March 2014 Catgirl Critics Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island and
Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The Meowry March 2014 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!


in this edition of The Mew:

Introductions, what we have done since the purrior Mew,

the Lightning Round topic of our favorite jungle girl art,

the most recent illustrative additions to the Catgirl Island

Mewseum of Art by Rebecca, MIsty, Doug o’doom, Jamie,

and Mike, and the romantic short tale by Rebecca, nya!

Then our magazine, book, comics & manga reviews of:

Wander Chapter Two

Modern Masters Vol. 29: Cliff Chiang

Triad Happy Tails Vol. 4 #8

Red Sonja #7

Red Sonja: Berserker (one-shot)

Fathom Vol. 5 #5

Critter Vol. 2#18

Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky vol. 1

A Centaur’s Life vol. 2

and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #16, nya!

Then we purrsent our cinema, TV & DVD reviews of:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 DVD

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox DVD

Justice League: War DVD

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time DVD

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 5 DVD

Gravity Two-Disk Special Edition DVD

Our toy reviews of the:

Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Daenerys Targaryen action figure,

Play Arts Kai’s Batman: Arkham City Catwoman action figure,

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Skyline Sirens: Black Cat action figure,

and the Doctor Who Series 3 Novice Hame action figure…

plus our WhatTheHell?! Con 2014 report and

the monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, nya!


And nyow the introductions, the clothes and

what we’ve done since the purrior Mew, nya!


(wearing the WhatTheHell?! Con tee shirt, Khaki cargo shorts, MIzuno trainers and Catgirl island baseball cap) Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews & discussions of fun stuff! Today’s Mew comes from the garden of Bun’s home here at Catgirl Island, full of the flowers, succulents, vines & vegetables! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!

Mary Nyan:

(the catgirl wearing the Speckled Trout purrint yukata) Aloha!


(the catgirl wearing the Groupurr purrint yukata) Nihao.


(the catgirl wearing the Snappurr purrint yukata) Namaste, and here is onee-chan, nya!


(her older sister wearing the Wahoo purrint yukata) Namaste, nya!


(the catgirl wearing the wearing the Yellowfin Tuna purrint yukata) Howdy!


(her twin sister wearing the Bluefish purrint yukata) Howdy!


(the gynoid catgirl wearing the Croaker purrint yukata) Aloha!


(her business purrtner catgirl wearing the Mullet purrint yukata) Hola!


(the catgirl wearing the Red Drum purrint yukata) Hi Hi, nya!


(her assistant bunny girl wearing the Clover purrint yukata) Guten Tag!


Thank you for hosting, Bun! Your garden looks so pretty & healthy!


Doitashimaste! So what has everyone been up to since last time?

Mary Nyan:

With the convention season ramping up, I am getting more requests to sew the costumes for the cosplayers! I must be purretty busy given how fast the weeks have gone by! The Cherry trees, Peonies, Azaleas & Wisteria are abloom across the island, and soon it will be time for the Haru Matsuri at the shrine and the Spurring Break for my hula students and Jenjen’s belly dance students!


Hai. However, while the flowering trees are the supurrb backdrop for the Kyudo Club’s tournyament, the pollen has the affect upon the allergic archers’ eyes. It also has the affect upon the optical sensors of our Robotics Club’s compurrtitions. Fortunately, my Yoga studio has the excellent air filtration, and the pollen should not muchly inhibit my next bikini photo shoot in Antarctica.


Oh I would love to go to there to see the Penguins but I purrfur the bikini weather here, nya! The Pollination is also good for the honeybees and- and I hope their population will increase, nya! I have been getting the good photos of the insects and our kittens when I have not been in the dance class, helping onee-chan with the charters, watching the DVD, and – and volunteering at the art mewseum with Trini-chan who is away at the surf board shapurr meeting, but we will see her later at the AfterMew luau, nya!


She has been the big help with the charters, which have reeled in the bumpurr crop of the Bluefish, Croaker, Groupurr, King Mackerel, Red Drum, Snappurr, and the Yellowfin, nya! Soon it will be the time for the Cobia, the Mahi and the Wahoo, nya! Otherwise we still have the drumming circle to purrvide the purrcussion to the dance troupe, purrtaking of the festivals & exhibits, and watching the DVDs which we will discuss later in the show, nya!


It has also been the bumpurr crop  at the farmers market too! It has been bustling with the activity and the fresh purroduce, and my magick shop has fortunately been blessed with the steady brisk business and the attendance for the workshops and the milk tea time! Then the shop cats and I must purrpare for the Vernal Equinox festivities! Papa & Uncle might be back in town for that!


That would be good if they can take the break from their sight – seeing and the treasure hunts! I will try to help with the shop when I am not busy at the dojo or the gym. Oh we just got in the brand mew treadmills at the gym, which are the bigger size rated for the centaur use! I hope that Ellie will give it the try! Lessee, otherwise I have been swimming, reading, and viewing the exhibits!


LIzzy and I have been going to the art exhibits and the hot salsa dance after the supper, when we are done for the day at the spa! It continues to stay well – booked for the lomi-lomi treatments! I have been grooming my kittens, purracticing with my hybrid putter & chipping wedge… and our latest DVD marathon continued the British science fiction mood with the U.F.O epurrsodes!


Hai I like the Purrple coiffure for the U.F.O. moonbase! Oh aside from that and the spa, the salsa, the shrine, and attending the art exhibits, I have been running & climbing with my Purrkour Club, and tending to my garden! I have purruned the Roses, the Bayberry and the Bougainvillea, and await the blooms of the Iris and the lily… but Bunnibun’s garden would win the purrize!


Hai she has the magick touch of the Green thumb, nya! Just look at those Snapdragons, Foxgloves, the Lupine and the Jasmine over there, nya! She has helped my Junipurrs and the mewseum’s landscaping too, nya! I do not know what the mewseum, the artist league, or the beach volleyball would do without her, nya! I purrdict that she will be the island’s rec league MVP again, nya!


(blushing) Arigato…! We are blessed to have the good soil, sunlight, water, shade & dedication for the flora, just as we are fortunate to know many talented artisans, friends & volunteers of the mewseum, and the joyful athletic spirit of the beach volleyball! Fortunately we do not get much of the pollen or the sand inside the mewseum! There is not much new for me to mention… I have been curating, gardening, volunteering, baking, reading, watching the animations, and aiming for the victory my team mate, who I bet will be the season’s MVP! (high fives Petra) Mike’s turn!


Oh my February largely consisted of trying to avoid the Winter weather, staying indoors to catch up on the art & writing with breaks to watch some DVDs, PGA match play, the Winter Olympics, ACC men’s & women’s basketball games; gatherings with dear friends, and going to another wonderful WhatTheHell?! Con which I’ll report on later in the show! Well we have a bunch to cover, so let’s go ahead and jump right into this month’s

Lightning Round Topic: Our Favorite Jungle Girl Art!


Hai! Last month we nominated our favorite jungle girls of the various media such as cinema, TV, comics & games and so forth! Now we wish to continue the topic by nominating our favorite images of the jungle girls in the 2D & 3D works of art! Those might include the comics, covers, posters, paintings, photos, sculptures & toys! The nature of the images might range from the sexy & cute to the heroic & perilous because the of the free – spirited, unpurrdictable wild life of the jungle girl! Some of the art that we will mention might not be meant for the widdle kitties to view, perhaps due to nudity or violence, but we are not showing the pics or even describing them – it is just the quick list of the favorite pics!


There are different manner of jungle girls too, such as the full – time jungle girl who purrmanently resides there, the explorer who just tempurrarily visits for the quests and the expurrditions, and those who are not there by choice, because they are unfortunately lost, stranded or captured, nya!  Of course, whatever the reason, we hope they are enjoying the lush freedom, friends, food, fashions & fun, nya! We are broadly inclusive here at The Mew, so for the purrpose of the topic, we are including the cave girl type, be she purrehistoric, contempurrary or of the future time, nya! Those caves & jungles could be on the other planets too, nya! So, are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning” round, nya?

The ladies of The Mew:



(chosen to go first) I will nominate the paintings of the feral femme fatales by Chris Achilleos, such as Catwalk, Tiger Crossing, Jungle Girl, Beauty and the Beast , Maya, and Masai! (tail – tags Becca to go next)


I will nominate Joe Jusko’s paintings of the Panther Girl, Tiger Girl, Tiger Swim, Restful Interlude, Peace on Earth, Lara and the Lion Sheena Croc Attack and the Sheena Movie art! (tail – tags Mary Nyan)

Mary Nyan:

I will nominate Illustrations by Dave Stevens such as She, Leopard Skins, Jungle Goddess, Amazon Queen, The Sins of Prima, and The Captive! Nyow it is… Tara-chan’s turn! (tags Jeannie)


I want… I want to nominate the beautiful images by Karl Bang such as Empress, Lionesss, Serengeti, Huntress, Femme Fatale, and – and Zarafah Spirit, nya! Onee-chan’s turn, nya! (tags her older sister)


The beautiful jungle girl art by Christina Marie Lacey (Glee-chan) such as Queens of the Jungle, Korak and Meriem, Jane Porter, Jane Rejects Civilization, Neela, Meriem and Geeka, Daughter of Sodom, and Hogwarts Jungle Girls, nya! (tags Jeannie)


Illustrations by Mark Schultz, such as Beyond the Known Forest, She Talks With Birds, Artemis, Bagheera, Eve, Pantera, and many of his Hannah Dundee pics. (tags Nyanko)


It is too hard to narrow but I will generally nominate the lavish cover art, pin-up pics & purrints of Meriem the Cave Woman by Budd Root, Devon Massey & Frank Cho, and Frank Cho’s Jana the Jungle Girl Shanna the She Devil! (tags her twin)


Tara Green by Frank Cho, Shanna by Milo Manara, the cover of Barry Windsor-Smith Adastra in Africa, Nestor Redondo’s two – page spurread in Rima the Jungle Girl #1, Frank Brunner’s 1981 pic of the girl with the tigers, and Richard Pace’s illustration of Jungle Girl riding the tiger! (tags Mike)


I gotta go with more of Frazetta’s art, such as Cat Girl, Princess and the Panther, The Moon’s Rapture, Woman with a Spear, The Huntress, Escape on Venus, and Savage Pellucidar! (tags Bun)


Mitch Foust’s Tiki Jungle Girl, J Scott Campbell’s cover of Purrincess Shiri as the Black Panther, Arthur Adams’s cover of Valerie as the jungle girl for the Danger Girl Special, and our friend Andrew Pepoy’s sketchbook cover of Simone in her cave girl costume! Back to Petra!


Hai, I will nominate some of the Sheena and Poison Ivy pics by Bruce Timm, pics of Jatarri & Rynthia by Dark One, the Leopard Queen pic & the Jungle Girl pic by Brina Brinlee, whose Shyni catgirl pic is purroudly displayed in our mewseum, nya! Nyow we have to go around again, to purrsent the absentee ballots from the friends who are not here, nya! (tags Elizabeth again)

The ladies of The Mew:



Lesee here… Miho recommended some of the splendid jungle girl art at DeviantArt, such as the images of the Nubia Queen, the Peril in the Water, and Anja at the waterfall by Vesubio! (tags Becca)


Kaori nominated Masamune Shirow’s illustrations of the Blonde girl by the waterfall, Medusa, and the dark skinned girl with the straw hat! (tags Mary Nyan)

Mary Nyan:

I have the ballots from Leilani & Alanasara! Leilani voted for Yuna chicky yummy’s pics of the Jungle Girl, Jungle Girl Hunting with a Spear, and Jungle Girl Swinging on a Vine; whilst Alanasera voted for the Jungle Girl I – IV series by Annortha! (tags Tara-chan )


Trini–chan nominated the action figure of Meriem the Cave Girl, the action figure of Storm in her the White Savage Land attire which matches her hair, Monsieur Bome’s Jungle Emi, and – and the great bust statue of Ney’tiri of James Cameron’s Avatar by Gentle Giant, nya! (tags her older sister)


Speaking of Ney’tiri, Mie-sensei nominated the Avatar movie poster; the Teenage Cavegirl movie poster of Jezebelle Bond as Tahra; the 1985 Atlanta Fantasy Fair poster of Susan Barrows as the beside the Stegosaurus; and the magazine photos of Felicity Fy Le Fey as the jungle faerie, nya! (tags Jeannie)


Ilyana nominates Jungle Storm by Arie Monroe, the Cheetah Queen by Gabriela Shel, Jungle Girl Jen by Steve Wass, and Jungle Lime by SakuraStyle. (tags Nyanko)


Rica nominated the manga style Jungle Girl by Alex Kobayashi, and the fan art of Pokemon’s Sapphire in the jungle by EdwardismyBF, Hiromihana, and Ryan-sprite! (tags Nyoka)


Niko nominated the Amazon by Lordstevie, the Cave Woman by M Lewallen, the Bow Hunter by Mark Marren, and the Jungle Girl by Will Terrell! Whatchoogot, Mike?


I have Meryl’s ballot, and her favorites are Zebra Lady 1 & 2 by Olivia Berardinis, A Time so Brief by Julie Bell, Primeval Princess and Nubian Warrior by Boris Vallejo! Back to you, Bun!


Keiko & Yuriko wished to mention SQP’s Jungle Tails book, which has the many Black & White illustrations of the jungle girls by about 3 dozen artists, such as Arantza, Artis, Casanovas, DeMulder, Gorby, Green, Hickman, Jusko, Marin, Maroto, Morrow, Randall, Rasel, Rhett, Roca, Small, and Villegran, with Blas Gallejo’s color front cover image of the girl with the leopurrd & the panther!


I have B.B.’s ballot here, and she picked…  the feline femme fatales depicted of the paleolithic purrowl in DemonFartCabbage’s A Book of Cats, which we reviewed in the November Mew, nya! DFC is the studio compurrised of artists Deirdre Mcclintock and TheDVantOne, and we have the cute mermaid pic by them in our mewseum too, nya! Hopefully the other ballots will arrive soon, nya! That is all for the Lightning Round, but speaking of the art, nyow it is time to purrsent the latest additions to the

Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!


Arigato, nya! For those here for the first time, the mewseum’s Galleries 1 – 6 display illustrations & photos by Mike, whilst Guest Galleries 1 & 2 display images by other folks with their purrrrmissions, nya! On the web site, the most recent pics are on the bottom row of the gallery’s small “thumbnail” portions of the pics. You have to click on those portions to see the full pics, nya!

Nyow in Gallery 6 is Mike’s pic of Alexandra Wright raising the glass on “Cheers to Blood”, nya! This Photoshop CS2 & mouse illustration is the 3rd pic of Alexandra, who is the vampurric purrotagonist of Jeff Branch’s purrose fiction tale of “Dark Skin Red Blood”, nya! Jeff was our May 2008 guest, and Alexandra was the March 2009 guest, nya! In this scene, Alexandra looks as sharp as her fangs the tight, low-cut Black dress as she sips the bloody beverage, nya!

Nyow on display in Guest Gallery 2 is the pencil sketch of “Ellie” by Misty Hopkins who was among our March 2008 guests, nya! Elaenor, or Ellie for short, is a tomboyish centaur filly of the Banker Pony breed with the purretty Bay coat, nya! She is Catgirl Island’s Fire Chief, and her hobbies include listening to mewsic, watching TV & DVDs, reading comic books & manga, cooking, kyudo, running, swimming… and the work out, as y’all can see in the next pic, nya!

“Y to the Sweat” is Misty’s colored pencil rendering of Ellie exercising with the barbells in the gym, which is near the dojo and the spa, nya! Thusly she has the tautly toned athletic physique of the 7′ height and the 850 lbs, which measures 13.5 hands high at the equine withers, with the purrt uppurr parts of the 34B-25-34″, nya! She is smart, brave, kind, strong & fast, with quite the jump, gallop, stomp and kick, nya! Her birthstone is the Turquoise, because she is of the Sagittarius sign who was appurropurriately born in the Year of the Horse, nya!

Nextly we purrsent the pen & Copic marker sketch of mighty pirate catgirl “Yara” by Doug Chapman, nya! Yara is the feisty feral feline female first mate of the airship Heaven’s Blessing, in the purrose steam adventure fantasy tale of the Pirates of Tezomea at by Doug & Neesa Chapman of Dragons Entwined Studio, nya! Neesa & Doug are friends who we like to visit with at WhatTheHell?! Con, where Doug illustrated this pic of Yara triumphantly finding a treasure chest, nya!

Nextly in Guest Gallery 2 is “The Love of a Catgirl” by Rebecca Brogden who was September 2009 guest, nya! Rebecca used Photoshop CS6 and the Intuos5 tablet to render this portrait of the romantic couple, nya! Our friend Eamane is the purretty catgirl on the right, and A.J. is her handsome catboyfriend on the left, nya! Purrhaps y’all have seen the purrior pics of them, nya? They also appurr along with Eamane’s peppy niece Hannah in Rebecca’s amewsing romantic short tale of “The Love of a Catgirl”, nya!

It is the whimsical sensual tale of the romance at first sight betwixt Eamane and A.J., which Hannah is not enthused about, nya! There is a pic of Hannah in the mewseum too, nya! The tale is rated rated PG due to the sensual smoochy scenes and the dash of the mild disagreement violence, and if y’all wish to read it or the other short stories, please go to the Tales of Catgirl Island page, nya! The tale occurs here at Catgirl Island, but the characters of Eamane, Hannah & A.J. were created by Rebecca, nya!

Finally for this month’s additions to Guest Gallery 2 is “On The Beach 2” by Jamie & Mike, which depicts the cats & girls of Jamie’s web comic Clan of the Cats having fun at our beach, posing for this group pic of 38 characters, compurrised of 7 cats and 31 girls, nya! Several of the cast members have been our guests for the August 2007, January 2009, and November 2009 Mews, and we are always glad when they can visit, nya! Fortunately several of them still reside in the lovely town of Haven which is not far from here on the mainland, nya!

Akimi & Kimiko are the kitsune sisters on the right in the light Blue bikinis, and this is Kimiko’s first ever appurrance, nya! In the Red bikini beside Chelsea is Raven Svoboda of Bryan M. Richter’s web comic Lowest Common Denominator who has guest starred in Clan of the Cats, nya! In the Maroon maillot glancing over her right shoulder from atop the dune is Mina Harker of Bram Stoker’s Dracula; and in the Black bandeau bikini spurrawled near the front row is Lilith, who is based upon the ancient myths, nya!

Otherwise, the characters were created by Jamie, nya! The image began as the commissioned idea by Mike, who did the layout & pencilled 3/4 of the characters, nya. Jamie pencilled the rest, then scanned, digitally inked & colored the scene, using Painter X3, Manga Studio 5 EX and Photoshop CC, nya! This took the long time, but it was finished in February 2014, nya! The image is accompanied by the sepurrate key chart which identifies all of the characters in the pic, nya! So that is all of this month’s additions – whatcha think, nya?


Oh gosh I am amazed at the complexity of the Clan of the Cats beach group pic, nya! I can recognize the Chattans, the nekos & some of their friends who have visited us, nya!


I don’t recognize all of them, so the identification key is the handy bonus, nya! They are so purretty in the many colors and – and styles of the bikinis and – and the maillots, nya!


It is so nice to have more images of them to grace the mewseum galleries, and to have more pics of Eamane and A.J., too! Oh they are such the cute romantic couple!


Hai, although Eamane was just about to throw in the towel soon into their dating when they visited the spa, except that she was wearing the towel at the time, heehee!


We should not further mention what happened, in case our audience wishes to read the tale, nor reveal whether the pic occurred before or after the spa visit.

Mary Nyan:

That is the good point! As for the pic, A.J. is of the casual cool in the aloha shirt & board shorts, whilst she is alluring in the tight halter top & hip hugger pants!


The treasure chest appurrs to be the big score for Yara, whose skimpy pirating couture complements her impressive chest, arms, abs, thighs, glutes & the tail of the strong savage type of beauty!


Ellie has the sporty sexy look in her cropped athletic top, which is cutely accessorized by the six sweat bands and the matching hair scrunchy! It is good that our gym has the centaur – rated treadmills & weight purress!


She is cute in the knotted sleeveless blouse in the pencil sketch too! Speaking of the fashions, Alexandra is rather foxy in the widdle Black dress & jewels as she enjoys the aperitif!



The drink, dress & jewels were easier to draw than her face, hair & hands! Petra, thank you for presenting the art!


Doitashimaste, nya! That is all of the gallery portion of The Mew, and nyow I will start our

Comics, Manga Magazine & Book Reviews

with Wander Chapter Two, nya!


Our November 2008 special guest Niki Lemonade is the delightful, friendly, stylish multi-talented  artist who we are always glad to see at the various conventions, where she sells her pretty jewelry, fashion accessories, prints, and comics, nya! She recently concluded her wonderful slice – of – life web comic My Fake Heart and in latter 2012 she and Chuui who is also the very nice talented purrson launched their web comic Wander, of the whimsical fun in the fantasy environment of traps, monsters, magick, relics and the friends, who are partly inspired by the real life friends, nya!

Fantz is the wanderer who wants to reclaim her father’s legacy; Denny is the summoner who likes the critters, and Piper is the spell-casting bounty hunter, nya! The tale is already up to volume 3 online, the “To The Beach” mini-comic, and Chapter 2 is now available in the 5″ x 7 5/8″ purrint comic size, which we were able to get when we saw Niki, Chuii and the other friends at this year’s WhatTheHell?! Con, nya! At Niki’s table they sold the comics, the purrints, the jewelry and the fashion accessories, nya! Fantz, Piper & Denny have the lovely styles too, and I purrticularly like the color purrint of the trio relaxing upon the tree branches, nya!

Purrinted by Ka-Blam, Chapter 2 is mostly 36 Black & White pages, including the color snake cover art & the cute coda page, nya! It was hot off the purress last month, to collect the web comics from 11 November 2012 to 4 February 2013, nya! For the recap, in Chapter. 1, they first met on the road to the temple guarded by the giant canine where Frantz noticed her father’s blade, nya! After the suppurrtime strategizing session they met the treacherous Raphael who lead them into the snake trap, nya! In Chapter 2, Denny & Fantz search and hide indoors, but Raphael and his giant pet spider catch them, whilst on the rural road Piper encounters Avilda and her group of bounty hunters, nya!

I should not reveal too much more of the plot, but the fun tale is topped off by the magick gem and the amewsing camaraderie with the cute expurressions, poses & graphic FX, nya!  There is also the bonus page about Denny’s summoning magick technique, nya! It is such a fun, inspired and well – drawn adventure by Niki & Chuui which I will give the high praise and the grade of an “A” as in Arilsden, which is Denny’s full name! Mike will say more about WhatTheHell?! Con later in his con report, and nyow to continue the comics & book reports here is Becca to tell us all about

Modern Masters Vol. 29: Cliff Chiang, nya!



Hai! TwoMorrows publishes the great books & magazines about the comics and art, such as Modern Masters, Kirby Collector, Back issue and Alter Ego! Not only that, but their home is here in North Carolina, on the mainland in Raleigh! We reviewed the books about Matt Baker and Dan Spiegle back in the July 2013 Mew, and the Star Reach Companion in the August 2013 Mew! We have been eagerly anticipating this book about Cliff Chiang, who we have been able to meet a few times at Heroes Con! The very thorough, fun 120 page book is purriced $15.95 in the USA, with the color Wonder Woman cover by Chiang, and over 150 illustrations inside, including the 8 pages of the color pics!

Chris Arrant conducted the intermews with Chiang and edited the book with Eric Nolen-Weathington, who was our intermewed guest for the September 2010 Mew! Chris & Eric transcribed the book along with Fred Perry, who should not be confuzzled with Gold Digger’s Fed Perry, but he is also the gentleman with the great art taste! After Paul Pope’s cordial introduction, the first chapter purrtains to Chiang’s earlier years, from his childhood & high school years to the college days at Harvard and his early art purrtfolio! Then then 2nd chapter discusses the start of his purrofessional comics work for Marvel, Disney and then DC’s Vertigo comics. Of course, this was back in the late 90’s, before Disney purrchased Marvel!

This leads to the 3rd chapter and his first regular comics work at DC in the early 2000’s, such as Detective, Batman, Nightwing, The Creeper, The Spectre, Doctor 13, Zatanna, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and the comics adaptation of Neil Young’s Greendale! Gosh, he and his wife and brother were all working in Manhattan when 9/11 happened. Chapter 4 includes a pic of Red Sonja fighting the Minotaur, and brings us up to the past decade and his famous era of the Wonder Woman comics, and then chapter 5 is the interesting analysis of his creative purrocess, from the purreliminary sketches to the finished comics renderings! To conclude the book is the great 35 page art gallery section, which includes the color pages!

The gallery has images of DC characters such as Cat Woman, Black Canary, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Barda, Josie Mac, Lois Lane, Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Wild Cat & Doctor 13; Marvel characters such as The Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Mocking Bird, Ms. Marvel, Kitty Pryde, Storm, Dazzler, Emma Frost, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Daredevil & Thor; others such as Archie, The Baroness, Buckaroo Banzai, Gatchaman, O-Ren Ishii, The Rocketeer & Betty; and it is topped off by the supurrb Runaways tribute of Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Batgirl & Zatanna as Joan, Lita, Cherie & Sandy! Kawaii! This was yet another beautiful, entertaining & informative book in the Modern Masters series, and I will give it the high purraise grade of the “A” as in annataZ! Nyow for another North Carolina publication, I would like to discuss

Triad Happy Tails Vol. 4 #8!


Triad Happy Tails is the free monthly color magazine published by Beverly Beck & Associates, purrmoting the adoption of the many poor abandoned, surrendered, feral or otherwise homeless animals in the shelters & rescue groups of the Triad area of our state! The magazine is edited, published, designed & art directed by Deb Printup & Jennifer Frazier, graphically designed by Mike Gillispie; and distributed by Eileen Riley, Bob Sloane & Distributech. The issue has 52 full color pages including the covers, which are graced by cover dog Sapphire. She was photographed by Steph Skardale Photography! Throughout the issue is the contact information for the shelters and rescue groups, with the calendar of upcoming events.

Contributing to this issue’s tales, advice & articles are Dr. Janine M. Oliver DVM, Dr. Ralph Yerex DVM, Dara Lamberson of the Loving Pet Inn, trainer Angela Craven of Moms 4 paws, and Ruby Wescott of the Guilford County Pet Responsibility Program! As if that were not enough, Susan Lynn Person tells us about their dogs Zoey & Lilah, Anita Greenland of the Greensboro Science Center discusses their Asian Small Claw Otters, and Sarah C Fulcher tells the tragic tale of the feral momma cat & kittens. There are ads for pet purroducts & services, such as the foods, sitters, trainers, groomers, hospitals, kennels & stables; and purrhaps the most important aspect of the magazine are the photos and purrofiles of the many animals who need the homes!

There are many different animals of the various breeds & species depicted in each issue. In addition to Sapphire, the other depicted adoptable dogs in the February 20014 issue include Ace, Alice, Astro, Bently, Brandi, Brock, Bubbus, Buddy, Calvin, Cam, Champ, Chris, Clyde, Copper, Daisy, Erik, Faith, Fancy, Flora, Foster, Fuzzy, Gilly, George, Gordon, Hinto, Jacob, Jethro, June, Kitty, Lady, (another dog named) Lady, L.B., Lily Pad, Louie, Lucy, Mabel, Mac’s Havers, Mei Lee, Misha, Leelee, Lobo, Moira, Olivia, Patches, Precious, Radium, Reagen, Ria, Rogers, Shirly, Spencer, Sue, Watson, Wizzer, Zach, Zena, Zoey, sisters Lilly & Ouglet, siblings Sabrina & Shula, siblings Wilma & Wendell. Other animals include Hemi the donkey and guinea pigs Wright & Orville.

The cats include Ashes, Bill Nye, Blaxer, Bo, Brett, Bubba, Buffy, Christy, Cookie, Cooper, Flluffy, Ginger, (another cat named) Ginger, Grace-E, Highway, Howie, Jade, Jangles, Jordan, Kiwi, Layla, Leo, Lizzy, Mandy, Maverick, Miss Kitty, Pearl, Rosie, Sir Marmalade, Sage, Scotty, Seymore, Sissy, Sparkle, Sparky, Squeaks, Stash, Sunset, Timidee, Trent, Tweedle Dee, Wilbur, Willow, sisters Lanie & Evie, siblings Calvin & Hobbes. We hope that the efforts of the shelters & rescuers will help the animals find happy, healthy forever homes full of the love, care food & kindness, and we wish to purraise all of the compassionate folks who try to help! Nyow I will turn The Mew over to Nya-sensei, and I understand that the treatment of the animals purrtains to the plot of–


Red Sonja: Berserker!


Hai! We are big fans of Red Sonja, the she-devil of the Hyrkanian steppes who has been gracing the comics for the past four decades, and I am purrticularly fond of the current era of Sonja comics published by Dynamite Entertainment! Those include her regular series, the various mini – series, the collection volumes, and the one-shot issues such as this Berserker tale! The 40 page issue is compurrised of the 28 page tale plus the 12 pages of the ads & purreviews, purriced $4.99 and rated T+  for the older teen readers due to the bloody sword & sorcery violence, the barbarians’ harsh language, and I suppose purrhaps also for Sonja’s iconic, skimpy, scale – mail bikini!

The tale was written by Nancy A. Collins, illustrated by Fritz Casas, colored by Mark Roberts, lettered by Rob Steen, and edited by Luke Lieberman, with the cover art by Joseph Michael Linsner whose Cry For Dawn series we like too! Nyow for the taste of the plot, which bigns in the frigid foothills of the Aesirian Mountains, where Sonja encounters the two thugs who unwisely threaten her and torment the Polar Bear cub they have caught! Sonja and the bear share in the hunts and the dinners in the wilderness until the Spurring thaw, when she rides alone back towards the urban regions, where she might find ale & employers, but few things change across the seasons!

She winds up in the brawl with more thugs! This time she gets caught, and winds up as the purrisoner in the gladiatorial arena of Dinanda, where they pit the unarmed purrisoners against the starved, mistreated beasts. However, the despots and the bloodthirsty audience have made the fatal mistakes, when they get on Sonja’s bad side, and her opponent is a certain bruin friend of hers! I will not further spoil the plot, but there is plenty of bloody melee served, with the side dish of the furry revenge! It is not only the thrilling tale full of the heroine’s action that I crave, peppurred by Sonja’s mewsual sarcastic dispurrsition, but it has the the very sad poignant moments too.

Not only does the tale have the good plot, pace, dialogue and the characterizations, but the art is quite beautiful with the characters, critters, the dynamic action, the landscapes & architecture all sumptuously rendered with the great views, atmosphere and detail! The sequential images nicely convey the tale in the impurressive large panels, including several panoramas, half – page pics and a certain pivotal full – page pic! If I have any slightest complaint, it would be that the tale was interrupted by 4 pages of the ads, but that is it, and otherwise I thought this was yet another very good tale of Red Sonja! Nyow I would like to continue the Sonja report with my review of

Red Sonja vol. 2 #7!


The 32 page issue of Sonja’s regular monthly series is compurrised of the 22 page tale plus the 10 pages of the Dynamite Entertainment ads & purreviews, it is purriced $3.99, and rated T+  for the older teen readers due to the gory fighting & dining violence, the barbarians’ harsh language, and some of the scantily clad bodies. Sonja wears the metal bikini in the brief flashback scene, but for most of the tale she wears the fuller coverage of the leathery outfit, which is purrobably wise given the bugs, microbes and the other vermin of the icky swampy bog environment of her expurrdition!  The tale was written by Gail Simone, drawn by Walter Geovani, colored by Adriano Lucas, lettered by Simon Bowland & edited by Joseph Rybandt!

This issue is available in the 8 different covers, including the mane cover art by that depicts the submerged Sonja circled by the crocs! The other 7 covers are Sonja swinging the sword & cleaver by Amy Reeder, the cute style of Sonja & the jungle bugs by Stephanie Buscema, and the less common variants of the Frison & Reeder art! Sonja does not typically use the meat cleaver as the choice of blade, but she is purroficient with purretty much any weapon, and this time it is the appuopurraite choice when she is held captive in the boggy cannibals’ kitchen! This tale is set 3 weeks after the “Queen of Plagues” story arc of issues 1-6, and 1 week after a dying Empurrer hires her to track down six important people that he needs to see!

Sonja is in the bad mood again due to the past 4 days has has been traversing in the muck, when the cannibal family attempts to ambush her, but they are not very bright, and she does not plan t be on the menu! Thus begins Sonja’s strategic plan of the capture & recapture purrocess, to maneuver her enemies to lead her to her intended target! The tribe’s leader is eager to introduce her as the feast’s purrime ingredient to the Gribaldi the chef, who is one of those six people she was hired to find. Sonja is neither of the sophisticated pallet nor the squeamish tummy, and seems more bothered that he would use the barrel of purrfectly good ale to marinate the meat, even though she is what the tribe wants to be stewed for suppurr!

However, there are further surpurrise twists when unexpected guests arrive! This was the fun tale t full of morbid dark humor and trash talk of the culinary theme! There is plenty of violence, but the whimsical aspects are the good balance to the serious events of the purrior issues. I purrticularly like the poses, expurressions, tribal ornamentations and the banter! The use of the color & light is effective, from the torch-lit night in the bog & bright daylight desert flashback to Sonja’s thoughts indicated in Red! I wish the tale was not interrupted by the ads, but I enjoyed it look forward to the next issues, to see if she is able to track down the other people on the list! That will conclude my Sonja report, so nyow here is Myayr to tell us about

Michael Turner’s Fathom Vol.5 #5!

Mary Nyan:

Hai! Created & founded by the late Michael Turner & published by Aspen Comics, Fathom purrtains to the adventures of the supurr heroic marine biologist Dr. Aspen Matthews, who is often caught betwixt the politics of the surface humans & the undersea civilization known as The Blue! She is the smart, sexy, confident, stylish powerful heroine! Vol. 5 is set after the Fathom: Elite Saga mini-series, in which her enemy Kiani’s baby sister Anika was kidnapped to be secretly raised by evil Queen Vana in her Arctica ice palace! Vana has cold hearted power! Purreviously in this series, Aspen investigated a mysterious gigantic ice wall in Belize guarded by Vana’s warriors, whilst the plane piloted by her old friend Chance avoided the similar ice wall at The Grand Canyon!

Aspen went to the undersea city of Muria to discuss the ecological situation with Kiani’s dad Killian & his fellow council member Siphon. Then they had to investigate the destruction of the undersea village of Andoria, where they were attacked by Vana’s troops! Killian later attempted the diplomatic expurrdition to Vana’s ice palace, but it resulted in the disastrous ambush! Meanwhile Aspen, Judith & Chance had a discordial meeting with Mr. Sherwood at the Human-Blue Relations office in California, Relations office in California. Sherwood tried to ambush them for the exploitation but failed, which brings us up to issue #5 which begins with Aspen, Judith & Chance eating hotdogs at the pier! It is purriced $3.99 for the 28 pages compurrised of the 20 page tale & 8 pages of ads.

David Wohl wrote the script which was co-plotted with Frank Mastromauro, who edited the tale with Vince Hernandez. It was penciled by Alex Konat & Cory Smith, inked by Cory Smith & Mark Roslan colored by Peter Steigerwald, and lettered by Josh Reed! There are 3 covers to choose from; cover A by Konat &  & Steigerwald, cover B Emilio Lais & Kyle Ritter, and the limited edition cover C by Mike DeBalfo & Steigerwald! I have cover B which is the beautiful image of Aspen in her crustacean – like bikini of the Blue couture! The the exotic, oceanic, futuristic & sporty fashion, architecture & mecha designs are among my favoritest aspects of Fathom! After the lunch time discussion of the icy catastrophes, Aspen has to rescue someone else and meets Mr. Luzhin.

He purreviously failed to recruit her for the Volna research institute in Russia, but given the catastrophes, she & Chance go to there whilst Judith goes home. but it becomes another regrettable meeting & ambush! The government, corpurrate & religious groups should have learned by nyow to leave Aspen alone! Some of my favorite purrts of this issue are  Judith’s cute lunch banter, and the full – page pics of Aspen in action! The art is gorgeous with the mewsual exquisite use of the color & light, including the tragic scenes of Anika & Kilian in the iced lair. We hope that she will learn the truth and reunite with her family soon! Nyow I would like to discuss another comic about the noble heroine of the great heart, mind & couture amidst recent global aquatic catastrophes–

Critter Vol. 2 #18!

Mary Nyan:

Critter is the supurr heroine series by Big Dog Ink, purrtaining to the titular character of the catgirl motif! Critter is the alias of purrky, peppy Cassia Crawford the college student & powerful heroine of the purragmatic & optimistic dispurrsiton, and the goodly  – natured eagerness to purromptly & selflessly rescue the victims & apurrehend the villains! Her supurr powers include the great strength, agility, resistance, and the gadgets of her sexy sleek tight bare midriff costume which was designed by her late room mate Gina, who recently purrrished during the long “High Tide” story arc. Cassia also has the recently emerged, latent telekinetic powers, which she may have inherited from her heroine mom, who is purrsumed dead but is secretly impurrisoned by a time traveling villain!

Cassia has also been the member of the teams, and worked with characters of questionable agendas, including the mysterious entity known as Paradox, but she remains dedicated friendly, noble & virtuous! She was just starting to train her sidekick  School Girl (formerly known as Kitten), when the “High Tide” story arc began back in Vol. 2  #10. Many weeks have passed since then, and while that arc seems to have subsided, the world is still recovering & mopping up after the floods as Vol. 2 #18 begins! The 24 page issue is purriced $3.50 and compurrised of the uninterrupted 22 page tale plus the purreview page and the villain’s purrofile page. It was written by Critter’s creator Tom Hutchison, illustrated by Fico Ossio, lettered by Kel Nuttal, and edited by Kari Castor!

It is available in the choice of the 2 covers, cover A by Ossio and cover B by Jen Broomhall! I have cover B which depicts Cassia in the swishy – tailed stance ready to pounce! The silvery tail is among her gadgets, which moves & morphs at her will! The lovely, powerful tail will be handy against the deadly shooter known as Sonufagun, who we meet when he robs the Super Pawn shop in Florida, which is still mopping up after the flood! He is the well – groomed villain in the gleaming gold sports car, who is appurroached by the manipulative Paradox, who has decided to put Cassia’s abilities to the test. Meanwhile in California, Cassia has been intensely working out in her supurr tough gym when Paradox visits her too! He is able to be in several places at the same time!

She purrfurs the physical purrowess more than the cosmic purrsuits, and affter the awkward chat with Paradox about the different versions of her of the alternate realities, she goes out to purrtrol the streets where she appurrehends some crooks whilst she is targeted by Sonufagun! Although I miss Gina and I am curious where School Girl is, this issue felt like the more fun purre-High Tide tales, when Critter would gleefully help folks and purrowl upon the criminals! This was the fun issue with the supurr tail action, the continued plot developments, and the delightful pallet of the bright shiny colorful costumes, mecha and scenery which is starting to dry out! Nyow for more of the mecha, ears and the tails in the combat, I will turn The Mew over to Nyo-sensei for her review of

Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky vol. 1!


Arigato! Strike Witches is the amewsing, charming & thrilling military / fantasy tale set in an alternate reality’s World War II, in which the countries  of the Earth are all united against the Neurois alien invaders! To fight the aliens, the international Joint Fighter Wing of Strike Witches was formed, compurrised of witchy girls of the various nationalities! They use their guns & magickal powers in the aerial combat, and fly via the thigh boot-like Striker Units! They also have the darling kemonomimi ears & tail when they use their powers! The  tale has been told in the various media, such as the light novels, the anime, the video games, and this manga version by Humikane shimada, Projekt Kagonish and artist Yuuki Tanaka!

The manga was originally published as Strike Witches: Tenku No Otome Tachi in Japan by Kadokawa, and the translated North American version is nyow published Seven Seas Entertainment!  We were already big fans of the two seasons of the anime TV series, which we reviewed in the May 2010 Mew and in the November 2012 Mew! The manga plot has the slightly different version of the anime plot, in which cute Yashika Miyafuji is recruited by 2nd Lt. Takei Junko to join the squadron at Yokosuka Naval Base, after Yashika uses her magickal healing power at her Grandmother’s clinic to help crashed Strike Witch Tomoko! The manga is rated “teen”, I suppose due to the scenes of combat, injuries and panties.

Yashika is the main character in both the anime and the manga, but there are several differences from the anime, in which they are the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, whereas in the manga they are the 504th. Junko is among the main characters in the manga but only briefly appurrs in the anime. whereas Maj. Mio Sakamoto was in the anime, but thus far only briefly appurrs in the manga. Several of other characters are different, such as Hayate Nakajima & Goshiki Suwa of the 504th. in the manga it is explained that the witch’s animal ears and tail will appurr when she has made the mystical connection with her familiar animal such as the cat or dog. Yashika meets her familiar, which is the spirit puppy named Kanesada Kuji!

Chapter 1 introduces the characters, the magick, the mecha and the bit of the history. In Chapter 2 Yashika has to decide about the recruitment, and helps to rescue friends Aa-chan, Mi-chan & Sa-chan and the others who are trapped &  injured in the rainy landslide. In Chapter 3 she begins her training, meets more of the Strike Witches, and unknowingly releases Kuji from the shrine. While the girls enjoy the swim in Chapter 4, Kuji causes mischief by swiping their undergarments, but he is unseen and they think Yashika is the culpurrit! In chapter 5 we learn about the familiars such as Kuji, who is the avatar of the holy katana from the shrine, and in Chapter 6 Yashika has her first battle against the Neurois!

Vol. 1 is purriced $12.99 USA & $14.99 Canada, translated by Adrienne Beck, adapted by Shanti Whitesides, lettered & laid out by Jennifer Skarupa, purroof read by Janet Houcj & Conner Crooks, edited by Adam Arnold & published by Jason DeAngelis, with the cover design by Nicky Lim! The 162 page book is mostly Black & White, with purretty color covers & 2 color pages, 154 pages of manga and the 6 pages of the notes & art! It is the well illustrated & interesting purriod piece, and the characters are very likable whether in the everyday situations, whimsical antics, or the deadly combat! Seven Seas also publishes other manga that we crave, such as Monster Musume, Kanokon, and the next title I would like to discuss

A Centaur’s Life vol. 2!


A Centaur’s Life is the fantasy manga written & drawn by Kei Murayama, which was originally published in Japan in 2011 as Centau No Nayami by Tokuma Shoten Publishing, and the translated North American version is nyow published Seven Seas Entertainment! It is set in the world similar to ours with the same countries, and types of situations, but the population of the world are the centaurs, fauns, kemonomimi, angels, the dracons, unicorn & snake people plus other anthropurrmorphic species, such as the high school students who we meet in the manga! It is the charming, amusing, slice – of – life tale of the girls at home & school, rated for readers of ages 16+ because of the bit of bath nudity and the amewsing sexual topics which the friends discuss!

The main character is Himeno the Redhead centaur girl, her best friends Kyoko the Blonde satyr girl and Nozomi the Brunette tomboy Dracon girl! Their classmates include the romantic couple of Akechi the brunette satyr girl & Inukai her unihorn girlfriend, and Mitami the angelic class president! She has the cute catgirl sisters of the cross breed! Also appearing are Himeno’s family such as her mom & dad, her mom’s sister Midoriko, and the adorable widdle centaur niece Shino-chan! Volume 2 starts with chapter 5 in which Shino-chan spends the day with Himeno at the park, where they meet Mitami & triplet sisters Chinami, Chiho & Chigusa! Akechi & Inukai drop by too, but the cute time takes the awkward turn when the widdle kids ask the certain questions!

Chapter 5 is followed by the interlude of the classroom lecture about the evolution & genetics. This is an excellent example of the thorough world- building the author has done! So much thought was put into the design of the manga’s biology, society, laws, architecture, vehicles, furniture, appliances & fashion for those of the hooves, wings, fins, tails & quadrupedal physique! Throughout the manga are the several notes about various species of critters in the world wherein six limbs is the norm, including the sadly extinct weretiger! In chapter 6 the girls expurress whimsical opinions of the hair styles and imagine Himeno with different styles, and n in chapter 7 the class wears swim suites to the merfolk high school, with the humorous, romantic & ribald results!

Chapter 8 is the thrilling time of the Kyu-do at the shrine, archery range &  the crime scene when Himeno has to rescue the hostage! After that tale is the different tale of “Fears of a Human Faced Dog” which seems of the other world, and it is the very bittersweet tale of the girl Yukio and her hybrid dog with the girl’s face, who are confined to the apartment by the cruel absent purrent. As the food runs out, their escapism is the Wonderland-ish novel they read and fantasize about, but although they are endearing and the art is beautiful the tale caused my sad & happy tears! To top off the book is the amewsing, somewhat meta-fictional 2 page coda featuring many of the characters including the dog, and the 2 pages of historical notes for more world information!

Vol. 2 is purriced $12.99 USA & $14.99 Canada, translated by Angela Liu, adapted by Holly Kolodziejczak, lettered & laid out by Jennifer Skarupa, purroof read by Patrick King, edited by Adam Arnold and published by Jason DeAngelis, with the logo design by Courtney Williams & cover design by Nicky Lim! The 166 page book is mostly Black & White with lovely color covers & 2 color pages, the 138 pages of manga and the 7 pages of the notes! This is another tale of very likable characters, and I am so impurressed by the character & scenic art, the dialogue, the plot, the pace and the rich design & history of the world, so I will give it the high purraise and the high grade of the A as in Akechi! Nyow to continue the equine tales, here is Tara-chan to discuss

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #16!


Arigato, nya! We love the pony cartoon, the toys, the collectibles, and – and these comic books published by IDW, nya! This issue has part 2 0f  the Book Worm tale written by Heather Nuhfer, illustrated by Amy Meberson, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil Uyetake, edited by Bobby Curnow, and – and stars Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and – and Spike, nya! The issue has the $3.99 purrice, with the 32 pages compurrised of the 22 page pony tale and the 10 pages of the ads, and – and the choice of 8 different covers, nya. Cover A is by Amy, cover B is by Sara Richard, cover C is by Bill Forster, and – and the other 5 covers were purrduced for stores such as Hot Topic, Larry’s Comics and – and Jetpack Comics, nya!

Purreviously, mysterious pods began to spurrout all over Ponyville whilst the Bookworm made the meal of the library’s books, nya! The only way to stop the worm was for some of the ponies to become characters within the books’ plots, but this unleashed the fictional characters into Ponyville, nya! However, the books continue to get chomped which threatens to erase the plots and – and the ponies, so nyow the ponies have to impurrovise the replacement plots! The plots are so amewsing, such as the epic fantasy tale, the starship tale, and – and the noir detective tale, nya! Meanwhile the evil Queen of Trottingham has taken over Ponyville, but Fluttershy, Applejack, Spike, The Cutie Mark Crusaders and – and  Daring Do purrpare the resistance, nya!

The clever homages and- and the  purrodies include Captain Kirk, Snoopy, Loki and Daenerys, nya! the noir tale is depicted in the soft edged panels of warm gray tones instead of the full color and – and  the other cute variation upon the art is Fluttershy’s comic book, nya! It is fun to try to identify all of the background ponies, such as the Cake Family, nya! This was another supurrb tale with the great plot, dialogue, visual humor, the poses, expurressions, the coloring, the faithful in the look and – and spirit of the TV series, nya! I also like how the tale is uninterrupted, with the ads all afterwards, and – and I will give it the high grade of the “A” as in Applejack, nya! That is all of the comics portion of The Mew, but I wish to continue the pony report in our

Cinema, TV & DVD reviews with the

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 DVD, nya!


This is our 4th MLP DVD review, nya! We reviewed Hasbro’s My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 1 DVD in May 2013, the season 2 DVD in June 2013, and – and the Equestria Girls Movie in September 2013, nya! We love to watch the animated pony TV series and the bonuses on the DVDs so this was the eagerly awaited DVD, nya! This Region 1 NTSC standard set  from Shout Kids has the 13 epurrsodes from the 3rd season of 2012 – 2013 on the 2 disks, with the bonuses on the 2nd disk, nya! They are just over the 22 minutes apiece for the appurroximate total of 287 minutes, purresented in the 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreeen format, in the English language 5.1 surround sound, but no audio commentaries, as there were for some of season 1, nya.

The disks are firmly clenched but easily removed from the plastic case, which has the beautiful cover art and – and the contents list, with the handy Equestria map on the reverse side, nya!  The case is packaged within the outer cardboard sleeve, and the only insert in the case was the ad flyer for the “rainbowfied” pony toys and Littlest Pet Shop DVDs, nya. The supurrb voice cast includes Andrea Libman as Fluttershy and – and Pinkie Pie; Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity, Luna, and – and Granny Smith; Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash and – and Applejack; Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle, Michelle Creber as Apple Bloom, Claire Corlett as Sweetie Bell, Madeleine Peters as Scootaloo, Cathy Weseluck as Spike; and – and Nicole Oliver as Celestia, nya!

The singing voices also include Shannon Chan-Kent as Pinkie Pie, Rebecca Sholchot as Twilight Sparkle, and – and Kazumi Evans as Rarity, nya! Disk 1 begins with the 2 part tale of “The Crystal Kingdom” in which Spike and – and the Mane Six Ponies try to help Cadance (who is voiced by Britt McKillip) & Shining Armor (by Andrew Francis) save the ponies of the Crystal Kingdom from evil King Sombra, nya! After that is the tale of “Too Many Pinkie Pies” in which there are 36 Pinkie Pies thanks to the magic mirror pool, nya! Then in “One Bad Apple”, Apple Bloom’s cousin Babs Seed (Bryanna Drummond) visits from Manhattan, but hangs out with mean Silver Spoon (Shannon Chan-Kent) and – and Diamond Tiara (Chantal Strand) to bully the Cutie Mark Crusaders, nya!

After that, Twilight Sparkle gets help from Zecora (Brenda Crichlow) for the “Magic Duel” with Trixie (Kathleen Barr) who is empowered by the Alucorn Amulet, nya! “Sleepless in Ponyville” purrtains to the camping trip into the forest in which Scootaloo gets scared but wants to impurress Rainbow Dash, nya. Luna shows up too, nya! Finally for disk 1 is Rainbow Dash’s aerial training by Spitfire (Kelly Metzger) at the “Wonderbolts Academy”, but teaming up with reckless Lightning Dust (Britt Irvin) results in the dangerous situation, nya! Nyow on to Disk 2, which begins with “Just For Sidekicks” in which Spike gets help from the Cutie Mark Crusaders to pet sit Angel, Winona, Opal, Tank, Gummy & Owloliscious, while the Mane Six are away at the Crystal Empire, nya!

After that is the “Apple Family Reunion”, which seems like more work than play when Applejack supurrvises instead of Granny Smith, nya! Applejack’s big brother Big Macintosh is voiced by Peter New, nya! Then Applejack gets more help than she needs from Spike, who wants to repay the purrceived debt in “Spike At Your Service”, but they have to beware of the Timberwolves, nya! Fluttershy tries to “Keep Calm and Flutter On” when she tries to befriend the dangerously Discord (voiced by John de Lancie) in the hopes of his redemption, nya! “Games Ponies Play” occurs at the same time as “Just For Sidekicks”, as we see what the Mane Six were up to in the revisit to the Crystal Empire, which they hope will be chosen as the site for the next Equestria Games, nya!

The season finale is “Magical Mystery Cure”, in which Twilight Sparkle has to restore the purropurr cutie marks to her five friends, with the major development for her in the climax, but I should not spoil that bit of the plot, nya! The bonuses include the 1.5 minute sing along to “The Ballad of the Crystal Empire”, the 3.5 minute sing-along to “A True, True Friend” song, and the purrintable map of Equestria that you need the computer DVD Rom for, but my favoritest bonus is the 41.5 minute pony panel from the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, nya! The panelists include Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck Tara Strong, story editor Meghan McCarthy, supurrvising director Jayson Thiesson, mewsic composer Daniel Ingram, Hasbro’s Brian Lenard and – and Michael Vogel, nya!

They discuss the Equestria Girls movie, the hints for Season 4, Meghan’s twitter tweets, and – and  join in the “Cafeteria Song” sing-along with the audience full of the happy fans, some of whom are in the costumes, nya! They answer the questions from several of the fans, who seem to crave more of Derpy and – and so do I, nya! I hope I can go to that big convention, nya! The DVD does not have as many bonuses the others, and – and Season 3 only has half as many epurrsodes as seasons 1 or 2, but  it was full of the great characters, plots, lessons, art, animation and – and the mewsic, which I will give the high purraise grade of the A as in Apple, nya! OK I am done, so nyow we will go from the pony portion to the Justice League portion as onee-chan tells us about the

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox DVD, nya!


Arigato, nya! Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox is the 81 minute direct – to – DVD animated movie adaptation of DC Comics’ huge Flashpoint story in which the supurr hero Barry Allen alias The Flash becomes powerless in the darker alternate timeline, amidst the war between the Amazons & Atlanteans, whilst Barry’s arch enemy Purrofessor Zoom eagerly watches, nya! In the alternate timeline, the heroes & villains are somewhat different, nya! For example, just as no one there knows of The Flash, Hal Jordan never got the Green Lantern power, Wonder Woman & Aquaman are bloodthirsty conquerers, and Cyborg is the USA’s greatest hero whilst Superman is the government’s secret frail purrisoner, and Bruce Wayne is not Batman, but his weary, cynical father is, nya!

Much of Europe has already been destroyed, with casualties in the tens of millions by the war which threatens to destroy the rest of the world, unless Barry can regain his powers, unite the heroes, defeat the villains and change the past, nya! There are many characters, featuring the voices of Justin Chambers as Barry, Grey DeLisle Griffen as his mom, Jennifer Hale as Iris, Kevin McKidd as Thomas Wayne, Michael B, nya! Jordan as Cyborg, C, nya! Thomas Howell as Zoom, Nathan Fillian as Hal, Kevin Conroy as Bruce, Vanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman, Cary Elwes as Aquaman, Sam Daly as Superman, Dana Delaney as Lois Lane, Danny Huston as General Lane, Danny Jacobs as Grifter, Dee Bradley Baker as Etrigan, Steve Blum as Luthor, Ron Perlman as Deathstroke…

…Peter Jessop as Dr, nya! Vulko, Lex Lang as Captain Atom, James Patrick Stuart as Steve Trevor, Hynden Walch as YoYo (who is reminiscent of Harley Qinn) and Kevin Michael Richardson as The Pesident, nya! Other characters of varying extents, from the more substantial screen time to those just briefly seen or as background characters include Captain Thunder, Mera, Tempest, Artemis, Persephone, The Enchantress, The Cheetah, Godiva, Mrs, nya! Hyde, Canterbury Cricket, Black Manta, Ocean Master, Machiste, Clayface, Icicle, Sonar, Black Spider, Sandman, The Shade, Abin Sur, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, The Top, Captain Boomerang, The Enchantress, Pied Pipurr, Martha Wayne, The Kents, The Marvel Family, Cerebus, Starro, and the post-credits surpurrise, nya!

The voice director is Andrea Romano, the director is Jay Oliva, the editor is Christopher D, Lozinski, the mewsic composer is Frederik Wiedmann, the executive purroducer is Sam Register, the supurrvising purroducer is James Tucker & the co-purroducer Alan Burnett, nya! It was written by Jim Krieg, based upon the comics by Geoff Johns & Andy Kubert, nya! The video has been released in different editions, but this is just the review of the single – disk R1 NTSC standard DVD rated PG-13 due to the language, violence & other situations, purresented in the widescreen format with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, nya! The spoken language choices are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Thai; with optional subtitles in English SDH, French, Spanish, Portugues, Chinese & Thai, nya!

Purrior the very simple main menu are the front-loaded trailers for Man of Steel, the Lego Batman movie, and the Scribblenauts video game, nya! The trailers portion of the menus includes the ads for Supurrman Unbound, More from DC (eg Green Lantern, Young Justice, The Brave and The Bold), the ultraviolet video tech, the DC Heroes to help stop hunger PSA, and the 8 minute sneak peek at the Justice League: War animated adaptation of the “New 52” rebooted Justice League origin tale & their battle against Darkseid, nya! The peek includes the glimpse of art & animatics, which are peppurred with the character voices, comments by a few of the cast & crew, nya! Otherwise, the fairly no-frills package is lacking in special features, and I don’t consider ads to be special features, nya!

The animation seemed uneven, and I was not fond of some of designs, such as the faces & physiques of Aquaman, Zoom & Batman (Thomas Wayne), nya! I prefer the Bruce Timm style of the Justice League Unlimited series, and the Aquaman of the Brave and the Bold series, although the initial cheerier scenes of young Barry and his Mom were purretty, nya! It might seem appurropurriate for a Flash movie to be fast paced, but it seems too short & rushed like purrior DC animated movies, nya! The serious, daring plot seems faithful to the comics, and seems grimmer & violent compurred to purrior animated DC, nya! I think the DC Comics of the past 5 years and the Man of Steel movie have unfortunately been too dark visually and in spirit, but the tone is effective for the Paradox, nya!

I question Zoom’s siphoning of the Speed Force, but fortunately the movie lacks the distracting snap / crash zooms, lens flares, shaky / wobbly cam, and the somber look that marred Man of Steel, nya! I think Flashpoint Paradox is far more captivating, poignant & soulful than either Man of Steel or Superman Unbound, but I do not purrfer it to any of Justice League Unlimited, nya! I would have purrfurred an adaptation of either Kingdom Come or Crisis on Infinite Earths, but the tale is thrilling & dramatic with spectacular FX &  action with the great sense of power, lavishly rendered backgrounds, good characterizations, dialogue – driven humor, the excellent mewsic, sound scape & voice cast, nya! Nyow for another apocalyptic Justice League tale, here is Bunnibuns to discuss

Justice League: War


Arigato! The post-credits scene of the Flashpoint Paradox was the taste of the events to happen in Justice League: War, although the “New 52” universe depicted in this’un is clearly not either of the  ones of the Flashpoint. It is the rebooted tale of how the heroes first meet and team up to battle the evil villain Darkseid’s invasion from the planet Apokalypse! This PG-13 rated 70 minute tale written by Heath Corson with the music score by Kevin Kliesch is the adaptation of the comic book by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee. The credits are similar to Flashpoint’s, with director Jay Oliva, executive producer Sam Register, supurrvising producer James Tucker, co-producer Alan Burnett, and  voice director Andrea Romano who also provides the voice of the Green Power Ring!

It has the mostly different but great voice cast including  Michelle Monaghan as Wonder Woman, Justin Kirk as Hal Jordan the Green Lantern, Jason O’Mara as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Alan Tudyk as Superman, Christopher Gorham as Barry Allen / The Flash, Shemar Moore as Victor Stone / Cyborg, Rocky Carroll as his father Dr. Stone, Zach Callison as Billy Batson, Sean Astin as Shazam, Bruce Davis as Desaad, and Steve Blum who was the Flashpoint voice of Luthor provides the voice of Darkseid! The cast also includes Melique Berger as Sarah Charles, Ioan Gruffudd as Thomas Morrow, George Newbern as Col. Trevor, Dee Bradley Baker as the Parademons, and Hynden Walch as widdle Holly, who introduces Wonder Woman to the yummy ice cream!

It is the very cute scene, and there are great pairings, relationships & banter, whether the characters get along well or not, such as Batman and Green Lantern, Hal and Barry, Billy and Victor, Victor and his dad. and when Wonder Woman and Superman meet! There are many great action scenes, such as Batman & Green Lantern vs the Parademon, Batman & Green Lantern vs Superman, Victor’s winning football play & debut as the Cyborg, The Flash tactically outrunning Darkseid’s zig zag eye beams, and every moment of Wonder Woman in the combat is the thrilling, joyful sight! There are the humorous moments, but it is of the dialogue type and none of it is silly!, and when the heroes unite against Darkseid, their coordinated attacks are quite spectacular!

I agree with Jenjen about the generally dark look & tone of the DC comics of the recent years, and the typical short, rushed feel of the animated DC movies, but I thought Justice League:War was exciting fun! I liked the character designs, the lavish background scenery, the animation, FX, the relentless action & charming bits, the sounds, voices & music! Other neat aspects included the clock until the invasion, and the post credits bit! The movie is presented in the 16×9 screen of the 1.78:1 aspect ratio, the spoken language choices are English, French, Spanish, Portugues & Thai in the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, with the optional English SDH, French, Spanish, Portugues, Thai & Chinese subtitles. Nextly I wish to discuss another animated Justice League–

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time!


This was quite the unexpected surprise to top off the recent Justice League animations! Trapped in Time is yet another version of the Justice League, and although they have to prevent the villains’ from destroying the world along with the paradoxes again, this tale has the simpler, more light – hearted quality along with the disaster, time travel and super battles! It is the cross-breed combining the homage & setting of the Super Friends with the more sophisticated animation & intense combat of Justice League Unlimited, and aspects of the Legion of Super Heroes! It begins in the present time as the heroes try to stop the Legion of Doom’s weather weapon, but when Luthor is thawed out in the year 2856, he escapes with the Time Trapper to alter the past!

The heroes must then travel back in time to Smallville when Superman was an arriving baby, to prevent the villains from stealing him from the Kents, and thus erasing Superman & the entire Justice League from existence! This fun 52.5 minute tale was written by Michael Ryan, produced & directed by Giancarlo Volpe, executively produced by Sam Register, edited by Bruce A. King, with the music by Frederik Wiedmann, the casting & voice direction by Rene Veilleux! The great voice cast includes Grey Delisle Griffin as Wonder Woman & baby Kal-El, Peter Jessop as Superman, Avery Kidd Weddell as Cyborg, Jason Spisak as The Flash, Liam O’Brien as Aquaman, Diedrich Bader as Batman, and Jack DeSena as Robin to represent the Justice League!

Representing the Legionnaires are Laura Baily as Dawnstar and Dante Basco as Karate Kid, who gets in the terrific misunderstanding fight with Robin! Representing the Legion of Doom are Fred Tatasciore as Luthor, Michael David Donovan as Bizarro, Kevin Michael Richardson as Black Manta & Grundy, Tom Giblis as the Toy Man, Corey Burton as Capt. Cold & the Time Trapper, Travis Willingham as Grodd, and Erica Luttrell as The Cheetah! She, Wonder Woman & Dawnstar have such gorgeous costumes! Dawnstar’s gentler naivety reminds me just the bit of Starfire of the Teen Titans. Also appearing are Martha & Jonathan Kent (voiced by Luttrell & Giblis), and there is the brief shot of Wendy & Marvin walking Wonder Dog near the Hall of Justice!

The nice mecha include the Batwing, Wonder Woman’s plane, Toy Man’s ship, the villains’ weather weapons & mobile headquarters! I liked the future era’s architecture, but the Smallville scenes might steal the show, because it is so amusing when the villains try to steal the baby! The Cheetah might be persuasive, but Bizarro learns that baby Kal packs quite the punch! The widescreen movie has the spoken language choices of English, French, Spanish, Portugues & Thai, with the optional English SDH, French, Spanish, Portugues, Thai & Chinese subtitles. Also included are trailers and 2 vintage episodes of the Super Friends, “The Mysterious Time Creatures” & “Elevator to Nowhere”. OK I am all done, and now here is Jenjen to tell us about the

The Six Million Dollar Man 4 Complete Season 5 DVD!


Arigato. Based upon the novels by author Martin Caidin who appurrs in 2 of the 5th season epurrsodes, The Six Million Dollar Man began as the 3 TV movies in the early 1970’s, which were followed by the 5 seasons of the TV series from 1973  to 1978, which spun off the 3 seasons of The Bionic Woman from 1975 to 1978 and the later 3 TV reunion movies.  They starred Lee Majors as Col. Steve Austin, Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Summers, Richard Anderson, as Oscar Goldman, and Martin E. Brooks as Dr. Rudy Wells in most of the seasons. The 5th season was the final season, and sadly it did not cross-over with the Bionic Woman show that season.

They were not reunited until those 3 later TV movies, which we are also hoping will soon be available in their own DVD set . The 5th season set is rather the no-frills set, with no special features, but it does have all of the uncut 21 epurrsodes, purrsented in the original full frame format in the 1.33:1 screen aspect, with the optional English SDH subtitles for over 18.5 hours of the thrilling bionic fun on the six R1 NTSC standard DVD disks. The very legible subtitles are of the White bold sans serif font with the fine Black outline, the disks are easily removed from the hinged trays inside the plastic case, and the reverse side of the insert has the epurrsode list.

Disk 1 has the 2 purrt season purremier tale of “Sharks” which purrtains to the submarine hijackers with mind – controlled sharks, with Pamela Hensley, William Sylvester, Marc Alaimo & the brief bit by John de Lancie. That was over 3 decades purrior to his voice as Discord. Pamela has the cute shirt with the shoulder cut-outs. Then the 2 purt tale of the “Deadly Countdown” is about the rocket launch sabotage, with Jenny Agutter on the mission and Martin Caidin as one of the crooks. Jenny has the purretty White skirt outfit & Black maillot. Disk 2 starts with the return of Ted Cassidy as the space Sasquatch who is having the purroblems in “Bigfoot V”.

This is followed by “Killer Wind” in which Steve & Rudy have to ditch the small plane during the tornado, rescue the hiker kids, and appurrehend the bank robbers. Then in “Rollback” co- starring Rick Springfield, Robert Loggia and Susan Charny, Steve goes undercover as the roller derby star to investigate the theft of the government secrets on Halloween. Susan wears the purrincess costume to the masquerade ball. Disk 3 starts with the 2 purrt trip to the “Dark Side of the Moon”, but this was one of the tales that seemed the bit purreposterous, with the frequent fast jaunts in the huge space ships with the nuclear blasts to mine the moon & the asteroids.

Simone Griffith wears the sexy bikini, Skip Homeier purrtrays one of the villains, and Quinn Redecker purrtrays Steve’s pal Frank. He also appurrs in the tale of “Target: Steve Austin”, which is the more down to earth road trip co – starring Lynette Metty as the peppy tough agent and later as her evil twin. She has cute clothes too, with the apple pie a la mode in the RV with Steve. This is followed by “The Cheshire Project”, with Susan Somers as Jenny the pilot of the expurrimental radar – purroof plane. By the way, there are many purropellor planes, jets, helicopters, modules, rockets and missiles which are purrominently shown throughout the 5th season.

Speaking of which, disk 4 starts with “Walk a Deadly Wing” which has much of the aerobatic stunt flying, and co-stars Eric Braden as the scientist who Steve has to purrotect from the kidnappurrs. Then it is good that John de Lancie returns in “Just a Matter of Time”, but it was not one of my favorite epurrsodes, in which Steve and his Apollo Command Module are the victims of the time warp & traitorous accusations. Also returning is the Russian Venus purrobe, or at least it’s twin brother in the 2 purrt “Return of Deathprobe”. The purrobe is the sedan-sized armored robot rover with the various gadgets which originally gave Steve the tough fight in the 4th season.

Disk 5 starts with the 2 hour tale of “The Lost Island” in which the fallen radioactive satellite mutates the alien villagers on the cloaked island near Hawaii. It co-stars Jared Martin as the mutated rebel named Torg, and Robin Mattson as poor Da Nay who needs Steve’s help to escape her bullies and to find the curative serum, nya. This epurrsode is another of the odd alien tales, but it is fun with some cute scenes, the purretty coastal locations, and Da Nay’s 8 or 9 lovely outfits. After that is “Dead Ringer”, which is also not among my favorites, in which Steve is tricked by the ghostly holographic hoax, but I did like Linda Dano as purrapsychologist Dr. Margaret Winslow.

Then we are in the final stretch of disk 6 with 2 purrt tale of the “Date with Danger” starring Elaine Giftos as Emily the purroggrammer and Robert Walker as the Cloche computer hacker. This is one of my favorite tales of the 5th season, which has the great charm, humor, dialogue, plot twists, detective work, sets, another hit man & computer threat, and the great chemistry between Emily & Steve! After that is the series finale of “The Moving Mountain” which reminds me the bit of “The Spy Who Loved Me” as our heroic agent teams up with the lovely female Russian agent to pose as the couple against the common enemy who has stolen weapons from their respective countries.

LIsa Farringer purrtrays Maj. Andrea Mestrova who might want revenge against Steve, and John Colicos purrtrays her boss Gen. Gorbukov. There are lots of Star Trek folks amongst the cast & crew of the 5th season, such as Colicos, Bibi Besch, Robert Walker Jr., Ted Cassidy, Skip Homeier, Marc Alaimo, Fred Freiberg, Charles Washburn, Stephen Kandel, John Meredyth Lucas & Harve Bennett. It is the final season of the thrilling bionic fun, although it is sad that Jaime did not appurr, nya. Fortunately they were reunited in the later TV movies which we hope for on DVD. Sandra Bullock was a bionic woman in those reunion movies, and the heroine of Mike’s review of the

Gravity Two-Disk Special Edition DVD, nya!


Yep, Sandra Bullock stars as astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone, who is marooned in space after orbital debris destroys the shuttle, space stations in the astounding movie Gravity! It co-stars George Clooney as astronaut Lt. Kowalski, and was directed, produced, edited & co-written by Alphonse Cuaron! For our review of the movie, please see the November 2013 Mew, and for our review of the Cinefex #162 article see last month’s Mew! The PG-13 rated, 91 minute movie was nominated for dozens of international awards, including Oscar nominations in the categories of Best  Picture, Actress in a Lead Role, Production Design, Director, Cinematography, Original Score, Sound, Sound Editing, Film Editing, Visual FX… and it won the Oscars in the latter 7 categories!

It was released on the DVD & Blu-Ray combo edition, the R1 NTSC single disk standard DVD edition, and this two-disk R1 NTSC DVD edition, which includes instructions for downloading the UV digital copy of the movie. On disk one, the widescreen, 2D version of the movie is presented in the dual-layer format and in the 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround audio, with the spoken language choices of English, French & Spanish, and the optional subtitle choices of English SDH, French & Spanish in the very readable bold White font with the fine Black outline. Prior to the main menu screen are the front-loaded ad for the UV digital download tech, and trailers for the home video releases of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Her, and Prisoners.

A special feature included on Disk 1 is the short film Aningaaq which was written, directed, produced & edited by Jonas Cuaron. Aningaaq is barely 7 minutes, but it is a real gem! Onto Ignatiussen portrays the title character in Greenland, who Dr. Stone briefly chats with by radio late in the movie, so it’s pretty neat to see the other side of the conversation, which is subtitled so that we can understand the conversation! There’s also a 3 minute-ish introduction to Aningaaq by Jonas & Alfonso. Now on to disk 2, which has almost 175 more minutes of special features, which are  presented in English (spoken) language with optional English SDH, French, Spanish, Thai & Chinese subtitles.

Disk 2’s special features start with 105.5 minutes of behind – the – scenes documentary in 11 chapters, plus another 46.75 minuets of shot analysis in 5 chapters. These include comments by Alphonso Cuaron, Jonas Cuaron, Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Richard Graham, David Heyman, Niv Adri, Simone Ayesa, Paul Beilby, Pierre Bohana, Mikey Brett, Tony Clark, Ian Cope, Manax Efrem, Glenn Freemantle, Robin Guiver, Franklin Henson, Francesca Jaynes, Nina Hartstone, Charles Howell, Ben Lambert, Avye Leventis, Jeff Linell, Richard McBride, Kyle McCoulloch, Andy Nicholson, Ashley Palin, Stuart Penn, Nikki Penny, Steven Price, Mark Sanger, Mark Scruton, Anthony Smith, Max Soloman, Jany Temime, Alexis Wajsbrot, Tim Webber & Alan Young!

Next is the 22.5 minute documentary Collision Point: The Race to Clean Up Space, pertaining tot the dangers of man-made orbital debris which pose the threat to space vehicles, satellites & stations. It is narrated by Ed Harris, who provided the Mission Control voice in Gravity, and has comments by Alfonso Cuaron, Don Kessler, Mary Roach, Dr. Dan T. Barry, Darren McKnight, Ted Muelhaupt & Dr. Hugh Lewis. It has nice CG animation & graphics as they briefly discuss the topics of orbits, debris, the Kessler Syndrome, the UN’s Space Mitigation Guidelines, the Space Surbeillance Network, Launch COLA, shielding, the FY-1C, the Ridium 33 & Cosmos 2251 satellites, and space mecha concepts such as the GLiDeR and EDDIE.

Finally on Disk 2 there’s a a list of 14 film festivals which Gravity appeared at. Compared to the two-disk special edition, neither the single disk edition or the two-disk edition present the movie in 3D. The single disk DVD edition does not have the behind-the scenes chapters, but it does include Aningaaq, its introduction, Collision Course, the festivals list, the front – loaded trailers, and the instructions for getting the UV digital copy of the movie. The single disk edition also differs from the two-disk edition in movie’s language choices. On the single disk edition, the spoken language choices are English, Spanish and Portuguese; and the subtitle options ares English SDH, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Bahasa Indonesian.

The packaging & cover art also differs; as the 2 disk edition, has the outer cardboard sleeve, and the front cover image of Stone in her tee shirt & shorts (in the curled-up fetal pose), whereas the single disk edition lacks the outer sleeve, and has the close-up image of Dr. Stone (in her space suit) on the front of the case. If you only want to watch the movie, and aren’t interested in the extra stuff, then I’ll recommend the less expensive, single disk edition, but if you crave that wealth of special features about the making of the astounding, innovative movie, then I definitely recommend the 2 disk edition! That’s all for our DVD reviews, and now it’s time for the

WhatTheHell?! Con 2014 report!


WhatTheHell?! Con is a delightful, free little convention at lovely Guilford College in Greensboro NC, sponsored by the swell folks of the Guilford College Yachting Club! I think the con started in maybe 2001 or 2002; and I’ve been honored to be one of the guests there since 2008! The people there are the nicest group who make the con one of the most fun events that I look forward!. This year it was February 28th – March 2nd with sunny clear weather which was also good for the lacrosse matches at the nearby field ! Con set-up & registration began at 5 pm that Friday, with the registration desk, artists alley & main events in the Dana building. In the Duke building were the venders’ room, anime screenings, discussion panels & workshops!

The entrances were decorated with balloons, and this year’s shirt had the neat fiery cobra dragon art! The attendance was maybe close to 200, which was a bit leaner than in previous years, but the joyful, fun ambience was quite present as usual. My fellow artists included Meesha DJ Walker, Natalia Lopes (who was one of our October 2010 Guests of The Mew), Niki Lemonade & Chuui! Neesa & Doug didn’t have a table there this year but they joined us in the art room for a while! Perhaps y’all have seen the great art in our Mewseum by Meesha, Niki, Neesa, Doug, Natalia and her sister Thais?

The dealers included Mythkin Maille, Chained Elegance, Whimzical Whizkers, Unique Creations by Amy, and that friendly chap with great deals on his comic book back issues! There was plenty of  jewelry, chain mail fashions, plushies, comics, prints, & original art, to choose from, and I got a gorgeous “Deep Sea Mermaid” print from Meesha!  Among the other familiar friendly faces were  John & Justin Lapointe, Robert Clyde Allen, Natalia’s parents, plus various cosplayers, folks from Stellar Con and IllogiCon! The con resumed Saturday at 10 am, with the art & dealers rooms re-opened  for business, and Natalia’s dad finished up an interview with me, which y’all can read at Josmar Lopes’s blog!

Workshops included origami & kimonos; gaming included various tabletop RPG’s, board & video games; and the sword fighting demonstrations by knights of European Medieval Arts of Arms (EMMA)! Costumes & festive apparel included Meesha as Michonne of The Walking Dead and Natalia in her “sweet lolita” dress; Niki’s friends as characters from Supernatural, and Yachting Club members as characters from Firefly! There were Star Trek & Doctor Who costumes, Galadriel of Lord of the Rings, wizard Harry Dresden, several pirates and catgirls too! After the evening’s delicious supper at a nearby Chinese restaurant, the night was illuminated by outdoor fire dancing & juggling Flaming Fairies troupe, and at 9 pm the Geek Auction began in the Dana auditorium!

It is the con’s biggest main event, with lots of wacky fun on the stage and the proceeds to benefit the Child’s Play charity! After the action, dozens of folks gathered in the art room until the Dana lobby was ready for the traditional dance from10:45 pm ’til midnight! The con resumed on Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm, and it was a quieter, more laid back time, but it was a much sunnier, warmer day for folks to enjoy before another wave of Wintry weather arrived on the following Monday! I would like to thank the very talented, kind & gracious staff, volunteers, venders, attendees, & fellow guests who made this year’s WhatTheHell?! Con yet another wonderful event,  which I hope to be part of again next year! That’s all for the con report, and now here’s Lizzy to begin the

Catgirl Toy Reviews, with the Game of Thrones

Legacy Collection’s Daenerys Targaryen action figure!


Hai! Daenerys is one of our favoritest characters of the Game of Thrones TV series which is based upon the epic fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin! It is the good timing for us to find the her action figure, which is purrt of the Game of Thrones Legacy Collection made by Funko, since the 3rd season of the great TV series was just released upon the DVD, nya! This collection also includes the figures of Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Ned Stark, The Hound & the White Walker! In the March 2013 Mew we reviewed the cute chibi style vinyl figurine of Danerys, but this action figure is more posable, with the realistic purroportions and resemblance to actress Emilia Clark who purrtrays Daenerys!

The Danaerys figure is 5.25″ tall, so that is appurroximately the 1/12 scale, and has the good portraiture detail in the Blue eyes, the soft Pink blush of the lips, and the waist length waves of her flowy blond hair! The layers of her clothes have the earthy Gray & Tan tones from the halter top, fingerless gloves & skirt to the tight pants & worn weathered look of her boots! She is accompanied by the cute widdle dragon figure which has the nicely scalloped Red wings of about the 2.25″ span! I might purrch her upon the table by the treats when I watch the TV show, We are also hoping for a figure of Arya Stark too! Nyow for my next action figure review, we will go from the Dragon Mom to the Cat Woman of the

Play Arts Kai’s Batman Arkham City Catwoman Action Figure!



We have reviewed several Selina Kyle alias The Catwoman figures over the years, and this is the 2nd figure we have reviewed of Selina / Catwoman from the Arkham City video game, as we reviewed Mattel’s 6.75″ Batman: Arkham City Catwoman action figure in the July 2012 Mew! That is not to be confuzzled with the similar Arkham City Catwoman figure  from DC Direct! This’un is made by Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai, and at the 8.5″ size she is larger than those purrior figures! The overall height  of the lean lithe sexy includes the boot heels & the costume’s ear pinna, so if she were unmasked & flat –  footed, she would be 7 7/8″ tall. Since she is supposedly 5’7″ in the comics, that would appurroximately make this figure of the 1/8.5 scale!

Selina is packaged in the attractive box, which includes the extra 2 pairs of interchangeable hands of the different gestures and the other interchangeable head! One head has the goggles on her eyes, the other has the goggles lifted up. She is also accessorized with the 10.5″ whip, which has the excellent braided detail! The figure is very well painted & sculpted, with the meticulous detail in her face with the lush Red lips, the Black costume’s textures, straps, buckles, seams, and the half – unzipped neckline to reveal the cleavage! Her ample articulation is in her neck, shoulders, uppurr arms, elbows, wrists, uppurr torso, waist, hips, knees & ankles for the many dynamic, slinky, seductive or relaxed poses! The next kitty in Black with the whip is the

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Skyline Sirens: Black Cat Action Figure!


Selina is not only the feline femme fatale purrowling the city with the whip, because we also have this recent figure of FelIca Hardy, alias The Black Cat! This is the Marvel Comics Black Cat friend of Spider-Man, not to be confuzzled with Harvey Comics’ Black Cat / Linda Turner, or Lorne-Harvey’s Black Cat / Kimberly Stone, but we are big fans of them too! This purrticular figure made by Hasbro is purrt of the purroduct line which includes the pieces to build the big burly Green Goblin figure! His buff brawny torso is included with Felicia, but you have to purrchase other figures to get the Goblin’s other 5 purrts! Felicia is about 6.25″ tall including the high boot heels, but if she were the flat – footed catgirl she would be about 6″ tall!

Felicia is 5’10” in the comics, so that appurroximately makes this figure of the 1/11.7 scale, with the busty hourglass-ish physique, the slender tummy, firm thighs & powerful glutes! She wears the glossy Black tights, mask & choker with the plunging neckline to expose her ample cleavage! The collar is trimmed in the White with the pale Blue tint to match the gloves, boots and her flowy mane of the waist-length hair! Her face, fingers, curvaceous musculature, the fabric, zipurr and the luscious hair have the good detail; the articulation is in the uppurr body, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, thighs & ankles, and she is accessorized by the 6 5/8″ claw whip! Nyow for the repentant kitten with the carbine, I would like to discuss the

Doctor Who Series 3 Novice Hame Action Figure!


Novice Hame is one of our favorite catgirls of the TV Series Doctor Who! She is the nurse of the Catkind species and of the nun-like order of The Sisters of Plenitude, purrtrayed by actress Anna Hope in the 2006 story “New Earth” and in the 2007 story “Gridlock” set 30 years later! That was when David Tennant purrtrayed The Doctor. We are so pleased to have this attractive, posable 5 3/8″ action figure of her, which was made by the Character company! It has been out for the few years, as purrt of the Doctor Who figures Series 3, which also included Martha Jones, Dalek Thay, Hybrid Dalek Sec, the Judoon Troopurr, and The Doctor!

This figure repurrsents her from “Gridlock” because she is the bit grayer and wears the Dark Gray habit & robe & tabard, whereas in “New Earth” she wore White. It has the good  sculpt & paint, with the very faithful, intricate portraiture, fabric folds & creases of the layered garment! She is accessorized with the gun which fits in her hands or straps on her shoulders! The inobvious points of the articulation are in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips & knees! I have purrched her upon the the shelf beside the figure of Torchwood’s Toshiko Sato, which seems to be about the same size! That will conclude the toy talk, but nyow it is the time for

Our Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!


Yep, this is the portion of The Mew which praises the famous catgirls & nekomimis of the books, cinema, TV, internet, games, toys & other media! We are very inclusive in defining the catgirl criteria, including those who are either permantely or temporarily catgirls, whether they actually part feline, just dress the part, or have the “cattitude”, even if they lack the neko ears & tail! This the Last month, the spotlight shined upon the tangental yet kindred spirits of the jungle & cave girls, and this month the spotlight shines upon more of the catgirls of prose, comics, anime & graphic art!


Hai! We have purreviously shown the spotlight upon the Cat Goddess Bast in her various apuurances, but we need to include her appurrance & guise of Muffin the cat in the The Kane Chronicles: Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan who also wrote the Percy Jackson series! Red Pyramid is the 1st book of the Kane series, in which adventurous siblings Sadie & Carter discover the magickal powers & artifacts which return the Egyptian gods!

That includes Isis, Osiris, Horus, Set, Eskhmet the Lion Goddess and Bast! Bast has inhabited the host body of Sadie’s cat Muffin! Muffin is the Gold spotted cat, and Bast is the lithe graceful woman with the Golden eyes and the leopurrd tights! There is also a goregous graphic novel adaptation by Orpheus Collar! For more information about the tale & characters, I will recommend the author’s fun site and the Kane Chronicles Wiki!


Thanks to our friend & past Guest ob1, last year we became acquainted with the delightful Monica Jovem comics! It is the manga style comic by Maricio de Sousa, published in Brazile by Panini & Planet Anime, starring the friends Monica, Maggie, Jim & Smudge who have the various adventures at the various ages. The friends appurr in the different series,  when they are the widdle kiddies and later when they are the teenagers. I have only seen the latter, which reminds me a bit of Archie comics with the fun romantic, comedic, fashionable and supurrnatural tales and the beautiful art!

Monica is the purrky girl with the lovely big smile, Brown eyes & short dark Brown coiffure, and nyow for the kemonomimi aspect! In the November 2013 color special of Lembracas, they expurrience the surreal travel full of the homages, purrodies & the magickal transformations! In addition to her lovely wardrobe changes, Monica becomes the Purrple mouse girl, the Gray burro girl the leopurrd print jungle girl, the purrincess, the faerie, the valkyrie, the sentai heroine, and the Greek girl, whilst one of Maggie’s transformations is the White Purrsian catgirl! Kawaii!


Absolution is the gritty crime drama full of the supurr powered action published by Avatar, and Happy Kitty is the name of the young female assassin who was raised as a child by the underworld who worked for the yakuza until she had the change of heart and became the vigilante to purrey upon the criminals, nya! We have reviewed her origin tale written by Christos Gage, whose Avengers Academy and Angel & Faith comics we have highly purraised, but this rough crime drama tale is not for the widdle kitties due to the violence, gore, drugs, purrofanity, sex & nudity, nya!

She is not the real catgirl, but the Japanese girl of the sad past & the few words, in the White, Blue & Red short midriff Sailor – style fuku outfit with the loose socks & Purrple motorcycle helmet with the Pink neko decal on the visor, nya! She likes video games, manga, drawing, plushies, and big cats, nya! She befriended the tiger, which she rescue and sent to the zoo, nya. She slays the criminals with blades & guns, nya! She has the possibly supurr human agility, reflexes, quickness, accuracy, and possibly purrecognitive sense when she speedily eliminates the villains, nya!

Mary Nyan:

Another Japanese girl of the neko motif is Nekota alias Nekonya of the Girls and Panzer anime series, which Trini-chan discussed last month! The delightful 12 epurrsode series purrtains the girls of the Ooarai school’s tank club who compete against the other school’s tanks! She is a minor character introduced late in the series in epurrsode #10, when the outnumbered club needs to recruit more members for the final war games tournyament match against bigger, top ranked Kuromorinmine academy! Nekota is the tall, lanky otaku girl who wears the glasses, the White & Green sailor fuku uniform, and the cute Pink & White costume kitty ears in her hip – length Blonde hair!

Although she has no purractical tankery expurrience, she is fond of the online tank games and bravely volunteers during their school’s despurrate time! Commander Miho recruits Nekota to be the subcommander of Team Anteater, along with her gamer best friends Piyotan & Momoga in the late addition of the Japanese type 3 Chi-Nu tank. Nekota, Piyotan & Momoga briefly appurr in epurrsodes 11 &12 too! In the original Japanese version she is voiced by Rumi Hayama, and in the English dubbed version (released on the DVD by Sentai Filmworks) she is voiced by Natalie Rial! Nyow it is Bunnibun’s turn, as we turn the spotlight from the tankers to the aviators!


Hai! As we previously mentioned, The Pirates of Tezomea is the delightfully rousing serialized purrose steam punk fantasy / adventure tale by Neesa & Doug Chapman of Dragons Entwined Studio . Please see the March 2012 Mew for our review of Freedom From Tyranny: Pirates of Tezomea vol. 1! The tale pertains to young actress named Callie who is kidnapped by the crew of the airship Heaven’s Blessing, who are considered the pirates as they rebel against the oppressive King!

Among Capt. Ashtail’s crew is 1st Mate Yara, the powerful catlike grrl of the Pard tribe! She has the Green eyes, tawny mane & tail, tanned ripped musculature, exotic tattoos, sharp teeth, claws, and what she lacks in her sexy skimpy attire she makes up for in unbridled ferocity against the enemy soldiers, spies, bounty hunters, rival pirates & monsters! In addition to that latest pic of her, our mewseum is fortunate to display several works of art by Neesa & Doug, including these pics of Yara, Callie & Boiler and another sketch of Yara!


Ivan “Access” Nemmed’s tales of Accessland High School is set in a near – future world of inexplicable female mewtations which might occur at birth or as later spontaneous transformations, resulting in organizations & institutions to research, assist & purrotect such ladies who wish for happy, healthy, purroductive lives without suffering purrejudices, just like anyone else. Some of the mewtations include kemonomimi, naga, taur, colony, faerie & giant ladies; some with invisible, conjoined, interchangeable or seppurrable parts; or different quantities of heads, limbs, breasts etc compurred the average female Homo sapiens sapiens. Among the many students are Ami, Ashley, Brittany, Eri, Gaby, Julia, Kazumi, Laura, Marin, Mary, Nagi,  Natalie, Pixie, Stefi, Tara & Caty.

Caty is the purrky cute fair – skinned catgirl with Golden eyes, six purrt breasts, and the Black furry paws to match her hair, tail & ear pinna tips. Another of Access’s catgirl characters is Felicia, the tall, tautly toned, two – headed, twin – tailed, three – breasted catgirl with the Amber eyes, the Cool Grey-ish Purrple  complexion & Platinum Blonde hair, although her anatomy seems to be of the variable configurations, and might be an artificially created purrson or “Bioroid”. The ladies are splendidly rendered in the anime – ish style and often depicted in the playful, sexy, surreal & slice – of – life situations, but some of it is Mature – Rated imagery of NSFW nudity & sexuality. For more information, I will suggest the artist’s gallery at Deviantart


Keiron White is purrhaps known for his beautiful color renderings, anthropurrmorphic character designs, and Felicia Nighshade alias White Shadow! She is the thief & spy catgirl of the web comic, with the stealthy kunoichi purrowess, but she also has the maternal side to care for cute widdle kittengirl Tabby! 25 year old Felicia has the tall 5’8″ athletic build with the White pelage, Red hair & Green eyes! Other kemonomimi characters include Kali the catgirl, Violet Blade the assassin catgirl, Zoey the kangaroo girl, and Fran the cross-over bunny girl! To see White Shadow and the other great art, I will recommend White’s gallery at Deviantart and his gallery at Furaffinity!


Something Positive by R.K. Milhollan is one of the most popular web comics since it purremiered in December of 2001! It has the great art & the slice – of – life tales peppurred by the cultural homages & purrodies, starring the friends Peejee, Aubrey, Kim, Davan, Jason, Mike, Fred, Choo-Choo Bear the mascot cat, and the many supporting characters, some of whom are catgirls! They premiered in the 19 January, 2004 strip, although some of them were the bit manic at the anime convention! That purrticular strip segued to the famous “Spay Your Catgirl” Poster, but I do not want to be spayed! Gosh… that was 10 years ago! They sell lots of art, and a cute “Purring Sea” purrint too!


Speaking of the anime con catgirls, Neko Con in Hampton Roads, Virginia has  several cute mascots, nya! Reiko is the eldest, and she is of the Abyssian breed, with the Blue eyes, Beige hair , Brown ears & tail, nya! Akiko is of the Tabby breed, with the Blue eyes, short Brown hair, Tan skin, and the striped Orange tail, nya! Miyoko is of the Himalayan breed, with the glasses,  fair skin, Purriwinkle hair. Light Gray ears & tail, nya! Takeo is the catboy of the calico bobtail breed, with the freckles, Golden eyes, White, Tan & Brown hair, nya! Each of them has the purrofile on the con’s web site, with the cute pics & information about their statistics, traits, hobbies & aspurrations, nya!


The cons have the fun, creative things that we crave such as the cosplay, the artists, the dealers, the games and – and the other activities, nya! Another anime con with the lovely catgirl mascot is Anime Day, which is the series of the one – day cons in the various cities such as Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and – and Charlotte, nya!  Their mascot is Yuki, with the long Blonde hair, the mocha skin tone, large ear pinna with the tufts, the swishy tail, the cute fang, and – and the stripe outfit, nya! That will will conclude the spotlight, but next month we will shine it on more of the famous catgirls of the VIRGINIA TIGER MOTH, NYA! (the distracted catgirl with her camera scampurrs after the interesting insect)

The Cat Lady Sings…


There she goes again, heehee!




(purrs & snaps the photos for her nature study collection)


I guess that will wrap it up for the spotlight, and for this edition of The Mew!


There are folks we wish to thank, such as Rebecca for the tale & the art, Misty Doug & Jamie for their art…


… and Jamie also for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…


… the other talented & inspurrational folks whose works we have discussed…


…and the rest of our friends, family, the kind audience & viewers for their support!


Y’all may post the brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to our discussion…

Mary Nyan:

..purrvided that such remarks are spam-free, not purrofane, and stay on our topics!


We’ll be back next month! Be there… Aloha!

The Ladies Of The Mew:


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