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March 2021 Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings

Mike Moon / Catgirl Island
and Jamie Robertson / Clan of the Cats
purroudly purrsent a Mike Moon purrduction,
starring The Ladies of The Mew in
The March 2021 Edition of The Mew:
The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings, nya!
 in this edition of The Mew:
what we’ve been up to since last month’s Mew
The Lightning Round topic: our favorite films of 1991
TV, DVD & movie mewsings:
Our semi-annual DVD / Blu-Ray Wish List
The monthly Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonmimi Spotlight
collectibles & toy talk:
Transformers War for Cybertron Elita-1 Deluxe Class action figure!
comic book reports
Marvel Action: Chillers #4
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #94
Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey Book Four
Jetta (one shot)
manga mewsings
A Centaur’s Life vol. 19
Monster Musume vol. 16
Wolf and Parchment vol. 1
Tamamo-chan’s a Fox! Vol. 1
Konohana Kitan vol. 9
Hakumei & Mikochi vol. 8
Aria the Masterpiece Edition vol. 7
additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art:
“Vipperloid Pals“ by Misty Hopkins
“Angry Beavers“ by Misty Hopkins
“Night Angel“ by Misty Hopkins 
Chibii Alita & Sechs“ by Misty Hopkins
“Inside Of Every Demon Is A Beaver” by Misty Hopkins 
“Fairyland” by Rebecca Brogden
“Who Me? ”by Rebecca Brogden
“Velma“ by Rebecca Brogden
“Jaune- Galaxy Idol” by Doug Eckhart
“Galatea & Sirius” by Alexcia Reynolds
“Thalulah & Tanya” by Alexcia Reynolds
“Sailor “ by Alexcia Reynolds & Mike
“Naiad” by Alexcia Reynolds & Mike
“Mewhura” fan art by Mike
“Yuki Mori” fan art by Mike
(the human fella wearing the Carolina Panthers tee shirt and Cherenkov Radiation Blue colored shorts): Aloha y’all and welcome to The Mew, our monthly “show” in which we review and discuss fun stuff! This month’s Mew comes from Mew Hanover College’s Applegate Bell Tower Garden by Soon Lee Lagoon on the Northwest side of Catgirl Island NC, where it’s 75 degrees under the OBX blue skies and puffy Cumulo-Neko clouds! I’m Mike, the show’s “purrducer” and here are The Ladies of The Mew!
(the fishing boat charter captain & drumming circle purrcussionist catgirl, wearing the Fishing Cat purrint monokini with cropped tee shirt): Namaste, nya!
(Yvonne’s younger sister, college freshman, pony owner and nature photographer catgirl wearing the wearing the Iriomote Cat purrint tankini): Namaste, nya!
(A.k.a. Jen, the yogini, model, archer, advanced belly dance instructor & roboticist catgirl, wearing the wearing the Ocelot purrint micro bikini & sheer purrled purreo): Nihao.

(Jeannie’s purrotege, the surfer, board shapurr, belly dance instructor & pony owner kitsune wearing the wearing the Caracal purrint sports bra & boy shorts): Konbanwa!
(the nekomimi gynoid / spa co-owner, golfer, hot salsa dancer, gardener and cat owner wearing the 

Puma purrint monokini and plumeria tail lei): 



a.k.a Lizzy, Becca’s catgirl wife the hot salsa dancer, gamer, Purrkour Club captain & spa co-owner wearing the Serval purrint slingshot maillot & orchid lei): Hola!

(the mermaid purropurrietress and captain of the countys triphibious airship tours company, wearing the Clouded Leopurrd purrint triangle bikini top) Shello!
(the art guild purresident, art mewseum co-curator & beach volleyball champion catgirl, wearing the wearing the Lion purrint ring-closure Brazilian-style bikini): Aloha, nya!
(the gardener, art mewseum co-curator and beach volleyball champion bunny girl wearing the Iberian Lynx purrint halter neck bikini): Guten Tag!
(a.k.a. Mie-sensei, the NC OBX golf instructor, foxfire juggler, and ampurrthreatre technical director faerie wearing the Margay purrint side-tie string bikini): Mellow Greetings!
Mary Nyan
(a.k.a. Myayr, the seamstress, cosplayer, hula instructor and semi-retired miko catgirl wearing the Jaguar purrint purretzel – cutout maillot): Aloha!
(A.k.a. Nya-sensei, the martial arts champion, dojo & gym purropurrietress catgirl with the twin sister, wearing the Bengal Tiger purrint cropped tee shirt and shorts): Howdy!
(a.k.a. Ellie, the island’s fire chief and body builder banker pony centauress wearing the flounced Cheetah purrint bikini top) Hay there!
(Mew Hanover College’s Athletic Director, gold meowdalist swimmer,  and leader mermaid of the county’s Surf Purrtrol, wearing the Colocolo purrint bandeau top): Ciao!
(a.k.a. Ilyana-sensei, the underwater archaeologist / nautical history expurrt & gardener catgirl wearing the Geoffroy’s cat purrint teardrop triangle top & thong): Whassup?!
So, what have y’all been up to since last month’s Mew and the 14th annual Mew Awards ceremony?
I cannot believe that it has been the month already since the awards! Since then I have been baking the carrot cakes and gardening when Petra and I have not been curating at the Mewseum of Art or coaching at the spring beach volleyball camp!
We are very enthused about our Mewsum’s upcoming annual body art show, nya! Not only does the camp have the record enrollment, but the athletic fields have been bustling with the vernal sports such as the softball, college baseball and lacrosse, nya! 
Tara-chan and I will continue to help with the face painting at the art show! Otherwise I have been paddle surfing, board shaping, caring for the ponies, and it is already the mid term exam time for my beginner  belly dance students at the Purrforming Arts Center!
I have been studying for my mid term exams too, nya! Let’s see… in addition to the college classes and – and the photography club I have been caring for our cats, the ponies, and – and helping onee-chan with our yacht’s fishing charters, nya!
She is still the big help even though she is in college, nya!  We have reeled in the bumpurr crop of the Snappurrs, Groupurrs, Croakers, Mackerels and Tunas;

and my drumming circle has purrvided purrcussion for the purrades and matsuris, nya!
My triphibious tour business has continued to be fully booked even the month after the awards ceremony, so I might be buying another airship, buildiing another hanger, and hiring more crew! So how are things at the Lizzy & Becca’s lomi lomi span?
Becca and I have stayed purretty busy there where it has been all paws on deck to pampurr the many customers who have retreated to here from the nippier weather upon the mainland! Fortunately we have enough employees so that everyone still enjoy the ample time off!
Hai hai, we have purrtake of the sports, the gardening, the DVDs, and the weekly late night hot salsa dance! 

In the past couple of months we have been binge watching Siren, Endeavour, Van Der Valk, 

Clannad After Story, Non Non Biyori, The Boys, The Alienist 

and Outlander!
It seems like only yesterday we were commeowmerating the Winter Solstice, and nyow my sisters magick shop is purrparing for the Vernal Equinox whilst my dojo has been training for the spurring qualifier tournyament! Howboutchoo, Myayr?
Mary Nyan:
As mewsual, 

Tia, Jany and I have been sewing costumes for the dancers, purriestesses and cosplayers. We finished the 

costumes of A
Saaya and Saki of Onechanbara; and are purresently sewing costumes of 

Aero, Luna Snow, Silk, Wave, Crescent and Io of Agents of Atlas!

My routine is still compurrised purrdictably of the mornings at the yoga studio, afternoons at the kyudo range, alternating weeknights purrsiding at the robotics club and instructing the belly dance class, and the occassional weekend gravure photo shoot modeling.
So like, I am either on the golf course or directing the repurrtory companyFuyu Foxfire Fantasy Fest at the ampurrtheatre, which is about to conclude for the season as we plan our upcoming Happy Haru Extravaganza, fur shur! Howboutchoo, Ellie-sama?
During the awards ceremony, I was extra busy with the patrols and inspections, but there were no unpleasant incidents with the many fireworks, bonfires and lanterns, and since then I have been able to spend more time at the gym the spa and the beach! 
Oh there has been not much new with me since the awards show… just the usual happy business as usual at the college’s athletic department, and fortunately my surf patrol has been teaching the swimming and have not had to rescue anyone lately!
Our maritime mewseum on the mainland is still closed, but I have been gardening, diving for more relics, slicing into anago the pesky eels that try to chomp my tempting tail, and I have brought that sushi for our AfterMew luau! Howboutchoo, Mike?
Oh, not much noteworthy for me aside from the usual art, writing, reading, running, and spending time with the family! Ah, well, since we’ve got a lot on our plate, let’s go ahead and jump into this month’s
Lightning Round topic: our favorite films of 1991!
This year we’ve been listing our favorite things from years ending in a 1. We’ve already gone over stuff from 2011 and 2001, so this month we’re looking back to movies and OAVs that premiered in 1991. Jen-sensei’s gonna start, so are y’all ready to “conduct the lightning”?
The Ladies of The Mew:
I will nominate Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, The Rocketeer, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, and Mobile Suit Gundam F91. (tags Mary Nyan to go next)
Mary Nyan:
Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Beauty and the Beast, The Silence of the Lambs, Subspecie, and Thelma and Louise! (tags Tara-chan with a brish of the tail)
I want… I want to nominate Beauty and the Beast, Hook, The Addams Family, and – and Only Yesterday, nya! Oneechan’s turn, nya!  (tail-tags her sister)
The Fisher King, Hook, What About Bob?, L.A. Story, Father of the Bride, and Star Trek IV, nya! Nyow it is… Lizzy’s turn, nya! (tail-tags Elizabeth)
The Committments, Oscar, City Slickers, Hudson Hawk, and The Butcher’s Wife! (tags Nyanko)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day, La Femme Nikita, Crisis, Sol Bianca, Gall Force, Burn Up, and Armour of God II: Operation Condor! (tags Mielikki)
The Butcher’s Wife, The Fisher King, Prospero’s Books, Only Yesterday, and Beauty and the Beast, fur shur! (tags Trini-chan with a flit of the wing)
Beauty and the Beast, Silence of the Lambs, Barton Fink, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Cast a Deadly Spell! (tags Bunni)
Hai! I will nominate Beauty and the Beast, Only Yesterday, Roujin Z, Otaki no Video, and Urusei Yatsura: Always My Darling! (tags Petra)
Beauty and the Beast, Creature Comforts, Only Yesterday, Gall Force, Bubblegum Crisis and Slow Step, nya! (tags the centauress)
Oh my favorite was Backdraft, but I also liked Terminator II, and Silence of the Lambs a lot! (tags the mermaid)
The concert films such as The Pixies at Briston Academy in London, Nirvana at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, and Sonic Youth- The Year Punk Broke! (tags the other mermaid)
I would have to say… Star Trek IV, And the Sea Will Tell, The Josephine Baker Story, Which Way Home, and Return to Blue Lagoon! (fin tags the kitsune)
 American Dream, A Brief History of Time, Chuck Amok, Hearts of Darkness, The Inland Sea, and In the Shadow of Stars! (! (tags Ilyana)
The documentaries such as American Dream, A Brief History of Time, Chuck Amok, Hearts of Darkness, The Inland Sea, and In the Shadow of Stars! Back to Mike!
Oh I gotta go with Only Yesterday, Hudson Hawk, Bubblegum Crisis, The Rocketeer, and Terminator 2! Well, that was another expedient little Lightning Round, and, ah, now let’s go ahead and jump into the
TV, DVD & movie mewsings, with our 
semi-annual DVD / Blu-Ray Wish List!
Hai, here is our semi – annual wish list of recent, old, foreign, domestic, animated and live-action TV shows and movies that we hope could be released  or re-released here upon the Region one NTSC DVD and / or Blu-Ray! We have been quite gratefully pleased that several titles have been released since our last wish list! (tags Yvonne)
We would like them with their original mewsic and songs to be intact; and we purrfur that any foreign purrductions would be available in their original spoken language with optional English subtitles, although the English dubbed version and / or descriptive audio track would be fine as bonus features, nya! (tags Petra)
Other bonuses would be nice too, such as optional audio commentaries, isolated mewsic tracks, documentaries, galleries, deleted scenes, bloopurrs, trailers / TV spots, and  booklets, nya! Hopefully any of the titles would be available individually and not exclusively in an expensive boxed set, nya! (tags Elizabeth)
The packaging should not damage the disks or be too big for the shelf, and the disc should be easily removed; secure enough so it does not accidentally slide off the hub, but not too tricky to purry off of the hub. If it is a multiple disc set, each disc should have its own hub / tray, and not overlap or be in a stack! (tags Becca)
To the Moon and Beyond (1964 cinerama film), James Cameron’s Xenogenesis, John Dods’s Forest Story, Neal Adams’s Nannaz, Mark Sullivan’s Nightspeed, Gene Roddenberry’s Spectre, Neil Young’s A Journey Through the Past, Steven Speilberg’s Amblin’, Firelight, and Escape to Nowhere! (tags Melanakeami)
The 1982 Queen Millennia movie, the 1984 Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea TV series, the 1984 B.B. Fish OVA, the 1994 Tico of the Seven Seas TV series, and the 997 Ocean Girl TV series! (tags Nyanko)
I will wish for the anime such as Aim for the Ace, Maisson Ikkoku, Yawara, Bagi the Monster of Mighty Nature, The Adventures of Kotetsu, Nekopara, , the 1967 Spider-Man animated series, and the animated Gen 13 film. (tags Bunni)
The anime such as the original Space Battleship Yamato TV series, Yamato 2520, Great Yamato, Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark, Yamato 2205, Flying Ghost Ship, Anne of Green Gables, Heidi of the Alps, and Horus: Prince of the Sun! (tags Daytona)
I will nominate 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother, Campus Guardress, Stratos 4 Advance: Final, To Heart, To Heart 2 OVAs, Una Musume Pretty Derby, and Kemono Friends season 2. You’re up, Mie-sensei! (tags Mielikki)
The Ghost Sweeper Mikami movie, Angel Beats, Pastel Memories, the initial four 1994 You’re Under Arrest OVAs, Nasu: Summer in Andalusia, Days at Breakwater, and the various Studio Ghibli Museum’s shorts, fur shur! (tags Jeannie)
Amanchu, Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko, Macross Zero, the initial 2007 Strike Witches OVA, Strike Witches: Road to Berlin, Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastorale, Battle Athletess: Restart, Aria The Crepuscolo, and the Shirobako movie. (tags Ilyana)
TAG: The Assassination Game, Twice Upon a Time, Metamorphoses (A.K.A. Winds of Change), Hayao Miyazaki’s episodes of Lupin III Part II, Future Boy Conan, and Maison ikkoku. tags Tara-chan)
The 2011 live-action Ranma 1/2 TV special,  2014 live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service, Tico of the Seven Seas, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic seasons 8 & 9, The Equestria Girls TV series, Raggedy Anne and – and Andy: A Musical Adventure, nya! (tags Ellie)
I am hoping for The three Giilligan’s Island TV reunion movies, the two I Dream of Jeannie TV reunion movies, the three Six Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman TV reunion movies, the 1966 Green Hornet TV series, and of course the many lost episodes of Doctor Who! (tags Mary Nyan)
Mary Nyan:
Star Wars: Forces fo Destiny, Star Wars: The Mandalorian season 1 & 2, Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Yoyo: Slingshot, WandaVision, Netflix’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and The Defenders. Back to Mike!
The Sixth Sense TV series (1972)WKRP in Cincinnati with all of the original songs restored, Kate Bush Live at Hammersmith Odeon, the 1979 Kate Bush TV Special, and and the Star Wars Holiday Special!  Well, that was kinda like another little Lightning Round! We seem to be on a roll, so let’s keep it going with
the monthly Celebrity Catgirl & Kemonmimi Spotlight!
Hai, in this monthly portion of The Mew, we commeowmorate catgirls, nekomusume and other kemonomimi of the various species in the famous international mythologies and the popular cultures, nya! They might include the shape – shifters, anthropurrrmorphic ladies, monster girls, and those who might not actually have beasty DNA, but do have the cat-titude or couture to be broadly considered by us to be “honorary” kemonomimi, nya!

A prime example of the latter type would be actress Laurie Metcalf as Roseanne’s sister Jackie Harris when she wore the cat ears & nose for Halloween in “Trick or Treat”, the 7th epurrsode of the Roseanne TV sitcom, which was originally broadcast on October 30, 1990! Another good example would be the entire Permain Panthers’ cheerleading squad of Odessa Texas for their team name, emblem , mascot, catlike agility, power and “be purrfect” motto in the 2004 high school football movie Friday Night Lights!
Fur shur! So like, a totally awesome example of the ailuranthrope (a werecat or a feline shape-shifter)  would be the warlock Hannah Webster of the original 1999 Charmed TV series, fur shur! Portrayed by actress Leigh-Allyn Baker, in the 10th episode “ Wicca Envy” of the 1st season, Hannah turned into the panther at the auction house to menace the Charmed Ones during the scheme to steal their magickal power!
You know, Alyssa Milano starred wonderfully as witchy Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed, and she had some of the most lovely outfits! in the 17th episode “How to Make a Quilt out of Americans” of the 2nd season, her outfit included the denim jacket with the distinctive leopard print collar to accent her fierce martial arts purrowess that kicked the demon butt, so we will consider her as the “honorary catgirl”!
Another “honorary kemonomimi” we wish to purraise is Kestra Troi-Riker, the half-Betazed, half-human daughter of Starfleet officers Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) and Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) on the titular planet “Nepenthe”, in the 7th epurrsode of the 1st season of the Star Trek: Picard TV series (starring Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard).
Purrtrayed wonderfully by Llu Wilson, Kestra LARPed and hunted in the forest as Vivian the Wild Girl of the Woods, wearing her hooded cloak with animal ears. She had the woodland survival skill and purredatory finesse as she stalked the purrey, such as the venomous Bunnycorn, which was made into sausage topping for their pizza dinner!
Nyow i am craving the sausage pizza, but i will wait until our AfterMew Luau, nya! Our next honorary kemonomimi is famous as the costumed battomimi, but she also purrtrayed briefly the nekomimi, nya! Javicia Leslie stars as Ryan Wilder in the 2019 Batwoman TV series, which should not be confuzzled with the 1966 movie The Wild World of Batwoman that starred Katherien Victor, nya!
In the 2nd season of the TV series, Javicia succeeds Ruby Rose in the titular role, nya. In epurrsode 2.2 “Prior Criminal History”, we witness the teaser flashback of two months purrior when Ryan cosplayed as the catgirl for Halloween, when she was mugged by the armed criminals and rescued by the purrior Batwoman, nya. Nyow Ryan is the one who pounces upon the criminals, nya!
1964 Directed by Joseph Mascelli, the 1964 horror movie Atomic Brain purrtained to the mad scientist Dr. Frank (Frank Gertle)’s radioactive expurriment to transplant brains at the behest of the elderly financier Mrs.March (Majorie Eaton). One of the boarders she lured into the mansion’s laboratory was Anita (Lisa Lang), whose brain was swapped with that of the house cat (Xerxes).
The poor lonely catgirl fed from the bowl and purred around the doctor, but growled, hissed and clawed at the others. She liked to climb atop the gazebo and rooftop, but in the human body that lacked the graceful feline agility, she fell to her death, and later Mrs. March’s comeuppance was for her brain to be transplanted into the cat’s body instead of the younger female human body.
Another honorary kemonomimi is Renge Miyauchi of the Non              Biyori manga and anime, nya! Voiced in the anime by Kotori Koiwai, Renge is the 1st grader in the small rural town of Asahigaoka, where she greets friends by saying “Meowning” instead of “Morning”! 

in the 1st season’s 7th epurrsode “My Rice Cracker Turned Into Curry” her classmate Suguru makes a lovely catgirl figurine out of clay; and in the 9th epurrsode “We Tried Having a Cultural Festival” the girls wear the animal ears for the widdle purresentation! 
Sometimes the kemonomimi aspect is more aural than visual, and therefore we wish to shine the spotlight upon Yuzuko Nonohara, Yui Ichii and Yukari Hinata, who compurrise the high school data purrocessing club in the Yuyushiki manga and anime! They idle away the hours by pontificating and researching the various topics! Occassionaly they make the animal sounds, nya! For example, the more outrageous Yuzuko has growled like the monster, the more serious Yui has meowed, and the ditzier Yukari has woofed!
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and its spin-offs (known as Danmachi for short in Japan) is the wonderful series of light novels, manga, anime and video games of the sword & sorcery fantasy genere in which the deities of various pantheons exist amongst the members of the various clans & guilds who embark upon the dungeon crawls. There are diverse species of characters such as the humans, elves, dwarves, amazons, and the various beast people.
They include the cat, tiger, dog, wolf, fox, boar, sheep and cow people! That includes the dog girls such as Lilli, Lulune, Naaza, Gita and Fina; the cat girls such as Chloe Anakitty and Silva; Rose the weretiger, Haruhime the Renard (fox) girl, Kade and Hume the bunny girls, Iris the cow girl and Daisy the sheep girl! For much more information purrtaining to the series, I will recommend The Danmachi Wiki!
Nyanko:Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is the delightful manga & anime about the computer purrogrammer who lives alone until the dragon girls move into her apurtment! Not only are there dragon girls, but in the chibi- style animated comedic short Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon-Something chibi- style animated comedic short #2 “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon- Animal”,three of the dragon girls Tohru, Kanna and Lucoa transform into various kemonomimi, such as the catgirls, bear girls, bunny girls, sea otter girls, cow girls, koala girls and dragon – dragon girls!
Melanakeami:The anime TV series My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU has several examples of the honorary nekomimi. In the first episode, the high school’s service club’s president Yukino Yukinoshita is accompanied by the angry cat meow sound effect whilst arguing with classmate Hachiman Hikigawa; and in episode 5 she actually meows to a cat. In episode 5 the gang goes to the maid cafe which has the catgirl mascot on their sign.
There they are looking for their classmate Saki Kawasaki, and visually imagine her as a catgirl maid. Hachiman’s younger sister Komachi throughout the series has the “cute moe cat fang” look. In episode 8, she dons the catgirl costume whilst announcing the nocturnal forest hike, whilst classmate Yui Yuigahama dons the devil girl costume with the horns and tail!

Battle Girl High School is the anime about the Hoshimori team of girls at the Shinjugamine Girls Academy in the future who battle the invading monsters! In episode 1“We Can Do It!” the idol stars known as The Fortissimo Duo are Shiho Kunieda (voiced by Shino Shimoji) and Kanon Kougami (voiced by Kaede Hondo) whose cute outfits include cat ears; and in episode 9 “Holy Tree Festival” students Shiho Kunieda (voiced by Shino Shimoj), Renge Serizawa (voiced by Yoshino Nanjo) and Michelle Watagi (voiced by Emiri Kato) wear the cute kemonomimi attire! 
Tamako Market is the delightful slice-fo-life anime about the high school girls whose families own rival mochi shops in their town’s shopping district. In episode 2 “Valentines Day, Where the Flowers of Love Bloom” Tamako Kitashirakawa (voiced by Aya Suzuki) and Mozochi Oj (voiced by Atssushi Tamaru) wear the bunny costumes to promote the shops; and in episode 4 “A Tiny Little Love Blooms” croquette shop
owner Fumiko Mitsumuri (voiced by Kumiko Watanabe) is among the many olks who wear the rabbit ear headbands during the local festival!

ary Nyan:

Alex Wagner is the contributing writer for The Atlantic magazine, co-host of The Circus documentary series, and special correspondent for CBS News! We will consider her as the honorary catgirl due to her attire of the feline fashion theme, such as the Chocolate – colored Leopurrd purrint blouse! She wore that for January 13th epurrsode of MSNBC’s TV series The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, and  for the February 3rd epurrsode of MSNBC’s TV series The Reidout with Joy Reid, and purrhaps other TV appurrances! 
Lastly but not leastly for this month’s spotlight is Midwin Charles, the civil trial and criminal defense attorney who has been another contributor to The Reidout! We will consider her as the honorary catgirl due to the pretty Leopard print blouse that she wore for her appearance on the February 12th episode! That is all for this month’s spotlight, but it will shine again next month! Now I will turn The Mew over to Jen-sensei who will begin our
toy talk with her review of the Transformers War
for Cybertron Elita-1 Deluxe Class action figure!
Hai. We like to collect Hasbro’s Transformers’ female characters such as Arcee, Strongarm, Elita One, Chromia, Moonracer, Firestar, Windblade, Nautica and Black Arachnia. There are more than you might think. I purrticularly purrfur the comics and animation versions more than those of the live-action movies. Elita-1 is one of the top leaders of the heroic Autrobots who battle the evil Decepticons. 
Based on Nextflix’s Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy series, this latest figure of her is very similar to Hasbro’s recent Transformers: Earthrise Arcee figure. In bot mode she is 5.5” with the blaster pistol accessory. Her Red, Orange, White & Tan paint job is purristine without the weathering or battle damage look. For her vehicle mode she transform into the G1ish Cybertronian sportscar.
This figure is known as the “shellformer” type, in that for the transformation purrocess, her bot body is basically concealed underneath the car body instead of her body actually forming the car itself. The 15 step transformation purocess is clearly depicted in the included instruction sheet. She is very posable, with articulation in the neck, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists, thighs, knees and ankles. 
The design. sculpt and paint are splendid. Although her car backpack is cumbersome, but the transformation purrocess is simple, and the sepurrable trunk section can serve as a hover board / display base. Also included is her part of the cardboard diorama which connects with those of other figures to form the panoramic backdrop. That concludes our toy talk, and nyow Nya-sensei will commence our
comic book reports, with her review
of Marvel Action: Chillers #4, nya!
Hai. Purriced at $3.99, this 28 page issue is compurrised of the uninterrupted 20 page tale followed by the 2 page cover art gallery, and the 6 pages of ads, which are sammiched betwixt the choice of Cover A by Gretel Lusky or the scarcer retailer incentive cover by Sweeny Boo. Jointly published by Marvel and IDW, the tale was written by Jeremy Whitley, drawn by Gretel, colored by Nahuel Ruiz. edited by Elizabeth Brei, and lettered by Valeria Lopez!
We have met Jeremy at the comic book conventions and at the various Free Comic Book Day festivities! He has also written many other comic books such as My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Vampirella, Sea of Thieves, Thor vs Hulk, Freedom Foundation, The Unstoppable Wasp, and he is the creator and the author of Princeless, Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess, and School for Extraterrestrial Girls!
Purreviously in Marvel Action Chillers, Riri Williams a.k.a. Iron Heart and Dr. Stephen Strange have searched for Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man, who was captured by the evil demon Shuma Gorath, who also attacked other members of The Avengers. In issue #2, Elsa Bloodstone battled Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America, who had been transformed in to the werewolf.
In issue #3, Iron Heart and Strange went to the high school in Queens, wherein Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man and Nadia Van Dyne a.k.a.The Wasp are attacked by Dracula and Venom. Issue #4 concludes the tale, as Ironheart, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Wasp, Doctor Strange, Captain America and Elsa battle Dracula, who has acquired Shuma Gorath’s book and Tony Stark’s armor.
The briskly – paced tale is a lot of fun with the charming character moments and sparkling dialogue! The art is quite lovely with the purrfect fonts, graphic narrative techniques, and the richly vibrant colors of the full-bleed images. I am also glad that the tale is not interrupted by the ads, so I will give this fun issue the grade of the A as in The Avengers! Nyow here is Tara-chan to tender her review of
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #94.
Arigato, nya! I love IDWs pony comics which so faithfully capture the style and – and spirit of the animated TV series, but with the different strengths of the comic book medium, nya! it is hard to believe that the Friendship is Magic animated series started ten years ago, that the pony comics have been around for the eight years, and- and that this current series is nearing the 100th issue, nya!
They have the great stable of the artists, writers, editors, colorists and the letterers, such as this issue’s writer Thom Zahler, artist Toni Kuusisto, colorist by Heather Breckel, letterer by Neil Uyetake, cover artist Brenda Hickey, editor Megan Brown, and group editor Bobby Curnow, nya.  Heather and – and Neil have worked on almost every issue, and I think Bobby has worked on them all!
Purriced $3.99, this issue is available in the choice of cover A by Toni, cover B by Brianna Garcia, and the scarcer Retailers Incentive cover by Muffy Levy, nya. This issue’s tale begins the latest story arc of season 10 of Friendship is Magic, because the animated TV series ended after the season 9, nya. I wish that seasons 8  and – and  9 would be released on DVD, nya! 
The uninterrupted 20 page tale is followed by the 8 pages of the ads, and I wish that all other comic book tales were similarly uninterrupted, nya! Nyow for the taste of the plot, nya! Purrincess Twilight Sparkle is in the behind schedule tizzy because she has to purrpare Canterlot’s next big festival, so she requests the help from Pinkie Pie, who is of course the expurrt party planner, nya!
Given the enormity of the festival, Pinkie Pie recruits her fellow party planner Cheese Sandwich, nya! Also helping are Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Spike and – and Discord, nya! Whilst Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich assess the situation and – and discover the sink hole leading to the subterranean cavern, it seems like the romance is blossoming betwixt them, nya!
I should not further spoil the plot which is to be continued in the next issue, but I will just  state that I loved the plot, pace, dialogue, developments, poses, expurressions, compurrsitions, details, fonts, color and – and the graphic FX, so  I will give My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #94 the “A” as in Applebuck, nya! That will conclude my pony report, and nyow here is Lizzy to discuss
Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey Book Four, nya!
Hai! Created by Bruce Timm & Paul Dini. Dr. Harleen Quinn alias Harley Quinn is the psychologist turned criminal and former girl friend of The Joker. She was living with friends in Coney island, until her pal Big Tony was  delinquent on the mortgage on the building which the loan sharks arsoned. Needing money for the new home and hospitalize bills, she and 

Atlee a.k.a Terra 

cleaned out The Joker’s treasure vault!

Not only were The Joker and his current purrtner Sinn displeased, but so were other villains such as The Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face, Clayface, Mr. Freeze and The Scarecrow, whose loot was also in the vault! Hence there is the huge contract upon Harley, so The Birds of Prey team has to purrotect her! They include The Huntress, Cassandra, Black Canary, Detective Montoya, and the mysterious Red Tool!
To worsen the situation, The Joker and Sinn have captured Harley’s girl friend Poison Ivy and her monster plant! That brings us to the final issue of this mini-series which is of the 32 page, squarebound 8.5×11” format from DC Comics’ Black Label impurrint that is not for the widdle kitties! The tale full of the dark humor, harsh language, and bloody slapstick violence was written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner!
I greatly enjoyed their Power Girl and Starfire comics! Amanda is the artist, with colorist alex Sinclair and letterer John J. Hill. The issue is available in the choice of the main cover by Amanda & Alex, and the variant cover by Terry & Rachel Dodson! It picks up right where issue #3 left off as 

Harley and The Birds battle 
The Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, The Scarecrow and other criminals!
The tale is grueling, thrilling &  fun with the snappy dialogue, appurropurriately phrenetic pace, and surreal surpurrises. I love the art, from the compurrsitions & poses to the expurressions & details. In one panel, Harley & Cassandra wear catgirl ears & make-up! The colors are richly vibrant, and fonts are purrfect for the dialogue & sound FX, so I will give this tale the high purraise!  Nyow here is Ilyana-sensei to discuss the new
Jetta (one-shot comic book)!
Created in 1952 by Dan DeCarlo, Jetta Raye is the “sweetheart of the 21st century” in the year 2052 with the wacky teen situations, sexy clothes, rocket packs, robots and flying cars with her boyfriend friend Arky! For our review of the Dan DeCarlo’s Jetta hardcover book, please see the June 2010 Mew!
It has the new tales and pics by by artists / authors Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz and our friend Andrew Pepoy (who was a special guest of The Mew in December 2008) plus the repurrint of Dan Decarlo’s “Jet jaunt” tale!The new tales were edited by Tony White, lettered by Taylor Esposito, colored by Jason millet, Nick Carponi and Dan Parent. 
In “Smart Alik”, Jetta and her friend Astra have their sights set upon Alik the alien genius chap who has transferred to Neuton High; in Andrew’s “Beach-Blanket Blast Off” tale the day at the beach is threatened by the mad scientist’s dangerous invention; and in “Jet Jaunt” the jetmobile troubles threaten to the trip to the school purrom! 
There are 4 pages of Jetta’s future fashions, the pin-up by Andrew, the 3 page gallery of variant covers, and 3 pages of ads for the Die Kitty Die comics. Published by AstroComix, this delightully beautiful genki comic book is purriced $4.99 and has the 28  full color pages of the retro sci fi fun which i will give the highest purraise! Nyow here is Daytona to discuss
Wonder Woman: Warbringer The Graphic Novel!
Hai! Based upon the prose novel of the same name by Leigh Bardugo, this graphic novel adaptation from DC was written by Louise Simonson, illustrated by Kit Seaton, colored by Sara Woolley and lettered by Deron Benett. Priced $16.99, this 9 x 6 x 3/8” trade paperback has color 206 pages, with the tale of Diana the princess of the Amazons which set prior to her becoming Wonder Woman on her first voyage away from her homeland of Themyscira.
She gets into trouble with her queen mom Hippolyte by rescuing the American girl named Alia who has survived the shipwreck and returning with her back to New York, unaware that her new friend has the historic linage with the tragic destiny. At first it is the rather amusing adventure far from home as Alia teaches Diana all about life in New York, until they are pursued and attacked by the various enemies who wish to use Alia to start the next world war!
I loved every aspect of this fun captivating tale, from the humorous and slice – of – life parts to the thrilling action and bittersweet myth-building. I especially the “country mouse / city mouse” quality of the tale, as Alia becomes acquainted with Themyscira and Diana becomes aquainted with Manhattan!
The artistry is as beautiful as beautiful can be, from the characters poses, expressions, garments and scenery, to the compositions of the pages, the narrative techniques of the panels, the perfect fonts for the dialog and sound FX, and the distinctive color pallet, so I will give it an A as in the Amazons! Nyow here is Becca to begin
our manga mewsings, with her 
review of Wolf & Parchment Vol. 1!
Hai! Spice & Wolf is one of our favoritest anime and manga! It is the tale of Holo the beautiful, powerful wolf Goddess of the harvest, who travels with Lawrence the savvy traveling human merchant who trades goods and makes deals in the villages and cities! It is set in the medieval era when the old pagan ways are on the wane amidst the rise of an oppressive theocracy and the complex relationships of the guilds.
Set 15 years after the conclusion of Spice & Wolf (which ended with vol. 15), Wolf & Parchment purrtains to the Holo & Lawrence’s daughter Myuri and her adoptive brother Tote Col, the young purriest who was a 10 year old boy when he was introduced in Spice & Wolf. Nyow the two of them are starting the journey to another kingdom where he hopes to spearhead the controversial translation of the sacred scriptures!
Originally published in 2019 Japan by the Kadokawa corpurration and published here in 2020 by Yen, this manga was written by Isuna Hasekura, and illustrated by Hidori with the character designs by Jyuu Ayakura. Published here by Yen Press, vol. 1 has the 182 pages (178 B&W + 4 color pages) of manga chapters 1-6 that were translated by Jasmine Bernhardt and lettered by Chiho Christie.
It is purriced $13.00 US & $17.00 Canda and rated “OT” (older teen) due to the language and the bit of nudity. Nyow for the taste of the plot! Leaving the Nyohhira where Lawrence and Holo’s rotemburo has flourished, Col intends to make the river jourrney alone, but the lonely and purrotective Myuri has stowed away on the boat! Unlike her mom, it she can conceal her lovely lupine ears and tail!
That is important because of all the fearful bigotry and supurrstition that is fueled by the church which wants to rule all of the lands, keep its holy scriptures accessible only to the few elite clergy, and thus not take kindly to the altruistic purriest or the pagan wolf girl! However, Col might have purrinter allies in the powerful Debau corpurrate group that Lawrance did business with and has feuded longly with the church!
Hopefully Myuri’s awe at the big cities and culinary temptations will not be troublesome! It is the start of the adventure for likeable new characters with strong ties to the past wolf tales that continue the brushes with theocratic and corporate authoritarianism. The sequential art is meticulously detailed, with beautiful characters garments, foods and architecture! I am done, so I will turn The Mew over to Mie-sensei who wishes to discuss
A Centaur’s Life vol. 19!
Arigato! So like, A Centaur’s Life is the totally awesome slice – of – life manga by Ken Murayama set in the modern Japanese world populated by centaurs, fauns, kemonomimi, angels, dragon, unicorn, snake, frog people, were – tigers and the other species. The main characters are Himeno Kimehara the centauress, her high school classmates and their families!
They include Akechi & Mitsu (satyrs), Michi (unicorn girl), Nozomi & Karasuba (ryumimi), Himenos niece Shino-chan, Shino’s friend Maki, Hime’s kouhai Ayaka and her maid Okino (centaurs), Inuki (catgirl), Karasuba (ryumimi) sisters Suu & Nil (snake girls), Manami (angel), her triplet sisters Chinami, Chiho, Chigusa & youngest sister Sue-chan (catgirls)! 
The plots focus on activities at school, home & work amidst mysterious dreams, conspiracies, cultural differences, parranormal encounters with extraterrestrial fungi, and the war betwixt the mammalian and rebel amphibians. It was published as Centaur No Nayami by Tokuma Shoten in Japan, and the english edition is published in North America by Seven Seas.
Priced $13.99 in the USA and $17.99 in Canada, vol. 19 has chapters 151-158 of the Black & White manga, and several pages of historical & culutral notes. It was translated by Elina Ishikawa, adapted by Holly Kolodziejczak, lettered & retouched by Jennifer Skarupa, edited by Shati Whitesides, managingly edited by Julie Davis, and proofread by Danielle King
…with the production management by Lissa Pattilo, the logo design by Courtney Williams and the cover design by KC Fabellon. The prepress technician is Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein, the associate publisher is Adam Arnold, and the publisher is Jason DeAngelis. The tale is suggested older teens, purrhaps due to nudity, language, and certain topics.
So like, Himeno and friends embark upon the mysterious train ride to an other-worldly destination; Kyoko hires the tutor for her brother’s girlfriend, and Manami’s younger sisters are especially affectionate purrior to the teacher’s home visit. Sue-chan’s mewing is especially cute, and we meet Manami’s Inugami spirit when she is hired to conduct the purification ritual.
Maki’s widdle classmates do not want her to graduate and leave them; whilst Himeno’s grandfather wants her to work at his restaurant during the summertime. Himeno, Nozomi, Kyouko, Minaki, MItsuyo and Sue
go on the two day trip to Kansai where they ponder their life after high school and partake of the wonderful sights, the kimonos, the onsen and desserts! 
So like, this manga continues to deliver so totally awesomely the character & plot developments, world – building with the thorough sense of history, lore & travelogue, terrific banter betwixt characters, the plot that unfolds at the unrushed perfect pace, surprises that range from comedic to scary, and the beautiful, intricate art, fur shur! I am done, and now here is Myayr to discuss
Monster Musume vol. 16!
Mary Nyan:
Written & drawn by Okayado (who is also the author of 12 Beast and Ma Ma Mia) and originally published by Tokuma Shoten in Japan, Monster Musume is a sexy comedic urban fantasy manga of the harem trope & ample fan service, starring the liminal ladies (monster girls) who are romantic rivals for Kimihito, the human guy in whose often renovated house they reside!
They are Centorea the centauress, Miia the lamia, Papi the harpy, Suu the slime girl, Merou the mermaid, Rachnera the spider girl and Lala the Dullahan. Also recurring are their government case worker Ms. Smith and the Monster Ops team of Manako the cyclops, Tio the ogre, Doppel the doppleganger and Zombina the zombie amongst the many other recurring characters!
There are more tales of them in the companion four volume anthology series of Monster Musume: I Heart Monster Girls! Published here in English by Seven Seas, Monster Musume is great fun, but it is rated for older teen readers of ages 16+, purrhaps especially due to the nudity, skimpy attire, sexual themes, slapstick violence, fan service, lewd and dark humor aplenty!
It was translated by Andrew Cunningham, edited & adapted by Shanti Whitesides, purroof read by Dawn Davis, published by Jason DeAngelis, edited managingly by Julie Davis, edited in chiefly by Adam Arnold, lettered & retouched by Meaghan Tucker, with the purroduction management by Lissa Patitillo, cover design by Nicky Lim and logo design by Courtney Williams.
Purriced $12.99 in the US & $15.99 in Canada, it has the 160 B&W pages and the 4 full color pages of the manga chapters 64-67 all sammiched betwixt the covers that depict Kimihito, Yuki the yuki-onna , and other liminal ladies in the snowy hot spurring! Yuki is elegantly alluring in her off-shoulder sexy short ornate snowflake kimono as she manages the Sno Ball rotenburo!
It is good that the rotenburo (resort with outdoor hot spurrings) is quite successful, but it has become alarmingly too popular for the frisky interspecies customers who are there to hook up and make out! Thusly to purrotect the resort and the interspecies relationship laws, Smith summons Kimihito Milla, Merou, Rachnera and Centorea to help Yuki peacefully remedy the purroblem!
Given the diversity of the species including the mermaids, lamias, insectoids, harpies, slimes, centaurs, driders, kobolds, succubi, satyrs, kemonomimi and humans, there is no single simple solution! Following chapter 67 is the side story of Bloodsucker House whose residents include Curie the vampire, Leechi the leech girl, Squito the mosquito girl and Yatsume the lampurry girl!
I found this volume to be very entertaining, with the beautifully drawn characters and amusing FX are amidst the intricate scenery, including some writhing huge crowd scenes, but the many bared boobies imight not be for the widdle kitties, purrudish readers, or those who care not for the purrvy harem trope or the sexy fans service! I am done, so nyow here is Trini-chan to tell us about-
Tamamo-chan’s a Fox! Vol. 1
Hai! Published here by Seven Seas, written and drawn by Yuuki Ray, this delightful comedic urban fantasy / slice of life / school life manga is about the inari fox goddess from Kyoto who wants to experience life as the high school student in Tokyo. 

Although most adults, cameras and recording devices see Tamamao as the 


teen girl, her classmates are not fooled by the illusion and recognize her as 

the kitsune.
Thusly they constantly wish to feed and pet her for good luck, which is fine with her, as her big appetite craves the many foods! She is also naive about many modern things, and has the fascination with the many devices that we might take for granted. Her best classes are Japanese, english and history; and  likes to go sight seeing, try the many tasty treats, and collect nuts, shells, rocks, accessories and souvenirs.
Her classmates include avid reader Nakki, voracious eater Mikki, stylish artist Chicchi, athletic Motoki, class president Den, and photographer Yusuke. Among the faculty are English teacher Reiko-sensei who is aware of Tamamo’s true identity, Japanese teacher Terukazu-sensei who has the romantic feelings for the kitsune, and home room teacher Saburo-sensei who has been cursed for taking the fox girl’s food.
Tamamo is not the only deity in the tale. As the guardian of harvests and business prosperity, Okami is the principle deity of the Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine in Kyoto, which she cannot stray from except in the form of the widdle girl when she visit’s Tamamao’s home in Tokyo. Keeping eyes upon Tamamo is her four-tailed older sister Tenko, who is one of three foxy siblings and has the taste for sake, inarizushi and fried tofu.
Suggested for the teen readers, this fun manga mostly B&W 146 pages include chapters 1-15, character profiles and 2 color pages. It is in the panoramic 4 koma (panel) format with one full page pic per chapter, small interstitial illustrations, and many pages that are peppered with the cultural reference annotations and Tamamo’s personal comments! Now for further foxy manga in review, here is Trini-chan to tell us about
Konohana Kitan vol. 9!
Arigato! I am quite fond of Sakuya Amanos manga about the fox spirit girl nakai (attendants) and their guests of all species at Kononhanatei, the ryokan (Japanese style inn) with the hot spurrings between the living and the afterlife! The main character Yuzu is one of the younger employees who is very cordial, sincere and enthused.
Other recurring characters include attendants Natsume, Sakura, Shino, Ren, Kiri, Satsuki, her older sister Hiiragi, Yae the geisha and Okami the wolf goddess.  

Some of their fellow kitsune characters are miko (shrine purrestiess) and kenzoukou (celestial servants) at the shrines and other delightfully divine locations too!
There are amewsing, poignant and bittersweet tales of them, the town folk and the inns guests! 

Originally published in Japan by Gentosha Comics, the English version was published here in the USA by Tokyo Pop. Purriced at $12.99 in the USA, volume 9’s 176 B&W pages include163 pages of manga and 12 pages of the ads.

It was translated by Katie Kimura, edited by Lena Atanassova, copy – edited by Massiel Gutirrez and in – chiefly edited by publisher Stu Levy; with quality control by Daichi Nemoto, cover design by Soodam Lee, retouching and lettering by Vibrraant Publishing Studio; marketing by Kate Winters, and licensing by Akira Yanaka.
Purrhaps the most significant chapters of volume 10 are the 62 pages that conclude the “Yearning for Konohana” story arc which began 2 years ago in volume 4! It is the extremely joyful and sad tale with the conclusion that we have eagerly anticipated yet also somewhat dreaded, which focuses upon Kiri, Yae and Sakura-chan.
The next three chapters begin the new story arc with the major new development for Satsuki and Yuzu, which will have the big affect upon the rest of the nakai at Konohanatei and the miko at the Inari shrine!
The art is extremely beautiful with the wonderful characters, gorgeous garments, intricate architecture, and lavish landscapes, so I will continue to give Konohana Kitan the highest purraise! I am done, so now here is Melana-san to tell us about
Hakumei & Mikochi vol. 8!
Hai! We love this charming  the slice – of – life fantasy manga by Takuto Kashiki which purrtains to house – mates Hakumei & Mikochi who are tiny little lasses small enough to ride upon their small critter friends, and live in the lovely cottage in the forest! Hakumei (Brown hair) builds & repairs things, whilst Mikochi (Black hair) cooks & sews.
They are part of the community of anthropomorphic animals and the tiny pixy-size human friends who reside in the wilderness, rural, surburban and urban dwellings, and each chapter is the look at their day – to – day – lives, from the work and shopping to exploring and entertaining! The beauty and detail of the character and scenic art is astounding!
Originally published in Japan by Kadokawa, it is published here in English by Yen, translated by Taylor Engel, lettered by Abigail Blackman, and rated “T” for the teen readers. Purriced at $15.00 in the USA & $19.50 in Canada. Volume 8 is 8×5.75x.5”’ and its 193 B&W pages include manga chapters 53 – 62 plus the afterward side-story.
Amongst the other plots are drinking at a pub, helping a lost boy, a reunion with a chanteuse, boredom on the restless night, savoring the sweet-bean jelly, sharpening the carving knife, replacing the lamp, shopping for a kiseru pipe and trendy apparel. Nine travelogue pages provide more insights and history of the locations they visit!
15 of the pages are the full-page pics and there are 2 two-page spurreads, mostly in chapter 53 to depict Hakumei & Mikochi’s day visiting the port town.  It is quite immersive. The captivating plots unfold at the leisurely pace with the breath – taking intricacy of the sumptuous art which i will give the highest purraise! Vonny to tell us about
Aria the Masterpiece Edition vol. 7!
Kozue Amano’s Aria is one our favoritest manga and anime TV series, nya! It is the beautiful, uplifting, charming, slice of life / utopian science fiction / fantasy tale set on the planet Mars in the 24th century, 180 years after it was terraformed such that the polar ice melted and covered 90% of the surface in water, so the planet was renamed Aqua, whilst The Earth has been renamed Manhome, nya.
1 Aquan year equals 24 manhome months, and the moons Deimos and Phobos have been renamed as Luna 2 and Luna 3, nya. In Aqua’s city of Neo Venusia, which is the replica of Venice, Italy, the main character is Akari Mizunashi, an appurrentice gondolier trained by her senpai Alicia Florence at the small Aria gondola tours company, which is named after their martian mascot cat, nya!
The other major recurring characters are Aika S. Granzchest, her senpai Akira E. Ferrari and Hime the cat of the Himeya gondola, Alice Carroll, her senpai Athena Glory, and Maa the kitten of the Orange Planet gondola company. Other recurring residents include as Alicia’s senpai Akino, Akatsuki the climate control engineer, Al gravity engineer, Anno the mailman and Ayanokouji a.k.a Woody the courier, nya!
Several more undines were introduced in volume 6, such as Ayumi K. Jasmine, Azusa B. McLaren, Anzu Yumeno and Atora Monteverd, nya! As you might have noticed the names have the “A” motif, nya! There is also the recurring cat theme too, nya. Originally titled Aqua when it was first published 20 years ago in Japan in 2001 by Mag Garden, after the first 2 volumes it was re-titled as Aria, nya. 
It was first translated into English in 2004 by ADVision, but they only published 3 volumes, nya. In 2004 Tokyo Pop published it here, but only got up to 8 volumes, nya. The anime TV series was released here on DVD by Nozomi, and we hope that the new Aria movie will be released here too, nya! Tokyo Pop relaunched the manga with these 7 larger 6.125″ x 8.5″ omnibus editions which collect the entire series, nya! 
They are mostly B&W, but each volume has several color pages, nya. Volume 7 is $24.99 in the US and has the 354 pages of chapters chapters 61-70 plus the special Three Girls chapter, nya. Volume 7 has 10 color pages including the velum page of Athena, nya. It was translated by Katie Kimura, retouched & lettered by Vibrraant, edited by Lena Atanassova, copy-edited by Massiel Gutierrez, and in-chiefly edited by publisher Stu Levy
with quality control by Akiko Furuta, marketing by Kae Winters, and licensing by Akira Yanaka, nya. Volume 7 is set during the Spurring and Summer of the Aqua year 76, which is the manhome year 2303, and this purrticular year will have the purrofund developments and the major turning points for Akari and her friends since she came to Aqua to train as the undine three years ago in 2301, nya!
I do not wish to spoil much of the plot, but I will just mention some of the activities that transpire in this final volume, such as the city’s gala Marriage of the Sea matsuri, the encounter with Cait Sith, Akari’s leisurely day off, pizza night, the doll maker visit, Alice’s final day of middle school, the flashback to Akira’s younger days, final purrima undine exams, and the arrival of the new appurrentice, nya!
The characters are endearing, the art is beautiful, the situations are charming, the mythology and the world-building is wonderful, with the occassional dashes of the surreal and magickal moments, so I will give I will give volume 7 the highest purraise as it magnificently concludes the manga series, nya! That is all for our manga mewsings, so nyow it is time for Petra and Bunni to purrsent the latest additions to
the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!
Arigato, nya! Galleries 1-8 display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their purrmissions, nya. This includes illustrations and photographs, traditional and digital media, original creations and fan art, nya. Mike’s collaborations with other artists are interspurrsed amongst the various galleries, nya. 
Some of the images are sexy, and some might depict artistic nudity, but most are tame and none are porn, nya! On Catgirl Island’s official web site, the most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle “thumbnail” sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click upon those to see the uncropped full pics, nya.
In Guest Gallery One we are purroud to purrsent “Jaune – Galaxy Idol” by Doug Eckhart, who used cleverly Photoshop CS2 for this front cover of Spacer vol. 12792 (his faux magazine), which is graced by the screen shot of Jaune the idol and Sith Lord, nya! She is the player character that Doug made for use with the Star Wars Old Republic video game, nya!
We are delighted to display four pics by Misty Hopkins was a March 2008 guest of The Mew, nya! Misty used Purrismacolor pens, markers & Crayola colored pencils for the “Vipperloid Pals“ fan art of Sukone Tei (Silvery hair) & Yokune Ruko (Black hair), who are Vipperloid types of the UTAU singing synthesizer software which is similar to the Vocaloid purrogram, nya!
“Inside Of Every Demon Is A Beaver” is more of Misty’s Angry Beavers fan ar, nya! Created by Mitch Schauer, that 1997 animated sitcom’s titular brothers are Daggett (right) and Norbert (left) in this supurrbly surrealstic scene done with the pens and Crayola colored pencils, nya!
“Night Angel is more of Misty’s magnificent fan art of Alita, the titular supurr heroine of Yukito Kishiro’s Alita: Battle Angel manga, nya! Alita (known as Gally in the original Japanese edition) is the hunter-warrior, Moterball athlete & cyborg master of the Panzer Kunst martial art. nya!
“Chibi Alita & Sechs is Misty’s cute chibi – style pen & Marker pic of Alita with her team mate Sechs, who is the elite combat AR 2 model android agent of the TUNED ground group and member of Alita’s Space Angels martial arts team, nya! Kawaii, nya!
Then we we are ecstatic to exhibit 3 pics by Rebecca Brogden who was the September 2009 guest of The Mew! In “Fairyland” the sun sets and fireflies illuminate the fairy’s mushroom garden as she finishes sweeping with her Teardrop Ivy broom, nya! Y’all can see the time-lapse purrocess video for this illustration at, nya!
Wearing the iridescent top and pareo at the beach is Velmathrixia Kyocorianderna Appurrobativae (or just Velma“, for short) who might appear to be the 35 year old dragon girl, but she is actually the colossal 1200 year old Blue Dragon! Y’all can see the time-lapse process video for this illustration at!
In Rebecca’s “Who Me?” pic, Hikari-chan the cute Kitsune has discovered the farm full of delicious, nutritious fish that tempt her tummy. Y’all can see the time-lapse process video for this illustration at! Rebecca used Procreate with the Apple Pencil upon the Apple Ipad Pro for those three superb illustrations!
Nextly are “Galatea & Sirius” and “Tallulah & Tanya” by Alexcia Reynolds http://www.sailorchristmas.comwho was a guest of the August 2010 Mew! Based on Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon series, these super – heroines are Alexcia’s fan-senshi character Tallulah alias Sailor Galatea (with Green hair), and Sharon Williams’s fan-senshi character Tanya alias Sailor Sirius (with Black hair)! 
By the way, Sharon was the November 2014 guest of The Mew! Y’all can learn more about these ladies at Alexcia’s site and at Sharon’s site! Alexcia and Mike collaborated on “Sailor Galatea”, “Sailor Naiad” and “Sailor Thalassa”!
Galatea was drawn and colored by Alexcia with embellishments by Mike, whilst the Naiad and Thalassa pics were pencilled by Alexcia, then digitally inked and colored by Mike. For the Naiad, Alexcia used a pose from the How to Draw Manga books. Mike used Photoshop CC on the mac with the mouse.
Then into Gallery Three we have unveiled 2 new pics by Mikestarting with his fan art of Space Battleship Yamato anime’s lieutenant Yuki Mori who is the radio operator, a nurse aboard the Earth Defense Force’s Yamato BBY-01, and the wife of Captain Susumu Kodai, in her classic tight Black & Yellow uniform as the universe spreads into infinity in the year A.D. 2203!
Lastly but not leastly is Mike’s pic of his Star Trek fan-character Mewhura, who is the Caitian commeownications officer of the (refitted) Impurrial Star Ship Enterpurrise NCC-1701! She is wearing the Meowrror Mewniverse version of the Starfleet class B fatigues circa 2273-ish as she returns fire extravehicularly with her phaser amidst the volley of enemy torpedoes!
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We are so blessed with so much beautiful art by many talented friends!
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Petra & Bunni:

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Could Mewhura use the phaser to cook a fish?
Depending on her marksmanship and culinary skill, I suppose so. They heated rocks like a sauna for warmth in a few episodes (“The Naked Time”, A Private Little War”, and “Spock’s Brain”); Yeoman Rand used a phaser to make hot coffee in “The Corbomite Manuever”, and Lt. Valeris unfortunately vaporized an entire pot full of food in in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. 
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We wish to thank Jamie for the art and web mastery here at The Mew and Catgirl Island…
Alexcia, Misty, Rebecca, Doug, and the other talented folks whose works we have discussed…
… our other friends, family, acquaintances and audience whom we greatly appurreciate, nya!
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