May 2018 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew and other friends in
The May 2018 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
in this special grande-size 11th Anniversary edition of 
The Mew, we’re doing something very different, nya!
Near the marina, river walk, and farmers market on the Southwestern side of the island, the great big Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center is designed to accommodate universally all types of entities from those with legs, fins, wings or pseudopods, to those of tiny or giant size, nya. Pandimensional paths lead from the atrium and gardens to the entertainment, educational and dining facilities, nya!
In addition to the concerts, plays, screenings and festivals, it is the home to many mewsic, dance, theatre and comedy classes for purractioners of all ages, genders and species, from the novice to the advanced, nya. Today’s Mew will traverse the spurrawling CIPAC, starting with the rooftop Laua’e Lounge, where it is 81 degrees under the sunny Blue sky full of big puffy Cumulo-Neko Clouds, nya!
Aloha y’all,and welcome to The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, or just The Mew, for short! Ah, I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and today’s Mew comes from the Catgirl island Purrforming Arts Center! Normally, we have discussions about fun topics and reviews of things such as movies, comic books, toys, famous kemonomimi characters and so forth; but every May, for our anniversary, we try to do something just a bit grander.
So, for this month to “comeowmerate” Mothers Day, we’ve gathered a buncha friends from all across Catgirl Island and the surrounding waters of Mew Hanover County, NC, to nominate – or in this case “mominate”- our favorite famous fictional moms – and some aunts too – from movies, TV, music, books, comics, games and other media! We’re gonna do this “Lightning Round” style… but much longer!
If you’re unfamiliar with our type of “Lightning Rounds”, we pick a topic, someone gives a quick response, and then tags someone else to go next. Usually owe have a dozen-ish “purrticipants”, but this time we’ve got a big crowd of about 500! And, ah, afterwards there’ll be little bit of information about everyone who “purrticipated”! Before the “mominations” get underway, here are Petra and Bun  to discuss the latest
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!
Arigato, nya! For those here for the first time, Galleries 1-8 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their kind purrmissions, and Mike’s collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya! The images include illustrations, photos and mixed medias, nya!
Some of the art might be sexy or depict the tasteful nudity or semi – nudity, but none of it is porn, nya! The most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the uncropped full pics, nya! This month we have added five pics to Guest Gallery 5 and five pics to Gallery 8, nya!
we are pleased to purrsent the “Ancient Catgirl” by Rebecca Brogden, who was the guest for our September 2009 Mew, nya! Tefnutella Sekhsyna, or just Sekhsy for short, is the purrofessional Egyptian hieroglyph & graffiti artist, nya! She is glancing over the shoulder our way, in the short, tight, bare-midriff, halter-neck Lavender dress trimmed in the Gold & Lapis, nya!
Then we are delighted to display Rebecca’s”Prehistoric Catgirl”, nya! She used the pencil, pens & colored pencils on the toned papurr for this image of Naomi the aerial hunting / fishing guide in the short-sleeved, low-cut Leopurrd skin crop top and short slit skirt, happily riding bareback upon her Pteranodon friend Donna, whose sister Ptera and brother Noah are flying in the background nya!
Nextly is Rebecca’s illustration of “Lady NaGa” nya! Rebecca used the Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS6 & the Wacom Intuos 5 tablet for this image of Lady Anna Conda NaGa, who is is one of many NPCs in Mike’s monthly anime-ish tabletop RPG, nya! If Anna looks somewhat familiar, that is because she was inspired by the character Naga the Serpent of the Slayers manga & anime, nya.
She is also inspired by the great mewsician Lady Gaga, nya! Anna is the human / faerie sorceress & biological mother in law of Rebecca’s character Nystia Nightshade, nya! Anna is in her magickal Black leather bikini armor with the sword and Diamondback Cloak, nya! Purrhaps y’all have seen the pics of Nystia, Anna’s son Jonni, cousin Meryl, and Anna’s younger sister Maddy, nya?
After that, we are elated to exhibit Rebecca’s illustration of Misty Hopkins’s original character “Tabitha”, nya! Purrhaps y’all have seen the other pics of Tabitha in our galleries, nya? Rebecca so purrfectly captured the lovely image, spirit and minute details of that sassily sexy, cute catgirl, from her ears, hair, tail and tummy to her tattoos, piercings, bracelets and boots, nya!
Tabitha is wearing the tight tube top to match the Pink strands in her Honey Blonde hair; the unfastened, frayed cutoff denim shorts, the thong panty, fishnet thigh-highs, and the choker collar to match her strappy, mid-calf boots, nya! She has Green belt & serpentine arm band, the star & paw purrint tattoos, and ornate piercings in her navel, tongue and all four ears, nya!
After that, we are elated to exhibit the scene of the “Girls ‘n Ponies” by Misty Hopkins, who was a guest of the March 2008 Mew, nya! Misty used the pencil, pen & Crayola colored pencils for this illustration that Mike commissioned to commeowmerate the 1st anniversary of the adoption of the Banker Ponies Wildstar Blaze & Jimbo by Tara-chan & Trini-chan, nya!
In the pasture at Rika & Nico’s farm on the Southwest side of the island, on the left is Tara-chan wearing the short-sleeve knotted White shirt, Blue jeans shorts & Pink Wellington boots with her Chestnut – colored Banker Pony Wildstar Blaze; and on the right is Trini-chan wearing the cropped Purrple tank top, Brown shorts & Pink Wellington boots with her Dun – colored Banker Pony Jimbo, nya!
we are happy to premier Mike’s pic of our friend “Purroxima”! Mike used the pencil and pens for this drawing, with the bit of Photoshop CS2 and the mouse to spruce up the scan. Purroxima is one of the North Carolina Outer Banks Nekomimi Yosei (catgirl faerie) in the Repurrtory Company at our island’s forest grove Ampurrtheatre!
She is pretty in the off-shoulder, bell-sleeved, cropped diaphanous top with the synched purreo low upon her hips, accessorized by the bracelets and the pearl necklace, nya! She rescues abandoned & endangered people & critters; she likes to play Yarnball Lacrosse, and take naps in sunny gardens and warm laundry baskets!
Then we have unveiled Mike’s companion pieces of the “Formula 1 Driver” & “Jaguar Driver Catgirl”! Mike used the mixed-media for these two separate illustrations which were commissioned by our  June 2015 guest Meesha DJ Walker and her husband! Perhaps y’all have seen the illustrations by Meesha, Misty and Rebecca in our mewseum?
Meesha and her husband requested the customary driver poses with one hand upon the hip and the helmet cradled in the other arm, but other aspects were left up to Mike. The Ferrari driver has the Red, Black & White fire suit & helmet with Gold sunglasses, whilst the the Jaguar driver has the kuronekomimi helmet and British Racing Green fire suit which is unzipped to reveal her cropped tank top!
Then we have Mike’s “Elf Trek” homage to Bob Peak’s poster art for Mike’s favoritest movie Star Trek – The Motion Picture, and in commeration of the 40th anniversary of Wendy and Richard Pini’s Elfquest comics! Mike used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse for this improved color version of his 1984 Black & White fan art that appeared in vol. 2 of Yearnings, the official Elfquest fanzine!
In this image, substituting for Star Trek’s Kirk, Spock, Ilia and Enterprise are Elfquest’s Cutter (top left), Skywise (top right), Leeta (center) and their palatial spaceship.  We hope that eventually there might be an Elfquest movie too! You know, Star Trek – The Motion Picture will be 40 years old in December of 2019, so Mike will probably want to artistically commemorate that too!
Lastly but not the leastly, Mike used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse to digital color his scanned pencil drawing of “Onsen’s Eleven”, which depicts the naga, centaur, faerie, succubus, foxgirl, pixy, nekomimi, human, gynoid, elf and mermaid at The Kitt Inn’s onsen (hot springs)!  The ladies enjoy the delicious, nutritious cran apple nummy berry appetizers as they await the first round of cocktails!
There is artistic nudity, but the view of boobies and crotches is conveniently blocked by the poses and rocks. The soothing moonlit soak is in the inn’s Dogwood Bath, which is larger than the Sakura Bath, but it is not as hot as the Maples Bath, and like the Scarlet Star Bath, the water is said to have the scintillating rejuvenative properties! That is all for our art presentation, so now here is Mike again!
Thank you for presenting the new art! By the way, we wish to thank Rebecca and some other friends for permitting certain characters* to join in The Mew again!  So… are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
Samantha Stevens, her mother Endora, cousin Serena, and their aunts of the Bewitched TV series! (tags Bun with the brush of the tail to go next)
Molly Weasley of the Harry Potter series! (tags Na Ling, the Laua’e Lounge bartender)
Na Ling:
Star Wars’s purincess Leia, her biolgical mom Padme Amidala, adopted mom Breha Organa, grandmother Shimi Skywalker, aunt Beru Lars, and (non-canonical) daughter Jaina Solo, nya! (tags Lina)
Star Wars’s Sabine Wren’s mom Countess Ursa Wren! (tags her sister Nina)
Star Wars’a Jen Erso’s momma Lyra! (tags Lorellai)
Joana, her daughters Freya and Ingrid, and especially their Aunty Wendy in Witches of East! (tags Nyoka)
I would hafta say Wonder Woman’s mom Queen Hippolyte and Aunt Antiope! (tags Molly Purrton)
Molly Purrton:
I will nominate Wonder Girl Cassie’s mom Helen Sandsmark! (tags Angi)
I will nominate their friend Nessie and her mom Julia Kapetlis! (tags Wulfgar)
I am hoping that Barbara Ann Minerva alias The Cheetah is more the friend than foe of Wonder Woman of late, but her original Cheetah aunt Priscilla Rich was quite the villainess! (tags Ne’ellakaliomi)
Speaking of the redeemed catgirls there’s the Earth 2 version of Selina Kyle who married Bruce Wayne, and their daughter was Helena Wayne a.k.a The Huntress! (tags Nemui)
I would not characterize the Dee Dee twins Delia and Deidre as the heroines, but purrhaps their obaasan Harley Quinzel would impurrove their dispurrsition! (tags Chef Bullup)
Chef Bullpup:
In DC’s Young Justice animated series, Paula Crock had the rough life as the former villainess, but she became the good mom for her daughter Artemis a.k.a Tigress! (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
Dinah Drake, her daughter Dinah Lance a.k.a Black Canary, and her adopted daughter Sin! (tags Meryl)
I will nominate their fellow Justice Leaguer Queen Mera and her adopted daughter Tula a.k.a Aqua Girl! (tags her dad)
Watchmen’s Sally and her daughter Laurie a.k.a. the Silk Spectres! (tags his wife)
Flora and her daughter Suzy a.k.a The Black Orchids! (tags Marsha)
Animal Man’s wife Ellen Baker and their daughter Maxine! (tags Calomhe)
Warlord’s Jennifer Morgan and her step mom Tara! (tags Nyanko & Nyoka’s mom)
Kara Zor-el a.k.a Supergirl, her Kryptonian mom Alura and cousin Lara, and Earth cousin Martha! (tags her husband)
I like her her adopted Earth sister Alex Danvers and foster mom Eliza of the Supergirl TV series too! (tags Kianalani)
The Legion of Supurr – Heroes’ Laurel Gand a.k.a Andromeda and her daughter Lauren! (tags her daughter)
Oh I wish that Laurel and Lauren did not disappurr during the Zero Hour tale. I will nominate Iris Allen, her daughter Dawn, and her daughter Jenni a.k.a. XS! (tags her older sister)
I will mominate Commissioner Jim Gordon’s wife and their daughter Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl! (tags Daisy)
I will mominate Silver Age era’s Batwoman Kathy Kane and her niece Betty Kane! (tags her twin sister)
Tom Strong’s wife Dhalua and their daughter daughter Tesla! (tags Tharesha)
Marvel Comics’s Greer Grant Nelson, A.K.A. Tigra who is the mommy of the cute widdle kitten boy! (tags Angusta)
Starlord’s mom Meredith Quill, Rhomann Dey’s wife & daughter in The Guardians of the Galaxy! (tags Akhila)
Hope Davis as Tony Stark’s mother Maria in Captain America: Civil War, and Angela Bassett as T’Challa’s mother Queen Ramond in Black Panther! (tags Sparkles)
Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon a.k.a. Medusa, Crystalia Amaquueline a.k.a Crystal; and cousin Luna Maximoff! (tags her dad)
Sparkles’s Dad:
Danielle who is the daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in the comics! (tags his wife)
Sparkles’s Mom:
Moira Mactaggart and her adopted daughter Rhane Sinclair a.k.a. Wolfsbane who is also a mom! (tags Aksha)
Spider-man’s Aunt May and motm Mary Parker,  May “Mayday” Parker’s mom Mary Jane, and Ashley Barton’s mom Tonya Parker! (tags Ayesha)
Rene Russo as Thor, Loki and (I assume) Hela’s mom Frigga! (tags Ishara)
Power Pack’s Julie and Katie Power and their momma Margaret! (tags Vidya)
Nadia Pym, her mother Maria Trovaya and step – mom Janet Van Dyne! (tags Aki)
Jean Grey and her daughter Rachel Summers, nya! (tags her grand-daughter)
Namorita Prentiss, her mom Namora and cousin Dorma, nya! (tags her sister)
Marvel Comics’s America Chavez, her Abuela, moms  Amalia & Elena, nya! (tags their mom)
Hawkeye’s wife Laura Barton in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Agent Melinda May’s mom Lian in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Sharon Carter’s aunt Peggy Carter, nya! tags ther husband)
Talia Josephine Wagner a.k.a Nocturne from the alternate Earth 2182. and her mom is that Earth’s Wanda Maximoff a.k.a the Scarlet Witch, nya! (tags his brother)
Li’l Oji-san:
Nocturne’s grandmothers are Raven Darkjolme a.k.a Mystique, Magneto’s wife Marya Maximoff and Nightcrawler’s mom Margoli Szardos, nya! (tags Purrpurrata)
Purrpurrata :
She has the all-star family tree including her aunties such as Margoli’s daughter Amanda Sefton, Zala Dane, Lorna Dane a.k.a Polaris, and Anna Marie a.k.a  Rogue, nya!  (tags Nekolaia)


They are related to Medusa, Crystal and Luna too! Oh don’t forget Magneto’s wife and their daughter Nina, Quicksilver’s mom and sister in in the X-Men: Apocalypse movie, nya! (tags Ciana)
I will nominate the Battleworld’s versions of Rogue and her daughter Sarah Rogers! ! (tags Caribaea)
Sabrina Spellman and her aunts Hilda, Zelda, Vesta and Irma(tags Keiko)
Betty & Polly Cooper’s mom Alice is much more likable in the Archie comics than in the Riverdale TV series but I think that Lili Reinhart, Tiera Skovbye, and Madchen Amick brilliantly purrtray those characters, nya!(tags Yuriko)
I will second that, and add Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy and Robin Givens as her mayor mom Sierra, nya! (tags Alder)
I will third that, and add Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge and Marisol Nichols as her mama Hermione! (tags Kitrina)
You know, in the Archie comics, Veronica has an awesome cousin Marcy; Jughead has a sister Jellybean, their momma’s name is Gladys and her sister is Wilma Wilkin, nya! (tags Katherine)
Hai hai, and there are so many totally awesome daughter, mothers and grandmothers in Elfquest, such as Leetah, her sister ShenShen, daughters Ember and Shuna, nya! (tags Mielikki)
So like, they have such totally long lineages too, such as Savah and her great great great great grand daughter Ahdri, fur shur! (tags Alaua’mina with a brush of the wing)
Rainsong and her daughter Newstar, Moondance and her daughter Freetouch! (brushes Palathyna with her wing)
I will nominate the Wave Dancer elves such as Korafay’s mom Krill and aunty Brill, fur shur! (tags Wyrdina)
Khavi and her daughter Venka, who became the new mom last fall! (tags Floraidh)
The bittersweet tale of Johnny Quest’s mom that was written by William Messner- Loebs, drawn by Wendy Pini and Joe Staton in Comico’s 1986  Johnny Quest comic book issue #2(tags Bonnee)
The Little Mermaid’s Ariel and her daughter Melody; Ariel’s six sisters Aquatica, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella and Alana, and their late mom Queen Athena! (tags Yvonne)
Treasure Planet’s Captain Amelia, her children and niece Aurora, nya! (tags Kara-Meow’l)
Scout masters Jen & Rosie are almost sort of the maternal figures at the camp to April, Jo, Mal, Molly & Ripley in the Lumberjanes comics! (tags Keilani)
I wonder if the Lumberjanes would be friends with Star Struck’s Galactic Girl Guides? Anyway, I will nominate Astrid and her mom in Victoria Jameson’s Roller Girl graphic nove! (tags Shannon)
Kiani and her mom Arya of the Fathom comics! Lizzy’s turn! (tags Elizabeth)
Critter’s Cassia Crawford a.k.a Critter and mom Vanessa a.k.a The Velvet Fox ! (tags her wife)
Tarot, Raven Hex and their mom in the Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose comics (tags Anna)
Rebecca Reed and daughter Emily of Image Comics’ Firebirds! (tags Larry)
Thorn and her grandmother Jeff Smith’s Bone comics! (tags Mary)
Rose’s mom and grandmom in This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki! (tags Harry)
Oreimo’s Kuroneko, her cute widdle sisters and their mom! (tags Norm)
Anko-san & her grandmother Baa-san in the Ichiroh manga! (tags Nyanko)
Buffy & Dawn Summers’s mom Joyce, Winifred Burkle’s mom Trish, Robin Wood’s slayer mom Nikki, Cordelia Chase and Darla of Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series!  (tags Lenward)
Rupert Giles’s great aunts Lavinia & Sophronia Fairweather, Oz’s wife / Keldan’s mom Bayarmaa, and Billy Lane’s Grandmother Sky, of the canonical Buffy the the Vampire Slayer comic books! (tags his daughter)
I will nominate Monster Musume’s Centorea, Miia, Papi, Merou and their respective moms! (tags her mom)
A Centaur’s Life’s Himeno, her niece Shino-chan and their moms! (tags her son)
Athena Haruka and her daughter Clara in the Don’t Meddle With My Daughter manga by Nozomu Tamaki! (tags Tarakeshaari)
I will nominate The Twilight Zone’s grandmother in “Long Distance Call”, the grandmother in “I Sing the Body Electric”, the aunty in “The Bewitchin’ Pool’! (tags Zashaatinder)
Ruth and her daughter Tina in “Little Girl Lost”, Annabelle & daughter Christina in “Living Doll”, Ilse, her parents & god parents in “Mute” Now it is… Jennyjen’s turn! (tags Jeannie)
Angela Cartwright as Penny, Marta Kristen as her sister Judy and June Lockhart as their mom Maureen Robinson in the 1965 TV series Lost in Space. They also had the brief cameo appurrances in the 1998 remake movie, which starred Lacey Chabert as Penny, Heather Graham as Judy and Mimi Rogers as Maureen (tags Ashelynnamaeravilla)
Spock’s mom Amanda, James T. Kirk’s Mom Winona, his late Amerind wife Miramanee, his son David’s mom Dr. Carol Marcus, Kirk & Spock’s Capellan friend Eleen, and the very puregnant Gracie the Humpback Whale! (tags Avery)
In the book Star Trek Log Five by Alan Dean Foster, M’mar was the materr of M’ress her sister M’Nass, their brothers M’sitt and M’rest! (tags her wife)
In the non-canonical but awesome Star Trek: The New Voyages fan film “In Harm’s Way”, Matt Decker (purrtrayed by William Windom) settled down with Veronica (purrtrayed by Barabara Luna), so I wonder if she would be his son Will’s step-mom! (tags Appuracida)
You know, Dr. McCoy’s wife and daughter have been mentioned, but have only appurred in the novels! I will nominate Star Trek – The Next Generation moms Dr. Beverly Crusher, Lwaxana Troi, and Helena Rozhenko, and K’Ehleyr! (tags Jewel)
Doctor Who’s Purrofessor River Song and her mother Amy Pond, Rose Tyler and her mother Jackie, Bill Potts and her mother too!! (tags Gigi)
Tegan Jovanka and her aunt, Sarah Jane Smith and her Aunt Lavinia in K-9 and Company, Jorjie Turner and her mom June in the K-9 series! (tags her mom)
Maria Jackson and her mom Chrissie, Rani Chandra and her mom Gita in The Sarah Jane Adventures! (tags Mertyl)
Sarah, her sister Helen, daughter Kira and guardian Siobhan in Orphan Black (tags Masayo)
Upstairs, Downstairs’s Lady Marjorie Bellamie, her daughter Elizabeth, mother Cathleen, aunt Margaretta and niece Georgina! (tags Rosebud)
Don’t forget Elizabeth’s step mother Virginia and step sister Alice! (tags Li)
Oh gosh there have been so many wonderful characters across the decades of East Enders but my favoritest matriarch was Pauline Fowler, who was portrayed by Wendy Richard! (tags Chiaki)
Downton Abbey’s Countess Cora Crawley, her daughters Mary, Edit & Sybil, mother in law Violet and sister in law Rosamund! (tags Yuuna)
I will nominate the “downstairs families” of the domestic servants in those shows too! (tags Whitney)
Mrs. Gorilla in the Looney Tunes shorts  with Buggs Bunny! (tags Willard)
Sergeant Frog’s Aki, and Armitage: Dual Matrix’s Naomi Naomi! (tags Rio)
Tenchi Muyo’s Mayumi, her step – mother Tennyo, step – grandmother Rea, great- great grandmothers Ayeka and Sasami, Ayeka and Sasami’s great – great- great grandmother Misaki, nya! (tags Binan)
The Jurai family tree has the many branches, including great – great- great grand step – mother Funaho, and great – great- great grandmother – in – laws Airi and Seto! Whew! (tags Binan)
(tags Riana
I will add their friend Mihoshi & sister Mashisu’s mother Mitot; great great aunts Ryoko,  Fuku and their mother Washu! (tags Chee)
Devil Hunter Yohko Mano, her mom Sayoko , grandmothers Madoka and Chiaki, cousin Ayako, and their ancestor Haruka. I would also like to include Yokho’s best friends Chikako, Azusa and Azusa 2 who are like sisters to her! ! (tags Sandy)
Greer Garson as  Mrs. Kay Miniver and Dame May Whitty as Lady Beldon in the 1942 movie Mrs. Miniver, nya!  (tags Ariamilla
Myrna Loy as Milly Stephenson in the 1946 movie The Best Years of Our Lives! (tags Shyunanaaia)
Jane Wyman as Belinda MacDonald in the 1948 movie Johnny Belinda! (tags Monique)
Lily Munster  who was purrtrayed by Yvonne DeCarlo in the original 1960’s  Munsters TV series; Lee Meriwether in the 1980’s Munsters Today series, and Portia de Rossi in the 2012 Mockingbird lane special! (tags Mohini)
All in the family’s Edith Bunker, her daughter Gloria, their cousin Maude, her daughter Carol! (tags Tsukiko)
Good Times’s Florida Evans, her daughter Thelma, their friend Wilona Woods and her adopted daughter Penny! (tags Nairi)
The Jeffersons’s neighbor Helen Willis and daughter Jenny! (tags Ha’irisalavendara’zure)
Laura Petrie and her mother in Law Clara on the Dick Van Dyke Show! (tags Saaveetah)
Mary Richards and her mom Dottie, Georgett Baxter and her daughter Mary Lou, Rhoda Morganstern, her sister Brenda and their mom Ida on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and / or the Rhoda spin-off! (tags Faere)
One Day at a Time’s Anne Romano & daughters Julie & Barbara! (tags Herman)
I will nominate Carol Brady & daughters Marsha, Jan & Cindy of The Brady Bunch! (tags Ralph)
Shirley Jones as The Partridge Family’s Shirley Partridge and her 6 children including Laurie and Tracy, You know, Laurie was portrayed by Susan Dey who I also liked as Grace Van Owen on L.A. Law! (tags Cecil
Happy Days’ Mrs. C, her daughter Joanie, and daughter in law Lori Beth (who married Richie, not Chuck)!(tags Debby)
Soap’s Mary Campbell, her sister Jessica Tate, and Jessica’s daughters Corinne & Eunice! (paws at Igor)
Saturday Night Live’s Conehead mom Prymaat and her daughter Connie! (tags
Oh oh- Saturday Night Live’s nerd mom Mrs. Loopner and her daughter Lisa! (tags Jonni)
What’s Happening’s Mabel Thomas and her daughter Dee! (tags Mulch)
Roseanne Connor & her sister Jackie, their mom Bev and Nana mary, Roseanne’s daughters Becky, Darlene & Son DJ, Darlene’s children Harris & MarkDJ’s daughter Mary, and we hope that Becky will be a new momma too! (tags Larch)
Modern Family’s Alex & Haley Dunphy, their mom Claire, her mom Dede and grandmother Grace; Claire’s stepmom Gloria and aunt Sonia, their cousin Lily, her aunt Pam and grandmom Barb! (tags Audrogney) 
Crowded’s Shea, Stella and their mom Carrie! (tags Fireball)
Fresh of the Boat’s Jessica, her sister Connie, and their mother in law Jenny! (tags Snowball)
I will nominate Black-ish’s Dr. Johnson, her daughters Diane and Zoey, her sister Santamonica, sister in law Rhonda, and their grandmother Ruby ! (tags Fluffy)
Topanga, Amy, and Katey of the Girl Meets World TV series! (tags Aki)
The many senoritas, mamas and abuelas in the anthology TV series Como Dice el Dicho! (tags Heller)
True Blood’s Sookie, her mothe Michelle and her grandmother Adele, Luna and her daughter Emma. (tags Ricardo)
Patty Halliwell and her Charmed daughters Prue, Piper, Phoebe & Paige!! (tags Mischa)
That’s so Raven’s Tanya Baxter and daughter Raven! (tags Feeny)
Wizards of Waverly Place Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) and her mother Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera)! (tags Tamara’ anna)
Lauren & Bo, Bo’s mother Alfie & grandmother Isabeau in the Lost Girl TV series! (tags her wife)
Cassie and her mom Lilith in the Hexed TV series! (tags their daughter)
H2O: Just Add Water’s Emma Gilbert’s mom Theresa, aunt Emma and Grandma; Cleo Sertori’s sister Kim, their mom Bev, and step-mom Samantha, nya! (tags her brother)
Ashley and Hilary Banks’s mom Vivian and her sister Viola in Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, nya! (tags their magickal pet cat Whispurr)
Sally Field as Forrest Gump’s mom, who might have been Jenny’s mother – in – law, nya! (paws at their friend Malivaya)
Josephine Hull as Elwood’s P. Dowd’s sister Veta and Victoria Horne as her daughter Myrtle Mae in the wonderful Harvey movie! (tags magenta)
Allison Janney as Bonnie Plunkett, Anna faris as her daughter Christy, and Sadie Calvano as her daughter Violet in the Mom TV series, nya! (tags Indigo)
Bettie Davis as Apple Annie and Ane margaret as her daughter Louise in the charming movie Pocket Full of Miracles! (tags Bubbles)
Lorraine Gary as Mrs Ellen Brody who is the mother and grandmother in the Jaws series, nya! (tags Olivia)
Melinda Dillon as Jillian and Terri Garr a Veronicain Close Encounters of the Third Kind, nya! (tags Shiba)
Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood in the Indiana Jones series! (tags Raven)
Gertie’s (Drew Barrymore) mom Mary (Dee Wallace) wore the Halloween catgirl costume in E.T. The Extraterrestrial! (tags Tefnutells)
That was the same busy year for ILM, when Carol Anne and her mom were haunted in the 1982 Poltergeist movie, nya! (tags Naomi)
The McFly women of the Back to the Future trilogy, nya! (tags Donna, her Pteranodon friend)
Morgana was an evil woman,  but she and her mom Igrayne were great in Excalibur! (tags Graceyanne)
Shauna MacDonald as Sarah and Molly Kayll as her widdle daughter Jessica in The Descent! (tags Aedrianne)
Emma Cleasby as Katherine Sinclair, Christine Tomlinson as her daughter Eden and Rhona Mitra as grown up Eden in Doomsday! (tags Mariabella)
Barbara Hershey as Carol in The Entity movie! (tags her husband)
Maria Ouspenskata as Maleva in The Wolf Man! (tags their son)
Catherine Hicks as Karen Child’s Play! (tags his sister)
Amy Adams as Louise in Arrival! (tags Jiri)
Oh oh I liked Ayla her adopted mom and sister in The Clan of the Cave Bear! (tags Aurantiaca)
Oh oh, Sheena and her adopted shaman mom in the Sheena movie! (tags Joanna Sonteja, not to be confuzzled with Joanna Dursama)
Joanna Sonteja:
Lisa Pelikan as Sarah Hargrave, and Milla Jovovich as her daughter Lily Hargrave who had the cute widdle daughter in Return to the Blue Lagoon! (tags Myartina)
Milla as Alice and Aryana as her daughter Becky in Resident Evil: Retribution! (tags Wendy)
Molly Ringwald as Miranda Dimitrius and Gena Rowlands as her momma Antonia in the 1982 film Tempest! (tags Angelina)
Die Hard’s Lucy McClane and her mom Holly Gennero! (tags Jaguarina)
Spy Kids’s Carmen and Ingrid, Marissa and Rebecca! (tags Havannah)
Angela Basset as Lornette Mason in the movie Strange Days! (tags Yuki)
Jamie Lee Curtis as Helen, and Eliza Dushku as her daughter Dana in True Lies! (tags Lana)
I will nominate Aliens’s Ellen Ripley and her de facto daughter Newt! (tags Sora)
Avatar’s Navi catgirls Ney’tiri, Sylwanin their mom Mo’at and their planet mom Eywa! (tags Kyung-Mi)
Sean Young as Rachel and Carla Juri as her daughter Stelline in Blade Runner 2049! (tags Nystia)
Mad Max: Fury Road’s Imperator Furiosa and the Vulvalini of Many Mothers; and Five Wives of immortan Joe! (tags her mom)
The tragic Sayo and her daughter Yuki of Lady Snowblood – not to be confuzzeled with our friend Yuki who mentioned True Lies! (tags her mom)
We hope that a happy future awaited Beatrix and her daughter after the events of Kill Bill! (tags Tesstia)
The Maleficent movie version of Maleficent, Aurora and her faerie godmothers Flora, Fauna & Merryweather! (tags Blancotia)
Xanadu’s Kira Terpsichore, her eight sister muses and their goddess mom! (tags Carerratia)
Morticia Addams, her daughter Wednesday, sister Ophelia, and their Grandmamma! (tags Mei)
Granny Daisy Moses, her grand daughter Ellie Mae Clampett and Cousin Pearl of The Beverly Hillbillies! (tags Molly Dolly, not to be confuzzled with Molly Purrton)
Molly Dolly:
It is the shame that Miss Hathaway never managed to hook up with Ellie’s cousin Jethro! Say, what ever became of Jethrine? (tags Maddy)
I am not sure, but I bet that they all would have gotten along well with Grandma Esther Walton and her sister in law Martha! (tags Donna Mouse, not to be confuzzled with Naomi’s friend Donna))
Donna Mouse:
I will nominate Olivia Walton, her daughters Olivia, Mary Ellen, Erin, and daughter in law Janet (John Boy’s wife)! (tags Megumi Munk)
Megumi Munk:
Let us not forget about The Waltons’ cousin Cindy Rose, and their friend Corabeth’s adopted daughter Aimee! (tags Pamelatiora)
Oops…  I was gonna mention the Ingalls Family of the Little House on the Prairie, but they are nonfictional! (tags Cynthiathea)
Thass OK – it was a great show! I will nominate Victory Barkley and her daughter Audra in The Big Valley! (tags Jamie)
Jaime Sommers the Bionic Woman and her mother-in-law Helen Elgin. (tags his cat Rascal)
Rahhrr! (paws at Jamie’s other car Rusty)
Rascal nominates Rapunzel and her daughters in DC Comics’ Fairest; and Rusty nominates Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother.
Nya! (paws at Julia M., not to be confuzzled with the purrior Julia)
Julia M.:
Mrs. Suzy Dias, who is the mom of the 7 kids in Disney’s Stuck in the Middle TV series! (tags her A.I. friend Millie)
Gen’s sister Tomoko, their mom and friend Natsue in Barefoot Gen nya! (tags Marcellinya)
I will “mominate” Emily Blunt who purrtrayed Evelyn Abbot in the recent horror movie A Quiet Place, nya! (tags her sister)
The Aria gondola company’s retired undines Anna and Grandma Akino in the wonderful Aria manga by Kozue Amano,  not to be confuzzeled with the Aria the Scarlet Ammo manga by Chugaku Akamatsu & Kobuichi, nya! (tags her mom)
Lady Christabell, who is the faerie clan matriarch, aunt & guardian of Lady Kildare & her cousin Gwynnionn in the Aria comics that were written by Brian Holguin & published by Image, not to be confuzzeled with the (Belgian) Aria graphic novels by Michel Weyland, nya!
Lady Christabell, who is the faerie clan matriarch, aunt & guardian of Lady Kildare & her cousin Gwynnionn in the Aria comics that were written by Brian Holguin & published by Image, not to be confuzzeled with the (Belgian) Aria graphic novels by Michel Weyland, nya! (tags her husband)
Natsuki and her grandmother Sakae of the Summer Wars manga & anime! (tags his niece Inesha)
Hana and her daughter Yuki of the The Wolf Children manga & anime, nya! (tags her daughter)
Jeannie already mentioned June Lockhart as Mrs. Maureen Robinson in the Lost in Space TV series, but I want to “mominate” her purrtrayal as Timmy’s mom Mrs. Ruth Martin in the Lassie TV series, nya! (tags her wife)
Dr. Ann Possible (who was voiced by Jean SMart) who was the mom of Kim Possible (who was voiced by Christy Carlson Romano), nya! (tags her & Vanita’s adopted daughter)
Elizabeth Taylor as Laura in The Sand Piper! (tags Purrtricia)
Diane Keaton as Nina and Kimberly Williams as her daughter Annie in Father of the Bride! (tags Giaselle)
Anna Strasberg as Nicky’s mom who shares the lovely house with the witch in Winter of the Witch, the 1969 short film adaptation of Wendy & Dean Devlin’s Old Black Witch storybooks! (tags Ulana)
Mrs. Pearl Davidson, Mrs. Barbara Turner, Mrs. Maureen Walker & Mrs. Violet Buckle and the other mothers of the Call the Midwife TV series! Also, although they are not technically moms, I would also like to mention all of the series’s wonderful Sister Nurses who help to bring the babies into the world! (tags her husband)
I’ll second that, and nominate Lorena, Magdalena and Silvia of the Vicinos TV series! (tags Tarkus)
Constance Marie as Carmen and Max’s mom Angie, and Belita Moreno as Grandma Benny of the George sitcom! (tags his wife)
Grandmother Willow  who is voiced by Linda Hunt in Disney’s animated Pocahontas movies! (tags her best friend)
The momma dog nursing her pups in Wes Anderson’s wonderful Isle of Dogs movie! (tags her husband)
MOTHRA! (tags Kousa)
Robin Brule as Roxy’s mother Susan in Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost! (tags Nonnakayla)
Brenda’s mom Mrs Carol Strong & Frank Jr.s mom Mrs. Paula Abangdale of Catch Me if You Can!  (tags Mara-Shi’noh)
Kit-Ra the Ever Purring of the Demi the Demoness comics, nya! (tags her husband)
Hai! One Piece’s Bel-Mere and Dr. Kureha, nya! (tags Jesi)
Hazel’s mom Alana of the Saga comics and Alana, Goldie’s mom Sylvie of the Goldie Vance comics, nya! (tags Kai)
Hero Cats’ Suzy Quest a.k.a Cosmic Girl and her missing astronaut mom who I hope will return safely soon, nya! (tag Kahili)
Frances McDiormand as Mildred Hayes in the movie Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri
Mrs. Peggy Hobbs, her daughters Katie & Janie in Mr. Hobbs Takes Vacation! (tags Xiao Pan)
Xiao Pan:
I will “mominate” Juno (Ellen Page) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) of the Juno movie, nya! (tags Nico)
Mona (Katherine Helmonde) of the Who’s The Boss TV series, nya! (tags her sister)
Mona Kane, Erica Kane, Kendell, Bianca, Reese, and Greenlee, of All My Children, nya! (tags Selene)
Selene Planetia Lane-Cirrus:
Hotel Transylvania’s Mavis; Despicable Me’s Lucy; and Coraline’s Mel, nya! (tags her sister)
Diana Eridani Lane-Cirrus:
Bronagh and Granny in the animated Song of the Sea movie! (tags her mom)
Hecate Karolina Lane-Cirrus:
Disney’s Bambi’s mother, Dumbo’s mother, and Roo’s mother! (tags her husband)
Edward Alandale Lane-Cirrus:
Gumball, Anais and Darwin’s mother Nicole and grandmother Jo in The Amazing World of Gumball! (tags Llimuira) 
Mari’s grandmother, Michiko’s mother and Hiroko’s mother in the Blue Drop anime, nya! (tags Sha’nami)
Kouki’s mother Yukari in the Bunny Drop anime, and Shin’s mom Nobuko of the Parasyte manga & anime! (tags Ceresartami)
Miguel’s mother, Mama Luisa, grandmother Abuelita Elena, great-grandmother Mama Coco, and  great-great-grandmother Mama Imelda! (tags Lourdessaluorno)
Don’t forget their cousin Rosa, great-grandaunts & Tía Rosita & Tía Victoria! (tags her manatee Avana-Ruru)
(holds up a sign indicating Finding Dory’s mom, then tags his waterfowl friend Nikiia with a flippurr)
Nikiia, the Ghost Duck:
quack quack!
Her 12 ducklings:
quack quack!
Mamma Ghost Duck wishes to nominate Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings in Make Way for Ducklings; and I will nominate Jemima Puddle-Duck and her ducklings in The tale of Jemimia Puddle-Duck! (tags Melanakeami)
Nausicaa and Grandmother of Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind! (tags her mom)
Melanakeami’s mom:
Kiki and her mom Kokiri in Kiki’s Delivery Service! (tags her husband)
Melanakeami’s dad:
San and her adoptive wolf mother Moro in Princess Mononoke! (tags his pal known as Chief)
Anna, her foster mom Yoriko and grandmother Marnie in When Marnie Was There!  (tags Amuranala)
Ponyo and her sisters’ mother Gran Mamare, Sosuke’s mother Lisa, and the new mother they meet in the skiff in the Ponyo movie! (tags Eiko with a flit of the wing)
From Up On Poppy Hill’s Umi, her siblings, their mom Ryoko, and grandma Hana! (tags Gina)
The Secret World of Arrietty’s Arrietty and her mom Homily! (tags Sheila May)
Sheila May:
My Neighbor Totoro’s Satsuki, Mei and their mom Yasuko! (tags Dach Savage)
Dach Savage:
Be Forever Yamato’s Sasha and her mom Staasha. You know, Sasha and Mei were both voiced by actress Keiko Han! (tags Sylvia)
Oroku in Pom Poko; Seita’s mom and aunt in Grave of the Fireflies. (tags Tim)
Kagome’s mother in Rumiko Takahashi’s Inu yasha manga & anime! (tags Maud)
Taakenoko’s adoped mother Ounaa in The Take of Princess Kaguya! (tags Nao)
I will nominate Urusei Yatsura’s Lum Invader and her fire fighter aunt! Tia’s turn! (tags Tia)
Hai! Ranma 1/2’s Ranma-chan, her mother Nadoka, Shampoo and her great – grandmother Cologne! (tags Bubbah)
Dragon Ball’s Bulma, daughter Bulla and grandmother Panchy; Android 18 and her daughter Marron(tags his brother)
Dragon Ball’s Chi Chi, her daughter in law Videl, her daughter Pan and grandmother Ox-Queen!! (tags Squiggy)
Nagisa’s mom Sanae in Clannad, and Keima’s mom Mari in The World God Only Knows! (tags Squinmmy)
Sailor Moon’s Usagi, her moms and daughters! (tags Sally)
Hello Kitty’s Kitty White, her sister Mimi, their mom Mary and grandma Margaret! (tags Tahni)
Sakura the kitsune and her children in the Hyper Police manga & anime  (tags Evelyn)
Chizuru the kitsune and her mother Tamamo of the Kanonkon manga & anime! (tags Ruby)
HanaSaku Iroha’s Ohana, her mother Satsuki and grandmother Su! (tags Amethyst)
Fruits Basket’s Tohru and mom Kyoko! (tags Sapphire-sensei, not to be confused with the cat of the same name)
Flying Witch’s Chihiro, sister Akane cousin Chinatsu and her mom, nya! (tags Kianalani)
Mary Smith and her great aunt Charlotte in Mary and the Witch’s Flower! (tags Mae Nam)
Mae Nam:
Your Name’s Mitsuha & Yotsuha’s mother Futaba & grandmother Hitoha! (tags Saeryu)
In This Corner of The World’s Suzu & Sumi’s mom Kiseno, their grandmother Ito, sister-in-law Keiko, Keiko’s daughter Harumi and mother San! (tags Miho)
The sea turtle woman in The Red Turtle; and Ikumi in Napping Princess! (tags Kaori)
Kushina Uzumaki of the Naruto, and Yukiko Kudou of Detective Conan! (tags Juunipurr)
Naoki & Yuki’s mom / Kotoko’s mother in law Noriko of Mischievous Kiss, nya! (tags Tsuruku)
Yu’s mamma Asuna and her mamma Kyoko of the Sword Art Online anime! (tags Jayden)
Momiji & Kaede’s mother and grandmother, and Azusa of the Blue Seed anime, nya! (tags Blayne)
Eren & Mikasa’s mom Carla Yeagar of Attack on Titan! (tags his girlfriend)
Edward & Alphonse Elric’s ‘s mother Trisha, Wendy Rockbell’s grandmother Pinako in FullMetal Alchemist! (tags Anita jo)
Anita Jo:
Sachiko’s grandmother and great-geandmother in the Maria Watches Over Us anime! (tags her husband)
Kanon’s mother Miyako  in the wonderful Uni Monogatarri (Sea Story) anime! (tags their child)
Yasuko Takasu of the Toradora; and Kushina Uzumaki of the Naruto! (tags Cicella)
Sundra, her daughters Sheena and Scarlet, and mother – in- law Marlis in the Nexus comics! (tags Trini-chan)
Luba, her daughters and cousin Ofelia in the Love & Rockets comics (tags her mom)
Lucy, Linus & ReRun’s mama Mrs. Van Pelt in Peanuts! (tags her sister)
Doonesbury’s Joanie her daughter J.J. and grand daughter Alex, Boopsie and her daughter Sam! (tags her husband)
For Better or Worse’ Elly, her daughters April and Elizabeth, daughter in- law Deanna and grand – daughter Meredith and Robin! (tags his brother – in – law)
Bloom County’s Cozy and her daughter Abbey! (tags Le Chat)
Le Chat:
Angelina diGriz of Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat novels (tags Peppur-Minta)
Ruthie, Rosasharn, Ma and Grandma Joad of The Grapes of Wrath (tags Mei-Ling)
Mei Ying:
Adora, her mother Queen Marlena and their ancestor Queen Veena; Teela na the Sorceress and her daughter Teela! (tags her daughter)
Ai Lun:
I will nominate Queen Angella of Bright Moon and her daughter Princess Glimmer from She-Ra Princess of Power! (tags Amadahy)
I will nominate Lion-O & Tygara’s  mother The Queen of Thundera in Thundercats! ! (tags Tara-chan)
The Apple Family tree has the many branches in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, nya! For example there is Apple Jack, her sister Apple Bloom, their momma Pear Butter, obaasan Granny Smith, their cousin Babs Seed , their Aunt Orange and – and the many other Earth Ponies, nya! (tags Giniku)
Twilight Velvet is the momma of Twilight Sparkle who is the sister in law of Princess Cadance, who had the cute widdle alicorn foal Flurry Heart! Kawaii! (tags Capt, Shepurrd)
Capt. Shepurrd:
Pinkie Pie, her sisters Maud, Marble, Limestone, and their mom Cloudty Quartz! (tags Bliss)
Rainbow Dash and her mom Windy Whistles, Fluttershy and her mom Mrs. Shy! (tags Dr. Maladrial)
Dr. Maladrial:
Although Mr & Mrs Cake are the Earth Ponies, their twins Pumpkin Cake is a girl unicorn and Pound Cake is a boy pegasus! Those sure are some potent pony recessive genes! (tags Draceana)
Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, Jane Jetson, and Wait Till Your Father Gets Home’s Irma! (tags Freycinetia)
Marge Simspon! (tags Magnacaladia)
Kala, who is Tarzan’s adoptive gorilla mom in the novels, comics and movies! (tags Purrsis)
The Egyptian goddess such as Isis and her daughters Bastet, Sekhmeet, Tefnut, Hathor and Maat, nya! (tags Redina)
I will nominated the Greek Goddesses such as Gaia, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Nike, Nyx and Metis! (tags Kletus)
I will second those, and add Dione, Harmonia, Hemera, Phoebe, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Thea, Tethys and Semele! (tags Grivina)
Calypso, Pleione, her seven  Pleiades daughters Celaeno, Electra, Maia, Merope, Stereope,Tasygete, Alcyone and her daughter Aethusa! Belvina)
Aura, Asteria, Callirhoe, Clymene, Doris, Eos, Eurybia, Eurynome, Iris and Leto! (tags her friend Calypso, who is named after the Greek nymph)
Hai! I will include the deities such as Aiopis, Antheia, Bia, Circe, Doioka, Mermesa, Nelisa, Perseis, Selene, Styx and Tara! (tags Aurora’a)
I will “mominate” Queen Penelope of Ithaca who was the wife of Odysseus and mother of Telemachus in Homer’s The Odyssey!  (tags her daughter)
In the 1997 TV movie adaptation, she was was purrtrayed by actress Greta Scacchi, who purrtrayed Lady Macbeth in the following year’s Macbeth movie! (tags Trent)
The Cosby Show’s Clair Huxtable, Denise and her daughter Olvia, nya! (tag Pimchan)
Designing Women’s Carlene & Charleen, and Oliva! (tags Kannika)
Toula, her sister Athena, daughter Paris, their mamma Maria, mamma in law Harriet, grandmama Yiayia, aunt Theia and their cousin Nikki of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding series, (tags Holly)
Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, Meryl Streep as her momma Donna of the Mamma Mia movie! (tags Honey)
Laurie Metcalf as Lady Bird’s mom, and Kristen Cloke as Julie’s mom in Lady Bird!  (tags Migull)
Terry Jones as the mother in the Dead Bishop sketch of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and the mother in the Miracle of Life sketch of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life! (tags Sapphire the cat)
Sapphire (not to be confuzzled with Sapphire-sensei):
Nya! (paws at Topaz)
Nya! (paws at Tanzy)
Nya! (paws at Amethyst)
Nya! (paws at Obsidian)
Nya! (paws at Nick)
(Nya! (paws at Emerald)


Nya! (paws at Zuli)
Nya! (paws at Dosa-Neko)
Nya! (paws at Kyralyndalani) 
I will translate on behalf of the nekos, nya! Sapphire nominated The Andy Griffith Show’s Aunt Bee and Helen Taylor; Topaz nominated Unus and Mamma in The Carol Burnett Show; Tanzy picked Married With Children’s Peggy Bendy and daughter Kelly; Amy picked Gilmour Girls’ Lorelai and her daughter Rory…
Sid picked Family’s Kate and her daughter Buddy; Nick picked Judging Amy’s Judge Amy and her mom Maxine; Emmy picked Detective Jane Rizzoli and her mom Angela in Rizzoli & Isles; Zuli picked Golden Girls’ Dorothy and her mom Sophia; and Dosa picked picked Everybody Loves Raymond’s Debra and her mother in law Marie, nya! (tags Nickelle)


Oh not only did I like Patricia Heaton as Debra, but I also like her in The Middle as Frances, and Eden Sher as her daughter Sue! (tags Enzio)
Debbie & Lucy, their mom Martha, Laurie & her mom in The Searchers! (tags his wife)
I will nominate Helen and her momma in the movie Bush Christmas! (tags their son)
Patti & her foster child Julia whose injured  French mini lop bunny is helped by Betsy in The Christmas Bunny! (tags his aunt / Genna’s sister)
Victoria Principal as Maria Elena Bean and Jacquelien Bisset as her daughter Rose in The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean! (tags her husband)
Sondra Locke as Laura Lee & Paula Trueman as her grandmother Sarah in The Outlaw Jose Wales! (tags their friend Maeridyth)
Ann McLerie as Woman and Delle Bolton as Swan In Jeremiah Johnson! (tags her husband)
Barbara Hershey as Hillary, Bette Midler as C.C. and Grace Johnston as Victoria in Beaches! (tags his sister)
Lindsay Hartley as Stella Armstrong in The Wrong Nanny! (tags Maeridyth’s sister)
The lovely ladies Lovell of Apollo 13, including Blanch, her astronaut son Jim Lovell, his wife Marilyn, their daughters Barbara & Susan! (tags her niece)
Kirstie Alley as Mollie Jensen in the Look Who’s Talking movies! (tags Sasa-purrilla)
Friends’s Rachel, her daughter Emma, and mother Sandra, Monica, Monica & Ross’a motherJudy, Chandler’s mother Nora, Emily’s step-mother Andrea, Phoebe, her sister Ursula, their mother Phoebe, adopted mother Lily, sister-in-law Alice and grandmother Frances, nya! (tags Nilla-Creme)
Speaking of Peggy Bundy, I will nominate Katey Sagal as Katheryn Junk and Hailee Steinfeld as her daughter Emily in Pitch Perfect 2, nya! (tags her brother)
The Big Bang Theory’s Bernadette, her daughter Halley, Penny’s mom Susan, Howard’s mom Debbie, Raj & Priya’s mom, Leonard’s mom Beverly, Sheldon & Missy’s mom Mary, nya! (tags Jiyeon)
Fran Fine Sheffield, her daughter Eve, step daughters Maggie & Grace, their grandmother Sylvia and great – grandmother Yeyya in The Nanny TV series! (tags Soo-Min)
Grace was purrtrayed by Madelain Zima who later purrtayed Mia Lewis on Californication, so I will nominate Mia,  Karen and her daughter Rebecca, Felicia and her daughter Chelsea! (tags Sook-Hee)
Jana Kramer as Holly Logan, and Faith Ford as her mom Caroline in Christmas in Mississippi!  (tags Achara)
Sarah, Lucy and her daughter Trinity in the Trailer Park Boys series! (tags Elwood) 
Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy, and with her daughter Lucy Arnaz in Here’s Lucy, nya! (tags his pal George)
Family Ties’s Elyse Keaton, her daughters Mallory and Jennifer! (tags his wife)
Reba McEntire as Reba, her daughters Cheyenne & Kyra,  their step-mom Barbara Jean, and Cheyenne’s daughter Elizabeth! (tags Daniel)
I will nominate Black Sails’s Elaenor Guthrie and her grandmother; and Madi, and her mother The Maroon Queen, nya! (tags his wife)
Seventh Heaven’s Annie Camden, her daughters Mary, Lucy and Ruthie; daughter in laws Sarah and Patty and grand daughter Savannah, nya! (tags Calathea )
The West Wing’s First Lady Dr. Abbey Bartlett, her daughters Zoey, Ellie, Liz and grand daughter Annie! (tags Amai)
Amy Jo Johnson as Andie Bradley and Wendy Malick as her mom Janet in the movie Perfect Body! (tags Hsu)
Aresenal & Zero’s mom Nikki Hopeless – Savage, her mom and mother in law! (tags Lupe)
The Witchblade comics’ Hope Pezzini,, her Sara Pezzini and aunt Julie! (tags Aditya)
The Witchblade anime’s Rihoko, her adopted mom Masane, biological mom Reina, and sister Maria! (tags Soshi) 
Savage Dragon’s Maxine, grandma Mei Lai, Bonnie, her daughter Debbie, Jennifer, Sue and her daughter Angel! (tags Eret)
Zazie Beetz as Vanessa who has the daughter Lottie in the TV series Atlanta! (tags Kim)
Ninja High School’s Asrial, Anna Feeple. Ichi-Kun, Meppy and Kit! (tags Chloe)
Nim’s mom Clymene in the illustrated YA mermaid novel Rescue Sirens: The Search for The Atavist! (tags Erich)
Gianna Dispenza as Stacy and Rachel Hunter as her mom in the music video for the 2003 “Stacy’s Mom” song by Fountains of Wayne! (tags Lydia)
I will nominate Lulubelle III, the pretty Holstein on the album cover of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother record! (tags Leonard)
I have always felt sorry for the mamma in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody song! (tags Lynnara)
Oh gosh, my heart went out to the mother in The Doors’ The End song! (tags Capurrice)
Hai hai, and the purrents in The Beatles’s She’s Leaving Home song, nya! (tags her daughter)
Ringo’s Aunt Jessie in The Beatles’s Magical Mystery Tour movie, nya! (tags Walter)
The phone call skits starring Sue Scott as Duane’s Mom in A Prairie Home Companion, nya! (tags Dianatina)
Stranger Things’s Joyce Byers, Karen Wheeler, her daughters Nancy and Holly; Mrs. Holland and her daughter Barbara; Becky Ives and her sister Terry who we presume is El’s mom! (tags Kylivia)
Tyler Perry’s characters Madea Simmons, her daughter Cora & sister-in-law Vera Brown, daughter-in-law Sasha, and grand daughter-in-law Brianna! (tags Kaayttoria)
Parenthood’s Karen Buckman, daughter Taylor &  niece Julie, sisters in law Helen & Susan! (tags Dianatina)
The Meet the Parents series’ Pam & Debbie Byrnes  their mother Dina & mother-in-law as Roz Focker! (tags Estrella)
Angelica Huston as Etheline, and Gwyneth Paltrow as her daughter Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums! (tags her daughter)
Anjelica Huston as Patricia and Camilla Rutherford as Alice in The Darjeeling Limited! (tags her god mother)
Meryl Streep as Felicity Fox and Juman Malouf as her nephew’s girlfriend Agnes in The Fantastic Mr. Fox!  (tags Syd)
Syd (not to be confuzzled with the cat named Sid):
Frances McDormand as Mrs. Bishop, and Kara Hayward as her daughter Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom! (tags his pal Drake)
Frances McDormand as Elaine Miller and Zooey Deschanel as her daughter Anita in Almost Famous! (tags his wife Lalla)
Diane Lane as Frances who is the “den mother” to just about everyone, and Sandra Oh as her pregant best friend Patti in Under the Tuscan Sun! tags her son)
Diane Lane as Adrienne, and Mae Whitmna as her daughter Amanda in Nights in Rodanthe, which was filmed not very far from here
Raquel Castro as Gertie and Jennifer Lopez as her mom in Jersey Girl which was also a 2004 movie! (tags Phannaery)
Katharine Hepburn as Ethel Thayer and Jane Fonda as her daughter Chelsea, On Golden Pond! (tags Isabella)
Katharine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter! (tags Ishita)
Carmela Corleone, her daughter Connie, 1st daughter in law Apollonoa, 2nd daughter-in law Kay, and grand daughter Mary in the Godfather series! (tags LI Leung-Tzu, not to be confuzzeled with Li the succubus)
Li Leung-Tzu:
Deborah Foreman as Julie, Collen Camp as her mom Sarah, Michelle Meyrink as Suzi and Lee Purcell as her mom Beth in Valley Girl! (tags her daughter)
Lin Leung-Tzu:
Mare Winningham as Wendy Beamish and Joyce Van Patten as her mom in St. Elmo’s Fire! (tags her daughter)
Liu Leung-Tzu:
Annabella Sciorra as Claire Bartel and Madeline Zima as her daughter Emma in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle! (tags Bao Chen)
Bao Chen:
Adrian Balboa and Mary Anne Creed of the Rocky movies! (tags Michigo)
Kathleen “Kitty Kat” Cleary, her daughters Claire & Gloria Cleary, their grandma mary in Wedding Crashers! We should also nominate Jane Seymour as an honorary catgirl for her purrtrayal of “Kitty Kat”! (tags Haunani)
Alexandra, Jane, Sukie and Felicia Alden in The Witches of Eastwick! (tags Iiniku)
Maria, Owens, her daughter Regina, Frances & Bridget, Regina’s daughters Sally & Gillian, Sally’s daughters Antonia & Kylie in the movie Practical Magic! (tags Myrna)
Summer Magic’s Margaret Cary, her daughter Nancy and cousin Julia! (tags Lyssa)
The Parent Trap’s Susan, Sharon and their mom Maggie! (tags Purreti)
Mary Poppins’s Jane Banks and her mom Winifred, and of course we love Mary too! (tags Reema)
Mary MacGhui and her step mom Lori Macgregor in The Three Lives of Thomasina! (tags Neesa)
Jodie Foster as Annabell and Barbara Harris as her mom Ellen in the 1976 Freaky Friday movie; Gabby Hoffman as Annabell and Shelly Long as  Ellen in the 1995 remake; Lindsay Lohan as Annabell and Jamie Lee Curtis in the 2003 version! (tags Tyra)
Oh I wanna nominate Jodie Foster for her mom roles such as Little Man Tate, Sommersby Panic Room, Flight Plan, The Beaver, and Carnage! (tags Li Ming)
Li Ming:
She is sort of an aunty to Dr. Paula Olsen’s’s daughter Ruthie as the titular character Nel, and as author Alexandra Rover has the rather maternal instincts for Nim in Nim’s island! (tags Olga)
Jodie as Rita and Raquel Welch as her mom KC in the women’s roller derby movie Kansas City Bomber! (tags Joanna Dursama, not to be confuzzled with Joanna Sonteja)
I wish we could have seen the bit more of Caroline Floyd, Jessie Bowman and her daughter in law Betty in the movie 2010! (tags Jai Ling)
Jai Lin:
Kim Hunter as Zira in Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Natalie Trundy as Lisa in Battle for the Planet of the Apes! (tags Ai Bing)
Ai Bing:
Keri Russell as Ellie in Dawn of The Planet of the Apes; and Judy Greer as Cornelia in Rise, Dawn and War  in and War for the Planet of the Apes! (tags Hikaru
Jemima & Jeremy’s step mom / Caractacus Potts’ wife Truly Scrumptious in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie! (tags Robin)
Demi Moore as Erin and Rumor Willis as her daughter Angela in the movie Striptease (tags Arexandra)
Laura Timmins and her mom’s cousin Dorcas Lane in the TV series Lark Rise to Candleford! (tags Nelly)
Oh, Kate Winslet as young Rose, Gloria Stuart as older Rose, and Suzy Amis as her grand daughter Lizzy in in Titanic! tags her older sister)
Meet Me in St. Louis’s Anna and her daughters Rose, Agnes, Esther and Tootie! (tags her brother)
I will nominate Little Miss Sunshine’s Sheryl and her daughter Olive! (tags his younger brother)
It’s a Wonderful Life’s Zuzu Baily, her mom Mary, grandmothers Hatch and Bailey! (tags Ydis)
Maria and her mother Anna in Hammer Films’ Dracula Has Risen from the Grave! (tags Collinsiana)
Although the characters they portrayed were evil, I liked actresses Dawn Addams and Ingrid Pitt as Countess Karnstein and her daughter The Vampire Lovers! (tags Ananassae)
There is quite the vampiric family tree in The Vampire Circus, from the gypsy woman, her daughters Helga and Anna, to Anna’s daughter Dora, and Dora’s guardian Gerta… but I was not sure if Serena the circus cat girl was kin to them! (tags Loranessa)
They are very mysterious. I will nominate Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and her daughter Carolyn of Dark Shadows! (tags Formality)
Chris MacNeil and her daughter Regan in The Exorcist! (tail- tags Daytona)
Dawn Wells and Dana Plato on Return to Boggy Creek! (tags Cru-Cru)
Susan and her momma in Miracle on 34th Street! (tags Velma)
The Wild Thornberrys sisters Eliza, Debbie and their mom Marianne! (tags her son)
Oliva Pig, her mom & grandma! (tags Nekonomnomnomikon)
Henrietta Pussycat, her mom, & daughter Katrina, Daniel & Margaret’s Mom Tiger! (tags Cooke)
Peppa Pig’s Peppa, her Mummy, Auntie, Grandma & Cousin Chloe; Rebecca & Roseie Rabbit, their mummy & aunt; Suzy Sheep & her mummy;  Emily Elephant & her mummy; Gabriella Goat & her auntie! (tags Phaelyn)
Peppa Pig’s Wendy Wolf, her mummy & grandma; Molly Mole & her mummy; Delphone Donkey & her mummu; Belinda Bear, Kylie roo & her mummy; Mrs. Dog, Mrs. Pony, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Gireaffe! (tags Hee Young)
Hee Young:
Dr. Zhivago’s Lara Anna, her daughter Tanya and mother Anna. (tags Charmain)
Cosette and her mommy Fantine in Les Miserables! (tags her nephew Venture)
Dorothy Gale and her Aunt Em of The Wizard of Oz! (tags Katsandra)
I do not know if they are mother and daughters, but Carol Brewster purrtrays Alpha the matriach to Suzanne Alexander as Beta, Susan Morrow as Lamda, and the other Cat-Women of the Moon! (tags JaeJae)
Emily and her mom in the tales of Emily Windsnap novels! (tags Rich)
Samantha Taylor, Jade Lee and their moms in the graphic novel Surfside Girls: The Secret of Danger Point! (tags Kyle)
Anne Shirley, her daughters Rilla, Joyce, Diana, Nan, grand daughters, her mom and adopted mom Marilla of the Anne of Green Gables series! (tags Eamane)
Lady Catelyn, her daughters Sansa and Arya of House  in Game of Thrones. (tags her niece)
Lady Olenna, her grand – daughter Margaery, and Margaery’s poor niece Shireen in Game of Thrones. (tags A.J.)
Queen Cersi Lannister and her daughter princess Myrcella in Game of Thrones! (tags Mary Nyan’s mom)
I will nominate Amy, Meg, Jo, Beth and their momma Marmee of Little Women! (tags his wife)
Cait Lynn:
Single mom Kristin and her daughter Emily in the Hallmark movie A Christmas Melody! (tags B.B.’s mom)
LIzzie, Camille, Megan, Sloan, Carla and Pippa in the Hallmark movie Going Home for Christmas (tags George)
Leah and her Aunt Linda in Hallmark’s Christmas Connection movie! (tags Desmond)
Bob Cratchit’s wife and their six children in A Christmas Carol! (tags his wife)
Alfre Woodard as Grace, Wendie Malick as Wendie and Lisa Mende as Doris in the Scrooged movie! (tags Purrisha)
Susan Lucci as Ebbie and Molly Parker as her sister and as her niece Francine in the Ebbie movie version of A Christmas Carol, nya! (tags Mahadevi)
Diana Sowle in 1971 and Helena Bonham Carter in 2005 as Mrs. Bucket in the Willy Wonka movies!  (tags Talifera)
Brigid Brannagh as Ashley and Jess Gabor as her daughter Jocelyn in the suspenseful movie The Twin! (tags Naomee)
Gwyneth Paltrow as younger Wendy, Maggie Smith as older Wendy, Caroline Goodall as Moira, and Amber Scott as Maggie in Hook! (tags her wife)
Abigaile Breslin as Kitt Kittridge and Julia Ormond as her mom Margaret! (tags Bun & Melony’s mom)
Laura Dern as Ellie, Tea Leoni as Amanda,  Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire and Judy Greer as her sister Karen in the Jurassic movies! (tags Bobby)
Barbara Stanwyck as Stella Dallas and Anne Shirley as her daughter Laurel! (tags Eric)
Mara Escalante and Alma Cero in the TV series Maria de Todos Los Angeles! (tags his wife)
Federica and her daughter Bibi of the sitcom La Familia P. Luche, nya! (tags Gerard)
Leslie Bibb as Carley and Jane Lynch as her mother in law Lucy in the movie Taladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby! (tags Pendula)
Margaret Cho as Margaret Kim, Jodi Long as her mom Katherine and Amy Hill as her grandma Yung-Hee in All-American Girl! (tags Rostrataa)
Sam Fox, her daughters Frankie, Max, Duke, and mother Phyllis in the Better Things TV series! (tags Latispatha)
Hailey and her mom Ginny, Claire and her grandmother Maggie in the fun mermaid movie Aquamarine! (tags Martine)
Elizabeth, Julie, Viola and their mom Grace Thatcher, Abigail Stanton, Charlotte Thorton, Molly Sullivan and her daughter Rosaleen and daughter – in – law Clara; Cat Montgomery and her daughter Emily of the Canadian TV series When Calls the Heart! (tags Terry)
Mildred Pierce and her daughters Veda and Kay! Anya’s turn! (tags Anya)
Alice Krige as Mary Brady, Cindy Pickett as Helen Robertson and Madchen Amick as her daughter Tanya in Sleepwalkers! (tags Gil)
Dana Scully, her children Emily and William, her sister Melissa, and their mom Margaret in The X-Files! ! (tags Mitrella)
Mrs. Ellie Anderson, the Utah Senator’s wife & mom of a cute widdle daughter in the movie Advise and Consent! (tags her co-worker Cin-Cin)
Deloris Murdock and her mom Myrtle in The Magician’s Daughter black & white 1938 MGM cinematic short directed by Felix Feist (tags her co-worker Aquila)
Beulah Bondi as Mrs. Lucy Cooper in Leo McCarey’s 1937 film Make Way for Tomorrow! (tags Kristina)
I will nominate Amilie Poulain and her mom Amandin! (tags Carolina)
Polly Bergen as Peggy and Lori Martin as her daughter Nancy in the 1962 version, Jessica Lange as Leigh and Juliette Lewis as her daughter Danielle in the 1991 version of Cape Fear, which is set here in North Carolina! (tags Janyczsazsa)
Sally Field as M’Lynn , Julia Roberts as her daughter Shelby, Dolly Parton as Truvy, Olympia Dukais as Clairee Bibi Besch as her sister in law Belle, Janine Turner as her daughter Nancy in Steel Magnolias! (tags Janete)
I will nominate Sasha Luss as Princess Liho-Minaa, and Pauline Hoarau as her mother Empress Aloi in the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets! (tags Mario)
Vanessa Hudgens as Tin-Tin and Harvey Virdi as her mom Onaha in the 2004 Thunderbirds movie! (tags his wife)
Beverly D’Angelo as Ellen Griswold, Dana Barron as her daughter Audrey, Imogene Coca as Aunt Edna, Miriam Flynn as cousin Catherine and Jane Krakowski her daughter Vicki in National Lampoon’s Vacation! (tags her daughter)
Natalie Portman as Novalee, Ashley Judd as Lexie and Cody Linley as her daughter Brownie in Where the Heart Is! (tags Alastair)
Glenn Close as Sarah Witting, Emily Osment as daughter Cassie and Lexi Randall as step daughter Anna in the Sarah series! (tags his wife)
The Von Trap family and their step mom Maria in The Sound of Music (tags her daughter)
Cher as Rachel, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci as her daughters Charlotte and Kate in Mermaids! (tags her brother)
Cicely Tyson as Rebeeca in Sounder! (tags his wife)
Dorothy McGuire as Katie in Old Yeller! (tags her son)
Pat Crowley as Mary Lee  in The Biscuit Eater! (tags his wife)
Dee Wallace as Donna in Cujo! (tags her daughter)
Sisters Ingrid & Patti, their Cat DC and her kittens in That Darn Cat! (tags her wife)
Denise Crosby as Rachel Goldman-Creed and Blaze Berdahl as her daughter Ellie in Pet Sematary! (tags her daughter)
Shirley MacLaine as Aurora and Debra Winger as her daughter Emma in Terms of Endearment! (tags her sister)
Helen Hunt as Carol in As Good as it Gets! (tags her friend Oberon)
Renee Zellweger as Dorothy and Bonnie Hunt as her sister Laurel in Jerry Maguire! (tags his wife)
Caroline and her daughter Megan in Mr. Mom! (tags their daughter)
Shelly Duvall as Mrs. Torrance in The Shining! (tags her brother)
Faerie Queen Delia of Ralph Bakshi’s animated Wizards movie! (tags his uncle)
Nagisa’s mom Sanae Furukawa in the Clannad anime! (tags his wife)
Leicester’s mother Shelley, Carina’s mother Fiore and Agnes’s mother Mise in the Blessing of the Campanella anime! (tags their daughter)
Pokemon’s Delia Ketchum! You know, our friend Alexcia Reynolds, who was an August 2010 guest of The Mew, wrote a fan fic about Delia and her husband Tony visiting our island! (tags Ilyana)
Madoka and Tatsuya’s mamma Junko in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime! (tags her wife)
Keima and Elsies; momma Mari Katsuragi in The World God Only Knows anime! (tags their daughter)
Miyuki’s mommy Yukari in the Lucky Star anime, nya! (tags her uncle)
Trisha Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist! (tags his wife)
All of the dog, cat and bunny mammas and their children in the wonderful Beasts of Burdon comics by Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin, nya! (tags her brother)
Catseye Comics’s Cheetah, her daughters Catseye and Rose, and grand daughter Aya. Lea NaKirk, her daughter Diana and her grand daughter; and the purregnant mamma tiger from issue #1! (tags his daugher)
Gina Diggers, her were-cheetah sister Brittany, their clone Brianna, their mom Julia, her “adopted” daughter Sheila, Brittany’s daughter Tiffany, Penny and her adopted mom Charlotte, Gennadrid and her mom Madrid of Fred Perry’s Gold Digger comics! (tags her mom)
Dr. Elisa Cruz and her daughter Mina of Ken D. Blackwell’s tales of Pagan the Louisiana Catgirl! (tags Chiemezie)
Saved by the Bell’s Zack’s mom Melanie, her daughter in law Kelly, Lisa’s mom Judy, Jessie’s step-mom Leslie, Screech’s mom Roberta and cousin Kimberly; Becky Belding and her niece Penny! (tags his husband)
Terry Tanaka -Taylor and her Danielle in Steve Alten’s Meg novels! (tags their daughter)
Rachel Hartman’s character Seraphina Dombegh, her half sisters Jeanne and Tessie, their mom Amaline and step-mom Anne-Marie, aunt Eskar and grandmom Eri! (tags her cousin)
The Wynonna Earp series’s Wynonna, her sisters Willa & Waverly, their mother Michelle, Aunt August, Wynonna’s niece Alice Michelle, Waverly’s girl friend Nicole, and Nicole’s ex wife Shae! (tags Eloisa)
Kinsey, Bode & Tyler’s mom Nina Locke of the Locke & Key comics! (tags her daughter)
Anita and her family in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake novels! (tags
Queen Meredith Gentry and her three kids in Laurell’s Merry Gentry novels(tags Kelley)
Mercedes and her family in Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson novels! (tags Marc)
Marc :
Caitlyn’s werewolf mom with her husband who discuss their daughter’s art with the teacher in the Spectrum TV spots! (tags Kirk)
Grandpa wolf’s daughter and her two daughters in the animated +live – action Symbicort TV spot! (tags Lamun)
Molly the inventor and her purrents in the GE TV commercial! (tags Scott)
The mom hugging her widdle daughter who wears the kitten girl headband in last year’s cute Christmas TV spot for the Walgreens stores! (tags Soshanna)
The poor families in the Salvation Army’s animated “The Fight for Good” Holiday TV spots. (tags her daughter)
Marie and her daughter in the Rocket Mortgage TV spot! (tags her dad)
The daughter’s pregnant mom in the ocean and forest in the recent Subaru Outback car commercials! (tags Kavita-chan)
Susan Sarandon as Jackie and Jena Malone as her daughter Anna in Stepmom! (tags her mom)
Princess Sofia, her sister Amber, their mother Queen Miranda, of Disney’s animated series Sofia The First! (tags her husband
Princess sisters Elena & Isabel, their abuela Luisa; Dulce and her three cute widdle kittens and their cousin Luna of Disney’s animated series Elena of Avalor (tags Peakdei)
Leave it to Beaver’s June Cleaver! (tags Phannjynnasokaaia)
Hazel’s Mrs Dorothy Baxter! (tags her sister)
Ozzy & Harriett’s Harriett Nelson  (tags her husband)
Mammy Yokum and Daisy Mae of the Li’l Abner comic strips! Your turn, Anna-chan! (tags his daughter)
I want.. I want  to nominate Mrs. Thelma Keane of the Family Circus comic strips!  Amy-chan’s turn! (tags her twin sister)
And – and  I want to nominate Queen Lillian, her daughter Princess Fiona and the triplet grandchildren of the Shrek series! (tags Purryashpika)
Daria’s Daria, her sister Quinn and their mother Helen, nya! (tags Upurryaksha)
Rosemary Forsyth as Lia Holmes in the 1971 movie City Beneath the Sea, nya! (tags Sonoma)
Elizabeth Montgomery, Jane Seymour, Louise Latham and Derin Altay as sisters Sayward, Genny, Jary and Achsa Luckett in the 1978 TV mini series The Awakening Land! (tags her husband)
Mrs. Alice Mitchell and Mrs. Martha Wilson of the Dennis the Menace comic strips! (tags Joomi)
Wahri & her infant cild Jahpo in the Paper Girls comics! (tags her brother)
Meggan & Captain Britain recently had their first baby, in time for the 30th anniversary of Marvel Comics’s Excalibur! (tags his husband)
Mariko & her daughter in the Monstress comics! (tags his sister in law)
Mrs. Matsu-Yuki in the Tower of the Future manga, nya! (tags her aunty)
The Mass Effect video game’s Liara and her mom Benezia; Morinth and her mom Samara, Lizbeth and her mom Juliana, nya! (tags Chantvatey)


Mass Effect’s Shepard and her mom Hannah! You know, our web master Jamie is the web master for the Fem Shep fan site, nya! (tags his son)
Ayane, Hayate and Kasumi’s mom Ayame in the Dead or Alive video games ! (tags his sister)
Laura AshTear in the Chrono Trigger video game! (tags her mom)
Jade in the Beyond Good & Evil video game!(tags Darareaksmey)
Morrigan, & Yavana mom Flemeth of the the Dragon Age video games! ! (tags her husband)
Mortal Kombat’s Sonya Blade and Queen Sindel! (tags their daughter)
Chloe’s mom Joyce in the Life Is Strange video game! (tags her best friend)
Cooke & Mack’s momma Lirum  and her momma Sarah in Lost Odyssey! (tags her older brother)
Satoru Fujimuna’s mom Sachiko of the Erased manga. Um, not that the manga was erased, that’s just the title of the series! (tags his girlfriend)
I will nominate Apu & Durhga’s mom Sarbajaya in the movie Pather Parchali! (tags Wang Wei)
Wang Wei:
Tsuruko, Sachiko, Yukiko and Taeko of The Makioka Sisters movie! (tags Hua Shi)
Hua Shi:
Lora, her daughter Susie, their friend Annie and her daughter Sarah Jane in the 1959 movie Imitation of Life! (tags Fay Yin)
Fay Yin:
Gidget’s mother Dorothy “Dottie” Lawrence  in the 1961 movie Gidget Goes Hawaiian! (tags Rappy)
Silvia Navarro as Raquel in the Caer en tentacion telenovela! (tags Ji Yun)
Ji Yun:
Katherine Chancellor, Nikki & Casey, Victoria and Abby, Jill & Lauren, Traci, Katie, Delia, Ashley & Chloe of The Young and the Restless! (tags Zachhni)
Stephanie Forrester, her daughters Felicia and Kristen; their sisters in Law Caroline and Karen; Karen’s wife Danielle and daughter Caroline; Beth Logan, her daughters Donna. Katie and Brooke; and grand daughter Bridget of The Bold and the Beautiful! (tags Gitanjali)
Rosalee Quaid, Elk Woman and Living Woman in the Western movie Hostiles! (tags Tasanyaeaa)
Jean-Claude Forest’s comic book character Barbarella, nya! (tags their daughter)
Barbarella was a mom, nya?
Hai, not in the movie, but in the comics’ Moon Child tale, nya!
I must read that, nya! We hope to learn more about Flora Weatherly & her sister Numba mom in the AkiDIDMorning art & tales by AkiOrinoco, nya! (tags her older sister)
Jeannie Nelson, her son’s aunt, and their mother  (all three ladies purrtrayed by Barbara Eden) in I Dream of Jeannie, nya! (tags Kamchaka)
Kitty Foreman (purrtrayed by Debra Jo Rupp) and Midge Pinciotti (purrtrayed by Tanya Roberts) in That ’70’s Show, nya! (tags Amaranth)
Malcome’s mom Mrs. Lynn Sear (Toni Colette) in The Sixth Sense movie! (tags her husband)
Mamma penguins Norma Jean and Gloria in Happy Feet, nya! (tags their daughter)
Duchess in The Aristocats, and Lady in Lady and the Tramp, nya! (tags her girl friend)
Moana’s mother Sina and grandmother Tala! nya! (tags her mom)
Riley Anderson’s mom in Inside/Out, Merida and her mom Queen Elinor in Brave, Arlo’s mom in The Good Dinosaur, nya! (tags her husband)
Nani is Lilo’s older sister but she is also her legal guardian in the Lilo & Stitch movies & TV series, nya! (tags Hyacinth)
Andy’s mom & Bonny’s mom in the Toy Story series; Atta and her mother in A Bug’s Life’s  Your turn, Suki! (points to Akatsuki)
Tiani’s mom Eudora in The Princess and the Frog, Judy’s mom Mrs. Hopps in Zootopia, and Helen in The Incredibles, nya! (tags Kaitori)
Sarabi, Sarafina and Nala of The Lion King movies; Lucille in Meet the Robinsons, and Milo’s mom in Mars needs Moms, nya! (tags her husband)
Mrs. Lovey Howell (Natalie Schafer) of Gilligans’s Island, whose son Thurston Howell IV appurred in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island TV movie, nya! (tags Polinanthaea
Speaking o’ the islands, I wiill “mominate” Elena’s (Beth Rogan) aunt Lady Mary Fairchild (Joan Greenwood) in 1961 movie version of The Mysterious Island! (tags her daughter)
Sean’s mum Elizabeth Anderson in the 2008 movie Journey to the center of the Earth and in the 2012 sequel movie Journey 2: The Mysterious island! (tags her daughter)
Helena Becket (Nanette Newman) the rescued shipwreck survivor in the fun 1969 movie Captain Nemo and the Underwater City! (tags Douglas)
Liliian Kindred, her nieces Sarah Jane, Adie, Laurel, Bess, Elsie, Ruth and Grace of Seven Wild Sisters by Charles De Lint and Charles Vess! (tags Dennis)
I will “mominate” Mrs. Starr, Elaeny and Nai of our friend Kat Kitty’s delightful Star Nixieflies tales, (tags Purroxima)
We hope to learn more about Ravenwing & her sister Ghost Wing’s mom in the Wandering Ones comics by Clint Hollingsworth who was the October 2009 guest of The Mew, nya! (tags her twin brother)
Harriet and her mom in the Hamster Princess series by Ursula Vernon, who was the guest of our May 2009 Mew! We have some of Kel and Ursula’s lovely original art in our mewseum, nya! (paws at Trini-chan’s pony Jimbo)
Whinny! (nuzzles Tara-chan’s pony Wildstar Blaze)
Wildstar Blaze
Whinny! (nuzzles Jed’s magickal horse Seldan)
Fortunately I speak equine, so I will translate the ponies! Jimbo nominated Queen Zoe of Nicole Givens Kurtz’s Minister Knight novels;  and Wildstar Blaze nominated cute widdle Rebecca and her mom of Kel McDonald’s Sorcery 101 web comics!
I myself will nominate the moms and daughters of Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless comics, and Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess comics, (nuzzles Jed) So howboutchoo, Purrsharona? (tags her magickal horse)
Michi Tiger and Tash Maw of the Cybernetic Showdown tales by Alexcia Reynolds, who was our guest of the August 2010 Mew! (nuzzles Jed)
Luna, Linda and Blue Cloud of the serialized prose tale of “Okami no Hime” by Sharon Willaims, who was the November 2014 guest of The Mew! Well, what about you, old timer? (pats his magickal horse)
Billie, Hazelynn, Keisha, Erin, Maybelle, Luzanne, their moms and grandma Hattie in Legacy of the Gods by Sharon Williams! Back to Mike!
Oh, I gotta nominate Chelsea, Cynthia, their childrens’ aunt Corrine, their mom Diane, grandma Ruth, and the cats’ goddess mom of Jamie’s web comics Clan of the Cats and Sebo!
Thank you very much!
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I have the craving in my tummy, nya!
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Nina (lamia) is Lina’s sister & lifeguard with an NC OBX Kingsnake tail
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Wulfgar (human) is Le Chat’s friend, a  carpenter and former smuggler
Ne’ellakaliomi (mermaid) is a Sommeleir with a Coral Beauty fishy tail
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Bullpup (anthropurrmotphic red brendel bulldog) is Kitt Inn’s top chef
Mary Nyan (catgirl) is a hula instructor, cosplayer and seamstress
Meryl Murrey (catgirl) is the island’s police chief who loves motorcycles
Ernie (catboy) is Meryl’s father, a retired anthropology professor
Jess (catgirl) is Meryl’s mother, a retired detective of Scotland Yard
Marsha (mermaid) is an aquaballet choreographer with a Betta fish tail
Calomhe (catgirl) (purrnounced “Keeva”) is a swim team captain
Nyadia (catgirl) is Nyoka & Nyanko’s mother, a shape-shifting catgirl
Johnathan (merman) is Nyadia’s husband, Nyoka & Nyanko’s father 
Melony (bunny girl) is a baker, a mother, and Bun’s oldest  sister
Bunina-chan (bunny girl) is Melony’s youngest daughter
B.B. (catgirl) is the top Purrk Ranger, a triathlete & orienteering coach
Daisy (bunny girl) is Bunina-chan’s older sister and Violet’s twin sister
Violet (bunny girl) is Bunina-chan’s older sister & Daisy’s twin sister
Tharesha (mermaid) is the shark – tailed county school supurrintendant
Angusta (wolf girl) is a clerk, herb and tea expurrt at the magick shop
Akhila (wolf girl) is Angusta’s retired mom who likes games & puzzles
Sparkles (elf) is a golfer who plays violin in a chamber mewsic quartet
Sparkles’s Dad (elf) plays the cello in that chamber mewsic quartet
Sparkles’s Mom (elf) plays the viola in that chamber mewsic quartet
Aksha (lemur purrson) is an astronomer, fashion model and soccer fan
Ayesha (lemur purrson) is a party planner, candle & lantern artisan
Ishara (sea monkey girl) is an award – winning underwater welder
Vidya (sea monkey girl) is an expurrt underwater ROV / drone pilot
Aki (catgirl) is a revered retired purristess who still helps at the shrine
Alanasera(catgirl) is Aki’s grand daughter, a miko and fortune – teller
Leilani (catgirl) is Alanasera’s sister who makes nifty papurr wands
Malina (catgirl) is a purristess, the twin sisters’ mom & Aki’s daughter
Papasan (catboy) is an arborist, the twins’ dad & Malina’s huband
Li’l Oji-san (catboy) is Papasan’s brother & business purrtner
Purrpurrata (catgirl) is Nekolaia’s sister & mainland ferry dock manager 
Nekolaia (catgirl) is Purrpurrata’s sister & island ferry dock manager
Ciana (mermaid) is a concierge at the visitors center with Red Drum tail
Caribaea (catgirl) is Hannah’s friend who works at a balloon / gift shop
Yuriko (catgirl) is a librarian at the Catgirl Island Public Library
Keiko (catgirl) is another librarian Catgirl Island Public Library
Dr. Alder Linde (elf) is a history purrofessor at the Catgirl Island School
Kitrina (catgirl) is director of the Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center
Katherine (catgirl) is manager of Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center 
Mielikki (faerie) is a golf purro, foxfire juggler & ampurrtheatre manager
Alaua’mina (faerie) is the ampurrtheatre’s artistic director
Palathyna (faerie) is a purrformer in the repurrtory company
Wyrdina (faerie) is the ampurrtheatre’s technical director
Floraidh (faerie) is fitness model, trainer, mom, and theatre patron
Bonnee (faerie) is Floraidh’s niece & repurrtory company member
Yvonne (catgirl) is a drummer, fishing boat captain & Tara-chan’s sister
Kara-Meow’l (catgirl) is a champion surfer and Peppurr-Minta’s aunt
Keilani (catgirl) is the Resturan Maidtr’d at The Kitt Inn
Shannon (human) is The Kitt Inn’s senior shipping clerk
Elizabeth (catgirl) is Becca’s wife, spa co-owner & Purrkour club captain
Becca (nekomimi gynoid) is Elizabeth’s wife, spa co-owner and a golfer
Lady Anna (human) is a sorceress, Mertyl’s cousin & Jonni’s bio mom
Larry (lizard purrson) is a gaming commissioner, and Jonni’s bio dad
Mary (lizard purrson) is Larry’s ex-wife, bed & breakfast mansion owner
Harry (lizard purrson) is Mary’s brother who owns a bookstore
Norm (dwarf) is a frequent customer at Harry’s book store
Nyanko (catgirl) is Nyoka’s twin sister, a martial art sensei / dojo owner
Lenward (Banker Pony centaur) is Helen’s husband &  Ellie’s dad
Elaenor or Ellie for short (Banker Pony centaur) is the island’s fire chief
Helen (Banker Pony centaur is Lenward’s wife and Ellie’s mom
Andrew (centaur) is Helen’s husband, Ellie’s dad, a retired fire – fighter 
Tarakeshaari (mermaid) is mayor of the merfolk town near Catgirl Island 
Zashaatinder (mermaid) is the merfolk town’s  police chief,
Jeannie (catgirl) is model, yogini, archer, roboticist, & bellydance sensei 
Ashelynnamaeravilla (faerie) is the head groundskeepurr of The Kitt Inn
Avery (purragrin harpy girl) runs Von Steffen Augers Municipal Airfield
Bryce (purragrin harpy girl) is Avery’s wife, the chief aircraft technician
Appuracida (catgirl) is the purrincipal of the Catgirl Island School
Jewel Fireshower (faerie) is the Catgirl Island School’s vice purrincipal
Gigi (catgirl) is a genie who looks 20 yrs old but is over 1,000 yrs old
Edelynne (catgirl) is Gigi’s mom, who looks 40 but is over 3,000 yrs old
Mertyl (mermaid) is a sea witch, Anna’s cousin, Masayo & Syntia’s BFF
Masayo (vampire) is an idol star known as Bikini SKout Purple
Rosebud (bunny girl) is Jonni’s 1/2 sister, manager of the Bikini SKouts
Li (succubus) is an idol star known as Bikini SKout Blue
Chiaki (fox girl) is a kunoichi and idol star known as Bikini SKout Blue
Yuuna’amii (elf) is a supurr maid and idol known as Bikini SKout Green
Whitney (androgynous Bard Owl purrson) is a clerk at the Magic Shop
Willard (Kingfisher harpy boy) is Whitney’s BFF, a phone technician
Rio (catgirl) is the Brown –  haired champion C.A.T.N.I.P Poker playe
Binan (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player with long Green hair
Riana (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player, Binan’s Auburn – haired twin
Chee (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player with short Blonde hair 
Sandy (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.i.P. poker player with short purrt Pink hair
AriaMilla Mycellia Armillaria (mushroom girl) works at the recycle center
Shyunanaaia (sika deer girl) is avery athletic fish & game warden
Monique DevilsFood (vampire) is the purropurrietress of a bakery
Mohini (angel girl) is an aerial photographer & surf purrtrol member
Tsukiko (vampire girl) is one of the island’s police officers
Nairi (succubus) is a reserve police officer & a magick shop employee
Ha’irisalavendara’zure (catgirl) is a Nekomancer / Sorceress
Saaveetah (appurrition) is the night manager at Monique’s bakery
Faere (catgirl) (purrnounced FAI-rah) is a purramedic with water powers
Herman (faerie) is a masseur, model & Bikini SKouts’ instrument tech
Ralph (faerie) is a deputy sheriff, Herman’s pal & Cecil’s brother
Cecil (faerie)  is a deputy sheriff, Herman’s pal & Ralph’s brother
Debby (anthropurrmorphic Doberman) is a K9 officer
Igor (human) is a butler at The Kitt Inn and Larch’s best friend
Jonni (human) is Nystia’s idol star husband & Rosebud’s half brother
Jenny (elf) is an acrobatic, agile, graceful head bartender at The Kitt Inn
Mulch (dryad) is the grounds warden at The Kitt Inn, and Larch’s wife
Larch (human) is Mulch’s husband & The Kitt Inn’s beekeepurr
Audrogoney is Mulch’s pet mewtant carnivorous monster plant
Fireball is Syntia’s magickal pet red phoenix
Snowball is Nystia’s magickal pet white Ibis
Fluffy is Nystia’s magickal pet alligator 
Ki is Li’s magickal pet yellow ball python
Heller (catboy) is Dean of Mew Hanover College’s Vehicle Tech School
Ricardo (catboy) is Dean of MH College’s Criminal Justice school
Mischa (catgirl) is Dean of MH College’s Emergency Services school
Feeny (1/2 demon) is a purrocurement manager
Tamara’anna (elf) is a vocal mewsic teacher at the Catgirl island School
Karakiki (elf) is Tamara’anna’s wife, an obstetrician at MHC Hospital
Amyaria (half elf / were cat girl) is Tamara’anna & Karakiki’s daughter
Carlylisle (half elf / were cat boy) is Tamara’anna & Karakiki’s son
Whispurr (magickal elf cat) is their cat, who is fond of Red Snappurr
Malivalaya (elf) is the Dean of MHC’s Animal Care school
Magenta (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player with long Magenta hair
Indigo (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player with short Blue hair
Bubbles (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player with Brown hair
Olivia (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player w. braided Green pony tail
Shiba (angel girl) is an IT expurrt and  island’s gaming club purresident
Raven (Shoshone Nimerigar elf girl) is a tattoo & piercings artist
Tefnutella Sekhsyna (catgirl) is an Egyptian glyph & mural artist
Naomi (catgirl) is a fishing guide and aerial courier
Donna (Pteranodon) is Naomi’s flying purrtner friend
Gracyanne (kirin girl) is a gymnast & astrophysicist
Aedrianne (kirin girl) is Gracyanne best friend, a gymnast & architect
Mariabella (alpaca girl) makes lovely leather sandals & other goods
Miguel (alpaca boy) is Mariana ‘s husband, a math teacher at CIS
Manuel (alpaca boy) is Mariana & Miguel’s son, a high school student
Melita-chan (alpaca girl) is Mariana & Miguel’s young daughter
Jeri (human) is Sumi’s spouse; who enjoys spurrlunking
Aurantiaca (dragon girl) is a county road maintenance engineer
Phannaery (mermaid) is a ceramics artist, shell collector & belly dancer
Isabella (mermaid) is a librarian at the county’s oceanic branch 
Ishita (mermaid) is a bioluminescent fireworks designer & technician
Li Leung-Tzu (sea dragon girl) is Mew Hanover College’s Chancellor
Lin Leung-Tzu (sea dragon girl) is her daughter, a purrogrammer
Liu Leung-Tzu (sea dragon boy) is Lin’s husband, an electronics tech
Bao Chen (foo dog) is Liu Tzu’s best friend, who is very fond of trout
Michigo (mermaid) is a manganese nodule purrospector & purrrl diver
Haunani (mermaid) is spear fisher & cook, who specializes in Lion Fish
Iiniku (mermaid) is Haunani’s purrtner at a swim up/ carry out food truck
Myrna (fox girl) is a body builder & billfishing charter boat captain 
Lyssa (fox girl) is Myrna’s younger sister & their boat’s 1st mate
Purreti (catgirl) is a Jammer on the island’s roller derby team
Reema (deer girl) is a Pivot on the island’s roller derby team
Neesa (peccary girl) is a Blocker on the roller derby team & SUP surfer
Tyra (sheep girl) is a Blocker on the roller derby team & mountain biker
Li Ming (bunny girl) is a Blocker on the roller derby team & purrasailer
Olga (Black Angus cow girl) is the roller derby team’s coach & farmer
Joanna Sonteja (wolf girl) is a mewsician, dancer, actress & purrsenter
Myartina (catgirl) is an opurra sopurrano, recording artist & voice coach
Wendy (holstein cow girl) is an appurrentice gardner at The Kitt Inn
Angelina (water nymph) is an arts purrofessor & water polo coach
Jaguarina (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player with long Black hair
Havannah (catgirl) is a C.A.T.N.I.P. Poker player with dark Blue hair
Yuki (elf) is a food cart vender who sells yummy ice cream crepes
Lana (insect girl) is an assistant groundskeepurr at The Kitt Inn
Sora (gynoid) is a masseusse who shares a cottage with Lana 
Kyung-Mi (peahen harpy girl) is a fashion model & actress
Nystia (vampire faerie) is an alchemist, Jonni’s wife & Bikini Skout Red
Syntia Solanaceae (faerie) is Nystia’s grandmother and Sumi’s mom
Sumi (faerie) is Nystia’s mom, Syntia’s & idol star a.k.a. Orange Slice
Tesstia (faerie) is a Faerie High Council Purresident & a nekomancer
Blancotia (faerie) is a Faerie High Council Vice Purresident
Carerratia (faerie) is a Faerie High Council Secretary & avid cosplayer
Mei (elf / goblin / catgirl mix) is an otaku girl & Bikini SKout’s art director
Molly Dolly (sentient doll) not to be confuzzled with Molly Purrton
Maddy (catgirl) is an ailuranthrope who can turn into an Asiatic Lion
Donna Mouse (mouse girl) a body builder / fitness trainer at Nyanko’s gym
Megumi Munk (chipmunk girl) is another trainer and Donna’s best friend
Pamelatiora (faerie) is service manager at her family golf cart business
Cynthiathea (faerie) is Pamelatiora’s sister & golf cart rental manager
Jamie (human) is the creator of the Clan of the Cats & our web master
Rascal (Gray Tabby cat) who likes to sit in boxes and on the scanner
Rusty (Reddish Brown Calico Cat) who purrtrols the neighborhood
Julia M. (alien human) is an enginer & purrofessor with psionic powers
Millie (A.I.) is Julia’s cute widdle neko droid
Marcelliniya (catgirl) is a Formula One race car driver
Luiziniya (catgirl) is Marcellinya’s sister, a Catholic nun
Paolaniya (catgirl) is Marcellinya & Luizinya’s mom, who is a great baker
Furancis (catboy) is Paolaniya’s husband, Marcellinya & Luizinya’s dad
Inesha (kitty taur) is Furancis’s niece, a mommy and a grandmommy
Vanyita (nekomimi yosei) Is the adopted daughter of Inesha & Harrison
Nyarea (nekomimi ningyo) is Vanyita’s wife, one of Vivianya’s two moms
Vivianya (nekomimi ningyosei) is Vivianya & Nyarea’s adopted daughter
Purrticia (kitty taur) is Marcelliniya’s cousin and race car pit crew chief
Giaselle (giraffe purrson) sculpted the statues at the island’s town hall
Ulana (lamia) is Lina & Nina’s mom, a flutist & snake dance instructor
Lars (lamia) is Ulana’s husband, Lina & Nina’s dad who enjoys tennis
Tarkus (Addax deer guy) bakes yummy Buckeyes & other confections
Noel (Addax deer girl) is Tarkus’s wife, whose doctorate is in genetics
Ciani (Lorikeet harpy girl) co-directs the county’s Diwali festivities
Keir (Lorikeet harpy guy) is Ciani’s husband and event co-director
Kousa (Flowering Dogwood dryad) runs the water purrification center
Nonnakayla (Monk Seal girl) is known for her great luaus and parties
Mara-Shi’noh (catgirl) is a dance teacher and Peppurr-Minta’s mom
Chippurr (catboy) is Mara-Shi’noh’s husband & Peppurr-Minta’s dad
Jesi (catgirl) is director of the Visitors Center & member of the Kite Club
Kai (catgirl) is a Visitors Center senior concierge & Kite Club purresident 
Kahili (slime girl) is the director of the island’s food bank
Pierce (merman) is the vice purrincipal of the Mew Hanover Mer School
Xiao Pan (mermaid) is the purrincipal of the Mew Hanover Mer School
Rika (catgirl) is a farmer, critter rescuer & farmers market co-supurrvisor
Nico (catgirl) is Rika’s sister, a farmer, rescuer & market co-supurrvisor
Llimuira Floxsongs (elf) is a visiting purrincess who likes pool & darts
Selene Planetia Lane-Cirrus (unicorn girl) is a visiting druid scholar
Diana Eridani Lane-Cirrus (unicorn girl) is Selene’s older sister
Hecate Karolina Lane-Cirrus (unicorn girl) is Selene & Diana’s mom
Edward Alandale Lane-Cirrus (unicorn guy) is Hecate’s husband
Sha’nami (catgirl) is supurrvisor of the hot spurrings / onsen at  Kitt Inn
Ceresatami (mermaid) is the MerMaidtr’d of Sheila May’s restaurant
Lourdessaluorno (mermaid) or just Dessy for short, is a PurraMerMedic
Avana-Ruru (manatee) is Dessy’s rescue purrtner who loves cabbages
Nikiia, a.k.a. Mamma Ghost Duck is a ghost duck with 12 ducklings
Nyssy (mermaid) is a Saucier at Sheila May’s
Melanakeami (mermaid) is a pilot who owns an aerial tour business
Melanakeami’s mom (mermaid) co-owns the undersea Dive In Theatre
Melanakeami’s dad (merman) co-owns the undersea Dive In Theatre
Chief (merman) helps with Melanakeami’s fellet of lighter-than-aircraft
Amuranala (faerie) is a shaman and veterinarian in residence
Eiko (fae) is a Visitors Center concierge with Hummingbird Moth wings
Gina (fae) is a Visitors Center concierge with Impurrial Moth wings
Sheila May (mermaid) is the titlular owner of the seafood restaurant 
Dach Savage (anthropurrmorphic dachshund) is a purrivate detective
Sylvia (Slime Girl) is a Biotech purrofessor at Mew Hanover College
Tim (Birch Tree Dryad) is an HVAC purrofessor at Mew Hanover College
Maud (beaver girl) is a construction trades purrofessor at MH College
Nao (faerie) is a Visitors Center concierge with Oak Besma Moth wings
Tia (faerie) is a Visitors Center concierge with Luna Moth wings
Bubbah (anthrop. orangutan) is Nyanko & Nyanko’s adopted dad
Oji-san (anthrop. orangutan) is Bubbah’s brother, a purrospector
Squiggy (anthrop. cephalopod) is a masseur at Lizzy & Becca’s spa
Squimmy (anthrop, cephalopod)is a masseuse at Lizzy & Becca’s spa
Sally (frog girl) is an outfitter & owner of the island’s scuba / dive shop
Tahni (fox girl) is Trini-chan’s frisky cousin who likes to travel & party
Evelyn (human) is the star of Rebecca Brogden’s tale “The Fairy King”
Ruby (faerie) is the chief mechanicat the family’s golf cart business
Amethyst (faerie) is the office manager of the family’s golf cart business
Sapphire-sensei (faerie) is a ballet instructor at the CIPAC
Kianalani (mermaid) is an Ikebane artist, and cafe owner
Mae Nam (nekomimi ningyo) is a catgirl mermaid with a Purrple tail
Saeryu (dragon girl) is a single mom who manages a day care center
Miho (catgirl) is a reporter with short Black hair & Brown skin
Kaori (catgirl) is a reporter with long Brown hair & Tan skin
Juunipurr (catgirl) is a computer purrogrammer & IT expurrt
Tsuruku (mermaid) is manager of Sheila May’s restaurant
Jayden (gator purrson) is a bath & pool designer / builder
Blayne (gator boy) is Jayden’s brother & business purrtner
Shelby (gator girl) is Blaine’s girlfriend, a purranormal romance author
Anita Jo (croc girl) is Spanish teacher at the Catgirl island School
Samphy (croc boy) is Anita Jo’s husband, a home economics teacher
Reasmey-chan (croc purrson) is Samphy & Anita Jo’s young child
Cicelia (mermaid) is an actress / model / purrsenter with a Molly tail
Trini-chan (fox girl) is Tara-chan’s BFF & Jeannie’s dance class assistant
Kumi (fox girl) is Trini-chan’s mom co-owns a big clothing boutique
Junko (fox girl) is Kumi’s sister co-owns the boutique
Akira (fox guy) is Kumi’s husband owns a jewelry / lapidary shop
Shusei (fox guy) Junko’s husband is an optician
Le Chat (catgirl) is a reformed thief / smuggler who is nyow a chauffeur
Peppurr-Minta (catgirl) is Kara-Meow’l’s niece & Catgirl Island’s mayor
Mei Ying (red panda girl) is Ai Lun’s mother who enjoys tennis & golf
Ai Lun (red panda girl) is Mei Ling’s daughter, a dancer and student
Amadahy (wolf girl) is a sushi chef at Kitt Inn and a food bank volunteer
Tara-chan (catgirl) is Yvonne’s sister who loves animals & photography
Giniku (foxgirl) is an the class purresident at the Catgirl Island School
Alana Shepurrd (catgirl) is an astronaut who enjoys golf & volleyball
Bliss (catgirl) is beach volleyball athlete with the mischievous humor
Dr. Grace Maladrial (sylph) is a veterinarian, originally from Hawaii
Draceana (dryad girl) is Mulch’s younger sister, a county landscapurr
Freycinetia (slime girl) is a supurrb plumber & mentor to appurrentices
Magnacaladia (angel girl) is an electrician & solar panel engineer
Purrsis (catgirl) is a warrior purriestess at the Island’s Temple of Bastet
Redina (vampire) is the star of Rebecca Brogden’s “The Magical Vampire”
Kletus (spirit) is her widdle winged “omni”, a spiritual advisor & familiar
Grivina (werewolf) is Red’s friend, owner of Wolf’s Paw Lodge & Spa
Belvina (werewolf) is a warrior of Grivina’s clan and an ally of Red
Calypso (mewtant) is a marine biologist named after the Greek nymph
Aurora’a (Sea Spurrite) is a diver, surfer, photographer, Brooke’s mom
Brooke (Nixie) is Aurora’a adopted daughter, a student & lifeguard
Trent (Truffle Boy) is the Catgirl Island School’s orchestral teacher
Pimchan (Bonobo Girl) is Dean of MHC’s accounting / business school 
Kannika (crow harpy giirl) is Dean of MHC’s CAD / CAM school
Holly (Palm Tree dryad) is Dean of MHC’s Botany school
Honey (bee girl) is Dean of MHC’s health care & medical arts school
Migull (gull harpy boy) is Dean of MHC’s insurance & real estate school
Sapphire (kuroneko) is The Kitt Inn’s mascot, who had a litter of six
Topaz (kuroneko) is Sapphire’s mom, known as “The Empurress Mum”
Tanzantie (kuroneko) one of Sapphire’s kittens adopted by Nyoka
Amethyst (kuroneko) one of Sapphire’s kittens adopted by Nyoka
Obsidian (kuroneko) one of Sapphire’s kittensadopted by Becca & Lizzy
Onyx (kuroneko) one of Sapphire’s kittens, adopted Becca & Lizzy
Emerald (kuroneko) one of Sapphire’s kittens adopted by Vonny & Tara
Lapis (kuroneko) one of Sapphire’s kittens, adopted by Vonny & Tara
Dosa-neko (kuroneko) the sire of those 6 kittens, who resides at Kitt Inn
Kyralyndalani (catgirl) or Kyra for short, is Kitt Inn’s Head Purrlor Maid
Nickelle (gynoid) is a postal clerks who enjoys various card games
Enzio (kitty taur) is another postal clerk; Furancis’s brother
Genna (kitty taur) is Enzio’s wife, a child care worker who enjoys yoga 
Harrison (kitty taur) is Enzio & Genna’s son & Inesha’s husband
Minna (kitty taur) is Genna’s sister, a nanny who enjoys video games
Ben (sphinx) is Minna’s husband, gym teacher and a purrivate pilot
Maeridyth (sphinx) medical arts center director, Min & Ben’s daughter
Peter (sphinx) is Maeridyth’s husband who enjoys video games
Vaerity (sphinx) is Peter’s sister who enjoys role-playing games
Ma’asha (kitty taur) is Maeridyth’s sister, a hiking / camping outfitter
Yaanyaeciaa (sphinx) is one of Maeridyth & Peter’s two daughters
nyaeciaa (catgirl) Peppurr-Minta’s mom, a women’s softball coach
Nilla-Creme (catgirl) Peppurr-Minta’s daughter, who wants to study law
Almond-Whip (catboy) is Peppurr-Minta’s son, a swim team captain
Jiyeon (octopus girl) is a Mer School student & swim team member
Soo-Min (squid girl) is a Mer School student & swim team member
Sook-Hee (squid girl) is Soo-Min’s mom, who binge watches TV shows 
Achara (cuddlefish girl) is a Mer School student & swim team member
Elwood (catboy) is Peppurr-Minta’s dad, a local sports announcer
George (catboy) is Elizabeth’s dad, a cricket coach
Victoria (catgirl) is Elizabeth’s mom, a Yarn Ball Lacrosse coach
Daniel (catboy) is Yvonne & Tara-chan’s dad who likes to fish & cook 
Leah (catgirl) is Yvonne & Tara-chan’s mom who likes to fish & dance
Calathea (squirrel girl) is a Purrk Ranger & C.I.A.O. club coach 
Amai-chan (salamander girl) is a member of the C.I.A.O. orienteering club
Hsu-chan (hellbender girl) is a member of the C.I.A.O. orienteering club
Lupe-chan (mudpuppy girl) is a member of the C.I.A.O. orienteering club
Aditya-chan (caecilian purrson) is a member of the C.I.A.O. club
Sash-chani (newt purrson) is a member of the C.I.A.O. club
Chloe-chan (frog girl) is a member of the C.I.A.O. club
Eret (sea turtle purrson) is a notary & marine vehicle title clerk
Kim (sea turtle purrson) is a diver and marine electronics expurrt
Erich (sea turtle boy) is a boat sales purrson who likes spy novels
Lydia (sea turtlegirl) is a boat sales office manager who likes mysteries
Leonard (pig boy) is a marine engine technician & comics collector
Lynnara (pig girl) is a boat body & paint customizer & toy collector
Capurrice (catgirl) is Christinya’s mom, a purrofessional pole dancer
Christinya (catgirl) is Capurrice’s daughter, a radio D.J. & podcaster
Walter (flying foxbat boy) is a radio opurrator / broadcasting engineer 
Dianatina (Shoshone Nimerigar elf) is one of the Compass Maids
Kylivia (Maori Pakepakeha faerie) is one of the Compass Maids
Mitsukeikyo (Neko Mata spirit) is one of the Compass Maids
Kayttoria (Celtic Aos Si faerie) is one of the Compass Maids
Estrella (human) is an MD, triathlete, Syd’s wife & Amber’s mom
Amber (human) is Estrella & Syd’s daughter, a college student
Jane (human) is Amber’s godmother, a psychic purrapsychologist
Syd (human) is an actor, Estrella’s husband & Amber’s dad
Drake (human) is a flight instructor Lalla’s husband & father of 2 kids
Lalla (human) is a retired MI6 agent, Drake’s wife& mother of 2 kids
Roger (human) Drake & Lalla’s son, a law student and free climber
Britney (human) Drake & Lalla’s daughter, a CPA and cross-fit athlete
Joanna Dursama (human) is an MD, ultra marathoner & Venture’s wife
Jai Lin (spider girl) is a cyber security analyst who likes to play RPGs
Ai Bing (spider girl) is Jai Lin’s BFF, a financial advisor and avid gamer
Hikaru (antelope purrson) is a physical therapist and field hockey fan
Robin (gazzelle purrson) is an R.N., a purrade and matsuri planner
Arexandra (tripedal alien girl) is a botanist, artist, and Nelly’s fiance
Nelly (human) is Joanna & Venture’s college student athlete daughter 
Kelly (human) is her older sister, a restaurant / casino manager
Mycroft (human) is their younger brother in the naval academy 
Dave (human) is their youngest brother in medical school
Ydis (deer girl) is a Norwegian Purrk ranger in residence at MHC
Collinsiana (faun girl) is the manager of the Uppurr Deck bar & grill
Ananassae (faun girl) is the owner of the island’s bait & tackle shop
Loranessa (human / dryad / tabaki mix) is a druidess & fiber artist
Formaiity (orca girl) is a world traveller, originally from Canada
Daytona (mermaid) is the surf purrtol leader / trainer
Cru-Cru (mermaid) is a courier with a Blue catfish tail and fan
Velma (Blue dragon) is a middle-aged dragon at about 1200 years old
Squirt (Blue dragon) is one of Velma’s 12 offspring, adopted by Nystia
Nekonomnomnomikon, or Neko for short, is a sentient magick book
Cooke (Green dragon) is a young of 175 years, a coin & gem collector
Phaelyn (raccoon girl) is the director of the island’s recycling center
Hee Young (catgirl) a jazz and modern dance instructor at the CIPAC
Charmaign (human) is Venture’s aunt, a free diver & antique collector
Venture  (human) is Joanna’s husband who owns a restaurant / casino
Katsandra (catgirl) a belly dancer who co-owns a yoga studio with Jen
Jaejae (catgirl) one of Nyanko’s friends from high school class of 2002
Rich (catboy) a marine, Nyanko’s former boyfriend but still good friends
Kyle (elf) is another of their friends from school, an English purrofessor
Eamane (catgirl) likes coffee, anime, games, dancing, hiking & fishing
Hannah (catgirl) is Eamane’s athletic, artistic niece; enjoys track & field
A.J. (catboy) is Eamane’s surfer dude boyfriend
Roger (catboy) is Mary Nyan’s dad, a tailor & heavy metal head banger
Cait Lynn (catgirl) is Mary Nyan’s mom, a hula instructor & headbanger
Cici (catgirl) is B.B.’s mom, a retired USAF purra-rescue officer
George (catboy) is B.B.’s dad, a coast guard commander, retired
Desmond (catboy) Jeannie’s dad, an actor, dancer & fitness model
Lois (catgirl) is Jeannie’s mom, an electrical & mechanical engineer
Purrisha (bengal catgirl) is an illustrator and henna artist 
Mahadevi (Pona-Turi sea faerie) is an undersea cinematographer
Talifera (sugar glider girl) is a Purrk Ranger and a doll collector 
Naomee (mermaid) is Reika’s wife & underwater branch librarian
Reika (mermaid) is Naomee’s wife & director of a marine life sanctuary
Millicent (bunny girl) is Bun & Melony’s mom, co-owner of an art store
Bobby (bunny guy) is Bun & Melony’s’s dad, co-owner of an art store
Eric (catboy) is Petra’s dad, mewsic shop co-owner & celesta mewsican
Torii (catgirl) is Eric’s wife, mewsic shop co-owner & sitar mewsician
Gerard (hippo boy) is a student & cheer / dance squad member at CIS
Pendula (selkie) is a drummer & a deck hand on Vonny’s fishing yacht 
Rostrataa (selkie) makes models & sells the jellyfish bell bikini tops
Latspatha (selkie) is an accountant & Rostrataa’s business purrtner
Martine (selkie) is a math teacher at the Catgirl island School
Terry (androgynous Terrapin purrson) is Dean of MHC’s Design School
Anya (species) is Dean of Mew Hanover College’s Language School
Gillian (Peacock Harpy girl) is a cosmetology purrofessor at MHC
Mitrella (Rumdul flower dryad) owns the island’s garden store
Cin-Cin (Cinnamon tree dryad) works at the island’s garden store
Aquila (Chankreussna tree dryad) works at the garden store 
Kristina (coyote girl) is an EEN&T doctor and a taiko drummer
Carolina (catgirl) is a cardio pulminary doctor and a taiko drummer
Janyczsazsa Konvyntvynter (succubus) is a nurse and a cosplayer
Janete (jaguar girl) is a mom, fashion designer and doll collector
Mario (catboy) is an orthopedic doctor, Tatiana’s husband & rugby fan
Tatiana (catgirl is Mario’s wife, a gastro-intestinal doctor & soccer fan
Daniela (catgirl) is Mario & Daniel’s daughter, a nurse & basketball fan
Alastair (unicorn boy) is a nurse and a member of the Robotics Club
Lauzeral unicorn girl) is Alastair’s wife, a stock broker and football fan
Talisa (unicorn girl) Alastair & Lauzeral‘s daughter, a tax clerk & tennis fan
Lawrance (centaur) Talisa’s brother, a credit union manager & golf fan
Haeyleigh (centaur) is Lawrance’s wife, a teller who collects pottery
William (centaur) is Lawrance & Haeleigh’s son, an insurance agent 
Amika (satyr girl) William’s wife, an employment recruiter & NASCAR fan
Dina (satyr girl) Amika & William’s daughter, an adoption agency director
Airysa (satyr girl) Dina’s wife, a social services counselor & jai-alai fan
Lakshmi (harpy girl) their adopted daughter a childcare center worker
Lorettah (harpy girl) their adopted daughter, a hair & make-up stylist
Oberon (bear boy) is Adrastea’s husband, a funeral home director
Adrastea (bear girl) is Oberon’s wife, a district court judge & hockey fan
Amalthea (bear girl) is Oberon & Adrastea’s daughter, a mortician
Enceladus (bear boy) s Oberon & Adrastea’s son, a lawyer 
Iapetus (bear boy) is Oberon’s brother, furniture store owner 
Titania (bear girl) is Iapetus’s wife, a florist and capoeira student
Galatea (bear girl) is Iapetus & Galatea’s daughter, a farrier / groomer
Phoebe (faun girl) is a witch, Scuppurrnong farmer & roller derby fan
Pheona (faun girl ) is a Phoebe’s wife, a witch, farmer & Yarnball fan
Apurritiif (cat girl) is their adopted daughter, a cheer/dance squad captain
Purrkins (faun boy) is Pheona’s brother, an island real estate agent
Roberta (faun girl ) is his wife, a Scottish highland dance teacher
Waldo (catboy) is Purrkins’s adopted brother, Ilyana’s oceanographer dad
Ilyana (catgirl) is an underwater archaeology & nautical history sensei
Lyndee (catgirl) is Ilyana’s mom, a marine biology purrofessor
Chiemezie (merman) co-owns a beautiful undersea bed & breakfast
Ikechukwu (merman) Chiemezie’s husband, bed & breakfast co-owner
Aahlaadita-chan (mermaid) is their daughter who wants to be an artist
Jan (merfolk) is her cousin, the grotto suites manager at The Kitt
Eloisa (manatee girl) is a game shop owner and mom
Alma-chan (manatee girl) is Eloisa’s daughter, a kelp farmer
Nicole (pilot whale girl) is a clerk of court & marine sanctuary volunteer
Kelley (sea otter purrson) a county magistrate who is fond of oysters
Marc (moray boy) a county hydrologist who is fond of crab meat
Kirk (coral snake boy) a master pipe fitter who is fond of lobsters
Lamun (octopus girl) the county repurrsentative who is fond of scallops
Scott (squid boy) the deputy mayor who is fond of purrawns & crayfish
Soshanna (sea lion girl) an art / antiques dealer who is fond of shrimp
Gildanna-chan (sea lion girl Soshanna’s daughter who is fond of clams
Stan (sea lion boy) is Soshanna’s husband who is fond of conch
Kavita-chan (jellyfishgirl) is a Gildanna-chan’s BFF, a defense lawyer
Shilpa (jellyfishgirl) is Kavita-chan’s mom and a District Attorney
Vijay (jellyfish boy) is Shilpa’s husband, a hotel management sensei
Pheakde (satyr boy) is a purroduct marketing manager
Phanndraaleia (faerie) is a very popular baked yams food cart vender 
Phannjynnasokaaia (faerie) is Phanndraileia’s sister, a mewspapurr editor
Phaernaandio (faerie) is her brother in law, a purrint shop owner
Annallioppe (faerie) is Phanndraaleia’s & Phaernaandio’s daughter 
Amyrellyana (faerie) is Annallioppe’s twin sister, a graphic artist
Purryashpika (neko yousei) is the mewspapurr circulation manager
Upurryaksha (neko yousei) a meteorologist whose favorite fish is croaker
Sonoma (Chinchilla girl) is a software engineering manager
Moraco (Chinchilla boy) Sonoma’s husband, a supply chain manager
Joomi (dhole dog girl) is a party boat captain / co-owner
Kosa (dhole dog boy) is Joomi’s brother, boat co-owner / steward
Nisay (dhole dog boy) is Kosa’s husband, boat co-owner / boatswain
Mirja (cat girl) is Joomi’s wife, the boat’s co-owner and chef
Purreeta (catgirl) owns an award – winning curry food truck
Chanvatey (Saola boy) is a mystery novelist & English teacher
Kravann (Saola boy) is Chanvatey’s son, a jazz trumpeter
Kajal (Saola girl) is Kravann’s sister, an animation teacher
Channary (Saola girl) is Chanvatey’s wife, Bollywood dancer
Darareaksmey (koupurrey girl) is a science teacher at CIS
Raksmei (koupurrey boy) is Darareaksmey’s husband
Kanleakhana (koupurrey girl) is Raksmei & Dara’s daughter
Nishida (tanuki girl) is Kanleakhana’s best friend, an aspiring artist
Mamoru (tanuki boy) is Nishida’s older brother, a boat rental manager
Ran ((tanuki girl) is his girlfriend, a waitress & punk rock vocalist
Wang Wei (badger boy) is a waiter & punk rock drummer
Hua Shi (badger purrson) is a stone mason & punk rock bassist
Fay Yin (badger girl) is a stone mason & punk rock guitarist
Rappy (giant marine iguana) purrvides amphibious rides and tours
Ji Yun (muntjac deer girl) is Na Ling’s sister, also a bartender at CIPAC
Zachhni (Patupaiarehe) is a magician / comedienne & Gitanjali’s sister
Gitanjali (Patupaiarehe) is a dentist, Zachhni’s sister, Tasaanyaeaa’s wife
Tasaannyaeaa (sphinx) is a nurse, Gitanjali’s wife, Yasnyaeciaa’s sister
Malayalam(Patu-sphinx) is Tasaanyaeaa & Gitanjali’s youngest daughter
Saengdao (Patu – sphinx) is their eldest daughter, an aspiring farmer
Kamchaka (box turtle purrson) sells local scallops, oysters & mussels
Amaranth (sylph) is an umpire in the island’s rec league
Bernard (catboy) is the Catgirl Island School’s nutritionist
Bianca (cait sylph) is Amaranth & Bernard’s daughter, a mewsic DJ
Rakhameella (cait sylph) is Bianca’s girl friend, the cafeteria manager
Cerise (sylph) is Rakhameella mom, a goat dairy farmer
Raymond catboy) Cerise’s husband, a goat dairy farmer
Hyacinth (sylph) is another neighbor, who makes floral leis & corsages
Akatsuki (an appurrition) is a home & garden decorator,
Kaitori (catgirl) is Raymond’s sister, an orthopedist & glamour model
Bradley (catboy) is Kaitori’s husband, who builds models & purrops
Polinanthaea (Gwragedd Annwn) is a grandmother here on holiday
Yolannafaera (Gwragedd Annwn) is Polinanthaea’s daughter
Lyrarraedina (Gwragedd Annwn) is Yoannafaera’s daughter
Douglas (griffin) is a retired tower technician, who plays pool & snooker
Dennis (Encantado) is a dolphin shape shifter and fitness model
Purroxima (nekomimiyosei) is a member of the repurrtory company
Purroteus (nekomimiyosei) is her twin brother who craves cobia & tuna
Jimbo (pony) is Trini-chan’s Banker Pony stabled at Rika & Nico’s farm
Wildstar Blaze (pony) is Tara-chan’s Banker Pony at Rica & Nico’s farm
Linina (catgirl) is Elizbeth’s AD&D RPG character, a 40th level paladin
Purrshharona (Paladin’s Mount) is Linina’s magickal heavy warhorse
Jed (human) is a paladin and a temple landscape architect
Seldan (Paladin’s Mount) is Jed’s magickal heavy warhorse
* and nyow the final bit of credits, nya!
Catgirl Island and The Mew were created by Mike, whilst certain characters who were created by other friends purrticipate here with their kind purrmissions, nya. For example, Jimbo appurrs courtesy of Pacozord; Rascal and Rusty appurr courtesy of our web master Jamie Robertson; Keilani was created by Hezachan; Rika, Nico, Rappy and Bubbah were created by Marc Burgess; Nemui was co-created by ML Martin and Mike; Nyanko and Rich were co-created by JL Hobbins and Mike, nya! Furthermore–
A.J., Alder, Amadahay, Amethyst, Amuranala, Angelina, Appuracida, AriaMilla, Ashelynnamaeravilla, Belvina, BiancaBonnee, Calathea, Calomhe, Caribaea, Cecil, Cicelia, Cynthiathea, Eamane, Daisy , Faera, Floraidh, Giniku, , Grivina, Grace, Hannah, Ha’irisa, Herman, Jenny, Jewel, Joanna Sonteja, Kletus, Loranessa, Lorellai, Merilynne, , Millicent, Mohini, Myartina, Nairi, Naomi, Nystia, Pamela, Phanndraaleia, Phannjynnasokaaia, Rakhameella, Ralph, Redina, Ruby, Saeryu, Sapphire, SeleneShiba, Shyunanaaia , Tamara’anna, Tefnutella, Tsukiko, Violet, Wendy and Ydis were created by Rebecca Brogden, nya! Baibai, nya!

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