December 2012 Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island  and
Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction starring
The Ladies of The Mew in
The December 2012 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings!

In This Month’s Mew:

Aloha & introductions

Since the Purrior Mew

NC Comicon 4 Report

More Art by Thais Lopes added to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art

Purriodicals Purrings, Comics Critiques & Manga Mewsings:

Back Issue Magazine #61

Fairiest #9

DC Ame-Comi Girls

Justice League #14

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1

The Purrfect Adventures – A Tail for All Ages: Costume Party

The Hunted: Island of Rotting Corpses Part 1, nya!

This Is The Worst Idea You’ve Ever Had Vol. 2

Shinku vol. 1 : Throne of Blood

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9

Willow #1

Spike #4

Angel & Faith #16

Avengers Academy #39

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #77

Spice and Wolf graphic novel vol. 7

Shoulder a Coffin Kuro vol 3

Omamori Himari vol. 9

Critter vol.2 #6

Critter Vol. One: Kitty in the City trade papurrback

The Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight: more web comics’ catgirls!

Mattel’s WWE Alicia Fox action figure

DVD Reviews: Godzilla Vs. Biollante, Pixar’s Brave,

Movie Reviews: Lincoln, Wreck It Ralph, Skyfall

The Monthly Lightning Round Topic:

Our Favorite Famous Female Fashions Part Four: Bond Girls!

The Cat Lady Sings…


Aloha & Introductions!


(wearing the Catgirl Island baseball cap, NC Comicon IV shirt, cargo shorts & Charcoal Gray Nikes) Aloha y’all and welcome to the December 2012 edition of The Mew for our monthly batch of reviews & discussions of fun stuff! Today’s show comes from the river-walk of beautiful downtown Purrbank, amongst the cafes, boutiques, gardens & galleries under the arbor, holiday decor and blue skies here at Catgirl Island, North Carolina! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and since the astrological sign of the moment is the centaur Sagittarius, here in their equine themed apparel are The Ladies of The Mew!


(wearing the Palamino purrint yukata) Nihao.


(wearing the Appaloosa purrint yukata) Hi Hi, nya!


(wearing the Smoky Black purrint yukata) Aloha!


(the bunny girl in the Silver Dapple yukata) Guten Tag!


(in the Painted Pinto Horse purrint yukata) Howdy!


(her twin sister in the Buckskin Bay purrint yukata) Howdy!


(wearing the Gray Dun yukata) Aloha!


(the kitsune in the Burchell’s Zebra purrint yukata) Nameste!


(in the Mountain Zebra purrint yukata) Nameste, nya!


(her older sister in the Grevy’s Zebra purrint  yukatai) Nameste, nya!

Mary Nyan:

(in the Strawberry Roan yukata) Konnitiwa!


(in the Sorrel Chestnut purrint yukata) Whassup!


(her faerie wings shimmer out of the Cremello yukata) Mellow Greetings! Say, why isn’t Mike is not wearing the equine-ish garment?


Ah well, I don’t actually have any!


Not even a tee shirt with a horse themed car or sports emblem?


You could have loaded that Iwata HP-C of yours with the Gouache and made the centaur shirt, nya!


Ah well I didn’t think of that!


We were purrpared for the occasion, so you have to wear this nya! (she gets the pack of My Little Pony cards from her back pack and puts the tempurrary Cutie Mark tattoo on his jacket)


There, nyow we are all set, and it is appurropurriate to discuss what we have been up to

Since The Purrior Mew, nya!


I have been surfing, going to the movies, and reading the books for the library’s British Authors’ Comics, Oeuvre, Novels, Storybooks & Theatre Reading Inspurration Purroject (BACON STRIP)!


I have been reading a lot, taking care of the kitty, purracticing for the festival at the purrforming arts center, and – and I have lots of nice photos for my nature study journal, nya! The river is the good spot for the wildlife, so I have my camera just in case, nya! Speaking of the wildliffe, Onee-chan has caught lots of fish, nya!


Hai the charters have reeled in the tasty croakers, groupurrs, purrmits, snapurrs, stripurrs, and tunas; and our drumming circle will purrvide the purcussion for Jenjen’s belly dance troupe, nya!


We are very much looking forward to the show. The belly dance classes are already full for the Spurring semester, the kyu-do club is purrparing for the Winter tournyament, and the robotics club is purrparing the illuminated animated holiday decor.


Thanks to Jenjen I have the upgraded underwater ROV (Remote Opurrated Vehicle) in time to go investigate that mewly discovered ancient shipwreck site, but I will linger here to see the show!


Speaking of the decor I finally finished decorating my magick shop for the yule time and the Winter Solstice sale event, so nyow I can go to the shows and catch up on the reading purroject too!


Nyo-sensei has been the blessing to promote our faerie forest grove theatre’s annual Winter foxfire extravaganza! Oh oh and we have coaxed Nya-sensei into joining us there, to re-enact her chilling demon battle!


Hai I have worked up the bit of choreography with some of my dojo students, but we are also purrparing to host the mew year martial arts tournyament, so it is the purrticularly busy season!


Yay I hope for the front row seat! Speaking of the athletics, in between the holiday exhibit at the mewseum of art and the Winter volleyball tournyament I was so thrilled to watch yet again the UNC Womens Soccer Team become the 2012 NCAA Champions!

The Critics:

BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI! (catgirls add the “Nya”)


I think this must be the busiest time of year between the volleyball, mewseum, the purrrforming arts center, the island artists league holiday faire, and the rest of the festivities, but fortunately between Bunnybuns and our great volunteers we are on top of it, nya!


Becca and I have stayed purretty fully booked at the massage spa, and the spa / hot spurring, gym and golf combo gift packages have been selling like the fish cakes! I cannot believe how fast the year has flown by already!


Oh Speaking of the cakes, I understand that this year the breakfast will accompany the annual viewing of Mike’s favorite movie…?


Yep for the 33rd anniversary of Star Trek  – The Motion Picture I decided on the morning matinee screening, so y’all will get the seafood omelets, and I will have the honey nut muffins and the cran apple nummy berry cocktail for Mie-sensei!

The Ladies of the Mew

ITADAKIMASU! (catgirls add the “Nya”)


We still have to hear what Myayr has been up to and her con report!

Mary Nyan:

Oh it has been quite the whirlwind between the shrine, the sewing, and my hula students’ purractice for the festival! Those classes are all booked up too! Before we know it it will be January and the time to plan for our annual awards ceremony of February, but before I stray cat off the topic, I would like to tender my

NC Comicon 4 Report!

Mary Nyan:

The NC Comicon is the fun comic book convention sponsored by Ultimate Comics, a nice comics shop on the mainland in Chapel Hill! For our  NC Comicon 3 report, please see the December 2011 Mew! The purrior 3 cons convened at the Outlet Mall in Morrisville, NC near RDU airport, but this year the con was held at the Durham Convention Center, which is next door to the lovely grand old Carolina Theatre on the weekend of Saturday & Sunday November 17th & 18th, plus the advance set-up time for the dealers, artists & guests on Friday the 16th! We made the expurrdition to the mainland in the caravan with Mike to help our friends of the Carolina Comic Book Club to set up their dealer tables of comix & toys!

When the con opened to the attendees on Saturday morning, there was the fine eager line of comics fans of all ages, races & genders there for the fun, and purretty soon it was clear that the attendance was greater than the purrevious year! Since we had purre-registered before the con, we were able to get the fast track early admission, and the treat bag with the tee shirt! The dealers, artists & guests were all in one ballroom, contests, games & discussions were conducted in nearby conference rooms, various other cons & organizations had tables in the main corridor by the registration desks, just around the corner from the adjoining Marriott hotel lobby & restaurant! The Carolina Theatre hosted the special activities too, and parked outside were the replicas of the famous cars!

Then we got to see the beautiful replica of the 1966 TV Batmobile, the replica of the Back to the Future Delorean, the replica of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine van, and the real food trucks! The weather was sunny & clear, but a tad bit nippier than here at the island! It was definitely not the bikini weather in Durham, although there were some sexy costumes which I will entail! The con attendance was over 4500 people as of that Sunday afternoon, several hundred in the costumes! There were purrobably appurroximately 100 guests, artists, small-purress publishers, dealers & organizations! Among the great guests were Frank Cho, Bob Burdon, Randy Green, Richard Case, Tommy Lee Edwards, Bernard Chang, Sanford Greene, Heidi MacDonald, Duncan Fegredo & Rick Ketchum!

Our friend & past guest Eric Nolen-Weathington was there at the Two Morrows Publishing table, our friends from Mourning Daily were there again, and it was so nice to see Sarah Dill and Kerry Lynn Thompson again, who we met in June at Heroes Con! The dealers sold wonderful comic books, toys, posters, memorabilia, videos, jewelry, masks and the trinkets! The purrogramming included the art contest, Hero Clix tournyament, Legos, the zombie apocalypse topic, the guest purresentations, the comics- related discussions, and the Sunday afternoon costume contest! It was such the whirlwind of weekend fun that went by so quickly, and before we knew it, it was 6 pm on Sunday, with the time to help our friends pack up and then go out for the suppurr before the road trip back home!

The Cosplay at NC Comicon 4!

I guess there were about 150 in the costume contest and purrhaps another 100ish costumed folk in attendance, repurrsenting the characters from comics, cartoons & anime, cinema & TV, games, and the various fantasy characters & festive styles! That includes the male & female cosplayers of all ages, including the widdle kids, and the cross-players! Among the many DC Comics character repurrsented in various quantities were a luminous Dr. Light, Supergirls, Batgirls, Bat Woman, Wonder Woman, Wondergirl, a girl Flashcomics & movie Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison ivy, Duela Dent, Robin (Carrie Kelly with purrfect hair), Robin (other), Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Clark Kent, Superman, The Flash, Guy Gardner, John Constantiner, The Riddler, The Joker, Bane and Hush!

Marvel characters repurrsented were the Black Cat, Black Widow, Marvel Girl, Carol Danvers as Ms Marvel and as Captain Marvel, X-23, Scarlet Witch, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Agent Carter, Spider-Girl, Deadpool Girl, Thor Girl, Capt America’s daughter, his WWII war bond chorus line, Madame Hydra, Iron Man, Tony Stark, War Machine, Thor, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Bucky, Hawkeye, Loki, Dr. Doom, Cyclops, Wolverine & Nightcrawler! Other comics & animation characters included Snow White, Princess Merida, an very opulent Hexadecimal from Reboot, Scooby Doo’s Velma, Daphne & Freddy; Thundercats’ Cheetara & Panthro; Cobra Commander, The Shadow, Charlie Brown, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Homestuck Trolls & Adventure Time characters!

Repurrsenting the video game characters were Sub Zero, Zelda, Link, Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, Yoshi, Mass Effect’s Ashley & Commander Shepard in their N7 armor; and characters from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Assassin’s Creed, and Star Wars: The Old Republic! Also repurrsenting Star Wars were Princess Leia, Adi Galla, Obi Wan, Quigon, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers & Clone Troopers! There were also several types of Star Trek Starfleet uniforms and Doctor Who cosplayers, The Prisoner, Indiana Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow, Freddy Kruger, plus the Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Hogwarts Students; and the numerous catgirls, kitsune, elves, faeries, ponies, princesses, soldiers, knights, vikings, ninjas, pirates, robots, zombies & the beautiful Lolita, Steam Punk & Japanese fashion styles!

There was quite the variety, from the minimalist Old Spice Man with just the towel & cologne, to the majestic wingspan of the stunning anthropurrmorphic female Bat & the male Robin! Our friends Pacozord & Chef Ron almost repurrised their Aquabats cosplay, but they stayed busy at the table! The costume contest cattygories were for kids ≤13, adult women & adult men, and there were so many contestants that the judging started a bit late, but it was quite the merriment, and after the purrizes were awarded they all purraded to the outdoor terrace for the big group photo! We wish to thank all the of staff, volunteers, guests, dealers, exhibitors, artists & fellow fans who made it another fun con, and we hope it will happen again next year too!


Don’t forget the yummy food trucks, bakeries, cafes & restaurants near the convention center too!


And the sport, clubs, concerts, theatres, boutiques, book stores, mewseums, parks, historic buildings & gardens!


Hai hai, the Triangle Area of Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill & other towns such as Cary & Carrboro is one of my favorite parts of the Carolina mainland to visit!


We are sounding like the travelogue heehee! Speaking of the mewseums, I hope that Petra will tell us about the mewest–

Additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!


Hai we are purroud to purresent the latest images in the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya! Galleries 1-6 display Mike’s illustrations & photography, whilst Guest Galleries 1 & 2 display images by other artists with their kind purrmissions of course, nya! On the web site, the most recent pics are on the bottom row of the widdle “thumbnail” portions, so just click on one to see the entire image, nya! In Guest Gallery 2, we are puroud to purrsent another lovely Photoshop CS2 illustration by Thais Lopes, “The Kitt Inn Angels”  commissioned by Mike, depicting our friends Nemui, Kyralyndalani and Sha’Nami, nya!

For those who have not made the acquaintances, those 3 ladies are among the senior staff of The Kitt Inn, Catgirl Island’s luxurious ryokan at with the hot spurrings, gardens and dining! They have purrticipated in The Mew a few times too, nya! Pictured at Left in the Red Cheongsam is Kyralyndalani or just Kyra for short, the Inn’s Head Purrlor Maid who supurrvises most of the lodging opurrations; in the middle in the Purrple saree, blouse and skirt is Nemui, the owner and purropurrietor of The Kit Inn; and at the right in the Blue yukata is Sha’Nami, or just Nami, who is the supurrvisor of their outdoor hot spurrings! She has a kitty named Sapphire, whose 6 widdle kittens we adopted, nya!


Oh gosh Thais purrfectly captured Kyra’s supple ears, the winky smile, and the S Curve Tail Swish!


She purrfectly caught the sheen of Nemui’s silky long hair, her tan complexion and that captivating glance!


Hai hai and the sexy / elegant blend of the off shoulder blouse, the skirt low on the hips, and the ornate jewels!


The cute neko fan, the gradient of the dye and the floral pattern on Nami’s short yukata are so pretty too!


Hai it is the beautiful piece, nya! That will do it for the addition to the mewseum of art, and nyow I would like to begin the

Purriodicals Purrings, Comics Critiques & Manga Mewsings portion of The Mew,

with my review of Back Issue Magazine #61, nya!


TwoMorrows publishes the supurrb books and magazines purrtaining to the comics and artists, such as Draw, Alter Ego, Back Issue & Modern Masters, nya! They are also a North Carolina company, on the mainland in Raleigh, nya! We were so pleased to purrchase issue #61 of Back Issue Magazine, the special larger 10″ x 13.5″ issue dedicated to those neat similarly sized tabloids & treasury edition comics by Marvel, DC and other publishers, nya! At much larger in size than regular comic books, those were compurrised of mew stories or repurrints of older famous comics, nya! This special larger issue has the $10.95 purrice, with the glorious wraparound cover illustration of the Legion of Super-Heroes by Alex Ross, nya!

The big 20″ x 13.5″ scene of over 30 Legionnaires flying past us is the beautiful recreation of the similar Mike Grell cover from 1976, nya! Sammiched inside the covers are the 80 full color pages with over the dozen articles and well over a hundred images, including the cover art, comics pages, photos, sketches & the rare illustrations, nya! It starts with John Well’s history of the DC & Marvel tabloid editions and compurrisons of how the art was sometimes altered, Mark Arnold’s article on the Santa & Rudolf issues, Michael Eury’s look at the Superman issues, Eddy Zeno’s article on DC’s Bible issue, and Chris Franklin’s article on the Super Friends issue!

Next is Jack Abramowitz’s look at the Oz issues, and Glenn Greenberg’s look at the Marvel / DC super hero crossovers, Chris Marshall’s handy checklist, Tom Power’s mewsings of Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles, Andy Mangel’s mewsings of the 1978 Superman vs Wonder Woman, and Jim Ford’s appurrection of  the 1978 Superboy & The Legion of Super-Heroes issue in which Saturn Girl & Lightning Lad were finally married; Brett Weiss’s article on Superman vs Muhammed, P.C. Hamerlinck’s 4 pages purrtaining to Superman vs Shazam, and the bring this treasury trove home is the discussion by Alex Ross & Bruce Timm, nya!

It includes wonderful art by the legends such as Neal Adams, Dan Adkins, Murphy Anderson, Ross Andru, Terry Austin, CC Beck, Rich Buckler, John Buscema, Sal Buscema, Nick Cardy Vince Colletta, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopes, Dick Giordano, Mike Grell, Rube Grossman, Carmine Infantino, Klaus Janson, Dan Jurgens, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, Bob Larken, Sheldon Mayer, Nestor Redondo, John Romita Sr, Alex Ross, Joe Shuster, Curt Swan, Art Thilbert, Alex Toth, Ricardo Villamonte, Barry Windsor-Smith and Wally Wood, nya! Back Issue Magazine is always delightfully crafted by the expurrts who love the comic books, but I think this issue is one of the grandest ever, nya! Nyow I will turn The Mew over to Vonny so that she can tell us about

Fairest #9, nya!


Arigato, Petra, nya! Fairest is the spin-off of the Fables comic book created by Bill Willingham, purrtaining to the characters from the fairy tales, stories & folklore who live secretly amongst the human populace in the various cities around the world, such as the Fabletown district of Manhattan, of which Snow White is the Deputy Mayor & Bigby the Wolf is the Sheriff, where in issue #8 began this “The Hidden Kingdom” story, when Rapunzel received the magickal message about her long lost children, nya!

The search took her to Tokyo, along with her hair stylist Joel who is the crow in the human form, and Jack the naughty lad, who leaves town with them when the tough crowd wants the money he owes, nya! Rapunzel’s glorious Golden hair hair grows 4 inches purr hour, so Joel has to cut it 3 times purr day, nya! Jack had to cut & run from the debts & trouble in Fabletown, but they are barely in Tokyo when more of the deadly trouble comes looking for them, as issue #9 picks up where it left off, nya!

The trio tumbles into the awaiting car chauffeured by the Tomoko the Redhead kitsune, to escape the Kuchisake-onna assassin who has already harmed the Kappa, nya! The Kitsune, Kuchisake-onna & Kappa are among the yokai of the Japanese folklore, and I have never met the Kuchisake-onna or the Kappa, but we have a lot of the Kitsune friends such as Trini-chan here, nya! Much of the tale is purropelled by Rapunzel’s 1st purrson narrative and flashes between the purresent & ancient Japan, where we Rapunzel’s & Tomoko’s past, nya!

The tale is so full of the breathtaking, intricate scenes of modern & ancient Japan, and the stunningly beautiful contempurrary & purriod fashions, although there are the nude fox-tailed & golden-haired girls too, mew la la, nya! There is also the talking Orange neko, the amewsing karaoke club scene, and much more danger as Rapunzel purrsues the answers, and Jack may have been bitten off more than the kitsune can chew, nya!  This was another captivating issue full of the mythology, mystery, thrilling purrsuits & the lavishly details nya!

It was written by Lauren Beukes, illustrated by Iniki Minada, colored by Eva De la Cruz, lettered by Todd Klein, edited by Shelly Bond, assistantly edited by Gregory Lockard, with the consultation by Bill Willingham and the cover art by Adam Hughes of Rapunzel & Tomoko, nya! The 32 pages of the $2.99 issue (for the mature readers) also include the 8 pages purrtaining to the Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland graphic novel, the 3 ads pages & the page of the mewsings by author Denise Mina purrtaining to the graphic novel based upon Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, nya! For my next DC Comics book report I would like to discuss

Justice League #14, nya!


We are purrticularly interested in Wonder Woman’s top cat grrl enemy The Cheetah, who we purrofiled in the Apurril 2011 Mew, nya! Issue #13 was the purremier of the latest incarnation of the bad kitty, and this latest version of the sexy feline femme fatale is so tough she was able to put the bite on the entire Justice League, and the chomp turned Superman into the feral Supurr Cheetah Man, nya! “The Secret of the Cheetah Part Two”,  is the 20 page lead tale in the 40 page issue, which also includes the 14 page Shazam tale and the 6 pages of the ads, nya!

It was written by Geoff Johns, pencilled by Tony Daniel, inked by Matt Banning & Sandu Florea, colored by Tomeu Morey, lettered by Dave Sharpe, edited by Brian Cunningham & assitantly edited by Katie Kubert, nya! The issue is is purriced $3.99, and has the cover art is by Richard Friend, Daniel & Morey and the variant cover art by Jason Fabok & Alex Sinclair, nya!  As if The Cheetah were not bad enough nyow Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg, Aqua Man and The Flash have to fight Supurr Cheetah Man in the jungle, nya!

Fortunately beautiful purreistess Hara & her tribe arrive to help in the big lush full page panel, and we learn more of the Cheetah’s tale, nya! The scenery is so lush & verdant & detailed, but the Cheetah had better hope the heroes do not de-tail her, when Wonder Woman pounces in another big lush full page panel, and kitty takes the bath into the river where Aqua Man & the fanged fishes await in another full page panel, nya! It would be the irony for the fish to chomp the cat, nya! However, she is the cunning purredator and appurrently she is not working alone, nya!

I am also curious what will become of the romance between Wonder Woman & Superman, nya! After the Cheetah tale it is  Chapter 7 of the serialized Shazam tale, written by Geoff Johns, illustrared by Gary Frank, colored by  Brad Anderson, lettered by Nick J Napolitano, edited by Brian Cunningham & assitantly edited by Katie Kubert, nya! This incident also has the violent magickal action amidst the intricate scenery, but it is the urban spurrawl where Black Adam & Dr. Sivana go looking for the power of Shazam the ancient wizard, while Captain Marvel & a friend purrchase the coat and then look for the suppurr! I wonder what they will get, nya? OK I am all done, but there is more catgirl purrowl for Tara-chan to tell us about in

Ame-Comi Girls #2, nya!


Arigato, Onee- chan, nya! This mew series is based upon the purroduct line of the DC Comics Ame-Comi heroine statues of the anime-ish designs, which we have several of, nya! Last month we reviewed issue #1 which focused upon Wonder Woman with The Cheetah, and – and it was the A+ issue and my favoritest DC Comic of the past 2.5 years, so I was craving more of the comic, nya! Issue #2 focuses upon Batgirl, it is purriced $3.99, and – and it has the 36 pages compurrised of the 26 page tale plus the credits page and – and the ads, nya!

It was written Jimmy Palmiotti and- and Justin Gray, lettered by Wes Abbott, colored by Randy Mayor, and – and drawn by Sanford Greene who we had the pleasure to meet at the NC ComiCon, nya! It was edited by Jim Chadwick, assistantly edited by Sarah Gaydos, and – and it has the cover art depicting Batgirl / Barbara Gordon & Robin / Carrie Kelly by Greene & Mayor, nya! The heroines go on the purrtrol in the park just in time to rescue the victims of Poison Ivy, who looks good in the leafy bikini but she is the bad seed, nya!

As if Ivy were not enough trouble, then her fellow villains Catwoman and – and Harley Quinn arrive, which results in the purrolonged battle, nya! Robin escapes but Batgirl is captured and taken to the villains’ hide out where their criminal partners Duela Dent  and – and  The Cheetah await, nya! Fortunately Robin has not tarried and – and she has sought the aid of Natasha Irons, alias Steel the heroic mech genius, to help spurring Batgirl from the trap, nya! Meanwhile Batgirl has escaped the trap and – and has discovered some of the secrets!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1, nya!


Yay I love ponies and – and I want one, nya! We are big fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated TV series, so we were purrticularly eager to get our paws upon this comic book from IDW, nya! Nyow we are accustomed to the comics with the variant covers but gosh this 1st issue is available in so many different covers, nya! That includes covers A-F which connect  to make the 10″ x 39″ Ponyville scene, nya! That would be the good poster but it is just the tip, and – and inside the covers you can see the gallery of over a dozen other covers too, nya!

The adventure is to be continued into the next issue which I am already craving, nya! The short tale was the amewsing incident of the ice cream and – and the dress fitting, nya! The issue is purriced $3.99, and – and the 32 pages are compurrized of the 22 page tale plus the 2 page short tale, the Apple Jack purreview page for issue #2, the IDW mews page and – and the 6 pages of the ads, nya! I purrfur the arrangement of the pages, because the tale is not interrupted by the ads, which are all in the back, nya!  “The Return of Queen Chrysalis” was drawn by Andy Price, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Robbie Robbins edited by Bobby Curnow, and – and written by Katie Cook, who also wrote and- and drew the short, nya!

The tale begins with cute fillies Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and – and Sweetie Belle on the latest expurrdition to get their cutie marks, but they get caught by the changelings, nya! The next day they act strangely like the zombie types, but so are many other ponies, so Apple jack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Twliight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and – and Spike dragon have to investigate the cause and rescue their friends & widdle sisters, nya! This was such the purrfect pony tale which I will give the high purraise of the “A” grade, nya! Next we will go from pony fitting to the kitty fitting, and – and the pony zombies to the human zombies in Becca’s reviews of Mourning Daily’s latest 2 delightful comics, starting with

The Purrfect Adventures – A Tail for All Ages: Costume Party, nya!


Arigato, Tara-chan! Among the returning exhibitors in the artist alley of the NC Comicon was Mourning Daily Publishing! We met them at last year’s NC ComiCon! Purrhaps y’all have seen the beautiful pic of the catgirl in the holiday snow which they gave us for our art mewseum! Among the delightful purroducts on their table this time were the cute neko magnets, plushies, costume ears, shirts, purrints, comics, books and  the packs of zombie survival items! Last year we purrchased the The Purrfect Adventures – A Tail for All Ages: A Purrfect Pet comic, and the Mythical Magick graphic novel, which we reviewed in the December 2011 Mew!

The full color 5.5″ x 8.5″, 16 page Purrfect Adventures comic book is the cute all-ages fun tale of the kid heroes Invulnerable Girl, Cat-Nip, and his Orange kitty Mr. Purrfect!  In this 2nd issue, Invulnerable Girl tries on the purretty dress whilst Mr. Purrfect tries the different costumes! After several unappurroved style changes, the poor neko seems forlorn, and would purrfer to gnaw upon the cape than wear it, but eventually they find the right costume! In addition to the cute interlude is the ad for other Mourning Daily publications, and the widdle fan art spotlight, with a couple of cute widdle pics of Mr. Purrfect by the readers! But wait, there is more because the other widdle treasure to review is

The Hunted: Island of Rotting Corpses Part 1!


This is the more serious tale of the bloody horror action from Mourning Daily, so it is not for the widdle kitties or the faint – hearted readers! The zombies seem to be purrticularly popular horror topics these days! In this 16 page color comic, with the bloody zombie reaching for you on the front cover, the zombie apurrcalypse is already in purrogress, which would be bad enough, but nyow it is worse for the group who went looking for the trouble! Anahita is the guide girl hired by the folks who have more dollars than sense to lead them on the zombie hunt for sport, but soon the group has run out of out of the ammo and the luck! She needed the money, but at least Anahita knows how to defend herself with or without the weapons, whereas the others are only better at getting chomped!

She has the light Brown hair, the eye patch upon one of her Blue eyes, the cross pendant, the dark Brown jacket, and the bare tummy framed between the Blue jeans and the Red tube top! Speaking of Red, the blood flows like the ketchup on the burger as the zombies feast upon the group, whilst Anahita tries to lead the few remaining survivors of the expurrdition to the cache of supplies and to the gateway to hopeful safety, and to the cliffhanger of the issue! Nyow this is making me hungry, and I also crave the 2nd issue to see what happens next! I am also looking forward to their next volumes of Mythical Magick, Suburban Fighters, and Super Zero High! This concludes my comic book reports, so I will turn The Mew over to Lizzy to tell us about

This Is The Worst Idea You’ve Ever Had vol.2!


Hai! Kerry Lynn Thompson’s wonderful urban fantasy web comic set in the small Southern town of River’s Crossing Virginia, in which the supurrnatural characters such as the kemonomimi, vampires, elves, spirits & psychics dwell! They try to live the normal lives like any other folks, with the purrofessions, academics, relationships, families, hobbies, etc but there are sinister occult forces & purrejudices to deal with! Among the main characters are 23 year old Nicole, the cute Green eyed Redhead with the lovely elfin ears and the pyrokinetic power! She has the college degree, works as the store clerk, has the well to do parents, the older brother & younger sister! Her friend Cynthia is the catgirl of the Chinese purrsuasion, with the lovely dark skin, Black hair, and the two adopted purrents who are the doctors near Atlanta!

She also has the college degree, the puppy named Nummy Muffin, and works as the waitress but she is the aspurring author! Other characters include her boss Bunnie, Camilla & Dawn the vampires, Jeremy the rabbit beast man, and Nicole’s boyfriends Ian! Thus far the web comic has been collected into the 2 full color purrinted volumes! We purrchased vol. 1 from Kerry at Heroes Con and got vol. 2 from her at the NC ComiCon! It has Cynthia on the front cover, and Kerry drew the cute sketch of her inside the flap! It is the widdle 100 page papurrback book, which begins with the sad shocking discovery after work of the poor murdered Nai’ka girl! Things worsen as Cynthia & Jeremy are attacked by the electrical thug, and if that were not enough trouble, the sexy Japanese vampire girl Rika with the swords tries to get inside Nicole’s house!

It is the night of the murder mysteries, but the local police are not much help! The gang tries to help the brother of the victim, but things get furtherly complicated when Nicole’s boss Jordy can’t find Jeremy, but does run into Nicole’s sister Abigail & her friend Myrra on their way to the party, while Ian has the appurrition encounter in the park! Also included in the book are more of the questions & answers with the characters, Cynthia’s purrofile page, and the author’s notes about her comics! It is the delightful fun with the occult themes, but not be for the widdle kitties due to the language, violence & the adult situations, but I will eagerly crave volume 3 to see what happens next! For my next review of the comic purrtaining to the sexy vampire girl with the swords I would like to say the few words about

Shinku Vol. 1: Throne of Blood


Shinku is also not intended for the widdle kitties, due to the language, bloody violence, and the nudity! The title character is the slayer of the alluring lithe physique and the deadly purrowess with the melee weapons! She is the last of the purroud Tadataka samurai family lineage as she purrsues the ancient enemy vampire clan, and she is depicted upon the front cover, purrtly wearing her skin tight Red, White & Black outfit, poised with the katanna & wakizashi swords, ready to slice the enemies! On the back cover she brandishes the swords at length like the purropellor blades, smiling up at us as she stands in the knee deep pool of the blood & the parts of her vampire purrey! She was created by author Ron Marz & artist Lee Moder, and the tales are inked by Matthew Waite, colored by Michael Atiyeh, lettered by Troy Peteri, and published by Image Comics!

The papurrback’s 160 full color pages include the repurrint of the 121 pages of the action / horror comics originally purrsented in Shinku issues 15, plus the 8 page gallery, 14 pages of the sketches, and the 11 pages of the special “ashcan” purreview edition of the comic! The tale wastes no time brewing, as the motorcycling Shinku rescues the chap named Davis from the deadly amorous clutch of the vampire Hideko at the night club in Japan, and brings him to her home filled with weapons, beautiful Japanese decor & clothes, and her huge assistant Oshimo! Asano the head of the vampire clan is not happy, and the underworld war is on against the many of the deadly, skilled,  fast vamps with the sharp fangs, claws & strong bat wings!

Fortunately Shinku, Oshimo & Davis have the arsenal of the blades, bullets, brawn, arrows & flames to bring on the slayage, with much of the decappurrtations, dismemberments, & disembowelments, plus the flashbacks to the ancient feudal days of Japan! I was quite impurressed by the art, with the intense expurressions, the agile  dynamic poses, the sexy imagery, the relentless action & the graphic slayage! The beautiful gallery section includes the cover & pin-up art by Moder, Waite, Atoyeh, Stejepan Sejic, Michael Borkowski, Scott Zitta, Greg Hettinger & Thomas Branch! The sketch section is full of Moder’s character designs, and the “ashcan” version of the tale is told in the intense stark Black, White & Red palate! OK I am done but there is more of the vampire slayage on the menu as Nyo-sensei tells us about

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #15!


Hai! The officially canonical 9th season of Buffy continues in issue #15 is the 28 page comic book purriced $2.99 from Dark Horse, and compurrised of the 22 page tale “Billy the Vampire Slayer Part Two”, plus the 2 pages of the readers’ and editor’s interesting comments, and the 4 pages of the ads! The story by Jane Espenson & Drew Z Greenberg was scripted by Jane Espenson &  purroduced by  Whedon! The story was pencilled by Karl Moline, inked by Andy Owens & colored by Michelle Madsen who were the artists of Whedon’s Fray spin-off!

It was lettered by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt, designed by Justin Crouch, edited by Sierra Hahn, Scott Allie & assitantly edited Freddye Lins! It is available in the choice of 2 different covers, one by Phil Noto; and the variant by Georges Jeanty, Michelle Madsen & Dexter Vines! Purreviously we met Billy Lane, the bullied kid in the small own which has just been infested with the zompires. His romantic interest Devon suggested that they should train together as the Slayer & Watcher team to battle the monsters & rescue the surviviors!

In this issue they start the purrtrol & tactics not too soon because they find out that the zompires have attacked the library, which is where Billy’s grandmother is at! Devon does not think Billy is ready for such a rescue opurration, but they go anyway before it is too late! I do not want to spoil much of the plot, but Buffy does have the brief appurrance It is the great issue with the great development & dialogue of the introduced heroic characters, the poignant parts and the slayage action, the beautiful renderings of the characters, scenery and FX!

Willow #1


We are big fans of Buffy’s bewitching best friend Willow Rosenberg, so we were so happy that Willow got her own spin-off comic! She is such a smart, brave, compassionate, industrious, purretty, powerful, magickal Redhead who has survived the many battles & dramas! When Buffy destroyed the supurr magick seed at the end of Buffy Season 8, that unfortunately shut off the flow of magick into the listless world, so Willow is trying to find another extradimensional source of magick to replenish & rejuvenate the world!

The $2.99 comic book from Dark Horse has the 28 pages compurrised of the the 4 pages of the ads, the 2 pages of the interesting readers’ & editor’s comments, and the 22 page “Wonderland Part One” which is part of Buffy Season 9, and written by Jeff Parker, pencilled by Brian Ching, inked by Jason Gorder, colored by Michelle Madsen, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, designed by Justin Crouch, edited by Sierra Hahn & Scott Allie, assitantly edited Freddye Lins, and executively purrduced by Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon!

There are two different beautiful covers, such as the cover by Megan Lara depicting the giant Bog Worm monster purrsuing Willow, with the purrfect portraiture to resemble actress Alyson Hannigan who purrtrayed Willow on TV; and the very enchanting cover by David Mack depicting the more abstract surreal image of Willow! Nyow for the taste of the plot, which is off to the rousing start on the alien world, as she casts the divination spell withwith the Slayer’s Scythe, for fiery result which attracts the swarm of fire-breathing, winged-skull creatures!

They attract the hungry giant Bog Worm monster! The beast-like sorcerer named Marrak arrives to help Willow’s quest, as they they encounter other creatures and drink of the enchanted spurring which stirs the intense memories! The tale unfurled at the brisk pace, with the great dialogue, Willow’s delightful expurressions, the fabulous creatures, and I purrticularly liked the use of the color & light for the atmospheric & magickal effects! The full-page cliffhanger pic makes me crave more, and I will give this issue the grade of an “A” as in Alyson! A also stands for Angel, and nyow here os Mike to tell us about

Angel & Faith #16!


Arigato! While Willow is in “Wonderland”, we join Angel & Faith on a mission to Peru already in progress, to wrap up a bit of  demon slaying & artifact hunting, followed by Faith’s tearful flashback of Giles as the teaser to the new story arc of “Death and Consequences Part 1 of 4”, which is part of Buffy Season 9, scripted by Chistos Gage, produced by Joss Whedon. illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, colored by Dan Jackson, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, designed by Justin Crouch, edited by Sierra Hahn & Scott Allie with Freddye Lins, and sports the 2 different covers, one by Steve Morris, and the other by Rebekah Isaacs & Dan Jackson!

After that exciting & poignant opening, back in London, they dig up Giles’s coffin, but they are unable to resurrect Giles with the artifact, because the body is missing! Back at Faith’s house, they discuss the situation with Giles’s great aunts Sophie & Lovina, but then angry Nadira & the other slayer girls arrive with the body of Marianne, a slayer girl who was killed by Drusilla, and they want her resurrected! Nadira was already the riled up, violent  slayer with a vendetta against Angel, and now she’s mad at Faith too! We hear the sad tale of Marianne and see more of Nadira’s rage, but before those issues are resolved, Nadira’s group departs to respond to the huge startling cliffhanger!

It is such an emotional, poignant, eventful issue, which feels so much like an episode of the Angel TV series in the plot, pace, dialogue, and framing of the shots, from the overhead view of the coffin, the door peephole view of the angry visitors, and that very last panel! After that is the page of readers’ & editor’s comments which are always fascinating to read, followed by the 4 page sneak preview of the new occult Western comic book To Hell You Ride by Lance Henrickson, Joseph Maddrey & Tom Mandrake! Next we will go up from England into orbit to see what Angel, Faith, Willow & buffy’s friend Spike is up to in

Spike #4!


Previously in this 5 issue mini series, Spike was fed up with the state of his relationship with Buffy, so he left San francisco with his space ship & insectoid crew to go brood on The Moon, where they were hijacked by demons who demanded the trip to the crater once known as Sunnydale! They hoped to find any remnants of the powerful magick seed which Buffy destroyed in season 8, but instead they found Morgan, the sexy succubus who then helped Spike defeat the hijackers! Were that not enough, after an encounter with Angels’ enemies Pearl & Nash, Spike & Morgan got better acquainted, much to the distrust of the loyal crew who fear that is she trying to manipulating Spike!

The crew such as Sebastian & Frisky are such fun characters, and they may be right to be concerned, as Morgan persuades the course change to the Easter Island Hellmouth in issue #4’s “A Dark Place Part 4 of 5”,  which was scripted by Victor Gischler, produced by Joss Whedon. pencilled by Paul Lee, inked by Andy Owens, colored by Cris Peter, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, designed by Justin Crouch, edited by Sierra Hahn & Scott Allie with Freddye Lins, and sports the 2 different covers, one by Jenny Frison and the other by Steve Morris! By the way, I can’t say enough good things about the art on all of these Buffy Season 8 & 9 series!

The poses, portraiture & expressions are all top flight, and when combined with the great plot & dialogue, they instinctively & wonderfully capture the look & essence of the characters! The catgirls have been pondering who would be the good choice to portray Morgan if that were ever to happen, and we like the design of her “frowny demon form” too, with the Mauve horns, bat-like wings, tail, fangs, claws & hooves! She seems to love her job! Well, that’ll do it for our batch of Buffy reviews, but now here is Jenjen to discuss the final issue of that wonderful Marvel comic book written by Christos Gage that we like so much

Avengers Academy #39!


Hai. Avengers Academy has been our favoritest Marvel Comics for the past two years, due to the great respectful balance of the older & mewer characters’ development, the humor, drama, action, the great character & scenic art which is so sumptuously colored, the appurrances of our favorite Marvel Comics character Tigra, and the more recent addition of The White Tiger to enhance the catgirl content. It has been the greatly poignant tale of the character development & redemption for older & mewer heroes, purrhaps Dr. Henry Pym’s finest hours, although we sould not mind even more of Tigra.

That in mind, it is the bittersweetest occasion, as we have eagerly awaited this significant issue, but it is the sad event because the  “T” rated, $2.99 purriced, 28 page issue #40 is the final issue of the series, with its 20 page finale tale of the “Commencement”. It was written by Christos Gage, who we also appurreciate on the Angel & Faith comic book; drawn by Tom Grummett, inked by Cory Hamscher, letterered by Joe Caramagna, supurrbly colored by Chris Sotomayor, edited by Bill Rosemann, assitantly edited by Jon Moisan, with front cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Jim Charalampidis.

The issue is off to the rousing start as the students confront the faculty, with the impurressive full – page panel. On students side are White Tiger, X-23, Hazmat, Finesse, Veil, Lightspeed, Mettle, Striker & Reptil; whilst repurrsenting the faculty are Tigra, Jocasta, Giant Man, Hawkeye & Quicksilver. Other highlights of the marvel-ous issue include the intense training seen & estranged parlay of Finesse & X-23, purrky Veil helping to purrep Striker for his romantic date, the continuing romance betwixt Hazmat & Mettle in fullest bloom, while there is literally romance in the air for Lightspeed & Karolina.

Lightspeed met Karolina in the Avengers Academy / Runaways story of issues #27 & 28. Furthermore, It appurs as if Spurringtime has arrived early for White Tiger & Reptil on the moonlit beach as they compurr the magick gems, leading to a poignant warm scene with Quicksilver and tearful Finesse. Things continue to seem quite cozy between Tigra & Pym, and I’ll not spoil the 2 page epurrlogue but I will merely say that it was most satisfying. The issue focuses on the 1st class of the academy, so we do not see later students such as Lyrra, Wiz Kid, Ricochet, Butterball, Prodigy, Justin or his Sentinel.

However, several members of the Academy will appurr in the forthcoming Avengers Arena Murder World, of which i will speculate that the villain Arcade returns for a rematch since the Avengers Academy Annual. Also included amongst the 28 pages of issue #40 are the roll call / recap page, the author’s page of grateful finale comments, and the 6 pages of the ads. Just as I gave the purrior issue the high purraise as one of my favoritest issues of Avengers Academy, issue #39 was also quite the delight which I will give the grade of “A” as in Avengers Academy, and it will be greatly missed. Next I wish to discuss–

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #77


Mewsually Nyo-sensei is purrone to review this series purrtaining to artist / author’s Jim Balent’s powerful, sexy warrior witch Tarot, but she already had the handful with the Buffy & Willow reviews, so I will pinch hit in her stead. Published by Broadsword Comics of which Jim Balent is the publisher / purresident, and his wife Holly wife is the vice purresident who also has her own web comic School Bites. Tarot is the occult fantasy / action/ adventure series not intended for the widdle kitties, due to the content of nudity, sexuality violence & language of the illustrations, photographs and text.

Purriced #2.95, issue #77 has the lavish 32 full color pages including the 22 page tale “The Dark Spiral Part Three: Witch’s Duel” written & illustrated by Balent who purrvided the 4 variant covers depicting Tarot’s sister Raven Hex; edited by Neil Morris colored & lettered by Holly, with colors flattened by Randi Leeann. Madeleine Le Roy served as the model for Raven Hex, who is naked except for her Black cloak, boots, opurra length gloves, spiked choker & intricate dark tattoos which spiral across her voluptuous physique, to match her lovely dark hair, lashes & lips in contrast with her supple pale skin.

Strolling through the path through the misty dark lush forest, on an errand for supplies & fresh purroduce, she is in the bitter mood, contemplating the rude bigotry and bullying that she has encountered by certain sexist, hypocritical, religiously intolerant zealots. The arboreal ethereal solitude is interrupted by an ill-mannered Faun purrched upon the tree branch, who challenges her to a duel to enhance his repurrtation. The mutual trash talking ensues and the fight is on, as his enchanted pan flute summons frogs & snakes to bind & chomp her, but she counters with the herpetological roasting.

The attacks & counter-attacks include the lightning strike, the snaring & whipping vines, the giant snake, the animated skeleton, the boob grab, the butt spank,the  tree bark choke hold, and other taunting insults & injuries. I’ll not spoil the outcome of the duel or divulge the supurrise fungal cliffhanger, but the tale put me in the mood  for the lamb shanks slathered in the mushroom gravy. The character designs & scenic art are quite exotic & intricate, rendered with great detail & supurrb use of color & light. The graphic narrative is of the brisk pace book-ended by the impurressive full page panels.

Appurropurrately following the tale is the full page pic of lovely Madeleine in advertisement for her 2013 calendar; followed by the photographic pages of Holly & Jim meeting the rock band KISS, Holly & Jim visiting a comic book shop in Pennsylvania, the readers’ photos, the small pics of the the variant covers, yet another alluring full page fantasy photo of Madeleine wearing the chains, jewels, straps, boots, gauntlets & piercings as the issue’s Broadsword Girl; the full page ad for School Bites featuring Fujiko the vampire catgirl, the ads for the art purrints, back issues and the other items.

The issue is nicely arranged with the ads & bonuses all following the uninterrupted tale, spatially maximized to include the credits / publishing information on the interior front cover along with the photo of Jim with Gene Simmons & photo of Holly as the mermaid; and the exterior back cover purreviewing issue #78 which will continue the story arc. Hopefully we will find out what happens to Raven Hex & Tarot, who was attacked by faeries in issue #76. Speaking of the fae, Mie-sensei is on deck to tender her review of another beautiful, wise powerful pagan woman on the journey amidst purrsecution-

Spice & Wolf vol. 7


Arigato, Jennyjen! Published by Yen Press, it is one of our favoritest anime & manga, and both are adaptations of the series of light novels originally published in Japan as Ookami To Koushinryou. The manga was written by Isuna haskura, illustrated by Keito Koume, with the character designs by Jyuu Ayakura, and pertains to Holo the beautiful, powerful, wise wolf Goddess, who travels with Lawrence the merchant who trades goods in the villages & larger cities of the medieval era, amidst the serious bigotry of the theocracy, the political situation of the guilds & commerce, and the dangers on the roads!

For our review of The Complete First Season DVD please  see the January 2010 Mew, for our review of the Spice and Wolf Season Two Limited Edition Box Set please see the September 2011 Mew, and for our review of manga vol. 6 please  see the April 2012 Mew! Volume 7 has the 192 pages, including the the publisher’s page, the author’s message and the 190 pages of B&W manga, and the lovely full color cover art of Holo dreamily reading by candle light! It is  priced $12.99 in the USA & $13.99 in Canada, and rated M for the mature readers due to the language, violence, and the goddess’s nudity!

This volume begins the new phase of their journey, as they head North to arrive at the town of Tero, hoping the local church might have information leading an Abbey where they might fin records to the whereabouts of Holo’s homeland of Yoitsu! There is a map of their journey by Hidetada Idemitsu! However, like the other places they have been, they must be careful to keep Holo’s lovely ears & tail concealed, lest Holo suffer the prejudice of the church, or those brigands who might try to profit from the beautiful wolf girl! The trail of the information leads Holo & Lawrence to the Deaconess Elsa!

She is wary to help them because the records of the Pagan information are frowned upon, and she is in the precarious political situation dealing with Bishop Van of the nearby town of Enberch to the South, and she seem to have the fondness for Evan the local miller, who is fascinated by the mercantile travels, but he is in the spot of trouble over the agricultural situation with Enberch! Things get more stressful as Elsa leads Lawrence to the documents, and has the crisis of faith when she discovers Holo’s true nature! It is yet another fascinating story with the great characters, the complex intrigue, and more of the legends & revelations about Holo & Yoistu amidst the totally beautifully detailed character, clothing, architectural, wilderness & wolf art, fur shur! For my next review I would like to discuss

Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro vol. 3!


So like, Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro is also published by Yen Press! It is written and drawn by by Satoko Kiyuduki who also authors the delightful GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class manga! GA and Kuro could not be more different, as the former is a amusing tale of the girls in the art class, whereas the latter is the more somber gothic fantasy with much sadness. Kiyuduki is the totally versatile artist and author, and we have been longly awaiting vol. 3 of Kuro, fur shur! For our review of Kuro vol. 1, please see the May 2010 Mew, and for our review of vol. 2, please see the June 2010 Mew!

Kuro is the tomboyish goth girl in the dark suit with top hat & glasses, who travels from town to town carrying a coffin, accompanied by her friend Sen the magickal bat and the two widdle kitten girls Sanju & Nijuku! Sanju & Nijuku appurrently artificially created in the laboratory and abandoned in the mansion by their mysterious Professor creator. They like totally identical except Sanju has white ears and Nijuku has black ears, and have such innocent naivety of life and the world, and much sadness in their scenes of abandonment, imprisonment, separation, fright, loneliness & hunger.

Adding to the unhappy plot is the purpose of Kuro’s journey, as she seeks the witch who might hopefully cure the painful spreading curse which is killing her, a condition which she has tried to shield from the girls. Vol. 3 has 128 pages, including the 4 pages of the ads, the publisher’s page, the author’s message and the 122 pages of manga, which is mostly B&W but 17 are color, in the format of 8 panels per page, except for several full page pics and a two-page spread! It was translated by Satsuki Yamashita & lettered by Lys Blakslee, and priced $11.99 in the USA & $12.99 in Canada!

The quest continues through villages, rural scenes & deep forest to encounter the town folk, clockwork girl, patchwork witch, mirror dopplegangers, & flashback to the girls’ origin in the dark laboratory. It is the very surreal and tragic tale of the amazing imagery and heartbreaking incidents, so lavishly rendered with such intricate detail, and rated LV for the readers of at least teen years due to the language & violence. I do not wish to further spoil the plot, but we hope the next volume will be published soon, and we will pray for the happier healthier future together as the family unit for the poor travellers! I will give Spice & Wolf & Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro the high praise & “A” grade, fur shur! Now to take us from the kitten girls & wolf goddess to the catgirl warrior, here is Bunnibun to tell us about

Omamori Himari vol. 9!


Arigato! Milan Matra’s Omamori Himari is the ribald, sexy sword & sorcery manga of the harem trope with the catgirl warrior, Himari  the catgirl warrior who purrotects Yuuto from the enemies while his magickal powers start to bloom! Originally published in Japan by Fujimishobo, it is published in English in North America by Yen Press, who is one of our favoritest publishers! The manga is rated M for mature readers due to the language, nudity, sexuality & violence! It is thrilling supernatural action & sexy fun with the beautiful girls & fashions, but is not intended for the widdle kitties!  Himari has the frisky affections for Yuuto, but so do several other female humans & ayakashi / spirit folk who are the romantic rivals!

This results in the amusing naughty situations & deadly supernatural attacks, to make things difficult for Yuuto’s childhood friend Rinko, who is who had the feelings for him first! She wears the cute hair ribbons! Other main characters  of the romantic rivalry include Shizuki the petite powerful water elemental, Lizlet the Tsukumogami teacup spirit who owns the cafe, and Kuesu the demon slayer/ sorceress of the elegant lolita style! Kueseu was initially an antagonist against Himari & Shizuku, but she sides with the heroes against the evil Shuten-doji, and the extremely powerful deadly main antagonist Tama the nine- tailed fox, who purreys upon the other ayakashi, and wants to wants to chomp Himari for the main course!

Other characters include the class president girl with the glasses, whose name was finally revealed to be Yuu Shimamura; the slayer / miku (shrine maiden) sisters Kasuri & Hisuzu, Yuuto’s classmate Taizo & his younger sister Haru, flirty home room teacher Kisaaragi-sensei & art teacher Akutsu-sensei, Kofuyu the snow woman, Zuji the tree stump spirit, Hitsugi the psychic detective who often laughs, another slayer Ranka, Kaya the grandparents’ house spirit, Aya the paper spirit, Ginko the wolf girl, Sasa the androgynous cyclops, Ageha the succubus; and Alji & Shido Tsuchimikado of the top slayer clan! Vol. 9 is actually the 10th volume of the series, because the special vol. 0 was published between volumes 8 & 9!

We reviewed vol. 0 in the October Mew! Picking up right where vol. 8 left off, vol. 9 is priced $11.99 in the USA and $12.99 in Canada, translated by Christine Dashiell, lettered by Keiran O’Leary with the color front cover pic of alarmed Himari & Rinko, and the color back cover pic of Himari’s dark side, shedding her clothes and heroic nature! Sammiched betwixt those covers are the 162 pages, comprised of 2 more color pics  of Himari, the cast guide page, the story recap page, the publisher’s info page, the author’s comment page, and the 158 pages of the manga’s chapters 49-55, which are beautifully rendered in the Black & White line & tone art, with such intricate character, clothing, scenic, action & effects details!

The torrid  intimacy between Yuuto & Himari becomes wacky exasperation before Shizuku serves breakfast! She is the good cook! As the gang goes to school, Haru-chan joins the jaunt and it seems like she ishopping on the harem trend too! While Tama mind-controls Yuu as her puppet pawn, Yuuto & Himari attend the clans’ gathering at the Tsuchimikado mansion, but the clans’ secret agenda is the ambush persecution of the catgirl to exorcise her dark side. Other slayers detain Yuuto outside during the exorcism until he finds out and escapes with Himari! Things almost calm down later at Lizlet’s cafe, until she gets frisky with Yuuto, to the displeasure of Himari & Shizuku which results in the slapstick violence!

While Hitsugi oversees the trance of Kuesu in preparation for the next battle, Rinku tries to show Tama the joyful aspects of human life at the restaurants, boutiques & the amusement park, until Tama psychically commands Yuu to attack Rinko aboard the ferris wheel… but I should not further spoil the plot! This was another great volume, with more character & plot development, the good mix of humor, ribaldry, romance, combat, magick & shocks at the good pace, with the alluring imagery & gorgeous art which leaves me eagerly craving the next volume! There is also an animated adaptation of the manga, which we hope will soon migrate to the USA on DVD! Now for the fur-thur catgirl goodness here is Ilyana to tell us about

Critter Vol. 2 #6!


Critter is the supurr herine purrsona of purrky peppy brave & noble Cassia Crawford, who uses her supurr powers & neko costume gadgets to fight crime & rescue people! She is the daughter of a heroine, and was the member of a supurr ream in Michigan until she was recruited to join a more glamorous catgirl theme team in Los Angeles, where she rooms with her best friend Gina at the college! Gina ia the fashion designer & electronics genius who upgraded Cassia’s bare midriff, low-rise, sharp-clawed shiny Blue & White Critter costume with the whip like mecha tail and the radio kitty ear pinna!

Sadly her current team seems more interested in the fame of their sexy celebrity status than enforcing the laws & responding to the emergencies, plus Cassia & Gina are haunted by the appurrition of the murdered heroine Josie, so Cassia has become rather displeased with their purriorities! The comic book published by Big Dog Ink is so much fun with plenty of action & sexy catgirl costumes all rendered in the dazzling vibrant color!

Issue #6 has the 28 full color pages, compurrised of the uninterrupted 22 page tale created & written by Tom Hutchison, illustrated by Fico Ossio and lettered by Kel Nuttall! After the tale is the purreview page for the next issue, the purrofile page on a few more characters, and the 4 page purreview of the Electric Youth spin off comic! There are 4 variant covers, cover A by Ossio, cover B by Jenevieve Broomall, and covers C&D by Eric Basaldua! I got cover B which depicts Gina grooming contented Cassia’s hair!

This issue begins with Critter’s appurrehension of the criminal, the 2 page spurread of purrior fights, and getting fed up with the attitude of the police & reporters! Spirits purrk up later when Gina gives her further tech upgrades & Josie the catgirl ghost reappurrs, but the mood is re-spoiled when her Purrfection teammates argue & plan to disband! The emotions run high from the triumphant, giddy, angry & sad moments, and there is still the mystery plot brewing in the future that purrtains to Cassia! This was not only another lovely delightful issue, but November was the extra special Critter month due to the–

Critter Vol. One: Kitty in the City trade papurrback book!


Purrior to the current Critter series there was Tom Hutchison’s initial Critter mini-series, which is nyow so wonderfully collected into this full color 136 page trade papurrback edition! Published by BDI & purriced $14.99, it repurrints issue #0, mini series issues #1-4, the purrofile pages, all of the various cover art, and includes the 6 page character sketch / design gallery, the cordial introduction by the author, and no ads!

Issue #0 is where Cassia makes her debut, with origin tidbits, the flashback scenes of her supurr heroic Mommy known as The Velvet Fox, the unveiling of the Critter costume, her Mommy’s best friend purrofessor Brenda, and the introduction of her first team called CORE compurrised of Icon, Paradox, Rookie, & Starlette!  It was written by Tom Hutchison, pencilled by Jose Luis, inked by JP Mayer, colored by Yulan Cakra & lettered by Oren Kramer!

This is followed by the entire 4 issue mini series illustrated by Fico Ossio & lettered by Ken Nuttall, depicting her first mission with the team against the supurr villain Yellow jacket,  the introduction of Gina, speedy hero Electric Youth, the annoying tough villain Mascara, and Cassia’s college classes! In issue #3 they battle the underwater monster named Tidepool, and in issue #4 they fight the criminal team known as U.N.I.C.O.R.N, Tabitha alias Cougar recruits Cassia to join her team Purrfection, and we see the first  of the mysterious future scenes!

If y’all missed those early issues of Critter which might purrove to be the elusive catch, this is the terrific & economical way to enjoy those delightful stories with those bonus features! On that neko mimi note, that will conclude the Purriodicals Purrings, Comics Critiques & Manga Mewsings portion of The Mew, but tthe catgirlish comics coverage continues in our monthly

Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!


Hai! The Celebrity catgirl Spotlight is the monthly portion of The Mew which shines upon the famous catgirls of all media whom we appurreciate, whether they are actually part cat or just act or dress the part! We are purrogressively inclusive here at The Mew, so we will honor those who are the purrmenant or tempurrary catgirl, or those who have the purropurr dispurrsition, cattitude or the fashion sense! This month we have the purrade of more web comics catgirls to commemorate, and I will start the purrade with darling Kitty Von Nico or just Kitten for short, who starred in the Under Power web comic!

Under Power was the amewsing cyber punk web comic created by Jorge ‘Vaz’ Rivas & David ‘Vanishing’ Trischuk, and the purretty Pink haired 5’4″  tall Kitten was the the supurr cyborg catgirl with the great bionic strength, long bio-mechanical claws, the supurrb agility & reflexes of the cat, and the fine domestic skills! Her origin is the sad tale of the near fatal automobile accident for the girl and her kitty, from which her eccentric genius uncle rebuilt them as the catgirl. The comic also featured the great warrior elf girl too! Sadly the comic seems to have gone away, but we hope it might one day return!


I wish to commemorate Faith Morgan, who is the catgirl in Thomas D. Szewc’a poignant web comic Alone in a Crowd! She is the very sympathetic orphan with the lovely large neko ear pinna who has endured much hardships and the loss, cares for the animals, and is raised by her dear selfless & hard-working sister Sara who is not the catgirl. Later this family was joined by Hope Avelina, who is also not the catgirl, but is also without the purrents. Faith & Sara do have the beautiful, purrotective & compassionate aunt Desirae who  is the adult film purrducer & actress!


Kitt Ballard is the title character of the gorgeous Blade Kitten science fiction web comic & game by Steve Stamatiadis & Krome Studios! She is one of the few Felion survivors of the genocidal attack upon her home world of Midsun by evil the Darques invaders. She is the tough lithe 24 year old “breaker” or bounty hunter, with the lovely Green eyes, Pink hair & tail, in the cute Purrple, Yellow & Black shorts outfit with the matching sandal boots & the weapons such as her Darque Blade, and has the cute faithful widdle flying alien puppy named Skiffy!


Catena Cafe by the married team of author Tracy Baily & artist DeBray Baily is the beautiful web comic with the animation syle art! Living in their Southern California mansion are Belle the catgirl with the lovely Pink hair & chocolatey skin tone, Annie the Purrsian mix breed who also has the Pink hair & dark skin, Ivy the Lavender -haired tortoiseshell catgirl, Treiss the Snow Leopurrd girl with the Brown hair & the purretty spots, Bryony the Manx type who is the angel with the Mint Green hair & the ink wings, her sister Patches the purrky Blond catgirl, their brother Bear who is also the manx type with the Mint Green hair! Other catpurrsons include Buddy the Redhead Mane Coon type, his brother beau who is another angel, and other anthropurrmorphic & kemonomimi characters!

Mary Nyan:

Cosmic Feline is the delightful web comic of the space opurra genre! It was created & is written, colored & lettered  by Michael C Prokop & drawn by Marie Tary! We had the pleasure to meet Mr. Prokop at Animazement last year, and Cosmic Felins is based upon his other famous science fiction web comic is Starship Moonhawk! The purrotagonist star of Cosmic Feline is Lt. Cmdr. Milea Cobalt, the 32 year old human / felinoid mix breed catgirl daughter of Nitria the Mercadian village healer & Admiral Cobalt of the Starship Moonhawk! She is the science officer of the Staship William T Halsey, with the sexy lithe physique, the years of military expurrtise & purrowess, the Blond hair, Blue eyes,  the tan skin with the Black stripes, the Pink ears & the supple tail!


Alex Star’s brief web comic Feline High has the anthropurrmorphic goodness, with the dandy B&W art in the short strip format, with the nudity & adult topics so it is not for the widdle kitties, nya! It stars Liz, Megan & Sara who attend Feline High School in the city of Catropolis, and the story arc is their trip to the nude beach, nya! Liz is shy, sweet & artistic, with the White tone; Megan has the more flirty confident purrsonality, with the light Creamy Beige tone; and Sara likes to read & write, and has the political side with the slightly darker complexion, nya! Sadly the strip only lasted the few months in 2006, but we hope they are still doing well and have graduated to wonderful purrofessions, and hope they still live close to each other and get to go to the beach, nya!


So like, Fera is the steam punk web comic by David Shirley alias T III, about kemonomimi in the future on the planet Mu, which is populated by the human, demi-humans, elves, orcs, goblins, lizards, Lepus bunny girls & Fera cat girls! It is intended for readers of ages 15+ due to the language, violence & nudity! The heroines in the sexy bare-tummied vest outfits & tattoos include feisty Kato Marucci, the 19 year old Fera with the tan skin, Brown hair & Dark Brown feline ears & tail, who is armed with the ancestral daggers; her twin sister Dominique with the Beige ears, Brown ears & tail,  combat skill & her father’s sword; and their friend Dee Alwood, the 18 year old Lepus with the short dark hair, purrple bunny ears & tail, piercings, fighting, smithing & mechanical skills, fur shur!


Another anthropurrmorphic web comic we are purrticularly fond of is Ginpu by Michelle Van Zandt. It is of the fantasy genre & purrtains to the 3 tales across several decades of Kitriana ‘Kit’ Geier, Taka Nakamura, and the Renegades. Kit is the Light Gray, Dark Blue haired catgirl with the mysterious past. Morgan is the Silver – haired dark skinned Ermine girl of the mysterious origins & martial arts purrowess. 17 year old orphan Kaori is much younger than the others, with the White & Orangey Red panda markings & the Blond hair, who thinks of Kit & Morgan as her older sister types.

Kit’s friend Taka is the catboy of the Japanese Bobtail breed with the Red tiger-like stripes; and His older sisters are Kara, Talia & twins Lorna & Leah, their mommy is Jennifer & their daddy is Shin. Jennifer also has a secret lesbian lover in gazelle girl Crystal, who also cares greatly for the family. Taka is one of the founders of the Renegades team along with Kaori Por,& Kiera, the latter two girls being the purroducts of the genetic expurriments by Kaeru, the sorcerer / scientist of the dragon breed; Kiera Schu is the purretty Yellow-Green Iguana girl with the very heightened, keen senses;

Pori is the lovely light Blue, Green haired Dragon / Feline cross breed girl woth the empathic powers, who was raised by Kiera, Kaeru, and her bodyguard Daichi Ten who is of the canine type; and rounding out the genetically hybrid Renegades who have issues with Kaeru is Tsar, an enginere of the Caracal breed, who has the electrical powers and quite striking long tapurred ears. In addition to the wonderful web comic, you can see more of Michelle Van Zandt’s beautiful art at her DeviantArt gallery and at her FurAffinity gallery


Lang Lang is the beautiful & fun anthropurrmorphic by Jodi Tong starring the cute 10 year old orphan triplet Siamese kitten girls Lang Lan, Zhu Zhu and- and Mei Mei, nya! They are the adopted Chinese catgirls with the purretty French Vanilla skin tone, the Dark Brown hair, and the Black ears and- and the Black tails, nya! Although they were sepurrated by the different adoptions that later reunited, nya! The adopted purrents of Lang Lang and- and Mei Mei are the Mommy & Daddy who are the house wife and – and the marketing chap, nya!

Mommy has the lovely Light Brown hair, and- and Daddy is the White and- and Gray, nya! ZhuZhu’s Circus purrents are the Lion breed mommy and- and the Liger breed Daddy, nya! The friends include Leah the bunny girl, Penny the ox girl, Mandy the widdle Cheetah girl, her older brother Chris, Lang Lang’s lupine boyfriend Joey, his older brother Jordan, but there is also Lang Lang’s canine rival Missy, nya! The faculty includes home room teacher Miss Lamb, Coach Raquel and – and Coach Vin, nya! It is sad that the strip has not been continued since 2008, but it is still there for all to enjoy, nya!


Neko Machi is the web comic & purrose tales of the collegiate catgirls & other anthropurrmorphic characters, written by Ewen Cluney & illustrated by C. Ellis! The main purrotagonist is Kitty, who has the her younger sister Ruby, her friends Sylvia (long Black hair), Snowball (short White hair), Kim (long braided hair), her artist friend Deedee, their geeky gamer girl friend Tiger, bunny girl Erica, Kitty’s imaginary bunny girl friend Kurumi, and Tom (cat boy)! They attend Neko Machi Community College, which is appurrently somewhat inspired bythe real San Joe Community College! If you are the fan of the delightful slice- of -life tales and the beautiful art, then I will highly recommend Neko Machi!


Our next catgirl to honor is Maemi, the purrky star of the beautiful web manga Nine Lives Minus One by Rachel Sheffield! Maemi is the Emerald – eyed girl of the Bombay breed with both the caucasian ‘human’ ears and the Black ‘feline’ ears for the extra purrceptive hearing! She appurrs of age 15, has the Black tail, the Blond shoulder- length hair, and the inny belly button! She wears the cue kitty bell collar and the various purretty clothes, and her name means “Smile of Truth”! She likes the milk, bells & catnaps, dislikes the rain, school, and the potatoes. She also has the mysterious past, and shares the apartment with cat boy friend Toshiro as they share the odd occurrences!


The fantasy / steam punk web comic Sky Pirates of Valendor was created by Everett Soares, pencilled by Brian and inked by Michael with assistant Alex Rivera, and among the cast is Shyni the catgirl of the sky pirate crew! She is the sexy, agile, dangerous catgirl with the supple ears, prehensile tail, short coiffure & tribal tattoos on her lithe body, clad in the bikini top, loin cloth, boots, scabbards & jewelry! We are so pleased to have an original illustration of Shyni in the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art crouched to pounce with her sharp claws & daggers by Brian Brinlee & Michael W. Kellar! It was purchased at the Contemporal Con by our friend Rick McGee!


Sorcery 101 is the wonderful supurrnatural web comic by Kel McDonald who is among the great guests we have met at What The Hell?! Con nya! We also like her Biscalvret, From Scratch, As We Werre and Strange Someone comics, nya! Sorcery 101 stars Danny the history teacher / sorcery student & his mages, vamp & werewolf associates, nya! His friends Ally & Brad have the cute widdle wolf girl daughter Rebecca, and at the Demon Bar is catgirl Chelsey, nya! She is the wonderful waitress with the big purretty smile, the Brown ears, short hair & bushy tail, nya! We are purroud to have 2 original sketches by Kel in the Mewseum, of Rebecca & Chelsey, nya!


Finally we wish to Tom Fischbach’s Twokinds, the beautiful full-color, long-running fantasy web manga set in the world full of magick & conflict amongst the cultures & races, including the Humans, Basitins & Keidrans, the later which are the dog, fox & cat type humanoids, such as cute Flora! She is the 11 year old tiger girl born of the rain-forest, where her Tiger Tribe & parents were killed by the evil slavers when she was the widdle kitten girl. She was sold into the slavery but at least her buyers were the kinder humans who treated her like the daughter and later set her free!

She is the very smart, romantic, bilingual cultured girl, with the Green eyes, beautiful smile with the cute fangs, the gorgeous Black- striped orange skin, with the mid-back length Brown hair, White muzzle & tummy! Later she was rescued from yet another evil human attack by Trace the wandering amnesiac mage, and they since traveled as friends amidst the dangerous situations! That will conclude this month’s spotlight, but we plan to honor further famous catgirls next month, and now here is Bunnibuns to tell us of a more a more fox girlish item–

Mattel’s WWE Alicia Fox action figure!


Hai!  I was pleased to find Mattel’s figure #62 of the WWE professional wrestler Alicia Fox! This fine figure is packaged in the clear plastic clamshell on the j-hook card, with the beautiful illustration of Alicia wearing the furry fox-eared cowl, with the Silvery clasp, the studded Black halter top with the chains, and the strappy Black skirt! Along with the matching flat-soled thigh boots, that is just what this 6.25″ is wearing! Since Alicia is 5’9″ tall, that would make the figure approximately of 1/11 scale, excluding the removable cowl!  The paint and sculpture is the good faithful likeness, although the figure has the inny belly button whereas Alicia has the outy belly button!

Otherwise the foxy figure has the lovely intricate detail  from the eyes & sly smile upon the lips, to her flowy curls of her Magenta hair and creamy cocoa colored skin! The Beige foxy cowl, the Black halter top and skirt are of the flexible plastic, with the matching panty and the silvery clasp, studs, chains! She is very posable with the points of articulation in the neck, shoulders, uppurr arms, elbows, wrists, sternum, waist, hips, knees, lower legs, ankles! The left hand has the open palm and the right hand is the fist! There is no display base included, but the figure is well-balanced to stand unassisted! For our next product reports here is Nya-sensei with her two

DVD Reviews!

Godzilla Vs. Biollante


Arigato! Toho’s 1989 movie Godzilla Vs. Biollante is the direct sequel to 1984’s Return of Godzilla, which we are still hoping to be released here on DVD, but we are so happy that Biollante was finally released on DVD for the first time, in the widescreen format with the language choices, the few bonus features and at the very low purrice too! It has been on our DVD Wish List for the long time! This is one of my favoritest Godzilla movies due to the great plot, characters, thrilling scenes, lavish FX, and purrhaps my favorite Godzilla movie mewsic!

Nyow for the taste of the zilla plot, the tale begins immediately after Godzilla’s 1984 attack upon Tokyo as different international groups fight over any Godzilla cells they can find, to use for various  good & bad purrposes! A scientist splices some G cells with the plants for the agricultural purrpose, but when the industrial spies sabotage his lab, his daughter Erika is killed. Five years later, Her spirit is infused with the supurr rose which evolves into the giant hybrid plant / zilla monster named Biollante, which Godzilla returns  from the volcanic nap to fight!

The Japanese Government uses many resources against Godzilla, from the conventional, energy & biological weapons on the land, sea & air, to the flying Supurr X-2 mech and the help of top psychic Mikki Saegusa who is purrtrayed by Megumi Odaka, who becomes the recurring wonderful character of the series, and she is my favoritiest human character of the zilla movies! In addition to all of that very grand military, mecha and monster action are the dash of romance, the international espionage, and the beautiful metaphysical aspects!

The 104 minute movie was released on the Region 1 NTSC standard DVD by Miramax, with the audio language choices of 5.1 DTS Japanese, 2.0 DTS Japanese, and the 1.0 Dolby English dub; the subtitle options include the new English translation, English SDH (Subtitled for Deaf & hard of Hearing), or just the translation of any on-screen text! The special features include the 3 minute look at some of the design concepts, and the 49 minute featurette on the making of the movie, with the behind – the – scenes footage & the comments by the writer, director, cinematographer, and three of the FX supurrvisors! I am very happy with the DVD which I will heartily recommend to the Godzilla fans! Nextly I would like to discuss the DVD release of

Pixar’s Brave!


We enjoyed the Disney / Pixar CG animated movie Brave, which is about the tomboy Scottish Purrincess Merida who purrurs the outdoor action & adventure to the traditional female roles that her mom grooms her for. Merida’s father invites the other clans to compete for her hand in marriage, but she wants no part of it and rides into the forest, where a witch gives her the magick potion to affect her fate, but it changes Merida’s mom & brothers into bears! Merida must reverse the spell before it becomes purrmanent, reconcile with her purrents & the feuding clans, and survive the monster named Mordu!

For our review of the movie, see the July Mew! The 93 minute movie has been released on the home video in several editions, and the Blu-ray has a lot more stuff than the standard DVD such as the gallery, several featurettes, extended scenes, the alternate opening & purromos, but I am just reviewing the Region 1 NTSC, single disk standard DVD edition. The movie is purrsented in the widescreen format with the 2.39:1 aspect ratio, although the framing & other qualities of the video such as the brightness, contrast, gamma & audio can be adjusted for one’s home theater via the DVD Maximizer option!

The spoken languages are English 5.1, English 2.0, French, Spanish, and English Descriptive Video Service, which is the female announcer describing the scenes. There is optional audio commentary by editor Nick Smith, story supurrvisor Brian Larsen, co-director Steve Purcell, and one of the Directors Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman was also a writer & director, but she is not among the commentators. The commentary is also optionally subtitled in the bold White sans serif font, and the other subtitle language options include English, English SDH, French, Spanish!

The special features include Pixar’s cute animated short La Lune which was shown in the theaters with Brave; the mew animated short about the Legend of Mordu, and both shorts are almost 7 minutes long apiece! There are also the ads for Monsters University, Planes, Peter Pan, Disney movie rewards, Adventures by Disney, Sophia The First, Brave video game, and Finding Nemo; and some of those will precede the movie if you choose the ‘Fast Start’ instead of the main menu! Although the standard DVD sadly lacks as many goodies of the Blu-ray, the few special features are the nice treats, the audio & video quality are great, and nyow we can watch Brave again and again!

Movie Reviews



Arigato! We are huge fans of director Steven Speilberg, composer John Williams, sound designer ben Burtt, and actors Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Hal Holbrook, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Strathairn, so this movie about one of our most iconic Presidents was high on the list of autumnal movies for us to see! It purrtains to the final months of Abe Lincoln’s life amidst the war and the abolition of the slavery. This is almost the perfect movie, from the great direction, art design, authenticity of the sets, sounds, styles, costumes & locations, and the great performances with the poignant powerful drama, speeches and wit, with the lovely cinematography, editing, pace, mewsic, FX & all of the ingredients  to totally captivate us for about 2.5 hours!

Daniel Day-Lewis so utterly convincingly portrays President Abraham Lincoln, Sally Field wonderfully portrays First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays their eldest son Robert, David Strathairn portrays the Secretary of State William Seward, James Spader portrays William Bilbo who lobbies for the 13th Amendment, Tommy Lee Jones portrays Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, and gosh there are so many other historic figures depicted in the movie! Of course, many of the historic events happened not far from here, and there is a battle scene set in nearby Wilmington which is just 15 miles from here! This was one of the very impressive Autumnal theatrical releases, to which i will give the high praise of the “A”  as in Abraham! Nextly in my trio of movie reviews is

Wreck it Ralph!


This is the latest CG animated Disney that peeks into the lives of the video game characters, but this time it is not about Tron but Ralph, who is tired of the villain role in the Fix It Felix Jr. game and wants to be the good guy who is treated with kindness! This journey of  self discovery takes him from his game into other games, with the mixed results & unleashed troubles that could help or harm the characters of all the arcade’s games! The movie has the great character designs & development, the comedic, thrilling, cute & poignant aspects, the brilliant animation and the beautiful scenery such as the sci fi space opurra type combat realm of Hero’s Duty to the dazzling candy themed world of Sugar Rush kart racing game which I want to play!

The great voice cast includes John C. Reilly as Ralph, Jack McBrayer as cheerful Felix, Jane Lynch as the tough Calhoun the platoon leader of Heroes Duty, and perhaps my favorite character is Sarah Silverman as Vanellope, the cute glitchy girl who wants to race in the Sugar Rush! There are cameo appearances & references to many other famous game characters from across the decades, so it has the great nostaglic & sentimental quality. I lost the count but I spotted appearances by characters from Pac Man, Mario, Q’bert, Streetfighter, and the Final Fantasy reference!

The sounds & music were good too… although, the “When Can I See You Again?” song of the end credits was not my favorite, but I really liked the other songs, especially the Japanese pop sound of the peppy Sugar Rush song! Oh oh and I also liked the charming cute animated short of Paper Man which preceded Wreck it Ralph! It is the delightful incident of the chap who meets the lovely lady he met at the train platform, and tries to contact her later at the office building with the paper planes! I will give both Paper Man and Wreck it Ralph the high praise! Another great autumnal movie full of heroes, villains, exotic locations, the thrilling fights & chases is



This is the latest James Bond movie, released just in time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movies, with Daniel Craig back in action for the 3rd time as James Bond agent 007, & Judi Dench returning for the 7th time as his boss M, the head of Britain’s MI6! The rebooted 007 mythology continues, as 007 returns after being presumed dead on a failed mission! He and M have to prove to their doubters that they are still up for the job to stop the extremely smart enemy who has stolen the vital top secret information! The beautiful Aston Martin DB5 makes her heroic return too!

The rest of the excellent cast includes Javier Bardem as the villain Silva, Naomie Harris as agent Eve Moneypenny, Berenice Lim Marlohe as Severine who works for Silva, Ben Whishaw as Q to give Bond the weapons & gadgets, Rory Kinnear as MI6’s Chief of Staff Tanner, Ralph Fiennes as M’s boss Mallory, and Albert Finney as Kincade, the old friend of the Bond family & caretaker of their Scottish estate!  Director Sam Mendez did the great job,and the cinematography is superb at the locations from the opening chase in Turkey, to all the scenes in London, the ethereal quality of the Scotland parts, and the stunningly beautiful scenes of China & Macao!

The nighttime scenes have much luminous gleam & the street scenes have the bustling crowds to add to the high glossy production values! It has the good balance of emotional character development, the intriguing plot with the dangerous smart villain, the thrilling action scenes of the car chases, train fights, assassin brawl, casino brawl, London shootouts, the mansion attack, and it does not suffer from the annoying camera & editing techniques that ruin many action movies! There are poignant, mysterious, shocking & humorous but not silly scenes with great performances as The music is great and includes the title song sung by Adele, so I will give Skyfall the “A” grade! On that note, nyow it is the time for

The Lightning Round Topic: Our Favorite Famous Female Fashions Part Four: Bond Girls!


We had no idea that the fashion topic would be so extensive to be the multi-Mew topic, when we started the discussion in September, nya! Part One purrtained to our favorite female fashions of live-action TV shows, except for Star Trek which was it’s own topic for Part Two, and – and then our other favorite female fashions of of all other movies  except for the James Bond movies – was the topic for Part 3 in last month’s Mew, nya! Of course we should have realized this would be the extensive topic, given the many beautiful clothes  of over a century of international cinema, and – and over 50 years of TV, nya!

That is not to mention the other famous fashions of the theatre, concerts, circuses, sports, ads, cosplayers, celebrity weddings, and – and so forth, nya! Those catty-gories might compurrise the future topics, but this time the topic continues with our favorite James Bond Grrl Couture, nya! This was the appurropurriate timing since the Bond films recently celebrated their 50th anniversary at the movies, and- and the new Bond movie Skyfall just purremiered, nya! Nyow remember that this is just about the favorite clothes, not the actresses, the characters or movies, so are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”, nya?

the catgirls:


Mielikki, Bun & Trini-chan:



OK, then here we go, nya! (tags Mike to start the Lightning Round)


In Dr. No starring Sean Connery as OO7, there’s Eunice Gayson as Sylvia in the asymmetric dress Red dress at the casino, and later putting friskily in 007’s shirt,  Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny at M’s office in her cute sleeveless Black outfit with the high Green collar, Zena Marshall as Miss Taro in her Red & Blue cheongsams, and Ursula Andress is legendary as Honey in the famous White bikini at Crab Key, and the cute Pink & White outfit in Dr. No’s lair! Ah then in From Russia With Love, Daniela Bianchi is so radiant as happy Tatiana in the lovely neglige aboard the train; and Aliza Gur as Vida & Martine Bestwick as Zora are quite alluringly attired for their gypsy camp catfight! Martine would return as a different character in Thunderball, but I’ll let Mie-sensei discuss that further! (tags Mielikki)


Hai, but next there was Goldfinger, with Nadja Regin as Bonita the dancer with the bath tub in which Bond fries the assailant, Margaret Nolan as Dink in her swim wear with Bond at the hotel pool in Miami, Shirley Eaton as poor Jill Masterson in the fatally gleaming gold body paint, Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore so smartly dressed to mind 007, and the cute uniforms of her all girl squadron! In Thunderball, Martine Bestwick portrayed Paula who was totally beautiful in her Red bikini, and the in the knotted Pink blouse with Blue pants! Luciana Paluzzi was so foxy as Fiona in the Blue neglige; and Claudine Auger was delightful as Domino in the asymmetric Black maillot, the Blue bikini and the Black & White bikini, fur shur! Now it is… Trini-chan’s turn! (tags the kitsune with the flit of the wing)


Hee! You Only Live Twice is one of our favoritest Bond movies, set mostly in Japan with the huge SPECTRE base in the Volcano! Akiko Wakakbayashi is so pretty as Aki in her yukata, and Mie Hama is one of the most beautiful sights of the series in her shiromuku wedding kimono & White bikini! Also, Lois Maxwell looks so delightful in her short sleeve White Royal Navy uniform too! Speaking of favoritest Bond movies, then there is the magnificent On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, with much thrilling alpine ski action in which Bond meets & marries Tracy, who is portrayed by Diana Rigg!

That was the one Bond movie which starred George Lazenby as OO7! I like all of her beautiful clothes from the dresses she wears at the beach and the hotel and her dates with Bond, to her sporty Bolero outfit, and that glorious floral wedding dress! As if that were not enough beauty in one movie, there are also the fashions for Blofeld’s ‘angels’ who are portrayed by Joanna Lumley, Catherine Von Schell, Julie Ege, Angela Scoular, Anoushka Hemple, Dani Sheridan, Jenny Hanley, Mona Chang, Ingrid Black & Zora! OK I’m done and now it is… Vonny’s turn! (tags Bun with the brush of the foxy tail)


In Diamonds Are Forever, Jill St John portrayed the laid back bemused diamond smuggler Tiffany case who was so lovely from the Black dress to the bikini! Lana Turner has the plunging sexy dress as Plenty O’Toole, although she makes the unintended plunges into the pools! Denise Perrier has the bikini as Marie, although she gets all choked up with it when Bond wants the answers! Trina Parks & Donna Garrett add the merry menace as Bambi in the bikini & Thumper in the shorts outfit! After that is Roger Moore’s debut as Bond in Live and Let Die, which is full of the sexy & beautiful visions such as Gloria Hendry as Rosie in the bikini, Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso in the magnetically unzipped dress, and Jane Seymour as Solitaire in her pretty priestess wear & cute outfits! (tags Jeannie)


In the first of her 2 Bond movies, Maud Adams has the lovely clothes as Andrea in The Man With The Golden Gun, Carmen de Sautoy is stunning as Saida in the belly dance costume with the lucky charm in her belly button, Hip’s nieces were so cute in their school uniforms as they kicked the butts of Hai Fat’s soldiers, and Francois Therry is stunning as Chew Mee sans swimwear in Hai Fat’s pool, but Britt Ekland as Goodnight wears my favoritest bikini of the Bond films. The Spy Who Loved me is one of my favoritest Bond films, beautifully appointed by Catherine Bach as agent Anya Amasova in the Black dress, Caroline Munro as Naomi’s in the bikini & robe, Olga Bisera as Felicca in her lovely Cairo couture, and the lovely costumes of the various Harem girls. Myayr’s turn (tags Mary Nyan)

Mary Nyan:

Moonraker is not among my favorites, but it does look like they spared no expense, and that includes the carnivale dress for Manuela who is purrtrayed by Emily Bolton, the Black outfits of Holly who is purrtrayed by Lois Chiles, the cute dress of Jaws’s girlfriend Dolly who is purrtrayed by Blanche Ravalee, and the sexy clothes of Corinne who is purrtrayed by Corinne Clery! I think For Your Eyes Only is a much better Bond film, and it is graced by Melina in everything she wears, as purrtrayed by Carole Bouquet, Countess Lisl in her beautiful suppurr gown, neglige & beach wear as purrrayed  Cassandra Harris, Olympic skater Bibi in the cute leotard as purrtrayed by Lynne-Holly Johnson, and the sexy early 80’s swimwear worn by the variety of ladies around Gonzales’s swimming pool! (tags Petra)


Maud Adams returned to the franchise in the titular role of Octapussy the beautiful elegant lady of the underworld in her octopus robe & saree, with gorgeous Kristina Wayborn as agile assistant Magda in the PInk saree, nya! Those are some of the loveliest costumes of the Bond movies, nya! Tina Hudson was alluring as Bianca in her plunging White sleeveless dress slit high up the sides, in contrast to the more conservative beauty of Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny in the Blue blouse outfit, and the introduction of Michaela Clavelle as her assistant Penelope Smallbone in the White Blouse outfit, nya!

I wonder what became of Penelope, nya? In Roger Moore’s final James Bond movie A View to a Kill, Alison Doody was quite the vision in the Black & White equine outfit as Jenny Flex, although I wish she had a larger role in the movie, nya. Tanya Roberts wore such a purretty dress with the thin straps as Stacey at Zorin’s horse auction party, and supurrb Grace Jones breathtakingly conveyed the great beauty & power as Mayday, whether in the sparring tights or in the leathers and the purrasail, nya! Ok those are my fashionable nominees, and nyow it is Nyo-sensei’s turn, nya! (tail-tags Nyoka)


Timothy Dalton debuted as OO7 in The Living Daylights, which was beautified by Virginia Hey who I liked in The Road Warrior and Farscape! Kell Tyler purrtrayed Linda in the Black bandeau bikini on the yacht, and she is bored until OO7 dropped in! Caroline Bliss was lovely as the new Moneypenny in her White Blouse, Black skirt and the glasses! MI^ is not the only organization with the lovely agents, as Dulice Liecier & Catherine Rabettte wore the cute outfits as CIA Agents Ava & Liz… but I think it was Maryam d’Abo who was the most elegantly attired actress in the movie as Kara Milovy!

Dalton’s 2nd & final appurrance as OO7 was in License to Kill, which was graced again by Caroline Bliss again as Moneypenny! Priscilla Barnes was so gorgeous in the off shoulder floral wedding gown as Felix’s wife Delia; Talisa Soto had the sexy Black & cute White outfits as the villain’s girlfriend Lupe; and Carey Lowell had her own gorgeous White and Black outfits, plus the darling outfit at the Olimpatic temple as agent Pam Bouvier! Don’t forget Diana Lee in the Black dress & ninja garb as Agent Loti, although I wish she had a larger role in the film!  Your turn sis! (tags Nyanko)


Nyow we are to the late 1990’s era of James Bond purrtrayed by Pierce Brosnan! In Goldeneye, he was joined in the investigation by Izabella Scorupco as computer purrogrammer Natalya who wore the cute White, gray & Black skirt outfit, and that lovely White bikini with the sheer purreo! Famke Janssen wore some great outfits as the assassin Onnatop on the purrowl, such as the low cut Black dress at the Baccarat table! Samantha Bond was lovely as the next actress to purrtray Moneypenny in the series, but in the next movie Tomorrow Never Dies, I think my favorite action star the beautiful and tough Michelle Yeoh stole the show as agent Wai Lin, whether she was wearing the Black leather, the sexy dress or the sporty White crop top! Nyow it is… Vonny’sturn! (tags Yvonne)


I would like to congratulate the costume designer & the stylists of The World is Not Enough for the the exotic beautiful Black & Red robe, the creamy colored outfit, the jewelry and the ornate sheer dress worn by Sophie Marceau as Elektra, and the sporty crop tank top & shorts outfit worn by Denise Richards as Christmas, with the cute tattoo on her tummy, nya! I will also commend the fashions of Die Another Day, such as the Orange bikini worn by Halle Berry as Jinx, and the tank top outfit for her blade duel with Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost in the sexy Black & White outfit, nya! At the Ice Palace, Frost wore the shimmering icy asymmetric dress, Jinx wore the beautiful Brown Versace gown at the ice palace, and had the diamond in her belly button at the end, nya! (tags Elizabeth)


Gosh we are up to the late 2000’s era of Bond as purrtrayed by Daniel Craig! My favorite female fashions of Casino Royale, were those of Catarina Murino as Solange in the beach horse ride outfit, and Eva Green as Vesper in that Black casino dress! In Quantum of Solace, my favorite outfits were he cute boat outfit worn by Olga Kurylenko as Camille, and the maillot worn by Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere as Gemma! I think she got the best part of the movie, to sunny lounge by the beautiful villa by the sea! In Skyfall, Naomie Harris wears the lovely dress at the casino in Macao, where the dealer, cashier & bartender girls have lovely dresses & coiffures too, but I think the loveliest fashions of Skyfall are the backless Black dress & the purretty White robe worn by Berenice Lim Marlohe! Nyow I will tag Ilyana to top off the tally with favorites from the unofficial Bond movies! (tags Ilyana)


Hai, those include the 1967 comedic version of Casino Royale starring David Niven as OO7, and the 1983 remake of Thunderball titled Never Say Never Again, starring Sean Connery as OO7 again! The1967 Casino had the all-star cast and the belly dance costume worn by Joanna Pettet, and the fabulous clothes worn by Ursula Andress, Barbara Bouchet, Jacqueline Bisset, Daliah Lavi, Deborah Kerr, and the other agents! Never Say Never Again’s wardrobe included the early 90’s dance & swimwear worn by Kim Bassinger, the glamorous working clothes & swimwear worn by Barbara Carrera, the cute outfits worn by Saskia Cohen Tanugi, and the Red bikini worn in the Bahamas by Valarie Leon, who also purrtrayed the Sardinian hotel receptionist in The Spy Who Loved Me!

The Cat Lady Sings…


I have not seen that 1967 Casino but EAGLE, NYA!, nya! (the distracted catgirl scampurrs towards the bird with her camera)




There she goes again heehee! Say, that Eagle kinda looks familiar!


Well, I guess that will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!


We wish to thank Thais again for the beautiful art!


We also thank all of the talented, industrious & inspurrational folks whose works we have discussed…


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We hope that everyone has the happy & healthy holiday season with family & friends!


Fur shur!

Mary Nyan:

We will be back next month for January’s Happy Mew Year edition–


— and then in February for our Annual Mew Awards Ceremony, nya!


Be there… aloha!

The Catgirls:


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