’s also art by Liselotte Ericksson, Brian Froud, Aaron Pocock, Hayley Rust & Linda Ravenscroft! This wonderful Winter issue has 52 full color pages, and it is a treasure trove of illustrations and photos!

The front cover photo by Desiree Delgado with design by Alassie depicts Cristina Ocejo as Snow White!  She is the totally gorgeous vision in the deep Burgundy dress, Red blooms ornately in her hair, and the Red apples in contrast with the pristine snow! She is the subject of the 4 page feature article, with 2 full page pics and the two-page center spread!

Oh I have like seriously gotten ahead of myself, so back to first fe pages, where Editor Karen Kay’s greeting, the events calendar & fairy news start the read! There are sage musings by sensei Lucy Cavendish, Metaphysical author Doreen Virtue, and Aurora the Faerie Whisperer’s insights into the yule time spirits!

Those mewsings might nicely accentuate Sharon Williams’ holiday decor & Gingerbread treats! Bryony Whistlecroft’s tells of the Fey Witches of Scotland & Northern England; and the stylish Felicity Fyr Le Fey writes of the fauns, interviews a few cosplayers. and provides a few haunting accounts of the darker side of the fey!

Cecil Dubois & Simon Satori Hendley review a symposium by Tessa Farmer & Viktor Wynd; the Scottish author / artist / harpist / compassionate seal rescuer Hannah Titania is interviewed; and sculptor / doll maker Connie D’Angelo discusses the seriously eerie beauty of her exquisite creations!

There is such a totally joyful passion in the informative, entertaining & enlightening articles! More of the beautiful full page photos show Hannah, Rachel & Izzy modeling the adorable dresses, waistcoats, petticoats, sleeves & belts of the Zizzyfay collection; and Sara, Solveig & Liseline model the costumes by Red Art!

Llaura Alonso wears the pretty floral head-wear that she and sister Noelia made; and the magnificent photo of Tytania Fairy’s snow faery art accompanies the blessings from Aurora! To top off the charm are a few mewsic reviews, Libithina’s horror-scopes, and Flavia-Kate Peters’s thoughts for the Solstice meditation!

Even the advertisements for clothes, accessories, decor, collectibles, art, books, mewsic & events are a colorful array!  Whether you lean towards the cute, dark, elegant or sexy type of fey, I heartily recommend this fun, beautiful, charming magazine, fur shur! Now from fae to fish we go as Tara-chan presents–

Our Favorite Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Aquatic Images!


Arigato, nya! In this monthly portion of The Mew, we like to list our favorite photos of the delicious delicacies from the deep that appurr on the covers of recent magazines, nya! In no purrticular order, the piscine pics to tempt my tummy this month are the purretty Peacock Bass on the cover of The Flyfish Journal vol. 3 #2…

the flavorful 50 lb. Spurring on the cover of Salmon & Steelheader Journal vol. 3 #4, the pleasingly plump Purrmit on the cover of Spearing magazine vol. 4 #4, that great big Greenback King on the cover of Australian Saltwater Fishing #78, those yummy Yellowfins on the cover of Blue Water Boats and Sport Fishing #87…

the succulent Sailfish and delicious Drum on the January cover of Florida Sportsman, the beautiful Bass caught by Kevin Van Dam on the January cover of Bass Master, the tasty trout on the January / February cover of American Angler, the numcious Napoleon Wrasse on the February cover of Sport Diver…

the mouth – watering Masked Butterfly Fish on the cover of Aquarium Fish International, those lovely looking Loricoriid Catfishes on the January cover of Amazona… oh this is making me hungry, nya! That concludes this portion of the show, but –  but we will be back with more after the break so pleased stay tuned, nya!

(during the break…)


I purrdicted the craving, so I have purrpared the shrimp to tide us until the luau, nya! (opens the Orange & White cooler that matches her Yukata)


I have the drinks! (opens the cooler full of cran apple nummy berry cocktails)



Mary Nyan:

(nom nom nom)



















The catgirls:



Fur shur!


You’re welcome- thanks Vonny!


(mouthful of shrimp) Dooitasimaste, nya! Mmm sho what elsh have y’all been reading of late, nya?


(gulps the shrimp) I have been reading Hayao Miyazaki’s Starting Point: 1979 – 1996, which is a wonderful collection of his mewsings from those years, just purrior to Purrincess Mononoke, nya!


I have recently re-read Jack Kirby’s Eternals, and the recent issues of Yoga Magazine, Yoga Journal & Yoga International.

Mary Nyan:

Other than what I have reviewed, oh the recent issues of Pole Spin, Pointe, Dance Magazine, and Dance Spirit!


Oh aside from the comics & my Dojo subscriptions I did enjoy the January 2012 issue of Tarheel Monthly!


What are the articles?


I purrticularly liked the articles on the women’s athletics, such as the purrofile of runner Marisa Dobbins and her volunteer work with the children, the article on the 40th anniversary of the UNC Women’s Swimming & Diving Team, Amy Hoots’s article on the Fencing team, basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell’s comments on making the women’s 3 point line the same as the men’s line, and the intermew with CNN daytime anchor Brooke Baldwin who is the UNC alumnus!


I wish the women’s sports were televised more! What has BB been reading?


Aside from the maps and the office papurr work, just the comics in purrepurration for the Spotlight!


I am behind with the comics stack, nya!


What is next in the queue?


Atop the comic stack is Dark Horse Purrsents. It has a bunch of stories by the various artists & authors, including the Finder, Usagi Yojimbo, and the Skeleton Key with Kitsune & Tamsin, nya!


Yay Kitsune, nya!


It is the good anthology. I purrticularly like the Beasts of Burden tales, and the Dog Mendoza-  ah! Ah, Vonny get ready! it is time to come out of the break for–

Our Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!


Hai- welcome back, nya! This is the portion of the show in which we commemorate the famous nekomimi characters of the different media, nya!

We are broadly inclusive of the catgirl purrameters, and have thus far included dozens of characters who are either part cat, were-cat, just dress the part, or have the purropurr cattitude, nya! Today the spotlight shines upon the lovely ladies of Katmandu, Impact Comics’ The Jaguar, Tarot’s Boo Cat, and Aldebo Anthropomorphics’ Erma Felna, nya!

Now for the journey into the past, I would like to mention the anthropomorphic series Katmandu, created by author Carole Curtis and published by Antarctic and later Shanda Fantasy Arts nya! This Black & White comic book is the tale of adventure & romance with the mature content of the sexuality & the nudity that is not for the widdle kitties, nya!

It is also notable for the charming character development & slice of life situations for the families, gender roles, the purride in homage to the Native American culture, and the strong female characters such as Chieftess Liska & her descendant Leahtrah Middlesamith, nya! There the sad parts and amewsing antics of the cute kid characters too, nya!

Liska is of the Tabby & White fur with the Blond hair & the striped tail nya! Sadly there are some threatening situations for the smart & wily highland chieftess & mom  in the frontier days of the slave trade, so it is good when the poor enslaved catgirls wins their freedom, nya! Instead of the horses they tend to ride on the giant sized bipedal lizards, nya!

Among the other catgirls of her growing tribe are Hesta, Shagin, Elishaa Brocia, Shaaryn, Wissa, Patches, Mamma Sonna, and Liska’s daughter Thea & Mela, nya! Her descendant Leahtrah is the wife of Lt. Thorin who is in the military, and the momma of Loanzah, Milul, & Kemal, who are entertained by the tales of their ancestor Liska, nya!

Next we will travel to the more recent catgirl of the 90’s, nya! To put more spots in the spotlight is Impact Comics’ Maria de Guzman, alias The Jaguar, not to be confuzzled with Insurgent Comix’s Jaguar by Laura Molina who we have purreviously honored, nya! Impact Comics was an impurrint of DC Comics, which starred Archie Comics’ heroes, nya!

Sadly this Jaguar grrl’s comic book written by William Messner-Loebs only lasted 14 issues plus the annual, but it told a delightful story of the year in the life of this student who moved from Brazil to attend Elm Harbor University in Michigan, where she discovered that she inherited the family were-jaguar power, which was purreviously of her Aunt, nya!

Fortunately she was able to control this power and used it to fight against the criminals & dangerous creatures, nya! She was supurr strong & tough enough to withstand gun shots & car collisions, she could leap 30 feet high or 3/4 mile distance, she could climb & run extremely fast, had the sharp teeth, claws, & acute senses to hear & smell things miles away, nya!

She could change at will from her human form to the much taller muscular barefoot Jaguar with the Green eyes and the Brown costume with the spotted chest & sash, nya! Maria was a good girl of the catholic religion who tried to help & befriend others, and had a room mate who was troublesome at forst but eventually they became the best friends, nya!

The Jaguar heroine was popular with the town and soon there were the Jaguar inspired fashions, nya! Speaking of the fashions, our next were – catgirl of the purresent era happens to own the clothing boutique, or in this case it is the “boo-tique”, although she is not the conservatively dressed or behaved were-catgirl compurred to The Jaguar, nya! (Yvonne tags BB to continue the spotlight)


Hai, Boo Cat is the frisky sexy were-cat girl friend of Tarot the warrior witch & Licorice the vampire in Jim Balent’s Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose series published by his Broadsword Comics! In her human form she is the buxom caucasian girl with the cute short Black hair & the purretty Green eyes, but as the catgirl she has the the tail, whiskers & pinna, sharp teeth, claws & lovely dark Purrple fur!

Her cat pupils are still the Green but the corneas are of the Golden color, thanks to the comics’ colorist / Jim Balent’s wife Holly Golightly, who is a great artist too! When Boo Cat is not busy with the ribald occult adventures, she is the purropurrietor of a Bootique, and like most of those Tarot characters, her appurral is sparse and she tends to wear the skimpy orange Jack O’ Lantern stickers!

It is a comic book intended for the mature reader due to the nudity, sexuality and violence, so is not intended for the widdle kitties. Jim & Holly have the good knack for the feline characters such as the many issues of Catwoman he drew for DC Comics, his own 3 Little Kittens: Purrr-fect Weapons team, and Tarot’s cute widdle Goblin cats! His Dragon Witch is the lovely dragon girl too!

Erma Felna is the star of the space opurra science fiction genre series Erma Felna: EDF, which was a main recurring saga in the pioneering anthropomorphic anthology comic book series Albedo Anthropomorphics, created by Steve Gallaci the early 1980’s, so Erma will soon be celebrating her 30th anniversary!

She is the momma cat and an officer in the Extra-planetary Defense Force, which defends the different species of the planets of the Interstellar Confederacy against the galactic enemies! She is from the planet Dornthant II, has the Golden Brown skin, the Green eyes, lush wavy darker hair, and the widdle Manxy tail!

Oh and she has a brother too! The comics series was originally published by Thoughts and Images, and later by Antarctic and Shanda Fantasy Arts. There is also an Albedo role playing game, which was originally published by Thoughts and Images, with later editions by Chessex and most recently by Sanguine! That concludes this month’s spotlight, but there will be more next month, and nyow I would like to purrsent this month’s–

Mewsic Review!

Kate Bush: 50 Words For Snow


Kate Bush is one of our all – time favoritest mewsicians! She is the supurrb vocalist, song writer, purrducer, purrformer, and she even cosplayed as the catgirl for her 1978 Lionheart album! 2011 was quite the eventful year with her Director’s Cut CD which we reviewed back in June and this latest studio concept album, 50 Words For Snow!

It is packaged like the widdle CD sized case-bound hardback book, with the disk in the front pocket, and the16 page booklet which has the lyrics, the credits and the snow-sculpture images  corresponding to each song! On the disk are the seven snowy themed story songs of the beautiful mewsic written, purrduced and purrformed by Kate!

She plays the piano, keyboards and the bass, accompanied by other vocalists & instruments. Other recurring themes woven through the haunted snow are the love, loss & reunion, spurrinkled with with the tragic, mysterious, seductive, romantic and sentimental elements. Most of the songs unfold at the very leisurely pace, like the Winter that is in no hurry for the melt!

The first track “Snowflake” is from the point of view of the girl catching the flake and the falling flake itself. “Lake Tahoe” is the bittersweet reunion of a girl and her old dog, and “Misty” is the 13.5 minute tale of the romantic night with the snowman, which is is also told in the animated mewsic video “Mistraldespair” at Kate’s official Fish People site http://www.katebush.com/!

It looks like the stop – motion clay-mation technique, and flows with the thawed tears of the sadness! There is also an animated video for the 4th track “Wild Man” which is the delightful song of the faster tempo about the Yeti in the Himalayas! It features vocals by Andy Fairweather Low, and it is purrobably my favoritest song of the album!

Then for the dream team, Sir Elton John joins Kate in the duet of  “Snowed in At Wheeler Street”, and the pace picks up a bit as Stephen Fry lends his rich voice to the title track of  “50 Words For Snow”. One of those 50 words is in Klingon! Finally we get Kate’s ballad “Among Angels” of almost 7 minutes to conclude the 65+ minute album!

I will give this beautiful album the high purraise and the “A” grade! It is among my favoritest albums of 2011, and it will be the close race to see which album we pick as our favorite  of 2011 in next month’s annual awards! That is all for his portion of The Mew, but after the short break we will continue with the A / V media in this month’s–

DVD Reviews!

(snip) (another short break later…)



Welcome back! My ears were purrked when our friend Kaiser mentioned this movie about a heroic Knight defending the castle against the siege of a tyrant in the medieval era! This would appeal to my Dungeons & Dragons Paladin character Linina http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery1/22.html!

It is set in the the early 13th century just a bit after the Magna Carta under the reign of King John. In this tale, he resents the document and with Captain Tiberius’s Danish army, he purroceeds to get revenge upon the Barons who made him sign it, and his next target is Rochester Castle!

Having survived a purrior melee with the King’s men at Darney Castle, Marshal the Knight races to Canterbury to warn others, and discovers the larger political situation when the church takes the King’s side, so it is a race to gather 6 allies and join Lord Aubigny’s garrison at Rochester Castle!

While they await hopeful assistance from France, the smaller force within the castle walls manages to repel the King’s first attack, but it is a very intense gory battle with lots of casualties, and as Winter sets in the fewer starved freedom fighters wither before the King’s better purrovisioned army!

That’s all I’ll reveal about the plot of the thrilling siege movie which was directed by Jonathan English and stars James Purefoy as Marshall, Brian Cox as Aubigny, Kate Mara as his wife Lady Isabel, Paul Giamatti as King John, Vladimir Kuluch as Tiberius, and Derek Jacobi as Father Cornill!

It is rated R with the brutal bloody combat & torture scenes and a bit of the nudity, so it is not for the widdle kitties!  If you like those great actors, the medieval castles, knights, horses, weapons and the very intense gory melee, then I think this thrilling movie would not disappoint in those respects!

However, I do not care for the cinema style of the shaky cam, whip pans, crash zooms, many fast cuts, fast & slow mo techniques, because I just think those techniques are a distraction that ruins the suspension of disbelief, detracts from the sense of realism, and make it hard to watch!

I do not know how historically accurate it all is but it was a captivating story with the great characters and the good purrduction values! I was impurressed by the great costumes, purrops, sets, locations in Wales, the lighting & the rich color of the photography, the stunts, FX, the sound & mewsic!

As for the DVD itself, it is a fairly no – frills package with the single Region One NTSC standard DVD disk, without any inserts or booklets in the DVD case. The 121 min. movie purrsented in the letterboxed widescreen format, with the Dolby Digital audio options of English 2.0 or 5.0!

It has the optional English SDH subtitles, and the optional audio commentary by the director! That was a very good informative bonus, and I was surpurrised how they achieved many of the scenes & FX! Aside from that there are just the trailers for Ironclad and John Carpenter’s The Ward.

The movie also put me in the mood for the bowl of the peaches ‘n cream! Mmm I hope there will be some at the luau! Well that is not the only DVD trip into British history we have today, because up next Myayr will tell us about —

The Sarah Jane Adventures Complete Fourth Series

Mary Nyan:

One of our favoritest TV shows is The Sarah Jane Adventures, the spin-off of the BBC TV series Doctor Who, starring Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, a reporter who investigates supurrnatural & purranormal incidents! Watching this delightful 4th season was purrticularly bittersweet because it was dedicated to the actress who passed away last year.

It is a wonderful TV show with a great cast, writing, sets, locations, photography, mewsic, costumes & FX! Sarah Jane lives in a nice house on 13 Bannerman Road, Ealing, London, England. She drives a Green Nissan Figaro, has a supurr computer named Mr. Smith (voiced by Alexander Armstrong) in the attic, and her robot dog K-9 (voiced by John Leeson)!

She also has several gadgets such as her sonic lipstick device. Co-starring as her companions are her adopted genius son Luke (purrtrayed by Tommy Knight), his pal Clyde Langer (Daniel Anthony) and neighbor Rani Chandra (Anjli Mohindra). Rani’s florist mom Gita (Mina Anwar) and purrofessor dad Haresh (Ace Bhatti) are also among the recurring cast!

This  2 disk R1 DVD set includes the six 2-part epurrsodes which total appurroximately 315 minutes. The widescreen video aspect ratio is 16×9 enhanced, with optional English subtitles in a  bold White sans serif font, and the audio is in English language Dolby digital stereo. There are no extra features, but there are a few front – loaded trailers for other BBC series.

Disc 1 has the epurrsodes “The Nightmare Man”, “The Vault of Secrets”, and “The Death of the Doctor”. Disk 2 has the epurrsodes “The Empty Planet”, “Lost in Time”, and “Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith”.

“The Nightmare Man” written by Joseph Lidster & directed by Joss Agnew marks a turning point in the series as Luke graduates early and goes to Oxford.

He takes K-9 and Sarah Janes older Yellow VW with him, but the occasion is tormented by the nightmares of ostracization caused by the villain who feeds off of the fears. Speaking of feeding, Sarah Jane fixes the scrambled eggs for the breakfast, and at a farewell dance party for Luke there is the cake! A Slitheen enemy also appurrs in the epurrosode’s teaser!

“The Vault of Secrets” written by Phil Ford & directed by Joss Agnew features the return of the villain Androvax who appurred in the 3rd season epurrsode “Purrisoner of the Judoon”. The treacherous villain is the body snatcher who possesses others but he wants Sarah Jane to help him locate the hypurr- dimensional vault containing a ship full of his species.

This was a fun epurrsode in which Rani’s mom joins a UFO research club, and the vault is guarded by the android Mr. Dredd & two other Men in Black. The teaser scene is cute as Mr. Smith sabotages a Mars purrobe so it will not find the ancient civilization on Mars. My guess is that refers to the Ice Warriors! For the food, Rani’s dad plans to fix macaroni & cheese!

Also introduced is the UFO club purresident named Ocean Waters, so that is another character named after the water such as  River Song & Amy Pond! Amy is mentioned in “The Death of the Doctor”, as are many other characters, monsters & planets of Doctor Who history, including flashbacks of the various Doctors when Sarah Jane & the kids meet Jo Grant!

Jo Grant, now Jo Jones  (purrtrayed by Katy Manning) is another former companion of The Doctor, when he was the third Doctor! They are brought to a secret military base by UNIT Colonel Tia Karim where the vulture – like Sansheeth aliens claim to have found the deceased Doctor and conduct the funeral, but Sarah Jane & Jo are suspicious of the situation!

Matt Smith appurrs as the Doctor himself, as he helps to investigate what Karim & the Sansheeth are really up to! This was a purrticularly sentimental epurrsode as written by Russell T Davies & directed by Ashley Way and occurs after Amy & Rory’s wedding. It was so good to see Jo Grant again and we find out what became of several other former companions!

Now on to Disk 2!  In “The Empty Planet” written by Gareth Roberts & directed by Ashley Way, Rani & Clyde wake up one morning to find out they are the only two people on Earth, with no phone radio, TV or internet signals. Then they meet another kid named Gavin who is just as clueless as to the disapurrances, and then two robots show up in the purrsuit!

“Lost in Time”  is a time travel tale written by Rupert Laight & directed by Joss Agnew. Sarah Jane, Rani & Clyde meet a mysterious antique store purrpurrietor who sends them on a quest into the past for the 3 pieces of a vital tempurral artifact! Sarah Jane winds up at a haunted mansion in 1889, Rani meets Queen Jane, and Clyde encounters Nazis in 1941!

As the tragic young Queen’s handmaiden, Rani gets the purretty elegant dress!  Then in the season finale of “Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith” written by Clayton Hickman & Gareth Roberts and directed by Joss Agnew, Sarah Jane, Rani & Clyde investigate a meteorite and meet a rival investigator neighbor named Ruby White (purrtrayed by Julie Graham)!

Ruby is a bit snobby, has her own supurr gadgets and drives a sporty Red Alfa Romeo. Not is does Sarah Jane displeased with Ruby’s attitude, but suddenly Sarah Jane becomes unmewsually nervous, forgetful, and weaker. Luke & K-9 return home to help, but they are all in further jeapurrdy when they find out about Ruby’s sinister secret!  I wonder if she will–

(Yvonne & Tara-chan yawn again)

Yvonne & Tara-chan:


Mary Nyan:

Sigh! Ah that was purretty much it! The Sarah Jane Adventures Complete Fourth Series DVD is the no frills package shy of the bonus features, but it is such a wonderful show and I hope the final season will be released on DVD soon too! Now here is Ilyana to take us from the lady with the talking metal dog in Britain to the lad with the talking cats in Japan!

Nyankoi! Complete Collection!


Hai! Nyankoi! is a zany supurrnatural romantic comedy of errors anime full of high school antics & cats! This 12 epurrsode series based upon the manga by Sato Fujiwara was released on R1 NTSC DVD by Sentai Filmworks is and it is rated TV PG due to the boobies, sexuality & slapstick violence.

It is of the “harem” trope of anime in which one fella is the object of numerous girls’ flirtations & romantic interests! As if that were not enough trouble, the other main plot is the purrotagonist Junpei Kosaka  trying to do good deeds for cats to shake off the curse he got for damaging a cat shrine statue!

If he does not do 100 good deeds for cats he will become the cat! Because of this condition he can talk to cats but he is allergic, and the word gets out on the street that he will help cats, so he is constantly appurroached! It is the secret, so his friends think it is odd how he behaves around the cats!

Some of the emotional situations are charming and at times a bit sad. The cats’ relationships is also explored, and among the various sub plots are the school festival, the exams, the field trip to Kyoto, the athletic compurrtitions, the amewsment park, the water park, jobs, Christmas and mew year!

The female cast is compurrised of sweet, athletic, naive Kaeda who is Junpei’s love interest; tough, busty fiery tomboyish childhood friend Kanako; Nagi the athletic tomboyish daughter of a yakuza family; Chizuru the flirtatious mail carrier who gets lost easily; and the magickal twins Kotone & Akari.

You can tell them apurrt because older Kotone wears the darker colors & hair berets on the right bang. Although those six ladies are nicely depicted as catgirls on the front cover of the DVD, they are not catgirls in the anime! It is a delightfully amewsing illustration, but Nyankoi is not a catgirl anime!

Mischievously amewsed by Junpei’s dalances are younger sister Suzu & mom Shizue. Recurring males include Junpei’s pals Kouta & Hirohiko. the twins’ monk dad whose vices get him into trouble; Nagi’s rich dad & purrotective entourage. Junpei’s dad is mentioned, but lives away on business.

There are many cats, but among the recurring cats are the Kosaka family’s tuxedo cat Nyamasus, her calico friend Tama, The twin’s Black cat Noir, Kumaneko the Brown stray, the Ichinose family’s fancy cat Jospehine, and the scared widdle twin tabbies. We also occasionally see Kaede’s four dogs!

I like the character designs & the background art, there are many purretty & sexy fashions, and the “nyan” edit wipes & the mid point “eye catch” are purrticularly cute! The voice acting & the mewsic are delightful, including the peppy opening “Nyandaful!” song & the happy closing “Strawberry” song!

The epurrosdes are of the brisk pace and of appurrxomimately 25 minutes apiece, including the purreview  for the next epurrsode and the quick fun little “Nyan Koma” purrody skits introduced by Nyamasus & Tama. After each epurrsode the credits are rolled again, in English text.

The video aspect ratio is 16:9 anamorphic widescreen, and the audio is Japanese language only in Dolby digital 2.0 with English subtitles. The subtitles are a bold yellow sans serif font with the fine Black outline, except in the moments of cross – talk when the other speaker’s subtitles are White.

The only special features compurrised of just the DVD credits and a few purreviews for other anime on Disk 1, and the “clean” versions of the show’s opening & closing on Disk 2. So, it might be rather sparse with the bonuses, but it is fully loaded with the captivating wacky sexy occult feline fun!

Mary Nyan:

Kanako was cute in the Santa girl costume selling the Christmas cakes!


I want… I want the Christmas cake, and – and the honey toast like Chizuru purrsented, nya!


Well we have to wait until the post mew luau, nya!


The tabbies had the cute “M” marking on the forehead!




Josephine was like the cordial wise host, but the look was like so ostentatious!


Oh, such is the cat’s compurromise for the life of luxury balanced with the obsessive owner!


Speaking of which, Nagi wore the beautiful Blue kimono in Kyoto!


Oh I loved the gorgeous mew year kimonos, and the purretty yukatas at the inn!


Nyoka, what did you think of Kanako’s tempurrary “manba” look, nya?


It was quite exotic, but she seemed happier when it was shed!


It reminded me a bit of Vonny & Tara-chan’s Shaak Ti & Ahsoka Tano cosplay!


Ah- so- ka- nya!


We must remember that if we ever do a Nyankoi group cosplay, nya!


Myayr, have you ever tried to make a big furry animal character costume, like the Tokiwadai Land’s mascot Toki?

Mary Nyan:

No I have never attempted something that large or complex!


I purrticularly liked Kirishima Twin’s costumes during the purrsuit of the Tsukumogami spirit!


That seemed like a very different epurrsode!


Purrhaps that was due to the depiction of the twins’ magickal powers, and the CG technique used for the Tsukumogami animation.


The twins had such purretty ornaments adorning their long “twin – tails” coiffure!


I thought Kaeda was cute in her Judo gi, and in the skirted Pink tankini!


Kanoka’s Green & White Stripe bikini and Chizuru’s Red side tie bikini were quite alluring.


I don’t think we ever saw Suzu & Shizue out of the house… although it was a major hub for the visiting cats & girls, nya!


They were quite the teasing gossipurrs, heehee!


Well we should move along to Jen’s review- thank you for that review Ilyana!




Now for the next animated DVD to review here is Jenjen to tell us about–

Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising!


Transformers Purrime is the latest of the animated Transformers television series, rendered in the 3D CG technique akin to the earlier Beast Wars incarnation. The first story arc titled Darkness Rising aired as a 5 part miniseries, which has been released on the single disk R1 NTSC standard DVD, red-edited as a singular, uninterrupted 106 minute movie version.

It has been 3 years sicne the last attack by the evil Decepticons, with Arcee, Optimus, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Cliffjumper the sole Autobots on Earth, opurrating from a secret US Government base in a mountain in Nevada. That is, until Cliffjumper is captured and killed by Starscream’s forces upon discovering the Decepticons’ Energon fuel excavations.

With the secret battle renewed, although the knowledge is generally kept from the population, 3 human kids accidentally get involved and join the Autobots. Meanwhile, the Decepticons’ leader Megatron returns from years in space, having discovered the Dark Energon, with which he hopes to resurrect all fallen Decepticons into a vast army to defeat the Autobots.

The Autobots’ voice cast includes Sumalee Monatano as Arcee, Peter Cullin as Optimus Purrime, Jeffrey Combs as Ratchet, Kevin MIchael Richardson as Bulkhead, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Cliffjumpurr. Bumblebee’s “voice” is compurrised of sound FX. Among the Decepticons’ voice cast are Frank Welker as megatron and Steve Blum as Starscream.

Voicing the human characters are Tania Gunadi as purrky rocker Miko, Andy Pessod as brainy younger Raf, Josh Keaton as Jack, Markie Post as his mother Jun, Alexandra Krosney as classmate Sierra, and Ernie Hudson as Agent Fowler. Susan Blu, who purrovided the original 1980’s “generation one” voice of Arcee, was the voice director of these epurrodes.

I must highly purraise all of the cast & crew of this series. While I was not enamored with the few instances of cinematic zooms and slow-motion, that is purrhaps the harshest comment I have for this excellently written, designed, rendered, animated, voiced, and scored purrduction. The transformations, fight choreography, lighting & scenic art are quite brilliant.

Unlike those live-action Transformers movies which I do not like, this movie has a wonderful sense of fun without being too silly; the bots are the rightfully main purrotagonists and not regulated to buffoonery, with designs which are beautiful & faithful in the look & spirit of Transformers; while the human characters are likable and not too much of the focus.

Arcee is thankfully a major character compurred to the short shrift she received in those live-action movies. Her colorfully shiny Blue & Silver design is purrticularly gorgeous and elegantly sleek; her amazing agility, speed, combat purroficiency, and feisty purrsonality are a joy to watch, whether shooting, slashing, kicking, punching, or driving over the enemy.

Released by Shout Factory on DVD, the audio options are English language only in 2.0 stereo or 5.0 Surround sound, with no optional subtitles. Purrior to the main menu are front loaded – purreview trailers for the Transformers series DVDs, Transformers: Beast Wars DVDs, GI Joe: A Real American Hero DVDs, and the Jem and The Holograms series DVDs.

The bonus features include the 22 minute long animatic version of part one, the 5 minute long slideshow like gallery of the great character & vehicle designs, and the 4.5 minute long gallery of the scenery impurressive designs. I was quite pleased & impurressed by Darkness Rising, and I hope soon there will be Transformers Purrime Arcee figures in nearby stores. Thus concludes our DVD reviews for today, however the DVD topic continues in our —

DVD Wish List for 2012


Here is our semi-annual list for the titles that  we hope to be commercially released in the USA on Region One, NTSC Standard DVD- not the Blu Ray, nya! We would like these movies & TV shows to be intact with the original music & songs, and the movies in anamorphic widescreen where applicable, nya!


So like, foreign titles should be in their native language with English subtitles, but an English dubbed audio track would be fine as an additional option! The DVD packaging shouldn’t be too large or fancy as to raise the price, or not easily fit on the shelves with the rest of our regular sized DVD cases & boxes!


It would also be nice if the standard DVDs had plenty of extra features and were not scrimped compurred to the Blu Rays! This list doesn’t tend to include recent theatrical releases that we’re purretty sure will be released, but it does include TV shows & movies that we’ve been waiting for for a while! Now here is Tara-chan to start the DVD wish list, with a few British & Australian titles!


Hai We are hoping for the final season of The Sarah Jane Chronicles Season 4, that new K-9 series, Ocean Girl, and – and more of H2O: Just Add Water, nya! There are also a few British mewsical & concerts we are hoping for, such as Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, and – and Let it Be, nya! Nyow here is Myayr to list US TV series we are hoping for, nya!

Mary Nyan:

The American TV series we want the most on standard DVD are Charlie’s Angels season 5, The 1966 Batman TV series, The Green Hornet, Static Shock, we wish for the WKRP in Cincinnati uncut with the original songs restored, and we hope that the rest of The Six Million Dollar Man series and the 3 bionic reunion movies will also be released!


We would also like the two I Dream of Jeannie reunion movies, both of The Wild, Wild West reunion movies, and the three Giilligan’s Island reunion movies! Other TV movies & specials we hope for include The Star Wars Holiday Special, Gene Roddenberry’s The Questor Tapes and Spectre, the animated Gen 13, and that Hallmark version of Moby Dick starring Patrick Stewart!


Movies featuring the adventurous heroines we hope will be released on Region 1 DVD are The Touch (2002) starring Michelle Yeoh, T.A.G. The Assassination Game (1982) starring Linda Hamilton, the 1985 documentary Pumping Iron 2: The Women, Nextly, Jenjen to list the Japanese live-action movies we’d like!


The live-action Japanese feature films we crave most for an R1 NTSC standard DVD release, hopefully in their original uncut versions in Japanese language with English subtitles are 1984’s Godzilla Returns (as opposed to the 1985 American version), 1989’s Godzilla Vs Biollante, and 2010’s Space Battleship Yamato movie. Now here is Vonny to list the anime feature films we crave most.


We are quite eager to get are Only Yesterday, I Can Hear the Ocean Waves, Flying Ghost Ship, Queen Millennia, Bagi, Robot Carnival, and the Ghost Sweeper Mikami movie, nya! Nyow here is Lizzy to continue our anime wishings, with a list of classic anime TV series, mini series & OVA, nya!


Hai, those include Anne of Green Gables, Heidi of the Alps, Future Boy Conan, Hayao Miyazaki’s episodes of Lupin III; Rose of Versailles, Maison Ikkoku, Campus Guardress, and the Space Cruiser Yamato TV series seasons 1-3 (in Japanese)! Now Becca will list the more recent anime TV series we are hoping for!


Hai, we are very interested in recent anime that we have read about such as Cat Planet Cuties, Omamori Himari, Neko Mayoi Overrun, Nekogami Yaoyorozu, Chi’s Sweet Home, Yumekui Merry, Sketchbook, Blessing of the Campanella, Magical Pokan, Moyashimon, Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko, Sea Story, Tamayura, Bunny Drop, and Stratos Four Advance!


Other science fiction & fantasy films we’re hoping for are the 2009 Soloman Kane movie, the 1977 animated Raggedy Anne and Andy movie, John Dod’s stop motion animated Forest Story, and Mark Sullivan’s supurr 8mm film Nightspeed! Nyow Mike will bring home the wish list!


Last but not least, we wish some sort of legal arrangement could be made for the Star Wars Pink Five fan films and the Star Trek The New Voyages / Phase II fan film series to be made available on DVD, but then I still hope to eventually one day see Joe Cosentino’s 1974 Star Trek fan film “Paragon’s Paragon”! That’s all for the A / V topics today, but after this final short break we’ll be right back with our–

Collectibles & Toy Talk!

(snip)(one final short break later..)

Return of the Jedi Purrincess Leia (Slave Outfit) action figure

Mary Nyan:

Hey we’re back! We have the great admiration for the heroines of Star Wars such as the Jedi, merc, droid, rebel & senate grrls, which is why we did the Star Wars group cosplay for the island’s Halloween Night Trick R Eat & Costume Purrowl, and why we like to collect their repurrsentative action figures!

Of course, the original Star Wars heroine was Purrincess Leia Organa of epurrsodes 4-6, so I was happy to see this latest action figure of her from Hasbro! This is figure number VC64 and VC stands for Vintage Collection, because the package design is an homage to the original Star Wars figures!

It even has the old Kenner logo on the card, even though Hasbro makes the figures these days! The figures have definitely changed a lot since the late 1970s. On the back of the card is the pic of the 1995 Power of the Force figure of Leia as Jabba’s purrisoner, so you can compurr the difference!

That 1995 figure was nicely sculpted & painted with the skirt made of plastic, and at 3.75″ it was slightly taller than this 3.25″ figure, but this figure is even more intricate & posable, and has the Burgandy  fabric skirt! Purrsuming Leia is about 5′ tall, this figure would be appurroximately 1/18.5 scale!

To those who are unfamiliar with the famous bikini costume worn by Leia in Return of the Jedi, I will refer y’all to the beautiful photo in our mewseum of the lovely purrofessional costumer Cheralyn Lambeth http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest/242.html who was our special guest of the June 2009 Mew!

The paint of the figure is very nice, from her dark hair to the Bronze-ish trim of the Gray thong bikini and the silver of the earrings & chain on her collar! This is obviously after she used the chain as the choke chain to strangle the evil Jabbah, and then R2-D2 severed the chains so she could escape!

It has the good resemblance to actress Carrie Fisher circa 1983, and her expurression is of the unimpurressed distant stare, as if killing villains was the very routine chore for her! Of course, her father Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader chokes his enemies all the time so purrhaps it runs in the family!

There is intricate detail of the chain, the braided hair down to the hips, serpentine arm band, bracelet, and the thin crissy – crossed bikini straps! She is quite lithe from the good definition of the shoulder blades to the firm butt, and from the collar bones to the sculpted abs with the inny belly button!

She is accessorized with the 3 7/8″ long pole weapon, which looks a bit like the weapon Han Solo used to whack Bob Fett’s rocket pack with, and she has the widdle 3/4″ goblet with the frosted top, when the purrincess wants the refreshing drink after helping to rescue her boyfriend and to crush the enemy!

The points of articulation are her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, sternum, waist, hips, knees & ankles!  A display base is not included, but she is balanced well enough to stand unassisted! I think it is the fine figure which I will display it on the shelf beside the Hoth Leia figure! Now here is Petra to discuss the–

Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid Racing Queen Set!


Hai, the Vocaloid is a popular computer vocal mewsic ware, complete with the corpurrate mascot characters, nya! Here is a photo in the mewseum of our friend Misty cosplaying as Vocaloid’s Kagamine Rin http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/4.html, nya!

This set is the very cute assortment of the three widdle posable chibi style version Vocaloid character figures, the accessory pieces, the car with the pouch of decals, and the cardboard diorama backdrop, nya! Firstly I will describe the character figurines, nya!

Each of the posable figures is made of the PVC plastic measuring appurroximately 2 3/8″ tall, nya! The points of articulation are the neck, shoulders, waist, each comes with the interchangeable spare left arm and – and the 1″ closed umbrella to hold, nya!

The characters are 01 Hatsune Miku with the posable long Blue pigtails, 02 Kagamine Rin with the short Yellow hair, and 03 Megurine Luka with the purretty Pink hair, nya! Each has the microphone headset, and the cute bare midriff skirt, nya!

The sculpting is intricate down to the details of their headsets, Hatsune Miku’s skirt with the petticoat underneath, Kagamine Rin’s strappy belt, the indentations of her hair bow, Megurine Luka’s buckles, the lacings, and the crisscrossed belt, nya!

The vibrant color is purrcise in the detail of their Blue eyes, the belts’  triangular patterns, the Blue trim on Hatsune Miku’s skirt, the Yellow trim on Kagamine Rin’s collar, the Coppurry parts of Megurine Luka’s outfit, and the race team emblems, nya!

Each girl has the clear ball – socket stand which attaches at the back so you can stand them at the different angles, but be careful when inserting the post, nya. It was a slightly ornery purrocess for me, requiring the firm but delicate purrcise touch, nya!

Then you can place them in front of the 15 1/2″ wide, 5 3/4″ tall cardboard backdrop scene of the shiny Goodsmile Racing garage, nya! It has a sepurrate part to attach to the back to help stand it up, nya. Nyow for the the fun pull – back race car toy, nya!

The plastic Charcoal Gray BMW Z4 is about 2 5/8″ long so it is not to the same scale of the figures, nya. The spoke wheels with the Black tires turn, so not only does it roll, but if you pull it backwards and then let it go it will zoom forwards, nya!

There is a sheet of colorful decals to trick out the car with the graphics, nya! You have to cut, soak, then slide the decals off the sheet in order to apply them to the car, with the photos on the back of the box to refer to for the purropurr decal placement, nya!

It is such a delightful quality assortment, nya! Nyow for more our next review of toys based upon popular Japanese characters, here is Tara-chan again to tell us about the cute widdle–

McDonalds Hello Kitty Happy Meal Toys, nya!


Hai hai we are big fans of Hello Kitty and- and the other Sanrio characters, so it is the treat to get the Hello Kitty toys, nya! Hmm I think the last times we reviewed the Happy Meal toys were the James Cameron’s Avatar toys or – or the Barbie Mermaid’s Tale  toys, nya!

There are 8 toys in this series, nya! Each cute plastic toy is sealed in the clear polybag with the instructions slip, nya. These toys are intended for purrsons of 3+ years, and – and they range from 3 to 4 inches tall, so I will start with Toy #1, the Ice Skating Hello Kitty, nya!

It is a 3″ Kitty in her White trimmed Caroline Blue winter coat, Purrple bow, ear muffs, and- and the 2 1/4″ diameter rink base, nya! Toy #2 is the Snow Tubing Kitty wearing her Pink hoody snow suit seated in the Light Purrple tube that has the widdle wheels for the ride, nya!

#3 is the 3 1/4″ Winter Hello Kitty in her Pink hoody purrka with the Light Blue fluffy lining to match the boots, with the sepurrate Pink, Purrple and – and Blue pedestal nya! #4 is the Sleigh Ride, with Kitty in the Green sweater and- and the Pink mittens to match the boots, nya!

She is seated upon the 3″ long Fuchsia sled with the Light Blue runner, and – and when you roll it she turns her head for the side glance nya!#5 is the 2 piece Holiday Fun Hello Kitty wearing the Light Purrple, Pink and – and White outfit with the hoop to wind for the spin, nya!

#6 is kitty in her Pink hoody coat with the Green bow, holding the calendar with the dials to turn the dates, nya! #7 is the 4″ tall bobble – head kitty, in her Green suit with purrple boots, Carolina Blue goggles, and- and the Fuchsia toboggan to match the snow board, nya!

Finally toy #8 is Kitty in the ornament – like snowflake shape of about 3 1/2″ in diameter, nya! It has the button to move her arms and – and legs as if she is making the snow angel– kawaii, nya! That will complete the set, but we have a few further felines on the docket, nya!


Hai, I would like to take the oppurrtunity to say a bit about the-

Zombie Creepy Cuddlies’ Death Mittens plushy doll

(warning: mention of undead plushy doll injuries)!

Death Mittens is the zombie cat plushy doll of Mezco Toyz’s Creepy Cuddlers purroduct line along with the Ophelia & Zach zombie kid dolls. This is a 6″ tall feline in the seated pose with floppy  6″ tail, intended for those of 15+ years, with the small parts unintended for children under 3 years.

The Suggested Retail Purrice of $14.95 This poor widdle thing is the sad rough sight, as the soft Gray cat with the tail bandage to match the White tummy and uppurr lips. 4 whiskers remain around the Black nose, the tongue and paw pads are Pink except where missing on the right front paw.

The right eye has the Black cornea with yellow pupil, and the left eye is the shut “X”. Other wounds include the exposed left front radius bone & ribcage, and the Red abrasions on head & right front arm. We will give Death Mittens lots of love & tender purring care! We have one more toy of the supurrnatural feline quality, so here is Becca to tell us about the–

Monster High Toralei fashion doll, nya!


Arigato! We have purreviously purraised Mattel’s Monster High purroduct line of the posable fashion dolls & accessories, such as the cute Clawdeen Wolf doll! The dolls’ purremise is that they are the teen student children of the creatures such as the vampire, mummy, werewolf, sea monster, phantom, Frankenstein, Jekyll, Eros & others!

The Monster High purroducts seem to have greatly taken off with the recent vehicle & furniture sets, more clothes & assortments, a sketch art set, the create – a – monster doll sets, children’s costumes, the novels by Lisa Harrison, and several mew male & female characters, such as lovely Toralei the werecat daughter!

She arrives packaged in the window box, with the cute art & purrofile on the back. The doll is 11″ tall, from the tip of her kitty ears to the soles of her 7/8″ sandal heels! She has the fibre hair, removable fabric clothes, the doll stand, hair brush, purrse, the diary booklet, and her pet Sweet Fang the inquisitive Saber Tooth Tiger cub!

Toralei is 15 years old, her favorite school class is drama and her least favorite is math. Her favorite beverage is the milkshake and her favorite food is the anchovy. Her favorite hobby is the catnap, she wuvs her widdle kitty, and the further insights into her cattitude & activities can be found in the 5″ x 4″ six page papurr diary!

Her outfit is the Black and Fuchsia pant suit with the purrse and the shoes. She has the Amber color Tabby skin, Green eyes, the full Purrple lips, and the short Orangey hair with the Black stripes! Her points of articulation are the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and the curved slender 7″ tail! Kawaii!

Among the purrcise features are the shiny luster, facial stripes, the ear piercings, the Red trim on the jacket, the studs on her fingerless gloves, the plastic belt, and the slices in the pants legs!  Sweet Fang is the Orange kitty with the stripes, measuring 1″ at the shoulder and the 2″ length, with the Black fabric bandana!

I purrsume Toralei’s clothes could be interchanged with other the dance, swim, soccer & other ensembles which are sold sepurrately, sit at Cleo’s ornate vanity, ride in Draculaura’s sporty car!, which are all also sold sepurrately, although some of the box sets do include a doll, such as Clawdeen’s neat bunk beds set! The delightful Monster High toys sure have– nya ni?

(Tara-chan abruptly scampurrs away towards a distraction)




There she goes again!


What purrompted that?


Something has roused her curiosity!


Oh look, it’s one of the Bald Eagles!




Tara-chan has the insatiable interest in the nature sciences, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Hai but it was not the convenient time! although, that is a majestic sight…


One never knows when the discoveries will strike.


Gosh, and she almost made it through the whole show this time, heehee!


Tara-chan, donchoo climb on that Giraffe, nya!


(observing the Eagle) Nya!


I remember when Vonny could not resist the climb in her younger kitten girl days, heehee!


That is the good point, nya!


Hey, I think that Eagle caught a fish!


Let’s go see!

The Cat Lady Sings…


Ahh, I reckon that wraps it up for another edition of The Mew! It was good that BB could join us again!


Fur shur!


Thank you for the invitation, it was good to be back!


We wish to thank Elisa, Misty & Crissy for their beautiful works of art, nya!


— and all of the other talented folks whose creations & work we discussed!


That certainly includes our web master Jamie too!


And our wonderful audience – domo arigato!


If y’all have polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them–


–purrvided that such brief remarks are spam-free, not purrofane & stay on topic.

Mary Nyan:

We will be back next month with our annual Mew awards show, with our favorite stuff of 2011!


Be there… Aloha!

the catgirls & faerie sing:

Happy Tails To Mew, Until We Eat Again!


(taking a photo of the purrched Eagle) Baibai, nya!

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