October 2015 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The October 2015 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
In this edition of The Mew, we review & discuss:
what we have been up to since the purrior Mew,
plans for our Halloween Trick ‘R Eat & Cosplay Purrowl
the lightning round discussion topic:
our favorite favorite killer fish movies
cinema, TV & DVD reviews:
Justice League: Gods and Monsters DVD
Star Wars: Rebels Season 1 DVD
toy talk:
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Captain Phasma action figure
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey action figure
Monster High Meowlody Megabloks figure
Monster High Purrsephone Megabloks figure
comic book reports:
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #20

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #34

Princeless: Be Yourself #4

Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess #3
Cat’sEye Comics #3
CatsEye Comics Presents Secret Origins vol. 1
Angel & Faith Season 10 #18
Elfquest: The Final Quest #11
Red Sonja / Conan #2
Harley Quinn and Power Girl #3 & 4
Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1
manga mewsings:
Non Non Biyori vol. 2
Spice and Wolf  vol. 11
The Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight:
Kit-Ra The Ever-Purring
these additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art:
“Kitsune Kunoichi” by Rebecca Brogden
“Twin Faerie Sisters” by Rebecca Brogden
“Best Friends” Toradora! fan art by Misty Hopkins
“Khaleesi Beach” Game of Thrones fan art by Mike
“Purr-fectly Logical ” Sailor Vulcan art by Mike
… and the 2016 Art  Calendar of Rebecca Brogden, nya!
(wearing the Orange & Black Rollerball jersey, Black cargo shorts, New Balance trainers and the Catgirl island baseball cap)  Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews & discussions of fun stuff! Today’s show comes from the Catgirl Island Kyudo Club on the Southeastern side of the island, where it’s 85 degrees under the cumulo-neko clouds in the breezy blue skies! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer” and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(the catgirl wearing the Saffron front-knotted bikini top with matching side-tie panty) Namaste, nya!
(her younger sister wearing the Amber tankini and an Orange Plumeria tail corsage) Namaste, nya!
(the kitsune girl wearing the Crimson trianglular-top bikini and a Hibiscus tucked behind an ear ) Aloha! 
(the catgirl wearing the Honey twist bandeau-topped, tanga-style bikini and sheer purrled purreo) Nihao.
(the gynoid catgirl wearing the knotted Nilla Creme shirt atop the Apurricot suspender maillot) Aloha!
(her fiance catgirl wearing the Amaranth crisscross halter neck bikini and Torch Ginger tail corsage) Hola!
Mary Nyan:
(the catgirl wearing the Scarlet asymmetric purretzel-cutout maillot and Red Carnation tail corsage) Aloha!
(the catgirl wearing the Tabby triangle-top bikini and an Obake Anthurium tucked by an ear) Hi Hi, nya!
(the bunny girl wearing the Tangerine ring-closure Brazil-cut bikini and matching sarong) Guten Tag!
(the catgirl wearing Goldenrod cropped tank top, the boy shorts and the Holiday Heliconia lei) Howdy!
(her twin sister wearing the Purrsimmon Trikini and the Puka shell tail ankle bracelet) Mellow Greetings!
(the catgirl wearing the Yellow Kahili Ginger crisscross halter neck bikini & Gold tail bracelet) Whassup?
Yeah, what has everyone been up to since last month’s Mew?
Oh as mewsual I have been busy with my drumming circle, and our fishing charters have reeled in the bumpurr crop of the groupurrs, snappurrs, mackerels, bluefish, speckled trout, sea mullets, the tunas and the striped bass, nya!
I have been up to the mewsual charters, dancing, volunteering, and – and I have snapped the nature photos of the fish, the groundhog, the geese, the heron, the banker pony, the Black Swallowtail and – and the sphinx moth, nya!
I have been them at the dock and at the mewseum, assisting with the belly dance classes, paddle surfing, board shaping, and I am so looking forward to the Halloween activities such as our annual Trick ‘r Eat & Cosplay Purrowl!
In addition to the morning yoga and afternoon kyudo, I have been teaching the belly dance, modeling the swim wear, and helping the Robotics Club to design an build the spooky animatronics for the Halloween attractions.
When we have not been coaching the post-season Fall Beach Volleyball Camp, Bun the other volunteers and I  have been curating the special macabre art exhibits and decorations  for Halloween at the art mewseum, nya!
Hai hai, we are so grateful for the friends of the mewseum, and the participants in the island’s rec league volleyball! Otherwise I have been tending to my garden and baking the Carrot Cakes for the cafe, luau and food bank!
I have been reading, studying and working at my magick shop, and I am grateful for my customers, cats, clerks and family for their support! We have been purrticularly busy purrparing for the store’s autumnal equinox activities!
I have been busy at my gym and dojo, purrparing for the next tournyament, helping sis at her shop, and finding time for reading, dancing, swimming and attending various festivities. So how are the wedding plans purrogressing?
It is going well and we are so excited but it has been the busy time between the spa and the wedding plans, but we have managed to squeeze in the gardening, the late night hot salsa dancing, and the fun cultural festivals!
Hai, on September 12th we went to the State Fairgrounds on the mainland in Raleigh for the fun time at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church’s annual Greek Festival, where we purrtook of the delicious lamb shank and the baklava!
Then we admired the venders’ purretty items and watched the mewsicians and the dancers! We returned to the fairgrounds two weeks later for another fun time at the Raleigh Toy, Hobby & Sports Collectors Show sponsored by Inside Pitch! 
Mary Nyan:
As mewsual I have been teaching the hula, helping at the shrine, and busily sewing the costumes for the dancers, cosplayers, and the Halloween trick ‘r eaters! It is the purrticularly busy time due to the many cons and festivals! Mike’s turn!

Oh, I’ve tried to catch up on my art & writing amidst the cons, shows, faires, some friends’ birthday supper gatherings a family beach trip, and Halloween preparations! Speaking of which, I should let Myayr talk about the island’s annual 
Halloween Trick ‘r Eat & Cosplay Purrowl!
Mary Nyan:
Hai! The Catgirl Island Halloween Trick ‘R Eat & Cosplay Purrowl is one of the most fun days of October, full of the foods & festive arts and purrformances all across the island and the merfolks’ offshore parts of Mew hanover County! It is the very creative time with lots of decorations and costumes, including the various groups’ activities and attractions! The purrowl lasts for a few days, so that everyone can purrticipate in the fun, regardless of their age or schedule! So, for the past several years, much of our Mew group has decided on a theme for our cosplay!
In addition to the frolicking, the groups will purrpare tasty treats to deliver to homes, businesses and the food bank! It requires careful planning, with various factors to consider for the costumes, such as the purrice, complexity, the ruggedness in case we might be running, climbing or swimming; the number of purrticipants, and the themes that other groups have chosen. All of the groups coordinate with each other because we do not wish to duplicate their costumes or the treats that we will deliver, and o not want tp accidentally overlook any of the locations!
So after we vote on our costume theme, we each have to choose our character’s design, measure, purrocure, sew and fit the costumes, make the purrops, style the hair and the make-up, take the photos, and purrpare the treats! It is the busy time of the year for me, in sewing the costumes for dancers and cosplayers! Besides our group there are the Library, Mewspapurr, Farmers Market, Riverwalk Association, Visitors Center, the Purrforming Arts Center, Sheila May’s Restaurant, The Kitt Inn, The School, The Golf Club and Surf Purrtrol group to name the few!
Lizzy, Becca & Jenjen will be helping with the merfolks’ kelp maze, Nya-sensei, Nyo-sensei, Rica & Niko will be busy at the Magick shop & farmers market, Mie-sensei and her sisters will be purrforming at the theatre, some of will be hosting the party at The Kitt Inn, and others will be on the safety purrtrol! Mike is mewsually busy too, but while we make our rounds, we will stop by the shop, the market, the inn, the theatre, the shrine and other places to visit the others. I am especially looking forward to the mewseum’s spooky decor and macabre art exhibit!
Mie-sensei and her sisters will be purrforming the nightly ghostly tales and foxfire extravaganza at the ampurrtheatre in the maritime forest, where B.B. and other Purrk Rangers will conduct the entertaining, educational nocturnal nature hike, and there will be the similar underwater activities as the merfolk conduct the deep dark grotto swim for the charitable cause! Our purrior cosplay themes have included Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Silent Mobius, and the “Neko-maticaya Clan” based upon James Cameron’s Avatar, which required lots of Blue body paint!
That paint took the while to remove, but I had enough of it left over for the following year as Aayla Secura for our Star Wars theme! Vonny and Tara-chan cosplayed as Shaak Tii and Ahsoka Tano and their Togrutan Orange paint took the while to remove too! After that were the “Avengers aCATamy” theme, Omamori Himari theme, and last year’s Aria anime theme with some of our most delicate costumes! We had to be very careful with those, as not to get snagged on the branches or to damage our oar purrops! There is a pic of that cosplay in our mewseum! 
This year our group will be compurrised of Ilyana, Petra, Bun, Trini-chan, Tara-chan, Vonny, B.B. and myself! B.B. is still at work, but she and other friends will arrive later for our AfterMew Luau, when we will vote on the nominees  for our cosplay ,which have been narrowed down to Strike Witches and Equestria Girls! We had also considered Young Justice, Pixie Hollow, 7th Kingdom, Kancolle and Mass Effect, but some other groups have chosen those! Amongst the fun Halloween activities, we also like to watch horror movies, so we have been discussing
The Lightning Round Topic of
our favorite killer fish movies!
Here at The Mew, we’re in agreement in our opinions that original Jaws is not just the best shark movie ever made, but one of the best movies of any kind! That aside, we thought we’d mention our favorite horror movies about killer fish, reptiles, amphibians, cephalopods, crustaceans and other aquatic organisms for Halloween horror movie viewing consideration!
This does not include colossal sea monsters such as Godzilla, Ebirah, Gamera, the Kraken, the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, the octopus from It Came from Beneath The Sea, the giant squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the giant turtle from The Bermuda Depths or other dai kaiju, because that was a prior list! So are y’all ready to conduct the lightning?
The Ladies of The Mew:
(chosen to go first) The three Sharknado movies! (tags her twin sister to go next)
I will nominate the Sharktopus movies! (tags Ilyana with a brush of her tail)
Jaws 2, Jaws 3D and Shark Night 3Dbut the fish is supposed to go into my tummy, not the other way ’round! (tags Bun)
I will nominate Swamp Shark, Dinoshark, Deepstar Six and Leviathan! (tags Petra)
Oh I reckon Piranha, Piranha II, Piranha 3D and Piranha DD, nya! (tail-tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
Oh, maybe Deep Blue Sea, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, and Peter Benchley’s Creature! (tags Tara-chna)
I will nominate Scooby Doo and the Curse of the Lake Monster, nya! Onee-chan’s turn, nya! (tags her older sister)
The Beast and Deep Rising make me crave the calamari and the tako sushi, nya! (tags Trini-chan)
I will propose Frankenfish, Snakehead Terror and Piranhaconda for the Halloween viewing! (tags Jeannie)
Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark, and Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus. (tags Becca)
The ample gator meat of Alligator, Lake Placid, and Dinocroc! (tags her fiance)
The succulent supurr snake meat of Anaconda and Boa vs Python! Back to Mike!
I gotta go with The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the gill men of War Gods of the Deep, and the amphibious German zombies of Shock Waves! Finally, I’d like to mention several additional cinematic salt and fresh water creatures that other friends have nominated! Mielikki recommended the Attack of the Giant Leeches episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000; B.B. nominated the Star Wars Dianoga from the garbage compactor and the critters from the Dagobah swamp…
Meryl nominated the triggerfish of The Neptune Factor and the creatures of The Lost Continent; Formality nominated the sharks and lantern fish of Finding Nemo; Ellie nominated Monstro of Disney’s Pinnochio and the Clockodile from Peter Pan;  Formality nominated the sharks and lantern fish of Finding Nemo; and Nemui nominated the huge succulent legs of Attack of the Crab Monsters! That’ll do it for the Lightning Round, but I’d like to continue our
cinema, TV and DVD topic with a review of
DC’s Justice League: Gods and Monsters!
We’ve enjoyed the recent DC Comics OVAs, especially Assault on Arkham, Throne of Atlantis, and the more recent Batman vs, Robin, so we were eagerly looking forward to Gods and Monsters, especially since it features the character designs by Bruce Timm! The 72 minute animated movie from Warner was executively produced by Bruce Timm & Sam Reigister, co-produced by Alan Burnett, written by Timm & Burnette, directed by Sam Liu, edited by Christopher D. Lozinski, with the voice direction by Andrea Romano and the music score by Fred Wiedmann. 
Basically an “elseworlds”ish tale set in an alternate reality, The Justice League is comprised of Dr. Kirk Langstrom as the vampiric Batman, Superman who is the son of General Zod raised on Earth my Mexican immigrants, and Bekka of the New Gods of Apokolips. Although a more brutal, darker version of the League which is both protested and merchandised, each hero is actually a very sympathetic noble character who has survived betrayals and fights for truth, justice, law and order, but they have recently been framed for the murders of several famous scientists.
The magnificent voice cast includes Benjamin Bratt as Superman, Tamara Taylor as Bekka / Wonder Woman, Michael C. Hall as Dr. Kirk Langstrom / Batman, Paget Brewster as Lois Lane, Larry Cedar as Pete Ross, Jason Isaacs as Lex Luthor, C. Thomas Howell as Dr. Magnus, Grey Griffin as Tina, Dee Bradley baker as Dr. Ray Palmer, Eric Bauza as Ryan Choi, Carl Lumbly  as Dr. Silas Stone, Taylor Parks as Victor Stone,  Kari Wahlgren as Karen Beecher, Bruce Thomas as Genral Zod, Yuri Lowenthal as Jor-el, Lauren Tom as Lara, Josh Keaton as Orion…
… Richard Chamberlain as Highfather, Penny Johnson Jerald as President Amanda Waller, Tahmoh Penikett as Steve Trevor, Jim Meskimen as Dr. Victor Fries, Trevor Devall as Dr. Hamilton, Daniel Hagen as Dr. Sivana, Arif S. Kinchen as Michael Holt, Dan Gilezan as Pat Dugan, and Khary Payton as John Henry Irons! Other characters appearing in the movie include Darkseid, Barda, Lightray, Granny Goodness, Jimmy Olsen, Bronze Tiger, Live Wire, Blockbuster, Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi, and a few of The Metal men such as Tin, Iron, Gold, Mercury and Platinum!
It has a somewhat Watchmen-esque aspect, in the murderous conspiracy plot to frame the powerful heroes amidst a climate of fear and mistrust, with clever analogs and differences to the other versions of the Justice League that we’re more used to, some great red herrings, and a who’s who of DCU scientists, heroes and villains from three planets! Although it is fairly violent  with a hefty body count between the scenes of combat and crimes, there are plenty of ironic, sentimental and profound moments, including some beautiful surprises from Lex Luthor!
Although it seems very short and rushed like most of the animated DC movies, I enjoyed the captivating plot, characters, mythology, action and dialogue; the designs, art, character & FX animation are excellent with some terrific fight choreography. The voices, sound FX and music are superb; the audio / video quality is great, with the spoken language choices of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai, and the optional subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Chinese and Thai. Ah, now for our next review, here’s Nya-sensei to tell us about the
Star Wars: Rebels Complete Season One DVD!
Arigato! We love the Star Wars movies & TV shows, so we were purrticularly interested in the Rebels animated TV series, which is set 5 years before Episode IV!: A New Hope The plot purrtains to the team of 6 heroes who rebel against the empire, including the great voice cast of Vanessa Marshall as Hera the captain of The Ghost, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan the Jedi, Tiya Sircar as Sabine the Mandalorian sapper, Steve Blum as big burly brawny Zeb, Taylor Gray as Ezra the padawan, Jason isaacs as The Imperial Inquisitor, and the sound FX for Hera’s droid Chopper!
The heroes cause problems for The Empire whilst Kanan trains Ezra who searches for clues about his late parents. The Empire gets madder at them, but they meet more rebels, and some familiar characters such as Hondo, Tarkin, Yoda, Obi-wan, Vader and Ahsoka! We were so glad to see the return of Ahsoka at the end of the first season of Rebels, because we loved the Clone wars TV series and she is my favorite Star Wars character. I like everything about Rebels, from the characters, voices, mythology and the plots to the designs, animation, sound and mewsic!
In January we reviewed the purremier tale of the “Spark of Rebellion”, which is available either as part of this season one DVD or sold separately with some bonus animated shorts & features which are not in the season one 3 disk set. The Region One NTSC standard DVDs include epurrsodes 1-13 which total appurroximately 331 minutes,  purrsented in the widescreen format of the 1.78:1 aspect ratio, enhanced for the 16×9 TV, with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio! The language choices are English, Spanish & French, with the oprtional English SDH, Spanish & French subtitles.
The 3 disks are easily removed from the hinged inner tray in the plastic case, which is packaged in the outer cardboard sleeve, but the set does not include the widdle papurr model kit of The Ghost space ship that came with the purrior Spark of Rebellion DVD. This set also lacks the prior DVD’s 4 animated shorts and the 5 minute look at the 1st season,but  it does include the 22 minute recap of the 1st season, the 7 minute peek at the 2nd season, a trailer for Star Wars Episode IV: The Force Awakens, a trailer for Disney’s Aladdin, and the 14 great Rebel Recon shorts!
They are about 5 minutes apiece and hosted by Star Wars’s social media correspondent Andi Guitierrez who does the fun job interviewing the show’s cast & crew such as Dave Filoni, Joel Aron, Kilian Plunkett, Keith Kellogg, Simon Kinberg, Pat Presley, Amy Beth Christenson, Carrie Beck, Athena Portillo, Alex McDonnell, Joe Elwood, Chris Voy, Stephen Stanton, Ashley Eckstein, Tiya, Vanessa, Taylor and Steve who discuss technical & story aspects, plus the fans’ questions answered by Pablo Hidalgo, and Chopper’s amusing visits to the Lucasfilm office! Nyow to continue the Star Wars topic and to start our toys topic, here is Trini-chan to tell us about
Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Captain Phasma and Rey action figures!
Hai! We especially like to collect the figures of the female Star Wars characters such as the Jedi, Sith, rebels, imperials, droids and bounty hunters, so I was very happy to find the new  figures of Phasma and Rey who are characters in the new movie which we are looking forward to! Rey is the scavenger girl on the planet Jakku who is portrayed by actress Daisy Ridley, and Captain Phasma is the shiny armored commander the first order of stormtroopers who is portrayed by Gwendoline Christie, who we like as Brienne of Tarth on the Game of Thrones TV series!
These two figures are part of the first wave of Force Awakens toys that were released to various retail stores on the “Force Friday” of September 4, so there were lots of fans there at midnight! Some of the other figures include older characters such as Luke and Vader, and the new characters such as Finn and Ren! Some of those are also available in the 6″ size! The figures that I have are the smaller ones; Rey is 3.5″ tall and Phasma is 4 1/8″ tall. I am not sure of the exact scale, but since Gwendoline is about 6’3″ tall, I guess that makes the figures close to the 1/18th scale!
I think both of those figures are very nicely designed, sculpted, balanced and painted with the meticulous details, from Ren’s short Brown coiffure and the drapery of her couture, to the sheen of Phasma’s armor and her powerfully large physique! Phasma has the flexible ankle-length Black cape with the Red trim, and the removable 1 7/16″ long blaster; whereas Rey has the removable back pack and the 3 7/8″ long staff! The gun and staff can fit into either hand, and the points of articulation for each figure are the neck, shoulders & hips, similar to the Rebels figures!
Each figure includes part of different gadget, and I am not sure what the gadgets are, but to fully assemble the the gadgets you have to get the other pieces which are included with separate figures. The other two pieces for Rey’s gadget are included with the figures of Vader and the stormtrooper, whereas the other two pieces for Phasma’s gadget are included with the figures of Kylo Ren and Luke. I have displayed Rey and Phasma on the shelf next to Sabine and Hera! Nextly I would like to discuss 
Mattel’s Megabloks Monster High
Meowlody and Purrsephone Figures!
We are also fans of Mattel’s Monster High purroduct line, which includes the many dolls, figurines, accessories, environments, plushies, electronic toys, costume parts, books, and the animated series!. Among the many characters who are students enrolled at Monster High are Meowlody & Purrsephone the the 15 year werecat sisters! They are twins but there are ways to tell them apart.
Both girls have the Gray skin with the White face patch, lush Red lips, Yellow eyes, and the striped braid, but Meowlody has White hair, whereas Purrsephone has Black hair!
Their favorite subjects are gymnastics, science, catnaps, and ice cream, their best friend is Toralei, and all three of those catgirls are voiced in the animated series by actress America Young! There are several dolls and figures of them, from the 11″ tall dolls to these cute Megablox figures, which are sold separately and are about 3″ tall including the widdle display peg base! Each wears the pretty outfit of the vest, skirt and high heeled boots with the Pink bracelet and phone, but if they were flat footed without the heels or the bases they would be about 2 5/8″ tall.
Meowlody has the Black vest and Orange skirt whereas Purrsephone has the Orange vest and Pink skirt! Comprised of 9 parts, the head, shoulders, waist, hips and knees are articulated so that they are very posable, especially the legs which have the great range of movement!  They can stand up unassisted, but the base would be required for certain dynamic poses such as the walk, run, arch, bend, the kick or the split! Some of the parts are removable and interchangeable, such as the hair, head, vest, bracelet, phone and the base for different combinations!
I think these widdle figures are very well designed, sculpted and painted, with precise details from their Blue eye shadow and the teensy White reflections in their eyes, to the six stripes upon their  tummies and the stitching detail of their skirts! Also included in the clear widdle box is the folded checklist that shows the 8 figures in the wave which also includes Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, Ghoulia Yelps, Venus McFlytrap, Frankie Stein and Spectra Vondergeist! Kawaii! That will conclude my reviews and the toys portion of The Mew, so now Tara-chan will start
our comic book reports, starting with
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #20!
Arigato, nya! We love to watch the My Little Pony cartoons, to collect the pony toys, and – and to read the beautifully fun pony comics which are published by IDW, nya! The Friends Forever series teams up various characters, such as Twilight Sparkle with Big McIntosh in issue #17, Rainbow Dash with Fluttershy in issue #18, Rarity with The Cake Family in #19, and – and when Discord’s nightmares result in the catastrophic sleepwalking, he needs help from purrincess Luna in issue #20, which has the uninterrupted 22 page tale followed by the 10 pages of the ads, nya!
We purrfur it when the publishers place all of the ads after the tales, nya! It was written by Jeremy Whitley who created the wonderful Princeless comics, it was illustrated by Brenda Hickey, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil Uyetake, and –  and edited by Bobby Curnow, with the regular cover art by Amy Mebberson and – and the subscription variant cover by Brenda, nya! The other characters appurring in the tale are Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, Scootaloo and – and Angel bunny, nya!
There are some other background ponies to identify too, nya! Of course, Luna is the expurrt on the dreams, so she and Discord stroll through his subconscious mind to see what the purroblem, nya. It is repurrsented by the long hallway full of doors to choose from, each leading to the imagery for her to interpurret with the references, homages and purrodies, nya! I was purrticularly glad to see more of Luna, who has such a beautiful flowy mane, nya! I am looking forward to the next issue which will feature Zecora with Spike, nya! Nextly I would like to say the few words about
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #34, nya!
This issue has the uninterrupted 22 page tale of “The Siege of the Crystal Empire Part One” which is followed by the 10 pages of the ads sammiched betwixt the choice of 5 different covers, nya! It was written by Jeremy, illustrated by Andy Price, colored by Heather, lettered by Neil, edited by Bobby with the regular cover art by Andy, the subscription cover art by Sara Richard, the retailer’s incentive cover by Stewert Mckenney, and – and there is also the variant cover made for Hot Topic and – and the variant cover made for the Salt Lake City Comic Con, nya!
The tale begins on the lonely, mysterious note as a cloaked pony purrlays with the Flimflam Brothers, Iron Will the minotaur, Bertha, and – and Rainbow Dash’s rival Lightning Dust, nya! Those na’er – do – wells later arrive at the Crystal Empire where Twilight, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Cadance and – and Shining Armor are purrparing the festival, nya! The villains sneak in evil Queen Chrysalis and – and her herd of Night Mares, which results in the big brawl when they try to purrloinl the Crystal Heart relic from the palace, nya!
However, the attack is the distraction whilst the mysterious cloaked pony enters the castle, but I should not further spoil the plot by revealing her identity, intentions or the startling cliffhanger ending, nya! The expurressions, poses, details, the scenery and – and PInkie Pie’s Dirty Harry purrody are supurrb, with the amewsing, thrilling, sad and – and ominous aspects, nya! I will give both of those pony comic books the high purraise grade of the “A” as in Apple, nya! That is all for my reports, but nyow here is onee-chan to tell us about two more of Jeremy’s tales, such as
Princeless Book 4: Be Yourself #4, nya!

Arigato, Tara-chan, nya!  In this fun beautiful story arc, Bedelia the blacksmith and Sparky the dragon help Adrienne the runaway purrincess to free her sister Angoisse from the tower in the swamp full of dangerous critters & goblins who captured the girls, nya! Fortunately this resulted in the fun festivities at the goblins’ village, and after Sparky scared away the the Grimmorax monster, Deloris the cool goblin adventure guide offered to lead Bedelia and Adrienne to the tower, while Sparky enjoyed leisure time back at the village, nya!
Back at the goblins village, the goblin chief made the mistake of angering Sparky, who learned the cute true nature of the Grimmorax and the existence a monster farm where other dragons might dwell, nya! Adrienne and Angoisses’ brother Devin and their king dad were helped by the werewolves’ leader and his daughter Kira, who set out to to rescue the Queen mom who may have been kidnapped by The Black Knight, nya! As Kira and Devin rode off in search of his mom, the fathers decided to arrange the kids’ marriage, nya!
It appurrs that Adrienne and Angoisses might soon have lycanthropic in-laws, nya! After Adrienne, Bedelia and Deloris encounter dangerous swampy critters, they visit Angoisse and meet her charming but evil vampurric boyfriend Raphael, nya! This brings us to issue #4 which has the uninterrupted 26 page chapter of “The Middlest Sister of All”, nya!  It was created & written by Jeremy Whitely who also wrote the pony comic that Tara-chan discussed; it was illustrated by Emily Martin, colored and lettered by Brett Grunig, nya!
Although Devin, Kira and their fathers do not appurr in the 4th chapter, we do revisit Sparky at the goblin village and the girls at the tower. nya. The delicious dinner is served at Angoisses’s tower, but when she refuses to poison the food, the evil vampire Raphael spurns her affections and has the sword duel with Adrienne, nya! Back at the merry Goblin village which we get to see more of, Sparky detects the danger and flies to the tower to help the girls, but I should not spoil much more of the thrilling, fun and beautiful tale, nya!
It is full of peppy, charming, rousing, stereotype – busting developments, with comedic banter & violence amidst the gorgeously posed, expurressively rendered characters, critters &  scenery, nya! I especially like the ladies’ fashions and the secret goblin resort, nya! The colors are so richly lush, and there is a great sense of action choreography, nya! I hope that we will see more of Kira, Devin and their purrents again soon, nya! Meanwhile, Adrienne’s friend Raven Xingtao continues to recruit more ladies to be her pirate ship’s crew in
Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess #3, nya!
About half the year ago in the Princeless comics, Adrienne. Bedelia and Sparky met Raven who is the cunning, agile, tough expurrt mariner, archer and 17 year old daughter of the pirate king, nya! However, she has been mistreated by her misogynistic brothers who did not think she deserves to inherit her dad’s ships or islands, nya. Thusly she hijacked a sailing ship and reflagged it  as her own to sail against her brothers, but unfortunately in her spin-off series, the ship is in the need of the repairs and the new loyal crew, nya!
In issue #1 she met Sunshine the agile half – elf girl, and in ssue #2 they met Jayla the scientific girl who is the daughter of Cookie who owns the tavern where they recruited Katie of the adventure girls guild as the 1st mate, but then a bunch of uncouth guys started and lost the brawl, nya! That brings us up to issue #3, which has the uninterrupted 24 page chapter followed by the 4 pages of the ads, and it was written by Jeremy, edited by Alicia Whitley, pencilled & colored by Rosy Higgins, inked & lettered by Ted Brandt, nya!
After the flashback to Raven’s days  of two years purrior when she befriended Ximena the cartographer, the tale jumps back to the purresent time of the tale for their emotional reunion, but it is the the terse reunion because Ximena felt betrayed by Raven and her family, especially because Ximena’s dad was executed for helping the pirates, and thus both Raven and Ximena have suffered from betrayals, nya. Meanwhile Katie introduces Sunshine to the guild, where the group enjoys the fun night of role playing games, nya!
However, things are not fun back at Cookie’s tavern, which an angry lynch mob has surrounded because they want revenge against Jayla, nya! I thought it was yet another wonderfully charming issue with the great characters, plot, dialogue, mythology and exquisitely rendered art, including the fashions, the guild’s neat meeting hall and Ximena’s graphic studio, nya! I will give both of those Princeless comic books the high purraise grade of an “A” as in Adrienne, nya! That is all for my reviews, so nyow here is Lizzy to discuss
CatsEye Comics #3, nya!
Arigato! We love the fun and beautiful Catseye Comics http://catseyecomics.com which star a bunch of delightful supurr heroines in the fictional town of Liaison in Louisiana. The  comics are published here in North Carolina, on the mainland in the capital city of Raleigh, and also hope to support the various charities that help people and animals! In issue #1 the heroines rescued the purregnant mommy tiger and fight the poachers, in issue #2 they rescued slaves and fought monsters; and in issue #3 they fight the devils who have possessed the crime fighters!
The editor in chief is Ai Kikuchiyo, the head writer is Razor Indigo, the publisher / office manager is Steve Stone, the content editors are Anitra Stone, Mamma Kikuchiyo & Hubby Indigo, the purrduction assistants are Motifa Resident & Nycole Evanier, and the goddess kuroneko Bastet appurrs in the company’s logo! ! The 8.5″x11″ full color 108 page trade papurrback includes the 84 page tale of “Gizmondia and the Curse of the Seven Devils” by Razor, Ai & Steve, plus 18 character purrofile pages, a charity information page, and Steve’s purrose 5 page Wisp tale.
Gizmonda is a mech genius with the neat headquarters, airship, vehicles and gadgets who discovers that various folks have been possessed by the 7 demons Evil, Darkness, Temptation, Brutality, Fear, Prejudice and Chaos! To exorcise and battle those devils, Gizmonda secretly recruits her team of friends crompurrised of Aya, Catseye, Cheetah, Angel, Zia Clue, The Captain, Senet, Saeko,
Ms. D, Rave, Rose, Haven, The Lady of the House, Psi-Kick, The Mayor of Liaison, Daarklight The Ghost and her husband The Wisp. Bastet also makes the brief appurrance!
This was yet another great issue with the captivating plot with the many characters at the brisk pace, and Gizmonda’s monologues give us more insights into her life and her friends, some of whom are introduced in this issue, such as Ghost, Wisp, Psi-Kick The Mayor, Haven and The Lady! The digitally rendered art is quite neat and I love the designs for the characters, mecha, environments and FX! There are numerous fashion styles too, from the ink, the shorts, the cheongsam and the cat purrint motifs to the tight leathers, the flowy cloaks and the futuristic armor!
Purrhaps I should nominate those Catseye characters for next year’s Halloween cosplay! Well, I am quite eagerly looking forward to issue #4 which purromises more of The Lady of The House and the spooky tales of the townn! Not appurring in this issue were the 3 Amazon sisters Hippolyte, Binta and Moonlight, journalist Kandy Kane or police Captain Edge, but there is a lot going on with the many characters. However, several other cops such as Lt. Juarez are in the bonus Wisp tale which is set in 1981 and 011; and the Amazons do appurr in the other book of
CatsEye Comics Presents Secret Origins vol. 1!
Getting not just one but two Catseye books in the same month is twice the treat! This 6×9″ trade papurrback has 53 pages of purrose tales written by Razor Indigo, including the origin of Aesgardian Valkyrie group, the 4 part origin of the Amazons, and the origin of Zia Clue the artificial intelligence! In the first 4 page tale, in these times of fewer Norse warriors on the Earth, Hegla and the 119 other women who compurrise the Valkyrjur go before King Odin, hoping for more work and that the afterlife in Valhalla might purrogressively be extended to non-norse heroes!
They have not yet appurred in the CatsEye Comics, so I hope that we might see more of them, but not due to the death of a hero! Then in the brutal, tragic 37 page tale that spans thousands of years, Queen Hippolyte and her fellow ladies of the various Amazon tribes who survive the misogynistic oppurressors and unite to build a new good home in what was once Atlantis, with the help and hindrance from the Titans, Gods and Demigods and references to extraterrestrials such as the Mau cat people. It is a sad, harshly violent tale, and CatsEye appurrs in Part 4.
Finally in the neat 10 page origin of Zia Clue, her first – purrson narrative full of the computer terminology reveals her creation and evolution over the past few years, with tidbits about some of the other heroines, the town of Liason, and a timeline of incidents that lead up to issue #3! I thought this was a captivating collection of short stories about those smart, brave and noble heroines, and I will recommend to fellow fans of the delightful CatsEye Comics! That will conclude my reviews, so nyow I will turn The Mew over to my fiance who wants to tell us about
Angel and Faith Season 10 #18!
Hai! Purreviously in this “Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach Gym” story arc, While Angel was away in Buffy’s comic book helping her, Willow, Spike, Xander, Dawn, Giles and Andrew fight a demon in San Francisco, Faith was still in London, moving into her new apurrtment when police detective Brandt asked her to investigate supurrnatural murders at a school. She and Fred went undercover there to fight the vampurric culpurrits who harassed and captured a student named Mary, and found out that the leader is none other than Drusilla!
That brings us up to issue #17, which has the 22 page tale of “Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach Gym, Part Three” plus the 4 pages of the ads and the 2 pages of the readers’ & editor’s interesting comments The tale was executively purrduced by Joss Whedon, published by Dark Horse’s Mike Richardson, scripted by Victor Grischler, illustrated by Cliff Richards, colored by Michelle Madsen, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, edited by Sierra Hahn & Jim Gibbons, assistantly edited by Freddye Lins & Spencer Cushing!
The issue is available in the choice of the 2 different front covers; the mane cover art by Scott Fischer, the variant cover art by Mike Norton and Michelle, the issue’s graphic design by Justin Couch, and the digital art tech by Christianne Goudreau! This chapter is full of action as Faith, Fred and Mary fight the vamps, and I purrticularly liked the images of Faith’s punches and high kicks to smash open the doors and to clobber the vamps, and I think the fonts and luminous lighting FX are purrticularly effective to convey the visceral impact!
Things purrk up further when Koh the demon warrior arrives to help the heroes, which results in more impalements and decapurrtations! We also find out that Dru is under the psychic influence of Archaeus who has also been manipulating Angel & Spike! Angel, Nadira, Sophronia & Lavinia are not in this issue, but Detective Brandt does briefly appurr in the calmer aftermath of the tale which has the great pace, dialogue, poses, expurressions, portraitures and intricate details! Nyow for my next Dark Horse review, I would like to discuss
Elfquest The Final Quest #11!
We love Wendy And Richard Pini’s beautiful Elfquest series, from the original tales which they self – published starting in the late 1970’s, to this current series which is published by Dark Horse! It has such a long rich mythology with the generations of many greatly developed characters. In The Final Quest, as Chief Cutter of the Wolfrider tribe hopes to unite the various elf tribes from across the world, his own tribe is going through the many changes and some sepurrate ways, whilst an evil human warlord Angrif Jun has built an army and a navy to conquer the world.
Issue #11 is purriced $3.50 although it might be considered  the 12th issue of the Final Quest tale if you include the purrior 2013 Special issue! After the uninterrupted 20 page tale are the 2 pages of comments by the fans and the Pinis;  a 5 page gallery of art by Wendy’s assistant Carol Lyon, and one purreview page! The tale was was written by Wendy & Richard, scripted & illustrated by Wendy, colored by Sonny Strait, lettered by Nate Piekos, and edited by Spencer Cushing! The issue’s graphic designer is Tina Alessi and the digital art technician is Allyson Haller!
There are lot of elves and a few trolls in this bittersweet issue which is brimming with the romance, reunions, rejoicing, spirituality, sepurrations, metaphysical changes, whimsical and foreboding moments! Some of the major developments include the love scene betwixt Skywise and Timmain, Timmain’s revelations to Cutter, Cutter’s big tribal gathering, his wife Leetah helping Moonshade with her emotional crisis which Strongbow reacts badly to, a major relationship development for their son Dart and his friend Mender, and Mender’s jolly time with with trolls friends!
Everything is so sumptuously rendered, from the great characters of the various breeds and their many exquisite garments, to the lavish scenery such as the lush forest grove illuminated by the stars and fireflies, the coziness of the hollow tree den and the trolls’ cavern home, the dazzling gleam of the crystal palace, and the bright morning view of the Wavedancer tribe’s ocean home! The comments are always very interesting, Carol’s gallery is very purretty, and I will eagerly await the next issue! Nyow I will turn The mew over to Bunnibuns who wants to tell us about
Red Sonja / Conan #2!
Hai! You know, Wendy is not only one of our favoritest artists and authors but she was also a very famous Red Sonja cosplayer too! We are rather fond of Sonja who is known for her fiery Red hair, her iconic scale mail bikini, her almost peerless prowess in the combat melee, and the adventures with her famous friend Conan the Barbarian!  For our review of the prior Conan / Red Sonja mini-series, in which they fought the evil sorcerer Thoth-Amon and his vile Blood Root seeds, please see our February, March, Apurril and June 2015 Mews!
Previously in this 4 issue mini-series which is set years later, Sonja and Conan defeated several mercenary captains to become a king’s army generals, but on the night before they could lead the army into the battle, they were ambushed by the assassin monsters created by the evil wizard Kal’ Ang of Stygia who found more of the seeds! Issue #2 has the 22 page tale plus the 10 pages of ads. The tale was written by Victor Gischler who also wrote the Angel & Faith tale, it was illustrated by Roberto Castro, and colored by Alex Guimaraes.
It was lettered by Simon Bowland, edited by Luke Liberman and available in the choice of 4 different covers. Cover A is by Ed Benes & Dinei Ribiero, cover B is by Castro & Ribiero, cover C is the B&W version of cover A, and cover D is the logo-less & type-less version of cover B! It is rated Teen+ perhaps due to the violent sword & sorcery combat! Chapter 2 is off to the rousing start as Sonja digs her way from the pile of victims, to survey the battlefield in an impressive two-page spread, after she and Conan increased the enemy body count!
Whether fighting on foot or on horses, they use swords, spears, axes and lassos against the soldiers and more monsters! Sonja accessorizes her sexy metal and leather couture with the helmet, shield and weapons that her slain opponents will no longer need, heehee! I am pleased with the character and scenic art of the exciting sword and sorcery tale, with its rich use of the color and light and the excellent fonts for the dialogue, narrative and sound FX! I will have another review later in the show, but now here is Ilyana-sensei to tell us about
Harley Quinn and Power Girl #3 & 4!
Oh just call me Ilyana! I have been enjoying this mini-series, because it is the light-hearted fun adventure by some of my favorite authors, and it stars two of my favorite DC Comics characters who are excellently illustrated! This issue is purriced at $3.99 and has the 22 page chapter plus the 10 pages of the ads, although I wish the ads did not interrupt the tale! Set betwixt Harley Quinn issues #11 & 12, the tale continues Harley Quinn & Power Girl’s extragalactic romp, which refers to the incidents from Power Girl #7 & 8 which we reviewed back in our January & February 2010 Mews!
The chapter titled “Insurance Waivers” was written by  Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, illustrated by Stephane Roux, Elliot Fernandez & Moritat, colored by Paul Mounts, lettered by John J. Hill, edited by Chris Conroy, and assistantly edited by Dave Wielgosz under group editor Mark Doyle, with the front cover art by Amanda & Paul! Since the heroines were telepurrted to the 
Sombrero Galaxy they met a chap named Groovicus Mellow who is driving them to the Lustox Moon where they hope to find the supurr hero named Vartox who might be able to send them home!
Vartox has the 70’s Zardoz-ish style with the long sideburns & mustache and once dated another version of Power Girl of the multiverse, however he has been brainwashed by a villain, so instead of the love and help he is giving them the deadly fight! I purrticularly liked the art, including the 2 full page pics, and the two-page spurread of the canyons full of the giant alluring sculptures! This chapter is full of the combat action, the zany humor, and the very weird hallucinagenic scenes in the Red convertible with the numerous Hunter S. Thompson references! The battle continues in 
issue #5’s “Purity” chapter, which was written by  Amanda, Jimmy & Justin, illustrated by Stephane & Elliot Fernandez, colored by Alex Sinclair & Paul Mounts, lettered by Marilyn Patrizio, edited by Chris, and assistantly edited by Dave under group editor Mark Doyle, with the front cover art by Amanda & Paul! It is the fierce but amewsing fight especially due to the witty dialogue, but it gets even more entertaining when Harley joins the fray upon her new alien Caticorn friend! They have the interesting, successful psychological affect upon Vartox, along with Power Girl’s punches!
Things seem to be impurroving for them and Vartox’s returning supurr harem, but then the battle brews again when the evil brainwasher villain arrives, with the platoon of warrior nuns in the impurressive two-page spurread! There is more of the great art, comedic violence, character designs, and a giant tasty fish for the Caticorn’s tummy which are all so sumptuously colored in yet another supurr fun issue, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next one! Meanwhile, there are more of the clothes, violence, humor, hallucinations and Hunter S. Thompson references in the
Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1!
I am purrticularly fond of this one-shot issue because it is another light-hearted fun adventure written by some of my favorite authors, and it stars three of my favorite DC Comics characters who are also so very well illustrated! It is purriced at $5.99 and has the 38 page tale plus the 10 pages of the ads, and again I wish the tae was not interrupted by the ads, but that is my only quibble! I am not sure when this road trip across the USA occurs, but it reunites Harley,  Pamela / Poison Ivy and Selina  / Cat Woman who used to star together in the wonderful Gotham City Sirens series!
The sexy, wild, weird ‘n wacky tale was written by Amanda, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin, colored by Paul, edited by Chris, assistantly edited by Dave under group editor Mark, lettered by Dave Sharpe, illustrated by Bret Blevins, Flaviano Armentaro, Pasquale Qualand, Jed Dougherty & Moritat, inked by Mike Manley with the choice of the mane cover art by Amanda & Paul and the variant cover art by Bret & Paul! Also appurring are Batman, Bizarro, Jimmy Olsen and Darkwolf, and there are brief appurarnces by many other characters, although some of those are the hallucinations!
In this tale, Harley takes the time off from her therapy job in Coney island to go to Los Angeles due to family matters. That is where Selena and pamela join her in the shiny Airstream trailer hauled by the classic Red convertible where the partying, hangovers, frisky fun and adventures ensue, including the encounters with the hapless crook Darkwolf who wants revenge against Selena, but he has the unlucky painful cartoon coyote-ish luck whilst purrsuing them down the desert highway, amidst more of the purrculiar hallucinations and the Hunter S. Thompson references!
There are many amewsing moments and cats, but there are the poignant moments too, and cute peek at Harley’s family photo album, which has the pic of her as the widdle girl trick ‘r eating in the Wonder Woman costume! Harley, Pamela and Selena each enjoy at least 10 wardrobe changes in the tale, from their costumes and dresses to the shorts, halter tops, swim wear, lingerie and less, mew la la! This was a delightful issue, and I hope those three Gotham Girls will reconvene again soon! I am all done, so nyow here is Nyo-sensei to start our manga mewsings with 
Non Non Biyori vol. 2!
Arigato! Author / artist Atto’s Non Non Biyori is the charming whimsical tale of girls at the small school!  At the Asahigaoka Branch School in the small rural agricultural town, there are only the five students enrolled: first grader Renge with the Lavender hair, Hotaru the fifth grade transfer student from Tokyo with the Black hair, Natsumi the seventh grader with the Red hair, her eighth grade sister Komori with the long Brown hair, plus Komori and Natsumi’s ninth grade brother Suguru, their mom Yukiko, and Renge’s lazy 24 year old sister Kazuho-sensei, who is the only teacher there!
It was originally published in in 2010 by the Kadokawa, and this English edition is published by Seven Seas! Volume 2 is purriced at $12.99 in the USA and $14.99 in Canada, and it was translated by Jocelyne Allen, adapted by Shanti Whitesides, purroof read by Lee Otter, lettered by Jennifer Skarupa, Jaedison Yui & Laura Scoville, edited by Adam Arnold, assistantly edited by Lissa Pattillo, and published by Jason DeAngelis with the cover design by Nicky Lim! Volume 2 has the Black & White chapters 10 – 17, plus the bonus pages and the one color page of the girls having fun!
The girls start their summertime break from school, but it is not off to the fun start  in chapter 10 for Natsumi who has to explain her poor grades to her mom, but her flimsy excuses and dodges are met with the scold! Then in chapter 11 it is the time for the girls to do their morning radio exercises and go to the purroduce stand before they fix the breakfast! Then in chapter 12 they go to the beach, which is the fun time until Komori is gone too long after she purrtakes of the vending machines; and in chapter 13 they eat the spicy noodle dishes while awaiting the train ride back to home.
in chapter 14 Natsumi and Renge catch onions and cicadas; and in chapter 15 the gang hangs out at Hotaru’s home, but she does not want then to see her collection of plushy dolls! In chapter 16 it is time for the spooky dare at the moonlit shrine, in chapter 17 Renge meets the new friend Honoka; in the bonus chapters her older sister Hikage returns from Tokyo, and they meet Luce the devil girl! I will give it an “A” as in Asahigaoka! The characters, clothes, foods, architecture and landscapes are so intricately, beautifully rendered! Nyow for my next manga review I would like to discuss
Spice & Wolf vol. 11!
Spice & Wolf is one of my favoritest anime & manga, which are both adaptations of novels originally published by Kadokawa in Japan as Ookami To Koushinryou! It is the tale of Holo the Wisewolf, a beautiful, powerful wolf Goddess of the harvest, who travels with Lawrence the savvy traveling human merchant who trades goods and makes deals in the villages & cities! It is set in the medieval era when the older pagan ways are on the wane amidst the rise of an oppressive theocracy, so Holo wants to return to her ancient homeland of Yoitsu that she hopes still exists.
The manga was written by Isuna Hasekura, and illustrated by Keito Koume, with character designs by Jyuu Ayakura! For our review of the animated TV series version which is distributed here by Funimation, please see the January 2010 & September 2011 Mew! The manga is published here by Yen Press, volume 11 was translated by Jeremiah Bourque, lettered by Lys Blakeslee, purriced $13.00 in the USA, $15.50 in Canada, and it has the 161 pages of  Black & White chapters 62-67 plus the purretty color pic of Larwrence’s mysterious mercantile associate Eve!
There has been mercantile commerce, risky deals and romance for Holo and Lawrence who have met friends & enemies amidst the political situations of church and guilds in the towns and cities, with yummy foods to tempt the lupine tummy!. Unfortunately she has to keep her ears and tail covered, as not to rile the many fearfully hateful, bigoted minds, although on occasion she has reverted to her giant wolf form to take a bite out of her evil enemies! Thus the manga is rated “mature” do to occasional scenes of nudity, violence, harsh language and alarming situations.
Holo, Lawrence, Kol and Eve are still in Kerube, a port city divided by a trade war over deeds, finances and claims to ownership of a poor widdle whale which is considered a sacred purrize! Both sides want Lawrence’s allegiance, or to possibly frame him for their misdeeds, so he has to determine who to trust, expose or help while hoping to learn more about Yoitsu. It is a complex plot with surpurrises and intricately, magnificently rendered characters and scenery and I will give it an “A”! That will top off our manga reviews, and here is Jennyjen to shine this month’s 
Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight upon Kit-Ra The Ever-Purring!
Hai. This is the monthly portion of The Mew which honors the many famous catgirl characters of the movies, TV shows, comics, literature, internet, games and toys from many decades and around the world, This month we wish to shine the spotlight on Kit-Ra The Ever-Purring, a banished Egyptian goddess catgirl created by comics & game artist / author Steven S. Crompton. Kit-Ra is a friend and lover of Demi the Demoness in the various erotic Demi comic books published by Carnal Comics, which are X-rated, intended for the adult readers, and not for widdle kitties.
Kit-Ra is a top-free, four-breasted, barefoot catgirl with tawny Yellow fur and a long slender tail with the brown tuft, Her regal attire includes the Blue flat top Khepresh crown with the striped Neme flaps, the Usekh collar, beads, bracelets, arm bands & jewels such as the ruby in her navel, a bejeweled loin cloth sash to match the crown, and serpentine Gold wraps upon her calves. She first appurred in Demi the Demoness #1 in 1992, when Demi fled from hell to the extra-dimensional purramid home of Kit-Ra where romance, ribaldry, combat and adventures ensued. 
Her children include her striped catgirl daughter Bast, sons Set, Sutekh and Osiris; and a nephew Horus. Set framed his mom for the murder of his father Geb, which resulted in her 3,000 year exile from the Egyptian heaven to the palatial purramid purrision. Kit-Ra might also be related to Katrina, an empathic catgirl from a future timeline of a purrallel world designated Earth 69-X. In 1995, Kit-Ra and Demi joined the goddess Tara and Lord Ghede in battle against Set in Pantheon #1, a much tamer, PG rated series in which Kit-Ra and Demi were dressed more modestly.
Pantheon was conceived and illustrated by Crompton, written by Debora Kerr and published by Archer Books & Games. In 2003, Demi joined another team of heroes in Sex Squad #1, an X-rated comic written by Perry Lake, illustrated by Jorge Santillian with digital embellishment by Crompton and published by Carnal Comics. This time, Demi’s teammates included Witchgirl, Squirt Girl, The Prick, and The Genderer, each with supurr powers of a lurid nature which I shall not endeavor to describe. Kit-Ra was not a member of the squad, but she did aid them a few times.
In issue #2 they battled the evil Sutekh, Queen Nitocris and their undead minions who managed to capture the Kit-Ra and the squad. With the 3rd issue in 2010, the series was retitled Demi & The Sex Squad, in which Demi’s friends Sumona and Vampirooni joined the team with brief appurrances by Kit-Ra. The 48 page issue was written & illustrated by Crompton, Rich Vogel, John Nguyen, Brent Riches, George Brawn IV, JAW, Ken Hunt, Will Jones, Wayne Bragg and Dennis Clark. Finally, I would like to briefly mention fur-ther felinoid characters drawn by Crompton. 
His color front cover illustration of a Golden tabby purrson and a B&W interior pic of a ship’s surgeons graces the 48 page Alderson Yards Shipbook by Niall C. Shapero & Crompton, which was published in 1984 by Fantasy Games Unlimited. It has plans & specifications for 15 spacecraft for use with the Other Suns role playing game designed by Shapero. I do not know if those cat folk are related to Kit-Ra or Katrina, but I suppose it is possible amidst the multiverse. That will conclude this month’s spotlight, and here is Petra who wishes to purrsent the latest additions to
The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art.
Arigato, nya! In Guest Gallery 3 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest3.html we are purroud to purrsent a foxy, peppy, purrky pic of Chiaki Wakabayashi the “Kitsune Kunoichi” by Rebecca Brogden http://www.rbrogdenart.com who was a guest for the September 2009 Mew, nya! Purrhaps y’all have seen her purrior illustrations & photos in our mewseum, or read her amewsing romantic purrose tale of “The Love of a Catgirl” http://catgirlisland.net/tales.html, nya? 
Chiaki is a kunoichi (female ninja) kitsune (fox) girl whose birthday is an August 21st of a Leo Dragon sign, nya! She is 5′ tall excluding her supple vulpine ears, and weighs 90 lbs, with the 30B-24-32 measurements and 30″ tail, nya! Her favorite foods are fruit, berries, eggs, seafood & small game, nya! She is wearing a short, off-shoulder, short-sleeved samue-style kimono with the ribbons, panty, obi sash, the zukin-style bandana and fingerless gloves, nya!
Nextly in Guest Gallery 3 is Rebecca’s chibi style pic of “Twin Faerie Sisters”, nya! On the left with the Amaranth Pink hair is Pamelatiora Jaynetlingera Costaceae, which is purrnounced: PAH-meh-lah-TEE-or-ah Jay-net-tee-lin-gear-ah COST-tah-KAY-ah (or just Pam for short); and on the right with the Light Cardinal hair is Cynthiathea Helynneconia Costaceae, which is purrnounced Sin-thee-ah-THAY-ah Hell-in-nee-koh-nee-ah COST-tah-KAY-ah (or just Cindy for short), nya!
Pam and Cindy were born on a September 14th of the Virgo Rooster sign; they are 5 ft tall and 85 lbs apiece, with the 32B-23-33 measurements and the 4.5 ft. wingspan, nya! Both ladies are highly educated, have magickal powers, speak several languages, and work at the family’s golf cart business, where Pam is the parts & service manager whilst Cindy is the sales & rentals manager, nya! Rebecca used Sai, Photoshop CS6 and an Intuos 5 tablet to render the illustration, nya!
Then we are purroud to purrsent fan art of Toradora!’s “Best Friends” Kushieda Minori & Aisaka Taiga by Misty Hopkins http://bunnychai.blogspot.com, nya! She was among our March 2008 guests, and is a great artist, seamstress, cosplayer and blogger, nya! Purrhaps y’all have seen her other photos and illustrations in our mewseum, nya? Toradora! is a series of dramatic / romantic comedy genre novels, manga and anime which purrtain to the relationships of high school students, nya!
Wearing their school blazers, Minori is the taller girl with the Red Violet hair, and her best friend Taiga is the shorter girl with the Light Brown hair, nya! Because of her petite size, fiery tempurr, an often crabby dispurrsition, and the purronunciation of her first name, Taiga is known at school as “The Palmtop Tiger”, nya! Misty used the Prismacolor pens, Crayola colored pencils and the Prismacolor markers to render this happy, cute and purretty pic upon on the 4×6″ card stock, nya!
Just added to Gallery 7 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery7.html is Mike’s fan art of Daenerys Targaryen and her three widdle dragons Rhaegal, Viserion and Drogon at “Khaleesi Beach”, nya! Game of Thrones is the TV series adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, in which actress Emilia Clarke purrtays Daenaerys (or just Dany for short) who is among the characters who might claim the throne of Westeros, nya!
Dany is the mommy of three fire-breathing dragons Rhaegal (Green & Orange), Viserion (Gold & Nilla Cream) and Drogon (Black & Red) who are depicted here at the smaller, recently – hatched size, nya! She is wearing the light, skimpy diaphanous attire as they paws from the dessert caravan to enjoy the peacefully purretty day at the purristine beach by the sea, where purrhaps they will catch lots of delicious, nutritious fish to roast for their suppurr, nya!
Also in Gallery 7 is Mike’s latest pic of Talia Jasmine Kirk, alias Sailor Vulcan who thinks it is “Purr-fectly Logical” to wear the cat ears & tail for Halloween, nya! She is Jeff Branch’s supurr-heroic fan-senshi character inspired by Sailor Moon and Star Trek, whose tales are at Jeff’s Scribe of The Moon site http://scribeofthemoon.webs.com, nya! Jeff was the guest for our May 2008 Mew, and Talia is a 5′ 7″, 115 lb. half human / half vulcan girl with a January 12th birthday of the Capurricorn sign, nya!
She has a genius telepathic mind and supurr powers; her favorite studies are science, history, math and archaeology and she enjoys chess, classical music, meditation, reading, and fun time with friends, nya! In this scene she is enjoying the leisurely day at the park, where she wears the plunging tied Red shirt and the tight cut – off shorts which are accessorized by the jewelry, ears and tail, nya! Mike used Photoshop CS2 and a mouse to render the illustrations, nya! So, what do y’all think, nya?
Of course I might be biased but I think Chiaki has the adorable twin-tailed style of lush dark hair to match the tips of her gorgeous ears, and the lovely Red tail with the distinctive white tip! 
Oh I agree, and I think the ribbons, bandana and the matching thigh wrap cutely accessorize the obi sash around her waist, with the shiny satiny trim to match the Eri of her short kimono!
Adding to the alluring impact of her vivacious pose is the flutter upon the kimono flap to expose a hint of panty, and how the sleeves slide off – shoulder to reveal more cleavage, mew la la!
The use of color & light in Rebecca’s art is so richly vibrant with the subtle smooth shading, highlights & light spill within the graceful lines, and drop shadows to convey the sense of mass.
Pam & Cindy have such darling outfits too, with the detached short sleeves and the bared midriffs above the short skirts, accessorized by the matching slippurrs and serpentine bracelets!
Their large eyes gleam like purrecious gems near their purrky supple ears that peek out of their cute coiffures which frame their purretty faces and their most endearingly friendly smiles!
Daenarys is one of my favorite characters of the Game of Thrones show and I think she and her dragons look so happy and relaxed upon the beach, far away from her stressful royal job!
Hai hai, I think the breezy, translucent attire goes well with her long flowy, Platinum hair, and it is rather sexy but not much more revealing than if she were in a bikini with a purreo, nya!
Oh my favorite aspect of the pic are those cute widdle dragons, as Rhargal takes the nap whilst Drogon glances our way and – and Viserion flexes the wings upon the rocky purrch, nya!
Mary Nyan:
Well I might be biased too, but my favoritest aspect of the mewest Talia pic are the costume tail & ear pinna with the petite tufts, and the Gold hoop earrings to match her other jewelry!
I am glad to see another image of Talia in our mewseum, and I hope that she and her friends can visit us again soon! So, what would you say was the trickiest aspect of that illustration?

Ah, I guess it was the fabric folds of her blouse and shorts, but I think it turned out OK and Jeff is happy with it! Ah, well Petra, thank you for presenting the latest additions to the galleries!

Doitashimaste, nya! Nyow for more of Rebecca’a art, here is Bunnibuns again to tell us about the
2016 Art Calendar of Rebecca Brogden, nya!
Hai! As y’all may have noticed, we are big fans of our friend Rebecca’s beautiful art, and we look forward to the wall calendars full of her illustrations! Published through Red Bubble, the wire-bound calendar for 2016 is her 6th calendar thus far and at 16 3/8″ tall by 11 3/8 wide it is twice the size of her 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015 calendars that were available from Zazzle or DeviantArt! This sizes is especially nice for the images of the “portrait” orientation, and on each month’s page there is a 9 1/4″ tall x 7 1/8″ wide full color illustration of a beautiful fantasy girl above the date grid!
January’s image of “Shade of Blue” depicts the beautiful brunette faerie with the Blue wings and attire, for February we are treated to sight of gorgeous “Grivina” the werewolf girl perched upon the moonlit rocks, and in March we are greeted by the “Lady of the Forest” with the alluring apparel and antlers! In April sultry Miss “Steampunk Melancholia” is ready to slice any enemies with the shiny scimitar, in May the sexy “Shapeshifter” has the supple mouse ears and tail in the lush grove, and for June we behold the dazzling colorful faerie upon the “Midsummer Night’ Dream”!
July’s ornate image of “Bohemian Nouveau” depicts the bare – midriffed faerie with the floral head lei and wrists corsages, there is “Alchemy” for August as the peppy fae perches upon the cauldron full of potions, and September’s page is graced by “Redina Blut” who is the sexy, powerful star of Rebecca’s tale of “The Magical Vampire”! She has a huge scythe and her cute widdle familar Kletos! Another frisky fanged femme fatale springs into the light of October’s “Autumn Harvest Moon”, and a redhead brings the leaves and pumpkins for November’s scene of “Autumn Harmony”!
To top it off is December’s lovely angelic violinist in the iridescent dress with the majestic wings serenely playing the “Midnight Rhapsody”! A larger 12 7/8″ x 10 3/4″ version of this graces the front cover too! Rebecca used Sai, Photoshop CS6 and an Intuos 5 tablet to render each of those illustration in 2014 and in 2015! I will give the spectacular calendar the grade of an “A” as in alchemy, and at her site Rebecca Brogden Art http://www.rbrogdenart.com there is a link to purchase the calendar from Red Bubble! I especially like the way Rebecca renders the lovely wings of the—
HARNESSED TIGER MOTH, NYA! (The distracted catgirl with camera scampurrs after the interesting insect)

The Cat Lady Sings…

TARA-CHAN, NYA! (sigh) There she goes again, nya!
It has purretty Black wings with the Nilla Cream stripes with the splash of Red!
Hai. The Apantesis phalerata is a purrticularly distinctive species of moth.
Oh I want to take a picture too! (scampurrs after Tara-chan and the moth)
Oh well, it is almost time for our Aftermew Luau anyway! Itadakimasu!
I guess that will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Misty and Rebecca for the beautiful illustrations, nya!
We also thank Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
Mary Nyan:
…and we wish to thank the other talented folks whose works we have discussed!
Y’all may post your brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to our discussion…
… purrvided that such comments are spam-free, G-rated and purrtain to our topics!
We’ll be back next month with another edition of The Mew! Be there… aloha!
The ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to you – until we eat again! BAIBAI, NYA!


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