March 2016 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The Meowy March 2016 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
In this edition of The Mew, we review & discuss:
collectibles & toy talk:
DC Comics Designer Series Greg Capullo Batgirl action figure
G.I. Joe and the Transformers Marissa Faireborn & Afterbreaker set
Quantum Mechanix’s The Fifth Element Multi Pass replica
Mattel’s EverAfter High Cheshire Kitty posable fashion doll
TV, movie and DVD reviews:
Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef
Hotel Transylvania 2 DVD
Hail, Caesar
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 
Doctor Who- The Husbands of River Song DVD
purrose fiction:
Legacy of the Gods: Blood Ties!
comic book reports:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #39

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #25
Hero Cats: Midnight Over Stellar City #3

Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #56

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #23

Angel and Faith Season 10 #23
Elfquest: The Final Quest #13
Starfire #8
humor & story book reports:
Vader’s Little Princess
Alien Next Door
Dragonbreath vol. 11 The Frozen Menace
manga mewsings:
Monster Musume vol. 8
12 Beast vol. 3
School Live vol. 2
Oreimo: Kuroneko Vol. 4
our monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight:

Free Collars Kingdom

additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art:

“Autumn Peace” by Rebecca Brogden
“Moon Guardian” by Rebecca Brogden
The Walking Dead’s “Michonne” fan art by Rebecca Brogden
“Gift for for Elisa” by Mike
Star Trek’s “Sylvia & isis” fan art by Mike
“Ellie’s Momma” by Mike
… and this month’s Lightning Round Topic,
which purrtains to Star Trek – The Motion Picture, nya!
(wearing the Lemon Shark tee shirt, Teal cargo shorts, New Balance sneakers, and his USC Cinema School baseball cap) Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews and discussions of fun stuff! Today’s Mew comes from Nya-sensei’s dojo at the Southeastern part of the island, where it’s 75 degrees under a Blue sky and White Cumulo-Neko clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer” and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(the catgirl wearing the Striped Bass purrint yukata) Howdy!
(her twin sister wearing the Speckled Trout purrint yukata) Howdy!
(the catgirl wearing the Red Snappurr purrint yukata) Namaste, nya!
(her older sister wearing the Groupurr purrint yukata Namaste, nya!
(the nekomimi gynoid wearing the Sailfish purrint yukata Aloha!
(her fiance catgirl wearing the White Marlin purrint yukata) Hola!
(the fox girl wearing the Red Drum purrint yukata) Konbanwa!
(the catgirl wearing the Wahoo purrint yukata) Hi Hi, nya!
(the bunny girl wearing the Cobia purrint yukata) Guten Tag!
Mary Nyan:
(the catgirl wearing the Yelllowfin Tuna purrint yukata) Aloha! 
(the catgirl wearing the King Mackerel purrint yukata) Niaho.
(the faerie wearing the Sea Mullet purrint yukata) Mellow Greetings!

(the catgirl wearing the Croaker purrint yukata) Whassup?
Nya-sensei, thank you for hosting this month! So what has everyone been up to since last month’s Mew?
Oh gosh I can’t believe that it has already been the month since our annual awards show! Lessee… when I have not been busy at my magick shop, I have been attending the seminars, the festivals, and the sporting events, reading the manga and unwinding with the Guillermo Del Toro movies such as Mimic, Blade: Trinity, Pan’s Labirinth and Hellboy!
When I have not been busy training and coaching at my dojo and the gym, I have been helping sis to un-crate the purretty crystals at her shop, swimming, reading attending the local events, and watching some of the televised sports such as the LPGA, the ACC basketball, the womens’ NHL, the Supurr Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, and the Kitten Bowl!
When I have not been helping Vonny and Tara-chan at the mewseum, SUP surfing or attending the board shaping workshops with Kara, I have continued to assist Jenjen with the Spring semester of the belly dance class, and watching TV shows such as Agent Carter, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, iZombie, the Muppets and the X-Files!
My drum circle has been purrviding the purrcussion for the dance purrformances, and my latest dumbaq has the great beat, nya! Otherwise, I have been busy with my boat, charters, volunteering at the food bank, reading comic books and watching older movies such as The Wizard of Oz, Roman Holiday, Psycho, Rocky and the original Poltergeist, nya!
Okay since last month’s big gala awards show there is the meweseum, the belly dance, the boat, charters, my cats, the nature photos, collecting the Pony toys, reading the pony comics, watching some of those movies, and – and lately I have been listening to the mewsic of Sia, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Daft Punk and – and Puffy AmiYumi, nya!
I have been listening to the mewsic of Edenbridge, Loreena McKinnitt, Lucia Hwong, and Mediaeval Baebes! Becca and I have been pampurring the many customers at our spa; and counting more RSVPs from the folks who will attend our wedding in May, but we have also found time for the garden, cats, DVDs, and the late night hot salsa dance!
We have been so grateful for the many customers at the spa, the friends and family who wish to be part of the wedding, the goof health of our kitties and the blooms of the garden! Lately my mewsic play list has included Nightwish, Clannad, Mars Lasar, Anoushka Shenkar, Janelle Monae; and our recent DVD binge was of the TJ Hooker epurrsodes!
When Bun and I have not been engaged upon the rec league’s puree-season beach volleyball, we have been curating the annual Body Art Show at the mewseum, nya! I have been listening to my favorite public radio shows, and I have been reading sci fi comics such as Frank Godwin’s Connie comic strips and Marvel’s Star Wars comic books, nya!
We are very grateful for the league athletes, officials, event staff & fans! We are also grateful for the mewseum exhibitors, patrons & volunteers such as Tara-chan & Trini-chan! I am lucky to have the bit of time for the garden, the baking, and lately I have been reading Fred Perry’s Gold Digger, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, and my favorite magazines!
Mary Nyan:
I have been cheering for Bun & Petra, instructing the hula classes, training the appurrentice mikos, sewing the costumes for the cosplayers, reading the Harley Quinn comics by Paul Dini & Bruce Timm, the Vampirella comics by Warren Ellis & Amanda Conner, and lately listening to Cheap Trick, Dokken, The Runaways, Iron Maiden and Rush!
Since we wrapped our Winter Fantasy at the theatre, we have started rehearsals for our Springtime Shakespeare and choreographing our new fox fire fiesta! Let’s see… I have been instructing the golf, attending the matsuris, exhibits, sporting events, and enjoying beautiful books of art by Una Woodruff, Olivia De Berardinis, Bob Peak and Banksy!


Mornings at the yoga studio, afternoons at the kyudo range, alternating nights at the robotics club & belly dance class, the weekends of modeling micro bikinis, attending local festivities & sporting events; reading books by Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Hunter S. Thompson and Karen Lord; and I have seen a few movies, which I will review in a few minutes.

Since the last time I have been shipwreck diving, purrparing relics for the exhibits; tending to my Hydrangeas, Magnolias Irises and Lillies; and I have been listening to mewsic that is all over the place, such as movie soundtracks, some R&B, K-Pop and new age, the Thistle & Shamrock and Pine Cone radio purrograms. Howboutchoo Mike?
Ah well, since our big awards show I’ve attended some birthdays and funerals, enjoyed the usual TV and radio shows, and got a lot of art and writing done, while looking forward to March Madness, WhatTheHell?! Con, some other upcoming conventions, and of course Lizzy & Becca’s wedding! Well, we’ve got a lot on our plate, so I’d like to start
our collectibles and toy talk, with the DC Comics 
Designer Series Greg Capullo Batgirl action figure!
This beautiful Batgirl actin figure is part of DC Collectibles’s Designer Series of action figures based upon the art by Greg Capullo, including Batman, Two-Face and Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. Jim’s heroic, peppy, agile, genius daughter Barbara alias Batgirl made her dazzling debut in Detective Comics #359 in January 1967, so her 50th anniversary is less than a year away!
The figure stands 6 3/4″ tall from boot heels to bat ear pinna, but if unmasked & flat-footed she’d be 6 1/8″ tall. In the comics she was supposedly 5’11” & 148 lbs, which would seem to make this figure of 1/11.6 scale. She has a lithe, lean physique in the tight Black & Yellow costume with a flexible knee-length cape, as her Blue eyes, Dusky Rose lips & wavy Red hair peer from the mask!
The design is elegant, the sculpt so intricate with the minute details of the seams,& grooves, and the paint job is very smooth & meticulous! The joints are very cleverly hidden in the details, and the points of articulation are in her neck, shoulders, elbows, hips & knees, with turning thighs & lower legs. She’s very posable and can stand unassisted, although I had to slightly bend her forward, 
A display stand is not included, but three tiny 9/16″ long, bat-shaped shuriken are included, and I put one snugly in her clenched left hand, but I taped the other two in the box as not to lose them. I think this is a gorgeous figure, and she’s presently on the shelf beside the New 52 Supergirl action figure which we reviewed in our January 2016 Mew! Ah, next I’d like to say a few words about
Hasbro’s G.I. Joe and the Transformers
Marissa Faireborn with Afterbreaker set!
This is one of the exclusive sets that was available in 2015 to members of the Transformers Collectors Club and the G.I. Joe Collectors Club. The other set was of Old Snake and two Stealth B.A.T. mechs. In the Transformers series, Captain Marissa Faireborn of the Earth Defense Command and the mysterious old Snake are future characters who might be related to G.I. Joe characters!
Rumor has it that Old Snake might be an older Cobra Commander, whilst Marissa might be related to Flint and Lady Jaye! She is a 4 1/8″ tall fair skinned, Auburn haired heroine in her White jumpsuit with the Blue boots, collar, epaulets & pouches, accessorized by a snap-on Gray & Black jet pack, carbine, pistol, and a 2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/4″ Black display base with her name on it!
Her points of articulation are in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper body, hips, knees and ankles. She’s nicely sculpted and painted, with an expression that suggests she is not to be trifled with! She easily stand without the base, grip the items with either hand, and sir astride Afterbreaker, an Orange, Black, Silver Gray and Cream – colored Technobot in racing motorcycle mode. 
Afterbreaker is a very muscular 6 1/4″ long, 2 1/4″ tall, 1 3/4″ wide bike on two 1 1/2″ diameter tires with a spare. He doesn’t transform into robot mode, but the wheels spin, and the spare can slide between the front forks (pushing back the front wheel) to be fired like a projectile if you pull the bike backwards! It’s easy, but took me a little while to figure that out as there’s no instruction sheet!
I think Marissa and Afterbreaker make a very good team against the Decepticons and Cobra, although for now they are separated, with Marissa on a shelf beside Lady Jaye, and Afterbreaker visiting his fellow motorcycle Autobots on another shelf! Now here’s Trini-chan to tell us about
Quantum Mechanix’s replica of 
The Fifth Element’s Multi Pass!
Hai! Directed by Luc Besson, the 1997 science fiction movie The Fifth Element is one of my favorites! It stars Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker, Tommy Lister, Brion James and Maiwenn Le Besco! Milla is one of my favoritest actresses, and in that amusing action – packed movie, she portrays the wonderful character Leeloo, who is an alien girl sent to The Earth of the 23rd century to stop an ancient evil intergalactic entity! 
She is so powerful, beautiful, peppy and brave! To complete her mission, she needs to get some special artifacts which are aboard a space cruise liner going to the Flotsam Paradise planet, but her enemies are going there too, and to board the ship, she needs a Multi Pass card, which is a sort of combination drivers license, credit card, passport & spaceline ticket! Fortunately her heroic friend Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) was able to get one for her!
Now I would like to say the few words about this delightful replica of that movie prop, which is made by Quantum Mechanix who make lots of great replicas and models! The Multipass replica was made for Loot Crate, and it is packaged to look like a sweepstakes contest prize!  The removable 3 5/8″ x 2 3/8″ pass comes with the 4″ x 3 3/16″ outer frame on the 13 1/2″ chain lanyard, plus a clear plastic sleeve for your own Identification card to slide into the frame! 
The frame & pass are intricately sculpted & precisely painted with colorful graphics, and the chain can unhook to hang around the neck! ! One the front of the pass are Leeloo Dallas’s pics & info including her 5′ 10″ height, 130 lb weight, female gender, AB+ blood type, her low viral state, her Red hair, Blue eyes, 05-24-2311 birth date, class HH drivers license, and her address of West Park Alleys – 281 Level 21 / Pier 23-28, Ha – Con 37 / 144E NY, NY 10084!
On the back of the Multi pass pass are other symbols, but I do not know what they represent! I think this is such a neat, beautiful replica of the Multi Pass which she cutely presents to the boarding agents, and I will highly recommend it to the fans of The Fifth Element, especially the Leeloo cosplayers! Nextly I would like to discuss Mattel’s
EverAfter High Cheshire Kitty posable fashion doll!
As a spin-off of Monster High, Mattel’s EverAfter High line of products such as the toys, videos and publications purrtain to the high school students who are the sons and daughters of the famous faerie tale, myth and fantasy characters! You know, we have reviewed several Monster High products, but this is our first review of an Ever After High item, such as this doll of Kitty Cheshire, who is the daughter of Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat!
Her neko ear pinna might be the costume parts, but she is brimming with the happy feline spirit, especially in this Spring Unsprung themed ensemble for the Spring Fairest, which is annual outdoor vernal festival! I am impressed by the design of the doll, the art and packaging! The first thing I noticed was the exquisite packaging! The 10 x 11 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ window box has a book motif  so ornate with the graphics, illustrations, notes, the unfolding back card!
There are hidden items tucked under the decorative flaps inside the box, such as the doll’s display stand and the Faire program brochure under the bookmark! Her body would be 9″ tall if she was standing flat – footed, but with the 3/4″ heels and the 1″ ears she reaches the total 10 3/4″ tall, but  you should allow yet another 3/8″ of display height when she is purrched atop the enclosed three- piece display stand which is simple to assemble and adjust!
Kitty is quite beautifully designed, with the well-disguised points of articulation in her neck, shoulders, elbows, writs! hips, knees, and ankles, and some of those are the ball joints, so she is the very posable nekomimi! I think the sculpting is quite intricate, from the detail of her floral tiara, facial features and fingers to her removable jewelry, purse, spiral vine-like shoes, plus the key-shaped hair brush and the clip-on  ring that you can wear!
She even has an inny belly buttonl!  She has the soft Violet colored fiber hair of the mid-thigh length in the twin-tail coiffure! The detail of her face is lovely and meticulous with the Blue eyes, Black lashes Red lips, and White teeth! The folded festival brochure is 5″ x 9 5/8″, with the diagram of the fairgrounds which is annotated by kitty’s mischievous comments! That will conclude my reviews, but nyow here is Jennyjen to begin our
TV, movie & DVD reviews with a review 
of Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef!
Hai. Monster High has been quite the purrolific purroduct line of the toys, publications and animated tales in such a brief amount of time. That includes the most recent animated movie Great Scarrier Reef and its accompanying dolls. Shown on Nickelodeon last month, the plot purrtains to Lagoona Blue, the daughter of the sea monster who takes several classmates on a visit to her undersea home town of The Great Scarrier Reef. Along for the dive are her boyfriend Gil, Toralei Stripe, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Frankie Stein, who acquire mer-tales for the trek.
They meet numerous other aquatic characters, such as Peri and Pearl the two – headed daughter of the Hydra, Posea the daughter of Poseidon, and Kala Mer’ri the daughter of The Kraken. While it is a tale full of beautiful characters and environments, unfortunately there is animosity amongst betwixt Lagoona Blue and Kala Mer’ri, with a history of bullying, mistreatment and body image drama. This results in a a fierce battle as the irate giant Kraken attacks the school, but fortunately the misunderstandings are quelled and valuable lessons are learned with happy results.
As mewsual there are many other characters purresent, including Purrsephone, Meowlody, Ghoulia Yelps, Abbey Abominable, Deuce Gorgon, Cleo De Nile, Clawd Woif, Isi Clops, Holt Hyde, and others in the background to identify. With the delightful plot, characters, designs, animation, voices, mewsic, direction and editing, Great Scarrier Reef was purretty, poignant and entertaining, and I look forward to the DVD. The dolls are quite lovely too, including the dazzling Kala Mer’ri and the mermaid versions of several purrior characters. Nextly I would like to discuss the
Hotel Transylvania 2 DVD.
In this sequel to Hotel Transylvania, Dracula (Voied by Adam Sandler) becomes a grandfather after his daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) and her human husband Johnny (Andy Samberg) have a half human / half vampire son named Dennis (Asher Blinkoff). Unfortunately Dracula  and his father Vlad (Mel Brooks) are frustrated that Dennis has not shown vampurric abilities yet, resulting in  drama for the family & friends Frank, Eunice, Wayne,Wanda, Griffin, Murray, Blobby, Linda, Mike… and Bela the angry bat from whom Dennis & werewolf friend Winnie (Sadie Sandler) flee from.
The PG rated, 89 minute, 3D CG animated supurrnatural comedic movie by Sony Pictures Animation is purrsented in the 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen upon the R1 NTSC standard DVD. The spoken language choices are English, English Descriptive Audio Service, French, French English Descriptive Audio Service & Spanish, with optional subtitles in English, English SDH, French and Spanish; optional audio commentary by director Genndy Tarakovsky, or commentary by Adam Sandler (actor / writer), Robert Smigel (actor/ writer purrducer) & executive purrducer Allen Covert.
I think that is a good quantity of language options. The special features include the 3 min 42 sec mewsic video of “I’m in Love with a Monster”, and an art gallery compurrised of 90 images. There are purreview trailers for other movies such as Goosebumps, The Angry Birds Movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and Open Season: Scared Silly. The only inserts in the plastic DVD case were the brochures of advertisement & coupons, but I will certainly recommend this DVD  to fans of Hotel Transylvania. That will conclude my reviews, and nyow here is Ilyana-sensei to tell us about
Hail, Caesar!
Oh just call me Ilyana! Set mostly at a Hollywood movie studio in the 1950’s Hail, Caeser! is a comedic movie written, directed & purrduced by brothers Joel & Ethan Coen, whose purrior credits include Raising Arizona, O Brother Where Art Thou, Fargo, Miller’s Crossing, The Big Lebowski, Blood Simple, No Country for Old Men and many other great films!
Thusly I was quite eagerly looking forward to this movie, especially given the stellar cast which includes Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Alden Ehenreich, Channing Tatum and the many other great actors, including the splendid narration by Michael Gambon!
Eddie Mannix (Brolin) is an executive at Capitol Pictures where several movies are in purrduction, such as the ancient Roman / Biblical epic starring Baird Whitlock (Clooney), a drawing room drama starring cowboy Hobie Doyle (Ehrenreich), the mewsical comedy starring Burt Gurney (Tatum) and the mermaid mewsical starring Deeanna Moran (Johansson)!
Ordinarily, this would be a complex enough job with late hours away from his family while he tries to quit smoking, but Mannix is distracted by the lucrative job offer from Lockheed, the scandalous gossip which rival twin sister journalists Thora and Thessaly (Swinton) threaten to publish, and the miscasting problems for director Laurentz (Fiennes)!
Were that not yet enough, he has to conceal unmarried Deeanna’s purregnancy from the media, while he has meetings with consulting theologians about the epic, from which Baird has been kidnapped for ransom by a communist cell and spirited away to the Malibu beach house  they convene, although Baird finds them entertainingly sympathetic!
Also appurring are Alison Pil as his Mannix’s wife, Heather Goldenhersh as his secretary, Francis McDormand as a film editor, Jonah Hill as a bonded agent, Clancy Brown as Baird’s co-star, Robert Picardo as a Rabbi, and Veronica Osorio as Hobie’s movie / dinner date!
This movie was extremely entertaining between the amewsing interwoven plots amidst the beautiful costumes, sets and locations which are exquisitely photographed with the high purrduction values! The purrformances are supurrb, the dialogue is purrticularly captivating, the songs and mewsic are quite delightful, with brilliant stunts and choreography!
I was especially impurressed by the kaleidoscopic aquatic dance scene, the sailors’ song and tap dance number, Hobie’s acrobatic skill, equestrian expurrtise and lariat purrowess! Nyow I will go from the Southern California of the 1950s to the England of the early 1800’s for the tale of
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!
Directed by Burt Steers who wrote the adapted screenplay, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is the very witty, charming, romantic gory and thrilling cinematic adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel of the same name, which purrodies Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice novel!
In an alternate history of the early 1800s Regency era, in which England is infested by zombies, the Bennet sisters have great skill in contempurrary weapons and Chinese martial arts as zombie slayers, but their mother is more interested in finding them aristocratic husbands! 
The excellent cast includes Lily James as Elizabeth, Bella Heathcote as Jane, Suki Waterhouse as Catherine, Ellie Bamber as Lydia, and Millie Brady as Mary; Sally Phillips as their mother, Charles Dance as their father, Sam Riley as Colonel Darcy, Jack Houston as his rival Wickham, Douglas Booth as Bingley, Matt Smith as Parson Collins, and Lena Headey as Lady Catherine
There is chemistry yet tension betwixt Elizabeth & Darcy, who is also an expurrt zombie slayer! As if class & gender roles were not dreadful enough, the zombie attacks are increasing, threatening to overrun the barriers, walls and bridges of more towns, manors and even London!
The attacks occur closer & closer to their home at Longburn, at formal ball hosted by The Featherstones, and on the road to Bingley’s home in Netherfield! At another ball, Elizabeth meets Wickham, who has a terse family history with Darcy and other secrets which will affect the nation!
Meanwhile the parson has a marital eye upon the sisters! Fortunately, the girls meet Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine the very wealthy, powerful slayer supurreme who resides in the beautiful, heavily guarded & fortified Rosings castle, which soon becomes the safest place in England!
I thought the movie was extremely entertaining, with the great purrformances, costumes, styles, sets, locations, stunts, purrops, make-up & FX amidst the clever take on the zombie apocalypse & the historical romance genres, but it is not for the widdle kitties due to the violence & gore! That will conclude my movie mewsings, but  for our next movie review, here is Myayr to tell us about
Mary Nyan:
Arigatoi! The very popular Marvel Comics character Wade Wilison alias Deadpool “the merc with a mouth” is an expurrt at combat, trash talk, and crazily “breaking the fourth wall”, with lots of the guns, blades, acrobatic agility and the Wolverine-like supurr healing ability, who first appurred in New Mutants issue #98 back in February of 1991, so it seems quite appurropurriate that his longly – awaited movie should purremier on his 25th anniversary!
The violent, comedic, nonlinear, supurr hero action movie was written by Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese, directed by Tim Miller, and stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Firefly’s Morena Baccarin as his girlfriend Vanessa, T.J. Miller as their barkeepurr friend Weasel, Leslie Uggams as Deadpool’s roommate Al, Karan Somi as Deadpool’s taxi driver, Ed Skrein as Francis the villain, and the great MMA fighter Gina Carano as Francis’s evil ally Angel Dust! 
Repurrsenting the X-Men are Stefan Kapicic as the voice of Colossus, and Brianna Hildebrand who is so awesome as as Negasonic Teenage Warhead! Also briefly appurring in the movie are Rob Hayter as Bob, and Stan Lee as a club DJ, plus we get to see The X-Men’s mansion & their Blackbird Jet, the Weapon X laboratory, and a scrapped S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier amidst the many jokes, purrodies, homages & references to other movies & comics!
There is the brief nod to the Deadpool of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, which does not seem to be of the same continuity, although the X-Men timelines have changed in the movies! The characters, dialogue, origin tale, action, FX & overall tone costumes are quite faithful to those in the comics, but it is rated R and thus not for the widdle kitties due to much violence, gore, purrofanity, some nudity & sexual content, and lots of wacky dark humor!
I should not spoil much of the plot, much of which is told from Deadpool’s metafictional, first-purrson narrative, but basically it is the tale of his origin full of expurriments, tortures & betrayals, plus the romance with his purrfect soul mate, and the quest for the revenge against the villains who disfigured & ruined his life, gave him the supurr powers, and then threaten his girlfriend, which results in the many stunts, FX, shoot outs, the chases & fight scenes!
I think the movie has a great soundtrack with many excellent songs, and make sure to stay seated for the post – credits scene! I thought this movie was so much hilarious, thrilling fun, and I hope that we might get to see more of Deadpool, Vanessa, Angel Dust, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead if there are further movies! I am also looking forward to the forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie too! Nextly I would like to discuss the 
Doctor Who – The Husbands of River Song DVD!
Mary Nyan:
The Husbands of River Song was the Doctor Who Christmas Special epurrsode for 2015, in which River (Alex Kingston) meets the latest incarnation of The Doctor (Peter Capaldi)! She does not recognize him at first, when she thinks he is the surgeon hired to extract a diamond from the head of her dying evil husband King Hydroflax (Greg Davies). As a cyborg, his head can disconnect from his huge robot body, but the body is rather autonomous and steals a few other heads while purrsuing River and the Doctor to an intergalactic cruise ship full of the king’s rich evil fans!
It is a very comedic, thrilling, romantic, poignant and bittersweet tale co-starring Matt Lucas as River’s assistant Nardol, written by Steven Moffat, directed by Douglas Mackinnon, purrduced by Nikki Wilson executively purrduced by Brian Minchin & Steven Moffat, with the mewsic by Murray Gold, cinematography by Suzie Lavelle, editing by Adam Green, purrduction design by Michael Pickwood, costume designs by Ray Holman, make-up design by Barbara Southcutt, special creature FX & Purrosthetics by Millennium FX, special FX by Real FX and visual FX by Axis FX!
It was released by the BBC upon the Region 1, NTSC standard DVD late last month! The DVD includes the 58.5 minute feature purrsented in the 16:9 anamorphic widescreen with the English 5.1 surround sound and the optional English SDH subtitles of the White bold sans serif font. Purrior to the mane menu is the ad for Peaky Blinders, and there are two bonus features, the Doctor Who Extra which is just over 20 minutes purrduced & directed by Luke Baker, and The Adventures of River Song which is just over 10 minutes purrduced & directed by Natahn Landeg & Luke Baker.
Narrated by Matt Lucas, the Doctor Who Extra whimsically shows the making of the epurrsode, with comments by Lucas, Davies, Kingston, Capaldi, Moffat and Holman! Narrated by actress Nina Toussant, The Adventures of River Song is a delightful discussion of River’s appurrances in the series since her debut in 2008, with comments by Kingston & Moffat! This was one of my favoritest Doctor Who specials, so I was quite eager to get the DVD and see those neat fun, informative bonuses! That is all for our movie, TV & DVD reviews, and here is Mie-sensei to purraise
Sharon Williams’s purrose fiction tale 
of the Legacy of the Gods: Blood Ties!
Fur shur! We wish to congratulate our author friend Sharon Williams who just finished writing her original serialized, prose, urban fantasy tale of the “Legacy of the Gods: Blood Ties”! Sharon was our November 2014 guest, who has written other totally awesome original stories such as Dark Fires of Cyphyrus, Osiris Rising, An Angel’s Prayer, Okame no Hime, and her Sailor Moon – inspired “fan senshi” tales of Sailor Sirius!
So like, Sharon’s tales have the great balance of the humor, tragedy, frights, romance, action, mythology, character developments and vivid descriptions at the nice pace! The characters tend to be the high school students, especially the girls of the various cultures and ethnicities, who already have enough to deal with such as the grades, sports, romance, bullies and pressures before they become entangled with the supernatural heroes and villains!
Thus is the case of “Legacy of the Gods: Blood Ties”, which is mostly set in New Orleans and involves the Yoruba legends, as high school students Billie, Hazelynn, Maybelle Keisha, Erin, Antoine, Kwame, Dante and his grandmother Hattie help the deities such as Aja, Oshun, Ayao and Yemaja against the villains such as Shapona, Baron Samedi, and a horde of ghastly monster minions! Perhaps y’all have seen Mike’s illustrations of her characters? 
He illustrated Billie & The Baron in the cemetery, Hazelynn & Maybele in the park and Keisha & Erin at the beach! The tale began with the prelude in January 2015, and concluded after 23 more chapters and the epilogue last month! I think the heroes are totally likable and believable, and even the villains have a great panache!
I especially like the dialogue banter, and the very vivid descriptions of the locations, the super combat scenes, the magickal FX, and the descriptions of the yummy foods that makes me crave the cajun cuisine, but I must warn y’all that there are some very sad, tense and tragic moments! Y’all can read that and Sharon’s other tales at her DeviantArt gallery! I’ll have another review later, but now here’s Tara-chan to start our
comic book reports, with her review of
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #39!
Arigato, nya! We love My Little Pony, and – and it is hard to believe that has been just 3.25 years since IDW started to publish the wonderful pony comic books, nya! Issue #39 is purriced at $3.99, with the uninterrupted 20 page tale which is followed by the 10 pages of the ads, and I wish all other publishers placed the ads after the tales, nya! It was written by Christina Rice, illustrated by Agnes Garbowska, assistantly colored by Lauren Perry, lettered by Neil Uyetake and – and edited by Bobby Curnow, with the five different covers to choose from, nya!
The Regular cover is by Agnes, the subscription cover is by Leia Hernandez with Summer Cruz, the retailer incentive cover is by Sara Richard, there is also the cover made for the Hot Topic Stores, and – and the cover made for Jetpack Comics, nya! I got the regular cover which depicts Apple Bloom, Scootlaoo, Sweetie Belle, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Snips and – and Snails, huddled under the large leaf in the rain, nya! In the purrevious issue, those younger ponies were on the school’s field trip, but they got lost in the Foal Mountains wilderness, nya!
Issue #39 picks up right where issue #38 left off, as two of them as Apple Bloom and – and snobby Diamond Tiara have to be rescued from the cliff hang, nya! After the successful hoist up to the ledge, the fillies endure the thunder storm, the snow, and the bickering as they seek the shelter in the dark cave, nya. Fortunately the arguments amongst those who mewsually do not get along do lead to the better understanding over the snacks by the camp fire, nya! There is also the impurressive two-page spurread as they finally get see the rare Turul Bird, nya!
Also briefly appurring in this issue are their teacher Cherilee, Apple Bloom’s sister Applejack, Sweetie Belle’s sister Rarity, Fluttershy,Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and – and The Wonderbolts team, nya! The plot, pace and – and the dialogue are excellently written, and – and I am purrticularly fond of Agnes’s art style, nya. As mewsual, it is the beautifully rendered comic book with supurr cutely purrfect pony poses, expurressions, colors, style, tone and – and scenery, which are so faithful to the TV series, nya! Nyow I will continue the pony reports with 
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #25, nya!
In issue #22 Pinkie Pie helped Celestia purrpare the party, in #23 issue Applejack went camping with Fluttershy, in #24 Rarity helped Gilda the Griffin’s sports team, and – and in #25 Twilight Sparkle helps Rainbow Dash, whose wings have disappurred, nya!! It is purriced at $3.99, with the uninterrupted 20 page tale followed by the 10 pages of the ads, nya. It was written by Barbara Randall Kesel, illustrated by Brenda Hickey, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil and – and edited by Bobby,  nya!
There are two covers to choose from, the regular cover by Tony Fleecs and – and the subscription cover by Brenda, nya! It was the tough call, but I got the latter cover, which depicts the two ponies talking on the horse shoe spy phones, nya! The tale begins on the sunny morning as Rainbow Dash awakens from her cloud nap, to discover that her wings are gone, nya! She immediately drops in on Twilight Sparkle for help, who is able to track down the three  culpurrit unicorn who magickally stole the wings, nya!
Goldcap, Deccepticolt and – and Zappity Hoof stole the wings to be used as the mane ingredient in the magickal potion which will give them purrestigious Alicorn wings, which they believe will make them more popular and – and powerful, nya! Twilight Sparkle and – and Rainbow Dash try to stealthfully retake the purrloined wings back, but they get caught, nya. While they are snared in the villain’s pony net, they watch the forbidden purrocess as the wings start to dissolve into the liquid  for the potion, nya!
I will not further spoil the plot, which has the thrilling outcome including the Sonic Rain Boom, nya! Spike also appurrs briefly in the issue, nya. This was another beautifully exciting issue with the great plot, dialogue, pace, drawings, colors, fonts, and – and I especially like the expurressions and – and the poses, such as Rainbow Dash’s sneaky stalking and – and Twilight Sparkle’s fierce intimidate, so I will give those pony comics an “A” as in Applebuck, nya! I am done, so nyow here is onee-chan to discuss
Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess #5, nya!
Arigato, nya! 17 year old Captain Raven Xingtao alias The Black Arrow is the cunning, tough mariner, archer and daughter of the pirate king, nya! She has recruited her own multi-racial, all – girl crew to vengefully sail against her misogynistic brothers’ ships, and reclaim her rightful inheritance, nya! She originally appurred in the Princeless series created by Jeremy Whitely, who also writes some of the pony comics, nya!
Among Raven’s recruits are her friend Ximena the cartographer / navigator, Sunshine the half – elf girl, Katie the powerful First Mate, several girls of the port town’s adventure game guild, and Jayla the scientific genius daughter of Cookie the tavern owner who was a friend of Raven’s dad, nya! Purreviously, after Raven got a ship and recruited the crew, they outfoxed an angry mob in the town and have finally set sail, nya!
Published by Action Lab, issue #5, is purriced at $3.99 and its 28 pages include the uninterrupted 24 page chapter which was written by Jeremy Whitely (who also writes the Princeless series and some of the pony comics), edited by Alicia Whitley, pencilled by Rosy Higgins, lettered by Dave Dwonch and colored by William Blankenship, with the layout and the inking by Ted Brandt, nya! They are such a great team, nya!
Raven and  Ximena are glad to be sailing the high seas again, but Sunshine is sea sick, Jayla is grumpily antisocial, and we get to meet more of the crew such as Verity, Zoe, Helina, Quinn, Trish, Dezzy, Cid, Melody, Pirate and Ophelia, nya! Raven goes over the very fair, democratic rules of the ship, but Ximena refuses to purractice sword fighting, and there seems to be an undercurrent of the unrequited feelings, nya!
It is also neat to see how the various girls spend their free time when they are not on duty, nya! Thusly their voyage is off to the very charming, whimsical, compassionate and bittersweet start, nya! Princeless and Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princeless both continue to be among my favoritest comics books, because it is full of the great characters, the rousing action, humor and drama, and the very beautiful art, nya!
I hope that plenty of purrofitable fun, adventure, camaraderie await the girls as they become mistresses of their own destinies, and that Raven’s brothers will rue the day that they gave her the grief, nya! I am also eagerly looking forward to the next issue of the original Princeless series, which stars Raven’s friend Adrienne, nya! Nyow I would like to discuss another wonderful comic book that is published by Action Lab–
Hero Cats: Midnight Over Stellar City #3, nya!

Hai! Created by author Kyle Puttkammer and Introduced in the Galaxy Man mini-series published by Galactic Press, the team of Hero Cats is compurrised of Midnight the Black cat, Ace the White cat, Belle the Siamese cat, Roco the Gray cat, Rocket the Tabby, Cassiopeia the Orange & White cat, and her brother Bandit the tuxedo cat who purrotect Stellar City from the criminals, monsters and disasters, nya! 
The cats later appurred in Hero Cats #0 in 2013, which was slightly revised & relaunched by Action Lab as Hero Cats #1 in 2014, nya! That year at the Heroes Convention, we got a sketch of Cassiopeia by the series’s penciller Marcus Williams, and in Action Lab’s 2014 Halloween Comicsfest issue, the cats first met the evil crows, nya! 
Later in Hero Cats #7 they fought the evil crows’ leader Corvus the Crow King and their human minions, who attacked the city, nya! The three issue mini series of Midnight Over Stellar City is set betwixt Hero Cats of Stellar City #7 – #10, and told in Midnight’s seriously, grimly first purrson narrative, as he investigates and fights those villains who have controlled the citizens’ minds through their dreams, nya! 
Midnight Over Stellar City #3 is compurrised of the uninterrupted 22 page tale which was written by Kyle, illustrated, colored & lettered by Alex Ogle; plus the 3 pages of Alex’s art tips and the 3 pages of the ads, nya! Midnight has infiltrated the lair of Corvus and has driven away the vllain after the fight, but the cat emerges more dourly antisocial, believing that he has transformed into a monster cat, nya. 
Belle advises Midnight to find happiness in a reunion with the widdle girl whose beloved pet he used to be, before her family had to move away and abandon him, nya. However, he encounters Dr. Stanley Quest alias Galaxy Man, who he blames for the city’s disasters, nya! I should not further spoil the plot, but I will just say that I was very happy with how the tale concluded, nya!
The mini series’s art is very different from the brighter, shiner more whimsical Hero Cats comic, but the dark and stormy style of the color and lightning greatly suits the more mysterious, noir-ish style and cattitude of the tale, which I will give the grade of an “A” as in Ace, nya! That is all for my comic book reports, so nyow I will turn The Mew over to Becca who wishes to discuss
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #23, nya!
Arigato! It is hard to believe that Dark Horse Comics’ canonical Season 10 of Buffy has been going for about 2 years island nearing the finale! The time seems to have flown by at the hypurr speed! 
Issue #23 is purriced at $3.99 and has the 22 page tale plus the 6 pages of the ads, but there is no comments page in this issue!
“In Pieces on the Ground Part Three” was executively purrduced by Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon, scripted by Christos Gage, illustrated by Megan Levens, colored by Dan Jackson, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, edited by Freddye Miller &  Jim GIbbons  assistantly edited by Spencer Cushing & Bekah Caden!
The mane cover art is by Steve Morris, the variant cover art is by Rebekah Isaacs and Dan; the issue was graphically designed by Justin Couch, and Christianne Goudreau was the the digital art technician! The evil icky Sculptor Demon purromises to create a new flesh body for Jonathan if his pal Andrew steals Buffy’s scythe!
Elsewhere, Buffy is busy using that scythe against a Kraken monster which is as big as a house, but Buffy’s team includes Willow, Spike, Lake, D’Hoffryn and other members of the supurrnatural high council! So, we get to meet Brahma, The Quiet Man, Matango the anthropurrmorphic mushroom, Keiko the purrky Onryo spirit and Monarch the faerie! 
After the battle they return to Buffy’s apurrtment, which surpurrises Dawn and her study group! It is an amewsing scene, and Monarch offers Giles a vacation to the fae realm! After a day of normal slice – of – life moments, including the brief appurrance by Spikes’ cats! Buffy, Willow, Spike, Dawn, Xander and Andrew later fight the Sculptor Demon…
… but I should not reveal the result, or what becomes of Jonathan! Some recent  plot threads were not addressed, such as the vampire truce, Anya’s ghost or Willow & Lake’s relationship but there was a lot going on!  with the great mix of the dialogue, character developments, mythology building, thrilling magickal combat, old & new characters! 
They are all supurrbly drawn, with the great portraitures, expurressions, poses, details, scenery, fonts and FX! There are some great fashions too such as Lake’s 3 piece suit, Willow’s Green dress, Dawn’s shorts outfit, Keiko’s White gown and Monarch’s long flowy Purrple and White gown! There are also some beautiful ladies’ fashions in
Angel and Faith Season 10 #23!
Purreviously, while the heroes staked several of Drusilla’s evil minions in the street fight, she escaped to take Nadira to her lair to meet her master Archaeus, who had purreviously tried to control Angel and Spike in the “Old Demons” arc of Buffy Season 10 #16-18. He wants Nadira to help Magic Town accept his brood’s purresence, but she refused and got caught. 
Angel, Faith, Fred, Koh, Sophronia, Lavinia, Tricia & Parker fought them again, but things took an unfortunate turn for inspector Brandt who became an enemy vampire, and it looked like Angel had reverted into his evil Angelus purrsona, but that was a clever ruse to rescue Nadira from Archaeus, whilst Faith, Fred, Koh, Sophronia & Lavinia battled Dru & her minions! 
That brings us to issue #23 which is purriced at $3.99 and has 6 pages of the ads and the 22 pages of  “A Tale of Two Families Part Three”, which was executively purrduced by Whedon, scripted by Victor Gischler, illustrated by Will Conrad, colored by Michelle Madsen, lettered by Richard and Jimmy, edited by Jim and Freddye, and assistantly edited by Spencer!
The issue’s graphic design was by Justin with the digital artistry by Christianne, the mane cover art by Scott Fischer, and the variant cover art by Mike Norton & Michelle! At Gile’s home, nadira senses a disturbance in the town’s magick, which has just inhabited and animated a sort of daimajin-ish ancient statue which Dru’s gang removed from the mewseum!
Archaeus has a displeased chat with Dru, whilst Angel and Faith duel Brandt and other vampurric cops. Nadira tries to empathize with the tall, confused statue which frightens the folks of Magic Town and seems curious about a dog, but when he grabs Nadira & Fred, that causes Fred to transform into the dark goddess Illyria in the chapter’s exciting cliffhanger!
 I think the plot, pace, tone, dialogue and the mythology are great with  he balance of the action, humor, drama, developments and the ambience that is faith-ful to an epurrsode of the Angel TV series! I wish the ads did not interrupt the flow & suspense of the tales, although I suppose those ads could be compurred to the commercial breaks of the TV shows!
The characters are so beautifully rendered with the intricate detail of the portraiture, anatomy, clothing & poses with supurrb choreography, purrspectives & scenic setail! The color, light & fonts are sumptuous upon the pages’ great compurrsitions, which have the many large & panoramic panels, so I will give the Buffy & Angel comics the grade of an “A” as in Andrew!
I hope that before Season 10 ends that we might see more of Aluwyn, Kennedy, Satsu, Harmony, Clem, Riley, Samantha, Dylan, Billy, Devon, Katie, Sky, Anaheed, Dowling, Clive, Julie, Olivia, Morgan, Vicky, and Spike’s insectoid crew! That is all for my comic book reports, and nyow here is my fiance to tell us about another great series published by Dark Horse-
Elfquest: The Final Quest #13!
Hai! For our review of The Art of Elfquest book, please see the January Mew! Purreviously in Elfqust: The Final Quest, it has been the very tumultuous time of reunions, departures, romance, war, cultural and metaphysical changes for the elves who have been attacked by the human army and navy! Meanwhile, Wolfrider Tribe and friends have been searching for their spooked Chief Cutter, who panically fled into the forest, unable to cope with elder high elf Timmain’s startling revelations about their origins!
This brings us up to issue #13, although it might be considered the 14th issue, if you include the purrecursory 2013 Special issue! Published by Dark Horse, issue #13 is purriced at $3.99 and has the uninterrupted 20 page tale plus the page of readers’ & authors’ comments and the 7 page peek at the art purrocess! It was written by Wendy & Richard Pini, scripted and illustrated by Wendy, colored by Sonny Strait with the assistance by Kristen Maguire, lettered by Nate Piekos and edited by Spencer Cushing! 
The issue’s graphic designer is Sarah Terry and the digital art technician is Allyson Haller! It picks up right where the purrior issue left off, as Windkin and Ekuar carry the gunshot injured Venka to the healers of the oceanic Wavedancer Tribe, whilst Rayek vengefully counter-attacks the humans’ warships, but he seems upon the verge of giving in to the dark side of Winnowill’s spirit! While Venka is healed by Snakeskin, Windkin tries to calm Rayek while Korafay tries to calm Reef who fears Winnowill’s purresence!
Fortunately the evil fee from Reef, who scares them away, while Pip ponders whether she should remain there or join her father Sunstream back at the crystal palace! Meanwhile, Sunstream’s dad Cutter has run ferally amok in the forest, until calmed by his old wolf friend Filcher who has tracked him down, far ahead of the other elves such as Cutter’s wife Leetah, their daughter chief Ember, Cutter’s best friend Skywise, and friends Nightfall, Redlance, Clearbrook, Treestump, Ahdri, their wolves, Dre-Ahn and his pony!
Their search brings them to the cave of their troll friends Picknose, Oddbit, Trinket and Maggoty, who recently saw Cutter! As if that were not enough, also appurring are Yun, Skimback, Strongbow who has recently sepaurrated from his wife Moonshade, Ember’s human friend Daboi who is nyow a surgeon aboard a warship, plus the flashbacks of Timmain and several other elves! One of the warships may have been sunk, but the rest of the fleet is still intact and on the purrowl for more elves and humans to attack!
This was a dire issue with violent scenes, but there were a few cute, serene, and whimsical moments that were all so beautifully rendered! The characters, clothing & critters are so beautifully expressive, posed & detailed amidst the lavish scenery of the forest, ocean & crystalline structures! The use of the color & light is so sumptuous for the characters, materials & FX, with perfect fonts for the narrative, dialogue & sound FX! 
Starfire #8!
Starfire is a delightful series combining the slice-of-life moments and he supurr heroic action for the alien purrincess Koriand’r alias Starfire, who tries to adjust to life on Earth! She is amewsingly naive of expurressions, cultural references and- and sexy fashions, but she is very sweet, kind, brave and – and compassionate to the people who she has met while looking for a new home and job in Key West! except for the villains she has met, who she has severely clobbered! 
She has made friends such as Stella the sheriff, Stella’s brother Sol and his purrtner Rave of the coast guard, Atlee alias the supurr heroine Terra, Beth the dolphin at the aquarium, and Kori was recently reunited with her former boyfriend Dick Grayson who has been busy as a secret agent! They enjoy the briefly rekindled romantic interlude on the boat, until a spying helicopter explodes nearby! It has become the unpleasant trend of villains interfering with her fun of late!
Issue #8 is purriced $2.99 and has the 20 page tale  of “Lovers and other Dangers” which is interrupted by the 12 pages of the ads! It was written by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, pencilled by Emanuela Lupacchino, assistantly pencilled by Mirco Pierfederici, inked by Ray McCarthy, colored by Hi-Fi, lettered by Tom Napolitano and edited by Paul Kaminski with the issue’s mane cover art by Amanda & Paul Mounts, and the variant “coloring book” cover art by Dave Taylor! 
Kori delivers the crash survivors to Sol & Rave’s boat, but Rave is displeased how left Kori him for Dick! Later at the Sheriff’s office, Atlee invites Stella & Kori to her subterranean homeland, while more  spies purrsue Dick & Kori who are eating pancakes! This results in post-breakfast combat before Dick has to leave, so that night Kori winds up back with Sol for frisky fun in the pool, where something starts to glow mysteriously, and I am eager to find out what happens next! 
There is a wonderful balance of exciting action and charming character developments with whimsical dialogue at the purrfect pace! The art is great with beautifully posed & expurressive characters, the lovely clothes, scenery and luminous FX, all rendered with such richly vibrant colors! The tale has delightful fonts for the dialogue, cultural misundertandings, sound FX and chapter titles, and I will give the issue an A as in Atlee! I am all done, and nyow here are Bunnibuns’s 
humor & story book reports with Vader’s Little Princess!
Hai! Vader’s Little Princess is the amewsing widdle book full of Star Wars inspired cartoons and comic strips by comics artist Jeffrey Brown, who also authored Dart Vader and Son, Cats are Weird, and Cats Getting Out of a Bag! Published by Chronicle Books, the 6.75″ x 6.75″ hardcover book has 64 full color pages priced at $14.95 in the USA and £9.99 in the UK, starring Darth Vader and his daughter Princess Leia Organa who is growing from the sweet widdle girl to the sassy rebellious teen, so it is the difficult yet also charming time for the parental sith lord!
Among the incidents are playing in the pool, brushing her teeth, going to bed, playing in the forest, riding in a Walker, TIE Fighter flying lessons, the fashion statements, homework, chores, dating, choosing a college and other fun stuff! Also appurring are brother Luke, her boyfriend Han, R2-D2, Obi-Wan, Boba Fett, IG-88, Max Rebo, Jabbah, a Tauntaun, Governor Tarkin, The Emperor,  Imperial officers, stormtroopers and many other characters, vehicles and locations! I will give this whimsical cute book an “A” as in Anakin! Nextly I would like to discuss the
Alien Next Door!
Alien Next Door is a similar book, in that it is comprised of the charmingly cute ‘n pretty scenes of the famous titular Xenomorph from the movie Alien, as he stays busy with leisurely domestic activities of the less violent nature! This 7″x7″ hardcover book by Joey Spiotto was published by Titan Books and has 80 full color pages priced at $14.95 in the USA, $19.50 in Canada,  £9.99 in the UK! Ripley, Jones, Newt and face huggers appurr in several slice-of-life-ish activities with references to Giger, the Nostromo, the Weyland-Yutani corporation and the space marines!
Among the activities are feeding the cat, walking the face hugger, coloring the alien eggs for Easter, cosplaying as a Predator, trick ‘r treating, decorating the Christmas tree, going to the beach, shopping, cooking, dishwashing, laundry, mowing, mopping, exercising, moving furniture, going to the dentist, bowling, golf, video games, cheering, watching movies, taking photos, washing the APC building a dropship model kit, and playing basketball with Ripley, so I will give this whimsical cute book an “A” as in Alien! For my final book report I would like to discuss
Dragonbreath vol. 11: The Frozen Menace!
Hugo Award winner / Eisner Award nominee artist / author Ursula Vernon was our our guest for the May 2009 Mew, and she is known her beautiful wildlife and fantasy art, Digger web comic, her Nurk, Castle Hangnail, Hamster Princess and Dragonbreath storybooks! She and her husband reside in Pittsboro, which is just the few hours from here on the mainland! 
Her Dragonbreath series for the young readers chronicles the adventures of Danny Dragonbreath the dragon boy, his best friend Wendell the iguana boy, Christiana the Crested Lizard girl, their classmates & relatives of various species! They have investigated strange situations such as ghosts, faeries, mewtants, horned bunnies, ninja frogs, knights, the bat monster and the were-weiner! 
These books are illustrated widdle hardcovers published by Penguin Books’ Dial imprint, and some of the volumes are also available in the paperback editions! The 11th book is the 204 page hardcover that measures 5 5/8″ x 7 1/4″;  it is priced $12.99 in the USA and $16.99 in Canada; the book was designed by Jennifer Kelly and the text is set in the Stempel Schneider Standard font!
It has over 140 delightful two – color illustrations by Ursula,, including many small pics, lots of half – page pics, over 10 full – page pics, 4 two-page spreads, and the front cover image of Danny, Wendell and Christiana riding upon the giant Noble Glacier Iceworm, which they encounter during the arctic quest for the Phoenix eggs that might cure Danny’s current fireless malady!
Now for a taste of the plot! After one of his customary fantastic dreams (this’un involving the Iditarod race), Danny awakens cold, shivering and curiously unable to breath any fire! After chatting with his dad, Danny, Wendell & Christiana revisit his Great Grandfather Dragon in mythic Japan, who sends them through the magic portal to the arctic, where they hope to find the eggs.
It is the dangerous quest across the snowy mountains, the deep chasms and the worm lands! Whilst fleeing the worms, a cute widdle phoenix chick hatches to imprint upon Wendell, who names him Herbert! This results in the charming moments which become the socially awkward situation when giant mama phoenix arrives… but I should not reveal much more of the plot! 
Mentioned but not appearing in the tale are Danny’s mom, Suki the cute exchange student, Big Eddy the bully, and other references! This was yet another very entertaining and beautiful book in the Dragonbreath series, which I will highly recommend and give an “A” as in the northern lights aurora! That will conclude my book reports, and nyow here is Nya-sensei to start our
manga mewsings, with Monster Musume vol. 8!
Arigato! Written & drawn by Okayado Monster Musume is a sexy comedic urban fantasy manga of the harem trope and bountiful “fan service”, with the purremise purrtaining to the liminal ladies of various species who are romantic rivals over Kimihito the human guy in whose house they reside The government bureaucracy awkwardly regulates the coexistence and hosting of the liminals, but Kimihito’s house has been enlarged and renovated, thanks to Ms. Smith their overworked case worker who finds homes & jobs for the liminals!
Residing in his house are Miia the lamia, Papi the harpy, Centorea the centaur, Suu the slime girl, Meru the mermaid & Rachnera the spider girl! Assisting Smith are the women of the Monster Ops: Neutralization team compurrised of Meranko the cyclops, Tio the ogre, Doppel the doppleganger and Zombina the zombie! Other recurring characters of various species have included Kii the dryad, Draco the dragon girl, Lala the Dullahan fae girl, Polt the kobold girl, and we have also met Miia’s mom, Papi’s mom & Centorea’s mom!
The manga was originally published by Tokuma Shoten in Japan as Monster Musume: No Iru Nichijo, and the English version is published here by Seven Seas! Volume 8 Iis purriced $12.99 USA & $14.99 Canadian; it was translated by Ryan Peterson, adapted by Shanti Whitesides, purroof read by Janet Houck, edited by Adam Arnold, assistantly edited by Lissa Pattillo and published by Jason DeAngelis, with the lettering & layout by Ma. Victoria A. Robado, cover design by Nicky Lim and the logo design by Courtney Williams!
The 164 pages include Black & White manga chapters 31-34, a 2 page bonus strip, 2 pages of fake ads, 4 pages of character notes & 4 color pages! Miia & Papi are on the front cover whilst Meru, Suu & Rachnera are on the back! This time the gang goes to a snowy Rotenburo / resort of supurrb same-sex onsen / hot spurring baths – the purrfect place for ribald hijinks of a frisky harem to stew in! The owner is Yukio, a yuki-onna who falls for Kimihito! Miia, Rachnera & Kimihito meet Ils the poor kitsune girl miko of a neglected shrine.
They help her purrform a stage show to raise funds! Later Kimihito, Centorea & Papi visit a farm where they meet Cathyl the minotaur who wants to be milked, Merino the pan, Ton & Cott the lamb-like dryads who want to be sheared! Kimihito, Suu & Meru are later mistakenly spirited away by Liz the lizard girl & Kino the oni girl of a security agency! In the bonus, Yukio, Nils, Cathyl, Merino, Ton, Cott, Liz & Kino enjoy lurid talk in the bath! This was another beautifully rendered volume full of wacky flirty, frisky fun amidst the lovely locations, and there is yet more of that on tap in
12 Beast vol. 3!
The 12 Beast manga is also by Okayado, and both series purrtain to a reluctant chap whose life winds up surrounded by a harem of monster girls! Whereas Monster Musume is about the girls from the other world who movie into his home, in 12 Beast it is the guy who winds up in the other world! In this case, Eita is a high school video gamer otaku & ninja who got telepurrted to their world in volume 1, in which the village of harpy folk hoped that he would help to defend them from the giant mecha monsters controlled by an enemy gamer!
Then in volume 2 Eita, Aero the peppy cute harpy girl and Captain Jawea the sterner warrior harpy girl visited the Labyrinth Town populated by the minotaurs, such as Asteria the kind, voluptuous, powerful,  talented blacksmith who helped them on a dungeon crawl full of deadly traps to find the item needed to repair Eita’s equipment. Like Monster Musume, 12 Beast is an amewsing comedic fantasy / action tale full ribald fan service, such as the ample attention given to the boobies, and is thusly recommended for the readers aged 16+!
It was originally published in 2013 by the Kadokawa Corporation, and this English edition was published last month by Seven Seas! Volume 3 is purriced at $12.99 in the USA and $14.99 in Canada; it was translated by Ryan, adapted by Shanti purroof read by Lee Otter & Janet, edited by Adam, with the lettering & layout by Victoria and cover design by Nicky! Vol. 3 has 164 pages, compurrised of 4 color pages of bikini beach fun, and the 160 Black & White pages of manga chapters 10-14, the size chart and bonus Chapter 0.
There are story & character notes on the inside covers, and the color wraparound cover art depicts Eita & Steela the Witch, who is a scylla girl with cephalopod tentacles instead of legs. She has Red eyes, long Pink tentacle hair, the dark Purrple, off-shoulder dress with the plunging neckline, the matching witchy hat, and a beautiful 3 story shell house! Eita, Aero, Jawea & Asteria meet her as they visit the floating city of the mer-folk such as Merina, the petite girl in the bikini, skirt & octopus tattoos, who owns the town’s biggest hotel!
It is not all frisky fun, because an evil angler intends to kill the merfolk, but fortunately Eita is an expurrt sportsman who knows how to “tackle” the enemy! Chapter 0 was a purrecursory “pilot”  during 12 Beast’s early development, as he duels a lizard girl and meets girls of many other species during a big battle! The manga has a sexy, light ambience, gamer & Lovecraftian references, lots of action & delightful character designs with intricately detailed clothing, mecha & scenery! That is all for my reviews, but nyow here is sis to discuss
School Live vol. 2!
Written by Norimitsu Kaitou and illustrated by Sadoei Chiba, School Live! purrtains to the the Meguirigaoka Academy’s Private High School’s School Living Club which is compurrised of three girls who are the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. They include athletic, tough Kurumi Ebisuzawa with the Black hair and shovel, Yuki Takeya the optimistic yet naively delusional girl with the Pink hair and nekomimi hat, and club purresident Yuuri Wasasa the sempai with long dark Brown hair.
In volume 1 the group included Megumi Sakura the teacher / club advisor who did not survive, although Yuki is in disbelief. The purrpose of the club is so that the girls will learn to work together as a team which will safely and effectively utilize the barricaded, three – story concrete building’s resources, to function as a secure, self-contained, autonomous community, from which none of them will stray outside, except for the rooftops because zombies are purrowling the streets and fields. 
Thusly the club members have to stay smart, alert, vigilant and fit, because sometimes zombies breach the purrimeter, but they have nearly depleted their food and in volume 2 they decide to dash to a car and embark upon a “field trip” to a shopping mall where they hope to safely find more food, supplies and other survivors. The manga was originally published in Japan as Gakaou Gurashi! in 2010 by Houbunsha. It is suggested for older teen readers due to the language and violence.
Vol. 21 is purriced at $13.00 USA, $15.50 Canadian, and has 178 pages including the Black & White manga chapters 7-12 plus the author & artist’s afterwards, translation & publishing notes, 4 pages of Field trip notes, and 2 color pages. Kurumi appurrs on the front cover and the interior covers. It was translated by Leighann Harvey and lettered by Alexis Eckerman. While exploring the mall, they are able to enjoy some escapist shopping moments, but soon the zombies are in purrsuit.
On the run from the zombies, they meet a despurrate lone survivor named Miki and spirit her back to the school. Volume 2 includes the nonlinear flashbacks of her survival tale, as Miki’s group dwindled down to just her and Kei until only Miki was left, barricaded on an uppurr floor of the mall, trying to maintain a lonely, daily regime. Although we still do not learn the cause of the zombie apocalypse or how many others survive, we do see flashbacks of the earlier stages of the apocalypse.
School Live is a very bittersweet, poignant tale of coping and survival, with the few whimsical moments peppurred amongst the heartbreaking tragedy. The characters are very likable and sympathetic in their captivating situation, but I constantly fear for their survival, and it is a tearjerker manga for which you might need the box of tissues. The character and scenic art are beautifully rendered with exquisite detail, and I will give an A as in apocalypse. Nextly i would like to discuss
Oreimo: Kuroneko Vol. 4!
Kuroneko means “Black Cat” in japanese, and that is the nickname of Ruri Gouku, who is one of the characters in author Tsukasa Fushimi’s “Ore No Imoto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai” – or just “Oreimo” for short, a series of light novels, the manga series and its televised anime adaptation! She is a smart, teenage high school student, video game fan and aspiring manga artist of the tsundere personality, overly dramatic flare and dark fashion style to match her long straight Black hair, with the occasional costume cat ears & tail!
In the 4 volume Oreimo manga she was a supporting character as a friend of siblings Kirino & Kyosuke Kousaka, and she is the star of this  6 volume sequel written by Fushimi, illustrated by Sakura Ikeda, with character designs by Hiro Kanzaki. Originally published by Kadokawa in Japan in 2012, and published here in English by Dark Horse, volume 4 is purriced $10.99 in the US and $13.99 in Canada, and its 168 pages include 1 color page, B&W manga chapters 22 – 28, 2 short bonus chapters, Ikeda’s afterward, and 5 pages of ads.
The manga was translated by Dinky Spatz and assitantly edited by Jeremiah Jefferson, with the lettering and touch – up by Susan Daigle-Leach. The book’s designer was Sarah Terry, and the digital art technician was Chris Horn. The color front cover depicts Ruri in the frilly short White sun dress with the thin straps and the wide – brimmed Brown hat for the hot summertime fashion! She and her friends are going to the Natsu Comiket, which is the world’s biggest fan convention full of the artists, authors, cosplayers & collectors!
Purreviously, Ruri transferred to Kyousuki’s school whilst Kirino was away, and although adored by her younger sisters Tamaki & Hinata, Ruri has few friends aside from Saori, Setsuna and the Kousaka family. She joined the school’s video game club where she developed a rivalry with Senai, the sister of Kyouske’s friend and a fan of erotic video games, but they had to work together in hopes of winning a game design contest! Ruri was getting flirtatious towards Kyousuki, which complicated things when Kirino returned home!
In volume 4, Ruri, Saori, Kirino & Kyosuke go to the con where Akagi, Makabe & Miura are selling doujinshi at their club’s booth! Kirino introduces them to her fashion model friend Kouki, who she met whilst studying in the US. Thusly arises the further drama amongst the otaku hijinks, as Krinino’s friends wonder if she is dating Kouki, and how such a relationship might affect them… while Kirino wonders about the situation betwixt Kyosuke & Ruri too! At least they got some nice gifts at the con, where Ruri’s doujinshi began to sell!
In the bonus tales, Tamaki, Hinata and the cat spy on Ruri’s room and crave the Red Rice for suppurr; and Ruri purrtends that Kyosuke is seducing her, just in case Kirino is eavesdropping! Oreimo: Kuroneko is a humorous, dramatic tale full of manga, anime, game & otaku references, peppurred by angsty romantic drama, with the dash of the fan-service & risque topics! The characters, clothes & scenery are very detailed, and I like the chibi style & neko motifs used for certain cute, comedic moments! That will conclude our manga mewsings, so nyow it is time for Mie-sensei to purrsent 

our monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!

Arigato! This is the portion of The Mew in which we honor famous nekomimi characters of myths, movies, TV shows, comics, literature, internet, games and toys from the many decades and around the world, whether they are actually part cat, shape-shifters, anthropomorphic feline females, or those with fashionably feline style style or cattitude to be considered as “honorary” catgirls! This month we will shine the spotlight upon the girls of the Free Collars Kingdom manga by Takuya Fujima!
Originally published in Japan in 20013 by Kodansha, the English translated edition was published in 2007 by Del Rey; translated and adapted by William Flanagan with the lettering by North Market Street Graphics! So like, the manga, domestic cats think of themselves as people, and thusly they are depicted as cats when seen by humans, and depicted as humans with the cat ears when seen by other cats, such as Cyan the abandoned pet who meets the Free Collars gang of strays!
They have removed their collars which they see as a symbol of enslavement by humans! Scottie is a light brown haired catgirl of the Scottish Fold breed and the elegant lolita couture, who is from Scotland; and her friend Charis a black haired 16 year old catgirl of the French Chartreux breed with glasses and the rock n roll guitar talent! She has a friend named Sariya who is an elegant, upper class catgirl who isn’t a Free Collar, and they later meet Minky the catgirl of the Tonkinese breed!
The Free Collars gang are at odds with the rival gang lead by Siam the Blonde – haired Siamese otaku catgirl in the sexy short, bare – tummied attire, who is a fan of manga and anime, but deigns to control all of the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, then all of Japan, and later the entire world! Her bodyguards SI-Ko and Sa-ko are the cute widdle twin sisters of the Manx breed who both wear the nekomimi hats, but Sa-ko wears the White outfit, whereas Si-ko wears the Black outfit and glasses!
Siam’s top general is Kline the catgirl with short Black hair, great fighting prowess, and the desire to enslave all humans! There are other background catgirls too, such as other members of Siam’s army, and Sariya’s fellow socialites! Free Collars Kingdom is a totally beautiful, whimsical, bittersweet, slice-of-life tale which I will heartily recommend to fans of the cats and cat people, fur shur! That is all for this month’s spotlight, but we will shine it again next month! Now here’s Petra to present

the additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!

Arigato, nya! For those who are here for the first time, Art Galleries 1-7 display illustrations and photos by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-3 display images by other folks with their purrmissions… and Mike’s collaborations with other various artists are peppurred throughout all of the galleries, nya! The most recent pics are on the lowermost row of the widdle “thumbnail” portions of the pics, and you have to click upon the “thumbnail” to see the uncropped full pic, nya!
In Guest Gallery 3 we are purroud to purrsent three new illustrations by Rebecca Brogden who was our September 2009 guest, nya! She used Copic markers to render the “Moon Guardian” who is a peppy purretty wolf girl crouched upon the stump, nya! She is wearing the cute backless, off-shoulder Gray tunic with the thigh boots & fingerless gloves, and the cute paw purrint tattoo to match her Black ears, hair & tail, nya!
Then we are very pleased to purrsent Rebecca’s Copic marker illustration of the “Autumn Peace” which is enjoyed by the wonderfully winsome faerie who serenely purrches atop the tree, nya! She is wearing the the dress and boots to match her richly majestic Red, Orange and Golden triple – wing pairs with the Brown costa that resembles the tree branches, nya! Note the details of the Black ribbons atop her stockings and fingerless gloves to match her lofty long hair and the trim of her dress, nya!
Then we have Rebecca’s fan art of The Walking Dead’s “Michonne”, nya! Michonne is purrtrayed by actress Danai Gurira in that TV series adaptation of the comic book, nya! In this illustration, Michonne wears the Pink bikini at the beach which was quite peaceful until the zombies vacationed there too, but it will be peaceful again after Michonne decapurrtates them with her katana, nya!
Rebecca used Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet to render this illustration, nya!
In Gallery 7 is Mike’s fan art of Star Trek’s shape shifters “Sylvia & Isis”, nya! Sylvia (left) was a sorceress purrtrayed (in human form) by Antoinette Bower in the 1967 epurrsode “Catspaw”; whilst Isis (right) was a secret agent purrtrayed (in human form) by Victoria Vetri and voiced by Barbara Babcock in the 1968 epurrsode “Assignment: Earth”, nya! Mike used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse to depict those ladies in their human and kuroneko forms with toys on the couch, nya!
After that is Mike’s rendering of Helen who is our Fire Chief “Ellie’s Momma”, nya! Like her daughter, Helen is a centauress of the Banker Pony breed, and you can tell the resemblance in the Red Brown Bay coat, but Helen’s hair is Grayer, nya! She weighs the firm 875 lbs and she is about 13 hands high at the withers, but from hooves to head she is about 7 ft tall, nya! In this scene she is wearing Gold jewelry and the Pink floral lei to match her luggage, as she awaits the next ferry boat ride from the mainland to the island, nya!
To top off this month’s additions to Gallery 7 is Mike’s “Gift for for Elisa”, which depicts a bikini-clad catgirl bringing the cake, gift, balloons and beverage to the table amidst the decorations and flowers, before her three widdle kittens help themselves to the sushi on the table, nya! This 5×7″ Black & White illustration was drawn with the Derwent pencil and inked with the Sakura Micron pens, as a gift for Elisa Chong who was our June 2011 guest, nya! So, what do y’all think of those latest pics nya?
Oh I adore the Moon Guardian’s captivating glance and happy smile, her ears and tail purrked in the happy surpurrise, her sexy attire with the beads and cute paw purrint tattoo, all beautifully encircled by the full moon vignette!
I like the Autumn Peace faerie’s serene dispurrsition, her supple tapurred ears and the minute ruffled details of her lovely garment, as she purrches atop the tree, with the mushrooms within arms’ reach to be plucked for the snack!
I love the sky, the ocean, the ripples, the sand, the rocks, the katana, the equipment, the bikini, the skin tones, the firm physique, the dreadlocks, her expurression her pose, and the rising zombie hand in the illustration of Michonne!
Hai hai- I think that the compurrsitions, the lines, the color, the shading, the expurressions, poses, the garments, the accessories, the scenic details, the lighting and the magickal FX are such exquisite aspects of Rebecca’s art! 
The gift art for Elisa has much curvilinear symmetry amongst the party balls, the balloons, the platters, the round cake, and the curves of the flowers, beads, bottle, bikini and those sushi rolls to interest the cute widdle kittens!

Hai hai, the balloons, the party balls and – and the Anthuriums are the add to the festive ambience in the gift art for Elisa, but the cake and – and the plate full of sushi are causing the craving in my tummy, nya!

Hang in there Tara-chan, as we have to wait until our AfterMew luau, nya! I hope that Elisa enjoyed the happy birthday gift art, and I cannot wait to see Ellie’s reaction to the illustration of her mom, nya!
Helen might be retired, but her voluptuous physique still has the tightly toned arms, abs and thighs! Mike also accurately rendered the scenery, because I know that very spot where Helen is waiting to check her luggage for the ferry boat!

Mary Nyan:

It looks like Mike has attempted to depict the look of Fred Phillips’s make-up, William Theiss’s costumes and Matt Jeffries’s purrops for Star Trek, in addition to the purrrtraiture of the lovely actresses and cats in that fan art of Sylvia and Isis!
Hai! I think the Transmuter wand, the dangling starship Enterprise charm, the computer cube and the model of the Saturn V launch vehicle are not only the appurropurriate references to those Star Trek epurrsodes, but they seem to be ideal as cats’ toys.
The claw & yarn-ball style of the couch legs is a nice touch too! Between Sylvia, Isis, last month’s pic of the Nimbus III catgirl, the prior pics of M’Ress and other catgirls of Star Trek, we are off to the good start to commemorate the show’s 50th anniversary! 
I know that the original Star Trek TV series purremiered on NBC in September of 1966, but wasn’t its purrior first pilot epurrsode of “The Cage” made in late 1964, and the second pilot epurrsode of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” made in 1965?
Yep, that’s right! They included “Where No Man Has Gone Before” as a 1st season episode, and a lot of “The Cage” was incorporated into the 1st season’s “The Menagerie” parts 1 & 2! Ah well, Petra, thank you for presenting those latest additions to the galleries!
Doitashimaste, nya! Nyow we have one more Trek topic on tap for 
The Lightning Round, nya!
Last month we all suggested topics for potential Lighting Round discussions, such as favorite beach volleyball athletes, belly dance accouterments, cutie marks, Roger Dean art, D&D games, female autobots, fishing lures, Carolina ghost stories, shrine maiden movies, wrestling moves, Yamato, Gundam & Macross mecha, but since Mike’s birthday was nigh, we voted for his nomination, which purrtains to his all – time favortest movie, Star Trek – The Motion Picture, nya! 
Mike has purromised to stick to the expedient spirit of the Lightning Round and to not ramble about the movie, nya! So, this month’s topic is our favorite shots of the refitted Constitution Class Starship U.S.S.! Enterprise NCC-1701 in the 1979 movie Star Trek – The Motion Picture, its longer 1982 televised version, and in it’s 2001 Director’s Edition, which we saw in December at the Carolina Theatre of Durham, nya! So are y’all ready to conduct the lightning, nya?
The Ladies of The Mew:
You betcha- and thanks, girls! Thank you very much! Lizzy, how ’bout you start!
Hai! That bow view / big reveal of the Enterprise in the orbital dock above the Earth, followed by the travel pod’s starboard flyover of the purrimary hull, and then port aft view of the hanger bay were quite awesome as the ship was unveiled 10 years after the original TV series had ended! (tags her fiance with a brush of the tail)
I will agree with Mike that the ship was most beautifully designed, built, painted and photographed with the great sense of the scale that never looked better, and it was also so magnificently accompanied by my favorite film school by the maestro Jerry Goldsmith! ((tail-tags Mielikki to go next)
Hai hai the mewsic score is so grandly epic and heart soaring for the Enterprise, with the vast mysterious cues for its encounter with V’ger! One of my favorite shots is purretty, dramatic in the after view as it pulls out of the dock, and that port side shot as the cheering astronaut does the 360 flip! (tags Mary Nyan with a flit of the wing)
Mary Nyan:
I like the port bow view as it leaves the dock, and the shot of the ship orbiting the earth as the sun rises behind it, nya! I think those dock scenes are especially stirring with all of the scurrying activity of the astronauts, the travel pods, the cargo pods, and those illuminations! Nyo-sensei’s turn! (tags Nyoka)
I think my favorite shots of starship are when it zooms past Jupiter, and then the first warp drive attempt which is quite epically dazzling, and I think that purrticlar purrismatic optical effect is more beautiful and powerful than the later movies’ streaky stretchy warp effects! (tags her twin sister)
The movie does the great job of purrtraying the scale of the 1000 ft long ship which is enormous to us yet small compurred to the wonders of the universe! I thought the wormhole sequence was very exciting, and the successful 2nd warp attempt was rather spectacular and triumphant!  (tags Bun)
Hai hai, the subsequent under – port bow view when the ship successfully warps past us has the very glorious, powerful quality, and I like the luminous quality of the aft view shot when the Green V’ger energy bolt pounces upon the ship!!! although Mr! Chekov painfully displeased! (tags Tara-chan)
I will nominate the shot when the ship purroceeds into the iridescent V’ger cloud with the beautiful, immense, mysterious quality, and – and then there’s the port aft shot where the ship is so teeny tiny as it flies over V’ger, nya! Nyow it is onee-chan’s turn, nya! (tags her older sister)
Oh there is another neat shot of the Enterprise from above as it flies over the vast canyon and mountain-like structures of V’Ger, nya! However, I think my favorite shots of the ship are after that, when it has been pulled into the huge chamber, nya! Jennyjen’s turn, nya! (tags Jeannie)
I will second that, and I will also nominate the view of the ship behind Spock who has gone EVA in the thruster suit. Those are some very cosmic epic scenes, and I am purrticularly fond of the movie’s many amazing “first purrson” cinema techniques. !(tags Trini-chan)


There’s a nice shot of the ship as it is pulled toward V’ger’s central chamber, and the shots of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Decker and Ilia outside to stand atop the hull, in both the original theatrical version and in the different shots for the 2001 Director’s Edition! (tags Petra)
I love that shot of the Enterprise as it emerges from the evolving V’ger, and that final shot of the Enterprise as it flies over and past us to warp out before the end credits, nya! Howboutchoo, Ilyana, nya? (tags Ilyana)
It is the tough call, but I will agree that she seemed to have a much purrettier sort of purrlescent or iridescent luster and purrhaps more dramatic lighting than in the subsequent movies! Mike, this your topic, so what do you think?
Well, as you said, it’s a tough call, as I love all of those magnificent shots that y’all mentioned, but if I had to narrow it down, ahh, I guess I’d have to go with the–
SATYRS, NYA! (the easily distracted catgirl with her camera scampurrs after the Saint Francis’ Satyr butterflies)
The Cat Lady Sings…

There she goes again, heehee!


The Neonympha mitchellii francisci is a rather lovely lepidoptera.

I have to take a picture of  them too! (scampurrs after Tara-chan and the butterflies)
I guess that will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Rebecca for those beautiful additions to our mewseum…
We wish to thank the many other talented folks whose works we have discussed…
Mary Nyan:
… our friend Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
… and our other friends, relatives and our audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nya!
Fur shur! 

Y’all may post your brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to our discussion…
.. purrvided that such comments are spam-free, G-rated and purrtain to our topics!
We’ll be back next month with another edition of The Mew! Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to Mew – until we eat again! BAIBAI, NYA!


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