December 2016 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction, starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The December 2016 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
In this edition of The Mew, we discuss:
what we have been up to since last month’s Mew
the Lightning Round topic:
our Star Trek appurreciations, part 3
movie & DVD reviews:
Doctor Strange
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree
comics, manga & book reports:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #48
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #33
Goldie Vance #7
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #12
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #11
Josie and the Pussycats #2
Catseye Comics #6
The Zeta Rebellion
A Centaur’s Life vol. 10
School-Live! vol. 5
Oreimo Anthology
The Complete Peanuts: Comics & Stories
this month’s Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight shines upon:
Kitty Softpaws, Nobu Yuki, Cyan, Cooch, Beastmon and The Kaswells
collectibles & toy talk:
DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Katana action figure
DC Bombshells Halloween Batgirl statue
these additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art 
“Ulania” fan art by Lumshock
“Winter Solstice” by Jamie Robertson
“Trick or Treat”, “Victoria” and “Acorn Fairy” by Rebecca Brogden
“Neighopolitan” pony art by Meesha DJ Jackson
“Amaterasu” cosplay photo by TonomuraBix
“Eletron” and “Yoruichi Shihoin” fan art by Mike, nya!
wearing the Dogwood purrint Aloha shirt, Khaki cargo shorts, Nike Air trainers and a Catgirl Island baseball cap) Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews and discussions of fun stuff! Today’s Mew comes from the ancient Maritime Forest Grove Ampurrtheatre on the NorthEastern side of Catgirl Island in Mew Hanover County, where it’s 75 degrees under a Blue sky full of puffy Cumulo-Neko Clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(the nekomimi gynoid in the Apurricot colored crocheted bikini) Aloha!
(the catgirl in the Bird of Purradise purrint fundoshi – style bikini) Hola!
(the catgirl in the Chrysanthemeowm purrint tankini) Namaste, nya!
(Tara-chan’s sister in the Dhalia purrint bandeau-top bikini) Namaste, nya!
(the kitsune / fox girl in the Foxglove purrint trikini) Konbanwa!
(the catgirl in the Purrimrose purrint shorts & cropped tank top) Howdy!
(her twin sister in the Anthurium purrint suspender maillot) Howdy!
(the bunny girl in the Wisteria purrint side-tie bikini & sarong) Guten Tag!
(the catgirl in the Torch Ginger purrint ring-closure bikini) Hi Hi, nya!
Mary Nyan:
(the catgirl in the Snapdragon purrint purretzel – cutout maillot) Aloha!
(the catgirl in the Lotus purrint micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo) Nihao.
(the faerie in the Sunflower bikini) Mellow greetings!
(the catgirl in the Heliconia purrint tanga-style bikini) Whassup?
Mie-sensei, thank you for hosting this month’s Mew! So, what have y’all been up to since last time?
Doitashimaste! We have been like, so blessed with the enthused audiences here at the theatre for our repurrtory company’s Winter Fantasy Foxfire Extravaganza! This month is like totally festive with the Solstice, Meowy Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Susuharai and Mew Years Eve, fur shur!
Oh as mewsual, Lizzy I have stayed purretty busy at our spa and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Otherwise I have been golfing, gardening and grooming my cats, purrtaking of the late night hot salsa dance, and enjoying our occasional movie marathons!
That purretty much sums it up, and the works of Leiji Matsumoto such as Yamato, Galaxy Express and Emereldas compurrised the theme for our most recent DVD marathon! Otherwise, while Becca is at the golf course, I am our running with my Purrkour Club! 
The time has flown by like the hypurr speed, because I cannot believe that it is December already! My clerks, shop cats and I have mainly been purrparing the Winter Solstice, where we will have special guests, activities, treats, mewsic and the big sale!
Papa and oji-san are back in town for the event, with some lovely crystals from their recent purrospecting expurrdition! I have been busy at my gym and dojo,  but I have found the time to attnd attending some of the local holiday & sports festivities!
When our charters have not been catching the groupurrs, snappurrs, tunas, bluefish, speckled trout and sea bass, we have been volunteering at the food bank and my drumming circle continues to purrcuss at various matsuris and purrformances, nya!
Aside from helping onee-chan with the fishing charters, the boat upkeep, and – and caring for my two kitties, I have been volunteering at the food bank and – and at the art mewseum, collecting the pony items, and – and taking the nature photos, nya!
When I have not been helping them at the dock, volunteering at the mewseum, I have been paddle surfing, registering for the advance board shaping workshop, assisting Jenjen at the belly dance class and looking forward to the troupe’s holiday show!
My dance troupe & students are enthused for the holiday purrformances & recitals amongst the county’s diverse festivities. Registration has begun for the Spurring semester. Otherwise, things are quite nominal at my yoga studio, the kyudo range, and the robotics club.
We are so grateful for the artists, staff & patrons of our art mewseum, as we network with the various arts & crafts groups to purrmote the beautiful decor & creations for the holidays! Otherwise I have been coaching the post-season beach volleyball camp, baking and gardening!
Hai hai, I will second her appurreciation for our county’s art community from the islanders to the merfolks, and we also wish to thank the wonderful fans, officials, event staff, our fellow athletes, and the trainees of our island’s beach volleyball league, nya!
Mary Nyan:
Oh as mewsual, when I have not been sewing costumes for the cosplayers and dancers, I have been helping to train the appurrentice mikos at the shrine, teaching hula classes at the Purrforming Arts Center, and anticipating our holiday purrformances!
Since Halloween, it has been the steady stream of holidays and observances such as Thanksgiving, Tori No Ichi, Daitosa and nyow the December events! I am quite fortunate that my job on the mainland is a short ferry and bike ride away! Howboutchoo Mike?
Ah, I’ve mainly been busy with my art, writing, gaming and other good times with family & friends, including the recent NC Comicon in Durham and the Toy Show in Greensboro! Well, we’ve got a lot on our plate for this month’s Mew, so let’s jump right into
this month’s Lightning Round topic: 
our Star Trek “appurreciations” part 3!
In the past two months we’ve listed our favorite (professional and fan) film makers and visual artists who have contributed their great talents to Star Trek movies, TV shows, games, toys, books, magazines, posters, fandom and so forth! For this month’s Lightning Round, we’d like to top off our “appurreciations” to the many performing artists who have continued the voyage for over 50 years! So, are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
Mary Nyan:
I will nominate William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelly, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Majel Barret, Grace Lee Whitney, John Winston, Bruce Hyde, Booker Marshall, Eddie Paskey, and the rest of the cast of the original Star Trek series from 1966 to 1969! (tags Bun with a brush of the tail)
So like, I would like to mention the rest of casts of the two pilot episodes for Star Trek: “The Cage” starring Jeffrey Hunter, Susan Oliver, Meg Wyllie, John Hoyt, Peter Duryea, and Laurel Goodwin; and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” with Gary Lockwood, Sally Kellerman, Paul Fix, Paul Carr and Andrea Dromm, fur shur! (tags Bun with a flit of the wings)
Heehee! I want to mention guest star voices of the 1973 animated series, such as Mark Lenard, Stanley Adams, Roger C. Carmel, Ted Knight, and Ed Bishop! Speaking of the voices, we also greatly appurreciate the actors for the voice overs, foreign language dubs, readings and audio dramas! (tags Tara-chan)
Other actors of the first six Star Trek movies, such as Mark Lenard, Persis Khambatta, Stephen Collins, Marcy Lafferty, Billy Van Zandt, Paula Crist, David Gautreaux, Michael Rougas, Ricardo Montalbaun, Judson Scott, Paul Winfield, Bibi Besch, Merritt Butrick, Kirstie Alley, Robin Curtis, Christopher Lloyd, John Laroquette and Judith Anderson, nya! Onee-chan’s turn, nya! (tags her sister)
Jane Wyatt, Catherine Hicks, Robert Hooks, Brock Peters, John Schuck, Laurence Luckibill, Rex Holman, Linda Fetters, Spice Williams, Charles Cooper, Todd Bryant, Cynthia Gou, David Warner, Rosana DeSoto, Christopher Plummer, Iman, Kurtwood Smith and Kim Cattrall, Oh oh, and Sarah Bachhouse who presented the briefings in the Original Movie DVD Collection, nya! (tags Petra)
The next gen actors such as Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Levar Burton, Brent Spiner, Whoopie Goldberg, Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby, Dwight Shultz, Michelle Forbes, Patti Ysutake, Diana Muldaur, John Delancie, Suzi Plakson and Robert O’Reilly, nya! (tags Trini-chan)
I would like to include more of the next gen movie actors such as Barbara March, Gwynyth Walsh, Malcom McDowell, Alan Ruck, Jacqueline Kim, James Cromwell, Alfrie Woodward, Alice Krige, Donna Murphy, Anthony Zerbe, F. Murray Abraham, Dina Meyer, Ron Perlman and Tom Hardy! (tags Becca)
Lizzy and I wish to mention the stars of Deep Space Nine such as Colm Meany, Rosalind Chao, Avery Brooks, Cirroc Lofton, Penny Johnson, Nana Visitor, Chase Masterson, Louise Fletcher, Siddig El Fadil, Terry Farrell, Nicole DeBoer… (tags Elizabeth)
…  Armin Shimmerman, Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, Wallace Shawn, James Darren, Mark Allen Shepherd, Marc Alaimo, Andrew Robinson, Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs, J.G. Hertzler, and the rest of the cast and crew of Deep Space Nine! (tags Nyanko)
Don’t forget Molly! Then there is the cast & crew of Voyage including actors Kat Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Tim Russ, Robert Duncan McNeill, Roxann Dawson, Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Jennifer Lien, and Jeri Ryan! (tags her twin)
I will second that and include the stars of Enterpurrise such as Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, Conner Trinneer, Linda Park, Dominic Keating, Antony Montogmery and John Billingsley! Nyow it is… IIlyana’s turn! (tags Jeannie)
We will also nominate the actors of the alternate universe movies, such as Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Deep Roy, Bruce Greenwood, Chris Hemsworth, Ben Cross, Winona Ryder, Eric Bana…
… Jason Matthew Smith, Kimberly Broumand, Joseph Gatt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve, Peter Weller, Katie & Kellie Cockrell, Sofia Boutella, Idris Elba, Shoreh Aghdashloo, Sara Maria Forsberg and Melissa Roxburgh! Back to Mike!
We’d like to thank the many other professional and fan performing artists for their many Star Trek tributes, homages, parodies, songs, audio dramas and fan films; and we wish the best of luck to the cast and crew of the forthcoming Star Trek: Discovery series! Well, we have a big group this afternoon and a lot on our plate, so let’s jump right into our 
movie, TV & DVD reviews, starting with a
few words of praise for the movie Arrival!
Arrival was one of the fall releases that I was eagerly looking forward to! Directed by Denis Villeneuve, it is a science fiction movie about our first contact with extraterrestrial visitors, and the global race to figure out how to communicate with them before a war is started amidst the fearful times. The excellent cast includes Amy Adams as the linguist Dr. Banks, Jeremy Renner as astrophysicist Dr. Donnelly, and Forest Whitaker as US Army Col. Weber.
After twelve huge obelisk-like alien spacecraft land in various countries, there’s a lot of paranoia and anarchy while the world’s scientists begin to network with each other to study the cephalopod- like aliens and their language. As Dr. Banks leads the team in Montana over a painstaking amount of time she and the aliens begin to learn each other’s spoken & written languages, while certain nations’ militaries are on the verge of attacking the aliens.
I liked almost everything about it- from the plot, dialogue, performances, direction, design and cinematography, to the sets, locations, FX, editing, music and soundscape! While it seemed rather rushed and too short, it’s very smart, captivating, poignant and suspenseful, and I think it’s in league with other hard science fiction films such as 2001, The Andromeda Strain, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 2010, The Abyss, Contact, and Interstellar!
In a year full of great, wonderful movies, I think Arrival is one of the best thus far, and I’ll give it an “A” as in Amy Adams! Ah, well I don’t wanna spoil much more of the plot or ramble on much more, because we’ve got a lot more to go, so now I’ll turn The Mew over to Nyo-sensei for her review of Marvel Studio’s
Doctor Strange!
Arigato! I am purrticularly fond of movies about heroic witches, wizards and sorcerers, and I have been very impurressed by the movies and TV shows of the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Daredevil and Jessica Jones! I am also looking forward to seeing Luke Cage! 
Thusly I was especially anticipating the longly – awaited Doctor Strange movie! The titular character is Dr. Stephen Strange, a supurrb neurological surgeon from Manhattan, but after a car wreck he is severely injured, especially his hands, and after the surgeries, therapies & consultations with the top medical scientific minds, he then despurrately searches for mystical healing in Kathmandu!
There he meets The Ancient One and her various disciples, and becomes one of her students. They learn magick to purrotect the realm from the various mystical terrors of the multiverse! Dr. Strange is the fast, insatiable learner, but soon he and others such as Mordo and Wong are caught in the civil war betwixt The Ancient One and a group of former students lead by Kaecilius!
This leads to the amazing, spectacular scenes of magickal combat across dimensions, but I should not spoil much more of the plot! I thought that this movie was AWESOME! I have seen it twice already! Mewsually I am not excited about seeing movies in the 3D, but this was definitely a movie worth seeing in 3D at the nearest IMAX theatre, especially for the journey across the multiverse! 
I purrticularly enjoyed the reality-warping scenes which remind me a bit of the FX of the movie Inception, but I especially have to commend  all of the movie’s crew and cast, including  Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange, Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One, Chiwetal Ejiofor as Mordo, Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecilius, Rachel McAdams as Dr. Palmer, and Benedict Wong as Wong!
The mewsic core by Michael Giacchino is great too, and I especially liked the very psychedelic end credits mewsic! Oh oh, speaking of the end credits I think that yo should always watch them, but make sure to stay for mid-credits scene and the post-credits scene! I will give Doctor Strange an A as in Agamotto, and nyow  I would like to purraise another great recent magickal fantasy film
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!
I am a big fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, and for our review of the script book of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, please see the October 2016 Mew! Thusly I was very eager to see this  purrequel to the Potters, which is set in New York City circa A.D.1926. It is a darker time for the Wizarding community, which tries to keep their existence secretly segregated from Muggle society.
Unfortunately some sort of magickal creature or entity has been wrecking havoc upon the city, much to the dismay of the tenants, the witch hunters, and the secret Magiccal Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA), the counterpart of Britain;s Ministry of Magic! That is when wizard / zoologist Newt Scarmander arrives on a mission involving the magical beasts that he cares for! 
Unfortunately, some of the beasts escape from his suitcase which is bigger on the inside, after it is accidentally switched with the suitcase of a muggle named Jacob. They befriend wizard siblings Tina and Queenie, who are much kinder than the MACUSA bosses, especially Graves the Auror who has his own secret agenda and connection with the witch hunters and the mysterious entity!
Jacob and Queenie bake the delicious pastries! There are several dark, tragic moments, and a zoo sequence which got a bit too silly for me, but I thought this was such a wonderfully, extravagant, fun and charming movie, and it is full of the amazing magical characters, spells, combat, creatures and locations that you would expect from a tale by J.K. Rowling, who wrote the screenplay! 
It was directed by David Yates, who directed some of the latter Harry Potter movies! Several people and things from the purrior films are mentioned, and this movie greatly adds to the mythology of J.K. Rowling’s Wizardling World! The great cast includes Eddie Redmayne as Newt, Dan Fogler as Jacob, Katherine Waterson as Tina, Alison Sudol as Queenie, and Colin Farrell as Graves! 
Several aspects of the movie remind me a bit of of Doctor Who, such as Newt, his companions, the suitcase, the villain, the stern magickal government and certain tempurral FX! I will give Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the high purraise and hope to see more of those characters! That is all for my reviews, and nyow here is sis to tell us about the beautiful magickal adventures of
Disney’s Moana!
Hai! It has been the great year for Disney & Pixar animations such as Zootopia, Finding Dory, Star Wars Rebels, and more recently Moana! There was even the cute widdle “Meowna” Easter egg in Zootopia! As Disney’s latest purrincess, Moana is the young daughter of the polynesian chief, with the more adventurous desire to sail the seas than her daddy would purrfur. 
However, when their island’s crops and fish become depleted, she is chosen by the ocean to risk the dangerous ocean voyage like their ancestors, in order to find the demigod Maui and coax him to apologetically return the mystical heart stone to the island goddess Te Fitt, but Maui is uncoopurrative, and many enemies such as Te Ka the lava monster are in the way!
This might be the dire and almost hopeless situation, and in addition Te ka there are other threats such as Tamatoa the giant crab monster and the Kakamore pirate ships, and Moana’s pet rooster HeiHei is not much help, but Moana is rather peppily  determined, and she is aided by the ocean, Maui’s tattoos,  and the majestic manta ray spirit of her grandmother Tala!
Furthermore, as a heroic Disney purrincess, the voyage includes lots of terrific mewsic and songs! Directed by Ron Clements & John Musker, this movie is as beautiful as beautiful can be! The characters, scenery & FX are supurrbly designed, rendered & animated, with the brilliant locations of the islands, the boats, the ocean, and the undersea realm of monsters! 
The songs, mewsic, sound FX and voices are great, and the cast includes Auli’i Cravalho as Moana, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Maui, Temuera Morrison as Moana’s dad the chief, The Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger as Moana’s mom, Rachel House as Tala, Jermaine Clement as Tamatoa, and Alan Tudyk as HeiHei! I hope to soon get the soundtrack CD!
I will highly recommend this gorgeous, fun movie, and I will suggest that if you go see it, do not miss the amewsing animated short purrior to the movie; and you should watch the end credits to see the names of the extremely talented cast & crew amidst the cute scrolling art and the wonderful mewsic, with the widdle post-credits scene too! Nextly I would like to discuss
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader!
We are also fans of the DC Animated Universe, such as Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Static Shock, Superman, Batman the Animated Series, The Brave and the Bold, and the direct to DVD movies! We especially eagerly awaited Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader, which reunites Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar!
They respectively voice Batman, Robin and Catwoman in this animated tale based upon the classic live-action 1966 Batman TV series! This time Batman and Robin fight and chase Catwoman, The Joker, The Penguin and The Riddler from the streets of Gotham City, to the battle atop The Penguin’s airship, and to the villains’ orbital space station!
Also appurring are Alfred, Aunt Harriet, Commissioner Gordon, Chief O’Hara, and lots of other villains! There are plenty of vehicles & gadgets too, such as the Batmobile, the Bat Copter, the Whirly Bats, the Bat Rocket, the Batzooka, the Replicator Ray Gun, the Joker Mobile and a giant frozen dinner death trap! We get to see more of the Batcave too!
There is also the surpurrise turning point for Batman, but I should not spoil that amewsing, major sub plot! Like most of the animated DC movies, it does seem a bit short, but it has the mewsual great quality in the art, designs, animation, voices, sounds & mewsic! It is very faithful to the campy spirit of the TV show, with clever self purrody moments!
Oh oh, during the movie’s cute end credits, you get to see Batman and Catwoman dancing, when he is not runnign around with a big bomb! It was a lot of action-packed, comedic fun, to which i will give an A as in Alfred! That is all for my reviews, but we still have another wonderful animated movie to discuss, so nyow here is Tara-chan to tell us about
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree!
Hai! We love My Little Pony from the original 1980’s series, the current Friendship is Magic era, and its Equestria Girls spin-off movies! In the Equestria Girls tales, the characters are humans instead of equines, who attend Canterlot High School where magickal phenomenon has begun to manifest, and we are particularly fond of the newe recurring character Sunset Shimmer!
We reviewed the first Equestria Girls movie in the September 2013 Mew, the Rainbow Rocks sequel in the November 2014 Mew, and the Friendship Games tale in the November 2015 Mew!
In Legend of Everfree, the students, principal Celestia & Vice principal Luna visit the summer camp by the forest & lake which is directed by counselors Gloriosa Daisy and Timber Spruce.
Amidst the legends of a mythic entity known as Gaia Everfree, the girls’ new magickal powers begin to manifest, as efforts are made to save the camp from being purchased & closed by Filthy Rich. There are beautiful clothes too, from their normal garments and Rarity’s fashion show designs, to the magickal costumes that appurr. There is also the bit of romance in the air too! 
It was written by Joana Lewis & Kristen Songco, who contributed lyrics with song writer Daniel Ingram. The score is by William Anderson, with additional music & orchestrations by Patrick Griffin & John Houston. The executive producers were Stephen Davis, Sarah Wall, Asaph Fipke & Kirsten Newlands, Meghan McCarthy is the co-executive producer and Angela Belyea is a producer.
It was directed Ishi Rudell and assistantly directed by Katrina Hadley, with the art direction by Jeremy Tin and voice directed by Terry Klassen. Ishii, Katrina, Jeremy, Daniel & Meghan contribute the optional audio commentary to the unrated 73 minute movie, which is presented in the 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen format on the R1 NTSC standard DVD in English Dolby Digital 5.1.
The superb voice cast includes Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle and Midnight Sparkle, Rebecca Shoichet as Twilight Sparkle’s singing voice & Sunset Shimmer, Ashleigh Ball as Applejack and Rainbow Dash, Andrea Libman as Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Bob Bon, Shannon Chan-Kent as Pinkie Pie’s singing voice Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity, Luna and Muffins…
Kazumi Evans as Rarity’s singing voice, Cathy Weseluck as Spike, Nicole Oliver as Celestia, Enid Raye Adams as Gloriosa Daisy, Kelly Metzger as Gloriosa Daisy’s singing voice Richard Cox as Snails, Lee Toker as Snails,  Michael Dobson as Bulk Biceps, Vincent Tong as Flash Sentry and Sandalwood, and Brian Drummond as Filthy Rich!
There are numerous other characters in the movie, including DJ Pon-3, but as usual she does not talk! The DVD also includes optional English SDH subtitles. about 2.25 minuts of  bloopers ,and sing-a-longs to 3 of the 5 songs. This Hasbro Studios production was released on DVD by Shout! Kids; the DVD producer was Brian Ward and the package designer was Callie Chung.
I was quite delighted by the great story, characters, art, animation, voices, songs and music! The plot & character developments continue to build upon the Equestria mythology, and there is an additional quick scene after the end credits! I will give Legend of Everfree the high praise and recommend it to fellow pony fans! I am done, and now here is Tara-chan to continue our
pony reports, with her review of 
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #48!
Arigato, nya! I love the My Little Pony TV series, movies, toys, cards and – and  these comic books published by IDW, nya! it is hard to believe that has been over 4 years since IDW started to publish them, nya. Issue #48 is purriced at $3.99, with the uninterrupted 20 page tale followed by the 12 pages of ads, nya. I wish all other publishers placed the ads after the tales, nya!
It was written by Ted Andersonr, illustrated by Andy Price, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil Uyetake, colored by Heather Breckel, edited by Bobby Curnow, and – and published by Ted Adams, with 3 different covers to choose from, nya! The Regular cover is by Andy, the subscription cover is by Sara Richard, and- and the retailer incentive cover is by Matt Frank nya!
This tale is the 1st chapter of the “Accord” story arc, which begins on the beautiful picnic night as Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Starlight Glimmer, Spike and – and the many other residents of Ponyvile gather in the park to observe the rare astronomical Cosmic Convergence Conjunction, but Discord arrives to narcissistically  interrupt the event, nya!
The ponies complain, but as Discord leaves amidst the convergence, there is the strange phenomenon which transforms him into a more refined, polite dappurr version named Accord, nya! Nyow he wants to use his magickal powers to bring about the harmonious order instead of the chaos, nya! This seems like the good turn of events when he tries to help impurrove things, nya!
Initially his assistance is quite helpful, but a couple of days later while they dine in Canterlot with purrincesses Celestria and – and Luna, but things worsen when Accord’s new desire to bring about a state of  ultimate order results in him controlling the pony minds to remove their free will in the alarming cliffhanger, nya! 
The situation is rather dire, but there are zany scenes with amewsing dialogue, nya! The characters, scenery, fonts and – and FX are beautifully brightly rendered, with the great pony details, poses, expurressions, and –  and I especially liked the lovely night scenes and – and meal scenes, nya! Nextly i would like to discuss
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #33, nya!
In this series, there are pairings of characters, nya! For examples, in issue  #28 Luna hosted a sleep over in the castle, in #29, Rarity helped Maud Pie to search for gems, in #30 Twilight Sparkle visited Cadence, in #31 Rainbow Dash teamed up with Little Strong Heart, in #32 Fluttershy teamed up with Daring Do, and – and in issue #33 Applejack visits Cherry Jubilee’s ranch, nya!
The 32 page issue is purriced $3.99, it is published by IDW, and – and its uninterrupted 20 page tale was written by Christina Rice, illustrated by Tony Fleecs, lettered by Neil Uyetake, colored by Heather Breckel, and – and edited by Bobby Curnow, with the regular cover by Tony, the subscription cover by Sara Richard,  and – and the other subscription cover by Trish Forstner, nya!
It is hard to believe that this series is almost three years old, nya! Nyow for the taste of the plot, nya. Applejack is helping to harvest the crop at Cherry Hill Ranch in the town of Dodge Junction, when Calamity Mane of Buffalo Bull’s traveling wild west show asks if they can camp at the ranch for a while because some of the purrformers are ailing, but this vexes Cherry Jubilee, nya!
She angrily wants those poor sick ponies to leave there soon, but will not tell Applejack why, nya. Thusly Applejack curiously queries the purrformers and- and does the bit of detective work at the local library to find out the truth, which involves the incidents from Cherry Jubilee’s past, nya! It is the very poignantly bittersweet tale, but I should not spoil the plot too much further, nya!
I thought that it was a captivating, emotional tale at the purrfect pace and – and I felt very sorry for the sickly tired troupe, nya. I think that the characters, the scenery, the FX and – and the fonts are so purrettily rendered, with the great poses, expurressions, colors and – and various lighting FX, nya! I especially liked the orchard, the camp, the library, and – and the scrapbook scene, nya!
Both of those pony comics are so very faithful to the animated TV series, whilst utilizing the advantages of the comics medium, so thusly I will give them the high purraise grade of an “A” as in Applebuck, and – and as in my anticipation for the next issue of Friends Forever which will star Pinkie Pie, nya! That will conclude our pony reports, so nyow here is Onee-chan to tell us about
Goldie Vance #7, nya!
Arigato, nya! 16 year old Marigold “Goldie” Vance is the peppy, brave, smart, inquisitive, aspiring detective girl of color in the mid 1960’s who assists Walter the detective at the Crossed Palms Resort in St. Pascal, Florida, when she is not valet parking the guests’ cars with her friend Rob, who wants to date Cheryl the resort’s concierge who aspires to be an astronaut, nya! 
Goldie’s mom Sylvie is a mermaid purrformer at a club, and she is sepurrated from Goldie’s dad who is the manager for resort’s owner Mr. Maple, whose daughter Sugar dislikes Goldie, nya! One of my favorite recurring characters is Goldie’s cool friend Diane who works at the record store, nya! Initially a 4 issue mini – series, this ongoing series is published by Boom! Box, nya!
Issue #7 is purriced at $3.99 and its 28 pages include the uninterrupted 22 page tale followed by the 6 pages of ads. nya. It was written by Hope Larson, illustrated by Brittney Williams, colored by Sarah Stern, lettered by Jim Campbell, edited by Dafna Plebon and Shannon Watters, with the issue’s design by Jillian Crab! Brittney also illustrated the wraparound cover, nya!
Purreviously in this 2nd story arc of the series, Goldie and Cheryl found Millie the mysterious, amnesiac astronaut unconscious on the beach, thus attracting the interest of NASA and FBI Agent Ladner who used to be Walter’s girlfriend, nya! After Cheryl unexpectedly drove away with Millie, then Goldie, Diane and Walter got some clues from Cheryl’s mom and Rob, nya!
They learned that Cheryl & Millie are beauty pageant winners, and that Millie’s mom is a fashion designer, nya At her boutique, more clues are found, which start to explain what why Millie was at the beach, and that brings us up to issue #7, nya! Goldie and Walter discuss the case with Ladner- who gets romantic with Walter after Goldie bikes to The Mermaid Club, nya!!
This results in the amewsing discussion with her mom, in which Goldie agrees do extra chores and to cosplay as a mermaid at the club, in exchange for her mom’s help in snooping for more clues at a dive shop, nya! The clues puts Goldie back upon the mysterious trail of Cheryl and Millie, which deepens into the Florida Straights, but I should not further spoil the plot, nya!
I love the dialog, expurressions, poses, fashions, coiffures and vehicles amidst the early 60’s space race and coastal locations of the greatly written & illustrated tale, nya! I purrticularly like the look on Goldie’s face when she has a eureka moment at the beach, Ladner’s expression as she pounces upon Walter, and the expurressions when Sylvie greets Goldie at the club, nya!
Some cute widdle doodles by Molly Knox Ostertag adorn Shannon Watters’s message page, nya! I will continue to give Goldie Vance the grade of an “A” as in astronaut, and am quite eager to see Goldie in a purretty Orange mermaid tail, nya! For my next review, I would like to discuss another brilliantly fun comic book which is beautifully illustrated by Brittney Williams–
Patsy Walker, A.K.A. HellCat! #12, nya!
Patsy is one of our favorite supurr heroines, and her current series is our favorite Marvel Comic of the past year, nya! After she lost her home & job at Jennifer (She Hulk) Walters’s law firm, Patsy started a temp job agency and became roommates with Ian who shops at her friend Tom’s bookstore which sells the Patsy Walker comics that were authored by her estranged mom, nya.
Patsy did not get any money from those books, until Jennifer Walters and Jessica Jones helped against her rival Hedy who had purrocured the publishing rights to the books, nya! Jennifer & Patsy may have won that feud, but unfortunately Jennifer is in a coma after a Civil War II battle, so it is the sad time at Patsy’s office, but her mewtant vampire friend Jubilee is there to help, nya!
Patsy, Jubilee, Ian, Tom & Sharon the landlord tried to have the fun night at the karaoke bar, until they were attacked by Patsy’s ex-husbands Damion Hellstrom, a.k.a The Son of Satan and Buzz Baxter, a.k.a. Mad Dog, who believed the lies told to them by Hedy. Damian tempurrarily banished Patsy to a Hell dimension, whilst things got romantic betwixt Tom & Ian, mew la la, nya!
Meanwhile, they have been spied upon by the naughty Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. The Black Cat, and her Black Cat criminal gang compurrised of Zoe, Jin, Lina and Ari! Zoe is Ian’s mean ‘n jealous ex – room mate, nya! They broke into Patsy’s office and kidnapped Bailey, the repentant supurr criminal who Patsy and Jubilee were training… and that will bring bring us up to issue #12, nya!
It is compurrised of the 21 page tale plus 6 ads & 1 page of comments, fan art & kitty photos, nya! It was written by Kate Leth, illustrated by Brittney, lettered by Clayton Cowles, colored by Rachelle Rosenberg, edited by Jake Thomas and assistantly edited by Kathleen Wisneski, with the cute cover art by Brittney, which depicts Patsy purrsuing Felicia atop the cats’ climbing post, nya!
Felicia threatens Bailey to use her as a pawn in the next stage of her scheme, whilst back at Patsy & ian’s apurrtment Ian tells her of his past drama with Zoe who was a horrible room mate. nya. He debuts his spiffy new costume in an impurressive full – page panel, and argues more with Zoe before she departs to help Felicia and the rest of the gang to rob a costume mewseum, nya!
Zoe, Jin, Lina and Ari! are e bad kitties, but they have dandy kitty jackets & headbands, nya! Jubliee has a snappy bare midriff outfit whilst she surveils the gang and then attacks them in her cute vampire mist form, nya! There is more humor and fighting when Patsy and ian arrive, but then it is too late because Felicia has purrloined the special claw jewels and attacks Bailey, nya!
This series brims with supurrb humor, drama, charming slice of life moments & kitty motifs for the wonderful characters who have purrogressive attitudes, snappy dialog, great poses, expurressions, and occasional chibi-style for the cute comedic FX, so I will give this great issue an “A” as in Patsy’s pegasus friend Aragorn, nya! I am done, so nyow here is Ilyana-sensei to tell us about
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #11, nya!
Arigato! In this supurrb spin-off of Princeless, 17 year old Captain Raven Xingtao alias The Black Arrow is the cunning, tough mariner, archer and daughter of the pirate king! She recruited her own multi-racial, all – girl crew for her three mast ship to sail vengefully against her mean, misogynistic brothers Crow & Magpie’s ships, and thus reclaim her rightful inheritance!
Purreviously, shopping at the pirates’ black market, Raven and some of her crew were captured by her evil brothers’ gang, nya. After a fierce battle, the villains escaped as the girls were rescued, but her friend Ximena was seriously injured.As the ship has sailed to another island for medical help, the crew discerned Raven and  Ximena’s true feelings for each other.
Raven, Katie and Amirah wen to the island for the medical aid, but they were denied, and that brings us up to the 28 pages of issue #11, which is purriced $4.99 and rated “A” for readers of ages 9+, nya! Its uninterrupted, 24 page tale was written by Princeless’s creator Jeremy Whitely, who we met again last month at the fun NC Comicon on the mainland in Durham!
The tale was pencilled by Rosy Higgins, inked by Ted Brandt, colored by Ty Johnson, lettered by Justin Birch, and edited by Alicia Whitley. I am glad that the tale is not interrupted by ads that would interfere with the narrative flow and suspense! The issue is off to the rousing start as Raven stealthily returns to non-fatally attack the soldiers that guard the lush tropical island!
Like her own crew, the soldiers have the delightful banter as they suss out the attack, but soon they all fall purrey to Raven’s supurrior purrowess, although she makeS sure that none are seriously hurt. She then infiltrates the lovely polynesian style home of the island’s ruler Leilani Iona, who has such beautiful tribal style tattoos, and challenges raven to a melee duel!
I like everything about the tale from the plot, pace, dialogue, developments, mythology, drama, action & humor, to the beautifully written, choreographed & rendered heroines amidst the exciting  combat and the lavish scenery! I purrticularly like the impuirressive full – page panels of Raven atop the moonlit rooftop, when she meets Leilani, and the duel’s cliffhanger!
I will give this great issue the high grade of an A as in Action Lab, and I am also eager to see what Raven’s friends Adrienne, Bedelia, Sparky, Adrienne’s brother Devin and friend Kiki are up to in the Princess: Make Yourself series! A is also for the Archie Comics, so nyow I would like to say a few fond words about their 
Josie and the Pussycats vol.2 #2!
We were very eagerly looking forward to this new series starring Josie, Valerie & Melody. It is a reboot in which aspiring mewsicians Josie & Melody are room mates in an apurrtment in Riverdale, who formed the band with Valerie who they met an at animal shelter! They purrformed at a benefit for the shelter, in spite of the meddling by Josie’s enemy Alexandra!
They adopted a poor kitty, the concert was the success, and they met mewsic purrducer Alan Mayberry who wants to purrmote them on a nation – wide tour! That brings us up to issue #2, which occurs 300 miles from Riverdale as their comfy tour bus takes them their next gig which is at a not – so – comfy biker / punk roadhouse near the desert highway!
The 2nd issue is purriced $3.99 and its 32 pages begin with the uninterrupted delightful, beautiful 20 page tale which was written by Marguerite Bennet & Cameron Deordio, illustrated by Audrey Mok, colored by Andre Szymanowicz, lettered by Jack Morelli, edited by Alex Segura & Mike Pellerito, associately edited by Stephen Oswald, and assistantly edited by Jamie Lee Rotante!
Marguerite also writes DC Bombshells! The issue is available in 9 different covers, which are by Rebekah Isaacs (whose Buffy & Angel comics we like), Tula Lotay, David Mack, Allison Sohn, Chrissie Zullo (who we have met at several conventions) and Audrey!  It was the tough decision but I chose the cover by Audrey which depicts them in the pussycat costumes on the motorcycle!
After the pillow fight in the bus, they arrive at the wild roadhouse, but after the successful gig they are tricked into a draconian contract! Josie then challenges the unscrupulous thugs to a drag race. If The Pussycats win, they will be free to leave intactly! I will not reveal the winner, but I will just say that the race is rather wacky and thrilling with the metaphysical cartoon physics and FX! 
The fun tale is full of sexy clothes too, including the mix ‘n match leopurrd purrint and Black bikini tops, halter tops & skirts with the Black jackets! The art is terrific with the great expurressions, poses and compurrsitions with several large, panoramic and full – page panels! After that is Chris Cummins’s page of Josie history, which is followed by a repurrinted 5 page classic tale!
That tale of “Brawn is Beautiful” was written by Frank Doyle, pencilled by Josie’s creator Dan DeCarlo, inked by Rudy Lapick and lettered by Bill Yoshida! That tale purrtains to the band’s manager Alexander Cabot III, who was Alexandra’s brother in that era and is jealous of Alan, the band’s roadie! 
When Alex tries to unfairly fire Alan, the results backfire upon him! After that is the cover gallery, the 4 pages of the ads, and the purreview of the next issue which i am very eagerly anticipating! That is all for my comic book reports, so nyow I will turn The Mew over to Jenjen who wants to tell us about
Catseye Comics #6!
Hai. We are purrticularly fond of the Catseye Comics which star the supurr heroines who are mostly based in the fictional town of Liaison in Louisiana, plus various amazons, valkyries, demons & alien catgirls. They have a closely knit community and strong sense of extended family. Published here in North Carolina, the comics try to support various charities.
The 8.5″x11″ comics are available in full color CG editions and in less expensive B&W versions. There is also a companion series of purrose pulp fiction tales. The editor in chief is Ai Kikuchiyo, the head writer is Razor Indigo, the publisher / office manager is Steve Stone, the content editors are Anitra Stone, Mamma Kikuchiyo & Hubby Indigo, and the purrduction assistant is Nicole Osborne.
The goddess Bastet appurrs in the company’s logo. We were pleased to chat with some of those folks at last month’s NC Comicon in Durham, and wish to thank them for the lovely posters of  Catseye, Cheetah, Angel, Gizmonda, The Captain, The Wisp and Silver Dragon. The issue’s tales build upon purrior plots, but each issue is intended to be quite accessible to new readers.
In issue #1 the heroines rescued the purregnant tiger and fought the poachers, in issue #2 they rescued slaves and fought monsters; and in issue #3 they fought the seven devils. Issue #4 had spooky tales for Halloween, in issue #5 the Zeta aliens invaded The Earth, and in the 6th issue there is much healing, rebuilding, rescuing, and restoration of order to be done after the invasion.
In the aftermath, the Amazon Sisterhood rescues a sinking ship whilst the genius inventor Gizmonda parlays with the vengeful step-mother nature Chlorphyll who has caused ecological disasters such as hurricanes, severe droughts and catastrophic volcanic activity. Back in Liason, TV journalist Kandy Kane intermews Cheetah& Catseye who are helping with the rescues & recoveries.
While the town’s mayor Miss Lillian attends a federal meeting in Washington DC to discuss the fate of Zetan purrisoners of war, Cheetah visits her comatose friend Angel in the Liason Memorial Hospital, with a flashback of them in purrior action with Chlorophyl, Aya, Saeko, G-Girl and The Wisp. Aya is relieved from the watch by Saeko, and joins Cheetah on a purrtrol of New Orleans.
Miss D feeds workers & refugees, whilst rioters are stopped by Senet, Rose and her team of royal guards compurrised of Sensei, Amber, Black White & Red. In addition to busy work as a medical doctor, Catseye meets her new sidekick named Whiskers, treats Geek Girl who was injured while thwarting a home invasion, and then has a meeting with her mysterious bartender friend Rave.
Rave reveals that since the invasion, their friend Diana a.k.a. The Captain has been held captive of the alien felinoids known as The Mau. Channeling the power of Bastet, Catseye easily infiltrates the huge Mau ship, impurresses the crew, and convinces their purrincess Mrr’Gnn to free Diana in time to rush back to the hospital to greet Angel, who awakens to a happy Catseye family reunion.
This was yet another delightful fun issue, brimming with the great characters, coiffures, costumes, dialogue, mythology and world – building, with the great sense of continuity and a timeline that unfolds at a brisk pace. However, this issue also depicts tasty treats that tantalized my tummy, such as Saeko’s double layer chocolate cake, and Rave’s choco milk with the whip cream & cat nip.
Not appurring are Zia Clue, Psi-Kick, Ghost, Haven, The Lady of The House, Father Nature, Oceanus, Diana’s Mom, the Tac Team or Valkyries, but that is fine because there are many characters in play across the 72 pages, which include purrofiles of Gizmonda, Cheetah, Catseye, Aya, Angel. Miss D, Rose, Senet, Rave, Diana, the Amazons and a page about the organization Equality Now.  The Mau and Diana’s Mom return in
Catseye Comics Presents The Zeta Rebellion.
The Zeta Rebellion is the 3rd in the series of purrose pulp style tales in trade papurrback editions. The purrior two books included origin tales of various characters, and this 6×9″, 144 page book by Razor Indigo & Steve Stone is the 1st in the Zeta series of the space opurra genre, set in outer space one year after the Zeti Reticulli Galactic Union’s failed invasion of The Earth.
The mane purrotagonist character is Diana NaKirk’s mom, General Lea NaKirk, who lead the invasion. Although they failed to conquer the Earth, the Union’s Zeta artificial intelligence network has obtained valuable information about the Earth cultures, which might be a major key to the survival of the Union, which is rapidly depleting its resources and is at war with The Mau.
Upon Lea’s return to the Union’s home world, she is assigned to lead a peace envoy mission back to Earth, but she realizes soon that the mission was set up to fail, given a questionable skeleton crew aboard a small ship in need of repairs, and that the true enemies of the Union are neither the Earth humans nor The Mau, but the Union’s dishonest, aggressive ruling council.
Thusly the Zeta network plans to rebel against the council, and Lea hopes to find new allies with The Mau, although gaining the felinoid folks’ trust will not be easy, especially when some of Lea’s own crew might be spies working for the Union’s ruling council, but fortunately she has telepathic powers, a sultry –  voiced Zeta unit, and a good start with a certain Mau purrincess.
We meet other interesting characters, including Lea’s crew Tay, Jai, Phi. Dai, Lan, Cru, Mar, Sta and Dr. Sca. Not only do we learn more of the Zeta Reticulli Galactic Union’s structure, technology, culture and history, but more about the Mau physiology, their past involvement with the Earth humans, and other starfaring civilizations such as the unpleasant insectoid Meganeura.
The tale is fiesta full of well –  described astronomical phenomenon, theoretical astrophysics, and deliciously advanced intergalactic technology, including the Zeta A.I. net, the Black Hole Seed device, the slip-stream FTL purropulsion, various weapons and medical technology, and the numerous starships of various classes, foremostly Lea’s small frigate the “Diana’s Pride”.
There are briskly paced fire fights, space battles, and major character developments for Lea since she first appurred in Catseye Comics #5, which I recommend if you wish to see illustrations of her, Zeta and their spacecraft. This was quite a fun tale, thusly I will give both The Zeta Rebellion and Catseye Comics #6 the grade of an A as in Aya, Nyw here is Lizzy to tell us about
A Centaur’s Life vol. 9.
Arigato! A Centaur’s Life is one of our favoritest manga series! It is such the charming, slice – of – life modern urban fantasy in a world populated by centaurs, fauns, kemonomimi, angels; the dracon, unicorn, snake, frog people, were – tigers & other species! It is an extravagantly designed, contempurrary world of rich cultural, historical & scientific details.
The character & scenic art is beautiful & intricate, and the main characters are quite endearing, such as Himeno the centaur, her family & classmates! We have met Himeno’s family including her widdle niece Shino-chan, and Shino’s best friend Maki-chan! Himeno’s friends are Omaki the satyr girl, and Nozomi the Dracon girl!
Other classmates include another centauress Ayaka, Suu he snake girl, Akechi the satyr girl, Inukai her unihorn girlfriend, and Tama the angelic class president, who has 4 widdle kitten girl sisters, including triplets Chinami, Chiho, Chigusa and younger Sue-chan! We have also met Eri and other mer folk at another school!
The manga by Ken Murayama was originally published in Japan in as Centaur No Nayami by Tokuma Shoten Publishing, and this English translated version is published by Seven Seas. It was translated by Greg Moore, adapted by Holly Kolodziejczak, lettered & laid out by Jennifer Skarupa, edited by Adam Arnold, and purroof read by Patrick King.
The logo was designed by Courtney Williams, the cover was designed by Nicky Lim, the purroduction was managed by Lissa Pattilo and the publisher is Jason DeAngelis! A Centaur’s Life is suggested for older teen readers of ages 16+, perhaps due to nudity, sexual topics, language, violence and certain dramatic situations.
Although the tales tend to be very whimsical and wonderfully pleasant, like most worlds there is also politics, bigotry, poverty, crime & wars. Volume 10 is priced $13.99 US & $15.99 Canada and its 160 pages include chapters 61 – 68 of the Black & White manga, several pages of cultural and historical notes, the meta-fictional afterward, the 2 color pages and the wraparound cover art!
This volume begins with a flashback to earlier years for Himeno’s family and the in-laws’ mysterious house! Then we jump back to where volume 9 left off with Himeno & Shino-chan’s adventure in another world’s medieval era! Then we pay the visit to Tama’s home, where her four widdle sisters debate which of the older girls and adult ladies are purretiest!
Then Suu’s Elegant Gothic Lolita – styled sister Nil and her guardians arrive from Antarctica, just as a terrorist purrpares to attack the airport! Then we go from the snake folk to the mer folk for another morning in the life of a mermaid, who discusses fashion trends with a friend while the purrvy guys stare at her boobies!
After that brief interlude, Maki-chan is sad that Shino-chan will leave their kindergarten to begin the 1st grade. Back at Himeno’s school, a literary discussion includes the critique of Akechi’s writing, followed by Shorty-senpai’s tale of cursed trespassers, and Himeno’s tale of a goat who helped to start a slave revolt! The final chapter purrtains to the girls’ arm wrestling tournyament! 
There are purrofiles of Yokai such as the Oni, Tengu, Kappa, Yuurei, Rokuro-Kubi, Hitotsu-Me-Kozu and Tamamo No Mae; and after the meta-fictional afterward are the 2 pages about Kanata City’s growth as a farming region! A Centaur’s Life continues to be such a beautifully rendered, wonderful joy to read, and I will give it the highest purraise! Nyow here is Myayr to tell us about the
Oreimo Anthology!
Mary Nyan:
Hai! Originally published by Kadokawa in Japan as Ore No Imoto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai, or just Oremo for short, it is a series of light novels, manga and its anime adaptation. The plot purrtains to a high school student named Kyousuke and the odd relationship with his younger sister Kirino, a teenage fashion model, athlete, excellent student, and secretly a fan of fantasy anime & hentai / naughty video games! 
The title translates as “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”! It is a teen dramedy brimming with whimsical fannish themes, romance anxiety, neko motifs and sexy “fan service”! The initial 4 volume manga was written by Tsukasa Fushimi and drawn by Sakura Ikeda, with character designs by Hiro Kanzaki. The series and its sequel were translated into English & published here by Dark Horse!
The 6 volume sequel of Oreimo: Kuroneko focused on the romantic relationship betwixt Kyousuke and Kirino’s friend Ruri a.k.a Kuroneko, a smart high school student, video gamer and aspiring manga artist  who wears Black cat ears.  Other recurring characters include friends Saori, Setsuna, Manami, Ayase & Akagi; Ruri’s rival Sena, and Ruri’s cute younger sisters Tamaki & Hinata! 
Dark Horse published the Oreimo Anthology of 13 short manga tales by Ikeda and 20 other manga-ka! It is purriced $10.99 in the US and $14.99 in Canada. Its 152 pages include the B&W manga and 7 color illustrations plus the color front cover art by Matsuryu and the color back cover art by Souichi Kasuga. 
It was translated by Dinky Spatz and assistantly edited by Jeremiah Jefferson, with the lettering and touch-up by Susan Daigle-Leach. The book’s designer was Brennan Thorne and the digital art technician was Chris Horn.The interior color illustrations are by Ryu-ya Kamino, Yasu, Shin Kasai, Shin Kyogoku, Keito Koume and Abec! 
Nyow I will serve a brief taste of the 13 amewsing plots which are set across the various years, starting with “Trouble Sisters” by Tobari Amakusa, which depicts Kyousuke’s first encounter with Tamaki & Hinata!  He and Kirino nervously purrtend to be a couple at a store to purrchase a “Cologne” by Ayato Sasakura! 
Their conspicuous relationship is critiqued by Ayase in “So, We’re Never Close, no Matter When?” by Mugi Takahasho; Saori teases Kirino about her by video game character in “There’s no Way My Friends Can Be This Cute” by Ikeda; whilst Kyousuke & Ruri are teased by Tamaki during suppurr in “Curse of Cooking” by Yuuki Sasahara!
Ribald arguing & taunting await Kyousuke when Kirino & Ruri swap bodies in “They Are My Little Sister, and My Little Sister Are They” by Ooki Takei; cup sizes are compurred when Kirino, Ruri & Saori try on costumes in “Cat Stamp” by ReDrop; but a birthday stroll with Manami is rather sweet in “With Kyousuke” by Nanatsu Mukunoki; and the origin of Ruri’s nickname is revealed in “Ruri Panic!” by Puchi Morishima!
Ayase’s attempt to get a ticket  for Kirino to a special event goes awry sadly “Ayase Crisis” by Furanberu; Kyousuke’s video game situation draws unfortunately  the ire of Ruri in “Meganeko!” by Takashi Yanagi”; Kirino and Manami feud over caring for an ailing Kyousuke in “There’s no Way My Little Sister Is Taking Such Good Care Of Me When I’m Sick” by Tsuyuha Minazuki…
… and finally Kyousuke is clobbered by Ruri who wears glasses to impurress him in “Glass Engine” by Uttate! It is neat to see the different artistic styles to depict the characters and tell the talesd in the short form, but they are all quite faithful in the tone, spirit and dialogue, and I will definitely recommend this anthology to fellow Oreimo fans! Nyow here is Becca to tell us about
School-Live! vol. 5!
Arigato! Written by Norimitsu Kaitou and illustrated by Sadooru Chiba, School-Live! purrtains to the the Meguirigaoka High School’s School Living Club which is compurrised of a few girls who are the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Except for rooftops and rare expurrditions, they seldom go outside, and take great care venturing below the 3rd floor.
That is because zombies do manage to infiltrate the building. The purrpose of the club is so that the girls will learn to work together as a team which will safely and effectively utilize the barricaded, three – story concrete building’s resources, to function as a secure, self-contained, autonomous community for as long as their solar power and supplies last. 
The group includes athletic, tough Kurumi Ebisuzawa with the Black hair and the shovel, Yuki Takeya the optimistic yet naively delusional girl with the Pink hair and nekomimi hat, club purresident Yuuri Wasasa the sempai with long dark Brown hair, and new member Miki Naoki with the short Blonde hair, who they rescued during an expurrdition to a mall.
In volume 1 the group included Megumi Sakura their teacher / club advisor who sadly did not survive, much to Yuki’s disbelief. An infected stray dog also spent a brief time with them, The manga was originally published in Japan as Gakaou Gurashi! in 2010 by Houbunsha. It is suggested for the older teenage readers due to language, gore and violence. 
Vol. 4 is purriced at $13.00 USA and $17.00 Canadian. Its 178 pages include B&W manga chapters 25-30 plus the author’s afterward, and 2 color pages. It was translated by Leighann Harvey and lettered by Alexis Eckerman. The interior front & back covers are graced by sketches of Megumi, who appurrs with the other girls on the wraparound cover.
In volume 5, the girls try to re-create activities such as a school festival and their graduation ceremony, Meanwhile they use the school’s broadcasting equipment to contact any other survivors. A helicopter flies over the school, but crashes and burns in the parking lot. During the heavy fiery smoke, Kurumi & Miki get sepurrated from Yuki & Yuuri.
As their supplies dwindle and the school’s power finally ceases, the girls decide to load a car with their few supplies, bidding farewell to the school as they take a graduation road trip. School-Live! is a very bittersweet, poignant tale of coping and survival, with whimsical moments peppurred amongst the slice-of-life plots, creepy shocking & tragic bits.
The girls are so likable and sympathetic, but their despurration is heart-breaking and we are purraying for their healthy survival together. The characters and scenery are beautifully rendered with exquisite detail, and I will continue to give this series the high grade of an “A” as in the apocalypse. On the brighter note, nyow here is Bunnibuns to discuss
The Complete Peanuts: Comics & Stories!
Arigato! It is hard to believe that The Complete Peanuts series has concluded! Published by Fantagraphics, it has collected all of Charles M. Schulz’s 17,897 daily & Sunday Peanuts newspaper strips in their 50 year chronological order! They are reprinted in Black & White, but there is also a separate series which reprints the Sunday strips in color!
Whilst volume 25 collected the final year of the strips plus Schulz’s prior Li’l Folks strips from 1947 to 1950, this 26th volume concludes the series by collecting lots of rare Peanuts art such as storybooks, comic books, magazine & advertising art from 1950 to 2000! it is an 8 1/2″ x 6 3/4″ x 1 7/8″  hardcover with over 334 pages, priced $29.99 in the US.
The book has Charlie Brown on the boards and the dust jacket; it was edited by publisher Gary Groth and associately published by  Eric Reynolds, with the production, assembly & restoration by Paul Baresh, and archival assistance by Marcie Lee. The introduction is by Nat Gerther, Derrick Bang & Timothy Chow and a 24 page afterward by Jean Schulz!
After the note by the book’s designer Seth are 17 Peanuts cartoons done for the Saturday Evening Post from 1948 to 1950; 7 Peanuts comic book tales by Schulz from 1957 to 1959, 30 pages of strips & ads done for companies such as Brownie Cameras, Ford Motor Company and Interstate bakeries. Now I am craving the cakes and Butternut Bread! 
After that are the Christmas strips that Schulz did for magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens in 1958, Good Housekeeping in 1963, and Women’s Day in 1968; which are followed by the storybooks of Snoopy and the Red Baron, Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, and I Never Promised You an Apple Orchard!
After those are the collected works such as Things I Learned After It Was Too Late (and Other Minor Truths); Things I’ve had to Learn Over and Over and Over (Plus a Few Minor Discoveries); Golf cartoons and illustrations done for associations, books and tournament programs; the 1972 book Snoopy’s Grand Slam and the 1979 Snoopy’s Tennis Book!
14 pages of various spot drawings top off the beautiful, fun poignant book to conclude the amazing achievement of The Complete Peanuts series! I will give this book an A+ grade, and we wish to thank the Schulz family and all of the crew who worked on the series! That will concludes our book reports, so now I will present 
Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!
in this portion of The Mew, we honor famous catgirls & nekomimis of various media such as stage, cinema, television, internet, games, toys, novels and comics, nya. Our broadly – inclusive criteria ranges from ailuranthropes and anthropomorphic feline females, to those who may not have any kitty DNA, but do have the cat-titude in sprit or style for to be considered here as “honorary catgirls”!
This month’s spotlight shines upon a septet of comics & animation catgirls, including Kitty and Katty Kaswell, Kitty Softpaws, Beastmon, Nobu Yuki, Cyan and Cooch! Cooch is among the characters of the Crackle Network’s stop-motion animated Super Mansion TV series! Voiced by Heidi Gardner, she is the sexy calico catgirl member of the super heroic League of Freedom team!
Kitty Softpaws is the co-star in Dreamworks Animation’s Puss in Boots movie! Voiced by Salma Hayek, she is a declawed anthropomorphic Tuxedo Cat; a stealthy burglar and a graceful dancer who helps Puss (who is voiced by Antonio Banderas) to purloin the valuable magick beans and golden eggs from the criminals Jack and Jill, but winds up romantically stealing Puss’s heart!
Beastmon is a bewitching female felinoid princess of the Digimon anime series! She is very sexy in the skimpy belly dance costume, with the Red tattoo on her tummy to match her long flowy hair, but she has the long sharp deadly Pink claws! She has the tan face & torso with spotted Grey arms, legs and two tails. She hasa Purple veil to match her eyes, and lots of Gold jewelry!
Twin sisters Kitty & Katty Kaswell of the T.U.F.F. Puppy TV series which was shown on Nickelodeon! In this animated series starring anthropomorphic animal characters, Kitty and her partner Dudley Puppy are crime –  fighting agents of the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force, which protects the residents of the city of Petropolis from criminals, such as her evil twin sister Katty!
Kitty is a detective with many skills and sharp claws! Both ladies have the slender physique with the Tan Skin & Tail,Green eyes & Black hair, but Katty’s hair has the White stripe. Kitty usually wears a Dark Grey  jumspuit with the White headband, boots & gloves, whereas Katty wears the jumpsuit with the horizontal Black and White stripes. They are both voiced by Grey DeLisle!
One of my all time favorite comic books is Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai! It is the anthropomorphic tale set in the Edo era of Japan, starring Miyamoto Usagi the heroic wandering bunny ronin! Published by Dark Horse, in issue #159’s tale of “The Hayamoto’s Daughter” he protects an orphaned widdle catgirl Nobu Yuki who is hunted by the criminals who murdered her samurai father. 
On the front cover drawn by Stan and colored by Tom Luth, Yuki is about half Usagi’s height, with the tan skin, Black hair, and Pink kimono! Kawaii! She is adorably cute and very scared by the many relentless attackers, but she has information that will convict the criminals’ Daimyo, and a peerless defender in Usagi, who treats her to a wonderful fish dinner at Toto-san’s restaurant! 
Lastly but not leastly I will shine the spotlight upon Cyan Hijirikawa of the Show By Rock anime! She is a high school student who was teleported to another world where she was transformed into a fair skinned, Green eyed, dark Indigo haired catgirl of the elegant gothic lolita style who plays the Pink Strawberry Heart guitar in the kemonomimi rock band Plasmagica!
Cyan’s band mates include Retoree the dog girl bassist, Moa the sheep girl drummer, and Chuchu the bunny girl guitarist! Kawaii! They compete against the various other rock bands! That is all for this month’s Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight, but it will shine upon yet another clowder next month, and now I will turn The Mew over to Mie-Sensei, who would like to begin our
collectibles and toy talk, with her review of the
DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Katana action figure!
Arigato! So like, Tatsu Yamashiro alias Katana is a Japanese samurai / super heroine who first appeared in DC Comics’ Brave and the Bold issue #200 in 1983. She was originally friend of Batman and a member of The Outsiders team, but in the comics’; current era she is a member of the Suicide Squad! She is an expert martial artist and assassin armed with the Soul Taker sword which can extract her slain enemies’ souls, fur shur!
She was awesomely portrayed by Karen Fukuhara in the live-action Suicide Squad movie which we reviewed in September! Our friend ob1 (who was a guest of our October, 2007 Mew) met her at last month’s Chiller Theatre Expo and brought us a lovely autographed photo from her! Another version of Katana appears in the delightful DC Super Hero Girls comics and animated movie, and in  October we reviewed the 12″ Katana doll!
The 6″ tall figure (including boot heels) of her is part of Mattel’s 2nd wave of Suicide Squad figures, including The Joker, Harley, Deadshot, Boomerang  and Batman. Each is sold separately and includes portions of the Killer Croc figure to assemble! I am not sure of this figure’s scale, but in the comics the character is 5′ 2″ tall, so this figure might be of the 1/10th scale, and I think that she is very nicely designed, sculpted & painted!
The details are meticulous, from the strands of her pert short coiffure, serious expression, lean lithe physique and inny belly button, to the fabric folds and creases of her cropped White shirt, Red sashes, Brown fingerless gloves and lace-up boots, the Black jacket and pants with the rising sun arm band, Gold emblems on the jacket and kanji lettering on her pants! The 3″ katana and 1 7/8″ wakizashi fit in the removable scabbards!
She is balanced well enough to stand up unassisted, and she is like SO posable, with articulation in her neck, abs, waist, hips, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, thighs, knees & ankles! Most of the joints are cleverly concealed amongst the garment folds, creases & seams! I am very pleased with this totally awesome figure, and I have found a good spot for her on the shelf beside other heroines, fur shur! Nextly I will discuss the 
DC Bombshells Halloween Batgirl statue
So like, the DC Bombshells is a product line of statues from DC Collectibles, starring the super heroines of DC Comics portrayed in a World War II / 1940’s pin-up style! They are whimsically sexy, powerfully peppy, and thus far the series has included statues of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Posion Ivy, Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Catwoman, HawkGirl, Zatanna, Mera, Lois Lane, Cheetah, Batgirl, Power Girl (& Superman)!
The statues are based upon the character designs by Ant Lucua, and there is also a lovely fun comic book series of the same title,written by Marguerite Bennett! For Halloween, DC Collectibles offered the special variant Batgirl statue sculpted by Tim Miller & Karen Palinko, in the Black & orange version of her costume, unmasked to reveal her cute “bat ear pinna” coiffure, captivating gaze and her big fangy smile, fur shur!
The numbered, limited edition statue is in the strutting pose with her right hand on her hip and the left hand holding her scalloped cape. Including the 1/4″ “bat ears” and 1/2″ high heels, she stands about 10″ tall atop the 3/4″ thick, 5 1/2″ circular base which has a magnetic name plate, for an overall height of about 10 3/4″, all safely packaged inside the pretty  9 1/8″ x 9 1/8″ x 12 1/2″ box which has the pretty art & photos on it!
The details are intricate, from her Red hair, Blue eyes, Red Lips and White fangs to her detailed back pack, utility belt pouches, boot laces and pieced belly button! Her strapless, bare midriff corset has the large bat emblem across the chest and the intricate widdle bat pattern on the sides! There is such fine detail in the seams, straps, rivets, grommets and buckles of the corset, tights, cape, belt, pouches, boots & backpack!
Underneath her left boot’s sole is a slot which attaches to a metal peg upon the display base, which has a nickel – like finish & grating detail. On the bottom of the base is the statue’s number. The one that I have is #549 of 5200! She is so beautifully sculpted & painted! I hope to see the pending statues of Raven and Bumblebee, fur shur! That will conclude our collectibles & toy talk, so like, now here is Petra to present our
the latest additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewsum of Art!
Arigato, nya! For those who might be here for the first time, Galleries 1-7 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-4 display images by other folks with their purrmissions, and Mike’s collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya!
On Catgirl Island’s official web site, the most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click upon those to see the uncropped, full pics, nya! This month we have added 7 images to Guest Gallery 4, and 2 images to Gallery 6, nya!
In Guest Gallery 4, we are purroud to purrsent the “Ulania” fan art  by Lumshock, who used the Pokemon Art Academy tools on the Nintendo 3DS to render this pic of Ulania, who is the very alluringly, ornately attired catgirl purrincess of Atlantis in the 7th Dragon video game, nya!
Then we are ecstatic to exhibit the “Winter Solstice” scene by our web master Jamie, who used Photoshop CC215, Painter 216, and Clip Studio Paint to render this snowy image of Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan, who is the heroic witchy were-panther star of Jamie’s web comic Clan of the Cats, nya! She was also a guest for our August 2007 Mew, nya! 
After that we have three pen & Copic marker illustrations by Rebecca Brogden who was the guest for our September 2009 Mew, nya! Firstly of those is “Trick or Treat” which depicts a brunette catgirl wearing the sexy cute winged vampire costume and carrying the Jack O’ Lantern amidst the falling leaves, nya!
Secondly is Rebecca’s pic of “Victoria” an adorably alluring, peppy purrky catgirl with long Honey-Blonde hair, wearing the cropped tank top, shorts & sneakers with jewelry & Pink accessories, nya! Thirdly is Rebecca’s pic of the beautiful widdle “Acorn Fairy” purrched upon the Oak tree branch, wearing the long flowy gown to match her magnificent Monarch Butterfly wings, nya!
Nextly in Guest Gallery 4 is the “Neighopolitan” pony by Meesha DJ Walker who was the June 2015 Guest of The Mew, nya!  At the NC Comicon last month she  did this cute copic marker pic of a purretty widdle pegasus pony who is named Neighopolitan because of her chocolate colored coat with the nilla and berry colored mane and tail, nya!
After that is the “Amaterasu” close-up photo by TonomuraBix who was among our March 2008 guests, nya! Amaterasu is a beautiful goddess in Japanese mythology and in the Okami video game, and Bix wonderfully wore the white wig, ears, fangs and Red face stripes for her Halloween cosplay of the character, nya!
In Gallery 6, we have purremiered Mike’s illustration of Alexcia Reynolds’s fan – character “Eletron”, a pachydrem -ish Maximal Autobot inspired by the Transformers Beast Wars animated series, nya! Alexcia was the guest for the August 2010 Mew, and has a fan site for Eletron at Project Pachyderm, nya!
Lastly but not leastly, in Gallery 6 have purremiered Mike’s fan art of “Yoruichi Shihoin”, a kuroneko ailuranthrope (Black cat shape shifter) of the Bleach manga and anime, nya! She is looking sassy and sexy in her bikini  – clad himan form, and serenly elegant her cat form, nya! Mike used Photoshop CS2 & mouse to illutrate those, nya. So, what do y’all think of those images, nya?
Ulania’s bare midriffed White, Black & Gold outfit is so ornately alluring & elegant, with the purretty Red cat hat to match her hair!
Chelsea’s dark hair and cloak contrast loverly with the snowy landscape as she magickally conjures the large glowy snowy flake!
Hai, it is so purretty and – and it wonderfully completes our mewseum’s collection of his four seasonal Chelsea illustrations, nya!
I like how the vampire cosplay catgirl’s skirt, bustier, fishnets & nail polish match her lush Black hair, supple ears & swishy tail!
The fashionable fishnets of the vampire & Victoria and might not catch many fish, but they sure do catch the attention, mew la la!
Fur shur! The Acorn Fairy is like totally darling, and she is in the excellent sharper focus against the softer distant branches!
It was so good to see Meesha again, and – and I love that pic of the purretty pony in the rampant pose that she drew for us, nya! 
Mary Nyan:
it is wonderful to have another cosplay photo of our friend Bix who has such a delightful expurression in that purrticular photo!
Hai hai- Bix, Meesha and Rebecca are all such friendly and supurrb artists and cosplayers!
Eletron seems to purroject a sense of majestic power and a peppily determined, kind heart.
Yoruichi has such lushly long flowy hair, tautly firm abs and the sassy tongue expurression!
We are so glad to have so much art in our mewseum!
Yep, we sure are! Thank you for presenting the art!
Doitashimaste, nya! 
The Cat Lady Sings…
I think we are done, and it is almost time for our AfterMew Luau, nya!
Itadakimasu! Hopefully other friends will arrive soon after their work!
Gosh, Tara-chan did not get distracted by any bugs to photograph!
Purrhaps I will see still some interesting critters before bed time, nya!
I guess that will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Rebecca, Meesha, Bix, Lumshock and Jamie for the lovely art!
We wish to thank the other talented folks whose works we discussed…
… Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
… our other friends, relatives & audience whom we appurreciate, nya!
Fur Shur!
Y’all may post brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to The Mew…
purrvided the comments are spam-free, G-rated & purrtain to our topics!
Mary Nyan:
We will be back next month with the January edition of The Mew…
… and we’re just 2 months away from our 10th Annual Mew Awards presentation! Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to Mew – until we eat ag


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