December 2015 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island &

and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats &

purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in

The December 2015 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!

In this edition of The Mew, we review & discuss:

the lightning round topic:
our favorite cinematic comedy, part one: live-action movies

DVD, TV & movie mewsings:
Doctor Who Series Nine, Part One DVD
Black Sails The Complete Second Season DVD
The Toy Story that Time Forgot DVD
The Peanuts Movie

book reports:
The Complete Peanuts 1997-1998
Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier
Cosplay: The Fantasy World of Role Play

comic book reports:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #20
Angel and Faith Season 10 #20
Oniba: Swords of the Demon vol. 1 #0
Critter #4
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #36
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #22
Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #12
Harley Quinn & Power Girl #5
Starfire #5
Red Sonja / Conan #4
Vampblade Comicsfest #1
Hero Cats #8
CatsEye Comics #4
Niobe: She is Life #1

manga mewsings:
A Centaur’s Life vol. 7
Oreimo: Kuroneko vol. 3
Akame Ga Kill vol. 4
School Live! vol. 1

collectibles & toy talk:
Diamond Select’s Gotham “Before the legend” Selina Kyle action figure
Salvat’s Misterios Dos Deuses Egipcios magazine & figurine pack #41

Our Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight
shines upon the Egyptian Goddess Tefnut

mewsic CD mewsings:
Kate Bush 1979 Television Special featuring Peter Gabriel
Jeff Lynne’s ELO: Alone in the Universe
Enya: Dark Sky Island
The Light Princess: A Musical by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson

additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art:
“Copic Quartet” by Rebecca Brogden
“Free Balloons” by Rebecca Brogden
“Mountain Cats” photo by Chef Ron
“Camelle’s Joker Cosplay” photomanip by Mike
“Mu’awin” by Mike
“Yuuna’amii” by Mike
“Ruby” by Mike
“Jenny” by Mike

event reports:
the 2015 NC Comicon
and the Greensboro Toy & Collectibles Show, nya!

(wearing Carolina Panthers shirt, Khaki cargo shorts, Nike Air trainers and a Catgirl Island baseball cap) Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews & discussions of fun stuff! Today’s holiday season show comes from Catgirl Island’s North Shore Beach, where it’s a lightly breezy 77 degrees by the mid-Atlantic ocean under the Blue skies and cumulo-neko clouds! Ah, we’ve got a big party gathered here, and we hope that more friends will join us later after work for our AfterMew Luau! ! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer” and here are The Ladies of The Mew!

(the catgirl wearing an Iberian Lynx purrint front-knotted bikini top, side-tie panty and Tuberose lei) Namaste, nya!

(her younger sister wearing an Iriomote purrint tankini and a Pink Plumeria tail corsage) Namaste, nya!

(the kitsune girl wearing the Geoffroy’s Cat purrint Brazil-cut bikini with a Hibiscus tucked behind an ear ) Aloha!

(the faerie whose wings shimmer out the back of the Orange Tabby colored crochet bikini) Mellow Greetings!

Mary Nyan:
(the catgirl wearing a Clouded Leopurrd purrint purretzel-cutout maillot and a White Carnation tail corsage) Aloha!

(the catgirl wearing a Snow Leopurrd purrint bandeau-topped, tanga-style bikini and a sheer purrled purreo) Nihao.

(the catgirl wearing Liger purrint shorts, a White cropped tank top, and Puka shell ankle bracelet) Howdy!

(her twin sister catgirl wearing the Siberian Tiger purrint Trikini with the Puka shell ankle bracelet) Howdy!

(the gynoid catgirl wearing an Ocelot purrint tee shirt, Black suspender maillot and a Purrple Orchid tail corsage) Aloha!

(her fiance catgirl wearing a Bobcat purrint criss-cross halter-neck bikini and a Red Heliconia tail corsage) Hola!

(the bunny girl wearing a Black – Footed Cat purrint ring-closure bikini and matching sarong) Guten Tag!

(the catgirl wearing a Tortoiseshell crochet triangle-top bikini and an Anthurium tucked by an ear) Hi Hi, nya!

(the Banker Pony centauress with her official Fire Chief badge on her Cheetah purrint halter neck bikini top) Hay!

(the catgirl wearing a knotted Havana Brown color shirt & shorts with her official Police Chief hat & badge) “Ello!

(the catgirl wearing a knotted Maine Coon purrint shirt & shorts with her official Purrk Ranger hat, & badge) G’day!

(the mermaid wearing the Emerald Green Cory Catfish purrint bikini top to match her veil – like tail) Shello!

(the mermaid with the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin tail, wearing the Tiger Shark bikini top) Buenos Dias!

(the orca girl looking dappurr in her natural Tuxedo Cat – like markings and a big Black purrl in her navel) Bonjour!

(the mermaid with the Lionfish tail wearing the tawny Mountain Lion colored bandeau bikini top) Shello!

(the catgirl wearing a Sand Cat purrint Columbian style bikini and a Yellow Kahili Ginger tail corsage) Whassup?

So what has everyone been up to since last month’s Mew?

Bun and I have been curating the art exhibits at the mewseum, coaching the post season beach volleyball clinics, and attending the local artisan meetings to see the wonderful holiday creations, nya!

Hai we are so blessed to have such a vibrantly festive community full of artists, authors, patrons and volunteers, and the peppy volleyball rec league full of athletes, fans, officials and event staff!

Mary Nyan:
I expected to be less busy after Halloween, but I have stayed purretty busy sewing costumes for the cosplayers & dancers, and my hula students are so excited about purrforming at the holiday matsuri! Howboutchoo, Jenjen?

My belly dance troupe is also excited about the purrformances. Otherwise, I have been spending mornings at the yoga studio, afternoons at the kyudo range, and the robotics club has built some dazzling animatronic decorations.

Hai we have been practicing our advanced tummy roll, shoulder shimmy and serpentine tail technique! Aside from the dance, I have been paddle surfing, helping at the mewseum and at the dock!

She and Tara-chan are the big help when our charters reel in the groupurrs, snappurrs, croakers, mackerels, stripurrs and tunas; and my drumming circle will be purrviding the purrcussion to some of the dance purrformances, nya!

Hai we like to be of help at the yacht, the mewseum, and – and the dance, nya! Let’s see, I have also been collecting the pony items and taking more nature photos of the ground hog, the hawk, the deer and- and the — MILK WEED TIGER MOTH, NYA!

(the distracted catgirl with her phone camera scampurrs after the interesting insect)


Heehee there she goes again- and so early into the Mew! Well, that is a nice moth and of course, I am all for the enthused interest in the local nature and we are planning more of the informative, entertaining holiday nocturnal nature hikes through the maritime forest!

Please bring the hikers by our grove theatre to sample our new honeysuckle lemon treats that we will vend at our repurrtory company’s nightly Winter Fantasy Shakespeare by fox fire light, which I have been rehearsing when I have not been instructing at the golf club!

Thank you for bringing those treats for tonight’s luau! Oh, while I was wreck diving the other day, another barricuda tried to chomp my tail, but nyow he is the ironic sushi upon the platter which I have brought for the luau! So, how are the wedding plans purrogressing?

We have been very busy pampurring the visitors at our spa and helping to train the appurrentice miko at the shrine, so we have allowed the leisurely pace for the wedding plans, but we have booked the Kitt Inn for the big event and will soon send the invitations!

Hai we hope that all of our friends will RSVP to attend our ceremony, the suppurr and the party! Oh oh and speaking of the ceremonies, the time sure has flown by like the hypurr speed because soon we have to start purrparing for our February’s annual Mew Awards!

It has been quite the bustling time at my magick shop for the he gala Winter Solstice activities, with the special sale purrices, the guest speakers, workshops and refreshments! By the way, I want to thank my sister for her help at the shop even though she is very busy too!

Hai, I have been busy purrparing my dojo for the regional tournyament, but the cats and I like to help at the shop’s solstice and equinox events! However I have found the free time to attend some of the holiday festivities and to purrtake of the late night hot salsa dance!

Since I have been piloting my blimp Nuru (short for Melanurus) for the tours, I might spruce her up with colorful LEDs & plasma screens to hover over the dance, although I might have to help my mom & dad at their theatre due to the crowd for the Star Wars movie!

Dessy and I will be on vigilant duty that opening night, as the County Surf Purrtrol is coordinating with the Dive-In Theatre which expects the huge crowds for the movie, which we hope will be a very safe fun event! Say Dessy, where is your manatee Ruru-chan?

Ruru-chan is helping at beach station 9, but he will be here later for the luau, especially for the fresh leafy cabbages from Bunnibun’s garden, and I have brought the tossed seaweed salad with the raspberry vinaigrette which especially I hope that she and Ellie will like!

Yum yum- arigato gozaimasu! I have been busy inspecting the many festive lanterns & fireworks, but I have been able to swim, go to the gym and prepare the cran apple nummy berry cocktails for the luau! So, how was Forma-san’s cruise to Prince Edward island?

Oh it was a wonderful swim and visit there with friends and family in time to commemorate my favorite author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birthday, but I am glad that I was able to return in time to attend this big gathering too! So how are things with Chief Meryl

All is well without any recent incidents, and since we hired more deputies, rangers, fire fighters, purramedics & lifeguards, we have been able to enjoy more free time and I am grateful to purrticipate in another Mew! Oh here comes Tara-chan back from her photo op!

I am back- gomenasai, nya! So what has Mike been up to, nya?

Oh as usual I’ve been spending good quality time with my family and friends, and trying to stay caught up on my art and writing amidst the conventions, festivals, concert, shows and gatherings! Ah, well, we’ve got a lot on our plate for today’s Mew, let’s jump right into

our Lightning Round discussion topic: our favorite
cinematic comedy part one: live-action feature films!

So, is everyone ready to “conduct the lightning”?

The Ladies of The Mew:

Oh I am starting, nya? Ok, City Lights, A Night at the Opera, It’s a Wonderful Life, Some Like it Hot, and Annie Hall nya! (tags Mary Nyan to go next)

Mary Nyan:
A Hard Day’s Night, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Blues Brothers, Rock ‘n Roll High School, and This is Spinal Tap! (tail – tags Tara-chan)

I want… I want to nominate Mary Poppins, Splash, The Goonies, the Spy Kids trilogy and – and the various Muppet movies, nya! (tags her sister)

Batman (1966), Splash, Peewee’s Big Adventure, The Breakfast Club and the Back to the Future trilogy, nya! (tags Mielikki with a brush of the tail)

Caddyshack, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, A Christmas Story, The Princess Bride and Splash! (tags Ilyana with a flit of the wings)

Heehee! Oh I will nominate Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Caddyshack, Stripes and Beverly Hills Cop! Nyow it is… Trini’s turn! (tags Trini-chan)

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski, Clerks and Chasing Amy! (tags Formality)

Oh maybe Weekend at Bernie’s, Beach Party, The Aquatic Life, Scooby Doo and the Curse of the Lake Monster, and Splash! (tags Nyoka)

The Wizard of Oz, Bell, Book and Candle, Holy Grail, Young Frankenstein, Beetlejuice, The Butcher’s Wife and Ghostbusters! (tags Elizabeth)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, Life of Brian, Time Bandits, and A Fish Called Wanda! (tags her fiance)

The Jerk, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Roxxanne, Little Shop of Horrors and LA Story! Bun, you’re up! (tags Bun)

Hai! Duck Soup, The Bellhop, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Dr. Strangelove, M*A*S*H, Young Frankenstein and Buckaroo Banzai,! (tags jeannie)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Great Race, The Gumball Rally, Smokey and the Bandit, The Cannonball Run, and the Back to the Future trilogy. (tags Nyanko)

Big Trouble in Little China, Mr. Vampire, Armor of God, Operation Condor, Project A, Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master and Supercop series! (tags the Ellie)

Blazing Saddles, Airplane, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Used Cars, and Hudson Hawk! (tags Meryl with a swish of her pony tail)

Much Ado About Nothing (both the Branagh and Whedon versions), the Monty Python movies and the Pink Panther movies (tags B.B.)

I will nominate Rushmore, The Royal Tannenbaums, The Aquatic Life, Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel! (tags Daytona)

It Happened One Night, Bringing Up Baby, Harvey, Some Like it Hot, Philadelphia Story, and Singin’ in the Rain! (slaps fins with Dessy)

Horsefeathers, The Great Race, The Longest Yard, Caddyshack, Bull Durham, Shaolin Soccer, and Bend it Like BeckhamI (tags Ilyana)

Oh it is the tough call but I will nominate those Marx Brothers, the Monty Pythons,The Muppets and Jackie Chan movies! Back to Mike!

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Kelly’s Heroes, The Blues Brothers, Caddyshack, and Fandango!

Some of our absent friends also mentioned humorous movies such as 1941, City Hunter, Commando, Demolition Man, Donovan’s Reef, Die Hard, Every Which Way But Loose, Galaxy Quest, Machete, Men in Black, The Mummy (1999), My Super Ex- Girlfriend, Sky High, Tango & Cash, and Teenage Catgirls in heat! Well, that was a nicely expedient little Lightning Round, given how many there are of us! Next month we will continue the topic with our favorite comedic animated movies, but for now let’s keep the cinema topic rolling, as Myayr begins our batch of

Movie, TV & DVD reviews with her review of
the Doctor Who Series Nine, Part One DVD!

Mary Nyan
Hai! Doctor Who is one of my all time favorite TV series, which currently stars Peter Capaldi in his 2nd season as the heroic title role, with Jenna Colman as his current traveling companion Clara! This Region 1 NTSC standard DVD set has the first 6 epurrsodes of the show’s current season which total appurroximately 270 minutes upon the 2 disks, plus the 3 widdle Doctor Who Extras which look at the making of the epurrsodes! They are purrsented in the anamorphic widescreen format of the 16:9 aspect ratio, in English 5.1 stereo sound with the optional English SDH subtitles!

In “The Magician’s Apprentice” & “The Witch’s Familiar” written by purrducer Steven Moffat & directed by Hettie McDonald, The Doctor, Clara & Missy face the Daleks & their creator Davros on the planet Skaro, with appurrances by UNIT, The Sisterhood of Karn, The Shadow Proclamation and The Maldovarium, with Michelle Gomez as Missy, Julian Bleach as Davros, Joey Price as young Davros, Jami Reid-Quarrell as Colony Sarff, Jemma Redgrave as Kate Lethbridge-Stewert, Clare Higgins as Ohila, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill as Bors, and Nicholas Bridge as the Daleks’ voices!

Then in the spooky tale of “Under The Lake” & “Before the Flood” written by Toby Whithouse & directed by Daniel O’Hara, The Doctor & Clara visit a haunted undersea base in the year 2119, but a purradoxial / timey-wimey trip back to 1980 is required to investigate the mystery! Paul Kaye as Prentis, Steven Robertson as Pritchard, Archer Ali as Bennett, Colin McFarlane as Moran, Morven Christie as O’Donnell, Zaqi Ismail as Lunn who signs for Cass who is purrtrayed by Sophie Stone, Neil Fingleton as The Fisher King, and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor purrvides the Fisher King’s roar!

In “The Girl Who Died” written by Jamie Mathieson & Steven Moffat & directed by Ed Bazalgette, The Doctor saves viking villagers from the alien invaders lead by a fake Odin, but using alien technology to save the live of a girl named Ashildr makes her immortal. She is purrtrayed by Maisie Williams who pourrtays Arya on Game of Thrones! The cast also includes Alastair Parker as Limpy, Ian Cunningham as Chuckles, Tom Stourton as Lofty, Murray McArthur as Hasten, Barnaby Kay as Heidi, Simon Limpkin as Nollar, and David Schofield as the Odin impurrsonator.

Ashildr returns in “The Woman Who Lived” written by Mathieson & Moffat & directed by Bazalgette, which is my favorite story of the DVD! In this fun, charming, tragic, bittersweet tale she is a wealthy lady and adventurous robber after several lifetimes when she meets The Doctor again 800 years later in the England of 1651. As we learn more of her sad existence and history, we meet her likable highwayman rival Sam Swift whi i purrtrayed by Rufus Hound who narrates the DVD’s Extras, and the evil scheming leonine alien invader Leandro who is purrtrayed by Ariyun Bakare.

He is a fire-breathing lion dude! I also liked Elizabeth Hopper as Lucy, John Voice as her wealthy father, Gareth Berliner as the coachman, Struan Rodger as Ashildr’s butler, Gruffudd Glyn and Reuben Johnson as the amewsing pikemen who are sent to capture the bandits! One of the aspects I liked about those tales were the great female characters, such as Clara, Ashildr, Missy (formerly known as The Master), Kate Lethbridge-Stewert (the daughter of Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewert) and Cass, who delivers her peppy dialogue in the British Sign Language!

There is also a great bit of continuity in the season thus far, with flashbacks & references to many past epurrsodes! Purrduced & directed by Luke Baker, the Doctor Who Extras total appurroximately 24 minutes, with comments by Capaldi, Gomez, Williams, Hiund, Reid, Price, Mcfarlane, Kaye, Fingleton, Taylor, Bakare, Moffat, Whithouse, purrduction designer Michael Pickwoad & purrducer Derek Ritchie! There are not many extra features, but I was pleased with the DVD and I look forward to the rest of the series! That is all for my reviews, and nyow here is Formality to tell us about the

Black Sails The Complete Second Season DVD!

Arigato! Black Sails is an awesome pirate adventure TV series shown on the Starz channel and set in the year 1715 when the political tides have changed for the privatees of Providence Island in Nassau, when they prowl for ships laiden with wealth, but are hunted by the British and Spanish governments! It is a gritty, visceral, thrilling tale with the superb cast, crew & production values that cleverly combines real historical pirates with fictional characters of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, but it is not for the squeamish due to the language, nudity, sex, gore and violence!

It stars Tony Stephens as Capt. Flint, Hannah New as Elaenor Guthrie, Sean Cameron Michael as her father Richard, Luke Arnold as John Silver, Tom Hopper as Billy Bones, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Max, Zach McGowan as Capt. Vane, Clara Paget as Anne Bonny, Toby Schmitz as Capt. Rackham, Louise Barnes as Miranda, Rupert Penry-Jones as Thomas Hamilton, Hakeem Kaw-Kazim as Scott, Roland Reed as Dufrense, Nick Boraine as Lord Ashe, Meganne Young as his daughter Abbigail, Patrick Lyster as Capt. Hornigold, and Tadhg Murphy as Capt. Ned Low!

In season 2, amidst flashbacks to Flint’s pre-pirate life with the navy and the Hamiltons, Dufrense lacks the instincts and experience to lead his crew, whilst Silver helps Flint to capture a new ship. At Providence Island, things get complicated for the trio of Max, Bonny and Rackham who wants a new ship too, but Ned has been threatening Eleanor and friends, until making the mistake of crossing Vane, who controls the local fort! Eleanor is torn between Flint and Vane, who are enemies on the verge of a showdown which could ruin the island which they all seem to care about!

There is depth into the characters, relationships & rules of the English & pirate society politics, and in the 2nd season there is much captivating back story of the characters and even grander action on the land and sea! The 10 episodes of season two total the 555 minutes, plus about 40 minutes of special features upon the 3 Region One NTSC standard DVD disks, which are pocketed within the quintuple – gatefold cardboard sleeves which have the 10 lovely portrait photos of the maine characters, all handsomely packaged within the outer box with the 3-D cover image!

Released on the DVD by Anchor Bay, the video is purrsented in the anamorphic widescreen format of the 1.78:1 aspect ratio! The spoken language choices are English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Surround 2.0 & Spanish Dolby Surround 2.0, with optional subtitle choices of English SDH (subtitled for those who are deaf or hard of hearing) and Spanish. Purrior to disk 1’s main menu are the brief peeks at Power and Black Sails’s 3rd season! The five featurettes start with “Inside The World of Black Sails”, which is the 21.5 minute look at the evolution of the 2nd season.

This has comments by co-creators / executive producers Robert Levine & James E. Steinberg. Then there is a 4 min. 10 sec. look at the creation of the Spanish “Man O’ War” ship which took 50 people 3 months to build, with comments by Mew, Paget, construction manager Clive Pollick, stunt coordinator Franz Spilhaus, head of rigging Terri Hoffman, supervising art director Christopher Dalberg, senior visual FX supervisor Erik Henry, set decorator Tom Hannam, on-set visual FX supervisors Kevin Rafferty and Jeremy Hattingh, and director / cinematographer Lucas Ettlin!

“Expanding Worlds” is about 4 minutes in which Mew, Kennedy, McGowin, Murphy, Young, Barnes, Stephens, Ettlin, Levine and Steinberg discuss the characters; and “High Seas Action” is about 5 minutes in which Hopper, Scmitt, Stephens, Spilhaus, fight choreographer Grant Powell, executive producer Brad Fuller and co-executive producer Steve Bayum discuss the fights and stunts!

To top it off is the 4.5 minute discussion of “History’s Influence” with comments by Levine, Steinberg, Schmitz and historian / consultant Benerson Little! As much as I liked the great first season of Black Sails, I think the second season is even better, and I will heartily recommend it to fans of serious nautical adventure! Now for more of the adventure tales, here is Chief Meryl to tell us about


Hai! I like the James Bond novels and movies, so when I heard that director Sam Mendez, actors Daniel Craig, Naomi Harris, Ralph Fienes, Ben Whishaw, and the criminal organization known as Spectre would return, oh I was so enthused about this new movie, especially since I liked the prior Bond movie Skyfall, which we reviewed our December 2012 Mew! Not only is Spectre set after Skyfall, but it also has the story continuity to prior movies Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, and it s peppered with nods and homages to many of the purrior Bond movies and novels!

So it stars Craig for the fourth time as James Bond, agent OO7, Harris as agent Moneypenny, Ralph Fienes as the new director of MI6, Ben Whishaw as Q the genius quartermaster. Lea Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann, Jesper Christensen as her father / the enemy agent Mr. White, Christophe Waltz as Ernst Stavro Bofeld the head of Spectre, Dave Bautista who we liked in Guardians of the Galaxy as Blofeld’s purrferred assassin, Monica Bellucci as the widow of another Specte agent, and the brief appurrance of Judi Dench in M’s posthumous secret message to OO7!

Spectre starts off with one of the greatest opening shots in Bond movie history, in a very long continuous shot from the crowded streets during Dios De Los Muertes up to his rooftop sniper purrch! Then we get the main titles & theme song, which was not one of my favorites… but then the movie purrks up again with the thrilling fights, chases, espionage, gadgets, mystique, and the quieter but significant character developments at the spectacular locations around the world! It seemed too rushed, too short, and I wish there was more of Bellucci, but a lot is packed into the movie!

it was a bit purrdictable especially a global surrveillance sub plot, but I liked the cast, the cinematography, the stunts, FX, sets, locations and the many cleverly sentimental nods, references, easter eggs or homages to what seemed like at least 14 other Bond movies, plus some of the novels, such as a very visceral torture scene that reminds me of a scene in Kingly Amis’s 1968 Bond novel Colonel Sun! Compurred to the purrior 23 official Bond movies, for me Spectre ranks somewhere in the lower middle of the lot, but is not in my uppurr favorites, such as (in chronological order):

Doctor No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die, The Man With The Golden Gun, The Sly Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only, Casino Royal, and Skyfall. I suppose I like it as much as Octopussy, The Living Daylights, and Quantum of Solace, but more than Moonraker, A View to a Kill, License to Kill, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, and Die Another Day. It was not the best nor the worst, but it was fun and not bad! Nyow here is Dessy to discuss

Toy Story That Time Forgot DVD!

Hai! We love the animated movies, shorts & specials by Pixar, including this nearly 22 minute special which was originally shown on ABC last December! It stars the widdle girl Bonnie’s triceratops toy Trixie and her fellow toy friends Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, and adorable Angel Kitty who have the play date at the home of Bonnie’s friend Mason. There those those toys meet Mason’s hostile Battlesaurs action figures starring Reptillicus Maximus, whilst Mason and Bonnie play with video games instead of the toys.

Just as Buzz used to not know that he was actually a toy, so do Reptillicus and most of the Battlesaurs because they have not been played with, except for the evil sneaky Cleric who sicks the Goliathon monster toy upon Trixie’s friends while Reptillicus is fascinated by her charm! As the last resort to keep the origins the secret from the other Battlesaurs, the Cleric has a fiendish plan to destroy the visiting toys, but Trixie races to unplug the video games so that Bonnie & Mason will play with and thus rescue the toys!

The wonderful voice cast of Toy Story That Time Forgot includes Kristen Schaal as Trixie, Emily Hahn as Bonnie, Lori Alan as Bonnie’s mom, R.C. Cope as Mason, Wallace Shawn as Rex, Tom Hanks as Woody, Joan Cusack as Jessie, Tim Allen as Buzz, Don Rickles as Mr. Potatohead, Emma Hudak as Angel Kitty (who we mentioned in our January Mew’s catgirl spotlight), Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants, Kevin McKidd as Reptillicus Maximus, and the special’s writer / director Steve Purcell as The Cleric!

In addition to Purcell, the brilliant crew includes story supervisor Derek Thompson, producer Gaylyn Susman, executive producer John Lasseter, production designer Anthony Christov, music composer Michale Giacchino, and editor David Suther! I think it is a great, fun, beautiful, poignant special with the supurb story, pace, mythology, characters, voices, sound FX, music, designs, rendering and animation with the excellent balance of the drama, humor and action, to which I will give an A as in Angel Kitty!

It is purrsented upon the region1 NTSC standard DVD in the 1.78:1 widescreen format, with the spoken language choices of English, French & Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1, descriptive audio described by Brian Thompson & read by Hannah Johnson, with the optional English SDH, French & Spanish subtitles in the bold White sans serif font with the fine Black outline. There are purreview trailers for the movie Inside Out which we reviewed in our July Mew, and The Good Dinosaur which I will review next!

The bonus features include the nearly 11 minute long featurette about the origin, design, choreography, animation & voicing of Reptillicus, which has comments by Steve Purcell, Derek Thompson, Galyn Susman, Anthony Christov, Kevin McKidd, Kristen Schaal, story artist Louise Smythe and directing animator Andrew Gordon! I will heartily recommend this DVD to any fellow fans of Pixar, the Toy Story characters and beautifully fun animated tales fans for all ages! I am all done, and now here is Keami-chan to tell us about

The Peanuts Movie, nya!

Arigato! We love the Peanuts comic strips, toys, collectables, animated TV specials and movies, so we have been rather eagerly anticipating their latest movie, which was directed by Steve Martino and animated by Blue Sky Studios, with the widdle ice Age short prior to the movie! The movie stars Charlie & Sally Brown, Snoopy & Fifi, Woodstock & the other Beagle Scouts, Lucy & Linus Van Pelt, Violet & Patty, Marcie & Peppermint Patty, Frieda, Franklin, Pig-Pen, Schroeder, Shermy, The Little Red-haired Girl, and the muted-brass voice of Mrs. Othmar!

The plot pertains to Charlie Brown amidst his usual accidents, failures, determination and sincerity amongst friends & family at home, school, and the park, but things become more nervous for him when he is smitten by The Little Red-haired Girl! Meanwhile there are plenty of gags and moments form the Peanuts tales from Lucy at her psychiatry booth and Schroeder’s Piano to Linus with his blanket and devotion to the Great Pumpkin, Sally’s affections for him and her difficulties at school, Snoopy as the author, Joe Cool, and as the World War I flying ace.

Things take a dramatically improved turn for Charlie Brown when everyone thinks he has scored the highest grade on a test to become the hero of the school. Mirroring Charlie Brown’s incidents and romantic endeavors are Snoopy’s typewritten tales of himself as the pilot infatuated by Fifi, the French pilot beagle, and driven to defeat his arch enemy The Red Baron. The aerial dogfight scenes are amazingly thrilling and tense, Snoopy tried to rescue Fifi who is captured aboard an enemy zeppelin. Will Charlie Brown and Snoopy win the hearts?

I will not spoil more of the plot, but I thought t was a totally awesome, wonderful, beautiful, poignant thrilling, faitfhful, fun movie with many brilliant gags & references to the strips, cartoons, and even nods to the merchandise and Charles M, Schulz! His descendants Craig & Bryan Schulz were among the movies writer & producers! The humor is spot on and many moments moved me to joyful tears! The voice cast is perfect, including Noah Schnapp as Charlie Brown, Francesca Angelucci Capaldi as TheLittle red haired Girl, Kristin Chenowyth as Fifi…

… archival sounds of the late Bill Melendez as Snoopy & Woodstock, and the sounds by Trombone Shorty as the adult voices! The animation style & techniques were great and so faithful, and the scenery is so gorgeous as we get a great feel for the pretty neighborhood which we get to see in Winter, Spring & Summer, with the feel for where the various houses, fields, pond, school, walls, and Kite-Eating Tree are to each other! There are plenty of background characters to identify, and “easter eggs” with more information about the main characters!

While there were 2 or 3 new pop songs in the soundtrack that I did not like, I thought the use of the famous Vince Guaraldi cues, other bits of classical & dance music, Schroeder’s accompaniment to the movie’s opening 20th Century Fox Fanfare, and composer Christophe Beck’s original score were quite magnificent! I think it is one of the best Peanuts movies, it is one of my favoritest movies of the year, and I will give it an “A” as in “Aughh”! Well, that will conclude our cinematic topics, but I would to continue Peanuts praise here is Trini-chan to begin

our book reports, with her review of
The Complete Peanuts 1997 to 1998!

Hai! It is hard to believe that we are already up to the next to last volume of The Complete Peanuts series published by Fantagraphics! It is a massively wonderful undertaking which has been collecting all of Charles M. Schulz’s 17,897 daily and Sunday Peanuts strips in their 50 year chronological order! They are reprinted in Black & White, but there is also a separate series which has begun to collect all of the Sunday strips in color! This is the 24th volume of The Complete Peanuts, it is priced $29.99, it measures 8.5″ x 6.75″ x 1.25″, and it collects strips from 1997 and 1998!

To put that into perspective, movies of 1997 included Titanic, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Men in Black, Tomorrow Never Dies, Tenchi the Movie 2, Princess Mononoke and Disney’s Hercules; whilst movies of 1996 included Saving Private Ryan, Star Trek Insurrection, Scooby-Doo on Zombie island, Pokemon: The First Movie, A Bug’s Life, and Disney’s Mulan! The book has Rerun Van Pelt on the boards and the dust jacket; and the 348 pages include the 314 pages of strips, the handy 4 page index, and the 3 page introduction by producer, director, actor and author Paul Feig!

The publisher / editor was Gary Groth, the associate publisher was Eric Reynolds, the archival assistant was Marcie Lee, the index compilers were Daniel Germain, Alan Lee and Kim Rost Bridges, the production, assembly and restoration was by Paul Baresh, and the book’s design was by Seth. The strips star Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Linus, Rerun, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Woodstock, Snoopy and his brothers Spike, Andy and Olaf! There are also appurrances by Schroeder, Franklin, Violet, Patty, Lydia, Naomi, Peggy Jean, Pigpen, Crybaby Boobie and the little pig-tailed girl!

Woodstock’s friends Bill, Conrad, Harriet, Olivier, Raymond, Roy and Wilson make several appearances, plus the sentient mail box and the school building! Snoopy’s guises during those years include the attorney, author, Blackbeagle the pirate, the French foreign legionnaire, Gatsby, the G.I., golfer, the Revolutionary War patriot, Santa, scout master, tennis player, the watchdog and the World War I flying ace! Some of the notable plots include Charlie Brown discovering autograph forgery mill, and going to a dance with Snoopy who sneaks in but gets sick after partying too hard!

Snoopy, Andy and Olaf journey to visit Spike who later winds up in the hospital; Marcie and Peppermint Patty flirt with Charlie Brown when they are not at school which has the leak; Rerun has sports problems and gets suspended from kindergarten! There are many incidents involving baseball, hockey, golf, kites, card games, valentines, the piano, pumpkin patch and psychiatrist booth…

… plus the 6 July 1944 remembrances, and the 11 November 1998 strip by Charles M. Schulz and Bill Mauldin in which Snoopy meets World War II G.I.s Willie and Joe! It is another beautiful, fun superb book, which I will give the high grade of an “A” as in Andy and for my great anticipation for the final volume! Now for our next book review, here is Bun to tell us about

Cosplay: The Fantasy World of Role Play!

Hai! We love to wear and admire costumes for the holidays, stage, festivals and conventions! It is wonderful to see the folks of all ages, genders, orientations, ethnicities, breeds and species having such artistic fun to pose or purrform in the fanciful garments, whether they are individuals or groups, whether they made or bought the costumes, from a simple mask or pair of kemonomimi pinna to the more elaborate award-winning creations! Thusly I was pleased to find this nifty widdle book Cosplay: The Fantasy World of Role Play written by journalist / editor Lauren Orsini!

This 8 7/8″ x 7 1/4″ trade paperback was published this year by Metro Books, and its 256 full color pages have over 200 photos, including the many full page pics and several two-page spreads!
The front cover is graced by Martin Wong’s photo of Crystal Graziano as Marvel Comics’ Carol Danvers, alias the original Ms. Marvel (although nowadays she is known as Captain Marvel, and a younger girl is the newer Ms. Marvel)! The book depicts many international male and female cosplayers, including the crossplay, gender bending, goth, punk, and traditional dress!

The photos were taken at cons, gardens, forests, beaches & urban locations in the USA, Canada, England, Spain, Russia, Japan, Philippines and Singapore, including several photo manips with added FX! After the discussion of the origins of cosplay, chapter 1 is devoted to anime & manga, chapter 2 pertains to science fiction & fantasy, chapter 3 is of video game costumes, chapter 4 focuses on TV & pop culture, and chapter 5 focuses on more original creations. The majority of the costumes seem to represent anime, comics & video games of the past 2 decades,

A fair amount of Disney is represented, but there is not as much mecha, furry, faerie, vampire, steam punk, Star Wars, Doctor Who or Lord of the Rings as I would have expected, and yet some costumes have multiple photos. There was only one mermaid, one Star Trek (Borg) costume and I was surprised at a lack of G.I. Joe, Harry Potter, zombies, vampire LARP, Rennfaire or SCA garb, but I was very impressed by the wealth of gorgeous costumes & photos which seem very thoroughly credited! Now if it is photos of Star Trek costumes that you crave, I will recommend

Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier!

Among the many great artistic aspects of the Star trek TV shows & movies are the wonderful costumes, from the spiffy Starfleet uniforms to the Klingon couture and other exotic alien apparel, and this handsome hardcover is brimming with many large full color photos of the costumes upon the actors and the mannequins! Written by Paula M. Black & Terry J. Erdman with an introduction by Robert Blackman, Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier is a 12.5″x9.5″x1 1/8″ book with the dust jacket & 256 full color pages, priced at $60 from Insight Editions!

Paula is an author, editor & journalist whilst Terry is an author, journalist & publicist, and Robert was one of Star Trek’s great costume designers! Multitudes of his beautiful creations are showcased in the book, along with the costumes by other designers such as William Theiss, Robert Fletcher, Dodie Shepard and Robert Kaplan! It does not include attire from the animated series, comics, books, games or the cosplayers, but it does show many of the costumes from the live-action treks of Captains Archer, Pike and Kirk and Spock to Picard, Sisko, Janeway and the recent reboot!

There are a lot of costumes from the movies & series that are not depicted, such as many of the civilian, ambassador & starfleet costumes of Star Trek – The Motion Picture, but there are photos of costumes that were not seen in the final versions of the movies, such as an earlier version of Mr. Spock’s space suit from a scene that was excised from that movie. Many of the impressive photos are the full-bleed, full-page pics, including the best photo I have ever seen of Linda Fetters as the catgirl from Star Trek V! That is all of our book reviews, so now here is Becca to start our

comic book reports, with her review of
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #20

Arigato! Gosh, it is hard to believe that Dark Horse Comics’ season 10 of Buffy is already up to issue #20! It is purriced at $3.99 and has 6 pages of the ads amongst the 22 page tale of “Triggers” which was executively purrduced by Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon, scripted by Christos Gage, illustrated by Megan Levens, colored by Dan Jackson, lettered by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt, edited by Jim GIbbons and Sierra Hahn, and assistantly edited by Freddye Miller and Spencer Cushing!

The mane cover art is by Steve Morris, the variant cover art is by Rebekah Isaacs and Dan; the issue was graphically designed by Justin Couch, and Christianne Goodreau was the the digital art technician! While Anya’s ghost has been hanging out with Xander at home, Police Detective Dowling has been investigating two sepurrate supurrnatural incidents; firstly he brings Buffy and Spike to a women’s center to help Jean, a counselor who was assaulted by an evil, hypnotic, seductive incubus demon.

Secondly, he brings Xander and Giles to a fortune teller’s office, where Lana the psychic has been possesed by a demon. Anya’s ghost tags along to help, but then she needs to be rescued from the demon’s clutches too! However, after Giles excises the demon, Lana senses the purresence of the ghost, but determines that it is not actually Anya! Buffy strategizes for the pending fight with the incubus, and has poignant chats with both Spike and Jean about the relationships, the triggers and the coping.

This issue has the dandy art and a good balance of dramatic character developments; and supurrnatural action accompanied by the humorous banter, but as for what happens to the incubus or the ghostly Anya impurrsonator, I should not further spoil those parts of the plot! She is the peppy ghost with the cute outfit and an outer glow! Willow, Dawn and Andrew are not in this issue, but Spike’s widdle kittens do briefly appur! Meanwhile in London, Drusilla and her vampire minions have captured Nadira in

Angel and Faith Season 10 #20

issue #20 has the 22 page tale of “A Little More Than Kin Part Two” plus the 6 pages of ads. The tale was executively purrduced by Whedon, scripted by Victor Gischler, illustrated by Will Conrad, colored by Michelle Madsen, lettered by Richard & Jimmy, edited by Jim Gibbons, and assistantly edited by Spencer, with the issue’s design by Justin and the digital art wizardry by Christianne. The mane cover art is by Scott Fischer, and the variant cover art is by Mike Norton and Michelle.

It stars Angel, Faith, Fred, Nadira, Koh, Sophronia, Lavinia, Brandt, Archaeus, Drusilla and her minions, although there are fewer minions after the opening street fight! Unfortunately Dru and some of them escape back to their lair where they introduce Nadira to Dru’s master, the evil demon Archaeus who had purreviously tried to control Angel and Spike. Archaeus fought Angel, Spike, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles and Andrew in the “Old Demons” story arc of Buffy Season 10 #16-18!

Archaeus was tempurrarily defeated in that battle, but he managed to escape and nyow wants Nadira to help Magic Town accept his brood’s purresence, but instead of helping them, Nadira very impurressively reminds them that she is still a slayer! The slayage commences in a magnificent 4 page sequence as she gracefully leaps, punches, kicks and stakes the villains, and it is my favorite scene of the issue, but I should not further spoil the plot which ends on an alarming cliffhanger!

I think this tale has great action choreography, dynamic poses, excellent portraitures, great fonts for the dialogue and visceral sound FX, the color & lighting to set the macabre ambience, and the details of the scenery and the clothing, including Nadira’s gorgeous Green dress, Dru’s Red dress, Sophronia’s beautiful Blue dress and Lavinia’s purretty Pink dress! I will give this issue the “A” as in Archaeus! That is all for my comic book reports, and nyow here is Nyanko to tell us about

Oniba: Swords of the Demon vol. 1 #0

Arigato! We are purrticularly fond of the Aspen Comics such as Fathom, Kiani, Soulfire and others, so I was quite intrigued when I saw the beautiful illustrations of Yukiko the onna-bugeisha heroine of this new series! Set in the year 1582 in the Sengoku period of Japan, the tale follows Yukiko’s transition from samurai to wandering ronin after a revolt against her evil Daimyo Nobunaga!

Created and plotted by Paolo Pantalena and editor in chief Vince Hernandez, the uninterrupted, briskly paced 13 page tale of “No, Master” was scripted by Hernandez, pencilled by Pantalena, lettered by editorial assistant Josh Reed, colored by Hi-Fi and edited by Frank Mastromauro, with the issue’s design and purrduction by Mark Roslan and editorial assistant Gabe Carrasco.

The issue is available in 4 different covers; Cover A by Paolo Pantalena & Sabine Rich, cover B by Paolo Pantalena & Chuck Pires, cover C by Mahmud Asrar, and cover D by Pantalena. Instead of assigning the job to general Hashiba Hideyoshi, Nobunaga orders Yukiko to lead an attack against the Mori Clan, but despite her reservations, she is quite loyal and brilliantly effective!

Yukiko is a fabulous two-handed swordswoman against multiple opponents! However, her friend / general Akechi Mitsuhide advises her to defect, because he plans to lead a rebellion against Nobunaga, who is appurrently a very cruel, corrupt despot, and Yukiko’s loyalty to her Daimyo especially wavers when she witnesses Nobunaga sacrificially murder General Hideyoshi,

When the revolt reaches the castle steps and Akechi duels with Nobunaga, Yukiko runs the villain through with her katana from behind! She credits Akeshi with the death blow, and at his behest she flees to become a ronin, or masterless samurai. I think that the art is quite gorgeous with the elaborate costumes, battle scenes, and architecture rendered with lavishly intricate detail!

The colors are so lush and vibrant, and there are a couple of extra impurressive full – page pics! The tale is followed by the interesting six “scriptbook” pages, which show examples of the comic’s creative purrocess, with excerpts of the script, pencil art & comments! Nyow for my next review of an Aspen comic, we will go from Yukiko in Japan to Cassia in the contempurrary USA in

Critter #4!

Published by Big Dog Ink which is nyow an impurrint of Aspen Comics, Critter is the titular alias of Cassia Crawford, a supurr heroine of the catgirl motif and the peppy, noble heart! Her super powers include the extreme strength, stamina, toughness, agility, speed & telekinesis, plus the high tech gadgets such as her cat ears & tail of her sleek bare-midriffed Silver & Blue costume!
She originally appurred in a mini-series which was followed by the longer series and some spin-off issues, before the Critter series was re-launched in this 4 issue mini-series.

Issue #4 is purriced at $3.99 and includes the uninterrupted mane 22 page tale which was written by the comic’s creator Tom Hutchison, illustrated by Fico Ossio, and lettered by Kel Nuttall; Tom’s cordial message page, and the bonus 8 tale which was written by Tom, lettered by Kel, illustrated by CB Zane, colored by Ceci de la Cruz; whcih are all sammiched betwixt the choice of the five different covers! Cover A is by Fico, cover B is by Corey Zayatz & Cici, cover C is by Nei Ruffino, cover D is by V Ken Marion & Juan Fernandez, and cover E is by Rob Duenas!

Much of the purrior adventures have been quickly recapped and rebooted in this latest alternate timeline for Cassie as she and fellow supurr heroes of the Core team such as Icon, Rookie, Charity, Starlette, and Cat 5 continue to fight the villains such as Tidepool, Cricket, Yellow jacket, other villains and the amphibious creatures! The enigmatic, bossy, powerful and evil time traveller known as Paradox continues to determine which of Critter’s alternate realities has the purriority, whilst he has secretly impurrisoned her heroic mom The Velvet Fox in the future!

Slipstream, Kitten and Critter’s friend Gina are not in this issue, but alluring Couger does arrive to slyly coax Cassia to quit the Core team and join her glamorous cat-themed Purrfection team, which happened in the purrior Critter series! Then In 8 page back-up tale of “Paradox Parallels: Part Four” continues to chronicle The Velvet Fox’s purrior adventures, from her purregnancy with Cassia to her tragic disappurrance and purrsumed death when she was spurrited away by Paradox whilst rescuing some of the victims from the World Trade Center disaster on 9-11.

We love Cassie and this issue had lots of action for the great characters at the very brisk pace, the richly bright vibrant colors, and the many purretty gleaming costumes, including Cover A’s 20 different versions of Cassia from across the realities; but we hope that Paradox will be thwarted and that Cassia and Vanessa will be happily and healthfully reunited soon, hopefully when Critter returns next year! That is all for my comic book reports, so nyow I will turn The Mew over to Tara-chan, who wants to begin her pony comic book reports with

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #36!

Arigato, Nya-sensei, nya! I cannot believe that it has already been the three years IDW started publishing the pony comics which are wonderfully faithful to the animated series, nya! Purrviously in the current Siege of the Crystal Empire story arc, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Cadance and – and Shining Armor were purrparing the Crystal Empire festival, villains such as the Flimflam Brothers, Iron Will the minotaur, his assistant Bertha, Lightning Dust, Queen Chrysalis and – and her herd of Changelings ambushed them, nya!

This was the distraction that the sad poor lonely Radiant Hope needed to swipe the Crystal Heart relic in order to revive her former friend the evil King Sombra, nya! Then we learned that she was trying to save him and – and the phantom Umbrum ponies, but the big battle erupted between the heroes and the villains, resulting with Luna and – and Celestia frozen like statues, whilst Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and – and Shining armor were caged, with just Cadance remaining to stop the assault upon the Crystal Empire, nya!

Issue #36 has the uninterrupted 22 page tale of “The Siege of the Crystal Empire Part Three” which is followed by the 10 pages of the ads, nya! It was written by Jeremy Whitley who we met again at the recent NC Comicon, nya! He also created the wonderful Princeless series, nya! This chapter was illustrated by Andy Price, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil Uyetake, edited by Bobby Curnow and – and has the regular cover art by Andy, the subscribers’ cover by Sara Richard, the retailer’s incentive cover by Mary Bellamy, and – and the variant made for Hot Topic, nya!

This issue adds more to the Equestria mythology as Radiant Hope teams up with Cadance, whilst Chrysalis is at odds with Sombra, and – and the other villains are concerned that the outcome might be far more disastrous than they bargained for, nya! As mewsual it is the beautiful comic book with the purrfect pony poses, expurressions, style, tone and – and scenery, but it is also another sad, tragically devastating tale of Sombra and the ponies who care for him, with another very ominous cliffhanger, nya! Nyow I would like to continue my pony report with the few words about

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #22, nya!

The Friends Forever series teams up various characters, such as Rarity with the Cake Family in issue #19, Discord with Luna in issue #20, Spike with Zecora in issue #21, and nyow Pinkie Pie spends the time helping Celestia in issue #22, with which has the uninterrupted 22 page tale followed by the 10 pages of the ads, nya! It was written by Christina Rice, lettered by Neil Uyetake, edited by Bobby Curnow, and – and illustrated by Jay Fosgit who did the subscriber variant cover’s art, whilst Amy Mebberson did the regular cover’s art, nya!

Celstia is planning the appurreciative banquet for Luna, so she has requested Pinkie Pie to bake a special cake, whilst Twilight Sparkle will make the speech, nya! Pinkie Pie gets to use royal chef Chase Palamino’s huge kitchen, so this task ought to be “a piece of cake” so to speak, but it purroves to be the nervous task under purressure, especially with Celestia constantly hovering around the kitchen, because she also nervously wants it to be purrfect for Luna, nya! I think this was such the fun, poignant, beautiful, and – and very faithful tale, nya!

The ponies’ expurressions are great from the distraughtly frazzled Pinkie Pie talking to Mr. Turnip, to Luna crying the joyful tears when she sees the poignant message symbolized by the final cake! Purrior to that are psychedelic cake, the confetti cake, the crooked cake, the lunar cake, the twilight cake, the creepy cake, and – and the cherpumple cake, which are causing the cravings, but I will wait until our Aftermew luau, and- and I will give both of those pony comics the grade of an A as in Applejack, nya! I am done, so nyow here is Lizzy to discuss

Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #12, nya!

Arigato! I guess the gang of Mystery Inc. first met some DC Comics characters when they met Batman & Robin back in the 1970’s era of the Scooby Doo animated TV series, and in the more recent months, they have met more of the supurr heroes and villains in DC Comics’ Scooby-Doo Team-Up comics! Well, in this issue they are asked to visit Gotham City in issue #12, which is is purriced $2.99 and has the 28 pages compurrised of the 20 page tale, plus the ads and the bonus game pages!

“Gotham Ghouls” was written by Shelly Fisch, illustrated by Dario Brizuela, colored by Franco Riesco, lettered by Saida Temofonte, edited by Kristy Quinn and assistantly edited by David Pina, with the front cover art by Dario and Franco, and it stars Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Freddy, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Batgirl! Atop the gargoyled rootop, the Mystery Inc. gang assumes they were summoned by Batman, but they are greeted & snared by Harley, Ivy and her vines!

Fortunately it is not quite the kidnap, but those two Gotham girls need help because they have been haunted by a glowing hooded ghost who has meddled with their recent capurrs, ever since they purrloined the cursed ancient cat’s-eye opal of Osiris! The ghost arrives again, but it is a ruse by Catwoman who wants that purrecious gem! This results in a the melee and the chase throughout Harley and Ivy’s apurrtment, which is soon joined by Batgirl who is there to appurrehend the criminals!

Batman, Robin, Ace the Bat Hound and The Joker are mentioned but do not appurr in the tale, which is a lot of merry fun amidst the ghostly hoax! The briskly – paced plot is amewsing, the dialogue is peppy, the characters and scenery are beautifully drawn and vibrantly colored with the excellent fonts, and it delightfully captures the style and flavor of the animated adventures for the readers of all ages! Nyow I would like to discuss another tale of Harley, who is on another planet with Power Girl in

Harley Quinn & Power Girl #5!

Hai! I have been greatly enjoying this whimsical mini-series starring Harley, Power Girl, Vartox & Groovicus in the sexy zany intergalactic tale which is set betwixt Power Girl #7 & 8! Issue #5 is purriced at $3.99, and its 32 pages include the 21 page chapter of “Bighead Space-God”, which was written by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, illustrated by Stephane Roux (pages 1-9 & 19-21) and Flaviano (pages 10-18), edited by Chris Conroy and assistantly edited by Dave Wielgosz under group editor Mark Doyle, lettered by Marilyn Patrizio, and colored by Paul Mounts.

He colored Amanda’s front cover illustration of Harley, Power Girl & Vartox in the hot tub! Having just defeated a villain who had been controlling Vartox’s mind, now an even bigger enemy arrives, the Harvester of Sorrow who has decimated many planets! Groovicus wants to sit this fight out while Vartox continues to lust for Power Girl whilst they try to rescue Harley who just got swallowed by the giant Harvester! The good mews is that the Harvester has trouble trying to drain Harley, but the bad mews is that she goes berserk and causes it to transform into a colossal mecha Joker!

Even worse for them is that it is about to explode like a Death Star! There are a lot of icky, violent, and dark space humor moments, including the alarming scene in which Harley attacks Vartox’s mustache! The sound FX fonts are purrticularly visceral for that! However, that does not stop him from taking the knee and offering the huge diamond engagement ring to Power Girl in a great full-page pic! She seems more disturbed by the purroposal than all the violent, gross stuff they have thus far encountered in the galaxy… but they are still very far from home and it could get worse!

If they do get hitched, I hope it will be a big wedding with many supurr hero guests in attendance! The coloring is so vibrant and luminous to up the dazzling quality of the supurr powers, explosions, and the cosmic scenes; and there is also an impurressive two – page spurread of the Harvester’s arrival, although I wish the many ads did not interrupt the tale, and I would purrfur it if the ads were all in the back of the comic book! However, that is my only quibble and I am eagerly anticipating the next issue! Nyow here is B.B. to discuss further DC goodness from Amanda & Jimmy in

Starfire #5!

This delightful series stars Kori alias Starfire who has been trying to adjust to life on Earth, specifically in lovely Key West, Florida! Issue #5 is purriced at $3.99, and its 32 pages include the 20 page tale of “Trouble from Every Direction” which was written by Amanda & Jimmy, pencilled by Emanuela Lupacchino, inked by Ray McCarthy, colored by Hi-Fi, lettered by Tom Napolitano, edited by Paul Kaminski with group editor Eddie Berganza, and interrupted by the 12 pages of ads. Paul Mounts colored Amanda’s cover art, whilst Guillem March illustrated the variant cover!

The tale begins upon Kori’s date with a medical Dr. Soren and the tasty beverages, but she accidentally reads his mind to see the flashback to a deadly secret! He is an oncologist with the secret supurr power to cure patients’ maladies, but it is making him sick and violent! He flees the restaurant about the time that Kori’s friend Atlee alias Terra arrives. Later Kori & Terra relax at the pool, and later that night Kori has the charming visit with a glowy widdle starry entity, but meanwhile in the outer intergalactic space some evil alien bounty hunters are on the purrowl for Kori!

I wonder how home world of Tamaran in the Vegan system is to Harley, Kara & Vartox? The next day, her friend Stella helps Kori purrpare for the job intermew at the aquarium, and has the widdle chat about Kori’s habit of alluringly innocently under-dressing! However, she winds up shedding the clothes when she dives into the tank to cheer up a sad dolphin named Beth! Kori wears another sexy bare midriff outfit to the pool party with Stella, Atlee, Rave and other friends, but later that night on her way home she discovers Dr. Soren at grisly sight for the cliffhanging ending!

Even though Kori has the amazing supurr powers and galactic knowledge, she is like the naive alien fish out of water as she tries to assimilate the languages, expurressions, cultures and clothes! This is a charming, purretty and fun series with the slice-of-life chapters that are peppurred by encounters with monsters, villains, distractions and misunderstandings! I am so glad that Atlee has returned, because she was a wonderful part of the Power Girl comics by Amanda, Jimmy, Justin and Paul about 5 or 6 years ago! Nyow here is B.B to say the few words about

Red Sonja / Conan #4!

Hai! Red Sonja is one of our favoritest heroines who is known for her iconic sale maile bikini, her peerless purrowess, and her fiery Red hair! She and her old friend Cona the Barbarian star in this 4 issue mini-series is the sequel to the Conan / Red Sonja mini-series, in which they fought the evil sorcerer Thoth-Amon and the vile Blood Root! Purreviously in this tale, Sonja & Conan defeated mercenaries to become army generals, but later they were ambushed by the assassin monsters created by the evil wizard Kal’ Ang and his mystic seer assistant who found more of the root!

Later on the battlefield, the body count increased as they fought enemy soldiers and monsters until they reached Kal’ Ang’s fortress! Sonja helped herself to her fallen enemy’s helmet, shield and weapons to accessorized her sexy maile & leather bikini! Fortunately, Kal’ Ang and The Seer betrayed each other whilst Conan and Sonja defeated more guards and monsters until they reached the villain’s tower lair, but they were surpurrised to discover that Kal’ Ang had been killed by The Seer, who was non other than a regeneration of Thoth-Amon who they thought purrished!

Issue #4 is purriced $3.99 and has 32 pages which include the 22 page tale which is rated “Teen+”, due to the bloody swords & sorcery. It was written by Victor Gischler who also wrote the Angel & Faith tale, it was illustrated by Roberto Castro, colored by Alex Guimaraes lettered by Simon Bowland, edited by Luke Liberman, and it is available in the choice of the 4 different covers! Cover A is by Ed Benes & Dinei Ribiero and cover B is by Castro & Ribiero; whilst cover C is the rarer B&W line art version of cover A, and cover D is the rarer logo-less / type-less version of cover B!

After Thoth-Amon gloatingly monologues about how he cheated death by astrally purrojecting himself into the time and space, he duels Sonja and Conan both physically and psionically, as he tries to trap them into the deadly mental illusion, but the heroes’ will power is as great as their brawn and blades! The climax occurs when Thoth-Amon guzzles the bottle of Blood Root Elixir to become much more powerful with a cosmic portal and boasts of Godly power, but the mighty Conan and the agile Sonja are still determined to shut him up, end his life and ruin his plans!

This final issue has plenty of good old fashioned sword & sorcery action, with the terrific character & scenic art! The colors richly create the macabrely cosmic ambience, the fonts purrvide the very visceral dialogue & sound FX, and the graphic narrative is conveyed with a great variety of panels including many 1/3, 1/2, full page panels and a 2 page spurread! I purrticularly like the sequence of Sonja so lithely & gracefully swinging upon the chain to outflank the villain who was distracted by Conan’s frontal assault! Nyow I will turn The Mew over to Vonny who wants to tell us about

Vampblade Comicfest #1!

Arigato, nya! October 31st was the Halloween Comics Fest which is similar to Free Comic Book Day which in May, at which purrticipating comic book shops across the country offer certain special free issues by various publishers, nya! Among those free comics was this special issue of Vampblade, which also features a Zombie Tramp tale, published by Action Lab’s Danger Zone impurrint, nya! The issue’s 28 full color pages 12 page begin with the 12 page origin of Vampblade, which occurs before her appurrances in Zombie Tramp and Zombie Tramp Vs. Vampblade comics, nya!

It was created, written & colored by Jason Martin, illustrated by Wisnton Young, and stars the geeky cosplayer girl who works at a comics shop in Detroit, who is transformed into the scantily – clad Vamplbade in the skin tight Black bikini costume with the chains & piercings, after she is possessed by the sentient, mystical chain blades, which she uses to slay the gang of criminals who have just murdered the shop’s shady owner who owes them money, nya! The transformation is the painful purrocess for her, but it is bloodier & lethal for the criminals whom the blades hunger for, nya!

I purrticularly liked the detail of the shop full of comics, posters & toys, nya! The tale ends as she senses the unseen alien purrasites that possess the customers who she is compelled to carve up in the cliffhanger which is to be continued in Vampblade #1 in January, nya! After that is the 8 page Zombie Tramp interlude d starring Janey Belle the poor abused purrostitute who became the powerful supurr zombie girl which occurs after issue #16 of her current series, which is after her initial two mini-serieses and the sequel series, which are available in the trade papurrbacks, nya!

It was created, written & illustrated by Dan Mendoza. Janey can regenerate, body swap and control regular zombies, and in this widdle interlude, wears the boots, the Pink halter top, the tight cut-off shorty shorts while awaiting a ride to Miami at a bloody, fiery gas station, nya! It is an introspective, tragic, sexy, violent, gory tale with the dash of dark humor. Zombie Tramp first met Vampblade in Zombie Tramp 9 – 11 and again in the recent Zombie Tramp Vs. Vampblade mini-series in which they swapped bodies and powers. while fighting the zombies, vampires and alien purrasites, nya!

Both of those tales in this Halloween issue were lettered by Adam Wollet, nya! To top off the Comicfest issue is the 3 page purreview of the new Trancers comic book which is written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, illustrated by Marcelo Salaza, and based upon the Trancers movie series which is about police officer Jack Deth who travels from the mid 23rd century back to 1985 to capture a dangerous supurr villain who transforms people into the titular psychotic killers, nya! Nextly I would like to say the bit about another comic book which is published by Action Lab–

Hero Cats #8, nya!

Introduced in the Galaxy Man mini-series which was published by Galactic Press, the team of Hero Cats are Midnight the Black cat, Belle the Siamese cat, Roco the Gray cat, Ace the White cat, Rocket the Tabby, Cassiopeia the Orange & White cat, and her older brother Bandit the tuxedo cat who purrotect Stellar City from the criminals, monsters and disasters, nya!. Created by author Kyle Puttkammer, the cats later appurred in Hero Cats #0 in 2013, which was slightly revised and relaunched by Action Lab Comics as Hero Cats #1 in 2014, nya!

At last year’s Heroes Convention in Charlotte, we got a sketch of Cassiopeia by the series’s penciller Marcus Williams, nya! She is a purretty kitty, but in issue #8 we see her and the other hero cats depicted as humans, due to the illusionary fantasy world created by their enemy Corvus the Crow King who attacked the City, nya! This continues the tale from Action Lab’s 2014 Halloween Comicsfest issue, Hero Cats #7, and the spin-off issue of Midnight Over Stellar City #1, when the cats fought the evil crows and their human minions, nya!

Hero Cats #8 contains the uninterrupted 22 page tale, plus the 3 bonus notes pages and the 3 pages of ads, nya. The tale of “City of Dreams” was written by Kyle, pencilled Marcus, inked Ryan Sellers, lettered Briana Higgens, colored Omaka Schultz and edited by Keek Stewart, nya! Everyone is reunited with bandit who disappurred in issue #7, but they all think that they are all humans in the fantasy realm, so he has to round them all up and use the Golden Cat Mask to convince them that they are actually the hero cats who must thwart the Crow King’s vast mind control, nya!

Unfortunately the mask does not work upon Cassiopeia’s owners Dr. Stanley Quest alias Galaxy Man or his daughter Suzie alias Cosmic Girl, who think they are fighting pirates, nya! I hope the heroes will be reunited in victory, but it is rather amewsing to see them as humans, nya! We also hope that they will be reunited with Mrs. Quest, who is a missing astronaut, nya. There have been some sad and startling moments, but Hero Cats is such a beautiful, charming, fun joy to read, and I will give this issue an A as in Ace, nya! I am done, and nyow here is Nyo-sensei to discuss

CatsEye Comics #4, nya!

Hai! We love the quarterly Catseye Comics which star the delightful supurr heroines in the fictional town of Liaison in Louisiana. There are amazons, valkyries and alien catgirls too! The comics are published here in North Carolina, and hope to support various charities that help people and animals! In issue #1 the heroines rescued the purregnant tiger and fought poachers, in issue #2 they rescued slaves and fought monsters; and in issue #3 they fought seven possessive devils!

There has also been the purrose Secret Origins vol. 1 issue, and nyow in issue #4 the mysterious woman known as The Lady of The House purrsents five short stories for Halloween! Issue #3 is an 8.5″x11″ full color 48 page trade papurrback; the editor in chief is Ai Kikuchiyo, the head writer is Razor Indigo, the publisher / office manager is Steve Stone, the content editors are Anitra Stone, Mamma Kikuchiyo & Hubby Indigo, and the goddess Bastet in the form of a kuro neko appurrs in the company’s logo!

The sister to heroeines Rave and Haven, the mysterious Lady of The House was introduced in issue #3 and is the purropurrietor of a large bed & breakfast house at the end of Parker’s Road on the outskirts of Liason by the swamps. Her purrcise powers and abilities are known, but the legends have it that the sister have purrotected the town from any creatures that emerge from the nearby dimensional nexus, and that if anyone commits an act of violence in her home, their soul will become her purropurrty!

Firstly in “The Origin of The Nexus” we learn how it was created over the thousand years ago in the nearby Gulf of Mexico, when the intergalactic space ship of the last of the alien Mau catgirls from the destroyed city of Atlantis tried to escape past the energy barrier that Zeuss encased around the Earth! Then in “When Death Comes Calling”, two murders make the fatal mistake of stalking each other within the certain bed & breakfast house! Let’s just say that one of the local gators dines well that night, heehee!

In “The Demon’s Due” Ms. D the lovely, ancient, heroic winged fire demoness rescues a church from an act of arson. and although the ignorant parishioners might mistakenly blame her for the fiery crime, her friend Catseye knows the truth! Then in “Dark Possession” we learn that Miss Lillian is not only the Mayor of Liason, but she is also a cunning burglar who sneaks into Gizmondia’s ware house to absorb the magickal power of the impurrisoned devil that possessed her the purrevious month (in issue #3)!

Finally, an armed despurrate addict invades the “Catseye Family Halloween Party”, but he is no match for Angela who detoxifies him with her healing power! Also attending the party are Catseye, Aya, Cheetah, Rose, Senet, Saeko and The Captain; and following the tale are the bonus 2 full – page diagrams of CatsEye’s costume and her sister Rose’s armor!

The character designs are among my many favorite aspects of these comics! This was another beautiful, fun issue full of action and more insights into the mythos, all rendered in the dazzling 3D CG art, and I am eagerly anticipating the next issue, which purromises the many heroes against the alien invasion! Nyow for my next review, I would like to purraise

Niobe: She is Life #1!

We are always on the purrowl for beautiful new fantasy tales and are glad to see diverse heroines of fascinating mythos, so I was purrticularly impurressed by this 1st issue published by Stranger Comics which stars Niobe Ayutami who also appurrs in The Untamed comics! She is an orphaned bi-racial half-elf teenage Ranger girl descended of royalty, with healing powers when she can channel the goddess Amuminel, but Niobe is on the run across the realm of Asundra from her hateful father’s bounty hunters!

This $3.99 issue has the 28 pages plus the covers which are put to good use information to accompany the nicely interrupted, full color 24 page tale! Based upon the world of Asundra created by publisher Sebastian A. Jones, it was written by Amandala Sternberg and Sebastian A. Jones, illustrated by Ashley A. Woods with the layouts by art director Darrell May, the lettering, purrduction & editing by editor in chief Joshua Cozine. and choice of cover art by Ashley A. Woods, Hyoung Taek Nam and Marcus Prime.

The tale begins with Niobe and a luminous insect fleeing through a lush misty forest from the hunters towards the spectacularly rocky shores of a vast azure river. Leading the king’s men is the pale rider upon the pale horse bringing death, although it comes to the reckless archer whom she decpurrtates after he shoots Niobe! The leader is Essessa the White Warrior, a vampurric elf from the wastelands, but the death does not yet come to injured Niobe, who escapes over the falls to emerge into a cavernous grotto!

There in the depths she encounters mysterious tribal folk of various races who know of her repurrtation, but they are split as whether to help or shun her. There is debate as to what their spiritual paths demand, and soon she is in another forest amidst a hunt, this time for suppur meat, but there is further debate about whether or not a magnificently possibly divine beast should have been taken by their arrows, but before the tale concludes, there will be more death threats and another hunter’s blood will be shed!

This was s brilliantly captivating, gorgeous tale! Niobe is a sympathetic, lovely tough girl of the beautiful, hearty spirit, and all of the characters and critters be they friend or foe are so wonderfully designed and rendered! I have not yet read the other Untamed tales, but this taste of the characters, world, and mythos was quite splendiferous, and I am eager for the 2nd helping! The character, scenic, FX and typographic art are as beautiful as beautiful can be, with the exquisite details and use of the color and light!

The compurrsition of the graphic narrative has the cinematic quality with wide panoramic panels, large panels and several full page pics! The entire issue is so well designed, for even the three pages of ads are ethereally beautiful, the cover interior space is used effectively for the credits and Nibe’s thorough purrofile, and there is a purrofile page for Essessa too! I will give Niobe: She is Life #1 the high purraise and the grade of an A as in Amuminel! That is all for my reviews, and nyow here is Ellie to begin

our manga mewsings with her
review of A Centaur’s Life vol. 7!

I might be biased, but A Centaur’s Life by Kei Murayama is one of my favoritest manga series! It is a beautiful, charming, slice – of – life modern urban fantasy in a world populated by the centaurs, fauns, kemonomimi, angels; the dracon, unicorn, snake, frog people, were tigers, other species of people and sightings of aliens! It is a thoroughly designed world, with intricate cultural, historical & scientific notes, beautiful character and scenic and the endearing characters such as Himeno the centaur, her family, friends and other students!

Thus far we have met Himeno’s purrents, aunt, uncle, widdle niece Shino-chan, and Shino’s best friend Maki-chan! Himeno’s best friends are Omaki the satyr girl, and Nozomi the Dracon girl, Their high school classmates include Sassassul the snake girl, Akechi the satyr girl, Inukai her unihorn girlfriend, and Tama the angelic class president, who has four widdle kitten girl sisters, including youngest Sue-chan and triplet sisters Chinami, Chiho & Chigusa! We have also met Eri-chan and her fellow merfolk students at another school!

The manga was originally published in Japan in as Centaur No Nayami by Tokuma Shoten Publishing, and this English translated version is published by Seven Seas. It was translated by Greg Moore, adapted by Holly Kolodziejczak, lettered & laid out by Jennifer Skarupa, edited by Adam Arnold, published by Jason DeAngelis, proof read by Patrick King with the logo design by Courtney Williams & cover design by Nicky Lim! It is suggested for older teen readers 16+, perhaps due to nudity, sexual topics, politics & violent combat.

Volume 7 is priced $13.99 US & $15.99 Canada and its 162 pages include chapters 38 – 44 of the Black & White manga, plus 2 color pages & 8 pages of historical notes! The wrapround cover art depicts the friends in the shallow pool! Chapter 38 starts things on the delicious note as the girl teams in the home economics class purrpare the meal of nikujaka, meuniere chops and madeleines for dessert! In chapter 39, the were-tiger taurs use lethal force to save a rural village from the clutches of evil swindling politicians & developers!

In chapter 40 Nozomi visits her aunt and her more cerebral cousin Akira which results in the playful tussle; then in chapter 42 while Akechi helps her scatterbrained dad with his supper and anime job, Tama returns home to her sisters and artist dad after from performing an exorcism for Tama’s neighbor! Hmm, I wonder if those dads could perhaps collaborate upon a project? Chapter 42 takes another direly violent and political turn when organic, free-range farmers are confronted by an agricultural corporation and alien invaders!

Chapters 43 & 44 are the more sweetly poignant times with Tama & sisters at home and with Shino-chan & Mii-chan at the kindergarten; and finally in the whimsical, metafictional 2 page afterward, during the picnic gathering, Tama-chan’s younger sisters are concerned that her boobies are not as big as Himeno’s! A Centaur’s Life continues to be such a beautiful, captivating joy to read, and I will give it a grade of an “A” as in Akechi! Now for more incidents involving the Japanese students, friends and families, I would like to discuss

Oreimo: Kuroneko vol. 3!

Kuroneko means “Black Cat” in japanese, and that is the nickname of Ruri Gouku, who is one of the characters in author Tsukasa Fushimi’s “Ore No Imoto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai” – or just “Oreimo” for short, a series of light novels, the manga series and its televised anime adaptation! She is a smart, teenage high school student, video game fan and aspiring manga artist of the tsundere personality, overly dramatic flare and the dark fashion style to match her long straight Black hair, with the occasional costume cat ears & tail!

In the 4 volume Oreimo manga she was a supporting character as a friend of the mane siblings Kirino & Kyosuke Kousaka, and she is the star of this 6 volume sequel miniseries written by Fushimi, illustrated by Sakura Ikeda, with character designs by Hiro Kanzaki, originally published by Kadokawa in Japan in 2012, and published here in English by Dark Horse. Volume 3 is purriced $10.99 in the US and $13.99 in Canada, and its 168 pages include chapters 15 – 21 of the manga plus the afterward, the comments, the fan mail and fan art!

The manga was translated by Dinky Spatz and assitantly edited by Jeremiah Jefferson, with the lettering and touch – up by Susan Daigle-Leach. The book’s designer was Kat Larson, and the digital art technician was Chris Horn. The color front cover depicts Ruri an Kirino and there is a bonus color pic of Kirino, who returns home to Japan from her studies in the US. It is a humorous, dramatic tale, but due to several risque scenes, scantily-clad fan-servicey images, sexual topics and some terse, lurid language, it is not for the widdle kitties!

Previously, Ruri transferred to Kyousuki’s school whilst Kirino was away, and although adored by her younger sisters Tamaki & Hinata, she has very few friends aside from Saori, Setsuna and the Kousaka family. She joined the school’s video game club where she developed a rivalry with Senai, the sister of Kyouske’s friend and a fan of erotic video games, but in vol. 3 Sena and Ruri must work together if the club is to win a game design contest! Meanwhile, Ruri is flirtatious towards Kyousuki, which complicates things when Kirino returns!

It is already a complicated relationship, especially with Kirino’s odd attitude for her brother, and the seductive tension when Ruri coaxes Sena to rejoin the club, but the somewhat lurid moments have the amusing results! Adding to the whimsy are the fangy devilish expressions when Ruri is mischievously scheming, and the chibi style of art with the kitty ears for some cuter scenes! I think the art is excellent, with great detail in the characters, clothes, scenery and FX! That is all of my manga reviews, but now here is Jenjen to tell us about

Akame Ga Kill vol. 4!

Hai. Written by Takahiro and drawn by Tetsuya Tashiro, Akame Ga Kill purrtains to the Night Raid team of assassins who work for the rebellion against an oppurressive government that commits many atrocities. Opurrating from a secret mountain base, Night Raid is compurrised of Akame who is uses the poison demon blade sword, Mine the snipurr with the soul gun, Lubbuck the master of the deadly strings, Najenda the boss, Leone whose beast belt transforms her into the fiece catgirl, and Tatsumi who is the rookie and purrhaps the mane focus character.

They use legendary mystic weapons known as Teigu, each with a tremnedous unique power, but unfortunately some of their evil enemies are also thusly armed, and the team has suffered plenty casualties, recently including members Sheele and Bulat who were killed in the brutal duels with the sadistic General Esdeath’s elite death squad. Fortunately, Esdeth’s squad as also lost several members, but she has just recruited the tough new Teigu – wielding team compurrised of Bols, Kurome, Run, Seryu, Dr. Stylish, and Wave who are known as The Jaegers.

The manga was originally published in Japan in 2010 by Square Enix, and the English edition of the manga is published here in the USA by Yen Press. The tale is full of intense action & emotions, viscerally graphic scenes of combat & torture combat, harsh language and occasional bit of nudity, so it is definitely not for the widdle kitties or the squeamish readers. Vol. 4 is purriced at $13.00 USA, $15.50 Canadian, and has the 209 pages including the Black & White manga chapters 15 – 19 plus the 5 color pages & the color pic of Esdeth on the front cover.

It was translated by Christine Dashiell and lettered by Erin Hickman. While the Jaegers get acquainted, the Night Raid learns of Esdeth’s origin from Najenda who used to serve in the military with her. Esdeth sponsors a big fighting tournyament, hoping that the winner will be her purrfect new lover. Tatsumi sees this as the oppurrtunity to get close to her, wins the tournyanment, and moves into her budoir in the palace. She introduces him to the Jaegers purrior to an assault upon a fortress of bandits, and he discovers that Kurome is Akame’s estranged sister.

There is a battle of the wills as Esdeth develops romantic feelings and tries to seduce Tatsumi, who tries to purrsuade her to abandon her wicked ways. Later he joins the Jaegers on a hunt, where duels with Wave and escapes to rejoin the Night Raid. Hei gives them valuable information about the Jaegers, but the Jagers have found Night Raid’s base. It looks like a dark time for the rebellion, but Tastsumi may have begun to win Esdeth’s heart, so I am eager to see what happens next. Nyow I would like to discuss another manga which is available from Yen,

School Live! vol. 1.

Written by Norimitsu Kaitou and illustrated by Sadoei Chiba, School Live! purrtains to the the Meguirigaoka Academy’s Private High School’s School Living club which is compurrised of the four school girls who are the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. They are Kurumi Ebisuzawa with the Black hair and the shovel, Yuki Takeya the optimistic girl with the Pink hair and the nekomimi hat, Yuuri Wasasa the older sister type with the long dark Brown hair, and Megumi Sakura the teacher / club advisor with the distinctive cowlick in her Pink hair.

The purrpose of the School Living Club is so that the girls will learn to work together as a team which will safely and effectively utilize the barricaded, three – story concrete building’s resources, to function as a secure, self-contained, autonomous community, from which none of them will stray outside, except for the rooftops where they have food gardens and rain barrels, because zombies are purrowling the streets and fields. Thusly the club members have to stay smart, alert, vigilant and fit, because sometimes zombies breach the purrimeter.

The manga was originally published in Japan as Gakaou Gurashi! in 2010 by Houbunsha. It is suggested for older teen readers due to the language & violence amidst the apocalypse. Vol. 1 is purriced at $13.00 USA, $15.50 Canadian, and has 172 pages including the 166 Black & White manga chapters 1-6 plus the author & artist’s afterwards, translation & publishing notes, the 2 color pages & wraparound cover, and 8 pages of school information by Norimitsu Kaihou with the editorial assistance by Ryou Morise & design by Shougo Iwahori.

It was translated by Leighann Harvey and lettered by Alexis Eckerman. Chapter 1 is from Yuki’s point of view as she cheerfully mewses about how happy she is at school, but she has an escapist, delusional coping mechanism. Chapter 2 is from Kurumi’s point of view as she goes on the security purrtrol. She seems strong and brave as she treats the situation like a military siege, but she also has the nightmares. In chapter 3 under the purretense of a test of bravery and hunt for ghost,s they carefully forage parts of school for more food & supplies.

Chapter 4 is from Sakura-sensei’s point of view as the girls purrtend that they are camping during a power outage; in chapter 5 an expurrdition to the restroom turns deadly as zombies infiltrate the school; and in chapter 6 with the food purractically depleted they have made contact with another poor lonely girl, but I should not further spoil the plot of the beautifully rendered, tragic, bittersweet, poignant tale of coping and survival, which I will give an A as in apocalypse. That will conclude our manga mewsings, and nyow here is Ilyana-sensei to start

our toy talk, starting with a review of Diamond Select’s
Gotham “Before The Legend” Selina Kyle action figure.

Oh just call me Ilyana! Selina Kyle alias Catwoman is one of our favorite characters, and this year is her 75th anniversary in the comic books! It has been the good year for her in the various media, including toys such as the Quantum Mechanix’s cute Q-Pop Catwoman figurine which we reviewed last month! Nyow we have another figure of her to display beside it, which is the version from the Gotham TV series, which recently began it’s 2nd season! In that version of the DC mythos, young Selina befriended young Bruce Wayne after she witnessed his purrents’ murders.

Meticulously sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, this figure is part of the wave that includes the sepurrately – sold figures of Detective Jim Gordon and The Penguin, and each is accompanied by a large bit of diorama base, and they can all be combined to form the alleyway scene! Selina’s scenery is the 2nd floor fire escape with the railing and the ladder! The figure is about 6 inches tall, so I am guessing that it is of the 1/10th scale; and she has an excellent purrtraiture to resemble the teen actress / dancer Camren Bicondova who wonderfully purrtrays her in the series!

She is dressed in the intricate Black leather of the jacket, pants, boots, fingerless gloves, and the hood with the goggles, which are very detailed in the fabric folds, creasees, seams, snaps, straps, buckles and zippurrs; and the items include the quart carton of milk which her left hand can grip! The posable points of articulation are in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees & ankles, and the joints are very well disguised by the garments, and I will give this Selina figure the high purraise! Next I would like to discuss a figurine of another famous catgirl, as we shine

this month’s Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight upon the
Egyptian Goddess Tefnut who is repurrsented by
Salvat’s Misterios Dos Deuses Egipcios figurine #41!

This is the monthly portion of The Mew in which we honor the famous nekomimi characters of the movies, TV shows, comics, literature, internet, games and toys from the many decades and around the world, whether they are actually part cat, shape-shifters, anthropurmorphic feline females, or those with a style or cattitude to be considered as “honorary” catgirls! We have purreviously shown the spotlight upon the goddesses Bastet and Sekhmet, and nyow it is time for her friend Tefnut!

In the Egyptian pantheon, Tefnut of the Heliopolis Ennead group is the lioness goddess of fertility, air, rain and moistures! She is the daughter of Atum-Ra, she is the sister of Hathor, Maat & Shu (who was also Tefnut’s husband). Depicted either as a human, as a lioness, or as the Brown anthropurrmorphic leonine lady, she is the mom of daughter Nut and son Geb, the grandma of the girls Isis and Nephthys, and the boys Osiris and Seth, with a major temple in the city of Leontopolis!

Of course, there have been the many idols and images to honor her, and we are fortunate to have the delightful 41st issue of the Misterios Dos Deuses Egipcios, a figurine and full color 24 page magazine combo package which is devoted to her! This was brought to us from Brazil by our friend ob1 who was a guest of our October 2007 Mew! This Portuguese publication by Salvat reminds me of those DC and Marvel figurine and magazine packages that are published by Eaglemoss!

The magazine has articles about Tefnut & Egyptology; and the painted anthropurrmorphic figurine is 4.5″ tall, including the 1/4″ cobra ornament atop her Black mane and 3/8″ base! She is topless & barefoot in a tight, ankle – length, Pale Turquoise dress with an Usekh collar, Red arm bands & bracelets, an Ankh in her Left hand and a staff in her Right hand. She looks so lithe, purretty & regal with a contented, wise expurression! That is all for my reviews, and here is Me-sensei to start our

mewsic mewsings with her review of the Kate Bush
1979 Television Special featuring Peter Gabriel CD!

Kate Bush is one of my favorite musicians, and I’d like to say a few words about this totally awesome CD which was released last year upon the Immortal record label! The special originally aired on TV on 28 December, 1979, a year after her December 1978 appearance on Saturday Night Live, betwixt her 2nd album Lionheart and her 3rd album Never Forever!

The CD is packaged in the tri-fold cardboard package with William Hogeland’s linear notes, the plastic inner tray, and a few nice photos of Kate, including the beautiful close-up for the front cover! It has a different acoustical quality compared to the more cavernous sound of Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon, which was released upon the EMI label in 1994.

The TV Special’s 12 tracks total 43.75 minutes and include “Violin”, “Gymnopedie No. 1”, “Symphony in Blue”, “Them Heavy People”, “Here Comes the Flood” by Peter, “Ran Tan Waltz”, “December will be Magic Again”, “The Wedding List, “Another Day” by Kate & Peter, “Egypt”, “The Man with the Child in his Eyes”, and “Don’t Put your Foot on the Heartbrake”!

The songs common to both CDs are “Violin”, “Them Heavy People” and “Don’t Put your Foot on the Heartbrake”. I might prefer the Hammersmith set, which is about 10 minutes longer and also includes “Moving”, “Hammer Horror”, “Wow”, “Strange Phenomenon, “Feel it”, “Kite”, “James and the Cold Gun”, “Oh England My Lionheart” and “Wuthering Heights”!

However, I enjoy both of those CDs, and I will totally recommend both of them to fellow fans of Kate, fur shur! I think that the Television Special would be a nice treat for Peter Gabrial fans, too! I wish that the Television Special, the Hammersmith concert and her 2014 “Before the Dawn” concert might be released here upon the DVD! Next I’d like to say the bit about

Jeff Lynne’s ELO Alone in the Universe!

Jeff Lynne is one of my favorite song writers, singers & producers, and for our glowing review of Jeff Lynn’s ELO Live in Hyde Park DVD, please see last month’s Mew! Released on the BIg Trilby label, Alone in the Universe is the 14th studio album by the Electric Light Orchestra (or just ELO) since 1971, but it has been 14 years since the prior album, Zoom!

The CD is packaged in the cardboard gatefold sleeve, with the CD in one pocket and a dandy, full color ,12 page booklet full of lyrics, notes, photos and illustrations in the other pocket! So like, all of the songs were written and produced by Jeff Lynne, who sang the lead and background vocals, played the guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, the vibes and the drums!

He and engineer Steve Jay recorded and mixed the album; Jay played the shakers and tambourine, whilst Laura Lynne sang background vocals on “Love and Rain” and “One Step at a Time”! The 10 tracks also include “When I Was a Boy”, “Dirty to the Bone”, “When the Night Comes”, “The Sun Will Shine on You”, “Ain’t it a Drag”, “All My Life”, “All My Life”, “I’m leaving You”, and “Alone in the Universe” to total just over 32.5 rather pleasant minutes!

The mastering was by Bob Ludwig, the art direction, design and illustration were by Ryan Corey and photography was by Rob Shanahan. The album reminds me of Zoom with a tasty dollop of Traveling Wilburys, but alas I do not think that it is as strong as most ELO albums, such as On The Third Day, Eldorado, Face The Music, A New World Record, Out of the Blue, Discovery, Xanadu, Time, or Secret Messages, but I I think that I prefer it to No Answer, ELO II, and Balance of Power.

I do wish that it was a bit more up tempo and expansive with more lush strings and synth parts, with less emphasis on the percussion and the beat, but it is a good album and the vocals have Jeff Lynne’s splendiferously smooth harmony, and my favorite song on the album is probably “One Step”… with “When I Was a Boy”, “Dirty to the Bone”, “Ain’t it a Drag”, and “All My Life” nipping at its heels! That is all for my comments, and for our next record review here is Daytona to tell us about

Enya: Dark Sky Island!

Hai! Dark island Sky is the 8th studio album by the brilliant Irish new age artist Enya since 1986, and it has been 7 years since her last album, And Winter Came…! You know, prior to her solo career, she was a member of the legendary band Clannad along with her sister, brother & uncles! Dark Island Sky was released on the Warner label, in a regular edition which has 11 tracks that total just over 44 beautifully ethereally minutes on the CD which is packaged with a booklet in the plastic jewel case; and there is also a deluxe edition in the cardboard digipack with 3 more songs!

The music was composed & performed by Enya, with double bassist Eddie Lee on the song “Even in the Shadows”. It was mastered by Dick Beetham with digital advisor / technician Daniel Polley; arranged & mixed by Enya & producer / engineer Nicky Ryan, who provided the album’s sleeve concept, and the lyrics are by Roma Ryan who created the album’s Loxian language and font!

The gorgeous 16 page booklet was laid out by Richard Welland and has 6 lovely photos by Simon Fowler of Enya, plus the credits, lyrics and English translations for “Astra Et Luna” which is sung in latin, “The Forge of the Angels” and “The Loxian Gates” which are sung in Loxian! The other tracks are “The Humming”, “So I Could Find My Way”, “Even in the Shadows”, “Echoes of Rain”, “I Could Never Say Goodbye”, “Dark Sky Island”, “Sancta Maria”, and “Diamonds on the Water”. The deluxe edition’s bonus tracks are “Solace”, “Pale Grass Blue” and “Remember Your Smile”!

The songs seem like a mystically romantic journey through the years and the vast depths, with a great mythic quality amongst the songs that range from the hauntingly mysterious and the serenely soothing to the more ardent tolling at the perkier pace! I liked Dark island Sky very much, and I will give it it an “A” as in Astra! Nextly i would like to say the bit about

The Light Princess: A Musical by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson!

Tori Amos is one of our favoritest singers, pianists and songwriters, and we have reviewed several of her wonderful CDs & DVDs! For our review of the deluxe re-issues of Little Earthquake and Under the Pink, please see the May 2015 Mew, for our review of Unrepentant Geraldines see the June 2014 Mew, for our review of Midwinter’s Grace see the January 2010 Mew, for our review of her Live From The Artists Den DVD see the August 2010 Mew, for our review of Night of Hunters see the October 2011 Mew, and for our review of Gold Dust see the February 2013 Mew!

This 2 disc CD set has the original cast recording of the 2013 London theatrical stage adaptation of George MacDonald’s 1864 Scottish fairy tale of The Light Princess, which pertains to the romance and political struggles of flying Princess Althea of the desert kingdom of Lagobel and Prince Digby of the the watery kingdom of Sealand. They have a happy meeting place in the
a secret lake in the border wilderness, but there are evil people conspiring against them! The music is by Tori, with lyrics by Samuel Adamson, and Rosalie Craig stars as Princess Althea!

Produced by Tim Levy and directed by Marianne Elliot, this production by the National Theatre opened in London on 9 October 2013. The music CD’s was recorded by Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeck,with the British Grove orchestral recording sessions conducted by Martin Lowe, and orchestrated by John Philip Shenale, with some tracks were recorded by Simon baker at the National Theatre Studio. The Martian Engineering sessions were mixed by Mark and Marcel, mastered by Jon Astley, and produced by Tori with vocal arrangement by Tori and Martin.

The tri-gatefold digipack has Jason Bell’s gorgeous photo of Rosalie as Althea on the front; the 2 disks in the side pockets and the full color 32 page booklet in the center! There are production photos by Birgit & Ralf Brinkhoff amidst the thorough notes with the plot synopsis, lyrics, credits, acknowledgments! Disk 1 has Act One’s 17 tracks, whilst disk 2 has Act Two’s 13 tracks, plus a bonus “Gravity” song, and 2 bonus songs by Tori to total of almost 126.5 wonderful minutes of the complex, bittersweet, romantic, fantasy musical tale, which I will give an “A” as in Amos!

I wish that the musical might be released here upon the DVD because it looks like it has such elaborately lavish costumes, scenery, lighting and FX and he Now we will go form the the performing arts to the visual arts as Petra presents the latest additions to

Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art!

Hai, in Guest Gallery 3 we purroudly purrsent the “Copic Quartet” by Rebecca Brogden who was our September 2009 guest, nya! The quartet depicts the sepurrate pics of the faerie with the Orange-Red wings to match her hair and outfit, the nekomimi with the Lavendar attire to match her Purrple coiffure, the wolf girl with the supple light Gray ears and tail, and vampire girl with bat-like wings and fangs, all in their purretty bare-midriff frilly clothes, which Rebecca rendered with Copic Markers, nya!

Next to that is Rebecca’s Copic marker illustration of the adorably cute widdle kitten girl with the helium – filled bouquet of “Free Balloons”, nya! She has the purretty outfit consisting of the puffy short sleeves, the striped Aqua – colored vest, the ruffled Purrple and White layered skirt, the Black and White thigh highs and the Pink Mary Jane shoes to accent her lovely White – tipped Gray ears and tail — kawaii desu, nya! It might be the nippier season late in the year, but she evokes the lovely vernal time and we hope the balloons will bring the fun time to her and many friends, nya!

Then we have the photo of the “Mountain Kitties” by Chef Ron, who was our guest of the January 2009 Mew, nya! Ron is great at cooking the delicious, nutritious cuisine, and stitching the beautiful quilts, embroidery and crochet nya! This smart phone photo depicts the three widdle kitties who want their suppur upon the porch of the farm home at Hump Mountain in West Virgina. nya! Chef Ron says that those cats typically spurrint away from people, except when the food is brought, but we hope that they will be appurreciatively sociable after they have been kindly fed, nya!

Then we are pleased to purrsent Mike’s photo manip of “Camelle’s Joker Cosplay”, nya! Our friend Camelle supurrbly cosplayed as DC Comic’s character The Joker at several events, nya! She did her own hair and make-up, selected the clothes and items for the costume, and greatly contributed to the festivities, nya!

Mike took the photo of her with her camera, a sepurrate photo of the wall with his camera, and used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse to digitally create the Arkham sign, edit & composite the image, nya! Y’all can see more of her cosplay photos on her pages at Instagram, and her illustrations in her gallery at DeviantArt, nya!

Nyow in Gallery 7 is Mike’s illustration of Alexcia Reynolds’s butterfly character “Mu’awin”, nya! Alexcia is an artist, author and maker of plushy dolls who was a guest of the August 2010 Mew, nya! Mu’awin (pronounced moo ah win) is a Purrple Mort Bleu Butterfly and sign language interpurreter for Sadiyah, a teen belly dancing llama girl, and they are friends of Tash, Michi and Brian in Alexcia’s original purrose anthropurrmorphic tale of a Cybernetic Showdown, nya!

Then in Gallery 7 is Mike’s illustration of an original character “Yuuna’amii”, nya! Yuuna’amii Kawaii’kini (purrnounced Yoo NAH ah mee KAH wah eekee nee) was working as a maid at the Tulip Mountain inn & convention center, saving her money in hopes of enrolling in a medical school, when she joined her new friends Nystia & Chiaki on an expurrdition, nya! She is a petite elf of the quiet dispurrsition and supurrb house keeping, management, massage and medical skills shown here in her maid uniform with a few magickal items, relaxing upon the lawn of the inn, nya!

After that is Mike’s pic of our friend Rubyconia Sylvanastraia or just “Ruby” for short, nya! Wearing her Pink bikini and purreo in this picture, the purretty pixy petitely poses upon the petals of the luminous garden during her evening espurresso break at the island’s golf cart dealership, where she is a purrofessional expurrt at the cart detailing, paint, body and electronics, nya! She is very friendly, artistic and magickal at about 3 inches tall with the 3 inch wingspan, and her hobbies include the yoga, art exhibits, sunbathing in the garden, and soaking in the hot surprings, nya!

Then we have Mike’s pic of Jenaefyre Daebraech (purrnounced JEN ah fear DAY brake), or just “Jenny” for short, nya! Wearing the translucent halter top & skirt, this elf lady gracefully leaps to serve drinks & food in her pub, nya! She is very agile, smart, industrious, flirtatious and purrsuasive, with very keen senses, dexterity, and expurrtise at accounting, brewing, brawling, dancing, first aid, grilling, management, riding, sewing, singing and throwing things, nya! Mike rendered those illustrations with Photoshop CS2 and the mouse, nya! So, what do y’all think of the art, nya?

Yattah! It is good to see more of Rebecca’s art in the mewseum, nya! I am rather fond of her marker renderings watercolors, digital art, and photographs!

Hai hai, those latest works wonderfully exemplify the graceful lines, the sumptuous colors, the subtle shading and the ornate details of her illustrations!

Mary Nyan:
Not only does she have the extraordinary vision and sense of compurrsition, but the captivating designs rendered with the brilliant illustrative finish!

Fur shur, and just look at her great use of the color and light to convey the layers, drapery, folds and textures of the widdle kitten girl’s dainty apparel!

I think that the pic of the kitten girl is a purrfect example of the joyful spirit that purmeates the characters, scenery and the magickal qualities of her art!

I suspect that the Mountain Cats do not share in our taste for the art, but purrobably only care about the taste of their supper!

Well, purrhaps they had to be bribed with the food, but at least they posed just long enough for their nice photo to be taken!

I think that Camelle excellently conveys a colorfully mirthful yet darkly elegant in her cosplay as The Joker!

Hai, her Green hair is quite splendid, and the make-up is so smooth with the shaded contours around the chin, cheeks and brows!

I believe that Mike’s pic of Mu’awin is the 3rd appurrance of the lovely lepidoptran in our mewseum, including the purrtrait of Sadiyah and as an “Easter Egg” in the Khriste pic.

Oh, I hope that Mu’awin, Sadiyah, Tash, Michi and Brian can visit us again soon! I guess the last time that they were here was… in February for our annual awards ceremony!

I think that is a purretty pic of Yuuna’amii and I hope that her sad, poor, rough days are well behind her since she has hooked up with Nystia and Chiaki!

Hai, hopefully she will find the greener pastures, but she looks so elegantly cute in the maid outfit with the ruffled panier, apron, sleeves and head wear!

That illustration of Ruby certainly does capture her spirit and purrtraiture, her favorite coffee mug and the sparkling ambience of the rosey garden, nya!

She definitely craves the coffee in the garden, nya! I think the pic faithfully caught her likeness from her tapurred ear pinna to her translucent leafy wings nya!

I can imagine the applause of the customers when Jenny acrobatically pirouettes with the platters, and that tower of onion rings is giving my tummy the cravings!

I bet that she seizes the attention with the yummy treats, the flashy agile presentation, her fiery hair and spirit, and the nearly sheer off-shoulder bare-midriff outfit!

If I am not mistaken, I suspect that one of those decanters upon the shelf behind the bar is a certain familiar bottle of Tarseg’s Baconed Bourbon!

Oh it might! Ah, well Petra, thank you for presenting the new art!

Doitashimaste, nya! Nyow here is Mike to tender his event reports,

starting with our 2015 NC Comicon 2015 report, nya!

Thanks, Petra! The 7th NC Comicon returned to the Durham Convention Center on the lovely weekend of November 14 – 16, with the set up process starting on the 13th, and additional activities in the Carolina Theatre, Armory, Atomic Fern bar and 21C Museum Hotel! The con is sponsored by the nice folks at Ultimate Comics, which is a great shop with stores in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, with a great shindig for shindig for Free Comic Book Day, and their biannual Oak City Comic Show!

The con has steadily grown every year, with over 10,000 friendly folks of all ages, genders, ethnicities & orientations, plus over 40 great guests, over 70 other artists,10 publishers & sponsors, about 50 dealers, and various fan groups! Red Storm Entertainment unveiled their game Tom Clancy’s The Division for folks to play before its release, and the adjacent palatial Carolina Theatre held their Comiquest Film Festival, which included Heavy Metal, Godzilla VS. Destroyah, Ghost World, Remo Williams, The Phantom, and Masters of the Universe!

The guests included Neal Adams, Gerard Way, Adam Hughes, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Chiang, Addy Miller, Afua Richardson, Tommy Lee Edwards, Budd Root, Jeremy Whitley, Richard Case, John Van Fleet, Tony Harris, Liz Prince, Stacey Lee, Marlin Shoop, Bernard Chang, Andy Smith, Stefano Gaudiano, Tini Howard, Andrew Herman, Brian Clevinger, Buzz, Chris Moreno, Daniel Way, Dave Dwinch, Dinesh Shamdasani, Dustin Harbin, Jeremy Bastian, John Paul Leon, Mike Perkins, Mitch Gerads, Rico Renzi, Scott Wegener, Lego master Joe Menoand The Triangle Youth Ballet!

The dealers and artists had so much beautiful, neat stuff for sale, such as comics, books, original art, decals, prints, posters, shirts, buttons, jewelry, trinkets, plushies, action figures, statues, masks, props, and video games! There were plenty of nearby dining options within 1 or 2 short blocks, including a bakery, diner, ice cream parlor, a McDonalds, several bars and restaurants. Panels & activities included the signings, discussions, workshops and cosplay, with the costume craftsmanship contest categories of youth, novice, journeyman, master, and a separate group category.

Hundreds of cosplayers represented characters of comics, manga, anime, video games, live-action movies & TV shows; mostly super heroes & villains plus various gijinka, kigurimi, kemonomimi, furries, ponies, elves, fae and a fan-built TARDIS! There were some Star Wars: The Force Awakens cosplayers too! Everyone seemed so pleasant and cordial, and I especially wish to thank the con staff & volunteers who were extremely helpful, attentive, industrious and friendly! We had a wonderfully festive time, and I hope to be there next year! The following weekend we went to the

Greensboro Toy & Collectibles Show!

This was another great show organized by Inside Pitch Promotions who the fun toy, card, NASCAR, collectibles and hobby shows several times a year in Greensboro, Raleigh. Hickory and Charlotte. It was on the sunny and clear but nippy Saturday & Sunday November 21st & 22nd at the Greensboro Coliseum, with the vendors’ set up time on the 20th, with several hundred tables mostly full of old & new toys, but there were also cards, comics, magazines, memorabilia, and prize raffles!

The spirits were high with a great camaraderie for buying, selling, trading or chatting with fellow collectors. The toys were mostly action figures, dolls, plushies, vehicles and some hand-made items, from bins of inexpensive, loose well-played with toys to items that were still in unopened mint condition, with great deals to be had on all, with lots of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Transformers G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Doctor Who, Power Rangers, Micronauts, Masters of the Universe, Monster High, Barbie, Hot Wheels and Pokemon!

Ob1, Pacozord, Chef Ron, John Lebel & other friends had several tables there amongst the many friendly dealers! There were a few folks selling videos & vinyl LPs, old board games, video games Legos, race cars, classic cars, trains, tractors & construction vehicle toys, ornaments, art and posters; and you were in good luck if you were looking for collectibles pertaining to wrestlers, monsters, KISS and The Beatles. I got some super deals on G1, 2,3 & 4 pony figures, a posable Kim Possible doll, and a gorgeous Vocaloid figurine!

I had to exercise great restraint against the many tempting, beautiful anime figures for sale at very reasonable prices! There were several dealers with comics and books from the Golden, Silver, Bronze and more recent eras, of which I got big stack of Gold Digger issues, some Ninja High School and West Coast Avengers issues. I’d guess that maybe 1/3 of the room was devoted to sport items, mostly cards and cars, but there were also magazines, advertisements, pennants, posters, autographed photos, and a very nice–

REGAL MOTH, NYA! (the easily distracted catgirl with phone camera scampurrs after the large colorful moth)

The Cat Lady Sings…

Ah—! ! TARA-CHAN, NYA! (sigh)

There she goes again, heehee!

(blissfully snapping the photos) Nya!

Well, the Citheronia regalis is a rather lovely lepidoptera!

Oh I want to take a picture too! (scampurrs after Tara-chan and the moth)

Oh well, it is almost time for The Aftermew anyway!


Hopefully more of our friends still plan to join us for the luau!

We can call or text them after the show!

Well, I guess that will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!

We wish to thank Rebecca for the beautiful illustrations, nya!

We also wish to thank Chef Ron and Camelle for the photos!

We also thank Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…

… we wish to thank the other talented folks whose works we have discussed…

… and we greatly appurreciate our wonderful audience!

Fur shur!

Y’all may post your brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to our discussion…

… purrvided that such comments are spam-free, G-rated and purrtain to our topics!

We will be back next month with another edition of The Mew…

Mary Nyan:
… and in February we will purrsent our annual Mew Awards!

Be there… aloha!

The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to you – until we eat again! BAIBAI, NYA!

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