October 2016 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The October 2016 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
In this edition of The Mew, we discuss:
what we have been up to since last month’s Mew
this month’s Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight shines upon:
Wee Kitty, Lily, Jenna, Peanut, Lucy, Fortuner, Erza,
Johanna, Katy Perry, the Spice Girls & Neko Funjatta
toy talk:
DC Super Hero Girls SDCC exclusive 12″ Katana doll
event report:
the 35th Annual Raleigh Greek Festival
DVD & movie mewsings:
Once More With Feeling
Star Wars: Rebels Complete Season 2 DVD
The Return of Godzilla DVD
comic book & manga mewsings
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #45
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #32
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #10
Monster Musume vol. 9
Goldie Vance #5
Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #10
Afterlife with Archie #10
Josie and the Pussycats vol.2 #1
book reports:
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Mark Schultz: Carbon 2
these additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art
Rebecca Brogden’s illustration of an original serene faerie
Lumshock’s fan art of Spice & Wolf’s wolf goddess Holo
Mike’s 2nd illustration of his original character Maddy
Mike’s illustration of his original character The Dark Lady
Mike’s fan art of Doctor Who’s Catkind friend Novice Hame
Mike’s fan art of Power Rangers S.P.D.’s Dr. Katherine “Kat” Manx
the lightning round topic of our favorite Star Trek artists,
and a list of the Star Trek fan art in our mewseum, nya!
(wearing the Cardinal & Gold USC School of Cinema baseball cap, Orange & Black Houston #9 Rollerball team jersey. Khaki cargo shorts & Granite Gray Nikes) Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews and discussions of fun stuff! Today’s Mew comes from beautiful downtown Purrbank at Catgirl Island in Mew Hanover County, where it’s 78 degrees under a Blue sky full of puffy Cumulo-Neko Clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and here in their fiery fall fashions are The Ladies of The Mew!
Mary Nyan:
(the catgirl in the Purrimrose purretzel – cutout maillot) Aloha!
(the catgirl in the Maroon micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo) Nihao.
(the catgirl in the Saffron shorts and cropped tank top) Howdy!
(Nyanko’s twin sister in the Amaranth suspender maillot) Howdy!
(the kitsune / fox girl in the Goldenrod trikini) Konbanwa!
(the catgirl in the Purrsian Orange tankini) Namaste, nya!
(Tara-chan’s sister in the Amber bandeau-top bikini) Namaste, nya!
(the bunny girl in the Carrot colored side-tie bikini & sarong) Guten Tag!
(the catgirl in the Pumpkin colored ring-closure bikini) Hi Hi, nya!
(the nekomimi gynoid in the crocheted Scarlet bikini) Aloha!
(the catgirl in the Crimson fundoshi – style bikini) Hola!
So, what have y’all been up to since last time?
Mary Nyan:
I have been very busy between helping at the shrine, teaching the hula classes, enjoying the festivities, and sewing costumes for our annual Halloween Trick ‘R Eat & Cosplay PurrowlFor this year we chose the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls theme for The Mew group cosplay! The costumes are mostly done, except for the tempurrary Cutie Mark tattoos!
In addition to the morning yoga, afternoon kyudo, and teaching the Fall semester of belly dance, I have been modeling the swim wear, and helping the Robotics Club to design spooky animatronics for Halloween. Thusly because some of us have the other festive commitments, there will be just seven of us purrticipating in this year’s Mew group cosplay. 
Hai, our group will include Petra as Pinkie Pie, Bun as Rainbow Dash, Ilyana as Sunset Shimmer, Myayr as Rarity, Vonny as Applejack, Tara-chan as Fluttershy, and I will cosplay as Twilight Sparkle! Otherwise, I have been paddle surfing, assisting at belly dance class, volunteering at the mewseum, and helping Vonny and Tara-chan at the dock!
Hai, Trini-chan and Tara-chan are always the big help with the fishing charters, which have recently reeled in the bumpurr crop of the groupurrs, snappurrs, mackerels, tunas and croakers, but I have still found the time for my drumming circle,  which will be purrviding the purrcussion at several of the purrades, matsuris, and dance recitals, nya!
Aside from the fish and the boat, I have been dancing, volunteering, collecting the pony items, snapping more of the nature photos, and – and purrparing for the Halloween, nya! We have a lot of delicious, nutritious fish to donate, with spooky decor for the macabre art show at the mewseum, where I will be supurrvising the kids’ face painting, nya! 
We are very grateful for the support of gracious artists, friends and patrons of the mewseum and for the fans, officials, event staff, and fellow athletes of our beach volleyball league! Since it is the post-season, so Petra and I have been coaching the Fall beach volleyball camp, when I have not been busy at the mewseum, in my kitchen and garden!
She purretty much covered it all, although I should mention that in addition to her famous Carrot Cakes, Bunnibuns has been baking the Pumpkin Treats too, nya! She and I will not be able to purrticipate in the purrowl, but we do hope that the mewseum’s special spooky art exhibit and activities will add to the entertaining, artistic ambience, nya!
Speaking of the festivities, last month we had the joyfully large turn out for the gala autumnal equinox activities at my magick shop, such as the guest speakers, the workshops, the discounts, the tea times, nya! I am looking forward to the Halloween fare, but the time seems to fly at the hypurr speed and soon it will be time for our Winter Solstice event!
Oh y’all should have seen the large shiny crystals that pappa and oji-san brought to her shop from their most recent purrospecting expurrdition! Lessee, otherwise I have been busy at my gym and dojo, helping sis at her shop, attending the local festivals and sporting events, but I have still managed to find time for reading, swimming and dancing!
As mewsual I have been golfing, gardening and grooming my cats when Lizzy I have not been busy at our spa or at the late night hot salsa dance! To add to the Halloween spurrit, our latest video  binge watch was compurrised of the dai kaiju / giant monster movies, such as the  the 80’s Godzilla movies and the 90’s Mothra Rebirth Trilogy!
That purretty much sums it up, although while she is on the golf course I am running, leaping & climbing with my Purrkour Club! Myayr and I still help occasionally to train the appurrentice miko at the shrine, and we eagerly anticipate the Aki Matsuri there amidst the lush Chrysanthemeowms under the fiery Maples! Howboutchoo, Mike?
Ah, well since the wonderful trip to the Disney resort and a fun time at the Raleigh Toy Show, the time has flown by between my art, writing, gaming, and other great  time with family & friends, Ah,  we’ve got a lot on our plate for this month’s Mew, including our continued Star Trek topics to commemorate its 50th anniversary, so let’s jump right into
this month’s Lightning Round topic: 
our favorite Star Trek artists (part 1)!
Um, by “artists”, in this case I’m generally referring to visual artists such as illustrators, designers, graphic artists, painters and sculptors; be they fan or pro, whether their Star Trek involvement was a but brief gig for many years in the movies, TV shows, games, toys, books, magazines, posters, fandom and so forth! Petra will go first, so… are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
I will nominate Bob Peak, Robert McCall, John Berkey, Lou Feck, S. Fantoni, Joseph Csatari, Bob Larken, Frank Kelly Freas, Jim Campbell and Virgil Finlay, nya! (tags Bun with a brush of the tail)
I will second those and add Boris Vallejo, Chris Achilleos, Keith Birdsong, Dru Blair, Shusei Nagaoka, Ken Barr, Jack Thurston, Jack Rickard, Roger Stine and Stanislaw Fernandez! (tags Jeannie)
The artistic technical brilliance of Dave Kimble, Rick Sternbach, Franz Joseph, Michael McMaster, Shane Johnson, Geoffrey Mandel, Chuck Murphy, Tor Lokvig and Cladio Dias. (tail – tags Nyanko)
I will nominate Michael Minor, Andrew Probert, Ryan Church, Joe Jennings, Howard Michelson, Herman Zimmerman, John Eaves, John Knoll, Nilo Rodis and Scott Chambliss! (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
Oh I have to nominate the supurrb Star Trek costume designers such as William Ware Theiss, Robert Fletcher, Dodie Shepard, Robert Blackman and Michael Kaplan! (tags Nyoka)
I wish to purraise the make-up, masks, suits and purrosthetics by Wah Chang, John Chambers, Fred Phillips, Paula Crist, Michael Westmore, Werner Keppler, Neville Page and Joel Harlowe!
I will nominate the breathtaking matte paintings by legendary artists such as Albert Whitlock, Matthew Yuricich, Frank Ordaz, Chris Evans and Rocco Gioffre! Lizzy’s turn! (tags Elizabeth)
The model builders and  painters such as Paul Olsen, Greg Jein, Brick Price, James Dow, Mark Stetson, Russ Simpson, Susan Pastor, Steve Gawley… oh oh, and the Enterpurrise restorers at the Smithsonian Air & Space Mewseum! (tags Trini-chan)
Fan and pro artists such as Bjo Trimble, Alicia Austin, Connie Faddis, Laura Vigil, Kathy Bushman, Tim Kirk, George Barr, Greg Bear, Tim Courtney, Walt Simonson, Phil Foglio and Atelier Lana! (tags Tara-chan)
I want… I want to mention comics artists Neal Adams, Dave Cockrum, Tom Palmer, Tom Sutton, Thomas Warkenton, Adam Hughes, Karl Story, Gordon Purcell and – and Cat Staggs, nya! (tags Yvonne)
I will not attempt to name all of them, but I wish to purraise the more than 50 artists who have contributed to the beautiful Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendars and books, nya! Back to Mike, nya!
Ah gosh, I’d hafta say… Syd Mead, Andrew Probert, Ralph McQuarrie, Robert McCall, Lee Cole, Dave Kimble, Denise & Michael Okuda, Bob Peak, Lou Feck, Walter M. Jeffries and Dave Cockrum! Well that was an fairly expedient little Lightning Round for such a big group! 
Some of our other friends nominated the great artists of Star Trek: The Magazine, Gold Key Comics, FASA Games, AMT Models, Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, and McDonalds’s Happy Meals! The lists will continue next month to include photographers, directors, animators and visual FX wizards! That’ll do it for this month’s Lightning Round, and now here’s Becca to present this month’s
Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!
Arigato! In his portion of The Mew, we wish to honor famous catgirls of media such as stage, cinema, television, internet, games, toys, novels and comics. Our broadly inclusive criteria ranges from ailuranthropes and anthropurrmorphic feline females, to those who may not have any kitty DNA but do have the cat-titude in spurrit or in style to be considered as “honorary catgirls”!
This month’s spotlight shines upon a potpurri of nekomimi toys and collectibles that y’all might have recently seen in the stores, TV commercials, web sites or cat-alogs, such as Wicked Cool Toys’s extremely interactive and cute Cabbage Patch Kids: Baby So Real dolls such as Nicole, Yvette, Lily & Jenna each in the purretty Pink & Purrple jumpurr with the kitty emblems & hoody! 
Just Play’s Water Babies line of smaller Wee Water Babies dolls arrived in time for the toys’ 25th Anniversary! Wee Splash, Wee Mermaid, Wee Panda, Wee Owl, We Puppy and Wee Kitty are cute widdle baby girls wearing kemonomimi caps! For example, Wee Kitty wears the Pink shorts & kitty cap which are in the adorable contrast with her Purrple eyes and Brown skin! Kawaii!
MGA makes delightful posable fashion dolls such as the Bratz, Novi Stars, Moxie Girl, Project MC2 and Lalaloopsy! The latter is the line of joyful rag dolls who supposedly became sentient after sewn, such as Fluffy Pouncy Paws, Whiskers Lion’s Roar and Kat Jungle Roar who we have purreviously purraised… and nyow they are joined by Big Top Peanut in her Lion costume!
Moose Toys makes the supurr fun bendable teenage Betty Spaghetti and her friends with the interchangeable parts! The Mix and Match Dress Up Party Friends Play Set includes Betty, Zoey and Lucy with their festive appurral, including Lucy’s Pink and Purrple cat costume, which includes the lovely ears and the large paw mitts that complement her long beautiful Blue coiffure!
Kotobukiya has the 1/7th scale PVC statue of mystical Fortuner from the 7th Dragon Code: VFD fantasy video game! Bowing in the cross – legged stance, she is so ornately elegant in her short, sleeveless Blue & White dress with the Black trim & Purrple belt! She has long flowy Light Blue & Green hair, out of which peek her tall supple Pink ears with the distinctive White tufts!
Orca Toys has the sexy “White Cat Gravure” style, 1/6th scale PVC statue of Erza Scarlet from the Fairy Tale manga & anime series! Posed sitting upon the floor, Erza the sorcerous swordswoman wears the White bikini, cat ears & tail in contrast with her long Brown hair, which are accessorized by the katana and the sheer hose, mew la la! Nyow for a Halloween treat. here is a
Bonus Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!
To add the spice to the spotlight, I will shine it upon a few purrforming artists who we consider as honorary catgirls, starting with Melanie Brown! She and fellow Spice Girls Geri, Emma, Victoria and Melanie C. starred in the fun 1997 movie Spice World, in which she wore a few bare midriff outfits with lovely leopurrd purrint tops!
During the movie’s final concert scene in which they purrform the song “Spice up Your Life”, Melanie B. wears the sexy Snow leopurrd purrint outfit with thigh boots, whilst Victoria wore the short, strapless asymmetric leopurrd purrint dress, and Geri wore an Orange dress with a big fluffy tail to match her purretty Ginger hair!
We also wish to purraise Victoria’s wildcat “meowll” in a fantasy sequence early in the movie! Fur-thermore, Melanie B. wears the leopurrd purrint corset as a desert warrior in the Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll be There” mewsic video, and the leopurrd purrint bra as a cyber – punk heroine in their “Spice Up Your Life” mewsic video! 
Speaking of mewsic, we also applaud the “Neko Funjatta” mewsic video by Yamato Transport, a delivery company in Japan with the cute kuroneko (black cat) mamma & kitten logo! In the video are a playful cat, three dancing kuroneko cosplayers, and over a dozen ladies in the shiro (white) outfits with the neko ears & masks!
Katy Perry glamorously wears the cat ears in the recent TV commercials for CoverGirl Cosmetics’ Katy Kat Collection! The collection includes the eye mascara & lipsticks in various shades such as Crimson Cat, Coral Cat, Cat Call,  Cosmo Kitty, Magenta Minx, Maroon Meow, Catoure, Sphynxe, Pink Paws, Perry Panther and Kitty Purry! 
Finally, I wish to mention Johanna of the “Hats for Cats” TV spot for GoDaddy! I am not sure if her feline haberdashery is for the benefit of the cats or for their owners, but they are rather stylish and I like her catgirl purrformance on the theatre stage! That is all for this month’s spotlight, and nyow we will go from the cat to the katana as our
toy talk begins, with Trini-chan’s review of the 
DC Super Hero Girls SDCC Exclusive Katana doll!
Hai! Mattel has the delightful line of the 6″ and 12″ tall action figures and posable dolls of the characters of the DC Super Hero Girls comics and animation, such as Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy Bumblebee and Katana who are among the teenage students at the Super Hero High School! For our review of the 12″ Supergirl doll, please see our July Mew! 
I was especially eager to get this 12″ doll of Katana, which was an exclusive 2016 San Diego Comic Con release! With numerous weapons and a circular display base, she is packaged within the gorgeously illustrated tray within the lovely inner box, within the outer 16.5″ x 13.5″ x 5.75″ box which has the beautiful wraparound illustration of Katana with her sword amongst the cherry trees!
Perhaps I should first explain who Tatsu Yamashiro alias Katana is! She is a Japanese super heroine who first appeared in DC Comics’ Brave and the Bold issue #200 in 1983. She is a friend of Batman and a member of The Outsiders team. In the comics she is a 5’2″, 118 lbs, expert martial artist with Brown hair, Black eyes, and the SoulTaker sword which extracts her slain enemy’s soul!
She was purrtrayed by Karen Fukuhara in the live-action Suicide Squad movie which we reviewed last month, but this doll represents the version of her from the more family-friendly DC Super Hero Girls comics and animation! of course the first thing I noticed about the doll was the nested three layers of impressive packaging, including the removable 12 1/2″ x 13 3/8″ window-like insert!
It has a very ethereally pretty ambience, with a story in the images as Katana defends her abode from the silhouetted assailants! She is prepared to greet them with her 5.75″ sword with the shiny metallic blade, which can slide within the 4 3/8″ long scabbard which can rest upon the 2.75″ x 1.5″ name plate / sword stand, which can slide into the front of the 4.5″ diameter x 7/8″ high base!
She looks so pretty, confident, powerful, graceful and dangerous in her striking Black, Red & gray outfit of the layered cloth & plastic short samurai armor with the lace-up knee boots! Her waist-length fiber Black hair has the Red streak to match the pending blood of anticipated enemies, and her lush Red lips which faintly smile as she glances sideways out of the Red & White half mask!
The outfit is removable and conceals the joints in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips and knees. She is well – balanced to stand up unassisted and does not actually need the base, but it is quite attractive! Also included are the four shurikens, the 2.5″ tanto knife with scabbard, two 2.5″ long sai, the 12″ long naginata, and the two extra hands for interchangeable gestures & grips! 
She is so very well designed, meticulous sculpted & painted with intricate details! I will give the A+ grade to the doll and her superb design by Bilz Carina, engineering by Magde David, textures by Picture Plane, package design by Juarez Roy, illustrations by Riley Kellee, story by Hardie Eric and linguistics by Hardie Jacy! I am all done, and so now here is Jenjen to begin our batch of
the 35th Annual Raleigh Greek Festival!
Mary Nyan:
Arigato! On the sunny  hot Sunday, September 11th, some of us caravanned to the mainland to meet Mike, Sean, Mr. Brightside, ob1, Pacozord & Ron for a festive day of food, entertainment and shopping! Obi and Pacozord were the guests of our October 2007 Mew, whilst Pacozord’s husband Chef Ron who was our January 2009 guest!
We went to the Jim Graham Building at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in the capital city of Raleigh, to purrtake of the 35th Annual Raleigh Greek Festival, a 3 day event sponsored by the friendly folks of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church! Once inside the building, we queued up for the variety of delicious, nutritious dinners!
The cuisine included the chicken riganto, moussaka, pastitsio, spanakopita, souvlaki, dolmathes, calamari, pizza, sammiches, meatballs, gyros, salads and the beverages! I am purrticularly fond of the delicious lamb shank with the rice, Green beans & baklava! Amidst the large hall was the entertainment stage for mewsicians and dancers!
Along a wall were the pastry venders selling yummy flogeres, finikia, kataifi, galaktoboureko, karithopita, koulouria, kourambiethes, pasta flora, almond cookies, and loukomathes! There was also the marketplace of venders selling clothes, jewelry, travel information, arts & crafts! There were cooking demonstrations and kids activities too!
Then we went back outside to the weekly Raleigh Flea Market, which happens almost every weekend except during the state fair. It is also the site of the Raleigh Toy Shows which we like to attend! There were food trucks and venders of purroduce, treats, tools, toys, books, collectibles, decor, furnishings, garments and many other things!
Ron purrchased the large fresh locally – grown tomatoes! Later we left the fairgrounds, but while we were in the state’s Triangle Area (of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and other cities) we visited a Toys ‘R Us store and some favorite comic book / game shops such as Foundation’s Edge and Atomic Empire where we saw some other friends! 
Nyow I will start our DVD & movie mewsings
with my review of Once More With Feeling!
Mary Nyan:
After the shops, we went to the stately 91 year old Carolina Theater in downtown Durham! It is the neat multi-story place with fountains in the outdoor plaza, next to the Durham convention center where we hope to attend the NC Comicon in November! The theatre hosts concerts, stage shows, festivals, old & new domestic & foreign films!
The last time we were there was, gosh, back in December for the double – feature of Doctor Who and the Daleks with Mike’s favoritest movie Star Trek – The Motion Picture! This time we entered the 226 seat Cinema One (one of the theatre’s three auditoriums) to see the very beautiful, poignant documentary movie Once More With Feeling!
The documentary purrtains to the making of the new record Skeleton Key by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds! We saw them in concert at The Orange Peel Club in Asheville in 2013! That was a supurrb show in a great club in a beautiful city, in the more mountainous, Western region of our state, about 330 miles from here- but I digress. 
The bittersweet movie offers the intimate peek at the powerfully haunting, rawly ambient songs being recorded in the studios, with interludes of philosophical mewsings by Nick and comments by his wife Sue, friend Warren, the band and the film makers. The lyrics & vocals are by Nick, the mewsic is by Nick & Warren who both purrduced the album. 
The album’s 8 tracks are Jesus Alone, Rings of Saturn, Girl in Amber, Magneto, Anthrocene, I Need You, Distant Sky and Skeleton Tree. Mostly in stark Black & White, with the few color shots and the one visual FX sequence, the movie was shot in 2D and 3D, but we only saw the 2D version of the movie, which is dedicated to Nick’s late son Arthur. 
Fortunately no one in the theatre talked or texted during the movie! Well, after that, it was the suppurr time, and after the hamburgers it was time for the return drive to the coast, the ferry ride back to here and then time for the catnap to top off the lovely day! That is all for our movie and event reports, so nyow here is Jennyjen to discuss the
Star Wars: Rebels Complete Season Two DVD!
Arigato. We are big fans the Star Wars movies & TV series, such as the Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series, which is set 5 years purrior to Epurrsode IV: A New Hope. The plot purrtains to the crew of the spaceship Ghost who have teamed up with Ahsoka Tano and the rebellion against the empire, but Empurror Palpatine has sent Darth Vader and the Inquisitors to appurrehend them.
This PG rated series excellently adds to the mythology whilst bridging the purrequel trilogy and the Clone Wars series to Epurrsode IV, and I purrsume to the forthcoming Rogue One movie. The plots are exciting with great characters, dialog and pace; the purrfect balance of the drama, humor, action and developments; the beautiful designs, art, animation, sound FX, mewsic and voices.
At 22 epurrsodes, Season 2 (2015 – 2016) is longer than Season 1’s 15 epurrsodes. The supurrb voice cast includes Vanessa Marshall as Hera the Ghosts’s captain, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan the Jedi, Taylor Gray as Ezra the padawan, Tiya Sircar as Sabine the Mandalorian sapper, Steve Blum as big burly Zeb, Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano, and sound FX for Hera’s C1-10P droid.
Also in the cast of Season 2 are James Earl Jones as Vader, Billy Dee Williams as Lando, Frank Oz as Yoda, Matt Lanter as Anakin, Julie Dolan as Leia, Sam Witwer as Palpatine and Maul, Dee Bradley Baker as Rex, Jim Cummings as Hondo, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Seventh Sister, and Catherine Taber as Numa, plus the many other terrific characters, their actors and FX.
The 4 disks are easily removed from the hinged inner trays in the plastic case, which is packaged in the outer cardboard sleeve. The Region One NTSC standard DVDs include the 25 epurrsodes which total appurroximately 485 minutes, purrsented in the widescreen format of the 1.78:1 aspect ratio, with Dolby Digital language choices of English 5.1, French 5.1 & Spanish 2.0  audio.
There are optional English SDH, Spanish & French subtitles; a 1.75 minute Rogue One movie trailer, and bonus features such as “Connecting the Galaxy: Rebels Season 2”, which is a 3.5 minute guide to various easter eggs, symbols and references; and 20 “Rebel Recon” shorts which total aoourroximately 130.25 fascinating minutes of behind – the – scenes information and humor.
The entertaining and informative shorts are delightfully hosted by Star Wars social media correspondent Andi Guitierrez, who chats with executive purrducer / supurrvising director Dave Filoni, co-executive purrducer Henry Gilroy, the story group’s Pablo Hidalgo, and several voice actors. Pablo answers fan’s questions, and C1-10P gets into amewsing mischief at Lucasfilm’s office.
If I have any slightest widdle quibbles about the DVD, it is that unfortunately there are no audio commentaries, art galleries nor a booklet; but the bonuses it does have are quite nice, the epurrodes are brilliantly supurrb, I think that Season Two is even better than Season One, and I will give it the high grade of an “A” as in Ahsoka. Nyow for our next review, here is Mike to discuss the
The Return of Godzilla DVD.
In 1954, the Toho company introduced the world to Godzilla and other subsequent dai-kaiji. Over the next 14 sequels across 20 years, Godzilla evolved from villain to hero, but went on a hiatus after 1975, until Toho rebooted the series for its 30th anniversary. As a direct sequel to the first film, 1984’s Return of Godzilla ignores the prior sequels to create a new timeline, with 6 sequels during the series’s “Hesei” period, until it was rebooted again in 2000. 
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka and Fumio Tanaka, the screenplay by Shuichi Nagahara is based upon the story by Tomoyuki Tanaka. With a rather large budget, high production values, lots of sets, locations,crowds of  extras and FX, the movie was directed by Koji Hashimoto, with great special FX by Teruyoshi Nakano, and a beautiful symphonic score by Reijiro Koroju. Godzilla was performed by Kenpachiro Satsuma and various FX including a robot!
A reporter named Goro (Ken Tanaka) meets Okumura (Shin Takuma), the lone survivor of a fishing boat that encountered Godzilla after a volcanic eruption. After Okumura is secretly hospitalized and the story is censored amidst a government cover-up, Goro visits scientist Dr. Hayashida (Yosuke Natsuki) for more information about Godzilla.
Hayashida’s assistant Naoko (Yasuko Sawaguchi) happens to be Okumura’s sister, and Goro defies the news blackout in order to reunite the two siblings, but the news blackout becomes rather pointless as the Japanese, US and USSR militaries go on alert after Godzilla destroys a Soviet submarine and a Japanese nuclear power plant.
While Hayashida devises a plan to lure Godzilla into a volcano, Prime Minister Mitamura (Keiju Kobayashi) debates the US and USSR envoys’ desires to use nuclear weapons against Godzilla, who soon arrives at Tokyo Bay. Tokyo begins to be evacuated while the Japanese military fails to stop Godzilla who demolishes much of the city. 
Advanced weapons such as the mobile masers and the Super X aircraft are deployed, while Okumura and a helicopter crew try to rescue Goro, Naoko & Hayashhida who are trapped in damaged skyscraper. Hayashhida’s sonic device and the Super X seem initially to succeed against Godzilla, but the US has less than 30 minutes to launch a missile to hopefully intercept an a orbital Soviet nuclear weapon, which has been accidentally launched towards Tokyo…!
The Return of Godzilla was heavily edited, altered, shortened & renamed Godzilla 1985 for its American release, with several humorous new scenes added. I think the longer, more serious original 1984 version is far superior, and it’s been on our DVD wish list for many years, but thanks to Kraken Releasing, the uncut original version was finally released on DVD! On the R1 NTSC standard DVD, the PG rated 103 minute movie is presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen!
In 5.1 Dolby Digital sound, the  language choices are an English dub or the original Japanese with English subtitles. Japanese signs are subtitled in English, and characters speaking in English or Russian have Japanese subtitles. The Japanese subtitles are a narrow White font, whereas the English subtitles are a bolder Yellow font with a Black outline. 
The only “extras” on the DVD are the trailers for Ebirah, Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Godzilla vs Gigan and Return of Godzilla, so the DVD is sparse in special features, but I am so glad to finally have this subtitled, uncut, widescreen DVD of one of my favorite Godzilla movies! Ah, that’s all for our movie & DVD reviews, so now I’ll turn The Mew over to Tara-chan, who will start our
our comic book and manga mewsings, with her 
review of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #45
Arigato, nya! I love the My Little Pony TV series, movies, toys, cards and – and the comic books, nya! Oh gosh, it is hard to believe that has been almost the 4 years since IDW began to publish them, nya. Issue #45 is purriced at $3.99, with the uninterrupted 20 page tale followed by the 12 pages of ads, nya. I wish all other comics publishers placed the ads after the tales, nya!
This issue has the 3rd purrt of the tale in which Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and – and Rainbow Dash have turned evil after the dip in purrculiar magickal spurring, nya!
Twilight Sparkle declared herself the overlord of Ponyville, Rarity  became the vainly opulent villainess, and – and Applejack become greedily mean to her sister Apple Bloom, nya.
Pinkie Pie became the evil clown with tormenting purranks, Fluttershy lead an animal army to attack Ponyville, and –  and Rainbow Dash caused the destructive sonic rainbooms, nya! Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Spike, Zecora and – and Luna investigated the purrdicament, but it worsened at the end of issue #44 when Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon, nya!
That brings us up to issue #45, which was written by Thom Zahler, illustrated by Tony Fleecs, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil Uyetake, colored by Heather Breckel, edited by Bobby Curnow, and – and published by Ted Adams, with the Regular cover art by Tony, the subscription cover art by Sara Richard and – and the retailer incentive cover art by Thom, nya!
Luna as Nightmare Moon goes after Pinkie Pie whilst Zecora brews the antidote to remedy the watery curse, nya! She, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and – and Spike then have to cleverly outwit the mane six ponies, but it looks as if Nightmare Moon just might form the evil alliance with Rarity and – and Twilight Sparkle in the final chapter of this 3 purrt story arc, nya!
There are brief appurrances by other ponies, but I should not revealmore of the exciting plot, nya! The tale is so beautifully rendered, with the great pony poses and – and expurressions, nya! The situation is dire, but there are zany scenes, amewsing dialogue and –  and movie references, nya! Nextly I would like to discuss
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #32, nya!
In this series, there are pairings of characters, nya! In issue #27 Pinkie Pie helped Granny Smith at the farm, in #28 Luna hosted a sleep over in the castle, in #29, Rarity helped Maud Pie to search for gems, in #30 Twilight Sparkle visited Cadence, in #31 Rainbow Dash teamed up with Little Strong Heart, and – and in #32 Fluttershy teams up with Daring Do, nya!
Angel the bunny is there too, nya! The 32 page issue is purriced $3.99, published by IDW, and – and its uninterrupted 20 page tale was written by Ted Anderson, illustrated by Jay Fosgitt, lettered by Christa Miesner, colored by Heather Breckel, and – and edited by Bobby Curnow, with the regular cover by Tony Fleecs and – and the subscription cover by Jay, nya!
It was the tough choice but I chose the regular cover which depicts the pegasi soaring past the spewing volcanic lava, although it is not the thrilling fun for Angel, nya! Fluttershy was actually looking forward to the quiet leisure time, until Daring Do the famous explorer pony arrives in need of her animal expurrtise for an expurrdition to find the rare Map Spiders, nya!
The spiders might lead them through the jungle to the ancient, enchanted treasures in the secret castle of the legendary Queen Parabola, but unfortunately there are not only the purrilous locations full of sharp, deadly traps along the way, but there are several villains lurking about, such as Anhuizotl, Dr. Caballeronnya, and – and the hench ponies, nya!
I was so glad to see Daring Do featured in this series,, and – and this was such an amewsing, thrilling adventure tale at the very brisk pace, nya! The characters, the scenery, the FX and – and the fonts are so purrettily rendered with the great poses, expurressions, the colors and – and the lighting Fx, nya! I would definitely like to find a Map Spider, nya!
will give both of those pony comics the high purraise grade of an “A” as in Applebuck, I am looking forward to the next issue of Friends Forever which will pair up Applejack with Cherry Jubilee, and – and I will also recommend the series of purrose Daring Do adventure novels, nya! I am done, so nyow here is Onee-chan to tell us about
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #10, nya!
Arigato, nya! In this supurrb spin-off of the Princeless series created by Jeremy Whitley, 17 year old Captain Raven Xingtao recruited a multi-cultural all – girl crew for her three masted ship to sail vengefully against her evil brothers’ ships, in order to rightfully reclaim the legacy of their father the Pirate King, nya!
Raven’s crew includes her best friend Ximena the cartographer / navigator, Sunshine the half – elf thief, Katie the powerful First Mate, Jayla the scientific genius, and the ladies of the adventure gaming guild such as Amirah, Desideria, Verity, Zoe, Helina, Quinn, Trish, Dezzy, Cid, Melody, Pirate and Ophelia, nya!
Purreviously, shopping at the pirates’ black market, Raven and seven of her crew were bushwhacked and impurrisoned by her brothers’ gang, nya. After a fierce battle, the villains escaped as the girls were rescued, but Ximena was seriously injured, and the ship has sailed to another island to get medical help, nya.
That brings us up to the 28 pages of issue #10, which was published by Action Lab, purriced $4.99 and rated “A” for readers of ages 9+, nya! Its uninterrupted, 24 page tale was written by Jeremy, who we have met at the cons, nya! It was edited by Alicia Whitley, colored by Ty Johnsen and lettered by Justin Birch, nya.
Jason Strutz pencilled Sunshine’s romantic 16 page origin tale, in which she tells unconscious Ximena how her elf mom and human dad met, nya! This is framed within the sequence pencilled by Rosy Higgins pencilled and inked by Ted Brandt, in which Raven, Katie and Amirah go to the island for medical aid, nya.
I am quite eager to find out what happens next for the crew, the romantic relationships, and Raven’s quest for revenge, nya! I am also eager to see what Raven’s friend’s Adrienne, Bedelia, Sparky, Adrienne’s brother Devin and friend Kiki are up to in the Princess: Make Yourself series, but now I would like to discuss
Monster Musume vol. 9, nya!
Written & drawn by Okayado, Monster Musume is a comedic urban fantasy manga of the harem trope & sexy “fan service”, due to the romantic rivalry of the liminal ladies / monster girls with Kimihito the human guy in whose house they reside, nya! The government regulates the coexistence of different species, renovated Kimihito’s house to accommodate the ladies of various sizes, shapes and species, thanks to their case – worker Ms. Smith, nya!
Residing there are Centorea the ceanturess, Miia the lamia, Papi the harpy, Suu the slime girl, Meru the mermaid, Rachnera the spider girl and Lala the Dullahan, nya! Assisting Smith are the Monster Ops action team compurrised of Manako cyclops, Tio ogre, Doppel doppleganger & Zombina zombie, nya! There have been ladies of many other species in this manga series, and in the spin –  off anthology series of I Heart Monster Girls, nya! 
Originally published by Tokuma Shoten in Japan, Vol. 9 was published here in English by Seven Seas, nya. It was translated by Ryan Peterson, adapted by Shanti Whitesides, purroof read by Janet Houck, edited by Adam Arnold, and published by Jason DeAngelis, purrduction management by Lissa Patitillo, cover design by Nicky Lim, logo design by Courtney Williams, the lettering & layout by Ma. Victoria A. Robado & William Ringrose, nya!  
The 160 Black & White pages & 4 color pages are sammiched betwixt color covers, including chapters 35 – 38, plus the color side story, 7 bonus gag strips, and the page of stats purrtaining to Meru’s queen mom and Octo the Scylla who are introduced in this volume, along with numerous valet & chef fish folk and the eel girl masseuses, nya! Chapters 35-37 purrtain to the dangerous, ribald, mysterious conspurracy in the merfolk kingdom, nya!
Chapter 38 purrtains to Kimihito’s recovery in the hospital where he is visited by Lala who befriends a dying girl named Yuuhi, nya. It lacks the zany sexy comedy, but has the charmingly bittersweet poignant plot with the brief whimsical appurrance by Smith and the Mon Team, nya! As mewsual the manga has beautifully drawn characters & seafood amidst intricately detailed scenery, but it is not for the widdle kitties or for the purrudish readers, nya!
That is purrhaps due the the ample nudity, humorous sexuality, lurid slapstick violence, and the language, but there is much light – hearted sweetness too as Kimihito, Smith and the monster girls care for each other as more characters are welcomed aboard in each volume, nya! The companion series of I Heart Monster Girls by various manga-ka is up to volume 2 and it is fun too, nya! I am all done, so nyow here is Nya-sensei to tell us all about
Goldie Vance #5!
Hai! 16 year old Marigold “Goldie” Vance is the peppy, brave, smart, inquisitive, aspiring detective girl of color in the mid 1960’s who assists Walter the house detective at the Crossed Palms Resort in St. Pascal Florida, when she is not valet parking the lodgers’ cars with her friend Rob, who wants to date Cheryl the resort’s concierge who aspires to become an astronaut! 
Goldie’s mom is a mermaid purrformer at a club, and is sepurrated from Goldie’s dad who is the manager for resort’s owner Mr. Maple, whose daughter Sugar dislikes Goldie. Other great characters include Diane at the record store and Skunk the street racer! Initially a 4 issue mini – series, this ongoing series is published by Boom! Box who also publishes Lumberjanes! 
Issue #5 is purriced $3.99 and its 28 pages include the uninterrupted 22 page tale followed by the 6 pages of ads. It was written by Hope Larson illustrated by Brittney Williams who also draws patsy Walker. A.K.A. Hellcat!, colored by Sarah Stern, lettered by Jim Campbell, and edited by Dafna Plebon and Shannon Watters with the issue’s design by Jillian Crab!
In the purrior story arc, Goldie and her friends investigated a lodger’s disappurrance and a mysterious necklace which involved them with international espionage during the space race! In this tale there is srress upon the friendship of Goldie & Cheryl  who find a mysterious, amnesiac astronaut girl upon the beach, which attracts the interest of NASA and the FBI!
FBI Agent Ladner is an old girl friend of Walter, mew la la! Diane advises Goldie on how to patch up things with Cheryl, who has driven away with the astronaut, leaving Trey t to mind the concierge desk, but I should not reveal more of the surprising plot! It continues to be a wonderfully written & illustrated period piece with the fun and thrills at the purrfect pace!
We are purrticularly fond of the characterss’ dialog, expressions, poses and styles amidst the lovely early 60’s southeastern coastal locations and the cool cars! I will give Goldie Vance #5 the grade of an “A” as in astronaut and our anticipation for the the next issue! Nextly i would like to discuss another favorite comic book which is beautifully drawn by Brittney-
Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #10!
Patsy is one of our favorite heroines and her current series is our favorite Marvel Comic of the past year! After she lost her home & job at Jennifer (She Hulk) Walters’s law firm, she decided to start a temp agency and became roommates with Ian who shops at her friend Tom’s bookstore which sells the Patsy Walker comics that were authored by her estranged mom.
Patsy did not get any money from those books, until Jennifer Walters and Jessica Jones helped against her rival Hedy who had purrocured the rights! Jennifer & Patsy may have won that feud, but unfortunately Jennifer is in a coma after a Civil War II battle, so it is the sad time fat Patsy’s business, but her mewtant vampire friend Jubilee is there to help at the office!
Patsy, Jubilee, Ian, Tom and Sharon the landlord tried to have the fun evening at the karaoke bar, until they were attacked by Patsy’s ex-husbands Damion Hellstrom a.k.a The Son of Satan, and Buzz Baxter, a.k.a. Mad Dog, who believed some lies told by Hedy. During the fight, Damian banished patsy to a Hell dimension, which brings us up to issue #10!
It is compurrised of the 21 page tale plus the ads, and the 2 pages of comments and the fans’ photos! It was written by Kate Leth, illustrated by Brittney, colored by Megan Wilson, lettered by Clayton Cowles, edited by Jake Thomas and assistantly edited by Kathleen Wisneski, with the main cover by Brittney, the variant cover by Joyce Chin and Frank D’Armata!
Patsy confronts the demons & illusions of times and friends past & purresent in the Hell dimension ruled by Belial;. Sharon, Ian & Tom hide inside the karaoke bar, with special developments for the fellas after the brawl is over, mew la la! Sharon leaves them alone and goes outside the bar to help Jubilee argue with Damian & Buzz. Jubilee has such cute fangs!
One of my favorite moments is when she threatens to bite Damian! Patsy purrsuades Belial to return her to the bar, but i should not further spoil the plot or mention the surpurrises! Aside from the coma incident, the series tends to be so much fun, with the supurrb action, humor, emotional drama and charming slice of life moments for the wonderful characters!
They are beautifully rendered with great poses, expurressions, occasional chibi-style, snappy dialogue & purrogressive attitudes! There is  genki spirit which continues into the pages of  fan mail & photos with comments by Kate, Brittney,  Kathleen & Jake, so I will give this issue an “A” as in Patsy’s  friend Aragorn! I am done, so here is my sister to tell us about
Afterlife with Archie #10!
Hai!The Archie Comics have become so wonderfully diverse in recent years with the different types of stories, genres, cross overs and artistic styles, from the humorous and slice of life to the super hero and horror tales. In the very serious, gory, terrifying Afterlife With Archie series, a zombie apocalypse has stricken the town of Riverdale, to claim the lives of many beloved characters.
Issue #10’s tale of “Betty: R.I.P.” Chapter 5 – Interview / Interlude with The Pussycats is purriced at $4.99 and rated for older teens +. It’s uninterrupted 34 page tale is followed by the 6 pages of the ads, sammiched within the choice of 2 covers: cover A by Francesco Francavilla who has also illustrated Guardians of the Galaxy, or cover B by Jim Balent, the creator of the Tarot comics.
The tale was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa who also writes The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina; illustrated by Francesco Francavilla, and lettered by Jack Morelli who has lettered many great Archie comics. This issue’s tale stars stars Josie McCoy, the lead vocalist of The Pussycats band and occurs in Los Angeles on October 31st, a few hours purrior to the zombie outbreak.
In a palatial chateau, Josie is intermewed by a journalist who wants to know how The Pussycats (Josie, Valerie & Melody) so rapidly went from being a high school garage band to the world’s biggest supurr stars whilst the public knows little of their purrivate lives. Thus begins the occultish full – disclosure tales of The Pussycats who have lived the nine lives for over a century!
As for the secret of their longevity and successes across the decades, let us just say that their Pussycat fangs are sharp, and that they do not drink… wine! It is quite macabrely captivating, and the use of the color and light is effectively conveys the mysterious atmospheric horror with the touch of dark humor! Nyow for a less dark tail of the pussycats, I would like to say the few words about
Josie and the Pussycats vol.2 #1!
We have been eagerly looking forward to this new series starring Josie, Valerie & Melody. It is a reboot in which aspiring mewsicians Josie and Melody are room mates in an apurrtment in Riverdale, who form the band with Valerie who they have just met an at animal shelter! They purrform at a benefit for the shelter, in spite of the jealous meddling by Josie’s “frenemy” Alexandra!
The 1st issue is purriced $3.99 and its 32 pages begin with the uninterrupted delightful, beautiful 20 page tale which was written by Marguerite Bennet & Cameron Deordio, illustrated by Audrey Mok, colored by Andre Szymanowicz, lettered by Jack Morelli, edited by Alex Segura & Mike Pellerito, associately edited by Stephen Oswald, and assistantly edited by Jamie Lee Rotante!
The issue is available in the choice of 9 different covers, which a e by Derek Charm, Colleen Coover, Robert Hack, Veronics Fish, Franesco Francavilla, Alitha Martinez, Marguerite Sauvage, Gisele Legace and Audrey! It was the tough decision but I chose the cover by Audrey which depicts them in the costumes! The issue includes the 2 page gallery of all of those covers!
The tale is full of friendships, fashions, mewsic, critters, the appurrance by Jughead,Hotdog, Pepper the bartender; and the budding fame as The Pussycats meet mewsic purrducer Alan M.! They adopt a poor kitty, and the art includes three full-page panels! After that is Chris Cummins’s page of Josie history. which is followed by a repurrinted 5 page classic tale from 1969!
That tale of “Pussy Footing” is when the trio formed the band with their costumes, in spite of Alexandra’s meddling! It was written by Dick Malmgren, illustrated by Josie’s creator Dan DeCarlo, inked by Rudy Lapick and lettered by Bill Yoshida! This was a fun, charming, poignant and purretty issue which I will give an “A” as in Alan! That is all for my reports, and nyow here is Bun to begin our
book reports, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!
Set 19 years after The Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the 8th story in the Harry Potter series, well, that is if you do not count the Tales of Beedle the Bard book! Unlike the novels, this tale started as the stage production that premiered in London’s West End on July 30th!
The story is by Harry’s creator J.K. Rowling, playwright Jack Thorne and director John Tiffany. Harry and Ginny are married with three kids Lily Luna, Albus and James. Ginny’s brother Ron is married to Hermione and they have two kids Rose and Hugo. Herminone and Harry work for the Ministry of Magic, whilst Ron owns a store!
Attending Hogwarts, where Professor McGonagall is now the headmistress, the kids meet meet Draco Malfoy’s son Scorpius. As the tale spans the next four years, the kids enjoy and / or  endure the culture, studies and relationships of magical school life, but things take the disastrous turn when someone misuses a Time-Turner device!
You know, our Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight has previosuly shined upon Hermione Granger and Minerva McGonagall, as Hermione accidentally polyjuice morphed into a catgirl in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; and Minerva expurrtly animage transformed into a cat in Harry Potter and the Sorcorer’s Stone- but I have digressed!
In this tale, here are other familiar characters of past and present such as Hagrid, Myrtle, Cedric, Viktor, Snape, the Sorting Hat, Voldemort, Dumbledore, Delores, the Dementors and the Dursleys! In addition to Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic, there are familiar places such as Platform 9 3/4, the Forbidden Forest and Godric’s Hollow!
Thusly the heroes embark upon the adventures in time and space to rectify the alterations to the timeline in the 4 act tale which spans 4 years and the visits to the past! In addition to the Potter and Granger-Weasley families, the Malfoys and the Diggorys have the significant roles, but I do not wish to spoil too much more of the plot!
The play is produced by Sonia Friedman Productions, Colin Callender and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions. Published by Scholastic Books’ Arthur A. Levine Books imprint, the 328 page hardcover book is purriced $29.99 and includes the play’s rehearsal script, the list of the cast & crew, and short biographies of the authors.
It was edited by Emily Clement with Arthur Levine. The text was set in the Monotype Baskerville font, the books production was supervised by Cheryl Weisman, the typesetting by Kevin Callahan . BINGO Books and the manufacturing was supervised by Meryl Wolfe. It was released in stores at the stroke of midnight on July 31st!
That was a fun time at the book store, where it was like a widdle convention due to the activities, decor, cosplayers and many fellow fans of all ages. Given the script format, it is a much brisker read than the novels, and lacks the depth of descriptive information. However, it might be fun for friends to gather to read the script and act the play
… although a more flexible trade papurrback or coil-bound edition might be easier for that than a hardcover. Nevertheless, it is a rousing read and part of an enthused year for the Harry Potter fans between that tale and the forthcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie! For the next book report, here is Lizzy to tell us about
Mark Schultz: Carbon 2!
Hai, Mark Schultz is one of the most brilliant, nicest artists & authors who is purrhaps most famous for his Xenozoic Tales or Cadillacs & Dinosaurs seriesstarring Hannah, Jack and many dinosaurs! His many other credits include the SubHuman mini – series, his Conan book illustrations, writing the Prince Vaiiant comic strip, and his hard – bound Storms at Sea novella which we reviewed in the September 2015 Mew!
As the sequel to Carbon (which we reviewed in the August 2013 Mew), Carbon 2 is the latest collection of his pencil, ink, brush & watercolor work including rough comps, purreliminary studies & finished renderings, with more than 50 recent images! The soft bound edition is purriced $24.95, it has 56 pages including 4 gatefolds, and at 9″x12″ it is slightly larger than his five 8.5″ x 11″ Various Drawings books!
A hard – bound, limited signed and numbered edition of the book is mentioned on thisun’s publishing page, but I am just reviewing the soft – bound edition, which was designed by Mark who wrote the introduction, and by John Fleskes who edited the book, which was copy edited by Martin Timins and published by Flesk Publications, with the widdle Black & White photo of Mark taken by Greg Preston!
The lavishly beautiful imagery evokes the spirit and tales of pulp heroes, purrimordial creatures, lost worlds, swords & sorcery, mythic adventures, and some delicious – looking giant crabs, but the crustaceans should go into my tummy, not the other way round! That might be the very thought of the sailor girl at the deadly tide pool in the color front cover illustration, and she  is just one of many beautiful, brave, tough, well-armed women in the book!
For example, a swordswoman fights two-handed in a steamy scene, a female swimmer is admired by a creature in a lagoon, a warrior woman and her animal friends guard the Nile. the Queen of Inner Earth crouches over her purrey, Mara the Girl from the Gulf swims amongst sea creatures, a serpentine friend coils around Morgana le Fay, Blossom of the Fables comics runs with the pack, and Mercy of the Trekker comics duels an alien enemy!
The many other illustrations include are lots of under – drawings & variant illustrations for Storms at Sea, plus the  several images of Conan and other characters created by Robert E. Howard! The Conan images includes 2 gatefolds, whilst the other 2 gatefolds are depict the “Argonauts vs the Monster God”, and the scene of Hannah and Jack’s team trying to avoid the herd of Xenoceratops, which is among over half a dozen Xenozoic images! 
Those also include a Xenozoic book plate, the pic of Hannah & Jack raiding the Pterodactyl nest, Hannah & Jack fighting giant bugs, Hannah & Jack with arms full of weapons, Hannah & Jack firing at encroaching critters, Hannah scouting the mountain peaks with critter friends, and studies from a forthcoming Xenozoic tale! I will give the book the highest purraise and an “A” as in Argonauts! That is all of our book reports, so here is Petra to purrsent
the latest additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art!
Arigato, nya! For those who might be here for the first time, Galleries 1-7 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-4 display images by other folks with their purrmissions, and Mike’s collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya!
On Catgirl Island’s official web site, the most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click upon those to see the uncropped, full pics, nya! This month we have added 2 images to Guest Gallery 4, and 4 images to Gallery 7, nya!
In Guest Gallery 4 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/guest4.html, we are purroud to purrsent “Serenity” by Rebecca Brogden http://www.rbrogdenart.com, who was the guest for our September 2009 Mew, nya! She used Copic Markers to render this gorgeous Gray – haired fairy who is wearing the elegant ruffled Lavender dress and the thigh-highs that go well with her lovely lepidopteran wings, whist sitting upon the big comfy mushroom nya!
Also just added to Guest Gallery 4 is “Holo Wants all the Apples” by Lumshock http://lumshock.deviantart.com, nya! We are so pleased to have more art by Lumshock who used the Pokemon Art Academy tools on the Nintendo 3DS to render this fan art of Holo, the wolf goddess of the Spice & Wolf novels, manga & anime, nya! Holo hopes that her boyfriend Lawrence will get the tasty treats for her, such as those delicious, nutritious apples, nya!
Then over in Gallery 7 http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery/gallery7.html, we are pleased to purremier Mike’s pic of “Maddy Afield”, nya! An original NPC in Mike’s tabletop RPG, Madylyon Raion, or just Maddy for short, is a teenager of the homo panthera leo / nekomata cross – breed, nya.Purrhaps y’all have seen the purrior pic of her fishing upon the pier. nya? In this 2nd pic of her, she is wearing the zebra striped bikini, which is her favorite swim suit, nya!
Nextly in Gallery 7 is Mike’s Black & White illustration of “The Dark Lady of Lunari”, who is another NPC in his RPG, nya! Posing for her purrtrait, the mysterious faerie is 5 ft. 8 in. tall, weighs 140 lbs., her measurements are 34C-28-34 in. and her wingspans are 11 ft., nya! She is wearing the tight Black halter-neck cut-out dress which is accessorized by the tattoos, piercings and jewelry, such as the purriceless Black purrl in her belly button, mew la la, nya! 
Also in Gallery 7 is Mike’s fan art of Doctor Who’s “Novice Hame” shedding her habit to sun herself atop the TARDIS, nya! This nekomimi nun / nurse was purrtrayed by Anna Hope in the 2006 tale of The Doctor’s visit to the planet “New Earth”, and later in the tale of an aerial traffic “Gridlock”, so this year is her 10th anniversary, nya! Mike built that replica of the TARDIS’s roof lamp, and used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse to render this illustration, nya!
Lastly but not leastly for October, also in Gallery 7 is Mike’s fan art of Power Rangers S.P.D.’s genius Dr. Katherine “Kat” Manx, alias the Kat Ranger of Space Patrol Delta, the interplanetary police force, nya! She was purrtrayed by Michelle Langstone who later purrtrayed Master Guin in Power Rangers Jungle Fury, nya! In this image she is in the bikini with the matching surfboard of the Kat Ranger colors, nya! So, what do y’all think of the art, nya?
Mary Nyan:
Rebecca’s faerie looks so serenely pleased upon the big comfy mushroom! I love the bright colors, soft shading, subtle shadows, the light-spill, the sheen of her hair and the drape of the garments!
Hai hai, and there are delightful touches such as the asymmetric strap of the dress with the detached sleeves, and the Black trim upon the thigh-highs and sleeves to match the edges of her wings!
It is so good to have more art by Rebecca and Lumshock in our mewseum, nya! My favorite aspects of the Holo pic might be the lovely lupine ear pinna and tale upon her petite purrt physique, nya!
Hmm… it is the tough decision, because I also like the richly vibrant colors, the gradient Blue of the sky,  and the curvilinear symmetry from the apples and the foliage to her flowy hair in the breeze!
I am glad to see another pic of Maddy too! She is a very cute and feisty, yet bittersweetly sympathetic character who seems to enjoy the island life and the adventurous travel!
I am rather curious about how her knowledge of magick and languages! The zebra stripe bikini has the distinctive contrast with her purretty Purrple hair and Mocha skin tone!
I like… I like her contented expurression, the soft texture of her fur, the drapurry of the habit, the structural detail of the TARDIS, and – and the purristine Blue of the planet, nya!
She looks quite comfy atop the TARDIS. I assume that its force field will purrotect her from the vacuum & radiation of space while sunning herself in the orbit above New Earth.
I wonder of the S.P.D. officers ever use police call boxes! Dr. Manx has such beautiful ears, eyes, fangs ‘n freckles… and I almost forgot that she is of the tail-less manx breed!
Her Kat Ranger pattern flows gracefully across the surfboard for the sleekly sporty graphic effect, with the bold Orange, Silver, Black and White for a festive Fall callor pallet!
The Dark Lady looks quite exotically sexy with the ornate ink & jewels and that purrl to match her dress, wings and hair, but I am rather curious to know more about her, nya!
Oh I suspect that some of her story might be revealed later, when my game reconvenes! Thank you y’all for the kind words, and Petra, thank you for presenting the new art!
Doitashimaste! Nyow it is time for the
retrospective of Star Trek Fan Art in our Mewseum, nya!
Since we have been commemorating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we have reflected upon the fan art that is in our mewseum, nya! Most of the images depict characters & mecha from the Star Trek movies & TV shows, plus a few original characters, such as Mike’s pic of a catgirl in an original series starfleet uniform http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery1/207.html, nya!
Nextly is Mike’s pen & ink illustration of the starship U.S.S. Enterpurrise seen astern from a spacedock http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery5/239.html, and the pencil drawing of Lt. Saavik http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery5/240.html which he gave to actress Robin Curtis at a convention, nya!
We have illustrations of M’Ress, who was a Caitian catgirl communications officer aboard the Enterpurrise in the 1973 animated Star Trek TV series, nya! Firstly is Mike’s pic of her in the animated series era Starfleet uniform http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/2.html, and – and the pic of her in purrtially in a Star Trek – The Motion Picture era uniform http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/6.html, nya! 
Mary Nyan:
This photo http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/1.html by Louis of Crissy (a guest of the March 2008 Mew) wearing her original series uniform in her den, was photoshopped by Mike, to transform it into an image of Lt. M’Ress in her ship’s quarters!  By the way, the widdle Enterpurrise model on her table is Mike’s photo of the actual model used for the TV series, which is in the Smithsonian!
M’Ress is not the only Star Trek catgirl! Here is Mike’s fan art of the alien shape-shifters Sylvia and Isis http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/41.html from the original TV series, the Nimbus III Cat Lady http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/38.html from the movie Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and The Twins http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/50.html from the movie Star Trek Into Darkness!
Snnanagfashtalli, or just Fashtalli for short, is an alien leopurrd girl and one of Captain Kirk’s security officers in a few of the Star Trek novels! In this pic she is purrtially wearing a Star Trek – The Motion Picture era security uniform http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/41.html
As a purrody homage to the iconic Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, Mike illustrated this label for the bottle of the Gorn “Captain Tarzeg’s Baconed Bourbon” http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/25.html which was brewed by our friend Philip Evans! I purrsonally do not drink the liquor, but I am purrticularly fond of the bacon!
The Edoans are a species of tripedal humanoids with the three arms & three legs. Thusly here is Mike’s pic of an an original Edoan character Lt. Arexandra doing anti-gravity yoga in the botanical garden http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery6/43.html, and a pic of her years later as an ambassador drinking brandy in her luxurious suite http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery5/157.html
Mike rendered this illustration of Ilia purrobe http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/58.html purrched upon the navigation dome atop the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterpurrise whilst the ship is trapped within the V’ger vessel. That image is accompanied by a chart http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/59.html showing Ilia’s size compurred to the entire Enterpurrise.
The transcended spurrit of Ilia watches from amidst the planet’s moons, whilst the crew of the Enterpurrise is at Starbase Cait http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/69.html for the 2271 Starfleet Women’s Beach Volleyball tournyament http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/70.html, at which Ensign Worene http://catgirlisland.net/art/gallery7/71.html is among the referees!
That is all of Mike’s Star Trek fan art in our mewseum, but now we are honored to present two awesome illustrations of M’Ress by Natalia Lopes, who was among the guests of the October 2010 Mew! Those include the pic of M’Ress in the uniform http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/74.html and in the bikini http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/80.html!
Finally, we have a beautiful image of M’Ress and other catgirls http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/24.html by Elisa Chong, who was the guest for the June 2011 Mew, and a super cute sketch of M’Ress http://catgirlisland.net/art/guest2/95.html by Elbonie Kirchoff, who I met at the Heroes Con in Charlotte!
The Cat Lady Sings…
Gosh, Tara-chan did not get distracted by any bugs to photograph!
Purrhaps I will see still some interesting critters before bed time, nya!
I think we are done, and it is almost time for our AfterMew Luau, nya!
Itadakimasu! I guess that will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Rebecca and Lumshock for the lovely art!
We wish to thank the other talented folks whose works we discussed…
… Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
… our other friends, relatives & audience whom we appurreciate, nya!
Y’all may post brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to The Mew…
purrvided the comments are spam-free, G-rated & purrtain to our topics!
Mary Nyan:
We will be back next month with the November edition of The Mew! 
Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to Mew – until we eat again! BAIBAI, NYA!

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