JuLY 2018 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The July 2018 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
in this edition of The Mew:
what we’ve been up to since the purrior Mew
The Lightning Round topic:
Years ending in an 8, part 6: our favorite fun stuff of 1948
convention reports:

Heroes Convention 36
G.I. Joe Convention 25

movie mewsings:

Ocean’s 8
Incredibles 2
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
The Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight shines upon 
Jenny, Blake, Alex, Morgana, Tammi and an honorary catgirl
collectibles & toy talk:
Star Wars:Solo Enfys Nest action figure & Swoop Bike
Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Ahsoka Tano doll & Tooka Cat
comic book reviews:
My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries #1 & 2
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess Year 2 #8

The Hunters of Salamanstra #9 & 10
Ant-Man and The Wasp #1 & 2
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 12 #1
manga mewsings
Today’s Cerberus vol. 9
Flying Witch vol. 6
Mushroom Girls in Love
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art
“Do You Mind?” by Rebecca Brogden

“Dryad” by Rebcca Brogden
“Nymph” by Rebecca Brogden
“Just Passing By” by Rebecca Brogden
“Gentle Mermaid” by Rebecca Brogden
“Mermaid Moon” by Rebecca Brogden
“Angry Beavers X Beetlejuice” fan art by by Misty Hopkins
“Tamamo-no-Mae” fan art by Misty Hopkins
“Athena Glory” fan art by Misty Hopkins
“Alicia Florence” plushy doll by Misty Hopkins
“Maddy’s Purretty Dress” by Mike
“Sylvar the Jedi Catgirl” fan art by Mike
“Juhani the Jedi Catgirl” fan art by Mike
(wearing the Carolina Panthers shirt, Khaki cargo shorts Nike trainers and Catgirl Island baseball cap): Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews and discussions of fun stuff! Today’s Mew comes from lovely Fayume Park on the southern cape Catgirl Island, where it’s 84 degrees under the Blue skies and puffy White Cumulo-Neko clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
Mary Nyan:
(the catgirl in the Jaguar purrint purretzel – cutout maillot) Konitiwa!
(the catgirl in the Snow Leopurrd micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo) Nihao.
(the kitsune girl in the Margay purrint trikini with the Tube Rose lei) Aloha!
(the catgirl in the Bengal Tiger purrint boy shorts & athletic bra) Howdy!
(Nyanko’s twin sister in the Lioness purrint suspender maillot) Howdy!
(the catgirl in the Ocelot purrint ring-closure bikini) Hi Hi, nya!
(the bunny girl in the Cheetah purrint side-tie bikini) Guten Tag!
(the nekomimi gynoid in the Puma purrint crisscross halter neck bikini) Aloha!
(Becca’s catgirl wife in the Iberian Lynx purrint triangle top bikini) Hola!
(the catgirl in the Fishing Cat  purrint bandeau-top bikini) Namaste, nya!
(Yvonne’s younger sister in the Iriomote purrint tankini) Namaste, nya!
So, what have y’all been up to since we last convened?
Mary Nyan:
Oh gosh, I have been the extra busy  of late, between teaching the summer semesters of hula dance, sewing the costumes, and attending the conventions! We will tender our con reports later in the show! 
As mewsual, my routine is compurrised of the mornings at the yoga studio, the afternoons at the kyudo range, the alternating nights at the robotics club & teaching the belly dance classes, plus the occasional swim wear modeling. 
I have been assisting Jen at the dance class and troupe, paddle surfing with Kara-Meow’l & Peppurr-Minta, surf board shaping, caring for the ponies & working at the stables with Tara-chan!

Aside from caring for Emmy, Zuli, Jimbo, Wild Star Blaze and – and TsuriNekoMimi, I have been volunteering at the food bank, snapping more nature photos, and – and I hope to snap the photos of Myayr’s latest beautiful cosplays too, nya!
(note: Emmy & Zuli are Yvonne & Tara-chan’s pet cats; Jimbo & Wild Star Blaze are Tara-chan & Trini-chan’s banker ponies, and the S.S. TsuriNekoMimi is the 1985 Hatteras 60 Convertible motor yacht used by Tvonne for her fishing charters.)


My charters have reeled in the bumpurr crop of the groupurrs, snappurrs, bluefish & croakers; and my drumming circle has purrformed at the dances & matsuris, including the summer solstice event at Nyo-sensei’s magick shop, nya!
Hai hai they were the supurrb part of the mewsical purrogramming! The solstice celebration was the big hit with the entertainment, the seminars, the sales, and the delicious, nutritious cuisine! 
It was the impurressive event! I have been attending the local sporting events & festivals when I am not busy at my gym & dojo where my students are training for their next tournyamant! Speaking of the sport, let us congratulate Bun & Petra on theor latest beach volleyball victory!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Arigato gosaimeows, nya! We are so very blessed by the great compurrtition, the officials, the event staff, and the fans, nya! We will be cheering at Nya-sensei’s tournyament, Jen-sensei’s kyudo match, Becca’s next golf stroke play, and at Lizzy’s purrkour meet, nya!
We are also grateful for the artists, staff and patrons who grace our Mewseum of Art, where we are curating the summertime body art exhibition! Other than that… just more of the baking and the gardening! How is Becca & Lizzy’s garden growing?
It has been blossoming quite nicely and we were just recently purruning some of the buds! We certainly do appurreciate y’all supporting the golf and the purrkour, of which we have been volunteering with the youth rec league!
Hai hai, and sincewe hired more masseuses to pampurr the customers at our spa, we have more time for the gardens, the sports, our late night hot salsa dance, and our movie marathons! Howboutchoo, Mike?
Oh, the usual art, writing, reading, gaming…  going to the con and shows… and, ah, glad to be spending time with my family and friends! Ah well, we have a lot on our plate, so have at–
The Lightning Round topic:
of years ending in an 8, part 6: our favorite fun stuff of 1948!
This year we’re looking back at our favorite things of prior years ending in an 8, so this month’s lightning round topic pertains to our favorite stuff of 1948! Ah, Jeannie’s gonna start, so, are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
The first flights of the beautiful, historic mecha such as the Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star, Cessna 170, Vickers Viscount, and Saab 29. (tags Trini-chan with a brush of the tail)
My favorite novel of 1948 was definitely Robert Heinlein’s Space Cadet! (tail-tags Petra to go next)
My favorite painting of 1948 was Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World, nya! (ttags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
It was the good year for the mewsic by Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Dinah Shore, Mahalia Jackson, and The Andrews Sisters! Nyow it is… Nya-sensei’s turn! (tags Nyanko)
Hai! I will nominate the great movies such as Red River, Fort Apache, Key Largo, and Rope! (tags Becca)
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Bicycle Thieves, and Easter Parade! (tags her wife)
The Superman serial and The Three Stooges shorts! (tags Tara-chan)
I want… I want to nominate the Disney animated shorts starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and – and Goofy, nya! Onee-chan’s turn, nya! (tags her older sister)
Hai! I will nominate the animated shorts starring Buggs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and Popeye, nya! Nyow it is… Bunnibun’s turn, nya! ( tags Bun)
1948 was the interesting year for Batman and Robin with the debuts of The Riddler, The Mad Hatter, and Vicki Vale! (tags Nyoka)
Walt Kelly’s Pogo premiered, and the Shmoo was introduced in Al Capp’s Li’l Abner! Back to Mike!
Oh, I gotta with Charles M. Schulz’s Li’l Folks comic strips that ran from 22 June, 1947 to 22 January,1950! Well that was another expedient little Lightning Round! Ah, let’s go ahead and jump into our 
batch of convention reports, starting with 
Myayr’s report on Heroes Convention 36!
Mary Nyan:
Hai! The Heroes Convention http://www.heroesonline.com/heroescon is North Carolina’s biggest convention! Since 1982 it has been directed by Shelton Drum, who owns the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find comics shop in Charlotte! The convention occurred on June 15-17th at the Charlotte Convention Center, with few nighttime activities at the Westin hotel across the street!
With the emphasis upon those who create comics, it is a great family – friendly tradition with hundreds of guests, artists, publishers, exhibitors  and thousands of fans, with the entertaining and informative purresentations, panels, workshops and contests. Some of the main events are the art auctions, costume contest, Drink & Draw, Quick Draw contests and the Inkwell Awards. 
We caravanned to the mainland meet up with friends of the Carolina Comic Book Club, which is almost as old as Heroes Con! They included OB1 and Pacozord were guests of the October 2007 Mew, and Chef Ron was a guest of the January 2009 Mew. It is not just the extremely festive time with lots of glorious books, toys, art and food, but it’s also a very sentimental expedition. 
Our road trip began on the Thursday morning with the traditional breakfast at IHOP, and early that afternoon we arrived at the convention center to unload the vehicles and set up the OB1 & Pacozord’s booth. This year there were over 260 guests (artists, authors, editors, publishers), over 300 folks in the artists alley, over 200 exhibitors, and over 60 activities at the con!
Most of the action was in the downstairs Halls A, B & C, with Hall C mostly compurrised of  the costume stage, groups such as the Carolina Garrison of the 501st Legion, The Klingon Assault Group, The Carolina Ghostbusters, North Carolina Renaissance Festival; some vintage arcade video games, and the fan – built replicas of the droids and the vehicles!
Lots of folks gathered at the ground floor lobby near the ticket booths and the Starbucks; whilst the discussion panels, purresentations, workshops & certain contests occurred in the 11 meeting rooms near the food court on the 2nd floor. After we finished setting up the booth full of comics & toys, we had the delicious suppurr at a nearby wings place and then it was time for the catnap!
After Friday’s breakfast we returned to the con which opened to the public from 11 am to 7 pm. Among the many friends were other past guests of The Mew, such as artist / cosplayer Misty Hopkins, costumer & ghost hunter Cheralyn Lambeth, cosplayer / model Allegra, The KAG’s Capt. Keela sutai-Septaric, journalist & editor Eric Nolen-Weathington,  journalist & artist Jim Amash!
The many artists & venders sold original art, sketch commissions, purrints, posters, comics, books, games, action figures, statues, plushies, shirts, jewelry, costumes, masks, purrops, decals, memorabilia,  DVDs, supplies and treats! Misty was purrticularly thrilled to meet artist / author Adam Warren, for whom she made cute plushy dolls of his characters Empowered & Ninjette! Kawaii!
We the pizza for lunch at the nearby Fuel restaurant, and asian cuisine for suppurr at Kevin’s Iron Grill restaurant! The con resumed on Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm, with the many more purresentations & activities. We had breakfast at Panera, lunch at Einstein’s, suppurr at Amélie’s French Bakery & Café, and Saturday night’s mane event was the art auction from 8 pm – midnight.
The Complete Calvin & Hobbs boxed set with the signed doodle by Bill Watterson sold for $11,000! Misty & Mike hung out with Adam Warren while he sketched her art commission in the bar at the Hilton across the street! There was plenty of late night carousing in the Westin & Hilton bars! Sunday we checked out of the hotels and ate breakfast at the Hilton before the con resumed at 11 am.
Misty & Mike entered the Quick Draw contest again at which Mike won the 2nd place purrize!  I am not sure how many people were in attendance, but the quantity seemed about the same as last year’s appurroximately 50,000 attendees. That included the hundreds of cosplayers who repurresented the characters from the comics, novels, anime, games, wrestling, movies & TV shows!
The con concluded on Sunday at 6 pm, as guests & exhibitors began to pack up until 8 pm. We had suppurr at another IHOP to deliciously bookend the con road trip! We wish to thank the many con, event, hotel & restaurant workers, police, guests, artists, exhibitors & our fellow fans who helped to make the Heroes  Con such the wonderfully fun time! Nyow here is Trini-chan to tell us about  the
G.I. Joe Convention 25!
Hai! Less than the week later some of us caravanned to the 25th annual G.I. Joe Convention http://www.gijoecon.com in Chattanooga, Tennessee! Unlike the Heroes Convention which has always been in Charlotte, the G.I. Joe Convention is in the different cities from year to year. This year it was rather bittersweet, because it was not just the con’s 25th anniversary, but its final year.
In concert with the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club and directed by Brian Savage of Fun Publications, which has also produced Bot Con the official Transformers Convention, the unique aspect of the G.I. Joe Convention a.k.a. JoeCon compared to other such fan- run Cons is that Hasbro has officially sponsored it, but nyow Hasbro decided to instead focus on their own new HASCON event. 
It was the long road trip, which included themeal at the famous Beacon restaurant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. From there the journey took us through the Smoky Mountains, and we arrived at the Marriott hotel beside the convention center on the afternoon of Wednesday June 20th, where pre-con activities had been in progress since 7:30 am, and Moonpies aplenty were enjoyed!
The pre-con activities for attendees with the V.I.P. “Golden Tickets” on Wednesday & Thursday included the action figure customizing classes, tours of downtown Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain, and advance pick-up of the convention’s exclusive toys. Then at 6 pm on Thursday the registration & package pick-up began for other groups, and the exhibitors’ set-up began at 9 pm.
There was also the message board set up for the collectors’ toy trading. On Friday morning the set-up process resumed, including the display of the diorama & photo contest entries, and the gathering  for the annual action figure parachute drop. The con store re-opened, the first discussion panels were underway, the exhibit hall opened from 2 pm to 5 pm, with the hourly door prizes.
The special guests were Hasbro’s Kirk Bozigian and Derryl DePriest, comics artist / author Larry Hama, artists Adam Riches and Larry Selman, toy designers David Kunitz and Kurt Groen. Autographs were free, with the limit of 2 per guest per session. Friday night at 7:30 pm was the Meet and Greet for the Golden Ticket holders,  but we were helping ob1 to set up his vender booth.
Saturday was the most bustling day of the con, from 7:30 am 5 pm. with general admission beginning at 10 am. There were more panels, autograph sessions, and about 4 dozen venders selling  toys, comics, art, memorabilia, and other items It was mostly the G.I. Joe toys of the past 55 years, but there were other toys such as Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Micronauts, Masters of the Universe, and so forth.
Sadly there were very few My Little Pony toys sighted. From 6:30 pm until around midnight was the gala casino night & awards dinner, compurrised of the fun Bingo, casino games & auction for charity, the diorama, photography & costume contest awards, and the delicious buffet. We were up pretty late, but we did manage to get enough sleep before the final day of the final JoeCon.
Sunday after breakfast we checked out of the hotel and returned to the exhibit hall, which re-opened for general admission at 9:30 am. It was still crowded, but the ambience was the bit mellower. One of my favorite panels was the cosplay topic by members of The Finest: A GI Joe Costume Club, including Des a.k. a. “Joe Colton” who was one of our May 2013 guests of The Mew!
That was followed by “The Last Panel”, by G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club staff, which was the emotional & sentimental look at the history of the JoeCon. Oh oh,  I should also mention that the con’s dandy, full color 32 page program book included the 22 page comic book tale starring Slaughter’s Marauders! Then at 3:30 pm, the final JoeCon came to the end and it was the time to pack up.
It was sad that it was the final JoeCon, but for us it ended on the high note! After that was the long return trip which was peppered by the stops to stretch, dine and refuel. We wish to thank thank the con staff, hotel staff, special guests, exhibitors, fellow fans and the other nice folks in Chattanooga for the awesome time! That is all for our con reports, and now here is Becca to begin our

movie mewsings, with her review of Ocean’s 8!

Hai! I have enjoyed the Ocean’s series of heist comedies with the all-star casts, so I was quite looking forward to Oceans’s 8! This time Instead of George Clooney as Danny Ocean and his cohorts, the star is Sandra Bullock as his ex-con sister Debby Ocean and her gang who concoct the scheme to purrloin diamonds from the Metropolitan Mewseum during the fabulous ball!
Debby’s crew of specialists are purrtrayed by Awkwafina, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and Rihanna! The stellar cast also includes James Cordon, Richard Armitage, and the many celebrity cameo appurrances amidst the beautiful couture and locations, which were all so splendidly illuminated and photographed!
The movie’s pace seemed the bit brisker than I purrfur, but the purrformances were wonderful with the sparkling dialog, the captivating plot, the fine editing, and the splendid mewsic! I will give it the B+ grade, I hope that the DVD release will have extra features aplenty, and I hope that there will be sequels for Debbie and her gang! Nextly I would like to say the few words about

Lizzy does not care much for scary movies, but I was rather curious about this’un. Hereditary is the supurrnatural horror tale of the haunted family who has suffered the tragic illnesses and losses as the mysterious family secrets are uncovered. The ensemble cast includes Tony Collette as Annie, Gabriel Byrne as her husband, Milly Shapiro as their daughter, and Alex Wolff as their son.
Much angst, depurression and odd behavior ensues after the sad and shocking incidents with the gore, conspurracy, possessions and frights that escalate after the attempted seances to commune with the deceased. The lighting added to the spooky quality, but at times it seemed the too dim ‘n dark; and the FX were the mixed bag for me- some were okay, but some were not so great.
The cast did the fine job, and I was impuressed by Annie’s intricate artworks, but the characters got annoying, and I was angered by the son’s partying and the daughter’s fate. The tale unfolded at the leisurely pace, which aided the ambience that felt like a 1970’s supurrnatural movie, which was neat, but I did not care for much of the movie. Nextly I would like to say the few words about
The Incredibles 2!
We are big fans of Pixar’s movies, and The Incredibles might be my favoritest of them, so I was eagerly awaiting this sequel for the many years! It was written and directed by Brad Bird with the magnificent animation by Pixar and the great mewsic by Michael Giacchino, as the sequel pics up immediately where the original 2004 film left off!
Much of the plot focuses on the supurr heroic Parr family adjusting to life with the new baby whose unpurrdictable supurr powers manifest whilst the mom gets the purrestigious job offer by the corpurrate benefactors who hope to revive the popularity and legality of supurr heroes, but meanwhile the new supurr villain mind-control attacks!
The wonderful voice cast includes Holly Hunter as Helen Parr / Elastigirl, Craig T. Nelson as Bob Parr/ Mr. Incredible, Sarah Vowel as Violet Parr, Huck Milner as Dash Parr, Eli Fucile as baby Jack-Jack, Samuel T. Jackson as Frozone, Brad Bird as Edna their costume designer, and Jonathan Banks as Rick their secret government handler!
There are many other great new characters too, including numerous other supurr heroes and amazing vehicles! The movie was so much fun with the terrific plot, developments, designs, animation, FX, directing, purrformances, sounds, and mewsic! It is one of my favorite movies of the year! Lastly but not leastly I would like to say the few words about
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!
In this 5th movie of the Jurassic series, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard repurrise the roles of Owen and Claire, the former Jurrassic World theme park employees who survived the dinosaur disaster that closed the island park. This tale is set 3 years later, as the governments debate what to do about the volcanic eruption that will destroy the island and all of the dinosaurs there.
Also returning are Jeff Goldblum as Malcome, B.D. Wong as Henry, Blue the Velociraptor, the T-Rex, The Mosasaurus, and lots of other dinosaurs! When Owen and Claire team up with dino vet Zia (Daniella Pineda) and computer expurrt Franklin (Justice Smith) to rescue the dinosaurs, they discover  the secret corpurrate plot to capture the dinosaurs for unscrupulous purrofitable purrposes! 
Also appurring in the movie is James Cromwell as an old friend of the Jurassic Park’s late founder John Hammond, Isabella Sermon his grand daughter Masie, and numerous dinosaurs that we have not seen before! There are some sad, scary cute & comedic moments, and it is a lot of thrilling fun with the great purrformances, designs, sets, locations, cinematography, mewsic, FX and the high purrduction values! That is all for my reviews, and nyow here is Lizzy to purrsent
The Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!
Hai!  In this portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate famous catgirls of myths & popular culture, here broadly – defined from anthropormorphic feline females, ailuranthropic shape – shifters & other nekomimi, to those who might not have kitty DNA, but do have the cat-titude and / or style as “honorary catgirls”. This time the spotlight shines upon more animated & comics catgirls!
The first widdle kitten that we will shine this month’s spotlight upon is CPO Jenny of the Bucky O’Hare comics, video game, toys & animated TV series! Created by author Larry Hama, Michael Golden & Cory Adams, the Bucky O’Hare tales of anthropurrmorphic space opurra purremiered in the comic books published by Continuity in 1984. We have met Larry & Michael at the conventions! 
Bucky and his spaceship crew defend the United Animals Federation against the evil Toad Empire! The animated series & video game were launched in the early 1990s. Jenny, a witchy catgirl from the planet Aldebaran, is the ship’s 1st Mate & Astrogator who has magickal psionic powers!  She has the Green eyes & White fir in the Black costume with the shiny armor and Purrple gems!
Nextly I will shine the spotlight upon Blake Belladonna of the RWBY animated web series & graphic novels! Created by the late Monty Oum & purrduced by Rooster Teeth,  the anime / manga style RWBY is short for Ruby, Weiss, Blake & Yang who are among the supurr – powered  teams of the fairy tale motifs that defend their planet Remnant from the evil Grimm creatures!
Inspired by Belle of Beauty & The Beast, Blake is the raven – haired, fair – skinned, Amber – eyed  17 year old nekomimi of the Faunus species with the shadow clone ability and the Gambol Shroud weapon, which is the sharp sheath, sword & pistol combo with various special rounds of ammo. It is attached to the long stretchy ribbon, so she can sling it at her enemies! 
Thirdly, I will shine the spotlight upon the Cyberkitties comics that were created by Paul Kidd and first published by MU Comics in 1998! Set in the year 2063, the comedic action – adventure tale of the cyberpunk / fantasy genre brimmed with the fannish / pop cultural references, and was populated by the anthropurrmorphic characters, such as the house mates Morgana, Alex & Tammi!
Morgana the White catgirl with the Black mohawk coiffure was the Net Runner of the gothy style; Alex the Black catgirl with the long White hair & tail wore the tight jumpsuits with firearms aplenty; and Tammi the Orange catgirl was the hippy sorceress with the glasses and the paganish jewelry! The comic books lasted for only the few issues, but the tale was later continued as the web comic!
Lastly but not leastly is the fashionable “honorary catgirl” update! We mentioned purreviously the TV spot for The Forge of Empires video game, in which the purre-historic wife in the short leopurrd purrint dress traded her jewelry for the tiger stripe fabric! She has since appurred in the more recent spot, this time wearing the leopurrd purrint bikini! That is all for this month’s spotlight, and nyow I will turn The Mew over to Jennyjen who will begin
this month’s toy talk, with her review of Hasbro’s
Star Wars Enfys Nest action figure & Swoop Bike!
Hai. We like to collect the figures, statues, ornaments and dolls of the entertaining and inspurrational characters, such as Hasbro’s  4″ action figure of the wonderful character Enfys Nest, the leader of the Cloud-Rider gang in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which we highly purraised in last month’s Mew. We also purraised the 3.25″ & 5.5″ figures of the character Qi’Ra.
I am also the avid mecha – phile, so I was quite pleased that the figure and the 3″ energy chain saw pike accessory are included with the toy replica of Enfys’s Swoop bike, which are packaged within the 3″ x 6.5″ x 11″ box. At the 4″ overall height including the boot heels and the horned helmet mask, I will purrsume that the figure is appurroximately of the 1:18.8 scale.
The plastic figure with the fabric cape figure is meticulously designed, sculpted & painted with the intricate details of the beautiful aboriginal tribal style costume. By the way, I heartily recommend the hardcover book The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story (which we also purraised last month), which has an entire chapter devoted to the design of Enfys, the pike & bike.
The figure’s points of articulation in the neck, hips, shoulders, and forearms; the pike will fit securely in either hand, The forearm gauntlets do not fan out, nor is the helmet mask removable as in the movie, so I hope that there might be a future larger figure on which they do. The figure easily sits leaning back upon the 9.75″ long bike and clenches the handles.
At this scale I assume that the actual bike would be appurroximately 15.25 ft. long. It is also beautifully designed, sculpted & painted, from the wings, controls & steering vanes to the repulsor engine, blaster cannon & harpoon gun. A display stand is not included for the figure or bike, so I purrchased the 5″ doll stand with adjustable clamp on which to display them.
The figure has the compatibility with the separately – sold Force Link 2.0 gauntlet starter set, which activates several sounds with the figure. The  9.25″ x 12″ sheet is included in the box. I do not have the Force Link, so I cannot comment on that aspect of the toy; however, I am quite pleased with the figure and the bike. Nextly, I would like to discuss Hasbro’s
Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Ahsoka Tano doll.

We have been eagerly awaiting this purrticular doll of our favorite Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano, the former Jedi padawan of Anakin Skywalker. She was voiced by Ashley Eckstein in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars: Rebels series. This doll is one of the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny series which also includes Leia, Rey, Jyn and Sabine.
The 11.5″ posable plastic doll with vinyl & cloth clothing is splendidly designed, sculpted & painted, wearing the sleeveless short Burgundy tunic, fingerless gloves & arm bands, the Maroon belt & short tabard, Dark Grey leggings & Brown boots. Her jewelry, the lower purtion of her gloves, and the uppurr part of her tunic are molded on, but the rest of her attire is removable.
She is nicely detailed from the strand of beads upon her head, the Blue and White stripes of her Togrutan head montrals, the White tattoos upon her face, and the widdle keyhole cutout of the tunic,  to the pouch and Gold buckle of the belt, the engravings upon the tabard, the diamond pattern down the leggings, and the straps and buckles of the boots.
The points of articulation are in her neck, wrists, hips and knees, with turning forearms and thighs. There is more limited movement in her bent elbows & waist, the forearms raising slightly and the waist swiveling about 45 degrees to the left if you turn her torso to the left or squeezes her thighs together for the two – handed  light saber swinging action.
She is equipped with two light sabers, one 3 1/2″ long, the other 5 5/8″ long, which will fit in either hand. The translucent Green beams connect inside the hilts via the small ball joints, and can be popped out. The hilts have small tabs which can slide into slots on the belts, so she can be posed with the light sabers “activated” or “deactivated”. 
She is balanced to stand without requiring a display base, which is not included, Also included is the cute 2.25″ Purrple Tooka Cat which is similar to a Loth Cat. Although this Ahsoka doll is less posable compurred the 6″ Star Wars: The Black Series action figure (which we reviewed in the May 2016 Mew), we are quite pleased with the very purretty doll. That will conclude the toy talk, and nyow here is Tara-chan to begin our
comic book & manga mewsings, with reviews
of My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries #1 & 2.

Arigato, nya! This is IDW’s latest companion series to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic, and stars fillies Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and – and Scootaloo who are known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, nya! In this purremier issue, they are volunteering as the candy stripurrs at the hospital when medical supplies have been stolen mysteriously from the supply closet, so they are upon the case, nya!
The 28 page issue includes the uninterrupted 20 page tale written by Christina Rice, illustrated by Agnes Garbowska, colored by Heather Breckel, lettered by Neil Uyetake, edited by Bobby Curnow, and – and available in the choice of the 6 different covers: cover A by Agnes, cover B by Philip Murphy, Retailer Incentive cover A by Andy Price, retailer incentive cover B by Brenda Hickey, the IDW Convention cover by Jay Fosgit…
… and – and the Tidewater Convention cover by Tim Shinn, nya! It was the tough decision but I got the one by Brenda, who we have met at some of the conventions, nya Head Nurse Neightingale might sack Nurse Redhart who was responsible for securing the closet, but whilst the Cutie Mark Crusaders investigate the thefts, their mane suspect is Distemper the gruff custodian, but I should not further spoil the plot, nya! 
Also appurring in the tale are Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Letroski, Walter, and – and the several patients, nya! In addition to the hospital, the locations include Fluttershy’s wildlife sacntuary, the crusaders’ club supurr sleuth club house, and – and the hot air balloon, nya! This was such the delightfully fun tale with the captivating plot, the important message, and – and Agnes’s extremely cute, beautiful artistry, nya!
The end of issue #1 segues into the plot for issue #2, in which Walter and – and Letroski ask the Crusaders to investigate the thefts at the bowling alley, nya! The 20 page  is by the same creative team as issue #1, except that there are only the 3 variant covers; cover A by Agnes, the subscription cover by Phillip, and – and the retailer incentive cover by Abigail Sterling, nya! It was another tough decision, nya!
The investigation goes from Ponyville to Dodge Junction and – and to Cloudsdale; with the appurrances by Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee, Twist, Pip Squeak, Spitfire, Soarin’, Moon Dancer, Fancy Pants, Cranky, Matilda, Snails, Snips, his grandpony Kingpin, Sweetie Belle’s older sister Rarity, Apple Bloom’s older sister Applejack and – and older brother Big Mcintosh, nya!
Yet again the entire creative team did the supurr job on the tale, and- and I especially liked the impurressive two –  page spurread of the Cloudsdale bowling alley, nya! I will give both of those issues the “A’ as in Apple Buck, and – and I am eagerly anticipating the 3rd issue, nya! That is all for my latest pony report, but nyow here is onee-chan to continue our comic book reports with her review of
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess Year 2 #8, nya!
Arigato Tara-chan, nya! Created and written by Jeremy and published by Action Lab Comics, the Princeless series purrtains to the adventurous diverse ladies who refuse to be oppurressed by unfair gender and racial roles or stereotypes in the medieval era, nya! It introduced the 17 year old Captain Raven Xingtao who would later star in this wonderful spin-off series, nya!
Raven is the cunning, agile mariner, archer daughter of the pirate king, nya. She recruited her own multi-racial, all – girl crew for her three mast ship to sail vengefully against her evil brothers Crow and Magpie’s ships, and thus reclaim her rightful inheritance, nya! They have the new sense of family and purrpose as they take control of their destinies, nya!
However, the romantic triangle betwixt Sunshine, Raven, Ximena has been the awkward situation, nya! During the recent navel battle, Sunshine went missing into the depths, to be purrsumed dead, unaware that she was rescued brought to the beautiful island of The Sea Queen where she romance bloomed between Sunshine and Ananda, nya!
That brings us up to issue #8’s uninterrupted 32 page tale written by Jeremy, illustrated by Christine Hipp, colored by Xenia Pamfil, lettered by Justin Birch & edited by Nicole D’Andria, nya!  All is not purradisiacal for Sunshine who leanrs that the queen will not let her and Ananda leave the island, but in spite of interference by the mermaids, they attempt to escape, nya!
After chatting about the shipboard relationships with her mischievous comrade Desideria, Ximena rekindles things with Raven, whilst there is the very surpurrising revelation about another crew member, nya! I especially liked one purrticular full – page pic, but I should not further spoil any of the issue’s plot, nya!
The series continues to be the supurrbly fun joy with the many wonderful diverse characters & mythology, purrfect plot, pace & dialogue, the great balance of the humor, drama and action, with the beautifully designed and rendered art with the excellent colors & fonts, so I will give this issue the grade of the “A” as in Ananda, nya! Nyow we will go from the pirates to the hunters in my review of
The Hunters of Salamanstra #9 & 10, nya!!
The Hunters of Salamanstra began in 2014 as the bittersweetly manga – style fantasy sci-fi / web comic by creator / artist / writer John Joseco, editor Memj and assistant editor Calpain, nya! Published by Keenspot, it is the tale of  Kessah Orlianne, a feisty 19 year old wolf girl who is training to become the monster huntress after the death of her older sister Dianna, nya!
Kessah recently began the training at the boot camp at the hunter guild’s huge headquarters which is bustling with diverse species including many kemonomimi, nya! #9 is actually the 10th issue as there was the purrcursory issue #0. It is written & drawn by John, edited by Jennifer McGregor and  Calpain, with the cover art colored by Bernie Joseco, nya
It is is purriced at $4.99, has the uninterrupted 36 Black & White page chapter about Kessah’s rookie team on their first trial monster hunt, nya. Under the supurrvision of Captain Marlow, the team is compurrised of Kessah, Kelinger, Duncan, Gren, Mia, Avery the deer girl and Jesuen the catgirl who are hunting in the deadly barren spooky wilderness, nya.
Along the way they are told of the Great Calamity which was the war of 150 years ago that resulted in much magickal destruction and the creation of the monsters, nya. They attempt to hunt the herd of Helcapras which are huge mewtant goat – like creatures, but the Helcapras are extremely tough, and their gigantic leader might be too much for the hunters to survive, nya!
Issue #10 has the 34 page chapter followed by the 2 ad pages, nya. Despite the bruises and contusions, the team manages to survive their first day of hunting and has the philosophical discussions around the night’s camp fire, nya. Kelinger is theologically bothered by Marlow’s use of magick, and Kessah has the vision of her sister whilst Jesuen gives her the first aid, nya.
The next foggy morning the hunt continues, and they find Kessah’s medic friend Asharia, most of whose team was killed by a huge fangy monster, nya! The hunt then becomes the mission to rescue any other survivors, but the purrospect looks purretty greim when they encounter the huge ghastly monster that may have killed the rest of her team, nya!
These chapters were quite captivating with the beautiful character, scenic and typographic art, the plot and character developments, with more information about the world, and the balance of the action, humor, but it is not for the widdle kitties due to the language, violence and alarming situations! That is all for my reviews, and nyow here is Nya-sensei to discuss
Ant-Man and The Wasp #1 & 2, nya!

Hai! Our most recent favorite Marvel Comics of last year were Patsy Walker A.K.A. HellCat and The Unstoppable Wasp, but sadly both were cancelled last year. The latter series was written by Jeremy! Patsy later appurred the few times in her friend She-Hulk’s series, which was also recently cancelled, whilst Nadia Van Dyne A.K.A. The Wasp appurred in Avengers comics.
We are still hoping for more tales of Patsy, but it is great to see Nadia this 5 issue mini –  series, in which she teams up with Scott Lang, A.K.A. Ant-Man! Nadia and Scott are the 2nd heroes known as The Wasp and Ant-Man, as Nadia’s step-mom Janet and her dad Henry Pym were the first Wasp and Ant-Man. They are different from the characters in the pending movie, in which Henry’s daughter Hope is the current Wasp.
We have purreviously reviewed the action figures of Hope and Janet! Issue #1 of Ant-Man and The Wasp was illustrated by Javier Garron, colored by Israel Silva, lettered by Joe Caramanga, edited by Nick Lowes, assistantly edited by Kathleen Wisneski, and written by Mark Waid, who wrote Nadia’s first appurrance in The Avengers: Civil War II Free Comic Book Day issue which was published in May of 2016!
This 28 page, 1st issue is available in the choice of the different covers by David Nakayana; Nick Bradshaw & Edgar Delgado; and Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo. The 28 page issue includes the 22 page tale plus the interrupting ads. When Scott needs to get back to The Earth from the Nova Corps base in another galaxy, he contacts Nadia for help, but winds up in the strange Microverse so she has to go to there to rescue him!
However, before they leave that place they pause to rescue some alien organisms from the space vampire, but things do not go purrfectly as Nadia gets possessed by the vampire, causing her eyes to turn mysteriously Red and blinded, and nyow they might be stranded there in the cliffhanger! The tale is resumed in issue #2,  which is also the 28 page issue that includes the 22 page tale plus the interrupting ads. 
It is by the same great team of Waid, Garron, Silva, Caramanga, Lowes and Wisneski. Whilst Scott shrinks even smaller so that he can go inside her eyes to hopefully mend them, they pass the time by explaining each other’s origin tales, but when Nadia stumbles upon the unstable crystalline terrain, she is like the destructive colossal monster to the panicked tiny indigenous residents who debate whether to attack or communicate!
The timing is not good, because when the widdle blob-like aliens use their reducer ray upon her, she starts to shrink but Scott does not, so he has to quickly escape through her tear ducts whilst she gets captured! It is the dire situation, but tale is brimming with the poignant, whimsical, informative and alarming moments, with the delightful characters and the gorgeous art! 
The fonts are excellent, the colors are so richly vibrant, and I especially like the costumes, the luminous FX and the very dazzling, intricate scenery! With 2 issues down and 3 more to go, I will give this mini –  series thus far the “A” as in Ant-Man and my anticipation for the next issue! That is all for my comic book reports, so nyow here is Mike to tell us about
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 12 #1!
Thanks, Nya-sensei! We loved the Buffy and Angel TV shows, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been over 25 years since the original Buffy movie, over 20 years since the TV series, and over 10 years since Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon and Dark Horse Comics canonically continued those adventures in the comics! Now we’re already up to Season 11, which occurs the year after season 11!
Issue #t’s 28 pages include the 22 page story plus 6 pages of ads. Executively produced by Joss, the story is by Joss & scripter Christos Gage; it was pencilled by Georges Jeanty, inked by Karl Story, colored by Dan Jackson, lettered by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt, edited by Freddye Miller, assistantly edited by Kevin Baurkhalter, Judy Khuy & Jenny Blenk.
We’ve met Christos, Georges & Karl at the conventions!  The issue’s graphic designer was Anita Magana, and the digital art technician was Christianne Gillenardo-Goudreau. The main cover art is by Stephane Hans, while the variant cover art is by Georges, Karl and Dan; and the “ultravariant” cover art is by Karl Moline, who drew and co-created the Fray mini – series with Joss back in 2001!
Things have perked up since season 11 for Buffy, Wilow, Xander, Dawn, Faith, Spike, Angel & Illyria / Fred. Buffy has been working with the San Francisco Police, she and Spike broke up again but are still friends, Willow started the pagan support center, Giles is back to normal, Xander’s construction job has been busy, he and Dawn have the house outside of town, and a daughter named Joyce!
She’s a cutie and named after Buffy & Dawn’s late mom. While they have the reunion at the house, meanwhile in the 23rd century era of Melaka & Erin Fray the slayer sisters, their evil brother Harth who is acquires the magickal sceptor which can send his demonic army back in time to attack Buffy so that he can change history! One of his minions is Dick Wilkins the former mayor of Sunnyville!
The big skirmish happens at the offices of Wolfram & Hart; Andrew and Riley are mentioned but aren’t in this issue, and Melaka and Erin briefly appear but I shouldn’t reveal too much more of the canonical plot, which is so faithful to the TV series, with the great balance of humor, drama, action, myth – building and developments at the good pace with the great dialogue!
I can practically “hear” the actors saying all of the the dialogue! The art is excellent and graceful with the great portraitures, expressions, poses and attire; the intricate scenic art, excellent FX fonts, and flow of the graphic narrative across the panels! I was very pleased with this issue, to which I will give the grade of the “A” as in Angel! Ah, fr my next review, I’d like to discuss-
Today’s Cerberus vol. 9
This romantic occult comedy manga by Ato Sakurai stars Kuro, Shirogane, and Roze who are the three female human perrsonas of Cerberus the three-headed Hades dog of Greek mythology, and the male human high school student Chiaki who they have romantic feelings for! This results in the “harem” trope, which is especially awkward for his miko friend Hinata who also pines for him!
Other recurring characters include Chiaki’s sister Mikado, Hako the nekomata catgirl, her master Idora, their classmate Haru, Minnie the self-proclaimed fiance of Chiaki, Tama the nine tailed fox girl, Rir Rir the Norse wolf girl and her sisters Hel and Jormung who have a maid cafe and a dog named Garm, plus Hades, Persephone, various neighborhood cats and visiting spirits!
Originally published by Square Enix in Japan, it is published in North America  by Yen. Between the color covers are 194 pages of B&W manga chapters 40-44, gag strip chapters 40-44, a 3 page side-story, cute art inside the covers, and 2 color pages.  It was translated by Caleb Cook, lettered by Bianca Pistillo, and Rated T for teen readers due to the language, violence & nudity.
It’s the start of the new year when Cerberus’s kid brother Orthros visits whilst rivals Hinata & Minnie team up against an evil mermaid who has the others under her siren spell. Minnie stays pretty darn busy between that, training to be a monster hunter, and a grocery shopping date with Chiaki. The other girls want to go on dates with him, so Roze the shy genius takes him to an arcade.
When the gang goes to the Hatsumode festivities at the shrine where Hinata works as a shrine maiden, foxy Tama decides to “help” by impersonating the nervous Hinata. Then it’s feisty Shirogane’s turn to profess her love, but she gets nervous when she and Chiaki are trapped in the close quarters of a storage closet at school. It’s one of the rare times that Kuro is not in the spotlight! 
There are tense dramatic moments and the wee bit of combat (against the mermaid), but most of the developments are very whimsical, poignant and sweet, as much love is professed amidst the beautiful scenes of the shrine, school, fireworks and food. Food is also the theme of the comedic  four-panel gag strips, in which each girl attempts to cook a special meal for Chiaki!
The art is quite lovely and intricate, and the recurring characters tend to be quite likable, and although they are rivals for the affections, everyone seems quite caring and protective towards each other, like an extended magickal family! It was a lot of charming fun, and I look forward to the next volume! Ah, now I’ll turn The Mew over to Nyo-sensei for her review of
Flying Witch vol. 6!
Arigato! This is one of my favoritest manga series! Flying Witch by artist / author Chihiro Ishizuka is the beautiful, humorous, charming slice – of – life tale of the 15 year old novice witch Makoto Kowata and her familiar cat Chito, who move from the city of Yokohama to her cousins’ lovely mansion in the rural town of Aomori where she continues her witchy studies! 
Other characters include their mentor Akira, Makoto’s older sister Akane, Akane’s cat Kenny, their male cousin Kei, younger girl cousin Chinatsu, their artist mom, Kei’s classmate Nao, Inukai the fortune telling were-dog girl, her familiar mouse Ai,  Ms. Shiina the owner of Cafe Conclusia, her daughter Anzu, Anzu’s owl familiar Ororu and their waitress ghost Hina!
The plots typically include learning spells, artistic crafts, plant lore, gardening, cooking, magickal remedies, day trips, and visiting other magickal entities, with the thorough details! Originally published by Kodansha in Japan, Volume 6 was published in English by Vertical Comics, translated by Melissa Tanaka with the purrduction by Grace Lu and Tomoe Tsutsumi. 
Purriced at $10.95 in the USA and $11.95 in Canada, volume 6 has the 170 Black & White pages compurrised of chapters 31-36 with the purretty color cover art! Things are off to the delicious, festive start as the dozen-ish friends & family (including Makoto & Akane’s uncle) cook out the grilled giblets, scallops & other foods to celebrate Chinatsu’s first magick spell! 
Then one day in July, the weather is mysteriously cold and snowing several inches deep- and only upon their purropurrty! It is the odd yet fun anomaly, until a mystical chap known as The Harbinger of Summer arrives to explain & remedy the situation! Nextly we learn more about the familiars & witch society when the cats accompany Makoto, Kei & Nao to school!
They meet another witch there, the uppurrclassman Sayo, and it is the grand time for the cats who cause the playful mischief at the school, as the yummy pork cutlets are served for lunch! The to top off the volume, Akira summons Makoto, Sayo & her crow familiar Bubo for the special assignment to investigate the disappurrances caused by the Narunaru creature!
With the many endearing characters, the delightful plots, and the intricately gorgeous art, Flying Witch continues to be the warm, beautiful joy to read! I hope that it will not only greatly entertain the many readers, but also inspire them  to find the everyday magick in the family, social circles, home, garden, town and country! Nyow I would like to say the few words about
Mushroom Girls in Love!
This one-shot volume is Written and drawn by Ken Murayama, whose other manga A Centaur’s Life is another of our big favorites! On a world where the people are all female and of the fungi-like qualities, the titular mushroom girls are Arriala (with short Blue hair) and Erriella (with ong Red hair) are the married couple in spite of the purrejudices of the society’s race, class & caste system.
There are hardships but it is true love in spite of the adversity, but unfortunately, a purrincess of the royal family later has her sights set upon Erriella, and goes to great unscrupulous lengths with her minions in scheming to break up that marriage, even resorting to violent criminal methods! As the result, Arriala and Erriella wind up on the run as the tribal political struggles escalate!
Originally published in Japan in 2014 by Ohta publishing, the english edition is published in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment! Purriced at $13.99 in the USA and $16.99 in Canada, the stand-alone volume’s 162 pages has 144 B&W pages of manga (including 8 full –  page pics), 15 pages of ‘Shroom-pedia pages, the credits page & 2 color pages plus the cover covers.
It was translated by Elina Ishikawa, adapted by Holly Kolodziejczak, lettered retouched by Jennifer Skarupa, edited by Adam Arnold, purroofread by Janet Houck, edited by Jenn Grunigen & Shannon  Fay, edited in chiefly by Adam Arnold, published by Jason DeAngelis, and the purrduction managed by Lissa Pattilo with assistance by CK Russell. 
Suggested for the teenaged readers, there are some political and tragic moments for the sympathetic heroines, but the captivating tale is brimming with great charm and beauty, graced by Murayama’s very intricate gorgeous art, the peppy dialogue, and extensive world-building!
The “shroom-pedia” pages are full of the fascinating cultural, societal, historical, economic, political, biological and technological information, so I will give this manga the “A” as in Arriala! That will conclude our comics & manga portion of The Mew, and nyow here are Petra and Bun to purrsent the latest 
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!
Arigato, nya! For those here for the first time, Galleries 1-8 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their kind purrmissions, and Mike’s collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya! The images include illustrations, photos and mixed medias, nya!
Some of the art might be sexy or depict the tasteful nudity or semi – nudity, but none of it is porn, nya! The most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the uncropped full pics, nya! This month we have added the 10 pics to Guest Gallery 5, and 3 pics to Gallery 8, nya!
we are are purroud to purrsent “Do You Mind?” by Rebecca Brogden http://www.rbrogdenart.com, who was the guest for our September 2009 Mew, nya! This catgirl  illustration depicts our friend Mischa who is the Dean of Mew Hanover College’s School of Emergency Services, nya! She has such beautiful Platinum Blonde hair, ears and tail, but we suspect that it is her bra, panty and fishnet house that are being oggled the most as she undresses, mew la la, nya! Rebecca used the pencils & pens upon the toned papurr for this alluring image, nya!
After that is Rebecca’s pic of the winsome “Dryad”, nya! Draceana (purrnounced DRAH SAY ah nah) is wearing just the strategically arranged vines and leaves as she emerges from the tree, nya! She is an intern landscapurr for the county whilst in Junior year at Mew Hanover College and aspires to become the master landscape architect, nya! Her favorite treats are water, tea, cocoa, honey, and juices, whilst  her hobbies include the bonsai, ikebana, topiary, weaving, and purruning, nya. Purrhaps y’all have seen the illustration of her older sister Mulch, nya?
Nextly is Rebecca’s pic of  the voluptuous “Nymph” who is standing naked in the pond, nya! Angelina’s 56 inch long lush Black hair in the pony tail whirls around as she glances over her shoulder at us, nya. She appurrs to be about 30 years old, but she is actually 150  years old, nya! Born on 8 May, 1868 in St. Thomas, US Virgin islands, she is an art purrofessor & water polo coach at Mew Hanover College, nya. She speaks fluently English, Spanish, Sylvan, Hawaiian, and Japanese, and her areas of expurrtise include art history, myth & folklore, nya!
Then we are delighted to display “Just Passing By” which Rebecca illustrated with the pencils, pens and markers, nya! Annallioppe (purrnounced ah na LEE oh pay), or just Anna for short,  is a North Carolina Outer banks faerie of the Purrerto Rican ancestry wearing the sexy Red camisole, thigh highs and gloves to match her Strawberry Blonde hair  and the sunset sky as she pawses in the mid flight to admire a purretty widdle butterfly, nya! Purresently in her first year of the college, she aspires to become a purrofessional graphic artist  / illustrator, nya! 
Then we have Rebecca’s pencils, pens and markers pic of the “Gentle Mermaid” cutely curled up amongst the corals, nya! Aahlaadita (purrnounced Ah lah dee tah) is Anna’s best friend, nya! She is an art student who aspires to become  the manga-ka / comics artist, nya! She is so peppy and purretty with the 12 foot long Marine Green & Gold tail with the translucent 7 foot tail fin, nya! She has the echolocation, electromagnetic sense, ultraviolet vision, retractable claws, and she can easily swim at the speed of 35 knots (about 40 miles purr hour), nya!
But wait- there’s more mer in Rebecca’s  “Mermaid Moon” pic, nya! Rebecca used Windsor Newton Cotman pan paints and the  Copic Markers for this illustration of Michigo the mermaid who is the licensed manganese nodule purrospector and purrrl diver with her purrents’ business, nya! Posing against the image of The Moon, she is wearing sweetly the Light Blue bikini top and widdle shell pendant to match her shimmering eyes! She has quite the distinctive Pink and Purrple tail with the Black spines and iridescently ruffled fin, nya!

Nextly is the“Tamamo-no-Mae” fan art by Misty Hopkins http://bunnychai.blogspot.com, who was among the guest of the March 2008 Mew! Misty used the Crayola colored pencils for this fabulous illustration of The Fate anime series’ version of Tamamo-no-Mae the fox woman of Japanese folklore! Tama is quite the vivacious sight in the Orange, strapless layered short Blue, Gold, Black & White kimono with the detached sleeves and the Purple thigh – highs, ready for action as her fiery battle aura glows!
Then we are pleased to present the “Beetlejuice X The Angry Beavers” fan art that Misty pencil sketched for the 2018 Heroes Convention’s daily Quick Draw Contest, in which the artists of all ages had the 20 minutes to draw something! The titular beaver brothers Norbet (left) & Dagget (right) starred in the late 1990’s Angry Beavers animated TV series upon the Nickelodeon network! Here they are cosplaying as Lydia Deetz & Beetlejuice of the early 1990’s Beetlejuice animated TV series!
Misty used pens & Crayola colored pencils for her fan art of “Athena Glory” of Kozue Amano’s magnificent Aria manga & anime! The Aria series is set in the utopian city of Neo Venusia on the hydroformed planet Mars in the far future, where Athena is one of the top gondoliers of the canals! She is especially known for her amazing singing voice. In this pic she is wearing the summer seasonal uniform of the Himeya gondola company, at which she is the inspirational senpai who trains the younger undines!
Misty used the felt & other materials to make this darling plushy doll of Athena’s friend “Alicia Florence”! Alicia is the extremely cheerful & graceful senpai undine of the smaller Aria gondola company in Neo Venusia! This beautiful doll is 9.75″ tall with the 18″ long oar, which attaches to her hand by the hidden widdle magnets! Note the different colors of her uniform compared to Athena’s. Perhaps y’all have seen the photos of the doll that Misty purreviously made of Alicia’s apprentice Akari?
We have added Mike’s design for “Maddy’s Purretty Dress”! This is Mike’s third pic of Miss Madylyon Raion, or just Maddy for short, who is an NPC in Mike’s monthly tabletop RPG! She is the petite ailuranthropic Homo Panthera Leo / Nekomata catgirl who can transform into an Asiatic Lion! She can be fiercely scrappy and playful, but here is the look for her more elegantly festive side in the bare midriffed, slit skirted, detached-sleeved, veiled Purple and Green orchid-like dress to wear to the cat-illions and other events! 
Also purrmiering this month is Mike’s fan art of “Sylvar” the Jedi Catgirl! This is widdle illustration of Sylvar, who was one of the Jedi Knights in Dark Horse Comics’s Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi series! Those tales occur thousands of years purrior to the events in the Star Wars movies and TV series! She is the furry Jedi Knight of the felinoid Cathar species, wearing the cape, the loin cloth, the criss-cross halter top and the various armor pieces, and is about to use her claws and light saber in the imminent fight!
Mike also did this fan art of “Juhani”. the Catharian Jedi Knight catgirl who wavered between the light & dark sides of The Force in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game, in which she was voiced by actress Courtenay Taylor! The game was published by Lucas Arts & Bioware in 2003, so to commemorate Juhani’s 15th anniversary, Mike drew this with pencil & pens on paper, then colored the scanned line art with Photoshop CS2 & the mouse, to depict her perched upon the statue to sun herself in the garden! So, what do y’all think of the art?

I love the contrast of Mischa’s hair and tail against the Pink of her garments and the tan of her skin!
The purretty Dryad conveys the charming balance of the innocent sweetness with the sexy cuteness!
The aft view of the Nymph is cleverly conveniently “censored” by the natural motion of her long lush hair!
I love the luminous wings & color gradient as the sunset wanes into the starry night sky in the pic of Anna!
Mary Nyan:
There is nice gradient in the watery depths of the Aahlaadita pic, and I love the swirl of her hair and tail!
The pic of Michigo has the great concentric symmetry, and I love the marblesque quality of the background!
Tama has such the dynamic pose, vivacious expurression, opulent details and – and richly vibrant color, nya!
I must say that the Beavers pic is the prime example of Misty’s precisely tight and graceful drawing finesse!
Hai hai, and she so supurrbly captured the spirit, character, details and purrtraiture of Athena, nya!
Oh that Alicia doll is as lovely as lovely can be, from her pretty face and coiffure to the uniform and oar!
I like the graceful softness of the Sylvar pic, and the breezy carefree ambiance of the Juhani pic, nya!
Both of those were actually easier to do than the pics of Maddy’s dress, but I think it looks nice too! Ah, well thank you for presenting the art!
Doitashimaste, nya! My favorite aspect of the Maddy pic is her long supple–
The Cat Lady Sings…
(The easily distracted catgirl with her camera scampurrs after the interesting insect)
Ah, there she goes again, nya!
Well, it is a lovely large specimen of the Actias luna.
I wanna see it too! 
(The fox girl scampurrs after her best friend and the big Green moth)
Well, I guess that will wrap up another edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Misty and Rebecca for more of their beautiful art!
Hai! We wish to thank Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
Mary Nyan:
We also wish to thank the many many other talented folks whose works we discussed…
… and our other friends, family, acquaintances and audience whom we appurreciate, nya!
Y’all may post brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to The Mew…
purrvided the comments are spam-free, G-rated & purrtain to our topics!
We’ll be back next month with the August edition of The Mew. Be there… aloha!
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy Tails to Mew – until we eat again! BAI BAI, NYA!

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