April 2012 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island http://www.catgirlisland.net and
Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats http://clanofthecats.com
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction
starring The Ladies of The Mew in

The Apurril 2012 Edition of The Mew:

The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

Words & Expurressions Y’all Will Encounter Here

• Aloha & Introductions

• What The Mew Crew Has Been Up To

• Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art

a mew pic by Alexcia Reynolds and a mew pic by Mike

The Monthly Lightning Round Topic

Purriodicals Purrings & Magazine Mewsings

Our Favorite Recent Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Images

Faerie Magazine #23

• Comics Critiques & Manga Mewsings

Red Sonja: Raven

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose Vol # 1 ReMastered

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #73

Avengers Academy #26 & 27

Angel & Faith #7

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #7

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #2

Archie #631

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes #6

Michael Turner’s Fathom vol. 4 #5

Michael Turner’s Fathom: Kiani Vol. 2 #0

The Complete Peanuts 1983 – 1984

Spice & Wolf vol. 6

• Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: Moon Phase

• Toy & Game Reviews

Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Arcee Action Figure

Mass Effect 3

• DVD & Movie Mewsings

The Descendants DVD

The Adventures of Tintin DVD

John Carter

• Favorite Recent Commercials & Purreview Trailers

• The Cat Lady Sings…


Here are a few words & expurressions y’all might encounter here,

with purrhaps over – simplified definitions for the sake of brevity:

Anime: the Japanese word for animation

Arigato: Thank you

Cosplay: short for “costume play”, in a costume at a festive event

Dooitasimaste!: you’re welcome!

Gomenasai; I’m sorry

Hai: yes

Imoto: younger sister (Tara-chan is Yvonne’s younger sister)

Itadakimasu: Let’s eat!

Kawaii: How cute!

Kemonomimi: a girl with beast parts, eg. cat, fox, dog, bunny, etc.

Manga: the Japanese word for comics

Matsuri: festival

Mecha: mechanical devices such as vehicles, robots, gadgets

Neko: cat

Nekomimi: cat eared girl

Nya: short for “nyan”, Japanese for “meow”

Onee-san: older sister (Yvonne is Tara-chan’s older sister)

Sensei: teacher or expurrt

Sugoi: Great! or How wonderful!

Yatah: Hurray!



(wearing the white Aria Anime T shirt, Khaki shorts, Mizuno trainers, & Catgirl island baseball cap) Aloha y’all and welcome to the “Apurril” edition of The Mew, for our monthly discussions & reviews of fun stuff! The sun is setting and the lights are on here at the Plumeria Purrvilion amongst the Magnolias between the 9th & 10th holes of Catgirl island’s championship golf course! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and to put the “purr” in “Apurril”, here are the Ladies of The Mew!

Mary Nyan:

(wearing the Jaguarundi high-waist purretzel maillot)



(wearing the Purrsian Leopurrd purrint tanga bikini & sheer Peachy purrled purreo)



(wearing the Huinas Kitty purrint string bikini & the Purrimrose tail corsage)



(wearing the Rusty Spotted Cat purrint ring closure bikini)

Hi Hi, nya!


(wearing the Oncilla purrint suspender bikini & cropped Cobalt Blue tank top)



(wearing the Eurasian Lynx purrint side-tie bikini)



(her fey wings shimmer from the back of the Iriomote purrint criss cross halter neck bikini)

Mellow Greetings!


(wearing the Fishing Cat purrint bandeau top bikini)

Nameste, nya!


(wearing the Sumatran Tiger purrint tankini & tempurrary stripe tattoos)

Nameste, nya!

What The Mew Crew Has Been Up To


Something seems different about Tara-chan today, heehee!


She has been inked!


Hai I have the tiger stripe because I am helping Nyoka – sensei & Petra- sensei at the body art show at the mewseum, nya!


It is part of the festive artistic spirit of the event and they are the removable tempurrary tats, so it is purrmitted, nya!


She has been the big help to me in purrmoting the show by handing out the fliers! I expect it will be a good size crowd!


Hai with Nyo-sensei, Bunn, Becca, Nyssy & Tara-chan in charge of the show, I have not had to do a thing, nya!


Oh good, well please keep us apprised!


Purrhaps she should wear those to our next martial arts tournyament!

Mary Nyan:

I have been meaning to ask how Jenjen & Nya-sensei’s swim wear photo shoot went!


The weather was lovely and it was the whirlwind of a time, but I had to hurry back to purrpare for the robotics club derby and my belly dance troupe.


Hai and I had to get back to the dojo for the tournyament! Fortunately we saved the time as Mie-sensei was kind enough to portal us there and back!


It was no problemo! I think Nya-sensei had a tougher time with the swim wear than she has had against her toughest opponents, though, heehee!


Ah hah well those were some teensier bikinis than I am accustomed to… at first I thought I was putting on Jen’s by mistake!


Oh my!


Since Nyo-sensei is Nya-sensei’s twin then she would she have the same purrdicament?


That is where the magickal transformation glamour spell comes in handy, in case I need to shrink or up – size the clothes for the fit!


How are things at the magick shop?


Oh gosh I am so blessed to have the good business with the happy customers and the friendly fellow merchants who will help each other! It was so steady today and I thought I might be late getting here! By the way, Rica & Niko send their regards!


Oh I need to go by their booth at the farmers market to purrchase the purrserves! I will do that tomorrow after I go to the shrine!


How are things at the shrine and at the spa?


The spa has stayed purretty booked up, I don’t know what I would do without Becca there- and she also says Hi to everyone! It has also been kinda busy at the shrine since the Haru Matsuri, but the appurrentice miko are quite gung ho!

Mary Nyan:

Speaking of which, Lizzy, donchoo forget that early morning meeting – and we have to clean the floors!


Oh oh and I was going out hot salsa dancing after I finished up at the spa! Can’t the mew girls do it?

Mary Nyan:

It is our turn! Besides, while you are out dancing I have to finish the sewing the Asari costume for a customer before they go to the con! I am also going to give her the last bit of the Blue make – up left over from our Avatar Na’vi cosplay!

the catgirls:



We have to get up early too, to catch the fish, nya! I want to catch the tasty Croakers, nya!


So like, what have your fishing charters reeled in of late?


Oh have we hit the sweet spots and reeled in the nice Groupurrs, Snapurrs, Stripurrs, Cobias,, Wahoos, Yellowfins, Mackerels, and the Drums. nya! Speaking of the drums, we must not forget this week’s purrcussion purractice, nya!


Hai, I am looking forward to the drumming with Jenjne’s dance troupe, nya!


Aside from portaling to the bikinis, what has Mie – sensei been up to since the last Mew, nya!


I will be the technical director for our faerie theatre in the grove’s Summertime Shakespeare series, which just started the rehearsals and I have ideas for the foxfire lighting! Otherwise I have been giving the golf lessons and trying out my totally awesome new bewitching chipping wedge!


Earlier today at the yoga studio, Kaori & Miho  said they are working on a special piece for the mewspapurr on the Summer purrograms at the Theatre, the Purrforming Arts Center, the Library & Mewseum of Art.




Speaking of the mewseum, nyow Petra has to tell us what she has been up to since the last Mew!


Ah well in addition to the mewseum and the art league I can’t wait for the rec league beach volleyball purre – season matches to start, nya! Oh I have also been reading a few books, magazines and the comics… that’s purretty much the size of it!

Tara – chan:

Yattah I look forward to the volleyball in the sand, nya!

Mary Nyan:

We Oh we still have to hear from Mike!


Oh not much with me just the usual art & writing, reading watching the golf, tennis, softball, the college basketball tournaments, and a few DVDs… but why don’t we move along, and perhaps Petra might tells us about the latest–

Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!


Hai, we are purroud to purrsent the 2 mew additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya! For those who are here for the first time, Galleries 1-5 are the exhibits of Mike’s illustrations & photographs, whilst Guest Galleries 1 & 2 display the images from other folks with their kind purrmissions, nya!

The most recent pics will be on the lowermost row of the widdle ‘thumbnail’ repurrsentations, so just click on the thumbnail portion to see the whole larger image! For starters, in Guest Gallery 2 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest2.html y’all can see Alexcia Reynolds http://www.sailorchristmas.com pic of Delia Ketchum & Kristy Joy “Relaxing at the Beach”, nya!

Kristy was created by Alexcia for her Pokemon fan fiction, and Delia is among the official canonical Pokemon purropurrties of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, nya! Delia has the Violet bikini and Kristy has the Dusty Pink Rose bikini, nya! The bikini tops are Jelly Cups, which are the local favorite made of found empty jellyfish bells, but are not for the purrudish, mew la la, nya!

The ladies met in Alexcia’s Pokemon / Catgirl Island cross – over fan fiction “Anniversary”, nya! Delia & Tony are Ash Ketchum’s purrents and in that tale they spent their 20th anniversary here at Catgirl Island, nya! Y’all can read it at Alexcia’s Pokemon Amber fan site http://pkmn.is-great.org and at the Tales of Catgirl Island http://catgirlisland.net/Tales/Anniversary.html, nya!

Alexcia made this scene with Paintshop, incorpurrating the Hibiscus pattern by blackheartedwolf blackheartedwolf.deviantart.com; the ocean waves background stock image by JNFerrigno jnferrigno.deviantart.com, and the poses by our friend Sakky http://www.sailorastera.com whose stock photo site is senshistock.deviantart.com, nya!

Alexcia & Sakky were our special guests here at The Mew in August 2010, nya! Next in Gallery Three http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery3.html is Mike’s Photoshop pic of “Grilled Food for Michi’s Suppurr, nya!  Michi has already eaten her rice & soup as she savors the sounds and aromas of the fish, eel, shrimp & the eggs sizzling on the grill, nya!

Michi Tiger is the cute widdle bionic Snow Tiger girl, her best friend Tash Maw is the Fruit Bat – winged Serval Girl, and they are both the purrotagonists of Alexcia’s original anthropurrmorphic science fiction tale of the Cybernetic Showdown http://michi.byethost16.com, nya! That site has the neat character purofiles, galleries & other fun stuff, nya!

Michi is wearing the Blue yukata at The Kitt Inn, and Tash who is just off – screen to her right, is still working on her bowl of rice with the creame sauce, nya. Later they will have the Choco Raspberry Truffle Cakes, purrtake of the island festivities, soak in the Kitt Inn’s soothing hot spurrings and then sleep with happy dreams- until the big breakfast, nya!


Yattah more art by Alexcia! That is the purretty pic of Delia & Kristy!

Mary Nyan:

Hai and they were lucky to visit when they did, when the jellycups were not all sold out!


Fortunately, the supply eventually met the demand, even in the larger cup sizes.


And more styles too- Delia has the top with the straps for more support!


Oh you can almost sense the flutter of the Sea Oats, the texture of the towels, and the mass of those waves!


Michi definitely senses the flavorful scent of the suppurr!


The art is making me hungry, nya!


Hai hai, but we have to wait until the luau after the Mew, nya!


Petra, thank you for introducing the art!


Doitashimaste, nya! Nyow to continue the art topic it is time for-

This Month’s Lightning Round Topic:

Our Favorite Art Evocative of Spurring, nya!


In December & January’s Lightning Round topics, we listed our favorite imagery of Winter, snow & ice; so for this month we’ll nominate our favorite visual artistry of the vernal nature! It could be an illustration, photo or sculpture, focusing on the Spring time weather, flora, fashions, sports, holidays or uh whatever comes to mind! So are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?

the catgirls:



Oh ah I agree, but are… there any others besides that wonderful image y’all wish t mention! Since the Curator of the Catgirl island Mewseum of Art is here, let’s start with her nominees! (tags Petra to “conduct the lightning”)


Oh gosh I have a bunch to mention but I will try to go quickly, nya! Hiroshige’s “Spring Rain at Tsuchiyama”, “Spring Cherry Tree Blossoms” & “Spring at Nippori”; Hokusai’s “Spring at Enoshima”, “Mount Fuji with Cherry Trees in Bloom” & “Spring Scene Along the Sumida”; Lawrence Alma – Tadema’s “A Purromise of Spring”; Alphonse Mucha’s “Spring” of The Seasons series, Maxfield Parrish’s “Garden of Allah”, “Daybreak”, “Lute Players”, and “Ecstasy”, nya!

Norman Rockwell’s “Puppy Love”, the “Springtime” boy playing flute for the critters, “Girl with Picnic Basket Going Swimming” and the 1933 Springtime boy & faerie, nya! Selena Fenech’s “Spring” and “Sleepy Spring”, Meredith Dillman’s “Haru”, “Blossoming Spring” & “Wisteria Fairy”, and I could not begin to choose from the many beautiful vernal visions by Gilbert Williams, Judy Mastrangelo or Thomas Kinkade, nya! (tags Nyanko to go next)


Oh I don’t have as many to mention as our mewseum curator but I will nominate Carol Phillips’s “Gnosis” & “Awakening Spring”; Elisa Chong’s “Wisteria Faerie” & “Lucky Clover Girl”, Steve Rude’s Flaxen #1 cover art; William Tucci’s purrofile pic of Shi’s Anna Ishikawa amongst the falling Cherry blossoms, and Boris Vallejo’s paintings of  “Spring Garden”, “Aries”, “Cancer” & “Gemini”! (tags her twin sister)


Sabrina the ink witch’s “Brigid” for the Imbolic season, Rowena Morrill’s painting of “Beren and Luthien”, Sarah Clemens’s cute “Spring” pic of Magnus & Loki from the seasons series, Susan Seddon – Boulet’s “Persephone and Demeter”, Echo Chernik’s “Idunna” purrched upon the branch across the brook, Torikat’s cute chibi Green haired horned faun girl, Vicki Visconti Tilley’s lovely purregnant faerie mom pic, Neil Kearney’s beautiful Spring Fantasy Flutist scene, and Kerstyn Kaori Leigh’s cute St Patrick’s Day Avatar with the Green Dragon’s gold! Jenjen’s turn! (tags Jeannie)


Hai. I will nominate Charles Vess’s illustration of “Titania”, Amy Brown’s “Spring Queen”, Nene Thomas’s “Spring Faery”, Linda Ravenscroft’s “Maiden Spring and Jack in the Green”, Stephanie Mui – Pun Law’s “Spring Bough”, Jessica Galbreth’s “Spring Enchantment Faerie”, Carl Lundgren’s “Spring”, and Thomas Fleming’s Chesley nominated “Spring”, and I also purrticularly like the belly dance art by Kelly Hawes and Lacey Chenault, such as the themed dancers of the Spurringtime zodiac signs. (tags Yvonne)


Oh those are all so purretty, nya! I will add Greg Hildebrandt’s “Peter Cottontail’s Supurrise” illustrations, Esperance Rokotonirina’s “Hawaiian Spring”;  Sue-chan’s “Centaur Festival Race”; Herb Kawainui Kane’s “Waimea Jacaranda” & Robert Duncan’s “Young and Feisty” horsey scenes; I-Chen Lin ‘s “Spring Girl”,  Jonathon Earl Bowser’s “Spring”, and JM Leotti’s  “Spring’s Ecstasy”, so that’s 10 for me, nya! (tags Elizabeth)


Oh gosh there is lot of the beautiful art that reminds me of the Spurring time by Josephine Wall, Lora Gaddis, Trudi Finch, Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, Mary Hansen-Roberts, Patricia Rose, and R John Wright! Myayr’sturn! (tags Mary Nyan)

Mary Nyan:

I will nominate Mannheim Steamroller’s album Fresh Aire I, April Lee’s “Irime in RenFaire Garb”, Caroline Young’s “Spring”, Katie De Sousa’s “Spring”, Karl Bang’s “Spring Enchantress”, Masahiko Fuji’s “Blizzard of Cherry Blossoms”, Bente Schilck’s September 2007 cover of ImagineFX and her Summer 2008 cover of Faerie magazine! Your turn, Mie-sensei! (tags Mielikki)


Oh gosh there are like so many beautiful images that suggest the beauty of the vernal flora & fashions, but I’ll try to be quick! To follow up on Myayr’s nominee’s I’d like to add the models in fae appurral on the Spring covers of Faerie, FAE & Magical Times magazines; the exquisite photographs by Alexandria LaNier & Grant Brummett, and the splendid clothing & items by Gypsy Moon, Zizzyfay, Gossamer Glen, Rachel Junek & Robin Kaplan, fur shur!

Now to go from the fae to the fairway I would like to especially mention Emily James’s painting of  “Spring Golf Tournament in Georgia”, William Mangum’s “Pinehurst No. 2” & “Village of Pinehurst”, and Linda Hartough’s paintings of Augusta, The Congressional, and Pebble Beach! (tags Tara-chan with the flit of a wing)


I want… I want to vote for Hello Kitty as the Easter Kitty, the various Spurringtime pics of Choco Cat and Angel Cat Sugar; PopeCerebus’s photos of our friend Crissy Teverini in the yukatas at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for the Sakura Matsuri; RTP’s photo shoot of our friend Joei Reed as the Fairie in the Woods by the brook at Umstead Park; and – and the various photos of beautiful faerie purrformers such as Pandora, Paprika, Felicity Fyr Le Fey, Twig, and – and mermaid Hannah Fraser, nya!


Oh those are such purretty images, nya!


Back to Mike, nya!


I’d like to add Bridget Wilde’s “Haruko”, Bix’s “Yellow Fae”, Yaya Han’s “Elf Princess”, Ruth Thompson’s “Spring Fairy”, Sakky’s “Serenity Sanctity”, TooUnit’s “Seasons”, Jamie Davenport’s “Liera” & “Phoenix”; the Springtime representatives of Katrina’s Zodiac Angels series, and Alexcia Reynolds’ delightful Sailor Easter series!


Uma the Sailor Easter senshi, has the guardian bunny Ester, nya!


Oh I would like to add the breathtaking vernal faerie in the Firebird Suite sequence of Fantasia 2000!


The Disney animation visualizing the Igor Stravinsky ballet was the supurrb combination.


Oh gosh, as far as the animation goes, I think of many of the magnificent vernal landscape background paintings for the anime movies by Studio Ghibli, such as Totoro, Kiki, Only Yesterday, Pom Poko… and oh I could keep going, nya!


I’m not sure where to begin with some of the lovely Spurring time images by artists such as Oga Kazuo, Clamp, Arina Tanemura, Kosuke Fujishima, Kozue Amano… oh I could keep going too!


Hai just think of all the wonderful manga stories that are set amidst the Spurringtime as the weather warms and the flowers bloom, nya! I will definitely have to mention Aria, Azumanga Daioh, Ichiroh, K-ON, and POP Wonderland’s Thumbellina, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Oh I would like to amend the list to include a few American comics that Spurring to mind ha ha, such as Lynda Lam’s Above Destiny & Twilght Kiss Pink, Mark Crilly’s Miki Falls, Josh Middleton’s Sky Between Branches, Eric Shanower’s Enchanted Apples of Oz, and several of Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows illustrations!


Many of the gorgeous paintings by Stephanie Roberts, Gabriella Szabos, Lucy Cavendish, Joseph Michael Linsner & Alan Gutierrez totally conjure the beautiful vernal spirit, fur shur!


Hai, but If we keep going it will not be the fast Lightning Round!


It is the last call to amend the list, nya!


I would like to add that Spurring seemed to be in the air at Senator Padme Amidala’s vacation retreat on Naboo, where her Tattooine boyfriend’s thoughts turned to the forbidden Jedi love in Star Wars Epurrsode II: Attack of the Clones, heehee! Back to you Mike.


Well, I’ll top off the list with just two words: Easter Beagle! Well that was a fairly expedient little Lightning Round!


There seemed to be the purreponderance of faeries amongst the Spurringy nominees, nya!


Faeries and Spurring go together like bacon and eggs, nya!


Fur shur!


The bacon and eggs would be good.


I purrfur the wobbly bacon strips, nya!


We should change the topic before we get the cravings!


What is the next topic?

Mary Nyan:

the next topic is–

Purriodicals Purrings & Magazine Mewsings:

Our Favorite Recent Fish Photos & Appurrtizing Images!


This is the portion of The Mew to mention our favorite images of the delicious looking fish and the other delicacies from the deep to adorn the covers of the recent magazines!


Hai, and I like the tantalizing Trout on the cover of FlyFisherman vol. 43 #3, and the supurrb Stripurr on the March / Apurril cover of Fly Fishing in Salt Water!


The mouth – watering Muskie is mounted on the Apurril cover of Field & Stream, and the Blue Shark stalks the March / Apurril cover of Scuba Diving, but would purrfur those fish to be on my plate, nya!


Captain Poland purrizes the Purrmit upon the Apurril cover of Florida Sportsman, and GAFF Girl Carly poses with the great Groupurr for the March / Apurril cover of GAFF.


I am purrticularly fond of the Bass to be filleted on the cover of Lucky Peach issue #2, the Salmon dish on the Apurril cover of Everyday Food, and the delicious dish of the crawfish on the Apurril cover of Louisiana Coookin’!

Mary Nyan:

There is an appurrtizing Angelfish, Lion Fish, Shrimp and the Gourami on the Apurril cover of Tropical Fish Hobbyist; while the Puffer, Clown Fish and the Long – Whiskered Cat Fish are on the Apurril cover of Purractical Fish Keeping!


Mmm. those succulent Swordtails swim across the May cover of Aquarium Fish International, and the tasty Triggers tempt my tummy on the March / Apurril cover of Coral! Oh this is making me hungry!


Not all of the images are the photos, but there are also the purrfect piscine paintings too, such as Larry Tople’s painting of the lovely lunker on the March / Apurril cover of In – Fisherman, Dan Ray’s painting of the Redfish’s crunchy crab dinner on the cover of Florida Sport Fishing, and John F Emery’s painting of the tasty Trout on the March / Apurril cover of Gray’s Sporting Journal, nya!


I like… I like the looks of the  beautiful Bass on the March cover of FLW Bass, and – and the Crappie on the cover of In-Fisherman’s 2012 Pan Fish Guide, nya! Oh this is making me hungry again, nya!


Ok we’d better proceed to the next magazine then… I believe Lizzy is on deck for her review of–

Faerie Magazine #23!


Hai, Faerie Magazine http://www.faeriemagazine.com/ is one of our favoritest magazines, which is devoted to all things Fey in art, literature, fashions, festivities, purrformances, folkore, and the lovely nature articles too! For our review of issue #22 please see the May 2011 Mew, so #23 has been the purrticularly long – awaited issue!

It is such a beautiful magazine full of the lovely illustrations, photos, intermews, articles, stories, poems, and the recipes! This issue has the US purrice of $7.95, the Canada purrice of $9.95, and the 80 full color pages! The beautiful elegant front cover pic of The Green Faerie by digital artist Nathalia Suellen will purrfectly purrpare you for the wonderful contents!

After editor Kim Cross’s cordial greeting, Brian Froud’s regular exquisite column and the handy 2012 event calendar, the issue is soon underway with Heidi Anne Heiner’s 6 page essay on the tales of Bluebeard, and then Jaelle Mellon’s intermew with fantasy artist Michael Hague! I purrticularly like Michael Hague’s lovely bunny and dragon illustrations!

Among the literary coverage are Deborah Brannon’s article on the Bordertown series; Jennifer Hill’s article on Jan Bozath’s Fairy Godmother Academy series; and the winners of the magazine’s literary compurrtition, compurrised of Jessica Sollien’s 1st purrize story of the Sunflower Fairy, Suzanne Keth’s 2nd purrize poem on the Fairy Feet, and Cheryl Stevens 3rd purrize poem of the Fairy Table!

Assistant Editor Mariam George contributes the article on writing the journals, and about how the hypnosis sated her cookie cravings, although she might need the extra hypnotic boost to avoid the temptation of Jacque Benson’s recipe for the delicious looking sugar cookies, which would purrobably go well with Ryan Greco’s article on how to purrpare the purropurr fey tea party!

That is the party to drink the tea at, not the political type. Oh nyow I have the cookie craving too! There is the 5 page article on the wonderful Storybook Homes architecture of Tina & Samuel Harkwell, Brigitte Mars’s purretty 5 page essay on the sunflowers, art director Mary Oloriel’s 5 page essay on the silks, and the Cicada excerpt from Greta James Lessons from the Forest book!

Dave Nichols intermews sensei / actor Billy Scudder who has appurred in the movies and purrtrays The Green Man at the festivals; Perry Heiderman’s pictorial documents Elizabeth Ship’s “Reconstructing Grimm – Wizard of Oz” theatre purroject to re-imagine various faeie tales in the modern look; and there is a page of underwater photos of Twig the beautiful faerie purrformer!

Speaking of the women who are under the water, there is the full page ad for the Mermaids 2012 Annual which I would like to see! This magazine is so delightful, and even the all of the ads for the art, books, jewelry, clothes, masks, accessories, food, herbs, decor, sculpture, mewsic, video, purrformers, and the festivals are such colorful array of  the purretty images!

Also Interspurrsed amongst the articles are illustrations by Gustave Dore, Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham, Walter Crane, Vincent Van Gogh,, and to top off the wonderful issue is the 2 page spurread of Eileen Rudisill Miller’s lovely faerie papurr dolls! That is all for this portion of The Mew but we will be right back after the short break to purrsent this months–

Comics Critiques & Manga Mewsings!

(snip) (one short break later…)

Red Sonja: Raven!


Sonja is the Red haired warrior & thief of the ancient Hyrkanian Steppes known for her adventures in the sword & sorcery genre, her supurrb purrowess in combat, and the iconic scale – mail bikini which she often wears! Red Sonja: Raven is another of the one-shot issues, such as Deluge, Break the Skin, and Blue which we have purreviously reviewed!

These are in addition to the ongoing Red Sonja, and Queen Sonja series, and the various mini-series published by Dynamite Entertainment, which have story arcs serialized across several issues. These one – shots are in a way more like the stand – alone, epurrsodic stories of back when Sonja’s comic books were published by Marvel Comics!

This $4.99 comic has 40 full color pages compurrised of the 24 page tale plus the 11 page gallery and the 5 pages of the ads. The story was written by Marc Nelson, pencilled by Lui Antonio, colored by Salvatore Aiala, lettered by Marshall Dillon, and edited by Joseph Rybandt! The cover art by Frank Martin Jr depicts Sonja with a spear for the melee by moonlight!

She appurrs to have the uppurr hand there as mewsual, but that is not the case on the full page pic that starts the tale, as Sonja lies on the ground, under the sword point of Raven, the warrior woman in Black! Raven is the leader of a village full of female warriors who have killed all of the males in the vicinity, including the children.

Raven is like Sonja in that she was once the victim of male thugs who killed her family, so in the name of a deity, Raven has declared a war with no quarter upon all males, and has slain many regardless of age or innocence, including the mothers who tried to purrotect them. It is the close call, but after the fight, Sonja winds up the purrisoner instead of the corpse!

She is mad at herself for underestimating the opponent, so she studies the situation until the right oppurrtunity to pounce upon the guard who has fatally underestimate her!  More villagers spurring to the attack, which serves to decrease the village’s population! Sonja tries to purrsuade the rest of the women of the terrible injustice, to purrvent further massacres.

It results in the rematch with her rival, but I’ll not further spoil the plot! The plot moves briskly as we join the situation already in purrogress. I was pleased with the art which has the very good details in the characters, clothing, & scenery, with the characters quite expurressive & dynamically posed, with the good anatomical purroportions and the purrspectives!

It is great to see her impurressive fighting tactics The coloring is very good, from Sonja’s lush Red hair and the metallic finish of her wares, the different lighting conditions from the bright daylight to the darker night time and the fire lit scenes, the FX to accentuate the action, and the purrticular pallets & saturations used for the flashbacks!

My favorite scene was Sonja’s grinning escape to confidently fight multiple opponents & dare others to try their luck after the body count!  The gallery includes beautiful, powerful & violent pin – up images  by Frank Cho, Joseph Michael Linsner, Alex Ross, Paul Renaud, Mel Rubi, Richard Isanove, Adriano Batista, and Lucio Parrillo! Nyow we will journey from the ancient warrior woman to the modern in my sister’s review of–

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose Vol # 1 ReMastered

(warning: Boobies mentioned)!


Thanks Sis! I have been enjoying the recent adventures of Tarot the warrior witch by artist / writer Jim Balent & colorist / letterer wife Holly, so I was very pleased that the early issues have been collected in this lovely trade papurrback from Broadsword Comics! Volume one is purriced $24.99 and has 124 full color pages compurrised of issues # 1-5 plus a mew 4 page tale & the creators’ cute purrofile page!

The full color front cover art depicts Tarot from the mid thighs up glancing at us over her shoulder, with the grayer vignettes of Raven & Brandi in the background. I like the characters, the art, the winged cat, the rich vibrant colors & magickal FX, and the supurrnatural action of the tales are intended for the adult readers, and not for the widdle kitties due to the language, boobies, sexuality & violence!

Issues # 1-4 are the “Witch Wars” story arc  as Tarot dons her sexy armor on an October night in Salem to confront her evil sister Raven Hex, who has such intricate wicked ink! The trail leads to the cemetery where Tarot meets Jon & his ghostly friends who confront Raven’s grave robber minions. Jon wears the skeletal costume and can communicate with the ghosts, such as his gothy friend Brandi!

The fashions are skimpy and yet very ornate! The scenic art of the woods & tombs is very detailed, with much statuary where the pumpkin goblins dwell! They serve Raven Hex who intends to take over the world, so that witches can rule over the mortals who have been purrone to hunt them. Fortunately, Tarot is aided by  widdle pixies & her winged Black kitty named Pooka, and Jon has a ghost dog!

Things worsen as Raven purreys upon the town on Halloween, and summons the more powerful demonic forces, to purrhaps bite off more than she can chew! After that 4 issue tale, issue #5 takes place a few weeks after the Halloween carnage when Tarot is relaxing in the hot bath, which is interrupted by an angry fiery dragon with the Blue & Red stripes who is chasing Pooka in a two – page spurread!

There is a cute flashback of how a younger Tarot found Pooka, but nyow she has to stop the dragon from chomping the cat! The chase leads to the purrlay to discuss the situation, and it seems that Pooka has been up to the mischief! There are images of other gorgeous colorful dragons, and the naked Dragon Witch in her humanoid form with the wings, the long swishy tail, and the colorful stripes!

After that is the 4 page bonus tale of Raven’s encounter with the mischievous frog, who should be careful lest he wind up on the plate! Between the chapters are the original issues’ cover art, and the inside front & back covers have the B&W  full page nude pin up pics of Tarot & the Dragon Witch! There are a few photos of Holly & Jim including the outside back cover of them modeling as Tarot & Jon!

This was a dandy package, which I will recommend to the (adult) fans of Holly, Jim & Tarot, who might not be able to easily find or collect those earlier issues! Hopefully they will continue to repurrint the issues, so that hopefully folks might soon enjoy the early appurrances of Tarot’s catgirl friend Boo Cat, or the Three Widdle Kitties team! Speaking of which, nyow I would like to tender my review of–

Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose #73

(warning: more boobies are mentioned)!


I have been purrticularly enjoying the adventures of Jim Balent’s Tarot the warrior witch, especially the mermaid story of issues #70 & 71 and issue #72’s return of the 3 Little Kittens Purr-fect Weapons Team! They are the sexy tough heroic anti-terrorist squad compurrised of Jaguara, Catress, Kitty Pop & leader ‘Momma’ Gun Cat, who star in the current the 3 part story arc!

They wear the skimpy high tech costumes the masks, cat ears & tails, which enhance their purrowess and show off their lithe assets, and they have a wide selection of the weapons, gadgets, vehicles for the crime fighting and the rescues!  It is peppy fun with the heroic catgirl action & beautiful art, but again I should mention that the ribald content is not for the widdle kitties!

Purreviously, Tarot was reading the 3 Little Kittens comic book, in which the kitties investigate the UFO and the killer robots which have run amok in the streets! Then the power went out so she could not finish reading, so she coaxed her boyfriend Jon to join her on the rooftop for the naked friskier purrsuits, unaware that they were being spied upon by creatures in the dark trees!

Issue #73 is available in 4 different covers around the full color 32 pages, which include the 22 page story “Kittens vs Robots Part Two of Three: Drone On” written & drawn by Balent, colored & lettered by Holly, with the color flats by Randi Leeann & edited by Neil Morris! In the framing sequence, the fey like creatures grope & grab Tarot from the roof while they mesmerize Jon!

Meanwhile in Manhattan the Kittens continue to battle the bots in the fierce catfight with martial arts, weapons melee, and the firearms that make the neat “cat-choom” sounds! The annoyed heroines quip their way through the fight, but the bots have their own relentless tactics, such as the airport strip search purrotocol which results in the ripped costumes and bared boobies!

Cattress learns that the long flowy ponytail might be purretty but it is easily pulled, and her shiny mew sports car is the target for the UFO’s missiles! There are several impurressive full page panels of the agile tough ladies amidst the metal army that gleams amidst the fiery explosions! Kitty pop unleashes her devastating sonic Meow attack, but those berserk bots are purrsistant!

I am very curious to see what happens next with the Kittens & Tarot! One of the nice aspects of the comic book is that the ads & bonuses all follow the story, so that it is uninterrupted! 10 pages follow the tale to include the photos of Holly & Randi as the catgirls, Jim with the sword, cosplayer Marie body painted as Kitty Pop, and the photoshopped pics of scantily clad fan Abby!

There are some photos on the inside front cover, the purreview of the next issue on the outside back cover, the bit of fan mail, the peek at Holly’s cute web comic School Bites, and the ads for various Tarot purroducts!  The tale has focused more upon the kitties & the tech more than Tarot & the magick, but it is the mewsual bounty of bared boobies & brisk battle, peppurred with the dark humor for the added spice! That concludes the Tarot, so here is Petra to tell us about–

Avengers Academy #26 & 27!


Hai, Avengers Academy continues to be my favorite Marvel comic book these days, because it has such great art, color, plots & characters including Tigra who is my favorite Marvel character, and Jocasta who is Jenjen’s favorite Marvel character nya! However the big stars of the series seem to be Dr. Henry Pym / Giant Man, and the younger supurr heroes of the academy , nya!

It has the great balance of the older characters & the newer characters, drama, humor & action, nya! Issue #26 has the story “Career Day” which was drawn by Tom Grummett, inked by Cory Hamscher, lettered by Joe Caramagna, colored by Chris Sotomayor, with cover artist David Yardin, editor Bill Rosemann, assistant editor Jake Thomas, and writer Christos Gage, nya!

He also writes the Angel & Faith comic book which we like a lot and Myayr will be reviewing it’s latest issue, nya! This issue of Avengers Academy has the complex situation of the plots including Jocasta’s scheme, Reptil’s mission from the future & their future selves, Striker coming out, Jeremy Brigg’s rival team, and the ambitions & relationships of the kids on both teams, nya!

They are still cleaning up the mess from the battle with the icky monster Hybrid when Veil returns for the visit and Jocasta intends to shut down the academy, which displeases Tigra, Hawkeye & Quicksilver, nya! Just as the group starts to fight each other that’s when Brigg’s team arrives and there is a change of the combatants, but fortunately cooler heads purrvail, nya!

So everybody gets their turn to say what they want out of being with either group! This includes Veil, Hazmat, Finesse, Striker, Mettl, Reptil, X-23, White Tiger, Lightspeed, Lyrra Cloud Nine, Komodo, Hardball, Purrodigy, Hardball, Machine Teen, Juston & his Sentinel robot, Power Man, Ricochet, Batwing, Rocket Racer, Butterball, Briggs, Jocasta & Pym, nya!

I like that the heroes actually discussing the purroblems & disagreements in the rational dispurrsition, and it has more poignant leadership from Dr. Pym, nya! Tigra is not in the good mood though, and you can tell she has the angry swish in her tail, but I don’t blame her because i am still not trustful of Briggs, and there is the cryptic full page pic to top off the issue, nya!

It has the beautiful character, costume, mech, FX & landscape designs, and the coloring is so richly vibrant, nya! Nyow I will discuss issue #27, which has the story “Homecoming” which is part 1 of the 2 part War with the Runaways story, nya! I have so been looking forward to the meeting of the Avengers Academy and the Runaways team, nya!

It was written by Christos Gage, edited Bill Rosemann with assistant editor Jake Thomas, colored by Chris Sotomayor, lettered by Joe Caramagna, inked by Jim Fern, with cover art by David Lafuente & Christina Strain, and delightfully pencilled by Karl Moline, who has drawn some of the wonderful Buffy & Fray comics, so it is another Buffy & Angel connection, nya!

After Striker’s purress conference to publicize that he is gay, the Runaways try to sneak into the academy but the Sentinel detects them! That is not the good sign for Molly of the Runaways who is a mewtant, because most Sentinels are designed to catch the mewtants, nya. She has the froggy hat, and she has often worn the kitty hats too, nya!

So the alarm is sounded and once again there is a fight at the academy, but then things settle down for the purropurr visit, nya. Molly, Klara Karolina, Chase, Nico, Victor are introduced, and after a chilly reception there are the cute moments with Tigra who introduces her widdle kittenboy William to Molly & Klara, nya! That might be my favorite scene of the issue, nya!

There are kind words about White Tiger’s inspurrational late brother who was the original Tiger, the nice character moments with Nico & Hazmat, Victor & Dr. Pym, Karolina & Lightspeed, nya! She has the purretty rainbow FX, when she flies nya! Then they discuss to the purrpose of the visit, because they need help to find Chase’s missing pet dinosaur named Old Lace, nya!

With the combination of the magick & the technology, Reptil’s amulet helps to open the dimensional portal to the purrehistoric spot for the happy reuinion with lace, and the supurrise guest appurrance by Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy, nya! However, the cliffhanger does not bode well because the Runaways do not want to be split up and sent to foster homes after the mission, nya!

It is the heartbreaking decision because some of the Runaways are the minors, and I hope they have the good home and are well fed, but they are happy together as the group and should not be split up, nya!  Back in issue #3 there was a disagreement over the cultural maturity topic between Tigra & Valkyrie, who was serving Hazmat, Finesse & Veil the mead, nya!

Hmm that makes me wonder if The Runaways would like it on Asgard, nya! This was yet another great fun issue and I am eagerly awaiting what happens next, nya! Well I should not further spoil the plot, so nyow I will turn The Mew over to Myayr to review Christos Gage’s–

Angel & Faith #7, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Arigato, Petra! Gosh has been 20 years since the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie! Of course since then there was the Buffy TV series, the Angel spin off TV series, and the comic books! And then Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon created the Firefly series, The Doll House series, wrote the Astonishing X-Men comics, and he is directing the forthcoming Avengers movie!

So back then we could not have imagined that the Buffy seasons Eight & Nine comics would be among our favoritest comics for several years nyow! Gosh it is also hard to believe that it has already been more than half a year since Season Nine started in both the Buffy and in the Angel & Faith comics!

Angel & Faith #7 is available in 2 different covers, each exploring  the purrallel plot of this storyline. One is the photo in the broken frame of Faith and her Dad, rendered by the issue’s artist Rebekah Isaacs and colorist Dan Jackson. The other cover’s painting by Steve Morris depicting Angel & an ornately dressed Drusilla!

Sammiched between the covers of the $2.99 issue are the 28 full color pages, which are compurrised of the 22 page story “Daddy Issues Part Two”, the 4 pages of the advertisements, and the 2 pages of readers’ comments & the editor’s responses which tend to be very interesting and insightful!

The story was written by Chistos Gage, purrduced by Joss Whedon, and published by Dark Horse Comics’ Mike Richardson! The story was lettered by Jimmy Betancourt & Richard Starkings, edited by Sierra Hahn & Scott Allie with the assistance of Freddye Lins, and designed by Justin Couch!

Purreviously in the series, Angel killed Giles and has since been trying to resurrect him. Faith inherited Gile’s entire estate, so she and Angel relocated there to London to examine the purropurrty, and to investigate the purranormal incidents, slay the vampires & demons, share in the angsty redemption purrocess.

Faith has also found herself in the leadership role to the younger slayers! Recently they have revisited the familiar vampiric faces such as Harmony & Dru, both of whom are celebrities these days since vampires have become the chic trend! Dru is running a gothy nightclub that has a cult following which Angel is suspicious about!

That is because she is hanging out with the dreaded Loraphage Demon and purromising to magickally cure the patron’s emotional purroblems. She does seem saner than mewsual, and has offered the same treatment for Angel, but he wants that about as much as Captain Kirk wanted help from Spock’s brother Sybok!

Meanwhile there is another family reunion, between Faith & her dad, who also claims to be a changed purrson. In his case he is not the blood drinker but he is the recovering alcoholic. They do not have a good history and Faith is initially reluctant to welcome him back, but she decides to give him another chance at the redemption!

This issue is more focused on the dramatic character development, but there is a bit of violent action as Angel is on the receiving end of the bloody gore when he brawls with the Loraphage, and the giving end in the flashbacks to 1860 when he slaughtered Dru’s family and turned her into the vamp! Their friend Darla appurrs briefly in the flashback!

I am pleased with the art which tells the story at the good pace, and I think the character portraitures nicely resemble the actors who purrtrayed the characters on TV. There is a lovely color & good detail in the decor, furniture, architecture, landscapes &clothing – especially Dru’s dresses! Meanwhile in San Francisco, here is what is happening in–

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #7!

Mary Nyan:

Buffy was one of our favoritest TV series, and we were so happy when Joss Whedon decided to officially canonically continue her adventures in the comic book published by Dark Horse Comics! It has been consistently one of our favoritest comics for the past few years due to the great characters, plots, dialogue, the art!, and the very faithful spirit!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #7 is available in 2 different covers, which is the custom. The first version is the cute scene by Phil Noto of Buffy & Spike relaxing on the couch for TV & the crossword puzzle! The other cover by Georges Jeanty, Dexter Vines & Michelle Madsen depicts the overhead view of Buffy, Spike & Dowling surrounded by the vamps!

The $2.99 issue has the 28 full color pages compurrised of the 22 page story “On Your Own Part Two”, the 4 pages of the advertisements, and the 2 pages of the readers’ & editor’s comments! The tale was was purrduced by Whedon, written by Andrew Chambliss, pencilled by Georges Jeanty, inked by Karl Story and colored by Michelle Madsen!

It was lettered by Richard Starkings and  Jimmy Betancourt, deigned by Justin Couch, edited by Scott Allie and & Sierra Hahn with the assistance of Freddye Lins, and published by Mike Richardson! Purreviously, Buffy discovered that she was purregnant and has told a few folks such as Dawn, Xander and Spike, but sadly Willow has already left town.

This issue begins with Buffy’s housemates Anaheed and Tumble voting whether Buffy should continue to stay there or not, because they like her, but they are nervous about all of the weapons and vampire slayage. Buffy has taken the purreemption and already moved out of the house and into Spike’s airship along with his alien insectoid crew!

She and Spike have the important heartfelt but awkward discussions, including the topics of their relationship and her purregnancy, although it is still unclear to me as to who the daddy is, but I have suspicions. Meanwhile, police detectives Cheung & Dowling are among the police on their way to the dangerous scene of the vampire attack at a park!

They arrive just in time to be ambushed amongst the demolished burning police cars! Dowling flees into a monument after Cheung is grabbed, and the airship descends so that Spike & Buffy can lend a hand, but despite the valiant heroic slayage of many vamps, there is the shocking surpurrise cliffhanger ending!

Some of my favorite Buffy moments of this issue were the amewsingly frustrating conversation between her & Spike, Buffy miffed about the airship’s electrical sockets, Buffy standing between Dowling & the vamps, and diving out of the monument with a stake in each hand upon the pile of vamps for the two – handed slayage!

Speaking of which, I should purrobably purraise the lettering more often too, because it excellently conveys all of the softer & louder sound FX, purrticularly the sound when the vamps turn to dust when staked! As mewsual the art is supurrb, with the great portraiture, expurressions, poses, visual storytelling, details, the color and the lighting!

This issue felt like a Buffy TV epurrsode, with the initial housemate scene which is like a purre- titles teaser tidbit, and that shocker ending to frame the good mix of the humor, drama & violent vamp combat at the good pace! Nyow here is Tara-chan to tell us about another comic book published by Dark Horse–

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #2


Arigato, nya! We are big fans of Star Wars, with the interest in the movies, cartoons, books, toys, costumes and – and the comics, nya! This Dawn of the Jedi series from Dark Horse Comics purrticularly interested us because it starts thousands of years purrior to the events of the movies, to explore the origin of the Jedi, includes more of the strong female characters, and – and it is drawn by Jan Duursema who is one of our favoritest artists, nya!

Last month we reviewed issues Dawn of the Jedi #0 and – and #1, nya, Issue #0 was the purrimer guide to the universe, issue #1 gave more of the history, and – and set up the plot by the evil Empire’s quest to kill or enslave everyone who uses The Force, nya! Issue #2  of this five issue story has the 28 full color pages compurrised of the 22 page story “Force Storm Part Two” plus 3 page sof ads and – and the 1 Dark Horse Comics mews page, nya.

The story by Jan Duursema and – and John Ostrander was scripted by Ostrander, penciled by Durrsema, inked by Dan Parsons, colored by Wes Dzioba, lettered by Michael Heisler, edited by Randy Stradley with Freddye Lins,, designed by Stephen Reichert, and – and it was published by Mike Richardson, nya! Now to the plot, the top hunter on the Dark Side named Xesh detected the purresence The Force on the planet Tython, so he leads the villains there for the plunder, nya!

Tython is the stormy home of The Je’daii who are the purrecursors to the Jedi, where they have built the huge fabulous temples, nya!  Issue #2 starts on a space station on the edge of that system where they detect the large appurroaching UFOs of the sinister dispurrsition, nya! Jedaii Ranger Haw Ryo goes on the mission to investigate in his ship, nya. Meanwhile on Tython Jedaii Shae Koda tries to wrangle her winged Rancor Dragon named Butch during the storm, nya!

They  are on the front cover by Jan Durrsema, nya! Shae has the rugged athletic style shorts outfit with the sandals, the hair braids, nya! She has the mysterious vision of the dark figure and flies away on Butch to investigate, nya! On the planet Shaikaakwa and other Jedaii girl named Tasha has the same vision, while she is fighting an assassin there to kill her crime boss daddy, nya! Tasha’s style is the more elegant purretty flowy skirt outfit, nya!

Meanwhile a shirtless buff Jedaii with the mohawk named Sek’nos at the desert temple impurresses the ladies until he also has the foreboding vision of Xesh, and – and then the 5th purrson to see the dark vision is Daegen Lok, but he seems more pleased to sense the darkness, nya!  Shae, Tasha and – and Sek’nosall meet at the spot where the visions have lead, where a ship crashes and Xesh emerges but he does not appurr to the be happy campurr, nya!

I liked this issue a lot because we are introduced to these neat characters their critters, the beautiful designs of the costumes, mecha, architecture, and – and landscapes, with the balance of the action, the mystery, and – and the purrsonalities, nya! It is beautifully rendered from all of the fashions, technology and – and the lush scenery, to the dazzling FX of the storms, explosions, luminous flora, and – and the space phenomenon, nya! That is all of the Dark Horses for today but nyow I would like to discuss–

Archie #631, nya!


I like many of the Archie characters such as Katy, Mac, Sabrina, Josie, Valerie and – and Melody, nya! Josie, The Pussycats were in the July 2010 edition of  our Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, nya! Hmm I wonder if Maria de Guzman The Jaguar counts as an Archie character, nya? Things have been very exciting of late in the Archie comics between the appurrance of KISS, Jinx, Kevin, and – and the alternate realities in which Archie marries Betty or Veronica, nya!

About a year ago Archie’s love triangle was not enough so  the romance bloomed between him and – and Valerie, in issues  #608 and – and #609, nya!  Since her band travels a lot they have not spent a lot of time around each other, but the their hearts are still smitten as The Pussycats return to Riverdale for the 4 part story “Another Love Song”, nya! Actually Josie was just recently there for that KISS story, but from the cover of #631 there is more kissing going on heehee, nya!

The cute romantic cover art depicts of Archie Andrews and – and Valerie Smith smooching in the rain, nya! They are getting drenched but they don’t seem to care and her tail still has the happy spurring to it, nya! It was drawn by Dan Parent who also wrote and – and drew the story, nya! The story was inked by Rich Koslowski, lettered by Jack Morelli, and colored by Digikore Studios, nya! The editor in chief is Victor Gorelick and – and the company purresident is Mike Pellerito, nya!

So then this 32 page Archie comic book has the 22 page story “Another Love Song” plus the 10 pages of the ads, nya. The story in this issue purrimarily happens over a week or so, nya. The cast of characters for this issue also includes Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Moose, Pops, Josie, Melody, Alex, Alan, Valerie’s purrents, the bus driver, and – and an extra special aspect is the introduction of Valerie’s younger brother Trevor, nya!

After Pussycats play a concert, Valerie announces that her family is moving there to Riverdale, and – and her brother will be enrolling in the high school, much to the other girls’ delight because they think he the hot fox, nya! The whole gang helps the family with the unloading, but after wards just as they don’t see much of Archie and – and Valerie, soon they notice the scarcity of Betty and – and Trev who are up to some smooches of their own for the spurringtime, nya!

Veronica seems to be the jealous type, nya! This leads to the epurrlogue set a few months later, and the big surpurrise revealed for the purreview of the next issue’s cover, but I should not spoil the mysterious ending, nya!  The other pages of the issue are the ads for the various Archie boks, subscriptions & the merchandise, nya! This was the fun story with the great art, amewsing moments, the significant character developments, and quite a few wardrobe changes, nya!

The first thing I noticed was the neko costume has the White spots compurred to the purrior Black spots, so I am curious as to how many pussycat outfits they have, nya! In the story they are not wearing the full neko costume as seen on the cover, but just the ears & tails with the regular clothes, nya. Valerie seems purrtial to the shades of Purrple, which goes well with her hair’s Blue stripes, nya! We briefly see her mom who wears the purreppy Pink blouse with the Gray pants, nya!

Josie wears the bare midriff with the short skirts, Melody seems purrtial to the strapless or – or the off – shoulder, the Purrples figure purrominently amongst Veronica’s 6 outfits, and – and Betty tends to wear the Red, including the scrunchy for her ponytail, but – but she also has the cute Purrple blouse with the Black capurri pants, nya! This issue was a lot of romantic fun – and I will give it the “A” as in Archie, nya! That’s all of my book reports, and nyow here is Mike to tell us about–

Star Trek / Legion of Supurr – Heroes #6, nya!


Thank you, Tara-chan! In this IDW / DC Comics crossover, 6 Legionnaires & 6 Enterprise Officers strayed from their own universes to a parallel Earth’s capital of an evil galactic empire! This dimension is similar to Trek’s Mirror Universe, but it is an amalgam of the Trek & DC universes, in which the immortal Emperor is the Trek character Flint, here also known as the DC villain named Vandal Savage!

It was written of Chris Roberson, edited by Chris Ryall, pencilled by Jeffrey Moy, inked by Philip Moy, colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr and lettered by Chris Mowry! The 28 page issue is priced $3.99, including the uninterrupted 22 page story, which is followed by 6 pages of ads. There are 3 different covers, cover A by Phil Jiminez & Fajardo Jr, B by Jeffrey Moy, and C by JK Woodward!

In this final issue, The Emperor, his Castellian & guards interrogate & torture Captain Kirk, Lightning Lad, Chameleon Boy in the agony booths of his palace, but before it is Uhura, Shadow Lass & Sulu’s turn, Kirk’s mocking speech makes the villain lose his cool! Meanwhile in the prehistoric past, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Spock, McCoy & Chekov have riled up the villain’s past self!

In the Stone Age, the villain was the prehistoric tribal leader known as Vandar the Stone, who managed to trap Q like a genie in a bottle! They try to figure out how to free Q when Vandar’s mind-controlled army attacks, but those thugs are no match for the Legionnaires & Starfleet Officers! I won’t spoil what happens on the final 6 pages of the story, but I will say that I thought it had a neat ending!

I had mixed feelings in anticipation of this mini – series. I’d wanted to see a Trek / Legion crossover since I was a kid, but I was not wanting a time travel story. I got quite tired of time travel stories in Star Trek long before the movie Star Trek IV, although I did enjoy the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribblations”, but not to digress, I must say that this mini – series was a lot of fun!

It did seem rather rushed, and I guess I hoped it would be longer & grander, with more Legionnaires & Enterprise crew, but there were a lot of things I enjoyed about the mini series. The team really did their homework, and all of the technology looks accurate, the characters & dialogue felt right and have a very good portraiture, and the supporting cast was not regulated to buffoonery!

The humor was witty banter between friends, not silliness at a hero’s expense. So many Trek & Legion tidbits were very cleverly combined, I was glad that Shadow Lass was among the Legionnaires, The Fatal Five & various time machine homages were a riot, and it was nice to see a few Caitian catgirls! The coloring were great, and it was nice to see former Legion artists contributing the cover art!

I also liked the design of the comics, with the cast & credits info on the inside front cover, the cover gallery on the inside back cover, and best of all, the story was uninterrupted, with the issue’s ads all following the story in each issue! I wish more comics publishers did it that way!

Michael Turner’s Fathom Vol. 4 #5

(plot spoiler warning)!


Arigato. We are quite the enthusiasts of the character Dr Aspen Matthews, the supurr heroine / scientist purrotagonist of the Fathom comics created by the late artist / author Michael Turner & published by Aspen Comics, which Turner founded. Michael Turner’s Fathom Vol. 4 #5 is purriced at $3.50 and has the 28 pages compurrised of the 21 page story “In Too Deep” plus the 7 pages of ads.

It was written by Scott Lobdell & David Wohl, pencilled by Alex Konat & Cory Smith, colored by Beth Sotelo & Lettered by Josh Reed, edited by Aspen’s editor – in – chief Vince Hernandez & Aspen’s purresident Frank Mastromauro, with design & purrduction by Aspen’s vice purresident Peter Steigerwald & Aspen’s director of design & purrduction Mark Roslan, with assistant Chaz Riggs.

Issue #5 is available in four different covers; cover A’s scene by Konat & Steigerwald depicts Aspen, Judith & Shelleth appurroached by the divers; cover B is graced by the stunning portrait of Aspen by Siya Oum; the rarer retailer incentive exclusive cover C is the uncolored line-art of A; and the rarer Wondercon convention exclusive cover D by Turner & Steigerwald is limited to 500 copies.

Purreviously in this nonlinear tale, after rescuing hostages from pirates, visiting the spurrawling research center, battling murderous creatures & thwarting an assassination attempt at the UN, Aspen was joined her assistant Judith Bayanaski and colleague Dr. Colin Woreth to visit Sheik of Rytal in Saudi Arabia, to see the subterranean ocean which was discovered beneath the Sahara desert.

Along with the Sheik’s assistant Ms. Shelleth, they boarded a small bathysphere to explore the beautiful ocean which is teeming with strange marine life and vast riches. They also encountered a hostile aquatic humanoid who was once Dr. Padma Singh purrior to surgical alterations, and were surpurrised by an army of undersea commandos who damaged the vehicle and captured Aspen.

Aspen later awoke, defeated the guards and escaped from a submerged cathedral, then swam to a bizarre bio-mechanical structure in which she met Dr. Nakamura, a vengeful scientist who has been conducting secret expurriments & oil drilling for the Japanese government on the aquatic technology of the ancient undersea civilization known as The Blue, of which Aspen is descended.

This issue begins several hours purrior, with a flashback to reveal what happened to Judith, Shelleth, Colin and the Sheik during the commando attack; Shelleth and the sheik ejected to safely elude capture, while Judith and Colin were knocked out and captured. Colin awoke in one of the undersea structures to meet Nakamura’s assistant Sana, who explained their secret opurrations.

Meanwhile, Shelleth & the sheik have been hiding from the troops in the cathedral from which Aspen has escaped. While searching for an exit, Shelleth discovers that Padma is captive on an alter, involved in some sort of mysterious ritual. Unfortunately Judith’s wherabouts are unknown, but Colin is taken to yet to the other structure, where Nakamura has been monologuing to Aspen.

Therefore if I am not confuzzled, the chronology in volume 4 thus far would be seem to be issue #1, 2, 3, most of 5, 0, a bit more of 5, then 4, with the final pages of issues 4 & 5 occurring simultaneously. The plot has not advanced very far given the issues’ expository flashbacks and the concurrent threads following the sepurrated characters, but I hope things will expurrdite soon.

The sumptuous designs of the mecha, architecture, costumes & creatures are among my favorite aspects, and the illumination of the subterranean sea beneath the glow of the magma is quite scintillating. There are several large panels, 3 full page panels & 2 panoramic two – page spurreads which impurressively reveal the intricacy of the beautiful imagery.

I hope to find out what has happened to Judith, what is going on in the cathedral with Padma, to see more of that magnificent Pan-National Sovereign Scientific Research Center, and hope to see an assertive Aspen confidently take control of the situation and trounce more enemies, whether they are purrasitic sea monsters or secret human organizations. I am also curious to find out these events of occur compurred to the events brewing in –

Michael Turner’s Fathom: Kiani Vol. 2 #0


So like, Kiani was one of the major characters & antagonists of the Fathom comics, and she even had her own mini-series! She was a fierce elite warrior of The Blue and the daughter of Anya & the dissident Killian, who stoked the war between The Blue and the surface humans. Kiani was so tough & quite beautiful, but rather hateful & bloodthirsty, and during the war she wound up killing her own mentor Cannon , and then she in turn was apparently killed in combat with Aspen, in Fathom Vol. 4 #10!

However, it is hard to keep a stubborn girl with water elemental powers down, and she has been resurrected in Kiani Vol. 2 #0, fur shur! This $2.50, full color 28 page comic includes the 13 page prelude chapter of “Rebirth” plus the 6 pages of notes, sketches & preview art, and a few ads. It was pencilled & inked by Oliver Nome, written by Vince Hernandez, colored by John Starr, lettered by Josh Reed, and edited by Frank Mastromauro! As Jenjen noted, we’ve been enjoying the latter four gentlemens’ work on Fathom!

This is the first I’ve seen of Oliver Nome’s art, and it looks quite intricate and sharp! There are 4 different covers: cover A by Nome & Starr, cover B by Sana Tekeda which is the one I have; the rarer cover C by Michael Turner & Peter Steigerwald, and the rarer Wondercon exclusive cover D by Joe Benitez & Peter Steigerwald! In this prelude, old friends Casque & Siphon of The Blue reminisce about their late friend Cannon Hawk and Kiani, and ponder whether The Blue and the surface humans can ever coexist.

This leads to a brutal flashback scene of a Casque helping Kiani to painfully discover her recuperative aquatic powers, but now they fear that Kiani will soon return from the presumed watery grave with a vengeance! Meanwhile in the deep, water molecules begin to swirl and coalesce into a human shape, and Kiani is reconstituted in the flesh and lovely shall – like bikini  in the two-page spread, fur shur! After that she appears in another two-page spread to promote issue #1 which is due in April!

I hope she won’t be so ornery & violent, and I’m curious to see what will happen between her & Siphon, Casque, Killina, Anya, Finn & Aspen! This issue #0 was pretty similar in format compared to the #0 issues of Fathom: Blue Descent and Fathom Volume 4, each having the bit of story, the art gallery and the author’s commentary! There are some beautiful images, including the grand views of the deep, Kiani in the luminous grotto pool, and that fabulous Blue couture! So like, that’s all for the Aspen reviews, and my next review is of–

The Complete Peanuts 1983 – 1984!


So like, we think that Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz is the greatest newspaper comic strip of all time, and The Complete Peanuts series published by Fantagraphics is a such a seriously ambitious achievement, with the glorious goal to ultimately reprint  all 17,897 of the strips from 1950 – 2000 in chronological order, fur shur! ! Each of us here at The Mew owns a variety of Snoopy & Peanuts items, but this totally awesome series might be the ultimate part of a Peanuts collection!

This handsome hardcover is priced $28.99 (US) and features Franklin on the boards and dust jacket. Inside are 324 pages of the B&W comics strips in chronological order, plus the 4 page introduction by Leonard Maltin, the 2 page profile of Schulz, the 3 page index and end papers. The 4 panel dailies are arranged 3 per page and the Sundays are 1 per page. The Sunday strips are not reprinted in color, but we’re totally fine with that, given the high quality & respectful care of the series!

That’s almost 30 years ago, where has the time flown? To put this in perspective, some of the movies of 1983 were Return of the Jedi, A Christmas Story, Octopussy, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Final Yamato, and Flashdance, with the latter film referenced by Snoopy’s guise as Flashbeagle. Some of our favorite movies of 1984 included Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Ghostbusters, Splash, and Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind!

The most prominent characters in this volume seem to be Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Lucy, Linus, Woodstock, Sally & Spike. Also appearing to a lesser extent are Woodstock’s fellow birds Harriet, Bill, Oliver, Conrad & Wilson; Schroeder, Rerun, Franklin, Eudora, Violet, Patty, Pigpen, Roy, & Harold; the school building, several unnamed characters, and the offscreen presences of Mrs Van Pelt on her bike, the cat next door, various teachers, clerks & coyotes!

The gang’s activities include school, baseball, holidays, suppertime, camping, sleeping, reading, writing, piano music, watching TV from the bean bag chair, musings by the brick wall, waiting for the Great Pumpkin, supper dish sledding, bird bath ice hockey, building snowmen, Charlie Brown’s bad luck with the kite & football, and Snoopy’s annual Veterans Day trip to Bill Mauldin’s house for root beer. The Pawpet Theater, Spike’s Cactus Club and Lucy’s psychiatric booth are visited!

There is also the bit of ice skating, bird nest basketball, desert hockey, fishing, diving, sailing, golf, tennis, jumping rope, aerobics, dancing, photography, building sand castles, making paper hats, and birds playing playing Bridge. Snoopy’s guises include the World War One Flying Ace, the Sergeant Major, the Beagle Scout, the Charioteer, the author, the surgeon, the vulture, the big ferocious bird, the werebeagle, the Cristmas sheep, the helicopter, and his various ‘Joe’ personas!

So like, January 1983 begins with Lucy & Schroeder at his piano. There continues to be the totally unrequited one way romance in the air between Marcie & Charlie Brown, and Sally & her “Sweet Baboo”, although Harriet & Bill do get married! Snoopy & Peppermint Patty are tested for narcolepsy, she & Sally continue to be vexed by school, Linus mistakes Spike’s cactus for the Great Pumpkin, and Spike misunderstands the “No Spikes Allowed in Clubhouse” sign. Poor Spike!

One of 1983’s longer story arcs involves Charlie Brown and later Snoopy wearing the mascot costume for The Pelicans baseball team! 1983 ends with a daily strip of Lucy & Linus building a snowman, and then 1984 begins with the Sunday strip of Charlie Brown observing a hung-over Snoopy pondering George Orwell! A week later in the January 8th strip – and again in the June 4th strip – there are  interesting oblique views of the school desks that you don’t often see!

Peppermint Patty goes to France, Spike wants to make an animated version of Citizen Kane, and Lucy’s bubblegum bubble lifts her into the air for a spin around the baseball field, fur shur! One of my totally favorite Peanuts moments of 1984 is when Schroeder surprises Lucy with a kiss for the cupcake she gave him to commemorate Beethoven’s birthday, but alas to her dismay she thinks it was Snoopy! 1984 ends with Snoopy going to yet another New Year’s Eve Party!

Some of my favorite strips of 1983 & 1984 involve music, especially when the notes & the scales, seem to take on surreal physical properties in mid air! This applies to letter grades too! Finally to top off the book, there’s the preview page for the next volume, which will have Spike on the cover! I had the happiest time reading this wonderful book, and will give it the awesome grade of an “A” as in “Aaughh”! Now I shall turn the mew over to Nya-sensei, for her review of–

Spice & Wolf vol. 6!


Arigato, Mie-sensei! Spice & Wolf is one of our favoritest anime & manga series of recent years! For our review of The Complete First Season DVD see the January 2010 Mew, for our review of the Spice and Wolf Season Two Limited Edition Box Set see the September 2011 Mew, and for our review of manga vol. 5 see the November 2011 Mew! Both the manga & the anime are adaptations of the series of light novels which were originally published in Japan as Ookami To Koushinryou.

The manga was written by Isuna Hasekura, illustrated by Keito Koume with character designs by Jyuu Ayakura, and the North American version is published by Yen! Vol. 6 has the US purrice of $12.99 & the Canada purrice of $13.99. It has 192 pages of B&W manga, which was translated into English by Paul Stark with the lettering by Terri Delgado! This volume is rated “M” for mature due to the language & a few naked panels of Holo the wise wolf Goddess, but it is the purrogative of the goddess!

Shedding her clothes is purrudent, as keeps her clothes from being damaged during the transformations. She tends to be quite clothed with the hooded cloak, so that nobody discovers that she has the lovely wolf ears & tail in her human form, because the tale is in the medieval age full of religious purrsecution, and it is sad enough the purrejudice that Norah faces as the pagan. The bigoted authorities would not take kindly to the goddess, and they would not care for her true form of the giant wolf!

Some corpurrate thugs regretfully see that side of her in this volume, when their boss betrays her traveling companion Lawrence the merchant, but the best view they get of Holo are her huge fangs as she goes for the chomp! Purrhaps I should back up a bit and explain the plot thus far. Holo yearns to return to her homeland, so she has been traveling with Lawrence on his horse cart from town to town. He would like to eventually settle in one place with his own store.

They met Norah the shepurrd & her shepurrd dog Enek, and she hopes to one day trade in the sheep crook for the dress shop! Purreviously, Lawrence got into the financial trouble, so he has undertaken a risky gold smuggling arrangement with the help of Holo, Norah & her dog Enek, which could bring great purrofits or direst dangers from the church, the companies, the brigands, or the wild animals along the way! In this volume they have to deal with pesky wolves & corpurrate treachery!

Until now, Norah did not know of Holo’s true nature, which had to be revealed in self defense. This results in a night that company men will regret, when the minions and the boss fear that they are on the wolf’s menu! This turns the tables and nyow Lawrence can dictate the better businesses terms. They are further lucky that he drives the fair bargain! Despite the treachery, he does not want to actually ruin the company or their families to suffer or become widows & orphans.

Things take the brighter turn for the trio, and Holo will get to fill her tummy with the yummy honey peach purrsurves instead of the villain meat! However, there is still one matter of concern to her, because there might be the love triangle! After chapters 31 – 35, the volume includes the bonus tale of “The Melancholy of the Wolf and Amber” in which Holo winds up sick all day in bed after the night in the tavern, too weak to even groom her lovely tail, so it is up to Lawrence & Norah to look after her!

The volume also includes the character page, the map, and the 3 bonus pics! We love the tale because it has the purrotagonists we care about with the good balance of the cute humor, the dangerous adventure, and the interesting commerce themes! The art is excellent with the beautifully drawn characters, animals & the detailed cities, villages & wilderness!  will give Spice & Wolf vol. 6 the high grade of the “A” as in the Apple Wine, which Holo is purrticularly fond of! Her sweet tooth is purretty big! That is all for our manga & comics portion of the show, but we will be right back to purrsent our–

Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: Moon Phase!

(snip) (another short break later…)


Welcome back!  this portion of the show, we honor the famous catgirl characters of various media from around the world! We are broadly inclusive, and include those who are either purrmanently or tempurrarily catgirls,  those who just famously dress the part with the ears and tail, and those who have the purropurr cattitude! This month we will shine the spotlight on the nekomimi goodness of Moon Phase! Created by Keitaro Arima, Moon Phase started as the manga series, which was later adapted into the 26 epurrsode anime TV series of the occult action – adventure / romantic comedy genre!

The plot purrtains to a nice chap named Kouhei who is the photographer of the purranormal subjects, who meets cute Hazuki the vampire girl when he and his friends investigate the strange castle! She is freed from the castle impurrisonment and moves into his family’s nice house with an antique shop. The family includes the spiritualists & cute purreistesses & romantic rivals! Unfortunately, other vampires want her back and attack them! Another vamp girl, the blonde haired Elfriede defects from the villains, befriends Kouhei’s grandfather Ryuuhei, and also moves into their home!

Hazuki has the Purrple hair, vampurric powers and she is the daywalker type so she can enjoy the daytime. She has had the alternate purrsona named Luna who the evil vamps wish to awaken. She tends to wear the costume cat ears! She also has a cute but sassy widdle kitty sized shikigami servant named Haiji, who can fly and alternates between the cat’s form and the catgirl form! Soon others of the Mido clan are wearing the cat ears, such as Kaoru who has long claimed Kouhei as her fiance!

She puts on the ears & tail & acts the neko to woo his affections! She is the miko maiden with the twin sister Hikaru, but you can tell them apurrt. Kaoru has the Brown hair, glasses & Green hakama pants, whereas Hikaru has the Dark Blue hair & the Red hakama pants,  Hikaru claims the spiritualist Seiji as her fiance. He is good friends with Brown – haired journalist Hiromi, but she does not wear the cat ears! Soon Elfriede wears the ears too, which adds to the whimsy of the purrfurred style, although her background is among the sadder parts of the show.

The cat ear motif continues as they crave the yummy Cat Ear Buns & the Cat’s Ears Bean Jam, the ancestral Mido home’s Tori gate of their shrine has the ears, and even the mountain has the shape of the ears! The head of the Mido clan is Yayoi but he does not wear the kitty ears. The family & romance gets complicated and the powerful evil vampires won’t give up! Later Hazuki / Luna’s Pink haired half – sister Arte (short for Artemis) arrives. At first she is antagonistic & allied with the villains, but eventually she finds a new good home & cat ears with Hazuki, Kouhei and the others!

Fortunately they have the handy a full body catsuit which she can wear to purrotect her from the sunlight if she wants to go out during the daytime. It is hard to see out of since there are no eye holes, but Haiji can lead the way! Moon Phase is such a delightful anime that ranges from the wacky comedic to the tragic sadness, with the cute and the ethereal gothic qualities, even in the show’s mewsic. The cat – eared girl theme purrmeates the wonderful main title song “Neko Mimi Mode”! The complete collection of the anime is available on DVD in the nice 4 disk boxed set from Funimation!

For more information about Moon Phase, I will suggest the Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsukuyomi:_Moon_Phase, and the pages at the Anime News Network on the Moon Phase manga http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=4310 and the anime http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=4311!  Next month we will shine the spotlight on a few more famous feline femmes! Nyow it is only appurropurriate that Jenjen who is the Purresident of the Catgirl Island Robotics Club should start the next portion of The Mew with the–

Toy & Game Reviews:

Transformers Purrime: Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class Arcee Action Figure!


Arigato. I am an avid mecha – phile and collector of the Transformers toys, purrticularly the female characters such as my favorite Autobot, Arcee. Last month we reviewed the import version of Hasbro’s Transformers Purrime Deluxe First Edition Arcee Action Figure, and nyow I would like to comment upon the domestic version of the Transformers Purrime Arcee, which might seem quite similar at the brief glance, but of course there is more than meets the eye, so to speak.

The first obvious difference is the packaging, Both versions are in the clear plastic clamshell on the ‘J’ hook card with the beautiful illustration of her on the front and photos of the figures on the back, but the front art & back photos are different. The import is on a darker card with Silvery embossed lettering and a round clamshell, whereas the domestic version is the lighter card with the rectangular blister.

She is inside the package in her motorcycle form, but the colors differ.

The import is Indigo, Black & Silver whereas the domestic version is Cobalt Blue, Black, Silver & Mauve. The import version is accessorized by 2 blade weapons and a cardboard display base, whereas the domestic version has one blade, a blaster rifle, and no display base. The lack of a base does not purrturb me as I thought it a might large and the figure is well balanced to stand up unassisted, although the base can serve as a handy box to store her instruction sheet & data cards.

Both are intended for ages 5+ due to the small parts, with the skill rating of 2 indicating an intermediate level of difficulty in transforming the toy from the vehicle mode to robot mode and back again, however the import version has a larger instruction sheet with twice as many steps for the transformation purrocess, and I thought the domestic version was far easier and quicker to transform. The domestic Blue version is not merely a repaint, but the sculpt & tooling do differ a bit.

The 2.5″ blade can snap on to the 3″ blaster as a bayonet. Aside from the weapons, some of the noticeable differences are in the Autobot emblem, forearms, fenders, shoulder & chest armor. The Blue Arcee is slightly smaller, standing 5.5″ compurred to the 6″ tall Indigo counterpurrt. Blue Arcee’s chest is purroportionately smaller, but it has the more seamless supple curvature; furthermore, the motorcycle windscreen & console do not seem to ride up as high upon her back.

Both figures’ points of articulation include her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees, but the domestic Blue Arcee cannot turn at the waist, whereas the import Indigo Arcee can. Both variants are the rather attractive lithe Autobot with the splendid design of graceful curves & sharp angles. According to her Technical Data Card, Arcee has a Strength rating of 4, Intelligence of 7, Speed of 8, Endurance of 5, Rank of 7, Courage of 9, Fireblast of 4, and Skill of 8.

She might lack the brute strength, stamina, damage resistance & firepower of some bigger bots, but she is the very smart leader of exceptional talents, speed and the utmost bravery. In summation, I am very pleased with the quality & intricacy of the figure’s sculpt, paint, articulation, and ease of transformation, and this latest lovely Arcee will have a purrominent spot on the display shelf next to her purrior incarnations.

Our web master Jamie is the creator of the web comic  Clan of the Cats http://clanofthecats.com, the web master for the North Carolina Web Comics Coffee Clatch http://ncwccc.com and Femshep http://femshep.ning.com, which is the fan site dedicated to the video game Mass Effect’s female version of Commander Shepard, so for the special bonus, here is Jamie to give us his review of–

Mass Effect 3


For people in the know, Mass Effect 3, a video game by Canadian developers, BioWare, was greeted as much anticipation as Return of the Jedi waaaay back in 1983. For those not in the know, Mass Effect 3 tells the story of Commander Shepard and his (or her) adventures fighting a galactic menace hell bent on destroying all organic life in the galaxy. The series began in 2007 with Mass Effect, a space opera RPG that introduced the series, the universe and principle characters including Sherpard.

The series main focus was on story, character and player choice. Shepard could be a knight in shining space armor destined to save the galaxy and his love interest or a ruthless rouge out to defeat the enemy no matter the cost. In 2009 with Mass Effect 2 the gameplay focused much more on the shooter aspects, but still retained the focus on story, character and player choice.  Mass Effect 3, which came out on March 6, 2012 is no different and, even with its many flaws, is the best game in the series.

What Mass Effect has always done right is story and character. This time, the story is even more centered on the game’s protagonist, Commander Shepard. In a very real way it is her story as much as it is a story about galactic war. ME3 begins with the Reapers, the big bad of the first two games, attacking earth. Shepard must go forth and rally support to fight back. Of course this comes at a cost as Shep must iron out age old wounds that have plagued the galaxy for centuries.

On this journey Shepard meets up with just about everyone she had encountered in the previous two games. This includes old friends and even lovers. It’s in the small moments, the big and little victories and even the tragedies that Mass Effect 3 excels. As for gameplay, Shepard has some new tricks up her sleeve, like rolling and climbing up ladders, but for the most part it is very similar to Mass Effect 2. It’s still a fairly solid cover based shooter in that department.

The voice acting is the best in the series with fan favorite, femshep, (voiced by Jennifer Hale) stealing the entire game away from her male counterpart. The game does have flaws, most of which can be overlooked as the rest of the game is just so damned good. However the ending can’t be overlooked. Reaction to Mass Effect’s ending has ranged from simple confusion to full on nerdrage. Some fans are even asking that BioWare change the ending.

In fact ME3’s ending does “LOST” one better in the “what the hell happened” department. It will be interesting how BioWare deals with the current situation. To be fair, the bulk of the fans that are unhappy with the ending are long – time fans who have been involved since day one. A casual gamer may not see what all the fuss is about. And it has to be noted that the majority see the game as a whole as a success. The journey that Mass Effect 3 takes the player is one of the best in gaming ever. Only time will tell if it is remembered for that journey alone.

The catgirls:

Arigato Jamie, nya!


Thanks pal! That is all of our toy & game reviews for tonight, but now here is Vonny to start our–

DVD & Movie Mewsings!

The Descendants DVD


It is ironic that two of our favoritest movies of 2011 purrtained to the  bittersweet family crisis dramas set in Hawaii, Soul Surfer which we reviewed back in May 2011, and The Descendants, nya! The Descendants is the beautiful and poignant movie  nominated for the many awards, directed by Alexander Payne, who also directed Sideways and About Schmidt, nya. It is based upon the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings, set in the beautiful Hawaiian locations, and stars George Clooney as the husband, father, lawyer who copes with the family crisis, nya.

He is the trustee who will decide the fate of the undeveloped coastal land which the many relatives, citizens & businesses are quite anxious about, but then the more immediate family crisis arises when his wife is critically injured & hospitalized, and he has to strengthen the relationship with his two daughters, who are purrtrayed by Shailene Woodley & Amara Miller, nya. It is a complicated time to meet his older daughter’s boyfriend who is purrtrayed by Nick Krause, but the situation complicates as he tries to contact the other relatives & friends, nya!

It has the supurrb purrformances, it is very beautifully photographed and has the great soundtrack full of the Hawaiian mewsic! I also purrchased the CD which has over 65 minutes of the mewsic from the movie and the booklet, nya! The DVD is the no frills package, with the pic of George Clooney on the front, just the one single disk Region one NTSC standard DVD and no booklet, nya. Purrior to the main menu are the front – loaded ads for We Bought A Zoo, Fox World Cinema, and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which looks like a purretty movie, nya!

The 115 minute movie is rated R due to the language & the bit of sexual references, and it is purrsented in the widescreen format with the  2.40:1 screen aspect ratio, nya!  The audio choices are English 5.1 surround, French 2.0 Surround, Spanish 2.0 Surround, and the English audio descriptive service which is the female voice describing the movie scenes, nya. The optional Spanish & English SDH (subtitled for those who are Deaf or hard of Hearing) are in the White bold sans seri font, shown in the lower Black letterbox bar on the screen, nya.

The special features are compurrised of the movie’s 2 & 1/4 minute trailer, the sneak peeks which are the same as the front loaded ads, and the 3 short widdle documentary featurettes, nya! Those have the amewsing behind – the – scenes moments & comments by many of the cast & crew, nya! “Everybody Loves George” is the 7 & 1/2 minute tidbit purrduced & edited by Cameron Spencer, with the tales of working with George Clooney, nya! They say how kind & fun he is, and you get to briefly see a couple of his impurrsonations, nya!

“Working with Alexander” is the 13 & 1/2 minute tidbit purrtaining to the director, who was also the co – purrducer & co – screenwriter, nya. It has comments by over 20 folks, and you get to see him cook the yummy omelet, nya!  Thirdly is the 16 & 3/4 minute tidbit purrtaining to the movie’s “Hawaiian Style”, which examines the spirituality, artistry, decor, the environments, and the chickens, nya! I wonder if they laid the eggs for the omelet, nya? Nyow I will take us from the movie set in Hawaii to the movie that starts in Belgium for my review of —

The Adventures of Tintin DVD, nya!


For our review of the The Art of The Adventures of TinTin book please see the January Mew, nya! Tintin is the internationally famous comics series by author Herge purrtaining to the adventures of Tintin,the boy reporter and his dog Snowy, nya! The wonderfully thrilling 3D CG mo-cap animated movie adaptation directed by Steven Speilberg, produced by Peter Jackson & animated by Weta was released in theaters in December, and the plot is about Tintin investigating the mystery of the shipwreck that has the secrets that dangerous criminals are also searching for, nya!

The home video came out last month, nya! The video was released in several editions, but I am reviewing the single disk R1 NTSC standard DVD version, nya! It is the fairly no frills package, with the illustration of Tintin, Snowy & Captain Haddock on the motorcycle with the side car, nya. Inside the plastic case are the disk and the instructions for downloading the streaming UV copy which you can watch on the TV, computer, tablet or the smart phone, nya. There are not any front – loaded ads purrior to the menu, but there are a few ads in the menu’s purreviews section, nya.

The are the ads for the complete Indiana Jones collection on the Blu – Ray, Hugo, Puss in Boots, Madagascar 3, Titanic 3D, and the tobacco spot, nya. The other parts of the menu are scene selection (1-16), the language set up, the 2 special features, and play the movie. nya! The 106 minute movie is rated PG and it is purrsented in the widescreen format in just the 2D without the 3D, nya! The audio choices are English 5.1 surround, French 5.1 Surround, Spanish 5.1 Surround, and the English audio descriptive service which is the male voice describing the movie scenes, nya.

It says on the box that the UV copy is of the movie only  and in English, nya. The optional English, French or Spanish subtitles are in the White bold sans seri font with the fine Black outline, nya. Nyow on to the two special features, nya! “Snowy: From Beginning to End” is a widdle documentary on how they made Snowy for the movie, and it is appurropurriately 10 minutes 10 seconds long, nya! It  shows how they designed, filmed, animated & voiced the dog, with comments by several of the actors, supurrvisors, purrducers & directors, nya!

The other widdle featurette is “The Journey to TinTin” which is a brief general look of almost 9 minutes at how the movie was made, with comments by Kathleen Kennedy, Pater Jackson & Steven Speilberg, nya! There are not any commentaries, extended or deleted scenes, galleries, or booklets, so it might be a bit sparse with the extras, but if you just want to watch the wonderful movie which is quite exciting, beautiful & charming, then I will give it the recommend, nya! That is all of the DVD reviews but here is Mike again with his movie review of–

John Carter, nya!


Thanks Vonny! hese are great years for the big movie adaptations of the famous science fiction & fantasy literature such as Lord of the RIngs, Narnia, Harry Potter and so we have been very hopeful for the move based upon the John Carter stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs! It has been the long wait but the big John Carter movie was finally released in the 2D and the 3D versions!

For those who might be unfamiliar with the story, it is by Burroughs who is also famous for creating Tarzan! The John Carter stories were published a century ago and are of the fun ‘planetary romance’ sub – genre of science fiction! The premise is that in the late 1800’s former Virginia soldier John Carter rides out west in search of the gold, and discovers the way to Mars!

He meets the different races & monsters of Mars, who call their planet Barsoom, where he has supper powers, meets the beautiful Princess Deja Thoris, gets mixed up in their war, and becomes a famous heroic leader there! Back on Earth, Carter’s nephew author Edgar discovers his journals and writes the popular ‘fictionalized’ stories of the Carter’s adventures!

I thought was a pretty good adaptation! There are some changes, and most of them I am fine with, although one big difference is in the costumes, because in the movie the characters wear a lot more clothing than they do in the books! Otherwise, I think the characters were faithful enough and were portrayed by the great actors and / or visualized by the lavish FX!

It is the bumper crop of FX depicting the many aliens, monsters, vehicles, weapons, huge battles, fabulous cities & the desert wilderness! There are land & aerial battles, and the brutal melee combat! There is nice sword swashbuckling with Dejah & John, and you will see John and his four-armed allies Sola & Tars Tarkus battle the giant white ape monsters in the arena!

I was pleased with the creature, mecha & set designs, the sounds, the music, and the 3D which did not constantly trying to poke the audience with stuff! The directing & the cinematography was good and fortunately there was none of the shaky cam that ruins the suspension of disbelief in movies & TV shows for me, although I did I see one crash zoom shot of an aircraft.

I wish Disney had spent more of that $250 million budget on at least another hour of more character development & ambiance scenes. I think that would have helped to make the movie as grand as I hoped it would be, and although it does have the epic qualities, it did not seem epic enough. It was approximately 130 minutes long, but It felt way too rushed & short.

I think it should have been at least an hour longer, with maybe an plus an overture & intermission, like Ben Hur or Lawrence of Arabia, but perhaps that’s wishing for too much in a movie these days… although the silent movie did clean up at the Oscars this year! That’ll do it for this month’s DVD & movie reviews, but after the break we will be right back with our–

Favorite Recent Preview Trailers & TV Commercials!

(snip) (another short break later…)


Welcome back! So like, we are not necessarily endorsing any of the advertised products or services, but we just find the commercials entertaining, because perhaps they are pretty, funny, have neat special FX, cats, favorite celebrities, numcious foods, or the various other reasons!


My recent favorite ads of the feline purrsuasion include the Mentos UP2U chewing gum commercial with the talking office tiger, the Geico insurance commercial with the adopted Rescue Panther, and the MiO Energy Drink commercial with the Cheetah cat guy at the bar, nya!


I will second those, and add the Vitamin Water commercial with the kitty wearing the helmet an the animated Nyan nekos trailing their rainbows across the sky; the Friskies “Feed the Senses” cat food commercial in which the kitty goes to the fantasy realm; and the JC Penny ad with the Black cat on the fence, pawsing to watch the girl’s dog jump through the hoop,


I like the JCPenny commercials with Ellen Degeneres in the period costumes, the L’oreal cosmetics commercial with Andie MacDowell, the Abreva medicine commercial with the fisticuffs of Mara Davi, and the V-8 beverage commercials with Jackie Chan!


One of my favorite recent ads is the Jamesons whisky ad with the giant hawk of the supurrnatural purroportions! It has the neat scenery, mewsic, FX, and the giant poultry for suppurr! Oh and that Kayak travel TV commercial with the brain surgery is purretty amewsing too!


The Red Lobster Lobsterfest commercial, the Outback Steakhouse Sirloin & Lobster special, and the movie purreview trailer for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen have the succulent looking seafood to tempt my tummy, nya!


The Jaguar automobile “How Alive Are you?”, the John Deere’s Select Series, and the Coors Light Silver Bullet rocket lunch commercials are quite nice, but for the splendid mecha the commercials for the US Marine Corp and US Navy featuring the aircraft & ships are hard to top.

Mary Nyan:

I was glad to see the latest purreview trailers for The Avengers, Prometheus, and the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie!


I want to see Pixar’s Brave, Aardman Animation’s Pirates: Band of Misfits, and Laika’s ParaNorman! So I am excited by those movie purreviews, and – and I also like the Met Life commercials with the Peanuts gang at the offices nya!


Some of the funnier ones I’ve seen lately are purreview trailers for Men in Black 3, The Three Stooges, Dark Shadows, God Bless America, and Iron Sky!


My picks are the mixed magickal assortment! I like the trailer for the Dark Shadows movie, the commercial for the Kid Icarus Uprising video game, the Electrolux washer commercial with Kelly Ripa and the Bewitched theme, and the Canada Dry Ginger Ale commercial at the lovely ginger farm, where much more than the Ginger is pulled up at the root!


Oh and I also like the– CRANE, NYA!

(the distracted catgirl scampurrs away to view the large bird landing on the golf course)




Those aren’t the drumsticks you’re looking for, heehee!


There she goes again!


The zoological study must be served.

Mary Nyan:

I thought we might not be so distracted here on the golf course at night!


Oh you never know what will lurk on the faerway by moonlight!


Well, as long they replace any divots!


That is a rather majestic looking Crane, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Well she might be a while as she takes the photos & notes for her birding journal!




Gomenasai, nya!

(she scampurrs back to the Purrvilion)

The Cat Lady Sings…


Ah well I guess will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!


We wish to thank Alexcia for the wonderful art, nya!


Hai, and we wish to also thank the other talented & inspurrational folks whose works we discussed!


Fur shur!


We also thank Jamie for his wonderful web mastery on The Mew and at Catgirl Island…


…and we would like to thank all of y’all for being such a lovely audience, nya!


If y’all have brief, polite, sincere responses to our discussion, feel free to post them,


purrvided that such remarks are spam-free, not purrofane & stay on topic, nya!

Mary Nyan:

We will be back next month for our special 5th Anniversary edition of The Mew!


Be there… aloha!

the catgirls sing:

Happy Tails To Mew, Until We Eat Again! Baibai, nya!

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