Apurril 2016 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The Apurril 2016 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
In this edition of The Mew, we discuss:
the Lightning Round topic of our favorite films of 2006…
movie, TV & DVD reviews:
The Peanuts Movie DVD
10 Cloverfield Lane
Supergirl “World’s Finest”
convention report:
WhatTheHell?! Con 2016
comics critiques:
Starfire #9
Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #3
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #24
Angel and Faith Season 10 #24
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #40
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #26
Hero Cats #9
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #6
Monstress #3
Niobe: She is Life #2
CatsEye Comics #5
Catseye Comics Presents Secret Origins 
The Love of the Cut Sleeve
book & manga mewsings:
The Pharos Gate
Demonizer Zilch vol. 1
Shoulder A Coffin Kuro vol.5
Spice and Wolf vol. 12
FukuFuku Kitten Tales vol. 1
collectibles & toy talk
Marvel Infinite Series Shanna action figure
Marvel Legends The Beetle action figure
additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art
“Farie ACEO 2” by Rebecca Brogden
“Slime Girl ACEO” by Rebecca Brogden
“Who Wants Coffee!?!” by Darkdugofdoom
“Boiler (Catgirl Version)” by Mike
“Cyber Goth Catgirl and Her Kitty” by Mike
“Forest Purrincess” by Mike
“Nummy Carrot Shopping” by Mike
DC Comics’s “Catspaw” by Mike
DC Comics’s “The Cheetah” by Mike
… and this month’s Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, 
which shines upon LalaLoopsy’s Fluffy Pouncy Paws, 
Ever After High’s Kitty Cheshire, and Pixar’s Pez Cat, nya!
(wearing a Dr. Whooves & Derpy shirt, Khaki cargo shorts, Nike Air trainers & USC Cinema School baseball cap) Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews & discussions of fun stuff! Today’s show comes from the Kyudo (Japanese archery) Club near Fuyume Park on the Southeastern side of Catgirl Island, on a lovely afternoon of 78 degrees under blue skies and puffy cumulo-neko clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer” and here to put the “purr” in April are The Ladies of The Mew!
Mary Nyan:
(the catgirl wearing a Dun color asymmetric purretzel-cutout maillot and a White Carnation tail corsage) Aloha!
(the catgirl wearing a Cremello color twist bandeau-topped, tanga-style bikini and a sheer purrled purreo) Nihao.
(the catgirl wearing a Chestnut color crochet triangle-top bikini and an Anthurium tucked by an ear) Hi Hi, nya!
(the bunny girl wearing a Plains Zebra stripe ring-closure bikini and matching sarong) Guten Tag!
(the catgirl wearing a Grulla colored front-knotted bikini top, side-tie panty and a Tuberose lei) Namaste, nya!
(her younger sister wearing a Palomino Appaloosa purrint tankini and a Pink Plumeria tail corsage) Namaste, nya!
(the kitsune girl wearing the Champaign colored Brazil-cut bikini with a Hibiscus tucked behind an ear ) Aloha! 
(the gynoid catgirl wearing a cropped Pinto tee shirt, Black suspender maillot and a Red Heliconia tail corsage Aloha!
(her fiance catgirl wearing a Dapple Silver color criss-cross halter-neck bikini and a Purrple Orchid tail corsage) Hola!
(the catgirl wearing Sorrel colored shorts, a White cropped tank top, and a Puka shell ankle bracelet) Howdy!
(her twin sister catgirl wearing a Dark Bay Trikini with a Puka shell ankle bracelet) Mellow Greetings!
(the faerie whose wings shimmer out the back of the Strawberry Roan colored crochet bikini) Mellow Greetings!
(the catgirl wearing a knotted Rose Gray shirt & shorts with her official Purrk Ranger hat, & badge) G’day y’all!
(the catgirl wearing a Buckskin colored Columbian style bikini and a Yellow Kahili Ginger tail corsage) Whassup?
Thank you for hosting this month’s Mew at your club house, Jen! So what has everyone been up to since last time?
Oh gosh I can’t believe that it just one month until Lizzy & Becca get hitched! Lessee… when I have not been busy at my magick shop, I have been attending the seminars, the festivals, the conventions and the sporting events, reading the manga and unwinding with several Jerry Lewis movies!
When I have not been anticipating the wedding or busy training and coaching at my dojo and the gym, I have been helping sis at her shop, swimming, reading attending the local events, and watching some of the televised sports such as the LPGA, the ACC basketball, and the womens’ NHL!
When I have not been purrparing for the wedding, helping at the dock and the mewseum, SUP surfing, I have continued to assist Jenjen with the Spring semester of the belly dance class, and watching TV shows such as Agent Carter, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, and the Muppets!
My fishing charters have reeled in the bumpurr crop of the Groupurrs, Snappurrs, Cobias, Wahoos, Mackerals, and Tunas, hya! Otherwise, my drum circle has been purrcussioning for the dance purrformances, we have been volunteering at the food bank, reading comic books and watching DVDs, nya!
Okay in the past month, aside from helping with the charters, the boat, the cats, the food bank, the wedding plans and – and the meweseum, I have been at the the belly dance class, collecting the Pony items, watching some DVDs, attending some of the festivals and – and the sporting events, nya!
As mewsual, my routine is compurrised of the mornings at the yoga studio, afternoons at the kyudo range, alternating nights at the robotics club & belly dance class, the weekends of modeling the swim wear and attending local events; but it has also been the great joy to help with the wedding plans.
Mary Nyan:
I have been cheering for Bun & Petra, instructing the hula classes, training the appurrentice mikos, sewing the costumes for the dancers & cosplayers, and it has been my great honor to make the  bridal gowns and the brides’ maids’ dresses! The fitting sessions have been a lot of fun with the friends & food!
When Bun and I have not been curating the exhibits at the mewseum with plans for the gallery expansions, we have competing in the rec league’s beach volleyball and helping with the decorations for the wedding, I have found the time for my favorite radio shows and reading the graphic novels, nya!
We are grateful for the league athletes, officials, event staff and fans; the mewseum exhibitors, patrons and volunteers, and we are excited to add the artistic touches to the wedding! The flowers & foods will come from local gardens, farms, catches & kitchens, and I am baking the extra special cakes!
I am bringing baskets of flowers from my garden too! It will be the blessed romantic event, which not only coincides with our anniversary Mew, but Becca’s birthday too! Otherwise I have been busy with more of the same shipwreck diving, relic cat-aloging, reading, and listening to my favorite mewsic!
So like, we will be hosting the brides’ wedding gift shower luncheon at our outdoor Faeire Grove Ampurrtheatre in the maritime forest, where we have been rehearsing our Springtime Shakespeare and choreographing our  fox fire fiesta! Otherwise, I have been golf  instructing and attending other local events!
As Nyo-sensei says, it is like we are in the hypurr space given how the time has flown by! Becca and I have been much busier between our spa and the increased wedding purrepurrations! We have not had much time for golf, purrkour or other activities, but we have the time for the cats, the garden, and the late night hot salsa dance!
Hai hai, we have not had much time for our mewsual DVD watching or certain other purrsuits in the past month, but we are not complaining because of our very purrospurrous business with more recently hired employees, and our happy life with the many friends who plan to attend our wedding and the dinners or the dance!
It is good that  between the shower party at the Marina after the marriage license papurrwork lunch at Lake Neko, the rehearsal dinner Sheila May’s, the wedding ceremony at the shrine, the dance & suppurr at The Kitt Inn so then everyone can fit some purrt of festivity into their schedules! So what has Mike been up to since the last time?
Ah, in addition to my usual art, writing, enjoying movies, radio shows, TV shows, the NCAA basketball and time with friends and family, I attended some terrific events on the mainland such as Chicara Wrestling’s matches, the Alamance County Chorale’s dinner show, and WhatTheHell?! Con for the 10th time! I’ll discuss that shortly, but let’s first proceed with the
Lightning Round topic of our favorite films of 2006!
So are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
(tagged to go first) The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Happy Feet, High School Musical, Dream Girls, and Cheetah Girls 2! (tags Becca to go next)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Cars, Casino Royale, The Departed, and The Prestige! Lizzy’s turn! (tags her fiance with a brush of the tail)
Ok how about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Curse of the Golden Flower, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest! (tail-tags Nyanko)
I will nominate Rocky Balboa, V for Vendetta, Ultraviolet, Curse of the Golden Flower, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend! (tags her twin sister)
I will nominate Rocky Balboa, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The Queen, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest! (tags Jeannie)
Mission Impossible III, Casino Royale, Ultraviolet, The Prestige, Cars, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift,  and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
Ultraviolet, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Pan’s Labyrinth, Bloodrayne, S.S. Doomtrooper and The Descent, although I am not sure of which version of The Descent I purrfur! (tags Petra)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Happy Feet, Pan’s Labyrinth, Night at the Museum, V for Vendetta, and Curse of the Golden Flower, nya! (tags Bun)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The Devil Wears Prada, Art School Confidential, Little Miss Sunshine, A Prairie Home Companion, and Cars! (tags Yvonne)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Cars and Happy Feet, nya! (tags her sister)
I want… I want to nominate My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade, Nanny McPhee, Happy Feet and – and Aquamarine, nya! (tags B.B.)
Hmm… I would have to say The Queen, Casino Royale, Mission Impossible III, and The Descent! Howboutchoo Mie-sensei? (tags the faerie)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Nanny McPhee, The Queen, Happy Feet, Pan’s Labyrinth, and A Prairie Home Companion, fur shur! (tags Ilyana with a flit of the wing)
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Clerks 2, Ultraviolet, Night at the Museum, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ! Back to Mike!
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is my favorite movie of 2006, but top 5  would also include Cars, Clerks 2, Casino Royale and Curse of the Golden Flower! Well that was a nicely expedient little lightning round, and let’s keep going with our
movie, TV & DVD reviews with Jen’s 
review of The Peanuts Movie DVD!
Arigato. We loved last year’s beautiful, animated Peanuts movie, which was one of our top 10 movies of the year, so we were very eager for the DVD. For our review of the movie itself, please see our December 2015 Mew. It was released upon the home video last month, including the Blu-Ray, digital download and standard DVD. The latter Region 1 NTSC standard DVD offers the movie and several extras upon the single disk. Also enclosed in the plastic case are some coupons, and instructions for downloading a digital HD copy of the movie.
The main menu choices are play movie, set up (audio & subtitles), scene select and extras. Purrior to the main menu are front – loaded purreview trailers for Ice Age: Collision Course, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip. Those are also included in a sneak peeks section, along with trailers for Home, Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Tales, and The Sound of Music 50th Anniversary. The G rated, 88 minute movie is purrsented in the widescreen 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with optional subtitles in English SDH, French or Spanish.
The audio / spoken language choices are English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Descriptive Audio 5,1 (delightfully described by Laura Post), Spanish Surround Dolby Digital 2.1, and French Surround Dolby Digital 2.1. Although there is no booklet, documentary or audio commentary, there are several nice treats amongst the extras, such as Director Steve Martino’s art lessons on how to draw Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock; and the galleries of concept art, color keys, characters and final renders which contain over 110  beautiful still images.
You can view those images  in manual or auto advance mode. The Snoopy snippets are 6 new widdle amewsing animated vignettes starring Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock totaling 2.75 minutes! Snoopy’s Play list is like the scene select, in which you can  select a scene in the movie by its mewsic. There are mewsic videos too; the Snoopy & Woodstock mewsic video, the Better When I’m Dancin’ song scene with the lyrics subtitled, the Better When I’m Dancin’ music video, and the behind the scenes of the Better When I’m Dancin’ video.
That song was purrhaps my least favorite part of the movie, so I would have purrfurred extras devoted to other parts of the movie, such as the story, design, animation, voice acting or the movie’s instrumental mewsic… but I digress. The extras also include the movie’s 2 official teasers, 2 official trailers, and the holiday trailer. Speaking of the recent animated feature films, nextly I would like to submit my review of Walt Disney’s 
Of course, Disney is most iconic for its many animated anthropurrmorphic characters from mice and ducks to lions and fish; and I have been rather pleased by Disney and Pixar’s  recent tales such as Big Hero 6, The Pirate Fairy, Toy Story That Time Forgot, Inside / Out, and The Good Dinosaur. However, while I did not care for most of the purreview trailers and the commercials for Zootopia due to the unnecessary expository voice – over explanation of what anthropurrmorphic characters are, I did like the glimpses of the worlds and its main bunny and fox characters.
Judy is the farmer bunnies’ daughter who dreams of becoming the police officer in the vast city which has different burroughs (rain forest, tundra, dessert etc) around the central metropolis, where she meets Nick the foxy hustler. They become unofficial unlikely purrters amidst an investigation of over a dozen missing purrsons and the discovery of a much larger conspurracy, whilst dealing with the issues of purrejudice and stereotypes. Thus it is essentially a “buddy cop” movie and the poignant, fun, thrilling tale of overcoming the obstacles to achieve one’s goals.
Purrduced by John Lasseter, Monica Lago-Kaytis, Brad Simonson & Clark Spencer, this movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios was directed by Rich Moore & Byron Howard and co-directed by Jared Bush, edited by Fabienne Rawley & Jeremy Milton. The screenplay by Phil Johnson & Jared is based upon the story by Jennifer Lee, Joshie Trinidad, Jim Reardon, Phil, Jared, Rich & Byron. The art director was Matthew Lechner, the purrduction designer was David Goetz, the cinematiographer was Thomas baker, and the mewsic composer was Michael Giacchino.
The supurrb voice cast includes Ginnifer Goodwin as ZPD Officer Judy Hopps, Jason Bateman as her civilian purrtner Nick Wild, Idris Elba as ZPD Chief Bogo, Nate Torrences as ZPD Officer Clawhauser, J.K. Simmons as Mayor Lionhart, Jenny Slate as Deputy Mayor Bellwether, Bonnie Hunt as Judy’s mom, Don Lake as Judy’s dad, Maurice LaMarche as the crime boss Mr. Big, Jessi Corti as his chauffeur Manchas, Alan Tudyk as Weaselton, Octavia Spencer as Mrs. Otterton, Tommy Chong as Yax, and Shakira as Gazelle (who sings a song written by Sia).
Although rather purrdictable, it is a smart tale of wonderful characters. The character, environment & FX art & animation are supurrb amidst the brilliantly designed & rendered world. The voices, sounds & mewsic are excellent. In addition to the good balance of humor, drama, action, character developments & impurrtant themes, there are many pop cultural references and “easter eggs”. I will give Zootopia an “A” as in my anticipation for Pixar’s Finding Dory and Disney’s Princess Moana. That will conclude my reviews, and nyow here is Bun to tell us about
10 Cloverfield Lane.
Arigato! We liked J.J. Abrams’ science fiction / monster movie Cloverfield which we reviewed in the February 2008 Mew, so we were curious if this movie had any connection, and we were intrigued by the ads! It is a science fiction movie but does not seem like a sequel, although it seems as if it could maybe occur in the same continuity, assuming that is their intent! Unlike the “found footage” technique of Cloverfield, this movie has nicely stable photography, with most of the tale occurring in a doomsday survivalist’s rural underground bunker!
The screenplay by Josh Campbell, Matt Stuecken and Damien Chazel was based upon the story by Campbell and Stuecken. Filmed in Louisiana, It was produced by J.J. Abrams and Lindsey Weber of Bad Robot Productions, directed by Dan Trachtenberg and edited by Stefan Grube. with the cinematography by Jeff Cutter and the music score by Bear McCreary. It stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who was born here in North Carolina) as Michelle, John Gallagher Jr, as Emmett and John Goodman as Howard the survivalist!
While driving away from her home and her failed marriage, Michelle’s car wrecks and she later awakens captive in Howard’s bunker, where she also meets Emmett who has also survived the alleged mysterious apocalypse, which Howard believes to be either an attack by a foreign enemy or even an extraterrestrial alien invasion! At first Michelle resents the captivity, but eventually they try to tolerate each other; however, Howard is very controlling, creepy and dishonest about various things. so Michelle and Emmett plan to escape!
I kept wondering what would happen next in the unnerving, suspenseful tale! The sets & locations were effective, with the well – designed, believable bunker and some other aspects which I should not reveal! I do not recall any annoying cinematic techniques; the performances were great, and I especially liked Michelle’s ingenuity and resourcefulness! Next I would like to discuss the longly- awaited live-action meeting of a certain Red – caped hero from Krypton and a masked crime fighter from another city, in the TV episode of 
Supergirl, “World’s Finest”!
We love the Supergirl TV series starring Melissa Benoist as Kara / Supergirl, and The Flash TV series starring Grant Gustin as Barry / The Flash , which also share the same multiverse with Arrow, Constantine and the Legends of Tomorrow, although it does not seem connected to Gotham! There is such a peppy bright, optimistic sense of fun with the good balance of character developments, world building, DC Comics mythology, humot, drama and thrilling action with great plots, actors, costumes, sets, locations, stunts, cinematography, FX, mewsic and editing. 
In the “World’s Finest” episode written by Andrew Kreisberg,  Michael Grassi & Greg Berlanti, The Flash accidentally zooms into Supergirl’s world which is in another dimension! Unlike that new movie which stars her cousin Clark Kent & Bruce Wayne, she and The Flash are happy to meet! Instead of fighting each other, they have the friendly race, they enjoy the ice cream and go out for doughnuts! Her friends Winn Schott  (Jeremy Jordan) and Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) get along with Barry, and the only teensy angst is from Jimmy Olsen (Michael Brooks).
That because he and Kara have the romantic feelings on the verge of being revealed just before Barry arrives, but it is the good thing he did because they have to fight the super villainesses Live Wire (Brit Morgan) & Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci) who have kidnapped Kara’s boss Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart)! Other supurr heroes & villains are mentioned, but the only others that we see in the episode are Kryptonian villains from the Phantom Zone who interrupt the romantic moment in the cliffhanger! There are happy snacks, hugs and kisses in addition to the battles!
There is a neat “science bros” scene as Barry & Winn discuss the multiverse, a yummy cupcake scene as Kara & Cat discuss romance, and in spite of a prior incident that Kara regrets, the citizens are proud of the heroes and do not treat them with fear or hate! I think Nick Gomez did a great job of directing the episode, which does not have annoying techniques such as snap zooms, lens flares, speed ramps, shaky cam or an under-saturated pallet as in Kara’s cousin’s movie Man of SteelThat is all of our movie, DVD & TV topics, and now here is Mike to present his
WhatTheHell?! Con 2016 report!
Thanks Bun! WhatTheHell?! Con http://wthcon.altervista.org is a free little convention at lovely Guilford College in Greensboro NC, sponsored by the nice folks of the Guilford College Yachting Club! I think the con started in maybe 2001 or 2002; I’ve attended for the past 10 years and I’ve been honored to be one of the artist guests there since 2008!
This year it was held on the sunny clear weekend of Friday – Sunday March 4-6, 2016. Thanks to the con’s new web site and the very cordial, informative emails from the new Co-Con-Runner Katie Holland, I felt very optimistic about a number of refinements being made over the past three WTH Cons.
That included more guests / artists for this year, such as guest of honor Kylee Henke, Sarah Thomason, Mako FuFu, DV Demoni, Taylor Brown, Pamela McBride, Marshall Lake, Cal Hawks, Christopher Perez, Thomas Boatwright (and his banjo), Meesha DJ Jackson (her 4th time) and myself!
There were more dealers this year too, including several familiar friendly faces such as Chance Palmer / Unique Creations, Casey Oliver / The Crochet Cheshire, Holly Tillman / Whimzical Whiskers,  Suzanne Farmer / Mythkin Maille, Sheena Blackwell, Sabrina Byrd, Tabitha Lu, Jordan Mullaney, Sock Trull, Brandon Ellis and Neko Kitty!
Between the artists and dealers, once could find beautiful illustrations, trinkets, buttons, jewelry, sculptures, figurines, games, plushies, knitted items, clothes and costume kemonomimi ears! The activities took place in the Duke and Dana buildings, with the artists’ room, dealers’ room, video rooms, gaming and panels in Duke
The registration, con ops, ceremonies, auction and dance were in Dana. The Flaming Fairies’ fire dance performance and the AMT Thunderdome boffer LARP were outdoors on the lawn, there was plenty of free parking beside both buildings, and several convenient dining choices within just a couple of blocks!
My pal Michael cosplayed as a Raccoon City EMT and helped me to set up my table. I was greeted by other friends such as Neesa, Doug, Kitty, Mel, Meesha, Paul, Britney and her dog, so things were off to a great start! Several cosplayers were lurking about, including several neko, kitsune and pony kemonomimi, and our friend YoureAwesomenessCat as Attack on Titan’s Connie!
Friday evening’s activities ran from 5 to 10 pm, including the registration with little randomly determined door prizes, opening ceremony, artists and dealers set-up, screenings, card, board and video games, a Gravity Fails panel and a My Little Pony panel!
Things on Saturday at 10 am, to include more games, screenings, sales, a Nightvale panel, Kylee’s panel, College Iron Chef, and the Pineapple Shaped Lamps improv comedy troupe! Saturday tends to be a more bustling day with the most attendance. It was great to see Richard from Stellar Con there again, and YourAwesomenessCat in her Chat Noir costume!
Meesha, Neesa, Doug, Mel, and I dined at an excellent sammich place across the street, and returned to see a bit of the Flaming Fairies prior to the Geek Auction, which is one of the con’s whimsical main events and a fundraiser to support the Child’s Play charity organization! The Geek Auction occurs in the Dana auditorium, which is supposedly haunted, 
Although I’m yet to see any ghosts there, a human- sized Arrakis Sandworm and a delightful unicorn girl served as terrific emcees! Among the geeks up for bid were a great T-Rex, Chat Noir, Ghost Rider, Daenerys in a light saber duel, Cecil from Nightvale, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, Miguel & Julio from The Road to El Dorado, a Sweet Transvestite, a dancing faun girl, and an apocalyptic wastelander.
It concluded with the Time Warp dance, and after the donations were collected, the con’s traditional dance ensued in Dana until 11 pm. I must say, that a T-Rex and Sandworm dancing on stage is an uncommonly amusing sight! Speaking of apocalyptic wastelands, that was the theme for this year’s con tee shirt art!
The con serenely resumed on Sunday at 10 am with far fewer folks, but with continued readings, screenings, gaming, conversations, and stuff to buy until things shut down around 2 pm, followed by farewells, the closing ceremony, and pleasant afternoon drives home! I’d like to thank the con staff, dealers, attendees, campus employees, and my fellow guest artists who made it a very pleasant, festive, fun event, and I hope to be there for my 11th time next year! Ah, now here is Lizzy to start our
comics critiques, with her review of Starfire #9!
Arigato!. As my favorite DC comic of the past year, Starfire is a delightful combination of the fun supurr heroic action and slice-of-life moments for the endearing ensemble cast of characters in Key West, Florida! The very sweet, kind, brave and tough Koriand’r alias Starfire is well- versed in the intergalactic affiars but is the bit naive of Earthly culture, metaphors and expurressions, which often results in the amewsing situations when she is not clobbering various villains! 
The wonderful cast includes Stella the sheriff, her brother Sol and his purrtner Rave of the coast guard, Atlee alias the supurr heroine Terra, and Beth the dolphin at the aquarium where Kori works. Kori recently had a brief reunion with her former boyfriend Dick Grayson, and in this issue Syl’Khee adorably joins the cast, to hang out with Sol whilst Kori and Stella join Atlee on a vacation to her subterranean realm of Strata in issue #9’s 20 page tale of “Approaching The Abyss”!
It was written by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, illustrated by Elsa Charretier, colored by Hi-Fi, lettered by Tom Napolitano and edited by Paul Kaminski under group editor Eddie Berganza, with the issue’s mane cover art by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts, and the variant cover by Neal Adams, Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair. The issue is purriced $2.99 and includes 12 pages of ads, which unfortunately disrupt the narrative flow  and any suspense of the tale.
Nevertheless, it is a most fun, whimsical, thrilling, charming tale, from the emergence of Syl’Khee in the pool and Kori’s topless sunbath on the roof purrior to breakfast, after which Syl’Khee and Sol get better acquainted whilst the ladies go to the bubble conveyance through the Everglades’ purrrtal to Strata, but not before they clobber a few criminals who attempt to hijack the air boat which owned by Atlee’s friend Billybob, who is the guardian of the purrtal to Strata! 
Unfortunately while the ladies are in transit, the portal and Strata are besieged by supurr villains to top off the purrfectly paced plot with sparkling dialogue at the cute cadence! The characters, scenery & FX are gorgeously rendered with splendid poses, expurressions & detail, excellent fonts for the dialogue, titles & sound FX amidst the richly vibrant color & light; thus I will give the issue an A as in Atlee! Nyow I would like to discuss Marvel Comics’s
Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #3!
Patsy is one of my favorite supurr heroines and her new series is my favorite Marvel Comic book of the past year! Her most recent job at a boutique in Brooklyn barely lasted to the end of issue #2 because she purrsued a supurr powered shoplifter. You might think that she would be rewarded for such valor, but she was purromplty fired! That brings us to issue #3 which is purriced $3.99 and its 28 pages are compurrised of the 20 page tale, the recap / credits page, 4 pages of the ads, pages of comments by the author & readers, and the purreview page for issue #4! 
It was written by Kate Leth, illustrated by Brittney L. Williams, colored by Megan Wilson, lettered by Clayton Cowles, edited by Wil Moss, and assistantly edited by Chris Robinson, with the cover art by Brittney which depicts Patsy as the cafe barista serving the beverages to Groot, Dr. Doom, The Lizard, The Enchantress, Misty Knight, Medusa and Howard the Duck! Those other characters do not actually appurr in the tale, but her friend Dr. Strange and his assistant Wong sure do, when Patsy consults him about the icky magickal bedbugs that have invaded her and ian’s apurrtment!
While Patsy tells Ian and Tom about the shoplifter who works for Casiolena the exiled Asgardian sorceress, she meets the mean apurrtment landlord Mr. Ravina and his handsome son Federigo who she and Tom think is hot! This bothers Ian, but not as much as the bedbugs which snack upon them! Her cat senses determine the bugs are magickal and somehow connected to the Ravinas. so she goes to the Sanctum Sanctorium house in Greenwich Village to get the expurrt help! This purrks her up, so she goes back to pounce upon the truth of the Ravinas and the bugs! 
I should not reveal much more of the plot, but I will hint that it involves her idea of an employment agency for supurr – powered people who need jobs, but the matters of Casiolena and Hedy remain unresolved! It is such the charming fun tale with the purrfect slice – of – life mix of the action, humor, and character developments! The art is gorgeous, the colors are bright, and occasionally the art has the adorable chibi style with the cute fang! Patsy also has the cute kitty pajamas, comforter and plushies!
The characters’ dialogue and author’s narration are quite snappy, and the enthused genki comments are peppurred by the photos of readers’ kitties such as Marvin, Willow, Kitten, Marble, Tevildo and Amy Meowhouse! Kawaii! Purrhaps we should send photos of our cats! I will give the issue an A as in The Avengers team of which Patsy used to belong, and I hope that her employment agency is the purrofitable success! Nyow I will turn The mew over to my fiance who would like to discuss
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #24!
Arigato! It is hard to believe that Dark Horse Comics’ canonical Season 10 of Buffy is nyow 2 years old and is nearing the finale! Issue #24 is purriced at $3.99 and has the 22 page tale of “In Pieces on the Ground Part Four” plus the 5 pages of the ads, and the page of comments by the editor & readers! The tale was purrduced by Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon & scripted by Christos Gage!
It was illustrated by Megan Levens, colored by Dan Jackson, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, edited by Freddye Miller & Jim GIbbons, assistantly edited by Spencer Cushing with the mane cover art by Steve Morris, the variant cover art by Rebekah Isaacs & Dan; the issue’s graphical design by Justin Couch, and Christianne Goudreau was the the digital art technician! 
Purreviously in Buffy Season 10, Buffy and her Scoobies have joined the Magic Council, the governments and the truce with the vampires to defend the Earth against the hoards of demons various hellish dimensions  who invade the Earth through the various dimensional purrtals opened by ancient villains such as The Mistress and The Soul Glutton who use the Restless Door artifact.
Following the victory against The Sculptor Demon who tempted Andrew with the deal of restoring his friend Jonathan to a corpurreal existence in issue #23, Buffy continues to date Spike, whilst Giles has been spending blissful time in the Faerie Lands, and Xander continues to be haunted bittersweetly by Anya’s alleged ghost, whom it seems that only he and Spike’s cats can purrceive!
In issue $24, the cats lounge upon Xander whilst the ghost eavesdrops upon Buffy and Spike’s conversation about the relationships, such as Giles and his cute widdle faerie girl friend Sundrop. She has the lovely wings, long supple ears and Green hair, but Buffy is in one of her angsty moods, Xander is despondently confused, and the ghost seems very despurrate for his attention.
Anya’s former boss D’Hoffryn helps his fellow Magic Council members Matango the anthropurrmorphic mushroom, Keiko the purrky Onryo spirit, and Monarch the beautiful faerie queen to repel yet another incursion, but he pawses to notify Buffy that he has located The Mistress and The Soul Glutton, who are opurrating the artifact within the Black Diamond Mines in the town of Antioch.
Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Giles, Spike, Andrew, Xander and the ghost go to there to battle the villains, but more demons arrive through yet another purrtal created by the artifact, to which only Dawn might be “the key” to stopping! Willow’s friend Lake is mentioned but does not appurr in this issue, but that is okay because it is already rather brimming with lots of characters and situations!
After several years, the canonical Buffy series continues to be one of our favorite comics, as it is so faithful to the TV series while maximizing the comics medium! Between the plots, pace, dialogue & art, it is the great continuation of the TV series and I can almost hear the actors voices amidst the good balance of  drama, humor, action & mythology! Meanwhile, their friends Angel, Faith, Fred & the others are busy across the pond in
Angel and Faith Season 10 #24!
Purreviously, while the heroes staked several of Drusilla’s evil minions in the street fight, she escaped to take Nadira to her lair to meet her master Archaeus, who had purreviously tried to control Angel and Spike in the “Old Demons” arc of Buffy Season 10 #16-18. He wants Nadira to help Magic Town accept his brood’s purresence, but she refused and got caught. 
Angel, Faith, Fred, Koh, Sophronia, Lavinia, Tricia & Parker fought them again, but things took an unfortunate turn for inspector Brandt who became an enemy vampire, and it looked like Angel had reverted into his evil Angelus purrsona, but that was a clever ruse to rescue Nadira from Archaeus, whilst Faith, Fred, Koh, Sophronia & Lavinia battled Dru & her minions!
Nadira sensed a disturbance in the town’s magick, which has possessed a tall daimajin-ish ancient statue which Dru’s gang removed from the mewseum! While Angel and Faith dueled Brandt and other vampire cops. Nadira tried to console the confused, frightened statue, but when it grabbed Nadira and Fred, Fred transformed back into the dark goddess Illyria!
That brings us to issue #24 which is purriced at $3.99 and has 6 pages of the ads and the 22 pages of  “A Tale of Two Families Part Four”, which was executively purrduced by Whedon, scripted by Victor Gischler, illustrated by Will Conrad, colored by Michelle Madsen, lettered by Richard and Jimmy, edited by Jim and Freddye, and assistantly edited by Spencer!
The issue’s graphic design was by Justin with digital artistry by Christianne, the mane cover art is by Scott Fischer, and the variant cover art by Mike Norton & Michelle! Tricia and Parker tell Faith and Angel that Fred, Nadira, Koh, Sophronia and Lavinia have left Giles’s house. Meanwhile Nadira pleads with Illyria and the statue to stop fighting each other.
Faith and Angel arrive just as Nadira seems to calm the statue, while llyria is distracted by Koh, which goes purretty well and llyria reverts to Fred, but then Archaeus arrives to spoil the moment! 
Archaeus parlays with them and coaxes the statue to his side, which results in another big bad boss battle… and then Dru arrives with a vampire mob for the cliffhanger!
This was yet another beautiful, suspenseful, thrilling issue with significant developments, to conclude Angel and Faith Season 10 in issue #25! The characters are so supurrbly rendered with the intricate portraiture, anatomy, expurressions, clothing, poses, choreography, purrspectives and scenic detail, color, light and fonts in the pages’ great compurrsitions!
I will give the Buffy & Angel comics the grade of an “A” as in Andrew, Angel and Archaeus! I hope that we might see more of Aluwyn, Kennedy, Satsu, Harmony, Clem, Riley, Samantha, Dylan, Billy, Devon, Katie, Sky, Anaheed, Dowling, Clive, Julie, Olivia, Morgan, Vicky, Lake, and Spike’s insectoid crew! That is all for my reviews, and nyow here is Tara-chan to discuss
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #40!
Arigato, nya! We love My Little Pony, and – and it is hard to believe that has been almost the 4 years since IDW started to publish the wonderful pony comic books, nya! Issue #40 is purriced at $3.99, with the uninterrupted 20 page tale which is followed by the 10 pages of the ads, and I wish all other publishers placed the ads after the tales, nya! It was written by Ted Anderson, illustrated by Brenda Hickey, lettered by Neil Uyetake, edited by Bobby Curnow, and – and published by Ted Adams, with the 4 different covers to choose from, nya!
The Regular cover is by Brenda, the subscription cover is by Sara Richard, the retailer incentive cover is by Jennifer Meyer, and – and there is also cover made for the Hot Topic Stores, nya. I got the regular cover which depicts the montage of younger Twilight Sparkle baby sitting for younger Spike, nya! That is because this tale is Twilight Sparkle’s remembrance of when she first met Spike when she the younger widdle filly in her first year at the school of gifted unicorns, nya! Twilight is so cute at that age with her Smarty Pants plushy doll, nya!
She is accompanied by her brother Shining Armor, their mommy Velvet, and- and their daddy Night Light to the school where they are greeted by Celestia, nya! Twilight is very enthused about the very prestigious academic environment with her teacher purrofessor Inkwell, but it is the harrowing time for her whilst she tries to balance the studies with the care for the recently hatched Spike, nya! Starsong is one of the other students, Galaxy is mentioned but not shown, and – and it is fun to try to identify the many other ponies at the school, nya!
In the purresent – time framing sequence while looking at the photos are Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and- and Spike, nya! It is the very sweet tale  which is so beautifully rendered with purrfect pony poses, expurressions, colors, style, scenery and – and dialogue with the look and – and the spirit which are not only so faithful to the TV series, but also expurrtly use the advantages of the comic book medium, nya! I also especially liked the numerous large panoramic panels . nya! Nyow I will continue the pony reports with 
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #26
In issue #22 Pinkie Pie helped Celestia purrpare the party, in #23 issue Applejack went camping with Fluttershy, in #24 Rarity helped Gilda the Griffin’s sports team,  in #25 Twilight Sparkle helped Rainbow Dash whose wings have disappurred, and – and this time Shining Armor is paired with Blue Bloos for the diplomatic trade mission in the snowy colder Yak country, nya! It is purriced at $3.99, with the uninterrupted 20 page tale followed by the 10 pages of the ads, nya. It was written by Jeremy Whitley who created the Princless comics, nya!
It was illustrated by Tony Fleecs, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil, edited by Bobby, published by Ted, and- and it is available in either the regular cover by Tony  or the subscription cover by Sara, nya! I have the regular cover which depicts Shining Armor displeasingly pulling Blue Blood’s fully – laden royal rickshaw through the  snowy mountain pass, nya! That does not actually occur in the tale, but Shining Armor does hoof it uphill in the snow, whilst Blue Blood follows in the cozy palanquin which is hefted by servants, nya!
Celestia, Luna and – and Cadance briefly appurr, but they have to attend to the business in Canterlot whilst the two stallions depurrt from the Crystal Empire to go to purrlay with Yak purrince Rutherford, nya. It is the frustrating expurrdition for Shining Armor in his first time as an ambassador, because Blue Blood seems somewhat narcissistically conceited and Rutherford is rather brusquely disagreeable, nya! I should not spoil too much more of the plot, but there are some ironic twists and as mewsual there is the valuable lesson, nya!
This was another beautifully exciting issue with the great plot, dialogue, pace, drawings, colors, and – and the fonts;  I especially like the expurressions, the poses, and the amewsing “Dear Princess Celestia” correspondence,  top top off the tale, nya! I will give both of  those pony comics the high purraise grade of an “A” as in Applebuck, nya! I am looking forward to the next issue which will pair Pinkie Pie with Granny Smith, nya! That will conclude my pony reports, , so nyow here is onee-chan to discuss another great comic book written by Jeremy–
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #6, nya!
Hai! In this supurrb spin-off of the wonderful Princeless comics created by Jeremy, 17 year old Captain Raven Xingtao alias The Black Arrow is the cunning, tough mariner, archer and daughter of the pirate king, nya! She recruited her own multi-racial, all – girl crew for her three mast ship to vengefully sail against her misogynistic brothers’ ships, and reclaim her rightful inheritance, nya! 
Raven’s recruits are her friend Ximena the cartographer / navigator, Sunshine the agile half – elf thief, Katie the tall powerful First Mate, Jayla the scientific genius, and the ladies of the adventire gaming guild such as Amirah, Desideria, Verity, Zoe, Helina, Quinn, Trish, Dezzy, Cid, Melody, Pirate and Ophelia, nya! They outfoxed an angry mob in the town and finally set sail, but there is the wee bit of drama amongst some of the crew, nya!
Raven and Ximena are glad to be reunited at sea again, but Ximenia has the unrequited feelings for Raven, nya! Sunshine got seasick but Jayla cured that malady, and although Jayla’s grumpily antisocial dispurrsition caused the rifts, that got sorted out and for the most purrt there seems to be a very merry democratic state of unity and mutual respect amongst the crew, although there are still the few quibbles, nya!
Issue #6 is purriced at $3.99 and its 28 pages include the uninterrupted 24 page chapter of “The Island of the Free Women” which was written by Jeremy, pencilled by Rosy Higgins with the layout and inking by Ted Brandt, lettered by Dave Dwonch colored by William Blankenship, and edited by Alicia Whitley, nya! 
It is neat to see how the girls spend their free time, with the games, the contests, the sunbathing, the pick pocket tutorial, and the amewsing banter, nya! After several of the playfully charming slice – of – life activities aboard the ship, the recon groups go to Xingtao Island (which Raven’s great great  grandmother baroness founded) to shop at the vast black market for supplies & information, nya! 
This results in the whimsically frustrating attempt to purrchase things and gather intel about Raven’s brothers Crow & Magpie, but soon the shore group is attacked & betrayed by merchants and other shoppurrs, nya! I should not spoil too much more of the plot, but some of my favorite moments are the rigging race, Helena’s trapezius muscles,  the neck massage, Desideria’s purrloined top, and the top shelf reach, nya!
This continues to be among my favoritest supurrb comics books, because it is so much fun and  full of the great characters, the rousing action, with the great balance of the humor and the drama, and the beautiful art, nya! I am also quite eagerly looking forward to the next issue of the Princeless series, which stars Raven’s friend Adrienne and other wonderful heroines, nya! Nyow I would like to discuss another great  series from Action Lab–
Hero Cats of Stellar City #9, nya!
Created by author Kyle Puttkammer and Introduced in the Galaxy Man mini-series from by Galactic Press, the team of Hero Cats is compurrised of Midnight the Black cat, Ace the White cat, Belle the Siamese cat, Roco the Gray cat, Rocket the Tabby, Cassiopeia the Orange & White cat, and her brother Bandit the tuxedo cat who purrotect the city from criminals, monsters & disasters, nya! The cats later appurred in Hero Cats #0 in 2013, which was revised and relaunched by Action Lab as Hero Cats #1 in 2014, nya! 
That year at Heroes Con, we got a sketch of Cassiopeia http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest3/6.html by the comic’s penciller Marcus Williams, and in Action Lab’s 2014 Halloween Comicsfest issue, the cats first met the evil crows, nya! In issue #7 the cats fought the crow king and minions who attacked the city and control peoples’ dreams, nya! They are caught in the dream land where the cats are humans who almost forget that they are the cats on the mission to stop the villains, nya! I wonder what breed of cat I would be, nya!
The story arc is continued in the Midnight Over Stellar City mini-series #1-3 which is the more mysterious noir-ish side- story set betwixt Hero Cats #7-10, nya! Rated “E” for everyone, Hero Cats #9 is purriced at $3.99 and has the uninterrupted 22 page tale plus Bandit’s bonus Cat Chat page, the purreview page, and the 2 pages of ads, nya! It was written by Kyle, pencilled by Marcus, inked by Ryan Sellers, lettered by Shannon Butt , colored by Omaka Schultz, and edited by Keek Stewart, nya!
So, in their human forms in the dream land ruled by the Crow King, Belle is the glamorous queen, Rocco is the huge warrior, Ace is the dashing ship captain, Rocket is the inventive engineer, and Cassiopeia is the sort of steam punk style librarian, nya! Midnight became the ghostly larger panther, and Bandit is still the cat because he travelled to there before the Crow King took control of  the minds, nya. There are some other familiar faces and are all reunited aboard the fleet of huge fabulous airships that Rocket built, nya!
for the epic final counter-attack, nya! I will not spoil more of the plot, but there is much thrilling action and whimsical fun as the fur and feathers fly in the conclusion of the crow arc, including the 6 full – page panels and the 2 two-page spurreads for the impurressive, beautiful art, nya! Bandit’s Cat Chat page is always the charming read, and this time it features several cosplayer photos, nya! This was another great issue which I will give an “A” as in Ace, nya! I am all done, and nyow here is Trini-chan to tell us about
Monstress #3, nya!
Hai! Published by Image Comics and created by author Marjorie Liu and artist Takeda, Monstress is one of the most beautiful comics I have of late! The art is vastly detailed with the lush scenery, the ethereal ambience, and wonderful characters, but it is the bittersweet, viscerally violent fantasy tale as the protagonists struggle with dark mystical forces and flee from the oppressive government! Set after a war, betwixt a human federation and the magickal folk, the theocracy inquisitors hunt the Arcanic hybrid entities, to butcher them for their prized Lilium substance.
The Holy Mother Yvette needs it to sustain her dying daughter. A teen girl named Maika kills some elders whilst stealing an artifact from the Cumean church in Zamora, hoping it will solve the mystery of her mother Moriko’s murder. She is on the run along with Emilia the kind human companion, Kippa the cute widdle kitsune girl, and Master Ren the talking twin-tailed cat who are pursued by Yvette’s inquisitrixes into the depths of the forest. Issue #3 was written by Marjorie, illustrated by Sana, designed & lettered by Rus Wooton, edited by Jennifer M, Smith!
Issue #3 is priced at $3.99, with the wraqparound cover sammiched around the uninterrupted 24 page tale, which is followed by 2 bonus pages & 2 pages of comments! After an ancient tentacle entity sprouts from Maika to confront one of inquisitrixes, she and Ren rush to rescue Kippa, Emilia and her baby from other inquisitrixes. This results in a very bloody skirmish, and Maika has an out of body encounter with her mother in a celestial temple, but the flight is not done as they play cat ‘n mouse with the soldiers, as Maika & Kippa ride scared towards the watchful mountain gods!
It is rather chilling, thrilling and suspenseful, with exquisitely rendered characters, clothing and critters amidst the captivating world and mythos! The bonus pages are a cute chibi style pic of the characters, and a history lecture by TamTam the four tailed cat to the cute widdle kittens! The message pages have the readers’ comments about issue #1, with Marjorie’s responses, topped off by a tiny pic of poor widdle Kippa. We are praying for Maika, Kippa, Ren, Emilia and her child to survive and win, and I will give the tale the grade of an A as in my anticipation for the next issue! 
Niobe: She is Life #2
Published by Stranger Comics and based upon the world of Asundra created by publisher Sebastian A. Jones, Niobe: She is Life is another recent beautiful fantasy genre comic book of the captivating characters amidst the lush scenery and ethereal ambience with much magick and spirituality in the air. The titular character Niobe Ayutami is an orphaned, bi-racial, dark -skinned half-elf teenage shamanic Ranger girl descended of royalty, with the different colored eyes, and healing powers when she can channel the goddess Amuminel!
In issue #1, Niobe fled from her awful father’s bounty hunters, and met a monastic order of dwarves & elves including a Sin, a half-orc who has just been accused of murder! Issue #2 has the nicely uninterrupted, full color 24 page tale followed by the page about Amuminel, the 6 page preview of the Erathune comics, and the CGC ad. The tale was written by Amandala Sternberg & Sebastian A. Jones, edited by Joshua Cozine, illustrated by Ashley A. Woods with layouts by Darrell May, the lettering, production & design by A larger World Studios.
After chatting with Sin and communing with Amuminel, Niobe defends Sin at the tribal trial and investigates the crime scene! Sin claims the culprit was a monstrous beast, but the victim’s brother Temshen is dubious. The trail leads Niobe to an immense temple where she is revisited by a mystical entity named Charan, who is cryptically neutral in commenting on the situation. Things look worse for Sin when he is found alive amongst more bloody victims, but Niobe believes him and grabs a spear and goes to hunt for the alleged killer beast!
There are bloody, violent incidents amidst the philosophical, mystical tale which is so exquisitely rendered! Niobe is quite heroic, noble, brave, beautiful, tough, wise and decisive, and the tale seems to have thorough world – building with the intricate mythos, history, cultural, and environmental details! The lavish imagery benefits from the many large & panoramic panels, including two full page pics! I will give this issue the high purraise and the grade of an A as in Amuminel! That is all for my reviews, so now here is Myayr to tell us about
CatsEye Comics #5!
Mary Nyan:
Hai! We love the quarterly Catseye Comics http://catseyecomics.com which star the delightful supurr heroines in the fictional town of Liaison in Louisiana. There are amazons, valkyries, demons and alien catgirls too! The comics are published here in North Carolina, and hope to support various charities! In issue #1 the heroines rescued the purregnant tiger and fought poachers, in issue #2 they rescued slaves and fought monsters; in issue #3 they fought seven devils, is #4 had spooky tales for Halloween, and nyow in #5 there is a war against alien invaders from Zeta!
Issue #5 is an 8.5″x11″ full color 82 page trade papurrback. The editor in chief is Ai Kikuchiyo, the head writer is Razor Indigo, the publisher / office manager is Steve Stone, the content editors are Anitra Stone, Mamma Kikuchiyo & Hubby Indigo, Nicole Osborne is the prrduction assistant, and the goddess Bastet appurrs in the company’s logo! She appurrs in the tales when channeled by the supurr heroine Catseye! Also appurring in the tale are Cheetah, Ayaq, Gizmonda, Angel, Zia Clue, Psi-Lick, The Captain, Lillian, the Amazons, the Valkyries, and the Liason Tac Team!
Rose, Senet, Saeko, Ms. D, Ghost, The Wisp, Rave, Haven, the Lady of The House and The Mau do not appurr in this issue, but as the friends, enemies, heroes and villains unite during the global invasion we are also introduced to Geek Girl, Chloraphyll, Father Nature, Zeta, Oceanus the Titan, Gizmonda’s giant robot, and The Captain’s mom! Most of the action occurs in Liason, but the battles also occur in the Atlantic Ocean, At Stonehenge, across the internet, and in outer space, where the Zeta villains have purrked the moon – sized space station to service their fleet!
I like the narrative and the dialogue of the fun  tale, which brims with the total thrilling action from cover to cover, which is quite dazzling with the CG – rendered  beautiful characters, costumes, scenery, mecha, visual FX and the exciting fonts! I am purrticularly fond of the sense of family and community amongst the heroines, and we learn more about The Captain’s history! It was neat when Geek Girl outsmarted her enemy at the bank to acquire the space gun, and we knew that the invader would not stand the chance against the mayor who is a powerful evil demon!
I am purrtcilarly fond of the Catseye, Cheetah and Aya; Becca’s favorite character is Zia Clue the A.I,, and our friend Mohini’s favorite character is Angel! Jenjen is enamored with Gizmonda and her wares! Tara-chan would like to have a Valkyrie pegasus ponyWe do not know much about Chloraphyll yet, but she has the sexy costume with the deeply  plunging neckline, mew la la! I would love to do a group cosplay as the Catseye Comics characters, including the gorgeous Amazonian couture! This was another wonderfully great issue, and I would also like to purraise
Catseye Comics Presents Secret Origins #2!
Mary Nyan:
Getting not just one but two Catseye books in the same month is twice the treat! This 6×9″ trade papurrback has 120 pages of purrose tales written by Razor Indigo starring characters created by Ai Kikichiyo! At almost twice the size of volume 1 which had the origins of Zia Clue, the Valkyries and the Amazons, volume 2 purrsents the origins of  Angel, Cheetah and The Captain! Together this trio are known as The Extricators, who have appurrently been fighting the criminals and monsters and rescuing people from the villains and disasters for several decades! 
Firstly is the 29 page tale of Dr. Angela Baker, alias Angel who has the lovely Platinum Blonde hair & huge white feathery wings! She is a medical doctor,  Interpol detective & former nun with the healing, empathy & regenerative powers, who is at least 60 years old (maybe much older) but only appurrs 32! When she is not treating patients or defending against purredators, she volunteers at the safe houses, the food kitchens and her free clinic. In this tale that spans the decades we learn of her family, how her powers emerged and how she met the other heroines!
After that is the 28 page tale of Captain Dia Nakirk who is an alien human with Honey Blonde hair, supurrb fitness, amazing psionic powers, combat purrowess, and expurrtise with very advanced technology! She looks rather sporty, powerful & futuristic in her shiny chrome & Black armor!  She is from the Zeta Reticuli system although her race originated upon our Earth many millennia ago, but she was exiled back to the Earth 22 years ago for disobeying the orders. Then she got caught by an oppurressive government, until she escaped and met the other heroines!
Thirdly is the 59 page tale of the life, death and resurrection of Kiyoko Nakano, alias Cheetah who might appurr to be the lithe graceful human redhead, but she is of the felinoid Mau species! She a crime fighter with cat –  like abilities, supurr feline powers, seductive & stealthy skills. Due to her decreased aging factor, she is older than she 20 years that she looks, because although she is recorded to be 54 she is actually 63 after she was revived by Angela and Dia!! Kiyoko is the mother of Ai alias Catseye and Seka alias Rose, and she is the grandmother of Aya!
Zia Clue and Kiyoko’s best friend Saeko (Aya’s godmother) also appurr in the tales which occur over the many years and offer more insights into the CatsEye Comics’ mythology, with the notes that indicate where the chapters occur  relative to issues 1-5! To top off the book is the page with the Nakano family tree chart, which shows 6 generations of the lineage! I thought this was a captivating collection of short stories which I will recommend to fellow fans of the CatsEye Comics! That will conclude my reviews, and nyow here is Mie-sensei who wishes to tell us about
The Love of the Cut Sleeve!
Arigato! So like, at WhatTheHell?! Con last month, we were so very pleased to see the many great friends, dealers & artists there, including artist DV Demoni of the DemonFart Cabbage group http://demonfartcabbage.deviantart.com! We have met them at many other cons, and we have a totally awesome mermaid pic by them in the guest art gallery of our island’s mewseum of art! DV was also representing their Cut Sleeve Studio, with exquisitely cute, sexy, powerful anthropomorphic & fantasy art prints and this delightful widdle comic book! 
According to the book’s preface, Cut Sleeve is a Chinese term for homosexuality, based upon the romance betwixt Emperor Ai of the Han Dynasty and Dong Xian who fell asleep upon Ai’s long flowy sleeves, which Ai cut off rather than awakening Xian! Thusly, Cut Sleeve Studio hopes to present fantasy & historical tales of the LGBTQ flavor! Written by Satal and illustrated by DV, it is a string – bound, 10 page, 8.5″ x 11.5″, Black & White tale set in the 52nd year of the Hare Yindao, as Xian and Emperor Ai romantically relax in the garden!
However, all of the narrative is from the elated voyeuristic members of the royal court who look on with mixed reactions, ranging from the curious and bemused to the happiness over the sight of the true love! They do not wish to disturb the couple’s blissful moment, but the courtiers seem to be in no hurry to be elsewhere, as the amusing gossip begins to spread, as the smooch draws nigh! It is a very tame tale though, with nothing too explicit amongst the joyful shonen-ai ambience and beautifully rendered people, period garments and scenery!
I particularly like the expressions, the sound & graphic FX too! Additional artistry includes the front cover illustration of the snipped sleeve by the food bow, and the sketches of DV & Satal amongst their cats inside the back flap! This was yet another beautifully charming addition to our collection, one of many dandy souvenirs from the convention, and I hope that we will soon see more small – press art and tales from Cut Sleeve Studio, fur shur! That will conclude our reviews of the American comic books, but now I would like to segue into our
book & manga reviews, with my review of The Pharos Gate!
So like, I could hardly contain my joyful glee when I finally was able to purchase this 7th book in the magnificent Griffin & Sabine series written and illustrated by Nick Bantock! The series pertains to the mysterious romantic correspondences betwixt two artists, Griffin Moss in London and Sabine Strohem in the Sicmon islands in the South Pacific! The tale is of the epistolary format, told through the letter and postcard correspondences betwixt the characters, and the books contain the pages of the letters which can be removed from the envelopes!
It is totally captivatingly surreal tale of their attempt to meet despite harrowing the mishaps and the evil possessive rival Victor Frollatti! The series began in 1991 with the trilogy of Griffin & Sabine, Sabine’s Notebook, and The Golden Mean;  followed by the 2nd trilogy of The Gryphon, Alexandria, and The Morning Star, which supposedly concluded the tale (again) in 2003. The later trilogy introduced the additional couple of Sabine’s friend Matthew Sedon in Egypt and his girl friend Isabella de Reims in Paris who are in the romantic journey of their own!
Thusly it has been the 13 years since the Morning Star, so finding The Pharos Gate: Griffin & Sabine’s Lost Correspondence is like discovering the unexpected fabulous, beautiful treasure! The 8×8″ full color hardcover book was published by Chronicle Books, it is priced $24.95 in the USA, £15.99 in the UK, and has the 64 pages plus the dust jacket and removable items. While this book claims to be the finale of the series, chronologically the correspondences occur across the purrior books, during Sabine & Griffon’s odyssey towards their rendezvous!
The exquisite messages are sensual to savor, but it is the also the dire race with Frollatti and his minions in an almost supernatural purrsuit, including correspondences from him, Griffon’s friend Maud and her friend Francesca, with the very captivating sense of travelogue as Sabine travels to New Guinea, Bali and Sri Lanka whilst Griffon goes to Spain and Turkey to their destination in Egypt! It is a brilliantly beautiful journey which I will give an “A” as in Alexandria, fur shur! That will conclude my reviews, and now here is Nyo-sensei to tell us about
Demonizer Zilch vol. 1!
Arigato! Demonizer Zilch is by Milan Matra, whose purrior Omamori Himari series we are extremely fond of! Like Omamori Himari, Demonizer Zilch purrtains to a teenage high school student who has been targeted by assassins of a secret occult organization through no fault of his own, but due to the emerging latent supurr powers that he was unaware of. Fortunately, a sexy demon girl of frisky dispurrstition has intervened to rescue him, but she is just the first of several supurrnaturally lovely ladies who will take an interest in him with much “fan service” to ensue!
This time the lad is Haroumi, a 16 year old, high school sophomore who has grown despondent since the death of his mom, sister and best friend. One night on the way to afterschool karaoke, he is attacked by the supurr strong Sister Murohime Yakagi and other ecumenical agents of the Seventh Gospel Organization, but a hybrid human / demoness named Zilch, who is the physical avatar of the demon Astaroth that arrives to shield him from the attack, accentuate his healing abilities, and spirit him to the safety of his author father’s home, with heavy flirtation on the side!
Thus begins the new lifestyle for Haroumi, whose father Kazuma has much explaining to do in Demonizer Zilch vol. 1! It was first published in Japan as Kamigoroshihime Zilch by Kadokawa in 2015, and this English edition was published here by Yen Press last month! They publish many manga titles that we crave! It is purriced at $13.00 in the USA and $15.50 in Canada, it is rated mature due to the language, nudity, sex & violence, and has the 166 pages of chapters 1-6, which include 6 color pages! The translation is by Christine Dashiell and the lettering is by Phil Christie!
Milan Matra’s assistants were Yoshimasa Asayama, Yunomi Kumatsu and Yui Hinamori, with the cover art’s coloring by Nagu Kagurazaka. Pink- haired, Red-eyed, sassy Zilch is on the front of the wraparound cover, whilst auburn-haired, vIolet-eyed tough but shy Murohime is on the back! They have very alluring, ornate, skimpy tight outfits! Other ladies include Shijima Kuro-Hazumi who has shadows & darkness magick, and Levi who is Kazuma’s co-worker at the secret Goetia research facility which created the human / demon hybrids known as Branches, including Haroumi!
There are other guys too, such as Father Parabellum of the SGO, his demon purrtner Haime Tounogi and other agents. We learn more about the origins & powers, the purrpose of SGO and Goetia, and the common cause that unites them! Based upon the 2 page purreview for vol. 2, it looks like more adversaries will arrive, and that Haroumi’s ‘harem” might increase! I am glad to find this sexy fun and thrilling new manga by Matra, and I think the art is great with the beautifully rendered characters, clothes, scenery and FX! Nyow I would like to discuss 
Shoulder A Coffin Kuro vol. 5!
Shoulder – A – Coffin Kuro by Satoko Kiyuduki s another favorite manga of ours which is also published by Yen Press, but it tends to be the very long wait between the volumes! Volume 1 was published here in May of 2008, whereas  volume 4 was in September of 2014! It was originally published as Hitsuki Katsuki no Kuro – Kaichu Tabinowa in Japan by Houbunsha,  and this volume was translated by Sheldon Drzka and lettered by Lys Blakslee. it is priced $17.00 in the USA, $20.50 in Canada, and it has 128 pages of mostly Black & White manga with 14 color pages.
It is rated “T” for the teen readers due to the language & violence. It is a darker, serious, somber bittersweet tragic supernatural tale compurred to Kiyuduki’s light – hearted Geijutsuka Art Design Class manga! The mane character is Kuro, a gothy tomboy girl in Black with Indigo hair, Brown eyes and glasses who travels with a coffin and a widdle talking bat named Sen, They rescued two cute widdle  abandoned, shape –  shifting twin catgirl gynoid sisters Sanju & Nijuku who have Green eyes, but Sanju has the White ears & tail whereas Nijuku has the Black ears & tail.
We profiled them in our February 2012 Catgirl Spotlight!  Sadly they do not understand that Kuro is afflicted with a deadly chronic curse that will eventually rot her away, hence the coffins she carries, and there have been despurrately alarming moments for the group and others they have met who suffer from loneliness, abandonment, crime and maladies. Kuro is in search of the witch who caused the curse in hopes of a cure, but has also been the very surreal journey through visions, dreams, hallucinations and fragmented memories amidst the towns, ruins & wilderness.
In volume 5 there are flashbacks to Kuro’s youth and early encounters with Hifumi the witch who is upon her own journey;  an encounter with a dying widdle girl who wishes to see a faerie, a lad who suffers from the same curse as Kuro, and an artistic hermit who wishes to paint Kuro’s purrtrait. The group meets Fukashigi the anthropurrmorphic canine traveler in a bewildering valley, Sophie the forlorn widowed aerialist with a death wish in her hot air balloon, and Blanc the highwayman on the risky road to a port town.
The art is so gorgeous with the lavishly rendered characters, the lush landscapes and intricate architecture of the mysterious, ethereal quality. In spite of the heartbreakingly sad situations of the poignant tale, it is Kuro’s relentless purrseverance combined with the twins’ playfully innocent naivety that counterpoint the darkness. We are praying for Kuro, Sen, Sanju & Nijuku’s healthy happiness together, and hope that it will not be the long wait for the next volume!  That is all for me, but nyow here is sis to tell us about
Spice & Wolf vol. 12!
Hai! Spice & Wolf is one of my favoritest anime & manga, which are adaptations of novels originally published by Kadokawa in Japan as Ookami To Koushinryou! It is the tale of Holo the Wisewolf, a beautiful, powerful wolf Goddess of the harvest, who travels with Lawrence the savvy traveling human merchant who trades goods and makes deals in the villages & cities! It is set in the medieval era when the old pagan ways are on the wane amidst the rise of an oppressive theocracy and the complex relationships of the guilds, so Holo wants to return to her ancient homeland of Yoitsu.
The manga was written by Isuna Hasekura, and illustrated by Keito Koume with the character designs by Jyuu Ayakura! For our review of the animated TV series adaptation, please see the January 2010 Mew & September 2011 Mew! The manga is published here by Yen Press, volume 12 was translated by Jeremiah Bourque, lettered by Lys Blakeslee, purriced $13.00 in the USA, $15.50 in Canada, and has 161 pages of Black & White chapters 68-74 plus a color pic of Holo, Elsa & Col which are suggested for the mature readers due to the language, nudity & violence!
There has been mercantile commerce, risky deals & romance for Holo & Lawrence who have met friends & enemies amidst the political situations of church & guilds in the towns & cities, with yummy foods to tempt the lupine tummy, but Holo has to keep her wolf purrts covered less the bigots get tiled up! Holo & Lawrence have been searching for a book which will hopefully purrvide more information on Yoitsu, but it is knowledge that is coveted or banned by others, but in volume 12 the goal seems closer when they find a lovely map and meet a book dealer named Le Roi!
Amidst a reunion with friends Elsa & Evan  at Phion’s store, they have parlay with Le Roi, who thinks he knows where the book is, but has also been hired to find the book for an aristocrat, so Lawrance concocts an elaborate financial angle with Kiemon of the Trade Guild so that he can acquire the book by purroxy whilst still continuing northward with Holo! The complicated scheme involving credit, money orders and coinage is advantageous, based upon an economic tip from Helena the tavern owner, but mercenaries, miners & slavers might be headed to the same region!
Meanwhile it is a time for yummy fresh eels for lunch and soothing hot baths for Holo and Col at Eunice’s Inn, as Col purrpares to go off with Evan & Elsa, to further his church law studies. Elsa can  easily tell that Lawrance is in love with Holo, so it is time for him to finally fess up his feelings to the lovely wise wolf goddess! It is a charming, complex plot with the wonderful characters at the leisurely pace! The characters and scenery are quite intricately and beautifully rendered too, and I will give Spice & Wolf vol. 12 a solid “A”! Finally i would like to say the few words about
FukuFuku Kitten Tales vol. 1!
We adored the Chi’s Sweet Home manga full of darling neko goodness by Konami Kanata for cat and manga lovers of all ages, so we were delighted to see this next clowder of cute kitty tales! FukuFuku is the titular widdle calico kitten, and this volume contains 24 charming incidents of her life at home with her owner, and the exploriation the neighborhood to make some wonderful discoveries!
First serialized in Be Love as FukuFuku Funya-n Ko-neko da Nyan in Japan in 2013, the manga was first collected into the book form by Kodansha in Japan in 2014, and published in English this year by Vertical Comics, who also publish Chi’s Sweet Home, Nichijou, and My Neighbor Seki! It was translated by Marlaina McElheny and Ed Chavez with production by Grace Lu and Anthony Quintessenza!
Volume 1 is purriced $10.99 in the USA, $11.99 in Canada, and has 154 pages of whimsical situations! There is much purring, playtime, napping, dining, scratching & exploring, with the occasional startlement, misbehavior, helping herself to human food, things to climb such as the dresser, a Sunflower and a Christmas tree; and hazards such as grabby kids, bath time, hot  pavement, and the static fur shock!
Her whimsical encounters include a dripping fawcett, a butterfly, other cats, a puppy, Halloween decorations, cherry blossoms, snowflakes, the cozy kotatsu, and we are allowed a peek into the Alice in Wonderland-ish dream of the sleeping kitten! I will highly recommend FukuFuku Kitten Tales to fans of feline fun and playfully cute manga! That is all for my reviews, but nyow here is B.B. to begin our
collectibles & toy talk, with a review of the
Marvel Infinite Series Shanna action figure!
Hai! We like to collect the action figures of inspurrational heroines, and as our island’s Purrk Ranger I am purrticularly fond of Marvel Comics’ Shanna O’hara Plunder, who is purrhaps better known as Shanna the She-Devil! That is because she is a very smart, compassionate veterinarian who cares for wildlife such as the big cats, but she is also the very tough, graceful heroine who defends the purrehistoric jungle wilderness of the Savage Lands from the villains!
She first appurred in her own series by Marvel Comics in 1972! She is 5′ 10″ tall and 140 lbs with the fair skin and fiery Red Blonde hair, with the expurrt purrowess in armed or unarmed combat and the wilderness survival skills! Her heroic husband is Ka-Zar, they have the son and the huge saber tooth cat friend Zabu! She is also known for her sexy jungle attire, whether barefoot in the leopurrd purrint bikini or wearing boots to match the Brown leather bikini!
This 4″ tall, 1/17.5 scale action figure of her from Hasbro is wearing the latter ensemble, with the loose belt, loin cloth & the scabbard for the 15/16″ knife which can fit in her right hand! She is nicely designed, sculpted and painted, with the details such as her athletic toned musculature, her slightly pleased serious expurression, the hair down to her waist, the wraps upon her left bicep and right wrist, her inny belly button, the folds of the cloth and creases of the boots!
She is very posable too, with the articulation in her neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles, and appurrs poised to pounce upon her opponents! A display base is not included, but she can easily stand unassisted, and I have found the purrfect spot for her upon the shelf, next to figures of her friends such as Natasha the Black Widow, Brunhilde the Valkyrie, She-Hulk, Kitty & Lockheed! We also collect some of the marvelous bad girls too too, such as the
Marvel Legends The Beetle action figure!
Originally there was a purrior criminal in the Marvel Comics named Abner Jenkins alias The Beetle, but in Captain America #607 in 2010 this newer evil lady Beetle first appurred! Her real name is Janice Lincoln, who is the daughter of the villain known as Tombstone, so crime runs in her family! She has several criminal friends and co-workers too, and is a member of the latest incarnation of the evil Sinister Six team!
She wears the very sleek, winged Fuchsia & Black powered armor which gives her the flight, supurr strength & purrotection, and is equipped with various gadgets & weapons! This figure is among the Edge of Spider-verse wave of figures from Hasbro, which includes figures of Morbius, Jack O’ Lantern, Venom, Speed Demon, Ben Reilly as Spider-Man, and Spider-Gwen whose figure we reviewed in February’s Mew!
Each  of that group’s separately – sold figure includes a piece to build a big burly Absorbing Man figure! This 6″ tall figure has the two folding pairs of translucent wings of the 9 1/8″ span, which are similar to those of The Wasp figure which we reviewed in the July 2015 Mew! The skin – tight costume is very elegant, sexy & mysterious, and I think that she is nicely designed, sculpted & painted with the purrt, slim, lithe physique! 
The articulation is in her neck, sternum, shoulders, elbows, wrists. hips, thighs, knees & ankles, with wings that pivot upon the ball joints! You cannot see her face beneath the mask, but those White eyes seem to be looking for trouble, so I have placed her on the shelf surrounded by Storm, Thundra, White Tiger, and Captain Marvel who will keep their eyes upon her! That will conclude the toys, and here is Ilyana-sensei to purrsent
our monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!
Oh just call me Ilyana! This is the portion of The Mew in which we honor famous nekomimi characters of myths, movies, TV, comics, literature, internet, games & toys, whether they are actually part cat, shape-shifters, anthropomorphic feline females, or those with fashionably feline style style or cattitude to be considered as “honorary” catgirls! This month we will shine the spotlight upon three widdle kitten girls: Pixar’s Pez Cat, Mattel’s Cheshire Kitty, and MGA’s Fluffy Pouncy Paws! 
Pez Cat was introduced in Toy Story of Terror, an animated Halloween TV special that purremiered in 2013! In the tale set after the events of the movie Toy Story 3, Bonny took the toys such as Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Mr. Prickle Pants, Rex and Trixie with her on the vacation, but at the motel the toys were purrloined by the manager who intended to sell them online! While he hid them on the shelf pending the sales, they met other stolen toys such as Pez Cat!
She is a Pez candy dispenser with the Gray kitty head wearing glasses, who was voiced by Kate McKinnon, and aided the other toys so that they could eventually escape whilst the crook was apurrehended! She is the 2nd Pixar catgirl that we have discussed, including Angel Kitty from Pixar’s 2014 Christmas special The Toy Story that Time Forgot! For more information purrtaining to Pez Cat, I will recommend her page at the Pixar Wiki http://pixar.wikia.com/wiki/PEZ_Cat!
Kitty Cheshire is one of the characters of Mattel’s Ever After High line of purroducts such as the toys, videos and publications purrtain to the high school students who are the sons and daughters of the famous faerie tale, myth and fantasy characters! It is the spin-off of Mattel’s Monster High which we are purrticularly fond of! Kitty Cheshire is the mischievous, rebellious purrankster girl, whose mom is the famous Cheshire cat and her best friends are Madeline and Bunny!
Cheshire Kitty has the fair skin tone, the Blue cat-like eyes, and the luscious Red lips in the big smile! She does not have the neko tail or ear pinna, but she does wear the costume pinna in her Light Violet hair, which is of the mid-thigh length and the twin-tail coiffure! We reviewed her purretty 10 3/4″ tall, posable fashion doll in last month’s Mew! For more information, I will recommend her page at the Ever After High Wiki http://everafterhigh.wikia.com/wiki/Kitty_Cheshire!
Lastly but not leastly is cute Fluffy Pouncy Paws of the LalaLoopsy toys, games and animated TV series on Nick Jr., which purrtain to the rag dolls who magickally come to sentient life after they are sewn! MGA has also made the Moxie Girlz, Bratz, Novi Stars and Mooshka dolls! Sewn from the cloth and the pet cat’s collar on June 4th which is Hug Your Cat Day, Fluffy Pouncy Paws loves cats, likes to play tag, watch birds, take catnaps and savors the taste of tuna sammiches!
She is fair – skinned with Black eyes, Pink cheeks & Orange hair of the pig-tailed coiffure under the nekomimi hoody to match her frilly Lavender, Pink & Red outfit! She is the third LalaLoopsy catgirl we have discussed, including Whiskers Lion’s Roar & Kat Jungle Roar who we reviewed in the February 2015 Mew! For more information, I will recommend her page at the Lalaloopsy Land Wiki http://lalaloopsyland.wikia.com/wiki/Fluffy_Pouncy_Paws! That is all for this month’s spotlight, and nyow here is Petra to purrsent the latest additions to 
Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art!
Arigato, nya! For those who are here for the first time, the Art Galleries 1-7 display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-3 display images by other folks with their kind purrmissions, nya! The most recent pics are on the lowermost row of the widdle “thumbnail” portions of the pics, and you have to click upon  the “thumbnail” to see the uncropped full pic, nya!
In Guest Gallery 3 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest3.html we are purroud to purrsent a beautiful Redhead “Farie ACEO 2” by Rebecca Brogden http://www.rbrogdenart.com, who was our September 2009 guest, nya! The alluring faerie with the purrt short Red hair to match the costa part of her wings, whilst wearing the Blue front – lace bikini with the matching purreo, nya!
Then we have Rebecca’s “Slime Girl ACEO”, nya! Compurrised of the magickally gelatinous substance, the slime girl seems curious as to why we are visiting her aquatic habitat, nya! Seen from the hips up, she is a naked slime girl, but her boobies are cleverly obscured by the watermark upon the illustration, nya! Rebecca used the pens & markers to render both of those ACEOs, nya!
Nextly in Guest Art Gallery 3  we are purroud to purrsent “Who Wants Coffee!?!” by Darkdugofdoom, nya! This pen & marker rendering depicts Yara, the feisty feral first mate of the airship Heaven’s Blessing in the steam punk adventure fantasy tale of the Pirates of Tezomea http://freetezomea.com by Neesa & Doug “Darkdugofdoom” Chapman http://dragonsentwined.wordpress.com, nya! 
Neesa and Doug are among the friends whom we always look forward to visiting with at WhatTheHell?! Con, nya! Yara is a big burly brawler with the fierce feline qualities, but in this illustration she is almost wearing the dainty dress, although it has gotten rather shredded whilst she cheerfully brings the pot of coffee, nya!
In Gallery 7 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery7.html is Mike’s illustration of “Boiler (Catgirl Version)”, nya! This pencil, pen marker, Photoshop CS2 and mouse rendering depicts Yara’s friend Boiler, the genius engineer aboard the airship, nya! She is the petite mousey human girl, but in this illustration she has the Siamese cat ears and tail as she tinkers with the ship’s mechanisms, nya!
After that is Mike’s “Cyber Goth Catgirl and Her Kitty”, nya! The catgirl wears the goggles, neon dreadlocks, cat bell collar, cropped tank top, wristbands, underbust corset, vinyl skirt, fingerless fishnet gloves, stockings, leg warmers & raveboots as she hugs her widdle kuroneko, nya! Mike used the pencils, pens & markers to sketch this pic for our friend Kitten at WhatTheHell?! Con, nya! 
Then in Gallery 7 we have Mike’s pencil, pen & marker illustration of a requested Native American “Forest Purrincess”, who is rather inspired by the character San of the Princess Mononoke anime, nya! They might be twins, but that remains a mystery for the realm of non – canonical  fan – fiction, and we do not wish to purress the point, especially the point of her sharp obsidian knife, nya!
Nextly is Mike’s illustration of his RPG NPC Rosebud who is “Nummy Carrot Shopping”, nya! Rosebud is a 29 year old Red Bunny Girl who likes to purrchase delicious, nutritious fresh purroduce when she is not busy with adventures or purrducing mewsic, nya! She is 5’2″ tall and 98 lbs with the Orange Red hair & tail the freckled fair skin and 32B-22-30 measurements, nya! 
It is only appurropurriate that for this month we should have an image of catgirl named April, so we have added Mike’s fan art of April Dumaka, a.k.a. DC Comics’s “Catspaw”, nya! She is a frisky, fierce supurr hero from the Earth in the future who purremiered in Legion of Super-Heroes #33, which was published in September of 1992, so next year will be her 25th anniversary, nya!  
She appurred in some later issues and in the Legionnaires spin-off series, but sadly in 1994 she disappurred from the continuity during the Zero Hour reboot tale, nya.Finally  for this month is Mike’s fan art of another DC Comics catgirl “The Cheetah”, nya! This fierce feline femme fatale first appurred in Wonder Woman #6 in 1943, so 2018 will be her 75th anniversary, nya!
She unclothed, but is covered in the Yellow and White fur with purretty spots, and this pic she has purrloined Wonder Woman’s tiara, bracelets and golden lasso, which has been twined into the ball to paw at, nya! Mike used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse to render Rosebud and those two DC catgirls, nya! So, what do y’all think of the latest additions, nya?
Oh I think that Rebecca’s farie has such lovely ears, the very captivating eyes, and the splendidly ruffled edge of her iridescent wings!
The slime girl is quite sexy, purretty, curious and cute, with the great pose, expurression, texture, and sheen upon her supple curves!
Rebecca’s purretty character illustrations have the confident lines, vibrant colors, subtle shading, the graceful poses and the intricate details!
It is so nice to see another pic of Yara grace our galleries! She looks so powerful and happy, and I like the detail of the braids and fishnets!
Boiler looks pleased as she purrcisely adjusts the mecha, but I notice she has a ball peen hammer in case a less delicate touch is required.
Mary Nyan
Hai hai, me too! It was such a fun time amongst the friends, fans and artisans… and the cybergoth catgirl pic makes me want to hug a kitten!
The cybergoth catgirl’s fishnet stockings might not catch a fish, but that playful outfit will catch the attention at the oonse oonse oonse dance!
I like the earthy Browns of the Forest Purrincess’s attire, the lush Greens of the foliage and moss, and the subtle Red of her face paint stripe!
If she is a fan-fictional twin of San, I wonder if she has the pack of wild animal friends too, nya! She seems like the cougar or puma type, nya!
Oh gosh, the Rosebud illustration’s bushels of the big fresh nummy carrots and the sweet juicy apples are causing the craving in my tummy!
Hang in there- we have to wait until the Aftermew Luau before we can eat, nya! By the way, I think those Hydrangeas are the nice touch, nya!
I like Catspaw’s cute fang expression, her two-toned hair, the tiger stripes, and I would like to take her sporty Legion Cruiser out for the spin!
The Cheetah’s secret identity is the archaeologist, which of course I find rather appealing, but I would purrfur to party with Catspaw than her!
Thank you for presenting all of the new art!
Doitashimaste, nya!
The Cat Lady Sings…
I especially like the wings of the — POYYPHEMIS MOTH, NYA!
(The distracted catgirl with camera scampurrs after the large light brown moth,)
There she goes again, heehee!
She almost made it until the end of The Mew.
Well, the Antheraea polyphemus is a rather lovely lepidoptera.
I have to take a picture too! (scampurrs after Tara-chan and the insect)
I guess that will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Rebecca and Doug for those beautiful additions to our mewseum…
We wish to thank the many other talented folks whose works we have discussed…
Mary Nyan:
… our friend Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
… and our other friends, relatives and our audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nya!
Fur shur! 
Y’all may post your brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to our discussion…
.. purrvided that such comments are spam-free, G-rated and purrtain to our topics!
We’ll be back next month with our anniversary Mew! Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to Mew – until we eat again! BAIBAI, NYA!

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