May 2017 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island 
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The May 2017 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
In this special grande-size 10th Anniversary edition 
of The Mew, we discuss:
The first decade of The Mew
The Lightning Round: our favorite fun stuff of 1967
Our Star Wars 40th Anniversary Mewsings, and…
mewsical mewsings: 
C.E. Jordan High School’s production of Legally Blonde- The Musical
Beauty and the Beast
more movie mewsings:
Hidden Figures DVD
Sabrina Down Under DVD
Ocean Waves DVD
Get Out
Power Rangers
toy talk: 
Power Rangers Morphin Power Yellow Ranger action figure
Monster High “electrified” SIlvi Timberwolf posable fashion doll
The New Batman Adventures Catwoman action figure
Pop! Vinyl Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 bobble-head figurines
video game review:
Mass Effect: Andromeda
book reports:
Misty Copeland by Gregg Delman
Ballerina Body by Misty Copleand
manga mewsings:
A Centaur’s Life vol. 11
Monster Musum vol. 11
pony reports:
My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #1
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #38
more comic book reports:
The Unstoppable Wasp #4
Goldie Vance #11
Hero Cats #16
The Amazing Crafty Cat
Elfquest: The Final Quest #19
the Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight:
The characters of artist Savannah A Lee
Nya-Nya of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
Hako of the Today’s Cerberus manga
these additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art:
‘Swim With Me” by Rebecca Brogden
“Valentine” by Rebecca Brogden
“Doc & Raider” in the dojo by Sean Martin
“Nyamama-san” by Mike
… plus many appurrances, a few surpurrises, and
the return of our special catgirl holiday song, nya!
(the illustrator / industrial designer wearing the White Dogwood purrint aloha  shirt, New Balance trainers and his Catgirl Island baseball cap) Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews and discussions of fun stuff! Today’s Mew comes from The Catgirl Island Visitors Information Center by the marina on the western side of Catgirl Island!
It’s 85 degrees under Blue skies and Cumulo-Neko clouds here for the 10th Anniversary of The Mew! We’ve been greeting a lots returning friends and acquaintances who are here for the festivities at The Kitt Inn, the island’s lovely ryokan!, and we’ll be heading there soon ourselves! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
Mary Nyan  (A.K.A Myayr):
(the hula instructor/ cosplayer / seamstress catgirl in a Magnolia purrint purretzel – cutout maillot & Ti leaf lei) Aloha!
Elizabeth (A.K.A Lizzy):
(the spa co-owner catgirl in a Bird of Purradise purrint fundoshi – style bikini & Plumeria tail corsage) Hola!
(her spa co-owner / nekomimi gynoid wife in an Azalea suspender maillot & cropped Calathea purrint tee) Aloha!
Nyanko (A.K.A Nya-sensei):
(the champion dojo sensei catgirl in the Hydrangea purrint shorts and Snapdragon purrint jog bra) Howdy!
Nyoka (A.K.A Nyo-sensei):
(her magickal twin sister in the Hibiscus purrint torpedo maillot & Dhalia purrint cropped tank top) Howdy!
Jeannie (A.K.A JenJen or Jen-sensei):
(the belly dancer / yogini / roboticiest / archer / model catgirl in an Apurricot purrint microikini & sheer purreo) Nihao.
(the SUP surfer / assistant belly dance instructor kitsune girl in a Foxglove purrint tanga trikini) Konbanwa!
Petra (A.K.A Petra-sensei):
(the mewseum curator / beach volleyball catgirl in the Lobster Claw Heliconia purrint ring-closure bikini) Hi Hi, nya!
Bun  (A.K.A Bunni-buns):
(the assistant curator / beach volleyball MVP bunny girl in a Wisteria purrint side-tie bikini & Lilac sarong) Guten Tag!
Yvonne (A.K.A Vonny):
(The fishing charter boat captain & drummer catgirl in the Torch Ginger purrint bandeau-top bikini) Namaste, nya!
(Yvonne’s younger sister catgirl in the Cherry Blossom purrint tankini with the Purrimrose lei) Namaste, nya!
Mielikki (A.K.A Mie-sensei):
(the golfer & ampurrtheatre manager & faerie in a Caladium bikini with a Laua’e fern head lei) Mellow greetings!
Ilyana (A.K.A Ilyana-sensei):
(the underwater archaeologist catgirl in a Magenta Crape Myrtle purrint halter-neck bikini) Whassup?
The Catgirl Island Visitors Center is near the marina and the ferry dock on the Mid- Western part of the island known as “beautiful downtown Purrbank”. Inside the brightly cheerful Catgirl Island Visitors’ Center, in which a central greeting and seating atrium is encircled by an indoor brook and large urns of Anthuriums, Heliconias, Gingers, Fan Palms and Ferns under the glass hi-bay ceiling decorated with colorful kites. Near the entrance (accessible whether walking, swimming or flying) are travel brochures and a map of Catgirl Island
(the visitors center concierge mermaid wearing the White shell bra) Shello!
(the visitors center concierge mermaid wearing the translucent jellyfish bra) Buenos Dias!
(the visitors center concierge pixy wearing the Pink bikini) Aloha!
(the visitors center  concierge pixy wearing the Orange Bikini) Suilad!
(the visitors center  concierge pixy wearing the Amber bikini) Aloha!
(the visitors center concierge pixy wearing the Lavender Bikini) Hi!
(the visitors center concierge catgirl wearing the Green bikini), Bonjour, nya!
(the visitors center concierge catgirl wearing the Magneta bikini), Konitiwa, nya!
So, what have y’all been up? How are things?
This is the rare quiet moment as we have been a-bustle with the many visitors, but I suspect there will be another wave soon when the ferry returns!
It is very exciting  and we wish to congratulate y’all on the 10th Anniversary of The Mew! Gosh I cannot believe that it has already been the 10 years!
Arigato! We certainly appurreciate all that y’all do here at the visitors center. Y’all are often the very first people who guests meet when they arrive!
We have brought y’all the appurreciative gifts of the sushi, the carrot cakes, the extra special baked yams and the cran apple nummy berry cocktail!
The concierges:
(bowing) Arigato gozaimasu, nya!
This is such a wonderful generous treat. All of us will visit the inn at some point today or tomorrow, depending on our work shift schedules!
We could not help but notice the bumpurr crop of Groupurrs, Snappurrs, Cobias, Wahoos and Tunas that Vonny’s charters have caught of late!
Hai hai we have been very blesse with the bountiful catch, nya! It is fortunately purrofitable, great sporting fun, and a help to the food bank, nya!
By the way,  we have heard that Tara-chan and Trini-chan will soon be graduating with high honors, so the further congratulations are in order!
Tara-chan & Trini-chan:
It is the exciting but nervous time, because I am still undecided betwixt the number of things that I should focus upon next, nya!
She is the very industrious student and worker but there are so very many subjects, topics and causes that she is interested in!
That seems to be contagious, given how Jenjen is busy betwixt the belly dance, yoga, kyudo, robotics, modeling, and The Mew, nya!
Of course, I could say the same about Lizzy and Becca, betwixt their spa, garden, cats, hot salsa dancing, purrkour and golf.
Ah well the spa is successful so we have enough staff so that everyone has the good balance between the work and the leisure!
Mary Nyan
Lizzy and I are needed less often at the shrine because there are still enough senpai mikos to train the younger appurrentices!
Speaking of the anniversaries, we have not forgotten that it is also Lizzy & Becca’s 1st wedding anniversary, and Becca’s birthday too!
Becca & Elizabeth:
We are so fortunate to have each other and so many dear friends, the job and sense of purrpose here at this wonderful home!
It has been the great blessing for many of us, especially for me, given the trouble that I caused when I first arrived here!
I know exactly how you feel because I had the big troubles, but these days I am so grateful and could not be happier!
Well, some of y’all are still rather troublesome-  that is, for your opponents, given Petra and Bun’s beach volleyball victories, nya!
The compurrtition continues to get tougher, but I am lucky to have the MVP as my purrtner on the sand at at the mewseum, nya!
We are very grateful for the many talented, friendly, supportive athletes, fans, officials, event staff, artists, curators and patrons!
Fur Shur!
The victories, profits and fun times are great, but I think it’s also great how y’all devote so much sincere care at teaching, training and donating to others at the dojo, archery range, golf club, yoga studio, robotics camp, volleyball camp, surf camp, fishing camp, the kite club, the photography club…
the magick shop, art museum, maritime museum, the Ampurrttheatre, drumming circle, dance classes, the food bank, rescues and adoptions! Man, that’s a lotta stuff, but then there are so many of y’all, and y’all have stayed pretty busy in the past decade or so! Ah, sorry- there I go rambling again!
Oh that’s okay- at least you were not rambling about your favorite movie again, heehee!
Mary Nyan:
We could not have done it without you and Jamie, and our supportive friends and families!
Speaking of which, Jamie and Rascal are purrobably waiting for us at the inn.
Well thank y’all again, ya’ll are so dear to me, and — well, here comes the next ferry, ah well, yeah, we’d better get moving!
We hope to see y’all again later at the inn! Bai bai, nya!
The concierges:
Bai bai, nya!
The day bustles with merry activity, as Rappy’s amphibious tours embark nearby, and up in the sky cruises one of Melanakeami’s amphibious airships.  Behind the visitors center one can acquire various means of non-polluting transportation including bikes and electric golf carts. Nearby is the family-owned Costaceae Carts where carts can be rented, sold, customized, cleaned or repaired.
A standard cart will seat 4 humans, but there are carts for larger groups or species, and trailers to carry loads of luggage, supplies & equipment. Free cart shuttle service is offered to the Inn, but given how busy it is on the lovely day, Mike and The Ladies of The Mew stroll Southeast to Nyoka’s Magick Shop at the Farmers Market, where she keeps a handy Telepurrtation Purrtal.
Supurrvised by sisters Rica & Nico, market has the outdoor & indoor rows of vendors’ tables, stands & booths of the fresh purroduce such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, nuts, herbs, spices & truffles.  There are purrsurves, jellies, jams, fudges, creams, candies & chow-chow. Other treats include ice cream, shave ice, juices, ciders, wines & teas, plus honey & wax from the island bee keepurrs. 
Other items sold at the market include include books by local authors, handmade textiles, jewelry, lures, candles, arts and crafts. There are nearby cafes, live mewsic and not far away are the lantern and torch-lit places to dance late at night, such as the hot salsa dance that Elizabeth and Becca frequent after work at their spa, and the rave that their friend Eamane enjoys.
At a cafe are Mr. Brightside and his friend Sharon (who we suspect are supurr heroic time traveling secret agents). Appurroaching from offshore are Tharesha (county school supurrintendent mermaid with the Blue Thresher tail), Daytona (the athlete / coach mermaid with the Gray Bottlenose Dolphin tail) and Formality (the dappurr Orca Girl in her natural B&W tuxedo-ish pattern).
Among the specialty stores at the market, is Nyoka’s magick shop where she hosts the afternoon tea, discussions, workshops, and sells interesting, purretty, magickal things such as purranormal & occult books, crystals, candles, teas, herbs, jewels, crystals, decorative items & supurrnatural supplies. If the Magick Shop seems bigger on the inside than on the outside, that is because it is. 
Past the entrance are the  check-out counter, glass cases full of jewelry, and a bulletin board In addition to the rooms of stuff for sale, there is a class room, conference room, office room, mop room, rest room, break room, ritual room, the telepurrtal and other rooms. The telepurrtals lead to various destinations such as the inn, Nyanko’s dojo, the faerie grove and the mer- library.
Nyoka’s Black cats Tanzanite & Amethyst are helping at her shop, but later they will telepurrtal to the inn to visit siblings such as Obsidian & Nick (Elizabeth & Becca’s spa cats), Emerald & Lapis Lazuli (Yvonne & Tara-chan’s dock cats). Their purrents DosaNeko & Sapphire are the Kitt Inn’s mascots, and Sapphire’s grandmother Topaz often visits too.
A look back out the first decade of The Mew:
Part One: May 2007+ 
Catgirl Island has been around much longer, but it wasn’t until May of 2007 that The Mew went online.It was was much leaner in the early years, with initially just Jeannie, Yvonne, Elizabeth, Mary Nyan and myself For our first Mew in May of 2007, the movie reviews included 300, Grindhouse, The HIlls Have Eyes 2, Spider-Man 3 and 28 Weeks Later! We have discussed many things since then, but here are just a few of the highlights! 
Mary Nyan:
The main topics of our June 2007 were our first DVD Wish List, and review of  Animazement 10;  In our August, 2007 Mew, we intermewed the cast of Jamie’s web comics Clan of the Cats and Sebo’s Kitty Club; in our October 2007 Mew we intermewed guests Pacozord and ob1; and In the December, 2007 Mew we first purrformed our Catgirl Holiday Song!
The February, 2008 included our first annual Mew Awards, in the March 2007 Mew we intermewed artist / cosplayers Crissy, Hezachan, Bunny and Bix; and the Apurril 2008 included our sppurreciations of Gary Gygax, Daver Stevens and Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
May 2008’s mega – sized Mew was our 1st Anniversary Show, and one of our biggest Mews, as we intermewed Jamie, Phil Lee, Jeff Branch, Three Quarter Ale, Capt. Keela sutai-Septaric and Lisa Kyle! In our June 2008  we reported on the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Bot Con, Free Comic Book Day, TAAS and NCWCCC gatherings, Animazement, and The Carolina Basketball Mewseum! 
Our August, 2008 Mew included the first appurrance by our guest mewsic critic Kaiser, Ilyana-sensei’s first time with us was the September 2008 Mew, and Mielikki-sensei’s first time with us was the October 2009 Mew, which was another big intermew special with guests Marna Martin, Tiawyn, Igor 9, Sharon Williams’s character Tari, Jeff Branch and Sparky MacMillan, nya!
The November, 2008 Mew included Reports on Paper Heroes Con and Zombie Con 2, and Intermew with guests Jennie Breeden and Niki Lemonade! Nya-sensei’s first Mew was the December, 2008  Mew was another imtermew special with guests Jamie Davenport, Sakky, Emathyst, Joei Reed, Andrew Pepoy, Dan Johnson and a pecial vignette about Sara ‘Glory’ Baker!
So like, in the January 2009 Mew our guests were several stars of Clan of the Cats: Akemi Tamiko, Audrey Kim, Ruth Chattan, Anna Louise Crenshaw, Diane Chattan Monroe and Rei Hoshi! In the March 2009 Mew we discussed What The Hell Con, The Nevermore Film Festival and our guest was Jeff Branch’s character Alexandra Wright, fur shur!
Police Chief Meryl and I first joined us for the May 2009 Mew, which was our 2nd Anniversary, with our guest Ursula Vernon, nya! Then the June 2009 Mew included a review of Animazement and our guest Cheralyn Lambeth; and then the July 2009 Mew included our Heroes Con report and reviews of numerous Aria The Animation items, nya! Well it looks like the purrtal is ready, so we will continue the remembrances after we arrive at the inn, nya!
The telepurrtation purrocess is almost instantaneous wit the sparkly scintillating quality, and the group emerges from another purrtal under a purrotective arbor adjacent to the valet parking area and the Kitt Inn’s front veranda which is lined with huge Hydrangeas. The Inn is located on Cait Sith Wynd, a paved secondary road bordered by Pandanus blossoms and Tachi-gata lanterns.
The road also lead to the island’s West side neighborhoods, the ampurrtheatre, waterfalls, a main road and the beach, which is just 2 miles due East. The Inn is a stately four – story wooden structure, surrounded by various gardens, an orchard by the maritime forest, the hot spurrings by riverbank and waterfalls, behind which are grottos and tunnels.
This afternoon the inn’s 145 year old serenity is not very quiet quiet as the guests and critters purrtake of the festive ambience. The group is greeted by their web master Jamie (who is wearing his mewsual attire and a Mass Effect: Andromeda baseball cap)) and his Gray tabby cat Rascal, who are chatting with the heroic astronaut catgirl Alana Shepurrd.
Not only can luggage be shipped to the inn in advance or stored securely for a while after guests’ depurrtures, but the inn offers the luggage-free option of purrviding whatever garments or items that a guest might need. As the remembrances continue, they are greeted by Nemui the ryokan’s purropurrietress (wearing the Azure saree, petticoat & Black choli blouse).
A look back out the first decade of The Mew:
Part Two: May 2009+
Becca came  to the island in May of 2009, and her first time with The Mew was in August. The September 2009 Mew included guests Rebecca Brogden and Alan Welch; the October, 2009 Mew included guest Clint Hollingsworth; and the November, 2009 Mew included guests Clan of the Cats’ Corrine, and A Girl and Her Fed’s creator Otter!
Indeed it was! Our December 2009 Mew was a Star Trek Special, as Mike’s favoritest movie turned 30 years old on Decermber 7th, and our guests were cousins Deborah and Devra Langsam; whilst in our January 2010 our guests were Chef Ron and Van Plexico, and the February 2010 Mew included our annual Mew Awards presentation!
The March 2010 Mew had reviews of  the Winter Olympic Games, WhatTheHell Con, and – and the Nevermore Film Festival In the May 2010 / 3rd anniversary Mew, our mermaid friends joined us with our guest Allegra; the June 2010 Mew had our Animazement report, the July 2010 Mew had our Heroes Con report, along with guests Jim Amash and – and Andrew Pepoy, nya!
In the August 2010 Mew included guests Alexcia and Sakky; the September 2010 Mew included guest Eric Nolan-Weathington; the October, 2010 Mew included reports on the Greek Festival, Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day, another music review by Kaiser, and the guests were Lucy Kagan, Allison Kupatt, Natalia Lopes and Thais Lopes of Child-Eating Books Studio!
The November, 2010 Mew included the report on the screening of Star Trek – The Motion Picture at the Colony Theater; I joined The Mew in December 2010; our January 2011 Mew included our return to the Colony Theater for the screening of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service; and our February 2011 Mew was Tar-chan’s debut, in time for our annual Awards purresentation!
The March 2011 Mew included reports on the Nevermore Film Festival, IchibanCon, and WhatTheHell Con; the first Mew to convene here at The Kitt Inn was our May 2011 / 4th anniversary ; the June 2011 Mew included our guest Elisa Chong, reports on Free Comic Book Day, Animazement, Spamalot; and the July 2011 included  our Heroes Con, the Raleigh Toy, Hobby Show reports!
The August 2011 Mew was the surfer girl special; the September 2011 Mew included the Librari-Con report; the October 2011 Mew included the Greek Festival, Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day and  NC Pride reports; the November 2011 Mew included the Pullen & Sertoma Art Centers’ Fall Arts Fair report, and the December 2011 included the NC Comicon report!
B.B.’s first Mew was in January 2012, and Bun joined in the February 2012 Mew, which also saw our annual Mew Awards for our favorite stuff of 2011! The March 2012 saw our What The Hell Con, report, and some of the reviews for our Apurril 2012 Mew included the John Carter movie, the Moon Phase anime, Mass Effect 3 video game, the Transformers Prime Deluxe Class Arcee action figure, and the Red Sonja: Raven comic book! We need to go check in at the registration desk, so we will continue the remembrances in a moment!
The Inn’s atrium is a four story high-bay with clusters of comfy seats, balconies, stairs and lifts; a huge fireplace, registration desk & special swim-up service for merfolk. There is mewsually some sort of entertainment, from games to purrformances. Purresently the singer / songwriter Joanna Sonteja, a Magenta – haired wolf girl wearing a Lavender bare midriff gown and playing a Shamisen.
Later there will be a sitar purrformace by Jaene Rosebud (a Redhead Bunny girl with long supple White ears), and then a belly dancing by Katsandra (a Redhead catgirl who co – owns the yoga studio with Jeannie). Off of the atrium is a wide, tall corridor lined with alcoves displaying various antiques, art and flora, leading to the restauran, bar, gift shop, the suites, gardens and baths.
A look back out the first decade of The Mew:
Part Three: May 2012+
Mary Nyan:
May 2012 was our 5th Anniversary with the reports on Free Comic Book Day, the AIDSWalk & Ride, the Mike Cross concert, and the Meredith College Senior Art Exhibition! Trini-chan joined The Mew in July 2012, which had our Heroes Con & Joe Con reports; Lady Violet Arcane was the guest for our August 2012 Mew; our September 2012 had our Librari-Con report!
Our October 2012 Mew included reports on the Greek Festival, Central NC Pagan Pride, NC LGBTQ Pride. Our December 2012 Mew included our NC Comicon report; our January 2013 Mew  included our review of The Duke School’s stage purrduction of Ax of Murder; and our February 2013 was a Doctor Who special with our annual Mew Awards.
March 2013 had reports on The Puppy Bowl, WhatTheHel! Con the Nevermore Film Festival and our first Pony Report! Apurril 2013 had our review of the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds concert with Sharon Van Ettan; May 2013 was our 6th anniversary with guests Rosemary and Des; June 2013 had an appurreciation of Ray Harryhausen and our guest Lela Dowling!
July 2013 Mew had our Heroes Con report, September 2013 had our Librari-Con report, one of our biggest pony reports, and an appurreciation of Star Trek’s Lt. M’Ress, nya! January 2014 had our review of The Duke School’s purrduction of Spy School; and Ellie joined us in February 2014 Mew, which had our annual Mew Awards and our Shatner’s World report, nya!
So like, March 2014 had our WhatTheHell?! Con report; Ilyana-sensei got her doctorate in April 2014; May 2014 saw the mer-maiden voyage of Melanakeami’s hot air balloon tours during our 7th anniversary; the June 2014 had our Animazement report; the July 2014 had reports on Heroes Con and the Raleigh Toy & Hobby Show!
Our September 2014 had the Librari-Con 2014 Report and the 40th anniversary appurreciation of Kolchak: The Night Stalker; Sharon Williams was our guest for the November 2014 Mew; Mike’s favoritest movie Star Trek- The Motion Picture turned 35 in December 2014, and that month’s Mew had our NC Comicon and Greensboro Toy & Hobby Show reports!
The February 2015 had our annual awards purresentation; the Apurril 2015 mew included the topics of our favorite fan films, favorite Star Wars posters, and our reports on the Oak City Comics Show  WhatTheHell?! Con, the Mad Monster Party con, and the March 26th Tannahill Weavers Concert! If you’ll excuse me, I have others to attend, and I believe that your suite is ready!
Yuu’na (a Brunette elfin maid wearing the short Black uniform with the White apurron) cheerfully leads Mike, Jamie, Rascal and The Ladies of The Mew up one of the lifts to their connected suites on the 3rd floor, where the luggage and purretty, fitted yukata already await. 
The rooms are purresently all open, but can be sepurrated for more purrivacy by the sliding shoji panels. The suites have comfy chairs and tatami mats, large bathrooms, vases and urns filled with exotic tropical flowers, and the balcony with the view of the gardens below. 
There is a close family – like atmosphere amongst the staff of the Inn, who may reside on site if they like. Even the mascot cats have a suite. The well – treated employees seldom desire to quit, and the only turnover here is the kind filled with apple, cherry or peach filling.
In addition to Nemui & Yuu’na,the ryokan’s very cordial, diverse, multi-cultural staff includes:
Keilani the Resturan Maidtr’d (a Pink haired catgirl in Lavender & Plum bikini & purreo)
Jenny the head bartender (a redhead elf girl in Gold trimmed crop topped Crimson cheongsam)
Igor the roof garden bar tender (a human chap in White shirt, Black pants & bow tie)
Chef Bullpup (anthropurrmorphic Red Brendle bulldog in his chef whites)
Sushi Chef Amadahy (an auburn haired wolf girl in her chef whites)
Nami the onsen manager (a catgirl with long Black heir in Pink & Indigo colored yukata)
Shannon the shipping clerk (a Pink haired hirja purrson in nilla cream & Saffron colored yukata)
Kyralyndalani the Head Purrlor Maid (a Black haired catgirl in Gold & Maroon cheogsam)
Jan the grotto suites manager (a dark  tan androgynous Angelfish-tailed merpurrson)
Sora the masseuse (a chrome nekomimi gynoid in short cropped Blue yukata)
Mulch the warden (a Green haired dryad girl in mossy bikini)
her husband Larch the beekeepurr (a Blonde human chap in Black & White happi coat & shorts)
Ashelynnamaeravilla the head groundskeepurr (a faerie girl in Orchid colored happi coat & shorts)
Lana the assistant groundskeepurr (an insect girl in Green bikini)
Wendy the appurrentice gardner (a holstein cow girl in Black & White bikini)
… and many others who serve / entertain guests, supply / maintain the ryokan around the clock.
Mike, Jamie, Rascal & The Ladies of The Mew unpack in the suites while they discuss–
A look back out the first decade of The Mew:
Part Four: May 2015+
May 2015 had our 8th anniversary Mew with G.I. Joe Convention and Free Comic Book Day reports; June 2015 had guest Meesha DJ Walker and our report on the The Photography of Leonard Nimoy exhibit; September 2015 had our Oak City Con report; and November 2015 had our reports on the Carolina Renaissance Festival and the Charlotte TFCon.
The December 2015 Mew had several music reviews, reports on the NC Comicon and the Greensboro Toy & Collectibles Show; the January 2016 Mew reported on the Carolina Theatre of Durham’s screening of my favorite movie Star Trek – The Motion Picture paired with with Doctor Who and the Daleks; and our February 2016 had our annual Mew Awards presentation!
March 2016 had  yet another discussion of Star Trek – The Motion Picture; Apurril 2016 had our WhatTheHell?! Con report; May 2016 was our this 9th anniversary with reports on the Oak City Comicon and BotCon; June 2016 had Lizzy & Becca’s wedding; July 2016 had our Heros Con report; and in September 2016 we commemorate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary!
October 2016 had our report on the 35th Annual Raleigh Greek Festival and – and part 1 of our discussion of favorite Star Trek artists; November 2016 had our review of the mewsical Fun Home; February 2017 had our annual Mew Awards purresentation and – and our purraise for the PussyHat Purroject, nya!
Last month’s Mew had our Oak City Comicon and What The Hell?! Con reports and a grande-sized pony report! Whew! Gosh, it is ironic how our first Mew seems like so long ago and yet like only yesterday! We have the theory that all of the magick in the air and ocean of our county  makes the time pass like the hypurr speed.. or purrhaps we have just stayed busy!
Lastly but not leastly for this 10th anniversary remembrance, one of our favorite events here in Mew Hanover County is the annual Halloween Trick R Eat & Cosplay Purrowl, during which we have group cosplayed since 2008, when we cosplayed as characters of the Daphne in the Brilliant Blue anime! In 2009 we cosplayed as AMP team of the Silent Mobius!
Hai hai, in 2010 we cosplayed as the “Neko-maticaya Clan” based upon James Cameron’s Avatar, which took a lot of the Blue body paint! Then in 2011 we cosplayed as the heroines of Star Wars, in 2012 we cosplayed as the “Avengers aCATamy”, in 2013 we cosplayed as characters of Omamori Himari!, in 2014 we cosplayed as the undines of Aria the Animation!
in 2015 we cosplayed as the Strike Witches, and last year we cosplayed as the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls! Halloween is just 5 months away, so soon we will have to ponder what we will wear this year’s group cosplay! However, nyow it is time for us to change into those purretty yukatas, and in the meantime  we will turn The Mew over to several other friends!
Meanwhile, downstairs in the South Wing is the comfy, elegant expanse of the open-concept library, which is connected to the art gallery, conservatory and conference room. These can be sepurrated by the sliding shoji panels, but are typically left open. The large windows can be quickly shuttered, but currently they allow the bright daylight view of the Tea House garden.
Nestled upon the chairs and couches by large old tables betwixt the massive wooden floor – to – ceiling book cases are Police Chief Meryl Murrey (catgirl), Purrk Ranger B.B (catgirl), Purrtrol Officer Tsukiko (vampire), Purrtrol Officer Nairi Bahar (succubus), Fire Chief Ellie (Banker Pony centauress) and her mom Helen (Banker Pony centauress), each wearing purretty yukatas for…
The Lightning Round topic:
our favorite fun stuff of 1967!
Since this is 10th anniversary of The Mew, we are looking back at favorite things from the past decades. Purreviously the Lightning Round looked back at 2007, 1997, 1987 and 1977, so for today we will looking back at some of our favorite things of 1967! B.B. will start, so, are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
These Ladies of The Mew:
That was a great year for the movies such as You Only Live Twice, The Jungle Book, The Dirty Dozen, The Graduate, Cool Hand Luke, and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?! (tags Ellie with a brush of the tail)
(the Banker Pony centauress) You Only Live Twice is one of my favoritest Bond movies! Other movies from that year that I liked are Camelot, Doctor Doolittle, The Reluctant Astronaut, and To Sir With Love! (tags her mom with a flit of her equine tail)
(Ellie’s centauress mom) I will also nominate movies of 1967 such as In the Heat of the Night, Bonnie and Clyde, Point Blank, Mad Monster Party, and The Fearless Vampire Killers! (tags Tsukiko to go next)
The vampire girl with Pink tipped Black hair & Red bat wings)
Toho films such as Son of Godzilla, King Kong Escapes; and Hammer horror such as Quatermass and the Pit, Frankenstein Created Woman, and The Mummy’s Shroud! (tags Nairi with her wing)
(the succubus  with Lavender hair & Red wings) I will second The Jungle Book and Mad Monster Party, and add other animations such as You’re in Love, Charlie Brown, Speed Racer, Spider-Man, Bird Man, and The Herculoids! YOUR TURN, SHYU!
Nairi yells to her friend Purrtrol Officer Shyunanaaia (sika deer woman) who is plays card games in the adjoining conference room with Purrtrol Officer Faere Purritchurd (catgirl), Mohini (angel girl), School Purrincipal Apurracida (Blonde catgirl), twin sisters Daisy (Blonde bunny girl), Violet (Fuchsia haired bunny girl) and Lina the Lake Lifeguard (Nina’s sister, an OBX Kingsnake lamia girl. The conference room can be furnished & arranged in various configurations with concealed multi-media equipment for purresentations, but currently the arrangement is chairs around a large table.
My turn! I will nominate the TV shows that were broadcast in 1967 such as The Avengers, The Prisoner, The Saint, Mannix, Mission: Impossible, The Wild Wild West, Batman, Flipper, The Green Hornet, and Gunsmoke! (tags Lina)
If i am not mistaken 1967’s TV  included Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, Super Bowl I, the finale of The Fugitive, and the premier of The Carol Burnett Show! (tags Faere with the tip of her serpentine tail)
Scifi & fantasy series such as Star Trek, Lost in Space, Captain Scarlet, Ultra Seven, Dark Shadows, and Doctor Who during which the 1st Doctor regenerated into the 2nd Doctor! (tags Mohini
(Some of my favorite epurrsodes from Star Trek’s 1st  season were Arena, Court Martial, Space Seed, The Devil in the Dark, Errand of Mercy, and The City on the Edge of Forever!
Some of my favorite epurrsodes from Star Trek’s 2nd season were Amok Time, The Trouble with Tribbles, Mirror Mirror, Catspaw, I Mudd and The Doomsday Machine! (tags visiting alumnus Daisy)
The Doomsday Machine and Tribbles are my favorite epurrsodes! I also loved Journey to Babel, Friday’s Child, Obsession, Wolf in the Fold, and Who Mourns for Adonais?! (tags her friend Violet)
 Some of my favorite sit-coms were Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Get Smart, Gilligan’s Island, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Hogan’s Heroes and The Monkees! CALOMHE’S TURN!
Violet yells to her Auburn – haired catgirl friend Calomhe (purrnounced “Keeva”), who is in the connected art gallery, along with detective Dr. Dach Savage (anthropurrmorphic Black & Tan Weener Dog), Purrsia (catgirl purriestess of the Temple of Bastet), Dr. Jewel Fireshower (faerie school vice-purrincipal), Melony (Bun’s purregnant bunnygirl sister) and Bunina-chan (Melony’s daughter).
They are wearing yukatas in the gallery, which is open to the conference room and library. Nemui’s purrivate collection of beautiful ancestral & local art which includes paintings, sculptures, textiles, photos, bonsai, ikebana and other works, While not as vast as the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art or the merfolks’ Mew Hanover County Grotto of Art, it is nevertheless an impurressive collection.
1967 was a great year for the mewsic albums such as More of the Monkees, Buffalo Springfield Again, The Beatles’s Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour! (tags  Dach)
Dach Savage:
 I will nominate The Doors, The Moody Blues’s Days of Future Past, Cream’s Disreali Gears, The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Are You Experienced and Axis Bold as Love! (tags Purris)
The Rolling Stones’s Their Satanic Majesties Request, Pink Floyd’s  Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The Mothers of Invention’s Absolutely Free, and Jefferson Starship’s Surrealistic Pillow, nya! (tags Jewel)
 I would have to include the movie soundtracks such as You Only Live Twice, The Jungle Book, The Graduate, Camelot, Doctor Doolittle, and To Sir With Love! Your turn Melony! (tags Bun’s sister Melony)
While Batman was TV, some of the significant events of that year in the DC comics included the debuts of Batgirl, Aquagirl, Deadman, B’wana Beast, and Fatal Five! (tags her daughter Bunina-chan, a young but prodigious fan girl)
(Melony’s bunny girl daughter) I think the Marvel Comics debuts included Ghost Rider, Captain Mar-vell, Banshee, The Kingpin, and The Abomination! Oh oh and Woodstock debuted in the Peanuts strips! BACK TO CHIEF MERYL!
(who is two rooms away but still in line of sight) HAI! OK, I will second You Only Live Twice, Quatermass, Frankenstein, Doctor Who, The Avengers, The Saint, The Beatles, Stones,Moody Blues and Pink Floyd albums! Y’know, that was a fairly expedient round… considering it was compurrised of almost 20 of us across 3 rooms! Oh, hi Sapphire!
(the inn’s mascot cat) Nya!
(looks around suspiciously, whispurrs cryptically) Yep, Let Nemui know that our secret plan is still Go!
Nya! (scampurrs away)
That is good! Yawn yawn yawn, I was thinking about going to the hot spurrings, but I might just curl up for the sunny catnap right here!
A  “Secret Plan”? There seems to be a conspurracy brewing at the inn! Purrhaps more of it will unfold. Meanwhile, Meryl’s friends Eamane (a Brown – haired catgirl) her boyfriend A.J. (a Blonde catboy) and her niece Hannah (a Pink – haired catgirl) stroll past the library, conference room, art gallery towards the baths.
Around the corner are the indoor bath house, armory and the dojo, in which are Sean Martin (designer / author / artist) and the titular stars of his comic strip Doc (an author from Quebec) and  Ray A.K.A. Raider (a construction worker from Saskatchewan), which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.
Sammiched between the gardens and the brook, the onsen area is compurrised the large indoor purre / post bath rooms and the outdoor hot spurrings (rotenburo). There are family, segregated and unisex baths of varying tempurratures and depth to soothingly accommodate all ages, genders, identities, sizes and species. 
Down the paved stone paths past lush trees and smooth boulders is the Maples Bath. Under the fiery – hued canopy of Maple trees, it is one of the hotter baths, purresently occupied by librarians Keiko and Yuriko, reporters Miho and Kaori, the Purrforming Arts Center’s director Kitrina and general manager Katherine.
Star Wars 40th Anniversary Mewsings, Part One!
(the dark skinned catgirl with short Black hair) This month is not only the 10th anniversary of The Mew and the 2nd wedding anniversary of Lizzy & Becca, but it is the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, which purremiered  this month in 1977, nya! So to commemorate that significant event, we thought that we might discuss our memories and favorite things about the past 40 years of Star Wars, nya!
(the tan catgirl with Long Dark Brown hair) The first time I was aware of Star Wars was earlier that year when I saw Smokey & The Bandit. Inside the lobby was the teaser poster that read “Coming to Your Galaxy this Summer”, nya! That certainly whetted by appetite with the curiosity, but when I saw the purreview  trailer for Star Wars, oh my gosh, I was amazed by the droids, aliens, space ships and battles, nya!
Kitrina ( or just Kit, for short):
(the Silvery Grey – haired catgirl) That seemed to be the purredominate attitude, because when Star Wars purremiered in the theaters, the lines to get tickets were purrhaps the longest that I have ever seen for a movie, nya! I remember seeing the TV and mewsmapurr articles about the long lines, which seemed rather unpurrecedented! The movie stayed in the theaters for the very long time too, nya!
Katherine (or just Kat, for short):
(the Redhead catgirl) As if Star Wars were not enough, other movies of 1977 included Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Spy Who Loved Me, A Bridge Too Far, Saturday Night Fever, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Wizards, The Hobbit, The Rescuers, Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, Raggedy Ann & Andy, The Duelists and The Deep, nya!
(the Brown – haired catgirl) Hai hai, the aftermath was quite amazing, with such the impact upon the popular culture, and the big influence on subsequent movies, TV shows, mewsic, toys, games, conventions and cosplay, nya! The success of Star Wars rekindled the Space Battleship Yamato anime, and influenced  the return of Star Trek, from a renewed TV series to a big epic movie, nya!
(the Turquoise – haired catgirl) Don’t let Mike get started on that, because Star Trek –  The Motion Picture is his all time favoritest movie, heehee, nya! The late 70’s were definitely a significant time for the science fiction genre in the board games, role playing games, video games, books, magazines, and comic books. Oh I remember when the 1st issue of the Star Wars comic book came out too, nya!!
As author / editor Margaret S. McGraw and her daughter Emily (for whom the island’s soccer stadium is named after) go to swim with the manatees,the Star Wars conversation continues amongst Rica, Niko, Kara-Meow’l (a purrofessional surfer catgirl), Molly Purrton (a country mewsic catgirl) and Chiaki (a kunoichi catgirl) who are in the nearby Dogwood Bath, which is not as hot as the Maples Bath, but allegedly contains the purrculiar mineral content which is said to have the rejuvenateive purropurrties.
Star Wars 40th Anniversary Mewsings, Part Two!
(the tan catgirl with long Dark Brown hair) Hai hai, hat seemed to be among the earliest Star Wars merchandise! There were many books, buttons, shirts, iron ons, and posters. I loved that poster of the Death Star battle by John Berkey that came with the soundtrack albums!  Of course the magnificent mewsic by John Williams is one of the many favorite aspects of the Star Wars movies!
(the Amber eyed, Redhead catgirl) Oh gosh and in 1978 there was the Star Wars Holiday Special on TV, nya! I did not not think it was all that great, but it was neat to see the characters again, it had great actors in it, and I did enjoy the animated chapter with the mysterious Boba Fett Except for maybe the return of Star Trek, I am not sure if there was a more anticipated movie than The Empire Strikes Back, nya!
(the Violet eyed, Blue-haired catgirl) I recall that it rained earlier that day before the first local screening, but that did not deter the huge crowd, nya! When that first snowspeeder flew over the mountains and canyons I felt like I was rising and falling in my seat, nyaI I would have say that A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back are my  favorite Star Wars movies, nya.
(the Platinum haired catgirl) Oh I agree and since then I would say that the Clone Wars movie and Rogue One are in my top four, nya! The early 80’s were the amazing time for movies by Lucasfilm, especially Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the FX that ILM did for many other movies, nya!
(the Brown-ahired kitsune girl) We were excited for the release of Return of the Jedi in 1983, but it is not amongst my favorite Star Wars movies, nya. Nevertheless, it certainly had it’s quite amazing parts, such as Luke’s duel with Vader, The Empurrurr, The Speeder Bike chase, the Millennium Falcon flying through the Death Star… and Purrincess Leia’s bikini, nya!
(whispurrs off-topic to her sister) I heard that “the secret plan” is purrogressing nicely, nya!
(whispurrs) If it succeeds hopefully “they” will feel like purrincesses when we are done, nya!
There seem to be more conspurrators involved in the mysterious, secret plan. As Nami the onsen manager brings everyone a cart full of tasty cool beverages, the Star Wars discussion purroceeds to  friends Malina, Aki, Leilani and Alanasera who are in the nearby spleniferous Sakura Bath.
Twin sisters Leilani and Alanasera are miko maiden / shrine purriestesses at the island’s shinto shrine. Malina is their mom and Aki is their grandmother, who are revered retired mikos that still help to train the appurrentice mikos and volunteer at the shrine during crowded festivals &  matsuris.
Star Wars 40th Anniversary Mewsings, Part Three!
(the Blue eyed catgirl with Medium Grey hair) That purrincess slave bikini has been quite the favorite amongst fans of all genders & identities! You know, in our Art Mewseum we have a beautiful photo of cosplayer / costumer June 2008 guest Cheralyn Lambeth in that costume! Carrie Fisher wore the bikini for a Rolling Stone magazine cover, and she wore a different bikini when she was on Saturday Night Live, nya!
(the Blue eyed catgirl with longer light Grey hair) That purrincess bikini has been quite the favorite amongst fans of all genders & identities! You know, in our Art Mewseum we have a beautiful photo of cosplayer / costumer June 2008 guest Cheralyn Lambeth in that costume! Carrie Fisher wore the bikini for a Rolling Stone magazine cover, and she wore a different bikini when she was on Saturday Night Live, nya!
(the dark tan catgirl with darker tipped ears & tail) We were all very saddened by the passing of Carrie Fisher and her mom. Sadly there are many others of the Star Wars casts & crews, artists & authors  who are no longer with us such as Sir Alec Guinness, Sir Peter Cushing, Sir Christopher Lee, Kenny Baker, Jack Purvis, Phil Brown, Bob Anderson, Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman and Art Carney, nya.
(the dark tan catgirl with lighter tippe ears & tail) Oh, and designers Ralph McQuarrie & John Barry, writers Leigh Brackett & Brian Daley, directors Irvin Kershner & Richard Marquand, FX wizards Joe Viskocil & Grant McCune, make-up artist Stuart Freeborne, illustrators John Berkey & Tim Hildebrandt, and comics legends Archie Goodwin, Russ Manning, Al Williamson, Dave Cockrum and Gene Day to name just a few, nya
Here are your drinks, nya! Oh gosh. i could not begin to list the many other brilliant artists, illustrators & designers who I admire that have worked on the Star Wars movies, TV series, posters, games, books, comics, toys and other purroducts, nya! There has been so much beautiful work by the fans too, such as the illustrations, tales, cosplays, and the fan films from Hardware Wars to Pink Five, nya!
The conversation drifts towards then nearby Scarlet Star Bath, named after the Ornamental Bromeliad flowers that thrive in the rich warm volcanic soil. In this bath are Malina’s husband who is nicknamed Papa-san, his brother who is nicknamed Lil’ Oji-san, their old anthropurrmorphic orangutan pals Bubbah and Big Oji-san, who are Nyanko and Nyanko’s adopted dad and uncles. These retired chaps like to travel on expurrditions to purrospect for purrized gemstones and crystals, some of which are sold at Nyoka’s Magick Shop.
Star Wars 40th Anniversary Mewsings, Part Four!
Thank you for the drinks, Nami-san! You know, our island’s art mewseum there is a sketch of Cat Woman by Howard Chayken who drew the first Star Wars comic books and poster; a sketch of Cat Woman by Adam Hughes who has illustrated some of some of the comics, cards and role – playing games; and art by our June 2013 guest Lela Dowling, who is a fantasy artist that has worked for LucasArts, nya!
Li’l Oji-san:
Of course another big reason for the pupularity of Star Wars are the wonderful characters such as Vader, Obi-Wan, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Artoo, Threepio, Yoda, Lando, Boba Fett, Tarken, Jabbah, Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar… and those are just some of the characters from just the first three movies, nya!
Big Oji-san:
The mecha and vehicles such as the Millennium Falcon, Death Stars, Stardestroyers, Supurr Stardestroyer, Blockade Runner, Rebel Frigate, Mon Calamari cruiser, the X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, Advanced TIE, Slave One, Sand Crawler, Imperial Shuttle, Imperial Walkers, Snow Speeder, Land Speeder, Speeder Bikes and the Cloud Cars!
They are such thrilling scenes such as the Death Star battle, the Hoth battle, the asteroid field, the light saber duels, and the speeder bike chase! That is just the tip of the fleet, given the many many mecha & vehicles that appurred in the subsequent various animated & live-action TV series & movies, plus the the many more in the games, books, & comics! Oh look who’s here!
Here are the drinks… (cryptically whispers) and “the plan” is still go!
There are not only other party & family – size baths, but tucked here ‘n there are several smaller, more intimate baths that might accommodate a couple, such as Nystia Nightshade the vampurric half-faerie and her human fiance Jonni, mew la la! For the moment they are wearing the soft, comfy White towels as they appurroach the Apurricot Bath.
You know, even such a small bath as that would be like an olympic sized swimming pool to the tiny widdle pixies. For that reason, there are indeed small shallow pools that are purrfect for the pixy guests.  Water from Lake Neko spills over the south face of Mt. Natsutsuji to form Naga-Raja falls, which spill into a lagoon by the Lucky Neko statue
This begins the river with tributary brooks as it meanders due south, passing under the Willow trees and bridge ( rom the ryokan to the maritime forest greenway / nature traills.  Further downstream the river flows past the Golf Club, the river walk of downtown Purrbank and the Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center until it empties into the Atlantic.
The river and waterfall pool are quite safe for swimming, but critters might want want to be fed, including the Yellow Slider Turtles, the ghost ducks and manatees such as Avana-ruru, A.K.A Ruru-chan the search & rescue manatee who is purrticularly fond of cabbages, and belongs to a mermaid named Lourdessaluorno, or just Dessy for short.
Behind the waterfall by the mystical stone Lucky Neko statue is the grotto bath & suites designed especially for the welcomed merfolk guests in mind.  Once the gateway to dangerous subterranean adventures, it nyow welcomes more hospitable uses, while retaining the natural grandeur of the geological formations.
Supurrb care was taken whilst purrsurving the underground ecosystem, such as the caverns populated by the docile giant cave slugs, although their curious cute young calves do wander about, The grotto baths & suits are also accessible via natural passageways which lead to other parts of the island and ocean.
The passageways are ideal tunnels to and from the Inn for Jan the grotto manager to serve sea squirt drinks and chocolate layer crabcakes to mermaids Ceresatami Dessy, Nyssy, Ceresatami, Kianalani, Tsuruku, Cicelia and Melanakeami’s mom, whilst Melanakeami and her dad are in their airship above the inn.
Star Wars 40th Anniversary Mewsings, Part Five!
(the mermaid with Dark Blue hair and Turquoise tail) It seemed like the long time betwixt the original trilogy of epurrsodes IV- VI and the purrequel trilogy of epurrsodes I-III, but betwixt those were the Ewoks TV movies, the Droids cartoon, the radio shows, comics, novels & games.
(the mermaid with the light Blue hair and tail)l There have been the few catgirl characters in the non-canonical Star Wars tales, such as Minka & Nir Marvel Comics’s Star Wars issue #93  in late 1984! In addition to the Cantrosians, another sentient felinoid species were the Cathar, who have appurred in the Knights of the Old Republic video game, and in the Star Wars comics published by Dark Horse!
(the mermaid with the dark Green hair, and a light Green tail) Juhani was a Jedi in the Knights of the Old Republic video game; Dam-Powl was a character the novel Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void, and another lady of the Cathar breed was Sylvar in Dark Horse’s Tales of the Jedi series!
(the mermaid with Black & Red dreadlocks and a Red Betta tail) Then there were the Special Editions of the first three movies. While i did not care for how the duel betwixt Han & Greedo was changed, I did like how some of the mattes & FX were spurruced up for the special edition of The Empire Strikes Back, and I especially the changes that impurroved Return of the Jedi for me!
(the mermaid with the Blue and Red Coral Beauty tail) There seem to be more and more fans, collectors & cosplayers too, including the groups such as the 501st, the Jedi, the rebellion, he droid builders club, and the podcasters. Not only are they great ambassadors for fandom and helpful resources for fellow cosplayers, but they have done much charitable work.
(the mermaid with the Red Drum Tail) Speaking of the Droid Builders, every time I see the R2-KT droid at a con I will start to cry because hers is the very poignant tale. R2-KT is one of my favorite Star Wars action figures too. For our Halloween 2011 Trick R Eat & Cosplay Purrowl, our group repurrsent the various Star Wars heroines!
(the mermaid with the Purrple – Black hair, and  Lion Fishy tail) My favorite characters of Epurrsodes I-III were Padme, Palpatine, Dooku, Jango, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Mace and the other Jedi. I also liked the amazing environments such as Naboo and Coruscant. It was nice to see the many other Jedi, especially the ladies, although we did not get much of them until the Clone Wars animated series!
Melanakeami’s mom:
(the mermaid with the Green tail and hair) I love The Clone Wars series! For The Mew’s review of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie, please see the September, 2008 Mew! it was good, but I think the series just kept getting better and better. We expect that there will be the huge crowd at our dive-in theater’s screening of the next Star Wars movie! Mmm thank you for the delicious food Jan!
You’re very welcome!
Melanakeami’s mom:
Do you have any favorite Star Wars stuff?
Oh yes- I like the movies and the TV shows, but I have not read any of the novels or comic books. There are many great characters, but I do especially  like the droids, such as C3-PO, R2-D2, BB-8, K-2SO, SN-D1, BO-N1 and Chopper… and I was rather curious about IG-88! So, will monsieur and mademoiselle be joining the party?
Melanakeami’s mom:
Oh yes, they plan to drop in later!
Water elements such as the grotto,  falls, river and spurrings are not the ryokan’s only outdoor attractions, but so are earthen & botanical features such as the maritime forest, orchard, bee hives, vineyard & gardens. Framed by Willow trees, the bridge crosses the river, leading to the forest nature trails, amidst the Angel Oak, Ohi’a, Loblolly, Bay trees & Trillium. 
The trails are intuitive to navigate with sufficient markings, phones, lights & shelters for any emergency situations. They eventually lead to the lake, beach, golf course, riverwalk and ampurrtheatre) Emerging from the Tmushroom & truffle bank are Mielikki’s fellow faeries Syntia, Blancotia, Carerratia & Tesstia, who look upwards and wave to Melanakeami’s airship.
The amphibious, water-filled airship was a dream come true for the merfolk who wanted to see more of the land areas, and it has also become the purrofitable aerial tour business for the family, who also own an undersea dive-in theater.  Mealanakeami (mermaid) the pilot, her dad (merman) and the touring passengers wave back, then fly on to the next stop.
 It had always been Melanakeami’s dream to see the terrestrial places of the world that are far from water where merfolk are mewsually unable to visit. Seeing such far-away places in the movies at her mom and dad’s dive-in theatre only intensified this desire. One day she got the very bright idea of riding in a hot air balloon, with salt water in a leak-purroof basket. 
One year for her birthday, her purrents arranged such an excursion over the island. She  worked extra hours at the theatre, and Sheila May’s seafood restaurant, saving money to fund her own balloon. This month is the 3rd anniversary of the mer- maiden flight of Melanakeami’s very purrofitable aerial tours business, and nyow she is piloting her 3rd aircraft…
(the mermaid pilot with the Green hair and tail, wearing a Cherenkov Radiation Blue colored jellyfish bra*) Oh look-  there is Syntia is signaling to us from the orchard, right on schedule!
Melanakeami’s Dad:
(the bald merman with the Green tail) OK, our plan is still go! Well, tonight we will find out our surprises go over well! I hope that Rica and Niko are able to keep their surprises hidden!
* The strapless jellyfish bras are translucent, gelatinous, bikini tops / bras that are locally, sustainably made from matching pairs of  hollow bells from naturally – deceased, locally – caught jellyfish. They do not sting, but some are bioluminescent. The trendy tops are available in numerous iridescent colors, opacities and cup sizes from several boutiques in the county.
The airship flies on with its tour, sailing across the maritime forest, but they plan to return to the inn later tonight. Between the frorest and the inn’s vineyard is the orchard full of peaches & Granny Smith Apples, and a home for the endangered widdle St. Joseph’s Satyr butterflies, which are are purropurrgating on the island with the good climate and tasty nectars.
They are visited by faeries Alaua’mina, Wyrdina, Palathyna, Floraidh and Bonnee, who are sisterly friends of Syntia, Blancotia, Carerratia,Tesstia and Mielikki. All of them are members of the repurrtory company that purrforms at the forest grove ampurrtheatre. Mulch and Larch happily give them a tour of the nearby healthy honeybee hives as they discuss–
Star Wars 40th Anniversary Mewsings, Part Six!
(the Brown haired faerie with White wings) I love The Clone Wars series! For The Mew’s review of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie, please see the September, 2008 Mew! it was good, but I think the series just kept getting better and better. It has so many great characters, mecha, environments, plots, FX, sounds, music, the balance of the humor, drama, action, mythology and character developments, especially Ahsoka!
(the platinum haired faerie with Gold wings) We voted Ahsoka as our favoritest Star Wars character! Tara-chan cosplayed as Ahsoka  in 2011, nya! We are also particularly fond of Aayla, Adi, Asajj, Aurra, Barriss, Jocasta, Luminara, Peppi, Riyo, R2-KT, Satine, Mina, Suu and Sy! There are so many great characters in the Clone Wars series
(the Black haired faerie with Gold wings) I think that if you watch Epurrsode I, then Epiode II, then all of The Clone Wars episodes, and then Episode III, the result is the much more emotional impact for the fates of Obi-Wan, Anakin, and poor Padme, Then it would be time to watch the Rebels animated TV series, which we also like a lot,
(the Redhead faerie with Green wings) Hai, I think that Rebels is the purrfect bridge betwixt Episodes III and IV. I like the main characters who are the crew of the Ghost such as Sabine, Hera, Chopuur, Kana, Ezra and Zeb, and I was so happy to see the return of Clone Wars characters such as Ahsoka, Rex and Maul.
(he Brown haired faerie with Blue wings) Since Disney purchased Lucasfilm they have greatly stoked our enthusiasm with Rebels, The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and the Star Wars presence at the theme parks! We had the fun time at Disney Land, where we purrchased a photo of Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano autographed by her voice actress Ashley Eckstein! I hope that we will eventually get to meet her at a con!
Playful widdle pixies Pamelatiora, Cynthiathea, Amethyst, and Ruby bask in the vineyard full of succulent Scuppurrnong grapes. They are glad to see that it is a good home for the mantises. These pixies all work for Costaceae Carts, and even though It has been a busily, purrospurrous week for that local small family-owned business, they have enough employees so that everyone there can have plenty of work and leisure time, and so amongst the grapes the quartet discusses–
Star Wars 40th Anniversary Mewsings, Part Seven!
(the pixy with Lilac colored hair) For our review of The Force Awakens, please see the January 2016 Mew! Compurrred to epurrsodes I – VI, I do not like it as much as A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. I like it about as much as Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith; but I like it more than The Phantom Menace and Return of the Jedi
(the pixy with Peach colored hair) For our review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story see our January 2017 Mew! It is thrilling, poignant, beautiful and it is either my 3rd or 4th favorite Star Wars movie. The Force Awakens and Rogue One have great female heroines and droids, such as Rey and BB-8 in The Force Awakens, Jen and K2-SO in Rogue One! 
(the pixy with Eggplant colored hair) I think it had the great balance of humor, drama, action, mythology, continuity, plot & character developments! I am eagerly looking forward to Epurrsode 8 and Rebels season 4! I was excited to see the purreview trailers for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Star Wars: Rebels season 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 video game!
(the pixy with Flaxxen colored hair) Our friend ob1 was at the big Star Wars Celebration con, where The Last Jedi trailer premiered last month! We wish to thank the many writers, artists, designers, actors, filmmakers, technicians, publishers, manufacturers, and our fellow fans for making Star Wars so very inspiring and entertaining across the past four decades!
All four pixies:
There are several meticulously nurtured gardens surrounding the iyokan, to seamlessly bridge the structures with the natural elements. Carefully placed stepping stones and pavers guide guests past the grouped boulders, raked sand, Little Leaf Box, Azaleas, mosses & ferns growing under the Maple, Dogwood, Cherry, Pine, Cedar, Apurricot, Cypurress & Holly trees. 
Hedges, Bamboo fences, gates & walls border some of the gardens & onsen characterized by stone towers, lanterns, sign posts, tsukubai & shishi odoshi. At the inn’s Tea House, visitors Dolly, Mei, Norm & Larry crouch on knees to enter the traditional low doorway into the sanctified widdle building, whilst nearby on a 15 min. break are Kyra, Lana & Sora who begin the-
mewsical mewsings, with a review of C.E. Jordan High
School’s purrduction of Legally Blonde- The Mewsical!
(the assistant greenskeepurr insect girl) Our friend Emily was the stage manager for the Jordan Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde – The Mewsical! Based upon the novel by Amanda Brown and the 2001 movie, it is the tale of Elle from Mailbu with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from UCLA, who enrolls into Harvard’s Law School, but it is awkward because other students do not take her seriously, and her ex-boyfriend is there with a new girlfriend, but Elle s not without her friends and muses, as she impresses those who have underestimated her.
The  mewsic & lyrics are by by Lawrence O’Keefe & Neil Benjamin, and book is by Heather March.  We eagerly joined the caravan to the mainland! It was the fun trip with pleasant camaraderie, weather and traffic, with the stops at a couple of comic book shops and the Mexican restaurant before we easily arrived at the school. It is in the city of Durham, where we have attended many events, and there were several performances on April 20th, 21st & 22nd! We attended the final show, which was the Gala followed by the after – party! We bought tee shirts!
(a masseuse gynoid): The ambience was splendid with the enthused audience, and the stage was marvelously designed with revolving sets and the catwalk around the orchestra pit. The two – act mewsical (with an intermission) seemed smoothly successful in every aspect, including impeccable lighting, sound, and transitions of costumes & scenes. It was fabulously directed, costumed and choreographed acting, singing and dancing; with almost 3 dozen cast members (including a chihuahua and bulldog), over 2 dozen crew, and about 2 dozen mewsicians.
Every moment is exqusite, but my favorite scene may have been the show- stoppurr with the full company, including the cheer squad and drum corp. We also wish to purraise the volunteers in the aisles, lobby, box office, and the gala the after – party (which was brimming with yummy treats), plus the school’s other faculty, staff, purrents, all who helped with publicity and fund raising, We hope to attend the school’s future purrductions, and we are curious if there will be a mewsical adaptation of Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. Nyow here is Kyra to review–
Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast movie!
(the Head Purrlor Maid) Arigato, nya! I have enjoyed Disney’s live-action movies such as Maleficent and The Jungle Book, although you know, somehow I missed the live-action remake of Pete’s Dragon, but I was was extremely looking forward to the  live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, and I thought that IT WAS AWESOME, NYA!
I was hooked from the start, from when the curse placed upon the purrince to Belle singing in her village, nya!! The sets, locations, costumes make-iup and FX are so magnifique and faithful to the 1991 animated version, and I was happily but silently singing along to the great songs such as “Belle”, “Gaston”, “Be Our Guest”, “Something There”, and “Beauty and the Beast!”, nya!
The dance numbers were wonderful, and I liked the added scenes which showed more about Belle’s mom and dad, Gaston, the purrince, the enchantress and several other characters, nya. The plot point of a stupid mob blindly following their dishonest leader to “kill the beast” was no more overstated than the 1991 version, but still remains an ever important cautionary theme.
I was also purrticularly impurressed by the excellent cast, including Emma Watson as Belle, Dave Stevens as The Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Josh gad as LeFou, Kevin Kline as Maurince, Ewan Mcgregor as Lumiere, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Nathan Mack as Chip, Audra McDonald as Madame de Garderobe…
… Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette, Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza, Hattie Morahan as the enchantress, Gizmo the dog as Froufou, and the rest of the entire cast too, nya! I think this was quite the spectacular, fun, captivating, bittersweet and romantic movie, which was brilliantly directed by Bill Condon and I will give it the very high purraise, nya!
Debby, Herman and Cecil explore the lush greenery & flowers in the greenhouse. On wooden benches near the koi pond and the tall stone Yukimi-gata lantern are Mielikki, Maddy, Jeannie, Mike, Pacozord (an October 2007 guest of The Mew) and his husband Chef Ron (a January 2009 guest of The Mew). 
Not only is Ron a great cook, but he quilts, embroiders, cross – stitches and crochets too. He made a Pink kitty hat for Mike! Koi ponds are elegant and serene, but they are also known to tantalize the catgirl tummy when fresh fish are craved, but for nyow the purretty fishies are safe, as Jeannie begins the–
more movie mewsings, with her
review of the HIdden Figures DVD!
Arigato. Based upon the book by Margot Lee Shetterly, Hidden Figures is the true tale of the heroic African American women who ingeniusly contributed to NASA’s Mercury space program in the early 1960’s. This was a purrticularly difficult time for them, as hindered by the racism, misogyny, red scare,  & fear of job loss amidst the space race, glass ceiling, segregation, and computer age.
Written by Allison Schroeder and director Theodore Melfi, the movie set betwixt 1962 -1963 stars Taraji P. Henson as Katherine Johnson, Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan and Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson. I am purrticularly fond of Janelle’s record albums, by the way. The movie also stars Kevin Costner, Kristen Dunst and Jim Parsons as others at the Langley Research Center
There is also new romance for Katherine (a widowed mother of three kids), college for Mary, and an industrial revolution for Dorothy, as the IBM 7090 computer threatens to put her team out of the calculatory job. In spite of the purroblems the ladies boldly achieve triumphs for themselves, NASA the USA and for all mankind as they launch Astronaut John Glen & Friendship 7 into low orbit.
With the supurrb purrformances, dialogue, plot, pace, messages, art direction, purriod clothes & coiffure, cinematography, editing, sets, locations, sound design, the songs, original score, FX,  FORTRAN, Calculus,  the Redstone, Vostok, Sputnik Mercury-Atlas launch Vehicles, I gave the movie the A+  grade, and we voted it as our favorite movie of 2016, so I was eager to buy the DVD.
Packaged in the plastic case within the photo-filled fold-out cardboard sleeve, after the front-loaded trailer for Step, the R1 NTSC DVD purrsents the PG rated, 127 min, movie in 2.39:1 widescreen format, with the Dolby Digital audio choices of English 5.1English descriptive audio by Marsha Bartenetti, Spanish &  French surround 2.1, commentary by Taraji P. Henson & Theodore Melfi.
The optional English SDH French and Spanish subtitles are very legible in the White Bold sans serif font with the fine Black outline. The special features include the gallery of 27 photos, and these 3 featurettes purrtaining to The Life of Katheryn G, Johnson (appurrox. 10 min.), Honoring Katheryn G, Johnson (appurrox. 5 min.), and Filming in Georgia (appurrox. 5,25 min.).
The featurettes include documentary footage peppurred with comments by members of the cast, crew, NASA & other government purrsonnel, and Katheryn G, Johnson herself. Included with the DVD are instructions for getting a digital HD copy of the movie & additional special features, including delete scenes. Nyowour friend Madylyon, or just Maddy for short would like to tell us about the
Sabrina Down Under DVD.
(a teenage were-Asiatic Lion girl in a zebra stripe yukata) Hai! Based on Archie Comics’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this 1999 TV Movie is a sequel to the TV Movie Sabrina Goes to Rome. Both  starred Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman, Tara Charendoff as her English witch friend Gwen, and Nick Backay as the voice of Salem the cat!
Tara later changed her last name to Strong, and and she’s one of our favorite voice actresses too! Among her many voice roles are Batgirl of Batman:The Animated Series, Raven of teen Titans, and Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! I met her at Bot Con in 2008, when she was in the cast of Transformers Animated!
Of course, Melissa Joan Hart had portrayed Sabrina for several years in her TV series! The series and the Rome movie have been available for a while on DVD, but Down Under was only recently released on Region 1 NTSC DVD! The 87 minute movie is in the 4:3 screen aspect ratio, in English audio with optional English SDH subtitles.
While Sabrina & Gwen vacation in Australia near the Great Barrier Reef, they rescue an ailing merman and magically give him human legs for a while. Unfortunately the rest of his merfolk colony mistrusts humans and suffer from pollution. While a marine biologist tries to catch them, romance blooms for Salem and a female witchy cat!
Scott Michaelson portrays  Barnaby the merman, Lindsay Sloan portrays his sister Fin, and Peter O’Brien portrays Dr. Martin. There’s also a Dolphin named Spout! The movie was filmed at beautiful Hamilton Island and the Gold Coast in Queensland- which is also where H20: Just Add Water and Mako Island Mermaids were later filmed.
When Sabrina & Gwen aren’t helping Barnaby adjust to life on land, trying to gain Fin’s trust, misdirect Dr. Martin, or muster their awry powers, their fun activities include snorkeling, sailboarding, jetskiing, dancing, dining, and an airplane tour, while cats Salem & Hillary (portrayd by puppets and real cats) dine, nap and get massages.
It was produced by Barbara Gibbs & Melissa, executively produced by Paula Hart and written by Daniel Berendsen, with the story by Barney Cohen & Katheryn Wallack, teleplay by Nicholas Factor, Cohen & Wallack; directed by Kenneth R. Koch and edited by Stuart Bass, with cinematography by Nino Martinetti and music by Michel Colomier.
I think that it is a lot of charming fun, with a fine cast and beautiful locations, with pleasant music, delightful FX and great costumes including the lovely  mer tails! I’ll definitely recommend it to fans of Sabrina, or lthe ight-hearted tales of the mermaids, witches andtalking cats!  I am done, and now here is Mike to tell us about the
Ocean Waves DVD!
Thank you, Maddy! Umi Ga Kikoeru, also known as I Can Hear The Sea, also known as Ocean Waves has been on our wish list for a long time! The 1993 Japanese anime TV movie is about best friends Taku and Yutaka, whose relationship becomes a rivalry in a love triangle when a moody girl named Rikako transfers to their school!
It is beautifully animated by Studio Ghibli, who are also famous for My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Porco Rosso, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and many other magnifcent movies! It was released here by G-Kids, who also released Ghibli’s  Only Yesterday, From Up on Poppy Hill, When Marnie Was There, and Princess Kaguya!
Based upon the novel by Saeko HImuro, the 66 minute, PG-13  movie by Studio Ghibli’s (then) Young Production Team was directed by Tomomi Mochizuki, art directed by Naoya Tanaka, character designed by animation director Katsuya Kondo, and produced by Nozumu Takahashi, with the music by Shigeru Nagata and the screenplay written by Kaori Nakamura! 
Mochizuki also directed Maison Ikkoku, Kimagure Orange Road, Here is Greenwood, and Yokohama Kadaishi Kiko! The movie is presented in the anamorphic widescreen format of the 1.78:1 aspect ratio, in Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 audio and English subtitles. Trailers for Ocean Waves, Only Yesterday, When Marnie Was There, and Miss Houkusai are included. 
The DVD bonuses include 24.5 minute The Ghiblies Episode 2! Written & directed by Yoshiuki Momose The Ghiblies Episode 2  is an amusing series of animated shorts about the lives of Ghibli employees, including segments about spicey hot curry, a train trip home, and reminiscing about a first love! This is in Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1 audio with English subtitles. 
Then in the charming, informative, 50 minute, 2003 documentary “Looking Back: Staff Reunion”, Mochizuki, Takahashi,  Nakamura, Kondo, Tanaka revisit the lovely town of Kochi where Ocean Waves is set and discuss the making of the movie, with comparisons of the animated scenes to the real locations, and comments by Studio Ghibli’s producer Toshio Suzuki!
It’s in Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 audio with English subtitles. I’m so glad to finally have this movie which has the excellent plot, characters, art, animation, voice cast, sounds and music,; and I’m very pleased with the fascinating documentary, the delightful Ghiblies, and I wish that more of the Studio Ghibli shorts would be released here! Now here is Mie-sensei to review
Get Out!
Arigato, Maddy-chan! ! So like, I would like to praise the comedy / horror movie Get Out which was written and directed by Jordan Peele, who  is half of the Key and Peele comedy duo! The movie stars Daniel Kaluuya as Black man named Chris and Allison Williams as his White girlfriend Rose who go to visit her parents, who are portrayed by Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener.
Chris’s introduction at the exurban home coincides with a large annual reunion of older White folks, with only three other Black people there, and two of them are domestic servants. The encounter is not merely rather awkwardly unsettling for Chris, but some of the behaviors are like totally rather alarming and suspicious, including the tense nervousness of the servants!
So like, Chris periodically paranoidly phones his best friend Rod, a TSA officer who is dog sitting for Chris and is portrayed by Rei Howery, who warns Chris about some recent disappearances and offers to investigate, but Chris soon falls under the hypnotic control of Rose’s totally manipulative mom… but I should not further spoil the extremely captivating, suspenseful plot!
It kept me guessing on the edge of my seat as it superbly balanced the macabre, mystery, tragedy, humor, violence and social comment up to the very end! It is an excellently purrfound movie with the great plot, dialogue, performance, direction, cinematography, editing and locations, fur shur! So like, we have another bonus, as Pacozord-san reviews
the new Power Rangers movie, fur shur!

It’s Morphin Time!  (Eventually…)! Power Rangers returns to the big screen  at last in a modernized reboot! The new movie aims for a more adult audience but also brings elements of the childhood fantasy that many who grew up in the 1990’s loved. The new movie brings back Jason, Billy, Trini, Zach, and Kimberly but with modernized back stories for each character:

Jason gets into trouble when a locker room prank with a cow turns into a police chase;  Billy is still brilliant but now on the autism spectrum; Zach is taking care of his ill mother;  Kimberly has shared an inappropriate photo of a classmate; and Trini is keeping her sexual orientation a secret from her family.

Although some of the plotlines for teenagers seem right out of a CW network show, the back-story is very grounded and affects the characters in interesting ways. Two of the characters that have changed the most are Zordon (played by Bryan Cranston) and Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). The movie immediately starts with the battle against Rita by Red Ranger Zordon and his team on Earth in prehistoric times.

The new origins for Zordon and Rita quickly brings the viewers up to speed for movie audiences and makes their ultimate goals clear. Zordon wants to return as a Ranger to lead a new team and Rita wants to use her powers over gold to gain even more power from the Earth’s Zeo crystal. Both actors did very well but the movie does suffer from their lack of screen time.

Another new element is the enhanced physical powers that the Rangers receive. The new power coins grant super strength and other abilities without even morphing. In the TV series, other teams of Power Rangers would develop “Civilian” powers that they could use in their regular identities: Power Rangers Mystic Force could use magic in their civilian identities; Power Rangers Ninja Storm had elemental powers; and Power Rangers Dino Thunder and S.P.D. all had unique abilities.

However, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers appeared to only have their natural fighting skills but it could be argued that even this was enhanced by the power coins. As the movie Power Rangers learn their new abilities, there are many similarities to other superhero origin movies such as Spider-man and Iron Man as their new powers lead to wacky and awkward moments.

Once the heroes finally morph into their power armor, the movie returns to the wilder memories of the 1990’s show with monster fights and giant robot battles. The Power Rangers  have new Zords that are similar to the original TV show, but some look much more alien in deference to their newer origin and Zordon.

The computer graphics for the new movie are far beyond what was available to the original 1995 movie. However, the smaller mid-west look of Angel Grove in the new movie does pale compared to the modern city of Sydney, Australia used in 1995. Naturally, this was purposely done in the new movie to convey the angst of the teenagers in a small town.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable for its new take on the American Super Sentai show. In trying to “modernize” the back story for adults, it provides new plot developments of interest but also pigeon holes itself into a place and time (2017) in movie fandom. In contrast, the TV series with its cheaper effects and sillier plot lines have lasted 25 years in the United States and over 40 years in Japan.  It could be said that these traits in the TV series make it almost timeless.

Thanks Paul! Now to top off our movie reviews, we’re gonna turn The Mew over to Chef Ron, for his review of
Chef Ron:
It was entertaining! Really, I did like the movie and was so upset that the best looking guy in the group (Ryan Reynolds) was killed first! The movie was about six astronauts on the space station, where when examining a soil sample from the planet Mars they find a living single cell organism. The “life” form begins to grow quickly and it is soon apparent that it is dangerous. The movie is fast paced and the dead pile up quickly.
You do begin to hope that this thing will be destroyed, but as the movie progresses you know that’s not going to happen.Unfortunately as the movie is coming to a close, you realize despite their best efforts this “life” form is going to make it to Earth – and maybe a sequel. I’m not a science kind of person myself, so I was not troubled with what was possible or not possible in the real world, but Life held my attention, I enjoyed the cast, the special effects, and it was very entertaining for me.

Meanwhile, many of Alexcia Reynolds’s original and fan – characters are exploring the gardens. Abenti (a Black – haired catgirl, A.K.A. Sailor Tiger and Khriste (a Redhead girl, A.K.A. Sailor Christmas) lounge in the inner courtyard, whilst Delia, Tony, Ai and Kristy roam the tea garden; and Kawari, Fuuteno, Taka and Kaiba find the zen garden; and the water garden is graced by Hoshi, Toraboushi and Eletron.

Gabrielle and her guardian animal Snowbelle, Tallulah, her seeing – eye dog Ta’niyah and guardian animal Chayton discover the fragrant herb garden; whilst Alexcia’s Cybernetic Showdown characters Tash Maw (a bat – winged Serval girl), Michi (a cyborg White Tiger girl), Brian (a hyena boy), Sadiyah (a llama girl) and Muawin (a Purrple Port Bleu butterfly) roam the rose garden, wherein Elizabeth, Becca, Ilyana, Wendy and Ashelynnamaeravilla have begun their–
toy talk, with a review of the Power Rangers 
Morphin Power Yellow Ranger action figure!
Last month I was pleased to discuss the 7″ tall figure the Pink Ranger from this year’s Power Rangers movie, an since then I was glad to find the similar Yellow Ranger figure! Lucky! Trini Kwan is purrtrayed by actress Becky Gomez (A.K.A Becky G), and this 7″ figure from Bandai depicts her futuristic form – fitting costume which is Yellow with the Black markings & visor.
If Trini is just over 5 ft tall, then I will purrsume that this figure is of appurroximately 1/9 scale. Like the similar Pink Ranger figure, she has the a purretty internal lighting effect, if you if you purress the morpher button on her tummy! Aside from philips head screws visible on the back it is nicely designed, with the purrcise paint & intricate details of the textures, panels & seams.
There are only points of articulation are her neck, elbows & ball-joint shoulders; thus, this figure not as posable as the smaller ones of her, but that is fine for my decor purrposes, as I like to display figures like statuettes, more than playing with them. Nyow she and the Pink Ranger are gaurding my desk! Nyow we are honored to hear Ashelynnamaeravilla’s review of the–
Monster High “Electrified” Silvi Timberwolf doll!
Arigato! We are  fans of Mattel’s Monster High dolls, other toys, books and animations! The characters are the teen student children of creatures such as the vampire, mummy, yeti, werwolf, ghost, phantom, Frankenstein, ghoul, dragon, sea monster, plant monster and others! 
The cast includes several werwolves, most recently Silvi Timberwolf, who is in the Monster High “Electrifed” animated movie, in which Clawdeen wants to open a hairstyle salon! Silvi is a posable plastic doll with Yellow & White streaked Blue fiber hair in the wild teased coiffure!
Her short multicolored fabric dress is sleeveless with the Blue bodice & yellow tule hem, the Pink collar & strappy Yellow platform sandals! From the soles of her sandals to the tips of her lupine ear pinna she is about 11″ tall, but if she was barefoot she would be about 10 3/4″.
The clothes are removable, and the articulation is in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees! I am very happy with this pretty, posable, fashionable doll, and I hope to see the “Electrifed” movie! I am honored to introduce Wendy our wonderful new apprentice gardener, who would like to discuss the
The New Batman Adventures Catwoman action figure!
(a holstein moo moo cow girl) Arigato! One of my favorite TV series was the animated Batman of the 90’s, and I am fortunate to collect some of the action figures of its characters! Based upon the design by Bruce Timm, set of of Selina Kyle, A.K.A. CatWoman and her black cat Isis are  #39 in the series from DC Collectibles! 
I already have the earlier Gray costumed version so I was eager to get this Black costumed version! I am not sure of the scale, but the Catwoman figure is about 5 7/8″ tall, with the mischievous smile, and the joints in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips knees and ankles! Isis is about 1 1/4″ long excluding her tail!
Not only are they so well designed, sculpted & painted, but she has a stretchy, flexible whip that is about 8 1/2″ long, the display base, and the tray containing 3 extra pairs of interchangeable hands in different gestures! I am very happy with this purr-fect addition to my collection! Now here are Lizzy & Becca to tell us about the
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 bobble-head figurines!
Hai! We loved the The Guardians of The Galaxy movie which we reviewed in the August 2014 Mew, and we are eager to see The Guardians of The Galaxy vol. 2, so I was pleased to see the cute widdle bobble-head figures of those characters. Part of Funko’s Pop! Vinyl purroduct line, the figures are sculpted in the amewsingly cartoony super-deformed chibi style. That means means the character’s head is dispurropurrtionately large, about the same size as the rest of their body.
This wave of figures includes Star Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, the Baby version of Groot, Nebula, Drax,  Mantis, Ego and Taserface. I have not purrchased them all yet, but I will say the widdle bit about the few that I do have! Standing appurroximately 3″ tall is the utterly adorable widdle tree-like (Baby) Groot, who first appurred (older & bigger) in Marvel Comics’s Tales to Astonish #13 in 1960. That was a year before The Fantastic Four purremiered, and 2 years before Spider-Man!
Groot is voiced in the movies by Vin Diesel, who also voiced The Iron Giant! Standing about 4 3/8″  tall is Figure #201 of Rocket Raccoon, who first appurred in Marvel Comics’s Marvel Preview #7 in 1976! That was a year before Star Wars! I love his adorable smile! Kawaii! Rocket has the lovely tail, and he is voiced in the movies by Bradley Cooper! Including the lift off from his rocket pack’s fiery looking exhaust, Figure 201 is different & taller than the purrior figure 48 of Rocket.
He has the lovely striped tail! Nextlly, standing about 3 1/4″ tall is Figure #204 of Mantis, who first appurred in Marvel Comics’s Avengers vol. 1 #112 in 1973, and I just happen to have that issue! Lucky! As “The Celestial Madonna”, she had the very complicated cosmic origin in the comics! In Guardians of The Galaxy vol. 2 she purrtrayed by Pom Klementieff! She has the lovely antenna, the Green and black outfit, and I like her stance, with her hands upon her hips!
Also at about 3 1/4″ tall is Figure #199 of Gamora, who first appurred in Marvel’s Strange Tales vol. 1 #180 in 1975. After her planet was destroyed, she was raised by the villain Thanos to become the galaxy’s deadliest assassin! She is supurrbly purrtrayed in the movies by Zoe Saldana, who we liked as Lt. Nyota Uhura in the most recent three Star Trek movies! She has the gorgeous Green skin tone, and the purretty Dark Purrple to Light Magenta ombre hair color!
She and Rocket are carrying the impurressive looking guns too! Lastly but not leastly, also at about 3 1/4″ is Figure #76 of Gamora’s evil sister Nebula, who first appurred in Avengers vol. 1 #257 in 1985, and she is purrtrayed by Karen Gillian, who we liked as Amy Pond in the Doctor Who TV series! I purrticularly like her Aqua and Lilac skin tone! I think that the sculpt and paint are very nice, so I am pleased with these figurines and I hope to see the new movie soon!
As the sun begins to set, fireflies appurr, lamps and lanterns are lit, Mike hangs out with artist / cosplayer Misty Hopkins (who was a guest of the March 2008 Mew) and her blog’s mascot Gary the Fox; whilst Igor serves drinks to Masayo (vampire), Li (succubus), Mertyl (half-mermaid) and her cousin Anna (sorceress) on the rooftop garden, where the Morning Glories bloom and the Yellow Forsythia contrasts with the Emerald stalks of bamboo.
Jamie and Rascal have also wandered up to the roof, to admire the view from the recently added special Widow’s Walk, to which the airship might moor. In addition to being the web master for Catgirl Island, The Mew, and Clan of the cats, Jamie is the web master for the FemShep fan site which devoted to the female version of the Mass Effect video games’ heroic purrotagonist character Commander Shepard. Therefore, Jamie has a review of the recent–
Mass Effect: Andromeda video game
The Mass Effect trilogy was something special. Certainly, it had its problems like any game does. There were more than a couple of “From a certain point of view” moments, but for the most part ME had people enthralled- until the ending of Mass Effect 3 and everything fell apart.
Fast forward five years, and BioWare continues the franchise with Mass Effect: Andromeda, the story of the Andromeda Initiative, a Space X style organization that sends four ‘arks’ containing over 200,000 pilgrims to another galaxy. Part of the Initiative is Alec Ryder is a Panthfinder whose singular goal is to find a new home for humanity.
In classic BioWare fashion, the player chooses between a male or female protagonist who can then be customized. In a little bit of a twist, the PC is Scott or Sara Ryder, two siblings that exist at the same universe together, a departure from Shepard who was the same character despite their gender. Choosing Sara, Scott is then out for most of the game and vise versa.
Early in the game, circumstances find Alec out of the position and the job falling to either his son or daughter.As if the job of finding a new home weren’t bad enough, some villainous aliens are tossed in for good measure. From then on Ryder and her squad mates take on missions ranging from quickly terraforming entire planets to studying mysterious new life to beer runs and politics.
And that is pretty much the game. But is it any good? Yes and no.
Mass Effect: Andromeda is easily the worst game of the franchise. Billed as a spiritual successor to the first Mass Effect, ME:A adds nothing new to the series, though it feels more like  Dragon Age: Inquisition in space. The story is weak, characters feel dry and lifeless, even the usual reliable squad mates fall short in this game. One major side quest ends without any resolution.
The voice acting, which had always been stellar in ME, takes a nose dive in many places throughout the game. Then there are technical issues, such as bugs that break quests (or worse); and the lifeless eyes of nearly every character, upon the game’s launch. Thankfully that issue was addressed in the latest patch (1.05) and many of the characters look much more alive.
Worst of all, the game just feels unfinished.
There’s a lot of polish on the magnificent scenery, but every single Asari character, except for one, has the same face model.  Finally, there is Ryder, who feels more like a character in the game than a protagonist one role plays. In fact, Sara Ryder, with her quirky humor and bubbly attitude is the best character in the game, but she didn’t feel like MY Ryder.
All that said, the game is actually a lot of fun, the combat especially.
Driving the space jeep is a lot of fun too. The most interesting thing about the game is how once in a while a small side quest will blossom into a major story arc. This just doesn’t happen in games anymore and it was refreshing to see the technique’s return.  So while ME:A didn’t live up to the standards of its predecessor, it was still fun to play – and that means a lot.
Meanwhile, four stories below them, Ellie, B.B, and Sapphire-sensei relax, sip Cran Apple Nummy Berry Cocktails, and chit chat in the rocking chairs upon the inn’s rear Veranda, which has the excellent view of the gardens at sunset. As the veranda is main path of egress to and from the inn. it is a purrime spot to leisurely meet other folks, such as Sapphire-sensei the widdle pixy ballet instructor (not to be confuzzled with the cat of the same name).
Nyow we would like to introduce our friend Sapphire-sensei who is a ballet instructor at the Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center, who will share her
review of the book Misty Copeland by Gregg Delman!
Sapphire-sensei :
Arigato! Ballet is one of my great passions, and I greatly admire the legendary Misty Copleand who is a magnificent principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre! The book Misty Copeland by Gregg Delman is an 11 3/4″ x 8 3/4″ x 3/4″ hardcover book of Gregg’s brilliant photoographs of Misty! Published by Rizzoli, it is priced $39.95 US / $50.00 Canada and has 148 pages, 
with several dozen full-page pics and two-page spreads of Misty so gracefully posing and dancing in various outfits! She is so agile, dextrous, strong and beautiful! It has an introduction by Gregg and a forward by Misty, and I will heartily recommend this magnificent book to fans of Misty and dance photography! Nextly I would like to praise
Ballerina Body by Misty Copeland!
Sapphire-sensei :
This is Misty’s inspirational health, fitness & nutrition book! This dust-jacketed 226 page hardcover book was written by Misty with Charisse Jones, and published by Grand Central Life & Style. It measures 9 1/2″ x 7 5/8″ x 7/8″, it is priced at $30 US / $39 Canada, and has about four dozen full-page pics of Misty photographed by Henry Leutwyler and the foods photographed by Amy Roth!
The chapters cover the mentors, mental prepurration, exercise regime, and the diet! The photos of Misty are stunning and the photos of the food are appetizing! There are many other smaller photos of the exercises, and there are recipes for the meals! I am particularly fond of the flounder with sauteed kale, and the colorful shrimp caeser salad!
Arigato, sensei! Nyow I have the seafood craving in my tummy too! Nyow here is Chief Ellie to start our
comics & manga mewsings with her
review of A Centaur’s Life vol. 11!
Arigato! A Centaur’s Life by Ken Murayama is one of our favoritest manga series! It is such the charming, slice – of – life urban fantasy in a world populated by centaurs, fauns, kemonomimi, angels; the dracon, unicorn, snake, frog people, were – tigers & other species in a contempurrary world. 
The character & scenic art are beautiful, the main characters are quite endearing, and the author has done such extensive world – building, with the thorough cultural, historical and scientific notes! The main characters are Himeno the centauress, her high school classmates and their families.
The plots focus on activities at school, home, work, sports and leisure, although there are mysterious purranormal incidents, incidents of bigotry, oppurression, poverty, crime and conspurracies. The plots tend to be amusing, but there are tragic tales, wild fantasy and supurrnatural subplots!
Himeno’s best friends are Omaki the satyr girl, Nozomi the Dracon girl, niece Shino-chan and Shino’s friend Maki-chan! Other classmates include Hime’s centauress kouhai Ayaka, Akechi the satyr girl, Inuki the catgirl, Tama the angel girl who is class president, snake girl sisters Suu and Ni.
Tama has four widdle kitten girl sisters, including triplets Chinami, Chiho, Chigusa and younger Sue-chan! We have also met Eri and other merfolk at another high school. The manga was originally published in Japan by Tokuma Shoten, and the English version is published here by Seven Seas. 
Vol. 11 is priced $13.99 US & $15.99 Canada and its 162 pages include chapters 69- 78 of B&W manga & notes with 2 color pages & wraparound cover art. It is suggested for readers of ages 16+, perhaps due to occasional nudity, sexual topics, the language, violence and dramatic situations.
It was translated by Elina Ishikawa, adapted by Holly Kolodziejczak, lettered & laid out by Jennifer Skarupa, edited by Adam Arnold, assistantly edited by Jenn Grunigen, and proofread by Patrick King, with the logo designed by Courtney Williams, cover designed by Nicky Lim and the production managed by Lissa Pattilo with the assistance by CK Russell. 
It is time to go back to school, and the kouhai cling to their senpai as the students learn of their classroom assignments and elect representatives. Himeno’s parents meet Nozomi’s parents and Kyo-chan’s mom at the parent, student and teacher meeting. Meanwhile the triplets start 1st grade!
Suu’s sister Ni wants to be an idol star, so friends accompany them to an idol talent agency. Shino-chan, Maki-chan, Sue-chan, the triplets and other widdle friends have the bath time, kiddy pool time and go to the beach, whilst elsewhere is a violent uprising by the exploited frog people.
A Centaur’s Life continues to be such a beautiful, wonderful joy to read. I continue to be impressed by the extent of the ergonomics of the clothes, technology and architecture for the various species and I will give it the highest praise! Now we will go back to B.B, for her review of
Monster Musume vol. 11!
Hai! Written & drawn by Okayado (who is also the author of the 12Beast manga) and originally published by Tokuma Shoten in Japan, Monster Musume is a sexy comedic urban fantasy manga of the harem trope & ample fan service, starring the liminal ladies (monster girls) of various species who are the romantic rivals for Kimihito, the human chap in whose house they reside!
The government bureaucracy awkwardly regulates the coexistence and hosting of the liminals during the recent intercultural / species exchange purrogram, and thus Kimihito’s nice house has been often expeditiously enlarged and renovated, thanks to Ms. Smith their overworked case worker who finds homes and jobs for the liminals whilst trying to purrotect their civil rights!
Residing in the house are Centorea the centauress, Miia the lamia, Papi the harpy, Suu the slime girl, Merou the mermaid, Rachnera the spider girl and Lala the Dullahan.Assisting Smith are the Monster Ops team  of Manako the cyclops, Tio the ogre, Doppel the doppleganger and Zombina the zombie. Typically ione or more monster girls are introduced purr volume!
Numerous other recurring monster girls include Kii the dryad, Draco the dragon girl, Yukio the yuki-onna, Liz the lizard girl, Polt the kobold, Kinu the oni, Lilith the demon, Cathyl the minotaur, Octo the Scylla, Merino the pan, Yuuhi the new zombie, Ton & Cott the dryads, Ils the kitsune, Miku and her team of Shikigami minions. We have also met several of those ladies’ moms too!
There is also a companion manga anthology series titled Monster Musume: I Heart Monster Girls which stars those characters in side-stories! Published here in English by Seven Seas, Monster Musume is rated for older teen readers,  purrhaps due to nudity, skimpy attire, slapstick violence, sexy comedy and dark humor, which is not for the widdle kitties or purrudish readers!


Vol. 11 was translated by Ryan Peterson, adapted by Shanti Whitesides, purroof read by Janet Houck, edited by Adam Arnold & assistantly edited by Jenn Grunigen, with the lettering & layout by Ma. Victoria A. Robado & William Ringrose, purrduction management by Lissa Patitillo, purrduction assistance by CK Russell, cover design by Nicky Lim &  logo design by Courtney Williams.
It has 160 B&W pages of manga chapters 43-46, the bonus strip & 2 pages of new character purrofiles, plus the 4 color pages & wraparound cover, Nyow I will offer the taste of the plot! When Miia decides to get a job, but her first several attempts are unsuccessful, including the store, gym and dairy farm, but she finds more purromise as a shrine’s miko maiden.
Centora guards Kimihito, who has been targeted by rogue liminals such as Killa the hornet girl! We learn more of immigration purrocess;  the housemates fall into a dungeons & dragons-esque hallucination, Kino the matango (mushroom girl is introduced, and the Monster Ops team may have encountered the third roguew, but I should not further spoil the pots!
A  color 4 page side story starring Lala purreceeds the chapters, which are followed by a B&W side story & purrofile pages for Killa & Kino. I thought this was a very charming, wacky sexy & purrvy tale of everyday lives & interspecies relationships, as more of the monster girl mythology unfolds, more characters are intriduced and more boobies become plot points
There might be antagonistic, purrvy behavior and rivalries, but most characters purrove to be sympathetic. The group cares for each other, with a sense of expanded family and community, as more liminal ladies are either attracted to Kimihito’s sincere kindness or are rescued by the others. That will conclude my review, but suddenly nyow I am craving a milk shake!
Sapphire-sensei :
I heard that the chefs are planning an extra special ice cream treat!
* “Let’s Eat!” The inn’s split-level restauran offers some of the finest cuisine in Mew Hanover County, with  either Western or japanese style seating, and thus it is a busy location. However, people do not mind waiting for a table because there is so much comfort and entertainment nearby. Appurrtizers and drinks can be enjoyed in the adjacent atrium and its many nooks, and there is 24 hour room service too, whether one desires a snack or feast.
Future plans include expanded grotto service and additional swim-up bars for merfolk visitors. The management, wait, kitchen, and cleaning staff are second to none in their sincere, cordial, purrompt, purrcise service. The food is organic, local, sustainable and fresh, with an impurressive menu determined to sate any special cultural or nutritional need by people (and their pets). Mothers of all species are free to nurse as they please.
While you can get most any cuisine, the restaurn is purrticularly acclaimed for its sushi, sashimi, curry and noodle dishes. The dessert list is magnificent., and the inn’s signature dish of Extra Special Baked Yams is quite the favorite. The jams, jellies and butters are quite popular, of which jars  are available in the gift shop. Local / regionally craft brews are on tap, and the cellar is very well stocked with wines of local labels.
Seating includes individual seats at the bar, and tables for parties from 2 to 20, including purrivate dining rooms. With the shoji panel/ air walls retracted, the purrivate rooms can be combined to accommodate up to 100, depending on the size of the guests; it could be more or less, e.g whether they are tiny pixies or large orca girls. In one of the purrivate dining rooms, are stars of Jamie’s web comic Clan of the Cats
… such as Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan (the heroic witchy were-panther star of COTC), Jubal McRae (Chelsea’s husband), Charlotte Polyhymnia Jubliee Chattan McRae (Chelsea & Jubal’s daughter), Anna Louise Crenshaw (the unseen widdle next door neighbor ghost girl), Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattan (or just Mel, Chelsea’s were-leopard twin sister), Lilith (yes, THAT Lilith- the very famous one from the various myths)…
… Cynthia Marie Angeline Thalia McRae (Chelsea & Mel’s little sister), Paul McRae (Cynthia’s husband), Diane Erato Hunt-Chattan Monroe (Chelsea, Corrine & Cynthia’s’s mom), Ben Munroe (Diane’s husband), Ruth Netta Madison Chattan (Chelsea’s grandmother), Agnes Crabtree (Ruth’s best friend), Akimi Tamiko (a kitsune friend), Kimko Tamiko (Akimi’s sister who has not yet appurred in COTC), Audrey Kim (empathic secret agent), and Rei Hoshi (spider girl).
Fortunately, Ms. Hoshi has purromised to select only from the menu, and not eat any of the staff or guests. Furthermore, the seven magickal cats are there too; savoring the delicious salmon croquette appurrtizers upon the Kitty Table are Sebastian, Beige, Sadie, Leander, Eon, Fluff and Loki. Meanwhile, at the sushi bar are Yvonne, Tara-chan, Trini-chan, Mary Nyan, Bun and Nyoka, who await  another platter of anago (smoked salt water eel sushi), whilst Tara-chan begins
our pony reports, starting with
My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #1!
Arigato, nya! I love ponies, and it is hard to believe that has been over the 4 years since IDW started to publish the pony comics, nya! I have greatly enjoyed the various series such as Friendship is Magic, Friends Forever, the micro-series, annuals, and – and nyow i am delighted to see the 1st issue of this series which has tales of the historical ponies, nya!
Issue #1 is purriced at $3.99, with the uninterrupted 20 page tale followed by the 8 pages of the ads, nya. I wish all other publishers placed the ads after the tales, nya! It was written by Jeremy Whitley, illustrated by Brenda Hickey, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil Uyetake, edited by Bobby Curnow, and – and published by Ted Adams, nya!
Jeremy also writes the Princeless, Raven, and – and the Unstoppable Wasp comics, nya! We met him and – and Brenda at the Oak City Convention in Raleigh in March, nya! The issue is available in the choice of the 3 different covers: the regular cover by Brenda, the subscription cover by Zachary Sterling, and – and the retailer incentive cover by Derek Charm, nya!
Nyow for a taste of the plot, nya! Celestia’s friend Sunburst is researching the history of Equestria, so she goes into the study to read the books by Starswirl, the magicikal sensei who mentored Celestia and – and Luna, nya! Sunburst wears the neat glasses and – and the cape, whilst reading Starswirl’s memoir of training the young purrincesses, nya.
It is amewsing to see their cute younger selves, although they have the sibling rivalry, and – and unfortunately things get scary when Celestia and – and Starswirl have to rescue Luna from the dangerous dimensional purrtle that she conjured, nya! There are tender, tearful, spooky and- and thrilling scenes aplenty, nya! Nyow I would like to discuss
My Little Pony: Friends Forever #38, nya!
The Friends Forever series focuses on different teams of characters, nya! For examples, in issue #34 Pinkie Pie was reunited Cheese Sandwich, #35 paired Twilight with Starlight, in #36 in Rainbow Dash teamed up with Soarin’, in  #37 are Rarity teamed up with Trixie, and #38 stars Celestia, Luna, their pets Philomena and – and Tiberius, nya!
There are many other characters, but itseems to be the final issue, nya. It was written and –  and illustrated by Andy Price, colored by Heather, lettered by Neil, edited by Bobby, and – and published by Ted, nya! The regular cover’s art is by Tony Fleecs, the subscription cover ‘s art is by Andy and – and the retailer incentive cover is by Sara Richard, nya!
Kibitz the royal schedule keepurr of Canterlot introduce the tale, in which  Celestia and – and Luna look forward to racing against each other at the big festival, but purrior to that while they collaborate upon the busy duties, they begin to get annoyed with each other, so unfortunately the untended fun compurrtiton becomes less friendly in nature, nya.
There are cute food scenes, widdle nods to Star Trek, Batman, and – and Peanuts, and the many background ponies to identify, nya! I think that the plot, pace, dialogue, colors, shading, scenery, fashions, FX and – and fonts are purrfect in both of those pony comics, which so supurrbly convey the style and – and the spurrit of the animated series, nya! 
I especially like the pony poses and – and expurressions, so I will give both both an “A” as in Aluccorn nya! I am sad to see Friends Forever end, but I still enjoy the Freiendhip is Magic comics and – and I look forward to the movie purrequel comics, nya! That is all for my pony report, but nyow here is  onee-chan to tell us about another comic written by Jeremy-
The Unstoppable Wasp #4, nya!
Hai This is one of our favorite comics! The tale stars Nadia Pym, the orphaned Hungarian genius daughter of Hank (Ant Man) & Maria Pym, nya! She first apeared in The Avengers Civil War II Free Comic Book Day issue in May of 2016, so she has only been around for the year, nya. After that she appurred in All-New All-Different Avengers #9, and in some of the subsequent issues, nya!
Nadia was trained in a secret Russian Red Room research facility, where she invented her own Wasp costume and escaped, but the Russian agents including her friend Ying keep trying to take her back to there, nya. Edwin Jarvis the Avengers’ Butler has been helping her get settled, and she got to meet her step mom Janet Van Dyne, who is Hank’s 2nd wife, and the original Wasp, nya!
Nadia is so peppy, ingenious, heroic and stylish with the lovely accent and cute house, but she still has the citizenship papurrwork to settle, with the help by lawyer Matt Murdock, alias Daredevil, nya! She has been trying to recruit the various other girl geniuses for her heroic G.I.R.L. (Genius in Action Research Labs) group, but the purrogress has been hindered by several villains, nya!
Published by Marvel, rated “T+” and purriced at $3.99, issue #4 has the 28 pages which are compurrised of the 20 page tale, the recap / credits page, the purreview page for issue #5, the 5 pages of the ads, and the Agents of G.I.R.L. page in which Nadia intermews real girls such as Stephanie the expurrimental plasma physicist, and Claudia the biological anthropologist, nya!
The tale was written by Jeremy  illustrated by Elsa Charretier, colored by Megan M. Wilson, lettered by Joe Caramanga, edited by Alanna Smith and Tom Brevoort, with the cover art by Nicolas Bannister and Elsa, nya. The tale picks up where the purrior issue left off, as the criminal thug named PoundCakes threatens the mom of Priya, a biologist who Nadia tries to recruit, nya!
Nadia is so delightfully smart, wise and cool as she attempts to defuse the situation and befriend the villain, but it worsens when PoundCakes’s purrtner Letha attacks Jarvis, nya! After Nadia clobbers them, Priya agrees to join the group, and there are such delightful scenes of Nadia at home in the car with Jarvis, and in Matt’s office, but things worsen again when Ying attacks!
I should not further spoil the plot, but I will just say that I think it is the very fun, beautifully written & illustrated tale of strong, smart heroines, which is peppurred by “Nadia’s Neat Facts”, and topped off by the her widdle intermews, nya! I am purrticulalry fond of the poses, expurressions and the dialogue, and I will give this issue the “A” as in Ant Man, nya! Nyow here is Myayr to tell us about 
Goldie Vance #11, nya!
Mary Nyan:
Arigato! 16 year old Marigold “Goldie” Vance is a peppy, brave, smart, inquisitive, aspiring detective girl of color in the mid 1960’s who assists Walter the detective at the Crossed Palms Resort in St. Pascal, Florida, when she is not valet parking the guests’ cars with her friend Rob, who wants to date Cheryl the resort’s concierge who aspires to be an astronaut! 
Goldie’s mom Sylvie is an underwater purrformer at a mermaid – themed supper club, and she is sepurrrated from Goldie’s dad, who is the manager of the resort, which is owned by the wealthy Mr. Maple, whose daughter Sugar does not get along with Goldie, but Skunk the street racer seems interested in those ladies, who are both quite fond of fine fast cars! 
The lovely early 60’s cars, coiffures & couture amidst the south Florida scenery & climate during the space – race era are so lovely! Some other recurring characters have included Walter’s girl friend FBI agent Ladner, Cheryl’s friend Millie the pageant winner / astronaut trainee, Millie’s mom the fashion designer / boutique owner, and Sugar’s all-girl pit crew!
One of my favorite characters is Goldie’s friend Diane who works at the record store! Initially a 4 issue mini – series, this ongoing series is published by Boom! Box who also publishes Lumberjanes! The story arc  of issues #1 – #4 purrrtained to the mysterious medallion & Russian spies; whilst the story arc of issues #5 – #8 purrtained to the undersea mystery!
In issue #9 the current story arc began, in which Sugar hired Goldie to investigate the race car sabotage! Created by author Hope Larson (Chiggers) and Brittney Williams (Hellcat), published by Boom! Box and purriced $3.99, Issue #11 has the uninterrupted 22 page tale written by Jackie Ball & Hope, illustrated by Noah Hayes & colored by Sarah Stern!
It was lettered by Jim Campbell, edited by Dafna Plebon & Shannon Watters, assoociately edited by Sophie Phillips-Roberts, with the design by Jillian Crab and the  cover art by Kassandra Heller! Goldie and the other pit crew girls are worried about Sugar’s safety when they find an odd device in her car. It is yet another odd sabotage clue to be investigated!
There is dangerous mystery, dishonesty and purrpourrty damage afoot, an the relationship betixt the Vance and Maple families has always been difficult, but It is also fun for Goldie who indulges her love of cars and detective work, with the purromise of her own car and purrhaps the impurroved relationships as the reward for helping Sugar and her family!
As the investigation purrogresses, Goldie & Sugar are shocked to discover who are involved, but I should not spoil  more of the plot which has the captivating characters, dialogue & developments at the good pace! The characters, cars & scenic art are gorgeous, with the peppy sporty ambience, supurrb poses, expurressions & the manga – inspired style!
The colors are wonderfully bright,  with the cel – type shading, great graphic FX  & fonts in the panels of interesting shapes & sizes that wonderfully purrpell the narrative! I have so many favorite scenes, such as the pit crew biding their time and scrutinizing the race car, and the the whimsical, chibi – style flashbacks of Goldie, Sugar, family and friends!
I especially like the looks on Goldie’s face when she  argues with Sugar, when she slyly makes demands, when she sleepily craves the coffee,  when she dines with her dad,  and when she chats on the phone! I will give this issue an “A” as Sugar’s Maple Leaf P-1 automobile! Nyow I will turn The Mew over to Nyo-sensei, who wants to tell us about
Hero Cats #16!
HaiThe Hero Cats are among the purrotectors of their town of Stellar City, and the team is compurrised of Midnight the Black cat, Ace the White cat, Belle the Siamese cat, Roco the Gray cat, Rocket the Tabby, Cassiopeia the Orange & White cat! Cassiopeia has a brother named Bandit the tuxedo cat, who is away on a sepurrate mission, to the Sky World with his robot friend in this story arc!
Cassiopeia are the supurr heroes Galaxy Man and his daughter Cosmic Girl are unaware of the cats’ heroic adventures, nya! At the 2014 Heroes Convention in Charlotte, we got a sketch of Cassiopeia by Marcus Williams! Published by Action Lab Comics, issue #16 is a beautiful, fun issue purriced $3.99 and rated “E” for everyone! 
The 28 page issue includes the uninterrupted 22 page tale of “Hero Cats of Sky World, Part 1” plus the 3  pages of bonus tidbits and the 3 pages of the ads. The tale was written by Hero Cats’ creator Kyle Puttkammer, pencilled & inked by Omaka Schultz,  lettered by George Gant, and colored by Julie Hadden Barclay. We have met Kyle several times at the comics conventions! 
This is the start of a different sort of fantasy tale, with Bandit and Robot the only heroes from Stellar City purresent in the Sky World, as they have another encounter with Corvus the evil Crow King who has purreviously attacked Stellar City! Although the other Hero Cats, Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl are not here, Bandit will meet the Sky World cats Sapphire, Madalyn, Newton & Lancelot!
Bandit an Robot try to suss out the strange realm of Sky World, Sapphire the Blue cat defends widdle schoolgirl; Becky and her mom from bad faeries, poor Madalyn the Purrple gypsy cat is tormented by evil spirits, Newton the sorcerer’s Siamese Cat escapes the enemy soldiers who burn down his lair, and Lancelot the armored adventurous Orange cat befriends a huge dragon! 
I feel sorry for Madalyn and Newton, but otherwise this seems to be the rollicking start of a fun fantasy tale! The covers of #16 – 17 will connect to form the panoramic scene! The characters, the FX, the scenery, and the fonts are quite lovely, and I hope that the cats will get to eat crow, ha ha! Nyow for the tale of another cat, I will turn The Mew over to Trini-chan, for her review of
The Amazing Crafty Cat!
Arigato! When I saw the advertisement in the catalog for this cute widdle hardcover graphic novel, I wanted to order it immediately! Published last month by First Secon and purriced  $13.99 US / $19.50 Canada, this book by Charise Mericle Harper is as pretty and as fun as can be! It measures 6.25″ x 8.75″ x.5″ and has 124 pages purrtaining to the school adventures of a young girl named Birdie whose favorite hobbies are the arts & crafts, especially in her secret identity as  Carfty Cat, in her cute nekmomi kigurimi costume!
She is quite peppy, clever, smart & artistic with the widdle projects using the paper, scissors, glue, tape, markers & yarn, or when decorating the cookies and cupcakes with the panda faces! Kawaii!  Unfortunately she does have some unlucky troubles, when the cupcakes are spilled an her shirt gets stained… and on her birthday, of all days!  She is quite imaginative and industrious in her genki yet worrisome creative spirit, and not only doe we see her having fun with the project, but the book includes instructions for making them!
That includes the panda pal, panda pencil topper, panda clip & necklace, panda cupcake decorations, the alien & bunny paper puppets! She is rather fond of pandas! Charise Mericle Harper used Photoshop and a digital nib upon the Cintiq tablet to illustrated the delightful book! This might be a a book for children, but I think it would be treasured by folks of all ages I will give it the grade of an “A” as in alien, and I am looking forward to the next book, Crafty Cat and the Crafty Camp Crisis! I am done, and now here is Bun to discuss
Elfquest: The Final Quest #19!
Arigato! We love Wendy & Richard Pini’s Elfquest tales because of the lavish mythology, generations of many great characters, and Wendy’s beautiful art! For the past 3 years, The Final Quest has full of major developments and cultural changes, unfortunately including the Djunslander humans’ army which hopes to conquer the world, but they are not the only enemy!
Issue #19 might be considered the 20th issue, if you include the 2013 Special issue! Published by Dark Horse, this issue is priced at $3.99 and consists of the uninterrupted 20 page tale, which is followed by 2 pages of comments by the readers, Wendy & Richard; the 4 page look at the art purrocess, and the 2 page peek at EQ podcasters Ryan Browne & David Mizejewski!
It was wonderfully written by Wendy and Richard, scripted & illustrated by Wendy, colored by Sonny Strait, lettered by Nate Piekos, edited by Spencer Cushing, assistantly edited by Kevin Burkhalter, with the graphic design by Sarah Terry, digital artistry by Allyson Haller, and it is off to the impressive start, with the full – page pic of Ember and her dad playfully wrestling!
It is such a dear moment as friends and family watch with smiles, because there has been so much tragedy for the various elf and human tribes of late. That includes the beautiful yet sad scene of aquatic Wavedancer tribe who leave their home one night because of the evil Djunslanders, who brutally capture a human girl whilst putting their slaves to the hard labor. 
It is the tumultuosu, bittersweet time, but there are still some cute playful wolf moments, the romantic time for Mender and Dart, especially poignant scenes for Shuna, Tyleet, Rayek, Venka, Skywise, Timmain, and Shenshen, plus a full –  page pic of the evil elf known as Door amidst the ruins of the Sun Folk’s desert village, and a spectacular two-page spread!
If I had any quibble, it would be that one of my favorite elves Freetouch was only prominent in just one small panel, but gosh it is such a large cast! There were over three dozen characters in this issue alone! There are many others who were not in it, but that is to be expected, given the gathering of many tribes, species & generations across a saga which is almost 40 years old!
This issue had the great dialogue and the balance of action, romance, tragedy, humor, sentimentality, mysticism, discussions, and character developments! The art is so very exquisite, from the characters and clothing designs, to the lush environments and the magickal FX which are rendered with such lavish detail, excellent fonts, and sumptuous use of color and light!
I enjoyed reading the poignant letters from the fans and the Pini’s replies, the article on the podcasters was a neat aspect of the fandom, and I am always eager to see the articles on the art  techniques, so for me this issue was the totally captivating package from cover to over! That is all for my comic book report, and now I am ready for the coffee and the carrot cake!
The inn is quite purrpared to accommodate visitors of all ages and needs, including families’ wonderful nursery and toddler-centric spaces. The Solar panels, quadruple – redundant generators,  batteries and the bit of magick purrvide uninterrupted power to keep all appurratuses charged.
Lodgers can board their pets, which will receive the comfy bed, much play space, toys, grooming and healthy food. The mascot cats are allowed to wander the inn (which has special magickal purrcautions in case of allergies), but one of their favorite areas is the Cats’ Play Room. 
It is a spaciously comfortable suite with fresh air, dwarf trees, toys, treats, the telepurrtal, things to climb and scratch, cushioned sleeping boxes and often-scooped litter boxes enough for many cats. The sextuplets Amy, Emmy Nick, Syd Tanzy, and Zuli were born here in Apurril of 2011.
They are here with their purrents DosaNeko, Sapphire and Sapphire’s mama Topaz. They are visited by Rascal, Nyanko and four of her friends from high school Rich, Sparkles, Kyle and Jaejae. It seems to be not just the time for anniversaries, but reunions too, as Nyanko purrsents this month’s–
Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight which shines on
the characters of artist Savannah A Lee,
Nya-Nya of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo,
and Hako of the Today’s Cerberus manga!
In this portion of The Mew, we honor the famous catgirls of  various media! Such ladies might range from the ailuranthropic & anthropurmorphic feline females, to those who might not actually have any kitty DNA, but do have the lovely cat-titude and / or style to be considered as “honorary catgirls”! 
This month the spotlight will firstly shine upon the beautiful art & kemonomimi characters of artist Savannah A Lee whose birthday is this month! According to her gallery, she is a self-taught artist who speaks a few languages and has been drawing catgirls since the young age!
She lives here in North Carolina too! She is purrticularly fond of cats, art, comics, manga, anime, video games, science fiction movies and rock mewsic. Her gallery is brimming with the many lovely illustrations of the original characters, fan art, purrodies and the art commissioned by others!
Her characters are of diverse breeds and species such as Hazel, Leon, Lin and Nami (cat), Dolly (dog), Eleana, Fia and Rasberry (fox), Jaxon, Kim, Kira and Stella (wolf), Azelea and Rosa (deer), Caroline (sheep), Harmony (raccoon), Harmony (raccoon), Zee (bunny) and Clara (silverfish)!
Nextly we will shine the spotlight upon Nya-Nya, who is a catgirl of the animated DC Universe! She appurred in the 2006 OVA Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, in which the Teen Titans supurr hero team compurrised of Starfire, Raven, Robin, Cyborg & Beast Boy who investigated the attack by a criminal from Japan!
After their headquarters in California was attacked, they traveled to Tokyo, where they fought a group of powerful characters that included the genki peppy cute school girl Miki Tezumi, A.K.A. Nya-Nya, who was voiced in the OVA by actress Janice Kawaye! Nya-Nya was fast, agile, strong ‘n frisky with sharp claws!
She was rather flirtatious, with the purretty Pink skin tone and the fierce fighting purrowess, but gave Beast Boy the hard time in the brutal street fight! Later when the Titans infiltrated the boss villain Brushugon’s lair, they discovered that Nya-Nya & her cohorts were made of a manga artists magickally animated ink!
As if one Nya-Nya was not sufficient an adversary, during the final battle, they had to fight several duplicates of her and the other opponents, but I hope that we might see more of her! For further information about Nya-Nya, I will recommend her page at the Teen Titans Wiki!
Lastly but not leastly, the third of our three widdle kitties in the spotlight for this month is Hako of the Today’s Cerberus manga by Ato Sakurai! The manga purrtains to the famous three – headed dog Cerberus of Greek mythology, who has bitten the boy named Chiaki and thus vanquishing part of his lonely, sullen soul.
Years later, as a 15 year old high school student, Chiaki was revisited by Cerberus in her cute human dog girl version which is physically manifested in three distinct pursonas: Kuro the peppy cute girl, Shirogane the feisty tough girl, and Roza the quiet shy girl. Those three purrsonas will alternate if her tail is pulled!
They are kind ‘n helpful, but it has been difficult for Chiaki’s friend Hinata, a miko maiden with romantic feelings for him. Kuro, Roze & Shirogane try adjust to life as school girls, but Chiaki seems to attract the other spirits. Some of the spirits are dangerous, but some are friendly such as Hako the playful nekomata catgirl!
She is the reincarnated spirit of the cat that belonged to Chiaki and Hinata’s classmate Idora. Hako wears the frilly, short yukata with the ribbons, cat bell, tabi socks and zeta sandals! The charming, whimsical occult manga was published by Square Enix in Japan, it is published here in English by Yen Press, and I am eagerly anticipating the next volume! Ah, that will do it for this month’s spotlight, but we will have more for next month!
Yattah! I must soon visit Savannah’s DeviantArt gallery!
I hope that Nya-Nya will return for the Teen Titans Go series!
Hako sounds delightful, and I like fun occult high school tales!
Thank you for for the mewsings and the — hey!!!
Rich is startled when the ten cats suddenly purrk up at the sound of a gong and scampurr past him. Realizing that it is time for a special purresentation, Nyanko, Sparkles, Kyle, Jaejae and Rich follow the cats outside, along with many other folks, who watch from the parking lot, gardens, onsens, brook, balconies and rooftop.
Although Mike, Jamie, and The Ladies of The Mew were honored and flattered to know that there would be an outdoor purresentation to commemorate The Mew’s 10th anniversary, much of it has been veiled in secrecy, hence the mysterious, secret plan that several friends are in on, in the hopes of purrsenting a happy surpurrise.
After a few brief introductions and speeches, with the Miho & Kaori, reporting on the purresentation for the local mewspapurr, There is an aerial purrade with much luminous magick, mewsic, foxfire works, lanterns, banners, kites, Like a dazzling UFO, Melanakeami’s airship is covered in colorful lights as it flies low over the route.
They intend to only use the full lighting display at certain festive events in certain zones, due to concerns about light pollution, but for the moment the airship’s purrogrammable bioluminescent lighting schematic spells out the Happy 10th Anniversary message to The Ladies of The Mew, as the airship nestles against the mooring,
I realize that it is getting late and purrhaps right at little ones’ bed times, but I wanted to once again congratulate the cats and crew of The Mew on their 10th anniversary, I wish to thank all of the staff and guests of The Kitt Inn, and the many friends who purrticipated in tonight’s event! 
It is also the 1st wedding anniversary of Lizzy and Becca, whose wedding reception dance and suppurr was here last year! As a gift to them and everyone else here, the chefs have freshly churned gallons of Becca’s favorite flavors of salmon and chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream!
I think rascal wants the Salmon.
Yeah… I’ll stick with the chocolate raspberry truffle! 
And nyow, a few words from Mike!
(goes to the microphone) Ah, gosh, I might get long-winded when it comes to certain topics, especially my favorite movie – which will turn 40 on December 7th, 2019, by the way! Oh don’t worry- I’m not gonna talk about that! Um, but… one of the many things I’m not good at is making speeches in front of a bunch of people.
I wanna thank everyone for being here, um I wanna thank the Kitt Inn for hosting, and all of people who have entertained, inspired, and supported us all these years. Not just the past decade of The Mew, but 2018 will be 20 years since pre-production began on the official Catgirl Island site, which went online in early 2000!
Yeah! So, I hope that we’ll still be here to celebrate that anniversary too! Ok, I’m, ah almost done, but uh, I wanna especially thank my dear friend and web master Jamie, who I’ve been so fortunate to know since we were in 4th grade… and that was well before Star Wars premiered. Heck, that was before Jaws premiered! 
Oh, and one last thing- we have just one more presentation to make before the ice cream is served! As some of y’all know, two of the Ladies of the Mew have just recently graduated from Catgirl Island High School! So, um, where are Tara-chan and Trini-chan at? Oh, there you are- we’ve got a graduation present you!
surpurrise, surpurrise. surpurrise!
Already rather giddy with grateful excitement from the day’s fun and festivities, Tara-chan and Trini-chan are tearfully overwhelmed when their friends Rica and Niko bring each of them an adopted wild Banker Pony, which they have always wanted. The ponies are purromptly glomped by the graduates, who do not let go for quite some time, while the other Ladies of The Mew hug them and other friends cheer for them. The ponies are well-fed too, but they are served apples instead of the ice cream.
The merriment continues late into the night, with dining, mewsic, dancing, games, mingling, strolling, bathing, and napping aplenty. Tara-chan and Trini-chan do not stray from their ponies. Nemui and Meryl decide that it is the appurropurriate time to commence the next phase of the secret, which purrtains to Ilyana and Melanakeami, who are totally unaware of this purrticular phase of the plan, intended to commemorate the anniversary of Melanakeami’s mer-maiden flight and Ilyana’s doctorate.
From the wine cellar, Nemui, Meryl and Ilyana go through the underground tunnel to the mermaids’ grotto suite, where Nemui and Meryl discreetly introduce Melanakeami and Ilyana to the Kitt Inn’s potential new employee, who is revealed to be none other than Le Chat, the infamous cat burglar, who was last seen as a villain in the tale of “A Mermaid’s Adventures in Undersea Cuisine”, in which Le Chat was the thieving adversary to Ilyana, Melanakeami and Nemui, until Meryl appurrhended her.
Recently released early from purrision due to her good behavior, Le Chat is tearfully repentant, reformed and ready to purrsue an honest purrofession, purrvided that Melanakeami and Ilyana have no purroblem with it. This is not unlike Ilyana’s transformative redemption of several years purrior, and so she, Melanakeami, Nemui and Meryl accept the sincere apology, forgive Le Chat for her past misdeeds and even hug her, but not nearly as long as Tara-chan and Trini-chan glomped their ponies.
Meryl, Ilyana & Melankeami Nemui chat with the other mer-folk, including the recent arrivals Nao, Eiko, Gina, Tia, Ciani & Tharesha. Nemui escorts Le Chat back to the main building, wherein she will soon reside and work, after a purropurr introduction to the rest of staff & guests, so that her purresence will not alarm. Outside the grotto, downstream by the bridge, the final surpurrise is underway, as Bubbah & Oji-san purrpare to introduce Nyanko and Nyoka to… other members of the family.
When twins Nyanko and Nyoka were widdle kitten girls (born on September 31st, 1984), they were sepurrated from each other and their purrents during a disaster in the Atlantic. Fortunately these days they have fewer nightmares about those fragmented memories. Nyanko was adopted by Bubbah, who trained her to be a martial artists champion whilst Nyoka was raised by a very kind foster family who taught her many magick tricks.
Nyoka liked to travel to magickal places, and years later at age 17 wound up at Catgirl Island for a reunion with Nyanko, who inherited the dojo after Bubbah retired to travel with Oji-san. While Bubbah and Oji-san searched for treasures over the years, which helped to fund the dojo, a new gym and Nyoka’s Magick Shop, they were also searching for the twins’ missing biological purrents. Last month, the quest successfully ended
Nyow after almost 30 years, with the careful arrangements, Nyanko & Nyoka are finally reunited happily with their catgirl mom Nyadia & merman dad Jonahthan, who were also sepurrated for many years. While this very emotional meeting transpires purrivately at the bridge, the mews quickly spurreads amongst their friends who hope to meet Nyadia & Jonahthan, but for nyow we will have to settle for the image of her in the mewseum…
There are several bars where one can order drinks and food, including the rooftop bar, the veranda bar, grotto bar, and the restauran’s split- level bar, which offers the swim-up service. At the restauran bar’s uppurr level are Sharon Williams’s character Tanya Cambridge (alias Sailor Sirius) and Jeff Branch’s character Talia Jasmine Kirk (alias Sailor Vulcan)
They are enjoying the apurritifs with friends Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Junko Sakurada, investigative journalists Marie Babineux and Haruna Ichikawa, and vampire Alexandra Wright. Jeff was The Mew’s May 2008 guest , Alexandra was The Mew’s March 2009 guest, and Sharon was The Mew’s November 2014 guest. At the lower level swim-up bar which leads to the brook and the underground tunnels are Petra, Daytona, Formality, Ciani Jesi, and Kai. Petra’s iPhone shows them the latest-
additions to Catgirl Island’s Mewseum of Art!
For those who might be here for the first time, Galleries 1-7 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-4 display images by other folks totally with their purrmissions, and Mike’s collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya! The images include illustrations, photos, and the mixed medias, nya!
Some of the images are quite sexy, but none are hentai, nya. On Catgirl Island’s official web site, the most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click upon those to see the uncropped, full pics, nya! This month we have added several new images to Guest Gallery 4 and to Gallery 6, nya!
we are purroud to purrsent “Swim With Me” by Rebecca Brogden who was the guest for our September 2009 Mew, nya! She used the colored pencils, pens and metallic ink on the toned papurr to depict Marsha, an aqua ballet choreographer mermaid with lovely Platinum Blonde hair, Olive Gold scales and Halfmoon Betta Fish tail, nya!
After that we are delighted to display the very purretty and sweet “Valentine” catgirl by Rebecca, nya! This is another pens and colored pencils illustration on the toned papurr to depict the happy and adorable widdle catgirl in her dainty Pink and White spurriing time dress, with the cute teddy bear and balloon amidst the roses and the valentine vignette– kawaii, nya!
Then we are honored to exhibit this illustration of Doc and Ray (a.k.a Raider) at the dojo by author / artist / designer Sean Martin, nya! Ray (a construction worker from Saskatchewan) tries to talk Doc (an author from Quebec) out of the sumo wrestling, nya! You can see more of them in Sean’s famous comic strip Doc and Raider, nya!
We have added Mike’s Photoshop CS2 and mouse illustration of Nyadia Shinobu the “Nyamama-san” wearing the Pink bikini to accent her Grayed Brown hair, Light tan skin, Green eyes, Brown ears and tail at the beach, nya! By nyow y’all should know that she is Nyanko & Nyoka’s mom, who has returned after missing mysteriously for 3 decades, nya!
Nyadia is a Japanese-American catgirl who was born on September 31st 1951, thusly her sign is the Libra in the Year of the Rabbit, she has the same birthday as her daughters, and she is tall like them too, nya! We only know a bit more about her, but we hope to meet her and her husband Jonahthan soon, nya! So, what do y’all think of the latest art, nya?
That is such a charming and alluring image of Marsha by Rebecca who faithfully captured the appearance and spirit! The details are perfect, from the buoyancy of her hair and gleam in her eyes, to the Gold scales and the powerfully firm fishy tail with the frilly Pink edged fins!
I think that Rebecca’s Valentine Catgirl looks so happy and cute in her dainty spring attire with the teddy bear and balloon amidst the roses and the heart – shaped vignette! I think that the concept, composition, lines, color, shading, pose, expression and details are wonderful!
Doc is quite scantily clad in just the sumo funodoshi, mew la la, nya! Raider looks quite regal in that Black and Dark Brown ensemble, nya!. Sean is such a master of the 3D CG renderings! I love the textures and the lighting of the dojo’s floor, columns and wall panels, nya!
Oh oh I can definitely see the family resemblance of Nyoka and Nyanko’s mom, and I recognize that very spot where she is standing, nya! She has the kind face, the supple curves in the sexy bikini, and the lovely tail, nya! I hope their reunion is the good dream come true, nya!
Now that I am back from Purrince Edward island for the good while, one of my plans is the leisurely long visit to the mewseum! to admire the art and dine in the cafe!  Thank you for showing us the latest additions!
Doitashimste, nya!
Given the careful assignment of rooms on each floor and placement of baths, even late night at the ryokan is however one purrfurs it, without disturbance, whether tucked in asleep, or still awake for various activities.  For those up late, from the smaller intimate purrsuits to the more vivacious group activities, there is plenty of great food and service vcailable around the clock.
With flexible work shifts, the employees enjoy the healthy balance of work and leisure too. Even machines from the stoves, refrigerators, laundry and lifts, to the computers, carts and HVAC sound content. Speaking of sounds, the inn’s conservatory is for mewsical purractice or concerts, with instruments available such as the Celesta, Harpsichord, and a Bosendorfer piano. 
Therein Yvonne’s drumming circle purrvides the purrcussion for the jam session with Joanna and Jaene. At Katsandra’s behest, Jeannie and Trini-chan are coaxed to belly dance, although Trin-chan quickly returns to the ponies whilst Tara-chan, Rica and Niko ponder names for them. This is but one of many things for them to ponder, nyow that they have graduated. 
Trini-chan wants to continue surfing and board shaping, whilst Tara-chan has narrowed her career purreferences to veterinarian, entomologist, zoologist or nature photographer. Ordinarily, Becca & Elizabeth might be hot salsa dancing at the club on the other side of the island, but they have something more vocal in mind, as they coax friends to form a late night chorus and–
The Cat Lady Sings…
The Ladies of The Mew sing their
“Catgirl Holiday Time” song, nya!
Purr-haps we dream  for a saucer of cream, 
or bowl of shrimp that are nicely steamed
a fresh filet in our supper dish
snapper or trout is our fondest wish
Give us cat nip and we’d be a bit daffy
Eggnog to sip and we’ll be happy
with our tummies so full we could doze in the park
waking up in time to see the fireworks at dark
naps on a rooftop  under the sun, 
with a yam and a drink and a meaty pork bun
flavorful sauce ’nuff for every one
sparklers at night catgirl holiday fun! Nya!
There’s a catgirl who’s dancing down the street
with a yukata on and sandals on her feet
with got a gallon of tea she’ll gladly share
a bucket of chicken or her friends there
with ornaments to paw at just like some mice
catgirls cant resist those Christmas tree lights,
there’s frosting in the bowl no need to say it twice
May I please lick the spoon? Cake batter’s so nice
those popcorn strands are tasty treats
but they’d be much better if they were meats
it could be done if you just tried
purr-ferably  if they were fried
Meow- playful kitties, Meow- beach bikinis
Meow- sammich jellies, Meow- lit up palm trees
this would be so good  curled up by the fire
watching anime we’d never tire,
tasty Anago a maki roll or two,
slaw on the sammiches eastern barbeque
balls of stringy yarn for every one a mountain of blankets
comic books by the ton, bacon on the burger,
burger on the bun
means a full night ahead of catgirl holiday fun!  Nya!
If you would feed us we would not mind
a piece of fish that would be kind
we would love you very much and do household chores
chase away bugs and such and warm your floors
we’d purr and behave and not scratch your doors
our ears will perk tails will gleefully swish
if we hear the happy sound of a sizzling fish
a raw one will do ’cause we like sushi too
sashimi for me and nigiri for you
food, friends and cheer for every one-
smiles from ear to ear when the crab meat’s done
a nummy berry drink telling jokes and puns-
y’all get ready for  the catgirl fun!  Nya!
We really mean it– 
it’s catgirrrl 
fuuuuuuuuuuun! Nya!
(hugging her pony) Nya!
(hugging her pony) sigh!
Well, they seem sated, heehee!
They were not even distracted by that big Luna Moth over there!
It’s his snack time again.
My tummy has the cravings for more of the ice cream! Itadakimasu!
Well, I guess that will wrap it up for another edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Rebecca, Sean and Nyadia for the lovely art, nya!
Fur shur!
We also wish to thank the other talented folks whose works we discussed…
… Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
Alexcia, Jeff, Misty and their characters for their continued purrticipations…
Pacozord and Chef Ron for their for their contributions…
…. all of our other guests and contributers from the first decade of The Mew…
… Mike and Jamie’s computers, Rascal’s scanner / purrinter…
… and our other friends, families and audience whom we greatly appurreciate!
Mary Nyan:
Y’all may post brief, polite, sincere, non-political, non-snarky responses to
The Mew, purrvided they are spam-free, G-rated and purrtain to our topics!
Here’s to another 10 years– kampai, nya!
We’ll be back next month with the June edition of The Mew. Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to Mew – until we eat again! BAI BAI, NYA!

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