November 2018 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The November 2018 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
in this edition of The Mew:
what we’ve been up to since the purrior Mew
The Lightning Round topic: sports anime & manga
The Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight
toy talk:
Mythic Legions Gwendolyn Heavensbrand action figure
Mythic Legions Azza Spiritbender  action figure
Mythic Legions  Herra Serpenspire  action figure
Star Wars 3.5″ Dr. Aphra action figure
Transformers Deluxe Class Nova Star action figure
Marvel “Savage Land” Rogue Gallery Edition PVC Diorama
Marvel Rising America Chavez Posable Doll
Mego’s Bewitched Samantha action figure
our pony report
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Seven DVD
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #71

My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights #1
more comic book reports:
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess Year Two HCF issue
The Unstoppable Wasp #1
Spider-Girls #1

Shuri #1
Gold Digger Halloween Super Special
Red Sonja Halloween Special
Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men #3
Fathom vol. 7 #4
Unnatural #1
book reports:
Mike Grell Life is Drawing Without an Eraser
Mark Schultz Carbon 3
new additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art
Rebecca Brogden’s 31 Halloween – themed Inktober ACEOs,
Jamie’s “Chelsea”, “Chelsae Dark”, “Behind Blue Eyes” & “Sebastian”,
Mike’s “More NPCs”, 9 “Nystia x Cooke” sketches & 5 “Moms of The Mew
… and our favorite recent seafood images, nya!
(wearing a Catgirl Island baseball cap, Lemon Shark tee shirt, Dark Teal cargo shorts & Charcoal Gray Nikes) Aloha y’all, and welcome to The Mew for our monthly reviews and discussions of fun stuff! Today’s Mew comes from Catgirl Island’s North Beach in lovely Mew Hanover County, NC where it’s a slightly breezy 80 degrees under the Blue sky and puffy Cumulo-Neko Clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “Purrducer”, and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(the catgirl in the Yellowfin Tuna tankini) Namaste, nya!
(Tara-chan’s sister in the Cobia bandeau-top bikini) Namaste, nya!
(the bunny girl in the Groupurr sports bra & boy shorts) Guten Tag!
(the catgirl in the Croaker ring-closure bikini) Hi Hi, nya!
(the nekomimi gynoid in the Wahoo monokini) Aloha!
(the catgirl in the King Mackeral fundoshi – style bikini) Hola!
(the faerie in the Striped Bass side-tie bikini) Mellow greetings!
Mary Nyan:
(the catgirl in the Speckled Trout purretzel – cutout maillot) Aloha!
(the catgirl in the Bluefish micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo) Nihao.
(the catgirl in the White Marlin shorts and cropped tank top) Howdy!
(Nyanko’s twin sister in the Sailfish suspender maillot) Howdy!
(the fox girl in the Red Snappur trikini) Konbanwa!
So, what have y’all been up to since last time?
As mewsual, my itinerary is purrimarily compurrised of the morning yoga, afternoon kyudo, teaching the belly dance, purrsiding over the Robotics Club, and occasionally modeling the swimwear.
Hai hai, I have been assisting JennyJen-sensei at the belly dance class, stand up paddle surfing with Kara and Peppurr, surf board shaping, and caring for our ponies and other adopted critters!
Oh I have been Volunteering, snapping more of the nature photos, caring for the ponies, helping onee-chan with the charters, and – and we had the wonderfully fun time for the Halloween, nya!
We cosplayed as the Queensblade anime characters for the annual Trick R Eat & Cosplay Purrowl, nya! Otherwise, I have been busy with the fishing charters and with my drumming circle, nya!
We had the very bustling, festive time at my magic shop, where we are purrparing for the Winter Solstice celebration, with plans for purresentations, ceremony, discounts, and the yummy treats!
Oh, I reckon beside from helping sis at her magick shop, and attending the local cultural and sporting events, as mewsual I have been mostly coaching and training at my dojo and the gym!
Petra and I have been coaching the beach volleyball camp, when we have not been baking, gardening, and curating the mewseum, where we had the great attendance for the spooky art show!
We greatly appurreciate the wonderful artists, staff, volunteers and visitors at the mewseum of art; and we are very grateful for the athletes, officials, purrents and supporters of the volleyball nya!
When Lizzy, and I have not been pampurring the customers at our spa, we tended to our garden, purrtook of the festivities, the mewsual late night hot salsa dance, and watched the movies!
We watched Young Frankenstein, Big Trouble in Little China, Ed Wood, Mr. Vampire, and Hotel Transylvania 3. Otherwise, when she is at the golf course , I am running with my Purrkour Club! 
So like, when I have not been purrforming with the  Repurrtory Company at the Forest Grove Ampurrtheatre, I have been at the golf course, watching the LPGA  tournaments and Doctor Who!
Mary Nyan:
Between teaching the hula dance, trainign the appurrentice mikos, and sewing the costumes, it has been the very busy month for me, especially due to the Halloween! Howboutchoo, Mike?
Oh, the usual reading, writing, illustrating, gaming, listening to the radio, watching TV, movies, attending a few events, and spending quality time with family and friends! Ah, well we’ve got a lot  “to mew”, so let’s go ahead and jump into
this month’s Lightning Round!
Fall is the sporty season full of amateur and professional mens & womens sports such as surfing, golf, tennis, volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, football, racing, martial arts and so forth, so for this month’s Lightning Round topic will will nominate our favorite sports manga & anime!  Um, Nya-sensei is gonna start, so, are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
I like so many of them, but my most favorite is Yawara- A Fashionable Judo Girl! (tags her sister with a brush of the tail)
I will also nominate Ayane’s High Kick, Ashita no Joe and Hakime no Ippo! (tail- tags Mielikki)
Battle Athletes, Starship Girl Yohko Yamamoto, and Yawara, fur shur! (tags Petra with a flit of the wing)
Aim for the Ace, Harukana Receive, and Prince of Tennis, and 15 Love, nya! (tags Bunni)
I will second those, and include Captain Tsubasa, Slam Dunk, and Touch, nya! ( Tara-chan)
I want… I want to nominate, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Battle Athletes, and – and  Bamboo Blade, nya! (tags her sister to go next)
I will nominate Amanchu, Free, Grand Blue and Umisho, nya! (tags Becca)
Every Day is Sunday, Big Wind Up, and Princess Nine!  (tags Elizabeth)
Taisho Baseball Girls, Slow Step and H2! (tags Trini-chan)
Air Gear, Summer in Andalusia, and Initial D! (tags Jeannie)


Girls und Panzer, Speed Racer, Cyber Formula, and Rideback. (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
Metal Fighters Miku, Bamboo Blade, and Keijo! Back to Mike!
Yep, it’s a tough decision, but I guess my favorites are probably…  oh… Battle Athletes, Bamboo Blade, Girls und Panzer, Yawara, Princess Nine and Taisho Baseball Girls! Well, that was another expedient little Lightning Round!, and now here’s Myayr to present 
Our Monthly Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight!
Mary Nyan:
Hai! In this portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate famous catgirls and nekomimi of myths and  popular culture! Here they are broadly – defined from anthropormorphic feline females, ailuranthropic shape – shifters and other types of feline femme fatales, to those who might not actually have kitty DNA, but do have the cat-titude and / or the style as “honorary catgirls”!
The fun 1966 spy movie The Silencers is the first of the four movies that star Dean Martin as secret agent Matt Helm! The series is known for the many alluring ladies in sexy sixties couture, such as the waitresses who wear the tiger stripe maillots in this movie’s nightclub scene, in which the heroes &  villains converge to acquire the computer tape full of atomic secrets! 
Speaking of the nightclub employee couture of the feline motif, I would also like to purraise the leopurrd purrint  attire of actress Pat Barton as the cigarette girl who is mistreated by the three inebriated jerks in the Golden Safari nightclub in the wonderful 1949 movie Mighty Joe Young!
The sitcom Married… With Children aired from 1987 to 1997 and starred Ed O’Neil as Al Bundy, Katie Sagal as his wife Peggy, Christina Applegate as their daughter Kelly, David Faustino as son Bud, and Amanda Bearse as their neighbor Marcy. This year Mego released the 8″ action figure of Peggy Bundy wearing her lovely leopurrd purrint blouse, Black belt and pants!
Since 2009, Ed O’Neil has starred as another patriarch- Jay Pritchette in the sitcom Modern Family, which is still going! We have purreviously noted the fashions of the feline motif worn by Jay’s 2nd wife Gloria  (Sofia Vergara), son in law Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and grand daughter Hayley (Sarah Hyland), and nyow we will amend the list!
In the 9th season’s 3rd epurrsode “Catch of the Day”, Hayley’s mom Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen) wore the sleeveless kuroneko shirt for the concert, and in the 9th season’s 7th epurrsode “Winner Winner Turkey Dinner”, Cam’s 10 year old daughter Lily Tucker-Pritchett’s (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) wore the Gray cat shirt! 
In the 5th epurrsode of  the 6th season of the CBS sitcom Mom, Bonnie (Allison Janey) meows during a road trip with family and friends. On that same network and airdate of 25 October 2018, In the 6th epuursode of the 2nd season of the sitcom Young Sheldon, a female neighbor wearing tiger stripe cat ears gives candy to the trick’r treaters.
In last month’s sequel to the 1978 Halloween movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis who repurrises her role of Laurie Strode, during a High School Halloween night dance there are several kemonomimi amongst the costumed student partiers, including the mouse girl, at least 2 catgirls, and the more purrominant tiger girl named Kim.
Costume cat ears also appurropurriately turned up in the recent Halloween “Give it a Break” TV commercial for the yummy Kit Kat candy bars, in which the catgirl apologizes to the Jack O’ Lantern on her kitchen counter for how she carved its face, and she is rewarded with the candy! This is a contender for our favorite TV commercial of the year.
Nextly I will shine the spotlight upon another “honorary catgirl” named Katie in an amewsing TV series! Wipe Out was the wacky obstacle course type of game show on ABC from 2008 to 2014. In the 5th season’s 7th epurrsode, Katie “Gaga” Hulmuth was the purrtticularly stylish contestant who wore the costume cat ears in the Winter Wipe Out games!

We are purrtiuclarly fond of the TV commercial for the college football playoffs, which depicts the various fans’ purree- game rituals, such as the woman applying her full cat – face make-up purrior to cheering for her team; and in the magazine ads for the L’Oreal cosmetics, the purretty model has used the luminous Liner Noir Liquid Eyeliner for the cat – eyed look that unleashes the inner wildcat!
Nyow we will go from head to toe to fondly favor felinely footwear fashion, such as the leopurrd purrint boots that put the spots in the recent Macy’s stores’ TV spot; the high heels in the Steinmart stores’ spot, and the sexy sandals worn by Samantha (Kim Cattrall) to the beach in the Hamptons in the “Twenty-Somethings vs Thirty-Somethings” epurrsode of Sex and the City!

in the TV commercial for the Juvederm Collection of Fillers, among the four lovely ladies is the girl in the short Tiger Stripe ensemble; and lastly but not leastly in the TV commercials for the Kohl’s stores is the girl pulling on the leopurrd purrint turtleneck. and the widdle girl in the kitty hat.  That is all for this month’s spotlight, and nyow I will turn The Mew over to Lizzy who will begin our
collectibles toy talk, with her review
of the Mythic Legions action figures!
Hai! Originally four toy sculptors who worked for Mattel, they later started their own Four Horsement Studios to make their own original and licensed purroducts, nya! Currently the team is compurrised of Eric Treadway, Jim Preziosi and Eric “Cornboy” Mause! The Mythic Legion is their original series of beautiful action figures which is over 150 characters including this recent wave!
The tale of the Mythic Legion is that once upon the time there were the four legendery beasts Leodysseus, Bassylia, Xylonia and Eathyron who defended the realm  of Mythoss from the evil threats, and many years later there are heroic armies of various humanoid species who continue the good fight! These figures are about 6.5″ tall, excluding their hair, hoods and helmets.
Each is sold sepurrately, nicely packaged with the accessories in the clear plastic clamshell boxes with easily removable, beautiful card art by Nathan Baertsch, with the logo design by Neobauhaus Studios. I should also mention that additional painting, molding, casting, fabrication & site design was done by Sherri Lynn Cook, Bill Mancuso, Michael Mayse, and Ed Waysel III!
Nyow I will discuss the 3 figures that we have acquired thus far! Gwendolyn Hevensbrand of the Order of Eathyron is the warrior strategist who leads her troops! She wears the oppulant Bronze plate armor with the many intricate layers & parts with the plumed helmet with the lifting visor, long sword, two-handed sword, shield and other weapons!  Also included is the variant head without the helmet!
Nextly is  Herra Sepenshire the stoically mysterious high purriestess of the Order of Bassylia who has the supurrb mystic powers! She wears the ornate bare midriff outfit of the elaborate serpentine motif with the Dark Purrple cloth cape & tabard. Atop her head is the serpent tiara, around he lush ankle-length hair are the Golden coils, and upon her chocolatey dark skin are the exotic tattoos!
She is armed with the long fang-like scimitars, the gorgeous snake staff, he long sword and daggers! Then I have the figure of Azza Spiritbender the necromancer who has the elaborate tattoos on her Blue skin! She wears the layered bare midriff armor with the Dark Purrple tabard & hooded cloak and is armed with the falchion, dagger and the long glaive with the heavy mace headpiece!
They are not only so elaborately & beautifully designed, painted, sculpted & packaged, but they are very posable with the articulation in the neck, abs, waist, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. I recommend getting a doll stand  ( which is not included) for their display. I also hope to get the figures of their friends Freyia and Jiuno! Nextly I would like to discuss the
Star Wars Dr. Aphra action figure!
We certainly do like to collect the figures, statues, ornaments and dolls of the entertaining and inspurrational characters, such as Hasbro’s  3.5″ action figure of Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra, who appurrs in Marvel’s Star Wars comics. She is a human archaeologist and former employee of Darth Vader! She is quite smart and lucky to have survived that gig!
The plastic figure is meticulously designed, sculpted & painted with the intricate details, from her Black hair, Gold eyes, Red lips, smiling expression, and the circuitry pattern on her right arm, to the goggles on her flying helmet, her Orange vest, fingerless Black gloves, the Brown crisscrossed gun belts, the tan stripes on her pants and the straps of her boots.
She is accessorized by the blaster pistol, which will fit in either had or the holster. She is quite poseable, with the articulation in the neck, abs, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees & ankles. She is balanced well enough to stand up without requiring a display stand or base (which is not included.
However, I do recommend acquiring  a small doll / figure stand to display her in the more unbalanced or dynamic poses. We have found the good spot on the shelf for her beside the figures of Enfys, Qi’Ra. Jyn and Leia! Nyow I will turn the toy talk over to JennyJen for her review of the
Transformers Deluxe Class Nova Star action figure!
Arugato. I am purrticularly fond of the female Transformers characters such as Arcee, Windblade, Chromia, Nautica, Strongarm, Elita-1, Moonracer and Arachnia. I purrfer their designs from the comics & animation more than the live-action movies.  Thusly I was pleased to purrchase the 5.25″ tall action figure of the heroic Autobot Nova Star, the stealthy infiltration specialist of Elita-1’s team in the Power of the Primes series.
She is nicely designed, sculpted & painted; mostly the bright Orange & Red with the few Gray parts & Black tires. In her bipedal robot mode she has the Creme colored feminine face with Blue eyes & pink lips She is accessorized by the blaster pistol and the Prime Armor module. Also included in the clear clamshell packaging are a 2.5″x3.5″ card with the beautiful illustration of her, and the fold-out instruction sheet.
Her vehicle mode is the  Cybertronian sportscar with the White stripe & Autobot emblem on the sides. The transformation prurrocess requires 14 steps. Furthermore, she can combine with the sepurrately – sold Cutthroat, Blot and Sinnertwin to form the larger Terrorcon Hun-Gurr bot This transformation prurrocess requires 9 steps. 
The figure is nicely posable, with articulation in her neck, waist, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees & ankles, plus the transforming parts & spinning tires, She is balanced well enough to stand up without requiring a display stand, which is not included, and we have displayed her on the shelf beside her fellow female bots. Nextly I would like to discuss the
Marvel “Savage Land” Rogue Gallery Edition PVC Diorama.
X-Men Anne Marie alias Rogue is one of our favorite characters who was the villain who became the sympathetic  supurr heroine Originally from Mississippi, she was recruited by the Mystique’s Brother Hood of Evil Mutants but later repentantly joined the X-Men. She first appurred in Marvel Comics’ Avengers Annual #10 in 1981, which had the great story, art & character developments.
Rogues mewtant ability is the power to absorb other people’s powers and memories, which is very useful against her enemies but has the tragic disadvantages for her life. She was voiced by Lenora Zann in the 1990’s animated X-Men TV series, voiced by Meghan Black in the early 2000’s animated X-Men Evolution TV series, and purrtrayed by Anna Pqquin in the live-action X-Men movies.
Meticulously sculpted by Alejandro Perrira this lovely figure  PVC stature is part of Diamond Select’s Marvel Gallery Edition series, and depicts Rogue in the skimpy remnants of her Yellow & Green costume with the knife & spear from the purrehistoric jungle-like Savage Land. If she was standing flat-footed, the figure would be 8 3/4″ but including the display base the figure is 9 1/2 ” tall overall.
Given  her 5′ 8″ height in the comics, that would make this statue of the 1/ 7.77 scale. The sculpt & paint is supurrb from her lovely purrtratire with ther intently serious expurression, and her lush mid back – length Dark Brown hair with the White stripe, to her lithe sexy muscle tone, and the remnants of her tight Green & Yellow costume which is nyow the cropped Yellow tank top and Green loin cloth.
The outfit is accessorized by the he claw necklace, Yellow arm & leg bands, Red X emblem, Green headband, gloves & ankle-high boots, low-slung Brown belt & scabbard with hunting knife; and the 8″ spear. The base somewhat resembles Brownish-Gray metamorphic rock, with what appurrs to be the spurrig of Yellow & Green Draceana leaves. Nyow here is Nyo-sensei to discuss the 
Marvel Rising America Chavez fashion doll.
Hai! The supurr heroine America Chavez a.k.a Miss America is is the beautiful Brown lesbian latina daughter of the two moms from the Utopia Parallel dimension she can fly, she has supurr strength, and can punch star-shaped purrrtals into time and space! She appurred in Marvel’s Vengeance #1 in 2011; then she appurred in YounG Avengers and A-Force, then she got her own brief series in early 2017! Currently she appurrs in West Coast Avengers!
She is voiced by actress Cierra Ramierez in the recent animated movie Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, which also stars the other young Marvel Comics heroes such as Squirrel Girl, Quake, Ms. Marvel, Spider Gwen, Inferno and Patriot; and Hasbro has made these slightly posable plastic dolls of them! The i:6.25 scale America doll is 11.5″ tall with the five points of articulation in her neck, hips & ball-jointed shoulders.
That is not extremely posable, but the joints are hidden by her hoody! The design, sculpt & paint are very nice, from her Brown skin & eyes, smirking red lips & the raised eyebrow to her gold hoop earrings & hip-length soft Dark Brown fiber hair; the detail of her hands in the fingerless gloves & the tight abs with the inny belly button! Some of her attire is painted on, such as her Red & Blue leggings, and her fingerless gloves; 
Her mid-calf strappy Black boots are removable and are made of the flexible plastic,whilst her removable Red hoody with the White Star emblem is made of the cloth! She is very well – balanced to stand up without requiring a doll / display stand (which is not included). I am very pleased with the doll which is nyow the lovely addition to my collection! Nextly I would like to discuss
Mego’s Bewitched Samantha Stevens action figure!
I love the character Samantha Stevens the wonderful witchy wife & mom who was purrtrayed by the supurrb actress Elizabeth Montgomery in the Bewitched TV series, so I was delighted to find this action figure of her which is part of the Marty Abrams’s Mego line of TV Favorites, which also  includes characters form Star Trek,  I Dream of Jeannie,  Batman, Wonder Woman, Charmed &  Married… With Children!
Limited to 10,000, this 8 in. figure of Samantha is plastic with the early 60’s style of wavy shoulder-length Blonde fiber hair, the splendid purrtrature that resembles the actress with the cute “nose twitch” expression! She is wearing her Black “flying suit” compurrised of the mid-thigh length cloth dress, the diaphanous mid-thigh length cloth cape & the flexible plastic witchy hat with the molded plastic panty & pumps!
The cape is attached at the shoulders & elbows of the dress. The sculptors of the figure were Sean Samson, Cynthia Woody & Andy Covalt, the seamstress was Nicole Wilson, and the consultant was Dr. Mego who all did the terrific job! The figure is very very posable, with the 14 points of articulation compurrised of the jointed neck, waist, hips, shoulders, elbows, writsts, ankles, knees & the ball- jointed hips! 
Also included is the 2.5 inch flat plastic replica of her Purrple cartoon cat form that appurrs in the TV show’s animated opening titles! Kawaii! The figure is balanced well enough to stand up without needing a display base or a doll stand (which is not included) but I am going get the stand and to find the 1:5.6 scale broom to pose her in the flight! Nyow here is Trini-chan to begin 
our monthly Pony Report, with her review of the
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Seven DVD!
Hai! We love the My Little pony TV series, movies, toys, books, comics, games and other items, so we have eagerly awaited this DVD, nya! This Region 1 NTSC standard set  from Shout Kids has the 26 epurrsodes from the show’s 7th season on 4 disks! The episodes are about  22 minutes apiece for an approximate total of 9.5 hours, plus the fun bonus features!
The 4 disks are firmly clenched but are very easily removed from the 4 inner trays in the plastic case, and the pretty cover art depicts the mane six ponies and Spike the dragon, with the list of episodes & bonuses on the reverse side. The video is presented in the 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreeen format, with the English language Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. 
The voice cast includes Andrea Libman as Fluttershy and as Pinkie Pie; Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity, Luna, Granny Smith, Flurry Heart & Photo Finish; Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash, Applejack Lyra and Nurse Redheart, ; Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle, Michelle Creber as Apple Bloom, Claire Corlett as Sweetie Belle, Madeleine Peters as Scootaloo, Cathy Weseluck as Spike…
Nicole Oliver as Celestia, Cherilee, Daybreaker & Dr Fauna, Kelly Sheridan as Starlight Glimmer, Britt McKillip as Cadence, Andrew Francis as Shining Armor, Brenda Crichlow as Zecora, Kathleen Barr as Trixie, Kelly Metzger as Spitfire, Ingrid Nilson as Maud Pie,Murry Peters as Somnambula, Ellen-Ray Hennessy as Mistmane, Marlee Deveraux as Mage Meadowbrook…
 Giles Pantan as Flash Magnus, Matt Gorlick as Rockhoof, Chiara Zanni as AK Yearling / Daring Do, Peter New as Big McIntosh, Bill Newton as Pony of Shadows, Kyle Ridout as Thorax, Gary Chalk as Rutherford, Doran Bell as Cattail,  Ali Milner as Ember, Alyssa Swales as Toola Roola, Graham Verchere as Pipsqueak,Trevor Duvall as Thunderlane, Hoity Toity and Iron Will…
Alne Sunderland as Cocconut Cream, Elisa Rotaru as Stable Spirit, Zacl LeBlanc as Star Tracker and Skeedadle,  Felicia Day as Pear Butter, John Delancie as Discord, William Shatner as Grand Pear, Rebecca Shoicet as Sugar Belle the singing voice of Twilight Sparkle, Sharon Chan-Kent as the singing voice of Pinkie Pie, and Kasumi Evans as the singing voice of Rarity!
It is the wonderful season full of the great characters, tales, messages, voices, music, animation and scenery! Season Seven ends with the epic 2 part tale of “Shadow Play” in which the Mane Six and Starlight Glimmer team up with the Five Pillars and Starswirl against the Pony of Shadows!
The bonus features include the three sing – alongs “Best Friends Until the End of Time (about 2 min.), “You’re in my Head like a Catchy Song” (about 2 min.) and “Flawless ” (almost 2.5 min.)! My favorite bonus is the pony panel from the 2018 San Diego Comic Con (almost 44 min long!
Moderated by Hasbro’s Eliza Hart, the celebrity panelists include Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, Meghan McCarthy the senior vice – president of Allspark Animation, executive producer / story editor Nicole Dubec, story editor Josh Haber, and actress Rachel Bloom who voices Autumn Blaze the Kirin in Season 8!
The actresses do the voices quite the bit while everyone discusses season eight and Equestria Girls, play the improv game, and answer the fans’ questions! It is rather entertaining and- and informative, and so I will give the DVD  the grade of the A as in Applebuck! Now to continue the pony report, here is Tara-chan to review
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #71!
Arigato, nya! It is hard to believe that IDW’s My Little Pony comics have been going for the 6.5 years already, nya! They wonderfully capture the look and – and spirit of the animated pony series whilst mastering the different techniques of the comics medium, nya! Issue #71 has 28 pages compurrised of the uninterrupted 20 page tail plus the 8 pages of the ads, nya.We wish that all of the comic book publishers would put all of the ads after the Halloween-ish tale, nya! 
It was written Ted Anderson, drawn by Andy Price, colored by Heather Breckle, lettered by Neil Uyetake, edited by Bobby Curnow and – and assistantly edited by Megan Brown, nya! It is available in the choice of cover A by Andy cover B by Sara Richard, and – and the retail store incentive cover by Linday Cibos and – and  Jared Hodges, nya! In this issue the Mane Six ponies take the back seat to
Smolder, Silverstream, Yona, Ocellus, Gallus and – and Sandbar, nya!
They are Twilight Sparkle’s students of the various species who cosplay on the Grim Grinning Gala on Nightmare Night in Ponyville, nya! It is such the fun festive night  with the many costumes, treats, decorations, games and – and the attractions, such as the haunted castle to explore, but then things get too scary!  Also appurring are Twlight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Spike, and – and about the four dozen background characters to identify, nya!
It is the fun tale with at the purrfect pace with the great dialogue graced by the art’s beautiful poses, expurressions, scenery, FX, fonts and – and colors, nya! ! purrticularly like the nearly 50 costumes to identify, and- and the mewsing widdle Mad Magazine-esque gag cartoons in the pages’ margins, so I will give the tale the grade of the “A’ as in Apple Buck, nya!  Nextly I would like to discuss
My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights #1, nya!
I was quite eagerly awaiting this purrticular pony tale, nya! Purriced at $3.99, it has 28 pages compurrised of the uninterrupted 20 page tail plus the 8 pages of the ads, nyaIt was written by Jeremy Whitley who also created the Princeless and – and Raven the Pirate Princess comics, and has written the Unstoppable Wasp, Vampirella, Sea of Thieves, and – and other comics, nya! It was drawn by Tony Fleecs and- and colored by Heather Breckle, nya!
It was lettered by Neil, edited by Bobby and – and assistantly edited by Megan, nya! It is available in the choice of cover A by Tony, cover B by Brenda Hickey, the retailers Incentive cover by Andy Price, and – and the convention exclusive cover by Jay Fosgitt, nya! We have met Jeremy, Tony and – and Brenda at the conventions, nya! The tale stars Luna who teams up with Stygian to investigate the alarming strange incidents in her friends’ dreams, nya!
In order to rescue her sister Celestia who was caught by the evil Pony of Shadows, Luna and – and Stygian use Starswirl’s magickal mirror to go to the other world’s chaotic casino castle, which is ruled by Discord’s cousin Eris, who has enslaved the corrupted Cellestia, nya! Also appurring are Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, Granny Smith, Somambula, Mage Meadowbrook and – and Flash Magnus, plus the many background characters to identify, nya!
It is great to have another Luna adventure, but are some very tragically dire moments especially for her and Celestia, nya! The character, scenic, FX and font art is quite beautiful, including the three impurressive full-page images of the casino exterior, the casino interior, and – and Eris with corrupted Celestia, nya!  I will give the tale the grade of the “A’ as in Apple Buck too, nya! That will conclude the pony report, so nyow here is onee-chan to tell us about
our comic book reports with her review of the 
Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess Year Two:
Love and Revenge Halloweeen Comics Fest issue, nya!
Arigato, Tara-chan, nya! Created and written by Jeremy and published by Action Lab Comics, the Princeless series purrtains to the adventurous diverse ladies who refuse to be oppurressed by unfair gender and racial roles or stereotypes in the medieval era, nya! It introduced the 17 year old Captain Raven Xingtao who would later star in this wonderful spin-off series, nya!
Raven is the cunning, agile mariner, archer daughter of the pirate king, nya. She recruited her own multi-racial, all – girl crew for her three mast ship to sail vengefully against her evil brothers Crow and Magpie’s ships, and thus reclaim her rightful inheritance, nya! The girls have the new sense of family, romances, adventures  and purrpose as they take control of their destinies, nya!
In this Halloween Comics Fest issue, Raven, Sunshine and Quinn rescue Ximena, Zoe and Nanda who were spirited away by three ghostly witches to the island filled with ghoulish minions, nya! The witches try to bribe the girls into forsaking their romantic relationships, but the retort results in the fisticuffs, nya! This supurrb 10 page tale was written by Jeremy, illustrated by Megan Huang, lettered by Justin Birch, & edited by Nicole D’Andria, nya! 
This issue also includes the 8 page Princeless tale of Adrienne the runaway purrincess and her dragon friend Sparky who search the desert for the hidden sphinx tower! Meanwhile Adrienne’s brother purrince Devin, Kira the werewolf chief’s daughter, Tempest the elf girl and runaway human Prince Wilcome watch from the forest as the nearby village burns down, and overhear the inklings of a conspurracy and the hunt for the Black Knight, nya!
This interlude was written by Jeremy, pencilled by Emily Martin, inked by AinhoaAramayo, colored & lettered by Brett Grunig, edited by Alicia Whitley & Nicole, nya! But wait- there’s more, nya! To delightfully top off this terrific issue is the 7 page Toyetica tale by Marty Legrow, which stars the 6″ girls who aspire to be INSPURRATIONAL doll & action figure models at Dollington Academy, nya!
Minky the Brunette mermaid, Trixie the freckled redhead and Polly the Pink – haired sweet lolita are discussing the academy’s time capsule contest when their snobby narcissistic purrincess classmate Sweetina arrives to insult them from her fancy tricked-out doll car, nya. It would be the darn shame if the huge time capsule trophy were accidentally fall upon Sweetina’s car, nya!
This was such the beautiful, fun, thrilling, poingant free treat for Halloween, and I am eagerly anticipating the next issues of those three series, nya! Nextly I would like to discuss another magnificent comic book that is written by Jeremy-
The Unstoppable Wasp #1, nya!
We were so very thrilled about the publication of this new 6 issue mini – series from Marvel Comics, because the purrior Wasp series was one of our favoritest  series ever, nya! The tale stars Nadia Van Dyne the orphaned Hungarian genius daughter of Hank (Ant Man) & Maria Pym, who was adopted by her step mom Janet van Dyne and became the latest heroine known as The Wasp, nya! 
Edwin Jarvis the Avengers’ Butler has been helping Nadia to get settled into her new life Cresskills whilst she has fought the criminals and started  the G.I.R.L. (Genius in Action Research Labs) group for the genius heroines who might impurrove the world, nya! The diverse mutlicultural genius  team includes Taina the mechanical engineer, Priya the biologist, Ying the chemist and Shay the physicist, nya!
This 1st issue is purriced $3.99 and includes the 20 page tale plus the credit / recap page, the purreview page, the 2 intermew pages and the 4 pages of the ads, nya. It was written by Jeremy,  illustrated by Gurihiru, lettered by Joe Caramagna,  and edited by Alanna Smith with the graphic design by Carlos Lao, and the choice of the three different covers by Yasmine Putri, Ben Caldwell and Gurihiru. nya!
Meanwhile, Janet has hired Taina’s sister Alexis as her purrotege, and Shay is romantically interested iin Ying, whilst the genius girls Amber and Monica plot the high tech crimes with the evil A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) group, nya! This results in The Wasp and G.I.R.L.’s purretty drones fighting against the A.I.Am agents and  Amber in her spiffy Seeker armor, nya!
It is delightful to see Nadia kick and zap the vilains, nya! My other favorite scenes include Nadia & Jarvis in the flying convertible Red sportscar, Janet & Miranda at  Javitz Center in Manhattan, Ying dancing to the  synth pop mewsic, and the girl’s piloting the drones, nya! After the tale is Nadia’s two-page intermew with  the real 14 year old scientist Julie Seven Sage, nya! 
This issue has everything that I hope for, from those awesome heroines in the supurr fun plot at the purrfect pcase with the sparkling dialogue, to the gorgeous character, mecha, fashion & scenic art with the supurrb colors, fonts,  page compurrisions, and another intermew with an inspurrational girl genius,, so I will give the issue the “A” as in Ant Man, nya! Nyow we will go from the Wasp to the spiderss as Nya-sensei tells us about
Spider-Girls #1, nya!
Hai! The Autumnal months sure have been the meowrvelous season for the various Marvel comics mini –  series starring the inspurrational supurr heroines!  One of the recent big cross – over story arcs amongst the various Spider-Man related titles is the Spider-Geddon tale, in which the Spidery – powered heroes of the multiverse have been purreyed upon by the supurr vampires who have the taste for the life force of spiders, nya. 
Thusly many of the heroes  of the spidery purrsuasion have teamed up to thwart those dreadful foes who are known as The Inheritors, and this mini –  series stars Spider-Man (Peter Parker) with Spinnerette (Mary Jane Watson – Parker), Arana (Anya Corozon), Spider – Woman (May “Mayday Parker” and Spiderling (Annie May Parker) who hope that the legendary Spider scrolls & totems will help against The Inheritors!
Rated T for the teen readers, the 28 page issue is purriced $3.99 and has the 20 page tale plus the  credits / recap page, the Spider-Geddon issues checklist and the 6 pages of the ads. It was written by Jody hauser, pencilled & inked by Andres Genlet, colored by Triona Farrell, lettered by Joe Caramagna,  and edited by Kathleen Wisenski with the purrduction design by Anthony Gambino and the cover art by Yasmine Putri!
This was quite the fun issue, especially as the heroes defeat the Vulture gang, with the poignant moments as the heroes become acquainted with their secret identities and family connections. The art and fonts are quite nice, and I especially liked the very luminous colors such as the lighting of the huge city at night, and the large panels, including the two-page spurread of the Spiders vs Vultures brawl! Nextly I would like to discuss
Nextly I would like to discuss
Shuri #1!
We are big fans of Purrrincess Shuri of Wakanda, who has been the Black Panther (in the comics) when her older brother King T’challa was unable to for the while. We also liked the movie version of her as purrtrayed by Letitia Wright! The movie version differs the bit from the comics version, but author Nnedi Okorafo succeeds at being faithful to both versions in this mini-series!
Shuri #1 is the 28 page issue rated T,  purriced $3.99, and has the  22 page tale plus the author’s comments, the Wakanda map and the 4 pages of the ads. This Shuri tale is set about the same time as the current Black Panther series, in which King T’challa and Eden Fesi a.k.a Manifold have been missing in outer space for 2 weeks after their space ship entered the space wormhole. 
It was illustrated by Leonardo Romero, colored by Jordie Bellaire, lettered by Joe Sabino, edited by Wil Moss, and associately edited by Sarah Brunstad. with the logo by Adam Del Lee, the main cover art by Sam Spratt  and the 6 variant covers by Travis Charest; Jamal Campbell; Skottie Young; John Tyler Christopher; Carlos Pacheko; Rafael Fronteriz & Laura Martin!
The gorgeous cover art by Sam Spratt  is also available on the poster! During T’challa & Eden’s ‘s absence, Shuri has tried to idle away the days by staying busy in her very high tech laboratory, inventing the various gadgets such as the nanotech wings, although it seems that she already has the mystic ability to fly when she transforms into the bird!
She has also been corresponding with the mysterious computer hacker known as Muti, and has the discreet meeting to with other wise Wakandan women such as Ramonda the Queen Mother, Okoye of the elite Dora Milaje guard, and civilians such as Zawena, Mansa, Tiwa and Bube to discuss the notion of Shuri purrhaps repurrising the Panther role during T’challa’s absence! 
I love the purretty outfit that Shuri wears during the market scene and in the Spratt art; and  the neat  flashback scene of younger Shuri & T’challa training with their mentor Zuri. is cleverly depicted in the monochromatic pallet technique! This was a terrific issue and we are quite curious as to what Shuri will do next! I am done, so nyow we will go from the panther girl to the cheetah girl as Becca tells us about the
Gold Digger Halloween Super Special!
Arigato! For over the 250 issues, the spin-offs and the other special issues over the past 25 years, Gold Digger by Fred Perry is the beautiful fun comics about the zany, alluring, thrilling adventures of the archaelogist Gina Diggers, her were-cheetah sister Britanny, their clone Brianna, rival Pinny and others who search for relics and treasures!
For our spotlight on the cast of Gold Digger, see our August 2011 Mew! It is published by Antarctic Press, which is also known for other manga – inspired and anthropurrmorphic comics such as Ninja High School, Albedo, Genus, Furrlough, Shanda, Twilight X, Mangazine, Warrior Nun Areala, Blade Bunny, Star’s End, Team Mobil and Plush!
This Black & White 32 page issue is purriced $3.99 and has the 3 tales starring Britanny, Gina and Tiffany, plus the front cover art which is graced by Brianna! In the 12 page tale of “Halloween Hot Date”, Gina sadly has the cold and cannot attend the school’s dance, after she made the sexy high tech Cobra Baroness costume for Britanny.
Thusly Britanny will be going to the dance with her classmate Marv, who has secretly the purrvy intentions for his catgirl date, especially her 35F cup boobies… until he is greeted intimidatedly at the door by the sisters’ very purrotective dad whose sorcerous powers have vanquished many threats to the Diggers family!
After that is the 6 page tale of the Pumpkin Patch in which Gina’s daughter Tiffany tells the scary story in homage to the Peanuts to her widdle robot friends! To top off the trilogy is “13 page tale of The Green Pumpkin”, in which the titular supurr villain plan to attack the crowded downtown street festival conducted by Brittany and her friend Dani the Pink Avenger!
Also appurring in that tale are younger supurr heroes Anita a.k.a. Ice Star, Scott a.k.a Fire-Man, and several enemy agents of FROBRA! It has been the great year for the Gold Digger between the Swimsuit issue, the Summer issue and this halloween issue, and I am looking forward to the Christmas Special too! Nyow for more of the Halloween fun, I would like to discuss the
Red Sonja Halloween Special!
Red Sonja is one of our favoritest heroines, who is known for her peerless purrowess in the melee, her iconic meal scale maile bikini which has inspired many other characters, couture and cosplay, and her Red hair which is as fiery as her spirit! In the recent years her comics home has been at Dynamite, which has the great knack for the femme fatales such as Sonja, Sheena, Vampirella, Pantha,  Miss Fury, Dejah Thoris and Elvira!
It is only appurropurriate that her sword & sorcery adventures of the macabre flavor would be served for Halloween, and this full color 30 page one-shot issue has two such tales! The are not interrupted by the ads either! It is purriced at $4.99, and rated T+ for the older teen readers, purrhaps due to the spooky gory combat violence  that typically accompanies the scantilly – clad heroine, even when she just wants to party in the taverns!
This issue was lettered by Tyalor Esposito, edited by Joseph Rybandt, Luke Lieberman, Anthony Marques & Kevin Ketner; and has the cover by Reilly Brown & Jim Charalampidos, which depicts Sonja dueling the  tentacled Jack O’ Lantern monster!  Firstly is the 20 page tale of the “Curse of the Wolf”  which was written by Erik Burnham, illustrated by Tony Garcia and colored by Morgan Hickman.
Amidst the village’s spirit festival, Sonja and a chap from the tavern venture into the spirit – filled woods to rescue a mother’s son from the werewolf. The ghost of her sorcerous arch enemy Kulan Gath is there too! This is followed by the amewsing 8 page tale of “Hail Halcoose” which was plotted by Tom Defalco, scripted by Liam Marques & Anthony Marques who illustrated it with Avery Marques, and it was colored by Dee Conniffe.
This time Sonja’s food and drink are unwisely interrupted by the cult that mistakenly wants to sacrifice her and the cute widdle girl at the tavern to the giant squid-like demon named Halcoose who they worship! Let’s just say that the fight is merely the quick delay of Sonja’s suppurr! This issue was a lot of thrilling fun that hit the spot Nyow I will turn The Mew over to Mie-sensei who wants to tell us about
Beasts of Burdon: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men #3!
Arigato, Becca-san! Created by author Evan Dorken and artist Jill Thompson, Beasts of Burden is the beautiful bittersweet fantasy tale of heroic canine & feline friends who investigate the paranormal incidents and defend their small home town of Burden Hill from evil supernatural threats! It is the very charming, amewsing and thrilling  series, but sometimes it is quite sad and tragic too.
We have met Evan & Jill at the Heroes Conventions! Some of the tales were tales co-written by Evan’s wife Sarah Dryer! Thusly far in this 4 issue mini-series, the group of 16 dogs from Burden Hill have encountered the injured animals in the cruel traps, and deadly monsters in the wilderness, while on the expedition to investigate the macabre incidents at the Cotters’ Farm in the town of Derrington.
The tale was written by Evan, illustrated by Benjamin Dewey, lettered by Nate Piekos, edited by Daniel Chabon, and assistantly edited by Brett Israel, with the graphic design by Sarah Terry & digital technical wizardry by Chris Horn. The main cover is by Benjamin and the variant cover is by Tyler Crook. The dogs include Lundy, Gerda, Miranda, Dempsey, Brigid, Charlie, Emrys, Triss, Carver, Huxley & Tommy.
Dymphna the witchy cat had the brief cameo appearance in issue #2! So like, After the stop at their friend Arthur’s rural home, the pack is attacked by more of the totally gnarley monsters on thr way to the farm, which is the very grody scene of the recent slaughter. Sadly among the departd are the Cotters’ Farm dogs who summoned the Burden Hill pack. 
The journey continues further into the wilderness full of totally icky giant web worms, where the pack is betrayed and encounters the heavily – armed coven of evil warlocks who are responsible for the atrocities and intend to sacrifice the dogs. Some of the dogs get caught while Emrys battles the warlock’s magickally mutated giant boars in the thrilling cliffhanger!
I should not spoil further the taste of the plot, but the woods will waft likely with the aroma of freshly barbequed pork, fur shur! The plot & dialogue are quite poignant, and the art gorgeously depicts the characters, scenery & FX! I will give the tale the grade of the “A” as in Arthur and our anticipation for the final issue! Nextly I would like to discuss the much more endearing porcine character who stars in
Unnatural #1!
Hai! So like, this urban fantasy tale of the exploited, oppurressed sad piggy girl was created, written, drawn and colored by Italian artist / author Mirka Andolfo. Her other credits include Sacra / Profano, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, DC Bombshells, and comics for Marvel, Dynamite and Aspen! Unnatural is the 12 issue mini-series that was originally published in 2016 by Panini Comics in Italy, and nyow it is purrsented in the USA by Image Comics!
it was assistantly colored by Arnacia Studio’s Gianculi Papi edited by Diego Malara & Marco Ricompensa, with the graphic design by Alessandro Gucciardo and letterer Fabio Amejia, translated from Italian to English by Arancia Studio. The 1st issue is priced $3.99 has the 20 page tale followed by the 6 pages of bonus art and notes and the 2 pages of ads, and it is available in the choice of cover A by Mirka and cover B by Milo Manara!
The tale is set in the contemporary world of the diverse species and the bigoted orwellian government that has unfortunately banned the interspecies and  homosexual marriages. The main protagonist is Leslie the waitress with the lovely porcine ears  andtail, turquoise eyes and short hair, fair skin, various piercings, the scooter, and the taste for sushi!. She shares an apartment with her roomie Trish the mouse girl, Piff the cute widdle pet dragon!
So like, Leslie and her friend Derek the goat boy work at the diner with the mean boss Hans the gator guy, who has coerced her to wear the too tightly short uniform, which is the unfortunate part of her birthday. At home she has been dreaming erotically of the forbidden wedding night with the tall buff wolf boy! Meanwhile, she is stalked by the mysterious hooded purrson, and the official government match-making office has plans for her, fur shur!
Her job, finances and civil rights have much to be desired, plus she is bothered by the vividly taboo fantasies in the bed and the bath! The moment of the nudity and sexual situations might not be for the widdle kitties, but the character, scenic & typographic art is as beautiful as beautiful can be and Leslie is the sympathetic character who we hope and cheer for, fur shur! Now here is Mike to present
our art book reports, with his review of 
Mike Grell: Life is Drawing Without an Eraser!
Thank you, Mie-sensei! Two Morrows in Raleigh NC publishes wonderful magazines & books about comics, art & pop culture, including this great new book about comics artist / author “Iron” Mike Grell, who I’ve been a fan of since the mid 1970’s, and had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte!
Grell’s earliest works were art for Brenda Starr, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes, Batman, and his great creation of Warlord for DC Comics! He later create, wrote & drew Starslayer, Jon Sable, Shaman’s Tears. He’s also written & drawn some superb James Bond and Iron Man comics, and has done countless beautiful illustrations for various publisher and many fans!
All of those works are thoroughly discussed and depicted in this 8.5×11″ trade paperback, which was written by Dewey Cassell with Jeff Messer, and edited by John Morrow with an introduction by Chad Harden. There’s also a hardcover edition with additional pages. The paperback edition is priced $27.95 and has 160 Black & White & color pages, with over 200 images amidst the extensive interview with Grell. 
Also interviewed are his collaborators Paul Levitz, Denny O’Neil, Mike Gold, Dan Jurgens and Paul Ryan, and to top it off are several photos, a Jon Sable TV series episode guide, and a checklist of Grell’s comics! Shakira the Skartaris catgirl is well – represented too, so I’ll give this great book an “A” as in Aqua Man! Ah, next I’d like to say a few words of praise for
Mark Schultz’s Carbon 3!
Mark Schultz is one of the most brilliant, nicest artists & authors who is puerhaps most famous for his Xenozoic Tales / Cadillacs & Dinosaurs series starring Hannah, Jack and many dinosaurs! His other credits include the SubHuman mini – series, Conan book illustrations, writing the Prince Vaiiant comic strip, and his Storms at Sea novella which we reviewed in the September 2015 Mew!
We’ve met him at several conventions! Published by Flesk, Carbon 3 is the latest collection of his pencil, inked & painted works including preliminary studies & finished renderings, with more than 60 images! The 9″x12″ trade paperback is priced $24.95 and has 56 pages with over 60 images, including 4 spectacular gatefolds! There’s also a limited signed & numbered hardcover edition.
The lavishly beautiful imagery evokes pulp heroes, prehistoric & mythical creatures, lost worlds, swords & sorcery & post apocalyptic adventure. This includes images of Tarzan, dinosaurs, primordial purrincesses, mermaids, and Hannah and Jack aplenty, from the older pics to a peek at Mark’s forthcoming new Xenozoic Tale! It is so gorgeous, and I’ll give the book an “A” as in Archaeopteryx! That’ll do it for our printed-media mewsings, and now here are Petra and Bunni to present the latest

additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art!

Arigato, nya! For those here for the first time, Galleries 1-8 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their kind purrmissions, and Mike’s collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya! The images include illustrations, photos and mixed medias, nya!
Some of the art might be sexy or depict the tasteful nudity or semi – nudity, but none of it is porn, nya! The most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the uncropped full pics, nya! This month we have added new pics aplenty to Guest Gallery 5 and to Gallery 8, nya!
we are purroud to purrsent the 31 Inktober ACEOs by Rebecca Brogden, who was the guest for our September 2009 Mew, nya! Each of these beautiful 2.5″ x3.5″ illustrations  of the Halloween theme were done with the pencil, pens and Copic markers, and we have grouped them into the 8 collages of  the three to four pics apiece, nya!
The 1st collage is compurrised of  the peppy “Pumpkin Spirit”,  the cute vampurress who asks “Got Blood?”, the chilling purretty “Ghost Girl”, and the gleefully messy “Zombie Girl”, nya! The 2nd collage is compurrised of the cemetery’s sexy “Chibi Devil Girl”, the delightful “Chibi Witch” on her broom, the adorable widdle “Chibi Ghost Girl”, and the mirthfully macabre “Chibi Child of the Night”, nya!
The 3rd collage is compurrised of the elegantly alluring  “Dark Elf”, the freckle faced “Sweet Witch”, the happy “Young Wolf” boy, and the forlornly “Fallen Angel” who misses her heavenly home, nya.
The 4th collage is compurrised of “Chibi Frankenstein” on a stormy night’s stroll, accompanied wistfully by the “Chibi Bride of Frankenstein”, the “Chibi Grim”  reapurr by the graves and the “Chibi Mummy” by the purramids, nya!
The 5th collage is compurrised of the seductive ‘Sly Dragon” dude, his partying pal the “Sexy Vampire”, the darling dragon girl with the “Dragon Secret”, and the joyfully cute “Candy Corn Witch”, nya!
The 6th collage is compurrised of the “Chibi Succubus” ready to whip us into shape, the famished “Chibi Zombie Girl” looking for her next meal, “Chibi Nosferatu” up to nocturnal mischief, and the “Chibi Death” by night, nya!
The 7th collage is compurrised of the raven cloaked “Nevermore”, the purretty platinum – haired wolf girl’s “Howl”, the kemonomimi sipping the pumpkin spice latte on the “Autumn Day”, and the “Trick or Treat” catgirl hoping for candy in her bag, nya! The 8th collage is compurrised of the “Goth Fairy”, the adorable “Chibi Phantom Girl”, and the pirate girl of “Trick or Treat 2”, nya!
We are also ecstatic to exhibit 4 more illustrations of characters from our web master Jamie Robertson’s urban fantasy web comic Clan of the Cats, nya!

Firstly of the 4 is the micron pens, brush & ink pic of “Chelsea”, who is the heroic North Carolinian witchy were – panther star of the webcomic, nya! 
These illustrations were done for the annual Inktober purroject, nya! After that is the digital pic of  “Chelsae Dark, nya. You know, her full name is Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan, who lives  just the few miles from here in the coastal town of Haven, nya. She and some of her family & friends were guests of the August 2007&  January 2009 Mew, nya!
Nextly is “Behind Blue Eyes”, the brush, ink & digital illustration of Chelsea’s sister Corrine Elizabeth Melepomene Chattanthe were – leopurrd mercenary, who was the guest for our November 2009 Mew, nya! The to top off the quartet is the brush, ink & wash pic of Chelsea’s familiar “Sebastian”,  the magickal kitty of the Russian Blue breed, nya! Nyow here is Bunnibuns to purrsent the latest additions to
Hai! We are delighted to display three widdle collages of Mike’s sketches of Nystia & Cooke, who are characters in Mike’s tabletop fantasy role-playing game! Rebecca Brogden’s character Nystia is the vampiric dark faerie, alchemist / mage, idol star, wife, former sheriff, and owner of an island resort.
Cooke is the NPC Red Dragon who used to be the enemy mercenary, but now he works at Nystia’s resort where they are the drinking buddies! Each of these three collages consists of three pen-inked sketches, which were done as the ideation for Mike’s pending color illustration of Nystia & Cooke!
Nextly is the pen & ink illustration of five “More of Mike’s NPCs”! From left to right are Ulana (lamia snake girl) the flutist & dance instructor; Yumiko (1/2 air elemental girl) the bed & breakfast castle’s housekeepurr in her very short maid uniform with her battle broom…
… Carerratia (faerie) Secretary of the Fae High Council in her off –  shoulder short yukata; Umbra (were-kuroneko girl) the bed & breakfast castle’s warden in the short cheongsam; and Roberta (an A.I. gynoid) the bed & breakfast’s steward in the gown with the plunging neckline!
Then we have Mike’s pen & ink pic of Jeannie’s mom “Lois”, who co-founded the island’s robotics club! The Libra born in the year of the Dragon on October 10th in 1953, Lois is the Chinese / Hawaiian / Japanese – American catgirl. She is 5 ft. 5 in. tall, weighs 125 lb., her BWH sizes are 34D-26-34 in., her tail is 3 ft. long, her IQ is 150, blood type is O+  and her most favorite foods are fish & shellfish!
Wearing the teensy bikini, Lois has Golden Brown hair, Hazel eyes, Tan skin, ears and tail, the outy belly button, and no tattoos but does have several piercings. She has the bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering, with the hobbies of belly dancing, drone racing, yoga and kyudo. In 1981 she married Desmond who is the actor dancer and fitness model, and in 1984 Jeannie was born!
Then we have Mike’s pen & ink pic of Lizzy’s mom / Becca’s mother in law “Victoria”, or just Vicki for short! The Libra born in the year of the Rabbit on October 12th in 1952, Vicki is the Filipina / Hawaiian – American catgirl. She is the masseuse, Yarn Ball Lacrosse coach, and retired Miko. She is is 5 ft. 4 in. tall, weighs 115 lb, her BWH sizes are 35C-25-35 in., and her singing voice is the alto.
Wearing the shorts & knotted blouse. she has Black hair, Green eyes, Tan skin, ears & tail, the outy belly button, several tattoos & piercings. She has expertise in Loomiloomi, Ashiatsu, Nuat Thai, An Mo & Swedish massages, reflexology, acupressure & other therapies for pamprring the customers! Her husband George is a masseur & cricket coach. When they semi – retired, they turned the family’s ancestral spa to Lizzy & Becca!
Nextly is Mike’s pen & ink pic of Vonny & Tara-chan’s mom “Leah” who was the first captain of the family’s 1985 Hatteras 60 Convertible motor yacht SS TsuriNekoMimi! The Libra born in the year of the Rabbit on October 12th, 1952, she is the Scotch-Irish American Hindu catgirl & semi – retired deep sea angler. She is  5 ft. 9 in. tall, weighs 125 lb., her BWH sizes are 34B-25-34 in. & blood type is A+.
Wearing the skimpy  bikini, Leah has Red hair, Green eyes, freckled Tan skin, ears & tail, an athletic physique, inny belly button, several tattoos & piercings. She speaks English & Spanish, the bit of Japanese, Gaelic & Hindi, and has the soprano voice. Leah, her husband Daniel, daughters Yvonne & Tara-chan have given much love, money, time & fish to the Mew Hanover County Food Bank 
Lastly but not leastl;y for this month is Mike’s pic of Petra’s mom “Torii“, who co-owns the island’s art supply store with her husband Eric! Born on 16 October 1950, Torii is the Libra born in the Year of the Tiger; she is the German-American catgirl with Red hair, Green eyes, freckled Pale Tan skin and an inny belly button. In this scene, she is peppily greeting us from the counter in her store!
Wearing the sheer sun dress, she is 5’ 9” tall, her BWH sizes are 32C-24-35”, her blood type is A+, IQ is 135, she weighs the slim 120 lbs, and she speaks English & German with the NC OBX CatSpeak dialect. Her hobbies include painting, calligraphy, photography, ceramics sculpting, singing and piano; she is active in local arts organizations, and her favorite foods are milk, sushi and pie! So, what do y’all think of the art?
I love the delightful expressions of the portraits of the Pumpkin Spirit, Ghost Girl, Zombie Girl, and Got Blood!
Hai hai! I also adore the lines, colors and shading of the Chibi Succubus, Nosferatu Death and Zombie Girl!
I especially like the cute quality of the Chibi Witch, Child of the Night, Ghost Girl and Devil Girl! Kawaii!
Rebecca is so good at the chibi styles too! Chibi Grim, Mummy Frankenstein & Bride might be my favorites!
There is good dense of story & purrsonalities in Sly Dragon & Sexy Vampire to the Dragon Secret & Young Wolf!
Mary Nyan:
 I am also impurrssed by the coiffure and couture designs for the Dark Elf, Sweet Witch, Fallen Angel, and Howl!
Autumn Day, Trick or Treat, and Candy Corn,have the great compurrsition with the purrfect hint of scenery too!
I like the contrast in Jamie’s pen & ink technique for Chelsea, Chelsea Dark, Behind Blue Eyes and Sebastian!

I like… I like the details of the Goth Fairy, Chibi Phantom, the pirate girl, and – and the pic of our mom, nya! (cries joyfully)


I remember when she caught that fish! The purrtraitures of her and Jen’s mom are spot on too, nya! (cries the happy tears)


Mike certainly captured the likeness, spirit and fashion style of our moms. (sheds the tear)
It is captured from the tufts of her ears and the whistle in her mouth to the ball of yarn and the swish of her tail! (cries)
The paw purrint tattoo, the purrl necklaces, flower tucked by her ear, and the typical off-shoulder sundress, nya! (cries)
Oh I cannot wait until they all convene at the mewseum to see their heartfelt faithful purrtraits! (cries)
Fur Shur!
Oh good, I am so glad that y’all approve! There’ll be more of the Moms of The Mew next month!
My favorite aspects of the NPC group are the ruffles of Yumiko’s uniform and the neko key hole of Umbra’s cheongsam.
I like the Carreratia’s leafy wings & yukata; the drapurry & neckline of Roberta’s attire; and Ulana’s snakey parts, nya!


I like the dynamic angle Meteor Attack pic and  the aerial viewpoint of the treasure trove pic
Mary Nyan:
Hmm… I think I have it narrowed down to the pose & expurressions of Aerial Purrtrol or Giddy Up!
I like the whimsical ambience of Bottom’s Up and Happy Drunk, nya!

I like the playful quality of the sketches Nystia & Cook sketches and I look forward to the final color rendering.
Thank y’all the kind, words, and for presenting the new art!
Bunni & Petra:
Doitashimaste, nya!
Nyow it is the time for our
our favorite recent seafood images, nya!
Hai! These are our favorite photos & illustrations of fish and other delicacies from the depths that have graced the recent covers of angling, aquarium, diving,, nature and culinary magazines… such as the Golden Mahaeer on the cover of Fly Fisherman vol. 50 #1!
Hai hai, and mouth-watering Albacore upon the cover of Anglers Journal vol.5 #4!
There is the tasty tarpon to tempt my tummy on the cover of cover of Tail #37, nya!
I like the looks of that lovely Largemouth on the cover of Bass Angler Magazine (BAM) vol. 27 #3, nya
There is the succulent swordfish upon the cover of Florida Sport Fishing vol. 17 #5!
The delicious Redfish upon the cover of Saltwater Sportsman vol. 79 #9! Yum yum!
I will nominate the Rainbow Trout on the cover of Dun magazine’s Summer issue, nya!
There are also tantalizing  trout on the covers of Fly Fusion vol. 15 #4, and of Fly Fishing & Tying Journal vol. 41 #3.
I do not eat meat, but I do admire Larry Tople’s purrfect painting of the Smallmouth Bass upon the cover of in-Fisherman vol. 43 #6!


Me neither, but I like the perfect piscine illustrations of the Twelve Months of Fishing 2019 calendar by Joe Tomelleri & Flick Ford!
The Moorish Idol on the September cover of Coral, and the Celestial Pearl on the October cover of Practical Fishkeeping!
Mary Nyan:
I will nominate the succulent shrimp on the cover September  – October cover of Amazonas! Howboutchoo, Mike?
I would not mind trying the shrimp andouille & okra gumbo that graces the cover of Louisiana Cookin’ vol. 21 #5 !
The Ladies of The Mew:
The Cat Lady Sings…
Nyow I have the craving in my tummy, nya!
It is not much longer until other friends arrive for our AfterMew Luau, nya!
Gosh, it looks like Tara-chan made it to the end without getting distracted!
The night is still young.
Well, I guess that will wrap up another edition of The Mew!
We wish to thank Rebecca and Jamie for more of their beautiful art!
Hai! We wish to thank Jamie for his web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
Mary Nyan:
We also wish to thank the many many other talented folks whose works we discussed…
… and our other friends, family, acquaintances and audience whom we appurreciate, nya!
Fur shur!
Y’all may post brief, polite, sincere, non-snarky responses to The Mew…
… purrvided the comments are spam-free, G-rated, and purrtain to our topics!
We’ll be back next month with the December edition of The Mew. Be there- Aloha! 
The Ladies of The Mew:
Happy tails to mew, until we eat again- baibai, nya!

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